How Miscavige Killed Church Management

In January 1996 when I returned to the Int Base after two years of tech training at the Ship and Flag, Miscavige was well in progress on annihilating church management.

First, Miscavige was in the process of  busting Marc Yager off CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman and spent three years attempting to turn the man into a mouse.

Second, Miscavige had nearly all those who remained in Int Managment working on an evolution as massive in content and as destructive in result as Golden Age of Tech.  In his Stalinesque style Miscavige dubbed it New Era of Management. Like GAT, NEM consisted of endless binders of  Miscavige written and/or directed and approved material. Just as GAT forever altered and replaced LRH tech, NEM forever altered and buried LRH admin.

Miscavige had teams of key executives for Upper Middle Management (Int Liaison Office which he had previously dubbed Flag Command Bureaux which was originally back in the day of LRH called the Flag Bureau) and for every Continental management office up at Int Base for months preparing to fire to implement his grand NEM scheme in one, sudden, implant-like fashion.   Those involved in that evolution are well represented here and I am sure can fill in some of the details of their engramic several month Q and A “briefing” period.  If the “trainees” or “Missionaires in briefing” learned anything it was these two lessons that were implanted with an atomic branding iron:

a)  Miscavige and his NEM issues were senior to LRH and his virtual books (in the form of Flag Orders and Central Bureau Orders and OEC) on management.

b) Scientology did not exist at the International Scientology Headquarters.

 Third, the international tech heirarchy was effectively made leaderless by the busting of Ray Mithoff from the post of Senior C/S Int.  Oh,he retained the title, but he was made a mere figurehead (just as Heber had been made as President CSI and Guillaume as ED Int as early as the eighties).  Dan Koon was put on as Snr C/S Int Chief – administrative head of the Snr CS Int Office. Once DM effectively dead agented Ray with all Int tech terminals (including his own Snr CS Int office) Dan was posted elsewhere – and Ray from thereon out was nothing more than a figurehead (Note: Dan had no knowledge and played no part in the Miscavige Op – Dan is the last person in the world who would engage in denigrating a person into oblivion).

Next Miscavige appointed Mark Ingber as CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman.  Through continual barrages of verbal cross orders to not only LRH, but even to his own NEM, plus beatings and invalidation, Miscavige soon destroyed Ingber. 

Miscavige replaced Ingber with Jenny Linsen Devocht.  Through the same methods that he had destroyed Yager and Ingber, sans the beatings, he destroyed Jenny.

Miscavige replaced Linsen with Wendell Reynolds of Int Finance Dictator fame.  But Wendell soon went the route of the other who preceeded him.

By the time Miscavige had made mincemeat of that troika, Yager had graduated the RPF (1999) and he was thrown back into the fire.  By then,  CMO Int and Exec Strata were choked by so many restrictions (such as no evals allowed; no programs that did not push NEM and Golden Age of Tech allowed) that International Management had become a mere functionless title.  To ensure no management would emanate from Int, Miscavige assigned the entire Int Base lower conditions from which they never were allowed to emerge.  Yager was declared SP, as were a number of Interntional managers, as were Mike Rinder (while WDC OSA) and I (while on the post of IG), as were a number of other Int base execs; all ordered by Miscavige, all while we continued to occupy our posts. 

By the year 2000, Scientology Management was dead.

The proof of the pudding is the current scene.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Marc Yager is still holds the title CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman.  But there is no CMO INT nor WDC, with the exception of Angie Blankenship who holds WDC Ideal Orgs. But Angie doesn’t answer to Yager; she reports and answers to Miscavige.  Yager has been reduced to being a preps boy (culling pc folders and ethics folders at Int to find lurid details on the likes of us) for Dan Sherman (LRH Biographer) to write “freedom mags” and the myriad anti-Marty sites OSA has its operatives pretend spontaneously appear.

Yager does not even report to Miscavige, because Miscavige cannot look at him without leaping at him and pummeling him to a pulp every time he is in his sight. So, Jenny Linsen (whose post title is D/CO Production CMO INT) actually forwards and all communication between Miscavige and her nominal senior Yager.

Miscavige bypasses whatever is left between Int Liaison Office (Upper Middle Management) and Continental Liaison Offices and orgs by directly running every CO CMO Cont.  That is right, he receives weekly reports routed directly to COB RTC from each CO CMO.  The reports report on stats for each continent and org (as in Ship, FSO, PAC) where each CMO unit is located.  Miscavige then whips out his dictaphone and rattles off weekly orders to the CO CMO’s on a purely stimulus-response basis.  And that is what he calls management. Anyone with the slightest training or understanding of LRH FO and CBO and HCOPL tech recognizes that I do not exagerate when I say that management has long since died, and there is no such thing as management any more.  There may be bodies at the CSI Management building at Hollywood and Ivar, and there may be bodies in CLOS, but per HCO PL Danger Conditions, Why Organizations Stay Small – with such long term and thorough bypass, they do not in fact exist.

To exacerbate matters Miscavige utterly bypasses Snr CS Int Office, Tech and Qual bureaus Int and Cont, and even tech heirarchies of orgs such a FSSO and FSO and AOs by virtue of running all tech matters through his RTC rep NW.  They too write weekly reports to Miscavige and he replies to each one – when he is not too busy skiing, scuba diving, or attending premieres with celebrity pals.  Most of those reps have never audited a single grade on another person, nor even C/S’d a person up a single grade or level of the Bridge.

RTC at Int is reduced to nothing but service facilities for Miscavige – communicators, secretaries, mail clerks, stewards, maids, chefs, etc – and Warren McShane who handles “Legal”.   Incidentally, some wonder why OSA has become a toothless shadow of a network.  That too is answered by HCO PL, Danger Conditions.  DM and Warren have bypassed them, directly hiring and running an outside intelligence apparatus to “monitor” my “activities.”   And they are incompetent beyond belief.  Meanwhile whenever OSA does through blood, sweat and tears establish an intelligence line in my general vicinity, Miscavige blows it by ordering some knee-jerk (completely stimulus-response)  “expose” on Marty and Mike; expose’s that are so thoroughly chock-full of embellishment and lies they have zero impact.   And so,  the last thing Miscavige used to be able to rely upon (a network that at least could make people afraid of him) has also been decimated by Miscavige himself.

By the way, since the late nineties the one corporate and ecclesiastical post that could anything about this state of affairs technically has been usurped also by Miscavige. The CO Church of Spiritual Technology (CST, which holds an option to shut down and take over RTC’s function in the event of this level of departure from RTC purpose and function) Russ Bellin had been Miscavige’s project manager for such important matters as the Mark VIII E-meter that has been rotting in a warehouse for five years (and will likely remain there forever), and building unbelievably expensive CD and transcript productions lines (which are largely superfluous in this day of downloadable audio and video).  That all ended a couple of years ago when Miscavige (as is his habit) decided everything Russ did (that had been heavily promoted by Miscavige as being the only competent products on his lines) were all Overt Products (even though Miscavige publicly basks in the glory of them to this day).  Miscavige busted Russ to Int Finance Director, after he found out the previous IFD (Wendell Reynolds) had secretly financed the blow of an Int Staff member (God bless Wendell after all).

Russ got tired of  two years in the hole and this past spring made a break for it.   Unfortunately, his foot kicked the fence on his way over, and he was quickly apprehended and returned by Gold Security.

Miscavige has kept CST in check by a loophole he found in LRH’s estate planning that sought to guard against Miscavige’s type of destrcutive dictatorship.  That is, CST officers and directors must remain in good standing with the mother church CSI in order to qualify for remaining in CST.  DM controls CSI with an iron fist, and the moment anyone in CST shows the slightest sign of stepping out of line, why, Miscavige simply arranges their dismissal from CST into a lower corporation like CSI – as he did with Bellin.

Perhaps all this sheds more light on why I have no hesitancy in pronouncing the church’s death.

This true state of affairs is why I have been directing my attention more and more towards the future.

Worrying about the church, or hoping for its salvage, is a collossal waste of time and energy.

It is dead.

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  1. If the church is dead, then the subject and the tech itself lies in our hands. Now that is something to ponder.

    I still feel that there is gov’t/agency infiltration in the CoS, and that DM may be their man. Call me crazy. I just have that feeling.


  2. Hi Centurion, I feel that way too.

  3. CoS has never had proper management. All were PTS to the dwarf which is a poor show of character and case state to begin with. Question is, who will be “beloved leader” after DM gets his promotion to CO Jupiter?

  4. Marty,
    Your description of what the church’s management structure has shriveled to, and how Miscavige “manages” everything directly himself via his weekly report line to the CO CMOs and RTC Reps at different conts is completely spot on. Right up to when I left Int this last April, that is EXACTLY how it was.
    I only add my two cents here to support what you say as I was there 4 months ago and saw exactly with my own eyes the scene you are describing to a “T”. I was there when Russ Bellin tried to blow and was recovered several minutes later at 4 am around early April.
    You are so right! It is DEAD.

  5. martyrathbun09

    That may be so – but before Miscavige started his handiwork in earnest Management did manage to get some things done that resulted in expansion. Your question is academic (meaning meaningless) in my opinion – the basis for which I’ve noted several times here.

  6. martyrathbun09

    JB, thanks. And you’re data has been corroborated since as 100% accurate.

  7. Why was you and others so much effect of him at that time?
    What did you or others to stop him?

  8. I can confirm the aspect of the total by-pass of management-lines and posts. One contact told me that in the opening phase of the “Ideal” Org Berlin in January 2007, DM would call in each evening to give his daily orders.

  9. It’s just SICK that they can chase someone down and drag them back behind the razor wire fences – then work them over for attempting to take off. I’ve seen this happen many times before when I lived there.

    Because they are supposedly a “religion”, and this must be part of their “religious practices”, authorities in the past have turned a blind eye. BUT THE ABUSE IS GOING TO KEEP GETTING EXPOSED UNTIL SOMETHING – I – S – DONE ABOUT IT.

  10. So, we re-build from the outside. That’s what we are here for. We need to start building centers and start delivering – STANDARD tech and admin. No doing NOTs with a C/S a thousand miles away or delivering over television or training on internet. We do it just like LRH says to do it, standard tech courserooms and HGCs.
    Don’t worry, we have truth with us and we will prevail. It is not going to be a walk in the park, it’s going to be hard work, but it will happen.

    ML Tom

  11. Thank you for a very informative sumup. If there is no hope for reform whithin the organisation, let us at least, in order to protect our fellow scientologists from further abuse, clearly state the following as a common objective:
    David Miscavige must resign ASAP!

  12. What a mess! This track gives insight to those of us who were not privy to what what going on with upper management… …but, as the years progressed, we noticed more and more weird outnesses throughout the Church and Orgs.

  13. Marty,

    If the church is dead as you say, what is your intention or your next step?

    Will you use your time and energy the smash down the remaining part of the church or will you build up your own Scientology group?

    I been following this blog from the very beginning und find it extremely interesting but on the other side I do not see where you are going to lead us or what the final purpose are.

    Can you shed a little bit light on it?

  14. Marty,
    Thanks for this. Wasn’t at Int (praise god), but the trickle down of this factual post is well described in my doubt formula and declaration of independence. I spent 6 years in a Cl V org, and there was NO management. None. The direction was to put on events, and event production was micro-managed and overseen/compliance-verified by the DSA. When you weren’t hopping from one Int event to the next, you filled in the intervening weeks with local fundraising events for a 40,000 sf building. Tomes of data with a coversheet begging for an eval were submitted to the eval corps (we thought one existed) but went unacknowledged.
    Orders into orgs concern compliance to IG Network Bulletins (all written by Miscavige), events, and book and/or CD selling.
    At the end of my 6 year reign, got RPF’d for disagreeing.
    After all is said and done, you can safely say that Cl V orgs exist to forward the image of Der Leader. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Yeah, it’s a wrap – he’s killed the church.

  15. Precise. Cogent. Sad. And true.

    Marty returned from his adventure on the Freewinds, full time training, in 1996. He escaped on motorcycle in 2004.

    Approximately 2,920 days between those two events.

    And I would venture a good calculated guess at LEAST 2,920 HORROR stories could be told. (8 x 365) At least. Possibly by Marty alone.

    Let’s say there were 300 staff at Int and Gold multiply times 2,920 and you would get 876,000 personal stories of suffering. 876,000 stories that would include death, suicide, illness, cancer, break up of families, forced abortions, physical assault, exhaustion, hunger, terror …

    Marty’s article about the death of management at the hands of a madman eliminates those 876,000 personal stories, in an effort to show a very clear picture of destruction.

    But those stories are available in the minds of those who were there.

    Impossible for dm to bury all those stories. Impossible.

    It seems that one by one they are leaking onto the internet.

    The tipping point is nigh.


  16. Watching Eyes

    If Russ Bellin was trying to leave, and would have made it had his foot not kicked over the fence, but was brought back in by security, then that’s kidnapping. Right? Has anyone contacted law enforcement and demand he be produced? Obviously he’s being held against his will. I can only hope something is being done to get him free. This is very disturbing and has to end. This is not a church.

    To anyone out there reading this blog who’s still “in”, you need to wake up and get yourself out while you can. People will help you restart & rebuild your life.

  17. I would like to add the following: it seems to me the main perversions of Tech during the Miscavige Regime stem from 2 HCOB’s:
    1. The Pain and Sex HCOB;
    2. The Criminal Mind HCOB

    The former was used to crush any desired create in the 2d area, and the latter was used to seemingly justify “SRA’s”, Gang Bang Sec Checks”, “Late Night Seances” and public humiliation at Staff Musters, as well as the complete annihilation of the “Priest-Penitent” privilige.

    Why would LRH spend a life time researching “The Reactive Mind” and then toss off a couple of issues about this new thing called a “Criminal Mind” with no persuant technical rundowns?

    Why would LRH NEGATE an entire dynamic? (And remember that Miscavige RE-Defined the 2nd dynamic as “creativity” in the 90’s, and then did a hasty retreat when public started to call him on “altering LRH”.)

    I don’t think he did. Until the LRH around those issues is open-sourced, I find them highly suspect. But they DO serve DM’s ends quite well. Could he and Broeker conspired to forge these (and possibly other) issues?
    I would not put it past either of them.

    It really is of no more interest than a historical foot note. The Church is dead. Long live LRH tech…..

  18. When I was in CST Russ was the CO. I was the estates Sec. Make no mistake, COB runs CST without question. All reports and approvals went to COB. I wrote weekly reports that went to Russ and then Mr Starkey and COB.

    When I first went up to CST I was told that my messenger status did not apply at CST But I was still a Sea Org member. We did not wear the Sea Org uniform as it would be out PR for the location and the local people.

    I remember and can confirm when Russ was on the project for COB re the Newest E meter. I took quite a few trips out to the external bases with Russ. He is a fantastic Guy and I’m sorry that he has had to go through all of this suppression at the hands of David Miscavige.

    Russ if and when you make it out I will help you in any way that I can, you have a life long friend in me.

  19. I still can’t quit wrap my head around this – maybe you can answer this from your perspective as being someone who “escaped” from int base. In the case of Russ, he actually got up to a cause viewpoint, and decided to leave. Okay so based on everything we know, it is not as simple as just walking out the front door without hell to pay, it is truly a planned escape if you want to leave int base. However once you are caught trying to leave, do they physically apprehend you, (short of hand cuff you)? Has anyone finally got so mad for being made to stay there, that they get violent back, and demanded to be let out the front gates and demand that they will call the police?

  20. The church is dead for the above reasons, which I and many others can only read about here, duplicate and be thankful for the fact that most of us didn’t have to go through what a few of you who were there did.

    The church is also dead because the world at large has rejected it.

    Where’s the proof?

    Go to your local Idle Org and take a good, hard look at what is actually there. Or, not there, as the case may be.

  21. One of the most enlightening and frank statements yet. Exactly aligning with what I had surmised myself. I agree whole heartedly with concentrating on the future. CSI et all is brown bread. (for those not versed in cockney – meaning dead, rhymes on brown bread) Thanks for all you do. Dom

  22. one of those who see

    This is huge Marty. Thank you. Will take some time to digest. There are so many trained and competent people at Int. I think of Kevin & Hara O’hare who I knew before they joined the SO. I hope all these valuable beings are free soon so they can once again really be on purpose forwarding LRH’s goals for a cleared planet.

  23. crashingupwards

    Hi Marty. You saying it is dead, is one thing. Agreeing with your statement is intllectually easy. But, you know, actually absorbing that thought , feeling it, letting it sink in and accepting it as a FACT, is sickening. It is HARD to let go. It just is. Too many years, too much blood, sweat and tears. Its hard to turn ones back on it and start off in a new direction. And my time on staff is just a fraction of what so many offers spend. What a shame. But turn away, organize and move on seems the only way to actually forward an agenda that holds promise.
    To that end the focus needs to be on Independents and service delivery as much as on our “alma mater”, the COS. Plenty of others circling those wagons waiting for the final collapse, hooting and holloring. But we do love reading the expose’s here and you are getting TA and helping many find their way to freedom. But its still hard to let go. Those left in charge do not deserve the right to have the tech and the resources and be left to sit on them. Tough call. Bury the dead and move on or keep fighting. Or something in between.

  24. martyrathbun09

    I do too.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Ask Tom Devocht. He did all the above, but didn’t need no stinking badges to back him up.

  26. martyrathbun09

    Dylan, I second that on Russ.

  27. martyrathbun09

    I don’t know why you rail against the Criminal Mind HCOB. It has served me very well in handling the attacks from Miscavige’s ranks.

  28. martyrathbun09

    You are missing the forest for the trees.

  29. martyrathbun09

    I’m not leading anyone anywhere. I am in the midst of studying the founding of modern democracry through the American Revolution and reckon I will share some ideas in the near future.

  30. martyrathbun09

    Read the blog from the first post through this one, read and watch all the videos of the Truth Rundown series in SP Times. If you want to ask the question again after that, I still won’t have a better answer.

  31. martyrathbun09

    I understand the feeling. I think Frankl comes in rather handy for that malaise.

  32. Diana Hubbard! LRH’s daughter, who I had the privledge of meeting in L.A. ever so briefly at the bookstore on Hollywood Blvd. She’s still in, I suspect. It blows my minds thinking of the people you would normally consider a VIP still at Int Base, and yet all this shit is going on!!!

    I just can’t think with it. And I truly hope this all comes to a head soon. Whatever we can do to push DM over the edge and just SNAP! Get him to just wig out… I think that would be the only way the people around him would ever snap out of their own delussion and defend themselves by taking him into custody, calling police, calling FBI or somebody. Anybody.

    It truly boggles the mind.

  33. Barney Rubble

    This is a good behind the scenes anology of what happened with Management between GAT and present. Having been in the trench so to speak it all makes sense. Consider this equal to decline of the Roman Empire in many ways perhaps.

    In my opinion management was decently effective in the 80’s- at least the Orgs got evals, etc. I blame as well the establishment of the IAS, and the death of LRH as a key earlier beginning of this startling decline.

    BTW, I just received the newest IAS Mag, the other day. The cover doesn’t even mention the word Scientology, just IAS. What a joke.

  34. The kidnapping, assault by security guards to hold people against their will is above the law. It is criminal conduct.
    Russ Bellin has constitutional rights.
    There is also increased punishment and sadism after an attempted blow.
    Miscavige has gotten away with this felony act for over 2 decades but now there is huge heightened awareness of his criminal acts.
    Probably one of the most poignant videos on kidnap and lock down is the story of Maureen Bolstad.
    Recommended you watch Part 1 and Part 2.
    Here’s what INT Base does to its own


  35. Amen Amy.

  36. Virgil,

    Let me second your proposal. Rebuild from the outside. See if we can get Dan Koon and Wayne Froemke to separate out DM’s tech and admin alter-is (looks like Wayne has already done quite a bit of this) and get back on the straight & narrow path as laid out by LRH. Maintain a high standard (as in “Standard Tech”) but always with ARC and U. No more arbitraries laid down and enforced by untrained, unhatted wanna-be dictators.


  37. LOL!

    Guess I am due for a sec check. 🙂

  38. martyrathbun09

    No, just don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I can predict just about everything DM does based solely on his inane accusations.

  39. Thought Provoking

    Excellent report on the current affairs of management. DM seems to be getting madder and madder by the day. By the time I became aware of the corruption it had been going on so long that it had long since past the point of salvage so the intelligent thing to do is to move forward.

    I felt uplifted at the news that Wendell financed someone’s escape and Berlin attempted to flee but was unsuccessful. Knowing that some are still trying to get out is encouraging and it is because of people like them that I will continue to speak out until all who want to leave have left and are free to live and heal on the outside.

  40. Linda says “Class V Orgs exist to forward the image of Der Leader”.
    I am cross posting a recent post by someone who was REGGING for donations at Flag Service Org in Clearwater.
    It illustrates why the phrase”vulture culture” has been formed.
    Here’s what FSO does in the vulture culture~~

    (CROSS POST from another site.)
    The Fruit-Plate Wars

    There is VERY SPECIFIC policy by LRH in relation to Flag that advanced scheduling regges, tours regges, FSMs or anyone for that matter that is trying to talk a public into going to Flag are NOT to pre “qual” anyone. That is to say that you are not to form opinions about whether someone should go to Flag, just get them there regardless and it’ll all get sorted out there.

    Well this used to lead to all kinds of reg chicanery – taking advanced payments from people with Psych histories, etc.

    We, the staff at Flag worked out a handling line that ran parallel with that stupid Claims Verification Board or whatever it was called. In fact, it was just a routing form through Treasury to verify account balances and then have the guy sign some docs before his “check goes in the mail”.

    Here’s how it worked (and probably still does – why mess up a good thing?):

    1. Illegal (any A-J reason) PC goes to Flag World Tour event or whatever. Buys a package of auditing and/or training at Flag.
    2. PC arrives.
    3. PC routes into FSO and receives A-J check.
    4. PC gets routed somewhere to sort out his scene, which could include transferring his FSO account $ to his local org (where he may be at least legal for training. This transfer is only done on paper. No $ go from FSO to the org. Why? Because FSO trained so many “outer org” trainees that the Orgs always “owed” FSO.)
    4a. (Alternate handling) MAA office calls us (the regges) to tell us they’re about to R-Factor the guy that he’s not legal for Flag.
    5a. The lucky one of us (who received the advanced notice from the MAA) goes to the MAA office and “happens to walk by”. Meets the poor bastard, body routes him to our offices and briefs him on the wonderful outreach actions of the church and asks if they would like to contribute. When he explains his problem with the FSO, we then say, “That’s OK, you can contribute to the project with a donation from the account you can’t use anyway!”.

    This line became so refined that it worked about 90% of the time. Then the (poorer) public just goes home – problem solved – and lots of royalties to LRH!!! (and we got that pesky illegal PC off the base to boot)!

    The only problem became which reg got the cycle and it became a PR campaign to get the MAAs office to alert me rather than any other reg. Thus began the “Fruit Plate Wars”. One or another of us regges would contact the restaurant at the FSO and have them make up a fruit plate. A waiter delivered this with great circumstance to the MAAs office at 10:00pm after all the public had gone to their rooms. That thing got so devoured by the MAA office staff!

    One time I missed out on a big cycle and went to complain. The MAA said something like, “Well, we got such a nice fruit plate from ______”. I said, “What about yesterday?” Answer, “Oh-yeah, I forgot about that.”

    So a few days later I got an advanced heads-up on another cycle. I called the restaurant, “Get me the biggest fucking cheese, meat and fruit plate that’s ever been made! Add Champagne.”

    I’m standing in the lobby and out come THREE waiters in full penguin outfits with trays and ice-cooled booze.

    15 minutes later, my phone rings from HCO, “Come get your guy.”

    I kid you not!

    Subsequently, some jealous (and probably hungry) exec cancelled HCO receiving any more fruit plates. But of course, they never cancelled taking money from public they never intended to service!!

    So we just had the fruit plates made and body routed anyone we could in for a VIP briefing. A VIP briefing just means we want more than just a token 5k or 10k – we needed real money (but you got Brie!).

    Very hard to understand now how we (the staff AND the public) did what we did. It was extremely rare for someone to just tell us to “F-off”.

    But they should have!

    End of Quote

  41. I think your are right. You are not crazy. I have that feeling.

  42. one of those who see

    Hi Tom,
    But we need to prevent what happened to David Mayo and his ACCs from happening again. We now have the internet, but DM has even more $$.
    Having said that Marty did state that one of the points he is working on is
    5.Make it safe to practice Scientology outside the wall.

  43. Kevin and Hara O’hare, wow! It takes me back to 1980’s.

  44. “It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.”

    – Alan Cohen

  45. I’m with you. We have a lot of the materials now, alhough there are some gaping holes, we can still put it together. Like LRH said, people want the real tech, the LRH Brand. The pure tech. They don’t want a substitute or “generic”, they want the real stuff.

    And yes, deliver with ARCU. This is also part of what LRH ordered – an org where TRs are in. See HCOB TRs & Cognitions.

    We’re on the same page Publius.

    ML Tom

  46. so then the next question is will anyone based on the personalities still there (Russ for example) do just what Tom did? Or Is this a unique one of a kind circumstance?

    (I don’t need names, just do you think people will get to this kind of behavior)?

  47. Watching Eyes

    Evidently because I have no idea what you mean by “missing the forest for the trees”. What you described is kidnapping and false imprisonment.

  48. I concur that church management is dead. “Dear Leader” has been systematically destroying it for years — knocking OUT everything that LRH said to have IN that would result in stability and real expansion of orgs and Scientology. In the early to mid 80’s I found it quite exciting to work in management and on several occasions when stats were up and expansion was occurring LRH would Commend those doing so. As part of CMO Int I hold several of those commends and am proud of them. The purpose was to put stable terminals there are each echelon and give them the tools ie. correct evaluated whys and programs and missions, where needed, to HELP them with problems they may have and expand more. The overall purpose was TO CLEAR THE PLANET. (Christ, whatever happened to that?) I honestly felt that when I executed an Affluence or Power mission, as an Ops or a Missionaire, for example, that I was contributing to that purpose. Why, cuz the stats were up and the org concerned was doing their job and expanding on their own! It was really a simple, clear and exciting thing to be part of.
    All that has been wiped — straight out of HCO PL Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics Of.

  49. People, Lucy et al; the “blow drill” isn’t some esoteric thing. I was there – I helped to track down some people, I can tell you it is a nightmare to leave from the Int Base. It takes planning and it takes real genius to actually succeed. Most blows – Marty’s included are unsuccessful. Through the most twisted manipulation and coertion people are dragged back and in most cases isolated and RPFed for years after a blow. Not to mention – never again trusted. Now that the berthing buildings are in place it is even more difficult. People have been aprehended violently and forcibly. Markus Swansen circa 1992. There was a kid named Tony in RTC – worked in AVC who was tackled by a friend of mine in an attempt to blow. There have been WQSB drills for finding blown people that sometimes involved over 50 people for thousands of man hours FOR ONE person! If not with physical violence with real threats for eternity. It is sick. Sinar Parman has some blow stories that would give a vietnam veteran nightmares – I know, I was there, and Jackie too! There are new people on this site that need to really go through the archives and read the scientology-cult site because we all need to get involved as best we can. The start is getting fully informed. I guess the point to be made is that the int base is a prison – people in it are under heavy duress, on a lousy diet, no sleep and they’re made to believe they’re scum. It has to end.

  50. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    That’s great, Marty!

    Here’s a page with some interesting links you and others may enjoy in their research on this subject.

    Perhaps you may have already read this, but if not, here’s a scholarly distinction …

    [i]Democracy versus Republic[i]

  51. I have been reading this blog, and all the rest of the data since last fall, and each and everyday I just shake my head in disgust. This post is even more nails in the coffin as to why you don’t support criminal, and morally reprehensible organizations like the Church of Scientology. I have been on the outskirts for quite some time, but I guess I was just a social fence sitter, attending events here and there, supporting my family to do courses, bridge, etc… . but finally I had enough last year. Those family members that wanted to continue to support the Church of Scientology, I announced that I would no longer support them or chose to have comm lines with them. I feel strongly enough that those that seek to live with the truth, will truly have happiness. Those that don’t care about the truth, simple can have the life they chose to create, but without me.

