A Letter From the San Patricio County Jail

update 9/17/2011 12:49 pm cst: New York Village Voice coverage:


A Letter From the San Patricio County Jail

I am spending this evening in the San Patricio County Texas jail.

I have been falsely imprisoned for several hours and our constitutional rights to free speech have been infringed under color of state law (a serious Federal civil rights violation by definition).

I was arrested at 5:40 p.m. on a Friday evening at my home.  In front of my wife and the pre-OT whom I audited all week completing OT preps only moments earlier.

Radical Corporate Scientology agents clearly knew in advance of the timing of the arrest, as one of them alluded to the impending service of a warrant upon me to my wife just an hour earlier; and RCS camera crews positioned themselves to covertly capture the event.

Clearly the arrest was timed so that I might sit in jail all weekend long without a clue as to why I was being held; and possibly even more surprises were in store for me.  However, upon arrival to jail I found Sheriff’s Office personnel who knew all about what has been going on in my neighborhood and with me, and who were appalled to see me hauled in in cuffs.

I learned the following:

a)  The arrest was for an alleged assault with bodily injury that occurred on 1 September.

b) The complainant one Jim Moore from Austin Texas had on three earlier occasions visited my home and terrorized my wife – while refusing to identify himself, and fleeing before police could arrive – while I was on trips out of town.  Moore was brought in and out of the “busts” on me in my neighborhood, his role was to continue to leer at my wife with his creepy smirk despite my repeated requests he not do so, especially given his history of stalking her while she was alone here.  On the day he alleged that I did bodily injury to him, I had asked him yet again to stop leering at my wife on the apron of our driveway, when he ignored me and continued, I removed his sunglasses to look him in the eye and ask “did you get that?”  Only then he say “yes” and stop leering. I never touched his body.  Moore continued to hang with his pack of RCS thugs and harass us in front of our own home.

c)  The RCS had Moore make a complaint to the Sheriff near the time that the event occurred.  The reporting Officer, despite lobbying from four RCS lawfirms retained in Texas for the specific purpose of pressuring law enforcement to come after me, refused to file charges.

d)  RCS lawyers then had Moore go swear a complaint to a friendly Justice of the Peace (JoP).  The office of JoP is a quaint little 19th century notion that nobody ever got around to abolishing after several law enforcement agencies made the operation moot. Largely the JoP handles restraining orders in domestic violence cases and hears small civil claims.  The JoP in question did not even have jurisdiction on our side of the county.

e) When I was arrested an immediate hue and cry arose from the prosecutor’s office and Sheriff’s Office and the JoP who signed the warrant was forced to come magistrate me out the same evening I arrived.  On questioning I found her to be clueless as to the background of what has now been going on with the “complainant’s” 152 days of terroristic stalking.  She actually thought Moore was part of a legitimate media operation. Or she was playing Mickey the Dunce. Should this charade move forward to its scheduled December trial, the truth will out well before then.

This is the thirteenth criminal charge the RCS has attempted to press against me. I know for a fact that the previous twelve were declined for any prosecution either by police agencies or prosecutors.  In fact, I had just confirmed with the San Patricio County Attorney (responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanors in the county)  that there were no such complaints pending against me in San Patricio County in a phone call one hour prior to my arrest.

Even though David Miscavige revels in a scotch stupor tonight, when the dust settles on this one, Miscavige and his RCS agents will rue this day.

Monique and I have been informed by RCS private detectives that the incessant harassment against us will end only when I cease to speak to the media.  If I go quiet then no more persistent, 24/7 attempts to have me put in jail.

I have been falsely imprisoned today and our constitutional rights to free speech have been infringed under color of state law (a serious Federal civil rights violation by definition).

I would rather speak freely from a jail cell than be muzzled on the outside.

And as Mexican freedom fighter Emiliano Zapata said:

I would rather die standing than live on my knees.

520 responses to “A Letter From the San Patricio County Jail

  1. Dono sent.

    I admire your ability to stay calm in the face of adversity. Mosey, you;re an angel.

  2. Marty,

    You called it earlier in the day.

    It’s panic stations in the POB bunker. The ranting must be at full pitch.

    Steve had posted a comment earlier asking me if I thought the escalation of activity was related to Germany. I am going to repeat my response to him here, as it pretty much sums things up from my perspective:

    I think POB got out of the wrong side of his coffin this morning, or his custom made slippers had a fur ball in them or his quail eggs were overly poached in caviar juice or some other major catastrophe (no doubt orchestrated by some SP that had gotten on his lines) just put him in a bad mood.

    So, he kicked the nearest cat, smashed his head into the marble fireplace in his bathroom and then dictated some orders to Linda, just like Marty described.

    There are lots of things exploding straight up and vertical (seems more appropriate than “sky high”) and I think its the cumulative effect.
    The pressure is building. The copper rods arent cutting it and neither are the coffee enemas, so there’s got to be an outlet…. *issue some orders, that always calms me down*

    The only thing I would now add is this:

    The sniveling, whining cowards who fly in from other cities to parade like fools in front of your house, leer at Mosey and generally depress the neighborhood should be hired to give pointers to some of the NBA floppers who regularly crumple at the tiniest (or no) touch and then crybaby to the refs looking for a foul. That’s the orders these morons are given. Do whatever it takes to get Marty arrested and prosecuted. They probably have a big bonus in the offing if they can pull it off.

    You just know POB is screaming at OSA: “Rathbun is a criminal. You incompetent cocksuckers do nothing to handle him while he keeps telling the world about me. You do NOTHING to defend me. Where is your Simon Bolivar. If I was able to go and handle this myself I would have gotten him convicted by now. But of course, you have made it impossible for me to do that because its not safe for me to walk on the streets. You have 24 hours to get him in jail or all of you cocksuckers are going to the RPF.”

    And the final order to the flopbusters is to Chinese School every morning:
    “We love COB. No sacrifice is too great to keep COB happy.”

    The insanity of these actions is a reflection of how desperate he is. This is ANOTHER footnuke that is going to blow up his enema bag big time. He canot restrain himself from taking himself and everyone around him down.

    Captain Titanic Miscavige strikes again!

  3. Marty, such conditions are not acceptable. Such conditions will not be accepted.

  4. Marty, holy cow! Can you believe it? The church offers an ultimatum that “they will stop when Marty stops talking to the press”. All I can say the church “Oh, f**k off!” I was thinking Miscavige will probably show this video of police activity to the Kool-Aid drinkers at INT and say “Now, see what happens to people like that?” Oh DM, f**k off!

  5. Jean-François Genest

    Θ Very sorry for the crap you & Mosey have to endure. You are handling this SO professionally. You set a great example. It inspires me to do more as an Independent ScientoIogist. I tip my hat to you. I postulate that the flows will reverse 100 fold onto these creeps.

  6. Tory Christman

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock………Time is on **our** side!

    And Davey boy: You can run, but you CAN NOT Hide! We see you…
    and your BS attempts at Fair Game only bring on more. Come on in,
    the water is just fine. Freedom shall remain free, for we who are OUT.

    This will end up just one more dead, wet, old trout on Davey boys ASS, filled
    with stale dung that stinks and labels him “Leader of dead fish”. You stand by him…we smell you, too. You want freedom, then stop supporting this insanity. **NOW** Tory/Magoo!

  7. The Church has been dealing in lies and injustice for so long, it’s a normal condition for them.
    So, David got a kick in, sending “someone else” out to Marty’s house and falsely attesting (yet again) in a legal arena.
    It’s like having juvenile delinquents running through your grocery store right?

  8. JFG +1

  9. Un-freaking-believable.

    Miscavige commits assault and battery on staff, and yet you are arrested for removing a pair of sunglasses from the face of a pervert operative of the COS?

    With this gross miscarriage of justice, I am reminded of Yamamoto’s words after Pearl Harbor. “I feel all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve”.

    DM, that is your mantra. It is going to suck being you a lot more in the coming months.

  10. DM doesn’t like Marty speaking to the press? How about we all start sending articles to the press? We live around the globe and we all have things to say which is “news worthy”.

    My article is on the way!

    DM, you may succeed in a pathetic arrest, but you’ll never succeed to cease the dissemination of truth. Truth can penetrate a 16 inch armor plate – words spoken by the Old Man.

    Your pea-brained mental midgets (to use your own words) will go down in your futile and desperate attempts to cling to your lies.

    Marty won’t stop, and neither will anyone of us. We consist of people who genuinely care for our friends and none of us are bought or blackmailed or threatened. That type of support will always topple the dictatorial scheme you so desperately try to hold in place.

    There are so many who are fed up but haven’t spoken out officially. Both on the inside and on the outside. I know because I speak with them daily. When there is no more support to buy or gives threatening orders to, who is going to ensure you are still standing? May I suggest the very latest in rosewood crutches? It will go just fine with you interior decor – just make sure you get the most expensive pairs out there – one ought to go down with dignity you know…

    “It is you who insists upon receiving standard tech or tolerates shoddy substitutes. When all is said it is you who will be with yourself at the end. And it is you who will ask yourself, did I do right or did I do wrong? And the state you find yourself in will be the answer.”

    “It is no longer a question of whether standard ethics and policy work. It is only a question of whether or not you apply them…but I do have a concern. Will you take advantage of the carefully marked trail upward? I hope you do, David Miscavige. For if you don’t, it will be very lonely in the sky.”

  11. Wait until they see him being arrested. That chapter is coming right up. Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself right? If anyone I know is on a motivator flow it is David Miscavige.

  12. Wow!!
    The Church does not have limits… I read that one time David Mayo was arrested in his own house for no reason at all, due to Church of $ false accusations on him.
    You really feel you do not have any rights anymore…
    It is good that it goes public. Thank you for posting it Marty…

  13. Mark and Mosey,

    I guess this is the ultimate TR 0 Bullbait. Apparently you got standard Pro TRs somewhere along the way, Mark. McSavage, on the other hand, can’t do 2 seconds of Confront, let alone 2 hours.

    This stupid fucked up midget dictator simply cannot stop your determined exposure of his crimes or your auditing practice. I can only hope I would be even half as tough as yourself under similar circumstances.

    Best Regards,

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  14. Contact the Texas ACLU. I am going to if you don’t.

  15. I guess it never occurred to that overgrown kid at Int that Marty could turn states evidence to sort out any legal troubles imposed on him by the Church?
    No. He would not be that savvy world wise to see that one. Geeze he is really setting himself up to go down. What a motivator flow that guy is on!

  16. This reminds me of the 1960’s movie “Is Paris Burning?”.

    For those that didn’t see it – “The fascinating tale of how Paris evaded the fate Hitler envisioned for it at the end of the Second World War…The title is drawn from a question Hitler asked, when he found out that Allied troops were approaching Paris.”

    We all know how WW 2 ended. 🙂

  17. It is 12:35 Am here in OKC.

    I am physically sick to my fucking stomach.

    As you may or may not know—as you may or may not care.

    I am a non – Co$ member, who has never met a scieno in person, that i am aware of.

    I have never pretended to”blindly” support Marty. I have seen him do a few things, that even Marty may not have repeated doing, with hindsight what it is.


    I have wholly supported him in showering these kooks on a hot day.

    I do support him, doing anything he can to these idiots who have made it there mission to harass him in his hometown and at his house.

    I hope he gets away with doing anything he wants to these **** sticks and goofballs, who in the name of religion, blindly follow orders that they know to be reprehensible.

    This is my favorite website, as stated i dont always agree with Marty, but i believe he is a fu***ng Mans Man and id love to share a pint with him at anytime.

    Will someone please note on here or send to my email, the name of the magistrate or whatever, who signed this shit.

    As a guy who has nothing to do with either side of the Co$. A guy who has no dog in the fight, personally. As a concerned MAN in OKC, I want to call write FAX and pegion carrier anything I can write and send to these authorities.


    I want to know who I can contact to complain about this garbage system.

    Go get em Marty

    And show them no fucking mercy, my man.

    See ya at the Pub.

    1st rounds on me.

  18. Marty please do expose any law enforcement illegalities in a very big and loud manner.

  19. By the time he gets through the mess he has created he will be very happy to sit all alone in the sky. There will not be a safe space for him here on Earth.

  20. This is appalling. Marty & Mosey, I am very sorry you have to put up with this. I think the Houston office of the ACLU might be interested in this serious violation of your civil rights. Best to you guys.

  21. Captain Titanic keeps running into an iceberg and putting more holes in his ship.

  22. John in Austin

    Media guru Gary Vaynerchuk sums it up well: “Everything your grandma and grandpa did is lost in the mists of time. Everything YOU do is being recorded FOREVER on the Internet.” DM’s biggest, biggest, biggest problem is that he still doesn’t understand the Internet is Everywhere and Always!

  23. For the OSA staff: You are volunteering for your prisons and slavery. So I am not surprised to see you working to take away someone else’s freedom.

  24. Well put Mike. This is the all-time biggest crotch bullet McScabage has ever fired from his U-shaped elephant gun.

  25. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Disgusting, this is what the world sees of Scientology. First the “Squirrel Busters” and now this, pathetic. David MsCaviage, you are such an SP! Isn’t it about time for you to cave in? Keep up the fight Marty!

  26. POB has gone pure batshit crazy to the 10th degree!

    You and Mosey have tons of friends, what is needed to back you up?

  27. Marty you are my hero! You can have handcuffs put on and go to jail and act like this is just another little thing you have to endure. Amazing! I would be a sniveling, sobbing mess. You did say things would get worse.

  28. Dono sent.

    I feel for you Mosey. I know that stung.

  29. Ciao Marty, your words are very imprinted to my mind.
    You have all of my support , i’ve send you from the seagull Livingstone 5620 miles est . 🙂
    Francesco Minelli

  30. I am sorry you had to endure this Marty.
    I like tons who read your blog offer you ANY assistance you
    want, just ask.
    I found this to be of significance
    Marty said:
    Radical Corporate Scientology agents clearly knew in advance of the timing of the arrest, as one of them alluded to the impending service of a warrant upon me to my wife just an hour earlier; and RCS camera crews positioned themselves to covertly capture the event.

    A meaningless charge on bogus trumped up nonsense using some gullible donkey magistrate. So DM gets some footage. He obsesses on getting his enemies jailed. But he will accept footage of a bogus arrest for his malicious hate websites.

  31. Man, this sucks. This is the type of thing that brings everyone together, just like when Daniel Montalvo was arrested. It’s exactly this type of insanity that we are all against.

  32. I hope Marty, Anonsparrow, AMA2 and others file a joint complaint to the FBI. This is a clear case of going around and attacking one critic at a time and trying to make a self fulfilling prophecy of those that criticizes Scientology are criminals. This is utter bullshit. Marty if you do fight back on this under color of law I might recommend that your lawyer have an open call for a class action suit.

  33. Levitra Phallus

    As Abraham Lincoln once said, “what kills the skunk is the publicity it gives itself”. I can’t think of a more appropriate quote for such destructive behavior that DM exhibits. I still don’t understand how all of the corporate Scientology celebrities can continue to be a part of this organization. Why aren’t they questioning all of this?

    Sorry you both have to deal with this harassment. Monique, you have quite the fortitude to manage all of this drama. I know I would have been quite worn down by now.

  34. + 100!!!!!!

  35. Tory Christman

    As pathetic as that is, Mike…I have no doubt that IS what
    is going on with this nut ball, pinhead pretending to be
    the leader of one “a Mafia-like organization” pretending
    to be a “church” …. (the “church” of

    Thankfully, there are people around the world exposing
    this organization and may their efforts constantly be spoken of so “Davey” remembers this: “You can kill an individual, you cannot kill a choir”.

  36. Climbing a 9' High Board Fence

    This has just tipped the scales for me. I’m taking another step in climbing a 9′ high board fence. DM you’re a little bully and you know I’ve got a lot to say. Stay tuned.

  37. Marty, You’ve documented this entire thing from the beginning — you are well-protected. The demented midget has no where to run. He’s going down.

    A dono is on its way. Let me know if there’s anything else I (we) can do to help. And hang in there.

  38. Keep doing what your doing. Keep talking to the Media, Keep showing persistence and survival. Keep exposing the truth.

    And, Keep your TRs in and you have massive support behind you!

    ML Mike

  39. Moments like this make me want to publicly announce my disagreements with the CoS even if it costs me being disconnected from my family. This “church” disgusts me and I actually feel dirty for not standing up and leaving LOUDLY.

    Marty don’t stop doing what you do. You are a better man than I am.

  40. You’re right, Mike, that is a hell of a bullbait to be busted at your house and hauled in to jail! Yet never seeming to lose his composure, judging from Marty’s calm, deliberate, determined account of the events.

    And what a lot of sheer production Marty does, while making it look effortless. All the auditing, all the writing. And all the religious revolutionary stuff. Gets a hell of a lot done. Take all that and if a handful of idiots were chasing me all over town and shouting at me in front of my house and accosting me in every right-up-to-the-line barely-legal way they could contrive, would you blame me if I was really tired after just one day.? To do it for 150 days is definitely another ultimate bullbait.

    Mike, I’m not picking on you here — yours is just the last instance of this I read before I grew enough balls to say something about this. There have been plenty of other examples.

    I really enjoy the time I spend reading Marty’s blog and comments. (A lot of time — I read it obsessively repeatedly nearly every day, on my poor-man’s-iPad, the discontinued HP TouchPad with WebOS) And I have been inspired by the great people involved and by much of what is said. There are so many great comments, with a lot of wisdom, support, information, understanding, discussion, frankness, and tons of love. To be honest, it has rekindled in me a lot of respect for LRH.

    So, take it the right way when I say, I really don’t think it’s such a good idea for so many of us to be using Miscavige’s shortness (if that is an acceptable term — I don’t know) as an invalidation. To be frank, (as I said I just grew a set): If you’re gonna say “midget” or whatever other terms have been used here, might you not just as well be using a racial slur or a sexuality slur or a slur referring to someone’s disability? (I typed a couple of actual examples, but they looked jarring and entheta on the page, so I took ’em off.)

    As the parent of a kid who literally starved in an orphanage for 4 years, is now a young adult, and whose body ain’t so tall, I have to say it breaks my heart to think of him having to read stuff like that, were he to read this blog. OK, so my TR 0 Bullbaited is quite rusty in this department. But I don’t think it’s fair to use someone’s height against him — it’s not a valid criticism — it’s just an inval.

    You wanna mention it as a plain statement of fact, due to the probable validity of “Napoleon complex” theories, that’s fair.

    But for derogatory terms, why not just call DM an asshole, which is what it sounds like he is? Or there are lots of other things he has been called on here, such as dictator, tyrant, SP, psychotic, sociopath, etc., that don’t unfairly criticize a person’s body and genetics and such. I don’t really think “Pope On a Box” is a slur — I mean he could come out from behind the podium if he’s so tough. But I think if we’re gonna be using height slurs, we might as well be using any other kind of slur, and that just doesn’t seem OK.

    Ixnay on the idgetmay, alright?


  41. By the way, looking great getting arrested Marty! Very sexy! You aren’t alone either: http://www.newyorker.com/online/2011/08/01/110801_slideshow_egypt#slide=2

  42. Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic — it doesn’t really break my heart to think of my kid reading “midget” in the blog. He’s pretty tough by now, and I think he can handle it OK. But I don’t think he should have to.

    Seems to me Miscavige deserves just about any type of attack that is dished out on the blog. Maybe he has long ago crossed a line that makes it OK for what would normally just be an uncool inval to be used against him. If that’s the way you see it, then consider that I’m only talking about the … (MAN, I just this moment had a huge cognition on the word “consider”) … effect on other people, innocent bystanders basically.

    I’m now belaboring this to the extent that I’m sort of trivializing it, and if it really is trivial then so much the better. There are many here who will never read this post, so I don’t really expect the short slurs to stop. I just wanted to point out to whoever reads this that there are innocent kids, not doing TR0 bullbait at the moment, who could get their feelings hurt by, if nothing else, the cumulative effect of the many such slurs that get posted here.

