What your donations buy in the UK

In terms of sheer incompetence I do not believe the OSA NW has ever sunk to a lower nadir.  This little photo narrative will help illustrate.

Here is their Sir Don Trump Wannabe masking his face with a mug while surveiling Mosey and I at breakfast:

Here is some of the fun the Donald missed in Oxford after we ditched him in London:

Next morning, Sir Don dodging the camera with his assistant Ivana the Ice Queen:

Some of the fun in London Don missed out on after we ditched him again:

The Donald storming off with his bag of electronic surveilance equipment when we decided the gig was up:

While we’ve only shared footage of the Poor Man’s Donald, he was one of an elaborate network of fools assigned to watch our every move.  In all, they missed entirely the most important business at hand.  They may come up with a shot or two of me downing bitters. But hey, when in Rome…

61 responses to “What your donations buy in the UK

  1. The woman with “Donald” looks very familiar. I am going to spread her picture around and see if someone recognizes her. Mike doesn’t recognize these two from his time as C/O OSA Int?

  2. Ahhh…I just saw the connection!! It must be the hair-do that is the link in metaphor to The Donald? Si?

    LOL!! Good sleuthing – you all… Poor sleuthing – DMinions

    These pictures save thousands of words of narrative.

  3. How can you stand it?! It’s appalling. But really, as compelling as your blog is – I can’t help thinking you are both getting a dose of what you visited on other people during your time “in”. That being said – continue to shine a light. Maannnnn…it’s like on “v for vendetta”.

  4. Do as the Romans do.

  5. Hey Marty!

    Nice pictures! I hear they have some pretty good grog ove there. Did you enjoy any of the fish and chips?


  6. Have a nice time there!

  7. Concerned Citizen

    I’d sent him a beer or coffe or something, looks like he needs it badly. God he looks stressed!
    Well working for whom he works, what can one expect hu? poor fellow.

    May be we can befriend some of this dudes and get them to tell us all they know? that would be something!

  8. Concerned Citizen

    Sorry, I don’t normally use dude, I’m trying to be more modern, I’d usually say chap or something, but it offends him, I was trying to lighten him up a bit. this PI business looks to be very serious and arduos.

  9. Do we need the soundtrack for “Mission Impossible” here? 🙂

    Simultaneously amusing, pathetic and outrageous.

  10. Look on the bright side Marty, in the home of 007 you get to star in your own spy classic.

  11. That could have been either one of you a couple of years ago.
    I see nothing to celebrate here. Hey…let’s make the guys in London wrong, THEN we’ll feel better.

    Maybe I really should go check out those other forums as you said Marty.
    I give up, really. Something surely is missing in the tech, the part of human compassion that says empathy is an attribute you never want to lose track of, no matter what your ego tells you is the lofty goal for the betterment of all.

    I guess I don’t expect this comment to be published.
    Personally the sooner I stop caring the better.

  12. VV,

    Perhaps Circus or Carnival music would be more appropriate, dedicated to Poor Donald T and unlike the real Donald’s Money song.

  13. Good help is just SO hard to find these days.

    We assign your UK mission a condition of Power and award you and your Mission 2nd a Golden Grog Tankard. I have a feeling that this is just a prelude to something even bigger….. 😉

  14. This has got to be driving dm crazy. Er, crazier.

  15. Get that P/I a Black and Tan, quick! Or a good spot of Earl Grey with crumpets and jam.

    So this is what the ™ Franchise spends people’s money on. In action. Multiply it by the many.

    It’s mental. Add this up: a delusional seriousness over imagined enemies + the Patronius Maximus delusional faux-grandeur trophy that blows smoke + empty course rooms and pc chairs + NO TA

    Adds up to a dismal composite but the good news is so many in the field, trained, on source, devoted, good people are getting right indications and whys.

    Dear Patrionus Maximuses…spend your money on getting delivery happening and making a better world instead of funding this movie-set Mission Impossible ego tripping entheta.

  16. OMG though I have to say I’m ROFLMAO

    You mischievous Life lovers you!

  17. Warm beer! Yuck. Next Geir will be putting pickled herring on slices of thin weird bread and you’ll eat those. (Actually, I like pickled herring, but warm beer!)

    You guys gotta get the apropriate gravitas. This insouciance is infectious.

  18. Can ya dig it? 🙂

  19. Oh my – it really doesn’t look professional at all, does it?

    I guess good help is getting harder and harder for OSA to get these days. 🙂

  20. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Nice to wake up to our theme song.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Bing, BINGO!

  22. Halarious.
    It would take everything in me not to engage and confront this slim directly, there’s got to be an effective simple handling. Myself: I would probably play the old “Judas Chop”:

    “Excuse me” … “Do you work for Ron?”

    “Are you here for Ron?”

