Independence declaration and demand

Attention OSA and Flag

I demand that you release my boyfriend Shane Weightman from the
illegal activity of false imprisonment at Flag.

Placing him under 24 hour surveillance and forbidding him to call
me is not only a violation of his human rights, but also in
violation of the Creed of the Church of Scientology which states:
“ We of the Church Believe….
…That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk
freely, to write freely of their own opinions and to counter or
utter or write upon the opinions of others…
…And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set
aside these rights, overtly or covertly…”
Ron Hubbard.

Further attempts to slander and malign my reputation in an attempt
to destroy our relationship will fail.

Your plans to keep him prisoner until you can have him personally
escorted onto a plane out of the country and thus hope to keep us
apart will also fail.

These are suppressive abuses being committed under the pious sham
that you are somehow assisting mankind by causing pain and
suffering to two innocent people.
Please release him from your custody at Flag so that he may have
freedom of movement and speech.

If you continue to suppress him I will take necessary actions to
ensure that his human rights are fully restored.


Chrissie Pearlman

Chrissie Pearlman and Shane Weightman

149 responses to “Independence declaration and demand

  1. I keep telling them that the LAST thing you want to do is raise the righteous ire of a woman, but they just DON’T listen. Believe me, this I know from experience.

    Go get ’em Chrissie.

    And welcome!

  2. Yay! Chrissie just jumped out of a 4th story window!!!!!!

  3. You go get ’em!!!

  4. Wow.

    Seems the next “gradient” they apply after blackmail/coercion is false imprisonment. This has also been evident in the stories of ex-Int staff, but I’ve never heard of this happening to public or regular staff.

    So what’s would be the next gradient to apply in this case? Call the police and claim false imprisonment? Make a trip to Clearwater?

  5. Hell hath no fury is an understatement here. You go girl!
    I think the next step for you would be to involve the media. Perhaps Chris Henson from Dateline would be able to help.

  6. If he is being held against his will then this is a Police matter. And if a news film crew got wind of it, my my, it could be a nice bit of PR for the Church could it not? And we all know they liked PR.

  7. No kidding!! I was happily sitting back quietly and letting my boyfriend do his Flag training. The Flag MAA’s, OSA and IJC felt the pious need to try and convince my boyfriend that I am suppressive and needs to break up with me! Then they put him under watch to make sure he didn’t call me! Helllooooo Flag MAAs, OSA, IJC – YOU ARE NOT GODS!! YOU ARE JUST PEOPLE WITH A POST TITLE!!!!! GET OFF YOUR FRIGGIN HIGH HORSE AND LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING ON PLANET EARTH!!

  8. Yay fun!!!!!! =)

  9. Chrissie,

    Just curious, is your boyfriend aware of the major movement of Independents leaving and making public statements of their intentions?

    And as a counter, is Flag therefore holding him in some way to keep him from making a break or is it an effort to keep him in the dark?

    You of course need not answer, but a little background info I feel would make your request much more impactful.

    Can you say human trafficking? Hmmmm…….

  10. Chrissie,

    Just curious, is your boyfriend aware of the major movement of Independents leaving and making public statements of their intentions?

    And as a counter, is Flag therefore holding him in some way to keep him from making a break or is it an effort to keep him in the dark?

    You of course need not answer, but a little background info I feel would make your request much more impactful.

    Can you say human trafficking? Hmmmm…….

  11. Hi Greg,
    He is an Outer Org Trainee (OOT) from London Day. As you might have heard, OOT’s are considered the lowest of the lowest at Flag, they are beneath everyone. So it’s totally okay to do whatever you want with them, since they are obviously scum of the Earth! Sickening really!

    Hmmm… probably both! =)

    See you soon!

  12. Thanks!

  13. Mick,
    Flag has made it completely easy for me to let Shane know about the Independent movement. He had minimal data until THEY started harassing us! He just wanted to be a Trained Auditor and wasn’t much concerned with anything else until the St. Hill MAA had him do a program to “see” that I was an SP and break up with me. Then the OES of London Day told him he had to break up with me. So I was “forced” to give him data. He still ended up going to Flag with all this data known.
    Upon arrival at Flag, he is told by his MAA, Alex that I am an SP. Then Alex changes his mind because I am mid Solo Nots (but off the Level, obviously!) and then I am just PTS and disaffected. He was ordered to do the PTS/SP course to spot that I am an SP and hence break up with me. He finished the PTS/SP course and did not cognite I was bad and refused to end the relationship. The last I heard they were offloading him and sending him back to the UK but they wanted him escorted so he did not come to me. He has been on “watch” oh I am sorry, they don’t use that terminology anymore, he has a “buddy” to make sure he does not contact me!

    To say I am pissed is an understatement! Screwing with someone else’s dynamics is not something I will sit back quietly and tolerate!!

    Chrissie the Rebel =)

  14. Kathy Braceland

    Wow Chrissie. With intention like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shane teleported right back into your loving arms. I guess the OSA and Flag guys just don’t know who they’re messing with. The fur’s going to fly….

  15. Total understatement!!!! =)

    Hmm… anyone have contacts to Chris?

  16. Jack, I have people on standby in Clearwater to go with the Police to get him, if it comes down to that….

  17. Kathy,
    Your post cracked me up!!! Yes my intention is quite intense, I wouldn’t want to mess with me! Having a mega OT group behind me helps! All the Independents I have been talking to have been incredibly amazing, true friends!! =)

  18. Ohhhh I forgot the MOST important part…. This was all because I looked at the internet and had my own opinion and personal experience.. that is why I was being accused of being “suppressive”. Total complete insanity!!

  19. Chrissie your significant other has mesmerizing eyes. Sounds like human traficking to me along with false imprisonment and alsoo kidnapping if they get him on that plane.

