Martin Luther King – paying our respects

Friday the 15th was the birthday of Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King.  Monday is a national holiday celebrating his life. Some of DM’s henchmen on the anonymous fringes have had some rather hateful things to say about my repeated references to and respect for King. I am not sure whether everybody understands why I regularly quote him.  I think if you look at what we posted earlier this week about Friendship and the ensuing discussion we had about ARC and love, and compare it to the following short essay by Rev King you’ll begin to get the idea.

There is much to learn from the man and his work. There are many parallels between what he helped accomplish and what we are attempting to bring about .

On an emotional level, I think U2 captured King’s spirit very well in their song Pride (in the name of love):

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  1. I’m fortunate to be in touch with one of MLK’s associates and I look forward to hearing his recollections of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement as he will be doing a rare engagement for 100 of the youth I work with. since retiring from ministry 10 years ago he has only spoken once in public. He wad the first African American football player at Pitt and played professionally for the browns and steelers before giving his life to full time ministry. He received his doctorate and started a charter school with his wife as well as being the reverend of Bidwell presbyterian for 37 years. He served jail time with MLK in Selma in the 60’s. Reverend Robinson is his name.

  2. martyrathbun09

    Chad, Thanks for this. Would love to hear what you learn from him.

  3. It seems to be a conflict inside current CofS about quoting other authors or data outside LRH.

    Too simple and right and not need any explanation at all.

    Knowing how to know as a final target seem to elude the mind of such “orthodox” people.

    And at the top of all; mixing this with music (art and aesthetics) is much more than can be beared by them.

    The agape love is a kind of love that some of us know since the childhood and some of us have never experienced.

    Is a joy be in a position were one does not need permission to think, to feel and to reject and can still be respectful and loyal to a subject.

    As we know, the old must let in the new. That´s the way has been and will be.

  4. martyrathbun09

    ROberto. Speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday to you Amigo!!!

  5. Thanks a lot amigo.

    I appreciate this.

    Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day.
    Is not bad. Not bad at all.

  6. Hey Roberto, Happy Birthday my friend.


    It is because of those noble people such as MLK that we are able to speak ,think, write and do thing freely.

    The words of love and freedom doesn’t exist in an SP’s (DM) mind.

    DM = Hate, Revenge & Destruction

    Our Independent group = Love, Help, Sanity and Freedom.

    Thank you Marty for filling our world with love! 🙂


    This person who wrote this used to be an auditor in the church. He is now out and I don’t know his standing is on the tech as he read the web a lot but he spoke of MLK and also he put a reference to a paper MLK wrote in prison as a referance.

  8. That was cool!

    I also couldn’t stand to look at that photo of TC and DM any longer, I almost lost my lunch!!


  9. Theo Sismanides

    Dear Marty, when MLK was assassinated I was 8 years old. Had he been let to carry on with his life, maybe the world would have been different !!

    I think if LRH lived in this era of the Internet he would do exactly what you are doing now! Have a direct comm with the world and communicate with them via hahahahah !!!!

    Inform people and write to them on a daily basis!! Something to bring them higher on up every day!!


  10. Concerned Citizen

    Marty, thanks f0r this great post. I want to also say that great people like MLK are the prof positive of that greatness of man LRH saw and which is palpable in all his works.

  11. “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  12. As I read through Dr. King’s essay, it occurred to me that there is no comparison between the CO$ sites and blogs and this one. This site encourages questioning and uses the words and thoughts of great thinkers and philosophers to engage the reader in the discussion. The other sites appeal to those who are not prone to thinking, delving deeper into an issue, or who have limited education. But then the leader of their Church never completed high school and I suspect does not value education. So those left in the Church could well be the perfect parishioners of one who does NOT want them to look or think or evaluate the scene with what is observed.

    The fact that statistics are no longer used to manage is just appalling to me. This is basic LRH tech! How do they determine their condition and what formula to apply? Apparently the stable datum is “Does DM like it?” “Does DM hate it?”…there is your condition! So they are all just making it up as they go along! What a mess…

    Turning off the $$$ tap is going to be key to bringing this to a head. Those who continue to feed the beast will need to wake up and hopefully reading this site will increase within those ranks.

