Serv Facs at Int

An RJ posted a comment under Der Fuhrer’s Big Lies. He pointed out something very important to understanding Der Fuhrer. I replied, but am reposting it here as a post so it gets the attention it deserves.

You hit on something incredibly insightful with the serv facs. When I came back from my tech training and Miscavige was putting me onto cracking every flat ball bearing celeb in site, I reported what I felt was a far more serious technical situation than “not enough drills” (i.e. Golden Age of Tech). The lost tech of Serv Fac running. Anyone who has done much tech training – even if just the Academy Levels – will know that Serv Facs are the most nefarious case problem, and consequently that Serv Fac handling is the most powerful auditing (hour for hour) than ANY auditing. And that includes L’s and that includes any OT Level. Miscavige ignored it and in his inimitable Ralph Kramden style (Aaaaahhh, Haaa!) launched his robot factory Golden Age of Tech. Incidentally, it was that same Kramden dive-on-the-first-outpoint-and-drive-it-down-everybody’s-throat mentality that possessed him in declaring Clear a woman on the verge of a Type III break (yeah, LM, may she stumble across this blog in her new embodiment for some correct indications).

I can guarantee you that no one at Int who has any say about tech (or should, because in fact only Miscavige does at this point) has thoroughly run a Serv Fac ever – including Des Fuhrer. I am telling you, inadvertently or no, you hit the nail right on the head.


30 responses to “Serv Facs at Int

  1. Anyone who doesn’t think that ser fac handling isn’t important is just plain wrong 🙂

    But seriously Marty, you stated it well here.

    Just another limpet mine that Davey has placed on the pillars of the Bridge to Total Freedom.

  2. FreeAndClearNow

    Some of the best Listing and Nulling Questions for Ser Facs never get asked; there is a wealth of them in the XDN materials. I always liked the one that asks for the fixed idea one uses to explain for his inability to cope. There are even ones that use folder study to locate the areas that the case manifests this aberration, such as in a marriage, or on a specific part of his post, and formulate the question around that. For DM, I would ask him “What fixed idea do you use to explain for your inability to cope with the Int Base?” (this is just for starters of course) His item would probably be something like “They’re all enemies”
    He needs the whole rundown though, after a few months running around a pole in the hot desert sun, and shoveling shit out of a ditch.
    Make that a few years. Throw in some random musical chairs games for good measure. With “Bohemian Rhapsody” playing. And don’t forget some random overboarding at 3 a.m. into the lake. Shelly will be shipped off to another org during this whole time, and he will not be allowed to see her.
    Karma is a bitch, Dave.

  3. It appears the Church of Scientology is operating with the idea that the upper Bridge is an undercut for the lower Bridge. Scientologists have been given quickie grades or skipped over their grades and NED entirely in order to rush them to a Sea Org service org for the NOTs line-up.

    There is an issue from the KSW series where LRH specifically states that someone going Clear on the grades would still go on to finish the grades auditing. And why not? All grades processes are checked for a read before they are run, so there would be no liability of overrunning something already handled.

    Lastly, the Scientology grades address the being himself and raise him up the (sub-zero) Tone Scale. Dianetics addresses the mind.

  4. martyrathbun09

    Barbera, RJ, and Freeandclear,
    You all are right on the money. Your appreciation and understanding of the tech blows away anyone in DM’s technical hierarchy. Seriously.

  5. The reference I wanted isn’t from KSW but is HCOB 12 DEC 81 – THE THEORY OF THE NEW GRADE CHART.

    The datum I remembered was LRH stating that he knew of people going exterior on the grades but not Clear. I wanted to indicate this datum because I know of people having skipped their latter Expanded Grades and, most relevantly, the service facsimile handling at the end of Expanded Grade IV.

    A survey of ex-church public, staff and crew regarding what processes from which grades were ever run on them might be illuminating. (Especially from those most disaffected with the technology.)

  6. “Barbera, RJ, and Freeandclear,
    You all are right on the money. Your appreciation and understanding of the tech blows away anyone in DM’s technical hierarchy. Seriously.”

    Wow Marty that’s a very scary thought because I never considered myself a paragon of Standard Tech (though totally believable from what I’ve seen of what passes for “standard tech” these days). Any way thanks for the ack 🙂

  7. Miscavige’s Ideal Org “Strategy” is a Ser Fac

    Marty, I was reading with great interest, the discussion you were having on your website regarding how the handling of Service Facsimiles was undermined at the Int. Base (International Headquarters) and elsewhere and how the subject was not given the correct degree of attention.

    The same day I was thumbing through Miscavige’s latest, glossy, no-expense-spared, seventy two page Scientology News, curious to see if Scientology was still expanding faster than a speeding bullet and the graphs of its stats were still clearing tall buildings in a single bound, when the real message of the magazine hit home to me: “It only starts happening when you are an ideal org” or “you’ll only make if you are an ideal org”.

    Having heard these lines and similar ones before, it suddenly hit me, I knew at once the whole thing was based on a fixed idea/computation/service facsimile.