  52. Leaders???? We don’t need no stinkin’ leaders!

  53. Worrying about the church, or hoping for its salvage, is a collossal waste of time and energy.

    One Day CO$ will be a thing of the past. The Future is in the Freezone.

    Who could be so deluded to think that the entire planet-to-be-saved would stand in line to be pocketlooted morning, day and night and still think this is necessary to achieve spiritual freedom.

    DM’s Führerprinzip ain’t working.

  54. I was thinking it this morning, and now here it is on the blog. Yup, the theta has left the body. No management at all really. The normal thing to do in this situation is mock up a new body.

  55. Barney,

    I also noticed that. I thought it was an Architect’s Digest or something. I dont know why they send me that mag. I have not been a member of the I A ASS for over ten years.

    Aren’t they supposed to make safe space for auditor’s to be made and PC’s processed?

    Funny…it seems the most auditors made and PC’s processed happened in the age before the I A ASS.

    Oh, yes…sorry! How silly of me to forget! The Miscaviage luxory real estate and legal trust fund. How sill of me to forget! That is most essential for the expansion of Scn. LRH said that someplace, yes? That his successor should live in luxory and hoard a Billion $ without it going to train one auditor? That is key to booming the orgs!

    And they are “booming” alright. Right out of existance.


  56. martyrathbun09

    Russ’ blow does not even amount to a weed, let alone a tree in the context of what was being disclosed here. There a million and one attempted blow stories out there. And nobody said anything about anyone laying a hand on anyone.

  57. martyrathbun09

    for the record, I never said anything about anyone being “held” “against his will.”

  58. Around 1993 DM did a ‘surprise mission’ to the base at Saint Hill with Guillame Leserve and Mark Yager in tow.
    Among the causualties were:

    CO SHF – declared and off-loaded on the spot
    CO CLOUK – Public humiliation and instant RPF (re-instated to post a few short weeks later after the stats crashed).
    Cont FBO – Public humiliation
    Snr Has UK – Public humiliation
    LC UK – public ridicule and humiliation
    Dir Comm AOSHUK – Buttons pushed and ridiculed
    An Auditor in AOSHUK – publicly ridiculed (his crime was stapling the edge of his curtains to the wall to block the light).

    DM giggled like a schoolgirl when he ‘pulled the withhold’ that all management staff had stayed up all night painting the building in preparation of his impending arrival.

    The atmosphere was one of awe, shock and fear. DM reveled in it. This was no ‘mission’ with help or solutions for a struggling, failing cont. It was DM’s ego run amok instilling fear wherever he could with his henchmen (who also giggled a lot).

    There was no improved scene after DM had completed his ‘mission’ (somewhat of a bypass of the entire management structure). All he left behind him in his wake was further destruction, un-mocked orgs and humiliated, beaten Sea Org Members. In fact, technically he should have gotten a Comm Ev for a failed mission after he left 😀

    The only product DM can produce is cowed and broken people.
    Bravo to the upstat.

  59. Making it safe cannot happen if we don’t start delivering, because there is nothing established to make safe.

    We do, though, have guidelines for delivering legally in this situation and climate and Europe is successfully doing it, so we just need to start, use the guidelines and EU successful actions and make it happen.

    Then when the SS comes, we’re going to establish some real truths.
    You see, Mayo didn’t have to quit. Coupled with a big cash settlement and the fear they managed to instill in him with their empty threats, the C of $ got him to go away. It ain’t going to happen with me because a) I don’t back down. And b) I, for one, would be more than proud to be a martyr for the cause.

    There are no stops. Start delivering.

    I’ll put my name behind it.

    ML Tom

  60. WH,
    There was more like 7-800 crew at it’s highest amount around y2K at the Int base. Your figure of 300 is probably what it is currently behind the ultra barrier. All could fit in the dining room for auditorium type of seating, but had to have two seatings for meals in it’s normal dining table & chair configuration.
    It’s interesting that LRH did not want anyone to hang around if they didn’t want to be there and you could leave within 48 hours under his watch. There were a couple of times where the back door was held open – those who didn’t want to be there and willing could pack up and leave within 24 hours with no recriminations such as declare or freeloaders debt.
    Yet, under the Dear Leader’s watch one was chased down and gotten back. Using personal identity theft, expensive PIs, air travel & lodging expenses and so on. Like the Idle Orgs, the Chairman of Buildings has increased the number of expensive buildings and expensive state of the art audio & video equipment; yet the number of staff decreases through blows and offloads. Dear Leader even has taken over the whole building where LRH’s office was and renovated it several times over to make it now his luxury living suite complete with tanning room and thong.

    I’m sure there are thousands of horror stories which could be told, but less than the true potential due to pay offs/gag orders, and those with thirst for Kool aid. M&M have their personal integrity and would not go this route, though it was attempted.

    About the time that Marc Yager was declared SP while still being kept at the Int base, the breaking up of families seemed to also start as Michelle Jaramillo Yager was also made to divorce Marc, which she absolutely did not want to do. McShane who had been married for years with kids and the rest of RTC who had spouses (some with kids like the Antonella and Pinuccio Tisi) in other orgs happened later in the 2000’s.

    LRH had put a management structure before he left and the juggernaut kept going with stats (taking into account real delivery) in spite of Mayo or any false who’s or why’s were up till 1990. Tom Cruise showed up about that time, along with NEM and golden ages of *.

    PS. Just got some WH flags and will be throwing them up soon. 😉

  61. You know I ordered the new books and tapes while trying to get thru my A-E as I was declared. Just listening to one of the new Factors tapes totally turned me off. It had nothing to do with a Factor but some information Ron was talking about auditing procedures at lower levels of the Bridge. I am going to listen to the original Admiration Tapes as that is where I first heard information on the Factors — I guess we will have to hunt and peck our way thru all of this false data to get the true LRH. You know it right away because it totally keys you out because it is truth. Thanks Marty you’re the Best.

  62. Maybe not, Sam, but we’re going to need some real kick-ass execs and some real strong management up the road if we are to survive. That, there is no doubt.

    Okay, I’ll tell you why. We’re going to need courserooms to deliver courses and make standard auditors, sups and C/Ses. We will need HGCs to deliver standard tech. And we will need a qual to make sure the courserooms and the auditors are standard. Then we’ll need an HCO to establish and hold the form of the org. Then we will need Div 6 to bring new public in and alas a Div 2 to promote us.

    That will entail an org and then execs. So know, this is the way it has to go. Reference, LRH Tape Org Board and Livingness.

    As long as the planet is not clear, we will have 2.5% still trying to burn the place down. It will take strong execs to keep it there.

    I walked through that valley of death from 1972 until 1978 in Detroit Org. I worked from Div 6 to Div 2 to Div 4 to Div 5 and Div 1. I body routed and I did intro lectures. I audited in the HGC. I supervised the academy and internship and I made auditors and C/Ses with my own two hands. I was Qual and I made sure standard tech reigned. I know what it takes to make an org. But we did it and we kicked ass at it – 239 staff with 800 Chair hours and 760,000 stp. Boo-yah!

    So the bottom line – why all of the organization? Because LRH said so mainly and that’s the way it works. Anything less isn’t LRH.

    ML Tom

  63. Fellow Traveller

    We need cojones!

    Not particularly those here, but looking around….

    With cojones, we’ll have the courage to walk the paths we know we should, whatever those are.

    Bruce Pratt

  64. A common saying amongst an indie friend and I is “Boy, DM sure is good at what he does!”

    Little fucker!

  65. Freedom Fighter

    +1 to the nth degree.

  66. Marty, This just reaffirms what you have been saying from day one of this blog. The Church of Scientology no longer exists. It is the Church of Mestology set up and run by an SP – David Miscavige -to feed his power hungry ego. His only purpose is filling his coffers with more and more money, not clearing the planet . He hijacked what LRH set up years ago.

  67. Freedom Fighter

    My previous comment was in response to Virgil’s comment above re: rebuilding from the outside, et al.

  68. Centurion: “I still feel that there is gov’t/agency infiltration in the CoS, and that DM may be their man.”

    I don’t. I think the CoS was taken over by an incompetent camera boy, with no management or real-world experience to speak of. Miscavige never ran a mission or org, letalone an international network of organizations or churches.

    The guy clearly has absolutely no clue what he is doing, and he is a bumbling moron in any management role.

    The results of his self-created, joke-of-an-organization prove it.

  69. Has Tom taken any legal action for kidnapping or forcible restraint? Or is he going to?

  70. Freedom Fighter

    FWIW, I have an entire set of Tech Vols, copyright 1980 and two different sets of the pre-Miscavology update packs for them. I also have what I believe is a full set of the green version of all the LRH books. My copy of DMSMH is copyrighted 1968.

  71. Clearly Tom DeVocht was held against his will, wasn’t he? Locks were put on the doors in his cabin on the Freewinds, from the outside. And Tom’s will was to leave.

    And it sure sounded like Russ Bellin’s will was to “make a break for it”, and that he was “apprehended” against his will.

    How are these things not prosecutable criminal acts?

  72. martyrathbun09

    Have at it.

  73. one of those who see

    Excellent post, Sam! Time, place, form and event. Very helpful. And really, sadly says it all.

  74. Worked with Kevin and Hara during the TC service evolution in ’90. He was suping and Hara C/Sing, they’re good people.

    Roanne is definitely good people and she’s happy working as an Electrician in Gold, last I’d heard. Not sure what you mean by VIP, though LRH considered her one and there were plenty of advices directing how to have her grow up well.

  75. Another very informative article and from what I have observed, completely true. I have not been around ILO for a few years but I am getting phone calls and occasional emails from the people still there and yes, they’ve been reduced to a “hey you” organization. Back when I was still there, the climate was that of internal warfare. Literally, you had various organizations at war about personnel and other matters. They would fight over such things as who goes on what mission, who gets posted in TU, who gets posted as part of the IG NWB man-ups, who gets posted in whatever the latest fad was, you had Snr HCO go around and do utilization surveys and rip any person out of an area who at the wrong place, doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. In EU there was not only an RTC Rep pushing her things but also an ASI Rep just to ensure translations were happening and protect TU from being ripped apart. So you had RTC REP, ASI REP, CMO, SNR HCO, NEPI, D/CO CLOs and others all over the CO CLOs ass about this or that. The poor guy Walter, no wonder he sometimes acted like a psycho.

    It’s a mad house! A mad house! – Planet of Apes

  76. Chased by the church: When you try to leave Scientology, they try to bring you back
    click here~~

  77. It is clear that DM has systematically been wiping out the memory banks and hence the history of Scientology, and hence the Ideal Scene has laid out by LRH. This is obvious with his harrasment, denigration, demoralization of long-timers. To me his objective is clear – wipe out traces of the history of Scientoloy under LRH so that his redefinition of it is no longer challenged and his “ideal Scene” is viewed as the true and real “Ideal Scene.”
    It is a form of genocide. It is wicked because it doesn’t wipe out the people- it wipes out the memory of a culture, of a group, of an Ideal. And it ultimately wipes out peoples’personal connection to Source and instead creates an artificial filter from which people are allowed to view Source. And then it hammers people into accepting this artificial veil as Truth, or the Way, or The Stable Datum from which to align Source. It is highly dangerous, highly sick, and highly evil. It is a mind control mechanism laucnhed on a mass of people. Call it implant, whatever. It is the shaping of a new enforced reality. The Communists did this very well. It takes a large police state to effect this transformation, so I predict that we are going to see things getting worse unless the cycle is interrupted by some external force.

    I agree with you- Church management is dead. There are lots of SO members running campaigns, projects, and the like, but the breath, the art, the skill of what it takes to manage – it’s just not there.

  78. Karen#1
    Whatever happened to the “Reg Lost Line”?

    I believe that per that policy, if Tech refuses the person for services then the person is sent back to the Reg where he is presented with a cheque for the amount that he put on account. It mentions nothing of “paper transfering” the money to another org or anything else. The cheque is simply given to the public and the Reg then asks.. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” ( I would love to quote from the actual issue but it is not in the OEC volumes that I have…Pre 1972.)

    One of the issues associated with these “paper transfers” is the handling (read “mishandling”) of the FSM award if the person sent back from Flag actually does the service at another org. Flag will not pay because they did not deliver the service… The local org that did deliver will not pay because they never received any money for the services. Catch 22 ! And the FSM commission goes to …….? Don’t get me going on the money grubbing that goes on regarding FSM commissions unless you want to see me get real sudden.



  79. Great Tom! When are your doors going to be open? I know a lot of people who are wanting to get service… Are you going to be operating in the LV area? It’s a pretty good location with easy air access and plenty of cheap hotel rooms available. Very much looking forward to people with the experience of you and Linda getting rolling with a delivery operation!!! Mike

  80. FF, protect those materials with your life!

  81. The more I read, the more I have to wonder:
    Wouldn’t it be IRONIC to find that that K.S.W.#1 was written about the very man that has been running the freaking show ever since???

    I’d love to know if anyone around from the G.O. days have any light to shed on that. Because the more I think it, the more it makes since. Ron was talking about DM “thinking” it was someone else…. but it was old Davy the whole time.

    Things that make ya go Hmmm….

  82. Hi Virgil,
    Where did those “things and lines” you had at the org get you and the rest of us?
    Asking for it again???
    What? – are you like those poor ladies who somehow are able to find with guy after guy, a guy who beats them up?
    No leaders needed, no qual needed, – well that is wrong too –
    DO IT YOURSELF!!! Be the leader- be the qual, be the lines – and apply the tech as good as you know (and not a bit better) and your PC’s students ,never mind you yourself, will be 3 ,78 million times better off than the best org with all their perfect set up has ever delivered .
    Read the LRH – listen to the tapes, and build your own kingdom just as LRH says. Why don’t apply the PL, the strategy, the actual happening of the 50’s?? There was no such destructive structure (org-lines) where the sheep’s could hide behind and the stupid or suppressive could do what they want in the name of “ORG LINES”.

    Keep in mind that Ron clearly and rightly (as he surly was not always right) states that as more rules and regulations there are as more shit will happen.
    RESULTS are happening by application no matter which way. Listen to the PDC tapes and you see that Ron just wanted you to do and even try weird things. Why not? Find and read “Secretary General hat of Asia” and you will see what we need to do to flourish and prosper. (I will look up the “secretary general hat for Asia and post it as I believe it is a must read for every one -especially us Free zone Guys)
    and by the way my wife’s academy is flourishing in two continents, auditors are created, people getting grades, and other -lots of other LRH handling and I am making sure that no “proper lines” will ever destroy our place.
    Boy is it great to trust yourself – you should try it

    ( Hi OSA even you know that to be true as you know that I have drown out your organizational lines {shit} in my supper success full India Mission all the time and that it was because of that that people are STILL following me in droves after 15 years, even though you guys went down there to bad moth me and to “take over” (never happened – public and staff quite your bullshit and gathered around me – I love it when a plan comes together )
    Love, Helmut

  83. What ever happened to the LRH Comm and KOT networks?
    Were they dismantled? Any ‘behind the scenes’ story?

  84. one of those who see

    Wow. I am continually delighted and awed by the keen observation and intellegence of the people communicating here. Kind of a proof that Scientology works! Great post freespirit.

  85. I attended an IAS anniversary event at St. Hill in the mid 90’s. I observed DM doing horrible public humiliation to an SO member I only wish I knew what I did today, as I justified what I saw. If I could rewind the clock and go back in time I would have stepped in and said something, regardless of what my personal outcome would have been (declared). Today I do have the chance to do something about it.

  86. Amen, Marty!

    Don’t ROCK the boat…….SINK IT! The COS is dead – nostalgia might lead one to wistfully dream of bringing it back, but it is GONE. The tech, however, remains, for those able to apply the 3 Barriers to Study. Miscavige can never be dug out of the organization, and he has unlimited access to COS financial reserves.

    Only JAIL could dig him out, but he has the $$$ to fight that eventuality for decades. Nonetheless, if anyone CAN, they should gather what evidence there may be and drop a giant dime on this maniac.

  87. Curious Researcher


    I’ve been following youre blog for a while now and I must say I am amazed at the injustices perpetrated by current Scientology management.
    I picked up a copy of Dianetics a few years back at a used book stand after seeing a late night commercial and have been absolutely FASCINATED with Hubbard and Scientology.
    I am writing you because I have some questions: Exactly who is this blog for? I mean, who are you writing to? Are you just making statements to make yourself feel better or important?
    I DO NOT mean these questions to be antagonistic. I am very interested in learning more about Scientology but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go from here. Youre post is chock full of acronyms and titles that are meaningless to a non-Scientologist yet you stop to explain what a “knee-jerk” reaction is.
    Is your blog designed only to piss off Miscavige and to make free zoners snicker in delight?
    You had me man. I was ready to visit the gulf coast to put the “tech” to the test but you lost me. I thought for sure you were offering an alternative to the wierdness of the church.
    I overlooked the gangsta rap references. I overlooked the fact that you admitted to physical violence yourself, yet you have emerged as an alternative to current church “tech” instead of just bowing out gracefully as opposed to being a little hypocritical.
    I dont get it, does the tech work or not? Where does someone receive auditing who is not currently a Scientologist? Do i have to join the Church, become disgruntled, blow, and THEN see you for tech? I ask this because your site offers auditing.
    If you can believe it I am not in any way associated with Scientology nor do I know a single person who is, or ever has been a Scientologist. I can only go by what I have read and seen.
    Im just a regular person searching for some answers. Shoul I look elsewhere?

  88. Virgil~From way down below, meaning down on the ground in the middle of nowhere, the swamplands, you’re sort of scaring me. I hear “org” and cringe. “Org” is like this big effed up thing – I know it’s a word, but it’s symbolic of all the bad stuff this blog has been talking about. I am only speaking for myself and don’t care for agreement…it’s how I feel. I don’t trust people to do an org the way LRH said to. It’s been proven to me already. Been there, done that, got that effin t-shirt too.
    I do envision a sort of mission (I know that’s an organization by definition) but don’t even envision that all green and white. In fact, I want to call it something else…maybe a center or a club. I mostly know what I DON’T want to call it.
    I’m watching the videos Karen#1 posted in secrecy because I don’t want anyone in my household to EVER hear that suppressive crap done in the name of LRH! I don’t want my community to get that view of LRH either! That is not LRH.
    Of course I will need help and I will ask for it and I will help anyone else needing it, but I’ve got to take baby steps.
    The church is dead. I agree. To any non-trained person that’s looked into it, it’s more than dead…it’s rotten and stinky and despicable.
    The church has had some pretty good ads run lately that grab my attention and probably others’ but when they look on the net and find out the truth…what then? They’d be suckers for pain to actually show up at a mission or org. We’ve seen the stats; they never arrive or at least, don’t stay.
    I do know I’m one of the most valuable beings on this planet and that I have something LRH gave to ME that I must share.
    (Insert many thoughts of how I can deliver LRH without the suppressive constraints of all those acronyms listed above)
    I just want to be TOTALLY different from that CofM church!
    ding ding ding – I am and I will be and so will my LRH club (or whatever I call it). You’ll be able to get LRH but it won’t look anything like that effin mess!
    Rant to Cognition. 🙂 Thank you for listening.

  89. Yes, I concur completely with what Marty is saying here. I was one of the trainees that fired out on the New Era Of Management Command Teams in 1996. Just before Dave finally sent us out, he made sure to make a big example out of Ray Mithoff and Mark Yager by publicly removing them from post, and letting us know they were SP’s. Then he sent us on our way….. sending a very clear message that any one of us could be next if we dared not follow his orders.

    And in 2003 – 2005 in CMO Africa the CO CMO (my husband at the time) was being run directly by COB on a via of Jenny Linson. And that rolled down to the rest of the base in Africa and all the way down to Joburg Org. Nobody did much else other than what the CO CMO ordered as it came from Dave. The command lines were completely unmocked. All that mattered was the Ideal Org strategy and Dave’s orders being complied to. Sleep deprivation was the order of the day even in Africa while we were doing the Joburg org renos. The CO CMO had learned it from Jenny and Angie directly and brought it back to Africa for all of us to enjoy.

    I recall a Sea Org member who was a totally green Scientologist, but gung-ho as all hell, who was sanding wooden planks for the chapel that we were building. He learned how to sit and sand in a repetitive motion by hand and actually sleep a little while doing it. His name was Louis and he got given a lot of sanding jobs as he wouldn’t stop but would secretly snooze while sanding and still get something done. Dear Lord.

  90. It’s more a mental thing. Theres something in the back of your mind, some weird power over you. You decide you have to leave for your own sanity, to protect what is left of yourself and to survive as a being. But somehow if you are approached by someone trying to “recover” you it’s like you’re caught and there’s nothing you can do. I think it restimulates an implant or something.

    Although I was not there, I dont believe holding people against their will was part of the deal. If you understand the power over the will of a person by a peer, or someone with any ethics presence (Such as yourself showing up at an airport) over a person in that situation, physical restraint is really not neccessary. I’ll go a step further and say it would be much less effective because it would give the person something to fight back against.

  91. Margaret,

    You can believe what you want.

    Personally I don’t thing this “incompetent camera boy” would have ever made it to first base without outside help.

    Yet he’s struck a home run and managed to succeed where half the various agencies of the US Government have failed.

    All on his own?

    I doubt it.

    Unless you believe in miracles.

  92. That future indicated to me and I believe my wife, although we are still talking about all this. She has some tech training and really loved delivering Scientology and helping people. I was more of an admin person myself.
    When the time is right, I think one or both of us will be on staff in a real org.

    There are a few out there starting up apparently, but I think theres some handling of the scene that needs to be done for them to safely operate.

  93. Margaret, you assume the mess created by DM is because he is incompetent. What if he has the goals common to many hardcore SPs, to gain power and wealth for himself while preventing anyone else from flourishing or beocming more able? His project to suck the life out of Scientology for his own agrandizement may stem from madness, but it appears to me that in that one insane area, he is really, really good at it.

  94. But Virgil/Tom, P.S. if you build it, I will come. In fact, my non-CofM group would flow power to your bigger non-CofM group (whatever you call it).

  95. Whats that LRH about why is he the only one who notices that the ship is headed for the rocks, or something like that? Anybody? I’m probably totally misquoting it.

  96. Yes. Wiping out the culture of scientology.

    I think some things are assumed and never were thought necessary to be written down in policy or tech bulletins….things such as human compassion…the feeling and motivation for team work…the respect for the contributions of people regardless of the magnitude, but more based on the intent…good will toward others…

    Some people say there is no love in scientology, and no compassion. Well yes today that is a fair generalization, but was it because LRH intentionally didn’t include it? Or that he assumed it to be a shared human value that didn’t need to be stated.

    How low does the undercut need to be!

    Yes miscavige has wiped out a culture along with all else he has done. At least in the organized CoS. And I would say that that culture was some of what made scientology work.

  97. Sinar – thanks for the added data.

    700 staff x 2920 [8years x 365] = 2,044,000 days of horror stories.

    Even with pay off, gag orders and thirsty kool aid drinkers, thems a LOT of horror stories to attempt to squelch.

    My point is simply — each and every staff member up at Int saw things, heard things, had things done TO them, did things TO others etc every day.

    A culture, environment of suppression isn’t happy slappy in one corner and despair in the other. It’s pervasive. It’s all over.

    And those horror stories are starting to break out of pandora’s box.

    Love hearing about your prayer flags. They make me happy to see every morning. Put your prayer flags up any day but the 6th, 9th or 21st of September. Not sure why to be honest, but that’s what my calendar says.

    Certain days are not auspicious for putting up new prayer flags.


  98. Virgil/Tom~My comment way up above should’ve been about here. I went into my rant mode and scrolled around and missed it.
    I do appreciate what you’re capable of…basically running the whole place. I totally admire that!
    And I do appreciate that LRH was putting in policies to organize many people, given his current scene.

  99. freespirit

    I personally think that DMs strategy to eliminate all of the “old” management or Tech terminals is going to ultimately be his undoing.

    By his stupidity and single minded insanity he has created an incredibly powerful and well informed association of Independent Scientologists, Sovern Scientologists if you will, who have the will and the expertise to deliver real LRH effectively in the field. Because of his innate lack of foresight and inability to find even a simple Why, and no concept of true “cause and effect”, he has created the very thing that will destroy him. And I do not believe he can extract his head from his a- – far enough to even see it! He probably thinks that he is the smartest guy in the world and totally CAUSE when in fact he is a total puppet to his case, and following the script totally predictably.

    It must be s- – – to live in his world!


  100. Silvia,
    I saw an e-mail from you from a few weeks back about the wonderfull work you did for me – so, did we finaly pay you ?
    I am sorry for the delay which ooccured if done – and more so if it was not yet done – but I will make suer it will happen right way if not done yet.
    don’t have your e-mail where I am right now thus I ask you this way as I saw your comment above –
    arivderchi bella 🙂

  101. Don’t post the one I just put in Marty but do this one. Corrections here.

    I figured that out myself. I started to work on the Venus Project for I figured the tech is not going to do the job as it stands now. I started to look to the future myself and work for it. It might help if it last long enough to work in the Venus Project world if it comes to be but I kind of given up on that that fact.

    Too much church damaged people has to see another way. I may be wrong but so far I have not seen many that could think a different system could work with the tech being used so it will work.

    I am well aware some can think with the tech in another direction and those I think we need to count on. That is what I been working towards on facebook.

    We need another system so these things don’t happen to destroy the tech again and the VP has a plan. I understand the new movie out in the fall will suggest the plan.

    I suggest we work for the Venus Project with the tech so it will work. It is the only way I see that has massive numbers of people behind it and doing more education of the project daily to others who don’t know of it and that is many too. The tech and it being in the Venus Project I consider nothing will stop any one from doing the bridge if they desire to.

  102. Margaret,
    I think you’re talking about Don Jason who left from the Freewinds.

  103. Try again …

    The atmosphere was one of awe, shock and fear. DM reveled in it. This was no ‘mission’ with help or solutions for a struggling, failing cont. It was DM’s ego run amok instilling fear wherever he could with his henchmen … All he left behind him in his wake was further destruction, un-mocked orgs and humiliated, beaten Sea Org Members.

    Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don’t ask for their love; only for their fear.

    Heinrich Himmler

  104. Bozz,

    I am wondering when exactly you talked to Diana. I have been trying to find out if she is currently still in the SO, as I have read that she “blows in and out of the SO’. I know Suzette is out for good.

  105. tom-
    have you read The Three Universes PAB by LRH? I’m sorry, I don’t have the date or the reference near by. Anyway, he explains the 2d as the create dynamic in there. I have heard alot of people say that the 2d is not the create dynamic, but it is. Still, go ahead and read the PAB and not take my verbal tech. Remember, sex, in all its glory and sensation, is what it is…very mesty and produces offspring. The family is a very tangible and real example of creation, but certainly not the only expression. However, just using the Tone Scale as reference, you can how high on the scale it becomes sublimation.

  106. I never thought I would say this, but here goes. For those who don’t know, I worked under DM from 1987 to 1997 in RTC. Then, from 1998 to 2002 from Gold – still at the Int base. Marty knows me and I believe will vouch.

    In 2007, another “ex” and I established our own business. Many of our present time clients are government agencies – from local to federal level. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know these people. Heck, one of them is even a commissioner in the US Dept of Justice who I accidentally met while on a business trip in DC. (so yeah, DM, when you wind up in federal prison and are up for parole, I actually know the guy who gives the final OK. LMFAO.) But I digress.

    In my opinion, the “government” (what a generality) could give a sh*t about DM’s “church” if not for the fact of the incessant abuse. By that I mean abuse of the LAW and some of the most basic human rights violations possible.

    By all means, if you have evidence to the contrary, tell me. But these people are not the “bad guys”. Maybe a very small percentage of them are anti-social and obsessed with control, but absolutely not the majority.

    IMHO the “government” (which is a generality in itself) is not out to take away your religious rights and freedom. DM and people of his ilk who still can’t see the light of day are the ones doing that.

    I am writing this from the viewpoint of “what is true for you is true for you”. For what it’s worth.

