Tim Swanson Delivers Straight Talk

Gotta keep your eye on the comments on this blog. Sometimes some pretty wicked wit and wisdom appears.  When I saw what follows lined up in the “comments” queue, I asked the author whether I could publish it as its own post. Though he was hesitant to stand on the dais, for reasons he makes clear within the post, he agreed to my request.  I just think these words are too direct and true not to be highlighted and discussed in their own right.  Tim has been a great supporter of the truth being revealed. I want to thank him for everything he has done for us over the past two years.  This cat walks the walk and though he doesn’t ask for it he has earned our admiration.

Tim Swanson and his better half Karen

Hi Marty, I started writing and this is what I got. It’s kinda long and if you want to edit it down feel free to do so.

I thought I would take DM words and put some practical understanding to them from my perspective. Some of this is a bit bitter, sorry, I am working on that. Some is simply pragmatic and blunt. The two can get confused.

Somewhere along the line his words hit me on a personal level. By personal I mean all of my dynamics, especially the 7th and 8th and I kept writing. His words and his actions are an offense to my dynamics. As I have unceremoniously stated previously I am not one to push declarations and I didn’t intend this to be one and didn’t write it with that in mind. I have been De-PTSed for some time and never felt the need to do it. That’s my personal view and not intended to step on anyone’s toes or act as some indication. If my views and statements here assist anyone else in making up their minds or provide clarifications then it will have been worthwhile.

Typically with one of these things people give loads of acknowledgements and praise to the person for the statements. Understandable, but unnecessary. I never intended to make a public statement but found I enjoyed reading them from others. The viewpoints, the data, all add something to ones understanding of the existing real scene and if I can add something of value to that I will be gratified.

Response to the post: Drop Kick Me

“If you ever dreamed of playing on a global court for the highest stakes imaginable, then your dreams have now come true, because this is that game, and you’re now on the field. “

The field is shrinking and the game is rigged, DM style. The game is IAS expansion, not the accomplishment of the goals laid out by LRH.

“Accordingly, you must be competent”

Ok, this makes me laugh. Does DM consider John Allender or the other Squirrel Busters as an example of this competence?

“and you must be committed,”

Well, committed is certainly where DM is headed.

“both as individual Scientologist and as members of the IAS collectively,”

There’s the IAS plug for the Non LRH membership organization whose funds serve DM’s personal interests and create large and sometimes beautiful empty buildings. You too can go there and receive NO standard auditing or auditor training. You can do Basic Courses that get you neither of the above and feel really good about yourself for having read a book. (heavy sarcasm, sorry)

“because that’s the only way we’ll eventually kick one through the goal posts and straight into eternity.”

Ok, I’m stumped for a rationalization of this statement. Just how does an IAS membership and Status and reading basic books in empty buildings get one to eternity exactly? Doesn’t there have to be auditing and training in there somewhere? Or is DM telling us we can buy our way into heaven?

The auditing and training is occurring in the Independent field but appears
statistically lacking in Missions, Orgs, ASHO’s, AO’s, Flag and the Ship. All one has to do is go look. Not watch a slick video or read some promo but simply get your butt in gear and go look at your local Mission or Org. According to the promo and the video expansion is straight up and vertical and has been for years. Ok, so where are the people? Where are the auditors being made in droves? Where are the happy P/C’s? If this is all happening then where are the New Public in? What is the PRPS stat? What are the WDAHs? How many classed auditors were made worldwide last week? Where in the world is there a Class 8 course happening at all? How many Class 8’s were made last month, last year, the last 5 years? Straight up and vertical is an Oops! The graph is turned on the wrong axis. Turn it 90 degrees and there’s the graph.

So road to eternity DM style is followed thusly; after your bank account is drained, your retirement accounts drained, your business raped of working funds, your home re-mortgaged beyond your ability to pay and subsequently foreclosed upon, your credit cards blitzed and maxed out, when you are in total financial ruin but have the benefit of having read some basic books and listened to DM’s inspirational words, why then you have reached into eternity.

Probably true, but it’s a nasty eternity with a bad ending.

“Beyond all that, there may be speculation, and playing of other games, but right now we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud.”

Let’s add this up, unpopular in Germany, Sweden, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, certainly Israel, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Switzerland, need I go on. Just where is Earth going to be proud of what you, David, are doing? Maybe on the Int Base Gold where you live in a $70 million dollar mansion constructed to your exact specifications from IAS donations and have meals specially prepared for your delicate constitution from the finest ingredients. This while rank and file S.O. members live on $45 a week when their stats are up. I can see why you would be proud.

December is the anniversary of my SP Declare.
I was accused of posting something unflattering to the Church in December last year, which I did not post and was declared for it, or so I am told. I still am looking for my copy BTW. To be sure, I had posted things unflattering about DM, just not the one they said was mine.

So this is a celebratory Posting. Please make no mistakes this time. This is certainly my post.

My name is Tim Swanson and I am no longer and haven’t been for several years, a Corporate Scientologists. I am an Independent Scientologists.

Sparing the reader all the details surrounding my decision to leave the money grubbing off policy, out tech, out ethics organization, suffice to say it has all been covered here on this blog and others.

The only reason I stayed in that money grubbing squirrel organization was because I believed it was the only game in town.

And they certainly have been hard at work to make parishioners believe that, even if incompetently so.

