Know your rights


To: Executives and staff of Int, Gold, OSA, etc

Know your rights.

I know you have heard horrific things about how former staff who left the church with evidence in their possession will be prosecuted . You should know that that is propaganda.

That propaganda is directed to one public and one public alone: YOU.


The intent of the propaganda is the same intent behind forcing you to periodically sign five year employment contracts which make you think you have signed your rights to free speech away.

The purpose is to keep you in a state of electrified fear of ever even thinking a negative thought about David Miscavige and his rein of terror, let alone ever doing anything about it.

Now, let’s get to those rights of yours that you probably don’t know  about.

In the United States of America, and in most civilized nations, one cannot sign away his or her freedom of speech. The fiats of David Miscavige do not trump the Bill or Rights nor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Miscavige’s bloviating does not even have the slightest effect upon settled California case law.

So, no matter what you have signed or been told to the contrary, recognize it has no effect upon the following settled law:

If you harbor intentions to leave, and you have a reasonable belief that the church might pursue you in order to coerce you to return to some form of environment where you lack the freedom of movement, speech, or association you have the right to take with you evidence that supports that belief.

If you believe people who were once in your position, who have already left, are being attacked by the church in order to coerce them into giving up any of their rights to free movement, speech or association, you have the right to take with you evidence of infringement of such rights.

If you are leaving because you reasonably believe you have witnessed crimes against persons or acts that have denied people their God-given rights to freedom of speech, movement, or association then you are within your rights to take with you evidence of those crimes and/or denials of Civil and Human Rights.

If any doubt exists as to whether you will be protected should you choose to exercise these rights, I personally guarantee you protection. The legal minds available to protect your rights on the outside make Miscavige’s overpaid criminal cover-up artists look like the pikers they are.

Miscavige is less and less seen by the average staff member because he is figuratively burrowing himself further and further into his Hitlerian bunker. He has good reason to choose his ground hog strategy.

His rein of terror is under intense scrutiny by people who make their lives’ work to end effective slavery and mafia-like intimidation tactics by dictators.

Which leads to the next bit of propaganda you would be ill-served to heed. That is the notion being broadcast within that Miscavige is being hunted by the forces of evil on the planet. Quite the contrary, those investigating him firmly hold to the view that Scientology is a religion entitled to its own protections under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The fact of the matter is the biggest threat to the viability of those protections for the future is Miscavige’s continuous crimes committed in the name of the religion.

Think about it.

Or, if you cannot confront thoughts along those lines, try not to think about it.


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  1. Martin Gibson

    If staff have been ‘asked’ to sign contracts or waivers to their rights against speaking out about criminal activity commited by Miscavage and others, wouldnt that be invalid as the intention was to cause the witholding of prosecutable information which in itself an act along the lines of enforced perjury? Does the law really enforce illegal contracts? For example: please sign this contract so that I can beat the shit out of you or anyone else and YOU will get in trouble if you complain… One day this is going to explode in court baby!

  2. Imagine a “religion” with so many dark secrets, so much hush-hush of what occurs with the walls of DM’s Church that they must visit Office of Special Affairs on Hollywood Boulevard and sign page after page after page of documents ON VIDEO that they will NEVER ever disclose ANYTHING that went on within DM’s cult.

    Just how much cover up is there ?
    The threat and signatures say that the staff member can be sued for $50,000 for every time they violate a clause.
    The bunch of documents is about 1/2″ thick.

    Alexander Jentzsch, my son, the son of Hebet Jentzsch was give a bribe of $3500 “a year’s pay” and “forgiven” his freeloader bill for signing one of these.

    I am told by lawyers, they are worthless. They would NEVER stand up in a Court of Law. Marty and Mike can affirm their worthlessness.

    It is a PSYCH OPS.
    Psychological domination to affect the will, perception, and understanding.
    The poor beaten down spiritually battered SO or staff member does not see the wood for the trees.

    Beautifully written Marty. Textbook Marty Rathbun shedding a Beacon of Light.

  3. planetaryclearing

    If you want to organise a few thousand of these printed up as leaflets and dropped from the sky directly onto the base I will put up $1,000.

  4. My comment is related to the idea of communicating directly to those still inside through posts like this. I’m all for it.

    DM has to be in a funny spot. The COS has always monitored and collected information from critical sites, but when the author(s) are known to the “monitors” it has to be far harder to dismiss. Unless he is having (i.e. paying) non-Scns to read and digest this information it has to be having an impact on the reader, and then inevitably getting through to the execs and high-level staff.

    Or maybe he is the only one who gets to reads it.

    Either way, DM’s (rightfully deserved) paranoia has to be growing. It’s no longer a matter of when his realm is going to collapse. The remaining questions are simply how soon and how it will go down when that last loyal exec finds the confront to tell him it’s over.

  5. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this Karen – and showing that it is in full effect even of late. You are absolutely right the papers are worthless.

  6. martyrathbun09

    Martin, Yes. Matter of fact it could (and may) serve as evidence of Obstruction of Justice.

  7. Excellent to point out those human rights – rights inherent to all of us.
    Another very important factor that made me feel trapped was that I could not get LRH anywhere else.
    That is a lie, especially now! You CAN get standard LRH outside the church. You have quite a large group of the highest trained auditors and supervisors, many trained BY LRH himself, all OUTSIDE the CofS.

  8. rory Medford

    as scn staff members and SO staff discovers this data they will

    LEAVE the FOLD or at least think about leaving and start questioning

    which we all know to ask questions about something that is suspect is a NO NO

    Toeing the DM line bruises ones toes and they get stuck and cant move forward

    DM has soooooooo brainwashed his peeps its quite sad but TRUTH will rear its head and justice will be served

    DM will either step down or get thrown out or be taking out in shackles OR he will wake up and apply pure LRH tech its his choice

  9. And for the higher up INT execs “Following Orders” is not an excuse.
    Many a Nazi War criminal tried that ploy…..

    Locking down INT execs in the hole. Following DM’s brutal and sadistic orders, calling in falsehoods and LIES to Hemet Sherriff, sending utter LIES to St. Pete Times that DM never struck anyone, the excuse “I was only following orders” does not wash in the Law Courts.
    It does not get you off the hook because DM “ordered” it and you complied.

  10. Watching Eyes

    Loved your last line telling them “try not to think about it”. Perfect.

  11. This video is kind of funny, yet it shows how, by gradients, things can get weird. DM is a goat.

  12. Tony DePhillips

    As a follow up on an earlier thread topic and in conjunction with this new post by Marty, I wanted to give a few quotes from this LRH reference concerning protesting: PR Series 7 Black PR:

    “Outright protest PR, based on facts, is a legitimate method of attempting to right wrongs.” Also

    “It has to be kept overt. It has to be true. Protest PR can include demonstrations, hard news stories and any PR mechanism.”

    “Where protest PR is felt to be a necessity, neglect has already occurred on the issues.”

    “So protest PR has its place. It is a fine art. It is the subject of fantastic skill and tech.”
    “It is not good. But it does work and it is used as a last resort when normal hearings and good sense fail.”

    “When money and force lead and opinion leaders are unheeded, when special privilege enters management or government, protest PR, the strike, the demonstration, is the tool employed.”

    ” But there is always two in every fight and the other side may not want to live and so set themselves up.” ~~ LRH 1971

    My opinion is that people that are currently protesting the church and those who will possibly do it in the near future have legitimate beefs and have encountered neglect on these issues from management. LRH states that protest is a valid mechanism to right wrongs. The protester that was at an Idle Org and was threatened by two “church” public had a legitimate right to be there and protest. The thugs were out of line and the “church” tolerating it were in violation of his Human Rights and this LRH reference.
    I think at some point , when we have enough people, we should phase into the protest stage and start picketing the Orgs until the wrongs are righted. It would have tremendous impingement on the Orgs if known Scientologists were picketing there and were recognizable. If thuggery is used to dissuade us then we can document and prosecute and sue for damages.
    The U.S. Supreme Court recognized the importance of this freedom in the 1937 case De Jonge v. State of Oregon, writing that “the right to peaceable assembly is a right cognate to those of free speech and free press and is equally fundamental.” According to the Court the right to assemble is “one that cannot be denied without violating those fundamental principles which lie at the base of all civil and political institutions.”

  13. Excellent points Marty & Karen. It is total psych ops. When you don’t know your rights you have no IDEA what the consequences may be and you are completely effect. We signed these documents in 2006, on video, with a lawyer present, etc, etc. Every single person who was leaving in our group at the time was made to sign them. It was so so shocking, and so insulting at the time….. I wasn’t even in the frame of mind of wanting to speak out. But just the fact that I was being threatened about it by having to sign those documents added another notch to the list of outpoints that were boiling over. Sort of like: “Well it hadn’t even occured to me to speak out against you guys, but now that you mention it and now that you are threatening me…. hmmmm, maybe I’ll seriously consider it. There are a few things that you wouldn’t want the good people to know out there, aren’t there. Thanks for the tip. “

  14. Martin Gibson

    Along the lines of data collection, if anyone was around in the early/mid eighties when the declare by the OT committee, chaired by Bill Robertson, issued a declare on DM for assault and mutiny against his seniors (the OT committee was composed of newly independant/summarily declared OT’s). It was not an ‘official’ CofS declare (but what weight does that carry anyway?). My point is that if there are witnesses to his assaults prior to these ‘gag order’ contracts it can add weight to the malicious and machievalian intent behind the draughting of said gag orders. And since they were draughted after the crime are a cover-up, not a standard practice of the church. Thus setting a precident of practice and some what nullifying the practice of gagging staff as part of the church culture to people already in.

  15. Thank you for this post Marty.

    Thank you for continuing to throw out the life line.
    Thank you for continuing to understand the plight and circumstance of others.
    Thank you for understanding me.

  16. This is by far the best thing I’ve seen posted here. This letter cuts through it all. About a year or so ago, myself and a bunch of Anons got together and worked up a project called “Postcards from Paradise,” in which we took the latest Gold crew list provided by former Int base members, and sent postcards to each one of them for several weeks. I could only imagine what in the hell Kenny Campleman and Danny Dunagin were thinking as hundreds of these postcards kept flooding in for staff telling them that it’s alright to leave if they wanted to, and to reconnect with their families. That they couldn’t be held against their will. That life is beautiful out here in the real world, and you weren’t just gonna somehow be turned into a DB if you left the Sea Org (which is propaganda as well). That instead of slaving away for a madman, why not come out and be here with the rest of us and take advantage of all the opportunity available in the world. Do what you’d like to do with your life and be who you want to be. And other communications like that.

    I’m positive that NONE of those postcards even made it to anyone beyond Security and probably one person in RTC. Every letter to the Int Base goes through Security first and is read beforehand by a Guard or MAA to detect PTS situations and out-Security.

    All phone calls are monitored through a dual handset phone, i.e., every phone call to my mom, sister or relative was being listened in on by an MAA or Security Guard sitting across from me, listening to every word. The same drill is applied to every single one of those guys at the base.

    If I wanted to make a phone call to my mother on her birthday, I’d have to write a f*#king CSW to the MAA and get that approved to make the call. Then, I’d have to go find an MAA or Security Guard who would make the call with me so that they could make sure I was not PTS or giving out information that was supposed to be secure. As an MAA and De-PTSer for several years at Gold, I had to be the one approving the CSW’s and listening in on those phone calls. Something I’m not proud of, but in the Sea Org, there are heavy Ethics penalties for committing “out-Security,” especially at Int.

    When I was at the base, we were not allowed to have personal phones in our berthing, or even cell phones for that matter. We couldn’t watch TV, and if you had a TV, you had to keep it stored in the closet until you had a Libs, which in 10 years of service at Gold, I only had 2 total. That is the norm for every base staff member. You don’t even get to watch the news if you wanted to. I bet some of them haven’t had a day off in YEARS. I know what that’s like.

    Each one of the staff members at that base gets a weekly room inspection by Security, without the staff member’s knowledge, to look for anything out-security. At least, that’s what was happening when we all lived out at Kirby and Vista Apartments. But, I wouldn’t doubt if Security still does quiet inspections to see what they might come up with in staff member’s personal things. Nothing at the Int base is personal. Every string is pulled.

    Anyway, the postcards were worth a try, and possibly word got to at least one person that something big was happening on the outside that they needed to find out about. I’m sure the average Int staff member by now has been brainwashed into thinking that Anonymous is some sort of terrorist group associated and backed by Big Pharma or a Marcab invader force. Most of the Anons I’ve met, and I’ve met a number of them, have all been great people and only want to help and stop the abuses. I think we can all agree with that idea.

    Marty, you said that you can guarantee protection. What does that entail? As a former base staff member, would you guarantee me protection from the Cult if I needed it? That’s an honest question.

    Also, do you have available channels into the base that this message would get through to reach the staff on the inside; get past Security? I wouldn’t say on your blog what those channels would be, but if you do have a line, that would be fantastic.

    Int base staff members are not allowed to go online at all to see what’s on the internet. They can’t even read this blog. Imagine that.