  43. Marty you get use to the abuse of the law with corrupt Police/Judges after a while!

    I have been physically assaulted 4 times once with a broken nose all UNPROKED and the police wont even record the incident.

    Meanwhile i have had over50 complaints against me , 20 days in custody,, in 4 years never charged with a crime (until current alleged text harrassment from dear brother)

    Latest a Magistrate (UK Judge) has contacted and visited my 80+ year old mother trying to persuade her to get me to plead guilty, use his pet barrister in court and ‘involve’ him in her financial affairs.

    You just have to love the Cult and their ‘corrupt’ officials!!!

  44. Marty, you are the rock on which the Corporate Church of Scientology slave ship is foundering.

    They may think they have sustained a minor graze, but your courage and conviction have caused them to breach their hull through their efforts to crush you.

    The little corporal may feel he is safe in his razor wire compound but your unflinching display of truth in action is causing more staff and public to wake up every day and leave the cult for a brighter future.

    You set an example that stiffens the resolve of all of us who use the technology outside church walls.

    Thank you.
    David St Lawrence

  45. Miscarriage:
    You can´t fuck with people who are self confident and strong.
    That is your BIG problem.
    We are not like the robots you like to surround yourself with.

  46. Marty, you seem to keep some humor about you in all circumstances and the comparisons to Martin Luther seem factually valid. So the title of your blog post is a great — well, I won’t say “joke” — a great homage. Leaping from Martin Luther to Martin Luther King, Jr. (“Letter From a Birmingham Jail”) Not a joke, as I say, because I don’t think you meant it that way and your freedom is not really a joking matter. But it’s a great snippet of respectful humor. I’m not saying you’re making big claims, more that I see you sitting there in jail, calm, determined, and eventually titling your letter with a quiet, proud, mona-lisa smile on your face.

    Referring to MLK’s letter, it would be unfair to say that there is zero parallel.


  47. Marty, I LOVE the response you got from the Sheriff’s officers and the prosecutor’s office! They can see what’s happening, they don’t want any part of harassing you and they’re willing to step in to stop it when it happens. i’m not sure if there are other actions that they could be / should be taking, but I’m pleased at those you’ve reported. It’s nice when government works as it should.

    Perhaps this needs to be escalated to the next layer of government – the state Attorney General?

  48. I say no crime, I did have a very attractive financial assets including wife and 3 girls (The CoM includes women and children as assets) that CoM members were unable to earn or achieve and clearly that is ‘unfair’, additionally we stumbled accidentally into a covert operation to ‘take over’ a local state (public in USA) school.
    Those were clear crimes that a Wog should have worked hard to acieve something a CoM member wanted for free!!

  49. Marty don’t stop but start and publish everything on every CoS action you have witnessed, while you are in jail. At least you are protected there.

    Then there’s nothing left for creepy davey to blackmail you.

  50. “Failure to strenuously act to clean up an “ARC broken field” shall be deemed a high crime for the Execuitve Council”

  51. Impartial English Girl

    For once in my relatively short life I’m speechless. I’m sorry that things went this far. But what really stuns me is HOW does DM suspect that this is going to stop things or make them any better for him?!

    Mr. Rathbun and his network of genuine friends and supporters (as opposed to CoB flunkies-through-fear) are, to DM and his pathetic gold-sprayed “empire”, a VAST, quivering, hornets’ nest.

    DM has been poking at the hornets’ with his little stick for a very long time. Now he’s taken a big old plank and given the hornets’ nest a sound whack.

    I suspect a most unpleasant (for him at least) stinging is imminent.

    Keep smiling! – Especially big hugs for Mr. and Mrs Rathbun and Chiquita.


  52. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon


  53. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson

    To all who read this post……

    Please and I MEAN PLEASE do not get your knickers in a knot!!

    This is nothing more than a bump in the road of TRUTH!

    Yes it is upsetting and contains more bullshit than the latest David MISCAVIGE international event script but……

    Let me remind you of what got us here…… REPORTING OF AND EXPOSURE OF THE TRUTH VILLAGANTLY!!

    If those who follow David Miscavige continue to enjoy eating the corn he plucks from his shit and feeds them, let them.

    I for one see this for what it is. It is a wrong doing by all involved, will have the expected repercussions for the corn eaters and will be yet a stronger step forward!

    Two quotes come to mind….

    “Stupid is as Stupid Does.”. Forrest Gump. (I think Y’all understand me here Right!)

    “Like a rock, I was strong as I could be ….. Like a rock, nothing ever got to me …. Like a rock….
    Bob Seager

    I’ve been through a many of these events while on staff and I can tell you first hand how right Rinder is on what is happening in Daves world. I am pretty sure all actual staff involved in “handling” this will find themselves waiting most of Saturday for their meaningless, inappropriate single worded ack from POB because he slept most of the day recovering from his hangover and to top it all off …….

    Lou is gonna be that much more secretly pissed
    off at him for having to wake up next to him with
    him unable to have performed yet again!!

    Humor yourself folks, stay strong and keep on keep’n on!

    — Jackson

  54. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Yes, a very good idea is to send letters to media. In October there will be a TV program about Scientology on the first TV in Portugal and I was interviewed in it speaking about DM and the Church of Money, and so did another Scientologist who was quiet for the last 20 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tick Tock TIck Tock

  55. Welcome to wog law enforcement. Guilty until proven innocent. And POB knows it. Time to sue for false arrest.

  56. Freedom Fighter

    Marty won’t stop, and neither will anyone of us. We consist of people who genuinely care for our friends and none of us are bought or blackmailed or threatened. That type of support will always topple the dictatorial scheme you so desperately try to hold in place.


  57. markthehungarian

    Wow! Well done Marty on keeping your cool!

    The sad thing is that I’m not surprised. Seeing as the Co$ condones lying to get shit done, I’m not surprised that a member of the Co$ has LIED to the authorities to put Marty in jail for the weekend.

    But, and Co$, kool aid drinkers, and idiot Miscavige take note, once the truth comes out about the LIES behind this arrest, you can expect three things to happen…

    1) Marty out, and with an enhanced reputation
    2) The accuser charged with a crime (lying to the Police is a big no-no)
    3) A lawsuit (or more than one)

    I’ve been expecting something like this to happen, and honestly I’m glad it was simply an arrest on a trumped-up charge. I hope this goes to court so that Marty can play HOURS of footage of the squirrel busters to a jury. They will love that! And so the accuser who lied to the police can perjure himself in court. The court will love that! And that’s the best way to punch your ticket to the big house. Believe me, it’s going to be a hoot!

    Part of me was afraid that Miscavige and the Co$ would resort to physical harm to get Marty to shut up. But this is all they can come up with? Hah a hah ha. Great idea, fucktards! Talk about “pulling it in!”

    All Miscavige and his followers are doing is hastening their own demise and accelerating the dwarf’s own downfall. But what do you expect from a high school dropout? I bet you’re annoyed you didn’t finish 8th grade now, Davey.

    Luckily for us, your stupid is showing more each day, and no amount of money can cover that up.

  58. I totally agree Sue. This is absolute bullshit. It’s a typical example of why LRH developed our ethics and justice system.

  59. Nice words Francois–Genest-
    Hat off to Mosey / Marthy. Hopefully your out Monday. Gosh how low can this DM go,Lying doesn’t seem to flitter a eye ball in his brains and falsely presenting, and playing bullshit games, that makes it looks like he is the above all and can control.
    Its not going to work DM ,and your surpose to represent the church of Scientology with this behaviour , Your no leader your an enemy.
    Its important Public get to know the truth , and not what you demand be put to them , They are not going to get told only your side of the situation, there are many out there that will protect Marthy and Mosy, and Indepts
    and they have supportive evidence with it You can try to lie on and on but looks like its not going to last long , Justice must be taken towards getting Marthy out.

  60. Un-f***ing-believable!!! I feel like “someone” (DM et al) is stuck in pre-WW II Germany with the Gestapo-like tactics now being run. Or maybe Stalinist Russia. Or maybe the Spanish Inquisition. Or even the Joe McCarthy era. Well we know SP’s are stuck on the track so I guess this should come as no surprise. What’s next? A “visit” from Homeland Security? NSA agents in IOB? Come on! I am sure when the news services get wind of this and get the true story the s**t will really hit the fan. I guess if you’re an SP you’re at least PTS to yourself and make mistakes. This is a big one. I think Yamamoto’s prescient statement applies here. They just woke up the “sleeping giant” (although no one here has been sleeping for sure).

    I think POB is a little confused, however. He seems to think he can take his internal tactics for treatment of staff and roll it out to non-Kool Aid drinkers who aren’t “under the influence” and get away with it. Big mistake. The recoil from this will be nuclear. I witnessed first hand these tactics back in the early 90’s at Flag when each day at muster, someone was chosen (at random?) to be announced as going to the RPF and dragged away by security right in front of all the staff. Very creepy. Der Leader I think is having a new kind of mid-life crisis. Maybe, as a long term criminal, he wants to get caught so he can be restrained from committing more crimes. Well I think he will soon get his wish. This is not just a foot bullet or even a foot nuke, but more like a foot planet-buster, or a “quantum” foot bullet.

    I don’t know why, but when I think of POB’s imminent future, the song “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” starts running through my head…
    wonder what that’s about…..

    Hy Levy

  61. If Miscavige’s intention really was to lead and protect the church he would be meeting with the media and governmental representatives in Germany, the US and the UK to prove that everything Marty has said is an utter lie and fabrication. But he can’t can he?
    So what does he do instead?
    Uses the money he has defrauded from the the thousands of Scientologists he has lied to so he can engage in his own personal pissing contest with Marty.
    I too got the message to shut my mouth and everything would be fine via card carrying members of OSA.
    POB – Know what? I think I’ll keep talking. I fact I’ll get even louder. And so will everyone else. Because with every stupid stunt you pull it becomes more and more clear to those inside and out of the church that you are not fit to run a church raffle function let alone the legacy Ron left for Scientologists (yes for Scientologists NOT for YOU).
    OSA please get yourselves out of Miscaviges GPM. It’s his game, not yours. Help us clean up this mess. We’re going to do it with or without you because we are not going to stand by while the fate of the church is in the hands of an SP and representing to the world that it’s psychotic activities are attributable to LRH or Scientology.
    And please Get this!:
    NOTHING will happen to the Indies if the church goes down. NOTHING will happen to the Independent Field if Marty decides to retire tomorrow and put his feet up for a while. Scientology will continue to grow in the Independent field unfettered by the suppression that the church currently suffers from. If you continue to allow David Miscavige destroy your church it is only you who will stand to lose. You will lose the ability to salvage your own reputation and prevent yet many more people leaving not only the church, but Scientology itself.
    We’re on YOUR side you idiots!
    Who told you we were trying to destroy Scientology?
    Who told you we were trying to destroy the Church?
    Who told you that Anonymous were trying to destroy Scientology?
    Suggest you head for some false data stripping and start out there. Then you may be in better shape to be able to duplicate and understand the truth.

  62. Keep trucking Marty.
    It’s your unkillability that is driving Miscavige bonkers.
    Just won’t stay dead will ya???? LOL

  63. Do it Sue! Do everything in your power. If my own comm lines are anything to go by then Marty and Mosey are dealing with too many cycles to get everything covered. All shoulders to the wheel – I’m sure whatever you can do from your hat will be very effective and very much appreciated by all especially as you appear to have researched the ACLU already and know what needs to be done.
    You’re part of the team. Grab your hat and run with it girl 😀 xxx

  64. Michigan Auditor

    What would you like people to do to help you and Monique?

  65. Keep marching soldier. I am so sorry you must endure this insanity but I am so grateful you are willing to so graciously absorb the shock with sublime TRs so that the rest of us may someday say ” remember when Marty took all of those bullets so that one day our children could benefit from Scientology without suppression”…
    Although I am NOT ‘actually’ comparing Marty to Christ, don’t Christians revere Jesus for assuming responsibility for everyone else’s
    overts of omission? That level of pan-determined responsibility is regarded as the ultimate gesture of love for our fellow man in this society.
    I thank you,Marty, for shouldering this burden for the benefit of all if us with so much dignity. You will forge the way to justice eventually.

  66. (What’s a nice Jewish girl like me know about Jesus though…really??)

  67. Mike.
    Tough I don’t doubt.
    But I reckon you would’ve managed to get yourself arrested way faster than Marty did 😉

  68. A message to the JoP: “Move to the New beginning . . . ” and then reverse the charges!

  69. “DM, that is your mantra. It is going to suck being you a lot more in the coming months.”
    DM – See you in October you creep!

  70. Oh man. As Sylvia just posted, the so-called Church of Scientology has no limits. It, they, will perjure themselves like the Communists of old because they believe “the ends justify the means”. But in this case, the “ends” are simply to protect David Miscavige’s position as “COB” and his cash-cow, the phony “Church”.
    Corrupt perjurers all, at work here.

    “The line it is drawn, the curse it is cast.” – Bob Dylan, The times they are a-changin’.

    Jim Moore from Austin Texas will be coming back as an insect or slug after working his way up through many layers of the hells available for such a corrupt and degraded being.

  71. I cannot write a thing about this incident. Why? Because it would be so filled with profanity the whole post would have to be borrows or xxx’d out.

    The audacity and ignorance of POB & THE CO$ coupled with shoddy efforts at control, in my book, get categorized as extreme psychosis to the nth degree.

  72. Bleeped (cell phone fingers)
    Another comment. DM you are the most spineless, ball-less, little Napoleon complex, clueless, destructive tyrant to come along in a long time. Your due is coming. It is just a law of nature and this planet. Every tyrant eventually falls and usually not in a pleasant way. Why would it be any different for you? I am sorry to say that I will rejoice the day when you are gone. I do not hate you, I am not angry with you. I just despise everything you stand for as a human being.
    As Tory says, you can run, but you cannot hide. No man can hide from his overts, no matter how you try to explain away your criminal acts or behavior. Boy do you have a HUGE amends RPF project awaiting you.
    Also, by having Marty arrested on bogus bull shit. I can guarantee you the OT intention of every Free Indie on the planet is even more intensely directed at shining a focused beam on who and what you are … for the whole world to see. Marty is the ‘Power of One’ supported by the ‘Power of Many’.

  73. To be honest I do not know what my reactions would have been after 154 days of siege being arrested in front of my wife, your TRs and your confront Marty and Mosey are impeccable. So I tip my hat to both of you Marty and Mosey, you should not go tru something like this. This is an outrageous violation of human rights and is what the RCS specializes in. But I think that what has happened is just what is needed by Miscavige to edit a video and let the “world” know that Marty Rathbun has been arrested. Of course the “world” is the incapsulated world where the Kool Aid Drinker get everything he says down their throat, without any possible first hand inspection whatsoever. So while David Miscavige doesn’t give a damn really about squirrels being himself the MOTHER of all of them, he gets Marty pictured as the n°1 Squirrel, he is arrested and the show can go on, “Where is, and how much is your next donation?”. And this will last till one day that………….. But on the other front this action can only strengthen the Independent Movement since the pressure is skyrocketing and when it is enough .. it is enough. By doing those actions they are making Marty the quintessence of the Freedom Fighters and they are positioning him as such.
    And he IS a Freedom Fighter of the highest class.
    Also at the end of the day, truth will prevail and David Miscavige will be remembered as the Dictator that ruined Scientology for more than 20 years and Marty and all the other Freedom Fighter will have the place they deserve in the history of this planet.
    So thank you again Marty and Mosey for your courage, your strength and for being a living example of the Code of Honor:
    Your self-determinism and your honor are more important than your immediate life.
    Your integrity to yourself is more important than your body

  74. JFG,
    +2 Inspired is a good word!

  75. Marty & Mosey;

    How can i help? What do you need and want?

  76. I believe this act is intended to send a message to every Independent Scientologist. I got the message, loud and clear: the Church of Scientology is a TERRORIST organization.

  77. Yes, let us know please. I still can’t believe that shit – I can but I can’t. You know we’ll do whatever you need. My friends down here can’t do much in Texas.

  78. Theo Sismanides

    Well Marty definitely the game is escalating now. You… 45 guy! hahaha… You are an Auditor and a great one per your pcs success stories.. so imprisoning an Auditor, hey… won’t make people happy… You are then also a Writer Marty and a good one.. a Freedom Fighter like LRH was…

    So I am proud we are together on this though you have a lot more, a whole lot more on your plate… but since you are a Tone 45 (see PDC lecture #1 for those who don’t know this Tone Level) I am not so concerned.

    DM is an amazed DOG now, he is THe DOG to jump over you and be very amazed he can’t get YOU… cause you are A Philosopher Marty like LRH was… I am not gonna ask who DM audited or what has HE written that is worth reading?

    I loved all your posts about Freedom, brought back the Spirit of Scientology in a world which is going mad… kept it sane, audited people meanwhile and became the Key Administrator on all this through running your blog for 2 years now.

    Gathered many good people, each day getting one or two more out to declare their Independence 10 years after i had left. Those were 10 lonely years for me…

    So now you are moving up a little bit higher taking more responsibility for that field. Now this is A BIG responsibility because the space gets much wider now… and more people are coming in… So this now needs special attention as people need some guidance some times.

    For example, yesterday on the Indies blog at Facebook after a posting by Dan Locke there was a big fight there. Especially when Steve Hall couldn’t duplicate the viewpoint of Dan which was (true) theetie wheetie. Still a fight occured, some people left the group including my wife Olga who felt she couldn’t freely communicate and should be agreeing with some party line. Now this is dangerous as we don’t won’t to create another CofM-INDIES now. Right?

    Most of us are Rebels, hahhaha, and Pirates so some order is needed… But not harsh ethics or skipped ethics gradients.. Someone there was labeled a troll and it was found later that that person was working for an Indie Trey Lotz!!!! So i had to jump in and started auditing a bit and with PR tried to calm things down… But why would such a thing happen? Why be bitter because someone is bitter?

    There are so many things Marty we got to take care of. So many… and people MUST BE GIVEN GAMES.. Scientology is a way… we can use it and ALL OF US WIN….

    Just for you attention so that more comes up to your plate hahahha. But honestly now i think all those things will be taken care when we are going to see the real USE and VALUE of the Admin Tech… which is not there to suppress as DM used it for but there to SPEED UP and ORGANIZE things.

  79. Marty, I think you can always end the Casablanca siege and all this craziness by doing either or both of the two things:
    1. Using your blog, call Independents for action and ask us to come visit you and rally around your house for Human Rights and Religious Freedom and to stop Black Scientology abuses.
    2. File a restraining order and go after them on legal lines. You went to jail unjustly just now, for Cristesakes! There are laws against that. They probably caused you about 10 million dollars worth of Dev-T by now. That’s a lot of mules for sister Sara.

  80. Marty and Mosey,

    You both did so GREAT. I admire how you dealt with that Friday afternoon baloney. Just excellent, couldn’t have been better! The truth will certainly out and bite Miscavige in his little arse.

    BTW, I’d love to know the names of the law firms representing the Church of $cientology down there against you. There are law firms that will NOT represent the Church of $cientology. There are also companies that will NOT hire law firms that represent the Church of $cientology — in the same spirit that firms and companies responded to South African apartheid.


  81. Watching Eyes aka Pat Shannon

    Well Miscavige, this insane action of yours got me where nobody else could; publish my name. I tend to do things in my own time and in my own way but after reading this post, I knew the time had arrived to come out.

    Back in the mid 80’s – 90’s I was an FSM for Flag and a pretty successful one at that. Once I did the Solo NOTs Certainty Course in 1998, it was all over for me. The course was total bs and once I completed it, out the door I went; didn’t even route out.

    I know from a rather reactive comment I made a couple weeks ago (yes I did) that I may have left some of you in mystery. I apologize for that and for the comment itself. It was about my husband Bill. He’d gotten back on OT 7 in 1996 and it was the worse thing he ever did. Just imagine watching someone audit daily and get more & more solid when previously they’d been light as a feather. He ended off on the auditing in 2001 and we moved out of Florida. Bill died in November 2007.

