Cruise’s confessional betrayal and John Sweeney

DM's attack dog Tommy Two Tone working on John Sweeney

The post of two nights ago regarding Miscavige betraying Tom Cruise’s confessions has gone viral.  News media have contacted me from several countries asking for interviews. I will tell you what I told them.  I am doing no interviews on the subject until the BBC Panorama investigation has aired.  It is BBC’s exclusive as far as I am concerned. The reason is that Panorama’s John Sweeney actually connected the dots on all this. Sweeney can investigate,  folks. Why do you think DM worked so hard utilizing reverse Scientology tactics to make him snap?  Do you realize the crux of  Sweeney’s 2007 investigation was evidence that Miscavige beat people on a regular basis?  The effort and money that Miscavige devotes to discrediting Sweeney is directly  proportional to the investigative skills and persistence of Sweeney.  Stayed tuned.

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  1. I loved it when Sweeney tells Baby Huey to “Enjoy the program.”

    Can’t wait!

  2. Some dots just connected for me too. Outrageous amounts of Scientology parishioners’ hard earned cash used by Miscavige for his own defense and to maintain his personal image in the face of on-target BBC investigations, St Pete Times articles and revelations by former Scientology executives, not to mention further huge sums used to attack and harass these same people and institutions can’t be right and can’t be legal.

    Miscavige’s personal vortex, into which he is being inexorably sucked, just keeps spinning faster and faster.

  3. Nomatter where the cards fall with this pending BBC report, I can only hope that it will help the expansion of delivery of Scientology by those dedicated to delivering it as LRH wrote it.

    However it plays out, I am glad DM is going to be handed his head with this BBC report.

  4. Doc Holiday

    Marty, any idea or time frame as to when this investigation is going to air?

  5. When is the Sweeney special going to air?

  6. It’s not like Brian Ross at ABC News couldn’t figure it out. It’s just that Disney wants to continue playing ball with the Scientologists.

  7. I think I found the special:

  8. Does anyone know if TC and John Travolta are real friends, not just for the cameras and at the request of the church for PR reasons? I know JT and he is such a kind, very high ARC person who has very big beingness. I just can’t believe he is sitting back and taking all of this. Marty can you shed any light on the whole scene with JT and the history on him? Even though he seems to be in, I get the feeling that he is just sitting on the fringes, not really moving up the bridge.

  9. you mean directly proportional.

  10. Mike Lemeron

    This is really, really marvelous. Marty, what you are accomplshing here is great beyond words. Thank you!

  11. Marty and Mike, thanks for honouring John Sweeney’s contribution.

  12. My thoughts are that it will take some recent beatings/violence stories, like from a recent defector, to bring this violence up to the level that it will rock the boat legally and prosecutors will be obliged to go investigate.

    One step at a time.

    Getting top Int Base members able to be normal citizens again, and report something like physical abuse, closer to when that abuse took place, is what needs to happen.

    Nothing is right about a group setting itself up like its own little world, abusing each other, and denying it to the world.

    The cult abuse stuff Scientology does needs to stop.

    Hopefully the BBC can help make that happen.

  13. That Tommy Davis thing with John Sweeney really upset me back when it happened. I thought it was such bad PR for the church.

    I wondered how many people looked at Tommy and took it as an example of a Scientologist. He’s the “spokesperson” for Scientology and he acts like that.

  14. John Sweeney, Tom Tobin and Joe Childs… these are truly great men. ~ Steve

  15. martyrathbun09

    thanks, corrected.

  16. Being a non Scientologist, but being raised by parents who are (and disconnected from me), I have some questions for independents: (1) how do you differ from the Church? I mean no disrespect, I’d just like to know about your views on disconnection and how they differ from the Church. Do you believe in such a policy at all? If so, under what circumstances? (2) how do you differ about money? I saw Marty’s post a few days ago which was a pleasant surprise – he only asked for people to give what they felt it was worth. Is this view is certainly acceptable to me (and most people I presume) but is it the shared view among independents? I must ask because regging was around long before DM and when LRH was still at the helm. So if the indie movement is to apply Scn as LRH intended, isn’t regging a part of that? (3) I trust Sweeny’s report will focus on the abuses, not the religious beliefs (which is the correct thing to do since we should all practice tolerance). But will part of his report focus on how the indie movement is different than he Church, how it will not engange in the same abuses? (4) Going back to money, in a world without the Church, will people need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to move up the bridge?

    Again, I mean no disrespect. I am tolerant of differing beliefs. But I’m not tolerant of abuse: disconnection, fair game, relentless regging, paying tons of money for religious training, etc. I’d like to morally support Marty and the movement against DM’s Church, so I simply want to know these sorts of abuses are not part of the cause – that these are major differences between the Church and Independents.

  17. himynameisanon

    thank you marty and mike for working with and being loyal to sweeney can’t wait to see him back in action… thank you for leaving and please always be caring, honest and forthcoming in your further endovers!!!! thank you thank you

  18. TC is going down in history as the Hollywod star who was buddies and best friends with an abusive and self centered dictator who used his position as the leader of a church for his own aggrandization and turning a subject otherwise with great value for mankind into a creepy cult.

  19. Joe Doakes

    Wow! I can’t wait until the BBC program airs!

    Thanks for the update, Marty. 🙂

  20. Joe Doakes

    You know it’s odd. I wonder the same thing.

    I remember watching John year after year and noticing how genuine he seemed (although I understand he’s an actor and could have been putting on a false face for the camera).

    But I also felt that way about Tom. He seemed like such a nice guy! But there was a noticeable and marked shift. Next thing I know he’s like a mini DM (well, larger… but you get the idea).

  21. Lady Lancelot

    I have something to say which probably won’t get posted. It goes something like this. What if the problem goes deeper than just DM? What if the problem goes to the very heart and core of the Sea Org? What if the Sea Org has actually outlived its usefulness?
    From where I sit, it is highly dangerous to take a group of young idealistic individuals, educate them to think they are the elite and that toughness is the way to save the planet; give them complete and absolute power over Scientology materials; and then isolate them from society to live in an authoritarian, quasi-military environment.
    Imagine the Church being run by an Exec Strata made up of competent, qualified lay people who lived in the real world.
    As I understand it, the Management Tech was developed at St. Hill before there was a Sea Org. Perhaps it is time to separate the two.

  22. As a testament to how cool this indie group is, I just returned from Amy Scobee’s book release party.

    There I met Amy, her husband Mat Pesch, “Jackson”, Sherry Katz and Jeff Hawkins.

    Terrific people!!!

    And not a single SP among them! Hmmmm…..I wonder why they’re all declared? 🙂

    Get Amy’s new book: Scientology, Abuse at the Top. It’s straight-forward, touching, frustrating at times (because you find yourself wanting swift justice), and necessary to have in one’s personal indie library.

    DM must go! I just got a good dose of reality on that one today, let me tell you folks.

    He’s one very sick little bastard from hell and he’s fucking good people up pretty badly. Pardon my French but I just met some really great people who didn’t deserve what they experienced under him.

    Geez, I’m fired up. Hip hip hooray!!!

    Thanks for the update Marty! Please continue this important campaign. A lot of good people are counting on it……

    Idle Org

  23. Joe Howard

    1) Disconnection should be practiced in some cases. Charles Manson comes to mind.
    2) The concept of money has been perverted beyond all recognition. The church is very much affected by loopiness on the subject. But so are governments, the Mafia and many others. See The Web of Debt by Ellen Brown.
    3) No idea. But my guess is yes, to some degree.
    4) Definitely not, nohow, not ever.
    Of course, every independent Scientologist would have different answers.

  24. Independents differ from the church in that they are independent.

  25. I think we should keep in mind these guys are reporters and as such they will use and abuse people. They need sensationalism to get ratings.

    It seems great if they are “on your side”, but we should realize they are not really an ally.

    If you see a bully beating up someone you have a beef with don’t cheer too loud because you might be next. 🙂

    I also feel this way about Anonymous and some of the anti-scientology crowd

  26. I met Sweeney when he was in LA filming his first program. He and his producer came up to Santa Barbara and we had a lovely dinner. I was impressed by Sweeney’s intelligence and sense of humor. Good to see he is still on the case and I look forward to the program.

    And DFB, anyone seeking to find and expose the truth is on my side.

  27. Dont confuse what the Sea Org has been made into with what it was intended to be.
    We’ve got a lot of fantastic thetans with honorable intentions in the Sea Org.
    I think all of Scientology could be turned around fairly rapidly and be a wonderful thing if some outpoints were handled.
    Imagine if orgs were a place where you could go and get Scientology. Where the average person could afford it and when they showed up they would be gotten through. Where staff could run their orgs and survive and have dynamics. Where management wasnt at a highly publicized war with everybody.
    I would love to be able to go in an org and be at home, with friends. I’d to the center of my being love to be part of the team. I would love to be on staff if it was like I thought it was going to be when I first came in- somewhere where scientology was happening. Somewhere that had LRH.

  28. Re-watching the 2007 documentary, Sweeney could be said to be using Tone 40 on Davis, couldn’t he? Or matching his tone to Davis? To the general viewer, it looks like he lost his temper, but screaming at an annoying Tommy Davis seems more appropriate than screaming at an ashtray, unless you know the purpose of the training routine.

    By the way, though the story has gone viral, can we be sure that Tom Cruise has heard about it? If he’s surrounded by Scientology handlers, it seems possible that they’ve kept the information away from him.

  29. Mike Lemeron

    You make a very good point, DFB, but Mr. Sweeny seems like a man of personal integrity. Also, many belonging to Anonymous aren’t antago to you and me; we share a common enemy.

  30. What I mean is that being independent and not bound by the rules and agreements of a group, people may have different opinions.
    On “regging”, the courses and auditing back in LRH’s day were much more affordable. There was no IAS or regging for Ideal Orgs. So dont compare “regging” today with LRH. It’s a totally different thing. Same with the other points.

  31. Cowboy Poet

    “Miscavige’s personal vortex, into which he is being inexorably sucked, just keeps spinning faster and faster.”

    Gee, I dunno, Haydn, that sounds like a pretty powerful toilet for such a worthless turd.