    “If Ron were here right now, would you be support him?” etc.

    One way or another, I would get my inquiring in, and answered, no less then three times minimum.

    Now it’s debatable if Judas ever denied Jesus three times, but it is still a strong moral point stripping his pants down. Eventually, he has to sleep on it, and put his pants back on, one-leg-at-a-time, like everybody else.

    If Mr or Miss OSA are real sharp, the correct reply would likely be; “No, why do you ask?” “Yes I do” or “Ron who?” That’s my smiling polite out, with;

    “………(I do!) Sorry to bother you.”

    Another straight up full handling, that is a sure stamper , I have used this one; “I think Mary Sue Hubbard was given a cruel injustice. (Don’t you??) her (You think Miscavage cares about you?)”

    Well, you know, pick-your-battles…can’t win ’em all.

    I’m afraid to say here, the real Donald Trump should be left out of this entirely. Seriously, the spy guys have an aura much more like Rosie O Donnell, if you know what I mean.


  23. Perfect. Or how bout Return of the Pink Panther, combines the circus feel with serious solid business. That first photo and Marty’s description is priceless: hiding behind his coffee mug. It would give Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau a run for box office money.

  24. You definitely owe an apology to Donald Trump.

  25. This kinda reminds me of the movies ‘The President’s Analyst’ , ‘Casino Royale’ (the first one with David Niven and Woody Allen, hysterical, a must see) and of course ‘Pink Panther’.

    Sorry, I can’t feel any compassion for these guys. Maybe if they were desperately up against the might of the state or something like that, but come on keeping tabs of Mosey, Marty and Mike!

    What for?

    Wait a minute!

    So they can shoot themselves in the foot.

    You guys really gotta do a vid of all this and put it on youtube 🙂

  26. Victoria, If it helps, I don’t think the intent is a make wrong. The intent is to make right.

    This typical espionage intrigue has the glaze- in-the-eye of a shell-shocked officer after the war is OVER. The strategy is *off the wall*. It doesn’t connect with reality, with everyday life of good people who are not enemies on a battlefield.

    It’s a stuck tone level, a stuck incident, it doesn’t apply to public, it doesn’t apply to staff, or goodwilled people. More to the point, it’s a *waste*. Of something very precious.

    A little relief of goodwilled laughter is appropriate.

    *suppression has no power of its own* It only has the power to enturbulate. That’s what I’m laughing at, really. Myself.

    This sort of heavy, forceful bullying is not deserving of anyone’s tears, introversion, worry, fear. God knows how to heart I took it for too many years.

    I’ve asked how? Because I trusted. Because *the Tech* is mixed up with it. And because I considered LRH a friend and that’s a sacred word to me.

    So cheerio. Pip pip. Tell the emperor to put on some clothes.

    We refuse to be the enemy! Because we’re not!

  27. Not warm – room temperature! That is how real beer is served, Jim.

    Anyway, Marty seemed to like it. I’m beginning to think that he has quite sophisticated tastes. For an American. 😉


  28. “This is a very serious matter and everyone in this room is under suspicion!”
    – Inspector Clouseau’s interrogation (youtube video)

  29. Talking about downing bitters, I once took a taxi in East Grinstead who told me he was at school with DM as a boy and that they were friends. I asked if he ever met up with him again since and he said yes, he had ran into him in a pub outside East Grinstead. DM was alone and drinking beer. The taxi thought nothing of it, but at the time, it was strange to me, coming from someone who thought some of us were the scum of the earth for wanting to buy supplies in Vons once a week…

  30. Victoria, It’s important to know the argument for getting rid of DM. Do you know this in detail? It starts with the stats, then read the whole website and OTB and Thoughtful’s articles etc. It’s our responsibility to be informed, why are you jumping ship so soon? If you have concerns regarding the argument about DM then voice them and it’ll be clarified.

  31. Next thing, you and Mike will be saying they just can’t manage PIs anymore since the top administrators flew the coop. 😉

  32. Marcabian,
    Sorry ..that was me…I just couldn’t help myself!! Sorry Donald!

  33. Hilarious. Oh well, those photos showing how you have turned to drink will be appearing on a Dead Agent page soon I expect. As we all know, no Scientologists (TM) consume alcohol more than once a month:

  34. Thought provoking

    Well said, exactly as I look at it.

    And, The Pink Panther…YEAH!

  35. Cathy,

    What a beautiful video and amazing song! I love it.

  36. Victoria,
    Thank your lucky stars that those few years have made such a difference. Watch the Youtube video of Clousseau and laugh. This stuff is funny. Laughing is good. We’ve taken this all way too seriously and Scientology is supposed to be fun. Have some.

  37. Ax,
    You mean a Colonial right? Zoze Chermans, zey make ze goot beeere!! COLDT!

  38. Victoria, I was having similar thoughts. Looks like the guy was just doing his job. I was hoping the story would end with him having a drink with Marty and the gang.

