Clearwater Independents

Christie and son Shane

Christie King Collbran was in the Sea Org from the age of 16 until the age of 29. She was  well known as a hot shot Establishment Officer. She endured sadistic and bizarre injustice for the simple reason that she would not robotically follow demands to abandon her personal integrity. She finally left the Sea Org three years ago. Earlier this year she began to explore credible accounts of corruption at the top of the org board that corroborated her own observations. For having the integrity to simply explore the truth, her mother and father were recruited by Miscavology agents to intimidate her into silence and unthinking compliance. Despite their own misgivings about what the Church had become during their decades-long involvement, they chose to relay the Church’s ultimatum of “our way or the highway” to their daughter – and by extention to their two year old grandson. Christie was declared for failing to cave to this cowardly coercion tactic. Despite that she is going through a divorce, and is the mother of a wonderful child whom she cherishes and nurtures, she chose to maintain her personal integrity over the relatively comfortable life she had created for her family since leaving the SO. Her certainty has increased as she has strenghtened her personal integrity through this ordeal. She has spent more of her time sharing that strength with others similarly situated to herself than to her own personal future. Through all this Christie has become a more admirable example of what a real Scientologist is than I ever had the privilege to associate with during my decades within Miscavology.


Cathy Greenbaum was a Flag public in the nineties when she and her husband divorced. Since her husband was a high-roller “OT” Flag public, the Miscavology machine lurched its formidable canons on his side pointed at her. She was threatened with a suppressive person declare at the Mecca if she did not give up all of her legal rights in favor of her ex-husband. Cathy never allowed her affinity for her then-young child to be alloyed, and took the declare without forfeiting her personal integrity. She endured eleven years of isolation from all friends she had made in the Miscavology community. And while her husband steered her son into that community and attempted to alienate him from his mother, Cathy never abandoned her love for her child nor her own integrity. She had every reason to go after the Church of Scientology, to doubt everything she ever personally thought she got out of it, and cash in personally. Instead, she carried on with dignity and built her character through the adversity.You cannot bestow or manufacture strength like that. I don’t care how many FCCI intensives or IAS statuses you buy.

When Christie and Cathy connected up, these two incredible beings began to naturally acknowledge and validate one another’s virtues. Together,they generate a theta energy that can be felt and drawn upon from thousands of miles away. Their example humbles and inspires me and Mosey every day.

Christie can be reached at:

Cathy can be reached at:

40 responses to “Clearwater Independents

  1. It boggles the mind to think that anyone could turn their back on such lovely ladies and such a beautiful child. That speaks tomes about DM’s bastardization of Scientology.

  2. Marty,
    Your words are so kind and validating that it is almost overwhelming! This is definitely the nicest thing anyone has ever said/written about me. You have been such a great stable terminal and I am honored to be your friend.

    Regarding the title “Hot Shot” – wow that is a big claim. I was certainly doing very well when I was in Africa and far enough away from Miscavology that we could actually get something done without being messed with constantly.

    I am really looking forward to meeting up with any of you “Independents” in my area. Also for those on the fence or just curious I’ll gladly share all of my personal experiences and stories or answer any questions as best as I can. And for any of you that know me in other areas – send me an email! I would love to hear from you.

    Friends – you are my new family.
    Much LOVE – Christie

  3. Yea!

  4. Christie,
    My family is so much richer with you. Both of you, and Cathy have made today one of the best days of my life. Thank you Marty for making us aware of these beings in our midst.

  5. I wish you ladies all the very best.

  6. Christie you are a shinning example of the Independent Scientology movement and I am very happy to be associated with you.


  7. Yes ExVet unfortunately this is par for the course in Miscavigology. However look on the bright side it’s really their loss and our gain 🙂

  8. Anonymous1312

    Miscavology is what happens when organisations form and people loose their independence to it. Scientology is fine, it is the organisation calling itself the church of scientology which became corrupt.

    Sure David Miscavige played a big part in this but there is also a lot of truth that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Independent people with good intent can do far more good, regardless of personal beliefs or understanding, than those who become entwined in organisations demanding recruitment and money for crusades. There is nothing more important than being independent.

  9. Vít Profant

    Great women! (And pretty, BTW.) I salute them!

  10. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Heather, that means a lot. And it is good to hear from you again.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Thanks 1312. Well put.

  12. martyrathbun09

    And by the by, I just heard these words from the Old Man from 20 July, 1954 that I believe encourage that proposition:
    “You should never depend on anybody’s industry with regard to the society at large or carrying the word in the society — never depend on anybody’s industry but your own. Other people, other organizations and so forth are going to help you all they can, but don’t depend on that help. Depend on yourself.”

