Mountain View Independents

Dan Koon and Mariette Lindstein of Mountain View California

Dan Koon and Mariette Lindstein of Mountain View California

Dan is also known as TRs student Joe Howard in the only remaining tech film (unless Miscavige has burned all copies recently) directed by LRH. During the making of that film, LRH’s conversation with Dan and his twin, wherein the former clearly demonstrated how an appropriate acknowledgment should land, was taped and played during at least one Int event. During his 27 year SO career, Dan served for fourteen years in LRH Tech Compilations, five years in International Marketing, and held the Senior C/S International post in 1997. Dan had auditing tapes approved by LRH when he was a Qual Auditor during LRH’s last extended period of contact with the Sea Org during the late seventies. He was also commended by LRH for cracking a staff member’s case in a cramming session.

Mariette Lindstein served eight years in executive positions in international management and another five years in RTC. When Mariette was swept out of AVC (while it was in RTC) in the late nineties as part of a massive hey-you transfer by Miscavige, eval tech pretty much went with her.

I don’t think Dan’s TRs have gone out since LRH put them in in 1978. He was one of the few people directly on DM’s lines who never got struck physically. I think it was because Dan temporarily as-is’d Miscavige’s bank when it was within range.

Mariette and Dan are some of the most pleasurable people to be in the same space with. They have a world of tech and admin knowledge and experience between them. They still use it to make them successful in their lives today; Mariette as a photographer and caregiver, Dan as a painter and writer. I highly recommend that anyone in the Bay Area, or anyone traveling through the area, try to spend some time with them. It will be time well spent.


42 responses to “Mountain View Independents

  1. Wow.

    We are surrounded by celebrities!

    Thanks for sharing Mr. Koon and Mariette.

    I, like many auditors, lose the count of how many times see that movie.


  2. martyrathbun09

    It certainly was the one that impinged the most, wasn’t it? I must have seen it 20 times.

  3. Same here!

    At least 20 times, maybe more!

    Dan’s TRs are impeccable at the end of the film. Truly a real model of how auditing should be done.

    Glad to have you guys out here with us and if I ever get to Mountain View. I’ll drop by.

  4. SafePointing

    Wow, I’ve seen Dan’s film tons of times. That’s great to see he’s out.

    This weekend I’m shooting to get two people out. One’s on the West coast and the other on the East. If it goes well, and I’m quite sure it will, they will then result in four other family members out. If we all start to safe point the idea of leaving Miscavology, we could make some huge progress.

    Putting together a Dead Agent pack would be a huge boost in pulling this off.

    Personally I plan on getting atleast a person out each week. I’m starting with people I can trust but even if one rats on me I’m willing to go nuclear! This means visiting one-on-one every Scientologist I know, and I know alot, and telling them evthything I know. I won’t rest until every Scientologist is awair of the abuses. If they stay in after that, thats their problem.

    I’m hoping my area is the first to stage a full blown mutiny! It’s the start of a new LRH birthday game!

  5. What a theta, beautiful couple! We’re honored to have you as team-members and I hope to meet you some day soon.

  6. Thanks for your contributions to making the world a better place, and for speaking out for what you believe in. This train has left the station…..

  7. Cathy & Christie

    Hi Dan & Mariette!

    You have our respect and admiration. We love your articles and postings. Thank you for being here with us.

    Rock on!

  8. Well, you are up against some stiff competition. There was a major exodus in ANZO several months ago….on the order of several hundred people. Maybe as a group we can 5.4x that…

  9. Wow! I am blown out!!
    Dan are you the famous Joe Howard on Scientology-Cult site? I love those writings.
    Thanks so much for being part of the group. I am on OT7 and am working on freeing everyone I know….let the games begin!

  10. Dan and Mariette,
    This is the Himester, nice to see yous two. How come you still have hair! I’ve got it now on my fingernails, elbows, my eye lids and everywhere but my head. Soon I’ll be the Hamester.

    Lately I’ve been rehabbing my wins over the last decades. Working with you is one of them.

  11. Dan,
    The hair question was for you, not Mariette. Oops. I need an editor sometimes.

  12. Concerned Citizen

    Yes, that unforgettable film, My friends and I often use lines of that film (and others) One of our favorite lines is said by Dan. I also loved the film he shot with Meskimen.

    We are very glad you are here Dan. My spouse was very excited to’ve found you and Mariette.
    I think by the way Mariette that a lot of people aside from us are happy to see you well and alive. This is a real star team and this is NOT a mutiny, this is not a revolution, or revolt. No this is a true renaissance.

