I was a member of the Sea Organization for twenty-seven years. I learned how to audit and troubleshoot virtually any technical problem at every level of Scientology. For years prior to leaving the Church I was regularly called upon by its top-ranking members to resolve its toughest and, in many instances, most high profile cases.

Having dug myself out of the dark pit where many who leave the Church land, I began lending a hand to others similarly situated.

A lot of folks seem to be suffering from the inculcated idea that once they depart or cease to slavishly follow every arbitrary dictate they automatically forfeit any spiritual gains they may have attained along the road. Natively conscientious as most beings are, such an evaluation can begin a pernicious dwindlng spiral of self-invalidation and unhappiness.

I understand this phenomenon and the internal dichotomies extant within the organization that bring it about. In the process of reversing the decline in myself and in others certain lessons were learned that might be of some assistance to those who have experienced the same.

I offer a simple program of rehabilitation of previously recognized abilities and education on universal truths and principles of spiritual growth. I do not offer a substitute for Scientology nor am in competition with the Church. I am only offering to share all the skills I have learned – from a wide variety of sources – to help those in need who once formally participated in Scientology but who now hold no hope nor intention of ever seeking help from the Church.

My services cost whatever you think they are worth, within your means, after completion. I ask that you pay me one-half of whatever you determine that value to be when you head back home. Then, if after a month you believe your original estimation was correct you can send me the other half, or not. It is entirely up to you.

For reservations: rathbunmark57@gmail.com


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  1. You are awesome Marty. I wish you much success. If you ever come to WA state, come visit us.

    • martyrathbun09

      Hey Anita. Best of luck in the great north west.

      • Where is Isabella Cruise? I have read that Tom used media to spin that she wanted to join sea org to be with boyfriend. Also read that Tom secretly has her at Sea org so she won’t speak and and A wall on Scientology. Could he really be this evil? Marty please investigate this and if there is any truth then please expose it so this abuse will end. Some one who cares very much for all held against their will and abused in this horrific cult. Thank you for all you do Marty!

      • By the way love all your books!

      • nicole caffrey

        Hi Marty, my name is Nicole & I am a 3rd year university student in Newcastle, England! I am doing my dissertation on cults, and looking at Scientology as a new age cult! I just wanted to ask about the legal case between the church and Cynthia Kisser was another way to empower Miscavage?

        btw just watched the film “going clear” – its incredible but disturbing at the same time how messed up the church is!

        Anyways i hope you can get back to me!
        Many thanks, Nicole!

    • Hello I have just watch the broadcast on our Channel 4 here in england about your choice to leave the church of scientology, as an individual i would like to think you should be free to believe in what you as a person want to.
      I cannot say that i know anything about the beliefs of scientology, but it seems the church side of this belief are only interested in money, power through mass peer pressure, and corruption in my opinion.
      I wish you and your partner all the best in what you believe in, may you be happy in all that you do.



  2. I am glad I found your site. I was never on staff, and didn’t get a lot of auditing, (good I guess), but it really makes me feel warm inside to know that you are out there with your valuable knowledge and help.
    I wish you affluence in all you do!
    If you ever come near Victorville CA, stop in and say Hi!!

  3. Hi Marty,
    I don’t believe we ever spoke to each other but I knew who you were by sight. August 89, I left the SO from Int. DM’s hazing antics were just beginning on the crew, even back then and scared the living s….t out of me, so I left! I got back on lines in Sac in 1993, thinking I was far enough afield to be out of this guy’s influence. Ha!
    By a series of events starting about 6 weeks ago, I was apprised of what has been going on since I left in 1989. I was astounded. After much agonizing soul searching I decided to leave the C of S. I haven’t been back since. I just listened to your entire interview on TampaBay.com. Well done and thank you thank you thank you!
    Would you please contact me via my email address. I would like to speak to you about John McGinley.

  4. Great to see you out and about.

    Wishing you every success and further movement up the bridge!

  5. http://www.casp.net/cases/calcases.html

    Marty, you may want to consider this–I know a lawyer who specializes in anti-SLAPP lawsuits.

  6. I am the sister of Becky Hay ( formerly Becky Pook) who was in SCN and OSA for 38 years. I am currently taking care of her. Do you have any idea what was done to her? She is with me, out and safe but we need help. She is very wounded. ANY information would be very helpful.

    • I’ll email you.

      • James Mortland

        Hi Marty,

        What is your view of how to deal with succession on the 3D to honestly detect and prevent an Enrique Evil from getting in charge (or becoming one)? The old adage: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What would be our answer to someone who said, if it weren’t Dave it would be someone else. I don’t know much you knew of computer advices and the intent that LRH had for it to say: “I have the watch”. But the whole INCOMM strat withthe Duke of Chug — a computer programmed on policy totally — with no fifth column (i.e. Reactive Mind) to undermine the policy. I recall the first problem with creating Chug in 1982 when Foster (the Computer I/C pretended to be the computer and alerted to Mike Rinder (then WDC FSO) to send Celia Patrick to INCOMM or he would be removed – by the computer. I was Ray’s O/O so was working with Mike on replacing Celia at FSO. Then this “Computer notification” comes out. Mike may recall that. My question, again though, is with each of us to greater or lesser degress having a reactive mind, how do you deal with succession? Jim

    • Hi Deborah,

      I just read about your note re Becky. All I will say here is that we know each other and I know of her little red sports car. Can we somehow get in touch please.

      an ex

  7. omg… please help us get out daughter out of La sea-org… she has been there since she was barely 16… 9 years ago we have had no contact for 6 years..
    her name is SAVANNAH LARSON…

    • Well respected team putting together a new docu- series. Seeking survivors or families containing current members to tell their story and educate the public. Offering help reconnecting with loved ones as well as support. If interested please reply an we will figure out how to connect

  8. Dear Mark,
    I am very sorry to hear that you left the church; I admired you and had you in high steem, but things have changed.

    I know for a fact that some things are not right within the church but LRH entrusted us to make them right and you failed at it.

    I thought you´d be stronger and help the good guys correct the bad things. But much to me regret you were weak and bailed.

    I wish you success in your game but you know you belong in the major leagues and so I hope some day you come to your senses and get back into the real game, and doing good things where it really counts.

    ARC, Your friend

    • Pedro, consider this from Orwell’s 1984:
      We’ll be here for you when you come to your senses.

    • Pedro,
      I don’t know how old you are, but I spent 30 years of my life believing as you did. Actually, 20+, as after 13, David Misvavige arrived on the scene–and *tons* of people left C of M, getting what an utter disaster it was, and was going to remain being. That was in 1982.
      I escaped out in 2000, after YEARS of talking with the “executives”, writing
      “DM” letters trying to tell him “OT 7 doesn’t work” among other things.

      I could go on, but the point is—please do not waste your life.
      What you are looking for IS out here, not in with the few “True
      believers” Inside. How can you tell? Ask them if they mind if you
      read both sides?

      I can say, “Read, look, listen make up your *own* mind.”
      They cannot.

      There answers any question you may have.

      My best,


    • Wow – Pedro – you still in drinking the kool aid? It is 2014!!

      That was not nice to say – you had no idea what Marty has been through!!

      I hope you woke up and came to your senses and left the cult!

  9. Hi Marty,
    I emailed you a few days ago, but I think maybe I didn’t write it correctly. I’ve been in Scientology for 38 years, finished Solo I a few years ago and after 3 intensives in the Preps HGC I decided that perhaps someone wasn’t listening to me.

    Anyway, I haven’t been back since and I feel a lot better. Could you please send any info on the definition of a floating needle being changed? I’m very interested.


  10. I love the new picture!

  11. Marty,

    I’m starting to pass along your site to a few formers who have been out of the info loop as to what’s happening with the church.

    On the other blogging sites of former members, off to the right side of the page is an “Archive” category that allows one to go back month-by-month, start from the very first posting and come forward to the present ones. It’s a great way to see how the blogger has progressed rather than start from the most current one and work back. Many times a reference is made to an earlier posting.

    So, I’m just asking…..can you add this archive finding by month feature to your great site? I’m being a little selfish here as well ’cause it’s been a pain in the rear to have to go to the “older entries” link at the very bottom left of each page just to get back to your first post!! Thanks for considering.

    • Mickey,
      Thanks. I started to organize a bit by categories. Let me finish that over the next several days and tell me how that works. The categories will be over to the right hand side. Then you can pretty easily get those in date sequence.

  12. Thanks Marty….I saw your categories. For me anyway, the categories are OK, but would not be my first choice if I wished to go back in archives because how would I know with accuracy in which category an article had I read might be? Also, many times I’ll want to go to previous months and see if there was a post I might have missed if I am following and reading a blog.

