Der Fuhrer’s Big Lies

Miscavige’s recent events and publications make evident that he has regressed to using the same big lies on the public that he used in the early eighties to bamboozle Hubbard in order to get himself into power in the first place.  The lies are woven into all of Miscavige’s recent utterances about the great “expansion” experienced with himself at the helm. He spends millions to spread the word about the increase in posh square feet added to Scientology premises. He butresses it with impressive claims of increasing numbers of books gotten into the hands of readers.

Square feet. For the moment, let’s put aside the fact Hubbard so abhored the idea of Scientology becoming all about real estate and MEST  to the point he advised rebellious Scientologists in the early days to bomb any ostentatious quarters some future manager might construct.  Recent observations inside a number of Miscavige’s Ideal orgs on four continents have found a derth of humanity. That’s right, very few people. Not much auditing and not much training.  Not much life around all that pretty MEST.

Books. Miscavige has claimed that in the past five years there has been greater Scientology expansion than in the previous five decades combined.  He relies solely on alleged book sales figures to support that invented figure he pulled out of the air. In fact, over the last five years the Church has engaged in the same massive fraud that thrust Miscavige into power in the first place. Orgs have been forced to purchase more books than they could ever sell. Public have been forced to buy more books than they know what to do with. I have been told by some on line public that they have numerous sets of books in their homes and storage spaces. These are book sets they have been pressured into buying in order to get a pass from Ethics. Many more public have reported being coerced into large donations to have sets of books shipped to unknown libraries.

Many have asked how Hubbard tolerated Miscavige’s initial early eighties reign of terror against veteran Mission holders. Miscavige false reported to Hubbard that book sales were so astronomical upon beheading the Mission holders that the suppress was then off Scientology. What he did not report is where all those sold books went.  Miscavige promoted notoriously dishonest and effective regges to Author Services in the early eighties. He gave them full power to order the Publications organizations in LA and Denmark to do as they said. He then ordered an obedient CO CMO INT (Marc Yager) and ED INT (Guillaume Lesevre) to order all orgs to buy insane amounts of books from the Publications organizations.  Millions of books were stored in attics, basements and outside storage spaces by every org and mission.

During a brief respite from legal and PR assignments in the early nineties, I went on an inspection tour with Miscavige to about a dozen class V orgs. Each and every one of them had huge spaces devoted to book storage, books that were received during Miscavige’s stat push that he false reported to Hubbard years earlier. In many orgs the books were unsellable having been subject to water damage and mold. Those who know the mechanics of the missed withhold phenomena can understand how this might have been another one of  those significant steps he took on the downward spriral toward his current violent insanity.

The financial stress caused on orgs by being coerced into buying books they could not sell for decades sent the majority of orgs into an insolvency that they never recovered from. Miscavige actively prevented the implementation of finance systems that would allow orgs to get back on their feet and pricing systems that would make services affordable to anyone who might express interest. The net result has been consistently dwindling numbers of new Scientologists and major delivery statistics.

Compare International Scientology promotional material from the eighties to Int promo now. Now lots of books and lots of new real estate are touted. Services? Forget about it. It’s like they said about Mussolini and Hitler: forget what they do to people, look at the shiny trains and aramements they so efficiently crank out; they must be good leaders.

18 responses to “Der Fuhrer’s Big Lies

  1. Question:
    What happened to the Broekers? Did Miscavige really threaten them because they were bringing suitcases of $$ to LRH?
    Was Kelly Preston a Messenger? Was she, in essence, foisted on Travolta?
    Why is there a weight issue as people climb the OT Levels?
    How long do you think Scientology can survive with the work of Anonymous, the SP Times, Exscientology kids, and others?
    And congrats on your new life.

  2. Thanx for that article !! But it needs to be “Des Führer’s Big Lies” in correct German 😉

  3. Marty, what were LRH’s withholds that pulled in these actions by DM? This is a thread that needs to be pulled.

  4. Randomness,
    I suppose your title says enough, but, until you actually learn the full material on ‘he pulled it in’ and the very real phenomena associated with the whole subject of overts, withholds, missed withholds and so on, you’ll not be in a position to be in command of it.