    Bill had been in Scn since 1970 and spent years on staff as a Div 6’er. He knew the tech like the back of his hand and had collected a large, fabulous library of rare and 1st edition LRH materials. After DM’s scourge in an attempt to get rid of existing LRH materials, not only was Bill’s library NOT burned, it was put in a safe place. Now that Bill’s gone, the materials are in a very safe place, guaranteed to help others. Take that DM!

    To anyone I used to FSM: If you’re still in, get out. Get out as fast as you can.

    Anyone can use that email address. Then I’ll switch you over to my private one. OSA already has the yahoo one but not my private one.

    ps. Here’s the email address of the Texas ACLU: info@aclutx.org
    I wrote to them this morning and suggest you do the same. Perhaps if they hear from enough people, they’ll do something.

  82. Holy hell, this blog is now moving so fast I can barely keep up. The exposure of Miscavige’s crimes is accelerating at a phenomenal rate. Spy outings, new books coming out, announcements, news paper articles, interviews with dumbstruck celebs, you name it. I logged on this morning expecting to catch the final comments on the Mark Bunker video and there’s already 70 comments on a whole new Miscavige crime — rigging false imprisonment.

    Captain Titanic is taking the ship down. It’s going all the way to the bottom, so you’d better wise up OSA, Miscavige doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you. Such a self orbiting individual has his escape plan ready for when this mess finally implodes (which process is well along) but that won’t include you. This Titanic has only one lifeboat, a very small one, with room for one runt and a pile of cash. And from now until the end of time you’ll regret you supported Miscavige against the truth. There’s nothing but dishonor in it. Do you want to be part of the group that can say: “I supported the truth?” Or will you be part of the sheepish, shamed group that will forever gnaw on themselves and wonder: “If only I’d acted sooner?”

    Same goes for you so-called professionals. The money may be good now but when the ship hits the bottom you’ll be so far under water, you’ll never reach the surface.

  83. George M. White

    I can’t believe this happened in TEXAS. In Hillsborough County, Florida you need 2 (TWO) minor events before the judge will even look at a complaint.
    I know this from experience.

    Miscavige has thrown hundreds of punches which have landed and he is free.
    He did it under the guise of a religion.
    You are naked out in the system without his religious protection.
    The arrest had to happen; the odds and your kamma were against you.
    Now that this kamma has passed, you have a chance to move forward.

    “The brave aspire; the wise do not loose heart” The Buddha

    Much loving-kindness,

  84. martyrathbun09

    Thank you woman. And thank you for the rare and personal LRH material. I am sure Bill knows by now that you done him good and his hard-earned remembrances of LRH are serving a great purpose now day in and day out. Bringing source back to the many who make the South Texas sojourn.

  85. Why doesn’t DM get it? The more he does stupid things, the more the Indies steel themselves to become unstoppable. The more DM’s Sea Org walks out the door. He thinks he’s unstoppable. Ha! The more black PR DM does, the more his ‘drones’ thinks he’s a wackjob. It’s a pity those ‘drones’ are too scared to leave.

    I, too, have got popcorn and I’m sitting back waiting for the shit to hit the fan.

    BTW – Marty, you’re one hell of a human to stand up the way you do, you and your posse. I sure couldn’t do it.

  86. Mother of Grendel

    Thugs and criminals. That’s all they are – thugs and criminals. They’re not even pretending to be a church anymore! Miscarriage is set to burst, and the whole game will be up. The dying days of the most corrupt empire ever.

  87. Bob,
    I got that. I’m sure your boy, whatever his physical height, is waaaaaaaaaaay big.

    English slang has many non-verbal nuances. “Midget” is just a goofus word, a symbol, and at the level that DM sits, saying it to him is like smacking him upside his head.

    Only trouble with smacking DM upside HIS head, is you have to go pretty far down. He’s a midget 🙂

  88. DM and OSA “pull it in” themselves again with yet another footbullet and boomerang.

  89. Spot on Nomnom. “Is Paris burning?”

    Take your schadenfreude ‘win’ Dave. It’s ephemeral. Like you.

  90. Welcome Pat! Thank you for all you have done quietly and without recognition until now. Love to you.

  91. classic comeback from the midget, well you must knew this was coming along the pipe, man you been throwing grenades all of the planet just in the last week, he great stuff keep on digging,

  92. Steve,
    You nailed it before DM”s group has become an SP Group. LRH policy on handling this type of entity is clear. It is inevitable. Because Scientology describes the agreements we’ve ALL made, including this twit David Miscavige, on how this universe works.

    It’s working.

  93. Karen, your quote shows that there was malicious intent to harass. An indidual does not film, a special interest group does. This to is just another nail in the coffin against the terrorist activities of DM & CO$.
    Right now some smart bull dog of an atty is figuring out the chinks in the bogus church armor ,,,, and guess what he’ll figure how to crack the code & make a bundle off of a suit. Then the IRS will figure they can handle a big chunk of the national debt with back taxes owed from the fraudulent CO$.

  94. My sentiments exactly.

    When you’re the hammer, strike. When you’re the anvil, bear. The art in life is how to gracefully bear, anyone can strike.
    Probably don’t need to tell you that.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet of the county’s hospitality—get your RUDS in. I haven’t visited that one but I hear its not bad.

    Get your RODS in—all the way. You’ll be needin some grounding shortly.

    You are definitely my kindda person! So when we gonna do that hangin you suggested a while back?

  95. Agreed, on the intended message but as usual it backfired. Rather than creating fear and inaction, I believe it has raised the confront of all Independents and strengthened their resolve to persist until this church is shut down.

    The unstoppability of the Independents is driving DM mad and Marty is the prime target. Although Marty (in his unkillable manner) often walks around with a bulls-eye painted on his chest, DM is so mad that every time he tries to shoot Marty, the gun misfires and explodes in his hands.

    Over time, even Hitler’s loyal officers began to see he was stark raving mad and began to distance themselves from him. As DM continues his rants and rages he is bound to lose even more of the loyal ones. Look how many key execs have not only left but are speaking out. It didn’t end well for Hitler and it won’t end well for DM either.

  96. The handling of a Why is influenced by the resources a person has available. Each of us has different and unique resources: comm lines to friends, maybe comm lines into Orgs, knowledge, training, ability to audit, time, money, initiative, courage, friends etc. Within this realm of resources one is at cause, these are within one’s sphere of influence.
    Have a look at the resources and start one’s own (little) operation to heal this nonsense. Have your own idea, have many ideas, create points of protest, of disagreement with such nonsense, get people to look and see, get people who understand what is going on. Start with one friend.
    By being of multiple viewpoint origin, these activities will win easily over the single viewpoint dramatization. This dramatization is really sick, let’s heal it.

  97. And darn it, Jackson, now I’m thinkin about that corn I ate last night…

  98. Good to see your confront coming up. That dirty feeling does indeed go away when you stop supporting the criminal church. Hope to hear more from you soon.

  99. So I see! Marty gets FALSELY ARRESTED, but JA (The OT AMBASSADOR IN CHARGE OF THE Squirrel Busters) can threaten me in my work parking lot saying “Do you enjoy Beatings” then follow me across State Lines to Texas…..WE WILL SEE ABOUT THAT!!! JUSTICE IS COMING BIG TIME!!
    🙂 Lori

  100. Pat, thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I am so thankful that back in 1998 we both saw the “LIGHT” and got up and WALKED out, never to return!!!!!!! Well done my friend!!!!! Love Carol

  101. Little Hitler has really done it now. Implosion is right around the corner. Well done, Marty and Mosey for keeping TR’s in. I wish the C of $ would falsely imprison ME. Think of the millionSSS that would be won in a civil $uit. Aw, well. A girl can dream, can’t she???

  102. I have been reading you for years. Can we say years now, it has been a few? Your post brought tears (of joy) to my eyes that you had the wherewithal to preserve the tech that Bill had so carefully collected.

    Glad to meet you by another name, I have always found your posts to be very thoughtful and informative..

  103. this all is just simple $cientology…..there is no DM or MR , it is just LRHs tech-pure and simple!
    Big hello from Croatia-small part of LRHs Bulgravia.
    P.S. Mike and Marty: let this one “out ,on air”

  104. Damn straight that is what it communicates. In neon, loud & clear.

  105. Turn this around and use for ammo against the gulag, they are going to continue to make serious mistakes like this. God bless you Marty and Mosey.

  106. I dropped a dime to Mark Collette at the Caller-Times. Hopefully we can get a follow up story in the press.

  107. That’s right. Listen up “professionals.” Google has an incredibly long memory and your likeness and name are going associated with these terrorist acts for the rest of your lives. By harming others, specifically harming whistle blowers, you are doing irreparable damage to yourself. You have only one small window of opportunity left which is rapidly closing: come to your senses, change sides and blow the whistle. Bring evidence with you — that is your only shot at vindication — or be damned to a hell of your own creation because you sold your soul to the devil. RALPH — I’m talking to you.

  108. This type of thing always backfires. I was just telling someone about my Chicago arrest last night and came home to read about Marty’s. It is a desperation move that only draws more negative attention to Slappy’s organization.

  109. Which reminds me … how could a local Justice of the Peace NOT have known about the Squirrelbusters, given all the Caller-Times recent coverage of their antics and harassment of Marty and Mosey? Does she not read the local newspaper? Possible, I suppose, but sure sounds hinky, if not pure b.s.

    Clearly, the choice of this particular JoP with which to lodge this complaint and late Friday afternoon arrest was a strategy crafted made by local legal counsel. Curiouser and curiouser.

    I’m now hoping somebody(s) gets sanctioned.


  110. Jackson,
    Great post.
    That was disgustingly funny.

  111. I am broke, but I am letting my friends know, so they can send some money. I have to help.

  112. Theo you and I have discussed this on Facebook at length already. I don’t care what this girls’ credentials are she is a troll and you should not be bringing this issue to the blog to now incite further discussion or fights. The fact that it has been a big fight already on Facebook is evidence enough that Charese is a troll so if she is working for Trey then it would behoove him to be warned that she is working for OSA.
    I respectfully request that the moderator of this blog no post any more arguments here as regards to whether ‘Charese’ is working for OSA or not. No-body cares but ‘Charese’ and putting on any lines where it doesn’t belong is Dev-T.
    You can Charese can be friends Theo. Your choice but don’t try to defend her to me (I’m the one she attacked) and don’t try to defend her rights when she has done nothing but create in-fighting in the group.
    I know people by their actions and the results of those actions. Not by the lies they propagate.
    Enough of the subject Theo. This is about Marty so stop playing into OSA’s hands by getting side-tracked.
    You are welcome to message me on Facebook and any others personally involved (although quite frankly I find the game deadly boring) but don’t bring this crap to the blog. We’ve got more important things to do than defend the honor of a troll.

  113. Keep your eye on the ball Theo!

  114. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

    Catchy tune Hy.

  115. Sam,
    I do love you. The above may be reasons, but I don’t need them. I just love Sam.

  116. Don’t be a Martyr Marty. We need your theta OUT of jail.

  117. It’s troll city out there Theo. Marty warned you already. You might want to take note because this won’t be the last time.

  118. You have grounds for a nice civil suit. Probably one against the JoP too.
    Go for IT!

  119. Pat

    Thank you.

  120. Marty & Mosey, I am truly sorry you are going through this.
    I sent out Marty’s German interviews and this post, about his false arrest, to several “top” kool aid drinkers, including Alfreddie Johnson.

  121. I used that email address to ask the Texas ACLU to look into Marty’s case toward the end of finding a way to bring the COM (“Church of Scientology”) to public accountability in some way for its civil and human rights violations.

    I signed the email with my real name and the city where I live.

    It can’t hurt and will only take a minute. I hope Marty or his lawyer will contact the ACLU.

  122. I did it via facebook so they know who the sender is. 🙂

  123. Almost concurrently with this news here on this blog, the Co$ in Australia is advised under the Ombudsman’s very recently released official report:


    Comments are that many people expected or hoped for more sting (e.g. findings of slavery), but this has some strong statements against the Co$ hiring policies, which apparently has opened doors to class-action lawsuits and to a revision to Co$ definitions and policies.

  124. I am just speechless at this injustice and stupidity! Marty and Mosy, thank you for standing up and doing something what you do to make a difference in the face of evil…

  125. The sawed-off sociopath hiding in Hemet is in a full ‘stage four’ psychotic meltdown. Someone in housekeeping must have starched his favorite thong.

    Truth be told, this is going to back flash on POB, big time. Yeah, and the CoS is dead. Shorty killed it. Need any more proof?

  126. I cannot imagine this is not covered under the RICO Act as racketteering, when an organization conspires to harrass & use legal authorities to try to disrupt individuals they want to attack? A case needs to be made to a US Attorney to inquire if they would be willing to take it up… Anybody out there have any legal contacts to pursue that idea?

  127. Just Me,

    Good idea. Get these firms listed and broadcast. Shine the light right back on them.

  128. Tory, This goes to what you were saying and is another good similiar quote: “You can kill the revolutionary, but you can’t kill the revolution.” I think that was said by Zach de La Rocha from the band Rage Against the Machine, but he might have pulled it from someone else.

  129. Pat — Your comment is great: simply stated, factually supplemented, high impact, tone 40. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me and for all the ongoing help you have given others. The LRH materials are priceless. So is your friendship! L, Rachel

  130. Mark,

    It’s just an indication of the man’s stupidity that he doesn’t get this. Any half wit would understand that all of this attention he’s creating for Marty is just counter-productive to his (DM’s) goal to keep his crimes out of the media. Talk about creating just the sensationalism to bring in more press!!!! What a complete moron.

  131. abuse at its best! DM and is cronnies should be ashamed of themselves.

    The Cult of Greed! Time had it right in 1991

  132. You need to take the battle back to the source.. why not contact ALL THE MEDIA CONTACTS various people have made who might be used to create a real BLACK EYE for Mr. DM and expose his powerplay & his DICTATORIAL ADMINISTRATION of the organization for his personal vendettas?

  133. I’ve sent money to Marty twice in the last couple of weeks, and I am about to do it again. From now on, every time Marty posts that he has been harrassed in any way, I am going to send him more money.

    If everyone who can would pledge to do the same, I think it would be great. Paypal makes it very easy, and since it’s a gift there is no fee.

  134. Totally agree Gary,

    This is but a mere bump in the road … pretty predictable.

    The one thin Miscavige has probably not anticipated is that if in fact this does go to court, Marty will be able to expose even more of the church’s tactics in the judicial arena.

    It will ultimately back on Miscavige and his goons.

    One foot bullet after another …

    Do well Marty & Monique

  135. Here are the facts!

    Marty and Mike have been creating bigger and bigger hits. Germany, Australia, OT resignations, videos of SBs and on and on.

    With the fiasco called Squirrel Busters the stats of OT 8s that have either quietly or publicly left is highest ever. Not as many had left until they saw the guys with head cams on at Marty’s door. I don’t think people that have dedicated the time and money to process to the highest levels want to be associated with the mental illness that has overtaken the church.

    There is now a situation internally in the church where its own Sea Org staff and Org staff are either admitting defeat or being the biggest glutzes of pr ever imaginable. Public at Flag, on the ship and in orgs are being told about the many OT8s leaving in mass and about the disaffection nationwide and global. They are being put on meters and asked what websites they’ve been to and about their friends and family. In thinking that these missions are exposing disaffected public what is really happening is that the interrogated public person is now aware of a potentially disaffected public, one they can now go to and ask questions about what’s really going on. Go Team Glutz….. Epic Fail……

    In recent weeks it’s come out that several OL OTs have been declared. In the Denver area a former non-SO Super Power reg was declared. Her alleged crime? Being friends with Mike and Marty. Public are questioning the integrity of writing such a declare on a great person that not only I think the world of but so many others too. The Denver field is buzzing about this one. This is a big hit for Scientology as more people ask questions about who are Mike and Marty and why they left the church after being COBs top lieutenants.

    There is a new and updated Declared People list that is going viral.

    The Flag and Freewinds staff out on recon missions are hauling in OTs for “Loyalty Checks” and forcing these public to get on meters that are being used as lie detectors, watch Int misManagement events and forced to work on misManagement Intention projects. This is being done with force and in coercive ways. The leverage being used is the threat of disconnection from friends, family and jobs.

    Meanwhile the org remains empty, empty, empty. These SO missions will not be able to negate the darkness and creepiness you feel now when in the orgs they visit.

    Gone is the genuine ARC, kindness and two-way communication that made Scientology so safe and what it used to be. I’m glad to know that there are others maintaining this for those of us figuring out our way out of this mire.

    My church is long dead. It’s been an insidious death that is both dark and creepy.

  136. While the abomination thought he had won a victory, he was losing a major battle in the Latino community.
    The translated BBC Panorama program with Marty, Mike and Sweeny has been repeatedly running on Spanish TV.
    Hundreds of thousands in the Hispanic community and Latin America have just learned about the ‘Puerco sobre la caja’ (Pig on a Box).

  137. I am the Pre-OT Marty referred to in the ‘arrest’ video. I’ve been here for 6 days and have received the most phenomenal auditing I’ve had in my 34 years in Scn!!!
    One of my biggest wins has been- Two Rules for Happy Living!
    After session Marty & I had a conversation about it, and I got that this is what he and Mosey are applying. We all know they both are quite capable, knowing beings playing a much bigger game…and for all of us and the future of Scientology!
    We know DM and his minions (who are in his valance and can do none else that walk lockstep to his command) are Psychotic. And per LRH: “The true psychotic is one who causes hysteria, apathy, misconceptions and the reactions of stress in others. This is the identity of the being that is the source of psychosis.” LRH goes on to say ” he is in an actual deteriorated mental state dangerous to society and the individual”.
    I have been witness to the above; Joanne, Ralph and Bart (aka, robots) are no more than DM’s prostitutes-in it for the money, espousing malicious lie after lie, and creating overt after overt on Marty & Mosey without conscious. They are in a low-toned Games Condition being played out by the DM in an attempt to crush Marty.
    Little do they know he has LRH on his side!!!
    PS Pat Shannon, I am so proud of you, I will call when I return home tomorrow!
    All my love and admiration to Marty & Mosey and I can hardly wait to be back to do the OT levels!!! XO, Midge

  138. martyrathbun09

    hee hee…

  139. DE: Well spoken… And Denver just got their Idle Building — about 50 times bigger than they need. At this point, they could make do with a one bedroom apartment.

    Captain Titanic steered his ship onto the iceberg. Now he is screaming at the passengers and crew and threatening them at gunpoint not to jump of his sinking ship. Meanwhile, he is ordering a new coat of paint on the funnels and that the silverware be polished 3 times. And his every action proves his utter insanity. And he just keeps on rolling them out….

  140. Martin Padfield

    Hi Pat! Great news; great post. I also happen to know you are busy on worthy projects and it is appreciated. I am quite sure that what you’ve done today, i.e. come fully “out” in your own name is exactly the sort of back-up Marty would say he needs and wants most right now. It’s too soon to open the popcorn and drinks; now is the time to get busier than ever. I for one will be reviewing my actions and doing more, including, but not limited to:

    Getting back on the refund lines
    Ensuring DM has an appropraite Indie welcome for/at/during/after the IAS event (take your pick OSA)
    Writing more letters, including local MPs.
    Re-contacting all on-lines friends by anymeans possible to let them know again what it is exactly they are supporting
    And much, much more.

    Please, lets all think about what we can do individually to end this madness before something catastrophic happens.

    BTW to OSA UK, I was at St Hill today watching the erection of the big tent. Did you notice me? Thought not. Security still not quite up to scratch. Thought you’d learned after I managed to get 350 copies of the 31 Factors onto IAS attendees car windscreens in 2009. Guess not. I’ll be back – that’s a promise.