    Thank you for the lovely essay. Quite inspiring and brings the differences between our group and those attacking our opinions into stark contrast. Agape…Gaia

  13. What an incredible article! Truth is truth, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. MLK is truly an elevated being.

  14. Independent Spirit

    I just read Marc Headley’s ‘Blown for good’. A very important book not just for scientologists and Independents/Free Zoners but certainly also for “ordinary” people. Well written.
    I laughed and laughed at COBs insanities. COB, the Comedian of the Board.

    But I was also saddened to witness his brutalities on scientologists. In fact David Miscavige is a serial killer. At least covertly. Involved at he was in the death of Lisa McPherson with his squirrel tech. And involved as he was in the death of Stacy Moxon who took her own life because she was falsely imprisoned at INT/GOLD base. She kept her integrity but lost her body. Would she have committed suicide if she had not been imprisoned at the INT Gulag. I don’t think so.
    Unfortunately this is only the top of the iceberg of the serial killer. The preclear killer. Screaming and shouting to overwhelm, restimulate and to get compliance to insane orders by a sleep deprived “victim”. Gulag.

    The violence of David Miscavige described so well by Headley, Marty et al was not only taking place at INT. It was and is also taking place in the lower organizations. Just in another form: insane reg cycles resulting in cannibalization and bankruptcy, brutal group sec checks of publics, unfair ethics and justice cycles, the destruction of self determinism and the list goes on and on. You know what that resulted in?

    A local org was not a place you could bring your friends, family and acquaintances. You don’t want your family and friends to experience such things.
    And it resulted in one more thing: How could you disseminate Scientology?
    You had to disseminate Scientology, but you also had to disseminate insanity. Very difficult. And not possible if you had any kind of decency.

    And thats how the Free Zone came about. It wanted a friendly place. A place free from harassment and all the other things Black Scientology is known for. And this is where you people here at this site are now.

    If you tried to handle Black Scientology in a local org you would be met with heavy justice actions, non-enturbulation orders and SP-declares. So there was only one choice. The Free Zone. Because Black Scientology could not be reformed. And this is how it still is now almost 30 years after the Free Zone started. As a non-violence “movement”.

    And that is one of the reasons why Marty’s post today is very important. That what you create in America is something that you can be proud of, something you can “disseminate”. Something people can trust. Trust to send their family members, friends and acquaintances to for help.

    And I know that this is what you are doing. By exposing the insanities of David Miscavige and his Black Scientology you are destimulating and handling the 3rd dynamic engram and getting the insanity out of it , and building a new Independent field that the world can look at and say: This is Scientology.
    For this is what Scientology is all about: freedom, friendship, ability and peace on Earth.

    And all you brave people here are indeed doing that. So let’s just expose DM a little more and build this Independent non-violent field a little stronger and continue to insist on our civil and human rights and in a way so well described by
    Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King.


  15. Alexis de Toqueville

    An honorable and moving tribute, Marty.

    Though King was killed when I was but a mere kid and thus only followed him insofar as my father, who liked and respected the great man and supported him in his cause and work, did so, I could not help but think of King on the night of 11/4/08 and again on 1/19/09. I actually missed him on those dates, tremendously and wished I could see his face and share in his joy had he lived.

    Bono’s lyrics are indeed wonderful. To think Bono wanted to rewrite it and the Edge convinced him otherwise.

    Thanks for today’s beautiful diary.


    Alexis de Tocqueville

  16. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Stayed tuned; tonight I’m going to share more and connect some dots to our situation.

  17. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Sorry for commenting prematurely — I’ve only just now read King’s essay which you linked. What a brilliant essay: agape love (would that I could live up to that noble standard); ‘maladjusted’ toward unjust aspects of our society; etc.

    “I never intend to adjust myself to segregation and discrimination. I never intend to adjust myself to mob rule. I never intend to adjust myself to the tragic effects of the methods of physical violence and to tragic militarism. I call upon you to be maladjusted to such things. I call upon you to be as maladjusted to such things.”

    Liberté, égalité, fraternité, brother!