  17. Well done piece, Marty.
    It will no doubt circulate within the “fortress”.

  18. Karen, What you described is exactly what happens. I had to sign those documents as well, with attorneys present, and on video. I was then handed $500 in cash by Kirsten Caetano, and dropped off at my mom’s doorstep. That’s all I had at 30 years old. At least some of us have been young enough to still have a real life out here and make something of ourselves. It saddens me to think about the elderly SO members at the base. They’re absolutely screwed if they ever wanted to leave.

  19. I like this!

    This leafletting tactic of war that has been used in the past, most recently in Iraq I believe.

    How about a radio station – “Radio Free Scientology” (“RadioFree Heber”?), broadcasting this kind of information 24 hours a day into Miscavige’s bases? Of course the general population could tune in and listen, too!

  20. Jean-François Genest

    Very nide post Marty!
    I am just inquiring for interest, can a Class Action Lawsuit be brought upon David Miscavidge on the various topics he and his obedient crew are guilty of ?

  21. Jean-François Genest

    ► Forcible confinement
    ► Coersion
    ► Extortion
    ► Fabricated, forced confessions
    ► Obstruction of Justice
    ► Federal F-R-A-U-D
    ► ____________ etc.

  22. Jean-François Genest

    + ► Torture
    ► Sleep Deprivation
    ► Starvation

  23. I find myself amazed that I was suckered into believing that the Church=Scientology. What kind of group suppresses your speech and even your thought the way the COS does? It’s only comparable to something like communist Russia or Nazi Germany.

  24. Virgil Samms

    Brilliant Marty;

    I have an idea – we should all print this off including Karens comment and get these into the hands of online Scientologists and staff members everwhere.

    That will get these print offs into the orgs and into the hands of friends and they can get them to the staff.

    Or we can even Email copies of this and send them to your friends. This has legs and will get into the hands of staff members and eventually Sea Org members.

    We could sign it “The Independent Scientologists” You can use my email as the contact point, I don’t care.

    Lets give these staff good reason to hit the road.

    The end is near, I can smell the fear… from the bunker.

    ML Tom

  25. The threat and signatures say that the staff member can be sued for $50,000 for every time they violate a clause.
    The bunch of documents is about 1/2″ thick.

    Alexander Jentzsch, my son, the son of Hebet Jentzsch was give a bribe of $3500 “a year’s pay” and “forgiven” his freeloader bill for signing one of these.

    Desperation seems to be setting in.

    I think they are trying to make a contractual Issue out of it entirely, Breach of Confidentialities. Many Corporations have their Execs sign nondisclosure agreements too, but usually cover little more than trade secrets and proprietary information.

    Although that may apply more so to senior Church Execs, its not very likely an RTC Lawsuit could squeeze much dough out of any rank and file members. But they could be legally harassed, and that’s often where the real costs lie.

  26. Marty,
    Beautifully written and thank you. If this turns even one of these trapped Int Base personnel, then more kudos to you. I’ve saved written emails back and forth between me and my son should the occassion arise that they’ll be useful.
    When the walls come tumbling down, I hope there are only a small handful left. If those still in duplicate what you have written, maybe there’ll be a mass exodus in the next few days.
    Nice quote from a recent novel: “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a comin’.” And there you are. You just keep a comin’.
    He can’t stand up against the truth – and that’s all you are spewing. Even his immediate cronies really, truly know it by now. I can feel their fear.

  27. brendon,

    Good points.

    It is my sincere hope that actual OSA people are, in fact, reading this post.

    I can only speculate on the above myself, but, I’d guess Marty has a pretty good idea of who is and who isn’t receiving the data.


  28. I want to comment on “even thinking a negative thought about DM…”:
    I grew up at a very religious catholic environment. The first question the teacher asked in school on monday morning: “who did not attend church service on sunday?” with “proper” punishment if the answer had been “me”.
    At the age of about 10 I had a life changeing cognition. I figured out that I am not allowed to do anything I want. That I am not allowed to talk as I want. BUT I am for shure allowed to think every thought I want as no one can find out about it. And as an exercise I thought every thought possible. And I also found out that I can look at anything and that there is no restriction to where and what I can have a look at.
    Now the CofM has made us beleive that we have to give up that right too as it can be found out. You are made to beleive that looking or thinking is a crime you could be punished for.
    If you ever had a thought “oh I should not think that”, take a closer look at exactly that.

  29. For anyone in doubt, find the true stats of current Management and draw your won conclusions…

  30. For anyone in doubt, find the true stats of current Management and draw your won conclusions…


  31. This is true.

    You — OSA staffers and Danny Sherman — should make plans now to leave and take with you evidence of crimes against yourself and others.

    You — David Miscavige and Monique Yingling — retribution is coming.

    Just Me

  32. Scott Campbell

    I just wanted to say something here. If anyone in the C of S or the Sea Org feels that I did anything to harm them or the C of S in this life, I’m sorry. And I hope you can forgive me for any trespass.

    I also would like to say that I hold no grudge against anyone whom I perceive did wrong to me, and I forgive those whom I feel did so.

    Nevertheless I, along with others of similar wont are trying to solve a problem here.

    In order to resolve the issues that I perceive as outpoints within the current C of S, I shall tell my story. That the story necessarily contains information derogatory to the character of the Church of Scientology is material to the resolution of the problem.

    For any of those who think that I won’t put out the whole story – warts and all, think again. I feel that it is necessary in order to communicate the type of treatment an able being who deserved help received after discovering Scientology. A being who received help from it, and determined that Scientology in turn should also be helped by dedicating his life to it’s cause.

    If necessary, I will put out my entire life history, PC folder data (including any abberated sexual data) and derogatory Ethics file data and Justice actions against me. I’ll put it out no matter the consequences, embarrassment to my family or others in my circle.

    And don’t think I won’t.

    LRH says that auditing doesn’t work unless you tell someone who needs to know. As I’m getting auditing now, I also want to honor any legitimate claims to anyone else who needs to know my life story.

    And if needed, I’ll do it in order to prevent this:

    Any thoughts?


  33. Independent Scientologist

    Boy, am I liking the analogy to Hitler’s bunker.

    I seem to recall that Hitler was a very small and pathetic figure at the end.

    I just hope that the machineries of justice get to Little Dicky before he has a chance to flee or do himself in. That will provide satisfactory closure to his reign of terror.

  34. crashingupwards

    Hi Brendan. Your finishing line about the last loyal exec telling him its over made me think about Nazi Germany. Geobbells killing himself and his family, the last loyal supporters still there while Hitler kills himself in the other room and then sliding out the doors, still in possession of their admiration for Hitler. My point is some will never get it. And none may never speak the truth. Whether Miscavige’s reign comes to an end from the inside or outside is a toss-up at best. A palace coup is possible. I suspect the heavy hitters in OSA are there for LRH and the expansion of Scientology, not for DM. They will have a tipping point, just like Mike Rinder had. It could happen suddenly.

  35. I’m not trying to throw a monkey wrench into the message being presented, for I really agree with it, but I had and still have questions and possibly false information on the subject that I am hoping to clear up. I have never seen or signed one of these agreements with the Church so please bear with me on this.

    I know that in the commercial arena, there are “proprietary secrets” that are protected by commercial law. I’ve worked on several projects where I have been required to sign non-competition and non-disclosure agreements that govern what I can and cannot discuss with outsiders of the project. There are often massive penalties for dishonoring these agreements. It is my understanding that requring confidentiality,non-disclosure are not seen as violations of constitutional rights by the courts, but that the witnessing of crimes are not included. And that there is additional law covering whistle blowing as protection from repercussions for violating these types of contracts.

    What happens if a person has witnessed activities that are not criminal, but are socially or Scientologicially unacceptable? i.e. reporting on nasty cracks made internally by staff members about public members? Witnessing the violation of the sanctity of confessional? Violations of Church tenets? These are not “crimes” in the legal sense, so they would not be prosecutable and would not be protected by whistle blowing protections. When you speak out on these activities you have witnessed, and you don’t have hard evidence (you have only your own memory of the events,) can you be at risk of being charged with libel or slander because you don’t have a video or written proof or additional witnesses?

    I’m not so sure that freedom of speech extends to within private enterprise. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that employers can demand restrictions on speech in the workplace, and private enterprise can demand that customers or individuals utilizing their space are not disruptive to other customers or individuals also utilizing their space. I think it comes under disturbing the peace type of thing.

    Since Scientology is a religion, and has protections well beyond that of commercial activities, how far does that protection extend? i.e. if a religious adherent goes apostate, then they are ejected from the group and I’m pretty sure that the courts refuse to act on such matters. Its called shunning in other religions and is every bit as scary as the practice of disconnection is to Scientology members. I am pretty sure that this is hands off in the courts.

    Then I have to wonder how a religion can assert that they are a religion and then demand that commercial law protecting trademarks (the key word being trade) and copyrights (the key word being copy) be applied. Are these two things not in conflict with the religious rights of the individual. i.e. the Church demanding that the individual’s rights to practice their religion be thwarted?

    How do these things work out? Or does the introduction of freedom of religion make the area so murky that it’s a crap shoot in a court of law?

    I’m really just looking for clarification here if anyone knows how all this works out in practice.

  36. I love it when you talk like this!

    All “Rights” and “Legal” and sh*t.

    The Church of Scientology has waged an onslaught against the rights of Scientologists and others for more than 40 years.

    That needs to end.


  37. martyrathbun09

    I was not referring to proprietary information. I was referring to evidence of violations of rights. In a commercial or religious setting the rights I outlined pertain. However, you are absolutely right about the paradox of the church’s position on “proprietary” info. See my post earlier in the month on the Headley case decision.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this. Get in comm with me on back channels, email, about protection.

  39. Marty, This is one of your best posts yet. I think its important that those
    wishing to leave understand their rights and that they can legally take
    any ‘evidence’ of illegal activities with them. Let the ‘Church’ try to
    sue for violations of signed documents (they won’t). It would open up a can of worms and create negative headlines and even investigations of obstruction of justice. Well done my friend. Love, Sargio

  40. Marty great article…. they need to realize that they are in fear!!! as all of us one time were….. and see what is that on the tone scale… way low…so people wake up fear can be beaten !!!! I did and I know many stories, so if I could YOU CAN!!!!!!!!

  41. Google “False Claims Act”

  42. Not to mention the part before you sign the forms where you are literally asked to write down the most embarasimg transgression you have ever committed against the Church, for real. Because mine was already in my PC folder, I wrote it down. But I only wrote it down because I knew that IT WAS THE ONLY WAY I WAS GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE.

    Then comes the video where I had to sat I was only leavin because of my own inability to maintain the high ethics level of the SO and because of my own transgressions (we were having a baby!)

  43. This is a reoccurring theme with the c of m: won’t decide to be EITHER a non-profit/church or a corporation. You can’t be both in the eyes of the law. Clearly Dave’s psychotic greed is behind trying always to grab every possible advantage, but this inability to pick a valence and stick to it is a real liability to his empire of evil.

  44. Marty, well done piece! thanks for posting it. Perhaps those still in will have enough left in them to see that they do in deed have rights and those rights have been violated. You are not slaves to anyone or anything.

  45. Tony DePhillips

    Nice job Scott.
    I know that takes guts.

  46. DFB aka Dfb99

    I have a question on the forcible confinement.

    I thought that there was no forcible confinement, but rather was agreed to by the person. I’m not saying there wasnt a few brief individual instances of it by stupid people, but ultimately everyone can say they are leaving and leave. There is psychological manipulation and reverse Dianetics used and some may be psychologically or spiritually “confined”, but you can always just say “hey, I’m out of here.” right? People may think they cant, but thats just a barrier they are putting on themselves.

    If there was actual forcible confinement it would be an easily resolved issue. You would just call the police and get them out of there.

  47. Scott,
    My thoughts are that whatever you put in your pc folders is for ever and anon, ‘outta there’. It’s gone. It’s that much aberration as-ised and I thank you for the confront to do so and make this a better world for all of us.


  48. Scott Campbell

    I had to sign what seemed like dozens of documents waiving my rights before being allowed to rout out of the Sea Org, still in the midst of an unhandled psychotic break induced 8 MONTHS before. I was so out of it I didn’t even know what I was signing but I remember that it took a long time. I think it was video’d too. I’d like to see that in court, “Oh yes, your Honor, clearly this man is in full possession of his faculties and understands what he is signing under the laws of informed consent.” HA!

    Karry’s parents (scientologists) tried to help but being untrained could not. My parents (non-scientologists) loaned us money for a car and offered a place to stay but also could not help.

    Finally Karry’s father Wrote a KR and sent it to RTC and OSA. In essence, it said, “I don’t know what the fuck happened to him, but he’s a shadow of his former self and you had better fix it or it’s gonna flap.”

    Soon after getting a response, Karry’s dad brought us to PAC base. My stomach sank as I was told we were going to a place out in the country to do a PAB 6 handling (which should have made me happy) . It sank because of the people I saw that were to go with me and the looks on their faces.

    I narrowly escaped death at their hands.

    I’ll tell you guys about it pretty soon. Sorry for all the entheta, but I’m glad you can confront it – on lines C of S members can’t. I’ve been hanging on to 13 months of nightmare for 17 years now.

