Beware: DM agents in the field

The following people are agents of DM who have infiltrated the lives of a number of former staff members. They can be counted upon to act as friendly and be as charming as they can be.  But  they will report to Big Brother the second they hear anything that might question DM or the fantasies he propagandizes to  the public.

Gabrielle Llewelyn

Wolfi Frank

Daniel Christian

38 responses to “Beware: DM agents in the field

  1. Hi Marty

    Could you give us a bio and description of the above, so we know who to give the cold shoulder to?

    By the way are these guys OSAcrats or do they work as Davy’s personal spies?

    Possibly on loan from CIA or something 🙂

  2. Watch out for Daniel in particular. As smart, good looking and charming as he is… Marty is probably right on this one.




  3. Marty,

    Are you nuts? You’ve stooped to making up crap about people with no proof. Where’s your documentation? I know for a fact that what you are saying is an outright lie and I have no idea why your doing it. You’re becoming the Joe McCarthy of anti-Scientologists .


  4. martyrathbun09

    I’m leaving yours up just for the benefit of others; so they know your stripes.

  5. First all richmack.

    Marty ain’t no “anti-scientologist”. He’s anti Miscavige.

    Secondly giving out the name of OSA plants is not McCarthyism.

  6. Marty,

    It is reasonable to want to know how it was determined these folks are OSA minions. There has been a great deal of “you-is-OSA” finger pointing Scientology critical forums over the years.

    Making such accusations without providing any evidence to back it up, smacks of C of $ “justice”. Please don’t go there, Marty.

    Michael A. Hobson

  7. Billy Lindstein

    I hereby call-out Mark Rathbun. If you’re half the man you believe L Ron Hubbard is [and I know you’re reading this]. Then say you’re sorry. Apologize …say you’re sorry for what you did to hinder prosecution of those who destroyed the lives of Lisa McPherson and her family. Say you’re sorry for what happened to Gerry Armstrong. Say you’re sorry for what happened to the mayor of Clearwater. Say you’re sorry for all the beatings you delivered to people [whether coerced or willingly, I won’t ask you to define which]. Go on, show me some tone fucking forty pal. Say you’re sorry …

  8. martyrathbun09

    You are killing yourself by deciding to be a victim. Your comm indicates you haven’t a clue of what you write of. You are buying into a lot of garbage. You want help sorting something out, email me. Not as a service, but as a favor.

  9. I tend to agree with you Mike, having been accused of being OSA because my opinion varied from the denizens of various critical forums.

    It’s so easy to end up on a witch hunt which is something that Scientology Justice procedures were originally designed to prevent which were perverted to do the exact opposite under Miscavige’s regime.

    My bad as well because I played into it myself.

    Thanks again for posting this Mike.

  10. martyrathbun09

    My sources are very reliable friends in very informed positions. Sorry I can’t tell you more. If you all doubt it, that is your perogative.

  11. Wow Marty. You know I love ya man (it’s an LA thing) but ya gotta give us more than just names.

    You don’t even have to blow your sources.

    All ya gotta do is give us some back ground even deep back ground on why these guys are Miscavige agents.

    For instance have they ratted anyone out to Der Fuhrer and what were the consequences etc. Redacting sources and methods of course 🙂

  12. Hi Marty,

    I was listening in to a phone call the other week when a colleague called you up while you were in the swamp. I will say that you need to work on your tonescale if you have any hopes of helping others. You came across as defensive, arrogant, egotistical and you displayed absolutely zero remorse for your previous crimes.

    Anonymous knows your plans and we can easily see what you are trying to achieve.

    We are happy that you have left the cult, but we are saddened to see that nothing has changed in you. You have abused before, and you will abuse again. You believe in technology written by a lunatic, and you believe that you are in a ‘high’ position to ‘help’ (read use/abuse) others

    We are watching.
    We will call again soon.
    Expect us 😉

  13. Billy Lindstein


    I am not killing myself my long-time friend. I am out of the Church. I have come to the full-stop realization that the technology does not work, never did work and was coercive and destructive. Some day, you too will come to this realization. I await your communication on how I am killing myself and how I am incorrect.