  141. “they will stop when Marty stops talking to the press”

    Jeez–there is the #1 First Amendment rights violation right there. It’s right there! Right out there in public for all to see. People still at the base and the rest of the KoolAid drinkers do not know what “rights” are. It gets drilled out of you by the “management structure” that exists in the “church” now, so that you truly will do anything to “make it go right” and get whatever POB wants DONE, and RTFN! (An old one we used to use…Right The F*** Now. Makes you sound tough and harder to disobey.) Ignore everything else about your life or the lives of the others who are involved. It’s easy to create that state of mind at the base because no one can see any other way of life since they are all fenced in there, year after year, and just turn the pressure cooker up to Highset Voltage Possible.

    This goes on the list of a bazillion covert and intentional rights violations. The truth will not be able to stay buried for long.

  142. Right, Bob, Pertinent reference in many ways. MLK’s entire letter is worth reading. Here is a quote from that letter Dr. King wrote from the Birmingham jail, that I feel is highly relevant to what Marty is doing and why, and the reason why we must continue to join him and others in speaking out against and acting against the terror, such as this cowardly false imprisonment of Marty this weekend, being perpetrated by our former “Church”:

    Quoting from Martin Luther King’s letter:
    …We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with. Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with an its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured.

    I stand with you, Marty and Mosey – let me know what I can do to help.

  143. John Fennessey

    Hi Pat. Always been an admirer of your perceptive posts. Thanks for speaking up.

  144. Sam, it is very likely.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  145. Steve, *EXACTLY*.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  146. Hi Pat-Great to have you in the broad daylight!!!

  147. Yea, Izhar!

  148. Tony DePhillips

    Love it!! Thanks for the info!

  149. Steve

    Yup, I got that message too.

    But I also got the message that David Miscavige is extremely vulnerable just now, and cannot restrain himself from dramatizing his insanity.

    Now is the time to advance, not retreat.

    The game is ON! (How about a little “bait and badger?”)

    “Warning: The following may stir up memories of scenes of violence and course language, and is not suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is STRONGLY advised. Please do not try this without the assistance of a professional.”


    Come on David Miscavige, show the world what you are made of.
    Show us all what you are really capable of.
    COME ON!! Don’t be such a mamby-pamby delusional fu##ing moron. Get your fu##ing head on straight and see if you can realistically grasp any teeniest part of how much of a total F##king mess you have made of this whole thing.
    You are totally out of control!
    You know it.
    We know it.
    Hell, the whole world knows it!
    Talk to me…..
    It is not too late to fix this thing…

    Eric S

  150. There is not really much to say that has not already been said here in the comments; however I would like to say thank you to everyone here for your support and words of encouragement.
    Secondly, I have a message to send to you DM. From day one you and your minions have been trying to drive a wedge between Marty and myself. However, you and your OSA freaks working this program against us have failed to recognize several things
    • I am NOT one of your “every inch of their bodies” robot ex-wives.
    • I have spent the last 6 years of my life with him and I know what I know, so you will never convince me otherwise.
    • Obnosis is one of my strong points and can see through every one of your feeble attempts.
    • The harder you come at him the more you embolden me to stand stronger next to him.
    In 1994 Marty waited months down in Clearwater for you to confront him face to face and you chose not to. I have a question……..How’s that working for you?

  151. Midge,

    Very well done!


    Keep on Truckin’!

  152. Tony DePhillips

    Altered importance.

  153. question with boldness

    The Denver field is about to experience a major earthquake very soon. Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

  154. Heather,

    And now there is a Justice of the Peace *and all her associates* who are no doubt pissed off at her having been hoodwinked into abuse of justice.

    Davie McSavage’s PR Area Control is entirely negative and worsening constantly.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  155. Might be a good idea to pull a string to find out if this particular J of P was bought off. It certainly looks that way to me. Even the cop in the video looks a little dumbfounded. Can almost read his mind as he’s thinking… WTF am I doing here?

  156. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Marty,
    This is so over the top it is hard to confront.
    I truly do hope the worst for dm. Nothing bad that happens to him would make me feel sorry for him. He will get what he deserves.

  157. Marty

    They just keep handing you the tools for their own destruction.
    It is actually quite an amazing thing to watch.

    Pretty much everything is in place. Now the “executioner” just has to step up on to the “gallows platform”.

    So David Miscavige… What’s it going to be.. “long drop” or “short drop”? It is about the only thing you might still be able to determine.

    Eric S

  158. Welcome, Pat! I have found your posts inspiring and useful. Best wishes!

  159. Bravo Mosey 🙂

  160. Clearwater is Awake


    I know the list you are referring to.

    There is an awakening happening at Flag. I know of 5 OT8’s in the past 90 days who have quietly left. More will follow. The way I see it, Scientology has less than 1 year before it all comes down.

    There are moves being made behind the scenes. Things are happening. Be prepared people. This will happen quicker than you think.

    Marty- so many “on lines” OT’s are reading your blog you have no idea.

    Carry on.

  161. Very cool Midge! By the way, do you have the LRH reference for the quote about psychotics? I know I’ve read it before, but don’t recall where. If you have the name of the HCOB or HCOPL I would appreciate it 🙂

  162. Thanks Mike.

    I had more to say but said so much in this first post of mine that I didn’t acknowledge what Marty and Mosey are going through.

    Marty, you’re probably the only guy who could do what is being done at this time. You have the history, the back-lines understandings, the know-how and the guts. I sincerely thank you for doing what you must now do and for what you’re going through. Watching you being arrested last night was a dark moment for me, although it strengthened my resolve and my conviction that the church is long gone. It is like a mentally ill relative that one must now manage until one can get away.

    Mosey, you are a pillar of strength. We’ve never talked, we’ve never met but I consider you a friend.

    Mike, people in the SCN field know you for your intelligence and innate goodness. I’m happy to see you looking healthier and happier. Every time you speak out we are glued to our computers taking in every word.

    Scientologists are waking up. The biggest hits to the church are the ones created internally. The SBs with or without head cams, the Freedom mags, the false arrests, the obvious harassment of all of you by your own families being turned against you, the heavy ethics applied to those that talk about the situations in the church, the “loyalty checks”, the enforced participation of misManagement Intention projects. etc.

    My realization last night watching Marty being arrested was that one can’t keep making excuses for a delinquent child, and abusive spouse or a mentally ill church.

  163. Mosey….
    I just wrote a long letter to a couple of very important people.
    Been meaning to do it for a while.
    Seeing your face when Miscavige had your husband hauled away in front of you was what pushed me over the edge. I might have been ‘too nice’ to do it before but ‘nice’ just went out the window.
    DM. You underestimated me time and again. You underestimated Mosey time and again. You have absolutely NO idea who and what you’re dealing with. Take a good look at this blog and dream on that it’s ‘just Marty’
    From all the things I’ve heard from the Indie field today it’s clear that I’m no the only one who has decided no more Mr. Nice Guy when it comes to dealing with you. We’ve had enough.
    Suggest that you forget the copper rods for today. Instead stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye (while you still have time).
    Mosey. See you VERY VERY soon for that appointment we made. I’ll find a red dress 😉

  164. Wow! Guess it was pretty important to interrupt your session Midge!
    Have a blast and don’t forget to sign the book! 🙂

  165. Tony, you’re a good egg. 😉
    You’re welcome.

  166. Mike, are sure this wouldn’t be an efficiency? LOL

  167. Free Will, Scientologist.

    In this day and age of internet communication I would think that a moderated debate between Marty and David is warranted…….?

    “Hi Dave!”

  168. I have just sent an email with links illustrating the abuses received by M&M to the Texas ACLU at info@aclutx.org.

    I can make this email available to you so it can be used as a template. You can modify it, add your own thoughts, add more links, whatever. Email me at Luis.Garcia.OTVIII@gmail.com if you want it.

    People, I don’t know about you, but this is just a bit too much for me. They have crossed the line. M&M are my friends. You mess with my friends… you are messing with me. This calls for ACTION. Send an email to the Texas ACLU, your congressman, the Caller Times, the governor of TX, whatever. But do something!


  169. Been on the phone all morning. I’m convinced this arrest will have the same impact the head cam SBs have had since April to the OTs in the field. I know of about 10 on line OTs that have been disgusted by the SBs on Marty’s door. I hope those guys are publicly commended within the church so that more people cognite the valence and beingness expected of one to remain in a mentally ill church.

  170. I love you too Tigger.

  171. So… Here we have David Miscavige, in an attempt to discredit Marty’s credibility.
    It is quite funny really, because it is being attempted by a person who is arguably one of the worlds most delusional f##ckups of all time, one David Miscavige.

    So… you see what he just did there? He has actually helped prove the credibility of Marty, and at the same time destroyed his own. Man he’s smart…Next thing you know he will be thinking he is the smartest being on the whole planet… Oh wait…he already does.

    Eric S

  172. AWESOME! Congrats on your wins.

  173. I hope POB had a very rare pleasure moment for 4 hours last night because the rest of his eternity will be SHIT !!!

  174. Clearwater is Awake

    Great news.
    Thank you.

  175. Tony DePhillips

  176. +1 Thanks

  177. Pat,

    Great to know you by your name! Always enjoyed your posts. And very well done on preserving LRH’s pure and adulterated tech. You have done more in that department that ASI with their books etched in titanium sheets buried in their nuclear-proof vaults.

  178. Never attribute to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity (or ignorance I might add).

    One does not begin an *investigation* with a conclusion, Count.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  179. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Pat!!!

  180. I hope Marty’s gonna move his casa to Clearwater and help all those OT’s that now know they’ve paid for implants instead of auditing. That would create a huuuuuge effect! Bye bye Davey, enjoy the time you still have.

  181. Marty, you remind me of my Captain in VN. In one battle he had been shot in the face, two broken arms from bullet hits and a broken foot and he still directed us to counter-attack the bad guys. He said “Shit, as long as I have my eyes and voice, these assholes are dead meat!” Dunagan was his name and he was one tough Irishman. He was the anvil and the bad guys hammers all broke on that day and they were then all dispatched to Nirvana. Heretofore noone on this planet could stand in this mans shadow, in my eyes anyhow. But you are there: “Marty the Anvil”. David, you dumb sumbitch, swing away, your hammer is just about had it.

    ML Tom

  182. Today is the day it stopped being just Marty’s fight.

  183. +1000000000000000000000000000

  184. Tory Christman

    “It’s not to late to fix this thing….”

    REALLY? You honestly think anyone can “fix” Davey the nightmare
    Miscavige and people will be fine to stop exposing C of $ and all it’s abuses?

    The “EP” For ol “Dave” is one of 2 places as I see it:

    1) JAIL (for a VERY long, long time)
    2) Try to escape out of the country (very futile thanks to all on this one)

    Not too late? I don thin so, mon. You came a litttttttttttttttle bit late
    to *that* party, and he left drunk, anyways, screaming and yelling and
    passing out with his “I’m your fucking leader” cert in his hand.
    As I said earlier, he’s the “Leader of dead fish”…period.
    Ya don’t like the stench? Then come on OUT!

    Sorry, Eric, you may have been “out” longer than I…but you sound like someone who just left, still. My two cents in a very bad game of Russian dead bass roulette. (no offense meant to the Russians). Hope you’re OK, Marty–and keeping the joint educated on who the “church” of $cientology *really* is, while you’re there–if you’re still being held captive.


  185. Mosey, ++++++++++++++with love and respect Love Carol

  186. Luis, agreed and DONE

  187. To DM, JUDGEMENT DAY comes with a HUGE FINE and it has nothing to do with $$$$$$$$$$$$$’s.

  188. Martin, Right on!!!!! Love Carol

  189. dm may win a teeny weeny battle here and there-but we are winning the WAR !

  190. Bringing source back to the many who make the South Texas sojourn.

    At the end of the day, that’s what this fight is all about; keeping the tech safe so people can have it and apply it. Thank you!

  191. Love to you too. You, the voice of calmness, sanity and humor when things were feeling a bit hairy.

  192. Marty not only is unkillable, he keeps smiling and laughing-He really does have dm right where he wants him-dm is going double bonkerrs.

  193. Me three!

  194. The Deputy almost seemed embarassed & he should be.

    You guys are amazing! You both look so calm & collected. That in itself shows how absurd this whole thing is. Your ability to experience this & your certainty that everything will be OK shows everyone (including the Deputy) how clean your hearts & hands are. Dm’s universe is falling apart at a rapid pace.

  195. Tony Dephillips

    This is exciting!!
    Go Denver go!!!!

  196. Dear OSA and POB, Thank you for reinvigorating me. I have been getting a little slack in my participation on exposing your activities. This latest attack on Marty got me going again. I’m going to make sure to double my e-mails and letters out now. Thanks again.

  197. Absolutely outrageous.
    This will bite back at DM many times over. Nothing motivates like revenge for injustice… the word is spreading faster than ever now and at the grass roots level thanks to this nonsense.
    It’s not pleasant and we feel for you Marty & Mosey but the wheels are in motion and of that there is no doubt.

  198. Hi Joy

    Let’s not allow Marty, or anyone else to “take responsibility” for OUR overts of omission or commission.

    I think we need to take responsibility for our own futures.

    Let watching he and Mosey, and others, taking responsibility for the creation and ethics of their lives and futures, embolden us to take more responsibility for our own futures.

    There is no pride in allowing another to handle OUR OWN messes.

    There is some part of this that we each can be responsible for. And I am not talking shame, blame, or regret here. I’m talking BEING CAUSE. Being the most OT you can be, right now.

    I always remember Ron saying: “You are so much more capable than anyone ever dared allow you to believe.”
    This is not bigger than any of us.

    Eric S

  199. You are a GIANT Marty by helping cause the reform and restore the tech to the value it once had to so many and that will last a very very long time.

    DM is a broken machine shrinking in ability by the day, only able to cause another to instigate a false charge that has a minimal effect for a day or two.

    Keep putting in order.


  200. Carol, the only good part of that God awful Solo NOTs Certainty course was the day we finished. You had just booked your flight home and before you left we went out to dinner at a little restaurant in Clearwater.
    As we were sitting there in the restaurant, I looked over and realized that for the first time in 2 months Carol was back. Yes, I told her just that and we had a good laugh. That course and all it’s insane drills has a way of twisting people’s heads. Hell, I got sick the very first day we routed on! After it was over, we sure did walk, never to look back.

  201. whoops -this is what I wanted

  202. Thank you Karen for the kind words. Yes, we can say years. And we’ll keep it up as long as it takes!

  203. Thank you Sam. I always love reading your comments.

  204. Steve, when I wrote I too used my name and state. This will let them know that people from all over the country are watching.

  205. Joy

    Sorry, that was not intended to be directed at you. You simply triggered something there.

    Eric S

  206. Thank you Martin. I think it’s important for anyone who wants their money repaid or refunded to write those letters but to make sure they cc a gov agency. To date, the gov has been lax (that’s an understatement) but in time this could all change and I truly think it will.

  207. Midge-What a theta comm-he does have LRH on his side!!!

  208. Thank you John. I decided it was time. We never know who is reading this blog or how many still on the fence are contemplating walking out the door. Any one of us posting could have influence that we aren’t even aware of. That’s my hope.

  209. How about just saying David Miscaviage has relations with his epaulets wearing Beagle?

    Just saying?

  210. Pat, That day was a GREAT DAY….YOU and I gained OUR CERTAINTY!!!

  211. Pat,
    Very nice to meet you here, in person. I have enjoyed your posts thoroughly.


  212. Is there really not an address or telephone number of the judges office that permitted this to happen?
    I may not be able to do much from here.

    But, i can sure write a letter or send a fax or email or make a telephone call.

    So will someone please provide me with the details and number of the people who fell for this con job.

    Bed Man

  213. Well done Midge and the next stage of the Bridge is just ahead!!


  214. Yes! Great post.

  215. Yes, daylight; it’s a good thing. Now OSA can put my name on that big white board on their office wall.

  216. Yes, and someone who calls himself Deuce posted as a comment to Tony’s typically great reporting on this, a legal precedent that MUST apply:

    Definition: Vexatious Litigant

    “Plaintiffs (Scientologists) have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia,
    to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute
    over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes
    ‘extraordinary, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct.’ As such, this
    case qualifies as an ‘exceptional case’ and fees should be awarded
    pursuant to the Lanham act.
    It is abundantly clear that plaintiffs sought to harass the individual
    defendants and destroy the church defendants through massive
    over-litigation and other highly questionable litigation tactics. The Special Master has never seen a more glaring example of bad faith litigation than this.” (RTC v. Robin Scott,
    U. S. District Court, Central District of California, No. 85-711-JMI
    (Bx) 85-7197-JMI (Bx), January 20, 1993, Memorandum of Decision)

  217. That board is now covering every wall on the 12th floor of the HGB Pat. They have a full time person assigned to just adding the names each day…

  218. Tory

    I think I understand your ire. I am in no way expecting DM or anyone to make it all go away. Things that are done cannot really be undone, but I still see the possibility that this freefall of the Church can be halted and potentially some of the good of it be recovered.

    From your posts I can see that you have done, and are doing much, to handle this abomination. By comparison I have done very little. But I trust in the basic goodness of man and that “this too shall pass” and somehow we will all be stronger for it. (depending, of course, on how much we each take personal responsibility for it.)

    Yes, David Miscavige will inevitably “go down”. It is too late for anything else.

    But weather he goes to jail or Colombia, or Hell, he still needs to confront the thing that is the source of his aberration. The last part of my post was actually a communication directed specifically at him. ( as I have heard that he reads this blog) I am not beyond thinking I can have an effect on him and there seemed like there just might be a chance, perhaps a slim chance, but a chance….

    A being cannot be totally destroyed, and there is no value what-so-ever in trying to accomplish that. Beings are, however, all capable of “moving on up a little higher”.

    That was my goal, however misplaced or untimely or “incorrect estimation of effort” it may be. I took a shot.


  219. Pat — I couldnt agree with you more. And its more than a hope, it happens routinely. You never know who’s story and which person is going to be the jolt that bumps someone off the fence.

  220. Thank you Randy!

  221. As does every single person who has ever met her (with the exception of Nurse Ratched and Co I guess — but they were forced to drill daily “I love COB, I hate Marty and Mosey” until they were blue in the face.

  222. DE: Glad to have you here adding your voice to the ever-expanding chorus. You are right, the church is dead. The world is witnessing its death throes as Captain Titanic blows more holes in the side of his boat trying to shake off the people with signs saying “Miscavige is a lousy captain.” Glad to have you safe in one of the lifeboats.

  223. Sane, calm Rachel. You always have just the right words guaranteed to shift my viewpoint just enough to get back on track. Love to you.

  224. I found the name of the Justice of the peace.

    I left a stern message, of course in no way threatening or hostile.

    I just told the recorder that I was very disappointed and that I thought the Justice had been had and that I hope she takes the time to look at the evidence and look at the websites provided.

    I encourage anyone and everyone to do the same.

    But, please.

    For Marty and your sake.

    No threats or hostility should be leveled at a judge who has been had as much as Marty has.

    I even left my name and telephone number should they wish to call me.

    Please be mature and help the cause and no stupidity, if you do decide to call.

    Cheers and beers

    Bed Man OKC

  225. CIA (?): Great, If any of them want to talk face to face, I will be happy to make some new friends (or perhaps re-establish old friendships….)

  226. Mosey wrote directly to David Miscavige in comments:

    “In 1994 Marty waited months down in Clearwater for you to confront him face to face and you chose not to. I have a question……..How’s that working for you?”


  227. Mosey-You are a standby your man woman. What a man and what a woman.

  228. DE:
    Great post, thanks for the info. I’d like to see that updated Declared People list. Can you post a link?

    Just curious, who got declared in Denver? That’s a badge of honor out here, so no need to keep the person’s name quiet.