  13. Taylor Greenbaum was a very cute kid the last time I saw him a few years ago. David’s new wife, Debbie, owns a Pilates studio adjacent to David’s company, Axiom. There is usually a big Super Bowl party at the Greenbaum residence in Clearwater every year. I believe he purchased the home next to his to expand the party zone!

  14. What beautiful beings. Wow this is heart warming. Christie and Cathy I pray your families someday come to their senses.To miss this part of their lives is truly a sad thing and one I know they have to be fighting with. Marty what you are doing here is a big release of suppression. All my best .

  15. Love the “You should never depend on anybody’s industry” quotation. Perfectly illustrates my position that WE ALL are the Church of Scientology, and Miscavige is the imposter.

    If Miscavige’s continued presence was put to a popular vote among all Scientologists, he wouldn’t even garner 1 percent.

  16. Well, you are probably correct about his popularity, but the metric I am most interested in is actual production by honest statistics.

    I believe they are inversely proportional to the amount of “glowing PR.”

  17. Well done to those courageous Ladies !
    Your Kid is so theta !
    You’re not alone !

    Hey Marty,

    Did ou ever look at the stats of your blog ( ?
    Seems that lots of swiss and german people are reading your blog !

  18. You personally will pay the price countless millions of times over if COB is messing things up, so you have a right to observe and report. Especially when the number two guy in Scientology for twenty years is reporting on the number one guy.

    Regarding stats, here is my own observations when in management fairly recently.

    They were not doing well. I recall looking in data and seeing long term emergencies (danger). I don’t recall seeing normals, and these were the big important stats. Which confirms in my mind that Marty Rathbun is telling the truth. I know he’s telling the truth regarding that.

    I’m going to be reporting on management squirrel op basis and citing references soon. I have seen Miscavige in a video to management give verbal tech, which he knows the kind of precedent that sets.

    Stats are the bottom line,and if Miscavige was getting the show on the road with stats, but still taking all these Execs off post and only some of these lesser crime reports of his were committed, then I wouldn’t have a problem still supporting him. Yet what about tech alterations cited on this blog? Look them up. That’s unforgivable to me.

    Do you know how hard LRH came down on upper management if 1/100th of this info is correct? Read “the story of a squirrel” (from management) to get an idea of how LRH pulled strings and his investigatory procedure. COB is not sacred AND IMMUNE TO JUSTICE PROCEEDINGS, no one is sacred in management to LRH.

    If COB is what you think he is, he wouldn’t have set up a de-facto (or actual?) no accountability, no inspection allowed operating basis.

    Managers have never lasted in top positions as long as he has, except Mary Sue maybe.

    e.g. How could anyone have the temerity to alter management tech to the point of 5 to 10 major “events” a year in an org? LRH didn’t do this. COB is entrusted to follow LRH management style. These events take up precious precious org resources and time, major amounts of time. They force management to squirrel sacred communications policies. I can vouch for this.

    Why isn’t COB getting all the “new releases” out at once? DENYING LRH to the public for any length of time for money considerations?

    The wisdom is more important than money concerns and apparently he doesn’t have money concerns if the money hoarding report is true.

    Look at the amount of traffic in your own org and go to an org nearby and see if it’s radically different. Better yet, give us a report from Buffalo or Malmo or one of the ideal orgs.

    But why do you have to look at an Ideal org to judge COB’s merit? Why not the orgs LRH helped set up which don’t have the new strange uniforms yet? COB is supposed to be filling up those orgs too, concurrently. He’s expected to have this ability to do this. How about the ghost town missions? If you were around in the 70’s and experienced a big booming mission then report about it.

    LRH gave you personally a sacred mission to ensure it’s success in KSW, or he wouldn’t have included it on every course.

    Or am I wrong, and you DON’T have the right to take these actions?

    OT VIII’s, get in comm with Geir Isene. I don’t agree with Geir’s new management ideas if he indeed does want significantly alter LRH management (I don’t know what he wants I need to get in touch with him), but if enough people are on our side, the overwhelming consensus will be that we should return to LRH management style, so it doesn’t matter, he wouldn’t win that fight. But still he’s helping things right now with his observations. Bottom line is I’m talking about getting rid of COB, not upending the world.

    Debbie Cook, Travolta etc, we need you. Use you’re leverage to look at the Int stats and confirm stuff from this website with management terminals face to face.

  19. Didn’t Debbie Cook blow?

  20. Christie King & Cathy Greenbaum,

    You are both strong ladies with high integrity. You are setting a great example. We love you and support you always.

  21. Cathy, you are pretty! David’s loss HUGE. Your son is sharp as a tack. David needs to be handled on the big parties and getting minors wasted and laid. I used to live down the street from this on the corner of Drew. I was told David’s wife was an “sp”. Yeah right. She practiced personal integrity and got ousted for it. I did the same. SCN lost a million between the two of us. Marty, I am glad you are doing what you are doing sir.