    I want to thank you guys for being here and making it safe for me to come out publicly against the Church of Scientology. You are helping me immeasurably just by being here and communicating.

    And that’s the best way to get in trouble (and have fun!) that I know of!


  49. Ghost Wizards

    Marty, We have had a read over your blog today and seen mention of the words; FEAR, SECURITY BREACHES, AND FORCED CONFESSIONS!
    This reminded us at Wizard HQ that not only does Dark & Light Wizard have scoop on a basic aspect ( the basic Vampire incident) at Vlad castle
    that Bram was onto possibly but missed ( or pissed) ASS mentioned in an earlier post, but also has in his Wizard chronicles part of the Guy Fawkes confession.
    For those of you who did not already know, according to Wizard chronicles; This was Vlad incarnate takeing gunpowder to a whole new level a couple of lifetimes hence. You,ll notice if you read up on the known data on Vlad, son of the Dragon that he had a few gunpowder sparks up his sleeves.

    However here is a tidbit from the Guy Falkes confession on integrety and honesty that D & L Wizard had gleaned:
    ” I Guy Falkes do solemly confess to my belief that I was the only “V” EVER to enter PARLIMENT with honest intentions”!!

    Gunpowder Wizard
    Jokeing aside, D & L Wizard does have some confessional scoop nearer the time

  50. Ghost Wizards

    Sorry that meant to read: Guy Fawkes was the only man to ever enter parliment with honest intensions!

    Gunpowder Wizard

  51. Scott Campbell

    That’s fuckin’ funny, man.

  52. Tony, Thanks for the reference on “Protest PR”, because this tech also can help in unmasking the 9/11 Cover-up and recent campaigns for this year’s September 11th actions. (e.g. )
    As the 9/11 deception is exposed, we will see a greater 4th Dynamic awakening.

  53. Scott Campbell

    Good Job Tony! Perfect reference.


  54. Great post, Marty!

    Say…I really like the idea of a sky-drop of “wake-up promo” over Int Base in Hemet.

    As a professional advertising creative director, I volunteer my services gratis to handle the art direction and design of the pieces, and to supervise the print production.

    (Lemme know. We’re Facebook friends, incidentally.)

  55. This whole document signing thingie is an anachronism. What is there to reveal?

    There isn’t any Advanced Material left that is ‘secret’. Aside from that, there is LRH policy on the responsibility of the individual in that regard. It’s pretty simple.

    There isn’t any ‘secret’ program, i.e., some sort of hush, hush type thing that is so sensitive that its revelation ‘endangers’ the movement of Scientology. If there is data sensitive to say the computer network, or some really important valid project, well, that may be applicable and a ‘non-disclosure’ bond apropos.

    So, what on earth are these over-the-top videoed document signings all about, really?

    They are nothing more than DM’s withholds.

    As Scientologists, heck, as beings of any denomination or just plain ol’ people, we know he’d do better if he came clean and since he refuses to be audited or receive a confessional, it behoves us to help him out. The world will be that much better for it.

  56. Martin Padfield

    This is a courageous and valuable post Scott. I would also cheerfully post up EVERYTHING, the Church could hold against me if it brought about the necessary justice and righting of all wrongs, and the freeing of SO personnel from entrapment; the past gambling problems, the sexual misdemeanours, everything, the abuses I tacitly agreed to or participated in – the lot. What a way to D/A anything OSA could do! I could be wrong here but I suspect that a sort of unflat Grade II prevents a lot of folk stepping fully into the light with their own names, fearing that OSA is going to drag their overts out into light. So what! That’s what they do, and will do anyway, so why not pre-empt it. I’m quite proud of my own little hate page on Minerva’s site – not least as it contains blatantly libellous falsehoods (so please don’t take it down OSA). Anyway I think this approach has merit, and kudos to you Scott for putting it out there.

  57. Scott Campbell


    Couldn’t we complain to the post office that we are sending mail to people on the inside and not hearing back from them? This alone sounds like sufficient reason for official investigation.

    I recall a story from my time in the Caribbean on the Freewinds about a cargo ship that was smuggling illegal immigrants to the United States for a hefty fee. They would hide the immigrants in the ballast tanks and once out to Sea, the Captain would simply flood the ballast tanks, drowning all inside. Afterward, they would simply dispose of their burden at sea.

    They got busted because the people’s families never heard back from them. The families, after years of no contact, contacted authorities who investigated and solved the crime.

    I think that the C of S has stolen the lives of many of us as well. I know I lost 10 years of my life to it, not to mention the lingering aftereffects. I have to work till I’m 65 now (as a heavy equipment mechanic) to even get a basic pension. Not easy.

    I always think about those who’ve lost more… 20, 30 or more years of prime productivity years necessary to ensure one’s future survival in our system – gone to the wind with nothing to show for it but the telling.

    I think that if anything, the Church of Scientology’s vast fortune should be set up as a refund/reparations fund for victims of the cult.

    Instead, they’re sending us freeloader bills.

    Well I have just one thing to say to that. FUCK YOU!

    Scott Campbell

  58. Marty, So VWD!
    I feel the momentum building here and it feels like we’ve all turned a very important corner.
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  59. I want you for Supreme Court Judge. 😉

    “It would have tremendous impingement on the Orgs if known Scientologists were picketing there and were recognizable.”

    Where is the Next Idle Org Opening ?

  60. Validate what DM Invalidated.

  61. Or North Korea and Birma

  62. Friend of LRH

    The latest buzz word is “human rights violations” but just claiming this does not make it so. The three cases that have been brought on this angle (to extract money from the Church in my opinion) have been tossed out. According to other postings, you and your followers have already gone to various authorities and have gotten nowhere as they have to base actions on fact and evidence, not exaggerations, generalities and someone’s vendetta to get even. Additionally, I keep reading about how the Church is dead and all the dire predictions and if you know anything about the history of attacks, it is the same old sort of bullshit we have heard since the 1950s from attackers, squirrels, and betrayers against LRH.

    And talk about propaganda. A case can be made that your latest posting is a propaganda piece designed to try and shore up your supporters to make it appear you are somehow going to create a mass defection of people from the Church – which clearly ain’t going to happen. You’ve had plenty of time. But in my opinion, it is also a thinly veiled attempt to create conflict between the rights of Scientologists as a citizens of the United States and their rights as Scientologists and citizens to pursue their personal commitment to follow the codes of conduct of Scientology.

    Freedom of speech is guaranteed to all citizens in the US. But, if one just went about irresponsibly communicating anything they wanted on the basis that it was “free speech” it would come into direct conflict with their duty and responsibility as Scientologists. For example, the Auditor’s Code says that one should never divulge the secrets of a preclear. However, under the First Amendment, one could just as easily say, “hey it’s free speech so go ahead.”
    That would be nuts.

    As Scientologists, we choose to live under certain codes of conduct laid down by the founder. In the 1954 Code of a Scientologist for example, LRH clearly stated, “To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press, public or preclears concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or those whose names are closely connected to this science.”

    This code was later refined but the concept that one uses Scientology tech and policy and Scientology ethics and justice procedures to resolve conflicts, obtain justice or correct injustices carried on in the form of the Ethics and Justice codes. As part of our codes it was made a suppressive act to take public actions to splinter off a part of Scientology, to publicly resign, to publicly attack Scientologists or the leading names of Scientology, etc. The idea of course is that as Scientologists we believe that we can best handle situations through the application of the principles of our religion. We also believe that any situation no matter how seemingly bad can be handled within our own codes and policy.

    The message you have been communicating to your followers and potential followers is that you don’t have to follow the codes of conduct and ethics and justice policy of Scientology. You weave this message into stories about how it is impossible to apply policy and handle things within the Church because of x y and z. And you make a bunch of generalities about “illegal” this and “illegal” that and “human rights violations” – all a bunch of generalities. And you point to the Headley’s case but their allegations are a twisted tale of exaggerations, misrepresentations of fact while their dishonest attorney try and hide the fact that they were there due to a religious commitment as Sea Org members.

    In my opinion, you don’t have the balls to come right out and tell your followers that you are in disagreement with LRH on these points of policy as it would show how anti-LRH you really are, so you go along violating all the codes (while propagandizing how bad it all is at the Church) and trying to create an environment where your followers will do the same.

    That’s my opinion (free speech) on the subject.

  63. I hope we can ad Mocksup,… I mean Moxon to that list.

  64. Last film pictures of Hitler (22 March 1945)

  65. Damn, Tony…

    You are one smart cookie!

  66. “Or does the introduction of freedom of religion make the area so murky that it’s a crap shoot in a court of law?”

    Wow beautifully put.

  67. Marty,
    Thanks for this post, it privides a forum to ask questions and clear up concerns regarding the legality and enforceability of “non-disclosure” or “confidentiality” agreements. Maria does a good job in her comment by highlighting some of the ways a person can be mislead as to the scope and legality of such agreements.
    One bottom-line rule that may be helpful is that an agreement not to report a crime is not enforceable and likely to be a crime in itself. I doubt that anyone would actually draft an agreement that actually stated that the parties agree not to report the crimes of the other. However, one party may tell the other that the scope of the agreement extends to not disclosing criminal activity. Example, an agreement not to discuss the activities going on inside the buildings, property, etc of an organization will not be construed to prevent a person from reporting criminal activity – if that organization is growing/distributing drugs, selling firearms to terrorists, or whatever the crime may be, they cannot claim that they protected from prosecution by virture of the agreements not to disclose. Likewise reporting the criminal activity is not going to be construed as a breach of the agreement, regardless of what the agreement says. So the person reporting the crime should not worry about breaching the contract.
    Also it is noteworthy to mention that any attempt to enforce an agreement on the grounds that the one party was contractually bound to not disclose or report the crimes of the other party constitutes an admission of the underlying crime, and the commission of other crimes. So I doubt that they would look to the legal system to enforce such agreement. Although it would be amusing if it did happen
    There are many issues in a general discussion of the effects of such agreements. I have never seen any of the contracts or agreements that you guys refer to; but each agreement would have to be evaluated on the specific terms of the contract and the specific actions / conduct that the party is contemplating.

  68. Forcing people to sign such bonds is done as you’re leaving staff and ALSO as a means to silence/control you inside the organization.

    For example, before I left the Sea Org in 2005, my RPF twin – Alain Kartuzinski – began a very intensive (all day) security check on me. I demanded to know why this was being done. He said he couldn’t tell me because he was made to sign a $10 MILLION dollar bond of security, NOT to tell me.

    Well, since he had some compassion in his heart, I could make him comprehend that it was MY LIFE and that I was not willing to undergo “handlings” without understanding why. So, he told me. Unfortunately he was sent to the RPF’s RPF by the “powers that be” for doing so.

    That’s when I made my plans to escape.

    There is a lot more I could say about this — but its covered in my book, SCIENTOLOGY – ABUSE AT THE TOP.

    I understand that Alain never did graduate the RPF, and that he died of cancer. This is a former Class XII C/S who was busted in 1996 by Miscavige over tech crimes concerning Lisa McPherson. Alain had pc folders that ONLY OSA could see. It was his Truth Rundown concerning his “disaffection” with senior Scientology management over how he was used as a scapegoat and kept hidden in the laundry room for 8 years during the Lisa McPherson trial. As soon as the trial was over, Alain was put on the RPF where he apparently spent the rest of his life.

  69. I signed pages and pages of papers that Kirsten Caetano of OSA Int & Gerda Hererra of RTC brought with them, in a meeting in a Jewish Deli on Pico in LA in 2001. This meeting occurred as McShane and Sutter told me I had to sign papers in order for them “to leave me alone”. The meeting was set up with Kirsten, but Gerda who is an RTC sec checker, a friend I knew for years showed up as well and told me she had a hotel room set up nearby to put me on the cans. This was refused.

    I seem to recall that the $ figures were in the 6 figures and a set of papers mentioned the confidentiality of Tom Cruise in it as well. In the over two decades in the SO, I’ve had to sign a few of these sets of papers or “bonds” perhaps 3-4 times over the years for going “over the rainbow”, confidential projects and various posts in different orgs.

    There was never a copy of any of the papers signed given to you and in the last instance Kirsten did assure that a copy was going to be sent to me several times (and didn’t). I got a check in the mail months later for $500 for “severance pay” for 23 years in the SO.

  70. Again, so sorry to hear of what you went through. One point of clarification to help me sort out my own scn track.

    Are you saying you had your break 17 years ago? Or that you got involved with scn 17 years ago and now feel you can tell your story?


  71. What happens if you refuse or don’t sign the docs? Understandably you are beaten down, and most people probably just sign under threat and coercion to get on with their life. But I am curious if you really pushed the point and just walked right out and said no, what would they do?

  72. “It is a truism that one never solves anything by running away from it. Of course, one might also say that one never solves cannon balls by baring his breast to them. But I assure you that if nobody cared whether cannon balls were fired or not, control of people by threat of cannon balls would cease.”

    LRH, New Slant on Life

  73. amen to that! Each person is ultimately responsible for their conditions. I don’t care what conditions you are living in that suppress you, you had better get a fire in the belly and do something about it. Through the years, people have left and come out surviving. Good example are Mike and Marty, and the rest of the gang (to many to name)

    There is very real and valid suppression going on at INT base don’t get me wrong I understand completely. But the buck has to stop somewhere, and each and every one of the SO members need to do something about their current condition!