    If you check out what Geir has done with his archive category, it uses a pull down menu showing the monthly options, rather than taking up real estate on the page by listing them outright.

    Perhaps offering both a Category and Archive option would be the best idea!!

  13. Hey,
    I left in 1982 after finance police abuses. I am pretty much de-prorammed by now after 17 active yrs inside. Do you have a team with you to help you help others, like case supervisors etc from the freezone? I mean I had purchased LOTS of processing at Flag etc. Certain charges that get originated are just stonewalled as settin up too much of a security breach.

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  15. I love the rotation of pictures (your wife is stunning), as it gives us a little more insight to your new world.

  16. I read the rundown on your self guided training. Anyone who can do the meter dating drill flawlessly I’m ready to worship as a god. I enjoyed your approach to training on your own terms. I think my gradient was skipped somewhere around listen style auditing without a meter or maybe comfortably being in a room with another person.

  17. Dear Mark,
    As a 30+ year Scientologist, and a former S.O. member of 10 years, I am finding this data you are putting out quite interesting. I had seen the Anonymous crap and bagged that as the garbage it is, but then a fellow Scientologist sent me this link and I was amazed. I want the church mgmt sorted out and back on track. I am fed up with the constant fund raising however the Ideal Orgs make sense long term. But this latest OTC order to get public to Flag for Grades (Christ!!) – what a sham. I hope somehow you and others like you (NOT anti-Scn) can cause enough havoc that some inside will get the message and (inside) cause a handling that will not only resolve the bad PR we now see, but produce an Amnesty for those that were erroneously ousted.
    On another note: since you seem to have good connections, can you find out (1) where Pat Broeker or and get from him what actually happened when LRH died and if LRH put a/g in writing re his successor, (2) what is happening with Debbie Cook, former CO FLB, and (3) what happened that caused DM’s older brother to route off staff? Lastly, I saw the picture of you with Rinder and Koon, but noticeably DeVocht is absent – any reason for that. And lastly, what will it take for someone as “known” as Mithoff, LeServe, Yager or Starkey to come out and make some noise. I read all this “beating” stuff and while it seems credible, since so many have attested to it, it is still hard to fathom. So I have to believe that if it is all that bad, that someone will finally do something effective inside to get it resolved. Afterall, it seems that DM just took over and ousted Broeker who has dissappeared from sight.

  18. I just had to say, that I really like your secret happy face on the right side of the blog. =)

  19. LOL Christie. I never noticed that before.

  20. Michael Henderson

    Marty, I support your efforts to expose what is happening within the CofS. After 35 years in, and working myself up to OT 8, Flag trained Class IV, and IAS Patron , I went back into the Sea Org briefly at FSO in 2005. The feel had changed so much, and the organization seemed intent on grinding people up and spittting them out. My wife and I left within 4 months. We were secretly declared, quietly. After voluntarily disconnecting from my SP declared father for 4 years, starting in 2001, I reconnected, and enjoyed a normal relationship with him once again until his death in 2007. Since 2005, I have had no comm from my brother, 4 sisters, Mother, 22 nieces and nephews. I told my story to whoever would listen. Then, Chuck Beatty introduced me to John Sweeney of the BBC, and to date that episode in which we appeared has been viewed by over 7 million people. The Truth Rundown will have more than ripple effect. It is more like a tidal wave. You and the ‘collection of lunatics’ you were able to ‘gather and brainwash’ are having a huge effect on the reign of terror DM has been conducting. Paul Haggis has made a bold, courageous stand. I admire his principles. I, too had many gay Scientologist friends who made case gain and were friends despite sexual preference. At the end of his lifetime, LRH realized homosexuality would only be addressed successfully after resolution of the pre-OT case, and application of advanced OT levels. The reference, although it does not address homosexuality directly, is “The Nature of a Being”. Sex is mostly a non-factor before that. Keep doing what you are doing. I can’t wait for the next chapter to be written.

  21. You are an elegant writer. Your style and form are so wonderful to read that you make complicated multifaceted concepts easily digestible. Thank you for your insights. I’ve never been in the church but find your experiences and insights useful anyway in my own search for truth and happiness.

  22. Marty,
    I don’t think you realize how amazing you are just yet. Please keep going with your feelings and don’t be afraid to search deeper than you have already done.

  23. Mr Rathbun, I am glad that you got out of the Co$ still healthy.

    I hope sometime in the future you can take the additional step to realise that Scientology is bunk – the problems with the Co$ are not due to bad management, or failure to KSW or application of incorrect tech. The whole thing is built on lies and Hubbard’s fantasies.

  24. Marty… wanted to say thanks so much…
    I’m sure your blog is one of the reasons Nate got a phone call from his daughter Savannah Larson last night..
    (la-org for 9 years no physical contact for 6 years)
    she tells us she should be getting some time off in November…. FINALLY…….
    all out love
    nate and mona
    ps..we may not agree with everything you believe…
    but you are still a hero in our eyes….

  25. Hi Marty!

    I know you don’t remember me; but, I do remember you. I have always considered you to be one of the most ethical Beings I have ever met.

    I second the comments from “Observertyler”. I have wondered where Debbie Cook, Mike Rinder, Ray Mithoff and many of the people I came to trust and care about as Execs went. As well as how the heck they are doing.

    I happened onto Amy’s video and was amazed. I had always felt that something was not right at Int and there it was. I knew Matt very well and remember Amy from when she first got to Flag. I had wondered where she had gone.

    After I routed out of the SO, I lost contact with everyone at Flag – just cut all ties even though I still miss many of them. 20+ years in the SO and I know full well the horror stories and some of them I experienced myself.

    I was black-balled; and from what I can tell, was considered NCG. Who the hell knows or even cares anyway?

    Please email me.

    Please note that I still KNOW the truths and tenets of Scientology to be TRUE beyond any question. My problem was and has always been with Mangement (or should I say mis-management) that I kept being faced with.

    Management using threats and creating a situation whereby control is gained through fear is not management – it is Fascism.

    And you can forward to Amy this addendum:
    The stats started falling in the ’80’s on an Int level simply because “Ron’s brand of Scientology” was not being applied. The greenback became more important than helping salvage Beings and salve the wounds of Man. “You can fool some of the people some of the time… “. Nothing could be done to correct the situation as “Napoloen” could not be ousted from the throne.

  26. Hi Marty,

    I left Int Base in 1991, routed out on some clean up of staff on base. I have been reading the St Pete Times interviews and your blog. To say that I am in utter shock is an understatement….I know what you and others say to be true, as it was just starting during my time there. I have always had a deep respect for you and recent events have not diminished that in any way. Thank you for speaking up. Here is hoping and praying that this mess gets cleaned up and help is gotten to those who still need it.
    Thanks again, my best to you 😉

  27. it’s so nice to have a site where ex-scn’s are not dramatizing their missed withholds! Long live LRH.

  28. Marty, is that a Shiba-Inu I saw you with on your rowboat? my husband caught that first thing on the Nightline interview.

  29. I’m an outsider looking in and the whole thing is spooky.

    I watched the BBC and Nightline reports and it was an eye opener.

    I see several of the top people have left but they have manipulation down pretty well.

    Their Behavior in the reports especially the BBC report is actually hurting them.

    Do they not see that or are they that fouled up?

    What will the head guy do if the defections continue?

    He doesn’t seem to wired all that tight.

    Any chance this guy goes Jim Jones?

  30. I hope everyone caught NBC this morn …
    scroll down to Paul’s story..
    the look on Matt’s face is priceless…
    all out love
    nate and mona

  31. I read your earlier post Mona and am so happy for you!

  32. Hello~I am frustrated and hope someone can give me some advice here. I am receiving approx. 8 phone calls a week from various (TN, FLA, CA) Scientology offices asking when I am attending another class. If I don’t answer the phone they will call back at least 4 times until I pick up and tell them I am not interested anymore (briefly dabbled 15yrs ago~moved many times since and many states and still they tracked me down!) What can I say (I know vocabulary is of utmost importance to a scientologist) to make the calls stop? I asked them to not call back, both kindly and then rudely. I’ve resorted to yelling when they only ignore and call back the very next day from the same area code! It feels like they’re mocking me by continuing this harassment. Does anyone know of anything I can say to have them know I am not interested. I am contemplating discontinuing phone service because this is such a frustrating and harassing problem. And what’s so maddening is sometimes THEY get an attitude with ME~any suggestions would be welcome.

    • Your experience is typical. The organization operates on passive-agressive harassment. Any individual calling you does not care if you’re not interested. They’re drones trained to keep calling you in a “new instance of time” – justifying complete disregard for your request, pretending you never asked, and repeatedly asking for what THEY want until they get it – you back in.

      Unfortunately, non-profit organizations (including the Church of Scientology) are not covered by the National Do Not Call Registry.

