Proof of Life – the Mclaughlins

For those unfamiliar with how the IAS was hijacked by Miscavige and converted into a crush regging machine that overshadowed all previous corporate Scientology regging abuses in a matter of a few short years, please see this discussion between Mike Rinder and me:

The Hijacking of the International Association of Scientologists

Since that very accurate report on the depowering and imprisoning of Janet (Light) and Colm Mclaughlin, I have learned that they are alive and well and outside of Miscavige’s physical prison system.  They are living relatively free in Southern California.   Proof of life:

Janet Light Mclaughlin

Colm Mclaughlin

It remains to be seen whether the Mclaughlins step up and do something to cleanse their consciences and somehow serve the process of freeing others similarly situated.

But, I reported on their imprisonment and so now report on their subsequent freedom from captivity.   I wish them healing, health and happiness.



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  1. Another 2 beings freed 🙂

    I wish them the best of luck.

    I had been lucky myself, because I got all my IAS donations returned back then. ( This was some 10 years plus ago ).

    • Lucky not everyone gets the IAS donations returned wish we could though.

    • I really hope you speak out. The IAS extorted 50,000 dollars from — but not the money — the lasting emotional pain I still deal with from being so taken advantage of by someone I trusted. If you need first hand account I will gladly meet you face to face to explain in details the horror of my IAS experience. I am in LA at the moment.

      I’m sure you have heard countless horror stories but if you would be willing to listen to mine maybe it would inspire you to speak.

      617 650 8223

      • Brian ~~
        There is a reason IAS can thumb their nose at refund requests while declaring people who’s money was extorted.
        The IAS’s home address is the ship !
        Not beholden to the laws of a Land.
        Miscavige has often hired the brightest minds to do his dirty work. The IAS is a labyrinth and maze of convoluted pathways with no one actually home get at for a refund.
        The IRS Closing Agreement required 3 companies to merge into Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization (CSFSSO). The surviving four companies are (1)FST-owned TransCorp Svcs , which owns (2) San Donate Properties SA, which in turn owns the Freewinds ship. (3) FST-owned MCL Services NA and (4) FST-owned CSFSSO complete this group.
        Now try appealing to that smokescreen for a refund.

        • That explains why he extorted 40,000 per pop for OT8, 9 and 10 packages and ran a can’t have on OT8 until the members bought him a ship. Flaky me then, I never asked to see the L.R.H. reference that said OT8 had to be delivered on a ship. Has anyone else seen that? Isn’t the Church obligated to deliver OT9 and 10 to all of those people that paid for it? I imagine by now with all of the Super Power paid for and OT8 and 9 packages paid for the Church has an invisible debt of undelivered services in the billions.

          • While on the subject of MONEYGRUBBING, the summer heat contunues with a full color presentation of the Narconon meltdown on Brian Ross’ Rock Center, NBC, this Thursday.

          • Actually, if I remember correctly, I’m sure there’s a LRD ED that references that the AOs will deliver OT8. No mention of a ship or any other device to deliver the upper OT levels except the org’s and location of the AOs world wide – that’s what was promised.
            Miscavige screwed all of us, over and over. He stole the potential of the 3rd Dynamic to be free (in the short term, hopefully).

            • From my copyright 1970 Scientology 0-8, page 134, “States Attained”:
              OPERATING THETAN
              OT Course Section VIII at Advanced Organizations when announced.

      • Brian,
        I am in Europe – far away.

        I do understand that your good intentions had been exploited by that IAS gang, and that this hurts. Have you ever considered to forgive yourself that you let yourself get fooled ?

        Although I don’t post under my real name here, I have spoken out and exposed more Co$ abuses than you would easily imagine – here in Europe, that is.

        Maybe Tony Ortega of village voice fame might be interested in your story ?

        • Han Solo, I could be wrong, but I think Brian intended his comment for Janet and Colm.

          • maybe, Bob – but if in doubt, I’d rather communicate.

            Rearding that, I certainly wouldn’t mind Janet & Colm to tell what needs to be told.

      • I am so sorry to hear these things. I never had much too give but I see how the upstats were targeted.

      • Just for the record, that was the exact same amount extorted from me by the IAS, $50,000. Plus another $28,000 for the “Ship package” (for OT8 and 9). None of that was refunded.

  2. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Thank you very much for this wonderful update on Janet and Colm. As former ship staff, I looked up to and greatly admired Janet not only as the leader of an IAS that seemingly no longer exists, but as a being in a general sense. She was tough, but very sane. She really cared about people — staff — and treated them with decency and mutual respect. I saw it time and time again. Janet is the only person I know of who called out Sharron, the Dictator’s installed “CO” at Prisonwinds, for what she is, a criminal. And that came straight from the mouth of Sharron, herself, to a large group of people while attempting to transfer her crimes to others.

    • How can you say something like that about Sharron, my ex-wife? Even though it is absolutely true.

      • Sharron was afraid of th edictator too. Sometimes she would come home upset and tell me that DM was going to send her to the RPF

        • Bill: She was right. He had a very low opinion of her (she was in good company). Funny how he would get people doing the most outrageous things — becoming blood-sucking vampires — and then speak derogatorily about them for doing so. Such manipulative games he plays. Put enormous pressure on people so they do things that know are wrong because “its command intention” and he rolls in the money that results, while at the same time being utterly disdainful about the “stat-pushing”, “money-motivated” incompetents he has to associate with (trying to make himself look to be above such low-life activities).

        • I did a tour with her to rescue disaffected public. She kept saying: “if she can’t salvage this or that guy, she’s going to be declared!” I thought at the time, that she was crazy, but she was probably telling the truth. Her handlings were crazy, though, with C/S ship Margreth Supak watching all this and not saying a word. (Probably scared of consequences herself.)
          For what it’s worth, Bill, she always spoke with affection for you.

          • Li'll bit of stuff

            Yes, and the shocking thing about much of what
            these beings did, and today’s similarly inculcated,
            is that most of them were/are driven by the fear of
            consequences, that necessary tool used by all
            ruthless dictators, since time immemorial

    • For what it’s worth Alex, I was chummy with Sharon when she first arrived for the Sea Org and up until the time she left for the Ship. She came in from San Fransisco and was a very successful entrepreneur before she came on staff. She had established a chain of nail salons in San Fransisco and was very very girly, beautiful, feminine , kind, caring, funny and sincere. She had amazing potential and was a very real person with very high ARC and noble goals. When she showed up in L.A. on a mission a few years later she was someone I had never met. I could not believe it was the same person I bff’ed with at Flag. She was angry, mean, untouchable and for all purposes in a state of hysteria. And that was just what I saw on her flow to others. She didn’t even say hello to me when I saw her in the lobby of the A.O.. And that was before she was C.O. Ship. Someone really did a number on that woman and all of the light and joy and interest was gone from her eyes. That was very sad. That is not the woman Sharon was when she first arrived. That woman is still in there and is someone very special. I never knew Janet Light but was friends with her juniors and they all loved her. I never heard anything negative about her the six years I was at the base. I never walked in the shoes of someone in Sea Org who managed other people as juniors, went on missions, got parked under Miscavige or the CMO so I don’t know what kind of person I might have become in that situation. I clung to the Earth and laid as low as possible and ended up with the public full time. The lower you go in that theater the more freedom one had. But I saw many people shape shift under their larger burdens into unhappy, overworked, stressed out, sleep deprived. hunted, confused people. When you are not yourself, you are not happy. You can really only be comfortable in your own skin. I am glad Janet escaped and I look forward to hearing that Sharon has made her way back home, to her home universe. She will have amazing stories to share with the rest of us and she will need our help to heal. A few nights sleep away from that theater with the night working it’s healing powers on a person is one of the biggest high’s I ever experienced. And I remained “me” in that process. These dark times will never come again on us after the night has healed our festering wounds. We have become immune.

      • TO: Your posts always fascinate me especially when I try to figure out just WHO you might be behind The Oracle moniker. We most assuredly knew of each other if not knew each other. Too many paths crossing.

        Sharron was actually in the SO twice — she arrived sometime in the mid 70’s with her son but her son’s father pitched a fit and threatened big time legal. She had to leave.

        She then returned to SF and continued to build her nail salon empire. And then returned. (possibly almost 10 years later) I believe by this time her son was older. Then fairly rapidly she went to the ship — I don’t really have the details of all of that organized in my mind.

        THE most remarkable thing about Sharron was her early life — abandoned by her family (because she was pregnant), then abandoned by her band playing musician boyfriend, she took her infant son and started literally to walk … knocking on doors of motels asking if she could clean for them. In the hot Palms Spring sun.

        One family took her in. And they later sent her to beautician school and the rest followed.

        I haven’t a clue how the walls are going to fall but they are. People like Sharron will recover. She has grandchildren now — perhaps she’d like to spend time with them.

        As for Janet Light — I didn’t know her, when I was in the SO only as public on the ship and found her very aloof. The IAS crew were a bunch of seriously hard-nosed ethics prima donnas know-best types — one of the worst was Charmaine’s brother. OMG …

        BUT, as we all know — basically good 🙂

        BTW — I have trouble remembering everyones various stories and I recall yours was pretty horrible but remind me — why are you still Oracle, rather than a name.

        Trust me — I understand staying under the radar, just wondering.


        • Charmaine’s brother was the most brutally handsome man I have ever laid eyes on, if You mean David Laurie. But under that, he was very caring and sincere and tolerant. There were a lot of men like that in the Sea Org as a matter of fact. Probably why six years of my life flew by so fast. On my OT preps I had to handle the charge on the all of the men I should have slept with and didn’t. As an overt on myself and them.

          The Church knows who I am. I am not an unknown to the Church. Already been fair gamed . My friends know who I am and my enemies know who I am. For anyone in between, I don’t think it matters who I am. I don’t think I matter in their life. In fact, I know I don’t. About my name, it is not about me. I am by nature what is known as “A Traveler” thetan.
          That means I am always moving, and I am always shape shifting. It’s a thetan culture thing. Thetans are like the four elements. I am water. Tomorrow I may have to be something else all of the sudden flow into another Sea or shape into another channel. Perhaps I should not have returned to this arena. But good company is hard to find. And Hubbard has great friends.

          I knew much of what you said about Sharon. She is a real survivor. I am saddened by her conditions and this chapter of her life. I really liked that person a lot. And she was someone with a lot of compassion and empathy back in the day having had to come up on the streets with a child. David Miscavige could never walk in her shoes.

