The video excerpts I have posted since 6 June 2017 were selected for specific purposes. First, to educate the educable. Second, to survey the reaction from the hate group also known as ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult) when it is fed but a tiny dose of its own medicine, albeit in a far more reasonable, rational and truthful fashion than it has ever administered it.

The ASC’s responses on whole have served to corroborate the central messages I have posted about (and talked about in the recent video excerpts) over the past year and one half. From the troika on down it has been a seething cluster of mimicry of the behavior that ASC claims it is its solemn duty to expose about Scientology.  While its reality tv stars continue to profit on accusations that Scientology censors unfavorable outside information, ASC’s leading lights went to the mattresses to keep its flock from watching the videos posted on this site.

I know my views have long-since become anathema to ASC members and that its hijinks are far more popular generally than any ideas I have shared. That is fine by me. After all, trolling, cyber bullying, tribalizing, marginalizing, and even opioid abuse too have become very popular of late.

29 responses to “Reactions

  1. “From the troika on down it has been a seething cluster of mimicry of the behavior that ASC claims it is its solemn duty to expose about Scientology.”

    The word they use for church members fits the ASC itself – sheeple.

  2. “After all, trolling, cyber bullying, tribalizing, marginalizing, and even opioid abuse too have become very popular of late.”

    That says it all in a single line – a pithy summation.

  3. morelivesthanacat

    Thanks Marty, Yes it is obvious from the small number of comments that the ASC gang and company have decided that you’re a traitor or some such. I didn’t read Wright’s book (not interested), but did see the movie. At the time I thought it was pretty good. I saw one episode of Aftermath and thought likewise. But still wasn’t interested enough to watch any more. I did continue to follow Mike and Ortega, but when I started watching these videos that all changed. Don’t know if you remember me or not, but at least I’m pretty familiar with the cast of characters more than most who comment on these blogs. Admittedly, like most, I was somewhat suspicious about what you were up to and why. But it started becoming very clear that you were true to the name of your blog. While ASC and the others went full circle and became what they attacked, you kept things in perspective, even if that perspective changed over time to be more accurate as you studied related material and matters. Anyway, aside from all that, what this series did for me was to crystallize the whole idea of Fake News and how it is made. This adventure of yours is a microcosm of the entire world wide media network and was very educational in that regard. It’s all narrative driven and not much to do with truth or real reporting (if it ever was). I suppose things like Wikileaks (real docs without commentary) is about the only thing left in the world that represents actual reporting of news. But then one has to read and understand it which seems to be too much trouble for most. The fact that people seem to want everything explained to them by people in whose ideology they believe is a sad commentary on the sad state of current international affairs. I hope that wasn’t the end of the videos. I was enjoying them.

  4. Org-rat 1003

    For someone like me, who was born into Scientology, you and your life and the things you have suffered have given you a kind of heroic consequence in my eyes so to speak so things having changed now I can’t have that anymore and I feel sad. “O, what a noble mind is here o’er thrown”, says Ophelia.This is about the worst sentiment I have felt about you (despite my sarcky comments), and it has got nothing to do with hatred.

  5. Looks like Rinder and the gang have gone into full spin mode over at his blog.

    After spending months churning up hatred to the Church of Scientology prior to Remini releasing her book take absolutely no responsibility for one of their adherents driving a car through the front window of an org.

    An incident already connected to Back Page Tony’s constant rantings and acting as an unofficial publicist on her behalf.

    Rinder also says he never called for an investigation into Scientology when he and many others in the ASC clamoring for it for years.

    Read it for yourself folks:

  6. It has been an amazing journey since I joined this blog back in about 2008 at the beginning. It continues in that nascent tradition. What I look at now is the transformations possible through open information, open debate and the insightful information from the members of this blog. Since 1989, I have been getting out of Scientology and observing the pain of many former members. It cannot be denied that some feel that there is good in Scientology while others want it eliminated now. The twists and turns of the basis of the religion are indeed subtle and based on ancient sources. It is classified as a religion in the United States only because it rests on Western interpretations of Eastern culture. Thus the flow of the religion into the history books is postponed. It feels like punching a giant sandbag.

  7. I love Marty’s appropriate use of the word “cluster” in the videos.

    Here’s the problem with nameless trolls. What happens when we misidentify the source of an opinion or assume an opinion can exist independently of a source out there in space somewhere?

  8. You sly dog, you. Saw you on TV last week. The camera is good to you.

  9. Wow, that is so well said. I feel the same on every point you made.

  10. This has been an enlightening journey. In the category of ‘Problems of Comparable Magnitude’ a well-known Leader of a different religion addressed the issue of unethical teachers in its tradition. His statement was basically ( that when a teacher commits ethical misconduct and disregards …. ethics, students should make the misconduct public.

    Can you imagine DM being as open and transparent?

  11. What are your views on current official Scientology?

  12. New York New York

    Let’s all not forget that Mike Rinder was the OSA boss for decades. Remini’s call for investigation might open a closet with Mike Rinder’s skeletons.

  13. It’s commonly expressed and accepted on the blogs that sea org personnel are slaves and often suggested that “the government” should step in and free them. I recall a youtube video where well dressed and groomed sea org people were walking down a sidewalk two by two while some idiot was filming them and saying epithets at them. I wonder what would happen if he tried that at a mosque or synagogue.

  14. I will probably never be part of a group that has a destructive purpose. The side effects are too mentally and spiritually debilitating.