You, DM, have failed miserably. You have failed LRH. But then I am
convinced that that is you plan. You have made people, good people, believe
that their salvation is dependent on you and your continued leadership, if you can call the train wreak you’ve steered leadership, You have convinced them that the only place they can get straight standard Scientology is in Church Organizations.

I believed it too, for far too long. So you fooled me, well done. I am fooled no more. You are an empty promise and an empty suit. A failed Class 4 that substitutes assault for model session. How sad when the opportunity for eternity was within your grasp.

Since leaving your corrupt regime, I have completed 3 L’s, fabulous rundowns BTW when delivered correctly, did some auditor training to LRH checksheets and am now auditing on NOTs, another fabulous Rundown, when done outside of the suppressive constraints placed on the materials and on those auditing them.

So I actually, in a macabre way, owe you some thanks. Had your aberrant influences on policy, tech and staff not occurred I wouldn’t have left and would have never enjoyed the tremendous benefits available in going up the Bridge. You see, I was effectively stalled but unwilling to leave. The costs of my next services, the real costs, the hidden costs, not the off policy overpriced published costs, were beyond my means and I had resigned myself to no more bridge. I am loathe to give you this win but there it is. And then, almost miraculously, there was an auditor I knew practicing in the Independent Field, delivering the L’s. Well I have to tell you it took all of several seconds for me to get on the phone to him and set an appointment. (My comm lag is much less now.) The money I had set up to use for OT-5 was now going into the Independent Field and I was getting my L’s.

It was a good trade. Sure, I got declared a year later and lost some friends and some family won’t talk to me. They’ll come around sooner or later. They are not stupid. Most already know you are a faker, but like me, they believe that their eternity is dependent on staying in your good graces and that there is no Scientology outside of the official CoS and of course the fear of disconnection. A good control mechanism by the way. Once they understand the absurdity of this they will leave as I did. They will get better service, more ARC, it will cost less, it won’t be altered, they won’t be regged, they won’t have to mortgage their homes or put themselves into financial ruin, they won’t have to go to regging events with bad food. In the Independent field, the people are uptone and genuinely fun and nice. It’s like it used to be, FUN.

I had the opportunity to see many failed Flag cases while doing my L’s. I saw botches grades, botched Sec checks, botched NOTs, botched L’s all out of Flag.

I even ran across a fella that was told to leave because he wouldn’t attest to an L’s completion when he didn’t feel he had the EP. Certainly don’t fix him, just show him the door and your boot.

I notice I didn’t read about those in Scientology News. BTW he was straightened out by an independent and he was all smiles after that. All of the above were straightened out by independents and all that I know were ecstatic with the results. Standard Tech at work.

So my eternity is in my hands, not yours or your corrupt organizations. I need no 6 months checks or teenage MAA’s telling me what to think and do or else. I simply audit, following the procedures established by LRH. No 3 swings here. An F/N is an F/N. By all accounts I am doing fine, better than fine. FTA’s are the norm.

I am working on my eternity and happy to be doing it in the Independent Field.


Tim Swanson AKA Ann Howe

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  1. Tim — Thankyou! And welcome to the growing chorus of voices raised in protest of the abuses of the RCS and in celebration of the wonderful world of freedom to practice true Scientology.

  2. Now that’s a win.

    What a great way to start my day…..knowing another thetan is walking the path of self determinism to greater awareness.

    I celebrate your freedom and your wisdom. Your description of the pint sized parvenu pontiff was perfect.

  3. Great straight talk – “The game is IAS expansion, not the accomplishment of the goals laid out by LRH”. Maxed out credit and total financial ruin so the IAS can expand. “Global Salvage Crusade” – give me a break. It’s like a virus with no other purpose than to replicate, whatever the personal cost.

  4. Tim,
    That was a wonderful statement of the facts in the entire matter. I have greatly enjoyed your input into this journey of stripping away the lies, the other intentions and the alterations of the true purpose and game of using the LRH tech that we find to be true to better our lives and those around us. You are an example of the use of the tech and the end result of being able to create your own eternity – versus living an eternity created and driven by another. Thanks.

  5. Tim —

    You stated: “The viewpoints, the data, all add something to ones understanding of the existing real scene and if I can add something of value to that I will be gratified.” Your post indeed added something of value to understanding the existing scene. Thank you!

    I love the fact you have continued on your auditing and training “outside of the suppressive constraints placed on the materials and on those auditing them.”

    I always thought Ann Howe was a real person. Nice to meet you Tim!

  6. Tim,

    Welcome to you and your beautiful wife!!

    That is a very thorough and enlightening write up. I am positive it will be very helpful to anyone reading it. Thanks so much!!

    You’re right about the numbers making it up the bridge.
    I finished OT8 in Sept 2005. My husband finished in June 2006. I was number 565 and he was around 668. That’s about 100 in nine months or around 133 a year. If we are really generous, maybe 150 a year. And even if we assume that all 150 are real products, that’s not to good. Didn’t LRH emphasize that getting people through the OT levels was the answer? You would think the ship would be cranking out OTs at an alarming rate. Instead, it is so hard to qualify or afford “going free” these days. IMO, the numbers alone should be an indicator that “clearing the planet” or “saving mankind” isn’t happening.

    In addition, and no offense to anyone but, another factor is OT 8’s are mostly in their 50’s and 60’s. I just saw a mag with about 15 OT 8’s and they all looked older. Some I knew were older. By the time OT 9 and 10 come out (if they exist) most of these guys will be too old and arthritic or dead! Again, no offense. Really, the math should tell a story.