          Her son Chris was at the O.C Org last time I heard still married to Celia, the former chaplain at Flag. Booted off the base when she got pregnant as any evidence of sex (children) was being suppressed at the time under Miscavige. Parent time cancelled right before that too. The third dynamic suppressing the hell out of the second. Celia was a bit older and took good care of Chris. She was a good hearted person too.

          • “The Church knows who I am. I am not an unknown to the Church. Already been fair gamed . My friends know who I am and my enemies know who I am. For anyone in between, I don’t think it matters who I am.”
            Pretty much the same here, with me. There is a couple reasons, though still. Might be the same with you.
            A small thing. I always shrink a little, when someone calls LRH “Hubbard”.
            Sort of puts him in the same league with other philosophers or scientists.
            And he is not.

            • Li'll bit of stuff

              Clue for you, UTR, being rid of that “button”, may,
              actually make it easier for you to examine some of
              LRH’s less savoury pursuits and even failings, as
              he never claimed to be a God, as some seem to
              believe.On the contrary, he was subject to the
              self same desires for admiration and acceptance,
              as any other of us “lesser”beings.

              I too, once had a similar fragile,easily offended
              view of Ron, aka LRH, “Hubbard” “science-fiction
              writer” ,”madman or messiah” etc,etc,etc. till I
              had the fortune to be directed to this blog.
              That was over 10 months ago, and I must say,
              this experience has taught me more, (and I give
              most of the credit to Marty himself, for this), than
              all my previous 41 years, as a Scientologist,in
              dealing with all the former, falsehoods, (kool-aid)
              and erroneous notions I had, connected to the
              subject and even with Ron, himself.

              Janet Reitman, in her excellent, 441 page book,
              “Inside Scientology”, will certainly help anyone
              to take an extensive, sometimes disturbing
              meander through the life and times of LRH. &
              without the usual biased evaluation, allow YOU,
              to come to your own personal conclusions.

              The book is also heavily focussed on the exploits
              of David Miscavige, similarly allowing you to make
              up your own mind, on his role of today’s CO$.

              In closing, UTR, I want to say this: Today, I have
              an even greater understanding, appreciation,
              and admiration, for the sheer genius & prolific scale
              of LRH’s unprecedented investigative insight and ability, to organize previously unsuspected phenomena into workable postulates, and AXIOMS that led to the eventual miracle of his standard auditing technology.( Dianetics & Scientology.)

              One can justifiably, stand in awe, and the deepest
              of admiration and respect, and at the same time,
              remember that he was as human as the rest of us.
              Our truly great friend—–L. “Ron” Hubbard.

              And so, we continue to do the work, he left to us all,
              thee & me, to the best of our ability.

              Calvin B. Duffield.

              • Thanks for writing this, Calvin. I am undergoing a similar process of coming to terms with LRH and his tomes.


                • Li'll bit of stuff

                  Great to hear Nance, and it all happens right here,
                  at Mark “Marty” Rathbun’s Place. Couldn’t be a
                  better joint for thetans to hangout btw, imho!!!

              • Calvin – Thanks for that nice piece. Deification isn’t anything LRH would have wished on anybody. I think even though (imho) it isn’t precisely the purpose of this blog, it’s important to remember the purpose of all, refresh it every now and then. – Carcha.

            • Sort of puts him in the same league with other Pasadena residents passing through the halls of Parson’s house. Since that is how I first knew him as Hubbard that is how I still see him. I have always called him Hubbard and I am not going to change because of some P.R. photos that got spread around. And I do not A=A him with philosophers or scientists . He was and is, to me, an omega point magus.

              • Li'll bit of stuff

                Nancy,Carcha,TO, you’re acks are appreciated,as
                much as your stand out qualities that make you
                all keep shining, in much the same way as LRH!
                (you also love to help your fellows too, BTW!)

              • Omega point magus. not sure what it means exactly, but I can live with that. I didn’t say, by the way, I took him for a god. I don’t. But we always called him Ron or LRH. that’s how he signed his letters and that’s how I imagine he liked to be called.
                If Marty calls him „Hubbard“ in his brilliant book, and positions him next to other thinkers, I believe, it is for other reasons. I doubt Marty sees him in the same league with them, don’t think, he’d do all he does for say Victor Frankl or even Lao Tse fort hat matter.

          • Actually I was wrong about Charmaine’s brother — although I did know David Lurie — the fellow on the ship was someone else.

            Thanks for your explanation.

        • Christine, very interesting all this about Sharon, her story. Didn’t know any of it, but it was sort of all visible on her. Also that she was of good will.
          Still, when she become C.O. ship, I considered it an gross out-point.
          Here is someone Miscavige can control, I thought.

      • Ron did say a person can lose their personality under suppression-lots of proof of that.

  3. Oh wow, this is fantastic news!!! These are two very wonderful people. Hello Colm. Hello Janet. How about a trip to Tasmania? I was so worried about you, and was asking everyone I could, if they knew where you were, and I was googling your names every week for years to see if you were okay. But I did recently hear from Mike you were safe, but now it’s good to know you are FREEEEE!! Isn’t it fabulous? Life outside the madness!! It just gets better every day! Love Wendy

  4. I discovered this place recently. I am impressed by the quality and achievements of people who post here.

    But there are some words in former posts I don’t understand.

    For example what is the Indie 500 list?

  5. I echo your post Mr. Rathbun. Good luck and happy futures for the McLaughlins.

    IEG xx

  6. Janet ran the church’s money making operation. How important a position would that have been for the ultimate head of the operation? The IAS “stats” were probably the only ones that went up and up and up for years. Yet, DM just had to toast her along with everybody else. All you Mushroom Scientologists out there, you know this. If it isn’t safe even for someone as “upstat” as Janet, realize this: the only reason YOU, personally, are spared the Wrath of DM is because he hasn’t yet gotten to you. If he knew your activities, your case folders and other information about you that is easily accessible for any SO member or high case level Scientologist, I guaranteed you that you would be TOAST. Yes, YOU reading this. And yet, you still feel you need to support this lunatic? You don’t have to openly rebel if it isn’t safe for you to do so. All you have to do is quietly withdraw your support. Stop donating. Make up excuses why you can’t. Stop attending events. Say you have a headache or you just painted the garage and you have to make sure the paint dries. When DM is left with only a handful of lawyers supporting him things will change because he will then be living that wonderful Mexican curse, “May your life be filled with lawyers.”

    • Very apt observations as usual Dan.

      It is interesting to note that Janet became disaffected with Miscavige style “management” in 2006 and wanted nothing more to do with it. So, he took her out.

      I have the highest regard for Colm and Janet’s persistence. Colm was forcibly removed to the Freewinds and kept there for years. He never gave up and had his will broken to just “give up the fight.” They never let their 2D be alloyed. And after 5 years of “ship arrest” while Janet was in the Hole, they were finally reunited. A lot of credit for this happening goes to Marty, Tony Ortega, Joe Childs and Tom Tobin and others who have relentlessly exposed the breaking up of families, separation of couples and imprisonment of people on the Freewinds. Given no outside pressure, or potential danger to himself personally, Miscavige would have been perfectly content to leave Colm on the Freewinds forever. Believe me, his motivation was a fear that something would “flap” with Colm at the Freewinds, either media would show up or authorities would take action. The Freewinds is his safe haven and his comfort and well being trumps all other considerations.

      • This is indeed good news. Yes, outside pressure is THE only thing that can get ethics in on that operation.

        I got my sister out of the RPF in Copenhagen by openly threatening getting the Danish police involved, checking up on her well-being and that I would have fliers describing her plight distributed all over Copenhagen if they did not allow her a Board of Review which she requested over a year and a half ago. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I do want to inspire people with relatives in similar situations to DO SOMETHING. What is happening there is NOT OKAY.

        • That is AWESOME!

        • Great job! This even applies to people they keep at Flag FOREVER after they finish their programs that were supposed to take 6 weeks and then take over 2 years. I finally had to go to Flag and get Dave out. I’m sure they didn’t want a scene. As soon as I showed up, they let him go. Nothing else worked.

          I know it’s not the same as the RPF but believe me, there are some similarities! The church just seems to like “prisoners” in many different forms.

          People STOP taking the abuse and lies.

          • HI Sindy, I read Dave’s blog from start to finish and have been meaning to post a thank you. I appreciate that you both took the time to do such a thorough evaluation and then were willing to share your story. Doug

          • Li'll bit of stuff

            Sindy, just re-watched your video of the 19 Nov,2011,
            to get a keener sense of what it was like for you, in
            your posting above. As a cartoonist / caricaturist,
            from a very young age, I learned to memorise facial
            features and expressions, which allowed me to capture and put images to paper!

            I have to say, what I saw reflected in you face, spoke
            volumes! Kudos on getting yourselves out of that
            insane asylum, when you did!!!

            Any one still “in,” Please, just get what Sindy is saying, WTFU! and get the hell out out of that madness, NOW!

            Calvin B. Duffield
            Durban, South Africa

        • Yes, Bodil. What a great short story from you. Thanks ~

        • Very well done, Bodil – pure application of LRH’s “protest pr” as outlined in one of his policy letters of the PR series.

          You wrote : “Yes, outside pressure is THE only thing that can get ethics in on that operation.”

          I have found out the same at a somewhat comparable situation : Co$ is a coward when it comes to bad PR. That’s their “rabbit button”.

      • Good news. I recruited Colm for the Sea Org on a weekend trip to the San Francisco Org while at Bridge. He did not have a green card, so transferred back to Europe. A great guy who follows the Code of Honor despite duress. Colm.. come for a visit to Hawaii.
        Mark McKinstry

      • Mike and Marty, you are so sane. Thank God for you both, or none of us would be here. On the outside, looking in and seeing what really is. THANK YOU!!! Love Wendy

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          Wendy, totally, totally accurate statement.
          Marty and Mike have spearheaded and
          been the inspiration for just so many to
          step out of the hypnotic spell of mind
          control, the cult of Scientology Inc.
          We are duly grateful to them for their
          courage and resolve in making it possible.

      • In addition to Marty, Tony Ortega, Joe Childs and Tom Tobin and all the bloggers that raised the profile of Colm in captivity, I would like to acknowledge Steve Hall who posted a whole essay on the Missing Colm Mclauglin
        High Fives Steve. Always a trooper.

