Ivan Garcia on the Bridge and Gnat Swatting 101




My name is Ivan Garcia, I just turned 19 and this is my declaration of Independence.

I like fast cars, sports, good food and good friends. And girls too.

I started taking courses at an early age, led by the active example of my parents, Luis and Rocio. I had many wins on these, and having observed my parents’ behavior in life, I decided I wanted to follow their footsteps and eventually go OT. For this purpose I did the Purif and later attended the “Future OTs Convention” at the Freewinds. My experience at the Freewinds left me disgusted and not wanting any more services. And I didn’t do any for 5 years. I decided that it was too high a price to pay in terms of bullshit to go up the Bridge.

Ivan, age 10, at Flag graduation with Debbie Cook


I recently met Marty and I felt I had a new chance to go up the Bridge, so I visited with him and Mosey and received some great auditing. Among what the things we accomplished, I completed my Grade 0. I now feel I can talk to anyone about any subject.


I have become very interested in what is happening with the COS and the Independents. You can imagine I get to participate in a lot of meetings and conversations with my parents. I agree completely that by “standing up and being counted” brings any possible reform closer to reality, and thus the end of the suppression and suffering of many. This is something each of us can do… minimally.


I know many people are “under the radar.” If any of you are afraid to come out because of possible harassment, I would tell you that you should not be concerned. A good communication cycle is all that it takes.


So here I am. Count me in. And thank you Marty and Mosey! I am on my way to go OT now, just as I wanted.


Ivan kicking it at the 2011 Independents' party


Now, regarding this video below, the Three Stooges, Jim Lynch (Freedoom shill) (alleged former OC d/Sheriff thug) Jason (fresh from IOB) came by my house today. My parents were not home. I went out for a bite to eat and they followed me into a shopping center. As they were looking for me in the parking lot, they hit another car that was backing out. As they were exchanging information with the driver of the other car, I pulled up to check how they were doing.

Blogger note:  Don’t be alarmed – Miscavige’s thugs have not fanned out among Indepedents indiscriminately.   I arrived at Orange County airport the night before last greeted by Lubow, Lynch, and five other cars of Miscavige Private Eyes.  They’ve lost me twice and are leaning on anyone who might know my whereabouts.   My crimes?  I’ve given sessions to four people in SoCal so far.  As far as Miscavige is concerned it is a full blown crime spree.  Stay tuned for how Scientologists’ fees are being expended, damn the expense, to stop Public Enemy number one from attempting to assist others move on up a little higher.  You wanna stop the shinin’?  Thanks to the incredible Independents movement Underground Railroad, you can’t stop the shinin’. 

228 responses to “Ivan Garcia on the Bridge and Gnat Swatting 101

  1. Ivan!!!
    Excellent handling! Well done Buddy!!! Love Mosey 🙂
    +1000…Keep on Shining!!! ❤

  2. Nice to meet you Ivan. Thank you for being openly out of the CoS.

  3. Great comm cycle, and I love your car!

  4. Ivan: Welcome to Independent Scientology. Glad to have such an obviously cool person amongst us.

  5. Marty: McSavage seems awful worried that someone, somewhere is going to get audited, doesn’t he ?

    Your persistence in the face of the crap he sends your way is truly admirable.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  6. Wow, Ivan outstanding! love your strength and loved your pictures. Thank you for standing up.

    As for the goons….gawd dumb and dumber! These cats are truly losers! The shit they are promoting is such old time shit it boggles the mind.

  7. Hey Ivan,

    Awesome handling of that 1.1, generalizing slime-wad, Lynch!

    You are wise beyone your years and you made him look like the blind fool he is. Have fun in life buddy! You will do very well indeed because you can already spot bullshit and call it out immediately.

    Excellent to have you out here, creating an impact.

    Nice car, too! 🙂

  8. Well done! The contrast between you and the best that Miscavige can buy, is night and day. You are an obvious winner and they are obvious losers.

    I hope they were able to get home without hitting too many other cars….

  9. George M. White

    Very nice handling of the “mentally ill”.

    Much loving-kindness,

  10. Bob Peterson

    Bad PR dogs DM at every step. How did he like the big fine that the City of Clearwater levied on his building? It was over 400k. All this money, taken out of the hides of the Scientology membershiip, wasted on fines. If he would have thrown the money in the gutter and burned it he would have been better off. At least he wouldn’t have had the negative PR.

    But throwing away other people’s money is easy. After all, he wasn’t the one that had to work like a dog to make it.

  11. Great “interview,” Ivan. He wasn’t really asking questions and seemed unprepared for such a direct, calm and straightforward response. It is wonderful that you have put yourself out there, so that we can see videos of what goes on.

  12. Ivan, what a cool cat! Welcome! And well done.


  13. HA HA HA…..I love watching cos’ers drink their big, tall glasses of shut-up juice.

  14. Tony DePhillips

    Great job Ivan!!
    You handled the “freedumb” bot perfectly.. LOL.
    I enjoyed talking with you at the Indy party and look forward to seeing you again.

  15. VWD Ivan!
    Superb handling of these brainwashed SP robots!

  16. Expelled4Life

    I am so embarrassed by what the Church has become. It’s a cartoon show. Sad, so very sad.

  17. Congratulations for completing the grade, Ivan! The gains in your abilities shows in the excellent video and talk to the Lynchbozo of Suppression Magazine and his goons.

    POB has transformed “Freedom” with his reverse Tech to “Suppression” as the correct label of the Mag, starting with that landmark issue with the labels of Kingpin and broadcasting case information publicly mailed to 3 counties residents where the St Pete times is distributed despite the cost.

    It is incredible that Bozo is still willing and being sent out to the West Coast after blowing the incident in Miami, running with his tail between his legs. Perhaps anything is possible when the price is met by the C of Money.

    The allusion to “illegal drugs” sounds very ’70s and perhaps comes from the POB criminal mind, probably ingesting ‘roids and Scotch for his body building and appearance of his body & for his sound mind. Perhaps just sticking to copper grounding rods would be healthier. The Tech Inspection line just is too big of a joke, didn’t seem to work and more outlandish lines were needed.

  18. Very well done for completing Level 0 and thanks for sharing you wins:-)!

    Wow! I am very impressed with you! You handled them so sanely that they blew from the “comm cycle”.

  19. You rock Ivan. Love!

  20. Well done, Ivan!

  21. PTS Miscaviage robots, hitting others cars!!!! Typical SP generality about their “sources” spreading Black PR about Marty but then a complete refusal to name the sources. Well done Ivan for TR-3ing the pig till he finally blew off unable to give an answer!!!

  22. Michael Fairman

    Ivan, you are fantastic! You made Lynch look like the numbskull idiot he is.
    Congratulations on completing Grade 0. Your family must be very proud of you. As am I and I’m sure all of us here. Keep truckin”

    With affection and respect,


  23. Sinar: “… from the POB … for his sound mind…”

    What sound mind ?????

  24. I agree. The obsession with illegal drugs is very outdated (right up there with Reefer Madness)….along with the idea that AIDS is an automatic death sentence. Where have these people been for the last two, I mean three decades?