      See “How to get off Scientology mailing lists
      and stop them calling you” at
      http://www.whyileftscientology.com/article-howtostopgettingcalls.html for a phone number and name in LA to call and ask them to remove you from all internal call lists.

      I read on another site the person at this position was actually very helpful whereas all other avenues are not. So hopefully she’s still there and hasn’t been overwhelmed by the many frustrated and angry folks tired of being harassed by CO$ and demanding off their lists!

      If you change your phone number, they’ll hunt you down again eventually. You could use caller id or screen calls with an answering machine and never answer any call if you don’t know who it is. Turn off the ringer or unplug it whenyou don’t wantto be disturbed. They’ll still call and leave messages, but it’s a waste of time to talk to them.

      It’s harrassment if they keep calling after you’ve clearly asked them not to contact you, so maybe your phone company or the FCC can advise how they deal with such repeated calls.

      • John McMaster - not

        After I left the CO$, I kept getting mailings for my wife and me sent to my parents home, (with whom I was trying to re-connect).
        I solved the problem of the mailings, after their refusal (at least that was pretty much on policy) to take me off, by taping the return post-paid envelope they included to to a box containing either old phone books or bricks, with a note politely requesting they take me off their list, and pointing out how much postage they had to pay to receive my “present”, and how little they were making as staff. They took me off the list. I don’t know for sure (as I no longer receive mailings), but I don’t think they use the post paid return envelopes anymore. : )

    • Tell them you’ve been declared. Or somehow weave into the conversation that you’re a psychiatrist or a salesman for Eli-Lily.

      • I know you posted this a long time ago Caliwog, but it made me laugh out loud, all alone in my little apartment! I’m TOTALLY doing that next time they call me!

  33. Sign up for the Do Not Call Registry:


    When they call, tell them you are listed and if they call again, they will be reported.

  34. I’ve watched Co$ for many, many years, waiting for their cult to be destroyed. Finally, I do believe the process has begun. I applaud and support all of you who have found the strength to stand up in the face of evil. It is the courage of these convictions that will continue to undermine the evil that we know as the Church of $cientology. Keep up the great work!
    —-All evil needs to prevail is for good men to do nothing——–

  35. John McMaster - not

    Glad I found this site following a link on Steve Hall’s site. Hmmm…. things seem to be falling into place for me (and others too I’m thinking) recently. i.e. A news article re: Paul Haggis, and a link from there to Steve Hall’s site, then NightLine, then here. I’m glad to have you around. I was “in” from 1962 until I “officially” resigned membership in the CO$ right after LRH died. HSS Class VI (from St. Hill UK) and OT-VI.

    Best wishes… JMc-not

  36. Thank you for your comments about my situation. It is so maddening to think that these people ignore your request to break away. OptOut, you are so right about not even talking to them. They really don’t care what I say…..they always call back. I thank you very much for your suggestions. (I did purchase a whistle and am thinking of using it next phone call~which will be tomorrow I’m quite sure)

  37. Congratulations !

    If you compare the stats of scientology.org to your blog on alexa.com, you see that you nearly have the same traffic rank, you’re even better on the time that people stay on your blog and the amount of pages that they look at.
    And if we take away the about 30 % of visitors to Scientology.org from asian countries, then we know you beat scientology.org,. With a simple blog by just telling the truth, while COS is wasting millions of dollars to attract people to their website with no expansion. VWD !

  38. I love the prepaid postage and the brick.

    Below is the US Code surrounding harassing phone calls along with a site that gives advice on what to do.

    I’ve noticed that the more fragile the persons faith the more aggressive they are.

    Has anyone tried pulling Fair Game on these fair gamers?


    § 223. Obscene or harassing telephone

    (E) makes repeated telephone calls or repeatedly initiates communication with a telecommunications device, during which conversation or communication ensues, solely to harass any person at the called number or who receives the communication


  39. I was in the SO when you were the IG and I was there when Tom Cruise gave his OT V Graduation speech. I have always respected you (still do), unlike the fear I and, I’m sure many others feel of DM. I cannot even begin to fathom how you or Mike Rinder can be labeled as anything remotely coming close to an SP.

    In any event, your website has been eye-opening. My greatest concern is for the continued preservation of LRH’s Scientology. It just seems now that the one organization supposed to uphold and enforce the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology has been corrupted nearly beyond salvage. I only wish that you had been able to stage a coup or something from within. If you were able to go back and do so, and handle the degradation of the tech and corruption and insanity of the current administration, I’d be behind you 100%.

    I’m aware of “Independent Scientologists”, who are continuing to apply Scientology tech and still receive Grade Chart auditing, but what about the OT levels? Are we to just forget about them until DM is deposed or the Church finally collapses?

    • Thanks. What about the OT Levels? What about them? They are being delivered on every continent on earth outside of the Church.

  40. Marty,

    Ive never been affiliated with the Church but I am very intrigued by all of this. I am a 23 year old male and I was reading about all of the past crimes committed by Hubbards wife and her crew and all of the other clear laws that they broke. Can you tell me….does the Church truly believe in the fiction that L.Ron wrote? They truly believe in Xenu and all of that hogwash? I mean its like a fantasy story that you would find in Lord of the Rings. Im just dumbfounded that people (adults mostly) would buy into this and follow it like a God. I guess I just can’t seem to understand, because when I read all of the information I laugh, its so stupid.

    Also, does the Church feel that they are above our government? That they have the right to steal information when they need to benefit themselves?

    • One man’s fact is another’s fiction. I wouldn’t get too caught up in what someone believes or doesn’t believe as it really doesn’t effect you. Actions that effect people that are witnessed, that is another matter entirely.

      • It’s not that im caught up in what someone else believes but that I am generally curious if thats what they truly believe. I mean the story is ludicrous, is it not? That’s all I really want to know….if they truly believe that…

  41. Getting money back: I could have sure used someone’s help in getting a refund (repayment) back from CO$. Went @ it the way the church said it had to go, using the form and waiting like a dumb****. Finally after 6 mths of BS run around from Margaret M. , I hired an attorney and within 2 weeks I had my $. This was money that was sitting on account waiting to purchase a course. I’m surprised there isn’t a class action against these fraudsters.

    • I got a repayment after letting some money sit on account for many years. I think it is far better for repayments to be pursued individually.

      What would be helpful is to have all available data and results people have experienced getting refunds and repayments, collected in one place, and also with a contact email address perhaps for those who have specific questions/need support on how to proceed. Old Auditor has some posts on his site on the subject, and there is some other info scattered around.

      I’m glad you found the “magic button” that worked for you. I didn’t have to go the lawyer route at all, so it can be easy, it can be difficult. There are still org staff who follow policy on it in some places.

      I think going class-action would stall things and the lawyers would get too much of the money. Also, in class-action settlements sometimes each claimant just gets an average amount after lawyers fees etc, which would definitely not be fair to anyone, if that’s how it played out.

  42. Dear Marty,

    I must admit that I (along with others) am depressingly observing this drama from the sidelines. I refuse to relinquish whatever hopes remain that the Bridge (in its totality) will still be possible to attain. So when I read this “splinter groups” comment, my mind wobbled a bit, and I was moved to write you.

    All S.O. staff (except for select OSA staff) are forbidden to use the Internet, and we all know that a Scientologist in “good standing” cannot per policy associate with SPs — so it does feel awkward when I read Davis trying to disavow any “Disconnection” policy, when I know that that’s what happens. Of course, this policy is polluted by the fact, if true, that DM verbally declares people to be SPs.

    It is valid that one cannot make stable gains on the Bridge while connected to an SP — but then again that refers to real, valid SPs. Therefore it is even more awkward if, as you say, DM is an SP. Obviously if what you (and others on your blog) say is true, there needs to be a change as I cannot in my wildest nightmares imagine LRH systematically hitting juniors and/or degrading senior execs in front of others.

    What I do know is that someone is lying. I know that RTC owns the legal rights to all the trademarks of Scn and Dianetics. I know that DM has control of RTC. This idea of splinter groups is absurd to me. Only LRH tech allows for such good things as Handling Drug Addiction (Narconon), real rehabilitation of criminals (Criminon), handling and exposing Psych abuses (CCHR), et al. And upper OT levels! No splinter group could offer such help to mankind by the mere fact that they do not own the trademarks; plus there is no way they have all the upper level materials but even if they did, with no C/Sing, Qual, Training, Cramming, etc. it would be non viable.

    LRH has defined how our organization is to be structured so that correct training and processing can be delivered. The point (allegedly) that DM has diminished that, while unfortunate, does not mean that it cannot be corrected. DM is a little guy — granted with a lot of guts – plus he is very bright — so it won’t be easy. But splinter groups – please! Independent Scientologists – organized how? Other than a lot of bitching (albeit sincere and somewhat sad), how does that provide and guarantee the Bridge?