  74. Virgil Samms

    Never threaten, Scott. If your gun is cocked and pointed at the right target, pull the trigger. Truth is always the best disinfectant. I say, let it rip!

    ML Tom

  75. John:

    you know they have email in the course room’s at some SO orgs. It goes directly to the course sup so you can report in any problems with courses, showing up, etc… You could certainly send emails and give references for the sups to digest. The other thing I have thought about in the past is sending LRH references in DA style packs to SO Execs around LA area, helping them to connect the dots.

    Also I do know for a fact that some sea org members are jumping online via their itouch’s, and iphones. They sneak to use them and if they are walking off base to and fro they can find a wireless connection to jump onto. The SO members who do it, know they are not supposed to but they don’t agree with the strict policy therefore they do it anyway. (my data is from PAC base, not INT base)

  76. Virgil Samms

    Thetans are funny. They join a group that not only offers but grants unlimited freedom if they do what LRH says to do. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a knowing fake copy of this freedom and when they end up wondering why they cannot talk to their kids or friends anymore or can’t live their lives they way they want to, they get mad. And it’s real silly because they are now being a lot less free and unable to to do or say squat right in the middle of the USA, Europe, et al where their freedom is guarenteed! Wake up kids, you’re having a nightmare.

    ML Tom

  77. Dark And Light Wizard

    Dark & Light Wizard wishes to welcome is many close friends of the police and special forces here near Whitby whom also visit and enjoy Maty’s blog. I have quite a few helicopter pals whom drop by the wizards at effective notice. You are welcome at Wizard HQ!
    Just like the Thor Movie!
    Welcome to Wizard Satire!

    Dark and Light Wizard

  78. Oh, now it all makes sense.

  79. Which reminds me of another of the rights insiders should remember: you have the right to leave.

    You can just walk away. You don’t HAVE to sign anything. You don’t HAVE to route out. You can just leave.

    Yes they will make it hard and try to talk you back in, but once it reaches the level of physical restraint the response is: “You are now committing a crime. If you persist I will file a complaint with the police.” They will let you go. Even the COS isn’t THAT stupid.

    We talk about people being kept in the Hole and how miserably they have been treated, even to the point of tolerating getting assaulted, but the truth is they have the legal right to leave at any time. (If Heber was actually contacted by the police on a “check well being” call he would no doubt say he was peachy and living the life he wanted.) They are kept there by their own beliefs and the fear of losing family and friends.

    You always have the right to just walk away. You don’t have to plan a sneak escape. Just walk up to the gate and say “Let me out, I’m leaving.” If they don’t, they are holding you against your will and committing a crime; remind them of that.

    You don’t have to play by their rules one second longer than you want to.

  80. Speaking of rights, I want to re-visit a point you made from a blog a few days ago, and am interested in getting feedback on the constitutional rights violation here from legal minds more versed in such than myself.

    “Warren McShane confirmed that all base personnel (with the exception of JB, and of course he is now gone) had no access to the internet absent restricting filters:

    “JB’s internet computer was different from other employees, in that it did not have any filters and JB could search the internet without restrictions.”

    This is an interesting point. What would happen if these staff had full access to the internet? (Ie. How many days/weeks until they all left?)

    Filters initially operate by searching the World Wide Web, or “harvesting,” for possibly inappropriate sites, largely relying on key words and phrases. There follows a process of “winnowing,” which also relies largely on these mechanical techniques. So for example any site which mentions “Rathbun” or “Scientology” would be unvisitable.

    Is internet filtering software blocking access to material that Int base staff have a constitutional right to access? Other places of employment use these filters, but here we have a situation where no other computer access is available for Int base staff. Shouldn’t these staff have a way to readily gain access to such material on the Internet, as a 1st amendment right? We aren’t living in China.

    There was a case decided in May in Washington concerning internet filters in libraries. Different scenario, but the comments by the justices are worth noting. The Washington chapter of the ACLU argued that the filtering policy by libraries was too broad and restricted access for adults who use the Internet for legitimate purposes. Six of the nine Washington Supreme Court justices said the policy isn’t meant to censor. In their ruling, they essentially say that just as libraries don’t buy all books that are available, especially those that are pornographic, so they’re not obligated to provide access to every Internet site.

    The difference with the Int base is obvious – Miscavige IS trying to censor material. This could be proven by just examining what key words he has chosen to filter.

    The easiest way to get everybody out of there is to let them come to their own realization. They just need the data that’s freely available on the internet. And they have a right to it. Right?

  81. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “So, what on earth are these over-the-top videoed document signings all about, really?”

    (I know the answer is already known to most regular posters here.) Clearly, this is an overt method to instill fear. It’s a control and domination mechanism.

    To those not so regular here, what Tone Level is being used on you to handle you?

    Hint: Read “Science of Survival”, the one BY L. Ron Hubbard, and pay specific close attention to Chapter 27, “Method Used by Subject to Handle Others”.

    The idea is to actually use Scientology data and use that knowledge to help you handle any fear you may have, and to spot the source of that fear.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Dear OSA troll, thanks for the perfect example the latest in DM’s propaganda. I happen to know you are paid to spread this. I want everybody here to see this – and see Black Dianetics at work. Oh, by the way, if you’d like to talk about cojones and the lack thereof, say it to my face.

  83. Oh Hai Tommy Davis.

  84. This is so horrendous. Thanks again, Amy, for your book.
    And for any lurkers, or OSA, out there, struggling with inner conflict about LRH or Church, DM seems to have let the cat out of the bag. In a new PR release, sounds like the COS wasn’t Hubbard’s after all! Content is about 83rd Anniversay of Flag, no, Fort Harrison:
    “Also in that year, a group of people in Los Angeles was readying the start of the first major religious movement of the 20th century, the Church of Scientology. Though the religious philosophy of Scientology was discovered and founded by Hubbard, it was a group of his students who took this a step further, incorporating the Church of Scientology in 1954.”

  85. Well, in anyone from OSA wanted to make Marty Rathbun’s board out to be a haven for nutjobs, pushing “The 9/11 Cover-up” here would be one way to go about it. There are already plenty of venues for that nonsense and it’s *way* off-topic here.

    Michael A. Hobson

  86. “There is no loaded magnum in the room”.

    That’s what OSA said to me in November 1995 with a set of documents in front of me to sign, betraying several others. I will never forget it.

    And to this day I will never understand how that triggered me to think that there was a loaded magnum in the room, an invisible one consisting of the psychological grasp they had over me, where my own rational mind and self-determination was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t see any other way out other than to sign. And betray my own integrity, and others. I undid it all later by retracting everything as soon as I was away from them and had my own self back, but the stain is on my soul forever.

    Your advice that you can just leave whenever you want as you have the legal right, and do not need to sign anything, applies to someone who is not trapped in the net of psyops.

    It is simply something you can never understand unless you have experienced it. I have experienced it, and 15 years later, I still don’t understand the mechanisms of it, only what it feels like.

    It is a sign of great hope that so many are shaking off the mental chains now.

    Scott, you have my complete understanding and empathy.

  87. Brendon you are clueless.

    So deep is the brainwashing even without bonds and videos (all came after my time) I thought I would “get” cancer on the flight out of CW to LA.

    You need to read this blog from the beginning to now. Including all comments.

    Then post your comment, again.


  88. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Clearing the word “Rights” and “Unalienable”

    All Scientologists (and all humans for that matter) have UNalienable Rights. The acknowledgement and Declaration of this is what made America so great.

    “Unalienable: incapable of being alienated, that is, sold and transferred.” Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth
    Edition, page 1523:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Here’s a link which should clear up any misunderstoods on this subject …

    Clearly, many in the CoS have a MASSIVE MU on “Rights”.

  89. Friend of LRH…
    Please stay right where you are and try to stop jumping whenever there’s a knock on the door. The indictments may or may not include your name when they come…and in all likelihood you will avoid doing any serious time. It’s Davey they’re really after.
    You could step forward now with some proof of the ongoing crime syndicate you’re a part of and thereby gain immunity from prosecution.
    Your choice

  90. Watching Eyes


    When you feel ready to write up what happened, do it. It will probably blow a lot of BPC. But, if you aren’t ready or don’t want to do it, don’t. It’s totally your call if & when you want to do so.

    No need for you to apologize for any entheta. I’ve never thought any of your posts were entheta. It is what it is and no entheta label is needed. Although maybe a label like “Another episode of DM’s sadistic horror show” might be fitting. There’s not a soul on this blog who would look at your experiences as something you have to apologize for.

    The one who needs to be apologizing is a little bully dwarf who likes to wear muscle tee’s to deflect attention from his puny stature.

  91. Friend of LRH,
    OK, a couple of things. First off, I exhausted every possible within org avenue, and then some, to resolve my cycle. I completed A-E. I have that in writing from the IJC and yet, due to arbitraries fully documented and reported to the RTC Reports Line, the IJC, his senior and in fact, the Special Board of Directors of CST, RTC’s lawyers and any and all lines I could think of, the final result was ‘deadfile’. NO COMM. Except…an effort by the daughter of one of my oldest friends, a person I GOT INTO SCIENTOLOGY DECADES AGO, calls me as the CJC for Canada and regges me for the ‘Basics’. That’s it.

    OK, so you tell me, either here, or to my personal mail at, exactly how I am supposed to handle this, and please give me the exact LRH reference. NOT the ‘deadfile’ PL, as I was supposed to be ‘deadfiled’ upon declare and obviously had a line supposed to be guaranteed me to the IJC. That line is CLOSED. It’s not like I didn’t try it over, over, over and over again either.

    The Code of Offenses and Penalties that you vaguely cite, are not anything other than a moral code. They are NOT an ethics code. The single ethics code in Scientology is the Code of Honor. It is by nature unenforceable and is enforced by one’s own sense of decency and an awareness of their own basic character. That character is what ‘ethos’ means.

    It’s all well and good to go on about the theoreticals here. However, this is life. When justice is based on false report and rumor, that makes for suppressive justice. It creates PTS conditions. If you actually know policy, you’ll know where that comes from. You’ll also know the solution: A RENEWED FAITH IN JUSTICE.

    In it’s absence…
    Now, “find a 9ft high board fence”.

    Well, you are looking at it; it’s this blog. It’s the Scn Cult site.

    If you are going to put your action where your words are, then you write to me.

  92. Watching Eyes

    to Friend of LRH,
    You’re such a “friend” you support altering LRH’s tech to the point where it’s worthless. Some friend you are!
    Maybe you need to find out who you really are. There’s a condition formula waiting for you………unless that’s been altered too.

  93. John,
    No case, in the legal sense. The Int Base as part of the Sea Org, under DM, has a no internet policy. The court has no jurisdiction over this. It falls under the same principles expressed in the Headley case. They go back to the Watson v. Jones case of the 1870s.

  94. Virgil Samms

    Or better yet, sign your real name, “Mr Freedom” hippocrat. Sign your real name or be cast aside like the rest of the OSA covert trolls.


  95. I want to add something about what John Peeler wrote:

    John, you may have had only $500 at age 30, but you also had something priceless: You had the courage to post the truth about CoS online.

  96. Great point Jim! Right on the money. There is nothing left to hide except the criminal acts of DM.

  97. It is laughable that you say you are a friend of LRH when you consistently lie for the Gnome you serve who, by the way is beyond the pale of anything close to The Old Man. The Gnome is a wanna be who will NEVER BE!

  98. Dark And Light Wizard

    Tommy, All Wizards are friends of LRH!!!

    You’ll see

  99. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Note: The reason I emphasize “BY” above is because … why would a sincere studying Scientologist want to study any books on Scientology not clearly written “By L. Ron Hubbard”?

    IMO, here is another unrecognized MU (misunderstood word) …

    Definition of “By”

    12. from the hand, mind, invention, or creativity of

    – The Random House Dictionary of the English Language (The Unabridged Edition)

    The squirrel editions (tapes and books) no longer acknowledges Ron’s creative works with … “By L. Ron Hubbard”.

    Has it occurred to you as to WHY the Church of Scientology completely stopped acknowledging SOURCE by no longer using Ron’s byline of “By L. Ron Hubbard”?

    Is the small word “BY” not important here anymore?

    The things that one can see hidden in plain sight are amazing!

  100. Agreed, this is off-topic. 9-11 has become its own state supported religion, with its believers and non-believers (like TL). Let us stick with the religion of Scientology here.

  101. Scott Campbell


    Well I’m just a Grade 0 completion, so I don’t even have to worry about or even know what’s on Grade 2.


  102. Scott Campbell


    I’m working on writing it up and generating a synopsis.


  103. Thought Provoking


    I know that what you have described above is fairly standard handling to most SO members. I just wanted to point out to those reading this blog (in a new unit of time) that prisoners have more rights than SO members and top executives.

    Thieves, burglars, drug pushers and murderers have more rights that SO members and these rights are protected by the laws of the land. Yet, Scientologists all over the world have been conditioned to accept these human rights violations against Scientologists without question.