    I hope you still have enough “comm”lines open to you to figure out his movements at Flag. I do not know what is neededed. But you sure sound like you can handlle tigers and lions.

    A fellow employee told me that when he was a student years ago, he and a group of friends headed to Amsterdam Org to get their friend back. They would not leave without him. Flag is an whole different animal altogether.

    On your account I hope you two get reunited soon. Maybe the protestors pick up on this or maybe not.

    I am sure everyone who cares keeps their ears to the ground for you.


  20. OSA & DM,

    You are not only messing with Chrissie and Shane. You are messing with all of us. We are ALL about Human Rights and will make sure your suppressive actions are known to the world.

    We won’t be silenced. We are here and will bring you down and get justice applied to YOU.

    Thank you Chrissie for applying the correct Ethics gradient! 🙂

  21. Marty I sooooooo want a big party for all of the independents when this is over. How about 4th of July? INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!

  22. yourfriendtoo

    Defend your love, your rights and your happiness! You are not alone.
    Flag, with it’s reaction will only get the oppsite of what they want to get. This is their desperation to control, manipulate and use Black Scientology. While we keep moving displaying all this gross abuses from DMs Church, we will all win. Your boyfriend shold be so proud of you! What about his family? Are they scientologyst? Can you get support from them too?

  23. Cat Daddy,
    Yes his eyes are mesmerizing! =)

    Laughing about the FREE SHANE WEIGHTMAN protest!

  24. Your Friend too,
    His parent’s are Scientologist’s but we have divergent opinions on things. They love their son very much, as do I. We just don’t agree on the topic of the Church. They are wonderful, hard working people who raised a fabulous son.

    As I know his parents read this blog to monitor things for OSA, Martin and Christine this communication is for you….. We both love Shane, do you really think cutting him off from me and treating him like a degraded criminal is the correct handling? His only “crime” is that he loves me and wants a relationship with me. My only “crime” was reading the internet and having an opinion. How are we helping people by destroying their happiness?


  25. Barney Rubble

    I’ve been held under 24/7 security watch before and it’s not fun, and I know what you mean about outer org trainees at FSO as I’ve been there.

    Maybe some Clearwater independent contacts can help?

  26. Wait! Let me see if I have this straight….

    You get all the way up to Solo Nots. check
    Your 2-d wants to train. check
    Goes to Flag for training. check
    He is told you are an SP. lol…..wut?

    Don’t they dig that if YOU are an SP then they need to CORRECT all of your auditors, C\S’es, Supervisors and MAA’s\EO’s for missing this?

    I can’t even begin to think with this……

  27. Good luck Chrissie. I’ve had my certs pulled for getting pregnant and had my 2-D collapsed by them in the past. Don’t let them do it to you, I was young and stupid… you are young and smart:)

    More fair play, less fair game!
    Nature loves courage.

  28. Barney,
    I too have been put under watch when I routed out of the SO as a teenager and it was hell!

    I already have the cavalcade set up.

  29. Martin and Christine,
    Hello folks, Jim Logan here. Now, don’t let that name be an End Word. It’s just a name, not really even mine, well, yes it is. But, the End Word aspect is much touted and with little fact. Well, I suppose it does have some truth to those who are in GPMs. Anyway, despite that, and in consideration of the infinite insouciance I gained through Dianetics and Scientology training and auditing (lots of both), I want you to sit back a bit and look at a couple of salient facts.

    One, your son appears to have connected to a being that has demonstrated courage, tenacity, ethics (yes, ethics as opposed to morals, a la the seeming mores of the group under DM) has gotten trained, audited and made muchos contributions as a Scientologist and is obviously manifesting these today.

    Two, your son is, by the above connection, flagrantly SMART!

    Three, you are confronted by a dilemma. A problem that if its real source is spotted, will as-is.

    I guarantee you that if you ‘disconnect’ from either Chrissie, or your son, that problem will NOT AS-IS, but will get even bigger and create new problems. That should give you pause.

    In that pause, consider this from Data Series 5:
    “It is odd but all the “facts” you protest in life and ridicule or growl about are all one or another
    of the outpoints.
    When you spot them for what they are then you can actually estimate things. And the
    pluspoints come into view.”

    THAT’S what Chrissie applied when going on the internet. It’s a piece of freedom to be able to do this. It’s a freedom LRH wanted and wrote about and pushed hard for all of us. Take advantage of it. It’s your right as a free being. We are taking advantage of it, and that’s why we’re soooooo ridiculously HAPPY right now.

    Join in. It’s the real deal.

  30. At my place, France!

  31. Wow Tom! Good Point!!!!!!

  32. Ah yes….the usual result of Flag MAA’s (making people do the PTS-SP course) who disagree with their “social control” agenda. If the victim isn’t spun in quite yet, they usually cognite where the real suppression is coming from.

    Shane, when you and Chrissie read this together one day, you will be looking back on events that impelled you towards an increase in self determinism.

    Re: Flag. Once again, this type of evaluation and efforts to depersonalize others into some sort of personification of evil, (naming others SP) and the effort to break up affinity between people unfortunately is part and parcel of the “Flag experience”. No where else that I know of on planet earth is this type of implanting being done quite as fervently.

    Apparently if you don’t “get with the program” or have the “wrong viewpoint” you can’t “go free” or progress to higher states of awareness or be a member of your chosen religion.

    Nice cult, and I speak from 30 + years experience. (My declaration coming soon.)

    The Tsunami of bad karma (PR) that has been pounding the shores of corporate Scientology is not just one killer wave, but many.

    Kathy True, are you still in OSA? Do you not see a cause/effect relationship here?

  33. Sam,
    I think this may be the inflation factor for the ‘nine foot high board fence’, at least in this case.

    It’s also over the ramparts in a howling charge. It’s hell hath no fury. It’s something I’m very, very glad that I’m not on the other end of but rather, ready, willing and able to come up from behind, my haired dyed blue with woad, BIG drums just pounding, the screech of the pipes and buck-naked, save for a swatch of the Logan tartan for modesty’s sake.