  32. Mike Lemeron

    Hello Power,

    The main focus of independents is to practice true Scientology in the spirit of Scientology. The first days I was in a Scn mission and then an org were very spiritually uplifting and brought much happiness to me. Scn was a very happy thing. Disconnection was an option in extreme cases where a person was getting a lot of personal grief from someone and it was otherwise unstoppable. Regging back then was more like a guidance counsellor type thing – advising you of your next step and it wasn’t all extremely expensive. Indepenent auditors seem to charge different rates so you have a choice. I, myself, want to see
    a happy, unsuppressed Scn once more and the Indy movement is where one can find that once more.

  33. I wish it was more focused on correcting a problem than fighting an enemy.

    Maybe it is and I just dont see.

    If someone is being an enemy you dont have to become an enemy to handle the situation.

    On anonynous- I dont hate them, but I would choose to steer clear of them. I’m not saying they are all evil, but as a group it has a pretty suppressive feel to it. If you are a scientologist you might want to reads some of their websites and then decide. Some of it has been cleaned up and made to look nice, but that just made it 1.1 IMO.
    Dig in a bit on their chat rooms and private boards. There is a lot of hate there.

  34. Sweeney is a gem. I think you’re handling him exactly the right way, Marty, by rewarding his competence, and his commitment to discovering and airing the truth, with exclusive rights to broadcast the story first.

    This may be the best expose yet. I can’t wait to see it!

    (Note: I posted something like this earlier, but it disappeared. Excuse me if this winds up being a duplicate.)

  35. “Dont confuse what the Sea Org has been made into with what it was intended to be.”

    It was an idea that did not work.

    That’s very straight forward and observable to anyone who cares to have a look.

    It has become exactly what the people at the top intended it to be, or it would be different.

    We need to have the same rights as every other religion. To open our homes and open our own places of practice and use the materials we have.

    There is a very tiny part of the Sea Org that knows what is going on, a few people.

    About 2%.

    All the others do not have a clue. We know more about the Sea org than the staff do.

    The 2% are holding all the legal power.

    The others will do as they are told.

    If you want to take on salvaging that mess God Bless You for thinking big.

    If we win the right to practice as we should have, we will not be dependent upon the Sea Org and therefore, neither will we be the effect of them.

    I was in the Sea Org for six years.

    I wouldn’t go into a Church right now for a pedicure.

  36. I can’t wait for the BBC program!

  37. 1. Disconnection should only be when it’s necessary for health or safety. Obviously, you as a person can handle less communication from some people, and you can limit contact without disconnecting. Ultimately, I see the typical disconnection practice as a failure of the disconnector as a being — an inability to hold their position in space.

    2. My practitioner charges by the hour, and I’m free to schedule whatever whenever so long as my practitioner’s available. No pressure whatsoever. The hourly rate’s higher than average for Independents, but well below the CofS’s rate.

    3. (don’t know)

    4. No.

  38. All good Marty. I’ll be watching you on Larry King! Perfect timing mediawise. There is NOTHING going on right now and the press is on a stat push, VERY hungry! Every reporter in L.A. chasing Sandra Bollock around the block.
    Only transmitting tinted windshield photos.

  39. Hi Marty and all ex-church scientologists,

    I am a total outsider to all of this Scientology stuff but it has riveted me to the point of investigating what I see has interrupted and hurt many families. This is just out of the total normality of my life as a person that holds no religion. I can’t believe what Scientology has done to so many marriages and families. From what I have read on many forums, including your blog, Marty, it is incomprehensible of how many divorces have taken place in this so called church. I’ve never witnessed so many people being married so many times and have been forced to divorce because they aren’t allowed to have a normal married relationship within this establishment that they call themselves a religious organization?? A family starts with 2 people committed to each other and are able to help each other and develop the children that they have in a healthy and supporting manner through thick and thin. This so called church doesn’t provide any of that, in fact, they have done nothing but break up the sanctimony of marriages and family.

    I am happy that you Marty, and many many others are finally coming forward to bring this regime down to it’s knees and it’s final end.

    Please make sure that you get your information out to the non-scientology public so that they may understand(in a non-scientology way)how really bad this church is. The judge will be the public, but it won’t have come without so many of you taking the bull by the horns and speaking out.

    I feel that everyone speaking out in the media so far are doing just that, allowing the non-scientology public to understand how scientology works and how the effects of David Miscavige have hurt so very many people.

    Keep up the good work but please keep in mind that if you are continuing to practice LRH Tech I hope that no one would ever want to practice any fair gaming or disconnection practices ever again.

  40. The reason that good Scientologists ignore the morass of outpoints around David Miscavige is because most of them believe that LRH expressly gave DM the authority to lead the Church. Out of their love for LRH and their gratitude to him for the gains they did receive, these souls turn a blind eye and “hang in there” hoping and believing the propaganda and contrived images.

    If DM usurped LRH’s authority (as it appears he did – according to the reports in the SP Times) then DM’s “divine right” is inveigled and illegitimate. If it was reasonably proven and communicated to Scientologists that DM is a pretender as a moral authority & head of the church, his magic carpet would start unraveling rather quickly. If Scientologists could get the real story of the power transfer, it might give them permission to question and look at the outpoints, the personal greed and out-ethics, the egregious violations of policy and tech, the horrible stats, and – the crimes.

  41. Journalists are a key ingredient to a free press as envisioned by our Founding Fathers . They are vital to a functioning democracy. Dangerous cults paint *all* journalists as bad because they don’t want their members watching/reading exposés that show the cult for what it real is.

  42. Theo Sismanides

    Power, Scientology is meant to be used based on reason mainly. The church has become a monster that needs feeding and raw meat. Like the Minotaur. So each week people are shipped over to the Minotaur and the regges “do their job”.

    Scientology was not meant to separate families or devour huge amounts of money and put people savagely into debt. Yes, it should have some discipline but this is beyond belief, to savagely reg and disconnect people.

    We have no need to be fed by any Leader of any Monster. We feed ourselves and live our lives. We practise Scientology, not under the yoke of the church and its savage customs (notice that the policy of LRH does not necessarily say: reg people to death, but it can be passed to be practised so, with homo sap as he is).

    So, the Independents are more of OTs since they can be units of energy and space production themselves. In the church everybody depends on one another to get their meals. It’s all messed up from the top now and for many years now.

  43. During the 2nd WW there were many strange bedfellows. After the common enemy was defeated they went after each other as did Russia and the USA.

  44. Theo Sismanides

    Lady Lancelot, having been in the Sea Org for 9 years I can tell you that back in the early 90s the environment was OK and very theta. Things started changing around 1995 for me when the New Era of Mgmt started. Then the GAT and other things which we horrible.

    That the Sea Org members are not doing something about it from inside DOES NOT that the Sea Org is not doing anything.

    There is a LOT OF Sea Org here. And a lot of good guys. Maybe this will give a lock to some people here, but I personally have never abandoned ship. I just stepped out and after 10 years here I am in a position again to salvage the ship.

    An organization so big can become a monster as I wrote above. One thing missing in it, one flaw and you get a Minotaur.

    Imagine Marty and Mike and others here on the helm of the Sea Org. That’s what you should do and see all those worthy and decent and bright people kicking off and making a big step to really help mankind.

    The big flaw is DM and maybe, I say maybe it’s not just him. But right now it’s DM.

    So imagine decent people in the helm of the ship and you will see that the Sea Org is not to blame. It’s just an entity and it’s thetan has gone nuts. That’s all in my opinion. We should just get that entity back to sanity by injecting some theta into it. This is the way I see it.

  45. If one is to have an organization of any kind to effectively deliver auditing and training there are expenses beyond just the auditors time. There are non income producers that are needed such as a C/S etc. There are other expenses such as promotional expenses. LRH layed them all out in his essay on What Your Fees Buy. That is the guideline he used and what we should also. There is nothing in it regarding IAS, IDEAL ORGS, BOOKS TO LIBRARIES and the many other additives in the C of M.

  46. “I have nothing to hide, whatsoever. They can dig and dig and dig…” Tommy Davies

    O.K. They, they dug and dug and dug.

    And I think they’ve only just begun.

    Love the way your postulates stick Mate!

  47. Theo Sismanides

    Vir, sure Tom has heard about it. The whole Internet has heard about it.

  48. plainoldthetan

    A couple’a random thoughts:

    1) If Marty and Mike are really Declared, where are the documents? (‘cuz if it isn’t written, it isn’t true — pardon me, that’s LRH, and we can’t expect the midget to read, duplicate, honor, or respect what LRH wrote…unless Dan Sherman puts it in a teleprompted script)

    2) If Marty and Mike are declared WHY ARE LOYAL CHURCH OF MISCAVOLOGISTS CONTINUING TO CONTACT THEM? (I know too many people who have been told to “disconnect” from Declared persons.) Isn’t what’s good for the goose, good for the midget?

    3) LRH gives us a clue to the gaping chink in the armor in lecture 7 Nov 1952 FORCE AS HOMO SAPIENS AND AS THETAN – RESPONSIBILITY when he says “Money is a representation of force. You can buy force with money.” So the way to weaken the armor is to STOP GIVING THE MIDGET MONEY. Barring that, make him spend money on what he doesn’t want to spend it on. Like Private Investigators, rental cars, plane tickets, video transcribers, extra security guards, higher fences aroung the int base, etc.

    4) The big May 9 ACC special ended a few days ago. This was the full set of ACCs for $5000 cash only; not money off account. PER WHAT REFERENCE? What LRH policy allows you to sell materials for a big ol’ discount if you provide CASH to the DM “hide the cash” game?

    Am I the only one that can see that the $5000 ACC cash special was simply an attempt to raise $$$ for some DM program? ANd that not enough people bought the $7500 ACC special to meet the income demands?

    5) (Webster’s unabridged dictionary) mayhem, n. 1. Law. the crime of willfully inflicting a bodily injury on another so as to make the victim less capable of self-defense or, under modern statutes, so as to cripple or mutilate the victim. 2. random or deliberate violence or damage.

    (Introduction to Scientology Ethics, P.302) CRIMES: Mayhem.

    — Plain Old Thetan

  49. DFB
    Are you adding John Sweeney under the general label of ‘bully’? Looks to me like he’s the one being bullied.
    Let’s not be so hasty to label people as ‘bad’.
    Some of the anonymous activities and posts make me sick to the stomach but I have friends who are part of that group too and I don’t judge all of them because of the activities of a few.
    If we’re going to do that then we’re every bit as guilty as those who would call the Independents ‘Squirrels’ and ‘SP’s. Those are generalities and suppressive in trait.

  50. Time to break out the popcorn, and only ultra gourmet popcorn with genuine butter and sea salt will do, none of that “butter flavoring” nonsense … and it has to be air popped.


