Forever Young

The real heroine of the events over the past days, weeks, months and years is a woman.  Mosey has been my rock of Gibraltar from the get go.  She’s been my auditor in life, my partner, providing incredible perspective and sanity in an universe seemingly gone mad.

Perhaps a bit of context will begin to communicate it.

First, on the heels of the Southern California insanity well documented in the last week of August on this blog, and after one hundred and thirty something days of siege, Mosey arranged with Carol and David Kramer for a brief respite for us in Arizona.  While the cult surveiled as per usual, David and Carol made a relatively peaceful day for us in Sedona possible.

On the way home the next day, we were assaulted first thing in the morning at the Phoenix airport. (note Carol, go get em girl).  Note, days after Mosey’s warning David Miscavige sent a team to Mosey’s father’s home.  One was wearing a surgeon’s mask indicating he was contagious – quite a sickening terroristic move given Mosey’s father is a recent heart transplant recipient.

After a full day of flying and connections, within ten minutes of arriving home, the SQBs arrived on the apron of our driveway.   Somehow the ranting about Germany seemed like background noise compared to Norman (Bates) James Moore (whose demented, anonymous year of stalking my wife is well documented on this blog) leering at Mosey through sunglasses.  As you can see in the following clip, I was a little off in my post of Friday night. It was not my request to stop leering at my wife that Norman chose to ignore, it was Mosey’s request.   While the footage is obscured since I was holding the camera while yanking Norman’s sunglasses, you might notice the footwork of Mosey in the scuffle.   She saved Norman from something far more serious than a mere scratch, and saved me from something far more serious than a mere four hours in jail; all without speaking a word.

LRH noted in the PDC that a thetan can be reached far more effectively through aethetics than through reason – aesthetics being such a fine wave far more in harmony with theta.  So, ’nuff said, one of our songs:

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  1. You and me, today, tomorrow and ALWAYS! 😉

  2. Mosey is the best. And the two of you together are unstoppable. 🙂 Love you guys.

  3. Marty and Mosey – you guys make a great team, stay tuff! But seriously why don’t you contact Homeland Security and insist they look at the harassment you guys are getting by a group of “terrorists” who have unauthorized access to computer flight information. You seem to have enough taped evidence that they would want to take a good look at the stalkers. Just a thought – – – -Doc.

  4. Creating the type of stress dm minions might have caused to a heart transplant recipient — borders on intention to murder. Which is far more serious than a scratched forehead. DUH!!

    They have long since stopped being human. They are now going into the realm of the demons. And it’s a really endlessly (almost) long time before a being can emerge.

    OSA, those lurking, and others —

    As Tory has said over and over —

    Bail while you can. OUT the nearest door. There are many of us who will help you.


  5. Obviously these guys are in a deep hypnotic trance, drinking the Cult of Miscavige Kool-aid every day, I suppose. Disgusting. Keep cool, M & M! This too shall pass!

  6. George M. White

    You are a gem. Thanks for saving Marty from deeper trouble.
    It is also a very well done when you handled the SB lady who went into grief as you won the day a few weeks ago.

    The Phoenix segement with the taunting is indicative of massive ill-will from David Miscavige.

    I am currently formulating some new ideas that go beyond this blog to end the “seige in Texas” and get a real message to Mr. Miscavige. All of it involves a high ethical posture in order to highlight the defiled nature of Mr. Miscavige’s strategy and tactics.

    Much loving-kindness,

  7. That Norman Bates guy has some of the creepiest flows I’ve ever seen. Eeeewww.

  8. Unconditional love is a powerful and beautiful thing.

  9. Mosey is an amazing woman and together you are an amazing team. Ken and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary today. I know we are more effective in life because of the support we give one another. It makes me very happy that the two of you have each other. No doubt you are each 10x stronger because of that.