  7. Also wanted to mention that if there are really 2,000,000 Scientologists worldwide, a number I have heard. Then if 150 of them a year make OT8 that’s .000075%. This doesn’t sound like good stats to me either!

  8. Brightfametexan

    Well couched Tim!
    “Scientology” and “fun” are two words that have been apart for far too long. They’re coming back together again!

  9. Tim, that was AWESOME!!! very spot on! thanks and welcome.

  10. Wow Tim, so nice to meet you.
    I especially love the point you make about acking DM for “showing” you the way out. I feel that way too, because like everyone who knows LRH tech is the real deal for our forever journey, being stuck in DM’s so-called church, you’d NEVER make it any further on that path. In fact, being stuck in that confusion he runs puts you further back with more case to handle. You pointed out the many ways he achieves that too.
    So, congrats on getting your Ls and getting case gain and getting OUT of DM’s trap! 😀

  11. “The only reason I stayed in that money grubbing squirrel organization was because I believed it was the only game in town.”

    Marty, there’s the title of an article you need to write: “CoS – NOT the only game in town.”

    Well done, Tim! You rock. Keep up the good work!

  12. I think they only started numbering the OT8s after they were “New” New OT8. Remember that period of time when nobody was allowed on OT8 because DuMbass deemed that every OT7 completion had to go back and redo OT7, even the then OT8 completions? There were no OT7 or 8 completions for quite some time. Then suddenly, in what seemed like years, there were a few OT7 re-do completions and they started letting people on OT8 again and I think that is when they started to number them. All the prior OT8s were not included in the numbers. So if you factor that in the low number of current OT8s, it’s even worse because many of the “prior” OT8s were smart enough to never go back. Many included in the numbers are re-dos.

  13. Nice to meet you too Rachael. We meet at Shaw many years past and I was gratified to know you too had survived DM’s regime.

  14. Just a magnificent post: tears DM a new one and gives his personal wins from Standard Tech at the same time. Thanks for that, Tim! If the RCS lurkers cannot see that, then there truly is no hope for them. (But of course they can. Will they act on it, is the question.)

  15. Gosh and damn, a SPECTACULAR commentary on the state of CoS tarnation. The lion roars! Tim — thank you for this!!!

  16. Felicitas Foster

    Hi Tim,
    thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I like the way you look at the full situation – even though you were a little bit sarcastic. 🙂
    Congratulations to all your wins – awesome.

  17. ME,

    Good point.

  18. Tony DePhillips

    Nice Tim!!
    Dripping in sarcasm just the way I like it. LOL!!
    That was a great write-up. You look familiar to me. From whence do ye come?

  19. Floating Needle

    Very well said Tim. I understand you not wanting to sound bitter, as I have been wrestling with this as well. But, when I started receiving auditing again in the Independent field, it helped to get rid of that bad taste that COS had put there.

    I believe this bad taste mistakenly causes people to abandon the subject altogether because not only do they have the losses from belonging to RCS, but, if you have been declared as well you probably had a campaign run against your friends as well to disconnect from you from local friendly OSA terminals.

    And BTW, abandoning the subject is what OSA wants from you. From the number of people who have left the church, there is a large percentage who want nothing more to do with the subject because of these losses (both inside the church and the loss of friendship once you’re declared).

    I myself, was lucky enough to get some great auditing in the Independent field BEFORE I was declared and I find that most people who do this, stay interested in the subject of Scientology.

    However, when I was declared, I almost abandoned the subject all together because of the crap from friends and family as well as the campaign orchestrated by OSA.

    I realized that my leaving the subject of Scientology is what OSA wants. That is there Final Product. They do not want you to ever discuss the subject, study, or audit with Scientology again.

    And while there is a process we go through realizing how badly we had been duped by POB, we must realize that there is a tech that works here, otherwise we would not have stayed in for so long.

    So as bad as RCS is, I found the wins from applying LRH in the Independent field much more therapeutic than attacking OSA (although I still can’t resist in some cases… but I’m getting some FPRD now so maybe I’ll get that handled — Also, this doesn’t include times when OSA should be attacked back from defense).

    Or another way you could say this:

    “Flourish & Prosper”
    That is what really drives them (OSA and the midget) mad! [smile… told you I might still have some evil purps!]

    So my wish for you is to flourish and prosper in everything you do, and thank you for sharing your story!

  20. martyrathbun09

    Nice post.

  21. Tim, thank you so much for allowing Marty to make this a post — very interesting and thought provoking. There were so many things you said that were so true, like the current basic courses being neither auditing or training, but basically having the end product be a “book that was read”. The public doesn’t need beautiful buildings in which to read a book; they could do that at home. They need to have auditing to increase their awareness and ability, and training to learn how to do this for others. The way the Bridge is lined up now, it prevents this from occurring. The runway is so long with the number of books that have to be read first! And how can the orgs survive with the main activity being the reading of books in expensive to maintain facilities?

    Thank you so much for speaking out, and letting us know who you are and what you are doing. The wins of your Independent auditing are an inspiration and will lead many others to the wins and gains that you have had.

    Much love,
    Catherine von Ach

  22. George M. White

    Congratulations! You are independent!

    “So my eternity is in my hands, not yours or your corrupt organizations.”

    Eternal truth!