    In the 80s I was one of the faithful who went to fill the court room during the Wolersheim trial in LA. My mind had the faithful default setting of contempt for Wolersheim, his lawyers and anyone who suppressed the good church. One afternoon when court was reconvened I got to the door just before the Wolersheim’s female lawyer. I opened it for her and she said thank you as she passed by. In this small act of courtesy exchanged a brief glimmer of my humanity came through…. feeling something other than a zealot in a “crusade”.

    I can’t fault anyone for playing the game… with good guys and bad guys, cat and mouse. Seems to be woven into the woof and warp of the game of scientology. DM is doing his part and I’d bet many would have lost interest without him. I’ve heard that honorably serving a corrupt master can get you karma points.

    For scholars of this subject there is a recent interview of a “top level” scn insider from a different era at http://www.projectcamelot.org. He takes the drama factor to another level.

    Looking forward to more reports. I do enjoy the unfolding story.

  39. Marty,

    I am sure it must have been fun ditching all of the shady private eyes running around London. When you consider the fact that Rinder used to be the head of OSA it must have also been easy since he has inside knowledge of how they operate. After all, he used to order them around! Ha!

  40. The video above gives an error, so just in case it does for you too, here is the direct link.

    “This is a very serious matter and everyone in this room is under the suspicions!”
    – Inspector Clouseau’s interrogation

  41. Fascinating, definitely entertaining and still even slightly surprising. The Trump wannabe call is spot-on Mosey. Sorry to be missing all the fun!

  42. Plus, the friendsoflrh.com site is back up. It adds vital facts, in a calm cool presentation. Spot on stuff.

  43. Just as an aside, I am in the near west in the US and I happened upon an org that has been established for 40 years. It is not even a mission at this point. It is small and empty. Maybe 4 staff.
    In talking to a public of this org, he tells me that he quit going to the org last year because prices are too high. He had undergone reg cycles for IAS and Superpower and they found he had a bit of money. He lives in a nice house in the country and he loves his life. He told the regges that he will noit pay a dime to IAS and he pay his bridge only when the prices go down. He was sent to ethics and told to knock off the enemy lines and quit being an SP.

    Earlie this year his wife went to AOLA to do SOLO 1 & 2. She was sent to ethics becaus her husband was spouting enemy lines and therefore she was PTS. She t0ld the maa that her husbands opinions were his and his only They didn’t care. They made her do the PTS/SP course and then told her to disconnect (divorce). I asked her if she told the MAA who makes all of the money (she does) and who controls it (he does) she said she did tell the MAA that data.

    Now she is in apathy because in order to go OT she has to divorce her husband. She is not going to divorce her husband and now AOLA has shut the door.

    By the way, I was told the once mighty OC has 30 staff and made $400 in GI recently. AOLA has about 30 public on lines. LA Day is empty.

    So there is some info for you all.

  44. Theo Sismanides

    Cathy, such a song!!! Thank you, so much!!

    It’s amazing how the 7th dynamic can cover so much in so “little”. That fine aesthetic, ONE TRIBE YOU ALL, ONE TRIBE YOU ALL, (HA HA), WE ARE ONE PEOPLE, LET’S CATCH AMNESIA, FORGET ABOUT ALL THAT EVIL, THAT EVIL, THAT EVIL THAT THEY FEED YOU, ONE PEOPLE…







  45. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, that is so hilarious. Poor guy he had to follow you everywhere! Ha ha ha, what people will do for a paycheck. Amazing!

  46. Eleanor Roosevelt

    Isn’t that dude in the photos tailing you the manager of the Tottenham Hotspurs? Perhaps he wanted to engage in a bit of club recruiting palaver. ;>

  47. I just read my own links all the way through, stoned, with the vids, its over the top. KCF anybody?

  48. Heather,

    You seem like a really cool person, so your comment about Marty and Mike getting a dose of what they visited on other people during their time in surprises me. What purpose do you and others from the natter boards think it serves to try to stick peoples’ noses in things they did before they had life-changing cognitions? Doing so manifests a rather hateful and depressing philosophy, the philosophy that people can’t honestly change, that they cannot de-PTS themselves, that they are stuck forever with any mistake they have ever made. On a more positive note, what does anything Marty ever did as an SO member have to do with what other people are doing in present time? Marty is fighting the suppression, and very successfully. What’s the point of trying to stick him in the past?

  49. When I left staff in 1991 I had an old high school friend who did PI work for the church. The pay was great especially knowing the church was footing the bill. I’m just glad Ford Greene (I think that was his name) didn’t post pictures of me on the internet.

  50. Maxim, I loved your account here. And your apt description, calling it the “faithful default setting” — I remember that, mustered up, a blind faith.