  18. In honor of Martin Luther King and all free thinkers I would like to share this lesser known LRH quote:

    “It takes the fire of life within to set life on fire.” LRH OODs 11 May 1971

    You can see that in King, you can see that in Hubbard and you can see that in the individuals in this group.

  19. Thought provoking

    Great quote, Andy! Thanks for sharing it, I love it!

  20. Kathy Braceland

    I always liked this song but with the visuals, it sure packed a wallop. It was so moving, I had to watch it again. Then I read the essay and watched it again. The tears welled up each time….

    What a beautiful tribute to a great man. Not only to Rev. King but to all that seek and practice what he dreamed and lived for.

  21. If I can take 4:13 to watch and be moved by this in the middle of the Vikings-Cowboys game I hope the OSA guys will take the time, too, and that it gives them a respite from their dreary day. As well as pause to consider whether they are working for a progressive future or defending an ossified past.

  22. My history is probably like many kids raised in a Scientology family. I am woefully ignorant of all the other great thinkers. I don’t think it was a fault of my family. They had “cognited” and why not share this valuable information with your child. Then working in the church from a young age, I somehow picked up the idea that LRH was the only great thinker.

    So, thank you Marty and Mosey for broadening my understanding and appreciation of the world of great thinkers.

    Thank you to Windhorse as well, for the same. I love your comments.

  23. Theo Sismanides

    Independent spirit,

    Thanks for your post. I think you are putting this in the right perspective: the violence of DM on one side and the Independent non-violent field on the other side.

    A very inspiring comment.

    I certainly have to read “Blown for Good”.

  24. martyrathbun09

    Joe – wow. working for a progressive future or defending an ossified past.

  25. Independent Spirit

    Thanks Theo, and thanks for your always uptone comments here on this site.

    Actually I also just read John Duignan’s “The Complex – an insider exposes the covert world of the Church of Scientology”.
    An interesting book, but it is very critical of LRH, and it also contains OT III data, that it should not contain.

    Blown for good is very detailed and I think a must read for us who have not worked at INT.
    It is both shocking and heartbreaking.

    Marty, when is your book coming? 🙂

  26. Thought provoking

    Great article, Marty.

    I love that MLK cared enough to make sure that people understood the concept of non violence, repeating it many times so that they understood its powerful resolve, including integrity for all. In fact, one would have to be very brave inded to accomplish this. He also gives an excellent explaination of love, expanding the well know concept into one of compassion, understanding and good will for all.

    It’s like he understood the bank and saw that he needed to help these people to rise above the bank so that they could see their own spirituality and in doing so, improve conditions in their life.

    I have seen several instances where you and Jim Logan have done the same thing in handling originations on this blog. To some degree we have each contributed to the current scene by ommission or commission. We are correcting these things and have chosen to take responsibility for them, inviting others to open their eyes to the truth, and the oportunity to experience Scientology as LRH intended.

    We will be forgiven of past discressions delivered under the suppressive regime, why should we hate now? Yes, discipline is needed to keep the bank under control but love and compassion will be the thing that allows the being to change his mind.

    Can’t wait to hear the next installment.

  27. Lecture 720806: Handling and evaluating orgs:
    “Do you know one of the why´s for Boston was they had the staff so scared that they were giving them false reports to protect themselves, that was the why, that was the why, the staff giving their executives false reports to protect themselves from violence, and the executives, the damn fools, were buying the false reports, and that got Boston into trouble”

  28. Anais Nin:

    “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

  29. Just heard a song on the radio by the Youngbloods – Get Together – “Come on people now, smile on your brother,everybody get together and try to love one another right now.” Great lyrics and tune. Wish the CofHateology would apply some of that along with What is Greatness.

  30. TheEmporerIsNaked


    I had a very theta experience along these lines about 4 years ago. I was at a 2 day managers retreat to learn leadership. The workshop leader spent at least 2 hours on MLK – a great example of course. The way he did it was masterful. He broke us up into three groups. Each group was given a roleplaying scenario from which to receive MLK’s words. My group were poor Black Americans huddled around an old pickup truck pulled of the side of the road in a field with a static laden radio tuned into a radio station. He painted a good picture for us and we could get into the beingness quite well. Then he did the same for the other two groups which we got to hear. Then he played the “I Have a Dream” speech. It was very moving and I think very few people didn’t tear up a bit. You could do this yourself if interested by finding the speech on the internet somewhere and relistening to it from that viewpoint.

