Get up, Stand up*, Stand up for your rights!


The title of this post is  taken from an old Bob Marley classic.  I am getting a lot of emails from around the world from Scientologists who are on lines; and this song keeps popping into my head when I type my replies.  The more truth that is getting out to the world about what is really going on with Miscavology, it seems the more desperate the crush push for money out of existing public is becoming.  There are missions out in a number of cities that are using coercion and threat to force people to empty retirement savings accounts, get 2nd mortgages on homes and resort to a plethora of unusual and dishonest solutions to pay more money to the Church.

Even the FSO has been turned into a 1,000 man/woman reg machine. Apparently,  no one is immune.   How was ‘the friendliest place on earth’ turned into one of the most dangerous?  First, long-time Captain Debbie Cook was taken out by Miscavige some time ago, put into the prison camp (the Hole, or SP Hall) and replaced by a two decade Registrar veteran, Harvey Jaques. One public told me he recently waited with forty other people  for almost two hours for Harvey to show up  for a “Captain’s briefing” to some select public.   Harvey never showed, because “he was in the middle of a Reg cycle.”

I am posting below the reply I recently sent to a plea for help and advice from an unnamed man in an unnamed city. He lamented how he – a highly trained and high case level individual – cannot continue to submit himself to the degradation of being thrown on a meter and denigrated for not coughing up more money – money demanded for no exchange, no service. Money that he cannot afford to part with for the well being of his family. I am posting this because of the heartfelt descriptions of the moral anguish people have described that they go through while determining to take the plunge and reach out to open a line of communication with me.  Several have stated they tune into this blog, then suppress reaching out because of the consequences to them and their families should they do so. For all you who are watching and listening, but you can’t communicate your concerns, I’m posting this reply to the fellow described, because I was sincere when I wrote that what he described was  “all too typical”.


“Thank you very much for sharing this story with me. It is all too typical. What took me so long to act? (speaking out) It took a long time for me to honestly sort out what was right from what was imposed on me as being right.  As far as what you should do – I would suggest holding your position in space – a definition of power. Write up every off policy and out tech move they make on you. If they order you for another squirrel metered “interview” ask for the LRH reference that authorizes that kind of nonsense. And when they don’t produce it – which they cannot – then refuse, using LRH as your authority. Write that up too. Send me copies of what you write up. As your family is recruited to put pressure on you by the org, genuinely communicate with each member – at their reality level of course – how you are acting in an on Source, on policy manner. I try to abide by the Code of Honor – your integrity is more important than your immediate life. When I do what is right my life seems to get more meaningful and I get stronger. I believe it will for you too. Do not compromise with your own reality. Stay strong.”

*Incidentally, I highly recommend Get up, Stand Up; it as if the great Rastaman wrote the song for the times we live in.

10 responses to “Get up, Stand up*, Stand up for your rights!

  1. As one who frequently engages the Terryeos and Jack Remingtons of COS It is clear to me that some glamour has been spread, like stardust, over the minds of those who defend Scientology and Miscavige online.
    1. Scientology is expanding. Never mind that the Greensboro, NC org is completely closed, all the big buildings acquired “prove” Scientology is expanding.

    2. Scientology is succeeding in dissem with unparalleled results, getting sets of books into every library in the United States. This is a half-truth. Librarians nationwide report receiving these book sets, and they go straight to the resale bin or the rubbish out back. There is no shelf space for books that don’t get regular attention. And some of their resident books like ‘What Is Scientology’ haven’t been checked out in a decade.

    Every exotic plan cooked up by DM has to be paid for by parishioners, who are also expected to fund Narconon outreach programs (banned in public Cali schools) the VMs, TWTH Foundation projects, and…oh yeah. Courses.

    The recent “Come to Flag in 48 hours” email that went out to OTs…not cool. If people are stalled on the Bridge, they may have doubts, lost interest, drifting away. These are the last people the bullying tactics will work on. They’ve already got one foot outside David Miscavige’s corral.

    The Scientology of David Miscavige is showing cracks. Local authorities, even the UN are turning away from the front groups sent out to foster legitimacy by association. The group denied meeting space was Youth For Human Rights, a particularly excrable front, considering
    the parent organization’s dismal record in that area.

    Gold Base, whose fence encroached on public easement along the highway, has been moved back. There is no way in Hell they will succeed in closing Gilman Hot springs Road.

    The world is starting to see through the sham Miscavige hath wrought. And the more people who get up, go to their windows and yell ‘WE’RE MAD AS HELL AND WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!’ the better.

    More publicity, more horror stories, this is what it’s going to take to bring down the House of Miscavige in the United States.