  10. I love Mosey.

    And apart from POB and his sycophants, I have never met a person in the world (those who work with her, her neighbors, those who have been to Casablanca and those who have met her anywhere else) who doesnt share that view. She is a special combination of beauty, serenity, toughness, humor, playfulness, joy and integrity that is oh so very rare.

    Marty, you and Mosey are a perfect team. Your relationship is something we try to emulate.

  11. Marty has been my hero since the first day that I found his blog and the SP Times articles. The courage that he continues to emulate reinforces his intention to see that Scientology the subject flourishes despite heavy attempts to subvert it.

    Knowing that Mosey has been there for him, to keep him grounded and focused on his purpose makes me feel more secure. I am so glad that he has been rewarded with such a theta being because his goals are theta and it is rightly so. Both are strong beings but together they are an unstoppable force! WOW…that is really cool!

    It is a win for him but it is also a win for all of us Independents.

  12. Mosey,
    Don’t know how to thank you for your calm, your affinity and the strength you lend to a friend. Heartfelt thanks.


  13. I’m glad you’ve got each other.

  14. Nothing much I could add to that!

  15. That was it?????? That resulted in your arrest for battery? My God, what is wrong with these people. Maybe Mosey should get the restraining order. She has never been a member of CofS and they have no valid reason to stalk her, or her father (this is just way beyond the pale). This would protect her at home and when Marty is out of town. Oooh, this just makes my blood boil.

    I’m starting to receive “friendly” phone calls from the local org “just to get some information from me” after years of my making it clear that I am no longer interested. I do have decades long friends in town who are active Scientologists (OTs) and I will always take their calls and chat with them when we meet on the street. I’ve told them that I am watching what is happening in Texas, but I get the response that they don’t know anything about it. I just keep gently prodding them to look into what is happening with their Church.

  16. martyrathbun09

    Happy Anniversary Yvonne and Ken!

  17. Hey Marty and Mosey, you are an AWESOME team and a hell of a lot of fun. We loved having you here in Arizona and hope you come back real soon! Mosey you got me hooked on cucumbers and tomatoes in the morning!!!!!!!
    Love Carol

  18. i’m so happy you guys were able to find eachother. i know exactly what it is like when you find the one that completes and grounds you. I have allways said that I’m a better man with a good woman. thanks for sharing the song! this is one of our songs.

    many years to you guys!

  19. Oh, I LOVE the video of Sedona. I’ve never been there, but always heard that it was a beautiful, calm and restorative place. You really captured it. I’m glad that you have somewhere to go to rest and rejuvenate.

  20. so sorry to hear the torment reached your father. stay strong & you go girl!

  21. Norman should consider himself lucky that he only got a scratch!

  22. Impartial English Girl

    Mrs. Rathbun is as strong and wise as she is lovely. An absolute gem.

    I would have been SOOOO tempted into doing something “impartial” when faced with the smug, goofy, stupid grins of the Blue T-Shirt brigade. What a bunch of tits.

    Right will prevail in the end. Keep smiling!

    IEG and Jazz-dog xx

  23. Dylan, beautiful, I love Rascal!!!!!

  24. Ah yes, Sedona…….after years of hearing about the other-worldly qualities of the place I visited there last year intent on proving it is just another place in AZ. I was quickly proven wrong. There is more theta there than in all the orgs and Flag combined, even on a rainy day.

    You know, with the latest victory against the cult unawareness network, if I was there with you Marty, I would say, “Now would be a good time to just deliver services in greater abundance and let the street creepers dance their dance until they get tired and crawl home to mama miscavige, complete with their failed mission and NO product whatsoever.”

    This is for you both, on a job well done, and respect well earned:

  25. Don’t forget the beautiful and restorative aspects of the Kramers !

  26. Miscavige is fighting a fight that is already over. The internet has sealed the fate of him and the criminal cult he runs. Radical Scientology will never again expand or be taken seriously be society. It will continue to get smaller and smaller, more frantic, desperate and insane. The actions of Miscavige and his flying monkeys only helps to speed the inevitable. It’s quite something to watch. It’s like a rabid dog in the middle quick sand.
    It’s some sad shit…..