  51. He must have enough material for an entire series by now!

  52. Martin Padfield

    To all UK friends lurking: now is the time to WAKE UP before it is too late. You know where I am, there is a strong group here now, use it.

  53. Bob Johnson

    Hip Hip!

  54. Strange behaviour like Cruise and others show sometimes is possible because:

    1. Scientology works.
    2. Scientologists are most of the time descent people who wants to help.

    A dictatorial leader will use these two facts to suppress others.

    Miscavige is very smart the way he does it. And he seems to be a very controlling person as well.

    I would like to meet him some day. Argue with him. Go into detail. Perhaps even slap him in the face.

    I remember LRH great quote about psychiatrists (in the 50s): “The only way you can better a man is to better him. You cannot better a man by worsening him.”

    Miscavige should listen up!

  55. Aylesbury Wolf - a Hubbard Knight (ANZO)

    In Australia we have a saying, “lower than a snake’s belly”. It’s meant to convey your contempt for someone.

    Anyway, my concern is that the general public might start to think that real Scientology (LRH’s that is) is deserving of contempt with the revelations that are coming out about the abuse being practiced by dm, that entity that’s lower than a snake’s belly.

    The mocking of TC by Miscabbage in late night drinking sessions has made an appearance over here. Not a good look for LRH’s Scientology.

    One can only hope that the sorry saga of dmology (well put by someone in a comment in an earlier post) is brought to an speedy end so that LRH’s Scientology can be allowed to work its magic with the peoples of Earth.

    May the Tech be with you.

  56. I remember being in tears on more than one occasion whilst watching it. Sweeney became the Devil after that, especially after the CoS released it’s version of events (showing him (apparently) knocking on random back doors, fire-exits, and walking into orgs unannounced, demanding interviews). Where does the truth lie? For me, the jury is still out. I am still not 100% convinced by the man (I’m lacking data, I know), but I trust the fact that Marty and Mike know what they are doing. And by the sound of it, Sweeney has the correct target this time :o)

  57. Joe Pendleton

    I agree to a great extent with Lady Lancelot. The system is not workable in the real world – too many restimulators just sitting there begging to key in full evil earth religion/control dramatizations. The one church/authority system has served its purpose.

    Though I also agree with DFB’s postutes – I’d like that too.

  58. I agree, there are a lot of really sane, caring people in the S.O. Unfortunately the a-holes are the ones who tend to get noticed, just because they are so unpleasant to deal with. One day my 2-D and myself listed out all the staff we had ever dealt with in the last 30 years or so, all the good people and all the jerks, and it really did work out to be a very small percentage of the bad ones. A very interesting excercise, should one care to try it.
    Another excercise is to mock up what would be the absolute ideal scene in an org; if one could have it be any way, just dream up the best scientology org possible and compare that with what is the current scene. I’d been so conditioned to accepting the way things are and justifying it, I’d forgotten the beautiful way it could be: everyone in ARC, having blow out wins, training up and helping each other and everyone winning in life and really becomming OT, that thing we all came into Scn. for. (we certainly didn’t come in to be more able to make targets or slam in ethics.)
    Doing that excercise was the tipping point for me. I suddenly saw how bad it really was, without my justifications that I’d spent years putting in place. It was a shock but from there I could now start to move upwards, as I could finally see the truth in front of me.

  59. Well from what I can see Mr. Power, the Independent Movement is a reformation or resetting back to LRH’s Standard Tech.

    The exact “Standard Tech” is hard to define because LRH changed it a lot on the way himself. And then the current church changed it even more.

    So standard tech is usually tied to a date. Example: “Standard Tech Per 1972 Bridge.”

    Sounds like the majority of people are settling on a version of the bridge from the 70’s.

    (Correct me if I’m wrong please)

    This means that all LRH’s policy letters and books and coursework are getting rebooted as scripture.

    Taken literally – the cult dynamics of Scientology will reboot naturally IMHO. Taken liberally, many of these dynamics could at least be explained and demonstrated so that people at least know “why” they had the experiences they have.

    But most Independent Scientologists do not believe that cult dynamics exist in standard tech and that is quite typical of people who are being used by memetic cult dynamics: they honestly don’t think they are being affected by them.

    Not all cults are bad. But it helps at least to know when y0u are in one.

  60. Exactly stop enabling the addict

  61. Jail can be a perfect seclusion to come to his senses or not. At least no more people will be harmed.

  62. Mark, you should do as many interviews regardless what john sweeney is doing in the future. This topic is just a bit too weird for your average news station around the world. As long as you keep the fan whirling the shit will keep hitting it.

  63. DFB,
    Careful to generalize. It may very well be a good idea to regard the ‘press’ as not necessarily fact reporters but those who pander to the Acceptance Level of a specific society, and that Tone Level.

    On the other hand, a fixed idea for the Fourth Estate, that they are all, willy-nilly Merchants of Chaos, is just that, a fixed idea. That sort of thing doesn’t make for good reasoning.

    It’s on the same order of A=A that any person who reads, studies or practices any subject that begins with ‘psych-‘ is an SP or evil. That certainly isn’t a fact. ( If you persuse Tech Vol One for example, LRH himself was working on a program in 53 to train the highest level auditors on a full curriculum of the extant ‘psych-‘ texts and materials.)

    Tom Tobin, by me personally, and for the factual reporting of the Truth Rundown series, has had his Merchant of Chaos cert revoked.

    Let’s hope John Sweeney loses his too huh!

  64. Cowboy Poet,

    I was sort of alluding to Miscavige’s spinning world in which his little clinker of a soul is going down, down, down … but now I can’t the idea out of my mind of him clinging desperately to the toilet rim as the waters churn …

  65. For sure there are good and bad journalists/reporters and a free press serves to keep things balanced and open in our society. At the time of the Tommy Davis confrontation I thought John Sweeney was a reporter out to do a hack job attack peice on my religion to create sensationalism to get ratings and a bigger paycheck. I thought the way Tommy “handled” him was messed up, but I thought maybe he was applying some “tech” on handling SP’s or something that I didnt know about. Even though I observed that it was wrong, I sort of explained it away.

    Now, I dont know Sweeneys motives. Maybe he’s a good, honorable journalist. I dont think he’s a bully. I havent looked at his work enough to know much about him. He seems on this story to be confronting and trying to research a story and get the facts.

    On anonymous- I dont really agree with the funamentals of the group itself, so it doesnt really matter to me if some in the group are “nice”. I’m not saying anonynous is the KKK, but just for an extreme example- lets say the KKK sort of changes its image and some in the group start doing charity work or something. The nature, purposes and formation of the group itself is what it is. I’m not going to say “you know, our neighbor is in the KKK and he seems pretty nice….”.

  66. Bunkai,
    You asked for ‘correct me if I’m wrong’ so, perhaps I might ‘deBunkai’ you in terms of Standard Tech.

    This term is defined in the Class VIII lectures of 1968. Excerpts, which state clearly what those lectures defined are in the Technical Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology.

    Materials that fall under this rubric of Standard Tech exist all the way up to and in note form, yet to be compiled for release, following the physical death of L. Ron Hubbard.

    There is no such ’72’ cut-off point for materials constituting Standard Tech.

    To one not trained, factually, in the technologies of auditing and Case Supervison, or correction of these disciplines, and with a cursory gleaning of terminolgy of these subjects from the internet, I can see that what is actually Standard Tech may be somewhat elusive to grasp fully. Such as in your case.

  67. Good points, Lady Lancelot. I don’t think LRH ever intended the Sea Org to be the ruling body for Scientology. Back in the day, the independent Mission franchises brought in most of the new public, and these flowed to the upper orgs much like the roots feed the tree. This flow and everything associated with it was protected by the Guardians Office.

    When LRH went into hiding in Creston and left a bit of a power vacuum, the Sea Org under Miscavige first took out the Guardians Office and then they pulled the rug out from under the missions. Sure, DM was behind this, but it’s delusional to think that once he’s removed it will automatically go back to the way it was. The SO will still be in charge, and one individual will be at the top of that org board.

    The indie movement is actually much closer to that original pattern of missions and orgs than anything that’s likely to come from the CofS after Miscavige.

  68. I was proud of him. So it must be. Impressing, how he told Sweeney how it is, clearly and directly in his face. There was a remarkable Vector, and Mr. Davis was holding his position quite well. I have nothing to object towards his attitude.

  69. Whether it was power granted by LRH or not, wrong is wrong. We can not go along with something just because LRH said it or approved it. He was a man. Yes, a great man, but a man nonetheless and he made mistakes. Scientologists MUST question and they need no permission.

  70. Unfortunately I don’t think LRH had dug down deep enough on the ethics conditions to get where these poor Sea Org Members have been buried.
    Before addressing Confusion ‘find out where you are’ (theta trap) they’d probably have to start in at ‘find out who you’re working for’. It would behoove them to have the cognition that it’s not LRH and work up from there 😦

  71. Theo, you wrote “Imagine Marty and Mike and others here on the helm of the Sea Org.”

    If that would ever happen, I would dedicate my life to throw them both out of it again. I wouldn`t rest a single minute, until this would happen. But they both have absolutely no chance, believe me, so forget it, old Translator!

  72. Did I mess an annoucement? Will Marty be on Larry King – when?


  73. Lucy James

    Having met John Sweeney, my feelings are best expressed by a quote from another English gentleman

    “I like a man who grins when he fights”. Winston Churchill.

  74. TD “recruited” me to the Indies with his video about the St Pete Times articles and the alleged physical abuse. I was repulsed and couldn’t believe he was the spokesperson for the Church. It made me want to know the whole story.

  75. Because of various comments on this blog … I decided to go back and reread a “Treatise on Society and Organization” from my teacher, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche (can be googled if interested in reading the whole text).

    I was struck by many things and how it seems to reflect a feeling that is going on now with the independent scientology community.

    “What does it mean to be virtuous? It means that we understand karma. Essentially a society is the constant interplay of innumerable actions among its own members. Those actions produce constant reflections and results.

    Because we understand karma, we realize that we must conduct our own lives according to the principles of virtue. What does this entail? … It means striving together to build a peaceful, harmonious society on the understanding that ill intent and animosity, whether towards fellow community members or the world at large, will only create further pain for ourselves and others …”

    Thanks to Marty, Mike, Jeff, Steve, Amy and others who have chosen to step forward, shine the light of truth on the horribly NON-virtuous actions of dm and his minions. The actions of dm et al ALWAYS end up destroying the very group that once may have supported him. ALWAYS – it’s just a matter of time.