  23. Hello Tim,
    Lovely to meet you and welcome to you both!
    I’ll miss Anne though, I’ve really enjoyed her posts 😉

  24. Thanks FN for this ak and a particularly insightful post. I was never one to doubt the tech but I can see your point in how the RCS would prefer that those that leave abandon the subject entirely. I for one, could never get my wits wrapped around anyone having done OT 3 walking away from the subject or any grades auditing for that matter. When done per LRH and not RCS style, the Grades pcs I see in the independent Filed are grinning so hard after sessions you can’t help but come up tone just being in the same room. Thanks again.

  25. “I was gratified to know you too had survived DM’s regime”.
    Wow. I never looked at it that way before. Here are the survivors. The toughest, most hard headed beings are all here.
    Real good company 🙂

  26. Wow, Floating Needle, you made MY needle float! What a correct indication of what OSA would want one to do, after leaving the Church. It is true, they want you quiet, not using the tech, not discussing what happened to you, etc., etc. They just want you to pack your bags and quietly go away, never to be heard from again!

    I attacked DM, Monique Yingling, Tommy Davis, and OSA over the disconnection of my son from me. I was angry and threatened all the above with lawsuits and “bad” media. I hired a world class lawyer, and started making inroads into media. I organized a group: Moms Against Disconnection. i was loud and very vocal, and sent relentless e-mails to these terminals. I started investigating things that had occurred that were potentially illegal and could be used in a court of law. Never in my life had I ever threatened anyone with a lawsuit before. I can now happily say that my son and I are no longer disconnected, and he is coming home for Christmas. I have already purchased the plane ticket, and he has originated he is excited about it!

    When all of this was going on, things got kind of heavy. I was called a psychotic bitch, but I didn’t care. No one was getting between me and my son without a fight! There were times when I thought, “well, maybe I really am being psychotic and have evil purposes”. This is why I love your comment: “Also, this doesn’t include times when OSA SHOULD BE ATTACKED back from defense”. You have handled any misgivings about what I did. Psychotic or not, I got my product! Also, I am convinced that I saved my son’s life from the wrong indications that he was getting. He was having psychotic breaks, and ended up near death in a hospital, after one of them. So for me, it was a life or death situation, and being called a few names didn’t bother me. At the time I didn’t care if I was dramatizing evil purposes, or not. I was willing to be 100 per cent evil, if that is what it took to handle the situation!

    Thank you for helping me to sort all of this out. I am not sorry for what I did, and hopefully it was not motivated by evil purposes. i don’t think it was. But in the event any of that was there, I will finish the incomplete FPRD (False Purpose Rundown) that I left in the middle of, by the Church, in the Independent Field.

    Much love,
    Catherine von Ach

  27. The last line should have read: “But in the event any of that was there, I will finish the incomplete FPRD (False Purpose Rundown) that I was left in the middle of, by the Church, in the Independent field.”

    Background: I was put on the FPRD in the middle of NOTS, an action that was later acknowledged as having been a wrong action, as i was doing very well on NOTS. This was during a time when almost everybody who went to Flag was put on FPRD. I suspect this was one of those wholesale David Miscavige Executive Case Supervision instances, where others are given an action due to his suspicious nature, motivated by his own overts and withholds.

    I am so glad to be in the Independent Field, where one is case supervised for oneself, and not for somebody else’s (DM) paranoia!

  28. Ah….I love the smell of the clean whole truth.

    Thank you Tim & CONGRATULATIONS!

  29. Every day DM’s little pond dries up a little more as the smell of low tide lingers in the air …….

  30. Tim, I know you mentioned in your write-up that it is not your intention to be acknowledged for your opinions and declaration. However, after reading your article I cannot by ACKNOWLEDGE you a thousand times! Well done and welcome in the suppression-free “field”…

  31. Fantastic. Happy Anniversary!

  32. I am so glad to hear that you and your son are together again.
    Fighting for the survival and welfare of your son, your family, and other families, is NOT an evil purpose. Trying to prevent you from doing so is…
    Don’t let the “Church” introvert you into thinking otherwise. That is the game they play.

  33. Wow. Just…wow. 🙂

  34. Awesome! I’m truly happy for you! Let’s hope more people hurry up and come out.

  35. Thank you so much for your post Tim. Your thoughts are definitely enlightening and add to increase understanding for all of us.
    I like the way you thank DM, in that macabre way, as you put it…I have thought too of all that I have learned from his practical demonstration of the SP references and tone scale tech. Having supplied the mass for this knowledge, it has made it even more real to me, strengthening my own observations and integrity as a being. I know that is the opposite of what he is trying to do…but…there ya go.
    I have enjoyed your posts as Ann as well.

  36. Michael Fairman

    You wrapped everything that needs to be said in a wonderful gift of truth.
    Thank you
    Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful Karen.

  37. Absolutely true. OSA wants you to go home, sit in a dark corner and never do Scientology again. That is their real goal, I know it from personal experience. Allthought it didn’t work 😀

  38. Superb, Tim! Glad you made it out of there.
    Yes, I too, thought CO$ was the only game in town.
    Thank you Marty, Mike, Steve and all the other pioneers for doing it LRH’s way – “What’s true for you.”
    I bet the ‘ol man is chuckling to himself, thinking, ‘Yup, it was worth it.’

  39. Thanks Tim!

    Did you ever do any time in Seattle?

  40. I just love a good middle finger pointed straight up and vertical at DM. Warms a new day, thanks Tim.
    A great example of Independant = at cause.

