Wake Up

I’ve heard some comments from Miscavige shills lately – latest one posted in the comments section of this blog – that the folks who have spoken out about Miscavige’s habitual, sadistic and felonious behavior are “casting Scientology in a bad light.”  Such comments are a sure sign that either a) the commenter never read the articles nor watched the video interviews and/or b) the commenter is living proof that what Miscavige has created is a potential kool aid drinking following.  All fifteen people who spoke out in the Truth Rundown series so far have been emphatic that Miscavige’s sociopathic behavior could not be more off-policy and out-tech. It is Miscavige’s messenger boys who have thrown L Ron Hubbard under the bus at every turn, and at Miscavige’s direction. They swear that their “tough sons of bitches” conduct is as on-Source as it can be.  If you think that that type of sophomoric behavior is what Hubbard considered tough then you do not even have the first clue what Scientology is.  If you agree with Miscavige’s cowardice (first evading any questioning of his own behavior and supplying only spokespeople who were never in the vicinity of the dozens of unlawful acts disclosed, and second blaming his psychotic behavior on Hubbard) then by all means come after me hard and follow Miscavige to his inevitable Miscavigetown.  You can carry on defending Miscavige’s rightness to the point of being as right as a being can mistakenly think he can be (listen to all several dozen Hubbard lectures on Serv Facs to get the full import of that last comment).

31 responses to “Wake Up

  1. WAKE UP is right. Miscavige’s protected insanity flows downhill… I’ve known several mini-Miscavige OT VII’s who “couldn’t remember the last time they were aberrated”, while violent outbursts and abusive behavior was “just being fluid on the tone scale”. The KR’s on them…well folks, they all had alot of money. One of them summed up his L’s win this way: “If it was pro-survival for me to kill you right now, I could, without a moments hesitation.” I took off my blinders and saw outpoints of magnitude, being justified, EVERYWHERE. LOOK, PEOPLE, LOOK !! And thank you, Marty.

  2. Hi Marty,

    Just thought you might like to consider bringing in the feds over HIPAA violations relating to the disclosure of your medical treatments in the Freedom Mag.

    Good luck to you.


  3. Right on Marty!

  4. martyrathbun09

    Heather, thanks. I’ve also been advised that Florida criminal statutes are even more
    stringent on that.

  5. Marty we certainly hope you can take on the CoS in court. I know a few who will be waiting outside the courthouse to hear the good news 😉

  6. Marty,
    It’s certainly true that Miscavige is a vicious psychopath. But how about the people (including kids) that Hubbard used to put in the chain locker for days at a time? How about “overboarding” on the Apollo? How about the RPF’s RPF as established by Hubbard?

    I don’t think there’s much question that the old man got pretty brutal himself at times, though you probably didn’t experience it personally.

  7. martyrathbun09

    You are right, I didn’t experience or witness the things you list. I would be naive not to acknowledge the old man had his moments and more. But, I know this. I was at his base in 1978, the same month he went into seclusion for the duration. Yes, there was an RPF. Yes, it was demanding. But, it wasn’t anything like Miscavigetown. Everywhere I traveled around the world – and I traveled a lot – no group of Scientologists I worked with – SO and non SO – interpreted Hubbard like Miscavige did. I never witnessed anyone – no one – who relished the suffering of others like Miscavige did. And of the many people I came to know who worked with Hubbard – even the most disaffected – not one of them described Hubbard as taking pleasure in other people’s pain. I don’t purport to know all the answers. All I can do is share my narrative.

  8. Hello Marty,
    I’d like to see you. I’m ready to help you coming to France, and see you some days here. I’m out since 27 years, but with a long and extensive experience of scientology and anti-scientology. There are still many steps to do.
    Do you want to try?

  9. after all the years of yourself and those under you and those in the RTC doing thier best to reverse process me into oblivion while at the Flag Land base (bonnie elliot time frame and later)… then sending thugs and ops after me and my business for years after that… it is my view that those involved in running those ops, yourself for sure need to turn states evidence, see justice done, and the criminals involved recognized and sent to prison.

    * diversions onto ‘lil slappy hit me’ don’t quite cut it for me.

    Your open forun here however is a step in the right direction.

  10. Great articles so far.

    The fact that they are using pc and ethics folder info is also a blatant violation of the tax exemption status isn’t it Marty? I seem to remember in 93/94, after the whole IRS thing, that all files had to be stamped as confidential, Priest/Pentinent privledged files.

  11. Marty, how does it feel to be swarmed by the support of so many DBs after spending years with OTs?


  12. Hey AI I think the actual DBs are those who follow Miscavige blindly without question.

    That is if you are referring to the policy known as ‘Alter-is and Degraded Beings’

    Were Hubbard says :

    “A degraded being is not a suppressive as he can have case gain. But he is so PTS that he works for suppressives only.”

    Like Miscavige for example.

