International Finance Police – a blast from the past

Some of you old timers might recall the early eighties when Wendell Reynolds lead a group of Gestapo-like storm troopers called the International Finance Police. They used to storm into Missions and even private businesses running a literal protection racket. A protection racket for those not familiar with the history of the mafia is simply this: a) the mafia walks into your establishment and ask if you want to pay a fee to protect your business, b) the shop owner says “protection from what”? c) the thugs beat the hell out of the shopkeeper and empty his register and say, “from that.”  To those who received the Reynolds Finance Police treatment this will no doubt sound familiar. Well, when the Finance Police had collected many millions of  dollars, leaving a number of broken Missions and businesses behind and enough people were ruined to the point of having nothing to lose and so raised a huge enough stink, and after society in the form of the media had to step in to put ethics in, suddenly Reynolds was gone for several months (specifically April through June 1982).  WDC Reserves (Mark Ingber)  took Reynolds off post. Miscavige took extreme measures to distance himself from the debacle and Reynolds – at least as far as Scientology public and the public at large are concerned. When the media heat was off, and DM’s thirst for extorted money became uncontrollable – and many of the complaining public were declared and discredited – magically Wendell re-appeared leading the storm trooping Finance Police on an uninterrupted reign of terror.

Fast forward to July 2009. Miscavige ordered International Management Hole members to write 250 pages of affidavits defending Miscavige from recent public information implicating him in serial human rights abuses.  The effort was so frenetic to paint DM as their Dear Leader – compassionate and kind to the point of nursing injured sparrows back to health – that the Int Finance Director (aka Int Finance Dictator, Wendell Reynolds) went overboard and proved Miscavige’s public disavowel and ignorance of Finance Police abuses to be a sham. Here it is in Wendell’s own fresh, sworn testimony:

“Between April and June 1982, I was off post, doing menial tasks through an injustice initiated by a failing executive in my organization. Mr. Miscavige was intrumental in correcting that injustice and restoring me to post. He additionally acted to preserve my security on that post by installing himself as a senior authority over my area so I couldn’t again be knocked off post injustly.”

“I declare under the penalties and pains of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 28th day of July, 2009.

Wendell Reynolds ( signature)

27 responses to “International Finance Police – a blast from the past

  1. Wow! How twisted.

  2. Whatever OSA person is reading this, I want you to go to Gold, find Wendell, take his OWN hand, and have him slap himself in the face.

    You’d think after all this time and what he’s been through that somehow or other some reason would have penetrated. For heaven’s sake Wendell!!!
    p.s. I wonder what Mark Ingber thinks about being the incompetent in Wendell’s fognition.

  3. Did’nt Wendell also say in his affidavit that “David Miscavige is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”?

  4. If Wendell said that, well, we’re just into the absurd here. I mean we’re talking minus IQs. This is past the mind of a dog or a cow and into a a line on ‘dark matter’.

    I think for Wendell’s sake, that affadavit should be expunged from the record because obviously Wendell as a being wasn’t anywhere close to this planet when it was written.

    Wendell!! Wendell!! Come back to the body!!!

  5. Lighten up Jim 🙂

    The quote I gave was from the movie ” The Manchurian Candidate” with Miscavige in place of Raymond Shaw.

    Gawd I hate it when I have to ‘splain the punch line.

  6. Whew!

    (What’s the difference between a duck? One of his legs are both the same. )

  7. Errr I don’t get it ????

    Though it may come to me in a blinding flash of brilliance at maybe Two A.M.

  8. Splainin it. It’s gibberish. A play on language. Hee 🙂

  9. Susanne Maiers

    Instead of typing many articles, Marty, why don’t you get yourself a YouTube channel like Tory?

  10. martyrathbun09

    I’m not as pretty as Tory.

  11. Religious Technology Center
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :

    “While exercising authority over the use of all Scientology materials, RTC claims that it does not directly manage the Church of Scientology; that role is assigned to a separate corporation, the Church of Scientology International (CSI). According to the RTC website, “RTC stands apart as an external body which protects the Scientology religion and acts as the final arbiter of orthodoxy” and its stated purpose is “to protect the public from misapplication of the technology and to see that the religious technologies of Dianetics and Scientology remain in proper hands and are properly ministered.”[4]

    [..] About the role and the position of the RTC within the structure of the Scientology network, David Miscavige declared in 1994:[34]

    “[…] Since March of 1987, I have been Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center […]. RTC is not part of Church management, nor is it involved in the daily affairs of various Church of Scientology organizations or missions. RTC ensures that the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology, and the technology they represent, are properly used around the world.