    I came up with a catchy name for “us” 🙂

    Independent Scientology Society — ISS

    If we continue to steel ourselves against aggressive thoughts of revenge, hate and the like,

    Not only will ISS grow — it will reach into society, touch other groups of like mind and become the helpful healing force we had so hoped — so many years ago.


  76. Doc "Smith"


    I wanted to weigh in on your questions about cost of auditing. I am currently a professional finish carpenter. Before I left the church I was training to open a field practice to help others and also to increase my income. As a church member I could not charge less than the local org, but as an independant I have no such requirement.

    As a professional finish carpenter I make $50-$60 per hour. I feel that I should charge more than that for auditing due to the length of training, and the benefit to the PC. If that seems too high to someone, I would suggest they train and co-audit, still IMO the best way to go up the bridge as one gets case gain as cause and as effect.

    doc “Smith

  77. I was a bit puzzled about TC’s position until I happened upon beliefnet’s explanation.

    “Tom Cruise has built a foundation for his life around the Church of Scientology, but his natal chart as described in the profile linked above suggests a wound (Chiron) resulting from a pursuit of self-righteous dogmatism (Jupiter/Pluto opposition).”

    Ah. All clear now.

  78. Hi marty, thanks for allowing the post by bunkai. Please allow me to plug Its the forum started by Geir Isene, an independant OT VIII. It is a great place to discuss (and debate with critics!) how the church should be reformed in the post-DM era.

    For those who are interested in such discussions: check it out.

  79. I don’t know so much about reporters who “use and abuse”. They are just a general class of folks and we should be careful not to generalize.

    A reporter has his own job and agenda. This may coincide with your own and if so, great. If they don’t coincide, that’s no big deal. If you find yourself in opposition to a reporter, there is tech on how to deal with that – proper PR.

    Same with Anonymous. I read some of their boards, and I don’t see too many people who are familiar with the subject of Scientology itself. I do see a lot of college student-type indignation about a perceived wrong. And a lot of it is justified, but there’s also a lot of generalization and “guilty by association”.

    Unfortunately I see a lot of the same mentality to be found amongst underground crackers – break web sites for fun.

    Even more unfortunately, when I look closer at that mentality I see *exactly* the same thing coming out of C of S: froth-at-the-mouth rabid antagonism against psychs, bankers, big business and more. So in a sense, the pigeons are circling the attic getting ready to come home to roost.

  80. Theo,

    I would expand on what you said to this:

    When the SO works as designed, it works really really well. But when it goes off the rails… you get the picture.

    A basic problem in the organisation of the hierarchy is that it’s the entire group that suffers when the SO goes off the rails – good SO members, staff, public. And that happens because those affected have no swift recourse.

    So we are dealing with the classic “lack of oversight” problem. We should note that no civilization in this planet’s history has solved the problem of “lack of oversight”.

  81. Marty, looking forward to the BBC presentation.
    John, good on you for not backing down! This should seperate the men from the boys for sure. To all of you, well done!

  82. I don’t get calls from orgs anymore, so I missed #4.

    Unless I am VERY much mistaken (and I know for a fact I’m not), there is LRH policy specifically prohibiting conditions like that.

    Just sayin’ 🙂

  83. I have to agree with Lady Lancelot. I don’t think removing Miscavige will magically solve all of the Church’s problems. What’s to prevent another sociopath (like, for instance, Jenny Linson) from taking over and continuing all of the abuse? There’s a structure and an operating basis that allowed someone like Miscavige to take over. If anyone is serious about reform, IMHO, there needs to be a real hard look at those factors. And certainly having a heavily authoritarian, paramilitary, top-down organization like the SO doesn’t help. It’s like having a military dictatorship as your form of government and then hoping somehow for a better dictator.

  84. Snowhite,

    Gee … suddenly you’re writing without grammatical or spelling or capitalization oddities. Not feeling so Germanic today, are you?

    Just Me

  85. I was just googling this Cruise betrayal and man I have not been on so many celeb gossip sites in, well EVER!

    But there’s a clear message when you start summing up the comment sections, the public does not find this betrayal “funny” or “juicy”, they’re horrified that the most basic trust one could have in their church has been stomped on.

    The general consensus seems to be “Tom will NEVER stand for this, UNLESS the Church is blackmailing him.
    The question of what Tom is defending doesn’t seem to exist anymore in the minds of the public. Perhaps a few years ago there was a curiosity… “What is this thing Scientology that Cruise finds so amazing?” Those days are in the distant past, and this latest revelation was the nail in the coffin.

    The question now is “What has Cruise done that is so criminal that Miscavige could abuse him to this extent and still Tom remains mum?”
    People tend to jump to conclusions, and this isn’t a healthy one… I hope TC clears this up soon.

    It’s really going to be the ultimate “out-reality” if he just rolls over.

  86. Elaborate please.

  87. Geir created a great forum that is willing to confront the hard questions. He also did it without exposing readers to confidential data to honor those who take their bridges seriously.

    Marty and Geir show a real commitment to honest communication.

    And I know everyone here hopes you and your family reconnect Power! I hear there is a policy letter canceling disconnection.

    Maybe you can use it so show your parents that they can find the tech they love in the Independent Movement.

    May your love for them never quit.

  88. Snowhite
    Not to be a spokesperson for Marty or Mike but I’m guessing they wouldn’t be in the least bit interested in taking on the mess of the Church – and have better things to do (like re-building broken wings).
    I admire your dedication and determination even though I don’t agree with your viewpoint 😀

  89. C’mon now. Even if you support his position you have to see that his act was bad PR. It makes Scientologists look like fascist 1.5 nazi’s. Are saynig thats how the spokesperson for Scientology should act towards a reporter, on camera? Even if the reporter is a hack working for an suppressive news show whats to be gained by acting like that?

    Show me the LRH.

  90. Theo Sismanides

    Guys, those of you who can get on twitter, just search Tom Cruise and you will see, the info on DM is circulating around the world thru Twitter.

  91. Theo Sismanides

    I am now twitting this

    Tom Cruise betrayed. Read the whole report

  92. “I think the lady doth protest too much” fits here for DM. Anyone that spends huge sums of money to shut people up or attempt to shut people up has something to hide. DM has proved it by his actions that he is guilty. It’s just a matter of time before people on the inside of the CoM realize it.

  93. Please forgive my anger but I have to say this.

  94. Theo Sismanides

    Every minute on twitter people are twitting the betrayal of Tom Cruise. Here are some posts.

    Tom Cruise humilié par le boss de la scientologie – Fervent fidèle de la secte, Tom Cruise s’est confié sans retenu…

    kotyosric “Hot Celebrity News” Scientology Leader Used Tom Cruise’s Confessional Tapes To Entertain Friends!
    4 minutes ago from HootSuite

    The names Tom Cruise, David Miscavige and Marty’s blog sometimes appear there almost every minute. Bingo!

  95. Thank God for the BBC, They are not corrupted by kissing up to celebs, and neither is their
    Keep Going Marty and Mike.
    And just continue on the high road and the road of truth…

  96. Marty, If you want to pull the above, please do.
    I think I’m sudden again.

  97. Thanks Jim!

    Marty is this the definition you hold?

  98. Sam , DFB and Splog

    I applaud you on your nuance regarding Anonymous, It’s the human condition. I personnaly like to talk about protest anons regarding the ones wich include me taking a stance against the C of S. That part is closely nit to the part that fights for freedom of speech.

    As a leaderless collective we have no illussions about being nice “None of us are as cruel as all of us “Wich makes it a the perfect mirror Image. The Church wants to keep secrets and Anonymous likes to out secrets.

    Everybody is anonymous sometime in his life for different reasons. The anons you see protesting started because they were made aware of the COS censoring the internet by it janking the video of Tom Cruise and getting litigous. After that one began to find out about the Human Rights abuses and it got more serious.

    I am part of the “Moralfags” and as such other parts of Anonymous hates my ass, such is the nature of Anonymous. It is a dungheap that on occasion produces a beautiful rose. It’s Life.

    You can quickly find out the Who or the Why if you engage an Anon in a talk about Freedom of Speech or Religion and such. Than you know where he or she stands and is a hater or not.

    With the philosophy of the inclusion of all humankind it meands that there can be alsoo Scientology Anons.


  100. Sam, as I understand it there is a Confusion formula for a group, “Find out WHAT you are” Italics mine”. They need to find out that they were a group formed to get in Ethics on this planet and this universe, and to protect the tech, according to LRH’s wishes, and actually create an organization where people can go up the Bridge and go free, and also (IMHO) make the materials available, in unaltered form to the planetary population. For many years I did not know this formula existed and it changed a lot of things for me when I applied this to my business, and I found out what we were actually trying to do.

    Also, the first step of Order vs. Disorder, if I recall correctly deals with where you are on the org board, and for S.O. I would think that somewhere along the line they would have to find out they were on LRH’s Org Board. Also, there is the policy letter where LRH talks about a staff member wearing his administrative hat for that post. I am not in my office or I would give you the exact reference and exact quote, but at some point, it would seem, there would be a cognition that they were on LRH’s Org Board, not DM’s DeMonology Org Board.

    Just some thoughts on your thoughts.

  101. Ron write a reference on how orgs should price their services, but I can’t find it right now. Perhaps someone recognizes it and can quote it correctly for Power. It all works out to be quitereasonable prices and the logic is something like this:

    The price of 12.5 hours of auditing is directly related to the average wage of the society the org is in. Higher orgs (St Hills, AOs, Flag) are each a fixed percentage more than the type of org below them. By this system, moving up the Bridge would be quite affordable.

    Of course, “average wage” is what a good tradesman or office worker would earn, not what the top 1% of sales people earn.


    Sarge, based on what I have learned about you from this blog I would have to say that that is good enough for me.
    I’ll also say, the anger is both justified and appropriate.

    Just my 2c.

  103. Pete, AMEN, ROTFLMAO!!! That was truly funny! You made me hungry!!! How about some FIJI water to drink with it!!!! Or some Kristal champagne!!!

  104. No forgiveness needed. I BELIEVE YOU! THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!

  105. Snowhite, I agree he held his position, but where was the application of ARC? (as per HCO PL 13 Aug 1970 PR Series 2, THE MISSING INGREDIENT). Where were his manners?