  27. Having just come home from Casablanca, I can say without a doubt they have created the most THETA environment-I thank you Mosey & Marty!

    One of my (many) & biggest wins occured when I awoke very early one morning (4:30 am) knowing I was in the immediate vicinity of the most incredible people-my best friend, Carol Kramer who was sleeping in the next room & Marty & Mosey who were upstairs. The amount of theta I felt was palpable, enveloping, expanding & sooooo calming! I began line-charging with tears of joy-just to able to BE THERE!

    To say this was the most safe place to be audited is an understatement….then on top of that Mosey was cooking fabulous meals (including peach & nectarine cobbler, yum) and doting on us constantly and simply being who she is-one of the most
    gracious, beautiful woman I’ve had the pleasure to call my friend!!!

    I told my husband last night I aspire to have a relationship like M & M’s!

    I love & miss you all-Marty, Mosey & Carol!!!!

  28. Mosey is simply incredible and much more! Great you guys had a bit of R&R, in spite of the usual airport David Miscavige cult drill.

    Thanks for filling in the blanks – the pictures of Norman Jim Moore leering in front of Casablanca says a million words and conveys some very disgusting and repelling flows. He just needed an overcoat to complete his costume.

    It is incredible that the PoB, David Miscavige still continues to export his “hole” and Korean psy ops to AZ and South Texas, using illegal means of getting information, seemingly without impunity.

  29. Marty. I get it. I promise I get it.

    But, try harder.

    You are so far ahead in this race. It is impossible for the Kooks and Goofballs and David Mismanage to win.


    Unless, you decide to let them back into the race and take the lead.

    Understand: YOU sir, will determine if they win or not by your actions.

    You can not give them any ammo to use against you.

    They have already shown they can pay or find someone to circumvent the court system–when they have ZERO.

    Imagine what they will do if you actually GIVE them something to use.

    I caution you to use more caution.

    How does the song go by Hank Jr?

    Don’t give em a reason

    Well don’t give the kooks a reason.

    They tip toe the line of the law like no one before and they will lose.

    As long as you don’t let them back in the race.

    Keep stomping these Mother Fathers like a narc in a Biker Bar.

    Keep the lead.

    Keep pushin, Keep Pushin. On

    Its almost over, according to an article I read. The Feds are licking their lips and ready to pounce.

    You’re 100 points ahead at the 2 minute warning, don’t let em back in the game.

    Cheers beers and its ok to be queer.

    Bed Man OKC

  30. Go Team Carol! You tell ’em!

    In the video you can see how you actually penetrate through the mass that Jim Lynch has to carry around and live with in order to remain a lost soul in that demented group. Would be rough to be him when you’re around.

  31. Mosey rock on Girl! The song that comes to mind when I think of you is Stand by Your Man.

    I’ll stay outside your father’s hospital room if you ever need me to and I’ll arrange a group of Team Carol-like minded people to help too!

    Just say the word.

  32. Tony DePhillips

    I’m glad that you two have each other. You make beautiful music.

  33. When I first saw the two of you together I didn’t know much about Mosey.
    But I recall thinking to myself ‘boy she must be one hell of a woman to take on a being the size of Marty’
    Thanks for making me very right Mosey 😉
    xxx ♥♥♥

  34. Clearly the surgical mask was meant to restimulate Mosey’s father.
    Wonder who’s sick mind it was to use BLACK DIANETICS…
    Doesn’t it say something about what you do with people who use Black Dianetics in the PDC lectures…
    Ooops! Forgot! – it’s been removed!
    I guess the powers that be decided that LRH wasn’t allowed to talk about that.
    Censoring LRH’s comm lines. Using Black Dianetics to restimulate. Whatever next? (or should I ask whatever else has been done already)?

  35. This is slightly off topic, the Truth rundown reporters are getting an acknowledgment as #5 on Tony Ortega’s countdown list.

