Tonight’s report

The report you will read tonight is living proof of the validity of a very real concern that I expressed a year ago. It was the primary reason I granted an interview with the SP Times. They did not print my reason, perhaps concerned it was too inflammatory. I told CNN too; and they too were apparently afraid to run it. Fact of the matter is, I only gave the interviews at thoses times because I had learned to what depths DM’s house of horrors had slid since I had left. After speaking to Tom Devocht, Mike Rinder and other (whose names must still be protected) about what occured at Int after I had left, I was gravely concerned lives might be in danger. I told the Times and CNN, and I’ll tell you right now, I spoke in the hopes of preventing what I was concerned might deteriorate into a Jonestown situation. I predicted that, left to his own devices, DM could very well become homicidal (in fact already was, but it might grow to overcome any restraint he was able to muster from fully dramatizing it). I doubted that he would have the common decency to do himself in to protect others; but instead would go down in a hail of bullets in response to his own hail murdering as many “treasonous bastards” as he could take down.  In my view tonight’s report confirms my concerns.  Think about the Wild Animal Reaction Of The Missed Withhold. That is understandable, particularly when one knows – as I do and he does – what we are bringing to light over the next several months. Now, consider that DM planned out today’s events, with lengthy and meticulous briefings for days in advance.  Think about the mind that would so act . I’ve studied Koresh and Jones. They were Boy Scouts compared to Miscavige at similar stages in their careers.

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  1. WTF…
    My wife told me so, months ago !


  2. Let´s see…

    How far this needs to go to get the US government intervention?

  3. A note on other conditions of existence.

    I have a useful observation that might help here. We’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or we’re waiting for DM to do something. Or we’re waiting for members inside the CofS to come to their senses.

    The tone scale has an array of emotions, some named, some not which are not listed. And there are conditions of existence outside the one’s LRH addressed with formulas which we all experience and which have not been fully addressed.

    One is Waiting. And the solution for Waiting is: Cause something. Most of us have gone into waiting in one form or other when we left Scientology. Time, hope, ability, all seem to go into suspension. When a person is waiting to die, life just goes into suspension. And when we started causing things, no matter how small, we got out of waiting. And we felt more alive.

    If you are waiting for anything, the right thing to do is to get into present time and start causing whatever you want to cause right now. If you’re waiting for a bus, do some exercises or compose a poem or song. Whatever you want. All cause is present time, even when that cause brings about events in the future. And waiting sucks you right out of present time and suspends your ability to be cause.

    Much love,


  4. “And when we started causing things, no matter how small, we got out of waiting. And we felt more alive.”

    “Life waits for no one”

  5. As you know Marty, Jonestown has been upper most in my mind — it is quite terrifying and quite real.

    I’ve known since the days of Rick Aznaran back in 1983 or so that there was quite the arsenal at Int as well as many were trained by Rick on firearms.

    I mean — how many people know that at least up til 1992 the security booth in the garage of the FSO had several firearms including a double barreled Benelli?

    Frankly, it’s too horrible to imagine but all very possible given dms state of madness and his ability to buy whatever he might need.

    Let’s collectively pray (postulate)– (not kidding here) that everyone at Int, regardless who they might be, remains safe and unharmed.

    dm will topple — hopefully without the loss of more lives.


  6. Marty, your long way downwards just has come to an horrible End: You just reached the Bottom and you obviously got completly crazy and nuts, worth a very long Visit in an Asylum. What you think of others is exactly what you are yourself, don`t you know that?

    And to all the others here, writing anonymous without any kind of Respect to the COB of us Scientologists, even insulting him, I am not going to accept that anymore! America might be a free Country, but you better shut your stupid mouthes! Don`t speak that way about David Miscavige!!!

  7. Marty,

    I know that you would not say these kinds of things lightly and not without having observed things that are as serious as you say. This is a severe situation, and if Mestsavage goes to the lengths that you are saying he is easily capable of, then intervention is needed.

    I dont know what can be done to mobilize the correct handling, but I only hope that those in the potential crossfire can saved.

    Come to think of it, if Mestsavage is intent on destroying Scientology, what better way than to invite an horrible scenario such as gunfire to the death on a church property. That would assuredly do in the CoS. That being said, I now know how vital it is for the independent field to be there to salvage the mess. The weight on our shoulders just got a lot heavier.

    Centurion (still shocked)

  8. Michael,
    Well put. Merci.

  9. OUT,
    wise words! Can very much relate to them. Thank you. Fidelio

  10. Maybe we’re going to finally find out what happened to some of those missing names who could tell the truth, like Pat Broaker, Ronnie Miscavige…and what ever happened to LRH’s kids? Threatened with bodily harm? Physically assaulted? I can’t believe all of these people were bought off; it had to be something more. They must be in fear of their lives, or in fear of their family’s lives. Just like the mafia.

  11. …right on cue.

  12. The goal for offensive strategy were stated by Sun Tzu in the following priorities:
    1. The highest form of generalship is to attack the enemy´s strategy.
    2. The next best policy is to disrupt his alliances.
    3. The next best is to attack his army.
    4. The worst policy of all is to besiege walled cities.
    Besiege cities only when there is no other alternatives.

