Kevin Huvane and CAA Pimp for Scientology Inc.

Pick up your copy of the October edition of Vanity Fair tomorrow in New York and Los Angeles; and as soon as available elsewhere.  You are liable to learn how storied super agent Kevin Huvane from the all-powerful Creative Artists Agency (CAA) was coopted by Tom Cruise to do the not-so-above-boards bidding of his bff and Scientology Inc. supreme leader David Miscavige.  That is right, Hollywood’s biggest power brokers stifled Scientology Inc. criticism and facts of unlawful Scientology Inc. behavior from airing on at least one of the big three networks in America.  In the unlikely event CAA was simply too powerful and rough for VF to handle, stay tuned here because we will run with it if they do not.



62 responses to “Kevin Huvane and CAA Pimp for Scientology Inc.

  1. Marty,
    You are truly amazing. We are very fortunate to have you. When I got out of Scn Inc. I began to let myself look at things that they severely instruct members not to look at. Once I realized some of what was really going on my first thought was, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone like Tom Cruise realized what was going on and got out?”

    Well hopefully someone more respectable like Greta van Sustran or Chic Corea will get out and help spill the beans. I think DM’s downfall will be his attempt to tie the success of the CoS to Hollywood. It will be the thing that brings him down.

    • I am far from an expert on all of this blog, but in unsolicited response to your comment above, I can with complete honesty say – “For me, getting invovled in the Church of Scientology was one of the biggest overts I ever got in life” 🙂 I laugh as I say that, because of the actual truth in the statement. But , life must go on. 🙂

      • I hear you. I felt it necessary to write up what I knew and post it on FB. I had to come clean for forgiving and excusing horrible treatment of others when I left. All that family and all of those friends that I had defended the CoS to needed to hear it from me that I had known there were problems.

        It was quite cathartic for many.

    • I have been following this Scientology breakdown for the past few years, every since I noticed Tom Cruise needing constant media attention on every aspect of his life lived and owned. I wondered, despite his being an actor, what serious underlying emotional problems did Cruise have that required such profound need for constant public adoration. His behavior was so disturbing. When I read more about the Scientology cult tactics, I realized the hooks/techniques that snared Cruise into the fold. However, it does not explain why Cruise continues with the Scientology cult, knowing the serious harm it causes, other than, his nature, which, some could define as criminal, and, which seems to have no regard for human life other than for his own and his own family. There seems to be validity to both parts of the Scientology story: the cult and the religion.

      I understand Scientology when it is regarded by people as their religion. I see many aspects of other belief systems that created Scientology. It is just disturbing to me that its validity and authenticity is based in a man like Hubbard’s writings.

      I know that Scientology central engages in personal and relentless attacks on anyone that dares to criticize it. And, that is has a propensity to litigate for years against its detractors–a real concern.

      Nonetheless, I wondered. With so many former Scientologists being libeled by Scientology central (referring to the “cult” that is operated by David Miscavage), why isn’t there one class-action libel suit involving all of you who have been hurt? Why aren’t David Miscavage, Tom Cruise, and, others sued for racketeering–this is a mafia-like set-up, is it not? Or, misappropriation of funding considering its “religion” tax status? If the FBI has a history of backing off when Scientology central threatens endless lawsuits against it, what is being done to demand help for people presently behind the walls, suffering their loss of freedom, false imprisonment, kidnapping, etc.? Crimes of physical, mental, emotional abuse? Why not turn the tables on Scientology central? File endless lawsuits against it? Don’t lawsuits force the revealing of certain Scientology documents to prove an allegation? In this day and age, the ability to record real conversations of anyone/anywhere is obvious–why can’t this kind of evidence be gathered? Isn’t the FBI compelled to gather evidence if enough people come forward with allegations of Scientology crimes?

      There is so much anecdotal/hearsay (according to law) statements being “back and forth-ed” in the press these days, isn’t it time for people who have been seriously damaged to mount one or more legal attacks on Scientology central and be done with all this? And, in the meantime, save these people now suffering behind Scientology’s walls, but, who are so brainwashed, they cannot help themselves?

      I remain outraged that so many good people have been harmed by this Scientology central faction. I simply continue wondering, when will the war of words stop and the real war begin?

      • This is the real contest. If your proposed “war” – which Miscavige has offerred me on numerous occasions – were engaged in, the contest would have long since been lost.

        • Marty: Could you please expand on your comment? I’m not sure that I understand what you mean. Thx.

          • Marty is saying that filing a lawsuit about the abuses is the “war” Miscavige wants to fight as he can just throw money at it and hire dozens of lawyers (see the Headleys). The war he cannot win is the one that is being fought — in the court of public opinion.

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  3. Ah the spotlight of truth. Can’t wait to hear more about this one!