    “Arrogance and force may win dominion and control but will never win acceptance and respect.” — LRH, HCO PL 30 May 1971 PR Series 9, MANNERS

    TD is simply not effective as a spokesperson, imho. He continually violates LRH policy (NOT ACCEPTABLE!!), and the results of his efforts have, more often than not, caused significant embarrassment and (further) bad PR. His comments on Disconnection being a prime example (note: “The more lies you use in PR the more likely it is that the PR will recoil. Thus the law: NEVER USE LIES IN PR.” — LRH, HCO PL 13 Aug 1970 PR Series 2, THE MISSING INGREDIENT.

    “He will not only not handle existing situations, he will create new ones.” — LRH, HCO PL 26 Feb 1964 PR Series 20, THE UNTRAINED PR

    Of course, the fundamental problem Tommy has is that, under DM, he can only operate in the robot band. He is DM’s mouth piece, nothing more, and will follow the required orders to a T. He is unable to apply the PR Series because to do so he would have to ~look~ (“He finds out the data before he acts. The PR has to be the person in the know.” — LRH, HCO PL 30 Mar 1975 PR Series 25, PR AND INFORMATION) and confront ~truth~. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be a priority under DM.

    “WHEN PR WON’T GO IN, ETHICS IS OUT.” — LRH, HCO PL 19 July 1982 PR Series 37, FAILED PR

  106. Marty on Larry King????? WOW

  107. Impartial English Girl

    Not sure how these sorts of things work in the US but here in England, documentary-makers have an obligation to be impartial. This is particularly true with the BBC, which is funded by the British public through payment of a TV license. We have a government regulator for television providers (OFCOM), which can impose heavy fines and/or other sanctions if a programme (even the news) can be proved as showing undue bias.

    Also, Panorama is the BBC’s flagship investigative programme and has been running since 1953. It would be more than Mr. Sweeney’s or the production teams’ jobs are worth to turn out a corrupt or unfairly balanced report simply for the sake of exciting TV.

    I am looking forward with great interest to the forthcoming programme!

  108. One of my favorite Tommy Davis quotes is when he tells John Sweeney “I have absolutely nothing to hide what so ever. Zero.”
    Sweeney: Really?
    Tom: Dig and Dig and Dig. It ain’t there.”

    Oops! Looks like he found something Tommy Boy!

  109. Sarge you get to be “Sudden”. Hell it’s the truth.
    I totally agree with you and many others are in agreement. For some odd reason so many believe that he has a say in “Their” eternity…this goon is soul-less.

  110. Oh, I second that, Grateful.

    Plus, let’s keep in mind that putting in place an elitist attitude is rude at the very least – it creates separateness and once we separate from our brother we can stand over here and point. Pointing from an “elite” height, we’re also pointing down.

    I prefer to look down on no one, nor up, just toward. The god in me respects the god in you – Namaste.

  111. And just because something is written doesn’t necessarily make it true.

  112. Hopefully Tom’s attorney is reading this and if he cares about his client whatsoever, he needs to clue him on the monster Tom is suppporting before he looses all credibility and respect and further damages his career. This is not a game and the stuff DM has been doing is very real and can only be covered up for so long (too many have come forward and more to come). Tom knows the Dr. Jekyll side of DM with the Mr. Hyde side carefully concealed.

  113. At least you grasp it a little bit! DM is NOT your problem! The SCIENTOLOGISTS of the world are your problem! Everyone of them would fight you, if they only would reading this blog, or even knowing, you exist, but they don` t, and that`s okay. I don`t recommend reading this Blog, the words are full of Poison. Do you know what would happen if Scientologists worldwide were told about you and your activities? Coming into your open arms?! Think again. This Place wouldn`t be a safe place for you anymore, nowhere.

  114. Mark Rathbun, Thy effectively cut of the suply of new artists getting bamboozeled by the C of M. Great show Sir !

  115. // May 10, 2010 at 3:59 pm | Reply
    Jeff said:

    “”I have to agree with Lady Lancelot. I don’t think removing Miscavige will magically solve all of the Church’s problems. What’s to prevent another sociopath (like, for instance, Jenny Linson) from taking over and continuing all of the abuse? There’s a structure and an operating basis that allowed someone like Miscavige to take over. If anyone is serious about reform, IMHO, there needs to be a real hard look at those factors. And certainly having a heavily authoritarian, paramilitary, top-down organization like the SO doesn’t help. It’s like having a military dictatorship as your form of government and then hoping somehow for a better dictator.”

    Wise words, and ones I completely agree with!

  116. Theo Sismanides

    Μarty and all,

    I run into the link below about the opening of the new church of Miscavige in Brussels:

    I am publishing part of the link because it is interesting to see political leaders appearing now officially and getting together with the C of M.

    Start of publication:
    New Branch of Churches of Scientology for Europe Opens in Brussels

    Nearly 1,000 Scientologists and their guests from across Europe attended the dedication of the Brussels branch of the Churches of Scientology for Europe on Saturday.

    “This new Church in the capital city of Europe stands as a beautiful testament to your help, and you can be certain of my continued support. You care for people, and this Church is such an example of this attitude.”
    Brussels (PRWEB) January 27, 2010 — A representative of Church of Scientology International, the Mother Church of the Scientology religion, officiated at the ceremony held in the early-20th-century historic structure at Boulevard de Waterloo 100-103.

    Presiding was the Reverend Robert Adams of the Los Angeles-based Church of Scientology International. In welcoming the parishioners, staff and guests from more than a dozen countries, he introduced the new Brussels branch as “an international Church for an international city, dedicated to helping all the people of Europe.”

    Rev. Adams called the opening the “beginning of a new era for Scientology parishioners and all residents of Belgium and Europe. You are always welcome in our Churches, and we invite you to participate with us as we serve the larger community with effective solutions to uplift the visible decay of the society in which we live.”

    Distinguished guest speakers participating in the dedication of the new Church were the Honorable Hugo Coveliers, Senator in the Belgian Parliament; Professor Abolfazl Beheshti, Professor of International Relations and Energy Economy at the University of Lille, France; The Honorable Juan Ferreiro, Spain’s Deputy Minister of Interior for Churches; Ms. Katalin Szomor, expert member of the Drugs Commission of the Hungarian Parliament and former national drug coordinator; and the Reverend Christopher Vonck, Rector of the Faculty for Comparative Study of Religions at the University of Antwerp.

    In his address to the Scientologists and guests, Senator Coveliers said, “This new Church in the capital city of Europe stands as a beautiful testament to your help, and you can be certain of my continued support. You care for people, and this Church is such an example of this attitude.”

    The new Church in Brussels has undergone extensive renovation not only to accommodate all Scientology religious services but also as a home for the community services provided through the many activities and humanitarian programs of Church members.

    End of excerpt from the publication.

    It is interesting to see the corrupt (in most cases) political leaders now supporting the C of M.

    This is a big outpoint. They are not fighting the C of M anymore because it is not Scientology anymore.

    They appear next to C of M officials. They talk in favor of C of M and its new buildings. They welcome the C of M as it is now their organization.

    Let’s not be reasonable, there is an agenda to promote C of M. We are now attacking it and they are endorsing it. If this isn’t crazy what is.

    So bare in mind that soon we are all going to called to form some type of organization and do some bigger actions. The suppressives are moving on. The planet is going down. And the Tech now has become Ideal Orgs and good boys and girls.

    Responsibility is rising for all as the game of the suppressives is escalating in enslaving man.

    I run into Confessions of an Economic Hitman a film by a greek reporter on John Perkins an ex-economic hitman describing how the vested interests, the banks and the governements of the strong take over countries just by economic and financial duress and tricks. it’s a must.

  117. I am not a scientologist nor apart of the group anonymous, but rather an individual who has been following the disturbing practices of scientology for the past 4 years or so. I understand independent scientologists are standing up against the abuses of DM, however, I am confused if they are also rallying against the process of disconnection; fair game and the bait and switch tech. that initially brings people into scientology? What exactly are you attempting to reform? Nevertheless, Marty, I appreciate the fact that you’re speaking out against DM, I understand that it is not a very easy thing to do…as an aside, I hope you can now sympathise with what Mr. Minton was attempting to do more than a decade ago…I wish he was around to lend his support. It would be nice if in the future you can do a piece on Mr. Minton in your blog. A lot of us are really confused about what actually happened between Bob and the church. If you could shed some light from your perspective, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Marty and keep doing what your doing!!

  118. Not at all … it was great!

  119. Concerned Citizen

    Outrageous amounts of Scientology parishioners’ hard earned cash used by Miscavige for his own defense and to maintain his personal image in the face of on-target BBC investigations, St Pete Times articles and revelations by former Scientology executives.

    And not one cent towards cleanning up LRH’s name, which he could easily and effortlessly do

  120. martyrathbun09

    Theo, I highly recommend the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman. DM has sold out big time and turned the C of S into a criminal economic vehicle.

  121. “Having met John Sweeney, my feelings are best expressed by a quote from another English gentleman

    “I like a man who grins when he fights”. Winston Churchill.”

    So you mean you like covert hostility?

  122. Theo Sismanides

    And now I am looking into the new Ideal Org that opened in Quebec.

    You can see the link above.

    What I looked for is who was there to speak on behalf of the politicians who are now endorsing Scientology.

    Well, you can see the link and see for yourselves.

    Dignitaries participating in the dedication of the new Church included the Honorable Alvin Curling, former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and now Senior Fellow at the Center for International Governance for Innovation;

    CIGI, if you look at the website of CIGI, it’s preparing the G 20 summit which is going to take place in Canada.

    And what do the G20 do. They prepare a Global Government.

    Here is just one sample of a publication endorsed on the site.

    The G20: A Work in Progress for Global Governance?
    Andrew F. Cooper
    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2009
    The G20 leaders’ format appears to be an ascendant form of summitry. Acting as an economic crisis committee, the G20 has served an important symbolic function, sending a clear message that leaders of an extended group of states across the North-South divide recognize the gravity of the fallout from the financial shocks. It also provides significant instrumental value with its extended plan of action in a host of technical areas. Viewed through this positive lens, it is easy to suggest that the G20 summit constitutes a mechanism ready to seize the moment, turning a structural dilemma into institutional innovation and creative initiatives. The initial November 2008 meeting in Washington, the momentum built through the second gathering in London in early-April 2009, and the announcement of a third session in Pittsburgh in late-September 2009, have sent a sharp message that world leaders prefer hanging together through collective efforts than hanging separately through instinctive but short-sighted unilateral efforts.