    Marty, great to see you follow the old master. In this way we will win. Continue …

  13. ummm….we are not anonymous.
    And yes, David Miscavige is a psychopath.
    And since this is the United States of America, it is well within the free speech rights of citizens to speak their minds. It is even enshrined in the Creed of the Church to which you state you belong.

    DM will get “respect” when he demonstrates he deserves it. So far, we are seeing that not only does he NOT deserve respect, but his products indicate a need for a level of censure BEYOND any ethics gradient available in Scientology.

    But maybe your confront of evil is too low to see any of this.

  14. Freedom Fighter

    Oh lookie. Snowhite is back. Like clockwork.

  15. “I’ve studied Koresh and Jones. They were Boy Scouts compared to Miscavige at similar stages in their careers.”

    This is very, very troubling. This goes beyond being a mystery sandwich with this statement. I hope whatever you write tonight rings a loud enough bell that some bypassing of how to view the scene at the Int. base will now seriously be taken by those who can put a stop to whatever it is you’ve concluded DM is capable of doing.

  16. Snowhite:
    Why don’t you look for the dwarf Grumpy, and have fun with him.
    Please send us Happy, Sleepy, Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, and Bashful. LOL

  17. I don’t know who you are kidding Snowhite.

  18. Snowhite, if you want to honor David Miscavige then apply LRH policy of only managing by statistics (reference Data Series 14 ‘Working and Managing’). Don’t evaluate him based on his status or glowing reports in Freedom Mag, Int events, etc. Evaluate his performance by releasing the long-term meaningful stats of Scn, and let him be judged like every other staff member. The fact that the Church will not release those stats should speak legions to you and others on where the current situation is really at.

  19. I hope you are wrong about this Marty, but I welcome the truth. If you are correct in your thoughts of those extreme measures being taken by DM, something definitely needs to be done to stop it.

  20. Well, Marty, what happened after you left that has you so concerned?

  21. Oh my God. I was having a bad Day, but that just turned it around. Snowhite, you made me laugh hard and long. Are you really that Blind and oblivious? That brain-Washed? That insufficient in actually observing the Obvious. Really? I am reeling from Shock. Just look for once in your Life.

    You wish everyone was like Marty. That actually would be nice for once. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to embarrass yourself like this if that was the Case.

    COB of Scientologist? What the heck is that mean? I don’t get it. Are you guys really operating on such 1984 like Group? What respect am I supposed to show the Dwarf? Just call him for what he is a Squirrel. COB of Scientologist, bah! Maybe you tried to spell God and misspelled it on your German Keyboard? Because it sure as hell looks like you deifying him as such. Just want to state the obvious here for you.

    That’s right, America is a free Country, and, more importantly, Scientology is about Freedom. When are you guys going to get that in your thick heads? And that is the whole point.

    Snowhite, I think I know one of them, but who are the other 6 Dwarfs?



    PS: Marty thanks for posting her comment. Carry on, Marty. Also, if she responds, and you can’t post it for some reason please email it to me.

  22. In the words of Dan Akroyd Snow white, you ignorant slut!

    Seriously though, snow white you’ve never met DM. And let’s not call him “The COB” as if the dwarf was Christ.

    What Marty says is the truth. I’ve been there and seen his violence firsthand.

  23. Snowhite, what about me and all the rest of us? So you’re saying You and DM are right and “everyone” else are crazy people.

    BTW what are you doing advocating a visit to an Asylum anyway? I would think you’d prefer using Scientology tech as we do.

  24. Why doesn’t Miscavige stand-up for himself and do a live interview? He already backed out of the St. Pete Times interview because he didn’t get enough time. Well CNN waited 5+ months and DM still didn’t show.

    I think you should direct your anger at the coward who’s hiding over at Int.

  25. War and Peace


    You support a Madman. You are blind, you are foolish and your blitherings do not belong on this board.

    I have experienced DM atroctities…have you ?
    I have been held any against my will, under kidnap, under enforced locked down, overwhelmed by continuous middle of the night
    squirrel unconscionable gang bang sec checking perverting everything LRH ever wrote. Month after month after month.
    I have seen the criminality and DM slow degradation into further madness.

    You belong to a criminal mind set.

    Now why don’t you just go and jerk yourself a soda ?

  26. You mentioned writing anonymously, however you didn’t use your name in your own comment. Just thought I’d point that out.

  27. David Miscavige,
    Over thirty years ago an old man once told me:
    “When you’re the hammer strike; when you’re the anvil bear.”
    I can’t say much for being the hammer–it didn’t suit me well. Anyone can be an asshole.
    What I learned though is that one of life’s secrets is how to bear gracefully when at the receiving end.
    I think this is the time for you to practise that and thereby cause people and the subject matter to be harmed far less.
    It would be the bigger move for you.