  34. Jim,
    That was a very funny picture!!! Go for it!

  35. Yes OOT’s are very much treated like that. I know I was one once as well. He should just get the hell out of there while he can before they send in more guns.
    He has probably confessed to the JFK shooting at this point with all of the things they are putting in his head.

  36. God, what spirit! What an unstoppable being!

    I’m making a huge “FREE SHANE WEIGHTMAN” banner right now. Where do you want it, Chrissie?

  37. I spelled his name wrong it is Hansen. I can’t find an email for him but he is on Twitter. You could try and contact him there.
    or here is the Dateline email
    Hope that helps

  38. Chrissie, this song’s for you and Shane. Your courage and intention are admirable.

    The state of Independence shall be.

  39. Nightline is also a good contact. Martin Bashir recently did an interview with Tommy boy, who stormed out of the interview.

  40. Chrissie,
    I can do everything but the hair. It’ll have to be my Dizzy Gillespie ‘soul patch’ dyed blue. The rest…Oh yeah!!

  41. Dear Crissie, this is a rough moment for you and I totally duplicate it. I’ve seen it on myself as well. Let’s turn this suppressive event into a huge torpedo against the supercorrupted group perpetrating the abuses. Use the laws of the land for your support as it’s very off Policy for any church to violate the law of the land they are on. Best defense is attack, they even say it on the X-men movies.

  42. Jim,
    You are a riot!

  43. Thanks Victoria! Sorry to hear about your Certs being pulled and your 2D collapsing!

    Thanks for the video!

  44. Well put!!

  45. LOL! Right outside the Coachman!

  46. OMG! So me and a dozen (and growing) people are suppressive for taking our heads out of the sand and looking. None of this would be happening if it weren’t for DM and his puppets perpetrating these horrific human rights violations. DM is pulling in all this trouble for the Church and it is suppressive for you not to see that OSA. You are allowing the man to gradiently destroy the Church. Walk into AOLA and compare it to the time when it was booming under Ivan Obolensky, you’ll start to get the picture. Check out some other orgs that were booming in the day, they are skeletons of what they use to be. Don’t listen to the bullshit from the events – look don’t listen.

  47. I’m not surprised to hear this Chrissie.

    A couple of years ago, I was told by one of the MAAs at St Hill, that I was “under investigation for suppressive acts”, specifically “being connected to a suppressive group”.

    What this actually meant, was that I had read some material that was critical of the ‘church’ of Scientology, on the internet. I hadn’t posted anything – I had just read stuff.

    This is how desperate they are – they are terrified that their own ‘parishioners’ will find out the truth.

    I hope you get Shane back soon, just keep up the pressure and I’m sure you will.


  48. Kathy Braceland

    I’ll start the t-shirts….

  49. Before you know it there will be a protest song too.

  50. Martin Padfield

    Wow Chrissie, tell it like it really is! Fantastic. You did say you wanted to create a big effect – you didn’t disappoint. I guess Shane now has subjective reality on the current scene.

    The Panzer tank of your intention vs the water pistols of Flag ethics div is going to be a one-sided battle however. Thank goodness I stayed on your right side!

  51. Jim now that will get some attention!!! =)

  52. Chrissie, If they don’t free Shane, I hope this goes viral on the web and even the infamous British media (like the Sun). I’d love to see that pic of you and Shane on the front page with a vicious name-and-shame article exposing London Org and Flag for detaining Shane, brainwashing him and destroying your relationship. What was it that Tommy Davis said about disconnection again? Oh yeah, I forgot – he lied through his teeth.

  53. Talking about getting certs pulled, one of the funny things the Church claims about Marty is that he “doesn’t have any valid certificates”.

    Well OF COURSE Marty’s certs aren’t “valid” with the Church, the Church always revokes the certificates of those who are not in good standing or declared! I’m sure my certs aren’t valid anymore either, because I’m posting on Marty’s blog…which will probably be a new High Crime in the new Ethics book (whenever it gets re-released, lol.)

    After all, the new Ethics book no longer lists “Musical chairs” in the “Suppressive Acts” section, along with several other suppressive acts that were in the previous edition (and the actual HCO PL). I’m sure the next Ethics book will be “improved” some more, too.

    Too funny that these people can do any of this with a straight face. But also sad that the “OSA volunteers” reading this actually think they’re doing something good for the planet, when they’re really just working for suppressives.

    It’s OK, volunteers of OSA, I’m sure the Nuremberg defense will be fail-proof when it’s time to cover your ass and use it. 😉

  54. What a sweet couple! I’m sure Chrissie will make Flag go trough hell until she has her boyfiend back!
    In fact, I was held in place against my will in CLO EU for a couple of months in 2001 and I wish ever since that somebody makes the Church take legal responsibility for this kind of crimes.

  55. Thought provoking


    You go, girl! They would be fools to do anything other than letting Shane go.

    A great example of the black panther mechanism is unfolding for the independents. No longer will we flee, avoid, neglect or succumb to suppressive control. As you can see we are attacking the church’s criminal activities, not Scientology philosophy. No one has the right to prohibit our spiritual (and in this case, physical) communication and freedom.

    Your KGB style tactics may have worked in the past as you controlled our information and communication lines to ensure that we followed the party line. Threatening that if we didn’t follow YOUR agenda, the doors to freedom would be closed. All the while, you hide behind the real crimes committed by management (DM and his enforcers).

    NEWSFLASH: Scientologists, leaving the church are going up the bridge! Squirrel delivery and suppressive handlings are forcing Scientologists to leave their church to achieve the spiritual freedom they sought to achieve.
    Shane’s “watch” is an example of the service and delivery you will get when coming to FLAG.