    Unfortunately there are a number of people who didn’t bother to actually study this and accepted the corrupted version that ‘everybody knows’, to wit, ‘he pulled it in’.

    Where did you learn this dictum?


  5. Hi Jim,

    It’s from the list of “Famous Justifications” of which the actual wording is “He dragged it in.” I beleive. Same thing. With Davey running the show it is easy to see how a computation, ser fac or justification could be used in place of actual tech. This seems to be his modus operandi. Either complete ignorance or willful misapplication (funny how the latter High Crime was redacted from the later editions of “Introduction to Scientology Ethics”, probably just a coincidence. Yeah right.).

    Anyway I figure the guy is the Kim Philby or Aldrich Ames of Scientology. Worse since he’s actually the “kingpin” . Probably meaning that there is some truth to that eighty page self serving, self aggrandizement, published in Freedom that has now been perverted to his own active measures magazine, which are in fact his own overts wished off on other people.

  6. martyrathbun09

    You hit on something incredibly insightful with the serv facs. When I came back from my tech training and Miscavige was putting me onto cracking every flat ball bearing celeb in site, I reported what I felt was a far more serious technical situation than “not enough drills” (i.e. Golden Age of Tech). The lost tech of Serv Fac running. Anyone who has done much tech training – even if just the Academy Levels – will know that Serv Facs are the most nefarious case problem, and consequently that Serv Fac handling is the most powerful auditing (hour for hour) than ANY auditing. And that includes L’s and that includes any OT Level. Miscavige ignored it and in his inimitable Ralph Kramden style (Aaaaahhh, Haaa!) launched his robot factory Golden Age of Tech. Incidentally, it was that same Kramden dive-on-the-first-outpoint-and-drive-it-down-everybody’s-throat mentality that possessed him in declaring Clear a woman on the verge of a Type III break (yeah, LM, may she stumble across this blog in her new embodiment for some correct indications).
    I can guarantee you that no one at Int who has any say about tech (or should, because in fact only Miscavige does at this point) has thoroughly run a Serv Fac ever – including Des Fuhrer. I am telling you, inadvertently or no, you hit the nail right on the head.

  7. Thanks Marty.

    Ralph Kramden for sure as far as intellect or lack thereof. Probably a combination of Kramden and Ernst Blofeld. Best of both worlds 🙂

    Yeah I was kind a wondering the lost (let’s say carefully hidden, maybe) tech of ser facs.

    I remember when I did the FPRD course in ’85 we used to run every ser fac that came up the next session.

    However under the “new and improved” FPRD this step was pretty much totally omitted. Also I used to note that when running justifications was illegally added to the MWH rudiment, thus violating the issue “Standard Tech Data” that even then auditors where not noting down the justifications given by the PC , which is a fruitful source of comps and ser facs. They were just mechanically and robotically putting a check mark there instead.

    Also things like folder culls for ser facs and comps, like we used to do in the days when R3SCA was released, had totally dropped out!

    I think they quickied it down to checking the LQ’s which thanks to the Prometering (sabotage) Course, almost invariably where “null” along with most CLs and practically everything else that should have been live!

    At this point most auditors who were still in the chair (if they hadn’t been sent to ethics for “miscalling” an “F/N” based on Davey’s VD) were resorting to good ol’ fish and fumble on the PC’s now perpetually dirty needle, just to find something to run. Either that or practically prep checking the question or item, in order to get that I mean “instant read” demanded in the Tech (Mis) Training films.

    I could go on and on Marty, but I’ll end here because I know you have limited space on responses.

    On thing I would like to say. Is thank you very much for indicating the correct BPC on this whole LM debacle. Now it totally makes sense. What happened to that poor girl wasn’t just a crime but a High Crime and now we know who the perpetrator of that act of treason actually was.

    Sort of like an Agatha Christie mystery, but this time it ain’t the butler.

  8. Critical, critical, critical. Seems like you’ve got nothing good to say at all. I don’t suppose there might be a technical cause for this. Of course, that probably doesn’t apply to you since you seem to be able to admit to some pretty serious crimes like perjury, destroying evidence, battery, etc. without any apparent faintest sense of responsibility for them.