    For the CoS to plead that they are protecting the SO members from entheta and PTSness is simply propaganda. I don’t think that I have ever read an LRH policy that okays removal of these basic rights to communicate.


  105. Friend of David Miscavige (not LRH),

    Nice try.

    So why is it OK for David Miscavige to use the PC folder information (which is sacred per the auditors code THAT YOU mentioned) of ex-Int base staff members such as Mike and Marty in an attempt to black PR them?

    Is that also freedom of speech?

    Is that somehow justifiable in your argument here?

  106. Mike Hobson,
    True that it may be off-topic but definitely not nonsense.

  107. Mike Hobson,
    The reason I got into Scientology over 30 years ago was to improve conditions across all the dynamics. I have attention on the deceptions relating to our 3rd dynamic, just like I have major concern about the deceptions on the 4th dynamic. I want to improve my 4th dynamic. I invite you to “look” at some of the more than 100 government lies about 9/11.

  108. Thought Provoking

    I’m betting it is more like terror or even hiding, fear seems to high.

  109. I’m wondering about those houses over by Country Club drive. Do those belong to wogs? I wonder of you couldn’t educate one of them (and remunerate them) and then set up an open wireless router with high gain antenna pointed toward the Int berthing area? If this is the area surrounded by Sublette Road (on google maps) then you should be able to get a usable signal into there.

  110. Christie,
    Good goddamn question! How about it ‘Friend’? Hmmmmmmm?

    Answer up.

  111. Thought Provoking


    My confront of evil has expanded by leaps and bounds over the past year. Let ‘er rip, when you are ready. I’m sure it will blow tons of charge. I have never considered truth entheta because truth will as-is. It is only lies that enturbulate and the church is full of them from top to bottom. As more and more people tell their truth the mass and charge connected to Scientology releases and we all blow charge from that.

  112. I followed those justice policies with no result but being made wrong for the report at all out-ethics sits of the org. What can I do hen if I even don’t g an answer from RTC. Which polcies says then to do what ?
    Lrh says somewhere then you protest !
    What are we doing wrong ?

  113. Thanks Jim,

    Figured as much. These religious protections are so susceptible to abuse, is it really the “greatest good” for such protections to continue for this organization?

    Marty says this towards the end of this blog:

    “those investigating him (DM) firmly hold to the view that Scientology is a religion entitled to its own protections under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

    I could use some clarification on why this is a good thing. Too much evil is perpetrated under this religious banner, and then you get conservative justices throwing out any case seeking restitution of wrongs.

    Nancy Many said this last week on a comment here, it’s worth remembering:

    “In 1979 LRH sent me a telex in which he stated he wished he had never taken the earlier advice to become a church. “We should have just made the money and paid the taxes” is a paraphrasing of one of these quotes, and during that time, I obviously was not the only one he discussed these matters to as these thoughts of LRH were also repeated in the Forbes 1982 article regarding Scientology.”

    And this from LRH:

    “Society, thirsting for more control of more people substitutes religion
    for the spirit, the body for the soul, an identity for the individual
    and science and data for truth. In this direction lies insanity,
    increasing slavery, less knowingness, greater scarcity and less society.

    “Scientology has opened the gates to a better World. It is not a
    psycho-therapy nor a religion. It is a body of knowledge which, when
    properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual.”

    LRH, from book The Creation of Human Ability (note this passage was removed in later editions)

    And this from me: No more religious tax free status for this abusive greedy cult. No more fair game, no more Truman Show for its members, no more forced disconnections, no more free rides on the back of a constitution that has been perverted into allowing these abuses to continue. Game over.

  114. Dear John,
    I remember you as a handsome little guy in Apple school…I was invited to tell some rare LRH stories to the school and that’s when we first met.
    I know you were recruited at a tender young age and subsequently thrown into the ABUSE and BRUTALITY and DESPICABLE conduct of the “headquarters of Scientology.”

    You were not given enhancement, you suffered abuse. Even if you feel you have told it beforeon other sites you should tell your story of your extensive lock down against your will, your captivity, and the DM ordered enforced divorce from Melanie and so on.

    I do want the readers to learn more of what goes on an INT base. You have the stories, you have the time track. You have the audience of 12,000 folk a day reading this site.

    You have a lot to offer….you have the time track, you were there. Also the story of the CHASE. Kerstin and others chasing you in vehicles all over Los Angeles and getting you fired from your job.

    The vengefulness and retaliation because you elected to leave that culture needs to be understood world wide. It is being understood by Law Enforcement.
    John, you have a lot to contribute, please keep telling your stories about INT base.

  115. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    If you truly are a “Friend of LRH”, then why are you allowing the Church to squirrel LRH’s “By L. Ron Hubbard” works with alterations not written BY the old man?

    That’s not KSW, and it’s not OK.

    Also, how come you don’t acknowledge SOURCE with Ron’s byline of “By L. Ron Hubbard” anymore?

    That’s like a slap in the face to Ron and all his creative work. Why do you disrespect him this much???

    Perhaps these new “basic” squirrel books are a solid case of plagiarism to be brought to the courts.

    Start honestly acknowledging SOURCE and providing SOURCE material to Scientologists and all public, instead of your squirrel stuff. OK?

    Once that happens, the Church will finally regain the trust of not only the broad public, but also the keenly aware and trained Scientologists who are practicing the Code of Honor, and applying Scientology in their fields of influence.

    Wouldn’t that be a good thing?

  116. martyrathbun09

    Clarification: do a demo showing the difference between Scientology and the church of Scientology. Then re-read and I think the passage will make perfect sense.

  117. TL Let’s Look: “I invite you to “look” at some of the more than 100 government lies about 9/11.”

    How utterly arrogant and presumptuous of you to blithely assume I haven’t reviewed the available factual data on this tragic set of events.

    Michael A. Hobson

  118. Hi friend of LRH,
    what can you say about violence and aggression and lies?

  119. Virgil Samms

    What a bunch of crapola. In fact, Fiend of LRH, with making it okay to divulge pcs secrets and case info to general public and hiding those SP acts under the Free Speech covenants is bullshit. Go to cramming – if there is still such a thing, can’t imagine there would be in an SP environ – and re read DMSMH cover to cover (DMSMH also covers abortions that OSA seems to protect the right to order “per” Freedom of Speech as well I suppose). Specifically read the chapter “The Roll of the Auditor”. OSA is off the rails just about as much as any entity can be. If you people read and understand Book I which DM has not attempted to re-write, you will find that LRH solved EVERY problem that could possibly come up with in delivery of Dianetics and Scientology. All you dweebs need to do is ensure its pure application. If you did apply it, all of the circus that you now find yourself in would vaporize.


  120. Good question, Lucy. I think as you say, most just want to GTFO and don’t think they have any options due to the psych ops already run – that Mestology is all powerful and has you by the short hairs in terms of “eternity” aside from the legal mumbo jumbo.

  121. Windhorse –
    I don’t care if they are brainwashed, drugged, tied up, or whatever, that doesn’t change the basic fact that they have the legal right to leave at any time.

    Scott said: “I had to sign what seemed like dozens of documents waiving my rights before being allowed to rout out of the Sea Org”

    The fact is he didn’t HAVE to sign anything. He didn’t HAVE to rout(sic) out.

    Of course he could have been made to feel like he had no choice, (my comment was certainly not a slam on Scott and what he believed he had to do). Which is exactly why I suggested this basic right is something that should also fit well on a list titled “Know Your Rights.” (It’s a heck of a lot more fundamental than “you can bring evidence of crimes” etc.) Had KB had a solid grasp on that tidbit it may have made her scoff at the “no magnum in the room” comment rather than have it impact her as it did.

    “DFB aka Dfb99” made a similar point to mine in his post:
    “I have a question on the forcible confinement. I thought that there was no forcible confinement, but rather was agreed to by the person. I’m not saying there wasnt a few brief individual instances of it by stupid people, but ultimately everyone can say they are leaving and leave. There is psychological manipulation and reverse Dianetics used and some may be psychologically or spiritually “confined”, but you can always just say “hey, I’m out of here.” right? People may think they cant, but thats just a barrier they are putting on themselves.

    If there was actual forcible confinement it would be an easily resolved issue. You would just call the police and get them out of there.”

    So I guess DFB and I are both clueless. Glad to hear you didn’t get cancer on that flight.

  122. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “Friend of LRH”,

    Oh yeah, one more thing and it’s a suggestion …

    Take a look and see if you’re TRULY communicating here and impinging with your communication.

    Are you getting through? Who is your public? What is your mission? Is it working? How is it working for you?

    From my viewpoint, you’re a beautiful “demo” of exactly what many of us are talking about here.

  123. Scott Campbell

    I got into Scientology in early 1985 by doing a comm course at the Davis Mission. I decided to join the S.O. shortly after at a recruit event put on by Mike Silverman, (he recruited me for ASHO but had mentioned the project to buy a cruise ship which is what I was really interested in). I arrived to start before even signing a Sea Org Contract in August ’85 (I signed the day I routed in).

    I after the EPF and Prod 0, I was the Dissem Sec on the Ship Project Garrison Mission that manned up the ship from Oct. ’85 to Dec. ’86. In Dec. ’86 I was posted on the ship as the Main Engine Mechanic. Six months later I was promoted to Engine Technician – over the Engine Sub-Unit, (which includes Main Engine Mech. Generator Mech. and Fuel Technician) and finally as the Engine Room Org Officer (the Chief Engineer is the Product Officer and I was his O/O, both of us were on the Freewinds Ship Org (FWSO) Exec Council Per LRH Flag order) for the last 3 years onboard . Of course I also was on numerous projects & missions and presided over or was a member of Justice actions as a Sea Org member. And yes, I had some done on me too.

    In late July 1993 , I had the (induced) psychotic break. In Nov. ’93 I was sent to PAC RPF but never did any program other than enturbulating sec checks or things along that line. After some months of this and me insisting (in every way I knew how) that I wanted to leave, I was allowed to route out unhandled in the first part of ’94 (Unsure of exact date, I have it somewhere).

    About April ’94 I was taken to a small ranch in New Mexico (which the ship payed for) where I was kept till Sept 94. Toward the end of the time in New Mexico, I was allowed a Standard PAB 6 and pulled out of the psychotic break quickly. I was kept there for 3 weeks after recovering to make sure I was ok. I was. In fact I drove Karry, an S.O. member and myself back from NM to California non-stop.

    Within a month of returning to California, I was working in the maintenance section at San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. I don’t know if you have any idea of the screening and background checks that go into working at a nuclear facility, but as an example they have a psychological screening process that uses an OCA like questionnaire with 500 questions on it called “The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). I passed all the screening with flying colors and to all outward appearances was fine. I worked there for a total of 2 1/2 years (with 30 day layoffs between 180 day employment periods so Edison could classify employees as temps and not have to pay benefits).

    In March 1997 I joined the Operating Engineers Union so I could make a higher wage – Karry and I wanted a house and kids. I have worked for the same company as a Heavy Duty Repairman in the Operating Engineers Union ever since, nearly 13 1/2 years now. We bought our house in Jan 1998.

    I never got any clean up after the PAB 6 – so yes, It has been 17 years since I had the psychotic break and will be 16 years this September since I came out of it.

    So there you go. –Scott

  124. If you are in the USA you have these rights!
    Realize you are in the United States of America.

  125. Theo Sismanides

    Hi George, that’s beautiful, what you did and the thoughts you thought, haha! Pretty good resistance by Mr. Thetan. Vive la resistance!!

  126. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Scott, we are all here. Just write away man! This sounds really horrifying. Truth should be said depite how much it hurts (the C of M).

  127. Scott Campbell

    I just wanted to thank you all again for helping me with your good wishes and good advice. I’m sure it will serve me and others well in our journey from darkness into the light.


  128. Friend of LRH-
    You say Marty is hoping to “create a mass defection of people from the Church – which clearly ain’t going to happen.”

    Well, you are absolutely right. But that is because the “mass” has already left. Any statistical look at the COS suggests it hit its peak in the 80’s and it has been pretty much all downhill from there. Years of DM’s leadership, bungled handling of the internet, Tom Cruise…Marty couldn’t possibly damage the COS as much as has already been done. The battle now is over the remnants and the future.

    If Scientology had indeed lived up to the the ideals you describe, the independents simply wouldn’t be here. How do you otherwise account for the fact they are here?

    As an outside (non-Scientologist) observor, this current situation looks very simple. It is a choice between two camps: Ideal Orgs or Ideal Scientologists. It’s really that simple. What do you want to be about?

    Finally, I wish everyone would get a little straight on what the “Right of Free Speech” as described in the First Amendment is all about: It’s about the GOVERNMENT’S ability to regulate speech.

  129. Is there like a secret code book or something that I could read up on to find out what the hell you’re talking about?

  130. Marty,

    Thanks for the clarification. If anything it’s more a case of omitted data and experience with regards to how this legal protection is important for Scientology’s future. It’s a double-edged sword in any case. The ideal scene is that any entity be fully answerable under the law. The ways for religion to escape the law for human rights violations are akin to the very rich being able to escape paying taxes through their own loopholes. It’s not right.

