Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 11

9 responses to “Leah Remini and her Troublemakers, Part 11

  1. She’s thanking them for taking the attention off of her?! If Paulette didn’t want the attention on herself, why did she cooperate on a book with Ortega about her Scientology ‘ordeal’ all those years ago? That, obviously, brought attention to herself and her involvement with Scientology. Then to further compound the attention she goes on the show?

    Now perhaps I’m just being silly, but if you don’t want attention on yourself you wouldn’t cooperate with a book about yourself and what happened with Scientology; nor would you go on a show. She also attended a few book tour events with Ortega and other events. I don’t mean this as a dis towards her, as she seems to be a lovely lady; but wanting attention off her, said on a tv show, seems sort of weird. The script writer of Aftermath might wanna have someone check their work to insure it makes coherent sense.

    It seems Rinder has selective amnesia for ‘showtime’. I guess it might be easier for him to play that part, as it not only prolongs his screen time, it helps rewrite his history with Scientology. We already saw that with his version of what happened with his kids.

  2. Probably the main reason they had PC on was to pump Back Page Tony’s new book.

    In regards to Cooper herself. The fact is that the tiff between her and the GO made her a cause celeb of the ACM and her poorly written “Scandal of Scientology” a best seller in some circles.

    Truth be told there were better written exposes such as Kaufman’s Inside Scientology, Wallis’ Road to Total Freedom and Burroughs’ Ali Smiles. Yet for some strange reason the GO became fixated on Cooper.

    Could be that she was getting funding from the AFF which later financed the infamous CAN that had Jolly and Marg on its Board of Directors. Yes the seem people who created the False Memory Syndrome Foundation which spent much of its time defending pedophiles


    which brings us back to Back Page Tony defending the ostensible first amendment “right” to traffic in children and promote kiddie porn.

  3. Scientologists would not consider themselves to be irrational in any way. In fact they would consider themselves to be the most rational members of society. Watching these videos would allow them to believe they are considering both sides of the story. At this point in time the CoS would be more interested in retaining current members than recruiting new ones imo.

  4. In my opinion St. Micheal when he seized the reigns from Mary Sue actually ran multiple ops against various Scientology critics which made “Operation Freakout” merely child’s play (pun intentional) referring back to Alt Scientology War


    probably the reason he got away from it is because he redirected his covert actions against small time critics instead of the USG which is why I used to call OSA GO Lite meaning it had half the intellect but the same vindictiveness with Mike at the helm.

  5. β€œYet for some strange reason the GO became fixated on Cooper.”

    Marty states the likely reason in his book *Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior*:

    β€œThe GO had compiled pretty convincing dossiers on a vast U.S. government and private agency conspiracy to destroy L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics and Scientology. They had also obtained documents that indicated Paulette Cooper was a long-standing operative of the American Medical Association, part of its three decade mission to discredit Hubbard and take down Scientology.” (p. 150)

  6. Well, now Mike Rinder calls me “stupid” because I commented that the CoS wants Marty “forgotten”. My point was, the videos are at best a Trojan Horse to them, if the CoS uses them and promotes Marty tpo their own flocks by using them, because Marty has got more negative information about the CoS posted on his blog than anyone else. And he has a sidebar with over 30 media links most of them videos and interviews with CoS arch enemies like Ursula Caberta. All of that material is still up. To the extent CoS resurrects Marty Rathbun to Church scientologists, it risks them seeing his blog.
    I used “forgotten” although “deleted” would also work. They took him out of their publications removed his pghotos anfrom videos, and of course no longer acknowledge his role in helping Miscavige get the Tax exemption.
    Mike sure does seem touchy on the subject.

  7. Thanx Marildi some good background πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

  8. Valkov,

    We both know the technical reason why Micky is so “touchy”.

    You got off easy being labeled “stupid” . I was labeled a “Conspiracy Theorist” (I mean who else does that?….hmmm…never mind.) and thrown off his blog for questioning his sacred view of past events by asking for dox to back it up.

  9. It just surprised me a little, given how he usually tries to present himself as urbanely well-mannered. That’s what struck as meaning he’s touchy on the subject of Marty and the videos, or just on the subject of Marty. I noticed he doesn’t have any of Marty’s books on his recommended reading list, in the sidebar of his blog.

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