Scientology and Common Sense

by Haydn James  

A pretty business indeed for a man to be allowed  eight hundred thousand sterling a year and worshipped into the bargain! Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived 

Thomas Paine

Common Sense, 1776

In addition to Miscavige’s lengthening list of crimes, let’s take a look at a subject that has received too little attention over the years, which contributed to his rise to power in the first place: namely Scientology’s lack of a correct form of government or constitution.

In his text on the subject entitled Common Sense, back in 1776, Englishman Thomas Paine took less than thirty pages to utterly obliterate any arguments in favor of a group of people ever using a system of monarchs or supreme rulers to lord over them. Even some staunch royalists read those few pages at the time and thought “well, that’s it then, never again will I allow royalty to rule over me. How stupid to let yourself be ruled by someone about whom you have no say and on whom you can have no effect. How silly to give total power to someone to make whatever far reaching decisions they want whenever they want and there is nothing that can be done, no impeachment, no removal, no ousting from office, nothing, ever.”

Paine pointed out that other than an all too brief period during which a people might be lucky enough to be ruled by a benign monarch (with no means of controlling succession), putting oneself at total effect by investing all privileges, powers and rights in someone who enriches themselves while demanding unrelenting worship into the bargain was a ridiculous state of affairs.

Such forceful arguments plus Paine’s proposals for a viable alternative — a correct form of government containing necessary checks and balances — sparked a successful revolution against the British and the creation of the United States of America. And make no mistake, the American Revolution reverberated around the globe and changed its political landscape forever, finally killing off the last remnants of the western world’s longstanding feudal system. And if Paine had had his way the American Revolution would have killed off all other forms of slavery too but Washington didn’t keep his end of the bargain.

A One Horse Race

Now, let’s look at what we’ve had in Scientology for the past twenty odd years:

Miscavige has been anything but benign, and from the moment he rigged the race and became the supreme head of Scientology he’s had more relative power than the President of the United States because he’s had total control of Scientology’s executive (management), its legislative machinery (policy and decision making) and its judiciary (Scientology’s ethics and justice system) which made it impossible for anyone to ever question or countermand his orders, or pass any Scientology law prohibiting his actions, or impeach him for improper conduct, abuse of power or any other type of violation.

Despite glaring lessons from history, Scientology has had and still has a dictator with supreme power that no one can question because he is the head of all things.

This has resulted in a total lack of checks and balances in the governing of Scientology.

And, a lack of functioning organizations managing it. So is it any wonder we also have:

1. Widespread perversions of tech and alterations of policy.

2. Numerous injustices, abuse of individuals and families.

3. Dwindling orgs and numbers of Scientologists.

4.  harassed public required to fund out of their own pockets the supreme ruler’s unchecked and uncontrolled penchant for unusual solutions and strange projects which make a tax on tea look like chump change.

And make no mistake Miscavige has and does enrich himself at Scientology’s expense, a process that began the moment he had unassailable power and which has continued to gather pace. And the fact that no one within the Church of Scientology has ever dared to ask him how much he has taken proves my point entirely.

Miscavige’s Wrong Target Defense

For self protection against the growing disquiet in the field, Miscavige tries to run the mis-director, the deflecting line that potent objections to his misrule are attempts to attack the church and tear it down. One of the most common lines coming from OSA these days is: “Yes, some things are wrong within the Church of Scientology, but that’s no reason to tear it down” – an accusation repeatedly leveled at the Independents by OSA in their attempts to split my eldest daughter from her fiancé.

Some things wrong? Well, I guess they are correct if by some things wrong they mean planet wide out-tech, a lack of management, widespread injustice, failing orgs, a steeply worsening global image, a strange obsessing about buildings when Scientology was only ever about and only ever will be about people, and a lengthening list of the outraged and the abused who swell the ranks of the Independents.

[As a side note, I do wonder how Scientologists justify getting involved and caught up in this fixation with buildings while people go begging, ignored if not also abused. I imagine that they must tell themselves that they will eventually get to help people way, way, way, way down the line after they have helped Miscavige build his pipe dream of a bricks-and-mortar-audio-visual system that will somehow automatically handle all the people they’ve neglected in the meantime. A dream that will never be realized and shame on them anyway because LRH always said that people can only be helped by “you and me with our sleeves rolled up” and “one at a time”.]

The sad thing is that Scientology is being torn down, but not by Independents, the demolition job is being done by Miscavige and those remaining who bow down before him, fawn all over him and those that propitiate or try to appease him.

If Independents wanted to see the destruction of Scientology all they would have to do is stay silent, sit back and watch.

Another line Miscavige uses is that because Scientology is such a powerful cure for man’s ills that the end justifies his means. Well, quite apart from the fact that his means are destructive and a total failure, I say that it is because he has had Scientology tech at his disposal all these years that his means (abuse of Scientology and abuses perpetrated in the name of Scientology) have been all the more unnecessary and inexcusable.

As part of this he continues to use statements of justification such as “to clear a planet you sometimes have to get rough.” Really? If that were true auditors would slap their PCs while yelling for them to have a cognition. And they are certainly heading in that direction under Miscavige.

No, I say that if Scientology is ever going to help this planet, if it is ever going to be taken seriously then it must act in a manner befitting its technology — its people must use and demonstrate the highest levels of understanding. We must be and should be the greatest proponents of the universal solvent this planet has ever seen. Frankly, the many great men that have gone before us are going to be an awfully tough act to follow in this regard but we do have the technology so we are just going to have to suck it up.

Just think about it, as we stand, how could anyone possibly reconcile Miscavige’s homophobia, enforced divorces, coerced abortions, and his lack of care for staff, children and families, his completely over the top rapacious collection of money and his ridiculously tough stance in the media with the greatest movement on earth? Well, they can’t.

But the most insidious play in Miscavige’s wrong target defense playbook is the fact that he holds over us and would have us accept that exposing his crimes to the world at large would cause “untold harm to Scientology”. Well, quite in addition to the fact that untold harm has already been caused to Scientology, I say that the very fact that it is Scientology means his crimes MUST be exposed to the world at large, that Scientology must fix itself and the world must see it do so or there is little hope it will ever regain a correct image or achieve its purpose. LRH never said Scientology was perfect but he did say it was workable, so the world witnessing such workability in action by seeing Scientology overcome its own internal problems and then implementing needed reforms has many great advantages.

The last major line in Miscavige’s wrong target defense is that prominent Independents just want to take over from him so they can have all the power for themselves.

It’s no surprise that such a power hungry creature as Miscavige would think that way and by myopically making the accusation he misses the fact that it is an admission of guilt, an admission that anyone grabbing his power would be able to dominate Scientology. But what Independents would like to see is an end to dictatorship (and all forms of abuse) and a system put in place that prevents a single person or clique from ever dominating Scientology again, a system that would allow the power of the tech to shine through and carry out the simple purpose for which it was designed – to help the people of earth, certainly all those that wish to be helped by it.

A Better Way

Surely a subject as broad as Scientology contains within it the answers to the riddle of its own correct government. I certainly think it does so from what I know of Scientology I carried out a brief exercise to see if there was a way of governing the Church of Scientology that would be better than the tyrannical mess we have and that might prevent such destructive domination from ever happening again.

I believe there has to be some form of governing body for Scientology, but that a prospective member of such a body would have to qualify in a number of ways. They would have to be experts in Scientology technology, policy or jurisprudence and they would have to exhibit the very essence and nature of Scientology (understanding, pan-determinism, the granting of beingness as well as other qualities unique to Scientology). In short, they would have to be highly trained and experienced OTs.

As LRH points out in Ron’s Journal 67 and elsewhere, OTs work best when organized with other OTs so the governing body of Scientology would have to be a well organized group of OTs. And it would be wise to form a number of such OT organizations, each with their own duties to perform but each with an additional responsibility to cross check or police the performance of the others. In that way no one person or organization could become too powerful, too out of control or stray too far off track or go criminal, what Thomas Paine would have called “checks and balances”.

Such a set up (these three organizations simply working in concert) would represent the highest toned government possible for Scientology as confirmed by LRH in his masterpiece, HCO PL An Essay on Management, in which he states:

We are examining here, if you have not

noticed, the tone scale of governments or companies

or groups in general from the high Theta

of a near cooperative state, down through the

Theta of a democratic Republic, down through

“emergency management”, down through

totalitarianism, down through tyranny and

down, if not resurged by a new goal finder

somewhere on the route, into the apathy of a

dying organization or nation.


Near cooperative state

Democratic republic

Emergency management”



Apathy of a dying organization or nation

But this is just my take on things, my brief and humble attempt to solve the problem which shows there are potential options, there are better ways. I am certain that if Scientologists put their heads together and use what they know, the problem of going forward with Scientology and how to prevent tyranny from ever happening again will be solved. But that debate is for another time and another place.

The Task at Hand

The immediate barrier we are faced with is the fact that the current dictatorship ruling Scientology bears a greater resemblance to pre-1776 colonial America than it does to the technology and policy of Scientology.

But don’t sit back and expect someone in corporate Scientology to do anything about it. The Church of Scientology has been subjected to tyranny for so long it has dropped far down the organizational tone scale and is now experiencing apathy of a dying organization. And within that apathy there is blind acceptance of the assertions from Miscavige’s wrong target defense. So we have to grow up boys and girls, L Ron Hubbard is not here to bail us out, it’s up to us to take responsibility and put things right. But we move forward comforted by the knowledge that whatever comes after him, it will be a great deal better than Miscavige.

And since Scientology is a “closed shop”, mis-run by a dictator with no effective form of remedy open, there is but one course of action left – to withdraw any and all support from the tyrant, the same position Americans found themselves in circa 1776, when one of those great men I referred to wrote:

TO CONCLUDE: however strange it may appear to some, or however unwilling they be to think so, matters not, but many strong and striking reasons may be given, to shew, that nothing can settle our affairs so expeditiously as an open and determined declaration for independence.

Thomas Paine,

Common Sense, 1776

Haydn James (AKA T Paine)

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  1. Holy smoke!!! Thank you for such simple, pure clarity.


  2. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant Haydn. Happy Birthday!!! Set up the damn mail box on your phone so I can leave a message.

  3. Wow, common sense indeed! And just as some “staunch royalists” were swayed by the words of Thomas Paine, your essay will certainly convince a few of those in “good standing” to take off the blinders. Great post!

  4. Great writing! I feel a little more optimistic after reading it.

  5. Joe Pendleton

    WOW! What a great essay Hadyn!!!!!! Thank you. Not only do you paint the correct picture of the current church scene, and also some VERY relevant points made by LRH, but you also supply the context of our American political tradition, from one of the greatest “movers and shakers” of political thought and actual liberty throughout the world, the one and only Tom Paine.

  6. The subject of governance, and in particular Church governance, has been quite a hot topic for many thousands of years in these parts. My limited understanding divides the topic into 2 main camps: the “Episcopal” model, where Bishops are appointed by a central authority to “watch over” their appointed areas, and the “Presbyter” model, in which local “councils of elders” govern the affairs of their church.

    It is my viewpoint that Scientology governance was a blend of both, with local Exec councils and Ad councils having direct control over their org and environs, and the “Central Authority” (Sea Org, FLB via CLO’s ) running “establishment and correction” programs as well as other international programs designed to benefit all. The paradigm being “Thetan – Mind – Body” with the Orgs being the “body”, the FB-CLO management mechanisms the “mind” and the Int Strata Execs the “Thetans”.

    That model has been dust-binned for the current “New Era of Management” that hits instead of hats, continues the insanity of “musical chairs in life”, demands exchange for no viable production and compulsively by-passes to deflect attention from their own deficiencies.
    What I see in Miscavology is the “Xenu inspired model of dictatorship”. Total “control” via overwhelm. Ideal orgs as Implant stations.
    “Super Power” as an unobtainable goal.
    This is the dramatization we specifically have the tools to handle. But as we all know, it takes clean hands to do it. This is why execs NEED to be rotated out and cleaned up on a periodic basis. No matter how pure your intention, on this planet you are going to get dirty, sooner or later. Getting dirty is no sin, but staying so is just sloth. Is Miscavige beyond help? Possibly.
    Those gates are locked from within.

    But since Scientology is now a recognized religion in the US, there is nothing to stop any of us from forming our own congregations, and helping others on a level that they need.
    The only thing that can repair the damage done is honest, straightforward no bull**** delivery to all levels of beings and societies. And then supporting, protecting and building toward the future of the same.

    Not revolution. Evolution. One being at a time.

  7. Haydn, as I said on Jeff’s site: the amount of talent out here is friggin’ amazing.

    I completely agree with your assessment and solution. But will the members of the OSA who are monitoring this recognize that their church has sunk down the tone scale to tyranny?

    One thing that I am beginning to notice here that applies historically is the confluence of pivotal beings. Every group and period has opinion leaders. But opinion leaders alone change nothing. Opinion leaders are as apt to maintain the status quo as to bring about change.

    A pivotal being is one who is instrumental in bringing about change. And that is far different from having a respected position from which to express opinion.

    The more pivotal beings that exist in an era, the greater the change that can be caused. And the key is causation. It’s all out of KRC. Knowing, taking responsibility and controlling the elements of the current condition to bring about new conditions.

    It makes me wonder if an assemblage of pivotal beings from the era of the American Revolution have not returned. Not just colonists but Europeans.

    Something exciting is sure in the wind.

    Much love,


  8. First of all, thank you for this intelligent and beautifully written article, Haydn.

    Secondly, I completely agree with this viewpoint: the organization of scientology contains a fatal flaw which has made it possible for a despot to steal all the power he needs to destroy the church. Thank you for making the case so eloquently, and for opening it up for discussion on this forum.

    I’m very interested to hear opinions on this. Guys?

  9. Dear Haydn: DM will never accept a system of checks and balances. He thinks he is above the law. The watchdog committee was in paper only, and never worked. The only system that will work is a FBI, IRS, and authorities raid to check all improprieties, abuses, money embelzement, child abuse, abortions, etc…

  10. Great post Haydn! VWD.

    LRH said the following:
    “A Scientologist who fails to use Scientology technology and its administrative and justice procedures on the world around him will continue to be too enturbulated to do his job.”

    I propose that we as independents hold a Committee of Evidence on David Miscavige for HIGH CRIMES committed as Chairman of the Board, RTC. And publish its Findings and Recommendations broadly, on any and all comm lines.

    Further, the committee shall give recommendation for any necessary re-organization in the management structure so that checks and balances are in place.

    I elect Marty as the Convening Authority!