  25. Hi Ivan,
    thanks for yet another proof that decent / honest / smart people don’t buy the defamations / libel / slander of Co$ propaganda.

    19 years is certainly a perfect age to become active as an Independent Scientologist. ( Of course, there are other good ages, like 0 – 18 and 20 – 123 ).

  26. WOW! We ought to create an award for INAUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION! And the envelope please…..
    this years winner of the “InAuthy”…..Jim Lynch.

    “When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything—you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.”
    —Robert A. Heinlein, If This Goes On, 1940

  27. Jim Lynch for Congress 2012

  28. Hi Ivan!

    Pleasure to see you here! Well done on your auditing wins You certainly showed some real communication skills with the DM vermon. Imagine that, you wouldn’t buy their broad generalities. What morons!

    Keep up the good work!

  29. Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for sharing your wins with us. I agree that the more folks communicate openly, the sooner we’ll reach the end game.

    I can see miscavige screecing in his little room: how dare you get case gain without my permission. How dare you have fun and be happy. How dare you set a bad example by being a free being. How dare you have money you havene’t given to my MEST campaignes.

    You did a fabulous job of handling the clown from freedumb. The only “source” that bozo has is whatever third party lies miscavige and his bots are feeding him.

    Congrats to you and godspeed up the real bridge to freedom.

    Les Warren

  30. unbelievable.

  31. top of the vale

    What utter crap to suggest that “according to our sources” marijuana and other drugs are being used in Marty’s sessions. Typical third party law violation by miscabbige goons. These guys are typical Merchants of Fear!

    Ivan is a sterling example of a Grade 0 Scientologist! Well done!

  32. Ivan,
    Congratulations on completing Grade 0! You definately demonstrate the ability gained! Your handling of the “reporter” was perfect! We are so proud of you! Your whole family is awesome!
    Please send our love to your parents and sister, ml, Laura and Mike Wilson

  33. one of those who see

    Ivan!! Hello!! Excellent job on your TR3 with this guy, who really does remind me of a thug in a mafia film.
    Enjoy your beautiful ride to OT!

  34. Ivan Ivan Ivan…
    See what you made them do!? “As they were looking for me in the parking lot, they hit another car that was backing out.”
    There’s the proof, you are an SP and they are PTS.
    Now I’m sure DM will be kicking his dog… I mean an innocent SO member over this.
    I’m not sure why, but all the hot gals like the bad boys.
    Just look at Marty and Mike.. em’ bad asses.
    gangsta’ shit I tel ya!

  35. Dear Ivan,

    Congratulations on your wins in auditing. Welcome, officially, to the Independent’s. We grow in numbers every day, and with your announcement you have just made us a little stronger.

    Your handling of the “reporter” was so good and effective that he terminated the “interview.” You are obviously capable of independent thought and action. And I know you’ll do well in your life adventures. You have a bright future ahead of you, because you are smart, brave, honest and kind. When you gain the full EP of each grade and OT level as you move up the Bridge, you will indeed be a true powerhouse. You already are.

    Very well done. I am very proud of you.

  36. Way to go IVAN!!!
    The clown can’t even listen, acknowledge nor answer ANYTHING you were saying!!!

  37. Exactly!!

    You did an excellent job dealing with those who are not of sound mind or speech.


  38. Ivan,
    You are gonna do fine in life!!
    Perdiendo aprendí: más vale lo que aprendí que lo que perdí!

  39. Brilliantly handled. That guy has got nothing. All of them are just empty shells blowing hot air. It’s ridiculous.

    Note to blogger: Marty, you are a fantastic writer. Aside from all the drama and goings on and the fact you are a freedom fighter, you’re a bloody great journalistic writer. Funny, intelligent, entertaining, insightful.

    That’s why I love reading your blog – it just makes sense and it makes my day. 🙂

  40. Ivan,

    Your da man!

    Well done on completing 0!!!!

  41. Way to go, Ivan. Good for you for NOT accepting a generality (“some sources say”) from this Bozo. You’re a great kid and so lucky to have wonderful parents…

  42. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Congratulations, Ivan, on Grade 0 (one of my absolute favorite actions)!

    And well done on the video!! Great handling their lies.

    You know, if these guys are going to make shit up, you’d think they could put all their tiny little brains together and at least come up with something credible.

  43. Agreed Awake,

    I’ll be first in line to buy my personally-signed copy whenever the Rathbun Chronicles get published!

  44. Anonymous sources? Used to allege criminal activity?

    ANYONE who claims to be a trained Scn’er, who watches this as a Church pub and, doesn’t leave, is borderline suppressive at best.

  45. I’m feeling lately that a lot of this is caused by an objection to people getting auditing and going free. I didn’t see that as a major part of the motivation for this moronic, illegal harassment, but I think that may actually be the primary motivation.

    If it was actually “squirrel” or badly applied and not getting results, or if there was no real application I think he would not be obsessed in destroying it as he is. Hell, you could probably even put LRH’s face on the front like Colonel Sanders and he wouldnt care so long as people were not going spiritually free and “Moving On Up a Little Higher”.

  46. Dear Ivan,

    You are absolutely like a breath of fresh air in all our lives. Welcome to the independents!

    Marty — Carry on with your “full blown crime spree.” Really nice products!

  47. Ivan, I loved your announcement and the video you shot of those poor schlumps who work for the cult. You did good, man. Real good. Thank you.

  48. Oh, and hi Ivan! You are alright.
    Those guys are creepy and you handled them well.
    Funny how big muscles in the background and that creepy 1.1 slimy hair gel douchebag washed away so fast with a bit of truth and theta presence.

  49. Damn, watch him slither over starting at 0:15. What a creepy disgusting 1.1 sleazebag. And that creep in the back with stubby legs and fat rolls on his neck. What are you gonna do fat boy, fall on me? He’s about as intimidating as a bag of donuts.
    Who do these guys think they are?
    Are they even aware of their own presence and PR they are creating?
    What are they think they are trying to do? These guys need to go back to the drawing board and rethink their lives.

  50. Ivan,

    Very nicely done!
    It does my heart good to see those morons made such fools.
    If that’s the best DM can get (probably) it speaks volumes about the church.


  51. Ivan,

    You were born as a warrior and you have the persistence to obtain your goals, and you are better and better. I’m proud of you.

  52. Great job Ivan, to get back on the real Bridge, and a terrific handling of Miscavige’s slimeball “Jim Lynchmob”. As matter of fact, the only source for the allegations I have heard, is the Lynchmob robot. Apparently he has a “hidden data line”, probably straight from Miscavige, who no doubt micromanages his every word.

    And crashing into another car while looking for you? Perhaps the driver of that PI car was actually the one who had smoked too much marijuana?

  53. +10 Ivan! You rock!