  229. Luis, the funny thing is that some of those materials came from ASI. Were they interested in preserving them? Hell no. Their interest was purely monetary; they wanted to sell them! ASI used to call Bill at home with their latest find hoping he’d buy it. Some he did, some he didn’t. He knew what he was after and was very selective.

    When I decided it was time to “rehome” the library, someone suggested to me that I put the Science of Survival Manuscript up on ebay for $50,000. I entertained that thought for a millisecond. I could buy a new car! Man, I could buy two cars! I had no doubt DM would buy the manuscript BUT I also had no doubt he’d destroy it. Think Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451. (that’s the temperature that paper burns) I had visions of DM holding a bonfire at Int if he ever managed to get his grubby little hands on it. After all, how could he explain all the new, revised, re-edited, reissued, re,re, ad nauseum books if an original manuscript was still floating around?

    As for DM’s titanium sheets, who could even trust what’s on them? DM’s altered version of the tech? He can keep it.

  230. Ditto Jim. Thank you.

  231. George M. White

    Hy Levy,
    You probably serviced thousands at Flag so there is little chance that you remember me. However, I do remember that you were one of the best and I remember that your service to me was excellent. You also had a great level of ARC at Flag.
    Much loving-kindness,


  232. Hmmm…. Methinks this has the smell of Ken-Dick Moxon all over it. Only he’s slimy enough to organize something like this.

  233. Bob,
    The reason I call DM the dwarf, or midget etc. is not to belittle people of short height. It’s done solely because I know DM has a button on being so short. And he really is tiny. If anyone can push his buttons, go for it. He’ll drink that much more Scotch and become that much more unbearable and maybe, just maybe, another one of his inner circle will leave.

    When I was a kid my brother was getting picked on a lot and not standing up for himself. My father had been a boxer in his Navy years so he taught my brother how to box. To say it gave him confidence is an understatement. Today, he’s highly skilled in martial arts and nobody would even think of messing with him.

    As for your boy, well done on saving him from a life of hell. If he’s not real tall, so what. I have a feeling he’s very tall on the inside and that’s all that matters anyway.

  234. martyrathbun09

    thanks. I took out the name and number. I am not going to post solicitations on my blog that gets people involved . I recommend against it. She has no say at this time – it is out of her hands. Read the Village Voice update I posted. And I don’t recommend the solicitation of contacts. Read my post and read the Village Voice. These good people are being bombarded with lobbying. It is what mislead them into acts I am sure they now regret having done.

  235. I don’t know what it’s like now, but when I was training at CCI, the celebs were treated with kid gloves. They were buffered by Tommy or someone else and were never (at that time) treated to the same abuse the rest of us peons were. From the video of “my name is earl” co-star we saw the other day, it really is just a little social club for the not-quite-bright. They don’t KNOW and they don’t want to KNOW and they don’t even want to know that there is anything to KNOW.

  236. Marty: This is unacceptable and completely obvious to be harassment of the Co$. My thoughts are with you. I hope you are freed quickly. Stay strong and stay you, that is the only way of achieving victory over these imbeciles.
    Mosey: Hang in there honey. This is a small hurdle to hop. I am here for you if you need anything.

  237. Well Done on speaking out Izhar!

  238. Steve – Well Done. Exactly what is needed.

  239. Thank you Tony. That video clip sounds like a standing-o! Very cool.

  240. Hello, I’m a new poster. I’ve been following what’s been happening. I post at the Village Voice. I am not an ex-scientologist so I hope you don’t mind if I post here.

    I feel really PISSED about Marty’s arrest! I felt the same way when I saw the video arrest of Mark Bunker. I can’t believe this is happening in America the country I so proudly live in.

    Don’t give up the fight Marty cause your winning! You have a lot of peoples attention. This makes tiny Miscabbage look bad. Hang in there Mosey, I don’t know how your able to stay so calm and cool.

  241. 🙂

  242. Fair enough.

    I’m still belly up at the bar.

    Your pint is getting warmer – but then again, the Brits think its better that way.

    I know you don’t want people involved personally.

    And I am the last person in the world that would encourage people sticking their nose into someone else’s business, no matter how good the intentions. But, David Miscaviage and this team of kooks, has got to be dealt with. The Feds have thus far dropped the ball (although I think there has to be something going on behind closed doors & they are just dotting Is and crossing Ts) and the media pussies, have been too busy telling me about a Justin Bieber, whatever the hell that thing is.

    So since the media is too busy passing gas and asking others bout how it smells, I feel like I have to stand up and say or do something.

    You have no idea Marty. How badly I have wanted to come there and challenge these people. Not harmful or physically. Unless called for. But, I truly have felt the need to meet these people in front of your house and talk to them and share with them an outsiders view and hope at some point I would get across some common sense with one of them and then see if the dominos fall.

    Let me finish with this.

    Marty and Mosey, when guys like me. Who don’t have a dog in the fight. A guy like me, who would have never cared or showed support one way or another, when it came to Marty. I didn’t hold Marty in any sort of Esteem, be in good or bad. I simply did not care. But, once I saw what they did, to what appears to be a great – everyday – hard to find – fantastic wife. Well, they made me care and made me mad.

    And that folks is why David Miscaviage (along with a lot of other things) will fail.

    When guys like me, decide to take our noses out of the newspaper and drudgereport.com and start paying attention to whats going on with this crazy so called “church”. When guys like me started seeing people have their rights trampled on, then they have really fucked up in that church.

    Because now it aint just current and former church members its the guys like me on the outside.

    Church of Scientology Rest in pieces: 1950 – 2011

    Sorry so long winded.

    But, I do care and I don’t want to see it happen to Marty and Mosey–because that means it could happen to me, someday.

    Marty thanks again, for letting me be a part of the conversation and I know it will all turn out well and that you are going to be a huge part of the solution to the problem.

    Everyone else Cheers and Beers as well.

    Marty don’t forget your pint.

    Oh and if I can plug my new blog–which has NOTHING Scientology related on it – as of yet.


    Buh bye guys

    Marty come get your pint

  243. Right, the greater the flow and quality of it, the more jolts. Thank you very much Davey, for this stunt of yours which gave us a very nice outcome. We can’t take you down alone, you really have to help us on this one.

  244. Up the wall, crossing the roof and comming down the other side!

  245. Here it is boys and girls, the game everyone has been waiting for:
    (rolling thunder pronunciation required)

    The game where you win, when you end up completely mindless, having no money.

    Let’s play.

    First player,
    Roll the dice and move forward.
    Uh oh, this landed you on the square of ‘required to attend a Scientology event’.
    Pretty scary. You’re nervous. You’re thinking, “oh, crap”.
    It could be you that the focus is on, for the ‘squeeze for money’ tactic.
    But, you sit in the back, wearing your bright blue super hero tights and cape, trying to be invisible.
    It worked.
    You manage to sneak out a side door and leave (cape flapping as you run), with your money still in your hand. Whew!
    First player made it through that one.

    Next player:
    Roll the dice and move forward.
    Oh no, this puts you on the square of the IAS regges’s office.
    (and there are four regges)
    You are held for five hours there.
    You’re hammered into handing over most all of your money.
    You feel like screaming, but don’t dare.
    But wait….you have a ‘feel important’ card. Use it!
    You use the card, and you are given rousing applause, a small pin to wear and
    echoing shouts of joy.
    Now you’re feeling it!
    (you have almost no money to your name, but you’re feeling pretty good about it
    and notice that your chest is all puffed out)
    You are also given your special t-shirt screen printed with:
    I used to get lost in the shuffle, now I just shuffle along with the lost.
    the most requested special t-shirt screen printed with:
    (which when read over and over, faster and faster, reveals your secret message)

    Next player:
    Roll the dice and move forward.
    Nail biting at this point is OK.
    Moving forward in the game is like walking a tightrope
    with no net, over the Grand Canyon.
    Oh shit, you landed on the ‘stalked and harassed’ square.
    You notice the other players sneaking around.
    You notice the other players are digging through your trash outside.
    You notice the other players are calling on your workplace.
    The other players all get a ‘pass’ to third party you.
    You are left sitting with a feeling of fear.
    You stay on this square until you give up something….like freedom of speech.
    You end up mute.

    Next player:
    Roll the dice and move forward.
    You must draw from the stack of ‘Just f’ing do it!’ cards.
    You draw.
    You are assigned to measure for and make a custom fit golden thong.
    You measure, but are a bit queasy about this, but you just f’ing do it.
    You make the golden thong and deliver it to the small, but proud one.
    You are screamed at.
    You are smacked upside the head.
    You are dragged out to the RPF for not allowing room for a sock.
    You have no ‘get out of the RPF free’ card.
    You are treated like the scum of the earth, by the others in the RPF.
    Because they knew about the ‘room for a sock’ thing.
    You didn’t.

    Next player:
    Roll the dice and move forward:
    You end up on……


    This is an interactive game.
    This is an ongoing game, for you.
    Roll the dice and create the next ‘play’.

  246. Mike, it’s not a “conclusion”. It’s a hunch based on many many years of pulling strings on crap like this.

  247. Great flows happening everywhere……thanks Davey….wonderful job!

  248. Thanks, Pat. I’m grateful for the friendly reply, your reasoning, and for the acknowledgement. Yes, I hooked my kid up with a great young martial arts trainer 2 years ago, and he went and won a dang international championship division! You’re right, it worked wonders with self-image and confidence. Now he’s like a superhero and jumped in and defended a senior citizen who was being accosted on the bus! One of the best moves I’ve ever made in my life! Thanks for the understanding reply.

  249. That is what as known as “precedent”.

  250. Good point, Mike. It really is as if he is purposely doing everything he can to destroy any shred of good PR left for Scn and LRH. While Marty’s actions demonstrably have the opposite effect.

  251. Dave,
    Jim here. I’ll tell you something priceless; that issue you think you know so well, The Responsibilities of Leaders, well guess what there is a new game – Get Dave.

    That you cannot see this, that you continually do all the things that are needed for a win on that game, and that this is the extent of your rightness, and you can’t see this – well Dave, you prick, THAT is PRICELESS!

  252. very well put!

  253. Interesting.

  254. Tony DePhillips

    This is exciting!!
    Go Denver go!!!!
    This was meant to go here.

  255. Tony DePhillips

    Go Izhar!!!!

  256. Tony DePhillips

    Do it Michael!!

  257. Tony DePhillips

    9′ fence don’t leave us hanging…

  258. Tony DePhillips

    That was so gangsta we are sending you another donation….

  259. Tony DePhillips

  260. Mark, the only arrest I saw of you was at Gold base on youtube. They did it again?

  261. Mosey,

    I’d go to jail knowing that you had my back.

    To me, OSA and POB have been swinging wildly like a blindfolded kid batting at a pinata. They were able to make slight contact. Only problem is that what they think is a “pinata” is actually hornets nest. The repercussions from this will far outweigh this scam arrest.

    Marty – catch up on your reading. BORN TO RUN was excellent!! Thanks for the recommendation.


  262. Hahahahahaha That really made me laugh!
    Gosh first time I’ve heard anyone make references to the Birthday Game in a loooooooong time!

  263. Eric, I think you are right that there are a million ways this could all play out. I think the most likely is that he goes into hiding with a few million. Hopefully he does that before wasting a billion defending the back-wages suits sure to now arise. If I was him I might already have a secret lair set up somewhere in the world. If he walks away, the level-headed and pan-determined can take over, settle the claims, salvage and reform what remains of the church, and move on up with something of which LRH would still be proud. Or it all could get destroyed, but there are obviously people ready to start over.

  264. one of those who see

    Marty, you are a man of courage and integrity. So sorry you had to endure this dev – t. glad you got out quick. Love you and Mosey! I am now in comm with another friend who is looking. Even in this Soviet Union atmosphere of the Church, the truth is spreading, people are opening their eyes.

  265. Ingrid, I think this is another battle LOST by the COS. As much of an outrage and complete violation of a being’s rights to freedom of thought and speech that this is (to say nothing of the spirit of our American values as spelled out in the Constitution) – I think it’s a GOOD thing. Just another absolutely moronic move by the COS. No public hearing about this would EVER get involved with the COS. I want Miscavige to stay exactly where he is doing exactly what he is doing (though of course I feel terrible about the beings who are being abused by and in the COS) as that is HOW the COS will keep destroying itself – it will sink under the weight of its own overts. As a spiritual movement, Scientology will only move forward as it throws off the shackles of its oppressive church and goes on as an independant movement.

  266. Count, WOG law enforcement???? Which is FAR superior to the Scientology “justice” system. Have you ever sat on a Comm Ev? (or been Comm Eved?) I think I sat on my first one in 1975 or so. Let’s see how its set up. The Convening Authority makes the charges AND chooses the members, who answer to HIM. Every decade or so, ONE or two of the usually ten or so charges on a comm ev are “not proved.” In the Scientology “justice” system, the power ALWAYS rules and a person is essentially “GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.” I could only WISH that one was allowed a lawyer and an impartial jury.

  267. Oh yeah, and in the SO you are sent to prison (RPF) for YEARS without benefit I might add of making a video and/or appealing to the public for help. And from personal knowledge, I know that one can be sent to the RPF prison gulags simply by the word of ONE person in power who decides that a person SHOULD be sent. Welcome to “Soviet Scientology.” The first time someone was sent to the RPF on the Apollo on the word of one person set the precedent for the Miscavige era as we know it.

  268. Who is the leering Jim Moore of Austin Tx who went to Judge Yolanda Guerrero
    300 North Rachal, Sinton, TX 78387 which is 211 miles away from IOB, as opposed to the 8 miles to the closer Judge Charlene Lewis in Aransas Pass to lodge a complaint which might be later found to be obstruction of Justice?

    1. Listed as OSA volunteer in their own document: https://markrathbun.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/osa-list-wus-1.pdf

    2. This website has a photo of Jim Moore & wife, running a farmer’s market in Austin every Saturday.
    The name of the market changed to: http://www.bartoncreekfarmersmarket.org/
    Name shows directorship: http://www.bartoncreekfarmersmarket.org/wp-content/uploads/vendorrules.pdf

    3. Shown in this video as “Norman Bates”:

    4. “In the meantime, we identified Neo Norman Bates. He also goes by the name of Jim Moore. Consult your OSA Volunteers list under “Austin” and you will find his name. A Jerry Boswell trained CCHR guy. In the past year, on three occasions when I was half way across the country Moore lurked in the weeds waiting for my wife Mosey to return from a long day’s work and commute. He came to her door – with another OSA Volunteer, since Corporate Scientologists do not even go to the bathroom alone – asking accusative questions about me, refusing to identify himself, and leering at her like some repeat sex offender. Three times the punk stalked and attempted to intimidate my wife while I was 1,800 miles away. Now, he is on the streets of Ingleside continuing to leer at my wife and my home, and assaulting my visiting friends.

    “Jim is an alleged Purif completion. He is married to an older woman named Salila Travers who calls herself an OT VIII. It is well known that Travers has had to sell her soul (and sell a lot of other people out) for the privilege to get onto OT Levels. And apparently she even sold out her sorry excuse for a husband to stalk well-meaning and well-doing women at the behest of her God David Miscavige. If you don’t think Travers gets status, props, and privileges for pimping out her mindless, unemployed, gigolo wannabe then you do not understand the culture of David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Church of Scientology.”
    from: https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/miscaviges-public-relations-program/

  269. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson


    FYI…. Your vision is actually reality.

    There is in fact 2 or 3 different pool sized pits at Int I dug and then dumped truck load after truck load of church documents into and burned. I did this for 2 years.

    I did the burning at night so the colum of smoke could not be seen in day light in a high fire zone area.

    Just thought I’d let you know the burning of church confidential documents and church doc’s, books etc have in fact been burned by my doing. As each pile too so long to burn i eventually located paper pulping places in Fontana CA that I saw to church material and document destruction.

    I know for a fact there is evidence to this day still buried in the ground.

    — Jackson

  270. Umm… Jesus was Jewish ?

    A *lot* of Christians (especially Popes) forget that part.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  271. Tony DePhillips

    Do it, you won’t regret it.

  272. Winning an international division is impressive. He’s got a smart dad. 🙂

  273. Tony DePhillips

    Good catch, you prevented a good smackdown. 🙂

  274. Tony DePhillips

    Funny. 🙂

  275. Tony DePhillips

    Echoes of OTDT danced through my head….

  276. Good to hear these wins are happening to you…hooray for the tech!

  277. Come on, OSA, have the stats gone up since Marty was arrested?


    Have the stats gone up? Are things better now?

    Ask yourself truly. LRH’s VFP’s according to policy. Have the stats gone up now?

    Did you help to Clear the Planet today?

    By imprisoning Marty, one of the most important people on the planet, an auditor, have you as-ised any charge off anyone’s case?

    BTW, are you an auditor? Can you audit? Have you personally got good TA on your pc? You know, cogs, big wins, laughter, wanting to come back for more?


  278. Michael Moore,

  279. Even some of us who have never met her love her too! Since the day I first knew of her presence I have felt that connection. Since I’ve never met Marty and you and Christie and Steve…I guess I feel that way about a lot of you. But Mosey is special and her comm above shows it clearly! Right Marty?!!

  280. Actually it was 2004, but that is a mute point on the strong message from Monique. This whole fiasco, has me convinced that there is no one on this planet I hate more than Dave. I am feel much remorse for what the Rathbun family have gone through. It while being a literally pain in the ass, as Jackson commented earlier, it is going have more and more repurcussions within the Church, the Sea Org and the OT VII and VIIs. More and more mass exodus, and less and less war chest money. What a travesty for you Dave. You will need to double up your Scotch supply from now to the IAS Event, as I get your bullshit 150 glossy page IAS Impact Mags every year (3 copies by the way, another waste of parishoners $), I will be very closely looking at your eyes, and your indicators on the 12 or so photographs you usually have of yourself. I am sure your eyes will be rather puffy.

    Cheers Dave.

    PS: Your stategy should be thinking long term, not short term dave. But then you don’t follow source ever.

  281. Just wanted to say Hello to a man who spoke lot about me with St. Petersburg Times, Village Voice and random postings on the net, but didn’t know who I was. If refreshment needed, please let me know, I can provide the web references. 😉


  282. Mother of God, I had no idea. If you look at it from a purely evil point of view, it makes sense; burn the originals then re-release the “new & improved” books and rake in the money. It’s worse than science fiction.

  283. Midge,


    Marty & Mosey = The Best!

    Love, Laura Ann

  284. Damn! Mosey!

    You gave me goosebumps! 🙂

  285. Rich,
    The stats are up alright! The stats are up here! Look at all the comments and support Marty and Mosey are getting! Pat announced herself! And I’m sure the donations will flow like crazy! We may have to send DM a thank you note, or not. 😉

  286. Hoist by thine own petard.

    Dave doesn’t get the second rule of magic, don’t be effect of your own cause. It’s the time thing again. Smack.

  287. Maybe it’s the Wolverine look. You are dangerooose. Being there and communicatin’ and all.

  288. OMG, I remember you now. Thank you for all you did in the horrible incident we experienced in CW. We were in a stunned state over an unfortunate and untimely death and in a further paranoid state over the horrible treatment from the CofM. But there you were offering the succor and support that should have been offered by the CofM, had it been, this blog would not be. We were so betrayed at every turn even your help was met with trepidation on my part. For that I’m sorry and thank you nevertheless for giving solace when it was sorely needed. This is something that family & friends do as a routine but not the CofM, it’s all based on certain qualifications, imagine that. I can go on and on, but won’t. Would love to meet up with you again some day.

  289. yes Charlie Earle, wake up

  290. Hy Levy says:::::

    I witnessed first hand these tactics back in the early 90′s at Flag when each day at muster, someone was chosen (at random?) to be announced as going to the RPF and dragged away by security right in front of all the staff.
    “Volunteers!” the “Church screams. Religious Volunteers !
    Dragged to the sadistic RPF for the next 8 years, spouse divorces the RPFer.