    BTW — why didn’t you answer my question? Will you say you’re sorry for what you did that was wrong or will you continue to find out-points to avoid doing so?

  14. Billy, I’m not Marty and as far as I recall you and I never hung out. I’m hoping you aren’t as upset with me, even though I’m a Scientologist.

    Victims can’t rely on their victimizers to recant or feel remorse in order that the victim will be able to move on from whatever it is they are feeling victimized by.

    You may not consider their is any workability in Scientology, nevertheless, that principle, that the victim themselves have to rise up above what happened, even ‘turn the other cheek’, even ‘love despite all provocation to do otherwise’, is a working fact of living.

    I apologize for what was done to you in the name of Scientology.


  15. Oh, one other thing, it seems to me if you watch the video put out on the Truth Rundown, it will be apparent that Marty has indeed taken responsibility for his actions. He’s also very clearly stated he’s willing to handle any direct communications for those who feel they’ve been wronged by him.

  16. Those Billy Lindestein posts sure do not ring as authentic. Anyone who knows Billy Lindstein would bet dollars to donuts that another personality is writing these.

  17. Doesn’t make sense Billy. You’re suddenly out and Scientology is bad, always was bad and always will be (per you), despite your thirty plus years as an effective executive from Malmo, through WDC FSO, CO FB to CO East US.

    If you really hold that view then that’s your right. But you don’t apologize for the thousands you must have helped “dupe”. You don’t dish any dirt on Miscavige or the Scientology you now clearly hate so much. You don’t even do your homework. No, you suddenly appear on the scene and call out Marty Rathbun, your “long time friend”. The guy who’s trying to do something about Miscavige who at best must be someone you hold as a common enemy.

    I’m not sure I’d buy it Marty. If it sounds like Gary Klingler and looks like Gary Klingler it probably is Gary Klingler.

  18. Billy Lindstein

    I sent Marty an e-mail asking for him to set me straight. He has yet to report to his office to do so. I am thinking of stealing some mints from the bowl on Professor Rathbuns desk.


    Nothing bad was “done to me” in the name of Scientology besides splitting me up from my ex-wife which at the time seemed cruel but what do you know? It was a blessing in disguise since she was a devil anyway.

    I don’t think it’s such a hard thing to do. Why can’t he just say sorry. It’s two words “I’m Sorry”. He doesn’t even have to include what he’s sorry for. I just want to know Marty is a human being. With feelings and emotions.

  19. Being in Australia I am unlikely to meet any of these dingbats. However, the same basic principles apply. Don’t look at their personalities, look at their products.And DON’T be reasonable about it.

    It is by others being reasonable that MD got where he is. As distasteful as it is we all bear some responsibility for that.

  20. Billy, he already did in a recorded interview. I suggest you watch it, as suggested to you, so you get caught up.

  21. Well, any human being will recognize that these “Billy Lindstein” posts are bogus from the following: “Billy Lindstein” has ostensibly left the church but instead of contacting his estranged family members like any human being would do, he is instead going after Marty Rathbun about events that were created by someone other than Marty. Now, I ask you, if you had been separated from your family for many years and you were now in a position to talk to them or see them, would you do that first or would you start wailing away on some internet blog? “Billy Lindstein” is obviously an avatar for someone trying to get into Marty’s head. I don’t think it is working. Another epic fail for someone’s Thursday Before 2:00 stat.

  22. He admitted he is not Billy Lindstein on WWP.

    Anonymous wrote: “I should point out that I’m not Billy Lindstein but was a good friend of him and his wife.”

  23. Oh yeah anonymous strikes again.

    Personally I thought they were OK in the beginning when they went after Miscavige and RTC but now they seem to be just another anti scientology group.

  24. Billy Lindstein

    So is Rathbun going to answer me or is going to just send out his cult followers to try to distract me with their mindless robotic thought processes?

  25. William,
    First, you’re ex-wife cannot be the devil, since it is well known the I am. Second, it appears you are also ‘shape-shifting’, and are not in fact Billy. I’ll call you Willy.