  54. Welcome Ivan. You handled that guy great!

    And speaking of “that guy”. Folks, if you ever wanted to see a live demo of the term “DB” (degraded being) this was it. That is what happens when you sell out your integrity, When you allow yourself to corrupt a truth line and the hope for others to achieve greater heights through the standard application of the tech. When you are willing to accept “shoddy substitutes”, altered materials and “incorrect applications”.
    Look at that guy and see someone who has agreed to do criminal acts and justify them for the “greatest good”, knowing in his heart it is wrong.

    It’s a sad wreckage of a human being standing there posing as a “reporter”.
    Sorry if this is too harsh for some, but that is a DB

    “That guy” has some very unpleasant days ahead.

  55. Hi Ivan,

    Welcome to the Independents! You did a great job handling the weirdos. i liked the way you told them to “double check their sources.” You are obviously a Communications Release. Your Dad, who has written here, and Mom, whom I met at the 4th party, are very proud of you, as they should be. I hope my son, Chase, will join you soon in this wonderful group! He is your age, and I know that you two would get along great. You are a wonderful inspiration for the young people on this blog!

    Much love,
    Catherine von Ach

  56. Marty, sure you’re commiting crimes against DMism. He has all but stopped auditing in the Class V sector and is now going for stopping solo auditing in the Sea Org sector (He won’t stop auditing at FSO – yet – because that would be too obvious). But there you go, ruining his plan by auditing and making people better.

    Christ, you would think that the “Pope” of Scientology would love seeing people get auditing and get better. No?

    ML Tom

    PS: Ivan – you are the man!

  57. Hey Ivan – Congratulations and great job handling the Bozos!

  58. Mosey!!!
    Thanks a bunch for your support and for you being one of the most theta people I have ever met!! 🙂

    Lots of love!!

  59. It’s a pleasure! It was worth coming out 🙂

  60. Thank you!!

  61. Not surprising that as soon as Ivan gets somewhere on the bridge, DM’s agents are on top of him to suppress. They know anyone connected to the Church has already been compromised and sabatoged, now they go work to suppress people that may have some chance. We are the illegal immigrants of the OT universe and instead of INS on our backs we’ve got the IAS. The best way to fight back is to flourish and prosper and get up the bridge! Good going Ivan! Keep on going!

  62. Well thank you…it’s good to be among a group who actually has a purpose!!

  63. “Which sources? What are the other sources?” “Who is saying that”

    Response from Freedumb Magazine: Crickets.

    Funny how once he saw that he wasn’t going to get the response he wanted from you, he backed off in less than 2 minutes. Jim Lynch, a cameraman, and a PI gets p’wned by a 19 year old who doesn’t buy, or take, their shit.


    Ya gettin’ what you paid for, Davey Boy?

    Tick tock-I hope you look good in prison orange, PoB. A little guy like you is going to have to get a BIG boyfriend to keep all the rest of the predators at bay.

  64. Thank you Bryan!! Thanks for the support! 🙂

  65. Thank you Mat much appreciated!!

  66. Thank you George!! 🙂

  67. Thank you Sue!! 🙂

  68. Tony thank you…and the Indy party was pure theta and a pleasure to have met you!!

  69. Sinar thank you very much!! My whole mind set was I’m going to be cause instead of effect of this so I did what I had to to. They’ll do whatever they have to do in order to put someone down but or degrade them but not in my world! Thanks again for the support…hope to see you soon! 🙂

  70. Thank you so much!! 🙂 Grade 0 was truly an eye opener for me and I can’t wait to see what’s more to come!! All possible with the fabulous help of Marty!!
    Thanks again!


  71. Thank you!! 🙂

  72. Thank you Rich!!

  73. Michael, thank you so much!! Grade 0 was a blast!! 🙂 Hopefully we can get together sometime…and you do just the same!!

    Love and best regards,

  74. Thank you a bunch!! 🙂

    You’re right 19 is as good as any number!!

  75. Thanks you!! Marty’s auditing was unique in every way!! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  76. Thank you and thank you for being there and your support!!

    Thanks again!! 🙂


  77. Thank you!! Grade 0 was something I needed and now it’s a different ball game! Thanks again!

  78. Laura!! Thank you!! Grade 0 was “WOW”!!!! 🙂
    Thanks a bunch!!
    It was good talking those 2 days while at the Indy party 🙂

    Love to all,

  79. Thanks Antoine!! I did what needed to be done!! It is gangsta shit! 🙂

  80. Thank you!! Really appreciate it!!


  81. Thanks Dad!!! It couldn’t be done without your help and the role model you have been in my life!!! Everything in my life has been a true win for me so I really appreciate it having you next to my side!!!


  82. Very few things can match an insouciant 19 year old, especially one who just completed Grade 0. Jim Lynch and his two Fac One sidekicks did not stand a chance. Great job, Ivan.

  83. Thank you Tiziano!!!

  84. Thank you Dean!!! 🙂


  85. Ivan, that was a great handling on the “Lynch Mob”. If that is the best Freedumb Mag can do, then we are not in any trouble from that corner of the DM street creepers.

    Rock on, rock on…

  86. Thank you!! 🙂
    Thanks for the support!!

  87. Thank you…these guys are a true joke!!

    Thanks again!

  88. Thank you Cindy!!

    Grade 0 was a true experience!!

    They’re only making themselves dumber by believing in lies!! ahah

  89. VERY WELL DONE! Keep movin’ on up a little higher, Ivan! Happy your officially a part of the Independents.

    Excellent handling Ivan and thanks for getting video. I keep thinking how a grand jury will react if they ever get to witness Scientology thuggery in action. The visual evidence already shot is mind boggling.

  91. exactly – these guys have completely lost it

    What’s the difference between doing this for money and being a prostitute?

    Miscavige’s status needs to get changed from Pope to Pimp.

  92. Congrats on your Grade 0 and may there be many more to come. I admire your use of Scn by YOU as YOU see it, not as you’re ‘told’.

    When you replied about auditing, “Why don’t you ask him yourself?” I had to smile. When the guy said, ~~ Well, I can see he apparently wants to go ~~ I don’t know what was going on off camera, but the way he said it makes me think he probably has children, and in the guy’s heart he’s probably happy to have met you, even proud of you as representative of the younger generations.

    It’s tough being 19 and having ‘adults’ telling you stuff, but you did good there. Pretty good with the camera, too – nice coverage. Pretty much everyone here has complimented you. The important thing is whether or not you feel you did good?

    Tnx for the vid.

  93. Ivan:

    Wow, I was out for 6 hours and in the blink of an eye a new media pro appeared out of nowhere!

    Good job.

    And thanks for being a real man. Standing up for what you know is right and defending Marty. This Lynch guy is very creepy. He is the ideal scene for POB — while he natters about and tries to degrade Anderson Cooper, John Sweeney, Tom Tobin, Janet Reitman, Tony Ortega, Joe Childs etc etc — he send creepy, slimy, incompetent James Lynch out as his representative. And he always has dumbo along with him to “protect” him? Here’s a simple question — who would you trust out of the list above to watch your dog?

    I know you were already on the team Ivan — but its nice to see you on the front lines of the battle standing strong. You Garcias are some family!

  94. Jack: Perfect description of Lynch.

    Yeah, a GJ probably wouldnt be impressed. I dont think a civil jury is going to find it too nice either.

