Daily Archives: August 11, 2017


The video excerpts I have posted since 6 June 2017 were selected for specific purposes. First, to educate the educable. Second, to survey the reaction from the hate group also known as ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult) when it is fed but a tiny dose of its own medicine, albeit in a far more reasonable, rational and truthful fashion than it has ever administered it.

The ASC’s responses on whole have served to corroborate the central messages I have posted about (and talked about in the recent video excerpts) over the past year and one half. From the troika on down it has been a seething cluster of mimicry of the behavior that ASC claims it is its solemn duty to expose about Scientology.  While its reality tv stars continue to profit on accusations that Scientology censors unfavorable outside information, ASC’s leading lights went to the mattresses to keep its flock from watching the videos posted on this site.

I know my views have long-since become anathema to ASC members and that its hijinks are far more popular generally than any ideas I have shared. That is fine by me. After all, trolling, cyber bullying, tribalizing, marginalizing, and even opioid abuse too have become very popular of late.