  11. Virgil Samms

    Nicely written Haydn. This report could actually be used as a DA pack for us indies!

    Just as the situation of “tyranny” in America in the 18th century caused our forefathers to assemble and unite with such luminaries as Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine and put their heads together to solve the issues at hand, we see the same assembly in present time.

    Make no mistake, DMs regime will fail and fall apart. It is happening now. The pen has always been mightier than the sword, especially in the hands of of the likes of Haydn James, Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.

    The history of Man has always been of self-preservation. For some, like DM, that means riches and fame (meglomania) and for others like Marty and the rest it means relieving man from the real cause of our decline – the bank.

    These thetans need to be helped and backed up at every turn. We need to drive the wreckers from the Church. We need to purge the Church of the weaklings and put back real thetans who can effectively lead, using pure Scientology.

    I will step up in a major way shortly. Stay tuned.

    ML Virgil

  12. Very well put and spot on. Thank you for that.
    “OTs work best when organized with other OTs”
    Since the CofS is not training auditors who then are not getting people through Grades, NED, Clear and through OT levels, I think to focus on doing/accomplishing that is most important.
    I know many ex-staff have been severely inval’ed and eval’ed with the point being to keep you from accomplishing the most important things. So much importance is placed on these OTHER wrong things.
    My status is not important but my ability to do standard auditing IS.

  13. This is a great article. It nails it on the head with the current state of affairs. We have spent lots of tea time discussing this very point. Where are the checks and balances?

    It is time for the tea party movement to take aim at COS!

  14. MSH's legacy


    Very thought provoking. Clearly you are quite the scholar and know how to learn from history.
    Thank you.

    Three points, I’d like to add:

    1) During the biggest growth period of Scn — the 70s — we had checks and balances.
    LRH set up the GO to work independent of management. Yes, it had its bad hats like Duke Snider, Henning Heldt and others who went to jail for their deeds, but as a whole it kept management in check.

    LRH relayed on the GO to handle finances and they did make orgs solvent.

    LRH relayed on the GO to ensure there was no embezzlement and no inurement by the likes of king miscavige.

    LRH entrusted the GO to create fully manned HCOs so standard Ethics and Justice would be applied throughout the world. As you will remember, in the early 70s LRH gave the GO the task of delivering the original HEJSC and they did. Staff from all over the world trained at Saint Hill for that purpose.

    And LRH also made it mandatory that the entire GO, each and every staff, do the complete Data Series Evaluators Course. LRH sent his own Mission to Saint Hill and the entire GO practically shut down, working only 5 hours a day and studying the rest, for some three months in late 73, so that every staff member and ever executive would get through the entire DSEC. There was no other organization on the planet then which had so many DSEC specialist and there is not one now.

    And, as you will remember also since you were there, evaluation was done constantly in the GO from 1973 forward until king miscavige dismantled itin 83. No key program and no key strategy got approved that was not based on an evaluation.

    No wonder then that dear leader’s first order of business in 1982 was the dismantling of this independent organization. In 1982 the GO was well on its way to correct itself. The bad hats were gone, the good guys were in charge and the off policy writings were cancelled.

    An eval done in July 82 gave a clear outline on how to complete this reform. But dear leader would never approve it and instead used the Finance policy and the Aznarans to destroy it. (And of course when the Aznarans had served their purpose dear leader of course destroyed them. They still do not dare to say a word in public.)

    And yes — if memory serves me right , Mike Rinder opposed that unevaluated destruction of this powerful independent organization and he went to the RPF for it for almost a year. After all, Mike was on that first Mission to GO WW in early 81, which was based on an eval, and he saw first hand what a reformed, on policy GO was capable of doing.

    2) Back to your history analysis. One of the first things the colonialists did was to give themselves a form of governance. No group can survive without at least a semblance of governance to provide cohesion.

    Thomas Paine writes in his first chapter of “Common Sense” how some people have confused society with government: “Society in every state is a blessing, but government in its best state is but a necessary evil….” He then goes on to analyze this “necessary evil” — government — and what elements of it should form the basis on an organization for freeminded people to survive against the king and his redcoats.

    In my humble opinion, the Independent Field at this moment is only a society of free beings and therein lays its weakness. It lacks any form of governing instrument and without that it will not survive in the long run. It can not achieve its aims and will not overcome the tight-fisted, tyrannical abuses of “dear leader” unless it adopts some form of organization. Without that basic organization there is no real alternative group, which on-source Scientologists can change over to. Right now, despite all of dear leaders abuses and all the gold and best scotch in his palaces, one can still get standard Scientology in some Missions and most Orgs. Many prefer that to the alternative of being underground. And yes, I am one of them who makes compromises and chooses this semblance of safety by sitting in a local Msn and Org in order to study LRH.

    3) Finally a thought of what everyone can and should do immediately in order to improve conditions :

    If, on an immediate basis, all staff and public would actually practice KSW and never evefr follow any order that is not 100% backed by written LRH policy we would have instant reform.

    Thanks again for listening and for all your efforts Hayden.

  15. I agree with the OT Group governing of Scientology. I myself proposed similar system earlier. The irony of the present situation and I just mention this as you uttered the word “monarch”, that LRH himself said that a goverment system of a kind of monarchy would be the best political form. Now we’ve all got it…
    At the same place he told that democracy of even Clears would not work well.
    Unfortunatelly, I’ve read it a long time ago and I do not know the reference. To quickly find the correct references the digitalization of all LRH materials would be necessary.
    But I want to clear the following: Recently I’ve had discoveries regarding many of the sources of Dianetics and Scientology. I am shocked that LRH did not revealed his sources. It is really discrediting and I am not anymore so excited for these subjects as I was earlier.
    However in any circumstances the Subject of Scientology would need to be carefully examined and certain parts revised if necessary—of course by well trained and well processed persons with record of long standing good-will acitvity.
    I find this last thing necessary in regard of the present situation. How could it be developed and supported by public Scientologists, staff members, SO members, OTs, well trained personnels worldwide. This is clear evidence that there are great faults in the system.
    If I examine what Scientology is capable of —and beleive me I know it is capable of causing many good things— the most obvious thing that it is heading to is to form a uniformized partially, brainwashed army of businessman-like people. I really miss the spirituality of this subject which calls itself a religion is supposed to have. Spirituality is more than a Christian mock-up of Sunday service, priest uniform and cross symbol… which on the other hand tells a lot of it’s Trojan nature…

  16. Carol Kramer

    Haydn you laid it out beautifully. For those sitting on the fence, it will not change. The more power flown to the existing evil the more it continues. It is truly up to the people to demand change.

  17. Freedom Fighter

    Haydn, you, like your namesake, are a very wise man. This is definitely key to adopting firm policy that prevents the fiasco that is Miscavology from ever happening again.

  18. Bravo, Haydn! Thomas Paine could not have stated it more eloquently.

    As a “nation” of Scientologists, i.e. those who study and apply standard LRH Technology, we have never before experience organizational tyranny.

    Certainly a Declaration of Independence is strategically necessary. However, per policy, it is “correct estimation of effort” that will determine a workable solution.

    War was required to FORCE the tyranny from American shores. Repeatedly.

    Shortly after the victory of Americans over the British tyrant, Krazy King George, the French (without whom we would not have won the war) experienced their own Revolution. Though they succeeded in removing the suppressive aristocracy, they gave themselves over to a greater tyrant: Napoleon Bonaparte. They finally had to arrest him and forcibly remove him too.

    The similarities in physical appearance, behavior, rise to power and self-appointed Monarchy of Miscavige are frightening similar to those of Napoleon himself!

    Listen to the end of the second half of PDC Lecure # 50:

    In 1952 LRH observed that there are “more important beings” than you’ll find in MEST bodies, like Napoleon and Hannibal. What ever happened to them? They’re leaning up against a tomb stone somewhere. You can tell them where to go or what to do. I often do myself. —

    I find it highly interesting that Miscavage is a virtual carbon copy of Napoleon. Knowing what we know about Suppressive Persons, we know that they DO NOT make case gain. They DO NOT examine themselves. The DO NOT reform themselves.

    There is only one course of action that is workable at this time. Remove the crown from the head of the self-appointed emperor!

    LRH Admin, Ethics and Tech provide every single bit of know-how we need to create a sustainable Org Board. But we must first remove the illegal tyrant. There is no such thing as an “Emperor” in Scientology Admin Policy.

    So, let’s call it what it is: Out-Tech!

  19. Wow Haydn!!

    That was a work of art!

    I like everything you said here. We must declare our Independance and choke off the Tyrant.

    This will make a good article to enlighten the Fear-bots.


  20. Happy Birthday Hayden!

    You are a man of keen insight and profound intelligence. I enjoyed your post as I find the truth exhilarating.
    Wise men have understood that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” History is replete with examples of men gone mad with power. Philosophers have eschewed power for this very reason and admonished others to live thier lives on the “great middle path”.
    What is truly ironic is that Scientology technology has already produced ethical beings who could and would wield power toward increased survival on all dynamics. They however, have been degraded and declared as unfit by the most deranged despot on the planet.

    I am in complete agreement with you on setting up a new management structure where no single being can ever rise to singular domminance. The only being I will ever trust to have power over others is the one who does not seek it.
    I think I can speak for all independants when I say thank you for all that you do in support of the truth.
    Brad Hagemo

  21. FACTOID; (From
    There are 147,500 stories in the google news box this morning related to “law” while there were only 9 hits for the phrase “common sense.”

    Surely this is not what Mr. Paine had in mind!

    A little off this topic, but what’s happening about Heber? Is this being organised by anyone?

    Oddly enough Hemet keeps popping into the headlines recently. Lot’s of what used to be upmarket gated communities that have now become “gated ghettos.”

    From the story;,0,5081601.story

    A Riverside County task force arrested 23 people Tuesday after serving search warrants at dozens of locations as part of an investigation into attacks by a suspected white supremacist group against Hemet police, according to law enforcement authorities.
    Has that entire area gone PTS?

  22. Michael,

    I think you are correct. I think Miscavige’s position is utterly untenable in part because he has made it that way and partly because of the array of talent now lined up against not the church, not Scientology, not Scientologists but just him with his long list of crimes and abuses.

  23. “Transparency” before the world is the only thing that will effectively take out Miscavige, dis-mantle the folks directly below him (the CNN cruel-valence, ex-wife, Norm Starkey types we saw on Anderson Cooper…….sorry, but it’s true…..those full-grown, intelligent men and women have decided to let themselves become robotic, propitiative, disrespectful monsters……and they continue in that vein as you read this), and get the people of earth to trust the word “Scientology” enough to actually be willing to take a personality test ever again.

    What we probably aren’t confronting fully yet is the fact that Miscavige has ruined the names “Scientology”, “Dianetics”, “L. Ron Hubbard”, “E-Meter”, “Tom Cruise”, “OT”, “Clear”, etc, etc, etc, permanently in the eyes of the non-Scientology world. To be clear…that is my own humble opinion. If anybody has happier advice for me, I don’t have a problem being wrong. In fact, I welcome it. I’d like to think that I AM wrong.

    And….wasn’t that Miscavige’s goal all along? To destroy the possibility of people ever getting to a higher state of existence? While at the same time making himself powerful and rich?

    He is a Suppressive Person. One didn’t have to personally meet him to know that. One simply had to walk into the local Org or Mission to know that something was pretty darned totalitarian, forceful and unrelentingly expensive (IAS, Idle Orgs, Library Campaign, Sec Checking, un-affordable intensives, etc). Not to mention the propitiative, sort of “crushed” look in so many sets of eyes.

    Guys like Marty, Haydn, et al, will not be taking over what’s left of any “church”. They will be freeing up the ability for mankind to use the philosophy around the globe, freely and legally, for all time, up the track. I am glad they are doing it. And they absolutely should be doing it, as should we all, if we are to have any semblence of a good and smooth future for ourselves.

    I don’t think that the “church” will be fixing itself and booming after the fall of Miscavige and his minions.



    It has and will continue to change everything about life as we know it. Any kid in school can look up the OT levels on the net now. Any thetan who sees the Xenu data, or something similar, is most likely going to simply laugh, roll their eyes and know that they will never be part of something like that. Especially if it costs money or requires one to sign contracts, etc.

    I’m not normally this opinionated in my comm but some local recent experiences with my “church” have left a sour taste in my mouth and I guess that what I’m doing is taking a good hard look at my average, successful friend in the non-Scientology, business world. When my average friend sees the stuff on the internet about Scientology, the reaction is generally “Dude, c’mon…’re way too smart to fall for this shit.” I’ve dealt with that one many times. Seems to me that it is the norm. And I can understand why.

    And so, the reason I’m an Indie is to simply help free up the tech so that anyone can audit, recieve auditing, study, supervise, etc, across the globe for all time. A secondary reason is to stop the current and all future forms of human rights violations, brain-washing and abuse. Not to re-establish the nightmarish mess called the “Church of Scientology”.

    I just don’t think that that’s going to happen once real transparency has occurred. IMHO.

    And if the church did manage to somehow re-establish itself, would you re-join?

  24. Great article, Haydn, brilliant analysis of the problems of Church governance. The argument that “exposing internal crimes would harm the church” was the one used by the Catholic Church for years as a justification for covering up priest abuse. In the end it was the cover-up itself that weakened the church. It is abuse and lies that weaken a church. Covering them up further weakens it. One answer in the case of the Catholic Church was more lay oversight, and I think if the C of S survives, it will need some sort of a lay oversight committee to prevent excesses like this from ever happening again.

    It could be said that the only checks and balances the C of S has these days are the checks you have to write and the balances you have to pay.

  25. Theo Sismanides

    MSH’s legacy, well thought off and well written. I fully agree with you, glad you are here and commented about the Independents.

    One thing maybe for me to say is that a full knowledge of the Org Board of Scientology might provide the solution to Governing Scientology and many organizations anywhere. It’s all contained in there. It just has to be known, and by known I don’t just mean “oh, yes I “know” the org board” but really known and applied.

  26. Haydn,

    Remarkable! Engaging!

  27. MSH’s Legacy,

    Thanks, I was unaware of the GO Eval you describe or had forgotten. I do remember scampering around in the early 80s salavaging all the GO terminals I physically could while Miscavige’s cut a swath through them. And I think it ironic that it was predominently exGO staff, now unsung heroes that backed up Marty and Mike so well and helped them achieve the big IRS win for which Miscavige so shamelessly hogged the limelight.