    I’m grateful that I’ve d come to know real faith, which is not blind. True faith is not believing, it’s knowing — because one has looked.

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful moment when holding the door for the Wolersheim female lawyer, and you felt that glimmer of your humanity. Of our humanity.

    I don’t fault anyone for wanting to play games, but in the Inspector Clouseau video I saw many parallels of what the Orgs are playing (is it DM’s edict).

    I found it delightful. Inspector Clouseau always has to be right, cannot be wrong, suspects everyone, doesn’t see his PT environment …ring a bell?

    The day Clouseau could laugh (or cry) at himself, he will get case change.

    Meanwhile, he creates a wake of a lot of hurt, befuddled, outraged people and destroyed property and lives, completely oblivious and very self-important.

    Sorry to speak in metaphors, I don’t mean to be esoteric, but great art has always held a mirror up for humanity. Never with malice.

    True, good guys and bad guys are different sides of the same coin. IMHO the point is not to fault anyone’s game, but…

    A. Is that the game Orgs are playing ? good guy / bad guy? If so,

    B. Are there not enough real bad guys that orgs suffer scarcity that is driving a fabrication of wrong targets, making ‘bad guys’ out of so many good staff and public? **So much of that ** too much. OUCH. It hurts. We are not fodder to line coffers to build buildings.

    WE…BEINGS…thetans…indiduals and the quality of our lives and the society … are the whole POINT of this drill. I’m not talking about a postured point, to gain “goodwill” positioning. But the real deal. The point — the ONLY point — is to cure, and prevent, eons of agony. Not create more.

    C. If an org or a deranged emperor wants to play “get the bad guy” and “everyone is the bad guy” (Hmmm…definition of SP?) if that’s their game, they’re losing. And as long as we believed those are OUR orgs, it’s not cool.

    D. I thought the org game was supposed to be clearing the planet and freeing Theta? Theta is pretty hard to miss .

    P.S. That P/I is welcome to have a laugh and see the reality any time, I will buy him a beer or sparkling water.

  51. Tone 41, I agree, what’s point of saying “you’ve done that too”! Besides, it’s really not the same.

    Marty and Mike have seen it for it is, therefore they are not “getting a dose” nor giving one. Cycle over.

    One of the most fun things about being human is evolution, i.e., the great fun of revisiting things with enlightened perspective.

    Kudos for the courage.

  52. Chad,
    Did we know each other in San Francisco?

  53. Just a heads up for everyone. This comment came from a different Heather. To my knowledge, all previous comments have come from me. So, I’m going to call myself Heather G from now on.

  54. I was never online in the bay area.

  55. Hi Vertitas V and Heather G,

    I’m glad the Heather who said that wasn’t you, Heather G!

    And Vertitas V, I agree with everything you said. “Giving a dose and “getting a dose” is the statement of a games condition, and Marty and Mike are among the handful of people in this scene who have transcended that.

  56. “What purpose do you and others from the natter boards think it serves to try to stick peoples’ noses in things they did before they had life-changing cognitions? Doing so manifests a rather hateful and depressing philosophy, the philosophy that people can’t honestly change, that they cannot de-PTS themselves, that they are stuck forever with any mistake they have ever made.”

    Now then isn’t that a bit perverse?

    Since when do you let pedophiles off their crimes just because they said they won’t do it again? Or rapists, or murderers?

    No – if we commit a crime against another person we are expected to atone in some way. At least give reparation to those that were harmed.

    No I know many people that were harmed by the cofs whilst certain people were in charge of it, or parts of it.

    I know some that were bankrupted for example by cofs’ litigation. Do we just forgive that crime?

    Certainly there are levels of crime but that doesn’t forgive them. In my book if you commit an unwarranted harmful act against another human being then we are obliged to do more than say “I won’t do it again”!

    Of course leaving a bad group and striking a blow against it counts for something and I think we all realise that – but let’s not trivialise some of the really shit things that were done to some really decent people – people who saw through DM a lot sooner than those here.

    my tuppence worth

  57. Life-changing cognitions? Marty has described his change of mind in some detail, but Mike actually hasn’t had much to say. Was it something like, “Hey, I’m tired of getting beaten up repetitively!”?

    Or was it something more profound? Perhaps Mike would like to share.

  58. I don’t know if I inserted the photo correctly – anyway here is the address for it

  59. martyrathbun09

    Rock slammer, Generalities won’t do. I’ve said from the outset, if you feel I was responsible for some travails you suffer – my email has been posted on my blog for nine months.

  60. Now this what PI’s looked like in 1982/83. No change there then. It’s
    them in the red car making no secret of what they are up to.

    As I said somewhere else here – it’s something the cofs has to do –
    it’s in the scriptures.


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