  107. Karen #1, I was very ARCXen when a friend at our org inheritted a buch of $$ from his father, bought his L’s ( which he was so excited to do), went to Flag, was told he was illegal, and was convinced to give all the $$ to planetary dissem. He came back, no product and no $$ left to do the lower Bridge locally. This was at least 15 years ago. I always felt it was such a horrible rip-off, even though at the time I thought palnetary dissem was actually helping us.

  108. P.S. To make it clear – I am only trying to say, please, “know your enemies”. The government people I know are on your side. They can and will help you if it is at all within their power to do so.

  109. Very good,

    That’s what we are heading for !
    Free people with integer selfdetermination and thinking and deciding for themselves. I like that concept.
    We don’t need any new “LEADERS”, just a group of people successfully applying Scientology Tech to the world.
    Why should we have somebody telling us how to apply it. You got to find it out for yourself and then you’ll have a leader -YOURSELF.

  110. Will Durant’s writings about the Greeks and their Democracy is also very interesting and enlightening, sometimes hilarious.
    I would say even a must, so you’ll have the historal contexts.



  111. I used to love my Church

    It is happening. Since I’ve been out I’ve done 2 L’s, went Clear and am about to do my OT Levels.
    Les and Anita Warren are doing a great job.

    And you are right, we need more active Auditors and Supervisors. Let’s let the Free Market do it’s job.

  112. As I see it, the Church of Scientology as we originally envisioned it, has long since ceased to exist. Virtually all the originally trained staff have been intentionally purged by David Miscavige and replaced byDM’s equivalent of the Hitler Youth, or the Communist Komsomol as it existed in Soviet times. Young fanatics drunk on their own power, (until DM lays them low, just as Stalin did those who served him.)

    I see this as a deliberately planned progression from Orgs that delivered auditing and training, to the Ideal Org system which are basically nothing more than feeder stations for Flag, which will soon be the only Org delivering any kind of auditing or training. Already folks are being regged to go and do their HAS or HQS courses, Objectives,etc. at Flag, not in their local area.

    The Ideal Orgs seem to be shaping up as huge cathedral-like automated Christian Science Reading rooms, but where , for a price, one can study The Basics and do little Div 6 courses “based on the works of L Ron Hubbard”. Perhaps token auditors will remain on staff to service those elite who can afford it.

    Flag will be promoted once again as the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” and will be DM’s private Vatican. The main programs will be, perhaps, “outreach” to the wealthiest members of society, and corporations needing a place to dump excess income as “charitable donations” to reduce their tax liability. DM is not interested in recruiting the “common man” and getting him trained and processed. No. He will continue to be looking for the wealthy”Princes” and”Captains of Industry” who have the kind of money he is interested in.

    Miscavige has had 30 years to transform the CoS in his own image, and he has largely accomplished this by purging the trained, well-intentioned people and destroying the organizational structures.

    It’s time to say”goodbye” to the Church as we originally dreamed her. She no longer exists, except in our minds and hearts. Oh, sure, the MEST buildings are still there, the name still exists, but that is all. They now house DM’s “Scientology religion”, not LRH’s. It’s a done deal, folks.

    It’s time to look away, look ahead, and move on to making the dream real somewhere else. Godspeed to each and every one of us.

    Here’s one from Rebecca Goodrich, a true Scientologist from the 1970s:


    Lo: the stars shine
    their motion predetermined
    their meaning understood
    travel onward – the dream is waiting
    we know this road; it is homeward
    it is we who must decide.

    We ride the tides of our choosing
    we sail the seas of our thoughts
    we walk the hard roads of our losing
    we are the treasure without cost.

  113. I used to love my Church

    Please, no Democracy!
    That’s just 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. The Founding Fathers warned about this. We need a Republic method of Growing the Independent Field.

  114. MJR – Wow. this is a lot more work than I thought! Stay tuned. Working it as we speak.
    Hey – maybe we’ll have a grand opening like DM does. We’ll have a few friends, put out some peanuts and coffee and cut a ribbon (use caution tape cuz its cheap?). We’ll have local celebrities there like my cousin Vinnie and Dominick.
    We’ll have a fly-through video taken with my cell phone of the courserooms and auditing rooms with the wooden tables and folding chairs.
    We’ll, of course, Anon will be there in their Guy Fawkes masks.
    Guest speaker will be the ex-fire chief of North Las Vegas (If I can get the $250 together to pay him).

    What do you think?

    ML Tom

    ML Tom

  115. Tony DePhillips

    “Worrying about the church, or hoping for its salvage, is a collossal waste of time and energy.”

    That sounds right.

    I personally go back to: what is next? I keep hearing that we need to get delivery going and that sounds right also.
    Personally I don’t want to open a delivery center, but wouldn’t mind getting some services once in awhile if they were done well.
    Part of what is confusing to me is WHO is going to ensure that the tech remains good? If we all have a free for all on delivering the tech, how does it remain standard? For that matter, who will even be in a position to know what has or has not been corrupted? How will the valuable auditing tech be handed down from generation to generation?
    I don’t doubt that the church is dead. But, they have alot of the original materials, and there is probably the data to verify and purify the tech within the walls of the “church”.
    One possible solution is to deliver what is already out there, such as the grades and so forth and for those energetic enough, to train people on them. The only barriers I see to people doing this are:
    1. Having the skill and desire to do it.
    2. Being able to promote enough while fending off any legal attacks from the “church”.

    If (2.) isn’t fully confronted then the group has to go sort of “underground” from the fear af attack which cuts their reach and could be said to be some degree of PTSness. Not said as an invalidation, but as a situation. Untill the SP source is unmocked to the point where groups are free to deliver openly I think there is work to be done on the ethics front. I believe that coordinated action is necessary here in order to match the SP force intent on holding a monopoly of the tech. And handling PTSness can be done on gradients, ie slight gentle cause. So all the delivery going on now is a step in the right direction but isn’t the full EP IMHO, ethics needs to be continued. I really see Marty as sort of an Ethics Officer extroadinaire who is also delivering as well. He is walking the walk, while helping others to see the what needs to be done on a larger scale. He along with Mike and the others in his band of highly skilled Scientologists are the guides, helping us out of a very dark cave. And I think I can see some light at the end of the tunnel over there!!

  116. If the church is dead, and people should give up trying to salvage it, why spend any more energy railing about DM?

    DM=a bad leader. That case has been irrefutably made. Yeah each new story is entertaining, but everyone here is already convinced! The issue is about how to move forward, independently.* How about more discussion about plans for that? Or maybe more stories mean more departures so that’s why they keep coming. I don’t know.

    *Though if I knew what you knew, I’d get another appointment with the IRS and review for them what you know about the sham corporate structure as you’ve described it. That has potential to usurp church leadership I would think.

  117. Thanks R & Karen,
    …”people in it are under heavy duress, on a lousy diet, no sleep and they’re made to believe they’re scum.”…

    I don’t mind the first ones as much, but the last one still rankles. As you know, when I was in a position to, demanded to get higher food allocation and many times overspent in trying to get better food for all.
    The qualifications of staff at Int is the highest of all SO, requiring a proven production record and many do not make it. One has to have good intentions, be dedicated and be willing to help others in order to sign your billion years away. In base-wide briefings – Asserting and totally lying about his own righteousness and saying all others are scum (mentioning PC data countless times) is just plain suppressive.

  118. Bryon.
    “Yup, the theta has left the body.” Cleanly stated and sums it up. There isn’t anything there really. The only power it has is what people agree to give it. Time to move on.

  119. Awesome Marty! I am really looking forward to that.

  120. Reading of the degrading of admin tech and of management made me sad. I remember the 80’s: there was actual management in place. We weren’t perfect, there were outpoints but when I look at the church now I realize that, admin wise, a tremendous amount of resources (staff, execs, trained marketers, administrators, missionaires, msn ops, evaluators, etc) have been squandered by the church. I figure that just recruiting again and training from scratch all the trained resources who were made to leave during these years could cost well over 100 millions dollars, probably more. An immense potential has been wasted and reduced to almost zero. Take for instance Mark Yager. In the 80’s and beg 90’s he was a great exec, a real powerhouse and, on top of it, a sensible person. Now he is reduced to a clerk.

    By the way, this is per the book: Entheta is getting rid of all good things around it.


  121. I have read and seen the most of it.
    The only answer I have to not being able to confront and handle him, is O/W´s.

  122. I was not at INT but at PAC. I was held against my will – I know it now. Everything is made to scare you. You are sitting there in a small room in Security for about 3 weeks. You feel like crap. You can’t get out !!! You stay there the whole day writing O/Ws. When you feel you are done, they (lol the THEY – Ethics Officers, MAA, Security….) tell you “you are not done, you have more to write”. Then you keep writing. You don’t know what is happening. Then after 3 months, you write a KR to RTC about the situation. You made it go right to get it to their office. You still find someone who is willing to help you and who are your real friend. So you finally get in session. This goes nowhere. You get red tag few times…. so another auditor takes you in. You have to redo all the question. Finally you blow. You go to the airport. You call IN 3 or 4 times but the message never get to the MAA lol. So the next morning, you call again and found out, you were beeing looked for ALL NIGHT long but they never thought I was at the airport. I threatened to go to the Ambassy. Everyone was SOOOOO NICE with me. I came back in and ordered to get done within a week and that I had a plane ticket ready. I went back in session. 2 days later I was done. Well in between I was declared as well. I can’t see my daughter who is in Holland and who was told to cut the comm with me. I know she loves me. She is hurt. I am also responsible for it. Well she is fine I know that. She is now almost 18. Hopefully she will get in comm with me soon ?? I hope – if not fine.
    In the mean time, I trained in I.T. Doing very well, made lots of friends; Found some who were in the SO with me. Life is fun, I still help people in their daily life….
    So yes, I hope DM gets out of there and that real management will take place. I remember in the 90’s = it was great to get Evals sent to Orgs. I was mostly in Div 6 at that time in EU. Those were great. you had comm lines with FEI, ED INT. I loved those guys.

  123. As Robert Heinlein said “When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you may not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything–you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.”
    And we all know the one thing a thetan cannot do is fail to survive.

  124. Marty ~~
    This is such an important posting summarizing current state of affairs and what led up to it.

    On reflection, I erred in posting a story on FSO vulture regging, because the content of what you
    say is so important as it is the current scene and this is

    @@@@@Published on the web as RTC definition ~
    In 1982, Mr. Hubbard donated these marks to the Religious Technology Center ( RTC ) and
    entrusted it with the responsibility to protect the religion by enforcing orthodox application of
    his Scientology technologies.
    ++++In a bizarre Dr. Jekkyl / Mr Hyde back flip, it is RTC that faithfully and religiously applies
    only DM technology and have abandoned the very basic fundamental protection of LRH tech
    and policy.
    @@@@@Published on the web as RTC defintion
    RTC is not part of the management structure of the Church and is not involved in its day-to-day
    affairs. A major reason for having the marks held by a separate Scientology organization is so
    that it is removed from the daily exigencies of management and so can more effectively perform
    its functions.
    +++++++LIES LIES LIES LIES and more LIES.
    +++++++RTC not part of management ? The RTC Rep in each Org bypasses the Commanding
    Officer, the ED, the CLO, the ILO, (There is no one to by pass at CMO INT because it is
    decimated) The RTC Rep bypasses every exec in every Org and RUNS the org on a bypass of all
    command channels reporting to “OFFICE of COB”.
    The RTC rep in each org implements each whim and fancy that comes down from Office of
    COB. It is a DM execution Arm.
    ++++++++It is widely known that DM babbles into a microphone all day long, as much as 8
    hours a day while his entourage follow him around.
    ++++++++EVERY WORD he utters is immediately transcribed into “NOT TO LEAVE INT
    BASE” Binders. There are HUNDREDS of these.
    ++++++++These verbal orders over -riding all LRH policy and tech is what “RTC” enforce in
    every continent.
    +++++++There is no RTC to “protect the religion” of Scientology. RTC currently does nothing
    but by their commissions and omissions RAISE the stats of the Independents causing more and
    more Freezone and Indies to flourish with waves of departures looking elsewhere for the tech.
    +++++++I know of one Freezone auditor who has repaired in recent months 30 messed up Ls
    pcs who would never ever return to Flag !!!!!!!! 30 Ls screw ups turn to INDIES for repair ~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It boggles the mind…..
    +++++++ RTC = A wolf in sheep’s clothing ~~ old Aesop’s fable.
    Meaning ?
    Someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of kindliness. Behind those black uniforms and stiff smiles while putting on a PRETENSE of safeguarding LRH legacy, they IMPLEMENT
    NEW “NEW ERA MANAGEMENT” ~~ the gobbledeegook babble dictated in verbal monologues as Church Policy and tech by David Miscavige.

  125. Tom, are the “old” OT levels still “valid”? Where do they fit in with regards to NOTs (are these “old” levels in fact what the CoS is promoting as OTIX and beyond?) Apologies if this is a dumb question or if already covered; there seems to be a lot of conflicting (and some extremely enturbulating) data online regarding this point.

  126. Why has no one had the courage and integrity to stand up to Miscavige? Is a 5’4″ loud-mouthed midget really that intimidating? The thing I keep hearing is that they were afraid that Miscavige would offload them or declare them if they defied him, yet that happened anyways.

  127. Marty- there is a book entitled “Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian Principles” I would highly recommend it. It is all primary source documentation of the letters and writings of Jefferson and Hamilton. No one, other Madison perhaps, had more of an intellectual influence on the new Republic then these two individuals. It is interesting applying Scientology to this writing- seeing the true PTSness of Hamilton and how it related to his philosophy. There is no doubt Jefferson would have appreciated LRH and there is also no doubt he would be DISGUSTED with the state of the church today. I can only imagine what he would think of Miscavige. Jefferson was very quiet. He spoke with a severe lisp and was quite embarrassed by it. But, I am certain he would have written some scathing critiques of the man bringing “freedom” to all Scientologists.

  128. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, imagine what Tom Paine would write.

  129. martyrathbun09

    Stalin was a loud-mouthed, short fellow too.

  130. martyrathbun09

    What extremely enturbulating data are you refering to?

  131. martyrathbun09

    Karen, yes, it could not be more reversed. I think I spelled some of that out in the declaration I profered in the Headley case. But, it is right across the boards. Whatever LRH intended for the technology and the administration has been literally reversed by Miscavige.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Athena.

  133. martyrathbun09

    Good for you on making it through Eman.

  134. martyrathbun09

    Paolo, Thanks. Yes, the destruction of human resources over the past couple decades alone is a crime of tremendous magnitude.

  135. Book suggestions:

    – The Athenian Constitution (Aristotle)
    – A People’s History of the United States (Howard Zinn)
    – Lawless World. America and the Making and Breaking of Global Rules (Phillipe Sands)
    – Human Rights and the End of Empire (brian Simpson).

  136. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sara

  137. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, I think you hit on something that makes this third dynamic so powerful and timeless. No matter what one’s view of Scientology, Miscavige, etc – there is one thing a lot of us share that can never be taken away; we were willing to sign up for the duration to help. And I reckon a lot of those here are still doing precisely that, irrespective of the pronunciamentos labeling them “scum” and below.

  138. martyrathbun09

    Brendon, I think you have inaccurately used the word “everyone”.

  139. martyrathbun09

    Tony, I think you’ve focused on the correct targets. As far as tech is concerned, I’ve said it before, but I think it is a fairly simple – though time consuming – job to get the Miscavige arbitraries removed and a final, free, open source posting of very workable technology. Energy is required to make that happen. Organizationally or governance wise, I am leaning towards a democratically guided alliance that serves to end any remnant PTSness that evidently exists out there to delivering.

  140. >Question is, who will be “beloved leader” after DM gets his promotion to CO Jupiter?

    It’s irrelevant, imho. The venom runs too deep; no doubt there is already a COB-in-waiting who is more than happy to run amok in his valence (Darth Linson springs to mind). Hoping for the future, that all will work out in the end once DM is out, is (paraphrasing LRH/will find the ref tonight) admitting that one is unwilling or unable to create an effect NOW, and to actively create the future one desires.

    So let’s do it! 🙂

  141. martyrathbun09


  142. martyrathbun09

    Shelly, not only can I vouch for your cred, I agree with what you write here.

  143. martyrathbun09

    The Himmler quote quite accurately sums up DM’s philosophy.

  144. martyrathbun09

    Read the Welcome page of this blog for the answers to your questions.

  145. martyrathbun09

    Go Helmut, Go man!

  146. During my searches I ran into some data on ESMB from “Dart Smohen” (and the Knowledgism crowd), “Old OT Levels vs the New OT Levels”. Wasn’t fun.

  147. I gotta tell ya – I’m MORE than a little pissed off after reading this post. I don’t want to bore anyone with repeated comments on this whole bloated bureacracy that was set up (CST, RTC, WDC, OSA, yadda yadda yadda) and it ALL comes fucking crashing down because of ONE guy???????!!!!! Geez!! So there really were NO structural safeguards in this whole system Ron set up. No EFFECTIVE ones anyway OBVIOUSLY!

    And not ONE person ever confronts Miscavige to his face during a meeting and says “Fuck this shit – you need to shut up with your entheta – This is Scientology, man.”? No one hits back????????? And please no one give me the “overwhelmed” bullshit today. These people are SUPPOSED to be SCIENTOLOGISTS who have made case gain and understand life and the dynamics…… did ANY of them get ANYTHING out of the PTS/SP course or Science of Survival? No group ever talked among themselves and just said “Let’s fuck this guy up and get him OUT of here”?

    Forgive me for having absolutely “NO sympathy” for Marc Yager. THIS guy ran one of the most important parts of Scientology?????? What a fucking wimp!!!!!!

    Kudos to Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Dan Koon and Karen d and others who are disagreeing and telling these tales. Did any of you EVER confront Miscavige in front of other people?

    Listen, I have my own overts of a similar nature and have written them up. But jeez!!! The whole Org Board structure means NOTHING apparently because of ONE guy!!!!!!!????????

    This just reinforces a realization I had a few months ago that Scientology is really a subjective first dynamic activity. Of course auditing is a third dynamic activity as are many other actions like dissem and handling ethics. But essentially we each have our own wins. And there are tremendous wins and abilities to be gained from training and processing. But this whole HUGE church thing with its hundreds of posts and “watchdogs” and Qual and reports and one fucking little tough guy comes along and…………..EVERYBODY loses their balls!!!!!!!!! While allowing OTHER people to be screwed over. I am very much opposed to physical violence, but I think the church is in for 20 more years of this unless a few guys decide to form a REAL third dynamic and pick up some lead pipes and walk to the gates in unison

  148. Hi Marty-

    Thanks for providing a detailed Coroner’s Report on the death of the CoM. Indeed, the dm cancer metastasized throughout the body (of the church) leaving the victim to die a painful and agonizing death. How ironic that the body bags are the fancy/empty Idle Org buildings.

    The CoM’s demise is undeniable to the enlightened. It will soon be clear to the masses.

    Sometimes I feel like a pallbearer.

    ML, Tom

  149. martyrathbun09

    Listening to or reading the PDC would be a nice remedy for any lingering malaise.

  150. You know guys you are already doing what has already been done before in the freezone. Why repeat the same actions and the same questions that have already been answered since before I came out and since I came out.

    I helped create the IFA which is for standard tech so look what is out there first. It is easy to come out now. Not so easy when I came out and started to speak out and it was easier for me then the one’s that came out before me.

    I see so much duplication of actions that already has been done. It is why it is easier for you guys to come out now. Yeah I know it is not so easy but in reality it was much much harder in the past to come out to speak. There were no groups in the USA and now there are.

  151. PJ,
    I suppose theoretically, your answer is as good as any.

    How about another viewpoint of what constitutes an ‘overt’ and the subsequent ‘withhold’ i.e., a consideration on the part of a Sea Org member that leaving that scene, is an overt on the purposes they espouse with and in Scientology? That is, a consideration of their duty as they see it and add to that mix, their duty as it is agreed upon by their mates. Add to that, a changing agreement as to what that duty constitutes.

    That last, the agreed upon, is important in the scheme of things. If you are familiar with the area enough to come to your conclusion, then you are familiar with a lecture, Moral Codes, What is a Withhold. Hopefully you are also familiar with the difference between and Moral Code and an Ethics Code, or simply morals and ethics.

    Eventually, especially when the Moral Code of a group, either written or tacit and ‘understood’ or agreed consciously or unconsciously in terms of its survival potential for the person and their dynamics, becomes a departure ever wider from an Ethics Code, one must choose. That is, IF one becomes aware of the departure.

    Still, the Moral Code (in this case it includes the Code of Offenses and Penalties) has an initial word of trust given by the individual to uphold it. That word of trust is a part of the Ethics Code. After all, the subject of Scientology itself in this case, is part and parcel of both it would seem.

    At this juncture it would appear to be an overt to leave the contra-survival circumstances for many. Hence they are stuck there. That, by definition, is a problem, and that is the root of PTS. It is a problem, and a mystery and a withdrawal. It is by definition, ‘indecision’.

    Until these beings confront the fact that gradiently, over the years, DM has compromised the subject, compromised the Sea Org’s purpose, and now ended up with a reversal of both, and involved them in Overts and Withholds against the actual Moral Code and more the Ethics Code (Code of Honor), they will remain PTS and daily commit contra-survival acts and withhold it from even themselves, ‘O/Ws’.

    One has to come up the scale to a point where they realize the ACTUAL overt and subsequent withhold. One has to come up to a point of KRC. Note; KRC includes Responsibility for action.

    Scientology, the body of work, applies to ‘Scientology’, the Third Dynamic that is the Church. Morals/Ethics. ‘O/Ws’ in either. The further the twain depart, especially in this case where one is seen to equate to the other, the easier it is to see that departure and one would hope, as I do, the easier it is to choose the Ethical course of conduct. That course actually postulates a future for the 3D that is Ethical, and with that the Moral Code would more closely hew to Ethics.

    So, yeah, ‘O/Ws’. However, against what?

  152. Jack,
    Dart Smohen, is Neville Chamberlain. Dart is a fictional name, as are Neville’s ‘stories’. They constitute a ‘theta trap’ and are fully intended to be such.

  153. dfb,
    It’s an FO. A Sad Tale.

  154. crashingupwards

    Hi Mark. I had a cog this morning(doesnt happen a lot) about the current state of affiars and you reference to the church of mestology aligns perfectly. Its about the old disparaging reference we used to have for the non-scientologist as a “wog”, or “worldly oriented gentleman”. Someone who has mest as their reality and goal. I realized the church has truly gone “wog”. What a turnabout. And the organization is rapidly becomming a corpse from which the spirit has fled. Truly mind boggleing.

  155. Tommy,
    Cope and organize.

  156. non-scientologist

    As someone outside the Church of Scientology, I have to write to point out that it is paranoid to blame the U.S. Government for the rise of DM. Remember, prior to the time of LRH’s death the U.S. Government could apparently not even locate LRH. If they couldn’t locate him, its hard to argue that they would know enough about Scientology, or have agents in place who could assist DM in his assention to power.

    The question has been raised how someone as administratively incompetent as DM could take power. Unfortunately, as we see in many developing countries, the skills and mindset used to obtain power, and the skills and mindset necessary to rationally govern and administrate are not necessarily connected. There are people who are very good at obtaining power who could not run a three car funeral procession without screwing it up.
    According to an early defector from the Soviet Union (a politbureau secretary) Stalin used to go to the Central Committee daily and pace up and down the corridors. “This is Stalin’s sole occupation, for hours he will ask himself who is sound and who is not, whom he should remove and whom appoint. He tries to guard himself on every side so that he may continue to wield uninhibited power. Everything else interests him but little.”

    quoting, Gordon Brook-Shepherd, “The Storm Petrels” p. 52 the person being quoted is Boris Bajanov. Bajanov also observed that in an 18 month period, Stalin scarely read at all, “acquainting himself properly with less then a dozen official documents”.

  157. Marty,
    I agree with you. One of the reasons I dropped out of ANYTHING to do with the church or Scientology in general is that I thought that the new breed of “better” scientologist was something I personally could not attain to. I’d somehow “missed the mark” even though I’ve essentially done the whole bridge and had numerous wins and fantastic overall case gain. I was simply “incapable” and no longer wished to pound my head up against that wall.

    As I destimmed and got some distance and perspective and education about the inner shenanigans of DM and his capos, I’ve started to rehab my own rightness.

    This blog has helped me tremendously. I don’t think anyone’s overrunning the DM subject, even if the church is dead. There seem to be a lot of broken pieces from the mess.

    It’s still running out the incident for many, I think and will serve in this manner for those newly encountering this type of material on the internet.


  158. crashingupwards

    Hi Curious. You seem to be all over the place with your statements. The tone overall seemed to be to be invalidative of the blog. Most of us here enjoy it.
    Assuming you are truly sincere and wanting more of LRH’s tech, I would suggest you go to e-bay or amazon dot com and purchase lots of LRH books to read and “research”. You will be even more facinated. And if you want “counselling”, you can google the “freezone” and find practitioners.
    This is a blog, its not a study room or a counselling session. There should be nothing here to find dissapointing, yet you seem to have become so. If you do find someone to counsel you, dont be surprised if they ask you to sign a waiver.

  159. Thank you Shelly.

  160. martyrathbun09


  161. Thanks Marty.

  162. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Right on target.

  163. Eman,

    So nice to see you here!!! And thank you for sharing some of what happened to you. I’m sorry about your daughter, but very glad to hear that you are doing well. Looking forward to seeing you around here.


  164. martyrathbun09

    You have got to be joking, “which is for standard tech.” Hardly.

  165. Marty should title this post:
    “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest II”

  166. Tara, I hear you and your fears are not unfounded. But we’re going to do it the way LRH says to. No other way.

    ML Tom

  167. Jimmy – Roger.

    Jack, UK. There is an HCOB from LRH that says what to do about the “Old” OT Sections.

    ML Tom

  168. I’m with you Helmut! I’ve had vastly more gains in the last 12 years being “out” – totally solo – than in the prior 30 years being “in”. PLUS – no PTSness, no 6 month checks, no out-tech, no gigantic debts, etc. etc.

  169. Great article…… and so true, EXPOSE EXPOSE EXPOSE!!!!!! is the motto here…. tell all their crimes…. AND KEEP THE FIGHT.

  170. Theres something I’d like to put on the table. And it may answer part of how the ‘will’ of SO can be controlled. The generality of using ‘BANK’ to write off certain urges, ARC breaks and observations of illogics. For example: it is rational to feel something missing when the second dynamic is not-ised. An ARC break with how life should be. The SO had the squirrel policy of ‘no pregnancies’. Being upset about this could be classed as ‘thats just BANK, knock it off. Its NOT the greatest good.’ Now of course people have trouble thinking with that as any urge can be so classed and with the confusion coming after that evaluation, or confusion already present (like Ron mentions in dianetics, a person can get the idea ALL of his thoughts, feelings, motivations could be bank run. Then explains its not true.). Thus a person can write-off their own rationality and become a robot. No personal trust in knowingness, or rationality (for example:’management MUST be really aware and sane – because LRH chose them, or through L rundowns and training they have risen so far they need to be my eyes and ‘thinker’ etc – so one may think ones own awareness may be untrustworthy. I cracked through that a few years ago with HELP processes. It split me out of valences and sharpened my perception of my dynamics and sanity on them. Anyway, I was lucky I had that boost. You WERE NOT WRONG! The scene was and is full of coldness and insane. Life CAN be felt. Sanity is something one can be aware of, and understand and lived with – with integrity. You can re-write SURVIVE as HELP. For example your children, you want THEIR survival independant to your own, its an urge FOR the survival of the child. That is defined as an urge to help. If you felt a key-out during any of that or a warmth and aliveness then I’d like to acknowledge you win! And if you f/ned I like to acknowledge that too. Love, Martin.

  171. Tom,
    In a lecture, 1st ACC 34, 26 Oct 53 (second half of the lecture on that date), there is a description of how a being can utilize various wavelengths. How they can narrow down to say ‘electron’ (electro-magnetic) wavelengths and only perceive at those frequencies the body seems to perceive at; sight (reflected photons), hearing (condensation/rarefaction of gases) and the various comparable types of motions.