    I don’t think a person can go wrong with keeping Scientology working but I think more has to be done. I have detailed knowledge of what’s going on at FSO and the LRH law that if it’s out at Flag you can be certain it is out further afield (paraphrased) tells me I can’t accept that all is A OK out in the field, in fact I know its not. I am in comm with people from around the globe and the evidence of the trickle down effect of Miscavige’s policies is overwhelming — everything from crazy regging to blatent out-tech.

    I don’t think I’m alone when I say that far more has to be done. The LRH phrase” “There’s the cancer, burn it out” is brought to mind.

  28. crashing upwards

    MSH’s Legacy, I felt it unfair that you would label 2 specific individuals as “bad hats” as if they were acting on their own when the GO became entangled in breaking the law. I can only guess at your reason for doing so. To do it under the name of MSH’s Legacy is particularly odd if you truly are familiar with those times and events. I do not consider them or MSH to be a “bad hat”.

    I am all for naming names when you want to validate or commend. But to tarnish anyone by name, as you have anonymously done, struck me as being uncalled for.

    I am not beating any drum for Duke Snyder or Henning Heldt. But I am sure their efforts and service on staff produced much they can be proud of and their years of service were dedicated to following command Intention, as were the years put in by your namesake.

    Frankly I cannot say if your intention is to uplift or darken MSH’s legacy. Perhaps you have a secret agenda. Those of us who spent years on staff in Scientology have come to suspect motives in so many actions, and trust has been something sorely abused.
    That whole chapter you write about is alien to the Philosophy of Scientology. But my opinion is that it was not the work of certain “bad hats” but dedicated staff following approved programs based on paranoia. Everything was done off of a program and all programs were approved uplines. Just as the policies followed today are not based on the philosophy of scientology. But they still follow approved programs just as that OSA third party program targetting Russian Independents was such a great example .

    But I agree with you on Mike Rinder. Mike is exceptional
    I think the group’s goals here are best served by staying on the high road. As LRH said in recalling that old parable: “there is enough good in the worst of us, and enough bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to speak ill of the rest of us”.

    And personally, I would welcome those individuals you named to the Independent field. Perhaps they are already among us. They were extremely smart and dedicated men.
    That same spirit that motivated GO members to safeguard scientology would certainly be rekindled by todays circumstances and events. And there is nothing like rekindling a failed purpose.

    And Haydn, incredible job. Lucid. Lucid. Lucid. Totally applicable to the situation at hand and so very useful going forward. Thanks.

  29. I’m with you Old Cuff!

  30. Haydn, everything you wrote or quoted resonated as truth. In addition, all the posters who commented on your post are so intellegent. Far and away above the average person. What a joy and pleasure to read what each of you write.
    What has had me wondering is this….I have read articles, posts, heard what has been said on television by the current COS members. Did all the intelligence just get up and leave with each independent who has left the Church? Or, is reciting the DM party line dumbing them down? I’m not trying to be funny here. This is an honest observation by moi.

  31. Theo Sismanides

    Happy Birthday Haydn from me too!

    And thank you for this very well thought off and well written essay on the subject of tyranny and government.

    You move onto what needs to be done and this is important as we need to put into action some things and move on.

    I also wrote it above on my reply to MSH’s legacy that we can form an organization with the purpose to promote Scientology as Independents as we are handling the tyrant.

    That can be a 21 Org Board Organization and people can take various hats on it.

    I do not know who has a full knowledge of putting together such an org board and divisions and departments but I am sure we can do that.

    Now the org board is one thing we can agree upon and take it from there. Someone can be appointed as the top guy and he can have 3 execs on the 3 divisions under him/her.

    Hats can be assigned. In this way people can do that along with their jobs from their homes. It can be actions from promoting good things happening in the field to putting in ethics on Miscavige actually pushing to get him out of the way.

    It can be done, the org board is a basic platform on which things flow easier, and people who don’t know the org board can have data on it and understand it.

    It’s just that the top guys should be aware of its value and promote it no matter what.

    We should even organize some Webinars and people can speak there and we can do that frequently. I attended one webinar recently. Someone who wants to take over communications can be hatted on that. And we can have webinars! Talk to each other or web conferences etc. Focus on some action and follow it.

    I believe that we have the power to do it. All that is needed is to form that organization one way or another. Even here we have some kind of organization. All that is needed is to follow one which provenly has worked. Even in the face of tyranny if people would immediately attack the perpetrator of a crime, that organization would be working like a clock. And that should be done before the guy moves to the top of the org board.

  32. Haydn, Or should I call you Mr. Paine. I love
    Thomas Paine and ‘Common Sense’. You are
    a great writer and lay it all out so well. I for
    one am getting my gun ready and jumping
    out of the hay at a moments notice. Thank you
    for this post, it was increadible! VWD, MLV

  33. The main site is closed but files never die on the interwebs. I hate asking what abreviations mean so mostly I go on a google hunt when needed.

    Abreviation found.

    HEJSC, Hubbard Ethics/Justice Specialist
    Course. (SO ED 296 Int)

  34. One more point I’d like to make is that, while Marty, et al, are using the media quite brilliantly right now, to take down DM, don’t be fooled. The media are not our friends. They are merely a tool we are using to take down the ugliness.

    LRH wrote some bitter things about the Merchants of Chaos. He meant it. He warned us about them. And for good reason.

    The minute any reformation in the church of Scientology did occur, the media (CNN, FOX, BBC, St. Pete Times, etc), would be on the attack in a new unit of time, so fast it would make your head spin.

    Do not think for one second that they wouldn’t.

    And, in conjunction with the relatively new, ultimate power tool known as the Internet, they would be relentlessly successful in putting a cold hard stop to a reformed Scientology once the world witnesses the fall of the Miscavige regime (IMHO). It’s a FAR different world than it was thirty years ago. The media are now GIANTS compared to LRH’s time.

    For the media relies upon “chaos”. Any group coming along and making people happier, less violent, less corrupt…..well……that takes away the ratings for CNN. Translation: Scientology, working properly, is the end of a journalist’s paycheck. Period. It doesn’t matter if he’s a thorough, hard-working journalist either. LRH wrote what he wrote about the media and I see evidence of his accuracy every day, splashed across newspapers, TV and my monitor screen. The media are not our friends in any way, shape or form.

    Why do I bring these points up? To remind people of the true definition of “Independence”. I’ve cleared it and if you have not, you should as well. If I’m going to call myself an Indie, I’d better know exactly what I’m talking about.

    My goal is to free-up the philosophy (from a legal standpoint), world-wide. And secondarily, to stop the abuse.

    In my humble opinion, in today’s Internet-media savvy world, it is a far better, far more realistic goal than to re-establish any “church”.

    Again, that’s strictly my own observation and I sincerely welcome any advice or differing views.

    I love to learn that I’m wrong because it helps me grow and obtain new viewpoints.

    So…..let’s support the media blitz for now, as it’s helping with the task at hand (DM), but let’s realize exactly how fragile and temporary the relationship is between Indie’s and the media.

    And let’s begin seeing what we really intend for the future. For our own, personal future. Our kid’s future. Does it include an organized religion? Does it include going up the Bridge?

    Take a look at what you want for your future. You’ll most likely see that this Independent movement is brilliant the way it is, the major needed improvement being that we do indeed succeed in freeing-up the tech!

  35. As always GREAT post, Haydn!

    “….nothing can settle our affairs so expeditiously as an open and determined declaration for independence.”

    Amen to that.

  36. Marcy,

    I truly believe that those misguided souls defending Miscavige (TV appearances, some OSA staff etc.) have fully bought his Wrong Target Defense to the point that they feel they are doing the greater good, they actually think they are defending Scientology by denying and covering up his cimes (make no mistake there is no doubt they know the crimes exist). And I would think there is also extreme duress applied to them to make sure they stay in that frame of mind. When the duress comes off and you are away from DM’s influence it’s much easier to see that exposure of his crimes would help save Scn not the other way round.

    I know there are other factors at work too — some of the defenders have themselves committed a great many offences on behalf of Miscavige over the years and that tends to prevent good sense — but I believe the above paragraph sums it up the best.

  37. Hear, hear! Let more ears listen, more eyes see. Never again Tyranny.

  38. Haydn, really enjoyed your article. If the current COS members were to read this article, it would definitely show them the hard truth of what is wrong with their Idle Orgs.

    I guess that is why they are forbidden to view the internet or told to disconnect from those who hold other views.

    I agree with IDLE ORG’s comments…..the INTERNET is the game changer on how the tech can be delivered. Just having access to Marty’s and others blogs can bring about case change by exposing the lies and pointing out the truths. Image being able to have access to the entire LRH library and being able to download them for a reasonable fee.

    The potential is limitless on how we can use these tools.

  39. Idle Org ,

    Nope, not today I wouldn’t, not on a bet. Quick, fast, reorganization? Nope, I’m not interested. Real change of deep organizational culture is a fairly long, gradient process in the best of organizations. For this monolith? I dunno if it’s possible at all.

  40. I just loved this article by Haydn!!

    Many have commented here (and on other sites), that the independent movement doesn’t have an organization and needs one. OR because it doesn’t have an organization it can’t flourish. Or because it doesn’t have an organization that is why it can flourish.

    It think all are true and none are true (oh noooo the endless Buddhist conundrums being battered about 🙂

    Mainly I think the timing is wrong now for organization.

    Right now — that are very real buildings. These require an organization. The current one — is a mess and must go.

    Who will replace it? Don’t know … but surely LRHs wish for OTs to run scientology is a great start. Highly trained, auditing, ethical etc.

    But — I’m ahead of myself.

    Recently, a 6.8 earthquake rocked my world. Media says it’s in China but make no mistake it was in Tibet.

    The monastery that my teacher Sakyong Mipham has been rebuilding since it’s destruction in 1956, by the Chinese, was 45 miles away.

    It was spared. But another monastery — was in the epicenter and utterly destroyed at the loss of life of 45 monks, many others injured. All the buildings of the monastery were destroyed. The village was destroyed. This is the village you might see on TV. The monks are from all over, streaming in to help.

    It was the monastery of Trangu Rinpoche, that was destroyed. I read his books almost daily. I’ve never met him but he has very very close ties to my buddhist community and many of my friends have studied with him.

    I was surprised by what he had to say about rebuilding:

    “The way that the lineage can continue from generation to generation is to have a good, stable outer environment.

    When there is the external environment of a monastery with a shrine, retreat center, monastic college, then due to that place, the Sangha (community), great lamas and great meditators might pass away but the continuity of their activity will remain present there.”

    Until I read this I was all for keeping the indie movement formless, without a structure.

    No longer; HOWEVER, I don’t believe the timing is right to form a structure.

    Not yet.

    dm has yet to be removed and sent off to figure out his life; along with those who might go with him.

    AND — we must never forget that LRH always said the door must be kept opened a crack —

    And IF Rwanda can allow those perpetrators of the genocide to re-enter society through their truth and reconciliation process, prison time and then community rebuilding … we should be looking to this in the future as well. (IMHO)

    We have a huge task in front of us. But, I never thought it was going to be easy and doubtfully neither did any of you, I’m guessin’

    Sorry to take up so much space — but it’s Haydn’s fault 🙂
    he’s essay just inspired me!!


  41. You can’t be a monster and a robot at the same time.

    The monster has cause over its actions , The robot is operated.

  42. Thank you. Appreciate the link too.

  43. Thanks a lot and happy birthday! Thanks also for one more “words gun” which can be use to enlight others, scientologists or not. Free thought is the best weapon and you are a great knight of the Free Thought League !

  44. Word of mouth through tech quality would create a boom regardless of the internet or people’s opinion of management. HCO PL QUALITY COUNTS is right. It doesn’t matter what people think, they’ll magically show up if people have interest in auditing and training and prices are brought down. Even now if you really wanted to in the church you could get a bunch of raw public to a dianetics seminar and some would stay.

  45. I wont comment on your post Haydn, as it speaks for itself.

    However, I will say that the wisdom displayed in the replies by all the people here is evidence that the independent field of Scientology is where the elite Scientologists will end up, and we will carry the tourch for LRH. I do feel very strongly that as our numbers grow, the mission of Scientology will be carried out, notwithstanding Mestsavage’s userpation of the Church.

    All we have to do is practice what LRH teaches us, as we see fit in each of our lives. The rest will take care of itself.


  46. Idle Org — re: journalists.

    I absolutely agree HOWEVER, my wish is that chaos will NOT be what interests people … in the future. That is WHY they deal in chaos — it’s because that is what sells (in the past) newspapers, and now media ratings.

    BUT — that presupposes that FOREVER mankind is going to be below 2.0 — and I’m wishing that this will not be the case.

    Won’t happen overnight — but it will happen that someday EXCITING UPBEAT news is what will sell and what will inspire others.

    You know — it’s all about those tuning forks — the lead tuning fork, gets about the next 5 forks to vibrate … with a high enough vibration — even the worst journalist at the END of the line — will start to vibrate.

    Don’t despair. Keep your sights high.

    But, I think warnings such as you’ve given are vital too — always important to know thine enemy 🙂


  47. Cat Daddy,

    Good point about monsters and robots! My bad.

  48. Wise bhikkhu, you nailed it 🙂

  49. WH,

    Sorry to hear of the destruction in Tibet.

    One thing struck me above all else while doing the research for this article — how the Indies (and others seeking change within Scientology) are working in the high toned group form of NEAR COOPERATIVE STATE. Another was how this group of people so clearly influence each other to keep the work free of negative feelings like revenge while re-inforcing such feelings as forgiveness and understanding within the group.

    OSA plants have furiously tried to infiltrate and find out “the set up”, “the strategy”, “the organizational structure”, “program”, “plan” you name it. And they can’t fathom that it is simply like minded people working together with a goal in mind, doing what needs to be done.
    I think the idea of such a state has long since passed off their radar.

    I think you are right, for now all we need is to keep rolling, but with more people leaving their fields between planting and harvest times to “fight the good fight” and that’s all we need. And I know a number are already on their way but it’s a true case of the more the merrier.

  50. Yes lets have no media at all, that certainly is better.

    Let’s have one state run newspaper and call it Pravda

  51. crashing upwards

    Idle Org, you make a lot of good points. I would like to add a few thoughts.
    Not all media is bad or would be against us. There is the “yellow journalism” LRH refers to which uses the blood,sex,controversy, violence scales to place articles, etc. But there are also regular media outlets from which you have little or nothing to fear if you keep your nose clean. I dont see the Lutherans or Episcopaleans or Amish getting their asses handed to themselves on a regular basis. The media will find something to talk about but that doesnt mean it has to be scientology once it cleans up its act.