  22. StarsAwait,

    No offense intended, and I know you are totally well meaning, but I have to say.

    This is the kind of thing that drives may of us totally “out exes” nuts.

    Who are you going to be doing all this “reporting” to?

    The fox is guarding the henhouse.

  23. Hi everybody!

    When I first read what Marty wrote and he asked if he could post it I was floored! Me?? I had mixed emotions… it’s one thing to post on the blog, but quite another to have your picture and story for the world to see.

    So why did I? You know, I guess it just comes down to speaking your truth. This isn’t about war, this is about love. Love being the order of the day. And from my experience, there is courage in love and there is strength. And maybe one of the greatest hallmarks of love is integrity. The Scientology I know feeds that.

    I have been through my dark night of the soul, and while I don’t feel different than any of you or any more of an example, I do know this: standing up for what YOU believe and for what YOU know is true will lead you to the sunshine, and you will find your joy. It’s soooo worth it! No matter who you are, what you’re going through, what you’ve done or has been done to you, you can make it through.

    Thank you all for your comments! Much appreciated.


    P.S. Yesterday’s post, I’m Jane #1.

  24. MexicanAmigo

    Godspeed to Christie and Cathy and all his loved ones.

    Following my heart, my honor and the example of people like both of you and Marty and many others…

    I´m finishing my set up to publicly identify myself including the WINS-México Blog and the WINS México group. This will include my enemy, doubt and risk formulas in english and spanish and an R-factor about why Im doing this.

    If someone is interested; stay tuned!

    (Just a few days more)

  25. Don’t worry about the world seeing your picture.

    You’re very pretty.

    There is that.


  26. martyrathbun09

    I knew you would do it in style M.A.!

  27. Cathy,
    The finest artists make life an art. Their elan communicates in any medium. As does yours in the photo and your words.

    And in your life.

    Thanks for it all. I’ll bet it just gets better too.

  28. Lulu Belle,
    “Who are you going to be doing all this “reporting” to? The fox is guarding the henhouse.”

    Like writing a KR? No, a video to public for one. I think I made it pretty clear that this needs to come from the outside and that it’s an enlightenment campaign for OT’s etc. Just reread what I wrote.

  29. Cathy,
    I’ve alway known that your an amazing person… glad that others get to see that too…i’m also proud to be your best friend…you go girl!!!
    love ya, Deb

  30. I just wanted to say that I know Cathy and Taylor Greenbaum quite well, and they are wonderful, balanced, and solid people who did not deserve the hell they were put through. I only hope they have “come out the other side” stronger, happier, and more committed than ever to make the world a better place to live.

  31. Christie- we love you and are proud of the stand you have taken. You know we will always support you! I think your awesome and we hate seeing all the personal hell everyone is trying to put you through,

  32. Thank you Hallie! You are so sweet for finding this and commenting here. Love you too. =)

  33. I have a similar story about divorcing and church getting involved. I was caught between a rock and a hard place, because I had a young one in the study tech schools, and if I got declared there when that, she wouldn’t have been able to attend. Staff involved and my attornies were clearing a path for my husband to be on staff. And Damn our legal rights. I could have sued, I didnt. I was protecting my kid, because at the same time, the public school was going to sue me for neglecting her “mental health”. I fought it, and fought it, it became apparent I have to remove her from the public schools, and trying to divorce at the same time from someone that should have been declared for his actions. I have all the evidence. For the sake of my kid, I had to walk a thin line, I cant tell you how that really hurt me. This sit was the last straw in my heart, after a variety of sits in the church for 30 years. Finally I put in writing I resign. I couldnt PRETEND anymore, I wont be a part of a group that would take away the legal rights of a woman and 2 kids. I feel so much better, after drawing the line.

  34. I have always found it very hard to take the side of anyone that deliberately abuses other people.

    Heaven can wait, but a person’s conscience never dies.

  35. Deborah Turner

    Christie – I was best friends with your mom and dad – Liz and Eddie. I am OT7 Class &.7.I was at your birth. I sat and rocked you in my arms for 3 days after you were born. I am holding you in my heart and would love to help you, if you want to contact me. I am OUT of Scn and thriving. My sister. Becky Hay is OUT of Scn. Contact me if you want. Marty….I could use some help with my sis Becky Pook/Hay. Blessings. Deborah Turner

  36. Hi Deborah,
    Wow! I would love to be in touch with you. Please email me at 🙂 xoxoxo

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  39. Cathy Cannon

    Hi Marty!
    If you could keep this private, please:. Would love to catch up and say hi. Looks like alot is going on…
    Please call. Would love to talk to you.
    Thank you,

  40. Marty:
    Re: my comment of Aprill 11, 2020~

    My bad.
    I didn’t know you operate by the Scientology definition of ‘private’, which is: “There is none.”

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