  13. In the “ask and ye shall receive category”: last night my husband and I were discussing Marty’s blog and the cult blog and my husband said he’d love to see a recent picture of Joe Howard. LOL!

    Mariette: I did the FEBC at ITO in around 90-92 and I did my eval which took forever but I finally got it. I remember the patience of whoever was assigned to me and how spot-on the comments were. When I finally got the why, well, I can’t explain the feeling. I couldn’t stop grinning though. What powerful stuff. So simple.

  14. Underground For Now

    I am blown away with the “Independents”. After I read the Clearwater Independts blog, I instantly sent Christe an email. I received a reply. I then sent here some written communications from a long time OT friend of mine where I tried to tell this beautiful Thetan about the evils of DM. My comm was not well received. I then sent this email to Christe and Cathy in Clearwater. Bingo I received a very “Theta” reply. Christe wants to meet with me in an effort to help me handle this old time friend. Real help from a stranger. What a concept. Something tells me I won’t be “Underground for Now” much longer. I recently received this quote which applies to Marty and FOM’s (friends of Marty) World Wide. “Courage is the greatest of all the virtues.
    Because if you haven’t courage, you may not have an opportunity to use any of the others.”

    Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) English Author

    I am working on getting a set of “COURAGE”.
    I must admit, Dan and Mariette found theirs.

    I am so excited to be a member of this movement.

    I will come out soon and be a safe point as well.

    Much love to all.


  15. Linda McGinley

    Dan (and Mariette by extension), I just want to say how much I love you and appreciate the encouragement I received from you when I left the church this past July. . When I first met you at Gold, my respect and admiration for you were instant. You were always a very sane, uptone terminal to work with. Now, your friends are my friends. I’m proud to be a part of this movement of which you are such an integral part.

    Mariette, I look forward to meeting you! Colwell and I will be visiting before the end of the month.
    All my love,

  16. Dan could you give your opinion on this apparent three swings of the needle F/N mandate, and RTC’s muddying of the waters regarding instant reads, which Marty has written about? Any tech alterations happening right now that you know about? What about the Golden age of tech not coming up with drills for more advanced TR’s? (written about on this blog)

    I’m not familiar enough with this material, or what’s currently happening, to comment.

  17. Not officially out, yet

    I don’t know if you have seen this. What the fuck are they doing?

  18. martyrathbun09

    It is what DM has replaced the Data Series with, desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess.

  19. Or the ends justify the means.

    Marty that’s a terrible picture. I suggest you send them a better one.

    All I can say about “Religious Fiefdom Watch” is their perception has hit rock bottom.

  20. Should you bother to read that RFW post, do so after you read what I have to say about it. I read the article in full, I read every single “confession”. These are so similar to several of these I was “inspired” to write and sign myself. It goes like this:

    You honestly say. -“Well sir, I forgot to feed the dog this morning”
    so the “MAA” says in complete violation of many Scientology principles non the least of which ethics tech.

    – “Oh, so you were trying to suppress Scientology by killing the dog, and thus creating a legal flap so execs would drop their attention from …”

    You then say again honestly and humbly
    – “No sir that wasn’t the idea”
    -“ Well, then did you have some devious sexual fantasies about starving the dog and dsetroying everyone by…”

    This goes on till the wee hours of the night and for days on end.till you finally realize that nothing short of these kinds of statements would suffice, by the way, there was no hope of ever getting out of “lowers” if one did not admit to the worse. And often, one did believe himself culpable, after so much haggling and guilt instilling. “ You know Joe? We all have evil intentions but we don’t dramatize them, if you ever hope to be a good Sea Org member, you have to stop lying to yourself and admit to yourself, that you truly have this evil in you and it is this bad, if you don’t confront it it will never go away”

    You know there is a measure of truth in this statement so you dig, and when you don’t find, then you just make it up and beleive it too!

    If you don’t believe it at first, as it continues to happen you finally do believe it. Later there is no more prompting needed, instead of the pain, you just write it as such as soon as you get called into explain yourself.

    And often one did do some of the things written, because there was no other alternative. ( many times you are in trouble if you do them or if you don’t) I’ve been there.

    I know there are less SO members who did not have to go thourgh something like that than there are those of us who had to.

    It is true there are those who have not experienced this, usually because a sane and caring person above them takes it for them. I have had many seniors and MAAs that cared for their staff and tried hard to fight for them and protect them, and apply ethics standardly.