    So, this man, the “Honorable” (????) Alvin Curling, former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and now Senior Fellow at the Center for International Governance for Innovation is part of an institution that prepares the ground for G20, the Globalists.

    And here is what he says about the C of M or better our Scientology because enough with the C of M. It is our Scientology.

    In his address, Mr. Curling said, “Let this new home for the Church of Scientology in Quebec be a beacon to all men and women of goodwill – a place where they will always be welcome to work together in helping this world. Bringing together people of goodwill is a hallmark of the Church of Scientology, which is why I celebrate this new Church with you today.”

    People of goodwill, obedient citizens and parishioners built for the future. Of course this very innovative institution can see the trends and can see that Scientology is going to be the religion of the future, whereas Catholicism and the other religions are going down.

    Other guests:

    the Honorable Pamela Appelt, a judge in the Court of Canadian Citizenship and a patron of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development; and Mr. Alan Stein, noted religious freedom and human rights attorney and professor of law.

    But anyway, here is a title and brief description of a book published by CIGI

    Afghanistan: Transition Under Threat
    Mark Sedra and Geoff Hayes
    By the fall of 2008, seven years after the fall of the Taliban regime, the future of Afghanistan’s post-conflict transition looks more uncertain than ever. Driving this uncertainty is a security environment that has steadily deteriorated with each passing year, creating a level of instability even greater than in Iraq, according to some indicators. However, insecurity is not the only dilemma that has threatened to undercut Afghanistan’s transition to peace and stability. Problems of corruption and poor service delivery in the state coupled with the failure of the internationally supported reconstruction process to improve the quality of life for so many Afghans trapped in grinding poverty has begun to erode public confidence in the new political order.

    It’s exactly what I saw today in Confessions of an Economic Hitman, how they take over countries and then rebuild them.

    And this is the organization where the Honorable Speaker Alvin Curling works, who stated at the opening of the Ideal Org of Quebec

    Let this new home for the Church of Scientology in Quebec be a beacon to all men and women of goodwill – a place where they will always be welcome to work together in helping this world…

    To all of us who have worked straight with LRH or not, but definitely for him.

    I consider it urgent to do things towards this direction, of investigation of who is supporting the Ideal Orgs and who is appearing there on behalf of “Honorary personae”. I am sure that soon we will be able to pull some strings.

  123. Newcomers for more data on divorce and treatment of Children check out the latest article in Steve’s website Scientology-cult: Sea Org Children: the Final Solution. Its a doozy! It will make you so angry – but also it will open your eyes!

  124. Theo Sismanides

    Sarge this is the MOST important statement made for Scientology. We love you, Sarge!

  125. “And not one cent towards cleaning up LRH’s name, which he could easily and effortlessly do”

    I reckon you can take comfort in being able to wear that hat (cleaning up LRH’s name) in a few short months from now – by then few folk that should be doing it now will be in a state to do it.

    The hat will be yours if you want it.

  126. @CD,

    We’re on the same page. But you need to define a word for me please:


    I get various … images … of what that could be. I’m certain they are all wrong 😉

  127. On #4 … Don’t worry plainoldthetan, they’ve “extended the special” (shockers!!)

    Personally, I’m gonna wait till the ACCs start selling for under a grand on ebay to pick up my set.

  128. Self A Ware


    I only posted to this blog yesterday for the first time and my view may not fit the bulk of the people here, but it may.

    A few years ago I was on the Dianetics Book and Lecture Crse and one of the last questions on the course was something like, Why should people be Clear before they are allowed to vote? My answer was, “Being Clear or not should never restrict a person from voting. I disagree with LRH.”

    The course supervisor questioned me on my answer and I said, “This is LRH’s personal view and has nothing to do with Scientology Tech. I do not agree with him on this one.” I was a little shocked when the Supervisor told me I can have my own viewpoint.

    I do not agree with disconnection at all. However, if a person is receiving auditing and they are in constant communication with someone giving them a hard time about auditing or what they are doing, that individual would be best served if they just stayed away from them until they were done.

    The ideal way would be to handle it though with some good old communication.

    Fair game should have never been in place and bait and switch is against the law of the land. It does not need to be done anyway if you are getting the results this tech can give when used correctly.

    One of the first things I ever read by LRH was you do not have to believe everything I say. What is true for you is true for you. To pharaphase. I take his statements to heart and do not feel like I have to agree with everything he has written. This allows me to really evaluate data better anyway.

    O wn my own business and have for several years. The Admin Policy of LRH is mostly common business sense. But, like any policy, LRH or otherwise, you need to be able to think with it, otherwise you are a robot and that would have led me to bankruptcy years ago.

  129. Cat Daddy,

    I want to applaud you on your English in the above post. That was well done! I know English is not your first language — heck, you may speak twenty languages for all I know and all far better than I.

    I also applaud your Moralfag anonymous role. It’s not one I’ve ever imagined with that name, but a rose by any name smells just as sweet.

    As you already know, I think you’re a world-class diplomat.

    Just Me

  130. Snowhite, possibly is benefit you a little bit, all this blogpost-reading? Maybe is improving your English, just a little, no? Well, you’re right, Miscavige isn’t my problem, he’s your problem.

  131. No it turns into Games

  132. Tsimento,

    Almost everyone here has been badly affected in some way by disconnection and fair gaming. Of all the things DM has done, this is likely the most detested of all. No-one can speak to someone else, so I can’t tell you what they are all thinking. But I can tell you that there is huge support here for the idea of chucking out disconnection totally.

    In it’s place there should be understanding and communication, as well as personal choice – you should always have the right to stop associating with someone if you really don’t like them. And no-one else has the right to order you to do that on a trumped up charge or for simply speaking their mind.

    Bait and switch has never been a part of what Scientology is about. You have a right to get true up-front answers to your questions.

    I can’t comment on Bob Minton – I wasn’t there.

  133. We love you Sarge, even if you do get sudden every once in awhile. 🙂

  134. “A few years ago I was on the Dianetics Book and Lecture Crse and one of the last questions on the course was something like, Why should people be Clear before they are allowed to vote?”

    Oh my fucking Lord!

    Are those people out of their fucking minds?

    Just Me

  135. War and Peace


    You would be surprised at how many Ex-SO are part of Anonymous.

    And Lawyers, and other professionals$$$$

    The yappy rah rah one liner rabble-rousers are only the tip of the iceberg…..of their 27,950 registered members.

    And they can’t seem to stop copying and cross posting Marty’s blog…huh

  136. Self A Ware

    To add a little more on your questions.

    While I was finding out all that I could about Marty I ran into a story of one thing that happened at CC Int.

    Some guy there on course was mad at his girlfriend and smashed in her car windows in the parking lot at CC. Security did not know what to do with this and it got on Marty’s plate immediately. Marty’s reply to the guards was, call the cops and have him arrested.

    The guards questioned Marty about doing that and Marty’s reply was, “just because he is here on course does not give him the right to abuse his girlfriend and break the law.”

    This was how the story was relayed to me and only Marty can verify.

    The people I got this from are not on Marty’s side on C of M, but simply told me what they knew of Marty first hand.

    From that story, if true, I would say it more than just me that feels and knows there is a basic right to things and a basic wrong. Common Sense.

  137. AlexMetheny

    I thought you were AS-IS not alter -Is??

  138. I apologize for losing it just now. I don’t usually do that — didn’t even read past Self A Ware’s second paragraph before exploding.

    This attitude that “only we Scientologists” should have civil rights is … truly unspeakable. If anything ought to get the Church of Scientology outlawed in every democratic country in the world, it is THAT checksheet.

    That makes me angrier than anything I have heard of in a long time. And I am not easily or often pissed.

    I hate to sound like a broken record … but I REALLY had no idea this is what Scientology had turned into.

    Again, I am outraged!

    Just Me

  139. Sarge, I have been loving the term you created (sudden) and I love you for not needing any holding back on being. YOU CAN DO NO HARM!

    ❀✿And here is a sudden THETA SMOOCH.✿❀

    (p.s. AMEN!!!!!! )


  140. OK, last post.

    I realize that the concept of reserving civil rights only to clears and above is NOT Scientology — except it will be perceived that way unless it gets made very, very clear on a broad, broad basis to the world that this is NOT Scientology.


    Just Me

  141. p.p.s. My anger and any expressions are pretty sudden, though not surprising, not inappropriate, and even my most Category 10 howling fury is never malevolent.

  142. Self A Ware

    Just Me,

    I know what you mean. Looking back at that day, when I turned in my answer sheet I was totally ready for that to be my last day and be declared.

    I am so sorry to say, that is where it has gone.

  143. I have confidence in the BBC and in John Sweeney.

    He is nothing short of brilliant, with excellent journalistic fact-finding objectivity coupled with insight and sensibility to the human condition.

    Most “media” today has sold out, is politically correct or panders to rating or money by sowing altered facts, controversy and alter-is.

    Then there are the great journalists like Sweeney who are not robotic in their reporting, and couple courage with observation.

    He’s quite a guy.

  144. Self Aware, thanks for your response; I am happy that you were able and encouraged to express your differing opinion about LRH. From what I gather – and this is what I read and hear in interviews from ex-scientologists – is that the initial courses are quite helpful and can be applied to everyday life to help the individual. The problem arises after you have reached the state of clear and begin with the OT phases that things begin to become blurry and the ‘essence’ of what scientology is, begins to change. Jason Beghe says there’s no such thing as ‘clear,’ in his interview…he claims LRH kept changing standards for clear every year (now I’m paraphrasing but if you haven’t checked out his interview it’s on youtube).

    Splog, of course, people have the right to choose who they should and shouldn’t speak to…I agree with you there! Bait and Switch is exactly what Scientology is about (I’m sorry if I offend anyone here), they tell you one thing when you begin and then it goes in a completely different direction when you become OT. I do respect everyone’s rights to believe in whatever they choose to, however, if someone chooses to believe in Scientology, they should be made aware of everything before they get taken.

  145. In the world of anon everybody is a fag. A Moralfag is a person with morals. Graham Berry is a lawyerfag. Tommy Davis is a failfag and by Anon Logic the leader of Anonymous because he brings us the Lulz (laughs).

  146. Just Me,
    The revelations on this blog and a couple of others really test the patience. Thanks for coming back to explain. Cheers mate.

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  148. Concerned Citizen

    I wish to speak up in one count, the practice of disconection vs the policy.