  41. Wow. Thanks for this gutsy, honest and down-to-earth letter.
    I am working on doing the same. As soon as I possibly can. Thank you LRH for ethics conditions, so as to climb out of the disastrous financial ruin DM so lovingly “helped us” reach.

  42. Hi Amy, Thanks you for writing your book. Between you and Mark Headly I was fully briefed on what was up internally and those two books really filled in the blanks for me. Combined with my many personal experiences and observations over the past several decades, your and Marks information allowed me to see the issues were not isolated but systemic. My profound thanks to you and Mark for having the courage and integrity to write your stories.

    BTW last year I bought a case of your book and mailed them anonymously to friends. LOL a little sneaky but affective. One person simply saw the title and shuddered, placed your book on the mantle where it called to them regularly until they gathered the courage to open it and start reading.

    Really fabulous information and so well laid out and told. I can’t thank you enough. You certainly were a part of the catalyst in making my decision to leave.

  43. I forgot to add in the tremendous influence Marty’s decision to talk to the St. Petersburgs Times and those articles also had. So also a hearty round of thanks to our moderator Marty.

  44. Thank you Michael. I would be greatly gratified to hear that you are happily Soloing or en-route to.

    You add a gentlemans touch to this community IMHO.

  45. The costs of my next services, the real costs, the hidden costs, not the off policy overpriced published costs, were beyond my means and I had resigned myself to no more bridge.

    Hi Tim.

    Same here.

    Lose my Eternity by going into the Freezone?

    What Eternity? I didn’t have the $$$ to ever afford it anyways, so what’s the difference?

    Well, at least in the Freezone I get some of it. Better than nothing.

  46. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Now THAT was inspirational!!

  47. Thanks for the excellent write up, Tim. Sarcasm is entirely appropriate.

    I truly wonder if the number of people auditing Solo NOTS in the independent field has exceeded the number in dave’s cult yet. There certainly are a lot. Of course, since we also “complete” the level we may never reach the same number as those “on the level.” (sarcasm intended)

  48. “So my eternity is in my hands”… Well said, Tim!

  49. Li'll bit of stuff

    Tim, (Ann Howe )

    AND HOW !! Indeed !! Whatever it took,valence shifts,
    introspective “off-policy” “out ethics” (WHOSE ?) shifts
    from “Idle Morgue Completion Deadlines” “War Chest
    Fund Drives” to THE –I A S– ( ‘ I Am Scientology ‘ )
    and the whole, stinking, rotten, mind bending,brain
    washing CULT of MISCAVOLOGY ( Baaaaaarrrfff!!)

    TIM! You’ve said GOODBYE to THAT INSANITY!!

    Welcome BACK to BEINGNESS, THETA & FUN !

    Much luv to YOU & Karen Li’ll bit

  50. Thanks Tim,
    I acknowledge your Code of Honor is fully IN!

  51. Mat, you continue to be on a roll with the image of decay on the beach as the tide goes out. Your last few posts have been really striking in the vivid images that you toss out in just a sentence or two. Bravo!

  52. Thanks for this Tim. It makes this season festive for me, knowing that others are availing themselves of LRH Tech, and not some shoddy substitute. And a big thanks to all of the Indy auditors, keeping it real….way too many to name here, but you guys really are the MVB’s.

  53. Hi Bryan, No time in Seattle but I’ve been around the big missions and Orgs in the SoCal area. Big in the past that is. Morgues today.

  54. Very well stated, love it. We all had the same tohughts of loosing our eternity and in the meanwhile not being able to go up the bridge because of the high prices of auditing. Ops… this is the definition of a Problem 🙂

  55. Hi Formost, I don’t know from where you hail but the entire published Bridge is available in the independent field. Many of those that post here and elsewhere ARE delivering it. I am an example of one who got it. There are many more. The stats in the independent field by just a handful people and groups trumps the Pac Base regularly, excluding of course Basic Books Courses on the Bridge to financial ruin in the current CoS.

    Connect up with one. Good luck.

  56. Ok Mat I’ve read your little quip 3 or 4 times now and each time I erupt into uncontrolled laughter. What a picture eer smell. LOL

  57. Great straight talk from Tim & Ann, thanks very much!

    Exposing the DM eternity con is the crux of the matter and I agree is the key to open the flood gates for those enslaved to transition to real freedom. Hope fully more of the “silent majority” would take your lead.

    Have some champagne celebrate your anniversary and to cleanse the palate of the Kool Aid taste when you don’t have to be sessionable!

  58. Doing what you did for your son doesn’t sound like evil purposes but if so, please, please, keep them. I think it’s great you got him back and out of the implant station.

  59. ANN = anntagonistic towards the king of squirrels
    HO = honest and direct
    WE = well said and stated


  60. +1 Great comments, Tim. Glad to hear of your progress on the Bridge after leaving the Corporate church! Congratulations. 🙂

  61. Tim, everything you said is so spot on. I know that you didn’t intend this to be a declaration per se, but this communication you wrote and your willingness to put a face on a name was really helpful to me.