    ALL wavelengths are CREATED. ‘Time’, that is, continuance, persistence, survival, is a postulate, a consideration. One considers a viewpoint, considers a point to view or a dimension point and creates thusly ‘space’. One considers a defined area by say ‘anchor points’ (specialized ‘dimension points’) and has other points created within the space. He considers they move relative to the ‘fixed’ anchor points. In that one experiences the postulate of ‘time’, that is, the whole works is persisting and there is the initial consideration (first postulate) of the position of the particle to move and the consecutive considerations (second postulates, with the ‘first postulate’ remaining) of its change. The considerations that result in ANY wavelength, (which is after all simply a description of a particular variation of motion of particles) are either originated or agreed upon (co-postulated/considered) and perceived solely by the consideration of a being that it perceives them.

    The HCOB Pain and Sex says: “They may have applications but they are used by destructive beings in great volume to cave others in.
    “Despite the false data of Freud, psychologists, psychiatrists and other criminals, they are not native to a being. They are only artificial wavelengths. They have exact frequencies that can be manufactured. A being or a machine can synthesize either one.”

    NO wavelengths are ‘native to a being’. ALL wavelengths are ‘manufactured’.

    These two particular motion manifestations, pain and sex, have been utilized by nefariously intentioned beings, to introvert and fixate, other beings.

    In fact, DM has used the HCOB, and its misduplication and the fact that nefariously intentioned beings have already laid in on these two wavelengths, to stir up those earlier ‘laid in’ facsimiles to wind up others in some sort of weird idea that experiencing either pain or sex, one is somehow or other degraded and should avoid these at all costs and assume the path of an ascetic.

    Why, just in the last little bit I cracked my knuckle on a rock while on a beautiful river in the Highlands of Cape Breton flyfishing for salmo salar, and a couple of days later, despite the swelling, I had a wonderful romp in my bed with my lovely girl.

    One CAN be cause too you know. One CAN create a ‘sex’ wavelength, and be free of earlier attempts to fixate, and right now, in PRESENT TIME, enjoy the hell out of his very own creation.

    Consideration takes rank over mechanics.

    That some consider LRH was saying that these two wavelengths somehow or other fall outside of that truth…well, that’s their business, that is, that is their consideration and that results in the manifestation of all sorts of mechanics.

  172. Never knew that about her. I was at ITO from ’91 to ’95 (yes, 4+ years, go figure) so it was probably 1994 when I met her.

  173. The organizations LRH established has been infiltrated, to varying degrees, since 1950. LRH was chased all over the planet by the CIA, KGB, IRS, NSA, etc., etc., as he repeatedly discusses in policy and lectures. This is not a new phenomenon. Those of us who have been high level execs in the past have witnessed the fact repeatedly. However, LRH was always there to make things right. The single difference is that he isn’t now. He passed the hat to us!
    LRH developed the tech. It is our duty to duplicate it and apply it standardly and defend it from degradation, as detailed in Keeping Scientology Working PL.
    The fact that the destruction of Standard LRH Tech and Admin has been accomplished by DM and everyone who follows his illegal, squirrel orders, is self-evident: you are reading and contributing to this “unofficial” publication in an effort to Keep Scientology Working.

  174. … and Hitler.
    … and Napoleon.
    … and others. I’m just sayin’. 😉

  175. Tony DePhillips


  176. i hope that will soon a theta change for scientology, where anyone can approach it with confidence can do it 100% Standard Tech.

    (Italian Battalion)

  177. Joe, that was my initial reaction too. How could it be that way? Why did people allow it to happen?

    I think the answer lies in Subtlety, Time, Covert hostility, and a Want To Believe in KSW #1, LRH and the Org board.

    There’s a book called “Wizards First Rule” which I have since adopted as a rule of my own:” People are Stupid. Anyone can be made to believe anything because they either WANT to believe it, or are AFRAID it might be true.”

    LRH told us RTC was here and what their purpose was and ED Int was doing his job and C/S Int, etc. Why the hell would anyone doubt it? How dare you doubt it! Ron said so!

    It is hard to believe. Very difficult to believe. It is also why many ex-staff and ex-SO are actually making CASE GAIN reading this blog! Charge gets blown reading this website. Cognitions are had. Postulates are remembered and reaffirmed. Purpose is re-ignited again.

    Keep researching and reading information and replies from people who were in. After a while, you start to see it. It’s taken me, what? 6 months to get it? Something like that.

  178. Fancy,
    I’ve seen the other sites, and there is more Anti-Hubbard, Squirrel, Nattering immature crap out there. And talk about duplication! Don’t dare post, you’ll be dog-piled.

    Marty’s blog is the first site I’ve found where we can actually vent a bit without the high school drama feedback. As for “standard tech,” I’ll be my own judge of that. Kkthx

    Sorry if you don’t like our duplication. Sorry it was so hard for you to speak out in the past and I’m sure everyone is greatful You made it soooo much easier for us now. I think you give yourself too little credit. Pardon us for choosing a lackey blog that is only following in your footsteps.

    DUDE! RE-READ YOUR POST! Invalidative much? There’s this thing about glass houses. Might google it sometime.

  179. Marty,

    While studying the American Revolution, I hope you’ll pay particular attention to the Federalist Papers. Specifically, the discussions of separation of powers and the need for checks & balances to be built into the system the founders were mocking up.

    I’ve been a Scientologist since 1969. Something I observed very early on, an observation which was reinforced time and again, is that there are no real, effective checks and balances against the abuse of power, or the exercise of arbitrary power, in Scientology. Others may well disagree with this statement, that’s fine.

    I never let this be a stop for me. It was a just reality that had to be dealt with as I navigated the system, getting trained and auditing pcs. I found many ways to stay out of the line of fire. But in the back of my mind, the thought was always there, “there should be more safeguards against injustice in this system”.

    Somewhere LRH talks about the “benign monarchy” being the best form of government. Though Scientology is not a “government”, it always seemed to me that this was, in essence, the Scientology model too: absolute power in the hands of the man at the top. And, as long as LRH was on post, and the SO#1 line intact, there was at least the possibility of an appeal of injustice up to the top.

    But, as LRH himself MAY have said (I don’t remember exactly where he talks about the various forms of government), the problem with such monarchies is, what happens when the “benign monarch” departs? Absolute power still resides in the top post and the very real possibility exists that it can be captured by an SP.

    I have been told by a few people with legal expertise that LRH set up “checks & balances” in the various corporate boards which were to govern after his passing. I hate to say this, because I am always hesitant to second-guess the person who I consider the greatest genius who ever lived. But clearly, however LRH set things up to function after he left, that structure manifestly did NOT protect against the possibility of an SP taking control.

    Frankly, from what I’ve read on this and other blogs, it was all too easy for Miscavige to seize power. It appears he was getting close to the finish line even before Ron departed!

    Perhaps the Federalist Papers and some of the other founding documents can give some insight into better ways to structure a future organization, such that it that will contain effective safeguards against injustice and abuse of power.

    I’m not presuming that you (Marty) want to set up a new organization – but if you do gain any insights along these lines, hopefully you’ll post them for the consideration of those who might be thinking along those lines.

  180. Keeping Scientology Working requires rising above the level of the reactive bank, including that avid craving for group agreement that we have all experienced. For me, this blog is a great place to collect data and plan my actions accordingly.

  181. “I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s Farm no more!”

  182. Thanks, Shelley,

    Part of our indoctrination as Scientologists was to believe in government conspiracies and evil psychs. Many of us just believed the church PR rather than inspect it for ourselves (look don’t listen).

    A few years ago I was a panelist at the APA (evil psychs) Convention. I explained to a room full of psychiatrists, including the President of the APA, what the Scn beliefs were in regards to Psychiatry and used the
    C of S anti-psych books as well as LRH’s own writing to explain it to them.

    One for one they were flabbergasted and had no idea what Scn was about and that they felt that way about psychiatry. They knew Scn was anti psych but had no idea they (the evil psychs) were part of the global conspiracy.

    Contrary to cult PR, Scn is as important to them as a pimple on a horse’s ass. There’s no conspiracy.

    Imo, the same goes for DM. He’s a little man, with little education. He’s never worked in a mission or org and gotten products doing the work of a staff member in a service org, and to me, that tells it all.

  183. Curious Researcher,
    You say you bought DMSMH. Well, I’d suggest that the answers you claim you seek are there, practicing the techniques, and to be found ‘half an inch back of your forehead’.

    There are any number of places to find the modern version of Dianetic/’Book One’ therapy steps. You don’t have to become a member of anything to practice them, in the comfort of your own living room, with another.

  184. I love the flow of this. Instead of them disconnecting from you, because you will no longer contribute to the cult, you turn the tables and disconnect from them for being part of a cult.

    I love it. More people should have this attitude.

  185. Virgil/Tom~Thanks for the ack. I will only do it LRH’s way. I just need to think “out of the box” more.

  186. IUTLMC~That’s awesome! I need to contact them to get their boots on the ground ideas.

  187. Thanks Jim

  188. Joe,
    We both know there was a LOT of agreement building for DECADES that Rightness was the correct estimation of effort and the correct amount of effort and force was WHATEVER IT TOOK and what was needed was MORE INTENTION, 8-C, Tone 40, discipline and Make it Go Right.

    I think the harshness started with the formation of the Sea Org and LRH’s statements about how he’d rather have someone dead than incapable. I’m not trying to denigrate LRH, just saying what I believe to be true. He wrote about how if staff were treated too well, they revolted and shot at the boss. I also think that if LRH (or anyone who had his ear) would have predicted the magnitude of the DM Torture Vulture Alter Culture that it has become, he would have tempered some of his statements about toughness and set a smoother precedent.

    DM epitomizes a warped sense of OT in that bodies are just bodies and it’s OK to whack ’em, starve ’em, sleep deprive ’em, yell at ’em, push ’em around. After all, he’s “saving Thetans” and if you have to abuse a few bodies to do that, so be it.

    This harshness has been around for a long time and didn’t start with DM, although he did bring it to a higher (lower) level. I’ve seen senior execs smash staff in the face, head butt ’em, HCO Bring Order ’em and threaten declare for stupid reasons…in the 1970’s…IN CLASS IV ORGS!

    I’m not surprised it evolved to this, just disappointed.

    As to how others could possibly start agreeing with DM or any of his capos or predecessors on abuse or alter-isness, check out this Soloman Asch experiment:

    If people RELY on WHAT SOMEONE ELSE says and does and agrees to FOLLOW, I can’t see but a deterioration of one’s own judgement and integrity would set in.

    “Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters.”


  189. Tony,
    I’m doing my bit to remove the arbitraries. I continue daily to study, in sequence, the work. The only slow down is the ridiculously outrageous cognitions and case gain that puts me off on wins.

    By the by, CS Series 25, How to Get Results in a Hubbard Guidance Center, is hard won KRC on exactly that.

    As to ‘legal threats’ from DM, well, there is a legal concept known as ‘laches’. That is, ‘undue delay’ on DM’s part in RTC asserting its ‘right’ to the marks. There are probably a dozen ‘centers’ or places where LRH tech is being delivered, openly and with NO withhold about it, and have been for some time. That they haven’t been legally set upon by DM, in a timely fashion as defined by conventions and precedent in the courts, means that they cannot actually be legally shut down. They can bring suit all they want. It won’t go anywhere.

    DM, while busy holding onto his copper-SP charge-draining-rod, and batting wildly at unimportant dust motes, has dismantled the very structure to maintain the marks, RTC. I’m afraid for DM, it is now a fait accompli, the marks are ‘free’.

    Practice away. There is jack shit this collapsed space Suppressive Person can do about it.

  190. Aeolus, if you walk up to DM and ask him if he is trying to improve the image of Scientology and get tons of new people to flood into Orgs and move up the Bridge, he will say “YES, of course!”

    We could justify why he has utterly failed, we could come up with all these “secret hidden motives” but the reason is: He Is Incompetent.

    He has no real world experience (i.e. he has no idea how to EFFECTIVELY manage a group), and has no no clue what the f*&ck he is doing.

    He is forcing people to pay to their detriment, he is forcing people to work under slave conditions, he is lying to others to control them, and he is making others do the same thing to others.

    He’s an inexperienced, butt-of-jokes buffoon, no matter how many hours he spends in his tanning bed and hones his implanting delivery of Dan Sherman’s speeches.

    imho. 🙂

  191. theystolemychurch

    I really believe that once fully immersed in a cult environment as one in the SO and especially so high up on the org board that you can no longer “fight” for yourself. I was never in the SO. So I never lived it. But, after reading almost every single posting on this blog ~ I really do get that this is exactly what was going on for them, it not all, most of them anyway.

    I was on staff for years in an outer org. But working in LA (not even on staff) that cult environment slowly and insidiously took over my way of thinking. My “right and wrong” detector really was completely bypassed and it became “am I gonna get in “trouble” over this”.

    So, I really think that when you read what happened to these good people that were in the SO for DECADES that you must, to be fair try to get their reality on that CULT environment and what it meant to them at that time. Remember also, that they lived and breathed all of the squirreling and beatings and sleep deprivation for all of those DECADES…..

    I guess to sum it up that we all would like to kick the shit out of the thong wearing little hitler, for creating that environment…. but to also remember have an extra dose of empathy with the guys that have lived it.

  192. Major Whine, er, Wynn,
    Let’s say for discussion purposes I was to write to you on this blog and say you should change your alias to ‘Giant Retard’. Would that qualify as having the ‘courage and integrity’ to stand up to you?

    If so, then maybe you should read the presentations on this, and Scn Cult and FriendsofLRH and, and, and, various and sundry places and observe that those who are actually speaking are those who have done exactly what courage and integrity call for and stood up to DM. In large measure, to those beings, DM is done – no effect personally. They are no longer PTS, they are no longer compromised, they are rehabilitated and they are enjoying the fruits of personal integrity.

    Some day, you, may post here with a name, and you, will have made the step you decry others have not made.

    My name is Jim Logan.

  193. RJ, he had tons of help … all from the inside. He manipulated the situation to his advantage using false reports and took advantage of people whenever possible (and when you have the most intimate confessions of people at your finger tips, it’s not difficult to do). Adding another layer of puppet-mastering doesn’t seem necessary, to explain what happened, imho.

  194. Joey,
    ‘Nine foot high board fences’ have various forms. Matching a tone is one way to go. Moving on up and gaining the ability to approach this from another more workable route is equally valid.

    Moving on up a little higher, say. Hmmmmm, that sounds like a good name for a blog.

  195. Martin,
    I agree. I know of at least two ex-SO who for YEARS had disagreements with various things they observed, but told themselves this is the bank talking and not to listen to it. One reason not to get staff up the bridge. If they did, they might begin to trust their own ovservations.

  196. Bozz,
    For your info, ‘Fancy’ is a woman, apparently. She is also very tenuously holding on to various aspects of shall we say ‘reality’. So, stompin’ on her with lead boots is akin to squishing yogurt – no satisfaction.

    The IFA, which is Michael Moore’s project, is one of many ‘freezone’ projects. It is one I know that espouses LRH Standard Tech. Trey, Les, Roy, Chris, and many others will vouch for that. You’ll have to determine it for yourself, if you do.

  197. Marty~I think we need some “Lean Manufacturing” applied to LRH’s admin tech.
    “Lean manufacturing is a variation on the theme of efficiency based on optimizing flow; it is a present-day instance of the recurring theme in human history toward increasing efficiency, decreasing waste, and using empirical methods to decide what matters, rather than uncritically accepting pre-existing ideas.”
    DM killed church management and from my POV we ended up with way too many admin people administrating each other instead of actually producing trained auditors and PCs and Pre-OTs.

  198. Helmut,
    My hat’s off to you and your wife! You do get results.
    As a well known commercial jingle says:
    Just do it!

  199. PJ,

    Jim laid it out thoroughly. I’ve been there and was there. There is peer pressure to continue on. The idea that you are tough and will stay the course and help your teammates endure. There is an unreality that it is ‘bad’. Although my experiences are 2 decades in the past, before it really got crazy.

    Keep in mind that most of the SO at Int have no access to external information. This puts responsibility on the few that do have access and do know to slowly educate, although in that environment to do so usually results in one going to the Hole or the RPF. Obviously a critical mass has not yet been reached at Int.

    With the help of this blog, and others efforts on other sites, and personal contacts this critical mass will be reached. As many have said over the century’s, Truth will prevail. Too many variables to predict when. That being said I’ve noticed that the rate of change has increased dramatically in the last few months.

    For the good of those trapped; for the good of those not trapped; and for the good of those who are unaware; it is important to communicate and persist.

    The purpose and capabilities of the Church have been carefully and thoroughly killed by a skilled and intelligent text book SP and his helpers. The Tech has not been. The Tech will endure. The SO no longer has the capability to preserve or ensure delivery of the Tech. They have failed. It is outside, out here that it can be preserved and delivered.

  200. Yes DM is their man, He is a CIA Operative. I onley could reveal this information at this point in time as it was crucial for an on going ivestigation with the FBI and the CIA being in eachothers rang of fire. Some things are still very Hush Hush.

  201. Helmut, I believe you’re replying to a post from my friend Shannon and not Silvia.

  202. Theta Networker

    I get the picture … Once again you’re giving us time-place-form-event …

    As I know that “the wrong thing to do is nothing,” I have been telling/e-mailing people what is true for me = There was and is one Source. Source did not pass to Int Management or RTC. That’s the Stable Datum. ARCfully I have pointed out the absence of Heber … Violation of LRH Policy or Tech such as PL INSTRUCTION AND EXAMINATION, RAISING THE STANDARD OF RE: “Basics” … Interestingly enough I have been acknowledged … Plus found points of agreement when I mentioned the Farrakhan “connection” and attributed my knowledge of it to this blog … Been “walking a tightrope” of going for free and open comm without “raining on anybody’s parade” or violating the 2nd of the Two Rules For Happy Living from New Slant On Life: “Cause only those things which others are able to experience easily.”

    Based upon your data that the CLOs and CST appear to be a dead end … Not sure what the right thing to do is … I may write an OUT-TECH Report [my own recent idea] anyway … I welcome anyone’s suggestion … My comm lines are still open to the folks …

    Peace be unto you from all sides [I’m not a Muslim, btw. Just wanted to say that], although as I type that I recall the words of Frederick Douglass = “No progress without struggle.”

  203. Lucy,
    Attended several mid to end of the 90’s. The “usual” was to do inspections right after the IAS event and big Patron’s ball, which the local staff dreaded. One exception was 2000 as I recall. Janet Light who was the Pres of IAS invited him to a tour of Scotland (paid by IAS) for about a week staying in luxury at a Castle. One tour was of a Scotch Distillery where he got introduced to that beverage.

  204. I don’t think it’s crazy at all. In fact there is more evidence to suggest that’s true (as well as many others in the organization) than the “lone gunman” theory. It’s almost laughable to think one man pulled all this off without other operatives helping. From what I’ve been able to uncover, it looks like the organization was rife with operatives all over the world as early as the 60’s…

  205. WH, thanks for the auspicious info!

  206. Great blog posting, Marty. This is such useful data to have. It helps connect the dots to what everyone on the ground has seen over the years. Things like the GAT, GAT for OTs, Golden Age of Ethics, NEM, etc. are all packaged in glitzy materials and are PR’d to death. And anyone appearing “anti-” are gotten rid of quickly which not only sends a message to others, it leaves only “supporters” to look at. So, thanks for the details.

  207. Without his father (what do we know of his old man?) DM wouldn’t be in Scientology. He didn’t seek Scientology on his own. I feel too that DM had secret outside help to take C of S over and run it (into the ground?).

  208. Taking over a Billion Dollar church isn’t incompetent. It is organized crime by one little guy who feels strong because there are outside men behind him.

  209. People shouldn’t imply what you didn’t said.

  210. Watching Eyes, please read the postings more careful next time.

  211. Yager’s reductio ad mousem actually began a year earlier, while Marty was still at the ship training. DM held a base briefing in late January or early Feb 1995 and spent an hour or so shredding any credibility Yager had with any base staff, including Gold. After that no one saw Yager around, unless they happened to be passing by the swamp area on the northeastern part of the property near the Old Gilman House. RTRC was located in the abandoned trailers occupied by the Planetary Dissem Org when they were pulled up to the Int Base (and off all marketing and dissem lines of the real world). The window at my desk looked out over the swamp and I would occasionally see Marc Yager, the CO CMO Int/WDC Chairman and former Inspector General for Admin, living in the swamp. I’d see him in his shorts and t-shirt clearing brush or bamboo that he used to fashion himself a crude covered lean-to that was his berthing for at least a year. That’s right, no bed, no room with a roof over his head. The guy was living in the freaking swamp at the Int Base, fenced in and now allowed to leave.

    As for Ray, his demise had been ongoing for years. I remember being called up with Ray to Qual Gold where DM was going to brief all the NEM people before they fired out. Ray and I had come up before the others arrived. DM immediately began abusing Ray and in a scene that was slightly comical, DM proceeded to kick Ray in the butt rapidly 3 times, in Thai kick boxer style, all the time spewing out verbal abuse. Seeing the little man swinging his foot nearly as high as his head to kick the tall man in the butt was a Fellini-esque moment. The previous year, 1995 as I recall, I went to the MV aboard the Freewinds basically as Ray’s guard dog. Norman Starkey and I spent the week below decks keeping Ray out of sight of everyone. Ray did a little tech night speech and then was quickly ushered below where we sat for the entire week.

    To Ray’s credit he is only there because of his commitment to LRH and he is willing to endure anything to honor that pledge. When DM is gone it will be interesting to see if anything remains of Ray.

    And, as for my becoming head of the Snr C/S Int Office, it was done over my seething suppressed protest, which reduced to dust any chance to correct the errors in the GAT release and drills, not to mention that none of the other steps of GAT have ever been done to this day, 14 + years later. Class VIs and Class VIIIs have been subjected to the same drills as Class IVs, which is preposterous. A Class IV studies relatively little theory and is a technician who can do certain actions competently. A Class VI has a grasp of the full philosophical and technical breadth of the subject and a Class VIII is able to use judgment in handling a pc. These are quantum levels of ability above Class IV, which is light years beyond other therapies around. Nothing has ever been assembled for C/Ses or, for that matter, Cramming Officers. In other words, LRH’s handling to help train students was been invalidatively farted out in blanket fashion–DM’s speciality, which only broadcasts his distrust of others as well as his laziness–was utterly abandoned except to finish the job by redefining an F/N.

  212. Karen, with all your legal connections, wouldn’t it be possible to bring a fraud case to bear against the IAS? The way they raise their $ by using the wins of those individuals who actually funded projects out of their own pockets and saying that “THE IAS WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR FUNDING THAT” is definitely a 1/2 truth because the church member was a member of the IAS? So here we go with the A=A=A – IAS MEMBER=IAS=IAS FUNDING. I don’t think so! The $ either came out of IAS bank accounts or it didn’t. If it came out of an individual IAS member’s pocket and the IAS said it came out of its pocket it’s not the same thing, hence the fraud.
    How many projects are actually funded by IAS really???
    Your thoughts…

  213. I had a conversation with a Navy SEAL one time about this and he was saying the usual things – “why didn’t anyone fight back? I would have creamed him! I would never have stood up for that abuse!” and so on. I just asked him one question: suppose it had come from a top Navy Admiral? That stopped him for a minute, and then he said, “Oh, I get your point.” Understand: “standing up to Miscavige” in the Sea Org is a death warrant. You’re offloaded and declared immediately. You either suck it up or leave.

  214. Dan,
    That was close to poetry!!

  215. Shelly,

    Yes true saying the Government caused the downfall of Scientology is like promoting the generality that the Church of Scientology is evil.

    I’ve also audited various Government employees including FIOs and they one for one are good people.

    Just like the good people you still find on staff within various orgs.

    That said:

    The Vietnam war, the insanity still occurring in Afghanistan and Iraq causing untold death and destruction were done with the assistance of “good people” as well.

    In fact the ones who gave the orders were considered the “brightest and the best”.

    Sure there are many good people in government but let’s not delude ourselves.

    There are also those who like Miscavige are just plain evil.

    Obviously some people can only confront the “social veneer” and never look beyond that.

    If these people are all as good as you write in their common defense then why do many of them commit so many unconstitutional atrocities?

    Unlike Miscavige who probably thinks that everyone is an SP except himself.

    There are still about 2 1/2% who influence 20% of the population who influence the rest of us into unwise courses of action like invading a country merely on unverified reports more accurately lies that this country is building WMD.

  216. Thanks Jim; appreciate the info!

  217. Geez! Haven’t you realized that it’s not the physical aspects involved here? Have you considered the mental aspects specifically – moral codes and Code of an SO member, code of a Scientologist which are guidelines to conduct might have something to do with it?

  218. The antisocial personality has the following attributes:
    1. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. “They say…” “Everybody thinks…” “Everyone knows…” and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor. When asked, “Who is everybody…” it normally turns out to be one source and from this source the antisocial person has manufactured what he or she pretends is the whole opinion of the whole society.
    This is natural to them since to them all society is a large hostile generality, against the antisocial in particular.
    2. Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.
    “Gossip” or “bearer of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” once described such persons.
    It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.
    3. The antisocial personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news. Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along.
    Such a person also pretends to pass on “bad news” which is in actual fact invented.
    4. A characteristic, and one of the sad things about an antisocial personality, is that it does not respond to treatment or reform.
    5. Surrounding such a personality we find cowed or ill associates or friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding.
    Such people make trouble for others.
    When treated or educated, the near associate of the antisocial personality has no stability of gain but promptly relapses or loses his advantages of knowledge, being under the suppressive influence of the other.
    Physically treated, such associates commonly do not recover in the expected time but worsen and have poor convalescences.
    It is quite useless to treat or help or train such persons so long as they remain under the influence of the antisocial connection.
    The largest number of insane are insane because of such antisocial connections and do not recover easily for the same reason.
    Unjustly we seldom see the antisocial personality actually in an institution. Only his “friends” and family are there.
    6. The antisocial personality habitually selects the wrong target.
    If a tire is flat from driving over nails, he or she curses a companion or a noncausative source of the trouble. If the radio next door is too loud, he or she kicks the cat.
    If A is the obvious cause, the antisocial personality inevitably blames B or C or D.
    7. The antisocial cannot finish a cycle of action. Any action goes through a sequence wherein the action is begun, is continued for as long as is required and is completed as planned. In Scientology, this is called a cycle of action.
    The antisocial becomes surrounded with incomplete projects.
    8. Many antisocial persons will freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them.
    Their actions have little or nothing to do with their own volition. Things “just happened.”
    They have no sense of correct causation and particularly cannot feel any sense of remorse or shame therefore.
    9. The antisocial personality supports only destructive groups and rages against and attacks any constructive or betterment group.
    10. This type of personality approves only of destructive actions and fights against constructive or helpful actions or activities.
    The artist in particular is often found as a magnet for persons with antisocial personalities who see in his art something which must be destroyed and covertly, “as a friend,” proceed to try.
    11. Helping others is an activity which drives the antisocial personality nearly berserk. Activities, however, which destroy in the name of help are closely supported.
    12. The antisocial personality has a bad sense of property and conceives that the idea that anyone owns anything is a pretense, made up to fool people. Nothing is ever really owned.

  219. I’m sure people who work for CIA and NSA have good intentions, but how would stable exteriorization with full perception not be considered a national security risk? Ingo Swann helped demonstrate the effectiveness of the original OT levels to the CIA. They say “well, we tried that but it really didn’t work so we dropped it”. Maybe it worked really well so they took the project deep black and nobody talks about it.

  220. Jim –

    Wonderfully put. I think your analysis should be preserved! Though many throw the “they have O/Ws” at the Ex’s or Independents as a simple “explains it all”, it takes really looking at the whole picture to see what that actually means.

    This explains it quite well I believe.


  221. IUTLMC,

    In the Free Software world we have this thing called a “meritocracy”. It’s a very loose definition and doesn’t come with a bunch of rules and procedures and formalities, but can be summed up like this:

    The amount of clout you have in decision making is proportional to your stats. Your *real* stats 🙂

    Does that indicate to you at all?