    But on the point of organization, there certainly is some safety from systemic abuse in a loosely organized and decentralized system.
    Freemasonry is a good example. No International Headquarters, or even national ones. Each State is its own authority and answers to no one above it. There are national groups of freemasons and they exist for different things, but the teachings and the legal charters are all state to state and they vary, state to state. The freemasons take their media hits due to secrecy, but they get their share of kudos due to the actual good charitable works they do. Its more than lip service or front groups. My point is you can have organization, but keep it small and keep it from answering to a central authority. Give me squirrels over police any day.

  52. My only objection is that all that need to happen is cut the head off and let there be a balance again.

    The last LRH knew, there were checks and balances, and later on COB needed to use power of personality and false charges from 86′-90′ to take out how many sovereign “heads of state” over the various networks providing checks and balances? 10 or 20? It can always happen again even if the system was improved a bit, I say just live with it. Consolidated power is a natural law Jefferson worked with which can’t be gotten around, but if Jefferson knew his system would keep producing abler people in bigger numbers, he would have had reason for real hope that the change is permanent. He only gave his system 100 years. But that’s because he was facing the reality of political science.

    The rationale is probably that we need another network to keep an IG function reigned in, and that the difference now would be this new one is now aware with the knowledge of recent event. But every Scientologists would be fully aware of recent events, and a newly re-formed GO taking the place of OSA would be fully aware too.
    Publishing DM’S comm-ev F&R’s in an SO ED will ensure no one forgets.

    A formal church ratified new org creating a new part of the International org board which LRH didn’t create is a significant precedent. Putting back in place what’s worked before isn’t doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. It’s not doing the same thing over, the new factor is the knowledge of what’s happened with DM so it’s not the same thing.

    I think it’s better to keep the policing committee informal and external and not acknowledged by the church like we have now. It could even be external and organized but to have the Church ratify it formally is dangerous. What about the next generation who sees the precedent we set and decides LRH didn’t have enough foresight for their crisis too?

    Another factor is it’s like the engine didn’t quite start on it’s own and it started to turn over but shut down again. When Scientology gets to a certain point of hatting and case gain, the chances of this happening again go down tremendously, and they keep going down the more Class 8’s and the more FEBC’s and OTs are made. Keep in mind this was the first round post-LRH and there was lots of confusion and cancelling of the Loyal officer policy was gotten away with etc., so the scene was primed for a dictator stable datum. Number of times over in practice too equals certainty and results.

    So if we can have a relatively temporary fix and get the engine running on it’s own and added to that people have read the SO ED, that’s pretty solid. A committee that agrees to disband itself after a year to restructure back to an LRH org board is a middle ground. I think this “no big changes” viewpoint is shared by a lot of people and lots have Haydn’s so there can be a middle ground.

    Also, following Div 6 policies, let the missions and field auditors do what they want and that sets up autonomy automatically. So any future tampering with that policy would be a big red flag that’d be watched for by many. If missions don’t want to flow people up to higher orgs then so what? Make more missions and the same small 15% flow upwards is more people now. The more standard Flag is, the better the flow from missions. Some of the bigger missions can decide to become orgs to deliver more services and get reigned in that way. And use PR and not force to get missions to flow.


    Many great men think a benign monarch is the best form of government including LRH. Even Thomas Paine acknowledged this. But as he points out, the problem is what happens after the period of good fortune ends and the crazy son takes over, followed by his inept offspring etc.

    So, I say that after the death of the great and benign monarch, if people don’t like what comes next (prince or in our case pretender) they are just going to have to take some responsibility and change things for the better …

  54. Lifes where crushed. And in the end all that money begotten by that “IRS win” ‘never helped anybody.

  55. Haydn, Excellent post! I hope you are enjoying a very Happy Birthday! Jan

  56. Actually I was a bit strict, It is certainly a big tangly mess to figure out where the self ends and the indoctrination begins.

    But in any case I would call somebody taking pleasure in the suffering of others a monster.

    And by suffering I do not mean hurt feelings.

  57. Concerned Citizen

    On the most deranged despot on the planet. I disagree, he does have competition, Kim Jong Ill is giving Miscavige a run for his money, but this does not stop him from trying his best to surpas him.

  58. Thank you Haydn for the Thomas paine reference in your well put togeter piece and I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

    “Power to the people “

  59. This is more like it!

  60. MSH's legacy


    Short and VERY much to the point!
    Very well d said.

    Yes — KSW, honestly applying that to the best of our knowledge and ability — that is the solution.

    And it contains in it the answer to the timeless question: “What would LRH do?”

  61. Happy Birthday Haydn.

    Beautiful post. Thank you!

    I would just like to add something to the otherwise perfect summation of the current scene in the church:

    “I say that it is because he has had Scientology tech at his disposal all these years that his means (abuse of Scientology and abuses perpetrated in the name of Scientology) have been all the more unnecessary and inexcusable.”

    To me it is charitable to say that DMs means are unnecessary and inexcusable. DMs twisted campaign has relied upon a deliberate and calculated use of reverse Scientology to damage and cripple.
    Witness the use of PTS/SP tech and Black PR tech to attack and harm. These technologies were developed for use in the PROTECTION of Scientologists and were not meant to be used as a WEAPON to destroy.

    DM has had the technology of Scientology at his disposal. And what did he do with this incredible opportunity? Knowingly reversed the tech to further his own (psychotic) ends while destroying the lives of people LRH loved and cared about so very much.

    I’m sure LRH would be spitting mad. As am I.

  62. WH,

    Very good points! I, too, hope that in the future, mankind will come uptone. I’m normally not “serious” on my posts because I love the feedom here to be oneself.

    I’m just making sure I don’t withhold my views and at the same time, I love getting feedback from all these wise and good thetans who have been wronged but are fighting back. 🙂

  63. Crashing Upwards,

    Very good points indeed on the media!

    Not all are bad. I probably should’ve mentioned that.

    I definitely learn from posting and from reading the feedback.


  64. Yes, very nice comm, clean and precise.
    Happy Birthday and many more!
    I have a question, is any, all part, or of the data at sc-irs-ology correct?

  65. As a former member of the media, in a very minor role, I have to agree that “it” runs on its own motivations, not ours. Its portrayal of truth, its accuracy, mostly depends on the intelligence and good will of its members. Some have agendas, some strive to operate as close to an ideal as possible.

    But to function close to any ideal, it needs to be free. Completely.

    It also needs a discerning audience, and that is the part of the equation people outside it can affect. “They” (reporters, editors etc) love letters, feedback. The more intelligent the better. They write (or produce) to their perceived audience.

    Also we get what we accept, as consumers we are responsible for seeing that the product meets our needs, either by patronizing it or not, or by believing it or not.

    Accurate, insightful journalism is a positive factor in the freedoms of this country. Much of it seems to have migrated to the web.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Dave, Advertisting dollars have a gigantic effect on corporate media.

  67. Marty,

    You nailed it. “Advertising dollars have a gigantic effect on corporate media.”

    One example that comes immediately to mind is Big Pharma.

    I’m sure Matt Lauer is a nice guy but that doesn’t stop the vested interests who run the show from putting psych drugs in the commercials.

  68. Freedom Fighter

    “It makes me wonder if an assemblage of pivotal beings from the era of the American Revolution have not returned.”

    Michael, I’ve wondered this myself and not just because of what’s happening with the Church.

  69. MSH’s Legacy

    Right now, despite all of dear leaders abuses and all the gold and best scotch in his palaces, one can still get standard Scientology in some Missions and most Orgs.

    I disagree.

    The very cause and why of so many people leaving orgs is This: because one cannot get standard Scientology in orgs and missions.

    The abomination altered OT TR O alone is enough cause for disavowment. It’s like demolishing the runway and airplane needs for total lift.

    Add to that all the other out tech, from eval, inval, C/Sing from the reg chair …

    So if your argument is to save the Church — I define a Church as a holy, sacred place, where the spirit finds sanctuary and help.

    Anyone walking into Co$ is on a treadmill to the reg and a system entrenched to fill the coffers and keep the scotch supply full. Of course there are some wins a long the way. Every fishhook has a shiny fly, and you gotta keep the fish engaged or they won’t take the final bite. and there is *some* Scientology going on — but is it good enough to know it’s being abused for another agenda?

    The current “Church” is not Scientology, nor is it a church.

    I do agree that Action needs to be taken. Hayden has written a brilliant overview, and cited examples from which we can draw and learn as well.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Another recent example is corporate Miscavology.

  71. martyrathbun09

    you are becoming more veritas every day.

  72. Haydn

    Thank you for that. I am of like mind and consider this the best format, so far presented, to consider. I am certainly opposed to any continuation of a system whereby a single person has ultimate power holding the reins of the organization.


  73. These are good points to ponder.

    The top priority is already happening:
    ✩ Scientology is available and being delivered in the field around the world.

    ✩ the public is comprehending the nature of the rift as the Miscavage-PR fueled confusion campaigned unravels:
    1) DM and the “Church” are not Scientology (neither is Tom Cruise)
    2) People with complaints are not attacking the philosophy, exactly the opposite, they are demanding its proper application and preservation from a profit-seeking corrupt entity that usurped it.

    Third is at hand. ✩ Independents train, receive auditing and deliver. Bring up your families, friends and community. Let’s free and spread some theta.

    There needs to be some kind of protection and organization, though I have no conclusive thoughts about what it would look like.

    Could DM be ousted and a Mission of OTs be sent into the existing structure to clean it up?
    Then what about all the books and materials that have been altered? and the newbies who have been weaned on Miscavology?

    There may be more than one solution and avenue to pave on how to proceed.

    And proceeding we are and will continue to do, with top priorities happily, joyfully, productively underway.

  74. WH Thank you for sharing your and your teachers’ wisdom. Rings truth!

    I didn’t know about Tibet and send condolences with hope for peace on the loss.

  75. Hayden, Excellent article!! A Call to Arms! (tone arms;-)

  76. David Lacroix

    For the record MSH’s Legacy:
    1. I loved and respected MSH and hold her on a very high pedestal for her courage and leadership during some very difficult times.
    2. Having known both of the people you singled out…one better than the other, I must come to their defense. Those times, situations and pressures cannot be easily understood for the vast majority of current public. I’d be delighted to hear either or both were part of the Indie culture and if not, I tip my hat to them for their efforts and contributions.
    Some of us, maybe all of us, certainly myself included are learning/re-learning the meaning of “granting of beingness”. Personally, I have been discovering the more distance I get from Corporate Scientology, the nicer I get.
    3. I once read an “advice” by LRH (while working on a project for the GO) where he commended the GO with words to the effect of it being the most effective group ever in history.
    This was mid 70’s.
    4. The history of the GO will have to be re-written in a post DM world and your knowledge of it is very important and I hope you contribute more stories and insights about that time period. Especially MSH’s role and work. Would love to hear it!
    5. Re: Haydn’s essay on restructuring…I feel the SO must be disbanded. I know this is blasphemy to most but I feel strongly that it is the admin “why”. It enforces its members into a condition of confusion by cutting them off from the world at large, is a bloated bureaucracy, arrogant and on and on. Mostly it has proven to be corruptible and beyond trust or redemption.
    David LaCroix

  77. Haydn,

    You’re right.

  78. Another fantastic and spot-on article, Haydn! I couldn’t agree more that a representative management, with built in checks and balances, is needed as part of the (re)formation of any future Church of Scientology. And having a body of OTs selecting the leadership I believe is also the way to go. Add to that financial transparency and accountability, and I think we’d be well on our way.

  79. I do believe they have elements of truth there, but imho, they make an unwarranted leap into conspiracy theory that I don’t believe is there.

    But the CIA sponsorship of SRI (which studied OT abilities in the 1970s/1980s with Scientology OTs) is true. The untimely death of Pat Price, however, being a “black job operation” by the CIA is likely a stretch. And the control over CST by the US gov, imho, is a complete fabrication.

    Bottom line, Miscavige pulls the strings on the CST, RTC and CSI, and well-seasoned tax experts (non-Scientologists) provide a “US tax only” check+balance as part of the Board of CST to ensure that the CST/RTC/CSI are not breaking any tax laws.

  80. one of those who see

    Haydn, Happy Birthday!! and Thank you so much for this Very Important post. I will probably write some more comments as I am reading it slowly bit by bit. It is SO Great.
    I was briefly on staff and have been mostly a public. So, my knowlege of the Sea Org Org Board is very limited.

    My first question is: Did LRH put in place Checks and Balances so that a madman couldn’t get this much power??? And if so, how did it get unmocked. In otherwords would standard Admin. have prevented this?

    I’ve read a few of the replies here too and there is mention of the GO and WDC. But it is confusing to me.

    Marty can probably answer this too.

    I bet lots of Scientologists like me started searching on the internet when everyone (Ray, Heber, Norman etc..) seemed to disappear and suddenly we had a KING!


  81. one of those who see

    “No, I say that if Scientology is ever going to help this planet, if it is ever going to be taken seriously then it must act in a manner befitting its technology — its people must use and demonstrate the highest levels of understanding. We must be and should be the greatest proponents of the universal solvent this planet has ever seen. ”

    Exactly, Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Idle Org is 100% spot on.

    Vaughn Young called the Internet “Scientology’s Vietnam”.

    The war it could never win.

  83. Amen, Veritas. As usual, so eloquently stated.

    MSH’s Legacy, I have NO idea who you are but you are obviously someone quite immune to the “regular” treatment of parishioners in the current CofM today. Because if you can go on course and study LRH materials in a Mission or Org today. and not be aware of the complete OPPOSITE occurring in real time in the org, well, you are in quite a bubble. I suspect you are considered a “celebrity” of some kind so are at this point being “spared” the sharp edge of evil of this organization. I mean, how else could you write what you did?

    So take a look outside that bubble and come to PT. The scene is obscene. I was sickened every time I had to go on course to study my “basics”. What I experienced and observed was the exact opposite to LRH’s words and what was real and wanted by me. It gave me somatics to experience this!! I found it revolting. The org was NOT a safe space and the actual scene is a COMPLETE INVERSION of LRH philosophy.

    So how about you take another look and comment back?

  84. one of those who see

    Haydn, I wish I could go to whereever you are and give you a giant hug. Finished reading. Will be printing this out. Then reading everyone’s comments. Absolutely fantastic.

    With thinking people like Haydn and Marty and everyone here I am past being hopeful that all will be ok. I am absolutely sure they one and all will be able to make it to full OT.

    I feel, once again like that kid who read DMSMH and found true friends at a Mission and knew a dream could come true.

    Marty, you are causing vast and wonderful effects by doing what you are doing. Thank you!