    • Great post Dan!!
      ” Wait for the paint to dry”!! Lol.

    • If you do choose to paint your garage rather than go to Org Event let me make a few suggestions.
      First, remove any old peeling paint, patch any holes with a good quality filler and then give the garage a fresh coat of Behr Premium Primer (one of my favorites).
      Finish with two coats of quality latex paint and your garage will look beautiful for years to come with little maintenance…good luck!

      • Where were you when I was painting my deck??

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        Kudos from a fellow pro in the reno. business!

      • Nice to see someone appreciate that there’s a whole technology involved in watching “the dry” phase, and ensuring it’s a nice, smooth, even finish. I’ve seen many a coat ruined simply because no one monitored varying temperatures and barometric pressues, adjusting fans to distribute vertical pressure evenly, avoiding mottled premature discoloration, and other professional fine points.

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          Ye gads, just been outclassed by a REAL pro!
          Nice to know there is a broader appreciation
          going on with the actual work in the trenches.

          • Well … if one is going to use “I have watch some paint dry” as an excuse, it’s good to be able to back it up with at least something. I saw an apartment in a beautiful old building with about seven coats of paint covered by wallpaper. Factually, there is some craft to it. Watching it dry is hard work ….

    • Gerhard Waterkamp

      Not sure what is called “upstat” here. IAS regges were like vampires already back 1986 and forth. Raking in money is not “upstat”.
      I would call upstat somebody who produces survival for himself and others, but would not use that term for people greedily accumulating money for themselves.

  7. Well done to Janet and Colm. I wish them the best.

    More loose ends for Miscavige as his spider web continues to unravel and work its way around his neck….

  8. Janet and Colm – Happy to hear you have escaped the controlled hell of DM and friends. You have both done much good with good intent. You have your life ahead of you. Know that many here on this blog are not only happy to hear this news but would willingly help you. Look forward to the day you desire to enlighten us and tell more of your story.

    I completely agree with Alex de toc… above. In all my live communication with Janet I found her to be a decent caring being. Tenacious and tough in a good way but with empathy and true ARC beneath the surface at all times. To me, a demonstration of what a true SO officer should be like. Even when angry there was no underlying evil intent delivered along with the spoken words. Her words expressed her intention which is what a true comm cycle should be and what one felt was just what was intended. No make wrong additive.

    • I’m sure you are right about Janet – I never met her, only saw her on the Freewinds once. But if your assessment is true then it is time she turned her attention to all the individuals who are in financial ruin as a result of her organisation. She must have known that the IAS is nothing but fraud; no accountability, regging for non-existent projects, demanding people re-mortgage and re-re-mortgage their homes and give up their meagre savings to the IAS monster. In her position she would have known better than most that it was ONLY about the $$$, and nothing to do with humanitarian objectives. Sorry to be so brutal, but as some one who has been stone-walled in his attempts to get fraudulently taken IAS “donations” money back, that’s just how I feel. (My local MP is however being immensely helpful – discusions continue there…)

      • Absolutely right Martin, all these IAS and other reges who received commissions while bankrupting their public need to be called to account and made to provide restitution to their victims.

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          Agree! The shocker only comes, when one finally begins
          to realize, that one has been had, hook line and sinker,
          by being in agreement with the phony IAS concept, in the
          first place. Ie perhaps we entered the trap by enticement,
          but did so, of our own free will. Having THAT realization,
          (the truth!) is entirely necessary, to begin the healing
          process of being able to as – is the mechanisms by which
          we become entrapped by roaming predators, ever in
          search of fresh prey!

      • +1
        Thank you for saying what needed to be said.

      • The question is when is the ‘time’ for her? If you watch the video at the post I linked you will see that Janet was busted for expressing her disagreements with the crimes of which you complain. She and her husband have subsequently had five years of physically enforced thought reform imposed upon them for Janet having protested. I am hoping the ‘time’ is sooner rather than later, but will understand if it takes a little while yet.

        • That is a good point Marty. In your book you make reference to Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘brainwashing’ in China by Robert Jay Lifton. After reading those case studies I gained a new understanding of the recovery process for victims of thought reform programs.

          It takes as long as it takes.

        • Indeed. No matter how we are harmed by another’s actions, it does no one any good to persist in asking, “What are you crimes?” That only serves to make a person ridge at best and cave in at worst.

          Let us celebrate that the McLaughlins are free at last from the Church of the Feckless Peckerhead. Acknowledge their wins; welcome them to freedom; encourage them to flourish. Their process is their process alone, not ours to judge or enforce.

          Thanks for the good news, Marty. BTW, I just watched the video you linked. You and Mike scared the fish away with that story!


        • Fair enough. I take this into account.

        • “Time served” does appear appropriate. This opinion is from a currently seated juror in a criminal case.

          • I agree for the time being. But not ultimately. The liability formula does not say to “suffer”. It says to:
            1) Find out who are one’s friends.
            2) Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be a part of despite personal danger.
            3) Make up THE DAMAGE ONE HAS DONE (my emphasis) by personal contribution far beyond the ordinary demands of a group member.
            4) Apply for reentry to the group by asking the permission of each member of it to rejoin and rejoining only by majority permission. And if refused, repeating (2) and (3) and (4) until one is allowed to be a group member again.
            It seems to me that a big part of the trap that Miscavige has constructed for staff is to entice or browbeat them to get them to participate in overts of commission or omission. And then guess who are the people who are MOST damaged by those actions in their own universes???
            I think that Marty is right when he says that the best way to repair abuses by fake Scientology is with real Scientology.

            • Li'll bit of stuff

              Espiritu, absolutely correct, by my own observations.
              One does need to add that all important modifier,
              in understanding any given condition, as I see it!
              Simply put, the “R” (Reality, aka AGREEMENT) one
              buys into, concerning one’s ARC with another, or
              others, is KEY to extricating oneself from a self
              determined decision to enter a carefully concealed
              trap of a ruthless predator, That old, old adage,
              “buyer beware” serves/served to forewarn us all
              from times long since passed.My God,” LOOK!
              before you leap,” is another. As any fully trained
              auditor knows, a P.C.will only progress, when
              encouraged to “look” for him/herself, at their
              own participation, and therefore responsibility,
              for getting themselves into situations they
              thereafter regret.
              Every single day, I pay homage (and due diligence,) to the fact that I have had access to
              a wealth of wise counsel, per the fundamental
              AXIOMS, observations and tech. of the Ol’ man,
              and in addition, that of so many of you posting
              Thank you all for ( perhaps unwittingly ) being
              instrumental in my own education.

              As I have remarked to quite a few, publicly &
              privately, recently, probably the greatest lesson
              learned, in handling life, has to be that one
              needs, to learn, (through practice, of course,)
              NOT to take things TOO SERIOUSLY!! (that this
              affects ones ability to stay cause!)

              Seriousness = inflow = mass = effect = tone drop!

              Laughter (rejection) = outflow = no mass = cause
              = MOVE on up the tone scale / or MOUALH!

              Anyone needing confirmation of this principle,
              need look no further than the incredible popularity
              of really good quality TV. or even radio or literary comedy, and how people naturally look forward
              to an opportunity for a healthy laugh, to let go of all
              their worries (seriousness!) and concerns, at least
              for a short while. I believe the trick is not to be so
              “other determined” about this remedy (of laughter)
              but to strengthen one’s OWN ability to look for
              the humour in any troublesome situation!

              One of my favourite tools in dealing with life?
              ………”Laughter is the BEST medicine”……….

              Thanks for tuning in to my 2c. broadcast.

              • Calvin,
                I think that you might just love an auditing process that LRH came up with. It is called “Remedy of Laughter”. It goes like this:
                “In the Remedy of Laughter the preclear can be made simply to stand up and start LAUGHING. The goal of the process is to regain the ability to LAUGH without reason. This process is done until the preclear can actually enjoy a LAUGH without any reason whatsoever, without believing that LAUGHING without reason is insane, without feeling self-conscious about LAUGHING, and without needing any boost from the auditor.”

                It is really fun to do, too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

                • Li'll bit of stuff

                  Hey my good man, this is a great wavelength indeed!
                  Yes, That’s one of the earliest processes of LRH that
                  caught my attention, and I can also attest to it just being
                  a total key-out blast, when done exactly as described!

                  There is a whole therapy based on this, check it out:
                  Google –Laughter therapy–by Enda Junkins.

                  The Japanese have also caught on to the value of
                  this tension/stress reliever and “sane-i-tizer” if you will,
                  by establishing HUGE laughter parks, where people
                  just show up in their hundreds, often during a lunch
                  break, and let loose with a massive group Laugh-a-thon”

                  Quite a spectacle to watch, and the best thing about it?
                  It’s totally contagious, and something one doesn’t mind

      • Respectfully, I must say this sounds like speculation. Miscavige could not have fooled her for a while too? Mike did report that she wanted out since 2006. She had to wake up before that to meet your standard?

        Seems to me these souls just got released from false-imprisonment, and it would be decent to give them a while to begin to recover before jumping on.

        • Sounds like they’ve paid a high price. Maybe we can jump on the hired guns such as Howard Becker and Michael Roberts and Jeff what’s his name instead.

          • Pomerantz. Yes, now THERE’s a guy who’s got a lot to answer for. I don’t seem to remember him mentioning at his “briefings” that he was raking in 10% of the takings.

            • Yes, but didn’t you love the mustache? Don’t worry, karma will balance things out for him.

            • Li'll bit of stuff

              Martin, re your posting below, it may interest you,
              to pick up on the basic tenets of the Criminon
              program, where my wife, Dorothy, a Class V auditor, had personally worked successfully
              with in excess of 700 criminals over a six year
              term, as a counsellor / supervisor. TWTH booklet
              formed part of the checksheet, and a great deal
              of the success of Criminon ( 85%of released
              inmates, do not return to crime!) is probably due,
              in the main, to the cognition had over “the tipping
              point:” ie ” A person can become a criminal, once
              they have LOST their all important “self-respect!”
              Once that is gone, it’s open season, since there
              is no longer a pesky “conscience” to hold one
              back from doing anything to anyone.

              The program is aimed at getting the inmate to
              recover that all important self respect, and thereby,
              the necessary self restraint in avoiding the old
              temptations that led him/her to jail in the first place.