    The church can no longer coerce us into compromising with our integrity. The flame of courage is blazing brightly in the field. We will no longer be tolerant of your abuses towards the finest group of people I have come to know.

    It’s time to let them go…all them!

    P.S. For those who care to make a comparison, the detainees at Guantanamo Bay are given a higher quality of life than those who are being “detained” (public and staff) by the church.

    Thank you all for your support. Shane is on a plane back to the UK. Take a Win!!

    Will let you know how this plays out, as we all know I will be getting a beautiful golden piece of paper with all sorts of lovely stories about my troublemaking skills!!

    But it was worth it! Sitting back and waiting and hoping is not my style!


  57. “NEWSFLASH: Scientologists, leaving the church are going up the bridge! ”

    I am! And guess what…’s better than I ever imagined. It’s strictly a spiritual activity, free from the cult additives. Had I known THEN what I know NOW……holy crap…all those years and thousands and thousands of dollars.

    Scientologists! Your bridge is waiting for you! And guess what? It’s more available and 1/10th the cost. No cult bullshit and no DM and no regging and no IAS and no Idle-Org campaigns.

    Just wins. (sounds too good to be true, huh?)

  58. Greg,
    Rumor has it that DM is making ‘being there and communicating’ a new High Crime in the revised list. Heck, LRH only said it was a crime 🙂

  59. Okee dokee smokee. Hey, thanks for the outrageously satisfying day!!

  60. BIG BALLS – that’s all I have to say. You are a hero!

    So glad to have you on our team. You are true Independent. 🙂 🙂

    We are here for you anytime.

  61. Hi Chrissie,

    Is your story around some place. I didn’t know you were on Solo Nots at the time of all this.

    I have my own horror stories about how they treat Solo Nots people. I would like to hear your story.


  62. WOW! That is great news!

    Will you invite us all to the wedding? 😉

  63. Wow, that was an even better banner than I thought.

    Seriously, FANTASTIC that Shane is now free, Chrissie, and I know that international borders will not keep you two apart.

    (Note to self: never ever ever piss off Chrissie Pearlman) :> )

  64. Underground For Now


    Another real life demonstration of OT particle flows.

    I picked up your story around 2PM East Coast Time. Just got in, had dinner and I’m looking at this blog (7:46PM) and we have a……….


    VWD (Very Well Done)

    I think you jumped out of the 5th floor with no tree nearby.


    Jack Airey

  65. Chrissie,

    What an awesome ending to this chapter of your story!

    Thanks for being at cause and getting good effects!

  66. Spot on Greg.

    A real auditor does not need permission of anybody to grab a meter and do any action he have honestly drilled to perfection.

    As simple as that.

    Audit somebody is the most simple thing when correctly trained.


  67. Chrissie…

    Very Welcome to THE group!

    Don´t rest until your loved one is free.

    Make it go right!

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  68. Mockingbird6

    Now you’re tempting more of us to go public with an invitation like that! What is it like at your place, France in early July?

  69. Wow Chrissie! You UK women are nothing to mess with! Welcome (publicly), Chrissie
    Love Mosey

  70. Christie, I see your “BIG” and raise you “BRASS” 🙂

  71. Ok, so now it’s BIG, BRASS BALLS. “BBB”, that’s what we’ll call you, Chrissie. 😉

  72. Perfect!

  73. “If you continue to suppress him I will take necessary actions to
    ensure that his human rights are fully restored.”

    Wouldn’t you do that anyway regardless ?

  74. Martin Gibson

    That was great.
    Only a fool would mess with the 2D. I remember vividly reading the data on why not to mess with the 2D (SUPERCHARGED emotions was the key point), I recall when I had a similar flow at AOSH ANZO, I was in awe at my ability to maintain control as my emotions went nuclear.
    OSA lesson 1001 (I assume its that high by now): Don’t f**k with the 2D. Just don’t.

  75. yourfriendtoo

    What a De PTSing situation!! Hey guys, we are a true group!! What is going to happen to this world if we continue to work as a teem??? We can really move barriers!!

  76. What? Even the naked bit? I gotta see this 🙂
    Och aye the noo!

  77. Awww they gave up way too easily. Spoilsports. OK team, what’s next?

  78. Martin & Christine,

    This is a message from a parent to you (Shane’s parents):

    Chrissie did an amazing job today and freed your son from being more caved-in and suppressed by Flag terminals (under DM’s order).

    Now it is your responsibility to flow theta to Shane and bring him up tone, key him out and give him love and support, respect his Rights and let him decide and choose what is right for him. He loves and cherishes Chrissie and you MUST support that.

    DO NOT sacrifice your own child for DM and his evil intentions. Otherwise you’ll never forgive yourselves.

    My heart goes to Shane and all the beautiful thetans who have suffered emotionally and physically under DM’s suppression.

    We will free those great beings soon too! 🙂

    Thank you for your continual support.

  79. There are some good quotes in this LRH lecture called : Differeces Between Scientology & Other Philosophies.

    One I really likes that pertains to most of what we are doing is: “Well, they never find it out because they have no traditionof finding out things for themselves or recognizing truth when they see it. And when they have no tradition left of that, they become slaves.”

    “And when all lines of reason have become a tradition of accepting the faith or accepting something somebody else said, uninspected, as truth, you have to do what we have done here in the last couple of decades, and that is simply decide you don’t know a ruddy, blasted thing and start all over again. And of course, when you do, you start out on a road of the freedom of truth.” ~ LRH

  80. Chrissie, VWFD!

    You’ve now earned the status of Honorary Texan.

  81. Calling on the cowboy poet for the lyrics!

    Chrissie (and Shane), I’m praying for you guys. You’re doing it right, Chrissie. Keep the spotlight switched on and they can’t hide their crimes in the dark any more.