    Brutality, atrocities, thuggery, domination, sadism, no $$$ for medical for the staff ~~ do we live in Medieval times ? How do they get away with this under the guise of “religion ?”

    Thanks for the post Hy Levy

  291. martyrathbun09

    Welcome. Speak away. More rope for you and your masters.

  292. Marty and Mosey
    I’m so late on this thread, that everything that needs to be said has been said regarding what had happened. So I’ll just reaffirm that I love you both, respect you both, admire you both and you have my unalloyed loyalty until my last breath.
    Eyes still on the mountain, the summit is within reach.
    Michael (from Joy’s computer)

  293. Good one Mosey.

  294. Me too! Whatever happened to him, we all miss him very much.

  295. Wow! Good work Sinar!

  296. Jean-Francois Genest

  297. What happened to OTDT?

  298. David Miscavige is a quite inadequate and small man. A total failure.

    Can’t even run his own cult………..

  299. No. No stats have gone up. But DM doesn’t keep graphs and do conditions right? He is power all the time right? He isn’t one of the “volunteers”, he is on executive payroll. L.R.H. said police cause the crime. Well, there you have the Church police (O.S.A. and DM) causing the crime, out P.R., wars, flaps, legal cycles, deaths, whatever they can muster up. All the while the stats crash planet wide they sit there in the war games with the videos. Playing army and soldier games. They don’t care. They are little kids in old bodies. They have the tech to expand and flourish and prosper. They do not expand, flourish, or prosper (except for DM) . Complete lack of vision for the big picture. If you read this description of narcissistic personality disorder you will understand DM and his copies perfectly. We are not the only ones to know he has outpoints. He is perfectly classified by his other Earth mates right here:


  300. I know just the incident you’re talking about and you’re totally welcome. I remember it well. You were totally betrayed by those who should have been offering help. No need to apologize for anything.

    You bring up an interesting point about what family & friends do when someone dies. They offer support and lots of it. Not so in the cult. A death is considered dev-t.

    I live in the true South. There’s a saying here that when someone dies the first thing you’re supposed to do is clean out your refrigerator. Say what? Yes, because people start bringing over food……..for days on end. All kinds of food, everything from roasts to vegetables, rolls, desserts etc. etc and even paper plates so you don’t have to fuss with the dishes. And they come to visit. They don’t call first because they know you’re not up to talking, they just come……and gently get you through it and coax you back to living.

    I was glad to be of some help to you at that time. If there had been a sane group, it would have been a very different experience for you.

  301. This is absolutely outrageous! It makes me livid, and I only know Marty and Mosie through this blog. But I respect them both so much, and though I am not a Scientologist and don’t share the beliefs, I am very much a Human Rights advocate. I cannot believe DM and his bottom feeders can continue to harrass you as they do. Aren’t there laws in Texas about disturbing the peace and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not to mention right to practice one’s beliefs ensuring no harm to others, free speech, and on and on………What the Hell????

  302. A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    2.Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.

    3.Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions).

    4.Requires excessive admiration.

    5.Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
    Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends.

    6.Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others.

    7.Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

  303. He is mentally challenged and should not be permitted with the trusts of Scientology or Scientologists.

  304. Ferris — Are you still being paid by Lubow? Or direct by Abelson?

  305. There are no “wogs” goddamnit – except in CoM.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  306. Marty this is my first time posting. I own and operate an airport and taxi service in Clearwater. This past week Warner Bros had invited and paid for journalists from all over the Globe to a preview party for an upcoming film release, filmed at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium on Island Estates, to be released next month, (Dolphin’s Tale). I transport for the major hotels on Clearwater Beach and have taken many journalists and reporters to the airport in the last three days. I’ve spoken to journalists from Brazil, Caracas, Venz, Canada, Germany and many from L.A. I’ve used the 40 min ride to pitch them on what the current scene is in IOB. I queried them. Most don’t just handle entertainment but human interest sits. So I took great pleasure covering the sit and giving your blog to them to find all the links and up to the minute events. Astounding what the interest level was. I wasn’t going to let an opportunity this pass. I got a GREAT reception from every individual especially from the German who produces for BR and GDF(?) two T.V. stations in Germany. Glad to flow you power.

  307. Tony
    Ya. A good ole smackdown may have been therapeutic but I am glad that I caught it before it came to that. (so far) I still might have some ‘splainin’ to do, but I put out the comm and I am willing to deal with whatever happens next.

    Eric S

  308. Transporter: Wonderful work!! Thank you.

  309. Thank YOU mrinder! My pleasure…and my responsibility!

  310. Marty – I am so sorry you are having to go through this, If it’s any consolation, I would think a Texas judge and/or jury, given the facts of what you guys are enduring on a daily basis, will not treat a false police report by one of these thugs lightly. You have gone above and beyond to remain calm – I would say that most people would have either caved or lashed out under the stress of the stalking. Given your experience in re: how Scientology operates, you probably saw all this coming, But you and Mozey have shown tremendous strength and restraint in dealing with these goons.

    The constant video surveillance is going to bite these guys in the ass if they start trying to use law enforcement as a tool for harassment. If the cameras are on at all times, as they are, they had better have video of you causing this injury. It would be rather curious for them to be constantly trying to provoke a violent response from you that could be caught on tape and used to shut you up, and then not have a video of this particular incident.

    The desperation of a California-based group with a rather shoddy reputation trying to use the Texas legal system as a weapon against one of its law abiding citizens is, on its face, ill-advised at best. If the guy at the top (again, I am not in any way affiliated with Scientology but have read a lot about DM from various sources due to my interactions with the Squirrel Busters) is resorting to this kind of tactic, it seems to me that megalomania might be at work. As we all know from history, that doesn’t usually work out so well – megalomania causes you to make poor decisions, is very expensive and just generally self-destructive.

    Keep fighting the good fight and doing the work that you do. All of the people that come to visit you that I meet seem to be relieved to have met you and Mozey and have been very pleasant. I don’t have any notion of what you are doing to help these people, but whatever you are doing, it’s obviously working for them.

    Hope to see you guys soon. ©

  311. O.K., now for some good news. We made two new Independent Scientologists yesterday. From green, clean off the streets to, “I want to go clear, sign me up, can I start right now, I got the money, I got the time, let’s go.” DM pushes one down, two more pop up. It’s like that hit the alien game at carnivals where the guy tries to hit the heads back into the system while they pop up everywhere. DM seeks these temporary war victories, ( even the arrest was an overt product as the guy “swore” to bodily harm that did not happen. He will probably wind up in his own legal probs for that) while we create infinite magic. I think we all came out ahead yesterday.

  312. Maybe I can buy you a beer sometime. I live in Tarpon Springs.

  313. It’s a deal Mike! Lunch would be great…on me.

  314. Okay, I can’t resist.

    How about 20 or 30 of you tough Texans put a blue T shirt with a smiling pic of Marty on it and Independent Scientologist under Marty’s smiling mug.
    Sashay down to the farmers market and buy some produce from them.

    Nothing else…just pick up a few veggies, smile and leave. Tons of ARC.

  315. John in Austin

    Can someone please post the names of the 4 south Texas law firms doing the bidding of the Cult of $cientology so we can get the word out about them?!

    Something tells me their competition is about to pick up a lot of their soon-to-be-former business!


    John in Austin

  316. Seeking…
    The way out us the way through.
    Walk… Away. It’s bad enough all the policy being disregarded by DM, but now he has managed to get some arrested… With NO warrant, for what reason? Spite?
    Want to have a really good nights sleep? Publicly declare you are leaving the Co$. Do the the Doubt formula start to finish. If you can’t, might I recommend M-9 word clearing, and some false data stripping? Case gain does occur on FDS, I know.

    Do it. Your wins will SO out weigh any possible adverse effect you may be fearing. Do it!

  317. Keep on winning! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  318. one of those who see

    Great first comment Disenchanted!! Welcome!! Glad you are here!!

  319. Never going to happen.

    Davie McSavage does not engage in debate, only PR.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  320. Tony Dephillips

    She’s smart, I think she will understand.

  321. Hey Marty,

    Been gone all day. Glad you’re OK. Dono sent.

  322. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe TX2 is OTDT???

  323. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Laura, you’re right.

  324. Pesky_Human said: “…. megalomania might be at work. As we all know from history, that doesn’t usually work out so well”

    That is funny as hell, and doubtless true.

  325. Marty, you welcome me to the forum, yet you are ready to supply the rope. 🙂 I will refrain myself from responding to the rope comments.

    I did notice something on your blog, not a voice of difference or opinion. I am sure my post will be barred.

    Anyway, we will meet soon, and I think in person face to face meetings are the best communication method,

    Cheers and stay out of trouble. .

  326. Marty,

    Whatever you do, don’t let them stop you from telling others the truth about David Miscavige.

    What hurts David Miscavige is when you speak to the media and the 3rd dynamic.

    That is the key. Continue to do so.

  327. Mike,

    I’ve got an idea for a book you should write:

    “The mind of David Miscavige”

  328. Way to go Pat!! Hey, have we met before? Bwhahahahahahaa!!

    Yeah, OK, Now for the good stuff… Thank you Pat for being you and helping me and others here with getting on in life. You’re a true friend and I really appreciate it very much. Thanks for having my back and know that I’ve got yours 🙂 — This “Spud’s” for you (and for Bill).


  329. Mike, Just out of curiosity: how do TC, the nutty girl from Cheers, and other movie stars get out of this with their save-face?

  330. A jury trial might be fun…

  331. Mike Rinder,
    My post was directed toward Marty, anyway good to see your response. I hope you are doing well.
    How is the telemarketing company you worked and consulted for? I heard it went bankrupt soon as you started to give direction, Please correct me if I am wrong. Was it their fault?

    Also dont worry about me getting paid, as Fisher wrote on his blog and told St. Pete times, I was a top producer. I made the company lots of money from the fees I brought in. And before I met them and started to work there, I drove a $65,000 car and had more money than you made at consulting in FL or when you sold used cars.

    Cheers mate, dont be shy to ask any questions, just remember you get respect when you give respect.

  332. Ahhh….. HAPPY THETANS!!!! Thanks Midge for sharing your friendship here and for your wins with Marty’s auditing. So much awaits for you. Marty you are the best friend (outside of LRH) that a person can have. (Ok, there are so many here, true theta friends, that saying someone is the best is like picking out which of your children is your favorite… They all are!! What makes this a cohesive group of beings is nothing but ARCU.

    Thanks Marty, Mosey, MikeR, Just Me, Tara, Sam, Sarge, Sinar, Jason, Garcia… Like I said sooooo many here.

    Love and ARC,

    P.S. Hi Dave!!

  333. Charese has never worked for me. She has worked part time doing admin work for my wife Nicci in her tax practice. She is currently doing her OT levels with an Independent Class 8 that has been auditing her on her Bridge for some time. After the flap over on Facebook, she got in comm with Kerry and sorted things out. She has posted a N/E to introduce herself. Nicci and I know her and her family well. They have all been out of the Church for decades and the idea that she works for OSA is simply not possible.

    Charese Mongiello posted in Indie Scientologist.

    Charese Mongiello 12:06pm Sep 17
    Hi All I am posting this as per part of the non-e formula,

    Hi all,

    My name is Charese Mongiello I am currently a script supervisor for movies. Which means I basically make sure that the product is correct and able to be edited as well as write the notes to the editor so the movie can be finished. I have acted in 6 feature films and starred in one of them all low budget. I have Directed 7 plays one feature film and now am producing my third FF as a producer. Most of this can be looked up on my IMDB.com page.

    I am a past life Scientology exec. I was born to Bob and Joan Mongiello they at the time I was born, had built the largest mission in the world never to be surpassed. My dad started with 3 staff and brought it to 187 staff with 1000 people on lines in only 7 years. His Hat write up is soon to come ( Thanks Scott Campbell for the idea!) I this life mostly read books, listened to tapes daily, and read many policy’s, I am instrumental in helping my parents get back on the bridge and getting auditing. They as were the whole family of the impression, that we were never going to get auditing again this life. The church attacked our family many times and my parents used LRH policy’s to back the church off of our family,(this is a main reason I am not afraid of the church) my parents had been broken though. As soon as I found out about the Freezone I read up about it and Ron’s Org. I started looking for auditors to audit my family and self I got into session right away and had problems because of my past life case and the auditors needing cramming. Although I admire them for their years of service I was not too happy about my case. My dad then found me an auditor. I remember I had decided to take a break from auditing and was out in Guatamala reading “The phoenix lectures” my dad called and said “Charese I found you the best auditor in the world.” I said “Dad I will be the judge of that.” When I met her, her TR”s were so in I couldn’t believe it. I got into session immediately. Since then I finished a repair on my grades, OT I and II and now just recently III and L12 I am currently finishing up NOT’s. My dad finished OT III, and NOT’s and my mom Finished OT III and is working through NOT’s, my brother Anthony is on the solo course and my sister Candace is mini course sup trained and method one co audit as well as OT I, and my Sister Stephanie is Clear finishing up her grades. I have other family members out of the church and going to be starting the bridge soon. I say this because we were all kicked out of the church and attacked heavily but we managed to survive and stick together through disconnection and reconnection! One of the important things that my parents told us kids when we were kicked out the first time was We had said “mom dad we want Scientology now we can’t have it” My parents laughed at us and said “ you guys you have Scientology, it is in the books and tapes, it is all there, nobody can take that away or give it to you.” From reading it all on my own I have reached an understanding that can never be taken away. And if I dare say, if I had grown up in the church I may not have had such a full grasp of the tech. Thanks all for letting me be a part of your group!



    View Post on Facebook · Edit Email Settings · Reply to this email to add a comment.

  334. Mosey,

    You’re more of a Scientologist than all the CofS people combined, and more simply put, just a very decent, observant, free-thinking and compassionate human being – something the DM robots have long lost sight of, but is the very essence of Scientology itself, at least what it was intended to be.

    Marty couldn’t have found a better life companion!

    Though I don’t know you, I consider you a true friend!

  335. David Lingenfelter

    Marty and Mosey – You are being kicked for speaking truth and having integrity.

    The truth is out there. It is being put out by more every day however it seems the deeper one is under the influence of DM’s out tech the harder it is to confront. DM is just making it clearer and clearer and bigger so it is reaching out and grabbing people by the balls and they cannot ignore it or hide from it any longer.

    Yes he will destroy himself. He cannot help it and he is taking down all those around him. Several posters above mentioned that more and more OT8’s are realizing the sitatution and the bodies in the shop stats are shrinking. As the money base goes away so will the out tech and the insanity. The ‘Board’ at some point will remove him, or the police will. But if they wait that long they themselves are at risk. How can they justify or say they are ignorant of the insanity at the top that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR?

  336. I dropped a line to the Justice of the peace that was used to make the arrest urging her to Prosecute the coplainant and their attourneys for malicious prosecution. Nobody likes to be used as a dupe.

    She is the Honorable Yolanda Guerrero, Justice of the Peace Precinct One Sinton Texas Fax #361-364-6139

  337. David Lingenfelter

    Ahh Jackson, you wonderful guy.


  338. The Name of the Justice of the Peace is The Honorable Yolanda Guerrero, Justice of the Peace , Precinct One , Sinton Texas
    Fax# 361-364-6139

  339. I wrote to the JP and alluded to that very fact and urged her to prosecute for malicious prosecution

  340. Midge, Great news, I’ve been getting updates on your progress and am really proud of you, well done, Oh and by the way, great camera work , I assume it was you getting pictures of the “Ingelside Masacree” when Mosey was in the picture.

  341. You should get a restraining order against these people. No one has to stand for harassment.

  342. Its time for the supporters to move into Marty and Mosey’s neighborhood, and be there, cameras in hand, for every single criminal action ordered into the area by Miscavige.

  343. Marty, I know we don’t see eye to eye on everything but I’m really sorry you and Mosey are having to deal with this crap. Particularly Mosey whose only “crime” is being married to you. I know what it’s like to be arrested as a result of lies generated from the CoS and it sucks big time.

    Hang in there both of you.

  344. Just a note – our LRH/Scio library is totally made up of material from 1950-1978. Some real old gems plus 2 & 3 of some titles, notes, etc. We inherited Nick Nichols library when he passed, if any of you knew him. His wife Edie was one of the first class 8’s.

    Don’t know how this is helpful? But putting out the comm.

  345. I am disgusted beyond belief at the insane displays of corrupt behavior cob dictates. I’m so embarrassed for the church and the “un-awares” and “not-isers” (those who chose to say that what IS is in fact NOT).

    Marty and Mike and all who are intimately involved in the battle with the cob mob – we’re thinking of you and getting closer to the day when we lock arms.

    To confirm and add to the information you gave Marty – I had at least a dozen friends over the last week get reaches from church members they hadn’t heard from in ages – the fb osa squads (all public who the church can claim no connection to or authority over and exactly like Nazi Germany days long gone but not forgotten) have been like white on rice trying to befriend everyone they can in order to gain a foothold of some sort in to the public field.

    This whole thing is going to be yet another foot bullet – CANON ! – for the cob and mob of that I have NO doubt.

  346. Hang in there Marty!

    It is good to hear that OT VIII’s are leaving the COS.
    Pat Krenik, http://community.freezone-tech.info/elma

  347. Please listen to this exerpt from this great man, Howard Zinn. I think it mostly applies.
    [audio src="http://jo.koan.net/Politics/Enviro/Tasmania/OkFi/HOWARD%20ZINN%20How%20Social%20Change%20Happens.mp3" /]

  348. Freedom Fighter

    Pat, I grew up in the true South and I know just what you’re talking about with regard to friends and family rushing to your side in times of crisis. They wouldn’t think to do otherwise and many would give you the shirt off their back.

    When I went through my own crisis a few years ago, I was appalled at the way in which I was cast aside. Friends from work went out of their way to offer help, but the “church” couldn’t be bothered. What kind of church does that? Well, it was the final straw for me and I decided at that time that this group was one I no longer wanted to be a part of.

  349. Well said.

  350. Yes, thank you Hy. Unbelievable, dragging a staff member off each day at muster to the RPF. True psychotic behavior for a group supposed to be promoting increased affinity, reality, communication and understanding.

  351. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I think Miscavige thinks Mosey’s crimes are far more severe than that. Starting with demonstrating what Scientology can accomplished thoroughly divorced from his suppressive influence.

  352. martyrathbun09

    Yes, steady as a seasoned war correspondent.

  353. martyrathbun09

    Thanks T.

  354. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the perspective many don’t see first hand.

  355. George M. White


  356. George M. White

    Excellent research, thanks.

  357. Tony,
    Love the Tiger (that’s you) !

  358. Marty,

    Thank you for welcoming a certain person to the forum. That viewpoint is very interesting and illuminating. I hope to read more.

  359. I don’t have the exact reference in hand, as I got it from M & M’s library and I am now home, but it is in the PTS/SP How to Handle and Shatter Suppression course pack and the HCOB is “Psychosis”.

    ML, Midge

  360. The TA is moving big-time: Yesterday I got a phone call from the Church of Scientology — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWENTY YEARS!


  361. Ferris Kahn,

    You sound like a confident individual. You seem to be intelligent enough. And, hey, you’re in a battle so you’re throwing punches. Okay. Cool. No sense getting in a fight if you can’t take or throw a punch. No sense serving someone in tennis if you’re afraid of a return.

    So, here’s some questions, and I’m not trying to be snide which someone who is defensive might claim, I’m just curious about what you see and why you see it.

    First, why, if ARC, obnosis, integrity and freedom are so important to a thetan’s well-being, are church members not allowed to read whatever they wish on the internet and speak to whomever they wish in life? Why are family members forced to disconnect from someone who has taken a different opinion or path?

    Do you believe David Miscaviage beat any of his staff?

    Is it acceptable to you that David wears John Lobb shoes and five thousand dollar suits and hand-made shirts? While staff usually live in poverty. Surely, if you’re a judge of clothing and have been in the man’s presence you would be able to tell if he dresses at a level the IRS would consider inurement.