  36. As they say, “Many are called, few are chosen.” Beautiful Mosey is one of the few.

  37. The two of you are an unstoppable team, and you set a wonderful example for all of us.

    Mosey, thanks for taking such good care of Marty.

  38. Mosey has a way about her you just naturally like. I bet it was hard for the SB’s {sigh} to give her a hard time.

    She has a presence about her that is calming. I’m happy you guys have each other.

  39. Carol-You really showed those SBs !!!

  40. If not for you, babe, I couldn’t find the door
    Couldn’t even see the floor
    I’d be sad and blue if not for you.

    If not for you, baby, I’d lay awake all night
    Wait for the morning light
    To shine in through
    But it will not be new if not for you.

    If not for you, my sky would fall, rain would gather too
    Without your love I’d be nowhere at all
    I’d be lost if not for you
    And you know it’s true.

    If not for you, my sky would fall, rain would gather too
    Without your love I’d be nowhere at all
    Oh what would I do if not for you ?

    If not for you, winter would have no spring
    I couldn’t hear the robins sing
    I just wouldn’t have a clue
    Anyway it wouldn’t ring true if not for you
    If not for you, if not for you.

    – Bob Dylan

  41. Mosey-You are wonderful. Marty you are too. It’s like an episode of the Twighlight Zone when i watch these goofballs call you an SP and a squirrel and someone who hates LRH-then I talk to your PreOts and they exude so much theta and wins from your auditing-they can’t even contain themselves, they are soooooo happy!!!!! Stepping into another dimension.

  42. You know Marty, Mosey is one of the nicest gals I ever met. She is a gem.

    I just realized from this posting that these guys are dramatizing something. Even if DM orders them around places like showing up in Carol Kramers area, then Sedona, then at the airport, LA or SoCal and then at your home – wherever you go – these guys just cluster around you wherever you go. Maybe it is time to audit them on the appropriate process and maybe get them to blow.

    ML Tom

  43. one of those who see

    Love, loyalty, courage, wisdom, peace…..Mosey

  44. Well done you two. Best wishes…

  45. I’m with Doc. “Terrorists” is the correct label for these people who despite their “status” (wherever it is) on the Bridge, clearly do not have a clue what Scientology is all about.

    I’m not a lawyer but it is impossible to believe that by hacking into computer flight info, wasting public resources and time with frivolous charges, etc etc, they are not in violation of several laws both federal and state.

  46. I think you nailed it, Mat. Well said.

  47. Whoa Whoa Whoa?

    Surgical MaskS?

    You gotta be kidding?

    I gotta see this shit!

    Kooks and goofballs in Surgical masks!

    I mean it cut be any funnier and better than the Douche bags wearing Web Cams on the top of their craniums.

    Come on Obama, we demand that you RELEASE THE PICTURES!!!!

    Cheers form the OKC BED MAN

  48. Mosey, Sedona is one of my very favorite places on this earth. All the pictures don’t do it justice, you just have to be there. Thank you for being there for Marty. Much Love, Sargio

  49. I have to say there is something I just do not understand about this scene. I can’t think of a country in Europe where those assholes would not be put in order fairly quickly by the local police.
    If they turned up here then the police would ask for their work permits and other documents and send them on their way. Its such a different reality – when I walk down the street here and a police car drives by they smile and wave hello. If the psychos started spreading entheta about us in the local community then they would not be served in any local restaurant and would not be allowed into local shops.
    There must be something really strange going on that in the USA such psychotic harassment is permitted by those who claim to be law enforcement officers.
    I suspect that Marty is just giving them more and more rope until the atrocities have accumulated sufficiently to take DM into court by the minisclule goolies and nail his ass to a wall.

  50. +1 – Thank you much for the link to the St. Petersburg Times site.

  51. Theo Sismanides

    Mosey, thank you very much for what you have done for Scientology… Through love, aesthetics there comes a force which is unstoppable.. now if you combine that with true knowledge you are a very lucky woman but you must have been someone special to do all this now. Thanks so much for the love and strength you show to the world.