    But it must be nice for you to be running a real booming org out there. I guess you’re really showing people in the Church how it is done with all your fantastic results and hundreds of completions.

    By the way, how do you audit standardly with no certs. no PC folders? no C/S, no cramming officer to correct your flubs, no examiner, etc, etc.

  9. RJ,
    That’s the one compiled from Phyll Stevens’ observations as I recall.

    What I’m getting at is that ‘he pulled it in’ is below an irreducible minimum of understanding of the mechanics of effort/counter-effort, the motivator-overt sequence and such.

    The missing ser fac tech is apropos to the dearth of observation ‘within’ of the outpoints. Can’t very well see when ALL you see is a fixed idea, computation, justification.

    I suppose ‘he pulled it in’ would sit as a sort of foisted off computation/fixed idea.

    Cheers, Jim

  10. martyrathbun09

    ME – Critical? I suggest you listen to the State of Man Congress, listen to every LRH lecture on the subject of overts, withholds, responsibility and service facs. Then audit about 2,000 hours on the most irreparable cases that no Class XII at Flag, nor anyone at Int including Mithoff, could handle. Before you start your study listen to the LRH lecture Differences Between Scientology & Other Philosophies 23 June 1960. Pay close attention when he says:
    “If it is true for you, it’s true. And if it’s not true for you, it still isn’t true. Not even if Ron told you is it true. It’s just not true, that’s all…
    “‘Faith. You must have faith,’ he’s not talking Scientology. He might be talking something else but he’s not talking Scientology…
    In the final analysis all you can get anybody to do is inspect himself, his environment, life, and find out what’s true for him. And those things that are true for him, they’ll be pretty true. And you’ll find out that if he does it all the way, then we all agree on what’s true.
    But the second we all agree on what’s true and that these things are truths, then we can get very lazy and we never have to think of it again, and Ron can write it all down in a book, and the next generation that comes along has to memorize this so they will know what the truth is. Well, that I don’t think any of us want to have happen.
    That’s Scientology as I see it from my own particular viewpoint.
    It doesn’t say that the numbers of truths are limited or that they are very few. It doesn’t say anything except that if we look we can learn.
    And all it says, in the final analysis, is that as far as we’ve gone we found out that it paid off very, very well. By looking, we learn.”
    And when you get to State of Man, listen well to this and its context by LRH: “If you can stand the truth, you’ll live. If you can’t stand the truth, you’ll die.”
    For any blog viewers – amazing how DM’s shills do not even attempt to refute a single word I’ve uttered. Dave’s instructions appear to be “do something, anything to piss him off and utter something I can use as ammo.” Dave’s problem is HCOB 15 September 1971 THE CRIMINAL MIND. He is projecting his evil purposes onto me.
    The only reason I bother with this lengthy response is in the event you consider yourself a Scientologist. Maybe I can get you to apply some fundamental Scientology as defined by LRH, maybe get you to look and learn.
    Good luck.

  11. Hey ME it looks like a few like Marty and others I know are actually getting results that they can be proud of while the Church is getting such stellar results as new uniforms that look like they were designed by Elvira, while their fearless leader brags about square footage.

  12. These recent postings are great. And wow, that quote from the LRH lecture on the Differences between Scientology and other Philosophies is so pertinent. It IS in fact what has happened under the DM regime, with the Basics and the internal staff/SO moral codes. The next generation has come along and they are being made to memorize it so they will “know what truth is” and they don’t have to test it or observe it, but they do have to believe it 100%, and from there they have to believe and have “faith” in management and every order, word or statment that is made. Crazyness. Thanks for the postings Marty. I’m loving them.

  13. Hello. I wanted to know if you know of any actions from DM to be done on myself?

    What do you know about me and how I was viewed internally?

    I know that somehow Vicki Aznran (spelling?) was behind attacks made upon the activity Evening In Celebration of the Arts and therefore upon myself and my former husband Dennis.