    As LRH said: “Something can be done about it”. God only knows what — but it something can be done about it. And, per what you have said, something must be done about it. I have questions like: Where is Heber Jentzsch? Where is Pat Broeker? Where is Diana Hubbard? Suzette Hubbard? Arthur Hubbard? Why was Mary Sues’ death not even mentioned by DM? Why was former CO FSO / CO ILO, Ron Norton off loaded? Why was DM’s older brother Ronnie offloaded? Why aren’t these people and other former senior execs (in the same situation) speaking out? I’m guessing it is because they still hold out some hope for getting back on the Bridge and do not want to themselves be declared thus killing any chance they may have.

    Do the former wives of yourself, DeVocht, Rinder, Koon, et al and all the other really good people uplines really not see what is going on? [Note: this drama isn’t seen so much at most of the S.O. run orgs i.e. ILO, Flag, CLOs, the AOs; and it is not seen at all at lower orgs except for those of us who see it on the Internet.] I realize that mutiny is not acceptable on staff but then again common sense (what would LRH do?) must reign supreme in the end. What happened to Integrity? They should refresh their memory the next time they attend a Sunday service. Scientology deserves and needs a large number of sane, dedicated, well-trained, well-processed and effective leaders who actually want to expand our religion. I agree that we don’t need megalomaniacs or tyrants.

    DM can be turned around. I don’t know if DM has refused to go on the E-meter these last two decades – but if that is true, it is pretty sick. If he doesn’t turnaround, he can be removed however that happens. It is not impossible. But splinter groups? What’s the point? RTC owns the aforementioned trademarks (splinter groups don’t and can’t get them). As the leader of Scientology on this planet we must have someone who lives and breathes LRH, who will oversee the growth and establishment of senior mgmt i.e. a full & effective WDC, a full & effective Exec Strata, a full & effective CMOI, and an RTC that ONLY follows their charter vis-à-vis running roughshod over S.O. run org execs.

    Someone “inside” has to organize a handling. Obviously this is far from easy as it appears that DM has systematically removed any worthy (intellectually and skilled) contender for senior leadership. But then I recall some corrupt Roman Emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs, et al that were removed or replaced — usually by those that were closest to the power (who had at one time supported that power) until they saw and cognited on the need to “handle” and correct the observed corruptness.

    Granted in those cases, some of the ones that took over were more corrupt than the one removed, but one could expect that that would not be the case uplines considering the quality of people that still remain there. The only other option, should DM either not turnaround on his own or not be handled by others, is that the organization dies. I guess in a convoluted scenario, DM could sell said trademarks to Wall Street, or Mayo, or whomever, and retire on some island. But then again, the organization dies anyway.

    I cannot even imagine any experienced auditor or C/S that would stick around and support a corrupt organization. But then without the trademarks, there is not much they could do but what you are doing which is helping with whatever tech you do have – but then again without trained, qualified C/Ses, and without trained, qualified Cramming, and without a trained, qualified Qual Division, etc. etc., it is just a matter of time before that would all collapse into a heap of uselessness.

    Christ almighty, look at how DM took over – granted his track record was superb but nonetheless it was a takeover! I never saw or heard anything from LRH about who was to take over when he died— it was just done. What happened to Pat & Annie Broeker? And where are they now?

    Remember that when LRH died, Vicki Aznaran was the head of RTC and her husband was the head of Int Security. That’s pretty high up, eh? Yet supposedly, very similar to the removal of the Broekers, DM found a way to convince other that the Aznarans were involved (with others?) in trying to take over the church so as to profit for themselves, and DM got them declared. An amazng bit of politics I’d say. But is DM now taking over the church for himself (same thing)?

    I don’t know. I have no problem with Ideal Orgs as in the long run they will be very useful even tho I don’t see the personnel in place to man up such an org and I don’t sense that there is any understanding of what it takes to maintain a 5-story building on an ongoing basis.

    I do have a problem with heavy, out-exchange fundraising; and with OTCs being “ordered” (can you believe it) to get lower org public to Flag for Grades! How’s that for cutting the balls off the local org income. This last one does seem pretty destructive to me.

    So what really is happening uplines i.e. what are all those other hundreds of well-intentioned staff doing about it? Is Shelley Miscavige really that blind? Is Mark Yager that afraid? Heber, LeServe, Starkey, Hughes, Wilhere, Ingber, Mithoff, Yager, Jenny, Billy, Eastment, Debbie Cook, Foster, Woodruff, et al. Come on!!! ? Even if none of what have portrayed is true, the bad PR alone has a severe negative effect on the church.

    Remember that adage when one got in a pickle and didn’t know what to do: “What would LRH do?” Would LRH stand by and watch this alleged travesty continue unabated. We all know the answer! And I have to believe that there are others uplines who also know. The question is — when they do something about it.


    • Dear Observer.

      I read fully your post.

      At the end you say that “We all know the answer”

      Can you give that answer for me more clearly as I don´t understand what are you proposing to DO.

      Also I wish you could give me your opinion on if is somewhat worthy going public instead of staying underground.

      You see this as a “splinter group”.
      What´s your proposal?

      Roberto Sánchez

    • Thought provoking

      Dear Observer,

      I have read your two last posts and I have tossed around many of the thoughts you have originated. I have just recently found out about current events through a non Scn family member and am still doing my homework on what the hell is going on and where do I go from here?

      All I know for certain is that a lie is present and changes will be made in the future. I am currently a blown staff member who experienced similar but very very mild, comparatively, senior handlings. Although I do not want to believe these things are occuring to those who have always been my OLs, including DM, I do feel that it is possible. I have always had the intention of handling my ethics situation…and still do, but I wonder about the terminals who will be handling my case. I am going to wait it out and collect more data.

      In my experience, following LRH has always been successful. By applying all the Scn tech to this situation, we will be able to ensure Snc is preserved as LRH intended. I don’t expect this to occur overnight and I do expect some PR fallout. But in the end, those that have had the benefit of standard tech, know the results and will stay with it.

      Yes, there is betray and conspiracy…but LRH has never betrayed us. LRH had to fight many battles to reward us with his legacy. This is merely another one in which he will need Scn across the planet to keep their integrity in, find the truth and do everything they can to keep Scn here. There will be a lot of doubt formulas, I am sure. I hope that they are down thoroughly, keeping in mind all Black PR and KSW references. I think you and I agree that in this time where stable data has been radically shaken, LRH is our key stable datum. So each of us needs to look personally at the question…what would LRH do?

      What I will not do is join a splinter group. LRH made himself very clear on this subject.

      • Thanks. Logan has commented on this before. While clearly we (Jim, me, and a lot of regulars here) think a lot more highly of LRH than DM and his entourage, you’d best realize that you (not LRH) is responsible for you and the decisions you make.

      • Thought provoking,

        I’m glad to hear you have blown from that squirrel splinter group you were a part of. Are you doing your Doubt Formula? You may find some helpful data on http://www.friendsoflrh.com

    • Observer Tyler, it sounds like you are a exactly where you were a few months ago – sitting in your stateroom ruminating as the ship you are on sinks. When will you make your own decision and DO SOMETHING? When the water is up to your waist? Your neck? Your nostrils? Or will you just watch yourself drown, “observing” and ruminating all the way?

      Good luck buddy. If I were you I would assimilate some LRH and start applying it.

  43. Dear Mosey,
    I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible help and support. You are the amazing woman behind the man, the one that offers him the strength and support while we all lean on him so heavily. You are helping us so much and are in the background silently holding so much together. I appreciate you and love you.

  44. Hi Marty,

    At last I have found you.
    The Rinders introduced me to Scientolgy, and now I see Mike’s name about, and have no idea of what has happened since I left before teh invention of email and mobile phones so I could not be harrassed that way.

    So glad to know there is a place to rationally talks about it.

    I really want to know some things:
    What happened to Mike, Sandy Wilhere, even Jeff Walker.

    What do you mean the def of a F/N has been changed? HUH??

    Anyway, I guess I’ll just keep reading your blog.

  45. This last days I was viewing all the new interviews with Marty, Don, Mark and Jackie in the SP times. Also listening the Marty´s radio interview.
    All this in context with the recent declarations of Tommy Davis on disconnection.
    Needless to say again about the lie.
    Mr. Haggis lived this in his own family.
    I have lived this in my own family.
    Many of you too.
    Almost every people related to Scientology, learning Scientology principles or true Scientologists stop communicating with me long, long before my SP declare went out.
    Spooky. Very Spooky.
    There´s people that talks about a bright tomorrow but his actions leave only destruction; might this be an example of it:

    Excellent speech; but the results after some years?
    All for being only capable of listen and no more.