              Tells you a lot about the “integrity” of those at the
              front lines of Scn. regging, and WHO motivates
              them in their attitudes, don’t you think?

        • Bob my comment probably was rash in retrospect. In my defence I feel the same way towards the IAS regges who fraudulently took me for a fool as I would anybody who had conned me. And if I knew, as a lowly public, that I was being “had” as deep down I did, then surely the regges know it even better. It’s exacerbated by the fact that probably right now this minute somewhere in the UK Ginger and Nicole – the two IAS terrors here – are giving some poor unsuspecting benighted souls a “special confidential briefing” in readiness for stripping him of his credit card limits.

          Ultimately isn’t it yet another stark reminder of just how widespread and how savage has been the butchery of DM’s vicious little regime. And still it goes on…

          But yes, I absolutely respect Janet’s need and right for time to decompress. I would be the last person on earth to start wailing about other’s crimes in this situation.

          • The fraud and embezzlement as a result of “Having to have before we can do” is straight up criminal. But it is elementary dev t policy. “We have to have a ship before we can deliver OT8” is “Having to have before we can do”. “We have to have a new building before we can deliver super power” is “having to have before we can do”. “We have to have new buildings before Scientology can expand” is “Having to have before we can do”. “We have to have 1000 people on solo nots” = HTHBWCD. “We have to have 1000 more staff before”.. = HTHBWCD.

            WORSE, These thing continually shift the burden of delivery ONTO THE PUBLIC and off the Sea Org.

            What the fuck are we paying them for if it is all up to us? The property management? The banking and accounting?

            In this covert way David Miscavige escapes ALL responsibility! While he begs the public dry he makes it all their fault he is running a CAN”T HAVE with the Scientology!

            It is everyone’s responsibility to think with basic Scientology like the dev t policy , out exchange, and the basic nature of an SP = Someone running CAN’T HAVE SCIENTOLOGY.

            Can’t Have: “It means just that-a depriving of substance or action or things. Denial of something to someone else” Tech Dictionary.

            We are dealing with a LOT of people’s SUPPRESSIVE REASONABLENESS with DAVID MISCAVIGE.

            “Reasonableness is suppressive since it lets oppression continue without action being taken. Suppressive reasonableness is a common trait. It comes from THE INABILITY TO CONFRONT EVIL. Evil takes a bit of confronting. People who want desperately to “have no trouble” often won’t confront and handle trouble. Murder is murder. It occurs. A murder is not a frightened wish it had not occured. Somebody did it. There’s a body.” HCOPL 7 Dec 69 The Ethics Officer, his character.

            People who want desperately to “have no trouble” , bring the biggest trouble upon us. People in Scientology are PLAGUED with this, as the culture is known to wreak havoc on those that do make trouble as the phrase “POTENTIAL TROUBLE SOURCE” = LEPER. This creates a GPM on people. And they shape shift into suppressive reasonables. They know as long as they “have not trouble” they will not be attacked or labeled a leper with in the culture. And all of this suppressive reasonableness = what we see today.

            Why aren’t we PTS? We are up to having a noisy street fight. We can confront trouble and we can confront evil. We can take a street fight all the way to the corner and back. Bring it on! Win or die in the attempt!

            People will not fight for things they don’t care enough about. Or if they are spun in on GPM’s. That is how bullies fuck you up. They key you in to that “let’s not have trouble” idea, while they walk all over you. It is a form of emotional blackmail. And it is very covert . And if you do not handle it right there on the spot , they come back.

            • Although there is much truth in the idea that people that are stuck in GPM’s are victims, it does not help them to remind them. Better to get them to see their contribution to the matter. I begged for donations (not for the IAS, for social causes) but when I did I admitted I was begging. I said ” I am begging for your help.”

              I never bought into the idea beggers were “regges”. Geeze Christ Scientologists are supposed to know dictionaries! Nobody in the IAS is registering anyone for anything! Scientology has been around since the 50’s without new construction! People just wanted to help. People just wanted to avoid trouble. This is human condition.

              We can’t hang all of that on Janet Light or David Miscavige’s bright ideas to get money via establishing beggar units rather than sell or deliver Scientology. He does not believe in Scientology. He does not apply “What we expect of a Clear.” He does not have a hat pack for his post. He is not there on the same terms as ANYONE else in the game.

              We all have our fingerprints all over this mess. To the extent that we desperately wanted to have no trouble.

              • Summary: The GPM in Scientology culture is this:

                First of all, if you get involved with Scientology, at all, it is because you are:

                A. In trouble.
                B. Have trouble.
                C. Are trouble.
                D. Know trouble.
                E. Can’t fix trouble.

                Once you get IN, If you cause trouble , are in trouble, bring trouble or can’t fix trouble you are fucked! You are labeled minimum, a Potential TROUBLE scource and that = Leper = all kinds of penalties from parked off the bridge to loss of family. So that in itself makes a person WANT NO TROUBLE. “People who want desperately to “have no trouble” often won’t confront and handle trouble.”

                On the other hand, “People who want desperately to “have no trouble” often won’t confront and handle trouble.” Are labeled suppressive reasonables.

                Hard choices to make to get out of those GPM moments.

                The thing is, most people on this planet live their entire lives without ever having to make a critical choice.

                The funny thing is, any choice you make, you have trouble. It’s an inconvenient truth.

                Hubbard has only given us way and means to manage the trouble. You can use the Scientology to manage the experience with Scientology. You just have to polish up on the math skills. You can work it so you come out way far ahead of the trouble, through eternity.

                • And finally, what is the Church’s main cry over the last three decades to their public?

                  “Help us with our trouble!”

                  “We need money! We need lawyers! We need staff! We need buildings! This is our trouble! Fix our trouble! We have trouble! We are in trouble! Get us out of trouble! Help us with our trouble! ”

                  The entire activity has become an ACTUAL TROUBLE SOURCE!

                  • Oracle, I liked your observation and analysis on all this trouble. It was funny as well. Speaking of trouble, I am sure the OSA considers you are trouble. Oracle=Trouble. Send money.
                    Ine Independents do not need to HAVE before they can DO. Breath of fresh air.

                  • I’ve come up an analogy… being involved with RCS is like having a high-maintenance mistress. No matter how much money you give her, it’s never enough. Regardless what you have done for her in the past, “What have you done for me lately?” is what’s important. You do all this to get laid, but instead you just get screwed.

                    (my apologies to the ladies)

                • Li'll bit of stuff

                  T.O. After LRH departed, imagine if we had ALL just
                  told DM…….”.NO!!!!”

                  Instead, today, it’s WE Indies who are standing up,
                  to say to DM……”.NO MORE!!!!”

                  (still, SOME comm. lag—-better than an eternal one!)

                • Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

                  The Oracle
                  You are living up to your name! This is a brilliant explanation! Clarifies what the obscure spider´s web consists of. Blew some charge for me.
                  Keep doing what you´re doing!

            • BTW Captain of FSO said at graduation in May 2012 that he needed about 300 more staff for superpower. A few days ago I heard Tory say that she heard they needed about 800 for superpower. Sounds like a sad state of affairs.

            • Very Well Done ORACLE,
              Haviing to have before we can do ( HTHBWCD)
              In private industry it is the hallmark of failed giants and smallfry alike.

        • “…Seems to me these souls just got released from false-imprisonment, and it would be decent to give them a while to begin to recover……”
          I completely agree. We can give them space and sanctuary.

      • Martin, you say, “But if your assessment is true then it is time she turned her attention to all the individuals who are in financial ruin as a result of her organisation.”

        People have not got into financial ruin as a result of “her” organization.

        First the I.A.S. is David’s baby.

        Second, people disregard financial planning all over the planet every day. They somehow don’t make time to count their money. Go figure. Probably missing understandings with math and blindness’ to conditions.

        • This is so annoying. We were coerced to violate our fiances over and over and over.

        • T.O.,

          You posted “People have not got into financial ruin as a result of “her”(JANET’S) organization (the IAS).”


          It was “her organization” to whatever extent she owned and was responsible for what she was doing in and with that organization. Unless you consider her a non-causitive figurehead.

          • Sorry, people in the Sea Org bond. And it seems to be a bond that flows through time. When you step forward with no thoughts towards yourself, and you only care about somebody else. You stand in a holy place very few visit. This IS the glue that bonds Sea Org people together. Not only for a day. I do not believe she had evil intentions. I spent six years in the Sea Org and did not have a clue. I only left after I was ordered to call every person that was an OT8 and tell them they had to go back onto OT7. That was like telling me everything I had done for six years was an overt product and I had fucked over hundreds of people. I was out. We all had very good intentions. I was raked over the coals as “XSO” in the Freezone. Others blaming me for everything David Miscavige designed. Suggesting I do special rundowns for XSO. You find one thing on the internet or anywhere else that I fucked over someone in Scientology. I do not mean to justify the madness Sea Org people have contributed. Let me apologize. I only mean to point out I can not bring myself to knock someone in the dirt that already spent four years imprisoned and degraded and abused by David Miscavige in conditions worse than L.A. County prison for having every intention in the world to safeguard Scientology and put others before them self. If I was fooled and contributed to this madness. I think there is a possibility she was too. I spent six years in that group and had NO IDEA what was going on, I left in ’93 and only found out in 2001 when I looked on the internet, what the hell was going on. I had to admit if I had cared enough to take over the group it would have never gone that way. Scientology is not a one stand. If you would have done better, if I could have done better, we would have been in charge. We just did not put forth the correct estimation of force. That is our contribution. That is your contribution. That came from personal lower conditions called doubt. Blame her? Why didn’t we “owned and was responsible for what she was doing in and with that organization. Unless you consider her a non-causitive figurehead.”? Because you and I were not there! We were non causitive when someone else was. I consider US non causative and why we have license to blame her instead of celebrate us. Scientology is not a take out menu.

            • It could have been your organization. You just did not step up to make claim. Me either. We were not cruising together then.

              • And for the record. the one that has created a platform at all for us to be on the same page again, is Marty. This is the glue of hope for any possibilities. If you care enough to fix the problem, please click on the DONATE button at the top of this page. If you don’t like the way things have gone in the past, step and take some YOUR ORGANIZATION position in this theater.

      • Only the individual is able to determine his own ethics. I never cheat, never drink, never smoke, never fucking swear, and I go to church every single Sunday, even though I don’t need to.