  28. Maria,
    Grumpy was taken out by a midget dwarf named Slappy.

  29. W,

  30. Well the faster Miss Cabbage is out of there the better everything will be. I would not put suicide past him. Many psychopaths have committed suicide after killing others. Miss Cabbage has no where else to go. He is losing this battle and has no one to blame but himself.

  31. Cowbot Poet: Right on. LOL

  32. Veritas can’t you make an exeption for COB

  33. snowhite soda pop now available at every store with a free complementary introduction package of kool-aid

  34. Or what? What do you think you can do to us? Declare us as SPs?

  35. If you seriously anticipate a possible tragedy after your information is written, might you NOT write it? Is there no other way?

  36. Guess ya know Tampa Org is now CoB’s baby, the first Model Ideal Org. That project was very close to public announcement when Marty was in the area. Anxious to read Tonight’s report.

  37. Thanks Marty.

  38. Marty:

    I hope everything is okay…it seems like you are introducing the notion that Scientologists in the CoS are going to drink poisoned kool aid. This frightens me very much. I await your post somewhat patiently.


  39. Snowhite,

    Please keep up the good work, I need the comic relief!! ROTFLMAO!!

    You can’t be for real, that has to be a mock up right?? You remind me of Tommy Smothers of the Smothers brothers..

    Thanks for the laughs!

  40. Hi Dean,

    Are you the Dean that is married to Lynne? She was my auditor at AOLA and I think you may have been my C/S, if you are who I am thinking of.

    You can email me if you want.


  41. Dhammapada: The Sayings of the Buddha


    He who harms the harmless
    Or hurts the innocent,
    Ten times shall he fall —

    Into torment or infirmity,
    Injury or disease or madness,
    Persecution or fearful accusation,
    Loss of family, loss of fortune.

    Fire from heaven shall strike his house
    And when his body has been struck
    He shall rise in hell.

    dm’s days are numbered indeed, and because of this blog and others, the light is shining right on him and as a result he is going madder faster.

    Soon — he’ll be chewing the carpet …

    just like his predecessor.

    I do hope though that the final end won’t be the same – that those at int are freed and dm is confined and removed from society.


  42. Hi Marty,

    You sure know how to create a mystery!!

    I hope tonights report lives up to that preamble, that will be quite a story!!

    Have a great week!

  43. I 2nd what Alex Metheny said.

    To be continued…….unlike Battlefield Earth the movie!

  44. Snowhite thats so funny!

    But please have someone give you a locational ASAP or touch some walls or something would you.

  45. Kathy Braceland

    Stupid mouthes? How old are you Snowhite?

    Anyway, I don’t have a stupid mouth. I have a smart mouth.

    Of course I have to ask the obvious — if you are so pro Miscavige and so convinced that he’s the greatest thing that ever happened to this universe and any universe beyond, why are you reading this blog? Miscavige wouldn’t like that you know.

  46. Snowhite

    Have you ever seen a outpoint in someone you agree with?

  47. The rank and file church scientologist is not going to drink any kool aid except the figurative kool aid we already have been fed for the last couple of decades. Miscavige is not loved, not admired, not respected, and more and more, not even feared. His divergence from and perversion of scientology is something that has become to difficult to not-is by anyone in the church except those who have something to lose they consider bigger than their integrity.

    If miscavige is reading this, know sir that your days are numbered. You have been found out, and there are no longer enough people afraid of you that you can muster the support you need to stay in charge.

    Leave. Or be pushed aside.


    Dave Adams

  48. Eleanor Gehrig


    Thanks for this and for your comment further up about a collective prayer (postulate) for all to be well. You and I are on the exact same wavelength on this.

    Sending positive vibes, baby…


  49. I’ve got a feeling that, if anything, Marty is under-playing the seriousness of the situation rather than over-exaggerating it. Have faith in the man’s integrity, people.

  50. Snow white is trolling.

    More likely an anon rather than a real miscavige supporter. A real supporter (or sycophant) would be too scared to post.

    Or maybe it is COB him self, in disguise…now that would be funny!

  51. My only comment to Snow White is:

    …or what?

  52. Kathy Braceland

    Thanks Marty. The scales are tipping in our favour big time. You know, the staff and public that are currently in the church are lucky that we independents are here. They may not realize it right at this moment but they really do have somewhere to go when the fur hits the fan.

  53. I pity you Snow White and do hope that you see the light soon. The independents are a wonderful group of people who will actually welcome you, when you decide to leave the cult of Miscavige.

  54. Snowwhite – you bit the apple 😦
    Happy -share wins
    Sleepy – find MUs
    Doc – Objectives
    Dopey – DRD
    Sneezy – PTS RD
    Bashful – TRs
    Grumpy- CS53 BPC
    Davey – case gain?