  52. A song with a little background story that is fitting. On his 70th birthday, Ray was to perform at Olympia with his full orchestra and the Raylettes. A strike by the air traffic controllers in Lisbon halted all air traffic. Ray managed to get on the last outgoing flight with his drummer, guitarist and bass player…the others would leave on a later flight. As the concert time neared and he still had no band members Ray made it go right and performed without them. Including this beautiful rendition of Leon’s song.

  53. Sort of brings home the idiocy of logic being superior to feelings. We are connected by feelings. Ideologies come along and intercede, becoming a substitute for those feelings. The idea becomes superior to what lies beneath the idea. Yet, we are driven by feelings to realize the idea. Still, it is the feelings that provide the link, provide the means by which values are really assigned and established.

    We watch husbands and wives torn apart in the RCS because those relationships have not value in that Borg mentality. Families ripped apart. The idea comes first. Not the relationship. Not what connects beings.

    You can climb up the tone scale to “serenity of beingness” and you’ll find a very fine wavelength, a very fine “feeling” that produces serenity. To me, love is the essence of that serenity.

    For me, there is no satisfaction in a viewpoint that lacks feeling. Only an emptiness.

    The same emptiness that justifies the most heinous acts by suppressives. Anything to fill the void. When there is no value except what we create, then anything we create has value. And any idea is as good as another. Any idea that wins the game is of most value.

    But, all values come from common principles. Observable principles. Such as caring for one another. Such as “loving” one another. Such as admiration and loyalty. Without these observable principles, our lives are demonstrably diminished.

    Mosey, I think you’re good people. And I thank you for being there for all of us. Chercher la femme? Perhaps. Despite all that Marty has done, I wonder if any of this would have come to pass without you. I remember tales of his being near death from all the confusion, doubt, turmoil, suppression. Then an angel came down, lifted him up, kissed him on the forehead and said, “Listen, you dumb shit (I don’t now the angel word for dumb shit), it’s not time for you to quit. You’ve got more work to do. And I need someone to hold my hand and take me dancing.”

    And the heavens opened up. And there was light.

    Oh goodness, I’m letting my imagination run away with me. Which probably would be an abduction that warrants mass applause.

    When all is said and done, I hope that your value is appreciated.


  54. That about sums it up.

  55. Mosey, you are truly awesome. I look forward to meeting you some day.

    Here is another “Forever Young,” by two of my favorite artists, which is applicable to you and Marty. May you always stay forever young.

  56. Michael, that was awesome.

  57. It looks like Mosey placed herself physically between Marty and Jim Moore.

    Nicely done Mosey. Very astute.

  58. Tony DePhillips

    I meant Mosey and Marty…..LOL.

  59. Mosey, I bet you never imagined when you met Marty that all this was in your future. Casablanca, World travel, thousands of new friends, religious movements, drama, excitment and an opportunity for growth on so many levels.
    You followed Marty onto the stage and you have taken a leading role in this play as naturally as if you were born and destined to assume it. So I guess you were.
    And one day you will look back on these challenging days and see that they were defining moments in your life, just as our involvement with the subject of scientology was in ours.
    Wishing you and Marty a lifetime of adventure, accomplishment, and fullfillment. Your well on your way. The trick is to stay centered and keep it balanced. Good luck and Best wishes, John

  60. Sam,
    You’re right about the masks. This is the sickest thing these guys have done yet. I really can’t even believe it. It’s this type of behavior that prompts people to use the word Cult in relation to Scientology. With friends like these LRH didn’t need enemies.

  61. Dylan seems to fit, no? I like George Harrison’s rendition of this.

  62. Very nice. Two of my favorite artists too.

  63. top of the vale

    Sorry to be so blunt but those guys are such assholes and it’s a shame that Mosey has to deal with assholes!