      • The Oracle,

        By me, you’re getting to the heart of things. I got into this ethics thing a bit. Ancient scripts all the way back to the Egyptians have descriptions of punishments after death which restore justice. They’re horrible, and some reading here may not be dead yet, so I won’t frighten anyone, but an example of a punishment might be a registrar at the Co$ condemned to be regged For Eternity, and no matter which door he chose to walk through, it would open into another Office of the Registrar, each time required to pay more, and more, and more, in the vain hope of eventually escaping. A fitting punishment, some would say. Sarte-esque. Or perhaps a sec-checker condemned to be forever sec-checked, in Hell. “A Hell of a sec-check”, hohohoho!

        By reverse token, one might presume that one’s rewards in Heaven are similarly awarded. The loving, shall be loved. The truthful shall know the truth. Your statements concerning can’t have on Scientology are very perceptive, not just on the side of the scale you correctly note, but also for bringing to light that the responsibility of Scn is always there, waiting to be seized, to be taken in hand, and carried away with one. But one must be able to have it. That, I believe anyone would agree, is determined by one’s own ethics, and not by the ethics of any organization.


        • The Oracle – I hope I read you piece on can’t have on Scn correctly. I was just, in my interpretation, trying to look at the positive side as a counter-measure to the Co$ running a can’t have. No hijacking intended. Your perception of what the Co$ is actually doing is very as-is-ing. – Carcha.

          • Was for me, that was an itsa!

            When I first came into Scientology, everybody loved the registrars. They were very high ARC people at the New York Org. There was no such thing as a mean reg or making people feel guilty to pay. It was all done on a help flow. I loved my registrars and I needed them. If it were not for them, especially one whi came to my apartment every Thursday morning to get my money, I would not have made it to clear. When I had any problem, I went to the reg. They got me going on the road again to get fixed. I never heard of a bad reg until I arrived at Flag as a public and someone told me horror stories about an I.A.S. reg named , the spelling is wrong I am sure, Revane Marcus. Soon enough I had see this bad boy and asked the person nattering about him to point him out. He came down the walk way eventually in front of the HGC’s. I thought, “What a good looking man! If he was sweet he could get candy from a baby! ” When I arrived at the Sea Org to be staff, well, I had no idea why I came. To tell you the truth I had just ended cycle on a 2D and was heart broken and I thought I had more reason to live for myself. So I thought I might as well live for someone else just as a recruiter walked into C.C.N.Y.. But anyway, I digress, when I arrived at started on staff, the Sea Org staff were telling me horror stories about all of the I.A.S. regges and the tactics they used. I have never had a bad cycle with a reg except for one, O.K. since we are on this thread, David Light. I was routing out from auditing at Flag and he lied to me and told me the C/S said I could not leave the base until I finished the pro tr’s course. I was in the non interference zone and didn’t even know I wasn’t supposed doing this. But I turned around and went back and did it, only to find out he lied to me. He himself told me as I was routing out from finishing the pro tr’s course. But I did not use credit cards and I worked , and did nothing but work, and pay, until I made it through clear. Back then auditing was very manageable financially. I think I was on the drug rundown for over two hundred hours. Back then you could actually think with Scientology fitting into your budget just like a car or groceries. Anyone who had a job could get up the bridge. The big “Can’t have” and enforcement started with the price increases. That was basically a threat. The prices are going up 5% every month! That was, a threat. Bang right down into the enforce band went the whole business. The beggars units made it worse with crush regging and blatant lies and by restimulating people to get them to pay. Registrars are supposed to ENLIGHTEN. To BRING PEOPLE UP THE CDEI scale. I was a reg for six years. When I left the Sea Org I left with 110 commendations, mostly all of them were from public thanking me. And I still have them. Right before I left the base Claire Reppen, a class Xll, grabbed my arm and pulled me off the walk. She said, “You are the only reg on this base I have never had to fly someone’s ruds on”. Well I did out two people’s ruds out in that six years. One of them I sent flowers to the next day and he forgave me. The other one told me he was going to send money as soon as he got home and he didn’t. I got pissed that he lied to me. I wasn’t even pressuring him! He offered it so he could hang out in my office for a few days! Probably hiding from the other regges as people frequently parked themselves in my office to hide from other regges and relax. I was the reg that I knew growing up in Scientology. If I do die and go to hell and am condemned to be regged for eternity, I can name about ten regges from the Sea Org I would be very happy to spend eternity with. If I could choose, definitely Clive Dowdell would do very well.

            • The Oracle,

              I believe I can see how crushing it must have been for you to see the deterioration. If I understand, you sought and found some refuge there, made it to Clear, loved your work, and “lived” there. I think I appreciate your sense of offense in being lied to by a registrar, the betrayal of the ethic you upheld. I imagine the deterioration you witnessed was personally very painful for you, probably not just in policy, but people you knew losing their freshness, slipping down the CDEI scale instead of moving up, new faces showing up with different attitudes, and goodness knows what else you saw, in the process of the whole thing turning into a … let’s call it a bastardization of what LRH intended, eventually forcing you out. I probably shouldn’t say this, because it presumes I know things I don’t, but don’t let others call your world “a bubble” and burst it. The rightnesses you knew (the ethos) are still rightnesses, and are NOT “castle ruins now”. Those are realities, and exist independently in theta. It isn’t the time that makes them, but the truths. Lower tones will try to bulldoze and bury things like dignity, serenity, beauty, rightness, truth … and the MEST universe appears to support them, changing, moving, forceful, and time makes it appear that everything deteriorates, or is dependent upon time. Force and turmoil do NOT rule Creation.

              My experiences were a bit more harsh than yours, I’m afraid, so I bounced out quite quickly and cleanly with a laugh, and that was it. In brief, it looked like a meatgrinder and I didn’t see anyway I could change that, so I found people who also had left. I wasn’t the only one who thought, “I don’t know what this is, but this isn’t Scientology.” A number of people just broke of all contact with all Scn terminals and went on with their lives, to my knowledge, at various points along their Bridge. Some people who got in earlier managed to get their training done in that window of opportunity between 1965 and 1975 (roughly). I’m curious about what has happened to some of those who had both sides of the Bridge under their belts. I like to talk to these people and try to piece things together. – Carcha.

      • Martin,
        This is not intended as a backlash….simply a response.
        When you said
        “Sorry to be so brutal,….” my first thought was GIVE MA A FUCKING BREAK……YOUR ARE NOT BEING BRUTAL YOU ARE BEING PANTYWAIST!
        This is not intended to be an eval either way on Janet or Colm or your position; it was only my response to it.

        The IAS ATROCITIES that I experienced were fortunately for me so over the top of what I consider common decency that it “SNAPPED ME OUT OF IT”. It was an instant doubt formula…. DONE IN AN INSTANT… and my verbal response turned out to be the public announcement ,,(part two of step 6 of the formula.)

        I consider your viewpoint far from brutal and much closer to an appropriate response…..IMHO!

  9. Thank you for the update. I wish them well, too.

  10. Excellent to see they are out. All the very best to both of them.
    And to those that help them along that road to leave.

    • From the comments above, there seems to be some misunderstanding?

      These two may have escaped Miscavige’s unlawful imprisonment, but from Marty’s wording, I gather they are both still at least nominally members of the Church of Black Scientology.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologist

  11. Very Cool. I hope we hear from them when they are ready.

    • Wow. I’m going to reread that on about 200 times…fning all over the screen! By the way, great post Marty…and I am happy that these two have escaped the insanity that is created daily by DM. What is so tragic is most that joined the SO, I would guess 99%, did so to help. Regardless of what occurred. A couple of months ago I was feeling pretty sad about a few of the people that have disconnected from me. Then I took a look at an old friend that I twinned with on the Dissemination (promoting scn) course at CC when it was a pilot. A lovely young gal by the name of Liz Connaly. We became fast friends and later she expressed her concern about her mother that was in the RPF and sleeping in the garages at the pac base. I was kind of horrified when she told me this but part of me was not up to confronting the fact of it. She only brought it up once and it seemed so hard to believe with my incredulity I did not think about it much after that. To cut to the chase, when I went to Flag much later Kay Connely, her mom, was posted their as the LRH host and doing fine. 10 years later, ran into Kay around the pac area and she told me her daughter had “freaked out” and was totally out of the church. Confession time: Liz called me at some point after this with a great reach and I was cool as a cucumber and not engaging at all. I could hear the disappointment in her voice and felt bad but continued being the ice woman. I did not reciprocate her reach. After leaving the church recently I remembered this and wanted very much to tell her how sorry I was. I searched the internet far and wide and could find no link to Liz Connnaly anywhere. She had worked for Kate Sabrino at different points, was friends years ago with Thad Corea, Danny Keogh, a former friend of mine and had been a successful model when young. My apology to Liz is, I am very, very sorry. I hope someday she will find this message. I wanted to tell her that is person.

      • Sorry for all the misspelled words and so forth….!

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          Penny, very moving story! Looking back, how differently
          may we have viewed things if we’d had the smart’s,
          rather than the (blind) collective enthusiasms to go
          rushing in to a cunningly conceived trap, designed to
          exploit us in our “willingness to help” — the mastermind
          of deceit & exploitation, an imposter of demonic scale,
          ( in the history of religion!) —one David Miscavige!

      • Hi Penny, I understand this! There are many I would like to reconnect with as well. I’m confident we will eventually have our chance in a much more sane environment.

  12. To Those Wanting To Leave CO$ and Be Free

    Let go of the attachment to external security
    You are your own security
    You came into Scientology to find yourself
    How is fear of loosing your eternity part of that search

    You have given away your power to those who have not honored it
    You will not be alone
    Do not be afraid of knowing the truth
    Do not be afraid of integrity……. It will free you!

    When you finally allow yourself to know what you know
    There will be trepidation and a sigh of relief

    Free people can research, study, pursue ANY-ANY-ANY source of information.
    If someone tells you you can’t research/know something, is that free?????

    No, that is being a slave!
    You have unlimited power, UNLIMITED
    But if you dream youself to be a weakling…. Behold… You become one
    Such is your power!

    Dream the dream of a conquerer, a victor, a warrior of truth!

    What you think yourself to be, that is what you are.

    Roar like a lion
    Claim your life
    Be free

    Be Independent, be YOURSELF!!