    When stats are announced, how much emphasis is put on WDAH and Student completions? How many new Class 5 auditors have been produced in the last year? How many new OT7s? How many Clears? And have you compared these actual completions to past years?

    Why, despite adequate donations to accomplish this, hasn’t the Super Power building been finished?

    How much money is the church spending on private investigators, lawyers and the like to handle someone who is as unimportant as Marty?

    And if Marty is so important, why is he?

    Why doesn’t David Miscaviage meet with Marty?

    And why the lies about Cof S involvement with the Squirrel Busters? Why do Church officials feel the need to put out false information about their involvement?

    Have you ever checked to see if any of the alterations of LRH materials actually have occurred? Have you checked to see if the tech is being altered?

    Why do staff and public have to be brought in from other areas to beef up the appearance of success in Ideal Orgs, when the course rooms and HGC have so few involved?

    LRH talked a lot about analytical thought, and reactive thought. Do you ever examine why you believe what you are told by David Miscaviage when empirical evidence seems to indicate otherwise?

    Do you think disconnection as practiced by the church is beneficial to members, ex members and public relations?

    Where is David Miscaviage’s wife? Where is the exec strata? Who is running Scientology? Who directs the church and all that goes on?

    Are there any Indies who are well meaning? Or are they all mislead, ignorant, liars, or what?

    I realize these questions deal with outpoints only, and I realize you must support the church because you see plus points. Do you see any outpoints along with the plus points.

    Are there any plus points in the Independent movement?

    Learning follows cognitive dissonance. Or so it seems. Do you ever feel any cognitive dissonance over what you are experiencing in the church?

    too many questions. But, I’m actually quite curious about how and why and what you think. I’m curious about your level of honesty, your willingness to examine both sides (pan determinism). I’m curious whether you will launch into attacks or justifications, or whether you will apply studied reason to the issue.

    I realize there are those on this site who will take umbrage over my curiosity, over my willingness to listen to you. I also realize there are those on this site who consider me a pariah for questioning what LRH wrote and said. But, hey, the man did urge those studying Scientology to make their own observations and decisions. And, despite what anyone tells me about you, I’ll make my own observations and decisions.

    Fair enough?

  362. Ah Mr. Khan, my car cost way more than yours, and I also produce, commercial material that sees wide distribution, and . . . . See? Such comments add nothing to the discussion, and the tragedy is that someone has to point this out to you. The fact you are inside speaks louder than any words you will ever write or say.

  363. TS: I tried answering your last email and it bounced again. I sent it on a via but not sure if you got it?

  364. You are wasking the wrong question Carcha. You should be asking about how they can salvage their personal integrity and sanity. It’s like asking how someone can escape a burning building and being concerned about how they do it without getting their clothes dirty.

  365. Ferris,

    Are you claiming you don’t work for Lubow/Abelson/Scientology?

    You didnt answer the question (though I suppose you sort of did by what you said).

  366. Pat and FF, when I started looking at some of the outpoints that I observed while on staff, the handlingof death and sickness was right up there. It really was treated as dev-t, especially if you were still alive but incapacitated. The attitude was that you were a degraded being for allowing yourself to get that way or if you were injured, you were expected to “get back on post” without any time to heal. Even in the real world you get sick days (if needed) and modified work if your injuries make it difficult to do your job.

    It really is a form of nullification, very insideous in the fact that staff would dedicate themselves to the church and work tirelessly to help mankind via the church only to be tossed aside like rubish when they died, became sick or got old. In the end, you were not important, you are a nobody, you are nothing.

    I have always thought that a church should be a place of refuge, a place that one seeks out in times of trouble to help ease one’s spirit. In earlier times the church of $ did provide this but the church of DM lacks humanity and is only a blood sucking parasite looking for its next host.
    They make a sweat shop look like a holiday. By its own actions they cannot call themselves a church.

  367. Ferris is not and has never been a Scientologist. He was an agent sent in on Mark Fisher, he took over from Lubow. And now, in the panic of POB meltdown, her suddenly resurfaced a couple of days ago and tried to buddy up to Mark Fisher again. When Mark didnt respond as he wanted, he made the same sort of veiled threat to Mark as he just made to Marty (“I will be seeing you”). He may have once driven a $65,000 car (wow… BMOC) but that doesnt mean he isnt a lying scumbag (and he is probably REALLY impressed by POB who flies in a $25 million jet and has a bunch of $65,000+ vehicles).

  368. I did not know how to react at first, flabbergasted.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein, (attributed)
    US (German-born) physicist (1879 – 1955)

  369. Michael Fairman

    Mr Kahn
    MEST is as MEST does. Where’s the beef?…I mean the theta?

  370. Can I get a visit too please ?

  371. Couple of things to do:
    1) Depose everyone in the chain starting form the officer that arrested Marty. Collect the names from each depo and depo those people. Eventually, you’ll get to depose DM. This is expensive, but it works. Each depo is a minimum of $2K and can be $4-5K with travel. Help Marty raise funding for this effort.
    That’s the way Moxon tried to get me. He subpeona’s over 25 people/corporations. It’s standard tech. Use it.

    2) Help me expose the political corruption surrounding Jeff Stone and Int/Gold Base in Riverside County, CA. The quickest to bring down Corporate Scientology is to expose the abuses at the base and show how the $50,027 donations to Jeff Stone were orchestrated by POB David Miscavige himself. I have close relationships with the Riverside Sheriff and the new District Attorney. Please, to anyone that can help me uncover this, feed me the info (anonymously if you wish) and I will act on it. I live three miles from the Riverside court house and I moved there to get this done. I need YOUR data. Contact me on YouTube/anonorange.

  372. +1

    It is astounding how many long term Scientologists leave Scientology, and go public to some degree, in the last 2-3 years!

    This is a very positive change.

    If only official Scientologists took a lesson and learned to behave as freely and as decently as freezone and independent Scientologists!

  373. I had a friend at Flag tell me this week that the place is a ghost town.
    Most notable is the complete lack of Italians.

    Time to hire non Scientology actors to walk around Flag with BIG smiles so as to act as decoys to help lure in new public with fat wallets.

    I also watched a video of the Flag staff coming off the buses. Looked like 3 main categories of staff:
    A. The old and worn veterans that have no place to go.
    B. 2nd and 3rd generation teenage Scientologists
    C. Teenagers from foreign countries who were promised “heaven” and now find themselves being labor slaves.

    These people looked worn, tired and beat down.

    Nothing a REALLY BIG building couldn’t handle. Right Dave?

  374. One more thing: Urgently request (through the court) ALL original, unedited videos, recordings, emails from the Squirrel Busters. They have to give you that since you were arrested and have to defend yourself.

  375. That’s perfect! I need a book with all blank pages. I could use it as a journal or something!

  376. Dear Mike,
    If you would phrase the question properly, it would of warranted it an answer of- YES or NO –

    You should of posed the following question.


  377. I guess from Ferris’ non answer, that is a “yes”, I am working for them,(COS lawyers/Lebow) but only on a sort of commission basis.

    If I produce some “positive” (read negative) effect on them (Fisher, et al) do I get paid a commission. (Seeing as Ferris is such a high producer, he’s confident he can get an effect, and thus get his commission.)

    PS: I always lamented that Sea Org member top ranked people let the money button be pushed on them, and I personally believe the ASI years of “opulent” ASI staffer lifestyles, were counter the religious movement image. The opulent ASI staffer money greedy years from which DM got that attitude and never has lost it since, that money motivated bug fad crap I think unfortunately LRH let that door open with his ASI writings about each ASI staffer making a million a year for ASI, as a staff requirement. LRH ordered the bonus system for ASI that as very rewards motivated, and I think ASI staff lived way too high off the hog in the 1980s, due to LRH’s traffic to them. I thought we in the Sea Org were in it for really the longer range motives (The “Why TRs” movie with Isaac Hayes starring, for instance). DM being COB ASI (when I was the computer guy at ASI in 92-95, DM ordered Rog at INCOMM Int to tell me at ASI to take the COB ASI traffic OFF of the ASI comptuers, and that’s when I read all the COB ASI traffic, since I felt this was wrong). Anyways,
    LRH himself did NOT live even as opulently as ASI staff lived! The mobile home LRH died in, we all toured through it, and it was NOT opulent by any stretch of the word. Starkey’s and DM’s rooms at the complex were most opulent, or even DM’s offices on the 11th floor HGB, and now the completely over the top RTC buidling spaces are obscenely opulent.

    All Hollywood B list Scientoogy celebs lived more opulently than LRH’s final digs! Sarge can corroborate that! Who the hell needs a $65 G car. LRH didn’t.

    Ferris pushing the money button, that isn’t what the tech is about! LRH might have been sometimes too money motivated, but it wasn’t to give staff $65 G cars as rewards.

    LRH’s money goals were for the Archives project, and possibly the stashing of enough money so the churches could all live the 5 year period of a complete world economic breakdown, which he says in the one of the Finance policies or private despatches.

    PSS: I so wish all of LRH’s final writings were available to all people to review. LRH may have caused some wrong emphasis, but there’s plenty of his other positive saner long range writings to counter and reform any of the wrong trends that any of his “negative” writings have caused.

    PSSS: I so wished we had evolved leaders with the morals to see around these major pitfalls. Including, like I know earlier years Commodore’s Messengers did, to NOT execute LRH’s irrationally emotional orders (the XSO chat site has a great interchange about LRH getting mad and ordering his cook to the RPF, but Janis Grady and Catho Cariotaki did NOT execute the order). THAT type of wisedom DM lacks.

    Love your comments and your recent press comments Mike!

  378. Mike, got it, thanks. I just got curious about how the PR handling would come down. The self-rationalizations (sanity) are more important.

  379. You ROCK, Mosey. You have more common sense and integrity than all of OSA put together.

  380. Ferris Khan: Are you being paid Lubow? Or direct by Abelson?

    The answer to that question must be incredibly embarrassing for someone like Khan to be unwillingly to answer it. After all this somebody who literally brags about doing things that would drive a normal healthy man with a conscience to hide in shame and want to kill himself.

  381. martyrathbun09

    Nice try Ferris. You’ll be further heard here – when you honestly (and I’ll determine whether you are being truthful, because I know far more about you and your masters than even you know) answer the question Mike Rinder posed to you. All you’ve done so far is to demonstrate what an EPIC FAIL Misavige’s millions into anti-Marty sites has been. That he is now resorting to such shifts as you to make it onto my blog, number 18,000 website in America, because nobody will read his million dollar anti-Marty sites (a small slither of Scientology.org’s number 48,000 website in America) is very telling. Thanks for the intel, Yuri.

  382. Don’t let this nonsense cave you in Marty. You’re in the right and that’s why you’ll beat this!

  383. martyrathbun09

    Hey Derek. Somehow I keep beating those charges like Rocky:

    You feel me?

  384. +1

    Ferris was pushing the money button, which is DM’s button. DM during his ASI years accumulated all kinds of MEST goodies and money.

    An honest ex ASI staffer who lived through those ASI years, might just not exist. I was repulsed by the ASI opulent mindset.

    DM lived it high on the hog and others did too.

    It’s an excess that should have been self-restrained by the Sea Org members who were picked to man ASI.

    LRH for all LRH’s urgings to ASI for each ASI staff member to “look like a million bucks” (why they all decked themselves out in the Lim suits).

    The LRH intention for each ASI staff member in the “ASI Staff Member Basic Hat Checksheet” that you read this advice, I did in 1992 when I got incorrectly promoted to ASI. It’s a strange sort of shift from Sea Org member, to ASI staff ranks. It’s one of the weird combination of viewpoints, which frankly is so easy to go splueey from the conflicting overall LRH legacy of staff duties writings.

    And LRH also made it the requirement, that all ASI staffers have to generate 1 million dollars by themselves, yearly, to ASI.

    But LRH made sure ASI’s profits went where he wanted them to go, which were to CST, the Archives project, which is LRH’s long range goals, that the tech be preseved for the LONG RANGE.

    It all fits, I just someone other than me, an atheist and no longer a Scienotlogist, is the only one trying to string it ALL together, not even the recent books by any ex members nor the scholars string LRH’s whole layout of writings and intent, FULLY.

    Ah well. Could be easily handled, just make the FULL LRH writings, films and lectures, and private orders, make it all public!

    I truly truly urge that LRH’s be fully shared for discussion and long range evolving of Scientology.

    Right now, only ASI staff, and some Int Staff have even read ALL of LRH’s final years ideas, and who even think about the whole bigger problems of the movement.

    I’ve noticed a lot more saner Scientologists outside the official movement, who I think deserve READ ALL of LRH’s writings to contemplate long range sane reform.

  385. Yes, very dangerous this tricky communication is, It tends to solve things I heared

  386. What has happened to Scn (which should have been a quiet and personal study with goals of improving one’s personal abilities and virtues), has become a really ugly power and money mess. I’m sorry to hear of what you’ve been through and wish you much better for the future (which I’m sure will come to be!)

  387. F… Khan,

    Outpoints of you comments:

    1. Who says you are welcome?
    2. If your post is directed to Marty why do you feel the need to respond to Mike?
    3. Is your personal worth based based on a $65,000 car? Why don’t you have an $88,000 car if you feel you’re so able?
    4. Why do you fell you have to defend yourself ? Insecure?
    5. How many people earn more than you? Many?
    6. Your primary skills of debate rate at the high school level at best. Do you want to retract anything? Thinking about your our comment? Mistake made out of stimulus response?

    Please polish up your act a bit.

  388. Dear Marty, Mosy , Mike and the rest who are in the front line,

    I truly appreciate, admire and respect your endurance and courage! You have rocked the boat to such an extent that it is sinking, and as it is sinking, we are observing a last desperate attempt to “win” where everyone really looses. It is a sad time for Scientology, and without you Marty and others holding the lantern at the end of the tunnel, I feel that it would be the end of Scientology. But because you stalwarts are holding the lantern and keeping Scientology working, there is hope of a better day ahead where Scientology is broadly practiced without restriction and duress.

    Thank you for all that you do!!!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Love to you all,

  389. Thanks for a snapshot of the current scene in Denver. “Loyalty checks” ?Reminds me of the “finance police” coming out to shut down the missions. I more or less watched Scientology wiped out in my city. Many friends vanished, one died from a broken heart. I went off for a gig and when I returned two missions were gone and all the people in them except for one guy. That was David Miscavige getting out on NON E.

  390. Good one Ingrid!

  391. Thanks Trey,

    Nice D/A of the innuendo and rumor.

  392. Tony DePhillips

    The Quebecois have a saying: “Grosse Corvette, Petite pissette.” Translates to “Big Corvette, little dick.” 🙂

  393. Pat,

    I have always enjoyed your posts. It’s nice to put a name to the theta “face” I have in mind.

    Great job in getting those valuable LRH materials being used and in safe hands!

    L, Scott

  394. Marty. you’re awesome!

    Yeah, I feel you! 🙂

  395. Yaaay Midge!

    Excellent job Marty. Adventure on the high seas!

  396. Great Job Mosey.

    You and Karry are two of a kind. And a better example for woman I cannot think of.

  397. martyrathbun09

    I do this for my cultra
    to let em know what their boy look like
    when their boy is an a roaster
    show em how to move in a room full of vultures
    Industry’s shady, need to be taken ova’

  398. Great going! Thanks for keeping your eye on the mountain!

  399. Good post Luis,

    I just sent off a complaint to them as well.

  400. “Take a good look at this blog and dream on that it’s ‘just Marty’”..

    Well said Sam!

  401. Marty,
    A reliable source told me.
    POB found out that Tom Cruise bought an anti-aging light last year so he had his assistant calling the company that manufactures those lights to order one for himself. But what he didn’t know is that the manufacturer is a Scietnologist. Secret is out,Davey midget! 🙂

  402. Great analogy, Tom.

    This means a lot coming from you. You gave your heart and soul to the establishment of Scientolgy organizations worldwide – so I can only imagine what this must be like for you – to see all of your hard work destroyed by the likes of David Miscavige.

    His is a shameful undertaking while your endeavors have been pursued with Duty and Honor. Thanks for the correct indication on Marty and well done on your delivery to the Indie public too!

    L, Scott

  403. Respectfully,

    I heard (and saw) the Church of Scientology go bankrupt (morally, ethically, and in every other way) as soon as DM arrived with some power. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Was it their fault?

    Top producer? You are working to belittle two guys who together put about 60 years of hard labor full time to make Scientology a reality on this Earth. As volunteers, not an executive payroll C.E.O.’s.

    You drove a 65,000.00 car? That is your claim to fame? As much as that is a product and a gain I just think you are going to get more applause for that on another kind forum. Such as a car owners group like “the corvette club” or a group like that.

    Not to diminish your win at your car, but I would like to know the real value at that success. Did you own that car you drove or did the bank? I mean, did you pay cash out the door or did your finance or lease. Many people think they own things (like homes and cars) when in reality the bank owns it. That is kind of like illusion on ownership and havingness.
    Can you be more specific about this car you drove?

  404. Thank you Scott. Regarding getting the materials in safe hands where they’ll be used; whew!. After reading Jackson’s post above, there really would have been in a bonfire. It’s pretty weird when you “imagine” how evil someone is and then find out it’s true. God only knows what that little dwarf is doing that none of us have found out about……….yet.

    note to dwarf: Did I just miss a withhold on you? Good!!

  405. That is huge.

  406. From NPD symptoms:

    7.Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

  407. I guess Marty isn’t the only one busted this week?

  408. T — Anti-aging light? Sadly, this so matches other things that have happened that I don’t doubt it is true. Maybe the manufacturer of the “anti-aging” light could come up with an “anti-vanity” light. That is one that POB should invest in!!

  409. Love this idea!

  410. Or an “anti-psychotic” light. Or a “grow” light. Or an “anti-arrogance” light.
    And then of course, there’s always good old Prozac as well.

  411. An anti-aging light. Oh my. Is this going to be part of Dave Tech ™ now?

    So we’ve got Copper Rod ™.
    Espresso Enema ™.
    Pope on a Box (an applebox) ™.
    Three Swing F/N ™.
    Dave Confessionals/Wrongly Assigned Charge on FPRD ™.
    Dave Not NOTs ™, a.k.a. the ever popular Cancellation of Blow by Inspection as Complete Reverse Scientology being a Substitute Tech ™. Whew! That’s quite a mouthful!
    Golden Age of Not Tech ™.

    There’s more, invented daily. But anti-aging…wha’s up wi’dat Dave? You’re kidding, right? Does it cover shrinkage accompanying that age defiance? Do you get butt-cheek implants? Do they co-ordinate with the Espresso Enema thingy?

    So many questions.

  412. Valkov, Jim Moore from Austin , Texas will be arrested for false reporting then will be thrown under the bus by those prodding him on.

  413. I think Ferris left, since Marty blocked his post, see above.
    Anyway, I am glad he is gone from here.

  414. Jim:

    I understand there is a another new breakthrough soon to be announced: The Golden Age of Goldenrod (GAG).

    POB has *personally* devoted thousands of hours of his inestimably precious time to this, the most extensive Source revivification ™ project ever undertaken. Every single overt that has ever been committed against POB was carefully studied by him in order to *evolve* the GAG, straightening out the numerous omissions, alterations and, there is no other way of saying, the just plain idiocies that had been perpetrated by SPs starting in the 1950′s.

    As a preview of some of the highlights of GAG:

    * ALL new list of HIGH CRIMES — including, but not limited to: Reading the Internet, Thinking bad thoughts about COB, Failing to give your last penny to the IAS AND MANY MORE!

    * Clarification of the reasons for disconnection — including but not limited to: Having undesirable friends on Facebook, Not attending IAS briefings, Reading a newspaper, YES, A COMPLETE LIST!

