Mat Pesch and Amy Scobee Subjected to Noisy Investigation?

Mat and Amy with friends during hard times on the third coast

Mat and Amy with friends during hard times on the third coast

Apparently Miscavige is getting desperate. Only one day after my report concerning a sloppy attempt to send an ex-con in on me, another couple that has spoken out against Miscavige’s abuses ran into what sounds like a noisy investigation. Back in the day when Miscavige had some competent staff, investigations were conducted for purposes of finding out information about attackers (conspiracies and the like).  If they got noisy and upset the subject of investigation Miscavige got a real thrill hearing the debrief.  That of course encouraged OSA to hire PI’s who were good at being loud (think Eugene M. Ingram out of Los Angeles, his Hawaiin shirts and red sports cars with gold rims).

The Church’s recent antics suggest either Miscavige has no staff who can investigate themselves out of paper bags or Miscavige is just “cutting to the chase” by ordering noisy, intimidation-purposed harassment.

This information is provided so that those who have stood up are aware of the characters and tactics that are being applied now. As long as you stay relatively alert there is nothing to fear in this chaos.

But alert you should stay, simply because of late the Church has made some fairly erratic and desperate moves on the PR front (e.g. Tommy Davis’ channeling of David Miscavige act). No telling what they might do on the intelligence front.

If you are not actively involved with the media this news should come as a relief. With Headley consuming Ingram and co’s time in L.A., Vinnie “the weasel” Parco lurking in South Texas, and these as yet unidentified goons in Tampa playing Keystone Cops,  Miscavige’s resources are about maxed out.

On Tuesday 21 July Mat Pesch and his wife Amy Scobee met with a couple of reporters at a restaurant in Tampa. They noticed a woman speaking a Baltic or Russian dialect mosey up and settle near their table.   She took copious notes and debriefed in a foreign language on her cell phone while Mat, Amy and the reporters spoke. The following is Mat’s account of what happened on their way back to Clearwater after the meeting:

“Amy and I were followed as we left the resturant. The restaurant is located on the Tampa side of the causeway. I drove out and due to the divider I couldn’t make a left toward Clearwater, but had to make a right toward Tampa. I had to get on a highway I didn’t want to be on, get off at the first exit and then hang a U turn. Basically I was driving like someone’s lost grandmother.

I noticed that a small black car with blacked out windows was following me through my erratic path. I drove over to the parking garage of the airport. In order to enter the parking garage you have to drive into a lane blocked by a mechanical arm, roll down your window and take a ticket at which point the arm lifts. The black car pulled into a lane to our right. The window dropped 5 inches when the driver realized we were looking to see who he was. He quickly put the window back up. He soon realized that he had no choice but to drop the window down to get the ticket, which he did.

I then drove up the ramp and turned the car to confront him on one of the levels. At that point he hesitated and then drove out the exit of the parking structure. I didn’t get any pictures or plate numbers. I was caught a bit by surprise but in the future I’ll carry this little video recorder I have that is about the size of a cell phone.”

Mat and Amy, thanks for the debrief. Stay alert and stay safe.

16 responses to “Mat Pesch and Amy Scobee Subjected to Noisy Investigation?

  1. OK you guys. What’s with all the smiles and happiness?

    You’re being pursued by new order Rudolf Hess-ites and should be concerned or something. Did you happen to notice any lederhosen on the guy in the car?


  2. Hi Marty,

    Thanks for coming out and helping to reveal DM. Hopefully more Scienotlogist will inform themselves about him. Anyway, I’ve never posted online but felt I had to show my support. For anyone else that wants to voice their viewpoint but is concerned by OSA, here’s a site that will anonymize your internet traffic:

  3. Hey Mat – saw your name come up from the Glad to see you are well – Cheers

  4. Marty,
    You might want to contact these reporters and correct the spokesman’s claims of “complete confidentiality”. The others that were slammed by Tommy in the Truth Rundown story might also be interested. I seem to recall that several “confidential” folders were given to the SP Times.,28383,25852596-10388,00.html

  5. Can’t say that I agree with your conclusion that the C of S utilizing ‘noisy investigation’ tactics against perceived enemies for intimidation purposes is a recent phenomenon, but one with a long documented history dating back to the days of the GO.