    We need to look.
    Really look.

    This takes me to search more about it to be more prepared to enlighten people about the subject. I can see on youtube many interviews done back on the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s that came after the same issues: Money, Disconnection, Harassments, you name it.
    One can ask to oneself (flow zero) if this is not new; why is it going to change and make an impact?
    IMHO the main difference is the power and speed of communication of the world wide web and key renowned people having guts to go public and make a big effort to REFORM (not destroy) our church. For many scientologist this blogs would be, and ARE, a real little opportunity to have a flash view, as a stroke, of the real thing inside the bag. Many will confront the view. Many would not.
    I have never told this but one of the main reasons I go public and stand tall about all this is from a life-changing lecture I listen back in 2001: “Individualization” from FEBC lectures (you can find it also in the “Responsibility and state of OT” lectures). I will not go into explain or share wins about it but if you read it you will understand a lot about my stand.

    But the work is also in big measure IMHO for the people new to Scientology, this new “generation X”kids that are going to start to search for freedom sooner or later. They fortunately would find Scientology and find all the outpoints of his application past, present and could take it with certain in his future; able to evade the same traps. They could find the value of the data. Will be able of evaluate the data and take only what´s true for them.

    And many of this for our humble work.
    Might the History proves us right or wrong.
    Only the History.

    Now; with the internet, the history is real; not told by those who won the battles or have more power.

    As long as search engines and video reproducers (google, youtube and others) keep on showing all results taking no side on the ring; we got a BIG chance to enlighten people on the subject so this way they can take an informed decision.

    Any worldwide organization or civilization needs to change eventually and review his patterns or is crushed by his own lack of ability. For some of us that deal for years with THE REAL WORLD and know issues like globalization, migrations, poverty sectors and the power of corporations is a very clear picture.

    We can´t change all mankind´s wrongdoings; but it happens to be that we are here in the middle of a subject we know well and CAN really do something effective about it.
    IMHO there´s no US and THEY. We can change conditions of the people for better. No matter if you consider yourself a Scientologist an antiScientologist, an agnostic or God or Angel or whatever you want to call yourself. You can do a lot for people and put a little order around you.

    What´s all this has to do with current CofS upper management lies, disconnection policies and Ex-SO members speaking out?
    This: We must not fall into the same mistake. Believe we are all right and stop focusing on the real purpose: Improve conditions.

    We need to face the unstoppable force versus the unmovable point.

    IMHO can I suggest you to open your Flow zero communication a little bit more and start to listen to yourself?
    It might be ridiculous for some to listen to his own heart and duplicate what must be done.

    I might be wrong; but I want to help.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

    • Bravo, Roberto.

    • Bravisimo!!! Muchas gracias Roberto. You are a very brave and honorable person. And your duplication of the tech is awesome – enlightening and inspiring. And thanks for the song too! 🙂

      • Thanks Mary Jo.

        I appreciate that you take time to read my comment in full.

        Do very well and I hope you decide to carry on helping at a lot of us big time!

        Your background, level as a being and care is very much needed to a lot of people.

        Please; carry on.


  46. Hi Marty:

    Just wondering if you were associated with the old L.A. Org back around summer 1974. I was only there for a few months, but I seem to remember a ‘Marty Rathbun’ being one of my auditors. Just wondering if it was you.
    I may be mistaken, but thought I’d ask.

    Hope all is going well.

    Bayne Holley

  47. Hi Marty,

    I got dissillusioned a few years back, when the emphasis seemed to switch from service delivery to demand for cash and selling MEST.

    The internet seems so full of nonsense & lies, but your site, when I found it made a lot of sense.

    Do they still force families to disconnect? Is it a real threat these days. Its about the only thing holding me back, so obviously the idea has some control over me. Here in a backwater outer org we rarely hear of an SP declare. People just stop coming – stop answering the phone – you never know why really – whether they just decided to quit and never told anyone, or they got declared and accepted their fate.

    What can you expect if you jump ship?

  48. Hi Marty,

    I got dissillusioned a few years back, when the emphasis seemed to switch from service delivery to demand for cash and selling MEST.

    The internet seems so full of nonsense & lies, but your site, when I found it made a lot of sense.

    Do they still force families to disconnect? Is it a real threat these days. Its about the only thing holding me back, so obviously the idea has some control over me. Here in a backwater outer org we rarely hear of an SP declare. People just stop coming – stop answering the phone – you never know why really – whether they just decided to quit and never told anyone, or they got declared and accepted their fate.

    What can I expect to happen if I leave?

    • Yes on disconnect – take a look at the posts over the past two weeks. All depends on how you leave. If you just fade away, no problem. If you burn bright – the reaction is directly proportional to the magnitude of lumens you emit.

      • As an interested party but non-scientologist, I keep reading stories about disconnection and how prevalent it is in DM’s organisation – yet it doesnt seem to be applying to their “Media Flagship” Tom Cruise. As an organisation havent they yet charted the “negative”: attention that is generated in the media everytime something happens in Tom’s life. If you were a public scientologist and were made to disconnect from your family, would you look at the recent PR orchestrated “Tom and Suri at the pool” photos and question why “Mr Awards” can see his children but you couldn’t?

        I think that the publicity surrounding Tom as a scientologist not only creates a negative opinion to the masses – in fact his couch jumping and weird videos, comments about Brooke Shields were the things that initially made me start following the media, defections etc etc. – but it would make other scientologist question their own treatment/rules set by the church and the massive double standards.

        Mike R – in an interview you said that noone tells Tom – the fact is that someone should. From my own perspective he is destroying the church, as similar to my own experience so many of my friends are first turned to youtube and take an interest in scientology simply because of media attention bought by his out bursts and when we go to Youtube it is to therefore to look for the weird and negative – not the positive. ie we go to Toms rants, South Park episodes etc etc

        On the flip side could it be a sign that maybe Tom in his own way is announcing he is breaking away from the Church. Maybe losing Suri has made him question the whole SP phenomenon. ” Your either with them or against them” … he can’t play both sides.

        I also wonder how long before someone breaks into these secret auditing notes and does a wikileaks and just publishes all of Toms, Johns, Kristies etc etc secrets online for all of us to look at. When I read Headley’s book I felt a bit envious that Claire got to see the tapes.

  49. People should be able to speak out and think for themselves, no matter how they leave…and that’s per the Creed of a Scientologist. I shall continue to speak out against Disconnection, as I truly believe it is one of THE most destructive actions within C of $.
    Either way, I’m happy you’re out, Marty, and thank you for doing the interviews you have!
    Nice web site, too 🙂
    Tory Christman
    aka: Magoo! http://www.youtube.com/ToryMagoo44

  50. Marty,
    You have left corporate Scientology, but you are still a Scientologist. So, do you still believe some of the silly stuff? Specifically, do you still believe that you have control over MEST? Do you believe that you can move objects with your mind? Do you believe that you have psychic powers?

  51. Marty,

    I have been tracking this blogspot for several weeks now. I find what you’re doing to be very refreshing and eye-opening. Thank you for all that you are doing to bring truth to the table. You have my support and I hope to meet you someday soon.

  52. Marty,
    My interest in Scientology faded after I left in the early 80’s and eventually that interest corrupted into contempt after the internet backlash in the 90’s. I went about my life, had a family (wonderful!) and came to despise the COS and anyone who supported the obvious criminality and abuse of the organization.
    However, one day I stumbled onto the Scientology-cult site and then found your blog and was impressed with the honesty in both. The more I read, the more charge flew off my case. It was like having dozens of out-lists and ARC breaks correctly indicated. I went exterior and had a huge floating needle for days.
    Remembering when the tech really worked as both an auditor and as a pc, I know how important correct indication, acknowledgement and cognition are in furthering the case. What applies to the first dynamic applies to the third.
    So EOS..
    The above was my statement to the examiner. Take a win. End that cycle.

    I’ve read much clambering and yapping about you, and I’m not here to praise or condemn. But I appreciate what you’re doing. Hopefully, those stuck in all that antagonism and BPC will get or cognite on the correct indication, understand their condition, note the source and move on to happier things. And if they really had the right why, they wouldn’t be so pissed. Life’s too wonderful to be stuck in all the hate, anger, antagonism, grief and the rest.
    I don’t doubt that some of your past deeds have been destructive to others. So, who’s to cast the first stone? LRH certainly had his flaws. But, so what? His insights might just correct the mess we’re all in on this planet. And what you’re doing now may actually tip the scale in favor of the good guys (those who truly want increased ARC and understanding across all dynamics.) If none of us had a case, we wouldn’t be in this situation. At the end of the day, the messes and bruises are less important than the good we’ve caused and the understanding we’ve increased.