  13. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for the great news.
    I knew Clom when he worked at Flag Bureaux & Networks in the 90s. He was an upstat good chap with integrity.

  14. Being free is a relative term. It has relationships with spacial position as well as spiritual & ethical connotations. Thetans are expert at camoflague, “cleanse their consciences” is an excellent term.
    The long haul of truly applied Scientology sits on some pretty basic fundamentals. Those controlling the Tech, the management and money flows of Scientology past and present are in an ever increasing spotlight. When the curtain falls on the Miscavige regime, boy… what a time that will be!

  15. Wasn’t the IAS not a brainchild of Miscavige from the get go ?

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      Just one of li’ll davey’s ‘fleece-em-totally-by-whatever -means-deemed-necessary’ (Ponzi empire building,)
      strategies and computations, that a shameless,
      sociopathic criminal might employ for his enrichment!
      Yawn! What an idiot!
      Karma is a FAR less “buy-able” adversary—dave!!
      Sleep well, li’ll davey,…..sleep…..well!!

  16. A little poetic license from the poem: First They Came for the Jews
    By Pastor Niemoller.

    First they came for the Mission Holders and I did not speak out because I was not a Mission Holder.

    Then they came for the LRH trained auditors and I did not speak out because I was not an LRH trained auditor.

    Then they came for the ex Sea Org and Public whistleblowers and I did not speak out because I was not an ex-Sea Org or public whistleblower.

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    I originally posted a version of this a couple of years ago when I posted as Alex Metheny. I thought it might communicate to any new lurkers around.

    • First they came for management posted by LRH, ie Bill Robertson, Mayo, Franks, others. People whose name’s become so associated with evil, dare I mention them?
      Then they came for LRH’s family Mary Sue, Diana etc.
      Then they came for the mission holder’s.

      • Fill in the blanks however you wish… 🙂

      • Li'll bit of stuff

        Underscoring the truth of this, is absolutely key, Dan,
        for anyone wanting to understand how diminutive davey,
        the li’ll dictator, could materially effect his grand plan to
        build his Ponzi empire, the imposter version CO$cientology!

        “First gotta get rid of all the obstacles, the F%@^*G counter

    • Well said Tony.

      • I hear you and we stand alone and that is always a good thing… two is company three is a crowd = it is a two way terminal universe.

    • Right on the mark Tony! And now it is our turn. The Miscarriage assumes that we will wilt seeing all of the carnage in front of us.

      Hey Davey boy……do a little history lesson. Check out Andrew Jackson and how he dealt with the worlds greatest military force at the time. Having defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, burned Washington DC and pounded Fort McHenry into a near dust bowl, The British decided to make their final thrust into the heart of America with arguably the best fighting force ever assembled with over 10,000 top of the line troops backed by cavalry and artillery.
      Andrew made only one bold request to his men ………. “Don’t fire until you can see the whites of their eyes!”. He knew they would be tested and their would be fear in letting that formidable of an enemy that close……….

      So little Davey, let me say this to you………we need for you to keep on comin…… we want to see the whites of those squinty little eyes of yours before we take you out. There is no question on the outcome …only when.

      And your boney little ass is not yet close enough……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Speak it Tony!!

    • Right on, Tony. That is hard lesson we should never forget.

    • Thanks Tony Love that Sermon (and his other writings!!)

      Martin Niemöller was a German pastor and theologian born in Lippstadt, Germany, in 1892. Niemöller was an anti-communist and supported Hitler’s rise to power at first. But when Hitler insisted on the supremacy of the state over religion, Niemöller became disillusioned. He became the leader of a group of German clergymen opposed to Hitler. Unlike Niemöller, the others gave in to the Nazis’ threats. In 1937 he was arrested and eventually confined in Sachsenhausen and Dachau. His crime was “not being enthusiastic enough about the Nazi movement.” Niemöller was released in 1945 by the Allies. He continued his career in Germany as a clergyman and as a leading voice of penance and reconciliation for the German people after World War II. His statement, sometimes presented as a poem, is well-known, frequently quoted, and is a popular model for describing the dangers of political apathy

  17. one of those who see

    Dear Janet and Colm, I hope you are reading here. I am so happy for you. You are now free to live your lives according to your own wishes. It may take some getting used to, but it’s the best! Hope to see you communicating here. You may have regged lots of people reading and writing here, and I can only speak for myself, but I think most will agree – You are welcome here. Maybe there is someone out there that has taken the high integrity route at all times for the last 30 years. I can not say that for myself and I still have a ways to go. But I joined the group that is Moving up a little higher and hope you will too.

    Marty, finishing up your book. Absolutely wonderful!! Was frustrated today because I didn’t have my highlighter! LOL And I have to compliment you on your command of Semantics. I would look up words and see that you picked the exact right word to communicate your idea. Another title for your book could be. “Scientology, its application in freedom.” I am extremely optimistic about the future.

    Personally, well – it looks like I’m going to be going back in session after many years! (big smile on face) – In the Indie field of course.

  18. Hi this is off topic, sorry for that, but I am trying to find a comment someone wrote quoting LRH, that after escaping the Philippines during the war, the US govt kept wanting him to work on the Manhattan project but he kept refusing and so was put back into battle. Ive been trying to find this for ages, so any help would be appreciated. ps love this blog!!

      • Thanks Hapexamendios, its a great post, but not what I am looking for. The post I am looking for is worded roughly as I have written above and within the last month or so.

        • Hi George.
          You can search on individual terms on this blog by using Google as follows.

          1. Go to

          2. In the search box, type:


          … where search-term is the word you want to search for.

          3. If you put the search terms in “quotes”, you can search for a string of text.

          Example: To search on “manhattan project” type:

          “manhattan project”

          4. You can also search in particular years and months. To do this, you add /2012 to the end of


          “manhattan project”

          … this returns all matches in 2012.

          5. Or to search for anything in March 2012, for example, add: /2012/03


          “manhattan project”

          6. Once you’ve gone to one of the pages that google lists, the text match may be deep in the comments. To find the particular location for the match, you may need to use your browser’s “page search” function. In Internet Explorer v9, for example, you would go into the “Edit” menu and select “Find on this page”. Then type in the search term in the “Find” box, and that should take you right to the location(s) on the page where the search term exists.

          Hope that helps!

        • You’re welcome. Run a search using the following string on Bing or Google and you should be able to find it (the “site:” is an advanced operator that restricts the search to only the site you specify).

 search terms

    • You’re having trouble finding it because it never happened. I assure you the Govt didn’t politely ask someone to work on the Manhattan project or let them “turn them down” it was too top secret. Only a few high level military with security clearance and scientists were brought into the project (Hubbard was neither) – the scientists had no idea what they were being brought into until they were there. So there were no offers to “work on the Manhattan project.” At most they were told they were needed for a top secret research project that was critical to the war effort.

      I have done extensive research into the original Manhattan project, the death of Louis Slotkin, and the trinity test run mostly by requesting documentation from Los Alamos. (most of the records at Los Alamos are open to the public and the labs are very helpful to students and researchers.)

      Also, Hubbard was never sent into battle.

      All the tall tales and BS the cult puts out about Hubbard does far more the blacken his name, and make him look foolish, than it does to help his reputation.

      Maybe one day the cult will learn the truth is the only way to go and lying makes it looks like they have self-esteem issues to have to lie so much about stats and Hubbard’s background.

      • my friend, you need to chill out, I am just looking for a quote, may be nothing, may be something in it, who knows. One things for sure, you are in the wrong blog.

      • Hi Totellthetruth, you wrote: “Also, Hubbard was never sent into battle.”

        Based on recent research, it does appear likely that Hubbard saw action in the Timor Sea and Java (north of Australia), in the month of February 1942 — just before the fall of Java. It’s also been confirmed from his service record that he caught malaria, and was likely injured during this period (certainly damaged his eyes, and broke or sprained a foot; he also may have taken small bits of shrapnel). The injuries do not appear to have been life-threatening, but were perhaps enough for him to have earned a Purple Heart (with palm), from the Army to which he was reporting at the time.

        It’s also now been confirmed that Hubbard did not take a ship home from Australia in Feb/Mar 1942 (as other researchers in the past have contended), but apparently was flown back in one of the PanAm planes used by the Secretary of the Navy’s office — which were sometimes used to fly senior officers, and the occasional ONI (intelligence) officer on urgent trans-oceanic flights during this period. This has been a point of contention over the years, as Hubbard said in several places that he was flown home. You can confirm these facts yourself by looking into the ship records available at the National Archives’ partner site

        • By the way, Totellthetruth, I do agree with you that the hagiography that the CoS tries to paint of LRH’s life has been a huge blunder and has decimated their (and sadly, LRH’s) credibility. But it’s also true that the critics don’t always get it right either.

  19. Karen de la Carriere posted today on OCMB her campaign to free Janet & Colm Mclaughlin:

    Smurf’s today post on ESMB:

    • Worpress’ automatic weblink generation algorithm is breaking the ESMB weblink. The whole web address needs to be copied and pasted.

      • What makes you think the moderators (Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun) are going to allow links to ESMB From here to be posted ?

        Michael A. Hobson
        Independent Scientologist

        • > “What makes you think the moderators (Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun) are going to allow links to ESMB From here to be posted ?”

          ¤ 195 results (including today’s post) Google search:
          ¤ Some people on this Marty’s post were looking for more info about the Mclaughlins.
          ¤ I found these 2 threads (OCMB & ESMB) during an internet search for these Mclaughlins.
          ¤ This post is an expansion of the information given here by Marty. Ergo it’s not trolling.
          ¤ I don’t like OCMD nor ESMB, but they have some useful info good for research.
          ¤ I have confidence in the moderators’ judgment: If they think it’s not good, they just delete the post or add their own warning comment.

  20. Freedom Fighter

    Or will they go the way of Debbie Cook and allow their lips to be sealed by the militant midget…

  21. Marty, Mike, Did I understand it right: Janet earned a lot of money on her post?
    If she did, I think that’s gross. She knew exactly that the Scientologists donating often didn’t have the money, and got into trouble for it.
    Not to mention the rest of the S.O. that got zilch!

    • So many posters with no name trying to ARC-Break everyone with Janet. How interesting.