    What would happen if Scientology (church or otherwise) did not have religious recognition and its accompanying protections? What are the advantages (transparency, accountability, justice, answerable to the law, pay staff at least minimum wage, no more bogus volunteer contracts, etc.) vs. the disadvantages (pay taxes, be suject to more scrutiny) to losing religious recognition? I am inclined to believe that your legal background in this over 2 decades has a lot of knowledge that I don’t have, obviously, and that therefore I am missing something.

    On a personal level, I’m done with organized religion. I know a lot of others are too. Life is better without it, and what’s important to me is what occurs in an auditing room. I don’t need religious status to perform that, nor does anyone else. At the same time, I appreciate the camaraderie that exists with others who value LRH technology, and wish to forward that in any way I can.

  131. Maria ~~

    If the Coca-Cola company does not want it’s secret formula of ingredients taken, in case you leave Coca-Cola to join Pepsi-Cola and reveal the ingredients, it is more than understood that you sign leaving documents you will not reveal “proprietary secrets.”

    This is not what Alexander Jentzsch signed. He does not even know the content of OT levels “proprietary business secrets” so he had no data one way or the other to reveal. Yet he signed away 1/2 ” thick pile of documents….What could he possibly be signing when he does not even have proprietary upper level data ?

    The mandatory signing is not to reveal CONTENT and INCIDENTS within the Sea Org, OCCURRENCES, HAPPENINGS, DEEDS. These are deep dark WITHOLDS within the Sea Org culture.

    I am guessing that signatures clauses demand never posting on the web ~~ the INTERNET …under severe penalty and “breach of contract.”

    Such is their level of secrecy and WITHOLDS of what goes on within.

    It is now a high crime for an SO member to reveal any Sea Org DATA to public.

    I permitted my son to join the Sea Org. He had almost NO Parenting from Heber Jentzsch who was rarely RARELY ever allowed to have time with him. You could count on your fingers how many days Heber spent with Alexander in his whole life.

    Alexander cannot communicate to his own MOM anything that happened in his life in the 14 years in. However, he did experience a horrific incident which I am tempted to post and disclose to the world of the crimes they cover up and not report to Law Enforcement.

    After I myself contributed to the Church for 40 years, after connecting up with Marty and Mike and posting on the internet, they built a HATE web site on me, and had ALEXANDER JENTZSCH PHONE ME TO GUIDE ME TO GO VISIT THE HATE WEBSITE AND SUBSEQUENTLY DISCONNECT from me. “MOM, until you get yourself squared away with OSA, do not call me, do not text me…..etc etc. etc.”

    So DM’s OSA gives clearance on whether my son can talk to me or not….

    1) They sucked slave labor from Alexander Jentzsch for 14 years. I subsidized and kept him going $$$$$. I even purchased expensive Acuras for him, one after another which he basically used for Sea Org duties.

    2) To punish me for speaking out and joining Marty and Mike, they turned my son against me with enforced disconnection and used him as a tool against me.

    Just another day in the Sea Org “religious” organization.

  132. Mr. Wizard,
    You are sort of entertaining, sort of like a monkey mouthing words that almost sound like English, but you do know don’t you, that you are speaking complete gibberish? Are you like on Acid or something?

  133. Arrogant of Hobson to call it nonsense.

  134. Amy here reminds me it´s my 3rd anniversary of exiting DMs cult today. 18 years in the Sea Org ends in a ride to Tampa airport by one of Flag guards, dropped off there with no airfare and he knows it. Sure you figure something out? Aaaah, but after 2.5 years in RPF, or “Private Religious Treat” as Tommy like to call it, freedom feels good. The very last month I´d spent in total solitude with host of other conditions and treats designed to impinge you and break you to succumb to what everyone else around me had done – bow to DMs rule. And now I´ve stepped out of it, I hear people talking, see them smiling, I smile, I chat, I´m happy. My friends are here and will help me get out of this airport. Somehow I get ahold of a childhood friend who does not recognize my voice, but when she does I instantly have my ticket and am heading home.

    I was lucky, I had a place to go. This must be a real problem for some who wants to leave – nowhere to go. Do you intent to leave? Remember me? My last 8 years being in OSA should find familiar readers of this blog. Email me

    And I keep Amy´s book in circulation. Most readers have no prior info on the subject. I had to grin when one young lady asked me after reading it “did you also do menial work?” Yeah, my fair share 🙂

    By the way Marty, you´re awesome so no trustin´ that NOI hothead. Getttin´odd vibes.. my 2 cents. Love to Mosey.

  135. Watching Eyes

    Dark & Light Wizard,
    I no longer read your comments. I’ve tried and my eyes nearly cross going back & forth, over & over again, trying to make sense out of what you’re saying. Now I just scroll past them and don’t even try to decipher what you’re writing. Are you sure you’re on the right blog?

  136. “I’m sure it will serve me and others well in our journey from darkness into the light. ”


    It’s hard to tell from a few posts but it sounds to me like you’ve arrived.

    My only advice would be to live in the moment and don’t beat yourself up over the past. Heck, maybe even try to have a laugh about it.

  137. I did try and leave without signing the documents. Threat of declare, disconnection from family who were public on lines, as well as physical intimidation with several security guards, my sec checker visciously throwing out embelishments of overts and even my invented overts “how would you feel if everyone in your family knew this” or “we could include this in your BPI declare”. What would your kids think if they knew eveyrthing you had done. What would your fiancee do if she knew what scum you really were.

    From outside is obvious these are hollow threats. From inside it is shatteringly real. The legal threats were not near as intimidating as family friends, and public humiliation.

  138. Tony DePhillips

    People! People! Can’t we all just get along… (joke)
    Duke it out, I don’t care. Freedom of speech…

  139. Really Treacherous Compound = RTC
    Radically Tortorous Camp = RTC
    Ridiculously Tiny Company = RTC
    Robots Takeover City = RTC
    Rons Tiny Chairman = RTC

  140. Scott Campbell

    I actually tried to run away from PAC Base several times and was retrieved by RPFers, Security or both.

    One time I got as far away as the 101 South Freeway. A CHP officer stopped to check on me just as a PAC security vehicle pulled up behind him. One of the security guards talked me into coming with him, telling me how evil the CHP was and that I would be taken to prison, etc. and the other handled the CHP Officer to let them take me back.

    No coercion there, eh?


  141. Tony DePhillips

    Feind of LRH,
    If the church was so good at resolving problems internally then how come there are so many ex-Scientologists protesting all the abuses they have experienced?? When you get the level of out-points present in an organization and they don’t get handled you have to step up the ethics gradient and that is exactly what is happening..

    Stop being such a robot and really think for yourself instead of just giving it lip service.

    If the “church” was so “ethical” they could right now start resolving the injustices even if the person had left the church or was declared. The “church” could be pro-active. Instead they just sit back and keep doing the same insane crap over and over. WAKE UP!!!!

  142. Tony DePhillips

    Dear Wizard,
    I think that you are an OSA BOT trying to make the posters here look crazy. Any person with an IQ above 50 knows you are an idiot or a plant so get a life will you? Report back to Marcab they are expecting you.

  143. Pingback: Top Posts —

  144. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Brendon. I do laugh at how ridiculous the C of S has become. However I can’t help but feel for the beings still trapped inside and I feel compelled to help do something about it. –Scott

  145. I have an idea… We should get organized, all Scientologist around the world together to get our churches back to whom it belong.
    It is our havingness, all those Idle orgs, all of our $$ and mostly important the LRH tech!

    Lets go kick the guru’s ass out of the bunker… All together lets have a big win on this… Lets floorish and prosper!


  146. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Jim,

    So you’re saying that I shouldn’t do it? I know that you don’t really care, but how am I going to satisfy the vampiric thirst of those who do want to know?

    It’s a real problem. How can I make everyone happy and still love me at the same time?

    A real problem.


  147. Scott
    You raise a REALLY interesting point. Knowingly opening someone else’s mail is a federal offence, and subject to possible prison time as mandated by federal law. The amount of time may be dependent on a number of issues to include, first time offence, the severity of the crime, cause of hardship caused to others, prior record, etc.
    Then there is registered mail that has to be signed for… hmmm the possibilities!

  148. Like I keep trying to tell ’em
    never never NEVER mess with the cubs…
    Momma bear’s got a really nasty temper!

  149. Tony DePhillips

    Sign me up!!

  150. Scott,
    Let it out. Any ‘entheta’ will convert to theta as it inevitably does in this group. 🙂
    We can handle it.

  151. LOL Lunamoth that was…. dry.

  152. Marcy
    Why do I get the feeling everytime DM hears the name ‘Pearlman’ he must feel the urge to reach for an indigestion remedy? 🙂

  153. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    The entire human race has the same UNalienable Rights as Americans.

    Our natural Rights always have pre-existed BEFORE any government body, including Scientology Orgs. These Rights are native to Thetans. They’re natural, God-given Rights or given by the Laws of Nature as the Founding Fathers of America clearly declared in the Declaration of Independence.

    Of course, the question is whether or not any given government or governing body respects these Natural, UNalienable Rights by PROTECTING them.

    It’s even questionable whether the U.S. Federal (and State) governments respect our Rights in PT because most our Public Servants (save for Ron Paul) are not doing their duty to protect them like they were assigned to do, and have pledged to do when they swore to their public oath-of-office to defend our Constitution of the united States of America.

    For certain, the Church of Scientology has done an incredibly, utterly horrible job of defending the Rights of Scientologists. Of course (as most of us here are already aware), CoS has done quite the opposite. Instead, they oppress and abuse Scientologists’ Rights.

    The Church of Scientology has utterly failed at creating a safe environment in the world, and for Scientologists within the Orgs.

    IMO, the Church of Scientology went full-blown PTS in 1993 when they CAVED IN to the biggest SP group in America (the IRS) and CONNECTED with them instead of holding their position in space.

    At that time, the CoS lost it’s Rights and the Rights of Scientologists within the Orgs (church) to speak freely … the loss of our CORE Right to Freedom of Speech. There also went the Freedom Magazine. Gone down the tubes went the fight for our natural, 8th dynamic given Rights.

  154. Virgil Samms

    Karen, you are a true PROFESSIONAL SCIENTOLOGIST. Your acks are worth a million dollars each. I just love you to pieces.

    Love, Tom

  155. Jim Logan! Where you at?!

    Somebunny needs to go to cwamming!
    Can you set poor ‘friend of LRH’ straight on PR series 3 WRONG PUBLICS?
    Poor dear seems to have gotten a bit lost.

    Friend of LRH – When you’re done with the cramming order I have some suggestions for you so that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste:
    Try Minerva’s site – oh oops! It’s temporarily down.
    Never mind, check with DM. For sure he will be able to direct you to the correct audience for your cute little PR piece.

  156. DFB aka Dfb99

    Also, if you report this stuff you either get ignored or have singled youreself out as being “nattery” or being an enemy. There simply is no line for this. Yo ucan send reporst to RTC and they send you a computerized response thats says “thank you for your report..”
    If you find an actual comm line and communicate this stuff you are an enemy, a squirell, a PTS, SP, OWs, Type 3, leper and they stamp DEADFILE on your forehead with a big red stamp.

  157. Ha ha ha! Rebels and Non-conformists, all of us!
    KRC on suppressive world conspiracies and secret control can be frightening and emotionally explosive. There’s a lot of evidence that 9/11 could be part of that op. If so, it’s a big betrayal. And it is part of our dynamics. Hmmm…I seem to recall a tape by LRH…Ron’s Journal ’67 is it? Tremendous parallel to the betrayal that seems to be taking place within the Church. But past, current or future Church circumstances aside, if anyone, Scientologist or non-Scientologist, Church member or not, expects to make an actual dent in the “without war” part of the Aims of Scientology, then this secret world control stuff will eventually have to be confronted and dismantled. Pertinent to any Scientological topic, I’d say.

  158. Scott — thanks for taking the time to answer my question about the number of years you’ve been out etc.

    I guess what completely shocks me to this day is that it’s been 17 years since I’ve been in a scientology org … in some ways it feels like yesterday and in others a completely different lifetime.

    So when you mentioned 17 years, somehow my poor math calculations made it back in the 80’s —

    In any case, so glad you are well, communicating and with Karry. The rest will follow I’m sure.


  159. Tony DePhillips

    Marty can you please cut this guy off?? I know it’s your blog, I am just putting my 2 cents in…

  160. Kirsi,

    Thanks for your story of how you left the RPF and told DM Sayonara. You rock!

    Just Me

  161. I second that, and will also mention that there are SOME people who actually care about having contact with their family, friends and business associates who would be put in a position of having to disconnect or be declared themselves.

    Yes, it’s PTSness. No, its not a black and white world.

  162. But…but…but…I’m still waiting for my secret decoder ring! If I just had that I KNOW I could figure this guy out!

  163. Scott says ~~

    I actually tried to run away from PAC Base several times and was retrieved by RPFers, Security or both.

    You see the Sea Org of DM’s cult carries on above the law.
    They act like they are Federal Marshalls.
    Only Federal Marshalls and Bounty Hunters can actually pursue you AFTER a judge has issued a warrant and you are a fugitive.