  55. Beautiful Buddha wisdom, windhorse. Truth is what is.

  56. Gary Morehead aka "Jackson"

    Hey ” Snowwhite”….. My name is Gary Morehead, also known as Jackson. Your time is limited before Kuno or who ever manages the Int Base Phone System see’s your on-line and are posting here out at OGH. I can tell you where to hide your computer to ensure we all can continue to be humored by your retarded originations … There is a trailer next to the OGH swamp where I am sure you know Marc Yeager used to sleep in a fetal position for the longest time, the cubbards above the sink that I built a false compartment into where your device should fit nicely. The outlets in the trailer aree hot and ready for you to plug into and keep your device fully powered. Marc ran power to the trailer against Dave’s wishes so thank him while marching around the base. Or you can place it in between the many set walls in the Set’s Department where many things hve been hidden or beter yet, the planter outside COB’s berthing works well too. Fall down and bump your head dude to correct the gibberish spewing out of your hands and onto the internet! — Jackson. ps.. If you want more anonymous out of me, I will supply a phone number AND my email AND my Facebook ID so we can chat and exchange further. Actually I have some cool pictures there that I am sure you will find it hard to enjoy – they are of MY enjoying life as I have found and find it! Once again my name is G A R Y M O R E H E A D aka Jackson I used to be your and 800 plus Int Base Staff Members Security Chief.

  57. Most specifically, I’d suggest Snowhite start with the “Whatever Happened to Training?” section on to look at some long-term stats.

  58. Watching Eyes

    Hey Dwarf, is that you? Come on, fess up. We know you just have to be glued to this blog so it makes sense that you’d have to post. How does it feel to be so EFFECT?

  59. OnceUponaTime, I appreciate and respect your love of Truth, intelligence and Creativity.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Natalie, Something is being done; and this is another small part of it.

  61. Mike Lemeron

    From the responses to your post, it seems you don’t have any friends here. If you were to complete the Key to Life Course, your grammar would get a well-needed polishing. The post of COB is not an LRH-created post and is therefore off-Source. I don’t post annonymously. Many here don’t. But you did. Accusing others of your own acts, are you?

  62. “I’ve studied Koresh and Jones. They were Boy Scouts compared to Miscavige at similar stages in their careers.”

    As far as I know, Koresh and Jones didn’t have a billion dollar war chest.

  63. Okay now that’s too flippin funny! All hail DM, huh? What about LRH then? What happened to him? All I can do is roll my eyes at U Miss Tighty Whitey.

  64. =o) Perfect!

  65. Here comes Snowhite again. (AKA David the devil) You are so out of the loop man!!! Nobody here is afraid of you so count your money to make sure nobody has robbed you a cent. You have 3 options out so I’ll list them to you so you can assess them and find your item. 1 You are going to jail for your crimes; 2 you are disappearing forever and perhaps even chanching your face (I doubt anybody could make you taller); 3 you are going to commit suicide, just like Adolf, since you are emulating him almost 100%. Choose one and to hell with the leftovers of you!

  66. Once,

    Ditto what Fidelio and veritas said. In addition, it’s a pleasure to read such wonderfully articulate posts. You’re an excellent writer, and your thought process is very clear and logical. I’d love to know what you do for a living.

  67. My favorite part was when Cathy was screaming,
    “He’s my husband! and the doctor looked at Mike and said sadly, “You poor bastard.”

    OK, I made that up.

  68. Snow Job,

    Seems to me you’re anomymous too, dearie. And seems to me this post of yours is rather insulting itself.

    When people respect evil, dramatizing, insane dictators, that very respect enables the SP to bring down many others with him. If no one respected Jones, then there would have been no Jonestown. If no one respected Hitler, there would have been no Auschwitz.

    DM has shown himself through his actions to be the ethical equivalent of those two. Confronting that, enlightening others about it, and doing something causatibve about it, is what will prevent an escalation of DM’s suppression. Excercising blind faith toward a dictator is exactly what led to Jonestown. You’re welcome to remain at that intellectually and ethically stunted level, but some of us have evolved beyond that, and others are ready to be awakened. We do what we can to awaken them.

  69. CD,

    I’d certainly make an exception for COB. An asylum would be such a perfect place for him. In such an environment, stripped of his false power, he might even remember some real Scientology and apply it to help his fellows. He could redeem himself with a massive liability formula and everybody would win!

  70. Ms. Muffin,

    Communicating and exposing the truth is usually the best and highest course of action. I don’t think Marty meant that anything he would say would prompt the atrocities he thinks DM may be capable of.

  71. Good one!

  72. Chuck Beatty

    Marty, Mike, anyone willing to speak publicly, namely to public officials, police, reporters, etc.

    I urge you to do like one scholar suggested two years ago (when I told him you had blown Mike, and Marty was already speaking up slightly), that you ex big cheeze leaders hold a press conference there in Hemet, and focus on the MAIN abuses of the Int Base.

    I know this all focuses on DM, and in world political life sometimes other vested interests will work together to oust the top bad dog.

    I don’t think Scientology warrants that type of coalition of outside interests to “take DM down”.

    I suggest you bypass DM and bypass the last 25 years of bad fads at the Int Base, and just go hold a press conference and local seminar to inform the local Riverside county people, officials, police, interested citizens, in simple neutral (non inflamatory, since the simple truth will let them connect the dots and see what SHOULD be done), and you guys offer some simple solutions, solutions like Maureen Bolstad Smith did when she was interviewed by local area TV last year or the year before.