    * A new, beautifully bound volume categorizing and listing every overt EVER committed by ANYONE against COB. With full glossary and illustrations, this is an invaluable (and mandatory) addition to your *LRH* Library — an item every single Scientologist must have for themselves and one for each member of their household and any pets, as well as one for each library, school and college within 100 miles. Nobody can afford to be without this handbook to ensure you know EXACTLY what to do or not do (until the updated volume is printed in 3 months). No more wondering whether you are going to run afoul of COB. The guesswork is GONE!


    Coming to an empty org near you REALLY soon.

  415. You can sound the alarm
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  416. If the local prosecutor seeks to go forward with this charge a motion should be filed under Brady v. Maryland for exculpatory information. I’m sure Marty can make up a list of information the COS and Mr. Lebow has in it’s and their posession which would tend to show that he was innocent of any crime.

    The church will refuse to provide such information in full to the prosecutor who may have second thoughts about this case, when he cannot comply with the relevant motions that are filed by the defense.

  417. Puffy and Bloodshot.

    Don’t forget to photoshop those eyeballs, Dave. Remember, the eyes are the windows of the soul – and I caught a glimpse of you one time. way down inside there. Back against the wall, frantically pushing cycles away from you and hoping that they would resolve themselves from the group’s momentum.

    But that isn’t the way, Dave. Find out where you are.

  418. Cleverest place to hide: inside one of those big, underutilized Ideal Orgs. Sounds like there are entire floors that never get used, and as a result, nobody probably ever looks in there. He could live on an upper floor of the East Buttercup, North Dakota Ideal Org for *years* and nobody would notice. Big screen TV watching Oprah reruns (especially of TC jumping over the couch), subsisting on late-night Chinese food deliveries. Hiding in plain sight can work for years until people get wise. It worked (for a while, at least) for Bin Laden in Pakistan.

  419. Don’t forget pieface if you should meet him.

  420. Excellent Job transporter!

    That is the kind of opportunistic initiative that is always needed and wanted in this ever-changing battleground. VWD!

  421. (warning – long and a bit buddhist-ish, so skip if it irritates you)

    Dear Marty: While I am sorry that you are going through this – I believe there is a REALLY positive side you may not have thought of.

    We are in this for the long haul, you and I — both on different paths but with the same objection — helping sentient beings be free from suffering, ignorance etc.

    As a buddhist, I’ve learned a slightly different take on “pulling it in” — I’ve learned that every action I’ve done in the past, unkind action to merely a harmful word, thought doesn’t disappear but goes somewhere. Let’s call it the big warehouse in the sky 🙂 — it stays there until the RIGHT conditions enable that negative seed to bear fruit.

    (the positive actions are in a neighboring warehouse 🙂

    NOW — we all know that bad people don’t get their comeuppance right away or even for what seems like a really really long time.

    On the same token — WE who have decided to CHANGE our ways, to STOP doing the harmful thing we might have been involved with — don’t get our reward all at once either.

    In fact, sometimes we get arrested for a few hours, or get hounded for months on end or — as was my case, lose everything I owned, had a breakdown etc.

    What I’ve learned is — that warehouse in the sky, where my “bad deeds” are from lifetimes and lifetimes sometimes catches on fire. And many of my negative bad seeds are burned up. Not all but we all have an opportunity to work on it this lifetime.

    We have an opportunity to BURN OUR KARMIC seeds, this life with the decision to stop acting harmfully. We don’t necessarily have EVERYTHING go our way, with this decision BUT with persistence and staying on a positive path — it will.

    So — consider your little visit to the local hoosegaw the burning of karmic seeds.

    We can’t hope to escape some of the consequences of our past actions, but we can and certainly are mitigating them every day.

    Apparently even the buddha experienced the negative effect of his bad deeds but because he had accumulated SO much positive merit in his life as the buddha, the negative effects were never devastating.

    So — pardon me while I mix my practices a bit 🙂 — my crystal ball says things are actually going to get MUCH better for you in the very near future.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not going to get hotter, but very soon for you (and Mosey) much better.

    PS — obviously auditing does a great deal to burn up past karma but this little story is to perhaps get those ickky detractors from going on and on about how this is a deserved action (jail) from past misdeeds.

    I see this jail thing as a gift from dm — albeit unintended 🙂

  422. Are they even aware the building is on fire? Sometimes I think some are so blissfully ignorant that even with the flames licking at their feet, instead of trying to put it out or fleeing to safety they’d probably just call the IAS and make a donation.

  423. yo’ FK,

    In 5 years your ride is going to be worth half, should you decide to hock it.
    Right now your soul, hocked to a Cult or Leblow or Ableson, is not worth 2 Centavos and it will be less in 5 years.

    Welcome to this blog – where the truth is revealed!

  424. LMAO!
    All staff and SO to get your sleep now as there are stiff daily quotas for GAG!

  425. Dono sent. Love to you both.

  426. “1) Depose everyone in the chain starting form the officer that arrested Marty. Collect the names from each depo and depo those people. Eventually, you’ll get to depose DM. This is expensive, but it works. Each depo is a minimum of $2K and can be $4-5K with travel. Help Marty raise funding for this effort.
    That’s the way Moxon tried to get me. He subpeona’s over 25 people/corporations. It’s standard tech. Use it.”

    Interesting idea. If it worked for them, why would it not work for Marty?

  427. This, is on top of the fact that he is a compulsive voyeur disqualifies him from his position and his trusts.

  428. BR is “Bayerischer Rundfunk” (“Bavarian Broadcast”)
    GDF doesn’t exist to my knowledge, but maybe you mean “ZDF” which is the second public broadcaster in Germany. Both TV stations have produced reports about the Scientology-Organisation in the past, often under the aegis of certain dedicated journalists.

  429. There is no innuendo or rumor. Cherese launched an unprovoked attack on Laura Anne and myself and tried to link it to having been audited by Marty. Seeing as you want to bring the Facebook fiasco to the blog and forward your own new accusations on myself, Steve Hall, Laura Anne and Chrisite (all of whom defended our position on Facebook) then I’ll bite despite the fact that this discussion does not belong here.
    A person who by their activities proves to be deliberately slurring other Indies publicly and then cries BOO HOO when they are called out on it and recruits other Indies to back them causing in-fighting IS a troll by definition.

  430. Oh, he has a mind alright, like Hitler, Stalin and Jim Jones.

  431. I was out of town and saw the post of Marty’s arrest on my mobile. Could not bring myself to watch the video until now. Marty and Mosey each did a brilliant job of keeping TRs in and handling the scene. Still, I will admit, it breaks my heart just a little to see anyone subjected to abuse of the justice system. There is a special place in hell for DM and I so hope he is experiencing it already.
    Marty and Mosey, my love to both of you. I know you will turn this to good.

  432. Wow! What with the fancy car and all that bragging I’m guessing your penis must be huuuge!! 😉

    No doubt you are paid handsomely. And having lots of cash can be great to share and enjoy with your loved ones, as well as helping others less able. But no amount of money will ever change the fact that the purpose of your actions is the suppression of truth, of free speech and the right to be. That’s all.

    Snazzy car = $65,000
    Clear conscience = priceless

    Have a heart, man. Is this who you are?

    If you were on your deathbed tomorrow, how many people would be there to see you off?

  433. DM probably revelled in the news, but the time for his purp-walk is coming up and it will be covered by more than one camera….. like ABC, NBC and CBS.

    This sort of thing continues to create enemies in all sorts of camps while his supporters depart in droves. Tick-Tock

  434. You’re defending someone who publicly accused Larua Anne of being a 1.1 for no reason whatsoever. Only a troll would do that. Sorry I think you’re totally out of line for forwarding and supporting this crap.

  435. The Golden Age of Goldenrod…OF COURSE!!


    Makes perfect sense, get in GAG, then GAT. Never GAT without GAG first. then GAK. GAG, GAT, GAK. It’s ‘the tech’. Man, COB is fargin’ brilliant. Such insight, such nuance and subtlety. The guy is a dang genius motherfu@!er.

    I love COB.

  436. Incidentally (since we’re all so excited about playing amateur detective here) The whole incident started when Cherise accused me of calling her a troll and Laura Anne of making 1.1 comments to her. When we both confronted her she was unable to produce any evidence to back her accusation. And so. Here we all are. Arguing over an accusation that Cherise made and has yet to produce evidence of. Where is Cherise? Reporting back that she has infiltrated Marty’s blog no doubt.
    Well done people!!!!!

  437. Thanks Pat, the North and South have a lot in common. It’s these traditions/cultures that have been destroyed by CofM. These young people who haven’t been guided by their elders are just going to go about treating loss of life like some clinical statisical fact with no emotion. I can say more about how one of the children acted on the day of the mother’s death that astonished me to no end but I won’t/can’t at this time. I literally felt like an Alien there and complained up a storm about how we didn’t do this back home… and lo and behold you all do that in the South too, it’s just this f__ed up CofM.

  438. Dono sent for the week, Marty and Mosey.

    There’s obviously going to be some legal costs associated with this. Everyone who feels they have something to gain from the outcome of this fight, please take a look at your finances and send what you can to Marty and Mosey.

    Shades of friggin’ IAS, I know, but I think we can all differentiate between that suppressive hammering, and a true survival purpose and goal, we wouldn’t be here on Marty’s blog otherwise (OSA subterranean toll bridge dwellers notwithstanding).

    Do what you can.

  439. David Lingenfelter

    That old phrase comes to mind when thinking of DM “He can’t tell the truth to save his soul.”

    Lies and orders others to lie to get footage that he’ll lie about.

  440. Jim, I’d wager POB’s BOTOX regimen has had consequences.

    You know, the mouth droop thingy.

  441. Oh boy!! I hope you offered the person on the other line a place to stay if they decide to leave dmology.

    Guaranteed you won’t be a 2nd phone call!!


  442. MR FERRIS KHAN I DEMAND A VISIT OR A E-MAIL mailmartens@home.nl

  443. Joe

    Ahh,. I remember the the comm ev I was the “chairman” of. I was so proud of the team we had. We were well on our way to finding out what was really going on. You know, we were finding the outpoints, pulling strings, looking for the real “why”, and then we made the unforgivable mistake of implicating the LRH Comm’s husband (the KOT). BAM, shut down, tapes and all notes confiscated, all assigned enemy for failure to do our job. As far as I know, that com ev was never re-convened. So I pretty much knew I was on to something.

    But, as you say, it was convened to cover an exec’s ass, and the expected outcome was pretty much fed to us, but I was just “too stupid” to do as I was told.

    Eric S

  444. M, it is definitely true. And it is an infrared light which tightens the skin and helps the fine lines/wrinkle to lessen. The on TC has, costs thousands of dollars because it is large and it is similar to the Tanning bed.

  445. I love primates Jim. Isn’t that COB stuff an acronym for:

    Chimp or Baboon?

  446. Another comment…

    I personally think that the policies on the “justice” bodies need to be revisited. I feel that the person being investigated should have the right to an “advocat” of his own choosing. I think that there should be a “justice specialist” present(though not a “member” just to make sure things are being done correctly, since sometimes no one on a comm ev has ever been on one before, and often none are “ethics or justice” trained.

    Since the “members” often have little or no understanding of how to actually go about finding a correct “why”, and are often chosen for their bias in the matter being investigated, they are usually quite willing to conclude what they are told by the “Convening Authority” (as stated in the “bill of particulars”.

    Couple this with the fact that they are being done on the “member’s” own time, and you have a recipe for pretty shoddy “justice”.

    Yes, I have a thing or to say about “justice” within the “church”.

    Damn…. Just one more thought…

    What really pisses me off no end, is that with the understanding of the philosophy of Scientology and the tools and technology available, Scientology “Justice” has the potential of being the sanest available anywhere. Breaks my heart to see it misused.

    Eric S

  447. Note to Dwarf:

    Real gifts are sent with love.

  448. So true!

  449. Acrimony tells the tale…………..

  450. Pat

    It is a way that tyrants use to “change history”. Destroy any incriminating or unwanted evidence and replace it with an “approved” version. After one generation has passed, there is no one with first hand data on what had happened. (This is why such regimes phoo-phah the evidence that a person has lived past lifetimes, and rail against anything, such as Dianetics or Scientology auditing, that might help a being to discover the truth,)

    DM Appears to be no exception.

    Eric S

  451. T,
    POB can just put it right by his tanning bed in the Upper Villas, it will fit right in!
    $5K for the face model: http://www.lightstim.com/led-light-therapy-professional-lights.html

  452. Transporter,

    Outstanding job! Thank you!

  453. I was unaware of the indie scene until last year when a friend still in gave me a call out of the blue (I walked away 5 years previously when I wrote a letter of disconnection to the church- got my goldenrod!) and let me know of, among other things, the number of clears and OTs from Denver who had died in the time I had been gone. I don’t recall the exact number and the names at this point, but it did include 2 OT EDs (Mike McDonald and Bob Bahren- probably mis-spelled) who died on post over a 6 month period.

  454. Yep. Another applicable reference. Thank PJ.

  455. Jackson~You paint the picture loud-n-clear and have me LMAO!

  456. +1 LMAO The memories!

  457. Pat~Wow! Hope we meet one day!
    Sounds like you and Carol sure did get your certainty from the certainty course, like Carol said! Yay!

  458. Jim


    OMG…. What the hell is that, that I just coughed up? Standard drek?

    (dreck, drek: (vulgar) worthless material, especially merchandise; literally: “crap” or “shit” (Yiddish ‫דרעק ‬ drek cf. German Dreck) (OED, MW)

    Eric S

  459. Congrats Midge! 😀

  460. Damn Mosey! You’re awesome! I mean, not only are you Clear but you’re an auditor who audits and you’re a force to reckon with AND you’re beautiful – and you’re married to Marty.
    David Miscavige is JEALOUS! hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

  461. Madone – the crumbling continues.

    It is obvious that DM’s target is to try to drive you insane – that will not happen, of course, but that appears to be his real goal, come hell or high water. I can see the machinations of DM and his minions working this:


    I think that is it. I really do. Mr. David Miscavige does not believe that Scientology works, or else he would know that people can run out problems and engrams and, well, basically their case. So, he is thinking that he can key in someone to non-existent case.

    Now we have this: A made-up incident. You were arrested for a non-existent crime. This is Miscavige going crazy… no, actually manifesting in full view his craziness. It must really piss him off to see that you are still standing, along with your many, many friends.

    The Int base needs to stock up on Depends – Mr. David Miscavige will be needing them very soon, if not already. Pretty soon he’ll be CHPOHB – “Crapping his pants on Hollywood Boulevard” – drizzling and drooling, like the other DBs that hang out there.

    And then, he will just disappear into a black mass:

  462. Windhorse

    Yes, an interesting analogy. Interesting look at a “buddhist-ish” “take” on Karma.

    Here is one for you…Perhaps quite different… or is it really”

    First off, I consider that the “stuff” of this universe is simply “stuff”, the matter, simply matter, the energy, simply energy, the space simply space, and time, simply time.
    Of course… “way simple.”
    But now you enter a being into the mix. How that “stuff” is viewed by the being dictates his “use” of it. If he sees it as a “barrier” he will consider that it can stop or hinder his survival, and to some degree allows the “stuff” to control him. If he sees it as a “tool” he considers how it can be a benefit to his survival, and uses it toward that end.

    Same “stuff”, Entirely different result.

    I consider the “Big Game”, is somehow getting to the point where one has such a choice of viewpoints (on, or “as”, every Dynamic). He wouldn’t necessarily choose to “make it all go right”, but he would have the ability to make that choice.
    I consider that the universe that one finds oneself in is a reflection of one’s ability to exercise that “choice” and the “choices” one makes.

    I guess I see “Karma” as the embodiment of the existing state of one’s “cause” on one’s dynamics. The things that you have done “right” will continue to bring you a better life, the things that you have failed to handle properly will continue to detract from your Dynamics until you handle them appropriately.

    I find it very cool actually, because everything we did, or did not do, reflects upon our Dynamics, and we get to keep making adjustments until we get it all working just the way we want it. (This is one reason why I consider it a huge crime against a being if one were simply to “make the undesirable portions of his track disappear (without his involvement).” You would be doing him a major disservice because he would no longer have those experiences from which he would be able to learn to confront and handle the “unwanted effects” of his “cause”, and thus “move on up a little higher”.

    Just some Scientologolically laced, philosophical-ish meanderings.

    Eric S

  463. David, All that is here is what you at one time or another tossed in the trash basket, So, you do not belong here. We do. In one form or another the group pushed us, trashed us, wasted us, we are all waste. Being that, let go. We are wasted and moved it is YOU reaching back for some control into a NEW universe being created by all that you wished to waste. Figure yourself out dude. Think of what you HAVE and focus on that and leave those you WASTED to ourselves. What we do now is none of your fucking business.

  464. You have become the old guard, unwittingly. The stars eat your body.

  465. Whatever you give me, I seem to need so much more.

  466. Climbing a 9′ High Board Fence.
    The revelation of who you are and what you can say will add an earthquake or tornado.
    With great anticipation ~~
    see your Email as well……

  467. Thank you!!The world has so many factions but there are two great ‘types’ Good people and Bad people.
    I am so glad Marty allows me to mix on this blog with the former!!!!

  468. OT: just noticed that Alec Baldwin got the “Marty treatment” – his jab at Fox’s boss Rupert Murdoch was edited out.


  469. As an outsider peering in, I studied world religions at university and so have a fascination of all religions, would it not now be the time for all the high level people that have left to compile reports of the things that the Church undertook while they were there, even if they were involved with many of the dirty tricks used, I am sure a no prosecution deal could be arranged.

    This would have the double effect of highlighting all the Church abuses and allowing the people that were Fair Gamed to at least let their friends and neighbours know that there was no wrong doing on their part other than speak out agains the Church of Scientology.

  470. Marty – It never ceases to amaze me how vicious RS has become . Not a shred of remorse to use law enforcement so fraudulently. What a cancerous group.

  471. TroubleShooter

    WTH! I haven’t received it yet – I’ll get some help on this and get back to you. In the meantime – all is going well – some amusing events going down.

  472. TroubleShooter

    I heard of another one too Mike – Golden Age of Suppression dealt by that little fart…

  473. Cool. You know who to chase up! You guys have fun….

  474. TC has no other problems than pampering his skin ? *loool

  475. I agree.


  476. That’s the truth Jack.

  477. Don’t tease… Pray tell.

  478. Thanks OT Girl

  479. OTWE,
    Thank you.

  480. Thank you. The Badges of Honor are not for me to share. I’m sure when this amazing individual is ready to step up for the badge ceremony you’ll be one of the first to know.

    I won’t link the Declared People list as I have a problem with McCarthyism… er, I mean, Miscavigism.

  481. Grasshopper, you are absolutely right. Mr. Miscavige does not know that Scientology works. He cannot, it is much worse: He doesn’t even know what Scientology is all about. And truly, you will not even find him there, in a Condition of Treason. He lives in an implanted bubble of imagined enemies who he has to fight.
    To come out of that he will have to find out where he is in this game (and start to look at the facts and factual circumstances of it and so leave this bubble (Confusion). Only after that he can find out what Scientology is all about and then find out that he has taken on a role in that game (Treason) and so on, moving on up a little higher with each step.
    There is no other door that leads him out of this bubble.

  482. Hooray! I have just heard that 200 copies are being sent to us as we speak. And we didn’t even have to order them! They were just taken directly off our account. What a convenience!

    Whew! That’s one overt against DM we’ve avoided!

  483. I am so pleased to hear you were provided that excellent service. It seems to be the only service the church provides these days — they will debit your account for books and lectures without even bothering you and do it with a cheerful smile… How cool is that???

  484. Anyone still “in” that may be reading this; Don’t let this happen to YOU!


    You have the rights, don’t surrender them and empower Miscavige.

  485. Thanks Disenchantanted,

    I understand. I look forward to hearing more about the Denver scene as it unfolds.


  486. Hello there, simply turned into aware of your blog thru Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m going to be careful for brussels. I’ll appreciate should you proceed this in future. Lots of people can be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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