    ❤ H

  82. Profant, you are that somebody. File a report about being held against your will with the local police. Even if it’s too late for anyone to be arrested in your case, you can be a witness in another similar case. Be the somebody you are talking about.

  83. Harry Potter

    Chrissie is a California woman… Her BF UK man. 🙂

  84. Chrissie, thank you for not letting it be anything but a happy ending ( and beginning )!

  85. Chrissie,

    This is FANTASTIC………I can’t think of any thing else to say.

    ps: I can see why you want him back. He sure is pretty cute.

  86. Sam,
    Yeah, they did fold pretty fast on this one. What’s next? Well, let’s see what ‘duck’ raises up:-)

  87. I was looking at that picture and I thought there is a couple that deserves to be reunited.

    Chrissie, what we need is an independent Scientology Delta team to handle situations like this!

    We could go in nonlethal. Hit ’em with flash grenades, a few rubberized rounds and tazers for close contact.

    What do ya say?

  88. Great Chrissie!!!!! This is a win for us all. Boy that was a serious blunder that the church made. If your boyfriend has now the guts to expose the truth, it will go nuclear!!! Your upset can be relieved with a standard session by any decent auditor in the field. If you can come to sardinia with a meter I’ll do it myself for free.

  89. I’m sure someone from flag has hit the RPF for this blunder. What a pity. It’ll end up with another independent some day.

  90. Wow! I actually was off doing some work for the last day and here I come back to find this! are one gutsy gal! Welcome to the!

    I must be brain dead cause for the life of me, I can’t find your story or declaration anywhere..just your demand. Am I missing something?

  91. Alex I routed myself off Solo Nots last April!

    You can email me

  92. I love France!! =)

  93. Greg,
    The Merchants of Chaos reference is also missing from the new Ethics book! The IAS is a total Merchants of Chaos disseminator!

  94. Thanks Colwell! I love that song!!

  95. NOTSaware,
    Cracked me up that you used an X-men reference. I did use the laws of the land and they were mucho help!

  96. Go G!!
    It’s good to NOT be a puppet!

  97. Lol Martin! Staying on my good side is highly recommended! =)

  98. ExVet,
    Fortunately there is no need to go that far! But YES Disconnection and controlling who to talk to and not talk to is VERY alive and well. I feel sorry for Tommy, it must be hard to be that dumb!

  99. Yes the police in Clearwater were very concerned about people being held against their will right under their noses. They do want data so they can do something about it!

  100. Thought provoking you are very thought provoking! haha Thanks for that! It was total panther mechanism. The Church had been bullying us for many months and all Shane wanted to do was get trained. I always supported that, even with my opinion of the Church. I couldn’t take the wrong indications anymore and when they cut off my communication to him, well they unleashed my inner Panther with no leash and no muzzle!!!
    It could have easily been avoided if they had just allowed some sort of communication. The church creates their own bad PR by stupid moves like cutting off people’s communication!!

  101. Theo Sismanides

    Chrissie, congradulations on Shane coming back!! You demonstrate Intenion Is Cause. This is what we Do here. It’s just Intention to bring back Scientology to a more righteous regime.

    Now, on Martin and Christine. Hi, you guys!!

    I would like to ask you how come people are declared for insisting on Standard Tech and Human Rights?

    How come I was declared for insisting on HCOBs about translations when the planet is going down and we cannot even stick to LRH policy?

    What do you expect us to do? And why was I kept under security, locked in a room, separated from my wife for insisting on application of HCOBs?

    Can you please tell me? What is THIS? What more gross of an OUTPOINT do you want to have?

    Not to go into abortions, splitting up 2Ds and families, BS of any kind while the planet is going down. Where are the auditors auditing people left and right taking little money so people can do something with their minds? Where is the real Scientology?

    I will tell you where it is. RIGHT HERE, fighting behind barricades with Chrissies, Jims, Sams, Truths, Martins, Toms… many, many, many more, who just have a heart left inside them…. and a mind to think free.

    Look honestly to the situation. No bias and see if this is YOUR Scientology. What is happening of the Church. If you went for big buildings and big Honor Statuses and Big Money.

    This is not MY Scientology.

    Here is MY Scientology, humble but powerful, beating the DRUM from Nova Scotia for the planet!!! Informing people from Texas…. Rising up in Italy and Greece, Jumping 4 floors in England…

    and all that for FREEDOM

    The price of FREEDOM

    Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back

    We are not bad people, we were made to look bad to the Scientology community and this is a big 3rd Party, Martin and Christine, and it goes on with your son and Chrissie right now. Someone(s) have to stand up and Clear the Ground. Which side will you stand on? Status and Money or Freedom of Speece? Which of the two do you think Scientology was really meant for after all?

  102. Thanks everyone!! Yes I am not someone to mess with. I guess that would explain why Flag was always labeling me a troublemaker! I communicated what I observed and was there!! Extremely Dangerous! A friend, that disconnected from me months ago, used to call me Princess Kryptonite. My ethics presence was so great that all I had to do was “glow” and people would start going crazy. Pretty funny!

    NOTSaware that is very generous but I am in great case shape no need to handle anything!

  103. You girls are too funny!! BBB

    Christie – thank you for everything!! I am glad to be a part of your team! You and the “gang” really brought me back into insouciant games on everything and your balls are pretty big too!! =)

  104. Jack,
    hahaha that would be about right, I always forget to look before I jump and sometimes there are no trees!!

  105. Thanks Roberto!

  106. Yep I am a Cali girl but my boyfriend and best friend, Sam Domingo are UK peeps!

    It was great meeting you Mosey! Next time we will have coffee!

    Lv, Chrissie

  107. Martin so right!!! In the rule book of life, never mess with someone’s 2D, supercharged emotions there definitely are!

