DM Creating Racist, UFO Cult – Part One in a Series

DM has encouraged International and Upper Middle Management (including OSA), his inner circle – including his celebrity entourage – to read the “truth” about planet earth in the form of conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs’ Rule By Secrecy – The hidden history that connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids. I just read the book to see where he is headed. Marrs’ book is probably the most destructive conspiracy piece ever written because it builds on an array of conspiracy theorists of questionable sanity to take matters even further than them. The bottom line message – we peon humans with no ET genes, are a powerless speck – so you might as well go into apathy as you can cause no effect.  Kind of like the feeling you get when you are locked in a room, forced to fight with your friends to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. Or to put it another way, like the the deep irresponsibility that  far right freaks like Tom Delay try to instill in us riff raff, by preaching we have ZERO responsibility for taking care of the planet because what happens is out of our hands, God will decide.

Perhaps more disconcerting to society at large, the book is covertly and cleverly anti-semitic and anti non Anglo/European people.  Many of the sources that are relied upon to build the “logic” that culminates in concluding the Bible, the Egyptian Book of The Dead, the Vedic Hymns and anything else spritual comes from ETs in UFOs who interbreeded with humans and whose bloodlines survive to this day in the power elite, are Confederate revisionist historians, John Birch society folk, Fascists, and worse.

When I spoke publicly about Miscavige’s overt practice of Reverse Dianetics I wasn’t joking. Since the only small handful of people that were able to exert some sort of restraint on Miscavige have left, matters are deteriorating far more rapidly than anyone predicted.

18 responses to “DM Creating Racist, UFO Cult – Part One in a Series

  1. I loved Jim Marrs’ Rule By Secrecy and have been recommending it to others for years!

    But only because I have been studying the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program and see it as an inevitable official state religion for the New World Order.

    If David Miscavige is pushing this book… Expletive!

    Now I suspect that the official state religion of the NWO will be David Miscavige’s Reverse Scientology…

  2. I always thought it was odd how Jim Marrs’ PSI Spies neglected to reveal how Dr. Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, Pat Price and probably others were Scientologists and minimally OT IIIs.

    Ex-Scientologist Ingo Swann coined the term “remote viewing” and sold the technology to the United States government. Shortly after, the original OT IV through VI were replaced by NOTs, thus canceling the levels drilling the person on “remote viewing.”

  3. Aside from this latest revelation being an indicator of the psychotic dramatization of ‘finding’ FBI agents, Martians, Marcabians, and such under every palm leaf or behind the Lodges, in the MCI bathrooms and for sure in the Hole, isn’t it sort of an irony that DM has now embraced what a number of guys he declared over the years have posted on various ‘conspiracy to take over Scn’ sites.

    This is the GPM collapsing. He’s hit ‘coterminal’ and is gone. No Dave, jus’ bank.

    Himey, (so as not to confuse me with the other guy, Jim, who is part of Dave’s collapsed bank).

  4. Oh yeah. I almost got the point if you were scheduled for “ethics handling”, if you read “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”. The constant “the government is your friend” b.s. especially after the great “IRS Victory” when the Davey ejected anyone who worked for CATS or was a known tax protester or evader. Even going to the point of “auditing” PCs on lines to make sure they didn’t short change Uncle Sam.

    Now seeing him promote Marrs “Rule by Secrecy” (which by the way should be read with a salt shaker near by). Just screams hypocrisy!

    The guy’s flipped first he’s embracing Big Bro’ as a long lost sibling. Now he’s reading such anti establishment icons as Jim Marrs. Go figure!

    I agree with Jim here the guy is now in the valance his former “op term”. Proving once again that his lower grades are completely out.

  5. Susanne Maiers

    There are conspiracies. Not everything about conspiracies are crazy. There was one that helped DM to take over SCN.

  6. Yes, conspiracies exist and have existed and will occur in the future. Two questions for you that would be helpful I think, 1. Do you consider the one that DM is now touting to be valid? 2. What was the one that helped DM take over Scn?

    Cheers, Jim

  7. Jim Marrs’ Shore Story is that of conspiracy theorist. His theories need not be valid — they must only incite interest and a wish to believe in them. His references only need to vaguely further his statements. He is a professional PROPAGANDIST intent on sowing seeds of ideas in the right-leaning, book-reading public.

    Even if Jim Marrs and David Miscavige do not work for the same intelligence agency, they apparently share the same worldview. If that worldview was originally manufactured by, for example, the CIA, then David Miscavige is an unwitting tool of the CIA. (I am not claiming it was manufactured by the CIA, but only to use them as an example. It could have been designed by the Communist Chinese just as easily.)