    That said, my interest in LRH has been renewed and I’m curious about how much his lectures have been altered. One benefit of DM’s push for book and lecture sales was a glut in the marketplace, making ebay a cheap place to pick up tech. From what I’ve read the alterations aren’t that severe. I doubt that anyone out of valence would have sufficient understanding to grasp the basics sufficiently to see what was important to alter and what was not.

    As for the disconnection fiasco, I also believe a person has to be at least slightly out of valence to lack enough ARC to differentiate between an actual suppressive and someone protesting breach of policy and tech (so, all this disconnection seems to be from individuals who aren’t being themselves–tsk, tsk.) How down tone must an individual fall to agree to cut a theta line for the purpose of furthering an entheta line? Such actions certainly don’t make one more OT. Cutting a theta line is an overt which is going to snap back on the poor buggers. I feel for them. Ouch!!!!
    But, as a guiding light, all theta remains after the entheta clears. A little entheta never hurt a thetan. Neither did a lot. We just learn, clean up the mess and start a new day. And cognitions are a hell of a lot of fun.

    So, if my question got lost in all the philosophical waxing and waning–in your experience, how much have the lectures as currently on the market as CDs been altered?

    • MWB,
      This is what it is all about. Thank you for sharing your win. On the CDs, I really haven’t a clue. I’ve pointed out the nasty PDC lecture alteration. Otherwise, I don’t know that it is such a broad situation. Some day when we get some more resources, I’d like to commission some folks to do a side by side comparison of every book and tape.

  53. Is it possible to re-post that info about the alteration in the PDC lectures? I remember reading it somewhere, but don’t remember where.
    I think Chris was working on that kind of project.

  54. Just wanted to make my non-E. My name is Harley and Ive been involved off and on with Scientology/Dianetics since the late 80’s. Of late I have postulated a desire to become a Class 12 Auditor. I hope to contribute to this site. Thanks. :}

    • Harley, you just reminded me that many years ago, I wanted to train up to be a Introductory and Demonstration Processes and Assists Auditor. Been a long time since I thought about that….. because, where would I have referred people to for services? Certainly not to an org, where they would have been grist for the IAS bankruptcy mill….

  55. Thank you Marty.
    And all of you. So much.
    You’re the truest of friends.
    There is something new to live for here, and all the Characters; stories; strengths; and power punched into my old soul
    -leaves me breathless.
    Yet nevermore alive!
    I haven’t the words.

    Can we put it to song?

    I shared these Lyrics or “poem” below to my dear dear Sea Org friend, at CMO Toronto at the peek of the Basics’ Push, (I even sent the song itself to her as it’s best sang) and lets skip my own long story…for now. At the time, this song declared “my Independence” to her, in my own way, slightly less then a year before Anonymous debuted their first massive global protest. 10,000 strong. (what an eye opener that was, I felt so personally validated and relieved. An effect on me I admit first here: )

    I mean, to explain a bit, despite being off-lines for 18 bloody years yet loyal as hell, squabbling all-the-while over a mere $1,600FLD, (my Purif) a stupid-beyond-belief injustice. (roll-eyes) I just had to refuse, then as I still do now, to never compromise my personal integrity even over a god-dam nickle. So I never did. Oh sure, dozens of terminals over the years would ask me to pay up, like a billion times over, I began to think they didn’t have a clue what real integrity meant, so I began to answer them with what I thought was a comparable magnitude, like; “Why don’t you just go ahead and ask me to ‘punch my Mother in the face’??” Treated very much as: just-a-Stat. A negative one. I thought to myself, “My god, this is my Life here you people…My dreams…, are you really that greedy? Stupid? Or just plain mad??” A grotesque level of arrogance. Whatever it was, it wasn’t the LRH I had come to know.

    For 18 long years how could I share my love of Scientology with others? The embarrassment of “My Own Story” would inevitably come up. So I clammed up. And they lost out. Seemed they wanted it like that?? It made no sense. So back to Basics, more months wasted. I sent her the song. And clipped the comm line.

    Then the protest happened, add now Marty and friends; All of you…pure and true. Future is looking bright again. And let the brightness burn.

    I care not what reforms take place. I never want to see Our Independence ever compromised. Ever.

    “Newborn Friend”

    I wash my faith in dirty water,
    Cause it gives my mind a little order.
    And I play that game, just like I should do.
    But my whole world, slips away.
    I live my life, I live it slowly.
    And I take my time, I’m in no hurry, yea… I’m livin’…
    And when I go then I would surely.
    I would dance with a total stranger,
    And hold them in my arms.
    Hell, there could be no danger if I open up,
    Cause when the cryin’ starts so,
    If I chant for happiness,
    Maybe that will make me feel better
    I can’t change my ideals, I can’t lose my desire
    Ohh, if I chant for happiness maybe that will make me feel better
    I’d be a newborn friend for the world.
    Well I wash my face in dirty water.
    For life I have no order.
    Cause I,
    Know that feeling when you’ve tried so hard to make your way out,
    Nothing mends.
    So you search for the breed of the problems there lying,
    Deep down in the soul.
    Even if, they never end,
    There’s a whole bunch of reasons, tryin’ to get out
    But they can’t make it out of the door.
    Ohh, I know the reason,
    I’m not enough.
    There’s nothing more… But,
    If I chant for happiness, maybe that will make me feel better.
    I can’t changes my ideals, I can’t put out the fire.
    Ohh, if I chant for happiness, maybe that will bring us together,
    For the better…
    I can’t changes my ideals, I can’t lose my desire.
    I’m just a newborn friend for the world…
    Just a newborn friend for the world…
    I’ll be your newborn friend and I’ll…
    Sing loud… Sing loud… Sing loud… my friend
    Gonna sing louder sing loud sing loud my friend
    To my friend my friend and I…
    I’ll sing love, sing loud, sing a little louder of my friend.
    Ohh, my darlin friend my friend my friend


  56. Hello Mr Rathbun. I really havent had a chance to look over the entire site yet, will do so for sure, but from what I can gather so far you still train and audit. My question is what Bridge (there have been many versions over the decades as you know) do you use as the standard? the Pre RTC or post?

  57. Hi Marty,
    Please pardon me if I offer a slight correction. I understand you do not have all the documents to hand, but your time placement of the inception of the “no kids” SO policy is inaccurate. It began in 1983 when the Exec Esto AOLA took it upon herself to request staff voluntarily stop having children for 1 year to give the CEO a chance to catch up with recruitment, as they were receiving more children than they had nannies and the org was in a desperate state. This was after many years of poor conditions in the CEO and several missions that could not correct the problem. This was so successful that within 3 months, ASHOD followed with its own voluntary program, and a few months later (about 8 months before the event announcing LRH’s death). So Guillaume LeSevre was still ED Int at the time the policy was put in force and LRH was still alive.

  58. Hi Mr. Rathbun,
    I am glad you spoke out. I cant pretend anymore, I sensed something seriously wrong, since Hubbard died, and in later years. I knew Ron, previously. You know what? The first time I saw DM’s pic, with the big announcement in magazines, of who’s going to be in INT management. I knew we were going to have an arguement. And all the ink left his picture, it became only black and white. It was hard to quit, got family in. Perhaps my publicly resigning will wake them up. It’s hard to be in this world, and X Scientologist, and yet, not an X scientologist.

  59. Just a quick note to say that thanks to Facebook Ive made some wonderful friends in the Independent Scientology world. Id just like to say that even though I would never pretend to speak for a group with no leaders, Anonymous shares your goals, hopes and dreams. We are not your enemy. With respect and affection…PJS

  60. Dear Marty,

    I’ve been a Scientologist from 41 years, and was a senior exec in the C of S for 10 years, back when The Old Man was on the lines, and thereafter. I am an “original OT VII”, being one of the very few staff members who actually got all the way up the Grade Chart while being a staff member. I am also very highly trained, with successful application to go with it, in Admin tech.

    The mirror of perspective makes the contrast between the post-LRH mis-management of the church, compared to the formative years, all the more obvious, and more painful to view. God knows that the organization, even when LRH ran it, was a far less than perfect! There are no absolutes, and there are certainly no perfect third dynamics in the entire history of the physical universe.

    However, there is KSW. There is Standard Tech. Organization, or no organization, these still exist, if we, ourselves, demand it and apply it. No one, and no organization, can do this for us.

    Blame, no responsibility, shame, regret, finger-pointing motivators, crime, and injustice, notwithstanding, don’t absolve us each of us from bearing the “Burden of Wisdom” which is Scientology. It is greater than all other considerations, and, as LRH says, transcends life itself.