  222. Virgil, I would really like to read this HCOB. Is it online somewhere? How can I get a copy?

  223. Shelly,
    Thanks for the great post. I can vouch for you too, including many of our friends.

  224. “After that no one saw Yager around…”
    In March ’95 Marc Yager was on Mission in Hamburg Org, together with Kurt Weiland and Fred Harris. That was after the Wiebke-Blow-up. That’s why you didn’t see them there for a while.

  225. Joe,

    I am going to answer your question based on my own experience and observation as I, too, was under heavy suppression when I was on staff as an auditor in the 70’s.

    First let me say this – I REALLY want to believe that if I had been living in Berlin during the Nazi reign, that I would have harbored and helped the Jews. I mean, I really want to believe that I am that noble, caring and of such high moral standard that I would have done that.

    But, what if I did that and that caused my friends, children and loved ones to be harmed? What if by helping another, what I loved and cherished most in the world was to be destroyed?

    Yeah, we are talking fear and terror – for OTHERS!

    People stay because they care about their teammates. I didn’t leave because I didn’t want the squirrel tech to be applied to my PC’s and have them harmed.

    Why do we stay? We stay for YOU!

    The ones that have left and are speaking up? They are doing it for YOU!

    You may say and think all you want about Scientologists, I really don’t care. But there is one thing we are not and that is selfish.

    We can all quote references for the next hundreds of years and continue to list on this, but my reality and my experience is this – people fight because they care about the other guy.

    It really is that simple.

  226. HCOB Pain and Sex always seemed to me to be just another reference that someone like DM could twist around and control people using it.There’s nothing wrong with sex per se – how else would you make new humans?

    But the HCOB also talks about sex and degradation, so in classic DM-speak, anyone interested in sex (or god forbid DOING it!) is then obviously degraded. Classic A=A=A=A=A=…..

  227. Dan,
    Thanks for those insights. I did wonder why you were at the MV at the time, didn’t realize the security/twin aspect of it.

  228. If there are “outside men” behind DM it is TOM CRUISE, his celebrity and a bunch of other celebs pumping him up.

    DM took over the Church by sheer brutality and thuggery and force. I say this with intense personal communication with messengers and others who fled.
    He did not have a team. As other Tyrannical Leaders have done.
    No one dared oppose him.

    This essay is a good example of early thuggery

  229. Theta Networker,
    Nice post. Welcome.

  230. See Marg,

    As you say :

    “he had tons of help”

    “all from the inside”

    Well that’s debatable.

    For instance if he didn’t have the help of his “friends” in the IRS as he calls them now, to overlook his various transgressions and violations of IRC 501 c iii which Marty has made so obvious with his blog.

    Not to mention his intel connections.

    For instance one could ask rhetorically in my opinion why a member of the mainstream media like Greta van Susteren would be allowed to take services at Flag even though she’s an illegal pc according to the PL while many Scientologists are being rejected for merely talking to a psychiatrist or psychologist?

    Guess the Ol’man was just a paranoid old cote when he wrote all them directives and policies about infiltration, counter-espionage and such.



  231. Centurion,
    You could be correct about other influences affecting the situation.
    But the rub… there is no hard evidence.

    However, there are plenty of documented cases where government or corporate or elite entities hijacked an endeavor. These are NOT theories, but facts of history.
    There are many historical facts which demonstrate that this kind of covert activity has occurred.
    Some examples: Operation Northwoods, Iran 1953 with the CIA (click my name), United Fruit – CIA in Central America, the conception and manipulation to establish the privately owned banking cartel known as The Federal Reserve, etc.
    And there have always been witnesses to these type of covert operations… Sible Edmonds, Barry Jennings, William Rodriguez, Kevin McPadden, Kurt Haskell in Detroit, Terrence Yeakey, Hoppy Heidelberg, Gary Webb, etc.

    With David Miscavige we have no evidence of outside influences involved.

    For other subjects, we have a plethora of evidence.
    Some great documentaries…

    Aaron Russo in this interview talks about his friendship with Nelson Rockefeller and some of the events which had occurred…

  232. Jeff,

    There’s also the thought that SO members signed up for the duration, to make it go right and hang in there for a billion years. That’s a very powerful postulate, not one that will just go away.

    When compared to that postulate, crazy DM orders can seem like a temporary blip on the radar, something that will blow over with time then we can get on with the real job. Or feel like a brief moment of 1.5 in session – the auditor just waits it out as the pc will surely come uptone and out of it if one just continues the process.

    No good auditor would abandon the session just because the pc went into a 1.5 tone! I see SO members sticking it out as the same thinkingness on a much, much longer timeframe. And just like a session, the pc would have to remain stuck in 1.5 for a very long time before the auditor decided he was working off an incorrect C/S.

  233. What has given me a good chuckle over the last several days is when commentors ask “Why in the world did you guys put up with this stuff going on in the Church? Why didn’t you stand up to him?”

    My personal answer is this: Dedication to LRH. “I’m no worth to anyone if I’m declared, especially to LRH” was was my own thought process. What makes me chuckle is that a lot of these guys asking this question are under the radar. It’s funny.


  234. Amen Brother,
    Well said and laid out.
    I can’t believe how Ray was treated then, so sad and pathetic. He was a true Tech OL for me and many others.

  235. martyrathbun09

    Dan, Yager went down in January 96.

  236. martyrathbun09

    Read “Men WHo Stare At Goats” to get an idea how effective their interest was.

  237. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Also, one may enjoy Dave Champion … who is an ardent student and teacher of early American history and Founders, our American Constitution, and our unalienable Rights. He’s in P.T. on the 3rd and 4th dynamic, moreso than any other current-event host I’ve listened to.

    Dave hosts this extremely informative podcast/radio show.

    IMO, it should be us Scientologists who are the most visible Vanguard and the guys/gals who are clearly the white hats protecting unalienable Rights.

    Scientology is about Freedom and Free Beings the last I knew.

  238. Jim Logan, no need to make ad hominem attacks. I was just asking a rather simple/obvious question . I would respect the whole “friends of LRH” crowd if they had done something while still on the inside as that would have required a lot more courage and confront. Remember the Code of Honour:

    “9. Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.
    “10. Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body.”

    Unless of course, people get so beaten down, so invalidated and so “brainwashed” they they forget the Code of Honour.

  239. MajorWynn,

    Maybe it will help you to answer this question.

    Why do you post under a pseudonym?

    Do you really think that the reasons you may have for not wanting to disclose your identity (potential disconnection from your family, loss of job, worried about harassment, kids in the SO or on staff or whatever) are more compelling than the perceived threats to someone at the highest levels of the Sea Org and what the consequences of action against Miscavige would be?

  240. Yes exactly. Its not that miscavige is only 5’4″ with the persona of a school yard bully. Its certainly ironic that he is, but it really has nothing to do with the machiavellian machinations he undertook over a couple of decades and the “boiling a frog” acceptance of all of us, that got us to this point!

    David Miscavige has been lucky to survive the more overt displays of power grabbing, but the bulk of his campaign has been more subtle attacks on key points that didn’t raise the alarm (at least in enough people).

    Really you have to admire him for his persistence and patience and brilliance in executing this complete reversal of a whole culture, technology and organization!

    Well played SIR!

    But the games not over yet….


  241. Virgil,

    Thanks for that. Not to step on anyone’s toes but it is very easy to say, what why, how come when you’re not under fire. All that changes when your ass is being shot at or you a watching those who are getting shot, up close and personal. Add in PTSness, confusion, uncertainty as to who you can trust and the whole picture is very grim. I’s easy to say, why didn’t you stand up to him when you’re not there with the gun pointed at you or when you see s/o else stand up and get shot down in flames. You have to ask yourself, just what good did it do for him to stand up, all he became was a target. If you talk to other staff, they turn you in and you get shot. Hell of a pickle. Once this kind of thing gains ground, it is a difficult situation if you are in the middle of it. Play chess on the freeway sometime and see how well you can concentrate on your opponent who is cheating and you get a idea of what it is like.

    Not to offend anyone here but in the fire is very different than watching a fire.

    This is one o the reasons I respect Marty and what he is doing here. He always offers a safe place for others to come in OUT of the fire, destim and then tell their story.

    What an individual wants in such a circumstance is a safe place. It doesn’t exist in some of these areas and that is nerve wracking.

  242. Maj,
    Ad hominem? Damn, I figureed I was jus’ been clubber.

    Hey, nevermind my foibles for now, how about Marty’s question. Hmmmmm?

  243. Major Wynn,

    When was the last time you stepped up to the plate?

  244. I like this video about a “Republic”…

  245. Theta Networker~And also with you. 🙂
    It’s working!

  246. Joe Howard~I got sick over Mark.
    You sure made it clear – why even go through the motions of GAT when DM figured out the undercut to eff up the tech…

  247. Here’s my 2 1/2 cents: I did the ORIGINAL(not old) OT Levels in ’79 at AOLA, at the time OT8 was included in the package, but not released. I also was on Solo Nots, did GAT part one and threw in the towel. The Original OT levels are NOT the same as the “New” ones. I know of one person who recently did “OT VII to EP”, it was delivered to someone who was on OT III, to help that person finish the level, In the old days one did finish III then did “VII to EP” then “III Expanded”, IV,V,VI, then Full OT VII. My best guess is some version of Original IV,V,VI, and VII will be the NEW OT IX and X. By the time they get released anyone who did the ORIGINAL levels most likely gave up, became too broke, or has or will have a new body. By the way each level was fabulous beyond belief. Keep in mind LRH’s intention was to make OTs, Clears, Theta Clears, and Cleared Theta Clears. Listen to the original PDC tapes, very theta and fun. By the way, the original OT levels were mentioned in the back of the books, “way back” in the 70’s.
    Marty, Thank you for this data re: what DM did, I asked many times and got no answers, to, “what happened?” I can think with it better now. I spent the week-end reading every word and listening to every tape burp at “Friends of LRH” that helped also, more TPFE, Thank you.

  248. Major Wynn
    What makes you think they didn’t? Didn’t you read the stories and KRs that many posted while in the church?

  249. Ok, let’s take that as a given (that government agencies are concerned only about the abuses of the law and will help “us” if within their power to do so. So why hasn’t this occurred? Or has it, and I just haven’t heard because I don’t read much newspaper? (And P.S., I’m not advocating the other point of view either, I’m just wondering why these “concerns” haven’t been drilled deeper, i.e., investigations conducted and charges laid. FWIW)

    On another note, I personally disagree that the Church is dead. From my perspective, it lives in each one of us and by extension, has become what it has because of that. I also believe the corporate body is something different from the Church, but maybe that’s just my naivety speaking, or maybe a positive postulate.

  250. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    In Jan of 1986 when the chapter of LRHs physical body closed there existed:

    Flag Bureaux not IMO

    Flag Operation Liason Office (s) not CLOs

    Flag Representatives in Organizations not RTC reps

    And if I’m not mistaken Class IV Orgs not Class V

    This in addition to what has already been well covered above with regards the Watch Dog Committee and ED Int and Executive Strata decimation.

    The fact that these new entities (including Ideal Orgs concept replacing LRHs named St Hill Sized Orgs) and reference to and discussion of the existing entities with no mention of the LRH organizations, lines, terminals and functions is evidence enough that by redefinition the top to bottom is not the Scientology put there by LRH.

  251. Marty,

    Ronson barely discusses RV in his book.
    Mostly its about the touchy feely New Age crap that the “New Army” was involved in under Stubblebine.

    You want to know how successful the RV program was I suggest you sort through close 100, 000 pages of documents relating to it found here.

    However here’s a good starting point:

    Written by one of CIA’s own Case Officers who worked on the project.

    Saying that Ronson’s book is all you need to know on the subject is like saying BFM is all you need to read in order to find out about Scientology.

  252. “Empty your mind of all thoughts.
    Let your heart be at peace.
    Watch the turmoil of beings,
    but contemplate their return.

    “Each separate being in the universe
    returns to the common source.
    Returning to the source is serenity.

    “If you don’t realize the source,
    you stumble in confusion and sorrow.
    When you realize where you come from,
    you naturally become tolerant,
    disinterested, amused,
    kind-hearted as a grandmother,
    dignified as a king.
    Immersed in the wonder of the Tao,
    you can deal with whatever life brings you,
    and when death comes, you are ready.”

    La Tzu
    Tao Te Ching

  253. Major Wynn,

    The reason you are getting nailed so hard is that your comm comes off as a huge make-wrong against some very good people. People who were trapped and feared losing their eternity should they stand up to DM.

    I can only imagine how it feels to be made wrong like that. Obviously it isn’t going over too well.

  254. Yes, it goes without saying WW.

  255. Theo Sismanides

    LRH many times talked about global enslavers. It looks like these days we don’t. We just focus on DM! OK, fine, but it’s not just DM! What happened to the global enslavers? Do you see the people of Earth revolting against them? Do you the people of Earth actually seeing their secret agenda of enslaving people and minds and thetans?

    If you don’t see it, why in the 21st century we don’t have politics combined with an applied philosophy? Why nowhere on any university nothing of that subject is ever taught? What is their problem? Don’t they know the existence of Scientology? Yes, they do. But Scientology is considered highly hazardous and dangerous for one’s career. “You want to do Scientology, sorry, you cannot work for the government or in our successful businesses and circles. you cannot be one of us”.

    What happened to Scientology as Ron envisioned it?

    Sure, a leader cannot be a leader and be “reasonable”. Miscavige is not alone. He never was. He has been left alone as he now does their job by sheer force and idiotic dictatorship.

    The number one enemy is the enslavers. And we can scream it out loud. If some people here think it’s just DM, you have to tell us and explain to us about this:

    The Lenskes, what was their role?
    Meade Emory and the restructuring of the church. Where did LRH say this and how was it done? Just by Miscavige?

    The abolition of the HASI. LRH would never have allowed that.

    The assasination of Quentin. No comment. Anyone with facts?

    The mysterious disappearance of LRH around the end of 1972. and his reappearance on the Apollo after quite a while, and as said by many a very different man.

    Ken Urquhart, I read a lot about him on the Internet. Who was that guy anyway? His role as a Communicator of LRH is key.
    Can arouse many, many questions.

    A leader and we are all leaders here or “leaders to be”, LEADS the way. He doesn’t compromise a bit of his/her reality. The Enslavers tried to take over the church many times and they now seem to have succeeded.

    Why don’t we say anything about them? The Gulf of Mexico is full of OIL because of THEM. I refuse to let them govern this planet. LRH refused to grant them any beingness and this is why he was a leader. He never compromised his reality on them. So, we better start looking at this thing as it is.

    Miscavige is a puppet, he has no real power. Nobody is attacking him, they are just ridiculing him as every head of a churh on this planet.

    I am not willing to be part of a reasonable group of people. I am not willing to see the Gulf of Mexico full of oil and say it’s just BP or whoever caused the accident. The biggest accident is that the politicians who govern this planet are puppets like DM.

    Obviously after having pulled off the teeth from Scientology, they can use it as a planetary religion. And they are well on their way.

  256. Freedom Fighter

    Most definitely! I started acquiring them as soon as I realized I wasn’t the only one who noticed how off-the-rails things had become and shortly after I discoverd this blog. My first thought was that we have to, first and foremost, preserve LRH’s Tech.

    There’s actually a rather large library that someone has for sale — pre-DM contamination. It sounds like it’s pretty complete and includes lectures, bulletins, coursepacks, checksheets, books, periodicals, and many other publications. I ran across it when I was searching for the Tech vols and green books. If someone is interested in the link to the details, feel free to e-mail me on back channels. Marty has my e-mail address.

  257. Marty, I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories and generally look for the simpler more mundane explanation for seemingly “unexplainable phenomena”. With that said, I’ve done quite a lot of research into the whole SRI, Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price (all early Scientology OTs) timeline and events, and imho, there is pretty incontrovertible evidence that “OT abilities” were performed, documented and repeated under fairly stringent scientific controls. Also during the 1970s, Ingo Swann had been very outspoken about the fact that Scientology auditing brought out his OT abilities.

    Finally, it’s now been well-documented that from the early-70s to the mid-90s, members/departments in the US intelligence community expanded on these experiments with Puthoff and Swann (and many others outside the CoS) to determine the usefulness of harnessing “OT abilities” for military purposes.

    My question is: in all the years that you were close to the high-level comm-lines in the CoS, did you get any inkling whatsoever that there might have been communication between the folks involved in these experiemnts, and anyone at the upper levels of the CoS between say 1975 – 1995?

    (The question is also for anyone else who might have been there.)

  258. I do post under an alias. The main reason being that I’m still considered “good standing” and do not wish to endure all the BS that would happen if my indentity became known. These are longstanding church policies and practices that are not going to change overnight, if at all. All though, I’m pretty much blown as a public and there isn’t that much they could to do to me other than to declare me and publish stuff from my pc/ethics files. Besides, there’s nothing really for me to gain by going public at this stage of the game.

    However, I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing as going one-on-one with Miscavige. I know if Miscavige ever hit while I was on staff, I’m quite sure I would have “reacted” as that’s just how I am, but then again, I still have a reactive mind so maybe that’s it. If someone at the Int Base were to fight back, I think they would be quickly subdued and/or beaten up further by Miscavige’s security guards and/or people want to get on to Miscavige’s “good side”, not that he has one. This is where the Code of Honour comes into play. In other words, yeah I’d get beaten up, but at least I’d have felt I had done the right thing.

    I’ve read Marc Headley’s book, and Miscavige had one incident of beating him. Miscavige never beat him a second time, and may have had something to do with the fact that he wanted to hit him back and Miscavige observed it.

    Why don’t the people in “the hole” stage some kind of uprising and take over Miscavige? Surely they out-number him. Is it because they are under some form of mind control and would never think of doing it? Or is it because if one person brought up the idea of some kind of overthrow, they’d be quickly attacked by those who are too afraid to do anything? I’ve read many stores of people leaving the Int Base and being able to think clearly after getting adequate sleep and food, so perhaps that’s it.

  259. Ah yes, thank you Sinar. I was talking about Don Jason, not Tom DeVocht.

  260. Tony DePhillips

    Great post as usual Jim.
    Maybe you are right that DM has lost the right to fight the delivery of the tech outside the “church”. I will bet you though, that the reason some don’t start delivering is the FEAR that they will be attacked by DeMenology. This is PTSness. It might be that their fears are unfounded in fact but the PTSness needs to be handled in some way.

    This may be a HOT TOPIC for another survey: What would have to occur for you to start a delivery center? What is your biggest drawback to starting your own delivery? etc. Survey it and then handle the originations.

  261. … and Nicolae Ceauşescu
    … and Benito Mussolini
    … and Kim Jong-il
    … and Saddam Hussein
    … and Caligula
    … and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
    … and lets not forget Lord Farquaad

  262. Pingback: Top Posts —

  263. Tony DePhillips

    Major Wynn,

    Why didn’t you do something about it??

    I have little tolerance for people that point fingers and haven’t done anything significant themself.

    Even if you had done something to handle it, a true theta terminal would never make others wrong for not handling something. These top ex-Sea Org members have done WAY MORE to handle all this than you have. You should count your blessings that they are here instead of trying to demean them.

    That is something I would expect from DM.

  264. ups -hanging out my dirty laundry for nothing 🙂

  265. I think that DM is the much like “Manchurian Candidate” being run by a very suppresive group who’s mission is to destroy Scientology and make it something that is dangerous to belong to. If so, where does that leave everyone involved? Can we rebuilt it or can we start it again? Will all scientologists be persecuted. It just can’t be one person doing this and celebrities are too keyed into their personal pr and materialism to ever know the tech and know how to destroy it as has been going on. Sorry I’m not being more positive about this. I do love Scientology and have had tremendous gains and abilities from it. Just worried!

  266. Fancy, I say go full bore on bringing the tech to The Venus Project. The fact is, we don’t know which model will arise for the “future society”, but from what I’ve seen from your postings, The Venus Project sure looks like one worth supporting. And even if it ends up being only one of many, having LRH Auditing Tech in use might just ultimately make it the preferred “future society” model.

    IMHO, keep promoting it. I see no conflict at all and only benefits however things pan out.

  267. I hope someone has cared for the mimeo files of all the PL’s, HCOB’s, Flag Orders etc. Most of these file contain LRH’s hand written Bulletin or Project or File. They should also contain all reasons for changes or additions over the years, having been approved by LRH. I have new books and Policies and I have “old books and policies” — that were ordered burned. I just hope there have been a few people standing guard over these originals. They are priceless.
    Burning Books — Is Scientology now like the Hitler Youth, and has DM become Hitler??? Yes LRH made revisions to his books and Policies, but all earlier versions were kept as they gave the time track of change over the years. You know Librarians are actually a very protective Organization over the freedom to read ALL books. Wonder if they know?
    With Hope,
    PS we also had files of ALL LRH communication back and forth between himself and his Aides or other members of the Flag Bureaux. I hope this have not been burned as well. Luckily I left with few of these a few tiny shreds of what he really said.

  268. What she said.

    Honestly, these are people with 9 to 5 jobs. With 401Ks, job security, pensions….

    Whether or not they are good or bad, they just go to work and come home.

    The James Bond thing…so not happening.

    One of the thing that really irritated me when I was in Scn was that every issue that everyone else had about what the church was doing was due to some “conspiracy”.

    The church doesn’t need enemies.

    It’s its own worst enemy.

  269. Great post.

  270. martyrathbun09

    No. Again, I would read “Men Who Stare At Goats” to find out what became of all this. You might sleep easier.

  271. martyrathbun09

    RJ, Don’t have time to sort through 100,000 pages. Tell us in a couple of paragraphs what the CIA, et al are doing with human “remote viewing” technology derived from Scientology.

  272. I personally think that DMs strategy to eliminate all of the “old” management or Tech terminals is going to ultimately be his undoing.

    By his stupidity and single minded insanity he has created an incredibly powerful and well informed association of Independent Scientologists, Sovern Scientologists if you will, who have the will and the expertise to deliver real LRH effectively in the field. Because of his innate lack of foresight and inability to find even a simple Why, and no concept of true “cause and effect”, he has created the very thing that will destroy him.

    I agree.

    All of you annoying PITA auditors and C/Ses and tech guys are a real problem. 🙂

  273. Freedom Fighter

    Wow! That is deeply profound.

  274. Regarding getting the IRS stamp of approval … Marty knows better than anyone how that was done (as he’s largely documented here). No need for a shadow puppetmaster, when you have an internal team of people lying for you, covering your ass and giving you high-paid legal advice on what the IRS is looking for.

    Greta van Susteren is a “celebrity”. She gets the same red carpet, “we’ll overlook such and such policy” treatment as every other celebrity. Perfect example of DM’s squirreling.

    With that said, imho, after Paul Haggis, Greta will be the next big one to bail (if she hasn’t quietly already). And she KNOWS that her (and her husband’s) bailing publicly will send shock waves.

    We’re counting on your Greta!

  275. Burning Books — Is Scientology now like the Hitler Youth, and has DM become Hitler???


    Books were being ordered to be burned when I was in in the 90s.

  276. Major, serious., you are being a hippocrate. You don’t want to put up with, how did you say it – “and do not wish to endure all the BS that would happen if my indentity became known.” You are clueless.

    If a Sea Org member stood up to DM he would be letting his identity be known to DM – an enemy. they would be in more deep shit that you would if you stepped out. Do you think Yager got the crap beat out of him for being a “wimp”? He got a lions share of the beatings because he is a huge threat to DM. Yager stood up to Vicki and DM knows Yager wouldn’t go down easy. In prison camps you get beat for non-cooperation and you really get it for sassing back to the handler. So understand that the number of beatings is usually equal to the amount of CI from the beatee. Do not judge Yager. I’ll bet even money Yager told DM to go fuck himself more than once. Don’t judge any Sea Org member – especially when you wimp out.

  277. Major

    So, you have answered your own question: “I do post under an alias. The main reason being that I’m still considered “good standing” and do not wish to endure all the BS that would happen if my indentity became known.”

    You are worried about anyone knowing your name, but you are sure that if you were one on one with Miscavige and his body guards, you would speak up and fight back…

    What am I missing?

  278. Jack, ESMB in it’s essence is enturbulation, so it’s not suprising you got enturbulating data there. I wouldnt look there for any truth. If you locate ESMB on the Chart of Human Evaulation from Science of Survival you will see what I mean.

  279. One thing about L. Ron Hubbard, though, Marty, is what LRH couldn’t be around forever in the same body, and like other mortals, he left his writings about the whole setup, as the instructions for the movement for the future.

    All I see is DM isn’t doing what LRH said, administratively, and the personnel pool at the top, middle and all other lowe echelons is warped and non functioning per LRH’s admin setup writings.

    What will happen LONG range, is still up in the air.

    Short range, meaning DM’s reign, things are bad.

    The “church” is dead, and there are so many people who are happy to see that, since the public perception of Scientology by non Scientologists with all the flaps the last couple decades in the news, the public out there is happy to see it tank.

    I think simply because LRH wrote that things had to be his way, and made changes from his way so difficult, that DM is doomed in DM’s administrative major projects, automatically.

    DM will be seen as Stalin, at some point, that’s DM’s fate.

    Whether the admin writings of LRH are dead, I think LRH didn’t want his admin setups or his writings to “die.”

    The admin setups, no matter whether DM is taking those setups apart majorly (to what degree LRH Comm Network does anything, to what degree the Org Flag Officer system does anything, whether the Flag Rep network, Snr HCO, Snr Qual, Finance Network, PR Network, OSA network with their DSAs, ) all the “networks” which are covered in the Management Volumes, including INCOMM, I don’t think are vanishing entirely, even though they are completely cross ordered into book sales and whatever DM’s weekly orders direct them to jump onto.

    Still, to me, I don’t think of the church as only the people who are following DM’s orders as the church.

    The church is also LRH’s admin writings, which are not dead.

    The green vols have loads of typos and missing material here and there to be corrected someday.

    But the basic admin stuff is just increasingly temporarily just technically “lost”.

    When DM’s gone, whether sooner or later, I’m pretty sure those let standing will do some Green on White campaigns.

    If I were standing in front of the HGB with a protest sign, mine would say:

    “Why doesn’t COB push Green on White?”

  280. Major Wynn, I think you have answered your own question by posting points #9 and #10 of the Code of Honor.

    Those folks will endure anything to keep their sworn trust with LRH and humanity. It is as Goddess posted, their desire to endure anything Miscavige can throw at them in order to remain there and help if possible surpasses anything that can be done to them. They swore a self-determined oath to serve for one billion years; they mean to fulfill that pledge. Many have not forgotten the Code of Honor; some feel they are still trying to fulfill it. The existence of Miscavige they might see as a test of their character.

    Their own oath of honor has been turned against them and used to control them. When they wake up to the fact that they really have been betrayed, and they can do more good outside, they leave, and they will leave.

    I don’t have the exact reference, but I believe LRH said “A thetan can do anything forever”. Even beat his own head against a stone wall, forever. Because a being basically knows nothing can hurt him.

    They have been betrayed, beaten down, invalidated, and brainwashed, but deep inside they feel they can survive that, because they have a purpose. Just as Frankl survived the death camps, and my great-uncle survived Stalin’s camps.

    Remember, it is the second postulate that persists, but the power comes from the first postulate.

    So do not, yourself, fall into invalidating them for still being there. Honor them for their persistence in trying to do the right thing according to their first postulate to survive anything and be of help to others, and pray for their speedy awakening to where they really are. Then they will walk away to a better life.

    The tables are set, the shrimps and steaks are on the barbie, the beer’s in the cooler, we are waiting for them to arrive.

  281. Freedom Fighter


  282. Marty, Thanks for the answer. Regarding the book, I’ve just read a good portion of it online, and wasn’t finding much new that I hadn’t read about elsewhere.
    My suggestion, for anyone that has a sort of scientific curiosity about it all, is the meta-analysis done by statistician Jessica Utts, available here:

    as well as the summary of events by Puthoff himself in his paper here:

    Click to access jse_10_1_puthoff.pdf

    My guess is that Puthoff and Swann, by the early 80s, were so put off by what the CoS had become, that they simply suggested that others stay away — if in fact it ever even came up.

  283. Well, then, I was more brain dead at that time than I thought. Between January and May of that year I had very little sleep–while compiling the GAT. Not justifying but I was a little funny in the head at times during that period.