  15. We need someone or something to tell us what things mean and how we should think. When the fire alarm goes off do you look for the exits or do you look at what others are doing? I think most people look at others. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just instinct.

    So you had a group of people who had been letting the Church fill this role, or telling them what everything means, and they left apparently in a lump. I wouldn’t call it a mass exodus, but there seemed to be a group of people who responded to The Truth Rundown, Marty’s blog, etc. That became the new thing telling them what to think. Then, it evolved and newer “opinion leaders” offered other paths.

    I guess where I’m at is evaluating what I really think about all this. What I think, not Tony Ortega or Marty Rathbun. That process that probably came about, or started from my Grades which I did outside the Church has led me to be more accepting of and able to fully understand other viewpoints while not being locked into them unless they are truly my own.

    I’m trying to be more aware of things like confirmation bias and different types of illogic and what brings them about. You can be illogical and fight and do all those fun things, but you should be aware of it, aware of the mechanics of it and how to stop or start doing it at will.

    Ok, I’m unhappy with the Church so I’m going to join this fun game of being against the church. Well, whats the price of admission? What uniform do I have to wear? What are the rules?

    So, really what these all add up to are restrictions on my thought and actions right? I can’t say certain things. My thoughts and communication have to push the ball down the field towards that goal “fighting the Church and Miscavige”.

    I just don’t feel like doing that right now. I apologize to the guys on that team for letting them down. I understand that they have to disconnect from me and label me an enemy of the cause. Those are the rules.

  16. Irony of ironies is that most of the egregious actions taken by OSA where done under his watch.

  17. Marty, the only comment I have to say about all of this is Hypocrisy appears to be one of Man’s most common traits. It isn’t limited to individuals. Following close behind are blindness and gullibility. Best of luck to the humans on Earth.

  18. ~Official~ Scientology is and has always been found in the books, references and lectures by L. Ron Hubbard.

    I’ve been asked by others what Marty’s current views are regarding the Church of Scientology.

  19. “From the troika on down, it has been a seething cluster of mimicry of the behavior that ASC claims it is its solemn duty to expose about Scientology.”

    Osama Bin Laden worked for George Bush Sr. when he was running the C.I.A.. In fact, he was trained under Bush. The Bush Sr. betrayed him and his people Which is why 9/11 happened on his son’s watch. They hated all Americans.

    For every moment the ASC commanding officers spend generating ill will and steering people into hating Scientologists as a general rule, someone somewhere is convincing people to hate them as a general rule also.

    These people used to disturb me, but not anymore. I am happy they reveal themselves. Earth is where you are sent to find out who you really are. But finding out who they really are is a kind of relief.

    But their behavior is akin to the people declaring Americans fair game and the outcome of the 9/11 they most likely found impressive. But I am starting to love it when people reveal themselves. It is actually a very good thing, and it matters.

  20. Above I call the dude an idiot. Maybe he thought he was being helpful in some way. Unlikely but possible. I shall never ever be judgmental again. So say I. (joke)

    There might be a desire for “resolution” in this theater which has its pitfalls.

  21. p.s. There is no one “good” side, anywhere. Not Leah, not you Marty, certainly not DM. What there is are the games. Pick the game that attracts you, pick your favorite player and fight to the death for that. Or if death frightens you, then just make a lot of noise against the side/players you didn’t choose. Isn’t that the bigger part of how each game we’ve seen here on Earth so far is played? That’s it for me. Good luck with all your games people. Hope it turns out well for you all. 🙂

  22. “From the troika on down, it has been a seething cluster of mimicry of the behavior that ASC claims it is its solemn duty to expose about Scientology.”

    Complete with its own Jenny Linson. AKA Leah Remini.

  23. In the game of life, there isn’t a lot of choice with regard to “picking sides.” Even great masters like the Dalai Lama do so, although sworn to non-violence. It’s a matter of taking responsibility – up until mankind has risen above egoic consciousness and polarities.

  24. There are good sides everywhere. Assigning all of this theater as a game and all bad, is a blanket declare. If it is to you, not a problem.

    I have an issue with injustice and ethnic cleansing. A few other issues too. Not even connected to Scientology. Connected to humanity. These people are human beings and I do not dehumanize them under some blanket banner. They all have responsibilities as humans. We ARE ALL ON THE SAME SIDE as human beings. This obvious glaring truth is really getting missed by a few people. How? I could not tell you.

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Martin Niemöller

    For the record, I spoke out. And so did Marty, and others.

    This is not some petty game. It is humanity and it matters.

  25. Dear Oracle, to correct your misduplication of what my original comment said? “There is no ONE good side……” Get it? 🙂

  26. The Widows Son

    I have not been watching the recent videos. Just sort of done with it. I like Marty. If someone does not, I don’t care. If they do not like me because I like Marty, I don’t care. Shrug it off, its noise, Laughable in that its so sad. Same for Mike Rinder. I like Mike. I need to close my eyes and get centered. Be at peace. Most folks do well by that. We each can be right without needing to make others wrong. ASC, anti-ASC. Oh please. Enough. Whatever value there was in either side making their points have been over-run in my opinion. We need to let some light in. Close your eyes. Be still and know. Best wishes to you all.

  27. Very well said. I think the same way, if we could all just be here together without needing to put down others based on what they believe this world would be a better place. Unfortunately, we are who we are and history has shown time and time again that we are either on one side or the other on many things. And woe to you if you are on the wrong side……

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