  95. Good for catching the typo Han. It should have read – demented and unsound…

  96. Welcome Ivan,
    That’s one of the best Independent announcements yet. Well done and thank you.
    Those poor bastards, being the losers that they are can’t even deal with plain ‘ol TR-3.
    Congrats on Grade 0! If there were an internship for it, you’d get “PASS!”
    Linda McC

  97. Very Well done Ivan !
    Great TRS, Great communication.
    You nailed his stupid generality of “sources say…”
    with a great TR3 for specifics. Name one ! Name One !
    Good Job Ivan.
    I do believe there is a good line of questioning when a camera is in your face in an ambush:::::

    Did you know that Miscavige actually pimped for Tom Cruise ?
    2) Why doesn’t FREEDUM magazine cover the PIMPING ?
    3 )Did you know Sea Org members and RTC were used on Sea Org time to watch videos of wanna be actresses for a pretty sexual partner for Tom Cruise ?
    4) Can the “Church” of Scientology staff be used as Dating service for Tom Cruise on 501c3 charity status ?
    5) Does Pimping to find sexual partners for Cruise come under the umbrella of a Religion ?
    6) Is it legal for Sea Org Slave labor to pump up value of Tom Cruise Real Estate ?

  98. I have to to laugh when I watch this video. Do you people from the church these days normally approach passersby in this manner to ask them such questions? Because is so, this modern insanity of the church makes their previous mental illnesses seem mild in comparison. But, that is the Church of Scientology for you, always full of wonderful suprises. Thank you Ivan. Nice car too! 🙂 I personally hate to drive. I had a huge traffic accident in one of my sister’s cars a few years ago, and I decided perhaps it would be best if I chose another way of getting around! 🙂

  99. Tom Gallagher

    Ivan: You’re the best! I feel proud to know you. Someday in person…

    Mike: I’m going to piggy-back off your comments and observations. Spot on.

  100. Ivan,

    You are AWESOME.

    Calm, cool, collected. Brilliant TR’s and comm cycle with those fools.

    This is one kick ass kid. 🙂

    Love, Christie

  101. Tom Gallagher

    Jack: Succinct.

  102. Scott Campbell

    Great job on completing grade 0, Ivan!

    I like how you handled those goons as well. What a bunch of douchebags!


  103. Ivan…wow man!
    You make me want to be a better independent!

  104. Barney Rubble

    Hey Ivan,

    Having already met you 3 or 4 times the past year, BEFORE you got your auditing, I can attest you have increased your abilities gained big time just as LRH has laid out on his Grade chart. This is a big blow to you Dave and your con job that you have been running into the ground for the past 25-30 years on parishoners. And this is a huge feather in the cap to Marty and the Independent movement of what DM hates- people actually getting abilities gained that you are suppossed to. (meanwhile not getting conned into paying tens and hundres of thousands of $ for bullshit donation causes.

    One final thought a young 2nd or third generation scientologist, is and has been the target of DM to brainwash for years, and this video shows Dave is hitting the Scotch bottle big time tonight. To Dave, Cheers, dude!
    Way to go Ivan.

  105. one of those who see

    Luis, what a beautiful family you have. You and your wonderful son have made this one sun shining day!

  106. Robert Earle

    Ivan Thank you for standing up and declaring your independence Well done on your Grade 0 comp. Nice video and good use of your comm skills with the “reporter”.

  107. Hey Ivan! Well done for speaking out! You smoked those guys in the video 🙂 They had nothing more to say and just ran off. I read the whole transcript on why David Miscavige started the future OT Committe as he is the one who started it and is was disgusting! The basic of it is that he was on the Ship after Maiden Voyage, slacking off like he usually does. There was a bunch of kids on the Ship and a lot of them were children of OT 8’s. He walked by one of the kids who was sitting down listening to his IPOD. This clever kid did not look at DM but just carried on listening to his music!!!! What a crime. DM was livid and said that the kid should have stood up and saluted him when he walked by. He said that next time he walks by a kid like that he would get them to stand at attention and salute him. He also said that the kids parents, (OT 8’s) should be sent to the RPF for raising suck a child. I forgot the parents names but they were in the transcript. He then went on to boast about himself and said that at the age of 12 he was auditing in the HGC at Saint Hill. In his crazy rage he started devicing a program that he would do. He wanted these to have Scn kids come on Board, have he parents pay for them to do so and have them do physical labour, drills under the Capt, at first it was 35 hours each way of TR 7 the nhe changed it to OP Pro By Dup. And a seminar on Ethics. Basically a boot camp for kids and parents would have to pay for this. I wish I had a copy of the transcript, it was really sickning and I could really see that he hated children when I read that. I don’t know when you were on the Ship to do the Future OT Commitee but you may have met me as I Suped quite a few of the OP Pro by Dup with a girl called Anita and we could find no policy to back what we were doing and were told that DM’s transcript was the policy. We changed it to 35 hours total instead of 35 hours each way. We all read the transcript and I wish I had a copy of it! Sorry for the hell you were put through but I am very glad that you are such a bright person and that you saw it for what it was!

  108. Such honor and uprightness-

    Ivan your morality shatters their thin attempt at Black Pring Marty.

  109. As Jason said, “Unbelievable!”
    Howdy Doody, Leader of COS (so named because he is puppeteered by Greed and Sadism, and Rich Celebs— and LOOKS like him) is really desperate, frantically so, to shut you up, Marty. So glad you are staying so sane and cool, and with a sense of humor, Yet!

    Ivan–Par Excellent!

    Ivan was par excellent

  110. Ivan !!!

    Jim Lynch and crew, cameraman and possibly armed bodyguard the very tall heavy set showed up in a silver Dodge Charger, California License plate 6NPX291.

    Asking for me at my home address in Los Angeles.

    More debrief soon.
    Have Luis see Facebook message

  111. Valeska,
    Thanks for going through what this Future OT stuff is all about. It is really incredible and very typical action for PoB to come up with this insanity when he get’s a bee under his bonnet. 35 hours of Op Pro by Dup for a kid???

    Better grab that copper Dave, Standard LRH grade chart handles most, much better than your group CSing!

  112. Ziba Feulner

    Ivan, I know your Dad; I met him when we were on the Freewinds for OT8 in 07. 3 out of 6 OT8 that attested that week have left the Cof$ and are now part of this new movement. Welcome! Your parents can be very proud of you! 😉

  113. Great job Ivan! If he hadn’t been asking for it I’d feel sorry for Lynch, making such a total fool of himself and his cyrano DM.

    I know I’m just adding unnecessary “dittoes” to the other comments but I am so impressed I just had to tell you.