    But it happens a lot more than it should and it is more and more widespread. You now “know” how to deal with people who mess up. But then you know you caved them in in and feel bad, and feel it must have been your own evil.

    When I was given my first executive post, I was asked “ Can you use your longs or do we have to teach you that ?” and they also asked.
    “Do you have a soft spot for people trying to get out of confronting their Ops? sure way to fail if you do! you ‘d be letting all Scientology down.

    But you, you buy into it and desperately do everything, anything to reach into the confines of the darkness of your heart, imagine the worse and imagine it is your plight, the sickness that prevents your success and try to satnd up to it and admit it. It is often very sincerely that one writes these too, and you feel good, you have separated your self from that evil you carry.

    When that doesn’t work, it is devastating, but you are determined to become worthwhile, and you try and try time and time again to confront, own up to deviousness and cast if off for good.

    It never works because this is a complete misapplication of the sound principles of withhold and ethics technology. Which is rather magical when correctly applied as some people still manage to.

    Now I ask you, If someone keeps confessing these things in that manner, doesn’t it show that someone is trying to take responsibility for what ever it might be that is wrong with him and make it up? one has to write A-E steps only after one has been pronounced an SP. And has regarded this as a true statement at least to somedegree and then has decided they want to change.

    Is that how SPs really operate? Self criticism is NOT something SPs can actually do.

    I know Marty, I know he made mistakes, but I personally know his belief in the tech and his true compassion. And I have seen him truly help people, like me. Those “confessions” only reinforce this opinion for me. There are few beings as decent as Marty. And I’m very proud he is my friend.

  21. Joel Phillips (purported webmaster of Religious Freedom Watch) had a meet up with Andreas Heldal-Lund (webmaster of one of the better known Scn expose sites) in LA in 2004.

    Make up your own mind who comes out of the ‘interview’ demonstrating integrity:

  22. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Well put on the process. It got a tad more intense during the last few months. The broken up sections of O/Ws with time, place, form and event are true – I admitted to those things. The SP declares are dictating back, literally, what he demanded (see Steve Hall video interview on SP Times web page – he describes the op very well).

  23. martyrathbun09

    I tried to email this to you twice, both times rejected. I don’t know what is up with your email, but here is my comm to you on your comment (which I did not post):
    Would you mind putting that comment into an email to Mariette via Dan’s address that was included, and perhaps make it more personal – and perhaps then – more understanding? Without of course losing exactly what you are asking she do. This is something you experienced. She is simply making a statement that she, along with Dan, is not hiding and is there for people. So take advantage of that. Why does she need to be called out in front of everybody else. Lord knows, my sins are far greater than her’s. I can tell you for a fact – even though I do not know the particulars of the incident you are speaking of – that left to her own devices she would never dream of measures like that. Whether DM directly ordered it or not – the entire NEW ERA OF MANAGEMENT evolution it was part of, and all broad measures like you describe, were absolutely the implementation of his evolution. That was the culture. I think that is more appropriate. I did not put any representations up about how great she was, so I don’t know that she warrants being pilloried publicly. Let me know my good friend.

  24. Frankly Marty I don’t care what you did or didn’t do (we call these overts of commission and omission in Scientology) as an Auditor for many years I’ve heard worse and these where actual overts not false ones that were contrived in an effort to make the person guilty which I believe is the worst overt.

  25. Hymie, Hilarious as usual. We have to get together, maybe next summer in Vermont.

  26. Thanks, Cathy & Christie,
    Hope we have a chance to meet one day!
    Dan & Mariette

  27. Hi Dan, Mariette,

    Nice to see you after all these years, Dan. Looks like you had an exciting ride. Look forward to meeting up with you sometime.


  28. DM might consider you most damaging to his “career”, more than Mike Rinder or Marc Headley who published a book or any other living soul. You know probably more about who writes the articles on the RFW than anybody else.

  29. I don’t care what Marty did, and this isn’t about Marty but each of us doing our own investigation of the man in power ,DM, and then taking whatever actions necessary. I wasn’t always an angel by any means myself.

    One of the best parts of life is that you can change, and if you’re a tough enough person, then no matter what you’ve done in the past, today is a new day.

    Also, I believe Marty has already made up the damage to the group by his recent actions.

    To anyone new to this site, there’s an excellent new article by “Thoughtful” entitled “RPF”, and this is a detailed report on Miscavige stopping Dianetics dissemination, and exactly how this happened. That’s an important article to read.