    But the Sea Org sends out Security Guards and other staff to kidnap you back. It is called “BLOW DRILL”


    Blow Drill was to recover and bring back runaway staff. This DRILL mainly involved SECURITY. The security guards would try to figure out when the person blew, from where and how. Then QUALIFICATION staff would go through the pc folders (confessionals) and find out if the person had confessed any recent CRIMES


    or was in any kind of trouble and Security would go through the person’s personnel file and try to find out where their closest relatives lived to provide locations to check for the (escaped) person. Recent mail and phone logs would be checked to see who the escapee had last spoken to.
    Teams of people would go to bus stations, train stations, airports and local hotels to look for the escaped Sea Org member. This drill would remain in full effect til the person was located and brought back to the base.

    (text messages are sent out to initiate Blow Drill)
    Read more~~

    Thank you Scott for your incredibly valuable revelations
    Absolutely top of the line whistle blowing.

    Take a bow.


  164. ;>}

  165. Friend of LRH,
    You stated, “As Scientologists, we choose to live under certain codes of conduct laid down by the founder.” True. But…

    Did the Founder say that someone should rewrite all his books?

    Did the Founder say to rewrite his HCOBs?

    Did the Founder say to beat the executives and humiliate them? (Come on, there is so much evidence and testimony by people who have left, do you really think they ALL conspired and practiced to say the exact same thing?)

    Where did the Founder state that the way to get Scientology to succeed was to get a bunch of really nice expensive buildings?

    Where did the Founder say to discard his materials and create black on white new packs of drills and chant at the wall over and over and over until you puked?

    Where did the Founder say that an FN had to swing three times? (Do you really believe that he NEVER in all the years of FNs, NEVER saw an auditor call an FN on less than three swings?)

    If you truly believe these things, then you really, really must either very stupid or very brainwashed or you really do not believe these things but are simply here to enturbulate others.

    Which one is it? (’cause I don’t wanna evaluate for you)

    PS: By your cojones quip I know which one it is. You should perhaps measure your own cojones, maybe with a microscope because while it may be easy for you to simply post something here and then hide in the shadows, right or wrong it takes GIGANTIC cojones to come out publicly against the wrongnesses within the Church, as Marty and others have done. Did you have to experience anything like what these guys had to endure in the Church?

  166. martyrathbun09

    Thanks a lot for this exit story. Brilliant on your part.

  167. martyrathbun09

    Brendon, I suggest you word clear the Bill of Rights. You don’t have a clue.

  168. Friend of LRH:
    I’ve been there. I have seen the abuses. I have seen the human rights violations. I’ve seen the crazy operating basis. I’ve seen honest, good producing staff members being degraded on a daily basis. And even though I’ve seen these things, I would totally agree with your post if not for this one fact: “Scientology ceased to be working under DM”

    How many Clears have been made last week? How many auditors have been made last week. How many the week before that? Are public and staff members moving on up? What is the public opinion in regards Scientology? Why are Scientology Executives lying on national TV? Why are people being beated at the highest echelons of Scientology?

  169. Yeah, Mr. Wizard, people here have been pretty tolerant of your incomprehensible utterings, so I think you should pack up your wand and your dragons and vamps and helicopters and fly back to Transylgoobia. Besides, you never sent my decoder ring, so that’s the last straw. I too shall no longer be laying my eyes on your writings. Sayonara.

  170. theystolemychurch

    This is ssooooo funny!!!!!

  171. Karen,

    It is an indicator of their lack of intelligence and completely insular thinking that they deliberately made an enemy out of you. One of the last people in the world I would want to make an enemy of! 🙂 But it is symptomatic of Dear Leaders inability to percieve the real world. He dictates what HE sees. He has no family and doesnt want one. He has no thought of the old adage that blood is thicker than water. To him the 2D is an unnecessary dynamic that is only useful as a method of control (Apart from what someone recently described to me so aptly as his “oral exhibitionism” where he seems to derive some perverted pleasure out of talking dirty) — but he doesnt see how it backfires as he just cannot conceive that anyone could even consider that their commitment to a spouse, child, sibling or parent would be greater than their commitment to his wishes. This is just unreal to him. He just keeps making more and more enemies. His loss. The world’s gain! Mike

  172. I am sitting here reading all the stories from leaving the SO and I wonder has anyone reversed the flow on these creeps? Such as them driving all over LA chasing you, what about driving all over LA chasing them and sitting and watching them. I know that the protest groups have tried to some degree, but really truly reversed the flow on OSA, Kristen, Tommy, et al….? I wonder if Dave Miscaviage were out on the streets and cut-off, how would he survive? He would be a little nobody in a big pond just trying to survive like the rest of us. Lets not forget he doesn’t have a high school diploma, or I am sure a GED, and he certainly hasn’t learned enough LRH TECH to really make a difference on his own in the real world!

  173. Would anything change in your attitude towards the C of S when DM would step back and somebody else would run it?

  174. Fantastic post Marty! Your care shines through like a brilliant blue-white diamond. I stand in awe.
    Below is a link to the theme song here, which I love perfectly.

    To those that are unsure, freedom means that your are willing to fight back! Stand up, make your statement and DO NOT flow power to this criminal crap.

    Read the lyrics…enlightening and inspirational. If he can change, why can’t you?
    You have the tech and it works.

  175. There is nothing wrong with religion John, it’s what’s been done on the 3rd dynamic in the name of the 8th dynamic that is the problem. And there is a handling from the old man:

    “The way you undo it is find out who was trying to control him with the eighth dynamic. What human being was trying to control him with the eighth dynamic? What human beings were associated with him on the subject of the eighth dynamic? Unburden his contest and conclusions with regard to these human beings and all of a sudden the eighth dynamic will go right on up and be in beautiful shape.

    “How do you rehabilitate this? First, you probably have to reorient an individual with regard to other people—just anybody. Get him in contact with other people, and then finally carve it down to a point where you undo the efforts of other people to control him through a warping of the eighth dynamic.” LRH

  176. Tony DePhillips

    What do you think we are doing??

  177. Mike Rinder ~

    Your duplication of me has been monumental.
    Our time tracks paralleled.
    You have Benjamin and Taryn locked in serving DM’s cult and not permitted to communicate with you. Our kids grew up together in CMO Nursery while we served the Church. Little did we know what DM would do later regarding our offspring.

    It isn’t just that we were on the Flagship Apollo , fellow shipmates with extraordinarily long time tracks together. It is that I know and duplicate how much you served and how much brutality and abuse you took.

    Living in a tent in solitary at INT BASE with a garden hose to shower with abominable food as punishment and nothing else. Repeated beatings by DM. Month in and month out. Forced to put on clothes for an INT event. Sent back to solitary out in fields at INT BASE after giving your INT event speech Quite surreal.

    I have nothing but respect for you and Marty.
    I love you both dearly.

  178. If you’re in confusion…it helps to know where you are.

  179. Wayne/Safe~Thank you for the reference. These rights I do realize and your points are very well made.
    Keeping it very simple though, when the world is spinning and dangerous and insurmountable, one stable datum our friends in the S.O. can grab hold of is the simple fact that you are in the U.S.A. and being so, you do have some basic rights that will be defended.
    Compare where they are to other places they were. Realize they are in the U.S.A., not somewhere else.

  180. I mean physically….like Portland or the religious freedom crusade in LA!

  181. Kirsi~Well done on making it out. Very nice to meet ya!
    Ask and you shall receive.

  182. Sam,
    I’m here. There too. Been practicing Change of Space!

    Cramming, yes, good idea. Some actual LRH Scientology would do the ‘friend’ a heap of good.

    Speaking of which, ‘friend’, what do you have to say about DM’s perversion of the LRH definition of a Floating Needle in DM’s 8 Oct 2000 ‘HCOB’? Hmmmmmmm?

  183. Sally~The propaganda machine in action. Whoa!

  184. Martin,
    Brilliant!!! Getting this data in hand is great preparation for any potential legal attack on a whistleblower. This might be a case where evidence of this nature should be sent directly to Marty via email. It’s always best to play your hand close to the chest!

  185. Back in the 2003 period at SO Flag there were opertunities to slip over to the lbrary to use the internet.

  186. Alex Braverman

    “Or, if you cannot confront thoughts along those lines, try not to think about it.”
    Absolutely spot on Marty.

    I, for one, am patiently awaiting the collapse of DM’s Criminal empire.

  187. These bonds are ridiculous. And they are not new, although they seem to be used more. I had to sign one when on staff years ago, and I did not realize that it was bogus. I was in fear that I would have to pony up the dough. Whoever thought of doing this was an SP. This was pre-DM.

  188. Brendon

    Sometimes “facts” are a poor substitute for empathy and compassion, and being literal minded can prove an impediment to understanding the
    nuances of a situation.

    You are technically correct about the right to leave. You just fall a little short of actually getting what the hell is going on.

  189. This is completely off the topic of this thread IMO.

  190. Just Me, Marty, Tara – thanks so much for your kind words, I´m very touched by you.

    I also meant to say there that to this date I haven´t received the severance payment. It would have helped cover part of the airfare on going home. Oh well. I never was in it for the money.

  191. Theo Sismanides

    Haha, Tom, pretty good summation!

  192. Karen wrote: “..sending utter LIES to St. Pete Times…”

    It is the SWORN AFFIDAVITS that constitute PERJURY that makes their actions so dangerous. Perjury is a FELONY. If it is proven beyond reasonable doubt (during any criminal proceeding) that they lied in a sworn affidavit, it could land them in jail.

  193. Sam, I sure hope that is the case.
    Actually, I include the name “Pearlman” on my posts for two reasons.
    I am honored to be associated with any and all Pearlman’s who have contributed so much over the years to Scientology. Both inside the church and now as Independents in the field.
    Second reason is that I’m always hoping someone from my past in the COS will remember me and get in touch. I miss so many of my old friends.
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  194. Friend of LRH, Speaking for myself….all bets are off when the COS ceases to practice and keep in it’s own ethics, tech, philosophy , integrity and so on and on and on….
    Squirrels are fair game. Are they not?
    Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  195. Marty-

    Clueless? Moi? I grabbed this explanation from the Wikipedia entry on the First Amendment (emphasis mine):

    “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion”, impeding the free exercise of religion, infringing on the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

    Originally, the First Amendment only applied to the Congress. However, starting with Gitlow v. New York, 268 U.S. 652 (1925), the Supreme Court held that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment applies the First Amendment to each state, including any local government…

    “The U.S. Supreme Court has never interpreted the First Amendment as having the same power to alter private property rights, or provide any other protection against purely private action. When considering private authority figures (such as parents or an employer), the First Amendment provides no protection. A private authority figure may reserve the right to censor their subordinate’s speech, or discriminate on the basis of speech, without any legal consequences. ‘All may dismiss their employees at will,…for good cause, for no cause, or even for a cause morally wrong, without thereby being guilty of a legal wrong.'”

  196. It is about that the goverment keeps it’s claws of of free speech brendon. Conditutions constitute the principles goverment has to abide by.

  197. Cat Daddy-

    What you are telling me is exactly what I said, so I’m not sure why you are addressing your comment to me.

  198. Since no one stuck on the inside is going to be able to read this, is there any way we could print up a few thousand of these and do a helicopter drop all over the base. May be 5,000, spread out across the base so staff are sure to get a few before security gets to them….

    We would have to give them a number or have people outside the gates that day so people feel safe prancing by the guards gate.

  199. CoS caved the IRS in , not the other way around. Or rather the COS caved and “fair gamed”or at least Harrashed the IRS employees to get what it wanted.

  200. Amy, Are you certain about Alain dying? He was a very good friend of mine, and a good person. We had a falling out many years ago over my “dissafection” with the church and went out of comm, so I haven’t heard from him for several years. I really hope this isn’t true.

  201. Lunamoth-

    You (and Windhorse for that matter) hold up my comment and find it wanting because it is not empathetic, or supposedly ignorant of the coercive elements that exist within the COS as they impact its members.

    Yet my comment was not about those issues at all. What I WAS commenting on is something that you actually tell me I’m correct about.

    It is rather arrogant to chide me because I didn’t create the post you wanted me to write, in the manner you wanted me to write it.

    And I assure you I am well aware of the complexities involved in thought control, coercion and so on. If that’s what I wanted to talk about, I would.

  202. @Tony DePhillips – This is an excellent post. Your suggestions and the references you provide should be seriously considered, as they are in direct line with Marty’s post about knowing one’s rights and acting upon them.

    [..] The right to assemble is not an absolute right. There are some restrictions on this right as there are with other rights. The right to assemble is not as strongly protected by the government as other rights, such as the freedom of speech. This is because groups that assemble often do so, not with just speech, but with some type of conduct, such as picketing, protesting, marching or gathering in a park, which may disrupt the peace.

    The courts have ruled that, while it is the responsibility of the government to protect the people’s right to assemble, it is also the government’s responsibility to keep the peace. Because of this, the courts have allowed governments to make reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner of these assemblies. The government may place restrictions on the right to assemble that will maintain law and order, facilitate traffic, protect private property and reduce noise congestion. [..]
    One can read further about the history of the US Freedom of Association Clause. This clause protects the right to assemble in peace to all Americans.
    We have the right here in the USA to asssemble and protest and protesting has caused a tremendous effect on getting the word out to Scientologists.
    Imagine, readers, your old friends seeing you out there with a sign ” Comm Ev DM” !