  64. Mosey you are awesome and I have no doubt you bring out Marty’s awesomeness too.

    I believe you two go waaaaay back…. 🙂

    Here’s a different take on Shelter from the Storm which Dylan played in Japan in 1978. The video is a throwaway.

  65. Happy 37th anniversary!

  66. Agreed. 100%.

  67. LOL for me too. Good one Tom.

  68. Marty & Mosey, you two sure make a sweet team. I can’t tell you how much I want to come to Casablanca for some good auditing (o.k., and also for some peach and nectarine cobbler–my personal fave.) I’m workin’ on it.

  69. one of those who see

    Thanks so much Midge for describing the environment there for those of us who have not made the trip…yet. Sounds wonderful. Sounds like Scientology.
    Well done and congrats for continuing up the bridge and availing yourself of the tech- Ron’s brand.

    Marty, Mosey and Casablanca – An island of friendliness, decency and succour.
    “…You are creating an island of friendliness, decency, and succour in the sea of a violent world. You do it by using policy and tech that it took half a century to find and develop. Sometimes it’s tough going. Well, it’s a tough world. But that is what makes our orgs so valuable. And that is why above all else we must create these org islands.

    “Some time in the future the islands will become the sea. And it will happen because you took this advice, these PLs and this tech and used them purely as they were intended: to succour man from the gathering darkness and decay if this earth’s civilization…”

    L. Ron Hubbard
    Ron’s Journal 28
    24 November 1976

    And the Independent Scientology Islands are spreading and will become the sea.

  70. +1

  71. Mike Rinder,

    I can’t agree more. Mosey and Marty.. a perfect team. Proud to know you both… you are both real historical figures…

    We’ll certainly read about you guys in our next lifetime in the context of saving Scientology from the Radical Church of Scientology (RCS).

    But I am proud to just know you both in this lifetime. All the power to you!!

  72. Yaaaaaaay! We are Mosey fans too! Bring it on in James!

  73. That was so theta my eyes watered.

  74. Marty & Mosey –

    Thanks to both of you for all you are doing. Wishing you continued success in you admirable courage and fortitude.

  75. Marty and Mosey – an incomparable team. There is no doubt in my mind that you two will continue to expand and flourish and prosper beyond your wildest dreams. This is a natural outcome for people of good will and you two have it in spades.

  76. Marty and Mosey,

    Thanks for everything you’re doing to put an end to all of this lunacy, both in IOB and the rest of the universe. As for Lynch and Lurch, one or both would have tasted a knuckle sandwich were they to have been in my vicinity.

    Also, I love the way Chiquita gave POB’s Red Tag Brigade a piece of her mind. Smart dog.

  77. Mosey, there is just something about you…I can try to describe it, but whatever it is, “everyone” who is not somehow flattened by DM just loves you to pieces. I for one will never forget the compassionate anger in your voice when you confronted that sad woman sb with the truth of her situation.

    And yeah, you go girlfriend!

  78. Carol, that is great you spoke up like this the way that you did. I could tell by his indicators that your really impinged on the fact that he is a loser for standing there harassing someone the way that he is and never achieving any real EP. Isn’t it sometimes amazing what some “good people from the church do” such as go to recently hospitalized people’s homes as well in dust masks to prevent contamination. Not only is this one a loser, but so are they. Well done Carol.

  79. Sue, a friendly IRL reality check. The CO$ has no right to ever stalk or harass anyone: not current members, not former members, and not never-members. There is not, nor has there ever been any moral, philosophical or religious justification for such behavior.

    I hope that you can find the courage to speak from your heart to continue to persuade those you know to inform themselves, and also to communicate that like I said above, there is simply, not ever, any justification for such tactics or behavior–which does not and cannot “save” a damn thing.

  80. That guy is seriosly creepy. They all are.
    And you know what? He aint just there to do “amends” or because the Church has him by the balls in some way. He seems to take pleasure in acting suppressive. I can see it in his eyes (even with the sunglasses) and in his creepy grin. Any organization that cared anything about it’s PR would not have these degraded beings on parade like this.
    Are these people a product of the Church? I think so.