    I have read five of Jim Marrs’ books. I am currently reading The Rise of Fourth Reich. I highly recommend it in the context of the future of the Church of Scientology!

  8. The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are for the most part based almost entirely on speculation.

    In fact jocularly it is said that “lack of evidence is proof of a conspiracy.”.

    That said a conspiracy is very hard to prove because those involved do not leave a paper trail. They operate sub rosa, meaning in absolute secrecy usually by verbal communications and if they use written communication it is usually destroyed.

    I say usually destroyed. Sometimes not. For instance John Marks was able to discover that CIA was involved in a mind control operation by piecing together the financial records of the Technical Services Staff or TSS and wrote his discoveries in a book entitled “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” which you can read on line here:

    The irony is that various shills wittingly or unwittingly continue to deny that such a program actually existed or was as extensive as it was despite the overwhelming evidence that has since come to light through the FOIA!

    All one knows or is able to perceive with out evidence is that some groups or individuals seem to be operating in tandem or their actions seem to align.

    Yet with out proof of this alignment all you have is theory and speculation. Worse those who want to cover up their overt acts will inject scape goats and red herrings that will obscure their actions or obfuscate their involvement.

    A perfect example is “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”(probably issued by the Thule Society) that Hitler used to scape goat and blame an entire race for the destruction of Germany!

    Therefore if you are going to pursue a conspiracy of some kind. You have to put aside all prejudice and look at the factual untainted information that is available and not operate off of some fixed idea which means being cleared of all service facs and be able to use the Data Series.

    The above is merely my opinion.

  9. Susanne Maiers

    Hi Jim,

    1. I hate conspiracies. They base on 3rd party against one person, some persons, a group or even mankind. DM grabbed SCN and had no right to it.
    2. Conspiracies are as old as mankind but hard to discover. They are kept real secret. It is just my gut feeling that DM wasn’t alone when he grabbed SCN. He was young, had not much experience. Someone, one, two, more people must have actively helped him to get there and their names might not be known to any of us. But unless anybody confesses, we might never know.

  10. Hi Susanne,
    I don’t personally mind a good conspiring! It adds a level to the game that provides interest. It can also make you wonky looking for conspiracies!

    I think on the DM one though that rather than having the ET genetic based Illuminati on either side of this GPM, (that is, DM is part of the Illuminati or the Illuminati is agin’ DM) the ‘conspiracy’ that aided DM getting to where he got was on the lines of the Simon Bolivar policy, The Responsibilities of Leaders.

    He was supported as it was thought he was a valid Power. That holds to this day, mistaken as it is and was to begin with. Ah well, good thing lots of us learned he is just an SP. Nothing complex about that. Except in his universe.

    What do you think about this whole UFO gene theory that he’s embraced?


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  12. This would go a long way to explaining DM’s paranoia and apparent persecution complex.

    Conspiracies and theories about same have been in existence for a millenia. Some may be true some may not. All that is generated by the current crop is:

    Third party activites and other low toned activities.

    Better to get oneself educated into the original philosophy and understand that.

    Then move up the bridge

  13. Marty, your blog is attracting lunatics

  14. This is a response to the WWP forum regarding my position.

    When Chuck Beatty first informed me of abuses and “musical chairs” at INT Base, I did dispute it. He only provided anonymous sources, so it was easy to explain the stories as rumors.

    Everything changed for me when Jeff Hawkins gave his television interview to KESQ. He was no longer an anonymous source and the stories of abuses and other mis-management at the hands of David Miscavige were no longer merely rumors.

    (I even sent a link to the television interview with Jeff Hawkins to the International Justice Chief and told him that the abuses were not okay.)

  15. “Marty, your blog is attracting lunatics”

    You’re a one man, self fulfilling prophecy, Terryeo.

  16. It would appear so, Terryeo. You’ve arrived.

  17. Terry’s definition of lunatic is someone who favors L. Ron Hubbard over David Miscavige.

  18. Terryeo,
    Are you familiar with the theta-MEST theory from Science of Survival? It’s a good work and includes material on how vigorous life force can and does run into, and ‘disenturbulates’ life force encysted by incident and event (trauma).

    “Lunatics” in many cases, as contained in the theory, are attracted to vigorous life force and attempt to siphon off what they have not the ability left of their own to use. I think the comment you’ve made might fall under a similar part of the theory. You’ve been attracted to the vigorous life force of Mr. Rathbun and might even partake of it, hopefully so as far as I’m concerned, so that you too can have the power to confront the evil that is driving DM. It will help you in the long run to gain that confront. Honest.

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