    When Miscavige’s Ideal Org “strategy” was first announced it was used as a definite make wrong of ED Int, his office everyone involved in trying to expand orgs, including LRH’s Birthday Game, the making of St Hill sized orgs, the lot. The whole message was loud and clear: “you are all wrong”. And there is no mistaking it makes Miscavige right. Boy is he being right.

    And he uses it to dominate the world of Scientology, what’s left of management, the OTs and the field. Nobody can argue, there is a great deal of domination going on. “Ve have vays of making you get zee buildings.”

    And since the idea is impossible to beat, trump or top, it’s the nee plus ultra of all possible targets, there is no chance anyone is going to come up with a tougher one so it’s perfect for Miscavige to avoid domination. You know: “top that one sucker”.

    And as no one has any chance of competing with Miscavige on this point or even coming close, I’m sure he thinks it aides his survival. And it certainly hinders ours.

    And without any guidance or management telling them sensible things to do, staff in orgs around the world think it’s why they’re not being successful. So they adopt it and think it aides their survival. So much so they have downed tools and are busy extracting donations full time from an increasingly exasperated field, rather than doing their jobs. And does that hinder the survival of orgs and the field.

    And the whole thing admits of no further inspection and it is the little hole down which the sanity of Scientology is draining by the day.

    Yes, the make-wrong strategy of the century is all founded on a service facsimile.

    And the service facsimile is the close relative of the …

    T Paine

  8. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant observations Tom. You once did an article on the statistical impossibilities of there being as many SPs as DM has declared. You might want to use a bit of that mathematical sense of yours to analyze the statistics in the recent 80 page puff piece he had the LRH Biographer write recently. The numbers they promote are so invented that when you compare one to another they just do not add up. It is like he is writing to a bunch of unthinking robots who absorb his every word like sponges.

  9. Seems practically every thing Davy does makes people wrong.

    For example the “Golden Age of Tech” based on that hooky “eval” of his which came up with the “why” that the “blind were leading the blind” , is in fact a computation or ser fac that sure made a lot of auditors wrong, even those auditors personally trained by Ron!

    However if you look at it. This is the typical action of a squirrel. He has to make the tech wrong in some way and on that point he’s succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of Werner Erhard, Paul Twitchell and Jack Horner.

    Not only he is the squirrel extraordinaire but he is also running the Church of Scientology.

  10. I hear you Marty. And I was doing my homework when I noticed rebel008 over on the Leaving Scientology website did an astute job of tearing apart Miscavige’s stats as put out in the latest Freedom, exposing among other things, that Miscavige claims to have had Internet hits on Scientology websites from more countries than actually exist on planet Earth, 39 more countries than we actually have in fact, spawning a number of extra terrestrial theories.

    But I do have some arithmetic for you relating to Miscavige’s so called Ideal Org Strategy.

    There are approximately150 orgs and per Miscavige they all need buildings, renovations and tons of equipment, lining the pockets of a whole host of outside construction and architectural companies into the bargain.

    Anyway, I figure the average cost per org will be twelve million dollars. Now I know some will cost much closer to twenty million because the specifications on size of building and contents has gone way up, so 12 million is a fair assumption.

    So to buy a “Miscavige building” for every org will cost … wait for it … 1.8 billion dollars, or $1,800,000,000.00.

    Now, many will be mis-located so they’ll need test centers, perhaps 10 test centers just like Tampa so you can throw in another astronomical figure on top of that. Lets just say 200 million dollars for test centers (that’s only a little over 1.3 million dollars per org) and we are at a cool 2 billion dollars.

    And don’t forget, that’s got to be raised while collections for the IAS rage on, unabated. And 10 to 20 sets of any new releases are bought per head.

    So it’s never going to happen. But Miscavige does have a highest ever after all, the largest ever HAVING TO HAVE BEFORE YOU CAN DO in the history Scientology. Remember that gross form of developed traffic – having to have before you can do?

    But it gets worse, check out HCO PL EMERGENCY, STATE OF in which LRH points out that running a having to have before you can do is the last thing that should be done in an emergency. And don’t forget, Scientology stats have been on a long downtrend since around 1990.

    Trust Miscavige to do exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time.

  11. All of it, so true, T Paine. Great insight. In 1996 DM invented and exported the New Era of Mgmt with specific command channels and structures documented in binders and binders of written issues. Some of them personally written by him from what we were told, and all of them authorized by him. I was a member of one of the command teams that fired to implement the new system. We had crammed this new info into our heads with chinese school, and hours of studying, starrating, all overseen by DM and his jumiors who finally allowed us to fire out to implement it. Then years later, in 2002 DM came down to do the grand opening of the Joburg org. He was doing a briefing to the CLO about our management structure, and drawing on a white board a completely different, and totally opposite system of command channels and telling us we were all wrong for having done it the other way all this time. Yet he was the one that trained us to do it that way! He never once said or even implied “Sorry guys, my mistake” or even “our mistake”. It was just an implication that we were a bunch of idiots for having been doing it like that all this time. My skin crawled! I couldn’t believe it. He cannot admit to having been wrong – this is utterly plain to see.