    In fact, it gave me a lift out of the funk that I’ve been in. Having spent 30 years in the Bay area and being intimately connected to the heaviest koolaid drinkers and enablers such as the Feshbachs and the Feeneys it is hard for me to comprehend the depth of their blindness to the out tech. Even when personal tragedy slaps them in the face

    This series of posts on the recent IAS event so clearly marks out the church’s fraud in using deceptive expansion news to garner support from its parishoners. Yes, many of us have been fooled for far longer than we wish to admit but there is no excuse for continuing support of a man who flagrantly invalidates LRH. Of course, many of the specifics of LRH nullification were not learned until I looked on the internet but even the heaviest koolaid drinker must notice that LRH has been relegated to a minor mention amidst the overwhelming pontification of DM in published material and at events. Supporting DM is a betrayal to LRH’s legacy.

    I am so grateful for the circumstances which led to my leaving the church and for those that led to me looking for the truth, for finding like minded, intelligent people who recognize the gift of the tech and who are willing to defend its rightful use and purity. Your posts as Anne Howe have always been intelligent and insightful. This one today, has been the best! Big welcome and hug to you and Karen.

  62. Erwn, thank you for this. LOL. Yes, you’re right, If it was an evil purpose, then it’s one I should keep! and thank you for the indication of getting him out of the implant station. That is so true, I am having cognitions on that one. He had gone into a valence that was unbelievably hard to experience, I guess it was that DM/RTC cold, cruel, cold as ‘chrome steel” valence. Now he is getting back to being the wonderful, affectionate, loving, kind person that I brought into this world. It was truly an “implanted personality” that is gradually coming off. Wow! Thanks, I needed that! This is making it a bigger win than before!

  63. I don’t think it’s evil to want your son to be happy and doing well in life. The Church’s obsession with evil purposes, confessions, and making others guilty of overts is just a dramatization of some other practice. Personally, my Grade 2 was flattened long ago and I’m doing fine.

  64. Thank you Bela, for pointing out that fighting for survival on the second dynamic is not an evil purpose. Very wise words, indeed. The day that I realized that I was BEGGING THE CONTINENTAL JUSTICE CHIEF for PERMISSION to talk to my son in order to help him after he got in trouble, was the day I realized that I could no longer be part of that group. That was my real Independence Day, when I made that decision. I was begging for permission to be pro-survival on the second dynamic and I was being ignored/rejected/turned down! That is when I knew that enough was enough. It took a while for it to be a public decision, but it was the turning point for me.

    The Disconnection ripped our entire family apart. Now it is being put back together, one brick at a time, and WE ARE ALL HAPPIER! May all others out there still suffering from this terrible practice, find their way to handling it. THIS IS MY HOLIDAY WISH FOR THE INDEPENDENT FIELD, and please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help. cvonach@gmail.com

  65. So glad it didn’t work on you! No dark corners for us! Yes, I did sit in that dark corner for years, but finally came out into the sunshine, and finally said all the things that I wanted to say, loudly and publicly. I thank Marty for giving me the this blog and all the wonderful people on it, who supported me when i was gathering up the courage to speak out! It is a whole different life now and a whole new world! We should be thankful for our Independence and the opportunities to correct the wrongs of years past! FELIZ NAVIDAD!

  66. I fully agree with all you say. Personnaly, the best environnement for getting auditing is outside the church. It is so SAFE!!!! After six years outside the church (after leaving staff), I received “INT RUNDOWN ” and ….WOW! it was the best auditing of all my life. i am now back on the bridge (on my objectives) and this time it’s for good!!
    Have big fun!!!

  67. Tim -loved your writeup-Its out here where it is happening with Scientology. It is so wonderful that the Bridge is now doable and affordable and FUN!!!!!!

  68. wow Lady Minn…you are a heroine! I truly admire you for all that you have been thru and done. I am sure your son will see how incredible a being you are, if he has not already.
    Have a very HAPPY holiday. 🙂

  69. “Hi Marty, I started writing and this is what I got. It’s kinda long and if you want to edit it down feel free to do so.”

    It’s never too long. You are Okat Dude(meister)

  70. Happy Birthday Tim! Moving yourself out from that womb called “the mother church” is as natural as the sunrise. This is dissemination and how Scientology boomed at one time. People would get started and go home and start up groups in their livingroom or neighborhood. Independence and influence were encouraged and even promised in Scientology. Freedom and power and cause were the stated goals. Now, we are living it on our own terms one by one. It is not wrong. It is the natural flow of things. Welcome to the group of immortals.

  71. I have a different aproach from most Anons, I like you al to succeed.

    It’s a dutch thing, Everybody has a palce in sociëty

  72. Excellent write up Tim. Awesome on your progress since departing the perverted Miscavige circus show. Have a Merry Christmas and no doubt you will have a very good new year.

  73. Cool. For some reason you look familiar but I’ve pretty much stayed in Seattle as far as Scn goes, with one exception when I went to the ship on ’04.

    Well, thanks for telling it like it is, man. Your words here will help many.


  74. From December 14 1970 Orders Of The Day (OODS) Ship Apollo from L.R.H.:

    There’s a lot of guys out there doing a terrific job. Three cheers for them.

    Let’s back them up here to the limit! They need a lot of basic things like hats, checksheets, packs, a splendid USLO to help, better tapes, highly skilled executives, auditors auditors auditors and case supers.

    If we can get the auditors on any continent we can send the culture soaring. We MUST have working successful orgs out there.

    L.R.H. speaks of a culture soaring. Not a pride civilization. Things were booming in the 70’s. AUDITORS AUDITORS AUDITORS were the top priority.