    […] 8 . RTC was formed with the specific purpose of seeing that the religion of Scientology was kept pure and true to the source materials of the religion. In fact, a major reason for its formation was to have such a Church organization that performed these functions in a capacity entirely separate from the actual management of the various Churches and Missions of Scientology. Not only is RTC not involved in the management of the international hierarchy of Scientology churches, but its very existence and performance of its true functions depends on the fact that it is not part of Church management. The authority of the Religious Technology Center stems from the ownership of the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology.

    […] 11. Neither RTC nor I has any corporate authority over any Scientology church, including CSI. CSI is the Mother Church of the Scientology religion and has been since its inception in 1981. As such, CSI is responsible for the activities commensurate with such a role, including the ecclesiastical management of Churches, dissemination and propagation of the faith and defense of its activities, including external and legal affairs. […]”

    Isn’t reynolds’ statment below prof DM has direct management?:

    “Between April and June 1982, I was off post, doing menial tasks through an injustice initiated by a failing executive in my organization. Mr. Miscavige was intrumental in correcting that injustice and restoring me to post. He additionally acted to preserve my security on that post by installing himself as a senior authority over my area so I couldn’t again be knocked off post injustly.”

    “I declare under the penalties and pains of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 28th day of July, 2009.

    Wendell Reynolds ( signature)

  12. You’re absolutely correct Mary. As confirmed by Wendell’s affidavit. Also by other evidence as well.

    The next question should be: How does Miscavige get away with it?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  13. A little tip of how to survive:
    a) You have to be stronger than your opponent.
    But most important:
    b) You have to be willing to be more evil than
    your opponent.
    Example: If you are in a disco and 3 or more poeple
    there want to beat you. If you withdraw you are beaten.
    If you are evil and intend to beat them right now they
    withdraw if that is really your intention and you are
    willing to do that.
    But this requires that you can confront being evil
    yourself. And you have to do it if being actually
    attacked. That is the way ancient germans acted.
    I had been the only staff member that did not get
    a “gestapo sec ceck”. Why? I wanted to get a sec check
    and find out how it works and then “handle” those who
    do that kind of sec checking. They withdrew.
    Others blew, went sick or had been ordered back home.

  14. Susanne Maiers

    Awwww, that is not true. You are pretty. 😉

    Guys don’t have to be pretty, just interesting. Adjust the light in a way to make you look real good. Tory does that too.

    Tory was just an OSA volunteer, you were a high exec. She never worked with DM and certain others. You did. She does not have that insight.

    You could save a lot of time… You just recall events and talk…

    Might feel bit strange in the beginning but then it could become second nature.

    You could do it with a friend together. Tell each other stories and videotape ’em. You don’t have to do it every day, just when you have time.

    You just sit there and say: “Remember that evening when…. And then tell us true stories that we will suck up like sponges.

    I watched the SP Times Videos. Had the feeling you had a lot more to say but that the time was too short.

  15. So, you are actually saying that Don Larson told the truth in this interview of 1987:

  16. Mostly yes. He is telling the truth.
    Use of physical force while doing sec checks I did not observe.
    Not beating a person. But force applyed to keep him “in session”.
    Sometimes the “PC” sourrounded by 5 to 6 “Sec Ceckers”. That is
    enough “force” applyed even without hitting someone.
    I only guessed, that confidential material had been used as I
    never got that kind of sec check.
    (with confidential I do not mean the secrets the person had
    revealed while in auditing. If that secrets had been used on those
    sec checks I cannot tell.)
    But what I know is:
    While doing sec check the “severe realitiy adjustment” had been
    applied while TA is coming down.
    Due to some indicators I assumend that confidential material had
    been used:
    a) Very big Very charged up Ridges flying around the office those
    sec checks had been done. That much charged up that those almost could
    be seen with the human body eyes.
    b) even old timers ot 3 and ot 7s being effect of that procedures.
    c) this procedure being teached person to person (not any papers involved)
    and being applied standardly. I can remember some whole track stuff bit
    similar to that. Thus I assume that a sepcific kind of whole track implant
    had been used. But even those doing that sec checks had not been aware
    of the real implant and background data.
    d) while cleaning that up some years later on some 100 people after some
    month listening and cleaning that up I almost dropped my body as my body
    no longer could stand that heavy charge. The main tool used to clean that
    up is based on NOTs tech. (not the NOTs being done now. Has nothing do
    do with what you find on the internet.)