  284. Tony DePhillips

    It is impressive to me to see the kind of restraint that Mike Rinder shows you here.
    If you want to see someone prove something, why not prove to yourself that you have the courage to fight back now and do something now, instead of trying to make less of others.
    I think you will get better results.

  285. mrinder said “What am I missing?”

    Apples vs. oranges

    The fact that a so-called church can use extortion, blackmail and various legal loopholes to quiet it’s critics is not the same thing as being able to confront and stand up to one midget-size SP. I don’t have the financial funds to be to withstand all the BS that OSA can throw at me. Nor do I have any inclination to do so as I simply want to get on my life. If that makes me a hypocrite, then so be it, I can live with that. I just that I know myself and know that no one would get away with an undeserved physical assualt or rape or anything else. My integrity is more important than my body.

    Now that I think about it, based on a story I read on the internet, there is one person who physically stood up to DM: Jesse Prince, with the help of his friends Smith and Wesson.

  286. MajorWynn
    Isn’t “not standing up and being counted because there is nothing to gain persoanlly” The same thing as saying “being silenced at the mere possibility of loss?”

    I’m not chimming in on what someone should, or shouldn’t, have done – nor am I going after you personally -BUT those at Int (some more than others) were facing very real heavy loss.

    I’m suggesting that “integrity” or “code of honor” (in the context that you use it) may be an over-simplification of a very messy scene.

    I think it is fair to say there are many people that would be willing to endure a beating to save, or in this case, keep from losing a loved one.

    Personally, I’m grateful I never had to make that choice but have empathy for those who did.

  287. Cat Daddy,

    Yes, har har…

    Personally I tend to not follow the “Conspiracy Theory” as to a “Why” for the CoM as it currently exists. Yes, there is ample evidence that various “government bodies” have conspired to wreak havoc here and there across the globe, and are doubtless still doing it to some extent.

    Obviously I could be wrong, but what I see seems to be pretty much “inside”. OSA is perhaps a good place to look for “conspiracies” judging from some of the KGB type Ops they are involved in. As far as DM goes I think he was in a position very early on when he saw an opportunity to achieve some personal aggrandizement and has capitalized on every opportunity to seize power. Yes, I think he has been pretty clever in the devious and underhanded way that he seems to have placed himself in the position that he has. I really do not envy him though, and he has been extremely shortsighted, as megalomaniacs often are.

    I totally hold that beings are basically good and the spiritual repercussions of his actions will set him back HUGE in his quest for optimum beingness across the Dynamics. IMO, as a being, he is probably already desperately hoping someone will stop him from doing further damage to himself and others, as he is incapable of overriding the incident he is the total effect of. He dos not have enough free Theta to handle the incident on his own. We are actually doing him a service. Unfortunately he apparently refuses any and all auditing, so Ethics/justice are the gradient that Marty and others here seem to be employing to get the product. I think progress is being made. The dramatizatoion will either be broken or he will retreat further into his case until he goes totally type3. It is a sad thing to watch but I know of no other solution that would be better, under the circumstances.

    I do not support punitive handlings in any instance as they do nothing to make a being more able, and are therefor not valid processes. The exact amount of pressure needs to be applied in order to start the being moving up the tone scale. I fully support those here who are helping to accomplish this end.

    Thank you!


  288. DFB.

    Hmmm. Only catch is that I was personally held in a locked room along with several others, with a “guard” at the door, and we were “released” one at a time and escorted to a “metered regging session”. No such thing right! Exactly. I defy anyone to find that “handling” anywhere in LRH. I never decided to stay. The only reason that I didn’t climb out through the window was that the room “conveniently” had a window too small to exit, and on the second floor to boot. Now…. that I ever went near the place again may fall into what you are saying, but that was my choice and much later.


  289. Hey, Major,
    All kidding aside, I understand consternation over this issue, ‘standing up’ and being able to apply the Code of Honor in a situation where it really counts, as you have relayed it.

    A valid question has been raised (by Mike, not Marty which was my mistake earlier) ‘why do you post under a pseudonym?’ You have answered ‘ The main reason being that I’m still considered “good standing” and do not wish to endure all the BS that would happen if my indentity became known. ‘

    I’m quite sure that position is untenable with your opening statement. Can you disabuse me of this?

  290. Patty. Hi

    Yes… I thought along similar lines until quite recently.

    I was thinking along the lines of telling all my friends, wholesale, what my views are regarding the current state of the ‘Church”. It was bordering on a “disconnection” type of letter. I felt that I owed it to my friends to let them know my standing so they wouldn’t “get into ethics trouble” for communicating to me without their even knowing my views.

    Well, a very good friend of mine made what I think was a very valid point, at least for me. He said “why would you do that to them?” It made me rethink the effect that it would have in terms of ethics. I am not willing to “throw away” my friends unless they give a very good reason (ie. engage in enemy activities directly aimed at my Dynamics) Even so I will give them every opportunity to make their case for their actions, and do what I can to preserve our friendship. If they choose to disconnect from me, I will miss them but I will not stop them.


  291. Shelly;
    Thank you for sticking up and saying this so clearly. The Government is not concerned with the matchinations of COS because there is no one reporting the abuse to them. In otherwords, the people that are leaving are not demanding a refund of at least the services they paid for and never recieved. No one is filing complaints with the BBB or the IRS for the rampant finacial irregularites concerning members personal accounts. How can they ever be prosecuted if the people who have suffered ripoff and unjustice don’t or won’t complain to the proper agencies. It’s one thing to be upset about being ripped off. It’s another thing to do something about it. I put in a lot of time doing something about it. People were able to put thier life back together in many instances based on the money the person was able to recover from COS. COS, DM seem infinitely strong until you challenge them correctly. I know I’ve done it.
    Jesse Prince

  292. This is a very informative thread.

    My next book will be called “Cultopia.” It will be about the nature and persistence of cults. Scientology will be the centerpiece along with Heaven’s Gate and the Branch Davidians.

    CoS began as a mass movement the purpose of which was to transform human consciousness by the use of exact techniques collectively known as the Tech. This was straightforward: The Tech = transformation of human consciousness for the better of the individual and the group.

    Over time, however, DM changed the Tech in order to degrade individual and group consciousness for the worse. The people who noticed were declared. The Bridge effectively ceased to function when 100% compliance to COB’s irrationality and anger became the actual route to case gain.

    DM and his enablers made subservience and compliance the new “Ethics.” Thus, to be weak and subservient in C of M is to be Ethical and to uphold Command Intention.

    The physical, verbal, financial, and spiritual abuse of David Miscavige puts the lie to his perverted brand of Scientology. DM does not offer a world without war, crime, or insanity. Indeed, DM put CoS into an insane war with the world. DM has acted to hide his own crimes even as he falsely accused others.

    CoS has become a Cultopia, a place of great insanity, pain, and human suffering. All cults end in great pain and anguish and CoS is no different.


  293. Mike,

    Logic and a vastly superior IQ won’t reach the Major, I’m afraid.

    Descend into the make-wrong band and you’ll achieve some R.


  294. buy up all old materials.

  295. “All good Captains stand on the wall*

    Sarcastic translated dutch saying

  296. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I cringed when I recently heard RJ38 again, and LRH talking about how wonderfully “upstat” RTC is. Little did he know what was going to happen.

  297. Nancy,

    The entire WUS Cont Mimeo Files which had resided on the ground floor of the “Services Building” when it was the HQ of Pubs Us had been unmocked and replaced by SIPRO for the PAC Base Renos when I arrived at ASHO Foundation in August 1991.

    All of the file cabinets full of HCOPLs, HCOBs, LRH EDs, SO EDs, Flag Orders and other issued times were stored in the 4th Floor of the LA Org building until late 1993 or early 1994 (some months after the Int Command Team Mission arrived in PAC). At that point, the entire contents of those files were taken to a paper recycling plant and *pulped*.

    Rye Gardner (D/CO For Ethics And Image’s MAA PAC Base) tried to commandeer me to help with the pulping just after I sat down to lunch during our scheduled meal time. I politely refused to take any orders at table, citing the appropriate FO, at which point the little pipsqueek attempted to adminster an SRA or something, screaming at me at the top of his lungs about getting my FO 38 in, blah blah blah, etc – himself completely out-FO38 as he was enturbulating the entire mess hall. I continued to calmly eat for a time completely ignoring him, until I decided to take myself (and him, since he carried on this verbal assault nonstop) outside a good ways away from the mess hall for the sake of the rest of the crew and continued to calmly eat finish my meal, all the while hoping Rye would dare to strike me, so I could teach him not to fuck with me ever again. He finally stomped off when I had finished my meal and went to dump my dishes. I went to my study period and did not aid or assist in that High Crime.

    Around that time, a young CMO Missionaire came to ASHO and gathered up every single reel-to-reel tape in the entire building including everything in the qual library and proceeded to destroy them by cutting them up into 2″ or 3″ bits with scissors. These included a great many tapes for which no cassette version had ever been issued and, of course, that was an severe and extreme High Crime, too.

    Michael A. Hobson

  298. For somebody thinks that was psychology, why yes it is but it is written up by L Ron Hubbard.

  299. *And DM laughs at the sight of fighting Scientologists*

  300. Jesse Prince gave them hell once.

  301. Interesting to note that Himmler was a chicken farmer before working his way up the org board to command the SS.

    Hmmmm, chicken farmer is to SS commander ….. as camera operator is to …..SO commander.

    I lost my camera and dont own any chickens, so I wont be qualified to take over for DM. Oh well.


  302. Good to see you RJ, I couldnt agree more.

  303. You got the poor slobs at the bottom rung doing their gov. jobs, (which seems to be where all the money is going these past couple of years .
    But don’t lid yourself about the CXIa, they function entirely seperately in conjunction with others of the same mind set. Not far fetched at all actually.
    But more on the level evidence was just released today, (I think.)

    It’s obvious there’s some shady dealing going on somewhere here.

  304. Bozz,
    “Invalidative much? !

    Fancy deserves a lot more credit and granting of beingness than that!

    A lot of the earlier “departees” from DM’s black magic church can rightfully be compared to the survivors of spousal abuse. They suffered extreme fair gaming and black dianetic attempts to drive them insane, as some here have already testified. There was no safe space for them, and not much of a support system in place, as is now developing. For example, this blog community did not exist then….Yet some tried to bring standard tech into the Freezone.

    They have earned some compassion and recognition for what they did, as much as anyone. More, in some cases.

  305. I agree, DM had help

  306. Thanks !!! Yes I hope to be back in the US again this year for some vacations. I miss the US so maybe at the end of this year. I’ll send you an email.

  307. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    If IFA is truly “on-source”, why would they use an off-source 2007 squirrel version for their extension course for “Dianetics: The Original Thesis”?

    At first glance, it’s obvious this squirrel book doesn’t even say it’s BY L. Ron Hubbard. What KSW Scientologist should trust a book that doesn’t respect LRH by not properly ack’ing and attributing the works to Ron?

    This (alone) is enough for me to NOT buy that book. The simply missing of the word “by” is a red flag indicator it’s squirrel right there.

    I have not had a chance to go through the inside writings of this book to look for the alterations and deletions from the original “by L. Ron Hubbard” works, but I’ll bet the Brooklyn Bridge that I’ll find them when I do. I’ve found alterations and deletions from every 2007 squirrel book I’ve checked so far.

    What is apparent is IFA has not VERIFIED SOURCE by comparing the “by L. Ron Hubbard” works with the 2007 squirrel works done by a mystery writer/editor.

    Without knowing, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, that one is studying 100% source, then how can there be certainty there will be 100% Standard Tech being applied?

    KSW, baby! 🙂

  308. @Alan
    Excellent viewpoint. I needed to hear that.

  309. Yes, protect those materials. I would be willing to sit there and copy everything. I paid my dues buying several copies of everything.

  310. Marty you should actually take the time to sort through all those docs.

    They’re actually quite fascinating and more interesting than Ronson’s book where he attempts to lampoon the subject.

    Sort of like when the CIA did a self parody of itself in the “gang who couldn’t shoot straight” when questioned about Mk Ultra.

    Just the wacky guys from K up to their usual tricks again with a aerosol can full of LSD getting their kicks!

    Yeah, yeah sure, sure.

    Anyway I worked on the old Exec 40 line up and know for a fact that pretty well all the kids we sent up to you at Int. At least while I was there never even got close to a spook except for the boy wonder himself who was pretty touchy feely with Robert Mullen of Kill & Hnowlton.

    But that’s another story.

    The spies mainly hung out at AOLA and CCI where the action was.

    Especially AO where the original OT Levels were still being delivered. At least till early ’89.

    The ones that the best Remote Viewers like Puthoff, Swann, Price and others who will remain nameless did that achieved such statistically significant results. At least according to Jessica Utts.

    Just before PSITech opened its doors for business.

    Possible synchronicity or serendipity or whatever.

    In closing the simple truth ain’t that simple sometimes and there may be more variations on the theme than you possibly realize.

    Personally I think the IC has gotten all that it wanted from Scientology (and I don’t think it had anything to do with giving a proper acknowledgement) and have pretty much left it in the capable and competent hands of the boy wonder, enfant terrible aka affectionately by idiots as “COB” to discredit and invalidate the subject.

    I mean an agent in place doesn’t have to witting and I’d say that Miscavige is probably the most witless agent ever placed by anyone.

    That said.

    There is no doubt in my mind that CIA still has an interest in psychic phenomenon but they have so many other interests as well these days that are more mundane.

    Like for instance stirring up the natives so we have more “terrorists” to fight.

    Besides who needs RV when you have satellites that can remotely sense in real time and back scatter X-rays?

  311. Amen, the founding fathers were entirely against democracy – there’s not one word of it in the constitution, declaration of independance…
    VIDEO > The Republic of the United States of
    Really explains the difference in types of gov’t, how we
    started as a Republic. They should show this video in the
    schools, but that would be against the globalist agenda.

    It’s not difficult to see how our American
    ancestors felt about democracy. They
    considered it so bad that they enacted the
    Bill of Rights to protect us from it.

    Carefully read the Bill of Rights. You’ll notice something
    interesting: It does NOT GIVE people rights at all.

    It protects your God-given (inalienable) rights AGAINST THE
    GOV’T, or the masses of ‘democracy’ aka mob mentality of
    voting in laws that step on your rights. Instead, it protects us
    from ‘democracy’.

    You have to fully understand what a ‘democracy’ is. See
    video above.

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what
    to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb
    contesting the vote.” -Ben Franklin

    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
    who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    “Democracy … wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is
    never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” – John Adams

    “Democracy is the most VILE form of government… democracies
    have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention…
    incompatible with personal security or the rights of property.”
    – James Madison

    “The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a CRIME, abuses
    its strength, and … breaks up the foundations of society.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  312. I miss the folding tables and wooden chairs.

  313. Never said better 🙂

  314. I remember those 2 – they were involved in coercing my husband to stay on staff and they would get rid of the declare order that the IJC never saw. My husband did ALL that was required including the sec checks to route off of staff. It was all verified in a bd of review. It took 5 god blessed YEARS to get rid of that phoney declare order, being used for COERCMENT, in a bd of review – IT NOTHING TO DO WITH SCIENTOLOGY. They caused untold upset and entheta in our lives. Dan Reimer was also involved. My eyes were opened at how bad these ‘staff members’ could be. Very Nazi.

  315. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I believe your communication about this would show more verisimilitude if you stepped up by using your real name instead of remaining annonymous through a screen name.

    Perhaps implying Staff were acting cowardly makes this very ommision appear as hypocrisy to the Code of Honor in the eyes of others here.

    I doubt there’s any real danger here by you standing up to be counted and showing you stand tall and courageously apply the Code of Honor yourself.

  316. this is one person who never followed the group, per that experiment or any other. . but fought all this group thinking, all the time for 30 years. I saw it and was 10 feet back of it.

  317. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Note: Just by omitting the word “by” in “By L. Ron Hubbard” on the title creates a hidden data line.

    For the record, I have no problem with “Based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard” books as long as it says so AND it names the writer so they can be held accountable. The BOTHWO books “Grammar and Communication”, “Learning How to Learn”, and “How to Use a Dictionary” are undeniably a perfect gradient for kids and even some adults, IMO.

    My only issue with these BOTHWO books are we don’t know who the writer(s) are. Not OK. That’s irresponsible.

    A masterpiece I love which connects well to parents is “Miracles For Breakfast: A Startling New Approach to raising Children” by Scientologist Ruth Minshull.

  318. I agree. Thank you, Dan.

  319. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Here’s a good link to study many of our most important Freedom source documents …

    One can learn a LOT of history from reading them. Pay attention to one of America’s “Lost Founders”, George Mason. He wrote the draft of the “Virginia Declaration of Rights” which preceded our “Declaration of Independence” and our “Bill of Rights.” Thomas Jefferson took some of Mason’s wordage for our DOI. The principles Mason wrote were implemented in the federal Bill of Rights.

    By the way, Mason refused to sign the “The Constitution for the united States” because there were no bill of rights included. What an interesting story of principle and integrity. Later, of course, our Founders corrected this and finally got it right. But Mason had real foresight.

    Here is the final Virginia Declaration of Rights …

    In 2007, Virginia finally admitted and apoligized for their overts for supporting slavery and to injuring American Indians.

    Very cool stuff, IMO. We had some very intelligent and wise people back then. Some who may have been US!

  320. “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

    All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian, or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

    I do not mean by this declaration to condemn those who believe otherwise; they have the same right to their belief as I have to mine. But it is necessary to the happiness of man, that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.”

    – Thomas Paine

  321. Indeed, the Cult “Children of God” comes to mind.

  322. As if he would listen yo you.

  323. MW,
    Pardon my intrusion, but I took the liberty to locate you and envy you not. I suggest you overcome the fear, stand up and become a friend of yourself – a good starting point on the road to truth. Then we have at least a chance of gaining understanding. Lacking Reality, we won´t.

  324. Marty: “Dutch Muskets ” 😉

  325. Efeectively the President of France is like a Benign Monarch , but in Italy and Germany a President is just a figure-head.

  326. Helmut. Exactly. That was my point. But you were far more eloquent in it’s communication 😉

  327. Perfect ack to my origination. Thank you

  328. “Practice away. There is jack shit this collapsed space Suppressive Person can do about it.”

    Amen 😀

  329. Karen,
    thanks you are right. You are so sharp like a samurai sword.
    Has anybody wandered for example WHY is DM, the dwarf, the last earth implanter opening every new Ideal Org?
    While “in fact” RTC is not part of the management structure and “per definition” not involved in its day-to-day
    affairs. And per definition and given purpose CSI is responsible for each Org, Mission on the planet. So it would be self-evident und more proper all Ideal Org Opening events being hold by CO CSI Guillaume Leserve or maybe the President of CSI Hebert Jenzscth.
    But no, DM is doing the opening, bypassing them, nullifying them and Scientologists IN do not dare ask, hey wait a minute, THIS IS NOT HIS JOB NOR HIS DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But good opportunity for own image polish up.
    If RTC would be for real RTC as per my understanding of the definition, public would maybe never know of it, who they are, who is the President or Inspector General (the Boss) of that entity. Not the COB, because this post wouldn’t even exist. They would operate more like the C/S in the background, gentle, no side noise, discreet but effective ensuring the purity of LRH tech and its application.

  330. Yes, seems naive to think, he can do all this without backup from somewhere.
    On the interesting but a little messy site here
    there is a link to ‘The Crowley Files’ which lists David Miscavige and Heber Jentsch
    as ‘CIA Sources’.
    Wonder how valid those files are? Anyone with more information on that?

  331. Goddess:

    “Why do we stay? We stay for YOU.”

    Absolutely. Its why I stayed. Its why I tried to do my part to keep the show on the road, the show being keeping a space open in which auditing could continue to occur. The public at our Mission never had any idea of what went on behind the scenes. They came in and got their auditing and their wins and each time one would continue on up to the OT levels it made it worth it to me and my fellow staff to continue to make that possible. We were making Clears and OTs and we knew that in the end, that would be the very thing that would heal the ills.

    And we were right. Here we are with many, many Clears and OTs stepping up the plate to do exactly what we knew they would do – work to ensure that others can have the gains, wins and wonder of auditing.

  332. “Much of what holds us back is not O/Ws or evil ints……but don’t knows – we don’t know. ” –Alan Walter

  333. I used my own name in 2002 after OSA had been calling my 82 year old father and telling him I was a “criminal on the run from the law” and doing whatever they could to get my sister to disconnect from me in order to destroy my family.

    Two years prior to that, it was my strategy, for my particular situation, to remain anonymous. OSA caught on to me and began monitoring my phone calls at work, they had people follow me into restaurants to listen to my conversations, and they hacked into my email accounts and read my personal emails.

    They eventually got me fired from my job and they could have done a lot more to “destroy me utterly” had I not remained anonymous for the time I did.

    People have to arrange things so that they have their defenses set up against what can be done to them. I’m sure you understand that, Mike, having run OSA for as long as you did.

    Don’t you?

    What helpful strategies can you give those who might be vulnerable to the types of things OSA does to try to destroy people utterly?

    Besides telling them to drop their defenses and be more vulnerable to them?

  334. martyrathbun09

    RJ, Thanks. Can you email me what you know about Dm and Robert Mullen?

  335. martyrathbun09

    I did too; sans any arms. He promised and then reneged on meeting me on several occasions.

  336. Hey, I just realized something on the question of how come DM was ‘tolerated’.
    It’s in Essay on Management; the flow of power was actually to LRH. DM got any power within that group by stealing it from LRH. He inserted himself into the line between SO members and the Theta of the Goal and Goalmaker.

  337. Mike,
    What you have described above is the most disgusting thing I have heard about so far. You mean actual Source materials, for which there are no other copies, were destroyed? Was this at the direction of DM.
    Also, are you referring to the same materials as Nancy Many described. This breaks my heart. It also shows how 1.1 (covert hostility on the Tone Scale) things had become, after all the bragging about “recovering Lost Tech.” I remember Int Events years ago a lot of bragging about the search in former places where LRH lived, for Tech that was lost. Now you are telling me that whole floors of LRH materials and lectures were destroyed? And that Sea Org members, the guardians of the technology did it? More than likely under “orders” from above?
    Lady Minn

  338. that brings back memories… falling asleep while painting the newly renovated music studio and being kicked awake by Mark Ingber because His Dwarfiness was on his way down…

  339. Jim
    ‘Espouses’ or ‘applies’?
    Granted it may be better than the C of M which is at total ‘divorce’ stage at this point but ‘espouses’ doesn’t do it for me. It’s LRH tech or it ain’t.
    Others are welcome to monkey around with it a little bit and add their own ‘improvements’ but personally, I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a barge pole.
    Still, that’s just me. Each to their own.

  340. Fancy
    The ‘mine is bigger than yours’ bragging contest is getting tiresome. How about we keep our eye on the ball?

  341. Yup. Classic theta sucker 😀

  342. Private Wynn,

    If Jeff Hawkins has not experienced a single bit of crap from OSA in the years he has been out, what the hell are you being afraid of?

  343. Thank you, Cat Daddy. Love that.


  344. MajorWynn, there are other points in the Code of Honour aside from #9 and #10. (#1, #2 and #3 immediately spring to mind).

  345. This seems completely right to me, and I’m sure the reason I never saw this before was that I personally never felt that same purpose that drives so many Sea Org members. It’s really a beautiful, even magnificent thing. It explains it completely.

    I KNEW that the missing piece for me in understanding this question was admiration, and this is VERY easy to admire.


    martyrathbun09 | January 27, 2010 at 12:27 pm |

    Reply Axiom 142, perhaps this from LRH’s An Essay on Management might shed some light on your question:
    “There is an intriguing factor involved, however: ARC lines. When they are slightly interrupted they deliver power to the individual that interrupts them. True it is authoritarian power – death power. But a very faint tampering with a line gives authority to the tamperer since he is obscuring to some slight degree a section of Theta. His group is trying to see the Theta and reach it and if they can do so only through the tamperer and if they are convinced that the tamperer or tampering is necessary (which it NEVER is), then the group tolerates the tamperer in the hopes of seeing more Theta. Mistaking this regard for him as something he is receiving personally, the tamperer cannot resist, if he is a narrow and stupid man, tampering a little more with the ARC line. He can live and is tolerated only so long as the Theta he is partially obscuring is not entirely obscured. But he, by that first tampering, starts on the dwindling spiral. Eventually he is so “reactive” (and he would have to be pretty much reactive mind to start such an operation) that he obscures the Theta or discredits it. At that moment he dies. He has put so much tension on the line that it explodes. If it is not a very theta ARC in the first place, he is relatively safe for a longer period. The pomp and glory he assumes are not his. He makes them enMEST and entheta and eventually corrupts them utterly and corrupts himself and all around him and dies as management.

    Just trying to help Jim ;), CD

  347. PJ, there is a simple answer. There is an LRH S.O. ref. The boss was asking why your “SO members” life/neck was so precious (paraphrased) vis-a-vis getting in trouble . The bottom line was it is just a body. Those who caved to DM didn’t fully grasp the reality of WHAT they are. Thus, fear. It is its own PTSness to the body and has nothing to do with OWs against DM. And, yes I can say this as I saw what went down and was sent to the shack in days of old and sec checked 12-18 hours a day. Lasted for about 2 days until I told ’em to F*&$% off or risk great bodily harm. I was of course removed from the environment. LOL. BUT, I didn’t participate in off policy actions, my protests against such being the reason I was isolated & sec checked.

  348. Jim

    Funny, that’s just how a tape worm works.


  349. Val, and everyone…
    It’s true, I flew of the handle yesterday. “Who” Fancy isnever entered my mind. My initial thought was how silly, to me, it was to point out that something may be being done over again for the 4th or 5th time. Who cares how often the same conversation is rehashed if we finally get it right in the end?

    Also, when I dared to venture on the net and search out information on Scn and the current state of affairs, the only site I felt safe with was Friends of LRH. The Freezone site admits the squirrels out in the field and for that reason, and others I have, I chose to avoid that site. For invalidating the true work and efforts of Fancy and others like her, I do offer up my apology. I do have issues with wanting Tech too be standard. I don’t tink the answer is out there yet. Marty, i fyou can delete my post, I’ll allow that but will not insist on it. Perhaps someone else might learn from this conversation?

  350. I was briefly a research subject in the post CIA continuing exploration of the abilities of consciousness, which was being conducted by a former intelligence officer, who was the last head of the CIA funded effort, and apparently now funded by George Soros.

    It is my belief that very real techniques were developed. These techniques allow some degree of Remote Viewing accuracy. They do not seem to be accurate to the degree that most people would consider them reliable. But they are trainable methods, statisticly proven to have some degree of efficacy.

    The evidence I could find did indicate that the CIA intentionally made it look as if the original project was a failure, while secretly continuing to use the fruits of it out of the public eye.

    This is a good analysis of the circumstances surrounding the CIA’s withdrawl….

    It is also my belief that the bulk of the techniques developed are not directly a result of scientology techniques, but from independent research. Though some of the most appropriate people to be involved were scientologists, who as a result of scientology were more open to the various methods.

    But some of the best Remote Viewers are not connected or exposed to scientology. It seems that people with latent talent still do the best at it.

    There is a fair amount of evidence that Remote viewing was used successfully in real life intelligence operations, and probably still is.

    Men who stare at goats (the movie) is pure satire and not an examination of the facts. The original book was more an examination of programs and events, but not the actual science behind the events. The actual science is much dryer, but promising, bringing emerging concepts of quantum physics, together with explorations of consciousness.

    So….Does the CIA or dark forces “puppet” David Miscavige?

    No. His reactive mind does. Occums razor being the operative determining factor.

  351. “I do not support punitive handlings in any instance as they do nothing to make a being more able, and are therefor not valid processes. The exact amount of pressure needs to be applied in order to start the being moving up the tone scale. I fully support those here who are helping to accomplish this end.”

    And thus the “being”Miscavige abuses beings yet another day/week/jaar/decade ?

  352. Lady Minn,

    The WUS Cont Mimeo files had no LRH *originals* ever, to the best of my knowledge. But when I was at Pubs US in 1979-1981, those files were standard on-policy issue files and not only had the most recent versions of each issue, but also had a master and two copies of each and every revision of each issue. These were vital reference works for word clearing, as a person might frequently be found to have gotten their M/U on a different version of an issue than the current one.