      Michael A. Hobson
      Independent Scientologists

  22. Unfortunately, I got you beat Brian. Between the criminals at the IAS, (Tim Edwards, Ted Bragin, & Miriam) and the criminals at ASHO, Kirk Steele, Laura Kindermann) they scammed me out of 57k USD. As you say the money is one thing, but the massive betrayal is quite another. To top off my misadventure the so-called Asst. “Chaplain” Lisa Starkey tried to get me to “End Cycle”. Yeah, that end cycle. i.e. do myself in. I was making trouble for them and in their sociopathic way they wanted to tidy up the situation with me wanting my money back. The cult is plague on humanity.

  23. There is no intent to criticise in this post. But the sound is poor. LRH was super sensitive to the recording of scn data and therefore used the very best recording devices. Maybe it is my speakers although I receive some material from other sources that are easy to listen to (and others which aren’t). I’d appreciate feedback.

  24. I had only one “close encounter” with Janet, but I never liked her. She came off as “passive aggressive” and political to me. However, what really bugs me about Janet is that she perpetuated a fraud over a very long time, and knowingly financially abused people for what she had to know was a scam. As both an ex-Sea Org member and a public Scientologist (personally scammed out of $100,000 in IAS donations), I find it disgusting that she personally profited from all the insane and fraudulent crush regging that occured. Just as an example, you would have broke Scientology staff members at IAS events who would sell their only car in order to “make a flow”, and part of that same money was used to finance extravagant Park Avenue shopping trips for Janet Light and the IAS. What makes them so special? NONE of that money she have been used for that, especially given the Nazi scare stories about Germany the IAS reges such as Howard Becker were telling to their “public” to get them to “donate”. She should give some of that money back, in the same way that a promoter of a ponzi scheme is personally on the hook for the investor’s lost money.

    • My Lifetime donation to the IAS was 250.00. That was when they first started up and that became mandatory just for me to be on course at C.C.N.Y.. When I arrived at Flag for auditing a year later as a public and the regges pounced on me, I told them I was dependent on a Sugar Daddy and they were speechless as I left the room.

      • I did donate a small fortune to the Narconon network. And I was livid when I found out not only mine, but all of those donations were not being used for Narconon or being given to Narconon.

  25. Let the Slaves see their shackles and ask for Release!!

  26. First, I’m very to hear that happy Colm and Janet are out of the SO with access to much more freedom than they’ve enjoyed in decades.

    Regarding our past crimes and continuing resentments, all who contributed to the Co$ are personally responsible for the dollars and days we donated to the evolving evil that is the Co$. Even if we had never regged or FSMed or disseminated to others, our fear and silence turned us into models of self-delusion.

    When the scales finally tipped, we left — some noisily, some out the back door, and some still under the radar. We’re more clean and honest than we once were. With perseverance, we’ll become more clean and honest.

    Best wishes to us all,

    • Nice JM.

      I guess the truth is we all have dark days behind us. I sometimes feel past identities I once was and give a shudder in my present ethical standard.

      Then I realize that we all learn the rules of the game by breaking them in the ignorant self deluded state.

      Then at some point Dharma (duty, integrity, true purpose) takes over and becomes our refuge, our salvation, our most precious ethic, across all dynamics. And then the smiles on others faces becomes the motive for service.

      Because it is happiness itself…….forever.


  27. This is what you agree to every time you make a donation:

    “I understand that the purpose of the Association is to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard.

    I promise to abide by the rules, codes and policies of Scientology and I do not belong to or work for any hostile organization or group or any group that is dedicated to the harming of mankind.

    I understand that all donations will be used towards the protection of the Scientology religion and the fight for freedom for all mankind.

    I understand that donations to the IAS are not refundable.


    Do I detect lies?

    The donations are apparently used towards “the fight for freedom for all mankind.” Really?

    And does the Association actually “unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard”? Nope.

    So, if it were proven without a doubt that the IAS is NOT actually using the donations towards these purposes but only for the personal profit of a few, couldn’t we sue them? Couldn’t we initiate a class action?

    If the donations were obtained under false pretenses, and one could prove it, would the non refundable clause still apply?

    Is there a lawyer in the house?

    • Jean-François Genest

      Ironically, the “Church”, and the IAS by association, perpetrates these very overt transgressions:
      “I promise to abide by the rules, codes and policies of Scientology and I do not belong to or work for any hostile organization or group or any group that is dedicated to the harming of mankind.”

  28. Tomorrow starts another 3 days in Chichester Crown Court, Corruption is an evil hard to fight!!!!!

    • Marty PLEASE post for date stamp record.(trust me on this)

      First Day Chichester Crown Court on Appeai, VERY interesting, Big media presence for URI SANTOS, there are DIRECT connections, will advise later!!

  29. OK, this all the poetry and songs being posted I can’t help jumping in on the act. A few weeks ago someone from the ESMB suggested “It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Meltdown” as a starter, sung to the tune of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” I spent the next couple hours working on some lyrics. My latest revision follows. BTW, “mama bear” is a reference to Karen.


    It’s beginning to smell a lot like meltdown
    Davey’s head will roll
    First he tried with a pack of lies, pulling wool over eyes
    Then Tommy cries, “There isn’t any Hole!”

    It’s beginning to smell a lot like meltdown
    For the evil cult
    Because Karen won’t be appeased until Slappy’s on his knees
    And admits his fault!

    First there was Jefferson, Marty then Mike joined the party of people starting to leave
    Then Jason Beghe and Paul Haggis went stray, and the Cult said they were SPs
    All Hell broke loose as Debbie cooked the goose on New Year’s Eve!

    It’s beginning to smell a lot like meltdown
    For the little clown
    ‘Cause the mama bear is awake, and her cub she won’t forsake
    Now the dwarf goes down!

  30. When you are a member of an evil organization it is hard not to get into the spirit of abuse. This has been proven again and again over the history of man. I am not writing this to justify Janet’s actions, but so we can understand them. At the end, it was her protest of the use of funds that got her in trouble.

    After she has been in the hole for some years, she need time to destimulate. All we can do is let her know that we are here for her. We can help her destimulate, and when she is ready, provide her with a stage from which to say what she has to say.

  31. Great news that they are out. I noticed that most Independents are vets “of a certain age” who have seen the elephant and the truth and realized that things need to be corrected.

    I wonder what it would take to get the kids to wise up? Kids are not stupid, but they are naive. I know I was. I know in my case I would have gone through hell to ensure Scn lived – did, actually. However, there should be a way to deflect that energy to the correct cause, which is the ouster of Mr. David Miscavige and the restoration of the tech.

    Maybe a way to do this is to challenge their arrogance. Tell them they are weak and out of control of their own destiny because they are letting someone tell them what to think. Kids must accept dares. Dare them to take a look at the truth. Dare them to inspect. Dare them to prove that Scientology is actually doing what Dear Leader says it is. Dare them to ask.

    After all, being independent is better than smoking in showing how much of a rebel you truly are.

  32. I am so glad to hear that Janet is okay. I had the good fortune to meet her one time, and she really seemed like a wonderful person. Really glad to hear that she is alive and well and seems to be happy.

  33. And so, the organization has thrown away another two veterans who were essential pillars of the group. Good going, Davey. Keep destroying the best and brightest in your group. Must be a winning solution for you. You’ve been doing it for thirty years now.

  34. Marty,
    On a different note, I would like everyone to tune in to Brian William’s TV show this Thursday Aug 16th @ 10c, program on Narconon “scientology” causes of many death. This will be an interesting exposure of another Scientology crimes.

  35. Hi;
    I just had a thought, an old thought maybe, but new to me.

    We’ve all had many good friends in the CofS over the years, many if not most of them we’ve lost touch with over time, and over circumstances. It would be very nice if there was a central spot, maybe on this blog, or on Steve Hall’s website, where people could enquire about someone, and if anyone knows, or if later any one finds out about that person, they could respond. There are many dear friends in the CofS I’ve had over the last 40 years that I no longer have any comm with. I’d like to comm with them, see what they are up to, and maybe help them make the leap of faith if they are ready for it.

    I”ll start”

    Jordon and Gail Nagasaki of Maui circa 1980
    Lee David Lipton, with David Mayo,
    Jon Gerson, Las Vegas circa 1990
    Bill Warden LA circa 1990
    Shirley Navarre, LA – was mother in law to Heber I think …
    Dan Carnright, Ottawa
    Brian Seymour, Toronto
    Mario Maurice, Ottawa
    Anne Phanner (sp), ASHO F Qual sec, 1978

    -there are dozens more –


    • Jon Gerson died from diabetes phenomena, Warden I’ve looked for a lot and not found. Anne died, in the mid 90’s. I don’t think she was off post much before she dropped it! She was born in 1907 as I recall. Wish you well on your search. There are dozens of facebook groups, websites, forums, yahoo groups, google groups to post. I wouldn’t imagine here would be the right place. esmb has lots of traffic, and even though some of them are pretty cynical; they all want to help people connect. They have a forum there just for finding people.

      • Hi Dan;
        Thanks for the response and the links.
        How are you doing? You probably don’t remember me from the ‘old days’, but I remember you quite well.


    • Bob,

      It’s Jordon and Gail Nagasako…and they are living on Maui and doing fine as far as I know. I visited them 20 years ago and Jordon owns a fish mart. He’s actually Hawaiian royalty…his family goes back centuries. I am sure you can google them, she’s been involved in education on Maui for a LONG time and Jordon is a respected businessman.

  36. Confession; it was never a primary purpose, but I regged in the neighborhood of $500,000 for the IAS (best estimate), including several unethical financing scenarios in my initial false purpose enthusiasm late 80’s. I also regged millions of dollars out of the public for their Bridge, and sent many on a path that ended up giving hundreds of thousands more. While perhaps sooner than most, I saw the out (non-existent) exchange with the IAS by the early 90’s, and never gave nor regged another dime since, but I did a share of damage initially. I never claimed to be Little Lord Fauntleroy, but for all you victims, what exactly would you have me do?

    • Ronn S.- Live well, learn deep, serve others, accomplish the goal of your birth.

      Thank you for your post. It was real, it was beautiful.

      • +1

        And, Ronn S., your post proves, that this SP depends on honest people who want to help Scientology.
        Once you’ve seen that your actions are not serving the purpose of Scientology you have seized your power flows.
        It would be fantastic when more people cognite as fast as you did!

    • Dear Ronn S.,

      Beautiful post!
      Sane people are able to change and undo their mistakes.