    What an amazing leader. Thanks for this post Marty.

  31. I love your Handdle, I refered to “The Emperors New Clothes” somewhere in this blog. It seems we share that notion about DM.

  32. Show me a person who does not well up with hope, shed a tear and stand up to honor when he hears the words “I have a dream” and you’ve shown me a human who has lost his human spark.

    It is the ability to ignite spark of hope, of possibilities, of dreams and inspire confidence that these are achievable that mark the essence of a leader. Someone who can stands up and who believes in the basic goodness of the people in front of him. And never waivers.

    This was Martin Luther King. This is, to me, Barack Obama and although we are not leaders as these giants are — we are a group who believes in the spark, the goodness, and the hope of each other and mankind.

    And Marty, as a leader, is encouraging that spark right here, right now.

    I’d say we are a darn lucky bunch!! May we continue to inspire each other and bring the art of being human to those we touch. The spark of aliveness.


  33. Happy B-day Roberto 🙂

    As a comment what you say is so true.

    Wisdom is wisdom no matter who said or wrote it!

    Back in the day Ron recommended we read other authors than himself. He used to recommend certain books on a variety of subjects.

    Of course this all changed when l’enfant terrible took over.

  34. Great find Peter.

  35. Your posting, WH, has that effect on me right now.
    Thank you, and I agree.


  36. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Wow, TheEmporerIsNaked, that is really a great and moving story — and a worthwhile leadership seminar, from the sounds of it.

    Thank you for sharing it.

    PS: Totally love your name.

  37. TheEmporerIsNaked

    We have R.

    And if you later decide you want your handle back, I’ll give you the correctly spelled version. 🙂

  38. TheEmporerIsNaked

    Thanks. Wish you had been there. 🙂

  39. right on, brothers, write on.

  40. Independent Spirit:

    >And involved as he was in the death of Stacy Moxon who took her own life because
    >she was falsely imprisoned at INT/GOLD base.

    There isn’t any conclusive evidence Stacey Moxon took her life *at all*.

    It was reported on the XSO Yahoo Group that and I’m sure other folks can confirm the fact that she was CMO Gold Electrical Inspections I/C on the INT Base Renos WQSB and it was actually her job to pre-inspect electrical work done on those renos before the government officials were called in to do their own inspections for legal signoffs.

    The most likely reason for her being in that electrical vault at the time she contacted the live busbars and perished was electrical work that had been done in that vault the previous day with the ciruits deenergized which needed inspection.

    Sea Org members traditionally did insanely stupid and unsafe work in renovations when I was in PAC Base, with the justification that “you won’t have any accidents , if you’re not PTS, so don’t be PTS”. I would expect the same insane notion was prevalent at Int. Base.

    This is true to the best of my knowledge.

    Michael A. Hobson

  41. Independent Spirit, Thank you for your words. I have been recently applied black DN on my self, and this only makes me stronger and willing to communicate more. I am here and I can communicate. I can think for my self, I am not a puppet who can be obliged to obey. I can take my own decisions and I act in life as I believe. The Church of Scientology has gone corrupt and squirrel.
    You, OSA guys can’t see that what you are doing is totally insane. You create the ARC brakes and the BPC, then if we don’t do your squirrel sessions you blame it on us and say is because I am PTS or turned out to be SP!!! How come, after 27 years in Scientology and being trained as a Class VI auditor and having cleared several people, now I am an SP!! come on!!, please check my pc folders how many wins I have had in Scientology, am I an SP? Please look up for your MUs!!! You have no idea of what Scientology is…. I am so sad for you.
    Well it seems that to be declared this days is an honor!