    The reel-to-reel tapes which were destroyed were all 3rd or 4th generation copies and not LRH Originals either, but these were all needed for Qual instructs or word-clearing – even the older editions of these tapes prior to the Clearsound cassette releases of the same lecture were vital for word-clearing because the cassette versions had often been edited, too.

    The SHSBC Course Admin ASHOF (me) was certainly in not privy to any McSavage orders to CMO, but AFAIK, no one else would have ordered that.

    I was not present for the actual ransacking of those file cabinets or the actual pulping process, as I have said. I did happen to observe the PAC Base Crew stake bed truck being filled to the brim with issues to be pulped several times. It is *possible* that the revision history folder copies from the files were preserved, but this operation was being conducted by Renos personnel intent upon clearing the LA Org 4th floor so they could begin work there and proceeded with such breakneck speed that no attempt to preserve those master copies was evident or probable – neither did I observe any such folders being set aside as the cabinets were being emptied when I happened to observe this evolution in progress.

    Michael A. Hobson

    Michael A. Hobson

  353. Maria,
    That post and your postulates sent chills down my body.

  354. Valkov,
    You’re right. I could find no delicate way to express what I wanted to. My intention however was to spare the person further stress. My apologies for my lack of better discretion.

  355. Cat Daddy,
    This whole ‘psych’ thing is grossly mis-construed. DM needs ‘enemies’.

    LRH uses the term generically to describe a Tone, or ‘mind-set’ , a GPM in play, much like he used ‘communist’.

    “You see, the communist isn’t a thing. The communist is a position on the Tone Scale where you get the low-toned mockery of “we all own all the anchor points.” 1stACC, RESTIMULATION OF ENGRAMS, EXPERIENCES, 26 Oct 53.

  356. Yeah, Unfortunately, some got hurt doing that using cutting power tools or falling off scaffolding.

  357. Chuckie,
    It’s posts like this one that make me proud you and ran the Exec College as a team.

  358. The real story of how LRH died, of how he signed a new will the day before he died — and this following a stroke while he was medicated — will come out. The story of how non-Scientology attorneys got into the mix will also come out.

    DM did not take over CoS by himself. He did not have the brains. But he did have non-Scientology attorneys who created legal and financial structures that effectively allowed him to control the entire church. The critics have researched much of this based on legal papers, but there are some gaps that need to be filled in.

    DM was never a legally appointed successor. He was a Machiavellian functionary who, assisted by high priced attorneys and the power of SP declares, bulldozed his way to the top.

    DM never cared about the Tech. He cared about power.

    This is a subtle point: The Tech was merely DM’s route to power. Where the Tech interfered with his ability to gain and hold power, he changed the Tech. Where people interfered with his ability to gain and hold power, he RPF’d or declared them.

    IMO, after DM gained total control his motivation became self-aggrandizement this after he met Tom Cruise. DM wanted to be a movie star just like Tom. CoS gave him a stage, unlimited funds, an entourage, and his own intelligence bureau to engage in the “big get even” with anyone who crossed him.

    After the Anonymous and Independent onslaughts of 2008 and 2009, DM became about Ideal Orgs. DM needed to show some sort of product in the face of the protests and the revelations of his personal conduct.

    COB: Power, revenge, luxury, and real estate. DM basically fell into the valence of Leona Helmsley:

    If DM had really been a committed, gung ho Scientologist, he would have availed himself of the best auditors possible. DM had the ability to become an OT VIII, do the L’s, and do any other courses he wanted — and he could have had the best auditors. Any Scientologists would have jumped at the chance. However, none of the training and processing interested COB. Instead of becoming an OT, DM became the world’s biggest SP. DM did more to derail CoS than Big Pharma ever could or would. Scientology’s real enemy is not the Psychs; it is a man named David Miscavige.


  359. Major,
    DM never came close to striking me, or anyone in my vicinity for that matter.

    I don’t engage in physical force, lest I finish it off so to speak. I’ve found I can exert force much more along the lines of a correct estimation of effort. So, I have not physically fought anyone since I was like, 15 years old. That one was a draw. He was 17, a foot and half taller than me, and had moves I wasn’t familiar with 🙂 But, I got in my shots.

    I know that if DM had ever moved to use physical force on me, and I was to respond physically, that I would have taken care so to speak, and that’s well before the rest of the guys would have jumped on me. Alas, DM never came close to any such activity, with me.

    It’s easy to envision what one would do in such a case, as you have done. It’s much different when the circumstances present themselves. Personally, the restraint practiced by those undergoing this assault from this peckerwood are to me the finest examples of compassion and discretion, as the better part of valor, that I can think of. Kudos to those beings for not pounding a disabled person despite all provocation.

  360. CD,
    Hey, that IS help.Thanks!

    That’s the quote.

    OK, you get a nice bowl of catnip for that one. Don’t eat it all at once, it will upset your catgut. Oooky.

  361. I disagree with all of the “conspiracy theory” going on about DM. Implanted – possibly but unlikely.

    I met him when he was 16 years old and I was impressed. He was dedicated, standard and tough. He turned out to be an asshole, gradually as time went on. That’s for sure.

    But check this out: He sat on a veritable gold mine. Unfettered access to a billion dollars will burn a hole in anyone’s soul if they are even a little out ethics. Without checks and balances, he didn’t stand a prayer with that money there beckoning to him. A little dip in the funds here and a little overt there, a little over here, a few big overts and now a lot of overts and pretty soon he cannot as-is life and he’s toast and he loses his mind. Then a pretty girl dies because of his squirreling. Oh no, he committed a heinous anti-social act and now, now he is what he thinks everyone else is – an SP.

    I think its as simple as that.

    ML Tom

  362. lunamoth,
    Yes, but that imagery …


  363. Was Miscavige Hitler last lifetime?

  364. Lunamoth
    Always guaranteed to make me snort my coffee! Sending you my cleaning bill!

  365. DM is at “I alone Own all the anchorpoints” And a personality is pretty person based as in fixed to that or this person unless one has shizophrenic tendecies or is inclined to have multiple personalities. (Ugh, Out of expierience I seem to be atracted to girls that have that.)

    “The Basic Reason

    The basic reason the antisocial personality behaves as he or she does lies in a hidden terror of others.

    To such a person every other being is an enemy, an enemy to be covertly or overtly destroyed.

    The fixation is that survival itself depends on “keeping others down” or “keeping people ignorant.”

    If anyone were to promise to make others stronger or brighter, the antisocial personality suffers the utmost agony of personal danger.

    They reason that if they are in this much trouble with people around them weak or stupid, they would perish should anyone become strong or bright.

    Such a person has no trust to a point of terror. This is usually masked and unrevealed.

    When such a personality goes insane, the world is full of Martians or the FBI and each person met is really a Martian or FBI agent.

    But the bulk of such people exhibit no outward signs of insanity. They appear quite rational. They can be very convincing.

    However, the list given above consists of things which such a personality cannot detect in himself or herself. This is so true that if you thought you found yourself in one of the above, you most certainly are not antisocial. Self-criticism is a luxury the antisocial cannot afford. They must be right because they are in continual danger in their own estimation. If you proved one wrong, you might even send him or her into a severe illness.

    Only the sane, well-balanced person tries to correct his conduct.”

    I totaly agrree with this psychological assesment.

  366. Major – one more try. You are as dreadfully unreal as the armchair quarterback LRH describes in Data Series 12.

    Picture this: There you are at Int with your bad-ass “I got integrity” flag flying. You dedicated your entire existence to the Sea Org and to LRH 15 years prior. You sold your house and cars long ago and the money in your bank has dwindled to nothing. Everything you have is now in the Sea Org. You can’t even remember your friends in the “world” because it’s been so long since you talked to them. And oh, your family hasn’t seen you for years and they now feel you are a bit estranged to them, and you feel distant to them.

    Now all of your friends and family are in the Sea Org. You love them and they love your because now you are arm in arm with them on a crusade.

    All of a sudden the top Exec of the Church comes to you and is pissed at you fr whatever reason. He has three or four other senior execs with him and a security guard by the name of Jeremy who would love nothing more than to kick the living crap out of you.

    DM slaps you. Your integrity to your own body kicks in and you beat the crap out of DM. Now you stand tall, for about three seconds because you are now on your way to “Happy” Valley with armed escorts and you are going to be there for a long time working out A-E because you are now a declared SP. Then because you stood your ground again at HV, you are routed out after you sign the most bullshit affidavit a lawyer has ever drawn up, confess your sins on video to the lawyer, get handed $500 and routed out to the street.

    You say: “Ya, that’s exactly the way it would go down.” Except I think you’re full of it because you don’t even stand up to DM now. He has you by the short and curlies because he knows you will still hide behind your alias because you’re scared of him now. The worse that can happen is you get declared SP. That would have happened if you hit DM uplines. So it is apples vs apples.

    The reason I’m calling you on this is because you invalidate those Sea Org members who you feel “Didn’t stand up to DM”. But a lot of them did. Most are decent beings that don’t believe in violence as you apparently do, but they did stand up by blowing or routing out and are standing very tall now.

    Where are you?


  367. Jim I’ll settle for a kinky girl instead

  368. LOL Hitlers dropped the body on April 30th wich is Miscaviges Birthday. Only DM would know now would he 😉 Or is there an OT 8 that recognizes his Being.

  369. No, I bet he was Joseph Stalin, though.

  370. The above is a clear sane explaination of what is going on with our church. Each of us can be of help in handling by first informing others that haven’t seen this post. This can be done by anonomously or not sending a copy to each ED of an org or mission in your area. You can get an email address from gmail with your name or not on it and send it to all your terminals with something in the subject to bypass automatic spam deletes like “non org personal scientologist’s comm”. You can go to your local org or mission and just hand it out to peope going in and out of the place. You might say something lik eyou need to check this out. Verify it yourself. whatever.

  371. Major Wynn,
    Have you ever studied group dynamics? Milgram? Zimbardo? Stanford Prison Experiement?

  372. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Great quote, Cat Daddy. I love the Being, Thomas Paine.

  373. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Excellent quotes, Deb Lee!

    (One little typo – Our inherent and intrinsic Rights are UNalienable :))

    Most likely that wolf quote, sometimes attributed to Ben Franklin, was not made by him. Apparently the term “lunch” wasn’t used in the 1700’s. In any case, it’s still a fantastic quote which applies no matter who really said it!)

  374. I’m with you on that one Tom.

  375. Great summary…

    It kind of goes in line with my suspicions that the C of S was infiltrated by outsiders. Lawyers are granted license by government, so I was perhaps not too far off.

    I would love to see an article about the TRUE story about the body death of LRH, and know just what happened to him, why he was in such bad shape in the end, etc. So much as been written, but for some reason, I do not think the REAL facts have been revealed.

    Anyway, right or wrong, I always just write what I feel. And I feel there are more facts to be revealed, and you certainly re-ignited my curiosity.


  376. Dear Windwalker,
    Please Email me

  377. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Ugh, Hamilton. I could never stand that NWO Bankster SOB who supported a National banking system.

    One of the biggest downfalls in the American history of Freedom was in 1913 by setting up the “Federal” Reserve (private) bankster system.

    The other disaster was “The War for State’s Rights”. The “Civil War” is a misnomer.

    “… there never was a civil war in the USA. By definition, a civil war is where 2 or more factions are fighting for control of the same government. The War For States’ Rights was not about control of the US government, but about our desire to govern ourselves as an independent nation.”

  378. martyrathbun09

    Wayne, Nothing personal, because I truly value your daily contributions here, but the link you provided is a bill of unadulterated bullshit. Right from the first paragraph it lays in the Confederate apoligist BIG LIE, ” Those who have actually studied history (or at least paid attention in history class, assuming they had a good teacher like I did – thank you Mr. Simms) know that the War For State’s Rights was not about slavery (as the occupational government would like you to believe), but about where (at its most basic level) governing laws, and regulations should come from.” Be wary, any who peruse the link.

  379. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I’m not sure where I may have hit a sensitive spot or where you’re coming from, but this (IMO) is not “unadulterated bullshit” (a quote from that very site).

    The 10th Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” This amendment was the basis of the doctrine of states’ rights that became the ante-bellum rallying cry of the Southern states, which sought to restrict the ever-growing powers of the federal government. The principle of states’ rights and state sovereignty eventually led the Southern states to secede from the central government that they believed had failed to honor the covenant that had originally bound the states together.”

    The federal government already back then went beyond the scope of their designated power in our Constitution. Of course, today, the federal government has extended it’s own power almost beyond belief.

    Do you support the New Hampshire Free State Project?

  380. Flytrike.
    Thank you
    AT AOLA in the last 2 years, I witnessed the RTC Rep order directly into the NOTS HGC ~~~ to the Board I/C, the D of Ps, call immediate meetings and so on with no other EXEC in sight. She was running the show.
    A DM bot directly micro managing for DM, the personnel in the NOTS HGC.
    To hell with command lines and LRH policy !
    DM has assumed the post of the new MESSIAH !
    HE IS GOING TO IMPROVE ON LRH ! DM is running the show from DM verbal orders over Green on White.
    Here’s where that Judge in Headley case made a total goof.
    She believed the DM crap was part of the “religious doctrine” when DM crap has nothing to do with LRH policy and tech…..

  381. martyrathbun09

    But, she really didn’t believe it and hence… – back to the Paine quote.

  382. martyrathbun09

    I’ll give you a clue: SLAVERY. The original sin and lie that the United States profited from and compromised with from the word “go.” That was the reason for the 10th Amendment, and it was the reason for the South protesting a 10th Amendment violation. THe rest is sophistry; which quite frankly is tolerated because the US economy continued to profit off slave labor after abolition of slavery, and does to this day.

  383. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Do you support the New Hampshire Free State Project?

  384. martyrathbun09

    Never heard of it. You have a response to my two sentence 10th Amendment analysis?

  385. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    The Right to secede was almost taken for granted in early America. Our Founding Fathers seceded from England. Who could deny that same Right to others who did not “consent” to the government they lived under? Texas seceded from Mexico, and that was ok, too; that state joined the Union. But the South couldn’t secede from the Union? That’s really what the Civil War was fought about.

    I urge readers to get the book, “Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe”

    Here are some shocking facts one may not know about Lincoln …

    (Perhaps one may experience a similar feeling they had when they first realized David Miscavage is not who they thought he was.)

    – He did not believe in racial equality, and stated this publicly a number of times (such as when he pledged to uphold Illinois’ law against interracial marriage).

    – As a lawyer, he once defended a slave owner’s right to keep his slaves, but never defended a runaway slave.

    – He favored a constitutional amendment (the Corwin Amendment) that would have guaranteed the existence of American slavery in perpetuity and would have been irrevocable.

    – He was willing to leave every slave in slavery if it would “help save the Union”.

    – He preferred that all American blacks be “colonized” outside of the United States, and actively worked for this – including during his time as president.

    – The Emancipation Proclamation was strictly a military measure designed to “suppress said rebellion”, not a humanitarian gesture; and it freed only those slaves in parts of the Confederacy that were not under Union occupation. Slaves in the border states and occupied areas were unaffected by it. As his own Secretary of State said, it applied to slaves where Lincoln could not reach them, but left them in bondage where he could have easily freed them.

    – He ordered the arrest of the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Roger Taney, when Taney referred to Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus as an act of despotism.

    – He and his military machine closed down anti-war newspapers; censored telegraphs, sermons and sheet music; unlawfully arrested thousands for expressing anti-Lincoln or anti-war sentiments (including in the Northern states); and made pitiless war against Southern civilians in an effort to win this “peoples’ contest”. Entire towns and cities, such as Meridian, Mississippi and Atlanta, Georgia, were laid waste, their inhabitants left destitute and starving.

    – Secession is not forbidden by the Constitution, and is a more American ideal than that of Union by force. The United States of America came into existence as an act of secession, justified by the Declaration of Independence, which states that all people to have a Right to a government of their consent.

  386. martyrathbun09

    Oh my God. You all can read my book Deconstructing the American Creation Myth once it is done to balance out the truckload of bullshit you are gonna be fed if you go down this slippery slope.

  387. Allen that’s over now. No one’s tried to mess with me whatsoever. Zero justice actions, zero anything. I’m in comm with whoever I want to be in comm with. All I’ve gotten from church terminals is agreement, after the initial shock and HE and R. They’re basically like “yeah it’s a mess, I’ve known it is. What are you going to do about it?”

  388. Dear Michael Dobson,
    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it. I understand now that you are talking about basically a Qual Library, and I am familiar how these are used for cramming and word clearing, and correcting students, auditors and case supervisors. That anyone would do away with these materials, especially when there is a record of revisions and the earlier editions are needed for word clearing, is still a crime against the Technology and training. Thank you for not participating in this and letting us know these things have occurred.
    That DM, or anyone below him, would authorize the destruction of these materials, to “clear space” just shows how little respect there has been for Source and Source Materials, and the alteration of importances. Buildings and space are more important than priceless materials. Those materials were probably the main Qual materials for the PAC area, and it sounds like, for the Briefing Course. The only other Briefing Course I know of for the U.S. is at the Flag Land Base. I hope the same thing did not happen to Flag’s Qual Library.
    Thank you again.
    A very angry Lady Minn

  389. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    I’m unable to comment on what you said because there’s not enough data there for me to make enough sense of what you’re saying.

    As for the Free State Project, perhaps you may discover you want to know about it after a little perusal here …

  390. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    That’s great! I can hardly wait for your “Deconstructing the American Creation Myth”. I’ll be one of the first to buy your book, I promise!

    I’m the first to admit that I can have missing data, or an incorrect evaluation. So I always constantly seek and remain vigilant.

    I get wary when somebody suggests I shouldn’t look.

  391. Sam,

    Yours above is an excellent post. It really paints the picture of how David Miscavige subtracts from his environment — not improves it.

    Miss you,
    Just Me

  392. It occurred to me that I may be over-simplifying the problem. One the one hand, one wants to be loyal to his group and family by not “deserting” the Sea Org by enduring what would happen if one physically struck back at Miscavige; while at the same time one’s own reality is violated on a daily basis by trying to put with up with the physical and mental abuse that is leveled at one. One feels the need to retaliate against Miscavige to maintain their integrity (and sanity), but at the same time one doesn’t want to be a deserter: a true GPM. I think eventually people decide to leave once they realize they can’t fix the problem from the inside.

  393. martyrathbun09

    Wayne, I appreciate it. We could go off on this tangent for who knows how long. But, let me just say two things to help get our R back up. First, you noted that Texas seceded from Mexico and USA seceded from Britain, and therefore the Union was not justified in waging war against the Southern States that seceded. Well, Mexico did wage war on Texas. And, of course you know Britain waged war on the USA. Second, I know Lincoln’s shortcomings and the “freed the slaves” mantel is mythology. In fact, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation for two primary reasons, 1) England was about to enter the war on the side of the South and the only way Lincoln could keep them out was by making it clear to the world the Union was fighting to end slavery, 2) The union was getting its ever loving ass kicked by the Rebels (in no small part due to its unlimited access to slave labor; the superior ramparts they built were largely built by slaves, e.g.) and Generals, including Grant, advised the slaves be freed and as freedmen be enlisted in the army (he was aware of some pretty serious exploits by black (informal up the point of Emancipation Proclamation) troops. Nonetheless, the secession was about one thing and one thing alone – the South’s concern they’d lose slavery with Lincoln being elected.

  394. martyrathbun09

    Ok, I’ll check it out when I get some time.

  395. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    I read the link you posted here a few months ago but I re-read it in a new unit of time today. WOW, is Degenerate Munchkin a real S/P or what?! He coerced people around him to do his bidding with force and degradation. LRH was basically not-ised by DM and his gang. Makes me shake my head in bewilderment as to how someone like LRH can be pushed aside considering what he has done for the sanity of this planet.

    Funny how we haven’t heard much from TOM CRUISE lately, huh? You think he’s hiding with DM in his bunker? Perhaps having co-tanning sessions? 🙂

    Marty is right about getting true Scientology on the road without the present CoS involved. It is dead for all intents and purposes. I hope that more of the S.O. staff on board there that have good hearts will leave and go Independent for everyone’s sake.

    Oh by the way…. Hey DM!! WHERE’S HEBER?!!!!!!!


  396. Thanks for the warm welcome Victoria.

    Now Marg,

    The fact is that Greta and her dear husband John are far too interested in manipulating and controlling people to ever leave the Church of Squirrelotology.

    Note she’s gone on record as saying she’s a big fan of the “ethics tech” or more accurately mind control, psywarfare or non invasive torture as is currently applied under the false flag of quote -ethics -unquote.

    You see ethics used to be about getting tech in or was used as a last resort when tech went out.

    Not anymore!

    Ethics in Squirrelotolgy now means getting people to do what you want.

    This is why it is such a popular subject in the “Church” these days.

    In the old days it was merely a stop gap.

    A check to hold any destructive impulses at bay until the tech could be applied.

    Now ethics or what they call “ethics” has become so pervasive and is used in the “Church” continually to keep people in line.

    And this is the exact aspect of Scientology or more accurately Squirrelotology that people like Greta and her husband plus many WISE members prefer and is the reason why the organization epitomizes the surveillance state.

    The one that many Governments seem to be inexorably moving toward with such things as the Patriot Act and DNA testing for everyone, except for the elite of course who are the ones dedicated to ruling over us unruly plebs.

    Squirrelotolgy is basically a microcosm of what some call the “New World Order”.

    Miscavige may or may not be aware of this (frankly I doubt that he is because he’s so stupid) but I’m sure that Greta and her friends (the ones covered in that article) are very aware of the game being played and this is why they support the Church as it is.

    If it was actually freeing people and making actual OTs. You wouldn’t find them anywhere near it.

    Ergo I wouldn’t put her in the same category as Paul or others who have left for reasons of conscience.

    Also another thing.

    I try to avoid going all Miscavige and salivating over star power like he’s done with Cruise.

    I mean who needs Div VI when you have your own personal cruise missile!

    I mean I had to restrain myself from laughing in the nice but brain dead Sea Org members face when she told me about all the people that Cruise was going to drive personally into the org.

    Yeah right.

    Is the guy going to be driving a Gray Hound bus?

    Anyway we see how well that obsession with star power has worked for them.

    So I wouldn’t get caught in the same trap.

    In other words if Greta and her ambulance chasing husband left…So what????

  397. “…Anyway, right or wrong, I always just write what I feel. And I feel there are more facts to be revealed…” — Centurion

    I admire that.

  398. Brendon,
    1. I “rail” against DM because I actually find it energizing to vent, as opposed to “spending energy”. Especially when you are venting about things that you’ve had to hold inside for so many years. I find it therapeutic and revitalizing to re-form my own opinions and be able to state them openly, even debate or discuss them with others who might not agree. That’s my “selfish” reason for doing it.
    2. My “unselfish” reason stems from a sense of obligation. I believe those who have knowledge of abuse and criminality have an obligation to do something about it. A first step would be making it known on the avenues one has access to. Don’t think for a minute that this is the only place we “rail” or speak out. I started doing that five years ago when it was pretty darned scary to do so, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. The abuse and criminality has not stopped, so why should I?
    3. Finally, new people come to this blog every day and unless they have oodles of time, they probably do not go back and read every post and comment. I’ve been following the blog since it started and I’m pretty sure I’ve only read a fraction of what people have had to say. In that sense I’d say it DOES lead to new awakenings or “departures”.

  399. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    To all those still looking but not feeling the free will to leave…

    Follow your hearts!


  400. Jesse makes an excellent point here. In order to help, government entities and officials need to know what’s going on and in most cases, there are procedures to follow in order to make information known and request help. I know that some are working in this direction, but there is much more to do.

  401. Thanks Sinar. Appreciated.

  402. I highly recommend the movie, too.

  403. Also, the Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space lectures are jam packed with advanced OT processes. So are the Creation of Human Ability lectures. At least that’s what those series were called last time I looked.

  404. Cat Daddy

    My emphasis was on “punitive”. ( For punishment sake alone) That I cannot condone.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I in no way condone or support DMs maniacal reign in the CofM. Every day that he remains is a bad day for us all. The termination of his “reign of terror”, by whatever means, cannot happen soon enough for me.


  405. The USA and other Corporate States are still using slave labor in China, India, South America and right here in America with “illegal” Mexicans. Giant corporations like WalMart pay slave wages to most of their employees. American Corporate Money-War Machine uses the poor their main recruiting pool to hire slave soldiers of all colors for their resource-grabbing “wars”.

  406. Margaret,

    In 13 years directly in Ron’s Tech Comps Unit between 1979 and 1997, and from 27 years on the Int Base, this never came across my lines. I never heard anyone mention it and never saw any LRH traffic on the subject and I studied just about everything.

    I’ve seen the stuff about Puthoff (who incidentally addressed my father’s Rotary Club luncheon one time in the early 70s) , Pat Price (saw him give a fascinating talk about remote viewing at the Davis Mission in 1973 or ’74), Russel Targ (another Stanford guy along with Puthoff; they allegedly did an experiment whereby they mocked up some matter and then as-ised it and measured the results) and Ingo Swann and apart from a couple mentions by Swann in Advance Mag, I don’t recall any mentions of these phenomena.

    That’s what I know.


  407. All these “based on the works of” books are by RTRC. WIS was written by Dan Sherman, Trevor Meldal-Johnsen (RIP) and myself. The Scientology Handbook was “written” by Bob Azevedo, Tom Ford and myself. These kids books were written by RTRC compilers though I forget now who specifically. The Life Improvement Courses were written by me and other RTRC Compilers. R Comps did reissues of books by LRH. RTRC did everything else, basically. If there are specific questions I could take a stab at answering them for you.

  408. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    “Squirrelotology is basically a microcosm of what some call the “New World Order”.”

    Holy crap, RJ … that really indicated!

  409. DM squeling like a rat to the CIA is believable. I wonder what the sleezy little Man has told them. Probably that Mayo is a communist. Doesn’t make him an operative, just a rat(bastard).

  410. martyrathbun09

    Wayne and RJ, that little kernal of truth did not pass my notice either.

  411. Theo Sismanides

    Really spot-on J. Swift. So who were those non Scientology attorneys? And what was their role in dismantiling Scientology and helping DM?

    I agree with you and would like to get answers. What we are doing here finally, and now the whole matter comes to surface, is actually trying to find out what REALLY happened, not what SOME say “HAPPENED”!

    So, let’ keep collecting data and coming up with valid questions. Who were those non Scientology lawyers? I named a couple. Can you name them J. Swift and be more specific?

  412. Theo Sismanides

    Hey, Cat Daddy, you smart cat! You know the refs cold! Haha! That was a good show! See, we Scientologists do not have to re-invent the wheel. We just study a bit more LRH than the normal cats do!

  413. Theo Sismanides

    Dan, thank you for giving us more details of what was happening at Int. You see, when one has no data on something he can just start dubbing in things. On Yager and Ray Mithoff for example.

    I am very sorry for both of them. They looked good to me. But after a point that DM was bulldozing the whole Tech, they seemed to me as accomplishes to the crimes of DM. They would appear at Int Events from time to time and that made them look to me that they had OKed DMs high crimes.

    I am sorry especially for Mark because of what you described there.

    On GAT I think you know better than anyone what this made to Scientology.

    We are all out now so we can make something out of Scientology. I trust that you as a Tech trained person can do something on that.

  414. Safe~CofM couldn’t put the authors’ names in them because then there would be proof that someone was actually smart and understood LRH better than David Miscavige. That definitely doesn’t fit with his master plan either!
    When I first went went to the mission in Baton Rouge around ’87, we had to get everything that had the initials DM (David Mayo) OUT! I had NO clue what was going on.
    He didn’t fit in the master plan either.

  415. Theo Sismanides

    Joe Pendleton, I understand you. And I have felt many times like you. Very angry about it. But this is 10 years ago. Now I have started to become flat on it.

    I understand them.