    As someone who was orevented from disconecting when in fact it was warranted, I fully support the right to disconnect from any entity as per the ppolicy letter and to do so at one’s own discretion. I’m sure you power would fully support your parents, should they decide to disconect from the Church of Scientology, for example.

    That said, i do not believe the practice of enforcing disconection is right, I further believe the inclution of the “crime of failing to disconnect” or “becoming PTS and failing to report it” in the ever lenghtening “Offenses and Penalties” HCO PL is fraudelent and not LRH.

  149. Hello Self Aware,

    This is one more example of how LRH has been rewritten and taken out of context to manipulate the creation of a homogenized, pasteurized, obedient, slavedom.

    The truth is realy so simple. I mean, how about applying KSW pure and simply this way: let’s train and audit.

    KSW: Move up the bridge!

    Disconnection: I think it’s pretty universal than any person welcomes the idea that they can disconnect from someone who is *really truly for real* a major source of suppression, oppression and bad joooos?!

    In some local speak, it’s called : not having to take this sh*t!! 🙂

    The purpose of the concept of disconnection in Scientology or anywhere else is not and never was *police enforcement*! It’s the common sense friendship of support in helping an individual’s personal choice to what and who they want in one’s space! It’s HANDLE, or disconnect.

    Why so many failures to *handle*?

    Chronological evolution of Scientology is highly relevant, too. LRH policies in the 80s modify, revise and expand on PTS handling. They are evolution from research and experience on the matter.

    I’m looking at HCOB 10 September 1983, LRH about finding a Scientologist who is PTS to a family member:

    he does not recommend that the person disconnect from the antagonistic source.

    (yes, “not” is underlined)

    Furthermore, the hijacked Scientology “Church” is applying disconnection as control and punishment, not as the technology to provide relief and assistance.

    It’s too much to go into here, but as I read the HCOBs on PTSness and Disconnection from the 80s, I see something in *every paragraph* that the Miscavology “Church” has twisted and is misapplying for warped personal agenda, i.e., not toward the end of understanding and relief and *expansion* for all involved.

    let’s start with basics…what does a *winning* person LOOK like? And if someone is not *winning* what in HELL is going on?!

    KSW is about one thing: Moving up and through the bridge. all other tech and policy supports that.

    Thank you all who are KSW!

    It has *never* been more clear to me what the following description (from the same HCOB) looks like, when one encounters “a situation where someone is factually connected to a Suppressive person in present Time. It defines a Suppressive Person:

    This is a person whose normal operating basis is one of making others smaller, less able, less powerful.

    In truth, an SP is absolutely, completely terrified of anyone becoming more powerful.

    Hmm, someone with a *normal operating basis*. Let’s see…

    well, du-uh…do people delivering standard tech getting bright products fit this description? Do people do better than ever have a PTS sit?

    Do people who want to apply Scientology in peace, toward the purpose which it was created fit this description?

    I don’t think so.

    Does a little tyrant who runs operation Creep Outs. lies publicly, and chips at the foundation of freedom starting with alter-is of OT TR O and hijacking LRH anywhere come close to maybe being terrified of free beings?

    He’ll never question it himself, not a bit. But isn’t that one of the indicators?

    And what are the fruits of his labor (camp)? What’s left to gold leaf, David Miscavige? Your toilet seats?

  150. Snowwhite,

    Tommy Davis is the personification of one word: Vicious.

    Second in the poll: Dishonest (Weasel)

    If this is the product you are going after, I am not surprised you are “proud of him.”

    To each his own. Personally, it makes me shudder.

    Nevertheless, I’m keeping my eyes right on the writhing mess that needs cleaning up, your Gollum and his vain master.

  151. Please note my original comment wasn’t meant to place john sweeney at 1.1. It was an interpretation of the churchill quote and request for clarification.

    @ cat daddy – i suppose it depends on whether one is smiling due to pure enjoyment of fighting (possibly games tone) or whether one is smiling as a tactic to hide the fact that they are fighting (covert hostility).

    Politicians will often hide the fact they consider their political contempories and media reporters (and even the general public) as opponents – with big grins.

    See Gordon Brown during “bigotsgate” recently – big grins and friendliness in public but then his real thoughts about the person he was just speaking to in front of the cameras were exposed when he left his microphone on in the car driving away from the scene.

    That is how I interpreted the churchill quote.
    “The smile” can be used to keep up the veil of social niceness where what lies behind the veil is unpleasantness or worse.

  152. Snowwhite, you’re proud of this?

    Make no mistake, I’m not gloating, it’s heartbreaking.

  153. I guess all I was shooting for on the money issue is for it to be in line with other religions – which as I have seen, is like Marty’s model – pay what you can/feel right about. Thx all.

  154. Snowwhite, it is not a uniform or gold braid that makes an SO or loyal officer.

    The same way that a gold leafed room does not make a person wealthy.

    Money does not give a person value.

    And you can cease your delusion that you speak for “Scientologists” — because you do not.

    There is more than one person monitoring the Snowwhite avatar…even though they are in one valence.

    Please stop harassing people who simply want to apply Scientology. I do believe you can generate your own theta without needing to parasite LRH or the free life here. Start on that.

    I posted a Gollum video for you above.

  155. Splog and Just me thank you for the Compliments I did not start out to be like that on Marty’s blog.

    He puts himself and his spouse in the fire zone, wich is not a lighthearted bussiness.

  156. Self A Ware


    I can only speak for myself, but for me the State of Clear is very real. The OT levels when allowed to do correctly and without invalidation and sec checking non stop are beyond wonderful.

    I do not know Jason’s full story but if he was subjected to things that stop auditing, I do not doubt he would feel Clear is not real.

    Would I go through again what I have been through to reach Clear? Yes I would. It is that real for me.

    However, am I willing to take responsibility and do all I can to remove DM so others do not have to go through the same things to go Clear, yes.

    What I have seen with myself and many friends after they attest to Clear; their inate abilities come out more and if they are creative in the arts that expands further.

    However, per LRH, a Cleared canabil is still a cleared canabil.

    There are some OT VIII’s I would not hire to carry my dirty socks because they just can’t seem to ever get any job done.

    They may feel very well while being inept, but they are inept none the less.

    As discussed a few days ago here, there is a problem with how OT IV runs for many people. I could not believe it when Marty brought that up, but it is real. I thought I was the only one that ever looked at the number of people on IV or completed that did not immediately start V that went criminal or became deathly ill.

    The problem is the little pee wee one that is altering a very usable technology.

  157. Lady Lancelot

    The problem with “Disconnection” is the same problem we have with the larger subject of Ethics. I believe LRH said man can not be trusted with Ethics. And we are men, therefore we can not be trusted with Ethics. This is so true. Look at the sham that has become Comm Evs and Declares. Look at the harm done by the misapplication of Disconnection. Look at the dirty tricks of the GO and now OSA. Man apparently can not be trusted with Ethics. The most Ethical organization on the planet ruining lives…the irony is staggering.
    “Disconnection” as a principle is valid. And that’s where LRH is right. It is man who corrupts the valid principle and twists and turns it to hurt rather than help.
    Since man cannot be trusted with the idea, perhaps a solution would be simply not to enforce it. I don’t remember “force” being part of the policy in any event. Just thinking outloud.

  158. Sarge, I just read your Declaration of 15 Jan., 2010, and I see that you are a position to KNOW. Thank you for coming forth, and please – ALL of you who have first hand knowledge that LRH DID NOT GIVE OVER COMMAND OF SCIENTOLOGY TO DAVID MISCAVIGE OR AUTHORIZE HIM IN ANY WAY TO BECOME THE LEADER OF THE CHURCH – say it again and again. Fill the void, expose the “mystique” with your facts, get ithat message out as loudly as you can – please!

    DM keeps his position in large part because most Scientologists BELIEVE it was LRH’s intention that DM take over. It needs to be revealed that DM engineered a take-over for his own personal motivations.

    To me, that’s kind of basic on the chain.

    It would not help particularly if I made a declaration (still in “good standing”), but I quietly support those who are trying to protect the Tech LRH laid out, and I sympathize with how many have of you have suffered under DM’s regime. Almost everyone close to Source or trained to an advanced level has been declared! Isn’t that revealing!

    Also, I appreciate that those who may have helped DM rise to power and protected him are stepping up at personal cost to see this harm undone. You have my quiet respect.

    And one more thing, I want to see that Heber is WELL.

  159. I think you might be teasing us now, Snowhite.

  160. @Cat Daddy, Sam , DFB and Splog,

    I love what Anonymous has done and continues to do for freedom. ((HUGGS))

  161. Just adding to Cat Daddy’s explanation of the term “xxxfag”, the “logic” is that everyone is a fag, so “fag” just equals “person”. A gay anon has described himself to me as a fagfag. 🙂

    I don’t use the language, personally.

  162. It’s wonderful to know that John Sweeney and the BBC are back and fired up with more damning ammunition. I have tremendous respect for the man. There is a humility about him that Tommy Davis cannot answer to without losing it or becoming 1.1. The way Sweeney handled the situation of the harassment and attacks on Shawn Lonsdale is forever etched in my mind. The behavior of OSA, not unlike what happened to Mark Rathbun this week, is documented

    Must hear Sweeney speak about the death of Shawn

    after having interviewed him in Scientology and Me: “John Sweeney, BBC: Scientology And Me,
    How He Was Provoked ”

  163. Love that image, Haydn and CP!

  164. Good for you, Grateful. Good for looking, good for recognizing the truth!

  165. Well, you can answer for this Independent, Joe. And I would bet that most Indies would agree with your responses.

  166. Hi Joy,

    Welcome! It’s good to “see” you here, and I hope we hear more from you.

    Independent Scientologists in general are completely opposed to enforced disconnection and to fair gaming. Of course, if a person chooses to disconnect from someone who’s having a bad influence on his or her life, that’s every bit as much their right as it is to remain connected, without interference, to whomever they choose.

    I hope this clarifies.

  167. Good posts, Grateful and Marta. Looking toward rather than up or down is very important to me, Marta. If only it were to everyone!

  168. Sarge,

    Please be as sudden as you want as often as you want. Actually, I think most of us would say, “please be as sudden as you CAN as often as you can.”

  169. Tsimento,

    “Bait and Switch” is what the current Church of Scientology (the C of M) is all about. It’s *not* what Scientology is about. Not at all.