    People should be compensated. You cannot steal people’s lives, their families, their savings, screw up their retirement and beat them into the dirt without karma coming around.

    I’d say it’s payback time. Time to slot Bob Marley into your player, crank it up and listen carefully.

  2. I’m totally with ya imominous 🙂

    Those who have been, sec checked, threatened with disconnection and expulsion for demanding that Miscavige do what Ron says should now do what Bob ,”Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights!”

    You may end up in the hinterlands like Marty and I, but the way things are going it won’t be for long 🙂

    Which begs the question modified from a slogan of the ’60’s

    “What if they gave an IAS event and nobody came?”

  3. Dear Marty,

    Your blog is a great tool for “as-is”.

    I have met David Miscavige few times during 1987-1990 while I was in Los Angeles. In every interaction I had with him he behaved below 2.0 on the Tone Scale. Every time he would come to inspect, the staff tone was fear or even terror. Literally.

    For many of us, Scientology in the past represented an ideal of decency, of self improvement, and was something we really practiced to help others. Yes, we knew something wasn’t working, we knew we were underpaid, we knew the system and the tech had shortcomings. But we were there to help and that was the most important thing for me and for many others.

    Miscavige mismanagement not only created emotional distress and pain to many of us who were in LA, but it actually did something much worse: it robbed us of an ideal of a better world, a world where ARC, integrity, help, friendship and honour would rule.

    Reading your posts I am inspired because, after all, I get to say: “So it was not just a scam all along. There was somebody who, like many of us, actually believed in the goal, in the purpose, who used common sense in reading policy…”.

    I am a Suppressive Person, some long time friends and members of my family have been disconnected from me. Taking a stand against the church was a tough step. Imagine losing the almost totality of your friends overnight. As I was telling to “F.O.” to the missionaries who were trying to handle me (one of whom was a long time friend, almost like a brother), a big amount of grief was over me. I knew I was gone… But, even so, disconnection was not the toughest blow that was delivered to me.

    Much worse was the disillusion. I had faith in an ideal. I was there to help, to make things right, to help others solve their problems and lead better lives. Scientology, like anything, is not completely correct or completely wrong. It is/was just a system. IMO the management of David Miscavige did not just corrupt the system. It hijacked what that system represented for many of us: the ideal of help.

    So Marty, thank you for being around and for letting the truth be known.


  4. Beleive it or not. That exact same procedure (forcing publics to pay for service by using heavy ethics) had been applyed back in 1983. Place: Munich Org. Who: CMO Int Mission introducing and ordering that.
    I do not have the exact figure: Result more than half of the active publics lost.

  5. Apparently the documenting of the abuses, the speaking up about it on the net, and these blogs have set DM in a clamp down mode like never before. Public are being questioned as to whether or not they are on the internet viewing this stuff and if so they are shunted to the side to be handled.

    The inexorable is happening. His madness is being exposed and it is getting through to those who need to know. He can’t cut these lines without the power in them coming back on him.

    Don’t give up the fight, stand up for your rights.

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  7. What about what LRH says is an SP act, something it sounds like from the above that you are doing:

    “Infiltrating a Scientology group or organization or staff to stir up discontent or protest at the instigation of hostile forces.” HCO PL says the above is a suppressive act. And that’s per LRH.

    Seems like you are encouraging that. It kinda gives you away as being someone who wants to destroy the Church rather than a whistleblower who wants to reform it….

  8. martyrathbun09

    Louis – If you read a quarter of my blog posts, you’d understand I am defending the subject from the demise being wrought at the hands of a very sick mind. Keep getting in my road, and you’ll be doing your best to destroy Scientology. Interesting how you, Old Timer, and James, all send non-sequitor, uninformed attacks the same day the harassing phone calls start up at my home.

  9. I agree with you. I did not read everything, but enough.

    While on staff at Flag I felt there was something that I could just not put my finger on and had not inspected the outpoint sufficiently to have accessed things so, but you did it and said what it was I could not put my finger on.

    I was on staff at Flag from 83 thru 87 and left for a number of years and then had returned in 94 then thru 99. When I came back in ’94 there was a considerable change in climate and the staff were being managed in a manner that for me was so our r, treated so disrespectfully, bullied and the Exec’s that were involved with those actions were the ones being further promoted and the one that protested were either given further ethics programs, or rpfed or gotten rid of.

    Flag became a machine without soul and I think you have communicated what occurred quite clearly and consisely.

    I resigned from the Church yesterday for a number of reasons, none of which had to do with any type of disagreements with Hubbards Tech, Ethics or Admin Tech but soley and only due to the out of Tech, Ethics and Admin that has become far too broadly in use.

  10. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in
    your content seem to be running off the screen in
    Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know.
    The style and design look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon.


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