    Willy, you take responsibility for your actions on video posted on Youtube and we’ll continue our little message thing here. OK?

  26. Willy, that could be extended to Willy-Nilly, i.e., ‘impotent’.

  27. Sorry, “Billy,” but Marty has done more than 99% of Ex-Sea Org to right the internal wrongs of the Church and take real responsibility for his actions. It’s all very well to hide behind a false identity and take pot shots, but that is not very courageous, is it? I knew Billy Lindstein and his wife, too, but that doesn’t empower me to pretend to be him.

  28. A bogus, Anonymous Billy throws up even more oddities. Why was Anonymous Billy trying to hit out at Marty?

    At the same time, over on the Anonymous website a handful started attacking Marty using a line that comes straight from the desk of David Miscavige (that Marty is trying to topple Miscavige so he can take over the Church himself). Miscaviged tried to use that line to scuttle the St. Pete Times article, and failed.

    We all share a common foe in Miscavige because he stands in the way of any progress. He won’t allow any reform, there will be no change, no apologies, no reparations, disconnection and fair game will continue, etc.

    Many Anonymous members were cheering the St. Pete Times expose. Then Marty comes out with the fact that Miscavige is a disciple of Jim Marrs and publicly names a few OSA agents, suddenly a small number of Anonymous mount attacks using a Miscavige line while Anonymous Billy uses another line (Marty’s only attacking Miscavige to assuage his own guilt) and asks for an apology when it’s common knowledge he’s already apologized and is willing to continue to do so.

    Was some OSA nerve touched by Marty? A couple of sleepers within Anonymous awakened?

  29. Yes the plot thickens.

  30. Right on JJ

  31. JJ,
    Now that’s skill with the Data Series and all that. Reminds me of the early days when real intel it was cookin’.

    Talk about ‘notice an oddity’. Sweet Fancy Moses!

  32. I’ve been promoting the FZ on all forums I could find for around 9 years now.

    Some comments on Anonymous protesters. I’ve been to every protest except 1. All in London except one time in San Francisco. I have never had any bad comments about being a scientologist, I always had someone willing to hold my spare FZ picket sign in the earlier pickets when I bothered to bring them. Had many interesting discussions, and in general was always told they were protesting the abuse not
    the religious beliefs. Had several video interviews, the best was from San Francisco, just search my name on google video, the only person not completely happy to see me was the longtime critic Phil Scott, and he was polite.

    On the anon forums I was attacked by a few people, about half of them long time critics of myself, and some I didn’t know. Not even 10 in number. The former forum had an owner and moderators who were all very anti FZ. I heard that that forum owner took money from COS and closed the forum.

    The average anon in the street is IMO a good egg, mostly university students, or university educated, often don’t know enough to distinguish between scn and COS.

    If OSA is operating on the net WWP would be the place.

  33. You should post pictures of these guys…

    just a thought.

  34. Cool site, love the info.

  35. Great site…keep up the good work.

  36. Daniel Christian and his sister Stephanie Christian both grew up in the Sea Org (sans father, I believe) with a mother working as an auditor at AOLA.

    Though they both left the Sea Org as young adults, they are loyal CoS-bots.

  37. While I don’t think that Marty’s saying “mia culpa” over and over again would be productive in any way, I feel the need to share something that I noticed about myself lately in regard to postings on this site.
    Once in awhile I find myself disagreeing with a posting. Yet, I checked myself from saying anything for fear of being judged harshly. The last thing I want to be keyed back into. So, I am going to step up and say that asking us to accept anything without proof or at least some background, speaking for myself, keys me into past and present day COS outnesses. It matters less to me that it might be true than accepting information at face value. I admit that I’m gun shy when it comes to the topic of Scientology. I like to think, however, that I have learned enough to value my own truth and am able to preserve my own space in the face of possible rejection by people I admire. This is a gift I’m giving myself today.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Marcy, I suggest you get yourself up through a standard Grade 0. You won’t have to play mental ping pong anymore.

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