    On the other hand true OTs no longer exist in the Church these days thanks to Miscavige’s sabotage of the grade chart.

  13. Not to mention J&D’s (Jokers and Degraders) like you and me. Seriously, the asthmatic welterweight dwarf needs to be severely ridiculed. It will drive him over the edge sooner, and ultimately save a lot of grief. He’s already getting pretty wierded out, as evidenced by that dumb “special edition” they sent out to Clearwater residents.

    How many people do you suppose he slapped around because they didn’t “get it right” in numerous initial drafts and revisions? What he approved and obviously calls right is a bombastic, delusional hatchet job that can only make sane people guffaw.

  14. Leaving my previous remark in tact was progress Marty.

    Cutting a deal with the right folks at EU iintelligence, R will have those connections.

    and getting information out that will put David Miscavige into prison, and compensation to those whose children or parents killed themselves etc. is what needs to happen next.

    I believe that if you take that step the world will look with some understanding on your part.

    Then with EU intelligence up to speed ..and into the press on every possible vector an hour before that…with some data witheld, (a dead letter tactic)… (it wil leak to US intelligence in seconds) and your ass suitably covered with dead letters (hubbard wrote about the tactic and it saved me when testified before congress on another issue).

    You could walk out of this mess honorably.

    I wish you well on that path. Thanks for testifying on the minor issues you have, that has at least gotten the ball rolling.. It just needs to turn into an avalanche…with all the rest expossed, the wide range of felonies, espionage, financial frauds and successful attempts to ruin people such as Dr Joan Woods in the Lisa McPherson case.

    admit your part and your error, you will be recognixed as human and forgiven.. you will not achieve that healing by protecting the others.

  15. Click to access russell_miller_bare_faced_messiah.pdf


    As much of a tyrant as Dave is, this blame-Miscavige-for-everything is almost unbelievable, except I’ve read too much about what totalitarian movements do to good people. I did graduate work in history. I see you are interested in history too.

    Why don’t you read the superbly documented biography of L. Ron Hubbard, located at the link above, to learn the detailed history of Scientology, starting with the real facts about Hubbard’s childhood and even that of his parents.

    Lots of things were going wrong in Scientology, long before DM seized power. I agree that DM made the abuses worse in some respects, but not by a lot. Miller’s book tells the WHOLE story.

    Your life experience, and what is “true for you” is not all that matters. What about Hubbard’s life; not only as reflected in his writing, but by the hundreds of people who knew him, all the things he really did, documented facts, instead of the myths that were concocted to spread Scientology.

    You will not die or be diminished spiritually by learning the truth from an objective source who was not a Scientologist.

    I don’t care if you delete this or do what you want but please read this book. It is a free download in PDF format.

  16. Hi Marty — Eldon is right about this. I personally lived through two and a half years with LRH on the Apollo from 1973 to 1975. It wasn’t just the RPF. It was also the chain locker, the overboardings, and much more that was done directly under his orders. I audited people who were highly traumatized by the overboardings and there were children who were sent to the chain locker. Perhaps it was just this sort of abuse that led to them becoming the monsters some of them became. Not true for all, as some actually escaped and became very decent adults, but I have to wonder about some of the ones who later became abusive leaders.
    In any case, kudos to you for getting out and going public with your experience. I just hope you can understand that some of us who actually lived and worked in LRH’s environment are not quite so ready to call those days the good old days. Granted, from what you and others have described, DM was much worse, but there was plenty of abuse under LRH as well.

  17. Oh right Russell Miller’s out of print book “Bare Faced Messiah” is supposed to be a definitive biography on Hubbard, yet I’ve never read a book laced with so many inaccuracies and bias with the exception of what can aptly entitled “A Piece of BS” written in collaboration with Jon Atack.

    Here you can read what one of Hubbard’s closest aids Ken Urquhart has to say about the latter effort:


    Regarding Russell’s skill as a “historian” in general all you have to do is go to the CSI website: https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/

    and read the following comment regarding a later biography on Popov “Codename Tricycle” to read how CIA’s Hayden B Peake reviews his later effort in The Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf:
    “Codename TRICYCLE adds much new material about Popov’s personal life before World War II and in the European business world after the war, but it neglects to mention the prison term he served for financial irregularities. And although Popv was unquestionably a valuable double agent for four years, nothing in the book or his file supports the author’s contention that TRICYCLE was the “most extraordinary double agent” in the Second World War. Most experts would give that accolade to Juan Pujo, codenamed GARBO. Finally, the careless errors and many undocumented comments place the book in the easy-to-read-but-of-limited-scholarly-value category.”

    I feel the last line pretty much sums up Russell’s efforts regarding Hubbard or any one else for that matter.

  18. Astrid, I don’t know about Marty, but I read Bare-Faced Messiah as the second book I ever read about or by L. Ron Hubbard. (I read it after reading DMSMH and finding no other book about or by LRH at the library in 1990.)