  85. I think she likes you. 🙂

  86. I really wan to meet you – CD, you are one astute fellow!

  87. Titus Andronicus

    Thanks. Gorgeous, gutsy and fully inspriring, Hadyn. I am quite sure that Thomas Paine would be proud.

    Btw and really just a point of conversation and palaver, yes, Paine was indeed an Englishman, but he wrote “Common Sense” whilst living here in the Colonies — written and published in Philadelphia.

    The only place he ever held property was in the Province of New Jersey – Bordentown, to be precise. Thus, he has a special place in the hearts of we New Jerseyans who have studied up on our American Revolution personalities.

    Thanks for the righteous diary, once again.

  88. Here is a 100,000 foot from a critic who would like to see the Independents win their battle with DM.

    1. Continue to conduct asymmetrical internet warfare in which you expose DM and his Shadowmen. DM cannot fight the internet.

    2. 3C’s: Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

    3. Do not give any money or power to CoS so long as DM is in power. Simply refuse to donate any money.

    4. Be unreasonable. Here is the radical, necessary action right now: The Independents need to protest in front of the Orgs. It works. If you thought COB was rattled by Anonymous showing up in front of the Orgs, just wait until he sees former SO, OT’s, auditors, and publics protesting. Do it. Pick a Saturday once a month and show up to protest globally. DM has never once dared to show his face at a protest.

    5. Show up at Int Base and protest. This is the where DM and OSA are most afraid of protesters.

    6. You can live outside of CoS. Don’t be afraid.
    Don’t give DM or CoS anything.

    7. If you are peaceful, no one cares what you believe. There is a right way to communicate about one’s religious beliefs and you guys just don’t get it yet.

    8. To be self-determined means that you determine for yourself what you will do.

    9. Stop being afraid.

    10. LRH would not put up with DM and CoS in PT. Why are you?


  89. Depends on the company, I worked for a rather idealistic newspaper chain with a firm wall in place between editorial and advertising. At that company there was NO breach of the wall.

    The journalistic integrity of the various media varies all the way down to puff editorial coverage as the whole newshole and only for advertisers.

    This is something that consumers of media should be aware of and support the outlets with integrity and shun the pay for coverage, pseudo journalists.

    Yes, money talks. But if money is the prime motivation, you know your dealing with whores.

  90. Veritas I also fully agree. I recently spoke with two people who found it impossible to get standard tech in lower echelons. One saw the local mission disintegrate, then went to an org and received a squirrel handling. Then went to an idle org and got even worse tech. ~ Steve

  91. Very well stated, Haydn. I am glad such thoughtful people are confronting this subject, how to govern the church, because the current system isn’t enough.

    Checking back through history to see what works is a good start.

  92. Sam, you have this great ability to call it what it IS, and manifest the correct emotion!
    My screen needs cleaning….

  93. Concerned Citizen

    Thanks Hyden for such a wonderful treatise.
    I feel that the amount of wisdom shared by your post and the resulting comments is worthy of a book, it is a legacy for future generations.

    I have a different take on the subject of organization. I pondered this at length and I came to the realization that simplicity is always the key. We are organized, actually, better organized than the Corporate Church, or any business around for that matter, we are organized in the same fashion the Swiss Army is organized. It is not a standing army, it does not have a stock pile of weapons or a nuclear arsenal, but every citizen has a HAT and wears it well.

    We, we are an org board, we are the product of the philosophical machine called the ORG BOARD. We all wear a HAT, and if each of us looks at what we are doing in the field, you’ll find it fits somewhere in the org board. One of the things the brick and mortar obsession misses is the fact that the Org Board is primarily a function operation. And all functions are covered. You don’t believe me? Pick a function in the basic org board and look at the independent filed. It is there and the HAT is being worn by somebody.

    Someone mentioned an LRH reference on optimum governments. I love that Reference. In it LRH describes the most optimum form of government not as benign monarchy, but as a society of OTs in full collaboration. The benign monarchy would be the next best thing in an world with no OTs.

    Now I always marvel at the complexities people insistently attach to the concept of OTs. It was a concept I understood perfectly form the first time I heard it, crystal clear to me, it is NOT someone capable of levitation, (Not saying it can or cannot be done, just that levitation is NOT the point) or whatever other supernatural things people look for in an OT. (these people so miss the point) It is in fact as simple as its definition – CAUSE over mest and in life .

    And we as a group are cause. We are OTs. Look at us, we survived the most gruesome suppression and came out the other end able and willing. And slowly but surely we figuered out our HATS and we wear them.

    We are as OT as we are competent and look at the accomplishments of this group, look at its character. We don’t need any further organization than the one we have, a huge mistake would be to overlook the fact that right here right now in this group we have the most optimum form of governance according to that LRH ref. Loagn if you can name it I’d so apreciate it.

    Too many people get stuck in the parameters of pre-described utopias, instead of seeing the possibilities, the opportunities to create new realities. LRH policy will work in the hands of clean hand OTs, folks that is us.

    Are we ever going to have the “perfect machine that makes no errors and has no variables”
    No , anyone who ever promised perfection was seeking to imprison, because perfection is objective, it implys an absolute, it is unattainable for a group in this universe.

    Simply because life is infinite variables and possibilities. To seek “perfection” is to dispose of variables, and so it is to contradict the very essence of life.

    No, we will have trouble, problems, situations, life, with all it’s unpredictability, but we OTs can and do face it, handle it and survive in it, furthermore we learn and evolve and create realities, possibilities. Theta Mest Theory. With LRH’s legacy we have ALL THE ORGANIZATION WE NEED. We are organized, superbly and so we progress. cheers

    Happy Birthday Mr James. I hope it is the best one yet.

  94. becomingAware


    Articulate as always. You have cut to the bottom line and clearly bring to an understanding where the Church is on the tone scale.

  95. “The minute any reformation in the church of Scientology did occur, the media (CNN, FOX, BBC, St. Pete Times, etc), would be on the attack in a new unit of time, so fast it would make your head spin.”

    Sorry, but I cannot agree with this. If there was real reform and transparency in the CofS, there would hardly be a cause for media attacks and even if the media attacked it would not have the slightest effect on a group that truly reformed.

  96. “I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.” -Bob Dylan

    Haydn, you are a hero.


  97. You are correct Concerned Citizen. DM does have some stiff competition in the deranged despot race. I gave him the nod however, as he has raised the stakes by declaring war on the 7th Dynamic.

  98. Haydn,

    First, thank you for thinking about this subject and communicating your thoughts so artfully.

    When exploring new models, it may also be useful to recall that some of history’s most successful revolutionists and reformers turned their back on old institutions. Instead, they created new countries and founded new churches.

    Last night I had a long dinner with an OT7 friend who’s still in the Church. He is constantly stalked by registrars from Flag and his local org to purchase additional services, donate money and make other contributions. However, he will not resign because Church-allied friends and family who depend on him would suffer if they were forced to disconnect from him.

    He told me some very specific stories about current conditions at his local org—the cruel behavior of its execs, the deadness of the joint, the jackbootedness of missionaires who prowl around, and the org’s own jackbooted suppression of nearby missions because they compete for pcs and revenue. His stories do not describe an org that offers even a “semblance of safety” (claimed by MSH’s Legacy above).

    The few people still hanging out there are “good Scientologists.” We would recognize them as people who for a long time have been unable to observe a bloody thing unless it was first identified and labeled by their handlers. Ironically, the only thing left of my friend’s old org that seems salvageable is its real estate.

    My friend is now accessing any and all information on the Internet he can find. By his statement last night he will never do another CoS service. He will never contribute another cent to the Church’s survival. Despite suffering horrid C/S’ing, auditing and ethics abuses, he says the jury is still out on how he feels about Scientology technology. At this point, however, he says he is done.

    Admittedly, sorting all this out takes most people a long time as they compare long-treasured realities with new, alarming ones and then iteratively reassess and reconcile their reactions. But if Idle Org posed the question above to my friend tonight, “If the church did manage to somehow re-establish itself, would you re-join?” I’m sure my friend would not say no. He would say, “Hell, no!”

    Just Me

  99. Concerned Citizen

    By the way, by a diferent take on Organization, I mean a dfierent take from the demands to get a leadre and asociate legally, etc, etc, not from Hyden’s post and it’s ideas.

  100. CC,
    The reference is in this thread, the scale of groups. It’s above, from An Essay On Management.

  101. Haydn, really enjoyed reading your essay! It’s an excellent topic to get the ole “wheels” a turnin (if I can just keep them turnin in one direction for a bit). 🙂 And, if your essay wasn’t enough to get things moving, there’s this incredible assembly of thought proboking comments just tossing more fuel on an already blazing fire. It’s wonderful! I’ll be back this weekend (provided it rains) to comment more.

  102. nonscientologist

    Reading the comments here I am struck by the theme of what one does with the reminants of an organization thoughly corrupted by DM.

    Lets suppose for the sake of argument that DM died tonight after one of his cases of scotch fell on him. (in all likelyhood he’ll probably survive at least another 20-25 years) would organized scientology be able to re-organize itself?

    The answer is probably not. What would happen is a replay of the last succession in which a small number of executives would fight to gain control over the lawyers, money, and corporate structure. If it took say Marty over three years to decompress from the church and learn a new management style, then the people near the top of the organization would probably not change their ways at all, and would imitate the ruling style of DM. You would have mini-Miscavages all competing for control.

    Nope, better to rebuild an organization from scratch on the outside.

    I would only suggest that you look how various religions in the American context, have attempted to address the conflict between centralized control, and individual autonomy among their various churches.

    The Southern Baptists, Mormans, and Episcopalians all have different answers to this question. What I am sensing is there needs to be some centralization of tech, while individual practicioners and missions are not micro managed by a large beauracracy, which serves as a tool, for whoever won the most ruthless scientologist award.

  103. Concerned Citizen

    And I meant Perfection isn’t objective, in the original post. (My typo)

  104. EXILO,

    I should explain further. In my view, if DM goes down, it won’t be without a big fight. The media will publicize said fight across the globe because this is the religion of major movie stars, etc, so it’s “interesting” to the public.

    Well, now that the internet is here and has all the negative data out there about LRH, etc, I would guess that in the minds of many, there will be identification: LRH equals DM equals Tom Cruise equals Scientology equals abuse and corruption, etc. I don’t think that will go away anytime soon.

    The media has us on their radar as a potential high-ratings prospect. Tragically, we now have the OT levels on the net, with all the secret data to “make fun of”. Identification: Xenu equals body thetans equals Scientology, etc. All of it on DM’s watch.

    The only reason the media are working with Indie’s right now is because we are coming at them with “chaos”. What I mean is, they are indeed running stories of physical abuse, most likely because it will get them ratings. I don’t get that the media care one way or another about the survival of the tech based upon what I’ve seen thus far. I do get that, for them, it’s purely their bottom line. And, knowing this, we can indeed utilize them to help depose DM. I fully support it. But deposing DM means deposing all who stand by him. A big, messy task. It could very likely also mean lengthy investigations by the “authorities”. And if even half of what Marty says is true (and I believe him totally at this point), said transparency will not exactly look too good for a long time in the eyes of the world. Or the justice systems of the world, for that matter.

    So….thanks to DM, the word “Scientology” is a ticket to good ratings in the eyes of the media. And a standing joke in the eyes of the world.

    Others on this site have mentioned certain polls that showed Scientology is massively unpopular. I don’t recall who said so but I believe even the CNN show had overwhelming feedback that the church is a mess.

    I doubt that the general public can or will differentiate much at all here. Nor the media.

    To be crude, if Enron re-established itself under all new management, would anyone actually invest? The media would have a field day on that one.

    Just my opinion.

  105. Concerned Citizen

    Thank you sir.

  106. Concerned Citizen

    You make a good point, It is the subject he betrays that makes his crime so much more unpardonable.

  107. OnceUponaTime,
    You reminded me of the time in 1981 that I had put on a SEF event in Boston. I hired costumes for Heber and Freddie (Ulan), there was someone else that I don’t recall who. Anyway, they were booked into a hotel just a block or so from the event hotel. So, they walked down the streets of Boston in full Patriot garb. Anyone who knows either Heber or Freddie, could guess what happened. A crowd started to follow them down the street, so Heber spoke to them and said there was something very important about to happen that night. When they got to the steps of the event hotel, Heber stood on the steps and gave an impromptu speech about freedom, responsibility and how religious freedom was being attacked. The crowd went wild and some, on their own, gave money for SEF, not a lot but it was the principle. Heber and Freddie were cheered into the hotel and the crowd shouted encouragements in support of their fight for religious freedom. I was not a witness, but as Heber and Freddie had to debrief we heard their versions and the versions of some parishioners and Boston Org staff who were there.

    The idea of freedom is such a powerful idea, that no matter what freedom is being fought for, there will always be those who will support it, simply because of the power of the idea.


  108. John Nunez

    Yours is a very good idea, about the Comm Ev. I think that is what we are doing, informally. When it’s done there will be something to publish, formally. Won’t that be a hoot?!


  109. Moving Forward


    Wonderful article and this is all very spot on — especially your points above on the reason why people are going along with covering up the crimes: they feel they are protecting Scientology and have been duped into believing that Scientology must be protected at all costs. This is the big lie. The abuses, the lies and the crimes are what is destroying Scientology and covering all of this up only more so.

    There are also many who wouldn’t believe that DM is committing all of these crimes, he has positioned himself so effectively as the closest thing to Source that Scientology now has. I think that the more his crimes are exposed, the more Scientologists will hear about it, investigate even just to ‘DA’ and then be able to put 2 and 2 together, recognizing DM and his minions as the real cause of the crush regging, stagnant or shrinking orgs, perversion of tech, etc.

    As an aside, I just got a piece of promo today proclaiming boldly that ‘Super Power is closer than ever!!!!’ and that cracked me up.

  110. PlanetaryClearing

    Haydn, thanks for this fantastic piece. You are right LRH is not here to put it right and we have to do it ourselves. Why not just forget about the CofS – why keep writing about it – why keep seemingly trying to handle it – that game is really over isn’t it? It no longer represents Scientology so what do you want from the CofS? Do they hold some technology that is needed for independents to go up the bridge? If there is some law being broken by members of the CofS that is for the citizen to report to the law but this going on and on about DM just feeds the monster. My suggestion is just forget about him unless he gets in your or a friend way up the bridge (and the friend agrees he is in the way of that). If the CofS just goes broke and all assets sold off to pay for legal expenses etc that would be a good result and if it doesnt they dont really compete for results with the independent movement and really are just a dog barking at the wheels as we rush by. In my opinion (not forgetting “opinions are like arseholes; everyones got one”) the financial assets of the CofS is all entheta and needs to be competelely redistributed ie; laundered.