  4. How does the saying go? “Sunshine disenfects”? It also disempowers SP’s who use covert and immoral modus operandi.

  5. This article appeared on the SF Chronicle web site ( “Scientologists fight back over latest Vanity Fair drama”:

    What really gets me is this:

    “But, according to the spokesperson, Haggis is simply ‘attempting to grab headlines and falsely slander his former religion’.”

    Right… like an Academy Award winning director and screenwriter needs to get involved in this tabloid drama simply to “grab headlines”. He must be one of those “Bitter Defrocked Status-Obsessed Apostate” ex-members I keep hearing about.

    • They call that ‘fighting’? I call it grousing while they retreat with their tails between their legs.

      • They call them “Scientologists”? They certainly are throwing LRH and the name “Scientology” under the bus by repeatedly denying things which are obviously true. I guess they didn’t learn anything from Watergate – “It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up”. Unlike the Catholics or the Mormons, they’ll never reform as long as Miscavige is in power. (I hope I didn’t mix politics and religion too much in this post.)

        • Jethro, your right. Its not the crime, its the cover-up. A major PR rule is never to use lies. Its desperation. Though these auditions were indications of other serious issues such as misuse of resources and misuse of parishoners, in themselves they were relatively harmless from the public point of view. Perhaps they are embarrassing to some. Someones pride is being hurt. A secred agenda is exposed. Now they have set themselves up to be dead-agented again.Its one thing to not follow policy. Its another to do the reverse. But if its done with the tech, why not the admin.

      • I call it squeaking from under a 175-ton steamroller.

    • “This article appeared on the SF Chronicle web site ( “Scientologists fight back over latest Vanity Fair drama”:”

      Is that what the news media is still calling them, “Scientologists”? They couldn’t be more incorrect in that statement.

      Of course, calling any member of corporate Scientology a “Scientologist” is an extreme misnomer.

      “A misnomer is a word or term which suggests a meaning that is known to be wrong. Misnomers often arise because the thing named received its name long before its true nature was known.”

      The only Scientologists I know worth the name fully support the independent Scientology movement. A more appropriate statement by the news media would have been;

      “Lying cult-member propagandists of the false Scientology corporate scam fight back over latest Vanity Fair drama”

      The above would be a true statement.

      • My apology. Already discussed was the phrase “fight back”, which was not an adequate description of what the propagandists did. So my correction to a more accurate statement of what is, is …

        False statement: “Scientologists fight back over latest Vanity Fair drama”

        A much truer statement:

        “Lying cult-member propagandists of the false Scientology corporate scam stick their tongue out at the latest Vanity Fair drama.”

        There, I may have gotten it right this time.

      • The only Scientologists I know worth the name fully support the independent Scientology movement.

        A brilliant observation, Safe. As a corollary, it can also be said that those still remaining with the corporate church, and who are still flowing it power, are by definition, something other than a Scientologist.

        • Exactly, Ronnie. Whatever their beingness is now, it is not the beingness of a practitioner of Scientology. They only pretend to wear the hat of a Scientologist. They’ve lost their personal integrity. They’re in confusion with themselves, and they’re in treason to the subject of Scientology.

          Being PTS under Miscavige is not a legitimate excuse for them. Most have been taught the symptoms of PTS, and the characteristics of an SP, yet they are not applying that very tech. There is an utter failure to obnose. Even in the unlikely event they never learned this, their inborn human conscious would be their guide, IF they kept their personal integrity in.

          They’ve utterly failed to grasp what Freedom means. They live in a delusion they’re forwarding the progress of Humankind, when in fact they’re forwarding the corruption of Scientology, and the mental torture (sometimes physical torture and imprisonment) of their fellow brothers, along with impeding the growth of the promotion of Liberty, and Scientology technology to ALL.

          Whatever the members of the Church of Scientology are practicing, it surely is NOT Scientology. I’m still working on a word to accurately describe their beingness. Calling them a “corporate Scientologist” is too vague for me, and the very word “Scientologist” in this phrase is truly a misnomer. The best I can come up with for myself, at this point, is a “Miscavitologist”, an individual who has taken on the “winning” valence of David Miscavige.

    • Wow, DM, there certainly is no way to spin this, is there? The “representative” in the Chronicle story would have to have come from Int because those were the only people who knew this was going on. (Maybe the President at CC Int also, but they would not have known the whole story.) Working for DM on PR must be the easiest job in the world. All you have to do is deny everything again and again. Piece of cake.
      Memo to Dave: if they got Lance Armstrong, they will get you. In the end, he just gave up saying that his foundation was too important to keep fighting the allegations. Unlike Armstrong, however, you have nothing worthwhile to fall back on. Scotch is not a worthwhile pursuit to the degree you allegedly pursue it.