    The cult compound mindset CAN be broken down.

    It’s not a fast process.

    But the tide of public opinion is what does it.

    Public opinion needs your guys’ first hand accounts of DM’s beatings, go let the locals hear it from your mouths, at a press conference.

    I suggest this coming Sea Org day, at Hemet.

    I bet this is something that the HUGE ex Sea Org, ex Int Base, ex Scientology community would gladly donate to put on, and cover expenses for those that should go but need their fellows’ assistance to go do a 2-3 day conference for the Riverside county people’s sakes.

    If not this Sea Org day, then sometime.

    DM’s pressure box cult compound is NOT going away.

    I feel this community of ex Sea Org, ex Int Base staff, ex Scientologists who are in agreement with doing something to make some changes at the Int Base, I think something can be done about it!

    I vote for a press conference/seminar at Hemet, 2-3 days, and choose an important Scientology date, Sea Org day, when the Int Base staff SHOULD be having their own Sea Org day event there at the base.

    And provide them with some simple suggestions solutions as to how to “un” cult compound the Int Base mindset.

    a) Pay phones set up so staff can phone out and phone 911

    b) fix the gates so staff can let themselves OUT of the compound without being pounced on or stopped by the guards.

    c) billboards or posters on nearby roads and bus stops, with an 800 number setup, with a short message: “Call toll free 800-EXINTBASE for 24 assistance. Maintained by ex Int Base staff to help you.”

    I think this community of wisened up ex Scientologists and ex Int Base staff can “handle” this scene at the Int Base.

    It will take a couple more years, but think longer range is my suggestion.

    And ally yourselves with the people who are watching Scientology over the decades, and take their best suggestions.

    Chuck Beatty

  73. I did a short stint in the GO back in the early 70’s. “Snowhite”, is this just a coincidence?

  74. tone41,

    Fed sinecure. Nothing to do with writing.

    Because I nearly always set the curve in college, I thought of becoming a college professor after I left Scientology. My soon-to-be wife was getting her undergrad degree and so I started post-grad classes to entertain myself. One day, out in the parking lot, while talking to a Phd in my field (he was also my adviser and taught a class on Jungian philosophy) we got to talking about pay. He wanted to know if I could get him a job as he was having trouble making payments on his BMW. Hmmmm. Although this happened before the rapid rise in teacher’s salaries, I figured this was a clue.

    The second clue came while I was admiring the legs of the friend sitting next to me and thinking of seducing her rather than listening to the lecture. My undergrad studies taught me that history does repeat itself and friends can become so much more. I imagined standing before a class of nymphets, smelling their hair as they came to ask questions, listening to the rustle of silk on cotton as they leaned over, feeling the warmth of flesh bursting with promise. I could hear the Sirens. Their songs were full of Dionysian rapture.

    Give up this endless pursuit of pleasure for soiled diapers and spousal pique?


    Responsibility is such a bitch. You go back on your word and what the fuck are you?

    God, those were nice legs.

    So, I circled my bedding a few times, plopped down midst the comfortable pay and benefits, and catnapped through the mundane euphoria of a wife, two kids and four bedrooms. And barely twitched. I was too busy.

    Were I not the victim of spiritual apnea, I would not have stumbled, sleepy-eyed, back here.

    Much love,


  75. Are you drinkin’ the kool aid or what???

  76. Marty,

    I completely agree with you. I can see that’s coming too.
    You are little Davey’s nightmare with all your predictions of his actions/intentions. After drinking a few bottles of scotch, he shows up as “snowhite” and try to defend himself and when he needs a bit more support, he gets Tim B to write under Tim H in order to protect him.

    Davey, your days are over, just get used to it. Either end your own life or we will do it for you. It is your choice! 🙂

  77. Good story! What were you studying, anyway?

    Fed sinecure or not, you’re a good writer with a logical mind and a theta bent. None of those are all too easy to find. I have no idea what your purposes are, but you could probably contribute quite a bit to the world with your writing, should doing so interest you. 🙂