  114. Bill Straass

    Ivan, Well done for going to the Indie movement. I was on the Freewinds as Mechanics Chief for 16 years before I was booted off as almost dead. Everyone I knew and all of my friends were on the ship. I knew your parents vaguely as I was a scheduling Board In Charge for the NOTS division at FSO for 7 1/2 years before I went to the ship. A year after I recovered from AIDS after the Captain
    Freewinds and others at his orders did an awesome job to ensure my demise I decided to go to the 5k run in Bonaire which is held every year I did not even ask to go on the ship as I had been told by the Chief
    Officer Bill Bragg that I could never do services on the ship as “They don’t have the facilities for me there.” This was the same person who, after I left the ship told me to go to Disneyland or go to the movies like I was a recipient of the “Make a Wish” Foundation which grants requests to dying children. I had on time to waste. I had to find out how to stay alive while being fed false data by ship personell I needed no more facilities than anyone else, air, food and a place to sleep. I used to sleep sometimes between the Main Engines while at sea. The noise of the turbochargers is like a jet taking off. No problem. Someone from the ship found out and called OSA WUS and told them to keep
    me from getting on the plane. This is no doubt because it would be a major embarrasment for the Captain if I showed up alive a year after he told everyone that I was as good as dead. I wanted to go anyway but as the OSA terminal had gotten my wife off the ship after a 6 month battle just in time to save my life, I did not want her to get in trouble for failing in her mission which was run like a military operation.me from getting on the plane.

  115. Yvonne Schick

    Thank you, Ivan for a great announcement. Your example of confront and handle was magnificent. Grade 0 totally in. I am proud to call you and your family friends.

  116. (AKA: Bunkai)

    The only thing missing was a super soaker!

  117. Yvonne Schick

    Congratulations also on the Bridge progress. Some people are afraid that by announcing they are closing the door on OT. I will be sharing your wins with others ad evidence that spiritual freedom is still theirs to be had.

  118. Very well done Ivan!
    Welcome to independence and freedom.

  119. “What are your sources?”
    “Well I uh….”
    “What are your sources?”
    “Never mind that uh…”
    “What are your sources?”
    “and I uh…”
    Ugh! Jim Lynch… slimy slimy slimy. What a disgusting ‘human being’. Good to see him getting his pathetic wimpy ass kicked – thanks for that Ivan.

  120. Mike, You are right and this is a good example of Boots in the Sky. They are always there ready for anyone to put on. Ivan wears them well.

  121. Valeska, this is shocking. We ought to do a whole article on this. I had never heard of it until now.


  122. You know Mike, I’ve just got to say — every since Jim Lynch showed up I’ve had the feeling I’ve seen him before somewhere. But what could possibly be that creepy??? Well, just now I finally realized where I’ve seen his likeness. On Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas — remember the character who consisted of a burlap sack containing 100% bugs? “Oogie Boogie” was The Boogie Man and every time he opened his mouth, bugs fell out. His tongue was a biting snake. Now if that doesn’t resemble Jim Lynch, nothing does. David Miscavige literally found the real Boogie Man.

  123. Lord Anonymous

    I love the love bombing that occurs whenever a new independent comes out in the open. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  124. Get this:

    Lynch is “a veteran journalist. He is a former managing editor of the New York Post and held management positions with the New York Daily News, the Chicago Sun Times Media Group and publishers of several national celebrity tabloids.” (Mark Collette, Caller.com, 2011-7-9)

    And the young man whose direct, clear, forthright integrity exposed Lynch and especially his boss DM for the fools that they are is an independent scientologist who has just completed his Grade 0.

    Could it be any clearer? This video should go viral.

  125. martyrathbun09

    That car is one that followed us Tuesday and Wednesday.

  126. Simon Bolivar

    Ivan, glad you came out, nice to see you in the bright ligth.
    Very well done with the “clowns” bothering you, you had a very sharp TR3, and it showed that standard tech blows off stupidity.
    I love your car 🙂

  127. Karen — that Jim Lynch is quite a dude — a stalker trying to disguise himself as a reporter!

    But he does keep good company it seems — Ed Bryan — its a little gang of petty criminals.

  128. What slime…not you Ivan. You did great. I love how your question: “Name your sources” went unanswered. There it is, proof of the pudding, blatant lies….

  129. Simon Bolivar

    + 1

  130. Second that. I am astonished with your account of how the “Future OT Convention” was created. I can tell you that when Ivan came back from this “convention” he hated everything related to Scientology. The kids apparently are treated like irresponsible brats, with bad control and strict discipline, but they sell it as something completely different.

  131. Bill,

    What a horrific story! This “church” must reform and it must reform now!
    I assume you are doing better now? I am glad for you getting out alive. Others have not been so lucky.

  132. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 100!!
    Luis you are a class act and in this case the fruit hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

  133. Yo, you be chillin’ with the villain. Well done!

    Also, fantastic on moving through your Grades. I know what you mean about Grade O too!!

  134. Levitra Phallus

    Glad you got out. Please continue to set the example for the countless young people still hopelessly stuck in the horrible Sea Org conditions; please take this freedom and get yourself a great education. Critical thinking is the best gift you can give yourself and a promise to a better future.

  135. Bear,
    First got to know you at the FLB. You are a far better man than Bill Bragg and I am sure he knows it. Really good to hear your input here. Thanks for being here and thanks for communicating. I know I couldn’t sleep between those noisy Main’s – but then, you da man!

  136. Ivan,
    Really nice win on your new ability gained. You can and have shown the EP of your auditing is for real. I think the clown’s are jealous. I like your style – keep on smiling. I get that feeling you start the day with a large glass of whup-ass and get on with living your life with zest!

  137. Bill, thank you for surviving!

  138. Congratulation Ivan! 😀

    (Those clowns just happen to be 2FF. Too f’in funny. No comm cycle there, boy.)

  139. Ivan- love your “cojones”!

  140. Cindy, that is so true. Of all the lies to tell, they pick the most ridiculously outlandish bullshit ever. Stupidos.

  141. Ivan,
    We met at a gathering a couple of months ago at your family’s home, and we spoke about car photography since you had just finished up shooting your car earlier that day. What fascinated me was your passion for your future plans in life and how you’ve mapped out how you’re going to becoming a lobbyist and even open up your own firm.

    You’re an amazing young man and I was honored to have had the opportunity to spend time getting to know you. Kick ass in life my friend. Also, we could have used your car yesterday in Marty’s get away… You would have loved to see how we stopped Lablow!

  142. THANK YOU everyone who supported me and greeted me into the wonderful world of the Independents!!!!! 🙂 All you of are amazing people and all of us together CAN and WILL make a difference against DM! All of you are amazing and I thank you all once again!

    Much love and respect to all!

    Ivan Garcia 🙂

  143. Well done Ivan!!!

    Marty, that is the first time I have heard the Doobie allegations and for the 2nd time this week, I line charged with laughter out loud (the other was the classic Car Wash!)

    Seems like DM is overdosing on his own copper grounding rods. Before too long he is going to be half man and half machine needing an infusion of copper to keep going. Maybe that is how he gets and keeps his deep dark tan!