  17. martyrathbun09

    Yes. Don told the truth. However, the whole truth was edited out. I believe he spoke to DM’s role in serving as Wendell’s (Finance Dictator) mentor and director. But as I recall we made all sorts of vehement denials that DM had anything to do with the mess – probably including some false written statements. We gave the party line that DM stopped Wendell in his tracks. Of course, Wendell, has now sworn under the pains and penalties of perjury that Don’s original, edited-out contentions were right on. Incidentally, for years – literally – Miscavige carried out heavily nattering about how “that thug Don Larsen was portrayed as a peaceful, viola player.” I now know how Don feels. Don was a thug with a viola. Now, they are calling me a thug with an e-meter. Problem this time around for DM is that literally dozens of eye witnesses that he considered ‘dead’, are now rising and walking and talking. It is the night of the living dead for him.

  18. Thanks Greg, I was not expecting a so accurate and knowledgeable answer.

    All that talk along the years about smashing squirrels and keeping the Tech away from the wrong hands … I feel bad now to see that David Mayo was the good guy and we were the bad guys. I never heard about Mayo using Black Scientology in the Church or in his AAC.

    A monopoly of the Tech is not a safe thing to have. But that’s anoter story.

  19. I never used “reverse Scientology” but was not a paragon of Standard Tech either, since he did have a knack for mixing major rundowns with repair actions . One C/S of his I less than fondly recall was one where he ordered an HC Plus/Out Point List and then the Fixated Person handling of the Introspection RD. He also added a few quirky additives to the HRD and he once tried to cancel Pro TRs as a requisite for auditor training.

    However Mayo at his worst in my opinion did less damage than Miscavige and his “Grossly Altered Tech” or GAT.

  20. Er… modify first sentence to ” I never saw him use “reverse Scientology” but he was not….

    (note to self download a grammar checker)

  21. Patty Pieniadz

    I really enjoy your blog and truly appreciate your courage in speaking out.


  22. Oh yes, I was one of his and Class XII Norm Herring’ victims.

  23. Mark. Don admitted he did terrible things and one could see his remorse right on that show. He showed shame and took resposibility by admitting what he did. You have not done this for the things YOU DID while in and that is why your mesages have not been received very well.

    You did not apologize for what you did on the Lisa McPherson matter, nor to her and her fdignity in your post about her stopping by your blog ( like she would after all she was put through.) You still have that scientology indifference when it comes to the entheta that you contributed to , an indifference that comes when one has distanced oneself from the truth.
    You did things to others that you would not have wanted done to you. Get it? I write this from a scincere heart. If I could find forgiveness for Don Larson & Norm Herring and the torture they put me through ( no sleep or food 12 hrs straight gang bang sec checking with my only crime being that I asked a valid question) then there is hope for your overts, too. But you have to duplicate the effects you caused, just like you did with Jim Logan after he and you got together and sorted it out.

    IMHO, Your victims have not forgotten and you have shut out ARC with those who do not follow your party line about LRH and the tech. You owe Gerry Armstrong some answers and you owe explanations for YOUR behaviors and acts during your time wreaking havocin the lives of people who left your church. Think about that.

  24. I never meet Mayo, so I can’t much defend him, but I wonder how much of the bad opinions about him come from CoS bitter nattering. Here Mayo talks about HRD and CoS lies.

  25. Mary,
    As I told you in my answer to your personal mail to me, Marty and I handled what occurred between us with the principles of Scientology. I was not a victim of Marty and he didn’t have to apologize to me and that’s not what went down. We confronted our actions and took responsibility for them, each of us and as I said it is GONE, POOF.

    I understand you are now saying you are an ‘anti-Scientologist’. Still, as any victim that has gotten past being victimized will tell you, ‘victim’ is not a workable life-style.

    That feeling won’t go away until the person victimized deals with it themselves. They have to pull through it, and more times than not, with no apologies or remorse from those that hurt them.

    Otherwise, if the person who vicitimized them doesn’t recant then the victim is still prey to them.

    My invitation to write me personally still stands.

  26. I agree that a lot of it was natter, especially on Miscavige’s part, since Miscavige out-squirreled Mayo with his “Golden Age of Crap”, redefinition of a F/N and “instead” read (a computer generated prior read).

    What Mayo did pales in comparison to what Miscavige has done!

    Mayo only altered tech to an extent while Miscavige has perverted the whole triangle of Ethics, Tech and Admin.

  27. Mark, Instead of replying and explaining why you make the choices you make, you deleted my reply to Jim Logan’s comment, regarding what I see is a double standard you seem to have on who you will and won’t ‘sort things out with’, based upon their viewpoints on LRH and the “tech”. There’s a name for that kind of selective editing in journalism. Tsk Tsk.

    If you care to change your mind and explaint why, my reply can be found here for reference:

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