      Even though I’m neither a victim nor a perpetrator, I think you may find some inspiration in Geir Isene (OT VIII) liability write-up.

      GI’s doubt write-up:
      GI’s liability write-up:

      • Again thanks Mabu, but i’ve done (albeit my own) liability many times. What does one do now, given no question or denial our overts? My point is ethics, tech, admin covers this, no? Indeed perhaps not 40 years on, completely, but we have only that, that and our own conscience.

        There is one tech and that is standard tech. There are other techs, but they are not standard tech.

        No one can tell me what to do, no one, any more than we can tell Colm and Janet what they must do, and that is my only point in it’s entirety, no matter how guilt free and Fauntleroy any of us may in fact, or fiction, be.

        • “No one can tell me what to do, no one, any more than we can tell Colm and Janet what they must do”
          Very true. One poster even suggested Janet repay the money to victims. Thats absurd. But they could advise folks on how to get refunds if that worked for them. Their conscience will be their guide and their responsibility level will also dictate what their liability formula contains. The more they can take responsibility, the deeper one goes in making amends and getting ethics change. But the timeline seems to point to the fact that until Janet realized here actions were off purpose and anti-survival, she may have felt she was serving her group in the best possible way. In that case, she is responsible for nothing but her own regrets. After that, she reportedly expressed disagreements and was sacked and punished. It does not seem to me that she willfully tried to hurt anyone. And that makes all the difference in the universe.

          • I’ve had a change of viewpoint while reading through the comments. I realized that my judgemental posting goes all the way back to the 70s L.A. Org staff days where the reges were the only ones to receive a respectable pay. Most of the staff lived in poverty.
            Flash forward some years to SO staff and again our crew were served rice and beans on a consistent basis even though we produced a fantastic product. The one time we were served artichokes at a meal, mine had a big bug in it! And if I remember correctly, reges were the exalted ones at all the PAC Orgs.
            I remember as well my mouse-infested berthing. Almost killed myself from breathing in the fumigation fumes.
            But today is today and we have a chance at a new life, free from all those past suppressions. And we are able to really help each other this time.
            I will certainly splurge in it and I hope you all will too.

        • Ronn,
          You make some good points. How do any of us make a fresh start? I guess the answer is that we are each making up for the damage done in our own way. And once one has accomplished that he/she will know it.

    • Li'll bit of stuff

      Ronn, thanks for sharing this, man. It will be cathartic
      for you, having let go of this, amongst us…..vwd!

    • Ronn, I do not believe in the necessity of public confessions, but I thank you for your open vulnerability. As you said, you have already completed your own ethics cycle and personal write-up, and now you are asking what others would have you do. How many times must one “confess” and to what public effect? Is not ethics a personal matter?

      The collective “we” are intent upon demanding public accountability from those who have engaged in all manner of abuses, but I am not convinced that such publicity helps anyone. Perhaps that is easy for me to say because I have never had any such experience with you personally, but I do not know how my life would be improved if any of my regges came to this blog and publicly “confessed their sins.” Does it help put the victim in a position of power to decide whether to forgive or demand amends?

      I feel rather uncomfortable at the prospect of being in a position of hearing another’s public confessions when they have been demanded by others.

      I hate that you feel you have to ask, “what would you have me do?” I do not want the implicit power over you that your question offers me.

      For me to even offer the suggestion, “go in peace and sin no more” assumes that I have any say at all in your personal process. Yet, if I do not comment at all, then I omit an acknowledgement of your heartfelt communication.

      Gah! I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t! So, howzabout I say, “Dude, um, let’s have a beer and watch the Olympics.”


      • I probably didn’t communicate my viewpoint very well, hard sometimes to put conceptually into writing. The point of asking what would you have me do, was addressed toward the comments some would have the Mclaughlin’s do. Ethics is indeed a personal thing until it moves over into justice. I have no way of knowing what they may need to do to handle a condition, or what they have already done. It seems a little too inspection before the facts to line them up for a firing squad.

        Now, about that beer!

    • Hi Ronn, I can tell you exactly what to do and what tech applies. You and me and basically everyone here was a member of the CoS for a time. Though we didn’t realize it fully at the time, we all saw outpoints on the way in, yet we ignored those outpoints in so doing we each violated not only our own personal integrity (leading eventually to personal tragedy and disaster) but also betrayed the trust of the 4th dynamic when we enthusiastically embraced the programs of David Miscavige and pushed them forward.

      The CoS, because it follows suppressive policies set by a suppressive person, is a suppressive group. While on the surface it justifies it’s actions by saying “it’s all in the name of moving people up the Bridge” in reality, it’s a gargantuan ethics blind spot. The CoS, by enforcing suppressive policy, causes it’s supporters to go PTS and hundreds if not thousands of them have died from heart attacks, accidents, cancers, other diseases and even a few murders. If that’s not real to anyone, than that person needs to raise their confront of evil because that is no exaggeration. It’s straight out of the PTS/SP materials. In the presence of suppression one makes mistakes and gets ill.

      So that makes me, you and everyone here a past member of a suppressive group. Great that we’ve all come to our senses and recanted. But for many the damage we did to the dynamics while we were in remains a source of personal degradation.

      What do you do after you were tricked into committing overts on the human race? You thought you were helping. You were lied to. But none of that excuses personal responsibility, BECAUSE it all began with that violation of personal integrity on the way in. We all saw outpoints from the get go but dismissed them against the overwhelming volume of rightness of the tech.

      Many people have asked people like us, “What happened that you finally woke up?” and the usual answer is, “I just finally came to my senses” and in all of LRH tech, there is only one place where he talks about that kind of thing: the steps A to E in the Ethics book: the steps for a suppressive person or group.

      You were never a suppressive person, of course. However everyone who supported DM programs was PTS, for sure. But because we implemented and enforced suppressive policy, that did make us part of a suppressive group. So these steps show you how to heal yourself.

      You must first understand it is the Church that is the suppressive group, not you. You were just a member. And once you get that firmly, it is pretty easy to see how the step apply.

      Step A is to cease committing suppressive actions so you can get a case gain. You did that the day you ceased supporting the CoS and decided to disconnect. It is interesting that everyone who has ever done that has noticed a resurgence in their spiritual well being (case gain).

      Step B is to publicly renounce your support and to expose any conspiracy and of course DM is the architect of it. So you publicly do that and gosh, will you feel great.

      B1. Is balance up the exchange factor. So if the SP Church ripped you off, you’d better not give them one more penny. But instead you might consider filing for a repayment or refund. They don’t deserve anything — they are a fraudulent organization and they do not deliver standard tech.

      B2. This is the step of amends. The last person you are going to consult is the IJC — that’s DM held from above. No, YOU are now wearing the hat of International Justice for yourself because the CoS has abdicated all hats. They aren’t wearing any hats, really. And when nobody wears a hat, it becomes everybody’s hat. That is straight LRH tech as regards hats. So you dream up what you want to do and get going. It is so incredibly fun and rewarding — you are fixing yourself and everyone involved. Pitch in! You are going to get everything back and more.

      C. This step is all about retraining. But let’s keep a perspective. The entire purpose of the Golden Age of Tech is to unmock auditors and unmock Scientologists by making everyone thing there is something you don’t know and it’s very hard. It’s false data! Spot it as false data and grab your hat back as an auditor and a Scientologist by using the tech to help others. The tech is for use. Any auditing is better than no auditing. Remember, you weren’t the squirrel here. The Church is the squirrel group. THEY departed Scientology not you. However no doubt you will have a good look at Scientology and against what you now know, reorient many aspects of the tech.

      D. Keep a note of these things and file them away yourself.

      E. At some point it will dawn on you that you are totally done. Congratulations! You’re free from the third dynamic engram and you have conquered DM’s effort to suppress, stop and unmock you.

      • And by the way, if some people are wondering why I continue to TR-3 the same message it is simply because I care. The weight of even inadvertent overts committed while in the CoS can kill. And hundreds have gone down that chute already. Me, I like to keep my friends alive and so I’m going to continue to point the way out for those to whom this applies.

        Another reason is that this is also the tech of how you unmock a suppressive group: get each person in it to apply the A to E steps. Each time a new person goes public and exposes DM’s suppression, each time someone embarks to make amends for the damage they caused to family and friends and society, another big wooden stake pierces DM’s heart. Personally, I just LOVE killing his empire and everything he represents. Can’t get enough of it.

        Mike Rinder will be first to tell you that the LRH handling for a suppressive group is to disband it.

        Okay. This is how it’s done.

        Oh, one other thing. If you examine what all of us are basically doing organically — most never even consulting these steps — it is these exact same steps. So the bottom line is, you are most likely doing these steps already. We all are.

        So they aren’t some contrived arbitrary steps, they are what anyone basically does in our shoes.

    • Is that all of that?? Thank you. Now, did anybody nearly find out about that? That’s what I want. Now answer the question, or we sit here for a while … I’m v-e-r-y patient and have nothing better to do. No MWH has ever gotten out of one of my sessions alive.

      • Oh there’s possibly more that could be said Carcha, but we’re not having a session herein, and again apparently my point wasn’t communicated clearly enough, or duplicated as intended.

      • Are you for real???? Take the rest of the day off!!!!!!

        • Li'll bit of stuff

          Clarification, newcomer –sarcasm! (the lowest form of wit!) Hey Ronn, you’ve been ack’ed, on so many
          levels, bro,’ but they all seem to say the same thing;
          “Thank you for sharing this!”

        • You ridicule my post? I’ve met people who like to ridicule others to look cool. I despise them for being vacuous punks.

          Since the mods allow this, I assume this is a reflection of your opinion as well. Maybe you’ve found a substitute for Miscavige. I knew you must miss him.

  37. Wow, unexpected response, but thanks Brian!

  38. Janet and Colm look so happy and healthy! I met Janet once on the ship in 1992. She looks 100% lighter and brighter now than she did then. I’m so happy for them both! Best to them, both!!

  39. Pardon my ignorance on this matter Marty but while it does my heart good to see them free and smiling could be the fact they have thus far not chosen to speak out be the fact that money possibly changed hands ?

    • Could be. But, if they read the history of the Cook case on this blog they will see that that doesn’t change a blessed thing.

  40. I was on the ship with Sharon, Colm, and Janet. I never knew Sharon before she had succumbed to the personality she is today. It’s pretty unfortunate.

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