  144. Ivan, what a great handling! Whatever footage they took of this they could never use as you kept right on asking the important question when he was throwing generalities. He would look like a total idiot to show this to anyone. I actually hope is stupid enough to do it, LOL

    I’m already happily married & much older but a theta guy like you, I’m sure won’t be single for long 🙂


  145. scilonschools


    This is truly wonderful news !!
    The energy & determination of young adults is immense, along with the awareness of Right, as we have seen in the recent Arab Spring uprisings, the applied energy of a certain age group can achieve more than the military might of Major Nations .
    The ability to ask Why? , that get’s knocked out of many with age is unstoppable with youth!!

    Don’t stop, keep up the good work!!

  146. scilonschools


  147. Tory Christman

    As everyone has said, Great job, man! There is nothing quite like seeing
    a young man stand up to true suppression (which I believe IS what these idiots are doing), keep it together, and speak the truth.
    I also loved that you kept asking, “What are your sources?” “Name A source”.
    Why this phony “church” has to ALWAYS try to make their X-members into drug addicts, falsely, I’ll never know. When they did it to me, I showed me 5 year old neighbors their lies. Their response? “You’d have to be an idiot to not get what they’re doing”. DUH.
    Welcome, and once again, great job!!! Love to ALL here and ALL
    who help expose the abuses of this insidious organization.
    Happy Friday! Tory/Magoo

  148. Tory Christman

    AMEN, Sam!!! Well said—very well said.

    Great job, Ivan. So great!

    May we see more of this: young people now out, and free
    to think and talk and be so effective. YES!!!

  149. Freedom Fighter

    Having studied things like the Holocaust, Pol Pot, Serbia, and Jonestown, I used to wonder how people could follow those whose actions deviated so greatly from those considered to be sane and compassionate by the average human being. Watching these individuals sent by David Miscavage and the things they say and do makes me realize just what it is that enables people to abandon all common sense, all concepts of what’s right or wrong, all sanity. It’s not just the fear of loss of some sort, whether loss of their eternity or their life. At the core of this, IMO, is the fact that these people have lost their personal integry to such a degree that they’ve lost themselves. They are operating in some mocked-up synthetic beingness that they feel is somehow survival. Yet, one-for-one, they look and sound miserable — not surviving well at all. Not really.

    In contrast, you have those who, like Ivan, have the intestinal fortitude to observe what they’ve observed and to hold their position in space as a good and free being — in otherwords as themselves — and the difference is clear to anyone who bothers to look.

    Congratulations, Ivan, on completing Grade 0! A wonderful adventure awaits you as you continue up the Bridge. Also, VWD on consistently maintaining your personal integrity. You set an example for all.


  151. I especially liked your line, “I decided that it was too high a price to pay in terms of bullshit to go up the Bridge.”
    A great summation.
    All the best, Rich

  152. Mafioso acting jerk, Jim Lynch appears to be. A “homo novus”, he is not. Homo Flatus, perhaps?

  153. Super Duper Power building . . . $413,500 in Fines for delays of construction . . . Delays were because of ? ? ?

  154. Agreed !

  155. LA,
    you probably never saw Co$ registrars in action when they get near a wealthy potential client …

  156. Welcome Ivan.

    Nice Evo – is it modified??

  157. You’re welcome!

  158. Way to go!
    Assume a causative viewpoint, ask all the pertinent questions and why nothing is being done about it. Answer theirs quickly and TR 3 yours; where is Int management? Where are all the old time auditors? Who pays you guys and your PI’s and strong arms? How come Big Pharma profits reach record after record? Why has the country with the most criminons a soaring prison population, top record in the world? Why is the country with most Wise groups devastating the world economy?

  159. Difference is one is genuine and given freely and the other is ‘pretended theta’ with malicious intentions.

  160. GetTheConcept

    I haven’t had time to read all of the comments here yet, so excuse me if this has already been covered: but I’d like to know the details of what happened at the Freewinds “Future OT” convention (or whatever the name of that was) that proved to be a turn-off for you. What were you told? What were the activities?

  161. Ivan, Dude! That was some real Pro handling there. Not only great camera work on your part, but you just shut them down completely. Ouch! That’s Major League handling. That’s Rinder and Rathbun pro level stuff. You’ve got a great future ahead of you.

    And well done on your auditing wins!

  162. Bill, I remember you so well from Flag! I was a public there off and on for years doing my NOTs rundowns. (and then, of course having to re-do them at great expense Miscaviage-style, which was completely unnecessary and in fact made me feel LESS OT afterwards… but alas, here we are in Present Time :->)

    I found myself thinking about your cycle with the Ship at about 2 in the morning last night and had the hardest time getting back to sleep. I haven’t quite found the words to describe how wrong that whole thing was/is. I guess Luis said it best…this Church HAS to reform now.

    Anyway, thank you (and your wife) for never giving up.
    Your friend, M

  163. Great job Ivan!
    I guess that the solution to Freedumb Rag is get to the the basic on the lies they pedal.
    Works like sunlight on vampires!

  164. As an aside,
    When Marty was in the SO working with LRH John Asskisser was dropping LSD and pedalin’ the stuff hence he is not elligable to even be in the SO!

  165. Alex Castillo

    Ivan, apart from the fact that you are a big Thetan, eres un ejemplo perfecto de como funciona la Tech (you are a perfect example of how the Tech works), when it is applied as LRH intended it to work. My own Grade O was a life changing experience for me way back in 1974, and I must say that I felt pretty much on top of the world when I completed my Grade IV. And that in spite of the fact that I was one of those Flag Staff members who was working my ass off 24/7 as a org manager and evaluator for almost 7 years, including sleep deprivation and all the crap that went with the job. I was luckier than you in that during my time LRH was still alive and Tech and Policy were being applied by most, that is until Summer 1981, when that Insane Oportunist, criminal no-case gain, cheater, liar David Miscavige initiated his coup de tat.
    I saw it when it started and that’s when I blew in the middle of the night. Consider it good karma that you came across Marty when you did. Finish your Grades and continue up the Genuine Bridge, amigo. You are in for the trip of your life(lifetimes).
    So carry on amigo, and be proud of yourself for having grabbed the bull by the horns, as the saying goes. Well done.


  166. Ivan,

    Great com cycle and welcome!

    There is some good in Jim as you made him aware he was lying and using generalities and he backed off.


  167. This is discrimination, pure and simple. Of course, they have facilities for you. It never ceases to surprise me when I hear about CofS violations of basic, understood, taken-for-granted, civil rights. I try to come up with a reason Scientology executives and staff would commit these offenses and the only thing I can think of is that they have little secular education and/or experience. But your story takes the cake. It is just plain immoral. Get ill and they withhold medical care. Lisa McPherson is a famous example of this policy in action. In all my years of Scientology training, I have never read any thing that would support or direct doing this. You have every right to get on the plane and go where ever you want, run in a 5K race, receive medical care appropriate to your condition, live, breathe, communicate. I am so happy that you found proper help in time.