  12. Hey Christie, this is eerie. I just sent a letter to the SP Times entitled: SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD

  13. Jeff Hawkins and others have discussed David Miscavige’s profane and abusive speech in addition to his violent behavior. This is could be a clue to a bigger problem.

    Separately from this, I have read reports of pre-OTs going to do New OT V and coming back more aggressive and so forth. (I assumed until now that they were merely less inhibited.)

    Previously I wondered if the Class IXs were somehow “inserting” more pre-OT case into the pre-OT to create such of an effect! (But that’s silly.)

    It’s probably a situation of “restimulating without destimulating.” Instead of running out the pre-OT case, these poorly trained Class IXs (many in the church today are glorified Class Vs) apparently are “waking up” the pre-OT case and then leaving it there to wreak havoc on the world via the person.

  14. Regardless of the state of David Miscavige’s case, he is still basically good and has integrity.

    He obviously knows on some level that his interpretation of Scientology (i.e. Reverse Dianetics) is harmful to others. By pushing people out of the Church of Scientology or scaring non-Scientologists away from L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, David Miscavige is restraining himself from harming others by having less people around to harm.

  15. I don’t believe that you just said what you said about hoping Lisa McPherson finds your blog after picking up a new body.

    How about you share some “correct indications” with law enforcement, Marty?

  16. martyrathbun09

    If you email me with your name and some information about yourself (maybe 1,000th of what is out there about me) I’ll consider your advice. If not, go back to your cowardly boards.

  17. “Sorry” seems to be hardest word for someone else to say, too. It works both ways.

    People are waiting for the remore, repentence and apologies but, sadly,the issues get ignored.

  18. Mary, when will you apologize to me for posting my house address on the Internet and attempting to intimidate me into silence by trying to drag my girlfriend’s son into the situation?

    This behavior was particularly despicable because you post using a pseudonym and do not have the courage to be yourself in public. You claim you cannot admit who you are to protect your own kids yet tried to intimidate me regarding my girlfriend’s son.

  19. Jonathan, I never did that and would never do that. Where is the proof I did that? There is none. You are mistaken. That was Barbz who posted your home info and about your grandfather’s address. I was very upset when I saw that and made my opinion on that known to her about that.

  20. Billy Lindstein


    I never did any of those things to you and I support almost word for word what Mary is saying. What do you think of MY accusations since you can no longer divert attention away from the line of question onto the person delivering it.

  21. Billy, I’m sorry if David Miscavige’s abusive brainwashing cult has attempted to suppress you. Maybe it will comfort you a little to know that you are not alone.

    But let’s look at the long-term. There will always be suppressive groups such as David Miscavige’s interpretation of the Church of Scientology in the world. Wouldn’t it be better for us to become resilient to suppression so that those groups cannot have an effect on us?

    Continue to protest the church, of course, but do not allow them to squash your spirit.

  22. Marty, Marty, Marty. I’m sure my name has crossed your desk before.

    Google barbara graham. And no, I’m not the one who was the last woman to be executed for murder in San Quentin’s gas chamber. I didn’t come back from the dead to read your blog.

    I’m that *other one.*

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  24. Why would Barb Graham’s name ever cross Marty Rathbun’s desk?!?

    Barb, you were never a member of the Church of Scientology and by your admission have never studied the subject you’ve been protesting rabidly for nearly a decade.

    Besides, how could anyone recognize you when you insist on wearing an Anonymous mask?

  25. You know perfectly well I was raiding orgs long before Anonymous, Jonathon. Without a mask.

  26. That’s my point, Barb. We’ve already seen your face. Why go Anonymous after the fact? (We would call that out-sequence in Scientology.)

    Continue protesting David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology. Try not to kick any more security guards. (Remember, they are non-Scientologists just trying to do their job.)

  27. I didn’t kick anyone. And why are you smearing your off-topic Dev-T around on Marty’s blog?

  28. Your foot came ~so~ close to the security guard that he had to defend himself against the “Guy Fawkes impersonator.” (Remember, he was a non-Scientologist just trying to get through the day without any trouble.)

    As for your Anonymous friends, why not suggest to them the most pragmatic approach to the situation: Focus on David Miscavige exclusively until he is handled and ~then~ attack the next target. The current “attack everyone” approach is dispersed effort and is ~only~ advantageous to David Miscavige!

  29. You are so full of misinformation Jonathon, it’s laughably clear you never read or watched any of the accounts of the incident.

    What you’re spouting is the cult’s version of the incident not supported by our cameras and utterly unavailable from theirs.

    Kenny Seybold and Danny Dunagin are the security people. They are both longtime Scientologists with quite a fascinating history of their time at Gold Base. Right, Marty? You’ve heard of these two, I’m sure.

    Jonathon, I’m not going to bother responding to your ridiculous false information any further.

    This isn’t the place for it.

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