    Even after having read it, I still went on staff (and later joined the Sea Org). The content did not deter me in any way regarding the value or workability of Dianetics or Scientology.

    I think it is your turn to read some books by L. Ron Hubbard and find out more about the subject you are fighting.

  19. Astrid,
    I’ve read the book by R. Miller too. I read the internet- posted background interviews as well, and I know some of the people who were interviewed. That book is not the ‘fact based expose’ that it purports. It’s not enough to get the one view that Mr. Miller has on what he was supposed to be researching.

    For instance, the British ‘hidden camera’ show, referencing Miller’s book, and supposedly revealing even more nefarious actions, the one where that female undercover reporter was run on a Secondary Engram, a moment of loss, and while the dramatization was ridiculously slanted to have the so-called auditor droning on like some sort of absurd idea of a mesmerist, (this despite the actual words he’s saying such as ‘you will recall everything from this session’ and so on) the women herself got personal gains. She benefitted from Dianetics.

    The point is, Miller’s book is not the ‘truth’. In order for you to find something approaching that you’d have to read and research and test many more sources. Then you’ll have enough data to get a conclusion that’s useful. Certainly one lurid ‘expose’ isn’t enough.

  20. Well, Jonathon, YOUR raction was yours. My very extensive experience of getting people out shows that anyone reacts differently to any new fact he learns. I don’t despair to get Marty understanding a lot more than he already did, I’ve absolutely never met any blown scientologist (me included) having realized everything there is to realize on Hubbard and scientology. I’ve still, 27 years late, somefew question I could not answer with certitude regading this or that.

  21. Roger,
    Your extensive experience of getting people out of what?

  22. I agree with Monica. There is a well known principle in education, I’m unsure of its exact wording in english, which shows that one tends to reproduce with others what one has seen or endured, bad or good.
    I ‘ve had three direct witnesses , two being victims of it – from the hubbardian period, who witnessed they had been physically beaten (or seen others beaten) by SO officers.
    And do not forget the horrible story of the 60 years guy forced by Hubbard to pull a peanut with hi nose around the Apollo’s deck, till his nose was bleeding – even Diana Hubbard was horrified, wrote a witness.
    Neither the story of Hubbard taking off for some moments a woman exec he had put into the anchor’s shaft, just to expose her bad look an ridicule her during a Sea Org’ feast, and put he back to the shaft.
    Adding to this the fact that Miscavige has been a communicator, he has had to “take over” the whole bad habits of violence of Hubbard; even if he was not yet physically abusing people, he was torturing them psychologically by putting as much “ethics presence” and enforcement of Hubbard’ orders as possible. That’s also violence.

  23. PJ, you ain’t an honest guy. You’d remind that Ken was also an SP! You’ve not quoted more than one POSSIBLE(but unprven) inaccurcy, an you’ve used a non-credible witness! what a loon you’re.

  24. It’s RJ!

    Ken who spent close to a decade as a personal aid to Hubbard is “non credible witness”.

    Yet Monica who never met the man is.

    Because he’s what?

    An SP!

    Say whaaaat!!!

    Wow Gonnet you’re hysterical!

    As well as hypocritical.

    Not to mention disingenuous, as well.

    I don’t have to prove that the book’s inaccurate because anyone with an IQ bigger than their shoe size could simply determine that fact simply by reading it!

  25. Okay RJ: you’re certainly 111% right to suppose that 99 clint f the cult having left it are SPs. You’r ready to leave it soon or late yourself. Would you have ANY courgae, “RJ”, you’d have a name, an adress, a curriculum, an history in the cult, and you’d DISCUSS really instead of saying that Monica (whose diplomas are universally recgnized, while NONE of your cult is ad has ever been), or you would’nt say that other critics are moots since they are not a part of the most ever criticized cult (I mean, in proportion of its size).
    I like to see that Monic is one of your black beasts and thet you try to deny anything Rssell Millr ever said.
    Try ONCE to prove that any of my six websitessays anything intentionnally wrong on your cult, “RJ”.

  26. Added: You say Ken was credible, but how come he has been declared, like 98% of the most important hubbd assistants!

  27. Really LOL

  28. When “perfect” men attempt to show others the way to Enlightenment, most find the teacher and the teaching beyond their immediate reach. The result is a road to nowhere.

    L. Ron Hubbard assembled a way to Enlightenment that is attainable by ordinary people like us. (He wasn’t a “perfect” man, perhaps, but neither are we!)

  29. That’s incorrect, RJ. I did meet and interact with Hubbard. Not as much as Ken did, but it is false to say I “never met the man” because I did. I was on the Apollo from 1973 until the time it was sold in 1975.

  30. Well OK Monica I stand corrected. However there were many people who worked on the Apollo and other orgs where Ron was who as I said “never met the man.”

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