    What changes is the one whose in the organization’s cross hairs.

  6. Marty you are an ass hole. If Miscavaige abused you. File charges with law enforecement. You and the rest of the assholes including Amy are casting a bad shadow on a good religion. My religon.

  7. martyrathbun09

    Mark from Tampa,
    With a mouth and temperament like yours, you could rise in Miscavige’s ranks like a rocket, provided you are willing to punch, strangle and spit on your fellows to get there. Miscavige is casting a horrible shadow on Scientology. Read the articles fully. You will see that at every turn Miscavige has his boys hide his unlawful behavior behind Hubbard’s kilt. We each said his sadism is anti-Scientology in every respect. No, my friend, I am not casting your religion in a bad light. It is Miscavige – by his inimitable throwing of Hubbard under the bus – that is casting the long shadow.
    Marty Rathbun

  8. Mark:
    I have been following the sequence of events ever since you came out to the media and see that you’re received for share of pro & con responses, particularly from Scientology critics who are making their own demands of what you need to do to earn their respect & trust. And I say, fuck them. I have been on both sides of the OSA harassment scheme and I applaud you for taking such a huge risk to your personal safety to come out like you have. I wish I was closer to your place in Texas. I’d give you a huge Texas bearhug, my friend. You are a hero in my book and wish you the very best in the future. Please stay safe and take nothing for granted, and, fuck fuck your critics!

  9. Mark (with the flowery language),
    Scientology is MY religious philosophy too. I don’t see that Amy and Marty, even Jeff H (who try as he might, was even chided by the reporter for generalities and contrary facts) are putting a shadow over my religious philosophy but rather are directing the light at the egregious violations of the actual tenets, spirit and letter of the materials of L. Ron Hubbard.


  10. I don’t have any personal horror stories of my own…but after more than half of my life being involved with the church – as staff, volunteer, FSM and public – with every aspect of life ruled by my thinking process while there…..I am relieved that there are places for people to look at the truth behind all of that PR.
    I love Scientology and still have so many friends in the church, but I’ll never do another service or support that group again.
    Thanks Marty, for sharing your story and admiting your own involvment. Hope more Scientologists take the time to look beyond the agreements we all had made to not see what can be seen on the internet.
    After all…Scientology encourages us to “think for ourselves”, right?
    I have been quite free since I made my decision.

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  12. I am reading what the Church is saying about Amy and I am really hot! It IS true the p.c. folders of public are read and gossiped about and discussed. And if they try to punish her for saying that I have a WEALTH of personal information about public I would not have unless it came from their auditor and C/S and got passed along on the gossip channels! And this whole “out 2D” crap? This is DM’s way of running another CAN’T HAVE on the staff. 2d rules were cancelled ages ago. It’s just the CAN’T HAVE of it all . The staff CAN’T HAVE Food, Libs, stability, training, privacy, holiday, correction, bridge, telephones, televisions, personal belongings, SEX, Scientology, money, children, family time, it’s all the same thing Mr. Miscavige, ..”CAN’T HAVE.”
    Because you are a suppressive person you run CAN’T HAVES on people. Don’t you understand? It’s not about people’s private lives! IT’s your ser facs on their private lives and your constant CAN’T HAVES that you run on ALL OF THEM about EVERYTHING! We don’t care about Amy’s private life! We aren’t running on the same SER FACS Mr. Miscavige! We are not running the same CAN’T HAVES Mr. Miscavige.

  13. And Mr. Miscavige, if you are reading this, I think someone ought to point out to that you have been off the comm lines of the world for 3.5 decades and you obviously have NO idea what is politically correct. But when your Church shuts up a fifteen year old girl who was raped inside the Church, the Catholics issue an apology. What does your Church DO? Reads her 2d activities, confessionals, onto the internet and to the press and try to make her look like a slut! I have been in my office all day faxing a report about this to EVERY woman’s organization on the PLANET! I want them all to know exactly what responsibility YOU take for the women in your midst. I suspect you will be having large groups of new protesters coming to visit you now. ANGRY WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  15. top of the vale

    Nice flounder!

  16. Amy Scobee was the cousin of the hero who gave his life saving others, Roland L. Scobee! To Scobee: The birds will always be with you.

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