  108. YFT
    This really is a true group! I have found the types of friends here in this group that I had been looking for. People who care and are willing to help no matter what, not for money, or reputation just because they care! This group is wonderful!

  109. Alex, Great quotes! Thanks!

  110. Nice! Honorary Texan, Big Sky Country!!

    Veritas – Aww thanks! Still work to be done, can’t lay down and rest just yet =)

  111. Lise – yes he is very cute and more than anything a great guy!

  112. That mock up cracked me up so hard!
    I had many thoughts of doing that! We do need to get ballsier with the suppression the Church has been getting away with for eons. They do it because they can and if more data is known and that something can be done about it and that the police will not tolerate it….. Then the abuses won’t be tolerated!
    The humanity in the group is gone. Labeling people, evaluating and invalidating. The current CofS is no better than the Psychs!

  113. marty, you have so much power to stop the abuses but i dont see you doing more…. i am not the type of member of anonymous who bashes you for not “going to the FBI” or something stupid like that but i feel since your unique position in the church you have the ability to do so much more. you have done more than anonymous can do in a year but i feel, as do “thousands” more, you need to reinitiate the campaign against DM and kick it up a notch. how about you write a book or more interviews or radio shows or something? hell, i would love to just sit down and talk to you and hear your side. or even to talk to you on the phone. i am sure you will delete this and forget all about it in a day but its a shame we cant have dialogue because of problems you have had in the past and trust issues, even though your reserve the right to feel this way after the way you have been treated…

  114. I am sure heads will roll for this one. I was considered “out-ethics” last April when I could no longer afford the Sec Checking to stay on Solo Nots.

    All I can say is they brought this upon themselves. I did not need any more motivators, I had already had so many bad experiences with out-ethics tech and out-tech at Flag. I was a loose cannon!

  115. I’m not very sure about it. I don’t live in Denmark, but in the Czech republic. I suppose that Danish police should understand English good enough, but in case they needed me repeatedly go there physically, I can’t afford it neither financewise nor timewise.

  116. Chrissie,

    I admire you for your courage and the certainty you have about your 2d. “Love is in the air”….

    Some days ago we got a phone call from an outer Org trainee we were worried about, he(she) confirmed that it is hell but she (he) will survive it.
    Just ask your boyfriend how it was, you won’t believe it what you’ll hear, what they do to those idealistic young people. It’s a shame.
    From 2 other outer Org trainees following was reported to me – I could observe lots of supressed emotions about the degradations they had to endure. I think many years have to pass by, until those emotions will come up and they will realize how unfair and unjust they have been treated in their youth-
    – bad food
    – 30 minute breaks
    – crowded sleeping rooms
    – not enough sleep
    – no cell phones
    – no internet (on facebook lots of remarks from friends, where are you ?)
    – all kinds of allhands for flag (renovations, cleaning, call-ins)
    – nearly no freetime
    – harsh discipline
    When i asked them if they ever would go back to Flag for training the answer was a very fast “NO !”
    In my youth everybody was dreaming about to get trained at flag and the people that were trained there or on the ship were people that boomed Orgs afterwards and anytime were willing to go back for more training.
    Today they are happy when they finish their Boot Camp and never want to go back.
    I would be very surprised if you boyfriend reports something different. look for supressed emotions.
    Have a wonderfuld day !

  117. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

    An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.

  118. What a story!! VVVVWD so far and good luck for the next steps to come. Chrissie – you rock! God, all my prayers are with ye both!

  119. Congratulations Chrissie! It pays to speak up ans speak loudly. There is no reason to let COS run over people without putting up a fight.

    By the way Marty, I think you are doing good work on your blog and by speaking out. We may not agree that Scientology has any value, but I think we both agree that letting people be run over by the abusive practices of the COS management is far worse.

    Good luck & keep up the good work.

  120. Jim Logan OSA is cracking it seems.


    “OSA ANZO are certainly at their wits end and have sunken into Apathy as the latest line to all the parishioners is as follows:

    OSA & SO crew & Staff are informing public as follows: “If you want to leave the Church of Scientology, do so, but please just do not go to the media”

  121. I wonder how long it will be before Flag public has to turn in their iPhones and Blackberrys?

    I have frequent visitors to my site from the Clearwater area and some are accessing the Internet on mobile devices.

    It is getting to be very difficult to hide what is going on behind church walls. When will we start seeing videos of DM and others caught in action?

    Who gets to claim, “First!” on a live video of faceripping?

    Get your microcams and start shooting!

  122. anonymous,
    Rightness is the correct estimation of effort. It’s an old saw from the east; an idea may take longer but in the end always wins over force.

    Today you witnessed thought as superior to mechanics. It’s in the Scn Axioms (which I thoroughly recommend): ” 51: postulates and live communication not being MEST (matter, energy, space and time, the ‘physical’ universe) and being senior to MEST can accomplish change in MEST without bringing about a persistence in MEST. Thus auditing can occur.”

    That’s the level we’re operating from. You witness it with Marty. You saw it here with Chrissie’s cycle. It’s a whole new way to live. It works like a bomb, but soooooo much better.

    So good in fact, you may have missed how many notches it’s been kicked up. Hold on to your tail kitty kat, this is the ride.

  123. Independent Spirit

    Very well done Chrissie and welcome to the Independent/Free Zone!

    Please report the false imprisonment of Shane
    at Flag to a local police station in the UK and get a copy of the report.