  81. one of those who see

    The Grateful Dead and Neil Young. Grasshopper, we are definitely friends. Maybe we have met already.

  82. Carol, you pack some verbal punch! Notice how he just shut up after you told him to stop harrassing, it impinged and hit straight to the heart where he thought oh yea, I am doing that. They are like paparazzi scum but worse and getting paid for it by parishioner money that should be going to better causes.

  83. Mosey, you are an incredible being. You have created a fantastic relationship with Marty. The combination of you both is the anvil that will shatter the hammers of insanity. I thank you both for what you have done, are doing and will continue to do. I know that neither or you, your friends, or your family deserve the insane actions being done to you. The world is waking up to this suppression and it will end.

    I don’t have the words for how I feel so I will end here for now. I feel anger toward those that wish you harm. Yet, I feel nothing but admiration for the poise and grace under fire that the two of you have. You really raise the bar on setting a standard. Thanks.

  84. Unbelievable! Like as if church members need a college degree to figure out that standing in front of people’s houses and screaming at them from under umbrellas in rain gear at 2:00 p.m on a sunny day is the “norm” for OT III or above. Crazy! Bizarre! Someone should write a book about the Squirrel Busters and call it “Wierd Fiction – Strange but True”.

  85. Dear Marty and Mosey,
    You are forever young. All the best to both of you.

    Here’s Dylan “Forever Young” with lyrics on screen.

  86. Mark,

    This one is for you and Mosy:

  87. Very possibly! Funny how I got into the Dead – there was a guy at Flag when I was on staff who was completely into the Dead, and mostly loved the “spacey” stuff between songs on the Europe ’72 album. I think his name was Maynard. At the time I did not get it – I thought it was weird as hell. Then, after I left staff, I worked at the beach in Santa Monica. There was a guy there who was a typical Dead-head and wanted like mad to get to Cairo to see the Dead play the pyramids – this was Summer, 1978. He had all these boot-leg cassettes that he would put on in the shop and play, totally getting into it. The tape quality was junk, and you could hear the stoners louder than the music, so I missed it yet again. Finally, mid-Level A of the BC, I took some time off and took a road trip with a friend all over the US (the MAA was not amused). We had four cassettes to listen to: Neil Young, The Cars, Waylon and Willie, and the Dead’s Europe ’72. That was the sound track for the trip, and I finally got the Dead. But I first heard it at Flag in 1977.

  88. ” Mosey has been my rock of Gibraltar from the get go. She’s been my auditor in life, my partner, providing incredible perspective and sanity in an universe seemingly gone mad.”

    It was Mosey’s letter to DM & CoM , about removal of ‘Clear’ status, that first bought a tear to my eye on this Blog.
    Quite frankly my trust of anyone who had spent years in the Org w2as very low, when i read that i knew Marty must be a good man to have the trust and loyalty of clearly a such very good woman (Mosey)

    I hope smoother waters are ahead for you both

  89. To send a squad of people to Mosey’s father, no matter how many people donned masks and claimed contagion, is low down, dirty business right there. The extent that Miscavige will go to to manifest his desperate, psychotic villainy needs to be made public each and every time it happens. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the harassment you two and your families have had to suffer through is perpetrated through the Church of Scientology. It’s disgusting.

    Mosey and Marty, you always sound so happy and look so happy when you are together in all of the videos. I am happy you found happiness in each other and love.

  90. What I want to know is How do they find you, are they tapping your phone, do they have CIA surveillance equipment to listen to you in your house? Jesus, surely there’s a way for you to duct these turds sometimes, right? Or sue them for invasion of privacy and harassment!

  91. Those guys helped a guy like me, tune back in to whats going in with the Co$.

    So, I would be those guys HAVE had a lot to do with punching the current administration in the package.

    I think they should be higher, depending on who else is coming up.

  92. 😀 <—- (great big grin smiley)

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