  30. Hey, Roy, my old Tech Sec from SFO days. Good to hear from you. If you make it down to the Bay Area, get in touch.

  31. Hell Starsawait I used to work for the GO at one time!

    Overts, yeah we all commit ’em at one time or another “for the greater good” or because “the ends justify the means” or whatever justification or rationalization suited us at the time.

    The thing to do is realize that you have committed them and just move on.

    As I wrote those who make others guilty for their overts are the worst because they are nothing but sanctimonious hypocrites which includes Miscavige and that character assassin of his Joel Phillips.

  32. Marty and others,
    Yep, it is a matter of just saying back what you are being told, but it has to be said at the right tone level or it isn’t taken. I figured this out after I got declared. From there, I simply wrote what I knew had to be said, enough gore and lurid stuff to sate the Acceptance Level.

    I tried to somehow satisfy my own truth and satisfy the Acceptance Level. I learned there was no comm unless I went below 2.0 and as long as I did that I got a comm of sorts across.

    What a silly exercise.

  33. Stars, Sorry for not responding to you earlier. I think your questions merit an article about the whole GAT evolution, which I will do soon (hopefully). At any rate, one thing to say about someone’s interpretation of what is or what isn’t an F/N is in LRH’s writings on F/Ns. He had different things to say about it. Nowhere did he interpret it as a minimum of three swings of the needle. That obviously came from the RTC Reps and DM. It sure didn’t come from LRH. To put it in a different perspective: you see very few references to the E-Meter all throughout the 50s because meters weren’t used and people still had incredible gains. In the final analysis, it is up to each auditor to get wins for the pc and with no more reliable Quals (because they’ve either been unmocked or thrown into such states of uncertainty or a false arrogant certainty) auditors are almost forced to rely on the pc’s own assessment of how good the auditing is! What a reversal of the Class VIII data, huh?
    The biggest tech alteration that I know of currently is the OT Ambassadors being directed to send Grades pcs to Flag for the new streamlined Grades. What a sure way to destroy Class V org and mission HGCs. Unbelievable. Compare that OT Ambassador program to the LRH purpose for orgs and draw your own conclusions about how off Source the church is.

  34. martyrathbun09

    It is a lot simpler than mincing words out of context that LRH spoke over three decades. Do the e meter drills on causing meter phenomena and see for yourself. You can’t miss it once you’ve seen it.

  35. RJ says: “The thing to do is realize that you have committed them and just move on.”

    I just want to contribute a concept from Christianity that might be helpful when dealing with “overts”. (We call them sins – of commission or omission.)

    The Christian concept of “repentance” means to turn away from, literally turn 180 degrees away from, a sin. So, when we confess to God (and sometimes to others we have hurt) that we have sinned, and ask for forgiveness, we also commit to turning away from the activity (or lack of).

    Being human, sometimes we turn back even after having repented. But the step of repentance does help us to solidify our commitment to a new way of acting.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Heather, thanks. Scientology mirrors that concept. One of the problems is that the organization promotes continued commission of sins. So that you have people spending decades to reach its highest levels, attaining OT VIII and being programmed on the ship to go out and extort people’s pension funds for the IAS. One example.

  37. Dan,

    You were my favorite all time superior, in my 27 years in the Sea Org. In the brief short period I was apprenticing under you in RTRC in fall/winter of 1988/1989. You’re one of the best people I’ve met in the Sea Org.


    I told you years ago, my then wife, Ann Beatty, really appreciated working for you when you were CO FCB back in the mid 1980s when you came down from CMO Int to hold CO FCB, Ann was D/CO for CLOs I believe. (For years afterwards, Ann would still be sent to CLO UK during the Christmas season to bolster production in the UK Cont, sheesh!)

    Ah well, things go on.

    I’m so glad you are both public, able to be normal citizens.

    I can’t thankyou both enough, and Marty, and the whole group of you, for going public.

    It’s hopefully gonna make speaking up publicly a normal thing in Scientology history.

    You’re a good egg Dan Koon!

    Thankyou so much Marriette for going public!

    I wish your histories and all who’ve seen and done in Sea Org history could be mind melded into the history books.

    You did a huge amount in your years in the Sea Org, I for one would like to see your histories somehow in print or in video interview format, someday.

    Best to you both for the rest of your lives,

    Chuck Beatty

  38. martyrathbun09

    Chuck – you might want to email them – they might not be checking comments on that post still.

  39. Joe I just saw this thanks for the data. An article on GAT is a very good idea.

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