  14. MexicanAmigo

    Hey Marty; I was starting to wonder why you bother to give such a long answer to this “ME” guy but I read up to the end.
    1. I could bet this guy hasn´t pass a single internship so therefore has no clue on what real standard tech is.
    2. Says “critical” and “nothing good to say at all”. He shows hasn´t readed not even the half you have written this last months. There´s plenty of good news told. What a strong desire to make other wrong. And just next again making you wrong for being sincere and have guts to accept a wrongdoing. Nice this guy catching butterflyes while a lot of us were cracking our backs to fix this and others problems not caused directly by us.
    3. Sarcastic after that. Is this really necesary to make a point?
    4. At last, but not least. ME ¿have you really read sometime and UNDERSTAND C/S series? This last question makes me see that you don´t even know what to do if you got a pc and pc folders lost, what to do if you´re auditing in a remote place like in LRH Tech Training film “how to set up a session and EM” Did you know rules and policies are for service the people?
    Have you readed Book one or SOS and understand all the valid therapies and I can go on and on and on… But; You don´t deserve my time. I hope you are doing a lot to help people by any means and have sitted yourself hundreds of hours to really grasp Scn.
    At the end you have your right to disagree and to have your own opinion. But that´s all; an opinion; not a fact.

    Awake people can´t be distracted.

  15. Kevin Gaskell

    Marty, I can’t work you out. Are you anti-LRH? Because what you are doing and saying crosses over. You don’t seem to keep your criticisms totally separate so how can you be authoritative about anything? – you are a mega-natterer in the final analysis, whether events you have said were true, partially ture, or not true. This is like a strong case of SOUR GRAPES. Childish. What you are harping on about in your beefs will only ever be interpreted as scandal by non-Scios. Why say it at all? – you were in the SO too long to ever become a “wog” again? All you have convinced me of is that you are disaffected and NO LONGER OBJECTIVE. So that blows your “authority” on the subject. So what is your plan? Bring DN down and what, become the leader of the church again????? Come to PT

  16. Wow Kevin are you actually reading Marty’s blog or someone else’s?

    Because I’ve seen Marty defend the Ol’man on many occasions. So the fallacy that Marty is “Anti-LRH” is a myth that either you or your OSA case officer is trying to perpetuate.

    The other one is the one that Marty is trying to take over the Church with just happens to be another active measure or piece of disinformation the current “management” or more precisely Miscavige is trying to forward and in fact is nothing but Black Propaganda.

    Anyway if there is anyone who should “(c)ome to PT. It is you Mr. Gaskell, because what you write here has already been discredited long ago.

  17. DM ordered published an issue stating that no babies can be born to S.O.

    Then, an issue ordered by DM was put out that canceled Family Time for all S.O. members.

    DM destroys people, severs their relationships, cuts their communication lines, wrecks lives …

    LRH really got tripped up good trusting this psycho.

    Unfortunately we don’t have enough info what went on between LRH & DM, or any schemes DM might have had that would dupe LRH. Everything we’ve been told came from DM. If LRH intended for DM to be his mini-me, he should have made some sort of irrefutable public statement to that effect.

    Perhaps some legal paperwork exists somewhere? I find it hard to believe LRH would trust 1 single 20-something punk with unlimited power. Doesn’t add up. Doesn’t make sense that LRH only relied on the reports of one single shyster as the basis for his own investigations of any given scene.

    It seems to me, in the absence of LRH, there should be a board (public, not in secret) which implements LRH policies. And I have seen nothing yet to make me believe DM rose above the bank, in fact I think he’s quite insane. When DM has the power to play musical chairs with the Watchdog committee, then none actually exists that functions as intended. That would be pure corruption at the top.

    And why do we never anything from CST personal which supposedly holds all the power and DM is a member of.

    We did find ample documentation that LRH ordered and enforced family time for SO families. DM ordered the evidence withheld from Suzette.

    Then there must be more than 1 dirtbag around.

    Suzette and Guy raised two other children, a daughter Alysa Marie and a second son Connor Bryce.

    And probably under IAS paid-for P.I. surveillance too.

  18. Another clueless wonder oblivious to glaring outpoints and DM’s outright suppression of Scientology. Thy speaketh in generalities, no point has been made.

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