Mat Pesch exposes 2nd DM PI – the silencer

New Image One of DM’s agents

Jeffery Woodcock

Owner of Comitatus Protection Services

(Comitatus definition: ‘an armed group of men attached to a leader’. ‘Lectric Law Library)

Private Investigator Dougherty & Dougherty Investigators, LLC

Private Investigator at Capital Research Bureau

On Thursday August 20 I attended to some work in St. Petersburg. That evening Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch and I had dinner downtown. After walking me to my hotel Mat and Amy drove back to Clearwater. Anyone who has been to downtown St Pete knows one needs a PHD in Traffic Science to get out of there. Mat drove around and around the maze of one way streets trying to get to the main street to Clearwater. Lo and behold, he noticed he was being followed by the same black cadillac with blacked out windows that surveilled he and Amy after their meeting with some reporters – incident recounted earlier on this blog.

Mat was able to record the plates this time – Florida B39-7TM.  Mat did some investigating. Turns out the vehicle is registered to a Jeffrey Woodcock, owner of Comitatus Protection Services LLC.

Mat was able to obtain a photo of Woodcock and provided it to me and a very credible witness who drove me to the Tampa airport the following afternoon. My witness pulled his vehicle up to the lone open curb space, which happened to be about forty yards short of the airline entrance I was headed to. As we pulled to the curb and I looked to my right, I saw Mr. Woodcock five feet from me straining to look at the airline entrance I was booked to enter.  When he turned to look into our car that pulled beside him, he found himself looking straight at me. Woodcock retreated too quickly to be orderly. He found a spot about thirty feet away, inside the terminal, where I saw him eyeing me and chatting nervously into a blue tooth, while he fumbled around with two boarding passes.

I phoned Mat for some particulars in anticipation of Mr. Woodcock accompanying me to Texas as Vinnie “the Weasel” Parco had done during my last east coast trip. I needed the info in order to call the D/A back home to arrange a welcoming party, knowing they don’t cotton to out of state PI’s doing business in Texas. I noticed Woodcock becoming progressively more nervous and finally he bolted.

The delay in reporting this was to give Mat a week to conduct an investigation of his own. He has uncovered an elaborate ring of “professionals” operating in Pinellas county at the behest of Miscavology. More particulars will follow soon.

Miscavige’s foot missiles are becoming legion. It is one thing to mess with a schlepper like me. It is quite another to fool with a man like Mat Pesch.  He’s been a close friend of mine since 1978. He’s the real deal. He scares the hell out of me, and I’m fearless.

14 responses to “Mat Pesch exposes 2nd DM PI – the silencer

  1. I’m getting well acquainted with the edge of my seat. Looking forward to the next exciting instalment.

  2. Miscavige seems to have very poor taste in thugs.

  3. A little birdy

    Hey Marty,

    If you get info on other PIs, just note ’em down. Anon is keeping tabs on private investigators… 😉

  4. A little birdy

    On a related note, at one of the protests. There was a guy that actually flashed a gun, turned out he was a PI too trying a little game of intimidation. His picture and a video of it was plastered all over back then.

  5. Tom Klemesrud

    This is getting too close to being dangerous.

  6. I don’t know I think he has a discerning taste in thugs due to the fact he is one himself.

  7. Mr. Cockwood on the Dougherty & Dougherty Investigations LLC website.

    Gee, if I had a name like that I’d change it by deed pole man!

  8. I’m glad you caught the guy but something doesn’t make sense. If Woodcock is a convicted felon he would not be able to hold a PI license in Florida. Also i checked out and it showed his resume with a state-wide fireams license and concealed weapons permit, neither can be aquired with a conviction, especially a firearms conviction. I hope your info is reliable….

  9. I just searched public records and PI Woodcock has never been convicted of a crime and never arrested for a firearms charge.Also Division of Licensing shows he is a valid PI. I hate PI’s as much as the next guy but someone hot some wrong info

  10. martyrathbun09

    Don. Jeez, I hope my guy wasn’t wrong. It was cross checked against reliable pieces of good identification. If someone wants to look further, be my guest and if I am wrong I’ll correct it. You can rest assured the Miscavology boys read this blog religiously – and I’ve heard nary a peep from that sector.

  11. i had my uncle who is a cop on the west coast run pi woodcrap and he got a fdle report ?? that shows no convictions. he siad he had an arrest in 99 but not convicted and it was not for a firarms charge…no arrest or conviction in 2001 at all…hope this helps

  12. lol I actually found that funny – well done!

  13. martyrathbun09

    According to Mr. Woodcock’s attorney Woodcock has never been convicted of a felony with a handgun. As my source could not produce documentation to contradict this I am posting this to make it clear that apparently I posted incorrect information about Mr. Woodcock. I apologize.

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