  111. Concerned Citizen

    Totally off topic, but this is my one comm line:

    The last 3 articles at Scientology-cult (this one included) just blew me away. I mean life changing. Cognition after cognition, view point shifts the works.

    My favorite was the yuear in review one, it really unlocked something for me, but the other 2 are just so powerful. I somehow can never get a post to actually get sent to Scientlogy-cult
    ( my server’s fault, not Steve’s) but he is brilliant.
    So I just wanted to acknowledge him. If you have not read them yet, they are pure theta, they are so good.
    My very first stable datum after loosing the floor under my feet, was the Leaving Scientology’s web site with it’s way to happyness
    solution, from there my views have changed, my cogs just keep coming, my shackels shatered, thanks to Marty and the entire memebrship of these groups.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  112. You know, Exilo, that’s a good point you make. The media does bite and thrives on sensationalizing conflict for ratings, but there are some intelligent and aware journalists out there, some of whom might be thrilled and even enjoy Scientology if they knew what it was (definitely not what’s being touted out DMs Glutomus Maximus).

  113. Moving Forward

    I believe that there will always be a formed organization (or organizations) of Scientology and there will be those who would want to be a part of that and those who would want to remain independent. I don’t see one necessarily needing to negate the other.

    The organization clearly *needs* thorough reformation and I took this article as a look at what would constitute a workable reform.

    As for the media and attacks, in my experience, almost all of the ‘media attacks’ have been self-inflicted by the corruption of Scientology. Certainly you would have some sensationalistic types, but standard application of Scientology would honestly render them null. If the stories aren’t true, they wouldn’t have bite.

  114. War and Peace

    Haydn said ::::::

    Scientology’s executive (management), its legislative machinery (policy and decision making) and its judiciary (Scientology’s ethics and justice system)

    Very perceptive and astute observation. There is no such thing as removal from post by Comm Ev only even though it is policy.

    One glare from DM and you are off post. It is willy nilly, spur of the moment “mood” of DM that dictates whether you have a post or not. He has become the Judiciary and over rides all green on white by his whim and fancy.

    Until I came out of the SO into the wog world ~~ I did know how 3ds with a common goal conducted themselves. I only knew the SO.

    Businesses, especially great and reputable companies WANT longevity of the staff member. They WANT stability. They want on-going production and growth. You do not have to fear hat knock off or removal from post in the business world.

    DM created a culture of fear. There is no guarantee as he walks through any Church facility that you will hold that post tomorrow.

    And while on the subject of comparisons, the insanity of tempers, beatings, spitting on, smashing against walls and using vile and vulgar language is a speciality of INT BASE.

    It does NOT occur in Wog Companies. DM has tried to put down business outside the SO, while sorry to say, the actual Insane Asylum is his turf of the INT BASE.

    Super post Haydn.
    T. Paine helped me enormously make my transition, I read every single one of the essays.

  115. Theo Sismanides

    Idle Org, I agree with you and your viewpoint on the media and what we do about the future of Scientology and going up the Bridge.

    Here in Europe there is now just one auditor who has gone around a bit and audits people. That’s out of his volition to help people.

    But he is already a bit overwhelmed. When he came to Athens and audited us on the lowest part of the Bridge I had many wins. I could control myself a bit. LOL ! That’s the bridge. But that took my initiative to tell him to go around and audit people and get money. And some new people showed up here and we all made it happen.

    Imagine now if we had an organized thing happening and other auditors could follow that example. On an organized basis.

    And many more things. I hate to repeat myself but I will be repeating that the org board is not just an admin exercise. The reference is Org Board and Livingness.

    Now it’s a waste of time and resources to not do something with that. One becomes effective when he aligns resources towards a wanted target. We don’t have to sign a billion year contract, we just have to ask them “do you want to help?”

    On top of that there are so many things happening in the world that it’s not a joke anymore. We live in a mad world, which gets worse and worse.

    We should face our responsibilities besides the church and move ahead as Scientologists ourselves to take responsibility for many things that are happening. DM is one of them, we should unfix our attention from that by organizing our resources. By organizing we will be able to handle DM, too.

    An executive routes. DM as a problem can be handled by Marty, Mike and others but at the same time several tasks re many things can be routed to other terminals to handle.

    For example, we can have a Webinar or a web conference.

    I disagree that the Internet is Scientology’s Vietnam. It is the church’s Vietnam and any church’s which is acting that way. We can take advantage of the Internet. If it wasn’t for the Internet there would be no Independent Field.

    All we have to do is put some policy there and a lot of policy exists. But we should have some policy re the Internet and some meetings and do things coordinatedly.

  116. Lady Lancelot

    Brilliant. And thank you for pointing out the obvious. The way the Church is being run is UnAmerican. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave; free speech and god help us, free thought. We are not boot lickers. This is not a lock step nation. We believe in elections and throwing the bums out if they don’t do a good job. That’s how things work in America. This fascist crap has got to go.

  117. Theo Sismanides

    I think we are getting to the core of things now. It’s inevitable. How is Scientology, real Scientology going to continue?

    Written words are not sometimes easy to convey one’s ideas. You need sometimes that LIVE communication.

    This is why I said we need those WEBINARS or WEB CONFERENCES.

    We can speak our minds on such platforms.

    I disagree that more organization is going to take away the spirit we now have.

    Those on top in an organization should definitely understand that Function monitors Structure. If they don’t, we get DMs.

    The only lightness of organization I know is the 7 Divisions. Crystal Clear! 7, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

    Like a clock. Something flows on those divisions. Coming in from 6 and going into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and again to 6 with 7 overseeing, setting policy, making sure policy is followed.

    That by no means, does it mean that 7 is MEAN. Div 7 is not like DM is running the church. LRH was a true 7. He made everything possible by being a true 7. He didn’t have to jump into 4 to audit, not even into 5 to qualify the product. He would trust people and assign them hats. And he would keep the Source post and write any corrections or new policies.

    This is 7. 7 is not bullying staff or super-organizing and getting people to attend musters.

    7 is getting Crystal Clear goals that are worth following. And pointing out Dangers that need to be handled. And amassing resources by its brilliance and worthwhilenss of the Cause.

    7 is not brutal. It’s benign and benevolent leadership. It’s what Marty and others do here.

    But even Marty and others here, wish they could have some help and that’s when 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 come in. It’s not because one has to have soldiers and troops. They are called resources and they are aligned towards a worthwhile goal set up by 7.

    People who are not up to 7 yet, do not belong there because they cannot see things. Recognition of a condition, which is Department 1 is a requisite for an executive. People below 7 cannot recognize a condition. This is why they have to be told where to look by 7.

    7 is light but still brilliant and shiny and people tend to come under it on their own.

    7 is not a tyranny and the Org Board is not an admin exercise.

    I am not protesting by repeating myself, I am just pointing out that we might just begin to look at the pieces of the bigger picture which is the org board.

    I am glad we are opening up, even under such circumstances, matters of organization. Organizing is not bad, it got a bad name by so many less brilliant managers going around in organizations and playing it to be the top dogs without being able to perform the rest of the functions and thus having no understanding and no sympathy for the problems those posts and functions may be running into.

    As a matter of fact we are ALL an org board and do perform its functions from the moment we wake up in the morning.

    My intention is not to create another tyranny by saying we should organize.

    My intention is to say “hey, can we arrange a web conference?” and someone who is knowledgeable in this arranges it and we discuss LIVE, which by the way, would be very interesting.

    Other goals can be set up and followed.

    Thank you.

  118. David – re: the SO — rather than disband it – restructure it.

    The billion year contract wasn’t LRH idea but rather the idea of those on the ship with him at the time … it was a surprise and a gift to show dedication and loyalty. It became something different.

    There is nothing inherently wrong about doing volunteer church service – many young Mormons go off for missionary work after high school. The land centers (retreat centers) in my buddhist tradition are manned by people under contract for 2 years, renewable.

    BUT — if it is felt that someone is hiding out from the world, they are encouraged not to renew and face the world.

    Also — IF they decide that they just don’t like it — breaking a contract is as simple as a conversation with the director, and leaving. No stigma. And no payback of services.

    Volunteer staff is also a great money saver — duh — but it became oppressive.

    In any case, the SO as it stands isn’t good. It’s enforced servitude AKA slavery.

    Dedication for billion(s) of lifetimes to the service of mankind — is what is called a bodhisattva — it is a calling deep in ones soul.

    Doesn’t need a contract 🙂


  119. On the media: it isn’t journalists who are “bad” — it is the fact that the media is OWNED by “the cartel” (bankers etc)

    Note the fact that two wonderful people I respect on this board – Haydn and Veritas didn’t know that the recent earthquake in “China” — was ACTUALLY IN TIBET.

    WHY? Because the media wouldn’t DARE call it Tibet — the boundary lines have been redrawn and that area is now CHINA. Look at any modern globe, atlas. There is no TIBET — just China … autonomous region.

    So — the correct target IMHO isn’t the journalist per se but his network, owned and operating and dictated to by the cartel.

    But that is a story for another time. (LRH talked about the handful of people running the planet — it hasn’t changed).


  120. Yes we could have alternate saturdays and cover more of the month. Anons and exes and the next saturday Freezoners and Independents.

  121. Dear haydn, thanks for your reflection.
    I agree with you although I think that the question “what happens after the period of good fortune ends” explains why benign monarch is not a good idea at all. Or the benign “monarcher”, the ruler must elect a board (before his gone) to the ruler position.
    There are some truths which we do not say if we are wise. For example we do not say “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics is to kill one person if necessary for a new medicine if that medicine helps to cure thousands.” Like something similar written in the ethics book. Why? Because we can easily see that these kind of statements even if they are true, a bit later can lead to extreme cruelty. The really wise men in history, the really wise religious leaders like the Dalai Lama for example would not say things like this or would phrase similar thoughts with utmost caution. The same applies for the phrase “benign monarch”.
    The strange thing for me is the following: there is this system created by LRH. This system is capable to give intelligence, wisdom and a state never before thought of to be possible to attain for mankind. (And I really see the truth of it although it seems to be somehow limited in numbers – I think it may very well be not a walkable path for everyone.) Now, how could it be that there is not an org board or a firm policy devised by its founder for a group of OTs to operate the Church in cooperation? Even an org board is not necessary for this, only a policy wide known, stating that “after I’m gone give the powers to a committee of highly trained OTs.” If I would devise a system like this I even would not be afraid to give the power to those on the higher levels to change anything necessary in the future (except keep the original materials available and unchanged) to keep the system up to time and workable. If I really beleive in the workability of the system.
    I think Scientology has two faces. Scientology must preserve it’s good face and find good leaders not just for the sake of Scientology and Scientologists but for all mankind. What can we do in a drug free world if the thought police tells us what must we think of?
    Why did I say these? Because I think that you and the other independents are really brave and wise people. You quote the best LRH policies. It is true that a group of OTs must lead or even independent group of OTs if we want to be exclude any kind of future corruption. But what is also needed is to really find the real causes. Not just to blame one man for the present situation. This situation is backed up by Scientology itself and I do not mean the very nice Div 6 materials. If someone like LRH devises the infamous fair game policy than you can be sure there are more skeletons. And I am not sure there are no skeletons even in the 100 percent “standard tech”. Technology itself is a word for making machinery. Final product is certainly not a phrase one would use as an association to a living / spiritual being. So, take care my friends and beside practicing “standard tech” have an eye on / try to figure out the sources from where LRH the “source” lent. Just to really head to the right direction.

  122. Thank you Margaret

  123. I just want you all to know that I am truly awed by the courage and love that you show in these posts. I believe that the true American Revolution, the revolution of ideas, was over before any fighting began. It is the same here.
    I was suffering a profound loss over Scientology when I found the “Truth Rundown.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  124. Idle Org — excellent comments and points are well taken.

    However 🙂 — while the future is completely unknown to me regarding dm and the restructuring of scn; I am pretty certain that it will not play out the usual way. With a coup, or with lawsuits, jail time, media furor etc.

    That dm will at some point (sooner is better of course) lose his point of power, how — I just cannot predict.

    Since most of us believe in past lives — it’s pretty safe to say that based on his cruelty, lust for power and adoration and how this pattern of behavior is so deep – he will not change his ways (albeit superficially for only awhile) …

    No — I think he’ll go clandestinely with a core of like-minded cruel “friends” to live their days on the beaches of San Troupe — and plenty of money in their bank accounts –

    With quite the shore story to boot.

    It promises to be an interesting next few years!

    This independent movement will just continue to grow — new people will weigh in – and free theta will start making world wide changes.

    (btw — there are plenty of non-scn websites/boards all saying the same thing — the world is changing at a very HIGH level – (consciousness) — and the planet Gaia is ridding herself of negative energy — while higher forces (not on earth) are mitigating the effects of these natural disasters) … all very interesting and good food for thought)


  125. Idle Org,
    I agree with you that the media is the servant of its paymaster, but I also believe that there are people of good will in its ranks who do recognize the struggle between good and evil and wish to be on the side of good.
    As all Scientologists know, it is intention which preceedes communication. If the intention is to increase ARC then that is what will ocurr. DM is in agreement with the merchants of chaos in that if you appeal to the “bank” you can control individuals and aquire their money. If I may be so bold as to speak for other independants, I would say that we left the Cult of Miscavology because we reject such a low toned activity.

    I am reminded of a lecture by LRH where he refers to the activity of life as a “reach and withdraw”. We all reached for the C of S in order to learn and spread the truth. After getting hit with suppression we are now withdrawing with lessons learned.

    What we must not do is loose heart and allow DM to cut our reach to our fellow man. We can still stand for truth in ways big and small. If we all apply the simple but powerful tool of the ARC triangle we cannot help but increase understanding in those around us. As a group our influence will continue to expand and those of good nature will be drawn to the truth by whatever comm lines we choose to use.

    Flourish and prosper my friends.

  126. O my, Mary Jo, all your possitivism towards me has me lost for words for a substantial lenght of time. From what I have seen(in pictures) and red on Martys blog you are a pleasure to be around.

    Thanks and meeting you would be certainly a mind-blowing expierience not to mention the sheer fun of it.
    You certainly have radiant eyes in the pics.