    Then send a petition and copy of the report to some or all on the following list:

    Office of the Prosecutor
    Post Office Box 19519
    2500 CM The Hague
    The Netherlands

    Palais des Nations
    CH-1211 Geneva 10,

    Complaint Procedure
    1211 Geneva 10
    Fax: +41 22 917 90 11

    Chairperson of Committee of Ministers
    Micheline Calmy-Rey
    55, avenue Kléber
    F – 75784 Paris Cedex 16

    Chairperson of Committee of Ministers
    Micheline Calmy-Rey
    12, avenue Tervuren
    B – 1040 Brussels

    The President of the European Council
    Mr. Herman Van Rompuy
    Rue de la Loi 175,
    B-1048 Brussels
    Tel: +32 2 281 61 11
    Fax: +32 2 281 69 34

    President Jerzy Buzek

    Head of the Cabinet
    Maciej Popowski
    Head of Cabinet
    Brussels: +32 2 28 46013
    Strasbourg: +33 388 1 73273

    Maja Urbańska
    Assistant to Head of Cabinet
    Brussels: +32 2 28 46020
    Strasbourg: +33 388 1 74645

    Human Rights Unit
    ATR 3K060
    Rue Wiertz
    B-1047 Brussels
    + 32 2 28 49070 (Brussels)
    + 33 3 88 17 9023 (Strasbourg)

    Subcommittee on Human Rights
    Heidi Hautala

    Rue de la Loi 175 (JL 30-40-GH-14)
    B-1048 Brussels

    OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights
    Aleje Ujazdowskie 19
    00-557 Warsaw
    Tel: +48 22 520 06 00
    Fax: +48 22 520 06 05

    President José Manuel Barroso
    B-1049 Brussels
    Commission Spokesperson, Johannes LAITENBERGER, tel: +32 2 296 57 45

    Vice President Jacques Barrot
    Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security
    B-1049 Brussels
    Tel: + 32 (0) 2 298 15 01
    Fax: + 32 (0) 2 298 15 99

    European Law Enforcement Agency
    P.O. Box 908 50
    2509 LW The Hague
    The Netherlands
    Tel: + 31 70 302 5000

    European Union Judicial Cooperation Unit
    Maanweg 174
    2516 AB The Hague
    The Netherlands
    Phone: +31 70 412 5000
    Fax: +31 70 412 5005

    2nd Floor, 2-12 Pentonville Road
    London N1 9HF
    Tel: +44-20-7713-1995

    17-25 New Inn Yard
    The Human Rights Action Centre
    London, EC2A 3EA
    Phone: +44 20 7033 1500
    Fax: +44 20 7033 1503

    17, passage de la main d’or
    75011 Paris
    Tel: + 33 1 43 55 25 18
    Fax: + 33 1 43 55 18 80

    15 rue des Savoises
    CH-1205 Genève
    Tel: + 41 22 700 12 88
    Fax: + 41 22 321 54 88

    19 avenue de la Paix
    CH-1202 Geneva
    Tel: +41 22 734 60 01
    Fax: +41 22 733 20 57

    UK Office
    c/o British Red Cross Society
    44 Moorfields
    Tel: c/o British Red Cross +44 207 877 75 81
    Fax: +44 020 7256 2933

    OMCT International Secretariat
    PO Box 21
    8, rue du Vieux-Billard
    CH-1211 Geneva 8
    Phone: + 41 22 809 4939
    Fax: + 41 22 809 4929

    OMCT Europe
    Rue du Marteau 19
    B-1000 Bruxelles
    Tel/Fax : +32 2 218 37 19
    e-mail :

    All members of the UK parliament

    All European governments.

    All UK news media that have an interest in human rights.

    All other organizations and persons interested in human rights violations,
    genocide-like atrocities and torture.

    The above list is only a very small part of
    organizations and people that we have contacted or are contacting regarding the human rights violations, genocide-like atrocities and torture committed by David Miscavige, members of RTC, members of OSA, members of David Miscavige’s security staff and security guards at INT/GOLD base and possibly others.

    David Miscavige and the perpetrators
    mentioned above must be expedited to the International Criminal Court in the Hague and stand trial for gross human rights violations.


  124. Witness the backflash on this topic!
    When family, love, friendships and the devotion between two people who care about each other is targeted for suppression, you court disaster.

    Fanaticism will destroy the Church of Scientology, and has given the SUBJECT a black eye. Well done Mr Miscavige. Shooting ducks in a pond eh? All I can say is this; payback is a bitch.

  125. LOL Jim Logan, that’s hilarious.

    And yes Roberto, the Church is a joke…asking their permission or approval for anything seems silly indeed. Especially when so many of the “high terminals” (especially Ethics terminals) these days have almost zero training.

    Yes, I’m talking to you *Lon Kloeffler, Dir I&R PAC* who has a penchant for trespassing and breaking and entering Scientologist houses whenever he feels like it. Next time he does it, time to call the cops and press charges. Screw these people who don’t understand or respect property rights.

    Wow Chrissie, I didn’t notice that in the new Ethics book! Yikes, this Church has so many overts…impossible to even discover them all, really.

  126. yourfriendtoo

    When you cut a theta comm line, it will exploit in your face!!

  127. I’m sorry – Chrissie is no-longer a cal girl. We have officially adopted her as she is a true Brit by nature. Winston Churchill couldn’t have been prouder.

  128. Truth,
    Sadly they aren’t.
    They are making Shane choose between them and Chrissie. Shame on them! Chrissie will be here tomorrow to take him out and give the poor guy some space.

  129. Sherry
    Chrissie is on a plane to the UK to save her boyfriend! Her demand is her declaration of independence

  130. Why is it that so often when I see a photograph of young scientologists all I want to do is take them home, feed them chicken soup, then tuck them up in the spare room and let them sleep for a week?

  131. It’s ironic that Shane’s dad is Director of the “Human Rights Department” of Scientology in Europe.

    Mr. Martin Weightman
    Human Rights Director
    Church of Scientology International
    European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights
    Rue de la Loi 91
    1040 Brussels
    phone: 32 2231 1596
    fax: 32 2280 1540

    Do you suppose he has seen this?