    My Why for this is the SO execs and staff were no Gods. Actually they were not even Free Beings as per the LRH lecture. 50% force and 50% intelligence. I was very “lucky” to have a very intelligent wife (above 50%) who understood a lot and stayed on KSW. She was much lower on force, so I picked up on force and screamed in the CLO EU and AOSHEU and Corona about HCOBs!!!

    But when people have not reached some % on Intelligence and Force and rely on Miscaviges and “Leaders” then you get what you get.

    I remember an Italian Translator, Vico Terzi, long time SO, he is out now, and he said to me as TU DIR EU when I said that I am preparing a whole thing in the TU protesting about the non application of the translation HCOBs: He said: OK, I will come to your funeral. This was so pathetic. I now understand that just because Vico Terzi was the EPF I/C when I joined in 1990 and always highly thought of him, it didn’t mean anything. He hadn’t become a Free Being in the SO. I believe I became more Free than him. I could and I did stood against the so called Int Mgmt and RTC and CO CLOEU that bully, Walter Kotric, low IQ guy, who could just follow orders. So, there you have it from me. A whole structure set up with CO CLOs and stupidos to protect the illegal orders and the non free beings just waiting to come to our funeral. Nope, that was not a Product, those are not Free Being AKA OTs. Something was going wrong.

  416. RJ wrote: “Note she’s gone on record as saying she’s a big fan of the “ethics tech” or more accurately mind control,…”

    LOL, I’ll give you props for imagination RJ.

    Greta and the hubbie couldn’t even decide which end of the political herd to support … first it was Hillary, then it was McCain (because Palin was in tow). The idea that they are part of the elite in this vast NWO conspiracy you believe in, is ridiculous. Go read her book. She’s a midwest schoolgirl with a law degree and a major stable win in Scientology. End of conspiracy.

    Regarding Cruise, he put Scientology on the map. (Thank you Marty.) Regarding Cruise’s being given the Diamond Meritorious “All Psychs Are Evil” implant, and sending Scientology’s image even further into the trash bin, thank you Miscavige and (Bruce Wiseman).

    I don’t “salivate over star power”. I simply watch as a brain-dead media, while trying to improve ratings and “read public sentiment”, does what it thinks it needs to do to improve profits.

    It’s not a conspiracy. It’s called “public image” (i.e. “Q score”) and capitalism.

  417. Also my feeling.

    Think LRH knew what was coming, he even gave a taste of it in the story of ‘The Golden Ball’, from tech vol 1, which is now altered by RTC.

    As some docs mention LRH fortunately sabotaged the plan of setting him up to be some kind of anti-christ. But it is weird to see that the scheme seems to go forward anyway, as David Miscavige recent years of behavior soon will put him into a candidacy as an anti-christ figure.

    Have just been through Amys book, and I’m speechless, nauseated but also incredible happy she got out to have a decent free life!

    What a tragedy/comedy to have such a character as DM leading a movement to freedom.

  418. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Thanks Joe Howard.

    Clearly, writing the “Based on the Works of” books were an enormous undertaking. Do you know why you’re not acknowledged in the books for this work? Did you ask?

    I don’t see your name acknowledged in the original 1978 and 1979 printing of the “What is Scientology” book. So apparently, you’re referring to later versions of WIS after the death of Ron’s body.

    The original WIS properly acknowledged all the writers and those who assisted it’s compilation. What I find interesting is that in the original 1978 WIS, it took a 28 writers and 21 staff assistants to create that volume … all whom are properly acknowledged with their names listed on a dedicated page next to the copyright page. That’s a whopping total of 49 Scientologists who put it together. The result of this huge attention showed in its end product.

    Yet only 3 Scientologists (25 less writers than before) were assigned to write the later version(s) of WIS, according to you, and were not even acknowledged in the book (including you).

    That smells like a rat. (Not on the part of you, but of CoS leadership under DM)

  419. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    Good point.

    When Ron was alive, the CofM did properly acknowledge the authors. For example, in the 1978 version of WIS, 28 authors/writers of that BOTWO book were properly acknowledged.

  420. Oh come on Marg,

    Greta was anything but a simple country girl.

    Obviously you didn’t read the article I linked to earlier.

    So here’s a sampler:

    ” … [Greta] Van Susteren was actively exposed to controversial politics at an early age. Before she was born and while she was a child, her father was actively involved in the election of Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy. Her father, Urban Van Susteren, a County Judge, was campaign manager for McCarthy’s messy 1946 campaign. The campaign won the seat for McCarthy and unseated the incumbent, Senator Robert M. Lafollette, Jr. Although Greta was clearly not around for the campaign, she was around when McCarthy stayed at the Van Susteren home, while he was away from Washington, visiting his constituents. … “

    How many “simple country girls” do you know who personally knew Holy Joe McCarty and have a sister who works as a consultant for the CIA (not the Culinary Institute of America)?

    As in the following quote:

    Greta’s Sister Lise Van Susteren and the CIA

    ” … Van Susteren obtained a medical doctorate in 1982 at the University of Paris and later interned at the Hospital St. Anne in Paris, France, at the American Hospital in the Paris suburb of Neuilly, and at Hospital Tokoin in Lome, Togo. She worked as a resident in psychiatry at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C. (then a federal institution) (1983-1987). She was board certified in general psychiatry in 1989 and in forensic psychiatry in 1999 and worked as staff psychiatrist (1985-1991) at the Alexandria Mental Health Center in Alexandria, Virginia and at the Springfield Mental Health Center in Springfield, Virginia (1984-1989). Lise also worked as a consultant to the Central Intelligence Agency, conducting psychological assessments of world leaders. … “

    You seem rather dismissive of a “conspiracy theory” that I never mentioned since I only deal in facts.

    Facts that are contained in the following article:

    Yet you have failed to return the courtesy by facts of your own.

    Opinion and conjecture are not facts.

    Facts are corroborative evidence that support one’s opinions and conjectures.

    So far you haven’t presented any Marg.

  421. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    As to the “reissues” of books by LRH from R Comps, as far as the books I’ve checked so far, they are not actual REPRINTS of “by L. Ron Hubbard”when he was alive … but are ALTERED (squirrelled) versions with changes in grammer, changed words, added words, and deletion of words, deleted acknowledgements, and even deleted/missing entire chapters!

    Personally, I flat out don’t trust any of the supposed LRH works published after he “died”.

  422. Dan,

    I can pretty much confirm what Marg writes is sooth.

    From my own research in the area and having personally worked in with GO myself who all knew about the Remote Viewing project being conducted at SRI.

    Pat Price was reporting directly to the USGO regarding his work on the RV.

    Kenneth Kress covers this in the addendum he wrote to his article which was originally written for CIA’s Studies in Intelligence:

    Probably the reason you nor the Ol’man never heard about it was because the whole thing was another GO rogue operation that was running parallel to Meisner’s GO 1361 directive to infiltrate the IRS’ National Office.

    Many of the files taken by the FBI contained references to the RV project at SRI filed by Yvonne who was in direct contact with Puthoff and Swann and Price’s own reports on his work with the Agency as covered in the article.

    My theory is that the lawyers working on behalf of the defense of the Scientology 11 convinced them to plead Nolo contendere in order to avoid a very public trial where this information would be exposed.

  423. Re: Originals of LRH HCOPLs HCOBs, FO, and all others, The originals were kept at Int Management, not the FOLO’s for each continent. They should have moved with Int when it moved from Clearwater to California. So maybe they are still intact somewhere.

  424. Golden Balls – Disagree Toe, I read the orinal unedited version of Golden Balls along With Captain Bill. It’s ending is completely changed. We happened to read it on the day MSH was sentenced to jail, and in Golden Balls he mentions that the inventor’s wife was sent to jail. The ‘Inventor (don’t know if that was right word), was taken into seclusion and kept apart from his group and family.
    It also said that a DARK Cloud, then came over the organizations and the family of the Creator were treated like crap ( never will I forget the day I found Suzette doing DM’s Laundry. It also said that this dark cloud was going to last a while and was run by people who did not want the Golden Balls to be free, but only kept in the hands of a chosen few….. He tells what happens next, and I am certain that the person who read the above paragraphs and cut them out, did it for a reason. I know I read the entire
    story and I know Captain Bill read the entire story (which is part of what sent him off to the land of the Aliens have taken over the Scientology) He is dead.

    Is the person who cut those final paragraphs out still around??? Is there anyone around besides me, who remembers the final paragraphs — the ending so to speak???? If so, please e-mail me at
    and once we are certain, then we can announce it to the board. I have seen many of DM’s alterations, but this was the most cruel. Predictions were made and so far they have all come true, but I don’t want to state just from my memory what the ending he wrote was — So — Anyone who read the original version, please contact me.

    But I know exactly why DM would never want to see this entire original become public information….

  425. I left the Church of Scientology in 1980…just over 30 years ago! Marty, I was your auditor at Pubs and New World Corps. I see you have been prolific in your criticisms about church management but not so far as much about Ron. Why don’t you join the Church of Infinitology and get your own self cleaned up so you can end cycle on the church and move towards infinitity? Since I audited you I am sure you have learned quite a bit, but don’t you think there is more to life than Scientology?

  426. RJ, I’ve read the McCarthy and CIA familial connection stuff with Greta. I think it’s “stretching”. But its good data to have.

    Either way, it’s good to have you back! I missed having a fellow sleuth around. 🙂

    (And please keep providing links. I do find your research useful.)

  427. Windwalker. I dont know what a “guard” is.
    If you had said “I AM LEAVING” what would have happened? You would have been shot? Physically retrained?

  428. martyrathbun09


  429. martyrathbun09

    In fact, the lawyers begged the GO to go trial to present the full justification defense. Mary Sue, Jimmy the nail, Ann Mulligan, and perhaps others nixed it.

  430. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Correction: I meant to write CoS in that post to you, Tara. In that time, it wasn’t CofM yet.

  431. Nancy what does he say happens next?

  432. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    My sentiments too.

    Alex S Gabor,

    If you are who you say you are, I’ve read some of your stuff and it looks daffy and around the bend … especially your views on sex, IMO.

    “Sex only leads to hatred, jealously guarded secrets, shame, blame, regret and all manner of other social diseases. ” 😯

    Surely what you wrote is a gag, right?

    Another example of what you wrote;

    “The Infinite Infinitor of Infinities is Infinitely causing Infinities to come into Infinite Being!”

    Huh? ❓

    BTW, I tried to check out your link to to the church you founded (the “Church of Infinitology”) and it’s dead.

    Also, are you the author of “Confessions of a Sex Crazed Money Man: Alternatives to Twelve-Step Groups, Poverty & the American Way”?

    Why are you here?

    I’ve already spent way too much of my life on this post.

  433. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Scientology is about improving the individual’s ability, raising one’s IQ, and becoming a Free Being who can think for oneself.

    However, under David Miscavige’s managment, the Church of Scientology deteriorated into a collectivist group who value’s the group more than the individual. That was it’s downfall, IMO.

    One can’t create individualists, and yet at the same time have a collectivist group and expect this to be compatible. The thinking of individualism vs collectivism are directly opposed.

    I implore every thinking Scientologist to understand the difference. The dictionary definitions are severely lacking, and so these concepts can’t be understood through that means.

    So I highly recommend looking at this to understand them …

    It’s a fairly short read.

    Perhaps it may help clear what went wrong. It helped me.

  434. I think you’re right about there being operatives since the early 60’s. They came in the form of parents, pre Scientology friends, brothers, sisters, relatives, coworkers. These were the only people who basically knew Scientology even existed. Outside of our SCN. circles, no one talks much about it other than one of those “Hollywood stars” religion. I was told that it would be difficut for me to obtain clearances because “my file” was tagged due to me being a Scientologist. False.
    To most of the world it’s a cult invented by a Sci-Fi Writer to make a million and the jokes on us believers.

  435. Thank you, Shelly.

  436. Wayne, inalienable is correct.

  437. As evidence of how us ex official Scientologists have slowly leaked the truth out, this posting I did in 2005, October, was right after Jeff Hawkins phoned me and briefed me, and also two others. But Jeff Hawkins gave me MOST of this info I posted in October in 2005. Karen suggested I repost this here, for the history books:

    Physical abuse at the Int Base. Things are definitely worse than I thought.

    Subject: Physical abuse at the Int Base. Things are definitely worse than I thought.
    Date: 8 Oct 2005 21:07:49 -0700

    1) DM has punched, slapped, and beaten (but not bloodied) several people to the ground in the past 2 years, Mark Yager included.

    2) Greg Wilhere and quite a few RTC staffers were demoted from RTC to CMO Int. Late 2004-2005.

    3) Kevin Caetano is Security Chief Gold recently.

    4) Warren McShane before he was busted by the end of 2004, had been acting unofficially as DM’s henchman, and dishing out the petty physical abuse and intimidation ethics gradients that are the current fad amongst a number of Int Base Execs who are now all following DM’s bad example, and DM’s following LRH’s disgraceful harsh Sea Org policy parameters that allow physical abuse intimidation “ethics gradient tool” so long at it does not require medical costs, or some such limit.

    LRH’s example of physically abusing Mike Douglas and Otto Roos, are well known tactics long employed in the Sea Org’s history off and on. That level physical abuse is being dished out by DM and other Int Execs in recent years, and the abuse climate is harshest ever in some people’s opinions.

    5) Marion Dendieu and John Brousseau were in RTC. Confirmed that Annie Broeker Tidman is recently CO CMO Gold.

    6) Base staff numbers down from 700-800 in the late 90’s to now at most 350 staff, is the estimate I heard.

    7) The Int Ranch was sold, Castille Canyon ranch was sold to the Svoboba Indian reservation. Thus there IS no longer an Int RPF. OGH is the only on-base secluded “ethics” lowest ethics category, in recent years. For a view of OGH (Old Gilman House) see this labelled photo:

    8) In 2004 Chris Guider (former Int RPF I/C) was heading a group of about 40 Int Base staffers demoted to the former PAC ranch, and they were doing projects there. This PAC Ranch group overseen by Chris Guider at first was getting food ferried out from the PAC galley, then later in 2004 cooking was done at the PAC Ranch by this group of demoted Int Base staffers. Not sure the current status of the PAC ranch, if still going or it that closed down also.

    9) I must admit having pollyanna thoughts and recently defected Int Base staffers who have read my early postings, agree my views are 5-10 years out of date. Sorry for this. (But this is the ongoing tradition, each new set of people coming out, see that the current news is way out of date, so PLEASE, new defectors, UPDATE me or UPDATE those you trust.) What others in recent months have been saying about the dark harsh recent years happenings at the Int Base are absolutely true. These darker harsher trends are unprecedented in the past several decades. LOTS of new younger people at the Int Base. Climate of the Base is changing. RTC is decimated, mostly demoted into CMO Int. Other units just decimated. Carrie Cook and Peter Cook are now out. CMU (Central Marketing Unit) decimated. Comps decimated. Dan Koon was working in CMU apparantly before he blew in 2004 or 2005. Dan’s apparantly in the Oakland area. No R & D Volumes even being worked on in years. Jon Horwich in R Comps, not doing particularly well, just as under the gun as most are at the Int Base. Fran Freedman Harris working in the Printing Dept, as Paper Cutter (an example of an intentionally demeaning demotion). Dozens and dozens of demotions and “laying low” of long time veterans, and I have hours of catching up on all the bad news to still do (anyone wishing to ask me questions so I can ask of some of these newer defectors, ask me).

    10) The 3 couples demoted to the Int RPF, the Hodens, Epsteins, and Bennicks, who I pollyanna-ish thought were organizationally being RPFed together, to avoid splitting them up, the truth is that it was the personal strength of those 3 couples to maintain their marriages, it was NOT compassionate seniors. The divorce trend and pressuring between spouses separated organizationally continues.

    11) In the opinion of decades long staffers at the Int Base, DM is exhibiting an all time low ebb of abuse with the Int Base top execs responding with an all time low level of subserience. The physical abuse dished out to the top execs by DM up to late 2004 at least, is at an alltime worst case condition. (Realize LRH policy says cause no medical bills, so the abuse only is punching, slapping, beatings to the ground, but not “serious” damage.) Milgram reference must be read by person’s reading this if you have not read this before:

    11) I called a Riverside Police Deputy’s tonight to ask what was needed by them to respond to an instance of potential physical abuse and I was told: a) A person who wishes to come forward who was a victim should do so within a year of the incident. Best to come in person and discuss it at their facility. Call 411 information, and get the phone number and address: Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. b) Get a lawyer and discuss your complaint and get a GOOD lawyer.

    Anyone with contacts to big time law firms willing to take on pro bono ex-Int Base staffers who have hopefully good cases, let me know.

    I would like to at least network, and grease the lines, so that future former Int Base staffers who in the future come out, and have been abused within the 1 year limit, and want to get hooked up with good law firms willing to take on the cases, that those future ex-Int Base staffers have greased line help!

    Summary: ———

    1) Ex-Int Base Staffers who have physical abuse experiences within the last year, can call the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept (call information for the number connecting you).

    2) Get a good lawyer to advise you.

    3) Anyone reading this knowing law firms that will do pro bono work for these type of future defecting Int Base staffers, please answer this post, so the info is here for future Int Base staffers to read and find.

    Best, Chuck Beatty

  438. Agreed, Jim.

    And, to add, people should really star-rate (and perhaps M9) HCOPL “Blow Offs.”

    Unfortunately, I do not have it in front of me, or I would quote verbatim, but one little line in there puts the whole subject in context: “Of course, the situation could be so bad that one has no choice but to leave.” (Please insert real line for those that have access to the PL). This line is one of the most overlooked lines in Policy.

    Tell me, PJ, if you are hitting your head against the wall, and hitting your head against the wall, and all you get in return is isolation, false-declares, false conditions assignments, hours of (now squirrel) sec checks, etc., with no progress toward correction of the scene, what is the rational decision to make? What is the most effective way to handle the real situation? To continue in a fruitless GPM-like games condition? Or, retreat and regroup?

    You may want to restudy Science of Survival, especially the explanation of the Theta-MEST theory.

    Sometimes it is an overt to stay. Sometimes the benefit for the greatest good across the dynamics is to leave and approach the problem from a different route.

    This blog and the team are testament to that. Marty’s post shows that the current system is rigged against some lone-wolf super-on-purpose SO guy rising up on the inside against internal corruption and laying low the false claims of the usurper. Nice in comic books, perhaps. But, since DM knows the game of how to usurp authority, he knows how to defend against it, too – at least, internally.

    This is my two cents, offered in addition to Jim’s eloquent discussion above, which is spot-on.

  439. Theo,

    Ken Urquhart began as LRH’s butler at St. Hill in the 60s and elevated himself to become LRH’s most trusted aide for many years. Except for Mary Sue, Ken was on LRH’s lines for longer than anyone else, ever. You can find many of his articles at the IVy (International Viewpoints) site archives and last I heard he was in the process of writing up his experiences with LRH, which will be an incredibly valuable contribution to an understanding of LRH and the Scientology movement.

  440. Hi Nancy,

    Am so happy to hear you have read the ACTUAL story!
    My faith in LRH knowing exactly how the circumstances were
    is now restored, and I’m convinced he took the best action
    possible for saving the hope of freedom somehow in the future.

    I really wish I could have read that before wasting my time on these
    strange unnecessary conflicts and crazy church behaviors which always
    seemed to make bad sits persist with alter-is instead of simply as-is.

    When you have collected the real story (as best as possible), please give
    a download link. If it is doable, a million thanks to you! (and to Marty for this awesome blog)

    Reading the part of the story you have given above bring even more context to Marty’s word in the article: ‘Worrying about the church, or hoping for its salvage, is a colossal waste of time and energy.’

    I agree, it sure is, and seem to have been for some time, since the story.
    Of course my hope is we can read some kind of proper understanding
    and what direction to take, out of the real story.

    If not, I guess the target to make real OTs take a little higher priority than to hit the little midget, his group and their ‘dark cloud – black hole’ operation.

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the right to the original tech could be proven beyond doubt, not to belong to the church, but to anyone wanting to achieve higher spiritual enlightenment, implying (with evidence) that
    LRH never passed the torch to RTC or CoST, or if he did, it could have been done under a massive threat to this planet, so he might not have had any choice.

    It is a great feeling to see more truth surface. ^_^

  441. OTDT, thanks for the tip.

  442. Marty,

    I bow to your superior knowledge of the court room drama that followed.

    As far as I’m concerned the whole thing was a major fiasco that opened the door wide enough to allow someone like Miscavige to seize control of the organization.

    In my opinion the little cretin is nothing but a fixed abberated stable datum held in place by that prior confusion.

    Since he or whoever is consulting him is an expert in reverse Scientology he’s probably quite happy to run as much not-is on that area of the track as possible hoping that no one will spot the first moment of that prior confusion and blow Scientology’s multimillion dollar service fac out of his position of power.

    He may have put the final nail in the coffin of management in ’96 when he came up with NEM but I think he and whoever was or is still working with him injected the slow poison after he assumed control of Mission All Clear.

    It would be interesting to run that period as a group engram according to ‘Notes on the Lectures’ which interestingly in no longer offered as a basic book for some strange reason.

  443. DFB, thanks for this.

  444. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")


    I love you Thetans paying attention! 🙂

    Here are the exact words you’re referring to, and its reference …

    “One can treat people so well that they grow ashamed of themselves, knowing they don’t deserve it, that a blow-off is precipitated, and certainly one can treat people so badly that they have no choice but to leave, but these are extreme conditions and in between these we have the majority of departures:”


    This is also in the Admin Dictionary under “Blow-Offs”

  445. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Heather G,

    Perhaps you’re correct about the word “inalienable” if you don’t live in the U.S.A. But that even the case, still, if one lives on Earth … they have unalienable Rights, whether or not they are recognized or protected by their own government.

    If you do live in the U.S.A., then you apparently have an MU. Let’s nip the possibility of spreading a misunderstood here.

    America’s Declaration of Independence does not use the word “inalienable”. Instead, our Founders carefully chose the word “unalienable” for good reason.

    I suggest taking a peek at “Unalienable vs Inalienable Rights: Know the Difference”, below …

  446. I learned after I left that the guards or others are not permitted to lay a hand on someone attempting to blow. No one on the inside knows that except maybe Warren McShame. But they are adept at pushing the right buttons to make the person slow down and engage in conversation. And I’ll attest to the tidal wave of emotions going through someone who is in the process of blowing. So, if apprehended, the odds are with the guards or recovery team. I really wanted out so I made sure I wasn’t going to be found.

  447. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    David Miscavage has “helped” make history by “disseminating” the Church of Scientology through the communication channels of the world via Merriam Webster.

    Scientology, Church of

    “The organization has often been the subject of controversy, facing claims of exerting unreasonable control over its followers, as well as charges of fraud, tax evassion, and financial mismanagement.”

    – Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Encyclopedia

  448. “One can treat people so well that they grow ashamed of themselves, knowing they don’t deserve it, that a blow-off is precipitated, and certainly one can treat people so badly that they have no choice but to leave, but these are extreme conditions and in between these we have the majority of departures . . .* HCOB 31 December AD 9, BLOW OFFS
    (Except at the Int Base under DM, that is, where extremism rules the day.)

  449. It is well IP, as we used to say in RTRC.

  450. Hey, everybody, the E in ESMB stands for “Ex,” which doesn’t apply to the thrust of this blog, Steve’s site, etc. An “ex” is likely to say anything about anything to support their changed status.

  451. Marty, and I think England was about to join the Confederacy because of money. The South financed its efforts through serious borrowing from English bankers are usurious rates. Lincoln, on the other hand, printed Greenbacks, i.e., government money, backed by the good faith and credit of the United States. The British did not take kindly to half their potential profits were so cavalierly dismissed.

    By the way, the U.S. could do the same thing to day and our “national debt” could be retired overnight to the eternal benefit of the average citizen and the detriment of the banksters. I’m going to send you an excellent documentary on the subject of money and debt as soon as Fellow Traveler gets on the stick. (Hey, Bruce!)

  452. The redefinition of the 2D as “creativity” is absolutely LRH and I will swear to this on a stack of DMSMHs. I saw the dispatch that he sent down to David Phillips as KTL Pjt IC in the summer of 1979 when work began on the Life Orientation Course. It is absolutely LRH. Absolutely. And it makes perfect sense, too.

  453. Wayne,
    Personally, it was never important for me. But my guess is that the fewer names credited with producing anything the more credit DM could take for himself. If the source of the writing is missing and DM is the one on stage, people will tend to throw their admiration particles in his direction.
    Also, a lot of people whose names appeared on bulletins and policy letters fell into disfavor over the years and so vetting of names had been going on for some time.
    The original WIS? book was a GO product and we all know they were rogue(!)

  454. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

  455. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

  456. Thanks, Wayne! “Blow Offs” has been used, erroneously, to justify bad treatment for years and years. I worked for one company owned by a Scientologist who, rather than paying the staff, became a patron of the IAS, who used this PL to claim people had O/Ws when they quit!

  457. Wayne Froemke (AKA "Safe")

    Regardless whether the original WIS was a “GO product” or not, it was a great product (IMO) created by 49 Scientologists. I look at the end product and its fruits, not the personalities who produced it.

    On DM, that makes sense. He’s an expert at not appropriately and properly acknowledging people. (an understatement)

  458. Jean-François Genest

    (apologies for the late viewing of the post during the Labour Day Holiday)

    Yes, PHYSICALLY restrained by security guards who carry an L-shaped police baton, handcuffs, maze spray and tazer on their belt. Some actually have the permit to carry FIRE ARMS and DO have a fire arm on their belt. They also have radios with the mouthpiece clipped to their uniform shirt, and communicate to get reinforcements, give details, etc.

    It was useful during the LA Riot of 1992. I never condoned to use the wherewithal onto altruistically dedicated staff.

    I was one of those guards (without the fire arm & tazer) on a part-time basis, so YES, I know what I am talking about. I once got shot at on Hollywood Boulevard while guarding the Hollywood Inn sleeping quarters. The person wog in front of me on the sidewalk got the bullet.
    There ARE reasons for the protection and weapons. But they should NOT be used on staff !!!

    Any Sea Org member who expresses the will to leave, or is recovered after attempting to leave secretly (blow) is then escorted and held captive by the security guards, part-time or full-time → posted in HCO Dept 3 Inspections and Reports.

    These reported incidents are NOT a joke.

    ► Dude, in February 1995, I SAW the doors of INCOMM* at PAC get bolted shut with steel plates. The staff were HELD CAPTIVE AGAINST THEIR WILL AND NOT ALLOWED TO GO ANYWHERE !!.

    The next morning, they were escorted and watched by security guards in the showers on the 4th floor of the Main Building of the Complex. I came out of MY shower stall and saw the whole naked line-up of INCOMM male staff waiting to go in. The guards stood at the door AND beside EACH shower stall. This is NOT a joke.

    Norman Starkey was In-Charge of that mission into INCOMM.

    * INCOMM = International Network of Computer Organized ManageMent. Acronymed to express “In-Communication” in “Scientologeeze” since the network manages the internal and external communication system (telexes, internal messaging, etc. – which are ancestors of e-mail, ethernet and instant messaging)

    In earlier time, Scientology Management used a Telex network. The users (orgs) were billed by-the-character → including spaces. To save money, it was LRH’s and his Aides’ idea to use as many abbreviations as possible in long-distance communications.

    It is not for “mystic reasons” that Scientology uses SO MANY abbreviations. It started as an expense-saving for orgs, and “grew in the jargon and culture”.

    Thus instead of addressing a Telex to:
    The Director of Communications at the Advanced Organization Saint-Hill of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania,
    the telex would be addressed to DIRCOMM AOSH ANZO


  459. Jean-François Genest

    Hmm! Events season is upon us!

  460. This is mind blowing Marty. Obviously the actions of a bonafide SP. I sure would like to find out where DM came from. IE: Planted by whom? CIA, Psych’s? I met him when he was 17 years old and a messenger for LRH. Looks like he was groomed by the enemy at an early age. I was green when I first met him, but even then I instinctively didn’t like his space or his cocky attitude. And every time I met him over the last 34 years, I’ve had the same feeling. Flunk on my part for not pulling a string. But it’s not too late to annihilate him. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts, and I concur that you are totally correct about him. What an evil bastard.

  461. Firebreathing Frog

    Just re-read this post again; really brilliant.

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