    Every philosophy in history is eventually dissolved, molified, and solidified by degraded beings into a prayer-wheel-spinning, incantation-chanting, gold-idol-worshiping, temple-building religion run by money-motivated priests. So, what’s new about that? It’s the same old help-becomes-betrayal dramatization we’ve all perpetrated by ommission and commission for trillions of years on the track.

    Our defense is the Factors, The Axioms, The Code of Honor, Standard Tech, and Standard Admin. These don’t change, regardless of the name of the Membership Card, or the ranting lunacy of a “savior”, or a Napaoleon.

    Thank you very much for doing what you’re doing.

    Your actions are de-PTSing the rest us who remain “in hiding” because we don’t want to lose our family connections. (In reality, we’ve already lost our connections because we can’t really say what we think openly.)

    I have personally met and known thousands of beings over the years who have gained enormous awareness, and recovered ability using LRH tech.

    Through all, LRH was the first to point out that Scientology is a body of wisdom. It is not the organization, the staff, the personalities, and certainly not the buildings.

    Keep applying the tech, and we will all win.

  61. Marty, You are spot on with this post. You
    know I can backup this post as I was there during much of the Pat and DM(filtering) of
    LRH’s com. One of my stories cover my years
    as a ‘Rover’ before Creston. I setup and attended most of the ‘meets’. I was told often
    to take a walk or get coffee, but I was there.
    Love, Sarge

  62. Marty, would it be possible to communicate with you more directly via email or voice?

  63. Dear Marty 🙂

    This is the first time I’ve actually responded or originated on a “blog”. I kinda get that “lost” feeling after seeing so many people’s posts and that question of “I wonder if he’ll even see this” :)).

    While I realize that your blog site is thriving and doing so well, I was wondering if you would “also” ever consider having an online “forum” set-up or something like Yahoo Groups, etc. I find these things easier to read or to “track” for some reason. I wonder if others find it easier as well – I don’t know.

    I also noticed that you had tried to join a couple of online groups or forums a few months back, I believe and there were some pretty “charged” up people (I was on both groups). Unfortunately it only takes 2 or 3 people to get all HE&R’d to ruin it for 500 others :). Because of the hassle, you left, which I can understand why.

    But there must be a reason why you are so fascinating to others. You see, I’ve never met you – didn’t know anything about you because I’ve been out of the CofS for 25 years. Not until you left the CofS and people started talking about you online, did I have any idea of who you are or what hat you wore, etc. People on a list I’m currently on, are talking about you back and forth. Its like talking about a celeb, or a person not attainable to be talked to for whatever reason.

    I’m not “real” political but I do hope that any people outside of the Church who wish to use the “Bridge” as their basic guidelines never get hassled from the Church like they used to in the olden days, like back in the 80’s.

    From what I’ve read, I can only surmise that you have basically taken your “talents” that you used within the church and are now using them against the church and also for those who are still “healing” from the Church’s dichotomies/polarities. I often wonder how you can have peace and war “at the same time” within the same area or arena :).

    Okay – so after all that – the simplicity of my query is whether you would have a special forum of some kind or Yahoo Group.

    There ya go.


    • Lyn, Thanks for checking in. With all else that is going on at the moment, I don’t see me setting up more online venues.

      • Gotchya Marty 🙂

        Thanks so much for answering – I was surprised how quickly that happened.

        Most likely I’ll be reading your blog off and on for the articles. Again, I don’t usually comm on blogs.

        I have a very small list that I own on Yahoo (only about 45 people) – is it okay if I use some of the articles I may “fancy” on my list?


  64. This is all just too much drama for me. So I’m pursuing a degree in Hypnotherapy. In fact all of us were hypnotized, as we were put into a highly sugestable state in the Reg cycles, as well as all the events were carefully laid out to render the audience in a sugestable state, If you need to get the data on this, check out conversational hypnosis. Every church uses this method, There are serval steps, look up NLP. Just reasearch it yourself. Good luck all of you.

  65. Marty, There is allot of false data that LRH said about the subject. I’m getting a degree in the subject and applying it so I know first hand what the definition of it is.

  66. this is the actual definition:
    Hypno- modalities; anything that attempts to control human behavior, by affecting the belief sytems. A hypnotist is using a modality that has been used for thousands of years, these modalities are used in marketing, churchs, cults, education etc.
    Hypnosis is created by an overload of message units, thus disorganizing our inhibitory process, This is called the critical mind, in the Sci-fi definition, that would be the anylicical mind, which is about 12% or the entire mind. 88% is case , or also known as subconscious, anyway, this overload of message units triggers the flight and fight mechanism, this ultimately creates a hyper-sugestible state, this provides access to the subconscious mind. AKA reactive mind. actually there are more parts to the mind then just these two.
    There are several stages to set up a sugestible audience, 1) one has to establish one’s self as an authority, control the envirnment, usually they wear some special uniform, something that one-ups them from the audience, 20 you must give them a reason to belive, this can be a docrine, new tech, a paradigm, translogic, tempory logic, a fast talker, this is the lowest level of logic, you have to present your augument on why you should be believed, by presenting your augument. 3) you must make the audience fweel something, this is when you have them already in a sugestible state, you get them to feel something that makes them know that you are right, at this point they have had the sugestion and this it. they are now hocked. hypnosis is the the business of belief systm enhancement, the art of influence.
    my point is LRH was a master at this and much of his policies of promotion and set ups for events the desim drill, and many more policies are designed to do just this, put his audience in a sugestible stae so he could enhance or change their beleif system. then he warned us all about hypnotism yet he was using it all the time. Dianetics puts someone in a sugestible state of mind. that is why he uses cancelled and counts then into the session and then out of it.
    the problem with what we were taught from LRH about hypnosis is that he gave us a wrong definition.

    • Bobbie, you, my dear, in my humble opinion are hypnotized. It is a shame you never duplicated the old man – it could have salvaged you.

  67. Well, I’m a highly trained reg. I took every sales course I could in and out of Scn. I’ve never hypnotized anyone with my comm cycle. I just know what buttons to push in and out of Scn. Plus, I was never hypnotized in a reg cycle as it’s a bitch to reg a reg. IF you want the product you want it. If you don’t, you don’t. I also worked with the auditors as they were my best friends and I would flip a person over to the tech lines if need be. I wanted to clear planet earth, but I also realized way back in the late 80’s it wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

    Marty: I don’t comment here very often, but I want you to know that I’ve been up and down the tone scale on many of the posts here as well as in many different conditions depending on the topic. I’ve blown a lot of charge which surprised me as I thought I was a pretty cool cucumber regarding Scn. My stats in life are now going up, which they had been in a lower condition for far too long. Succumbing and not surviving as I know I should. I looked at what changed. These posts here as well as the postings on scientology-cult have helped me get back to reality and livingness. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. I’ve seen enough promo pieces to know who you were in the SO. I was never in the Exec Strata in the SO, just a humble reg in the SO at Flag. I am eternally grateful that you left that insanity and started this movement here. I hope that one day we shall meet. If you do Christmas in Texas this year, I’d love to attend.



  68. BK,
    Your definition of hypnotism leaves me with the feeling of being overloaded by message units.
    …And, could you please turn on your spell checker.

  69. Hi Marty,
    Just as an aside, and it’s way off-topic I know, but I picked up from one of your posts that you might possibly have an interest in photography; and I’ve wondered if you personally made some of the nature and landscape photographs posted on your blogs…I’m just curious is all…

    And I bring it up because, if you’re anything like me, when I get too engaged or too reminded of the abuses and my past involvement with the church, it tends to get me agitated which unwittingly affects my general disposition. Even though I might think I’m fine and in good spirits, my wife, bless her, is perceptive enough to sense when something is “bothering me”. Out of a concern for my happiness she often lovingly advises me to stay away from the news sources concerning the current direction of church.

    I only mention this as for me, Photography, has been a good de-stimulator and extroverter…an escape, if you will. I’m sure running your blog consumes a great deal of time and attention, and I’m sure it gets you riled up and agitated at times. Sorry if if this seems a bit evaluative, but I’m just mentioning the value of maintaining a mental sojourn that a pastime, such as photography, can provide to help keep your 1st dynamic in…just a caring suggestion is all.

    You don’t have to post or reply to this if you think my message is inappropriate or inaccurate, or again, too off-topic for your blog; but I just thought I’d throw it out there…

    …On the other hand, if you want to discuss the subject, or want an opinion, and you have a secure means, feel free to email me. FYI, I took up photography when I routed off because it has always been of interest to me but as a staff member I neither had the resources nor time to take a serious approach. I wanted to learn all there was to know about film because with the advent of the digital age I believed it would soon become a lost technology. I’ve since been published, won awards, and my work is on display in several galleries although I prefer to remain an amateur and forever a student of the art.