  6. There are some in the church reading this blog. Please do what you can in your own way to help stop the injustices.

    • The best thing that people inside the church can do to stop the injustices, is to put their Code of Honor hat on, and withdraw their allegiance from the criminal psychopath, Miscavige, and his corrupt organization. Even pretending to still be in accord with the organization is a continuous flow of power to those who are (and have been) destroying the church.

      • The people still in the church think that their allegiance is to a who as opposed to a what.

        • Sadly, I don’t think a lot of them are even up to the point of knowing what (or who) they hold allegiance to any longer. They’re simply trapped, and trying to keep their heads down.

          I don’t think I want to even imagine what it must be like to be a corporate churchie at this point. My viewpoint has shifted so much since leaving, that it seems like a strange and foreign world to me now.

          • Scott and Ronnie, good points. The MiscavigeGodigists have lost allegiance to their own personal integrity. That’s the “what”, IMO.

            “it seems like a strange and foreign world to me now.”

            Ronnie, my viewpoint has shifted much too, and their delusioned world looks like an Alice in Wonderland to me. They’re a group of people pretending to forward the progress of Humankind, and don’t know they’re pretending.

        • Well said Scott!

  7. Anyone in Office of Special Affairs getting sleep deprivation and battering with this “flap” and who has had enough, there is a “French Underground movement” where you can flee and arrive in a safe harbor with full support right across the USA. You can practically choose your state.
    As a first stop ~~
    I am located only walking distance from the Hollywood Guarantee Building !
    All escapees welcome……

  8. That’s disappointing that any of our major TV networks are being strong armed by CAA. They should call their bluff and “not negotiate with terrorists.”

  9. Thanks for all you do Marty!!
    It is too bad you are forced to play this game because TC doesn’t have the ethics to do the right thing.

  10. The ONLY way out of this for Tom Cruise is to tell the truth.

  11. Amen, amen.

  12. Mission Impossible = getting Tom Cruise’s ethics in.

    Easy money = offering professional assistance to help TC maintain a false public image despite his out ethics and inadequacies.

    Easy money – be willing to play the part of the pleased house wife publicly so TC can pretend he is a “real man”.

    Trouble = hang out with Miscavige and let him direct your life.

  13. Time to start making lots of noise about Shelly’s whereabouts. As Casting Director for the “Tom Needs a Vagina” Project, she knows the score. The necessary summons, subpoenas and search warrants need to be obtained in light of the preponderance of evidence.

    The position of Scn Inc is that she is busy working. Once located, she will be forced to play her hand; cover-up or spill the beans.

  14. Different subject: To inject a theta note, I would like to report that I just completed a wonderful review in the Independent field. The tech is magical when well applied with an intention to help. This could not have happened in the current Church (it is really sad to write that).

  15. I suspect VF UK is will be different to VF USA. Ah well, I expect there will be plenty of fall out on the Internet to follow. 🙂

  16. Li'll bit of stuff

    Kudos Marty!
    I like to take a peek into tomorrow, sans these individuals who
    are busy drowning in kool aid!. We will need to be mopping up
    for quite a while to come. It will be a busy time for sure, and
    there will need to be a “post miscavige” set of standard, trusted
    (LRH?) responses in the “holster” to handle the fresh waves of
    public confusion generated into being by the destructive dictator.
    Its all very well operating with the the present time situation, but
    let’s keep in view ” SANITY–the computation of FUTURES” LRH

    I believe we may need to do some intense work on a salvage
    program, specifically dealing with putting order into the DM
    destruction / confusion epoch. Key to this, may be your recently
    launched book “What Is Wrong With Scientology” as a basis of
    reference material. (Still awaiting the arrival of my ordered copy.)

    Any comments on this, Marty?

  17. A bit off topic but interesting nevertheless:
    The end of the tax exempt status of a foundation set up by the Church of Scientology in THE NETHERLANDS to fund its new building.
    The government of The Netherlands has declared that donations done to this foundation are no longer tax deductible. Earlier done donations will be taxed retroactively. This foundation will therefore get a levy on these donations.
    (From today’s newspapers.)

  18. Guardian UK OUCH!!- “How Tom Cruise became the biggest kook in entertainmentA forthcoming Vanity Fair article about the Scientologist movie star promises eye-popping revelations. It’s the final proof that he has become the new Michael Jackson”

    “Unlike Jackson, Cruise has never been accused of self-loathing or self-doubt. But it’s hard to imagine that this deeply ambitious man loves what he has become”

    Double OUCH!!

  19. another example of david miscaviage,punishing an australian women

  20. That’s it. This post has done it. I’m buying your book today. I need to show my support and this is so awesome. Good Morning America just started. After the fluff, first on the agenda. TOM CRUISE AND HOW HE MADE THIS WOMAN DO…….!

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