    It’s also interesting that a criminal trial is in progress against Scientology in Brussels, with charges similar to those that got them convicted in Paris in September.

  132. Hi Chrissie,
    You need any assistence on
    getting your boyfriend back give me a call.
    I’m in London 0208-864-4940

  133. Well said my friend, here comes the cavalry and to hell with the bank, we’ll handle the hell out of it. Squeeze the cans please…

  134. AOSH UK made a huge mistake allowing Shane to go to Flag when he would not ‘handle’.

    Flag in turn created such a big boo boo by accepting Shane for training while his girlfriend Chrissie is an ‘SP’ and has Independant views.

    Now because of this resulting PR flap it will make it even harder for Scientologists to get to Flag. More arbitraries will barrier the way and less Scientologists will have access to ‘the mecca of tecnical perfection’.

    Really they just shot themselves in the foot.

  135. That they made Shane M9 wordclear the entire 80 page ‘Freedom’ magazine is a joke!

    But the joke was on them when after the M9 he turned around and asked to see the St. Pete Times articles!

    Go Shane, go Shane, go Shane!

  136. OA, reminds me of the Afrikaaners deciding that everything on tv but the test pattern had to be censored for fear of cognitions on Apartheid.

    The answer could NEVER be inhibited/denied communication.

    We are OT but we’re not capable of handling communications or evaluating data?

    Gob-smacking that Chrissie’s crime was to read blogs.

    Personally, I believe her real crime was that she wasn’t coughing up dough any longer to pay for sec checks on VII.

    I’m sure it’s purely coincidental how you are suddenly more open to “ethics actions” once the money runs dry.

  137. Chrissie,
    I’m glad to hear that you have gotten out and are reunited with your family. Best of luck in getting back with Shane.

  138. I found this by BFG extraordinarily fascinating…
    basic tech to help …

    Keep us posted Chrissie. It will be such an epic win to a great love story.

  139. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Martin Weightman & Shane,

    Declare Your Independence.

    I may not postulate such a thing, alone. And I am not alone.

    No one can ever postulate something that is not first true for you.

    I simply remind you here to be honest and true to LRH.

    And more importantly. Be true to yourselves.

    Friends of Ron

  140. Dear Martin and Christine
    I understand that the church must be putting terrible pressure on you to handle your son but I think if you just step back from the threats and warnings you may realize that he is in fact being used as a pawn in a terrible game. You yourself, I am sure, are being threatened with the removal of you own chances of spiritual freedom and being pressured to make an impossible choice because your son is in love with the someone who should in the churches opinion be destroyed.
    There will be no winners in this insane game as long as you believe that your right to your comm line with LRH can be taken away by the whim of madmen.
    Please for the sake of everyone involved take a step back and evaluate the scene properly without undue pressure from anyone else.
    It is not the church’s business to interfere or control your affairs. At the end of the day you are the ones who will lose – not only the chance to get to know who Chrissie really is but the right to enjoy the love of your family.
    An organization that will callously threaten your survival and that of your family cannot be anything but suppressive.
    ‘What would Ron do?’ is the question you should honestly be asking yourselves.
    Follow the example of Shane and Chrissie – disconnect from all undue influences, turn off your cell phones, get some space and come to some sane decisions together.
    IMHO you are every bit as much victims in this matter as they are.

  141. PS
    I know you are following this blog because you love your son and want to know he is OK. I hope that this acknowledgment and the understanding of YOUR feelings is enough to help bring enough theta into your lives to counteract the entheta that is being put on your lines by others. We are good people and we care – about all of you.

  142. Dear Martin and Christine, I agree with Sams advice and want to say that disconnection tore me apart from my mother for years, that time can never be recovered. We are united finally peacefully. NO REGRETS.

  143. ANON said, “I think we both agree that letting people be run over by the abusive practices of the COS management is far worse.”

    I like seeing the agreements emphasized between those of us with varying realities. I believe that this is the direction we want to take with the whole world.

  144. Unity Mitford

    Because we all know that’s what they really need, rest and nourishment – not more high pressure, stat pushing, sleep deprivation, madness. Seeing the young SO’er are the worst, poor babies.

    When Mike Rinder was still in the employ of the CoS I hated the lies he had to give to the media, but even though it drove me crazy I still just wanted to grab him and make him go sleep for a week. You could tell whatever else was going on poor Mike was being put through hell and I can’t stand to watch any human being suffer like that. DM doesn’t realize how much mistreatment we can see in the people he sends out to represent the cult, there are just some things you can’t hide with lies.

  145. Why the reliance on foreign documents/courts etc.?

    There are protection of rights in the United States. It’s called the U.S. Constitution. It’s a document that protects fundamental, natural and inalienable rights.

    Who needs to the UN. Honestly, when you rely on this international stuff, and not all of that is good, I begin to question this movement.

    Sorry. JMO

  146. Dear Chrissie, I’m so glad that you have both family and friends supporting you during this time. You are very brave.
    Years ago when the “Church” decided to declare your Uncle Jack , your mom and dad were forced to disconnect from both of us. I can’t tell you how much pain that caused on both sides. We didn’t have anyone to turn to. All that we knew , loved and dedicated ourselves to was stripped away. I was told I had to disconnect and I was eight months pregnent with your cousin Gillian. I have only recently begun to read the blogs about what has been going on inside the church. I can only say that it reads like a horror novel. Made all the more horrific because I know it’s true. I hope that I will have the chance to meet Shane and spend time with all of you one day in the not too distant future.
    I send all my love to you both, Marcy (Marsha)

  147. Hey Sam,
    Welcome and if you any back-up, we’re up in the Altanta area which is just North of you.

  148. Martin, how can you do that to your son in the name of an organisation that has vowed to let you and your closest friends take the blame for the mess they’ve created ? To whom do you owe your basic natural loyalty ? Your son or them ?

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