  203. Kirsi,
    A very warm welcome to you. Happy to see you on this blog.
    18 years in the Sea Org and 8 years at Office of Special Affairs.
    Boy, you must have some stories to tell !

    I enjoyed your getaway story. I will be telling more getaway stories soon !
    My email address is


  204. Actually, what this inquiring mind would REALLY like to know is why JB’s computer wasn’t Internet-‘protected’. What was he working on that was so different from everybody else’s activities at Int?

    It’s clear JB has many more stories he could tell — when it’s time to do so.

    Just Me

  205. Beebercat,
    Alain Kartuzinski passed away at 58 of cancer.
    Alain B. Kartuzinski, McPherson C/S dies from Cancer.

    Alain was a gentle soul. He was the best Class XII in the Class XII HGC.
    He was very dedicated. He was smashed to pulp and removed from tech lines for David Miscavige criminality involvement in Lisa McPherson case.

    Of course Miscavige would and always does blame others.

    He dramatizes TOTAL SOURCE all over the lines of the Church in his hallucination and delusion.

    He alleges NO SOURCE when he does something catastrophic like ordering Lisa Mcpherson be allowed to attest “CLEAR”.

    A Gold camera man masquerading as a tech authority.
    I wonder who else is dying of cancer at INT Base in their 50s that has also been pulverized by DM ?


  206. You can print and drop as many flyers as you wish.
    People would actually need to COME OUT of their confinement hole to read them in the first place. Good luck with that.

  207. Dear Amy,

    If I have not said this before, your book is a wonderful educational read of DM Cult conduct. “Abuse at the Top” is highly readable, goes at a fast pace, anecdote after anecdote brought alive in mental image pictures by your penmanship. Highly recommended reading.

    As a thank you to “Office of COB” for the very Dirty Ops run on me, I sent copies to Law Enforcement to read. The copies were well received.

    Since publication in May 2010, Amy’s book has been steadily in the Top 10 in Amazon in Scientology category.

  208. Jean-François Genest

    On second thought, NEVER MIND. I most truly apologize for asking.

    May David Miscavidge continue to flourish and prosper! He’s doing great. Follow his example.
    May Heber J. continue to enjoy being detained on his own will, as you relate. Since he seems to agree to be there, as you imply, then leave him alone.

    Heber, current Int Base staff and all Ex-Int base staff must LOVE the masochism one way or another. I’m sure they enjoy living at the stone-walled fortress resort with a watch tower, locked steel gates and plenty of security guards.

    I really wonder why some ex-Int Base staffs wrote books about some sort of ordeal going on in that citadel. What are they complaining about?

    You should join/re-join the Sea Org. They sure could use you.

  209. so the people in confinement are never allowed out doors? What about staff not in confinement, don’t they walk around the base???
    Or is everyone in confinement up there?


  210. Jean-François Genest

    Quote from Karen # 1, in reply to John Peeler:
    « … you should tell your story of your extensive lock down against your will, your captivity, and the DM ordered enforced divorce from Melanie and so on. »

    So, DFB aka Dfb99, according to you, the statement I quoted above is IMPOSSIBLE. Karen # 1 is probably delusional and imagining events that never took place.

    Let’s ask John Peeler if he agreed to be confined and locked down. I can ask anything, as much as I want, since I know there will not be an answer 🙂

  211. Scott, I will second this. When you’re ready, write it up with as much reality as you want/need to do.

    And, I strongly feel the name(s) of the”auditor”(s) who ran the black processes on you need to be posted and brought to light. This kind of henchman of DM must not go unidentified. He/they need to be brought to justice every bit as much as DM does, just as Hitler’s henchmen were. Let none escape.

  212. Thank you Karen for replying. I did not understand that departing Sea Org members may not speak of their experiences in the Sea Org at all. It explains the silence of the many ex SO members I have met along the way. i.e. they ones I know never talk about their days in the SO, good or bad. My heart goes to you and Mike, and other family members of SO staff members who have suffered the consequences of disconnection. I guess that’s why I like this blog, here the ex SO are not muzzled and public members like me can finally get enough info to figure out what the hell has been going on and why there are now so many locked doors in the SO orgs.

    And Marty, thanks for the clarification. I did read your Headly post but I am still trying to get my head around all this. It sounds so simple on the face of it, but I starting reading up on various legal findings in the area of religious intervention and it just seems to be a really complex legally. Of course, its hard to read any legalese at the best of times, so that’s probably part of what I am encountering.

  213. Kirsi thank you for sharing your story.

  214. My apoligies Bredon I was thrown of by “goverment’s ability to”

  215. Dear Scott, what you went through was clearly harrowing and very seriously affected your health and wellbeing at the time, and perhaps since. I think your decision whether to tell the story should involve a careful consideration of what would be best for you and your wife, first and foremost.

    People are different. Some people feel wonderful if they can divulge their own secret to the world, so that it no longer holds any power over them and no one else can use it against them. “Owning” their story can bring liberation from shame and fear. However, others in the same situation may feel the disclosure to be another wound and to set them back.

    There is no right answer. You should not feel obliged to tell the story just because someone else wants to know. But if you wish to tell it, then go ahead. There are caring and wise people here – Karen #1 springs to mind – who might be a good sounding board for your first draft.

  216. Martin:

    You wrote: “I could be wrong here but I suspect that a sort of unflat Grade II prevents a lot of folk stepping fully into the light with their own names, fearing that OSA is going to drag their overts out into light. ”

    This is nothing but a variant of the standard Co$ Black Scientology Wrong Why and case evaluation used for just about everything: “You must have Overts & Withholds!”. The other Co$ standard Black Scientology Wrong Why and case evaluation being “You must be PTS!”, which leads right back to the first.

    Maybe you should listen to the Class VIII lecture “Standard Tech Defined” at some point. Ron Hubbard went thermonuclear on the students for this kind of evaluative C/Sing.

    It’s none of yours, mine, Marty’s or anyone else’s god-damned business why any given person chooses to use a pseudonym in this Internet warfare.

    Some chose to fight, but in the totally Fabian manner the Internet allows as their best option to *do something* (conducting PR operation, for instance) against the big, bad SP group without them being able to strike back.

    There is very great Real Life(tm) risk of loss and harm for anyone who has friends, family or business connections with people who are still active members of C of M for some. A great many of those people are are working against McSavage from within, even if only by quietly pointing out to some friend who is upset and unhappy with the latest McSavage bullshit, how that’s not Ron Hubbard brand Scientology.

    Partisans in WW II did not go around announcing to the Nazi’s who they were or where they might be found for this exact reason. And yet they were able to greatly hinder Nazi operations in the occupied countries precisely because of the resources that had to be expended to try and ferret them out whilst they were blowing up a rail line here and cutting phone lines there.

    It is not our job to make the guerilla fighters wrong for not being “regular army”, man.

    Michael A. Hobson

  217. Maureen Bolstad speaks about her attempts to leave Int Base, which included her being assaulted (and her hand broken) and being told simply that she could never leave.

  218. Scott,

    I recall in 1993/1994 someone having been brought to PAC Base from the ship by Paul McElven and locked up in a basement water/steam pipe storage room which had an insanely thick fireproof door. They were provided with a couple of mattresses laid on top of the pipes on the floor to sleep upon.

    I was one of the “available” service org crew assigned to part-time guard duty and Paul told me that this person had “gone Type III and broken through four (4) stateroom walls”. I remember being most distressed by this person’s shouting … some of it coherent, some not.

    Was that you, Scott ?

    If it was, I’m very sorry I did nothing for you at that time. That is one of the things that still haunts me from my time on staff in PAC.

    Michael A. Hobson

  219. Thank you Marty for allowing me to post on your blog. And thanks Karen for your kind words and encouragement. This is to answer the question about enforced confinement at Int. Sorry in advance if this is way too long, but I tend to type what comes to mind, and I’m a good typist!

    Yes, it is enforced confinement and imprisonment. In my own case, I’d been confined to OGH (confined and isolated decks program) already for several months after being busted from the TTC by DM, but I agreed to be there for those months to get through sec checking and an ethics program to be allowed back into the group again. Some people actually elect to go through these programs thinking that they’ll be accepted back into the group again with open arms. It doesn’t quite work that way though. After nearly a year of ethics handlings and getting reposted at the bottom of the org board, and knowing it would probably be years before I ever really got to see my wife again, I was done. I’d also seen enough violence (DM included) and human rights abuses by this time, I couldn’t be part of it anymore. I originated to the MAA that I wanted to route out of the SO right away.

    I was sent right back to OGH to start the route out process but it wasn’t going well. The sec checking (done FPRD style) went on and on, for months and months. There were all kinds of varied questions mainly concerning RTC and COB, etc. It got to the point where I felt I had to literally make shit up to get through the sec checks because I’d admitted to everything I’d ever done in my whole life since I could remember. Even previous lives. I didn’t want to be there anymore. I made an escape attempt but was immediately pulled off the fence by security and a couple other hands. The same thing happened on a number of occasions to other staff who were trying to escape. Once you shake those fences, the security rover is only seconds away from getting to where you are. So yeah, if talking you out of leaving doesn’t work, force will be used to keep you there. One of my problems as well was the fact that my mom, my sister and practically all of my friends at that time were Scientologists. I didn’t want to get declared as yet because then I’d have literally nothing and no one. Another thing I realized was that they weren’t going to let me leave, ever. I struck up a conversation with a person who had been a good friend of mine Security Guard, Matt Butler, about another person who had been held at OGH for a couple years by that point. Matt told me that they were never going to let her leave because she had worked both on LRH’s and COB’s direct lines in the past, and had sensitive information from having worked in those positions. I realized that if it’s because of sensitive information, I would NEVER be allowed to leave due to various lines I’d worked on over the years. I had to change my plan and change my considerations about a few things. I realized that if I was able to get off the base somehow and get in contact with my mom, I knew by talking to her and telling her everything that had been going down at the base, she’d believe me and not disconnect from me. I came up with a plan to make it very believable that I was “handled” and wanted to stay and get back on post. I waited a couple weeks until I originated this in session. After I figured out how to leave on my own and knew it would work, my needle must’ve been floating all over the place because it only took a couple weeks to get me posted back in the org, albeit still restricted to the base and in lower conditions. Tom Pope was being promoted from his position in Estates and I was a perfect coin to help make that happen. I became the new Hardscape I/C in Grounds under Spike Bush. All I had to do was get out of lower conditions, get my post in order and petition security to lift my restriction to the base. This process took a couple months, and finally I got my restriction lifted and was allowed to go back to my berthing which was off base at the Vista Garden apartments.

    The only thing I had to avoid at this point was any of the QM’s who rove around the apartments. All male staff of Gold are assigned to a mandatory weekly QM watch at berthing to ensure that nobody blows. Now that berthing is all on base, there’s no need for that anymore, but that was the drill when there was still off-base berthing units.

    One morning, Tom Pope returned to see me to turn over the final part of his hat since I was no longer in lower conditions or restricted. He was going to show me how to do the morning “Villas Drill” which was essentially going up to COB’s office and living quarters and spraying away any leaves or debris, and removing weeds from the hard surfaces on walkways, etc. I needed to secure early so that I could be in before day break to do the drill. Perfect.

    Danny Dunagin approved my CSW to secure on the early bus out to berthing. I brought my bike with me on the bus and luckily, I was the only person on that bus besides the driver. When we got to the apartments, and I saw that there was no QM in view, I booked my ass over to a pay phone a few blocks away and called my mom collect. I told her that she needed to come and get me immediately, not to ask any questions and that I’d explain everything after she got me. The first thing she asked me was “Are you coming home?,” and I said that I would tell her later after she got me, and gave her detailed directions from her home in LA to where I was.

    For some reason there was no QM anywhere to be seen that night. My mom and my sister arrived and I wanted to just jump in the car with them right away and take off, but they insisted that they grab all of my things to take with us. My mom and sis loaded up the car with all of my things. By that time, there were already some base staff returning to berthing, including the staff who lived in the unit right next to mine. Several RTC girls were standing in their kitchen with the window open, and could see my mom and sister carrying my shit out to the car, but, they probably just figured that they were “wogs” moving out or something. As soon as the car was loaded, and the coast was clear, my mom gave me the thumbs up and a bolted down to the car. We made the escape and it was successful.

    I told my mom and my sister everything that happened at the base and what I and other people were going through. We were all done with the CoS at that point. I ended up routing out “standardly” but in PAC, and that cycle took another month. But at least I had family calling in every day asking how far I was through my program and when I would be coming home. The only reason I went back to get through a sec check was because my mom still worked for a Scientologist company, and all of our friends were Scientologists. For me to get declared would have been a bit of a problem. But, after that was done, and through some time, we phased out completely and made a lot of new friends on the way.

    I choose to speak out about the human rights abuses that happen at Int and have been doing so since I left in 2000. I never look back and regret having made the decision to join the Sea Org or any of the experiences I’ve been through because it’s made me who I am today – a very strong individual.

    I hope this information helps in some way.

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