  168. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    I have just had a look at the “truthbetold” Miscavige blog and for the life of me I can’t figure out why they are using so many LRH quotes to “fight the enemy” when it is so well documented that Miscavology is based on everything else but the genuine works of Founder L Ron Hubbard!! WTF!
    Beginning with the fact that Miscavige has for many years been obliterating basic LRH policies and altering LRH Tech to make the whole original subject unworkable and even dangerous, there is also plenty of evidence showing that he hates LRH and all that true Scientology stands for. So why on earth do they keep selectively quoting LRH? Why don’t they outright advertise that David Miscavige wants Marty, Mike and followers out of the picture so that they can freely practise the New Era Miscavology without the hindrance of Marty and all those SPs out there practising a squirrell version of it (Miscavology)? Instead they seem to be hiding behind LRH’s trousers and using his name to defend themselves against those who are exposing their crimes against inocent people who just want the benefits of the REAL THING. Weird. Can anyone shed some light as to why they are doing that?

    Curious Alex

  169. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    Hi guys, i posted a heart felt congrats to Ivan before this post, but it has disappeared. Is it something I said? I don’t understand.

  170. Welcome Ivan! So happy to hear you have made it out of that mess, and are now experiencing the Scientology you had always hoped for.
    The more sunlight you bring, the more people will come and stand in the sunlight.

  171. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    Or maybe I pushed the wrong button??

  172. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    I take it all back, my post has reappeared.

  173. Nicely done Ivan. Lynch, 1.1 reporter, starts off with mud slinging about Marty and after a brief interview with you slinks off defeated just as any other 1.1 will when confronted by a more uptone person.

    A great example of just how well the tech works. Good confront and you didn’t defend against Lynch’s bullshit, but attacked instead.

    Ivan- Cause One for Ivan
    Lynch- effect Zero for Lynch

    Winner- Ivan!

  174. Alex Castillo (a bit off topic)

    Dear old friend, great to “see” you here!
    You are one of the “bringers of light” and your work I’m sure has paid off!


  175. Tory Christman

    Good point, re these morons. However, comparing them…well, the truth is MOST people “in” never know people like this are doing the shit they do.
    EVEN *I*…who was doing *a* part of junk (In the PR area)….never knew the “Dirty tricks” Side of things. That’s why I call it an insidious organization.

    For years the media would ask me: “Would Scientologists ever do what
    Happened in Jonestown. Since the people I knew would not..I’d always say,
    “No way”. Until Marc Headley left. I asked he and his wife, Claire, the same question (sure they’d say “no” as I have).
    To my shock…Marc said, (Without *a* Comm lag): “At Gold? Absolutely”.
    I looked at Claire (Who was part of RTC)…stunned. She? “Absolutely—without question: If DM ordered it, it’d be done”.

    I’ve said for 11 years: “Bail while you still can”. I say that because I know, personally, SOOOO many people who have died way too young while still “in”, and now 7 young people who have taken their own lives, that I knew.,,,no doubt there are, sadly, even more.

    This week, to anyone new or lurking here: 2 OT 8’s died, before the age of 56. Now that the Headleys told me that, I REALLY say: BAIL WHILE YOU STILL CAN. I have no idea what the average public would do, IF “Gold” pulled a Jonestown, but my guess would be they’d bring many public in on that, too. Argh–horrible to even think of.

    Ivan: Again, you rock! Excellent TR 0 and communication that kicked
    their asses. Great job, again.
    Love to all 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  176. Karen,

    Not only did His Satanic Majesty convert CCI into Tom’s personal Mustang Ranch but he also turned Int Base into a cheap motel so he could step out on Mimi with Nicole.

    Really he should be known not as the “Pope” but the *Pimp* of Scientology.

    He has also managed with the help of his “friends” to turn the Church into a criminal cult.

    At least back in the ol’ days criminality was limited to the GO.

    Now it has infected the whole organization like a virus.

    According to the policy on “Exchange” a criminal is created by *out exchange* and the Church has been out exchange for years.

    Ever since the IAS was established.

    All ya gotta do is change the “A” to an “R” and that pretty much covers it.

  177. Douchebags

  178. Lawrence,

    You live in NY where they actually do have public transportation.

    Here in LA and OC it is still considered a joke.

    Though I can’t decide what is the biggest joke (getting back on topic) Miscavige calling himself the Pope of Scientology or a subway running under an active fault line.

  179. Hi Sapere Aude, And speaking of Big Bear (as we called him at Flag) he’s started to tell his story on Scientology-cult.com. You can find the first installment here http://www.scientology-cult.com/bill-straass/479-freewinds-off-purpose-off-course.html#comment-4355

  180. Thanks! Yeah it is.
    hks intake
    No exhaust but just an open downpipe
    ecu tune
    walbro 225 fuel pump
    I see your has Ralliart…do you have an evo?

  181. SF, The difference is nothing human would have sex with Jim Lynch for ANY amount of money. Too repulsive.

  182. Actually Mace-Kingsley was into this super control type program years before.

    I actually worked in a Franchise for a short time that took over their “practice” and reviewed some of these poor kids folders.

    These kids were assigned goals by their parents (I mean never mind what the Ol’man says about a child having a basic purpose at the age of 2) and were “audited” on what the parents thought was wrong with the Kid.

    Talk about invalidation and evaluation!

    Anyway I wrote a lengthy report on this type of suppressive reverse Scientology and how OUT TECH it was!

    Interesting to see that remnants of it was picked up by Squirrelly Dave and his Werner Erhard style of “Scientology” for this “Future OTs” (what a joke) program.

  183. Ah, the criminal mind in action!

  184. GetTheConcept

    All Miscavige’s power derives from LRH’s. People only listen to Miscavige as a result of his false, yet convincing to many, alignment with LRH. I think he knows that and has known it since he started out.

  185. Alex Castillo

    The above greeting was for my old and special friend Nancy Many. During the same time period we went through a lot of shit and she experienced a lot of the insanity that went on then. She is no doubt a very brave lady who walked away from the dark side of the force in spite of heavy pressure both physical and mental. Like Marty, Mike and others recently. If you read her book you’ll find me there.

  186. Ivan,
    Thanks for standing up and joining the ranks of Indies. Hey, you obviously got some great role models as parents.
    Your video, with some others, would serve well as training models for anybody else having to deal with those slime balls in future .
    Excellent TRs and a highly successful Grade 0 are a deadly combination to
    the wimps that DIDN’T get such great training and auditing in the Co$ and know they’re doing wrong with such harassment.
    I just realized, they’re just jealous!
    Yeap, I also would like to hear more details of what actually happened when you were on the Freewinds.

  187. “it was really sickening and I could really see that he hated children.”

    THIS is worth a story. There is so much evidence of this.

  188. one of those who see

    Well done to you and your Auditor on your completion of Grade 0!!!!

  189. Go Ivan go…

  190. one of those who see

    Important story. A must read. Thanks for the write up Bill!

  191. All dictators – at least all that I know of – used to utilize a well-greased propaganda machine (lying included). All had some specific arch enemy that they could (and would) point at, blame and persecute. Must have to do something with their tone level.

  192. Definitely.

    I just don’t know whether “Lord Anonymous” is genuine.

  193. Nice work Ivan.
    Congrats on your successes in life.

    All the best,


  194. Way to take them down. Great job!
    When I was 19, I started the BC at ASHO and I remember well the feeling of driving my sports car up Berendo (in second gear, glass-pack muffler on my Triumph) and letting EVERYONE know that I had arrived.

