Daily Archives: August 8, 2009

Serv Facs at Int

An RJ posted a comment under Der Fuhrer’s Big Lies. He pointed out something very important to understanding Der Fuhrer. I replied, but am reposting it here as a post so it gets the attention it deserves.

You hit on something incredibly insightful with the serv facs. When I came back from my tech training and Miscavige was putting me onto cracking every flat ball bearing celeb in site, I reported what I felt was a far more serious technical situation than “not enough drills” (i.e. Golden Age of Tech). The lost tech of Serv Fac running. Anyone who has done much tech training – even if just the Academy Levels – will know that Serv Facs are the most nefarious case problem, and consequently that Serv Fac handling is the most powerful auditing (hour for hour) than ANY auditing. And that includes L’s and that includes any OT Level. Miscavige ignored it and in his inimitable Ralph Kramden style (Aaaaahhh, Haaa!) launched his robot factory Golden Age of Tech. Incidentally, it was that same Kramden dive-on-the-first-outpoint-and-drive-it-down-everybody’s-throat mentality that possessed him in declaring Clear a woman on the verge of a Type III break (yeah, LM, may she stumble across this blog in her new embodiment for some correct indications).

I can guarantee you that no one at Int who has any say about tech (or should, because in fact only Miscavige does at this point) has thoroughly run a Serv Fac ever – including Des Fuhrer. I am telling you, inadvertently or no, you hit the nail right on the head.