    This was 41 years ago. Where are the working successful orgs? Notice L.R.H. wants to CONTRIBUTE To: “Let’s back them….they need ..” This is a reverse flow than “buy us a ship we will give you the next OT level” “buy us a building we will clear your neighborhood”. “Buy us a building we will put super power back on the bridge”.

    WHO is contributing and backing people up and pushing people up the bridge with a helping hand? We are. Especially the auditors and those training others and the ones taking on the massive task of moving this virus out of the passage ways of this subject.

    We are full time in holiday spirit. Still, Happy Holidays!

  75. Hello Tim,

    I am glad to see you are out from the Church of David Miscavige.
    Good luck to you.

  76. Ann,
    Here I had you mocked up with these great legs, a cute li’l hairdo, and one big blue eye, well two, but one way bigger than the other, giving you a kind of tilt that was interesting.

    Now I find out you’re a man!!!

    No wonder they declared you for not posting something, or whatever it is they do these days.

  77. Way to go Tim. I duplicated everything you wrote and even read it outloud to my wife who laughed in all the right places. Good job. I know we know each other from somewhere and one day we will work that out. Thanks for inspiring me to get back to the meter and auditing again. It is really fun to be moving on up a little higher all the time…the right way. HERE’S A SALUTE TO F R E E D O M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Michael Fairman

    Thank you Tim. I am happily soloing. After more than ten years, I am experiencing how much fun it is. Thanks to the Great Kingpin SP from Deep in the Heart. Fly up to a star of your choosing and I’ll meet you there.

  79. top of the vale

    I think we can begin to aptly refer to it as the CHURCH OF FRAUD.

  80. Funny Jim!!
    I also had Ann mocked up as a really smart and perceptive woman, validating my stable datum that women are smarter than men…and even tho I now find out that “she” is a “he”…I am still right! 🙂

  81. The thing to be now is an SP-Yah!!!!!

  82. Tim,

    Outstanding the way you summarized your views. I really enjoyed reading them.

  83. And I thought Ann Howe was matronly and had gray or white hair. I also thought Ann Howe was very wise. I was way off except for the wise.

  84. Hi Jim. LOL. So what make you think I don’t have great legs?

  85. T.O.
    Splendid! You are exposing a KEY element re how the flows have changed under the dwarf’s management. from a product oriented outflow it now is down to “we need, we need, we need!”

  86. This is a fabulous expose. Superb quality of each point made.
    I always knew *Ann Howe* was special, even though I was delinquent in timely response of Email ! 😳
    High Fives to Tim and Karen ~

  87. “Most people yearn for something exceptonal. something so inspiring that they would risk everything for that passion…” (A quote from the movie “Adaptation”)

    The goals of Scientology are just that—exceptional and inspirational. It is cruel that DM trades on that yearning. Really heartless…

  88. I have a question for anyone out there about eternity. We are spiritual beings. We are eternal. How can someone promise you something you already have and are?

  89. Then the Dutch must be wonderful. I rarely post, but want you to know that I appreciate your comments and miss you when you haven’t posted for awhile. Your openness and upstat attitude is to be commended. I just wanted to ack you. Besides, Iove cats.

  90. Lady Min:

    Thanks for being a fighter mother. You were absolutely right and probably saved your son’s life. My hat is off to you.

    Yeah, I was told that they were going to put me on FPRD in the midst of NOTS, too, and that was really the end of the trail for me although it took more time for me to come out (note that we are using the same terms of the gays). Did not buy it (in all ways). This is where your auditor training really saves you.

    Tim/Ann – am greatly cheered to hear of your great Bridge progress outside the current Church.


  91. Tim and Karen,
    Frank and honest–beautifully expressed!
    People making an annoucement such as yours are usually my favorite posts and this one is right up there.

  92. Ciao Tim,
    beautiful post.
    While I was reading it I realized that: until I was on CL IX internship in FSO doing squirrel for RTC order, I was not an SP;
    I blew from the Freewinds because….(on my indi. declaration) and I was not an SP; I stopped to audit for 7 years on OT VII for many squirrel reasons….AND I WAS NOT AN SP.

  93. Tell him I love to hear his story whenever he is ready to tell it here.

  94. We’re eternal and can’t change that but there’re many states of being in that eternity. It’ll either be good or bad, at cause or at effect, MEST or Theta. Many a being has sunk so low on the awareness scale that they’re not aware and thus don’t know they exist, let alone for eternity. They’ve lost all awareness and are solid total effect, unable to consider anything. The promise of eternity alludes to full awareness, able to go anywhere at any time, able to be, do and have anything at will, to play a game or leave it, to create a universe or travel any existing one.

  95. Tim has been a family friend for over 30 years. He has always been a stand up guy, in-comm and competent. So I was thrilled when he contacted me to audit him on the Ls, which we did, and he became the first person that I completed on all 3 Ls!

    I posted many of his spectacular success stories as ‘Ann Howe’ and actually got several inquiries about this ‘chick who was so OT’ and they were wondering if ‘she’ was married. I just said ‘she’ had a 2D.

    When Tim said he wanted to post as Ann Howe, I recognized the joke, that this was a variation of ‘And How’ which is a very apt expression of Tim’s enthusiastic personality.

    Since completing his Ls and embarking on his solo auditing, he has turned around and taken responsibility for two more people whose next action is solo auditing. He is getting them through their meter drills and ready to go onto their Solo Nots. He says he wants his friends to be on the same level so that he can have others on the level to share wins with.

