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How the FBI Investigation Tanked

The purported import of the headline story in Monday’s Tampa Bay Times is that it tells how the FBI investigation into David Miscavige went belly up.   While the story pretty accurately chronicles parts of the FBI’s human trafficking investigation into David … Continue reading

Miscavige Subject of FBI Investigation

Human Rights abuses directed by David Miscavige are the subject of an FBI investigation, according to The New Yorker magazine.   See details on this morning’s NBC Today show:

Suppressed – The Hole and the FBI

Despite millions of dollars of legal threats, propaganda and creepy investigations directed to shudder them in to silence, Joe Childs and Tom Tobin of the Tampa Bay Times are still at it.   Their new series includes video interviews of … Continue reading

The FBI and Scientology Inc

Tony Ortega at the Village Voice published an interesting story on the spiking of the FBI investigation into David Miscavige, supreme leader of Scientology Inc’s human trafficking operation. If someone wants to really understand how Scientology Inc is able to … Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige

Haydn James submitted an article published below that draws many parallels between media king Rupert Murdoch and squirrel king David Miscavige. Here are a few things to take into consideration when reading Haydn’s piece. Rupert Murdoch cut his teeth on … Continue reading

The Road We Must Travel

As of this writing the petition to the White House to investigate the Department of Justice’s cover up of the ongoing crimes of David Miscavige contains 3,702 signatures.   I haven’t campaigned actively on the issue even though I have … Continue reading

Plant or Vegetable?

Below is a public announcement by a recently reaccredited Radical Scientologist.  It has been widely circulated around the Southern San Francisco Bay Area.   Susan Lewis was accepted back into the Radical Scientology community only after blowing the whistle on every … Continue reading

Human Rights – Miscavige’s Response

I am posting Miscavige’s immediate knee-jerk response to my post last night, Human Rights Cover Up.  This is being issued on all OSA Indy Ops Unit lines. I could write a five page analysis, but I am confident that  due … Continue reading

More On Fed Probe into Miscavige

The St Petersburg Times has published a story based on the interviews of several folks who met with the FBI agents looking into Miscavige and co. Mike Rinder pointed out yesterday the absurdity of the Sgt Shultz response of … Continue reading

Corporate Scientology Targets South Park

The following internal Corporate Scientology memorandum is being published as part of a series that exposes the standard operating pattern and methodologies of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA – the harassment and terror network of Corporate Scientology).   Hubbard once … Continue reading