  78. And, by the way, I love the phrase “spiritual apnea.” I’ll have to remember that one!

  79. Tone 41,

    I appreciate the appreciation. Writing? Yea, it made getting grades easy. My senior year (college) I had three term papers due for three different classes. Wrote each the night before it was due. Made up most of the quotes and references. Talk about chutzpah! With the audacity to believe that I could say anything as well or better than those I read, I was daring the profs to catch me. I loved confrontation. The adrenaline rush of battle. Their response? A+, A+, A+ (not A=A=A) accompanied by commensurate praise. Shit! What’s a guy got to do to get in a fight around here? Because I was a smart-assed thug, I had several teachers muse to me how strange it was that I got good grades. Go figure.
    That said, writing is not my first love, nor even in the top ten. The search for understanding was. Notice, I said “was.” Now that I’ve experienced what precedes understanding, I have a new love. But understanding remains a loyal mistress. Writing for me is merely a tool, and a tool I admire.
    But writing has built in limitations. I continuously observe from multiple viewpoints. To express all of those viewpoints simultaneously with words is impossible. Witness a war analogy I made as a comment on Mike Rinder’s recent experience. Three bright contributors expressed disagreement with my position. Okay. Fine. Good for discussion. Not ideas I hadn’t entertained, just ideas I couldn’t include without making the piece too unwieldy. I wrote back and got–nothing.
    Blogs with their attached comment feature remind me of the e-meter drill where you intentionally dirty the coach’s needle. Fractured comm cycles. Missing parts of the comm cycle.
    But, sometimes you run across ideas that fill you with gratitude and admiration. There really are some incredibly bright individuals visiting these sites, individuals full of understanding, sincerity and compassion–which makes cleaning a dirty needle from broken comm cycles worth the frustrations.
    Yes, I probably do have something to contribute to the world with my writing. Ideas and concepts that others might be reluctant to express. I’m so used to pissing people off I’m not bothered by the hissing and spitting. I’m not bothered that someone wants to put some wup-ass on me.

    On our second date, my wife and I were at a theater in a rougher part of town when this gang-banger comes in and starts cussing and grabbing three girls two rows in front of us. When people started to complain to him he started threatening the entire audience. Angela looked at me; I shrugged and told her to stay seated; got up, looked at the guy and walked up the aisle. I wasn’t about to start something at a distance because he looked like the kind of guy who might be carrying. He comes storming out behind me wanting to know if I had something to say to him, wanting to know if I wanted a piece of him. Even though he had me by several inches and lots of pounds, he was stupid and without skills so I slammed him up against the wall and calmed him down enough to explain that my girlfriend and I were trying to watch a movie, so would he do me a favor and keep the noise down so we could. With surprising alacrity, he assessed all that had happened (including the current situation) and agreed that yes, it seemed like a pretty good idea to him also. Had his hands been free, I got the feeling he would have smacked himself on the forehead and said, “Shucks! Why didn’t I think of that.”

    The point of that example is we are all acting irrationally to some degree or other. Sometimes we need to have our attention redirected to a broader assessment of the situation so we can see other people’s viewpoints. Sure, seeing those views might cause us to be a bit embarrassed by what we have just said or done, but what the hay? Life goes on. No hard feelings. Let’s get back to the movie. Or to life.

    So, if I have any value to others, it might simply be providing another way of looking at the situation. I once wrote to David Lawrence that one of my personal org boards had the end product of relevant ideas expressed. Those ideas move right through a production cycle that is easily defined and monitored. So, one day, when I’m so inclined, I will start a blog where anyone can access those ideas.

    So, what’s up? Why the probes?

    Much love,


  80. Is there any reason why the FBI or someother party hasn’t begun to notice what is happening? Anyone know?

  81. Once Upon a Time Michael,

    Sorry, I just now found this. I feel the same way about fractured comm cycles and dirty needles on blogs with embedded comments. I’ve taken to searching the blog for my “name” so I can at least try to answer eveyone who speaks to me. But one really can accumulate some answer hunger when communicating in such a format.

    On the other hand, sometimes the exchange of viewpoints becomes exhilarating, especially when there are many new viewpoints expressed, and especially when there is an uptone and intelligent exchange of ideas. It’s also quite exciting to see a community forming.

    No human community is entirely sane, but this is one of the most sane ones I’ve seen in quite a while.

    I enjoyed your story above and your decisive handling. It’s always refreshing to hear about actual competence.

    You asked, “why the probes?” Do you mean why am I asking you about yourself? Because you interest me. Why wouldn’t you? Talking about exhilaration, I said in a post on the Miscavage Meltdown blog that I found your contributions to the blog exhilarating. So naturally I’m interested in your background and how you got to be who you are. Make sense?

  82. tone 41,

    We’ve hijacked a comm line here. Kind of fun. And a model of possibility.

    Too often we get stuck in the advertised or “intended” use and lose sight of possibilities. Narrow intent does not preclude wider application. I just used some straw pellets intended for pet bedding as a moisture containing mulch for grass that we had planted in the back. We took out four large shade trees (still have plenty) and had to do some lawn correction. Pellets were on closeout; worked perfectly.

    You’re so right about a community forming here. This blog has a major intention which propels a major communication line, but also serves to generate sub-communications and sub-purposes.

    Any thriving community needs the generation of possible communications realized to expand. I see that happening here.

    I also see other blogs being developed to handle those off shoots. Despite the range of sites dealing with Scientology, we have only begun to populate the landscape with relevant internet “life forms.” And though you and I are riding around on Marty’s dime here, perhaps our communication will serve to model possibilities that inspire propagation of new organisms.

    I realize that my use of the word “probe” carries some charge, but you don’t desensitize words without using and exploring them. “Probe” is an honorable word, meaning to “search into or examine thoroughly; to question closely.” I find nothing wrong with the concept. I do recognize that low toned individuals, groups and societies “probe” into an individual’s life with the intent to manipulate or suppress. But, high toned individuals, groups and societies “probe” into all things in life with the intent to understand and improve.