    TRim is an all around good guy, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

  96. Thanks Trey. Words can not express the gratitude and respect I have for you as an auditor.

  97. Sister Catherine, that was NOT evil purposes at play! If somebody is secretly poisoning your kid and you fight back with everything you’ve got to stop it – ain’t nothing evil about that! Never fear to hurt another in a just cause, right?
    There is NO just cause for what was being done to your son and to you. NONE!
    I’m so freakin happy for you and for him!
    Merry Christmas!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  98. one of those who see

    Hi Tim, Hi Trey!!! This is such an inspirational post. So well done to both of you. I have been soooooooooooooooooooo stalled in the Church, so it is really great to hear about the completions and wins in the Independent field.
    I am under the radar -for now – because of family, but wanted you to know that we do know each other. You have my postulate regarding your family fulling confronting the truth and for the end of the evil forced disconnection.

  99. Exactly Greta. It has gone from, “Let’s back them up, they need…” To groups of Church beggars demanding hand outs in exchange for status symbols.

    It has gone from “Outflow, contribute to…, back them up…” to Knowledge Reports written on friends of L.R.H. for not satisfying the demands of the beggars.

    It has gone from L.R.H. certified auditors, to “Golden Age of Tech auditors” written and supervised by a class lV who cancelled all auditor’s certs and ordered them to retrain (a justice action) under HIS “Golden age”. From the golden age of L.R.H. FOUNDER to the golden age of David Miscavige paid CEO who is not there on the same terms as any other person, has been blown off the bridge for decades and has eight to ten weeks worth of auditor training under his belt as a class lV.

    It has gone from Scientologists around the world helping one another with valuable exchange to ONE MAN COB with TOTAL POWER (who is NOT a benevolent King) representing the interests of everyone:

    Sea Org
    Mission Holders
    Outer Org Staff
    Volunteer Ministers
    Org Public
    Mission public
    Fellow well meaning mankind.

    If he can not successfully represent and care for the interests of the Sea Org people, how do you think he is supposed to be able to protect and represent or understand or provide for the interests of all the others? Who are friends of L.R.H. and have an interest and investment in this situation?

    The Org Board was set up so everyone could be LOOKED AFTER, NOT policed and abused. The CARE FACTOR is obsolete in this century and that is the KEY. Only ONE viewpoint is represented, David Miscavige’s viewpoint. It is only us respecting and providing for all Scientologist’s viewpoints. The friend’s of L.R.H.. NOT the friends of David Miscavige. (I guess that would be the one and only Tom Cruise) The other’s around him are not really his friends, they are cowed associates.

    Whatever good we’ve got right now, we’ve bought it all to pass.
    David lost so long ago, within a looking glass.

  100. I remember reading Ann Howe L”s wins from Trey. Tim, your letter says it all. Your wit and humor is a 10+ I just read this post today 12.17.11.
    Welcome to this growing group of keyed out Independents.

  101. Congratulations! Nothing makes me happier than seeing Life liberated and awakened to create in its full splendor, fun and glory. How else are we going to create safe, civilizations and communities (er, …pods) 🙂
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way, to quote a human aphorism.

  102. Hey Tim,

    Sorry I missed your debut! I’ve been off line and just now saw it.

    Much love to you brother. I know you’re flyin!

  103. Such a turned around scene.

    It looks like Miscavige has given up trying to handle the freezone.

    Paul Adams, ex Sea Org who posts on Clambake, noticed 3-4 years ago that RTC stopped doing its policing activities, and that the freezone was not getting harassed like it used to.

    LRH would not want to let the whole Sea Org setup disintegrate, but he’d obviously do some dramatic changes were he here.

    Janet Reitman in one place or another mentioned Miscavige is not up to the task of dealing with what ought happen in official Scientology, as “good” as Miscavige has been at some of the things he’s helped push to success, the IRS “win” being the most significant.

    Miscavige is truly failing if Scientologists have to leave offiial Scientology to get repaired and revitalized about being Scientologists!

  104. Thank you Erwin for your answer. It is very much appreciated.

  105. I am not sure I agree that the IRS “win” was a win. Whether one believes SCN is a religion or a religious philosophy that is workable and which is run like a business, the consequence of the IRS “win” was to pave the way for DM to go power mad. His evil acts and deeds can hide behind the Church’s religious status.
    I personally think LRH thought of it as a business. The OEC is an Organization Executive Course. He did not call it a Church Executive Course. People normally say, “I’m going to the Org.” They don’t say “I’m going to the Church.”
    Imagine how liberating it would be to be able to go to the Better Business Bureau and complain if one were mistreated.
    Paying taxes on our “donations” which we all know are fees would be a small price to pay for the accountability and transparency that is now lacking.
    And here’s the twist. Did DM master mind the IRS “win” because he knew that was the way he could take total control of the organization and not have to answer to anyone. Devious, but possible.

  106. Tim- I’m a bit late with this: you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your story. You are so very, very spot on!

  107. Great job Trey!

  108. Great job Tim!

  109. Wise statement Chuck: “Miscavige is truly failing if Scientologists have to leave official Scientology to get repaired and revitalized about being Scientologists!”

  110. OoTWS; Who ever you are, feel free to contact me. No reason to stay stalled. Your journey can begin anew quietly as long as you don’t glow too much.

  111. As I recall your doin a bit of flyen yourself. VWD’s my man.

  112. Interview with Tim on the 4th of July 2010

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