  42. I rather live on my foot than to live on my knees!!

  43. I wish I was Black.

  44. I never HAD that Handlle. I refered to the Fairy Tale. Wich is much much older than any leadership Seminar. Omne should read it in the version written down by the Brothers Grimm. Fairy Tales have a message and a lesson in morality. This is often forgotten as the Oral tradition of handing down tales went into obsoletion. Now the stories are “Sanatised” by Disney not to shock the children. Originally like the headless horseman they all more “sensational”

  45. Independent Spirit

    ***me***, thanks, of course you are not an SP. Miscavige, who is surrounded by SPs all the time, is PTS Type 3.

    Mike Hobson, thanks for these data. If it was an accident, we know people who are PTS are more prone to accidents. Staying in such a Gulag as INT I think could make people PTS and thereby prone to accidents.

  46. martyrathbun09

    Maybe you already are, but just haven’t realized it yet. Look at this from Nas:
    Hey, yo.
    I’m American born, love America.
    Love my people, love all mankind, all nationalities.
    You know, its just been recent where everybody’s started
    to feel like there’s an elite group that runs everything.
    And everybody else was just sheep, ignorant,
    making all ethnicities, colors and creeds – n*****s –
    blind to what’s really going on.
    So, I say take off the wool from your eyes,
    out with the old America,
    in with the new.
    End all racism, all injustice, all oppression,
    to poor people, any people,
    anywhere on this planet.
    Let’s come together.
    A new day is rising.

  47. I think you are channelling LRH himself with the notion that you’d rather die on your feet than live on your knees, ***me***.

    It was he who wrote that your integrity is more important than your body.

    It’s part of the PTSness that no Scientologist could possibly bring a family member or friend to an Org because they’d be beset upon like fresh meat at a vampire convention.

    So, of course, it sticks you right in the middle of a Problem. Want to dissem/Can’t dissem.

  48. Sorry to criticize, but I have to ask, isn’t it obvious there was a why behind this why? It is, “Why did the execs use violence?” If this had been found and handled, maybe it would have prevented the perpetuation of abuse of power that we see today.

  49. Frederick Douglass:

    Who would be free themselves must strike the blow. Better even to die free than to live slaves.

  50. Good quote, personally I think race is a barrier that is created.

    For instance I’ve been a member of AIM (The American Indian Movement) for years and I don’t think I have any native american blood (though maybe I do, it’s hard to tell in America ) though I’m occasionally asked at Pow Wows what nation I belong to.

    Anyway, I have always had a technicolor group of associates that I’ve hung out with. So the concept of race or color is just an idea that is used to divide and conquer people, that’s all it is.

    Personally, I find it hard to believe how intolerant some people are.

    The think that makes Martin Luther King Jr, such a great man was he was able to see past all these created barriers and see that we are all individuals. All God’s children.

    So it is appropiate that we set a day aside for him and his wisdom.

  51. I never regarded Dr. Martin Luther King as a black man, even though his genetic heritage and culture is that richness.

    When he said brothers and sisters he meant “people” as a race. Right now our Race is human kind.

    He stands for all beings who know themselves to BE. ♥

  52. Marty,

    Thank you… “A new day is rising”, “out with the old” …Man that hits home.

    I woefully agree too RJ, color… “its a barrier that is created”.

    All my closest friends growing up were Native American, and my son Bodhi is Treaty. My only son, just turned One Jan. 1st.

    I’ve also been to Pow Wows. I know the anguish these proud people have. (There was a time, quite a while ago, I thought Scientology had it, and from the very roots of our Nation I believed the State of Clear for all of us, was with them, and thus assured. A sort of basic on the chain, in my mind) We will not make it, with out righting the old wrongs.

    I think, honestly, I was just feeling the sad embarrassment of being “a-white-guy”. My bad. Got that color confused, lol, …with the “elite group that runs everything.” The hell with them.

    LRH and MLK stand, with many people in history, for all of us indeed. And on their shoulders we can see the human race in a better light. We can reach the wonderful hope and promise made by them, that much easier.

  53. Hi Antoine,

    Remember what Russell Means said in “Where White Men Fear to Tread”, that anyone can be an indian.

    He also talks about America itself becoming a reservation. The Church has definitely become one!

    Seems we’re the renegades for now.

    All I can say is.


  54. Let’s get em! 🙂

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