    Good to know you Ivan. Great son you have, Luis!

  195. The grades are so awesome. I always thought people were robbed when they skipped the grades because of various clear cycles. The best auditing I had was the grades (other than my own solo sessions – thank God I am a Class VI).

    You are in for a treat – grade III and IV blew. my. mind. (grades I and II weren’t so bad, either! 🙂 )

  196. Tom Gallagher

    2011 Home Video of the Year:
    Bar none………….

  197. Bill — Thank you for overcoming what must have seemed like insurmountable obstacles, surviving the debilitating condition, and then speaking up about what you have been through. Wow! L, Rachel

  198. Karen De La Carriere has just informed me that the Squirrel Busters just once again came to visit her at her home in Los Angeles, so when they are not busy harassing Marty or Ivan, or getting arrested in Florida they are at Karen’s house harassing her. And the beat goes on, car or not! 🙂

  199. Tom Gallagher

    David Miscavige is a Psychotic Pygmy.

  200. Tom Gallagher

    “Thank you ladies.”

  201. Thanks for posting that Steve. His story is amazing.

    The more truth that comes out, time place form and event with the players named, the more as-isness occurs.

    Very therapeutic.


  202. Tory, Joe was the first one, who was the second OTVIII?

  203. Freedom Fighter

    Tory, good point. The average church members don’t really know about this stuff (although you’d think they would know at least a bit of it if they read the trash put out by Freedumb mag) and aren’t included in my evaluation above. It truly is an insideous organization.

    The good news is that even those who have wandered down that path and trashed their personal integrity can redeem themselves by simply being willing to look, observing what they observe, and being willing to say so. As we know, it starts with that. xoxo

  204. Ivan,
    thank you for arriving. Enjoy the ride up the Bridge.

  205. Hi Ivan, Welcome to your new life! Well done on seeing what’s true for you and for your courage. 🙂


  206. TroubleShooter

    Nice to meet you Ivan,

    It’s so nice to hear a young man who can confront and communicate to the point. Nineteen sounds so young but you made it sound so mature. Well done on getting to the point with that guy, he couldn’t even look at you when he was trying to remember his apparently too unrehearsed lines. . . next time ask him why he didn’t have the balls to ask your dad himself if he could do an interview. . . the wimp.

    I’m proud to know you Ivan and look forward to meeting you and yours sooner than later. . .

  207. Bill I read your story on Steve’s website – horrifying!
    While running door to door recovery teams at Flag I witnessed sick OTs (cancer and heart conditions) being treated with the similar callousness. They were not allowed on the base because they were a risk to the church and rather than being given spiritual help and support they were left to deal with their illness (or die) alone. People who had dedicated their lives to Scientology became unworthy DBs who were banned from the orgs.
    What kind of ‘church’ treats it’s parishioners this way?

  208. Ahhhh. 🙂
    We understand one another completely.

  209. Tory Christman

    Here ya go: “Ole Boskov died of liver cancer at age 48.”
    ((Google it if you want more info). Also, these are 2 OT 8s who
    died in ONE week. There are many more OT 8s who have
    sadly died, while still “in”.
    My best to all, Tory/Magoo

  210. Tory Christman

    Freedom Fighter,
    Very true. I’ve said it for 11 years now:
    “Don’t believe ME…GO LOOK. Read, look, listen,
    learn *both* sides…and make up your *own* mind.
    ((And ask yourself this: “Why Can’t the C of $ say that?”))
    As you and I KNOW they can NOT. 🙂 My best to you, TLC


    LINK: http://www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment/clearwater-fines-scientology-413500/1187852

  212. Hi RJ, I knew Mace-Kingsly. My son was audited by Debra Mace. (i think Debra was her first name). Lived in Silverlake Hills. Anywho thank goodness he never got any of this suppressive auditing. But he only had some minor actions, less than 12 hrs. Just chiming in here.

  213. “They say” about Marty…
    Please see quote below.

    A criminal accuses others of what they are doing. Who is smoking dope?

    Quote from the “Antisocial Personality”:

    1. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. “They say…” “Everybody thinks…” “Everyone knows…” and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor. When asked, “Who is everybody…” it normally turns out to be one source and from this source the antisocial person has manufactured what he or she pretends is the whole opinion of the whole society.

    This is natural to them since to them all society is a large hostile generality, against the antisocial in particular.

    2. Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression.

    “Gossip” or “bearer of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” once described such persons.

    It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.

    3. The antisocial personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news. Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along.

    Such a person also pretends to pass on “bad news” which is in actual fact invented.

  214. In other words a PP…..

  215. Nice car Ivan! Glad you are free, now you can begin enjoying life outside the life of the Co$.

  216. Yeah she had the Silver Lake Operation which was cool.

    I knew some of the auditors who worked there.

    Another one in Riverside County that was run by an Ex Marine which musta been competing with Paris Island which is where the Montrose Mssn got a lot of its case from.

    Another one near the CST site in Layfette NM which was formerly in Oregon.

    These ladies got around.

    They handled a lot the Scientology Elitists kids.

    The “Ranch” as we called it handled the hard cases. Ones who supposedly needed heavy discipline and former Cadets when they shut down he Cadet Org.

    (Actually believe me when I write that it was actually a step up from what the Cadet Org had become.)

    Silver Lake was mainly for general public which mainly consisted of Field Auditors who were into auditing kids.

    They were way more permissive than the other operations.

  217. TR3


    THIRD time posting this. I must be invisible to have been ignored twice before LOL.

    Link is about the Super Power Building and $415,500 COM was fined for delays in completion.

    Not germane to original post? Correct.

    Pertinent? You be the judges.

  218. $415,300 CORRECTION : )


  220. LOL ! ! ! !

  221. z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z

  222. Hi Ivan,

    I’m late in commenting, I hope you get this.Welcome to the Indies! My postulate is that I have your level of poise and insouciance when I’m 19 again. :^>

    I want to give you an ack for having/knowing your pts/sp tech down cold. It is ironic that it seems the final pass on the pts/sp course is being able to effortlessly apply it the the church.

    Carry on, man. You’ve got a kick-ass life ahead of you!

  223. Yeah the kids who should be boarding the “special bus” also came calling on another friend of mine out in Valencia as well.

    What a bunch of Looney Tunes!

    They really should take up some other recreational pursuits like maybe basket weaving.

  224. Nice. Have you dyno’d it?

    No, no Evo though I had an ’04 Lancer Ralliart with the 2.4L MIVEC motor and 5-spd tranny. I sold it this summer since I have a company car now and got bit by the AC Cobra Kit Car bug – serious power-to-weight ratio!

    I used to drive another red Lancer – a 1987 Shelby Lancer with the 2.2L Turbo II motor. That car was quick and had a very stiff suspension.

    At any rate, I could take cars all night as I’ve been a gearhead since King Richard was driving Hemi Superbirds for Plymouth.

  225. Pingback: Proč se církev bojí internetu | independent beings

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