Big Brother – Part III in a series

Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP

Marty Rathbun                                                                                                 July 13, 2009

Ingleside, Tx

Re: McPherson Confidential Settlement Agreement

Dear Marty:

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of June 29, 2009, in which you ask me to explain why you are bound by the confidential settlement agreement. The reason is that at all times during the McPherson litigation, you were acting on behalf of both RTC and Flag. RTC and FSO were parties to the litigation and the agreement binds the parties and their representatives.

Very truly yours,

F. Wallace Pope, Jr.

One response to “Big Brother – Part III in a series

  1. Whasup Marty is this guy on drugs or what???

    Sounds like this guy is in terrible need of a Drug Rundown.

    Maybe it’s all those Power Lunches with too many Martinis who knows.

    Either that or he’s applying Davy’s twisted version of “TR 3”, which now part of the “Golden Age of Tech”.

    In other words they don’t accept any other response unless it’s what they consider the “correct” response.

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