    Residing in good old Holland, CD

  127. WH,

    God, I hope you are right! 🙂

  128. Cat Daddy, the Independents have enormous credibility. The Independents helped to pay for the Orgs; they might as well protest in front of them. One of the best YT videos ever is Tory (Bezazian) Christman protesting in front of thee Boston Org right after she blew in 2000. This is a stunning video. Watch how the Scientologists come out of the Org to try to handle Tory.
    Click “Dancing in Boston” on this webpage:

  129. Lulu Belle stated:

    “Idle Org is 100% spot on.
    Vaughn Young called the Internet “Scientology’s Vietnam”.
    The war it could never win.”

    Thanks Lulu Belle! Good point.

    I love this multiple viewpoint system Marty has created and offered to us. Even when some of us disagree on these posts, the only time it gets nasty is when an OSA Troll hops on board. The Indie’s are all quite civil to one another. Interesting to observe. I believe I’ve chosen the right group!

    Getting back to my points above, it’s all about Branding. What is branding? Well, Toyota just went through hell with all of the recent recalls for faulty gas pedals, etc. But, they will survive it in the end.


    Because they have had the best made, best reviewed automobiles on this planet, for decades. They have had a sterling reputation for a very long time. Their brand is up there in the stratosphere.

    For those who don’t know the crucial importance of branding, here it is in a nutshell:
    When you think “Michael Jordan” how does it make you feel? Most likely, you think “The best basket player of all time!” Instant respect.

    When you think “Enron” how does it sit with you? Insert answer here__________.

    That’s branding. It is an instantaneous smile or an instantaneous frown on your face. So….

    Scientology has, unfortunately, never had a chance to develop a long-term, awesome reputation (thanks to you know who). A good brand, that is. In fact, for a very long time, the brand has been a big negative. Many writers on this very site have made that point very clear.

    Since even before the inception of the internet, the religion’s major International stats have been falling and falling. That’s also been mentioned on this site by people far more qualified to speak on such things than myself.

    The Scientology brand is not only a sour note in the consciousness of the world, it never had a chance to shine in the first place. And Tom Cruise, under the influence of DM, isn’t helping. Speaking of brands….”Tom Cruise”. Think about what has happened to his brand since about 2005. Not good. He must be connected to an SP!

    Lulu Belle, quoting Robert Vaughn Young, is totally correct. The internet is Scientology’s Vietnam. The war it can never win.

    I think this boils down to a confront issue. An obnosis issue to see what is really there regarding the Scientology brand across the world. And the permanent negative data on the internet will never go away, it will only expand.

    When you have the Stephen Colbert show (massively popular Internationally), putting a photo of David Miscavige on the screen, and for the next 90 seconds, Colbert proceeds to threaten to sick Miscavige on the GOP to beat them up, it is safe to say that your brand is toast.

    If it weren’t true, none of us would be reading this website currently. We’d still be in the church.

    Oh boy, here I go opening Pandora’s Box. I welcome comments and feedback. I’ve learned a lot in the last 24 hours because I’ve been more outspoken than usual in that time. After this thread I’ll take a little breather.

    What I’d really like is to get feedback that offers up the best way to expand the Indie field, and never mind the “church”. To my knowledge, darn near all of us have left that brand.

    I hope my views are okay here, even if one finds disagreements.

    Thanks for listening. And please offer advice where you see fit. Unless you work for OSA!

    Thanks! 🙂

  130. Hello everybody,

    I can’t believe it. This blog is full of life, theta, energy, hope and enthusiasm.
    It’s Moving On Up a Little Higher continously.

    It’s seems that the whole intelligentsia of Scientology responded to the roll call.

    I would like to introduce some of my ideas to the cause.

    The most integer and intelligent people I have seen on the net, beside all of you, are ””. They don’t discuss, don’t go into H&R, but just tell what the facts are.
    They could found a foundation, that nobody could find out where it is or who is a member of it. Just “Fabian”.
    Their only duty would be to compare all the activities that comprise Scientology to source and give out their findings like they do it now. They would also evaluate new tech, new activities …. just anything. Their only power would be to show the facts and the truth and let the people decide what to do with it. Members of that foundation are chosen and nobody will know who they are.
    The Sea Org shouldn’t be disbanded but become fully independent and work on it’s assigned purpose and as soon it would go ashtray the foundation would report it to all Scientologists.
    The foundation would also without any H&R evaluate the qualities of services of organisations and individuals and very fast one would know who is delivering bad services or is out ethics.
    This plan would only function if the Internet stays as it is now. ” Free communication”.



  131. Its not onley the money It is alsoo the hardships. Exes have payed dearly too.

    thank you i have watched it several times.

    She even got a letter in 2009 asking her to come to the Org to do courses Haha.

  132. Idle Org, I sure like your brand

  133. Colbert sometimes puts anon insider jokes in his shows.

  134. Idle Org,

    Well said re. the branding. I learn a lot on this Blog.

    The C.O.S has become a normal,classical religion like the catholic church or others. It has Lrh as a God and DM as the first Saint and pope. It has many rituals that are nonsense and the newest generation of adherents believe in that stuff (get your Basics in by reading your next IAS status and you’ll be more successful in life) and I fear they can go along very long time with it.
    As any religion has that nonsense and always found a market for it. Religion has through history been used to control people, keep them ethical (in the early days the romans kept their ethics in fearing their gods), but also give them hope and so people accepted a very bad living situation while their leaders lived in the greatest luxus, but they hoped that one day they will achieve paradise…
    The C.O.S became exactly the same thing and the market exists for that kind of Religion.
    Slowly I start to think about to no more care about it but just apply the philosophy of Scientology, deliver better products go up the bridge, dissemante Scientology to society and mo more care about this religion it became.



  135. I was occupied watching clash of the Titans last night that I missed all this post. What would LRH do? good question Lady Siff.

  136. Watching Eyes

    After reading all these comments all I can say is that this is a wonderful group of people. People who are putting their lives back in order, reconnecting with long lost friends, helping others to cognite via their postings and finding out that it’s okay to have more than one nutso 3rd dynamic.

    Yes, there is life after DM!

  137. WH,

    I like your idea on restructuring the SO. Great examples of how this is done successfully with other religions.

  138. Michael, you make some great points!

  139. I knew you were one of the Minutemen!

    Haydn, I’ve always enjoyed your articles. This one is great!

  140. Concerned Citizen


    Today is earth day’s 40th anniversary. I thought I’d say something since LRH’s “Cry out” was written for and in support of Earth Day.
    You see, I think it is important to care for our 5th and 6th Dynamics. I think since LRH clearly and unmistakably expressed a concern for the lack of environmental care on earth. I understand and agree that politically, the issue might be high jacked, that dishonest people may be manipulating this movement. But to completely write off environmental issues as useless and even suppressive Fear-monging is not justified. ( Bruce Wiseman not withstanding)
    Whatever your view on the politics of environmental issues, and whether global warming or climate change are a hoax or not, is immaterial to the sound advice LRH gave in the way to happiness to care for and preserve our environment.
    A visit to Bangladesh, India or any other country where environmental awareness is lacking, will make it evident, that caring for and living in harmony with one’s environment is not just a good idea, but important for our continued survival, regardless of the validity of climate change.
    The 5th Dynamic is part of our life, our zone of responsibility. It is an area where we as an independent movement can improve conditions using our tech and knowledge.

    I bet this is another are where we shine, so for all independents and scientologist making a difference in this zone of responsibility, a BIG THUMS UP and Thank you.

  141. I have to say I had a number of dealings with Duke in the late 70s. I can only go on my personal experiences and refuse to form opinions based on anything else.

    To me Duke showed a great deal of sanity and decency coupled with an awful lot of class.

  142. Freedom Fighter


  143. Hyden

    Excellemt viewpoint and write-up!

    I summarize your post to be the idea of a creation of a stong “Qual” div.

    One thing, the “Near cooperative state” is attainable with the existing admin technology.

    The failures come from the anti-social “states of mind” and its effects.

    Remove this abberated mind and the “Near cooperative state” will naturally come into being.

    Training and Clearing in volume is my answer along with a mighty Qual.

  144. PlanetaryClearing, I see your point. The problem is that DM has already gotten in my way in about 6 seriously major ways and he has messed with and is still messing with many people I consider to be my friends.

    And in cowboy parlance: I’m not sure I want to leave a bushwhacker on my back trail.

    I think it would be folly to just ignore DM and go about our business. Believe me the concept of live and let live does not exist in his universe.

    DM has to go. What comes after that is subject to discussion.

  145. Haydn, I join the others in acknowledging your excellent analysis and thank you for doing it. I will try not to be redundant, and if so apologize, but I would like to add my observations:

    1.Checks and balances are imperative in sustaining a sel correcting organization or activity. You notice there is an executive, legislative and judicial system in place. The military is set up under the executive branch. The military itself does not hold equal or higher rank to the other entities.
    2. The sea org was designed behind militaristic form. I really don’t understand the promoted idea that it is a fraternity. Frankly there is nothing fraternal about it as far as I can see. But it has a Command structure and it rules by command and control. It is designed to “get the job done” or to fight the battle that needs to be fought. It is designed to barrel command intent through. It is designed to execute the orders of the commander. It is NOT designed to run and manage by democratic consensus. It thus is a powerful arm of any leader. After all -control the military and you pretty much can control a country.
    3. I believe the old GO was an integral element of the check and balance system. It held the hat of justice and ethics in a large way. Whatever black PR was levied against it as an operation or its staff, the facts were that it was a powerful group or highly intelligent, dedicated staff. they were NOT sea org but worked in tandem with the SO. It was an autonomous group – and because of that it held a certain tension line on management’s conduct. Part of it- not all- went off the rails. However, It could be fixed. It did not need to be disbanded. Why do I say this? Because when it was “disbanded” it really wasn’t-the re-org ultimately morphed into the GO under a different banner. Quite a few of the staff were made to join the SO (ordered or out and be grouped with all the out ethics creeps they were having to deal with!)to be in the new OSA which continues to act in the same Machivelian manner as did the GO operation back then. A rose is still a rose by any other name. However the dynamics significantly changed with the loss of autonomy as the staff were now indoctrinated into the same mindset within the same militaristic framework as the rest of management. When this happened, I believe the “checks and balances” fell apart. Part of their autonomy is that they administratively owed their allegiance to Mary Sue. She was their boss.
    4. With the loss of an autonomous watchdog organization in place, the domino effect took place of sweeping controls over any other individuals or units who asserted independence or posed a threat. I found it abhorrant what was done to Mary Sue. Jesse Prince covered this in detail in his tapes. I still have difficulty with the thought that there were SO execs who I admired and respected (albeit only a few) who were party to her denigration. Their conduct was reflective of the antithesis of The Responsibilities of Leaders, What is Greatness etc. In addition to the denigration and abandonment, there really was no more check and balance in effect.
    5. It is important that in any future re-org that this structure- as a NON-SO entity be implemented to restore checks and balances. There have to be non-SO entities in the mix to provide ck + balances. I am convinced it will never work without. There is just a different mindset with SO and non-SO staff members.
    6.The other area is the office of the IJC. Please correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the IJC the ultimate decision maker on justice matters? Why did it wind up in Snr HCO under the command of personnel who were obligated to comply with chain of commands that could pervert ethics and justice? How is the power of this post to be preserved and kept from perversion. I have personal experience of attempting to seek justice- following policy to the letter, only to see an IJC person abandon the power of his authority to comply with an illegal RTC order.
    7. It seems to me that the structure of Scn is weak. If one individual could bully so many strong persons into submission, it is not only because that person is so strong (an SP is only as strong as he is granted power to restimulate)- but because the system in some way is so deeply flawed as to allow such a person to gain that much control.
    8. You are so spot on with your obs; we had a “benign monarch”- I just don’t get how no succession plan was in place. It’s a basic for any leader! Either (a) he was so far gone he couldn’t think straight or (b) he had one and it was sabotaged thoroughly. I still have a problem with this whole overthrow business because how is it that someone like LRH who possessed such a keen power of observation and a profound knowledge of human behavior could not see what was going on and hence get ethics in on these messengers? I don’t get it. I just don’t. I mean all you had to do is OBSERVE DM and its not hard to see he’s not right….
    I guess that’s what’s been on my mind. Your article is so thought provoking and gets the “suppress” off and makes me think of more questions. A million thanks for sharing your views and for helping those like me look a little harder!

  146. Veritas, you mentioned an alteration of OT TRO, I haven’t heard this maybe I was trained an an altered version and didn’t know it. Can you let me know the alteration.


  147. Sarge,


    ARC 🙂

  148. Overdriver,
    If you look at the front of The Creation of Human Ability, LRH acknowledges a long list of men whose work he credits. Also around that time in a lecture entitled Scientology Its General Background he states that virtually all of the concepts and ideas in Scientology can be found in earlier works but that what Scientology is doing with them is new and how they are organized is new. The Cycle of Action he credits to the Vedic Hymns, confessional tech he acknowledges the Catholic church as predating his developments, the E-Meter he credits Volney Mathison and the list goes on and on. These are strewn throughout lectures mostly but they are there.

  149. Interesting article and it reminds me of the time in the early 90s when many base staff moved into the Vista Gardens apartment complex. Some knucklehead hung a Nazi flag from his porch as a greeting. Needless to say he soon moved out.

  150. Your sage wisdom that “One can still get standard Scientology in some Missions and most orgs” isn’t good enough. As of 1-2 yrs ago my attempt to get 4 new selectees at a Mission (supposedly one of the top Missions on the planet) fell flat in the water. All got turned off by mishandlings and no wish to continue services. It became one big stat push that chased them all away. The SO Recruiters predicting doom & gloom, the 5 calls a day from Bridge to donate to the Basics, ad infinitum, the Flag regges swooping down for the better quickie grades, the stat push to complete intro course so you can quickly get onto the next service w/o first seeing that one got the wins of existing service they were on. As an FSM I walked away with mud on my face, I felt like I had to handle these staff to wear their hats – not my hat to do that, in other words I could not rely on these terminals to get a product on my selectees. Isn’t that where it starts?!*&. It seems as if DM’s ugly claws infilitrated all the way to the bottom of the totem pole of the safe haven of a Mission, isn’t it safe anywhere?!)(*&

  151. On the question, what would LRH do? You’re right Theo.
    It’s 7,1,2,3,4,5,6.

    I can’t weigh in here, I don’t have the experience.

    I have good understanding of LRH. Although he mentioned the ideal; the Benevolent Monarch, in the same talk, al be it with some egotistical optimism, He did state the point “the only problem with a Benevolent Monarch is that you can’t take it out”. Thus not a popular choice.

    No question on that.

    Hayden is five years before his time, and not a second too late. Now, five year in Scientology speak, is a long long time. LRH perfected Doctorate Degrees in mind boggling speed just as it was, the Fool fucking with the pattern is beyond ignorant and arrogant.
    (in ten years, he might think of Shooting Himself, given his age and utter failer; in fifteen more from now, it will remain up to us. To make it go right.)