  170. Just Me, oh, I DO like you.

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  172. Bob Johnson

    Lady Lancelot – Do you have a reference where it says that “man can not be trusted with ethics”? I do remember LRH saying that “ethics is a personal thing”, and it’s up the person to apply it. Remember that ethics and justice are two different things. In any case, I don’t think LRH would have developed ethics tech if he didn’t think man could be trusted with it. However, when you have SPs and squirrels perverting ethics and justice tech and misapplying it, you have what we have now in the current Church of Miscavigology, i.e. “Reverse Scientology”. Just read reports of what’s happened at the Int Base inthe last twenty years will show you how sicked and twisted this squirrel tech can get.

  173. Concerned Citizen

    I’m working on something, however, the real crux of it is in the documents this maniac is sitting on. He could easily DA so much, doubt he cares to though.

  174. Concerned Citizen


    It is a good thing that most if us here are not concerned with refor. (I know I was for a long time, till the penny dropped) It can be done, LRH even has tech on how to clean up an area after you get an SP neutralized. But from where we stand it is a loosing proposition, what most of us here are after is jsut the honest individual application of Scientology and the freeing of that right.

    At first I was suspicious of Geir’s idea of Copy Right Free digitalized LRH materials. But the more I handle false data and fixed ideas and LOOK at what LRh said, I guarantee he would want that, he would certainly prefer that to the monopoly of it so many pressume the SP David Miscavige has, a monoppoly may I add, that LRH never conferred on him.

    So we are good then, let them wake up, on their own time, and if they wish to and we who are awake should just do Scientology to the best of our ability, and do all we can to shine the light pof truth on the SP. Or if scientology is not for you anymore, as I believe is the case with you, then what ever is besst for yopu spiritually.

  175. Hubbard also said about Scientology,

    “It is a method of thinking about things. And is just as true as it is workable and no truer.

    “And is not in itself an arbitrary police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It’s a servant of the mind. A servo-mechanism of the mind. It is NOT a MASTER of the mind.

    “Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when … it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that! It has every capability in it of doing that.

    “Contained in the knowable workable portions, before your eyes, there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe. Control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.

    “Fortunately it was intelligently invented. And I say that without any possible bow. I saw that because part of its logic was the remedy should exist before the bullet. And that is just an arbitrary, there really is no reason for that except for this:

    “When you invent the bullet before the remedy, you have to invent the remedy under duress. It’s very hard to kneel along side of a patient who is suffering from a super radioactive burn …. and try to figure out in that moment … what is radioactivity, and how does it effect the human flesh? That’s not the time to figure the remedy. The time to figure the remedy is before the bullet.”

    OK, the Church of Scientology has certainly become a master of thinking and worthless to man. I think the big overt is to NOT think and observe for yourself. I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that Hubbard foresaw this exact situation with the present church. As thetans, we are expected to grow up and handle it, and of course we will handle it. It is just bank, and we are senior to that stuff.

  176. Sorry, a couple things I forgot to add:

    In the “State of Man Congress”, Ron stated that making others guilty of overt acts is in itself an overt of considerable magnitude.

    Also, he stated that the following is laid down as policy:
    “There is so much good in the worst of us,
    and so much bad in the best of us,
    that it ill behooves any of us,
    to talk about the rest of us”

  177. Bob Johnson and Lady minn you are both right, The misunderstanding lies in how you define it.

    -Excerpted from The Scientology Handbook, a comprehensive guide to practical wisdom you can use to better your life and the lives of others.-


    Ethics is so native to the individual that when it goes off the rails he will always seek to overcome his own lack of ethics.

    He knows he has an ethics blind spot the moment he develops it. At that moment he starts trying to put ethics in on himself, and to the degree that he can envision long-term survival concepts, he may be successful, even though lacking the actual tech of ethics.

    All too often, however, an individual becomes involved in an out-ethics situation; and if the individual has no tech with which to handle it analytically (rationally), his “handling” is to believe or pretend that something was done to him that prompted or justified his out-ethics action, and at that point he starts downhill. When that happens, nobody puts him down the chute harder, really, than he does himself.

    And, once on the way down, without the basic technology of ethics, he has no way of climbing back up the chute – he just collapses, directly and deliberately. And even though he has a lot of complexities in his life, and he has other people doing him in, it all starts with his lack of knowledge of the technology of ethics.

    This, basically, is one of the primary tools he uses to dig himself out”


    When the individual fails to put in his own ethics, the group takes action against him and this is called justice.

    Man cannot be trusted with justice. The truth is, man cannot really be trusted with “punishment.” With it he does not really seek discipline; he wreaks injustice. He dramatizes his inability to get his own ethics in by trying to get others to get their ethics in: examine what laughingly passes for “justice” in our current society. Many governments are so touchy about their divine rightness in judicial matters that you hardly open your mouth before they burst into uncontrolled violence. Getting into police hands is a catastrophe in its own right in many places, even when one is merely the plaintiff (the one bringing the lawsuit), much less the accused. Thus, social disturbance is at maximum in such areas.

    When the technology of ethics isn’t known, justice becomes an end-all in itself. And that just degenerates into a sadism, an unnatural cruelty. Governments, because they don’t understand ethics, have “ethics committees,” but these are all worded in the framework of justice. They are even violating the derivation of the word ethics. They write justice over into ethics continuously with medical ethics committees, psychological ethics committees, congressional committees, etc. These are all on the basis of justice because they don’t really know what ethics is. They call it ethics but they initiate justice actions and they punish people and make it harder for them to get their own ethics in.

    Proper justice is expected and has definite use. When a state of discipline does not exist, the whole group caves in. It has been noted continually that the failure of a group began with a lack of or loss of discipline. Without it the group and its members die. But you must understand ethics and justice. The individual can be trusted with ethics, and when he is taught to put his own ethics in, justice no longer becomes the”

  178. My heartfelt Apoligies I ment Lady lancelot. All those Ladies here must have distracted me.

  179. SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE By Eustace Mullins is also a great read. Eustace was one of the originals to really research and expose this banking nonsense.

    Theo I too take it as a bad sign that the “church” is being embraced by this cast of characters.

    Old fistfull of dollars Miscavige;

    Thinks he knows who his friends are, or at least has a pretty good idea what they might cost.

    This from the Daily Mail regarding the City of London opening;
    Daily Mail can reveal, officers have accepted at least nine offers of formal hospitality. They include a trip for two constables and a sergeant to the premiere of Mission Impossible 3 in London’s Leicester Square earlier this year.

    The film’s star, Tom Cruise, was present at the screening although it is unclear whether the City trio met the Hollywood actor.

    Six months later, a further four officers attended a lavish charity dinner at the scientologists’ British base in East Grinstead, East Sussex. They included Chief Superintendent Ken Stewart, a Special Branch detective, a constable and a detective constable.

    Again, Cruise was present and he and his fellow diners feasted on foie gras, Aberdeen Angus beef and a dessert of chocolate, passion fruit and papaya tart.

    The price per head that evening started at £500 and went up to £1,500 for VIP guests, who were able to sit near Cruise.

    Three days later, another four officers – including two sergeants – enjoyed a ‘Jive Aces’ concert, courtesy of the church.

    The same band, who music industry sources say can charge up to £5,000 a night, had previously given their services free to a concert at Bishopsgate police station for a fund raising event.

    Brussels probably cost a bit less in bribes than COL which is top of the heap banking territory.

    As a matter of fact Miscavige probably really wanted to be a banker when he grew up. He seems made for the job, haha.

    Anyway, again it’s what your donations buy, $2,000 plates next to TC.

  180. I was assigned to JT a few times (as a messenger) when he would come to the FH to get services. JT is a very genuine and a super nice guy. He would allways ask us if we needed anyting to drink or eat. a pleasure to take care of.


  181. Redneck Thetan

    Glad to see the British general election situation being straightened out today. That was threatening to drag out into the fall, and now that they have a new PM, the BBC should be more willing to schedule non-election coverage. Can’t wait to see Sweeney The Sequel.

  182. Lady Lancelot

    Good question. I read it a long time ago and it stuck. I will try and remenber where I read it. I have done the PTS/SP course and the Ethics Specialist course and came across it somewhere. If anyone else out there has read it, let me know. Thank you for asking.

  183. Lady Lancelot

    Looks like Sweeny is still researching based on recent interactions with Maryty and the PIs. Thorough is good.

  184. Lady Lancelot

    Cat Daddy, Thank you. You put the reference right up there and I missed it.
    LRH said, “I have concluded man cannot be trusted with justice.” LRH (from HCO PL 6 Oct 70 Issue III “Ethics Penalties”).
    When I first read this reference, I thought LRH was talking about WOGS. I somehow thought that we, as Scientologists, were better than that. Experience has shown me the opposite. We seem to be worse. The evidence is the massive numbers of unjust Comm Evs, Declares, Disconnections and Fair Game practices. My observation is that the Church behaves in a less civilized manner than the wog community. You would have a better chance at justice in a wog court room than in a Comm Ev. I could go on but I think you see my point.

    Peeping landlord sentenced to four to 10 years in jail
    The Intelligencer
    The Norristown landlord who secretly taped and spied on the most intimate moments of his female tenants will experience firsthand what it means not to have any privacy – in a state prison.

    Thomas Daley, described as a “high-tech Peeping Tom” by prosecutors, Friday was sentenced to four to 10 years in prison. The state jail sentence will be followed by a four-year probation sentence.

    Daley’s parole and probation will be supervised in an intensive sexual offenders unit. He will also have to undergo psychiatric treatment and sexual offender counseling after he leaves the prison, according to the sentence handed down by Montgomery County Judge William J. Furber Jr.

    Citing Friday’s tearful testimony of three of Dailey’s victims including one who described Daley’s actions as “tantamount to emotional rape” and impact statements from others of his approximate 30 victims, Montgomery County Judge William J. Furber Jr. told the 47-year-old Chester County resident that the psychological pain to which he subjected his victims “will make it hard for them to ever believe anything in their lives will ever be private again.”

  186. Charged and arrested on suspicion.
    Evidently it’s ILLEGAL to secretly video tape people.

    Hint hint.

    San Jose man charged with secretly videotaping women at Morgan Hill Safeway

    A 31-year-old San Jose man was arrested on suspicion of secretly videotaping female shoppers at a Morgan Hill Safeway store, according to police.
    Mercury News

    Posted: 05/10/2010 02:32:38 PM PDT
    Updated: 05/10/2010 10:03:36 PM PDT

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