    Another word that’s come under fire lately is “war.” War can be a glorious and noble pursuit. War challenges and brings out the best. Not all war is about destruction and killing. As in all things, there’s a high toned application of a concept and a low toned application. Just as some poster use comments for low toned purposes and others use comments for high toned purposes. Doesn’t make the generality “posting” either good or bad.

    The reason I asked your intent was not out of caution, but curiosity. You seem to have some plan brewing, perhaps inchoate and unexplored; perhaps even not recognized. But, as my wife likes to say, “she just found out she has a bun in the oven.” We can be pregnant with an idea and not know until it starts to stir.

    And I asked because I don’t mind contributing. In fact, I prefer contributing to others rather than myself. When my former neighbor had a huge tree lose some giant limbs, I hopped over the fence with my tools and helped him clean up the mess in a few hours. The same thing had happened to us and it took me weeks to get around to cleaning up my mess. Hell, it was late winter and we weren’t using the yard, and the tree limbs added a bit of interest.

    Same thing applies to my reading and posting here. I don’t really have time for any of this. I’ve just got so much going on, but I do notice a lot of limbs down, and I’ve got some power tools, whereas some people are trying to cut up the branches with hatchets and hand saws. Hell, I’ve even seen a few using plastic butter knifes.


    Course, the sound of power tools scares the nativess, but….

    So, though I’m not an arborist, I can certainly lend a hand cutting up the broken limbs here. And I can dig holes and plant seedlings to help reforest the landscape after the devastating fire. I refuse to plant in straight lines. Ugh! But, given some leeway, I’ll help.

    And I can point out a few things that others don’t really want to entertain, partly because I like to stir up shit, and partly because we benefit from new and different views. How crappy would it be if all of us thought exactly alike?

    And apropos of nothing rather than I thought of it while putting away groceries, the argument that “Scientology is a workable technology and should not be changed.”


    What a flaccid argument.

    A moldy blanket is a workable means of keeping warm, but I would prefer clean linens and luxurious bedding. Workable? Beans and rice are workable. Thick steaks, corn on the cob, fresh pies and organic salads with homemade dressing are better. Workable? I could cut my lawn with a pair of scissors, but a mower is faster. And a good mower is much more pleasant to use than a cheap one.

    So, to me, “workable” is insufficient. LRH was working with human beings who are not always bright. And he seemed to sincerely want to develop a means of handling all cases. And the subject he developed has the information and tools to bring most humans up to cognizance of their native state. And that workability is awe inspiring. And someone is going to read this and go off about how dare I make such a suggestion and how little I know and blah, blah and LRH has set forth a gourmet banquet not rice and beans and blah, blah.

    And I say, “chill out.” What I’m saying is that “workable” is not a final argument. Workable is a heuristic point of departure. The possibilities are limitless.

    And workable depends on knowledge and skill. A hammer is a workable means of pounding a nail, but if all you do is pound the surrounding wood until you smash your finger, you might argue that hammers are crap and don’t work. Well, uh, what can you say? Rotten fucking hammers, I hate them!

    And yes, I find myself having to scan the blogs because I’m a sloooooow reader and would consume my waking day. I try to respond to my moniker or whatever these namings are called, but that’s the nature of the beast.

    Maybe I should try reading these blogs while asleep. I’ve noticed some participants do. It might work.

    Much love,


  83. I think you have a point, esp with the tech in view, I keep wondering when he and perhaps a few others are going to cave in. But also the CIA was involved in Jonestown. One reference is in the book, by Walter Bowart,
    “Operation Mind Control”
    The full book is on line here:

    Click to access Operation_Mind_Control_by_Walter_Bowart.pdf

  84. I also wonder why the gov’t, FBI, or someone doesnt get involved – then I find out the IRS bought owns the copy rights since 1982 – it’s all on line, with full documents here:

    You didnt think the new books were Hubbards’ work did you? *wink*

  85. Michael,

    Oy vey, what have we started? I had to scroll up through a mile of writing just to find a reply button to click on. Indeed, much fun, and what possibilities!

    And yikes, I don’t have time for any of this either! I’ve already got at least three parrallel lives running, and now here I am living in a hijacked comm line on Marty’s blog.

    But, you know, I think the good news is that hijacking the comm line doesn’t hurt anyone. To the contrary, I think intelligent, theta communication adds value to the group and to the world, and the more public it is, the better.

    As for my “probes,” my curiosity and interest was prompted by the delight I found myself taking in your posts. What I see is the shear joy of exploring and articulating ideas. That’s a high level of human (or not so human) activity, right up there at exhilaration. Ah yes, the exhilaration of thought, the kind of thought that seeps into the expanse of theta dimension points beyond space and time. There just aren’t a whole lot of people who revel in that.

    So perhaps I’m pregnant with an idea or plan just below the level of awareness, but what I’m most aware of is my interest in who is behind your wonderful posts.

    Yes, there are a lot of limbs down and a lot of leaves blowing around. Fortunately, I think confusion is finally starting to blow off, and we’re all pitching in to help clear the tangle of branches.