    So that’s how I see it; regardless of how out R that might be. I’m convinced DM is backed by what LRH knew as a Suppressive Government.
    So up the line not that much has changed, and NOT much is likely to change for the next five to fifteen years.

    Hence the workability of the Org Board, and Livingness. Or the potential and potent Vorg. (just coined: the Virtual Org board.) I see it speeding up. We have to do this, without permission.

    Back to basics, who governs this?? Do we really care? Not at all. And Hyden makes his point. For now, and then, it has to be similar to the confidence we have in many on-line Corps. Weather eBay or Google. The Vorg grows and grows, and I care not.

    My vote is Statistical. And unlike DM’s terror, I’m tired. My bed is three feet away from me, and I want to go to sleep. So I have to log off. Yup. That IS how it is. Fuck HIM.

    It is the Church who needs to conform to us! Not the other way around. Keep that in mind. Over the next five years, WE set the stage for Global Clearing. It will never be the other way around.
    In fact, LRH wanted this, he only missed this internet dream by about 15 years. The wealth of Scientology is in Delivery. Not Books and Tapes.
    They would all be free, if LRH had His way. Make them so.

    I hope i didn’t offend anyone; I don’t think well in the past, it’s certainly is relevant. Gosh…Where would we be with out Hyden and Mr. T Pain?

    My Hat is off to you. You’re well on your way.
    Remarkable essay. Remarkable gradient step.

    Let’s have it!

    Very much as Theo postulated.

    (off to dream, all I want…)

  152. Lise,
    I was referring to LO’s post about OT TRO being altered to TRO Being There (with eyes closed).

    Here’s LO’s experience post from a couple days back:

    Yesterday, I started with OT TRO with my wife. We started well, but after 10 minutes she interrupted me from time to time giving me a Flunk for different reaction. That was really strange. I asked myself what the hell are we doing ?

    I asked her for the reference about what she’s doing. She showed me the TRs that are described in the VM Handbook. She did it the right way as described in that book, but as I looked further at the Book I realized what we were doing was a new TR, I never did in Scientology.

    The TR that we were doing was called “TRO Be there” but with closed Eyes, and one student being the coach and the other one the student and the commands being “that’s it” and “Start”, no flunks (only in the next TR flunk is added as a command) with an example “that’s it you fell asleep, start !”

    We asked ourselves what that is and went into the attic where we found my beloved old VMs Handbook that is more than 30 years old. I was so happy I never threw those books away as many Scientologists did.

    In this book under chapter TRs were the original Reference about OT TRO, very short and precise (only about a 20% of text as compared to the new book) and it’s called OT (OperatingThetan) TRO, and not TRO Be There (with closed eyes).

    We couldn’t believe it. Omitting the word OT changes the drill totally and gives it a totally different purpose. We couldn’t believe it that we didn’t see those changes 6-7 years ago.

    My wife was shocked and we could understand why our kids and their friends didn’t have the expected wins.

    So we did then OT TRO – boy what a relief and the wins I had ! My Life changed quite after only an Hour, but we will continue. I never had so cheap wins ! I’ll do pro TRs without paying a cent !

    Master of Qual you should look at it and give out a warning.

    So 200’000 of VM’s worldwide did TRs without having done OTTRO as first step. I understand now that they don’t exist as they didn’t learn to be OT on OT TRO and so they are now “there” as I don’t know what but for sure not as OT or a thetan.

    My god the guy was so right, I was blind towards those little changes. It starts to make so much sense.

  153. Hayden;

    You’re a natural scholar and I loved your essay.
    I have been rolling your ideas around in my universe for two days now.

    Hayden, you’re spot on. This self imposed monarchy needs to be replaced by a democratic body of OT’s and I suspect the COS needs some kind of document like a constitution to insure the positive future of the church.

    There’s much work ahead, so I say this is the group to, “GET ‘ER DONE”.

  154. WH,
    Interesting about “the world changing at a very HIGH level…” In my recent experience, I”ve been exploring communication with beings living in the world of (theta? spirit? consciousness? take your pick) who are trying to help do just what you describe. They won’t reach into the trap, but they will communicate to and via those who have managed to put awareness outside this “universe.”
    Sounds absolutely mad, but what is is what is. And is it any more strange than auditing out a thetan stuck in the valence of a broken light bulb occupying your shoulder?

    Much love,


  155. For BLiP,
    I missed the Einstein v. Static episode but apropos to the discussion of Scn and Common Sense I’ll mention something.

    The Static is the viewpoint that Einstein’s Special Relativity (that’s the theory you refer to) discounts. In that theory all observers are part of the scene being observed. These viewpoints have relative views. The Static on the other hand is not part of the scene. It’s the viewpoint of dimension, not dimension.

    This concept, along with the meaning of ‘time’ as Einstein describes as ‘that which is measured by clocks’ (in the Special Theory the clock is a light pulse, constant and NOT relative to the one observing but the same for all viewers, in ‘motion’ or not, which term per the theory is also relative) are some of the issues that persist with that Special Theory.

    One day, hopefully, you’ll get exterior with full perception and can take another look at all that and maybe even add to the revolution of knowledge!

  156. Theo Sismanides

    Αntoine thanks for backing up the Org board. Actually you just renamed it V-Org, V as in vendetta, no I am just kidding. V meaning Virtual Org.

    I just happened to put the whole CF of ASHO in place (the old timers would know how it looked like, some thousands folders in very bad shape) just using the Org Board back in 1994. The CF missionaire Yolanda McGuire, a black lady just following orders, would come to me to say “file, you file, you are the CF officer” and I said “no, I am not going to die like those others CF officers we found their skeletons at the corner of ASHO CF”.

    Then John Axel came on a mission from FB and he named me the Founder of ASHO CF 7 Div Org B oard. We had an HCO recruiting volunteers. ED Int had issued an order that each volunteer who helped would get the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. The mission was accomplished by John Axel but WITH a 7 Div Org Board in place for the CF.

    Everybody here has to study Org Board and Livingness. It’s the departments that do the job, when you have the departmental functions in you go for broke as a business. We can do that easily.

    I feel it’s a waste of time to repeat myself.

    The only way people will mistrust the Independents or the Freezone or anyone, will be by our inability to apply more LRH and basic LRH that is. I am not re-inventing the wheel, guys. The Org Board works and I don’t have to say too much. If we are going to move along, each one is going to take some action. And it better be coordinated, thus the 7 Divs. Otherwise it’s just chit chat while OT TR0 has now become TR0 be there (with eyes closed) and more Idle Orgs are being built around the planet.

    There is a made up financial crisis out there. I am reading Robert Kiyosaki and for the first time I may start understanding a bit on finances.

    We have way too many more things to take responsibility for than just DM and his so called church and all the pawns in there.

    Rationality is the ability to recognize and meet the effort (counter-effort) applied to the invidivual.

    We live in a far more insane world than just DM. Look at how much has to be handled, thus the

    Virtual Org.

    I don’t know what is going to happen in the years to come. If we have policy we are going to make it. Otherwise we are going to vanish.

    I used to be a recruit in the Sea Org. I may now need to be in the place of a Captain.

    I will do it as long as we follow the rules of the game.

    Dozens of people are awaiting to take a post here Marty. I am one of them and I repeat I can take some more responsibility and organize things. I do not need someone to change my diapers now.

    A line needs to be set up whereby some order will be put into place. Like we organize a webinar and we are issuing a bulletin and we expect you to help us with this. Amazing how LRH would have such an amazing Admin. Admin, admin, admin is all we need now. We have the tech. Not an admin exercise but admin to put in place all the scattered resources and superior people that attend this forum. And get rolling on a given target. One at a time. And by the way, I think LRH had something else in him…. the ethics, to pull it off daily and work on it daily and built it.

    And he was the type of person who would ask, like he did with Sarge “Are you living, too?”. He was a hell of a man, we are many, we just need to put the rules of the game and follow them.

    Amazing how LRH did it. Amazing how much importance he paid to those HCO Policy Letters to provide a way for a group of people to work together with no conflict. Just amazing, how much he loved this game! Or wasn’t it just love but something else also?

    Boots in the sky applies.

  157. freespirit your essay about the nature of the Sea Org is sublime.

    With admiration, CD

  158. RIGHT ON, Hayden!


    Very well written, and thanks for sharing!

  159. Freespirit,

    I think your observations are very valid and in no way redundant.

    I’ve long since thought that the militaristic you-can-never-talk-back because its mutiny on the high seas apsect of the Sea Org was at odds with the basics of Scientology and even policy because that kind of attitude permeated even orders-query policy.

    On the other hand there is no doubt the Sea Org was a more effective group than Worldwide, the non-sea Org management unit that went GI crazy and LRH had to disband back in the very early 70s and whose duties then fell to the Sea Org — the Sea Org was not necessaruily even going to be in the widespread management business, they gained it more through necessaity, emergency management, which is further down the tone scale for groups. And in some respects have been emergency management ever since. So perhaps thers is need for en evaluation on that very point.

    The autonomous GO did balance things up but they were too heavy handed internally at times with ethics and justice in the same way Miscavige is (though not as bad as he). And their fatal error of engaging in criminal acts put their autonomy in a very bad light, putting LRH in a tough spot and handing Miscavigte his big chance.

    Consequently, I think external affairs people should never have a say in internal church ethics and justice matters because they start to see enemies everywhere and get rough with Scientologists. And there will have to be a watchdog of some kind to guard against criminal acts.

  160. When one make a mess, even unwillingly, unknowingly or by proxy, it is still proper to clean up after oneself.

  161. Veritas, Bouncing valences can be fun but also
    difficult. Don’t get stuck. With your permission I would like to start calling you ‘VERY’ as it
    seems to fit.

  162. VERY, Simple book. Written by a hippie in the sixties that you may enjoy. You may have already read it but if not I think you’ll enjoy. It’s
    about Love. ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide To Enlightenment ‘. Little book, big message.

  163. Haydn- Got it- It helps to get information that fleshes out the picture and makes it clearer. You are right an evaluation would have to be made at each point to isolate what was truly workable about each operation/org and what wasn’t in order to devise a comprehensive and workable re-org., as there are some truly excellent plus points and horrendous outpoints with all.

    Cat Daddy- Thank you for your lovely ack.

    It’s so encouraging to get feedback! I’m jazzed 🙂

  164. Dear freespirit,

    You really are a free spirit.
    The only way I could explain why Lrh didn’t handle was that he wanted to teach as a lesson so that we grow up and handle it ourselves without LRH helping.
    As the experiences we made with DM are invaluable.
    The posts here demonstrate that the problem will be handled terminatedly, better to get rid of a DM now than in 300 years, when it would propably be an impossible task.
    It’s good we learn to walk as OT without LRH and that we will care about that such a thing will never happen again.
    Lrh is proud abôut what we are doing !
    And propably it was his intention.
    “L. R. H. in Clearing Procedure, 1957:

    “The work was free. Keep it so.”

    Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge you with this – look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not offshoots.

    If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.

    I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.

    You won’t always be here.

    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.””

    Have a good day !


  165. amazing all those posts.
    Purposes are rehabilitated !


  166. Lise,

    Re OT-TR0, I don’t have TRs remondernized but I do have the following:

    Tech Dictionary (1978)

    OT TR-O a drill to train students to be there comfortably and confront another person. The idea is to get the student to be able to be there comfortably in a position three feet in front of another person, to be there and not do anything else but be there. Student and coach sit facing each other with eyes closed. (HCOB 16 Aug 71 III)

    Alterations include removing the word “confront” from the TR definition, having coaches flunk student while coach has eyes open, omitting major stable win.

    There may be more but that’s what I recall off the top of my head.

  167. Sarge, I just looked the book up and thank you again for another great recommendation. I didn’t know about this title.

  168. Sarge, I might have not gotten some comm here, not sure what this is referencing? And I certainly don’t ever ant to be stuck, have had enough of that 😉

    I like the sound of “Very” but if I’m searching for replies to me, I would sift through a lot of “very” (see? one right above your post). If you wish to call me that, as long as I know you’re talking to me I’m happy. (Could be V for short?)

  169. “The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.” –Thomas Paine

  170. Oh, you mean trying on Very ?? so Veritas doesn’t become set, right? You have me guessing! 🙂

  171. Wonderful, Haydn. I’m running behind and just got to read this, but wanted to acknowledge it. It’s sane thinking like this that will save the subject of Scn.

  172. What a fabulous and apros pro quote, Veritas! Imagine what the world would be like today if many more poeple were as pan determined and 4th dynamic oriented as this. Just beautiful. 🙂

  173. Once,

    It doesn’t sound mad to me at all. It sounds OT. I’d love to hear much more about your experiences with these beings. 🙂

  174. Very cogent comments, Nonscientologist!

  175. V, Sorry, sometimes ole Sarge can be a ‘silly
    goose’. Hope you like the book. One of my

  176. Well my sentiment exactly.

  177. Googles motto is “dont be evil”

  178. Sarge, my guess is you can be playful silly maybe, but never a goose. I am so simply nothing that valences can be as appealing as a universe full of clothes to a fashion model. love, Very

  179. I may be off topic here, or out in left field, but someone asked “What would LRH do?”

    It seems to me he would “Bypass”, as in Danger Condition.

    Isn’t that what we’re talking about? The CoS overall is in Danger Condition, trending towards Non-Existence.

    When DM says stats are going “straight up and vertical”, maybe he really means “straight DOWN and vertical”?

    That would already be Non-E, wouldn’t it?

    So the question to me is, do we just let it go down and crash completely, or do we somehow BYPASS to avert the crash of the CoS?

    In any case, a publicly and broadly published Comm Ev of DM seems like a good and necessary step.

  180. Great article, esp loved the ref on TONE SCALE OF GOVERNMENTS, COMPANIES OR GROUPS.

    It reminds me of The Cycle of Democracy, by Dr. Alexander Tytler, from “The Athenian Republic” which was published shortly before the thirteen American colonies gained independence from Britain.

    “From bondage to spiritual faith;
    from spiritual faith to great courage;
    from courage to liberty;
    from liberty to abundance;
    from abundance to selfishness;
    from selfishness to apathy;
    from apathy to dependence;
    from dependency back again into bondage.”

    Time for a revolution.

  181. I would bypass the whole situation with the church – besides didnt DM burn the real materials? At least the original books?

  182. very nice blog!! keep up the good work!!
    PS: check my blog!!! 😛

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