Vampire Lestat uniforms

I don’t want to go on record criticizing Miscavige’s new uniforms for fear it will be an even miniscule factor he’ll use as justification for keeping them. But, they so confirm everything folks have uttered recently about his converting his Church into a parasitic operation I can’t restrain myself. Carry crosses people.

9 responses to “Vampire Lestat uniforms

  1. I don’t know why Dave doesn’t just put everybody in lederhosen. He can keep the red and black, the capes are a nice touch too, but the lederhosen would cap it off. Imagine the capes with lederhosen underneath!

    I hope he gets to it as his ‘kampf’ continues.


  2. It’s the Lestat the vampire look 🙂

    Damn! I knew there was a Cruise connection somewhere.

  3. In all ‘seriousness’, uniforms for Class V orgs will cost Class V orgs. Who will they pay? Why?

    Cleanliness of quarters and staff is a valid issue. If the staff were actually delivering a VFP then staff pay would be good and they could afford nice clothes.

    My opinion is that DM has had another ‘blinding flash of insight’ and is pursuing his MEST goals of big buildings and MEST beings, all dressed alike. It’s part of his vision.

    I allude to Hitler as he had similar visions for his Reich. He had a similar case problem too.


  4. What Miscavige is operating off of is a ser fac or computation of what he thinks is “standard”.

    I remember back in the late ’80’s or early ’90’s when he turned PR over to the CIA’s favorite firm Hill and Knowlton.

    What he wanted was orgs that were similar in many ways to MacDonalds. This was his fixed idea of “Standard”. Tech delivered world wide in the same mediocre way as a Big Mac. The precursor to the “Golden Age of Tech” and “Ideal Orgs” and now these “uniforms” that do not take into account different ethnics even state to state or region to region never mind world wide.

    I remember when I audited at AOLA many of us who were non SO used to wear jeans and a T Shirt, yet our HGC produced the highest WDAHs in the whole PAC. I believe the Ol’man talks about this in a Saint Hill lecture about auditor deportment (not sure of the actual title maybe Marty knows).

    We just happened to be in ethnics since most of our public dressed the same way. I don’t think it would have worked in New York, but in LA people were happy to be audited by people dressed like “Rock stars” because most of them didn’t trust “suits”.

    Yet Davey doesn’t do an ethnic survey to find out what beingness is acceptable in a certain area. He just plunges ahead like Ralph Kramden ( an apt description by Marty) with what he “knows best”.

  5. I say KEEP THE UNIFORMS ! For what could be more telling of the church’s motto “We Always Deliver What We Promise”? Which is of course, “Eternity”. Fangs included.

    For those still dancing on board the Titanic: The sounds you hear DO indicate a problem with the ship.

    Don’t drink the kool-aid.

  6. Jane,
    I apologize for my early post in response to yours. It was rightly taken down and having given it more thought and less flippancy I’d like to write something else.

    Many things have been done in the name of ‘help’ that aren’t. I’ve experienced them and unfortunately, committed them.

    I was in the Sea Org under David Miscavige and I failed to handle him. To you or any others that have experienced the betrayal of help that Scientology really is at the hands of this SP, I sincerely offer my apology since I should have put a period to him. I will do all I can to see that a period is put to him and wrongs committed are righted.

    Jim Logan
    p.s. that will include this silly costume 🙂

  7. Thank you, Jim Logan.

  8. Don’t be hard on yourself Jim. I beat myself up also until I realized Hubbard failed to handle him too. What we can do is handle ourselves. I hope you have someone helping you up the bridge.

  9. Otherwise, I like the uniforms myself. The red could come off, a cream colored accent would have made it better. It’s not the style so much as the red color.

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