    Even the plastic butter knives are appreciated! Pitch in one and all with whatever you’ve got. Even just the intention contributes to the purpose to clean up the playground. (Or should I say “the battlefield?”)

    And of course you shouldn’t plant straight lines! Leave that to the arborists. After all, you’re an artist, aren’t you?

    What you wrote about workable technology mirrors my own thinking. In fact, just last night I posted about this on another thread. Since we’re sharing ideas about it here, this is what I wrote:


    “There is always a give and take between the preservation of workable technology and the freedom of individuals to look and evaluate.

    “But if a being is permitted to look and evaluate, there is always the possibility that additional workable tech, or even alterations that improve the tech in some way, may be discovered.

    “So, to prohibit any possibiity of improving any part of the tech, one would have to prohibit looking and evaluating. And that in itself contradicts the most basic elements of Scientology, as well as the basic nature of a thetan and his rights (which itself is delineated in the Scn basics).

    “Therefore, no matter how brilliant and workable the tech, one must always permit people to look and evaluate, and one must therefore also allow the possibility that the tech can be improved or beneficially augmented.

    “A thetan has the ability and the right to look, to evaluate, and to create (postulate). Those rights can’t be abridged. To attempt to abridge them is to suppress the being. No matter how much we love the tech, no matter how brilliant we find it, no one should ever cede his or her right to discover something new. And no one should ever ask another to do so. Even if the one doing the asking is LRH.

    “I therefore agree that KSW 1 formed the basis of the cultification of the church, and the basis for the divergence of Scientology’s brilliant *tech* from the fascistic organization that the church became under DM.

    “Parts of KSW 1 are workable, but parts of it go too far. Perhaps LRH had idiots cross his lines one time too many before he fired it off. Writing KSW 1 in response can certainly be understood. LRH is an amazing being, but, after all, he’s not god.”

    You perhaps expressed it better. “Scientology is a workable technology and should not be changed” is a flaccid argument. Isn’t the hallmark of a thetan the desire to expand, to improve anything and everything? That something is workable means it’s good. It might even be of utmost brilliance, your gourmet banquet. But so what? No matter how good something is, the nature of anything short of a static is that it can always be better.

    So that you can respond to your moniker or nickname or virtual beingness, whatever these are called, here’s a comm that you may have missed, on the “Miscavage Meltdown” blog:

    “Jim Logan // April 26, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    “. . . . I must say this thread has brought out some real genius and for me I’m impressed as all get out at the general tenor and character of the contributors. Thankyou all for what’s been put “so far.

    “Jim Logan // April 26, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    In particular on the genius manifest; Once Upon a Time is a highlight. Holy cats!”

    To which my virtual beingness responded:

    “tone 41 // April 27, 2010 at 6:49 am

    I’d also like to ack Once Upon a Time with a “Holy Cats.” He’s made some brilliant (in both “degree of intelligence” and “intensity of light”) comments, and has been an exhilarating addition to the blog. Thanks for bringing it up, Jim. ”

    I wrote another reply to you somewhere that I don’t think you’ve seen, but I’ll save it for another day, as we’vee already ( insouciantly) taken “hijacked comm line” to new heights!

    Much Love,
    Tone 41

  86. tone 41

    What a hoot. Saw your posts on the Mike Rinder story. Spent hours reading all the posts and getting a feel for people rather than just what they’re saying. Lot of very interesting people. Lot of theta. You included. Like your ideas. Thanks for the compliment.

    Because I also have parallel lives running, I’ve got to take time away from the internet and catch up. This stuff gets addicting real quick. And since I only have a few free hours each day, something’s got to give.

    It’s spring and I’ve got to take care of the gardens, the yard, the ponds and do maintenance on the house.

    I suppose I could just let it all rot, but my wife is already tapping her toe and making comments such as, “Doing anything else other than reading those blogs?” as she looks at the clutter accumulating in the computer room. She’s sending me these “get off your ass and clean up the fucking mess in the back yard or else” vibes. Doesn’t take a mind reader to pick them up. Takes a complete idiot to miss them.

    She never was a Scientologist so she’s at a loss over my interest. To her, redoing the kitchen or any of a long list of honey-do projects is far more important. I used to hire the work out but was always a bit displeased with the quality of finished product. Now, the bane of my existence is that I can do the things she wants done. Maybe I should compromise my tolerance of shoddy work.

    So, I’ll get back with you when I’ve caught up and appeased Moloch.

    We’ll hijack another line after others have drifted off. It’s fun. And maybe it will start a trend.

    Much love,


  87. Once Upon a Time Michael,

    Okay, go tackle your “honey do” list and let me know when you want to hijack another comm line. Me, I’d rather hire the stuff out even if the quality of work isn’t what I would like. I’d rather have more time to hijack comm lines with theta, intelligent people.

    But we all have to keep our dynamics in balance. I have to admit, my work is piled up around me (though with all those parrallel lives, that’s nothing new). So I’ll try to take advantage of your hiatus rather than starting up another online comm cycle.

    Have fun. 🙂

    Much Love,

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