  70. Wow, what a site! Had no idea. I left the church in the early eighties after only a couple of years. Long enough to be certified as a NED auditor. Those were some of the most important and valuable years of my life. The tech was phenominal, but oh was the organization messed up. If only the organization was to apply their own technology (in this case ethics tech) unto itself. I was approached by a group of x scientologists in the mid eighties headed by a guy who I believe was LRon’s right hand man in the sixties and seventies. I appologize I have forgotten his name but if mentioned I would know it immediately. He came to my house carrying a stack of internal church documents and memos at least 8 inches high. I sat there for well over an hour randomly selecting and reading. Either he counterfeited them or the church at an administrative level in some locations was involved in some not so nice and not so ethical actions. Most that I saw were in regards to the “Fair Game” policy of the early seventies I believe. This man struck me as a bit odd but claims to have been held against his will in a compound for months being fed beans and rice. Again, this was explained to my face. By the documents alone it was evident that the church’s ethics were out. But being in the church has given me some of my most important experiences.

  71. hello Marty, well done on getting through the labyrinth. do hope you are trying to get more of your friends out too, but i am sure you are it is instilled in you. all the best in the future my friend arc krc darren

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  74. Hello Marty,
    I just found your website and would like to thank you for all that you are doing! You have my support!
    Your Friend,

  75. Hi Marty
    im contacting you in another name as i am still a little insecure!!
    i’ve been in Sci for 35 years +/-
    ive been in and out of the so, our family is 3 x patron + cornertstone.
    i last had services 2+ years ago at St Hill UK, i’m mid ot5 and need a few things sorted out…… can you possibly help?
    i love your site, am in full agreement with what your doing… but im nervous!
    Can i get help, can i fix my case, can you advise?

  76. Murphy Flash

    Dear Marty, I remember you and have met you before at Flag and always had a great deal of respect for you. I “escaped” in Sept. ’08, after 26 years of service all at Flag. I left after over a year of no schedule and very little sleep and my very successful post going by the wayside due to my enforced second post of regging for IAS/Basics. This was so contrary to all the affluence formulas I had applied up till then. I was very successful at my post and just wanted to do it and win at it – but that was out of the question. Plus I wanted to see my family. I was the only one left of my entire family. But seeing them and talking to them was just too much to ask. Obviously I have a few things to say. I have been sitting quietly since leaving w/no one to really tell my story too – too much fear of communicating: quite the opposite of what Scientology is really about!

    I also wanted to mention that I was around in the ’80’s, when the SC was overflowing with public – this is prior to any reno’s. Public begging to stay there no matter what – they didn’t care about the MEST, they just wanted to auditing. The whole Base was loaded with public. I know, I was there. The FH practically always full and as I said the SC was ALWAYS full.

    I would love to hear from you. ARC, Flash

  77. I’m confused & have never been a Scientologist & never would, it’s a Cult. You’ve left the CofS but still seem to believe in their core message WTF does that mean, surely you’re either in our out…or is the problem the menthods used to blackmail & brainwash members?? You sound like a very intelligent & witty man, hence I’m saddened that you got sucked it this fantasy cult in the first place. If you’re destiny is to now help people leave the church as pain free as possibly then 10 points to you..however if you still believe in the good yarn spun by LRH then I pity you. Good Luck

    • Yes MARA; you´re confused. Big time.

      Good luck on de-confusioning.

    • His and other Independent Scientologists core belief system is to HELP others become more able so they to can help others as well. It’s a cycle and in a peaceful manner, they’re doing their best to salvage a faith that has been tarnished by the wrong doings of self serving and greedy individuals. Besides the fact that it’s commonly inappropriate to judge in general, these people have are very intelligent and very willing to lend a hand to those who seek guidance, and for that alone Marty is doing good in this world. I am not a Scientologist nor have I ever been, I’ve barely studied any Scientology and am not familiar with tenets, however through careful research of the broad aspect of it and through Marty’s blog, I have learned that the people who practice are just good old folks like anyone else who are trying to heal deep wounds that scarred them for many years.

      Consider what they have been through, and judge them on the content of their character, not from looking from the outside into an organization that is corrupt. Why do you think they left in the first place? Kudos to Marty and the rest of the strong willed people here for speaking out and still truly believing in their faith. Too often people of faith reject the philosophy’s of that faith thus contradicting their belief sytem as a whole. With Independent Scientologists, you know they still carry with them all they believe in and all they have learned, and look, Marty is generous enough to allow YOU to determine how much his services cost. That to me is incredible considering he doesn’t have to do anything for anybody. But he wants to help others and one could appreciate that type of attribute in one’s soul.



  78. Manny Bettencourt

    Kudos for standing up for your convictions. Abuse is wrong no matter from who or to whom. As a resident of Saint Petersburg, FL you know we’re pretty abreast of the COS. However, reading your blog (with great interest!) it is obvious to the ‘layman’ that it is unreadable to ‘outsiders’ or whatever COS peeps call us!
    How about a Glossary category for us ignorant souls to decipher the ‘hieroglyphics’? Just a thought… Best to you and others who have ‘seen’ and ‘repented’…

  79. Impressed by your decency

    I’m a 26 year old male & I’ve been following the stories of Scientology. From the You Tube videos, St. Petersburg Times, & major news network stories.
    I’m not a scientologist & I’ve never participated in any of it’s practices.
    I’m sure you know better than all these people, the kinds of troubles the COS has had. Obviously the troubles have left Scientology with a poor image for most people.
    But I commend you for showing that devoted Scientologists can be more than just disillusioned & troubled. And that they can be decent, intelligent, and moral people. And your fair price for assistance shows that these services can be much more than just a money making scam. “Still I don’t understand them???”
    I respect you for what you’ve done these last few years, and I wish you well for all the rest of your years.
    I’m curious, do you still consider Scientology to be a religion? Do you think it should it be tax exempt?
    And what do you think of Tommy Davis?
    I read somewhere Jason Beghe said “Davis was a wonderful guy.” He definitely doesn’t come off looking like that on camera. But Mike Rinder didn’t either.
    Do you think he is getting beat like Rinder was? & Do you think David M wife is still alive?

  80. Marty,
    Thanks for everything you are doing – your blog and interviews are like breathing fresh air for the first time in a long time, when it comes to Scientology. Brief bio: started Scn in 1972 at Santa Clara Mission, went on staff there in 1972, joined Sea Org in 1976 at CCLA, when Yvonne Jentsch ws the CO. Worked in Div 6 at CCLA until 1986 when I left. Thanks again for all you are doing.
    Chris Baer

  81. Dear Marty,

    I really would like to get in direct contact with you because I would like to talk with you about what happened to my brother Uwe in the Sea Org of the Church of Scientology in California.
    May you please send me a private message on ESMB if you are willing to talk to me about that matter. We could exchange mail adresses there in order to stay in contact.

    Best wishes

  82. Well it seemed to me that this was the e-mail address for your “Services” and that is not what I’m looking for – but nevertheless I will write you a message to that address .

  83. I enjoy reading your site very much. You are a brave man, and so is Mike Rinder. -Bob Peterson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

  84. Marty;

    You were the ONLY terminal who behaved sensibly during my cycle with wife (to be) in 1991.

    You correctly labeled local HCO’s forbidding of her divorcing a profound alcoholic as “squirreling”.

    I had recently (then) attained OT VIII. I was astonished how I was nonetheless vilified by the locals. My status as “OT VIII” meant zero.

    Thanks for what you did at that time, Marty. I followed your progress from then on.

  85. Not Important

    As a highly placed member of the church can you give any insight as to the roll played by NARCONON? Please email me if you can.

  86. Hi Marty,
    Just wanted to send a comm to you & say hi.
    There are so many sites, boards, forums & terminals which rebel and agonise over the Church it’s mind boggling. However, nearly all of them seemed firmly entrenched with maintaining a victum status.
    It is one thing to fight an enemy, quite another to forgo any other purpose or direction other than fighting an enemy.
    I enjoy the sanity and direction you purpose and if nothing else you have contributed well just to get those caught up in the dismal affairs of the Church an alternative based on hope.
    Cheers and best wishes,

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  88. Hi marty, you dont’ know me, but thank you very much.
    Big big big ARC

  89. After DM is gone – don’t forget the PL which calls for when there is a messy organization that your first order of business is to “strip it down to basic”

    Or if we have to start our own different organization, the same rule would apply.
    Glad you are here.

  90. Hi Marty, I saw a post the other day on ARS saying that the super-power building in Clearwater would be open in the near or at least foreseeable future. Does this ring true to you? Have you written anything about what this super-power tech is supposed to be? I looked but I couldn’t find anything. That building has set a local record for the slowest building in memory. I would be very interested to learn what you think about this project.

  91. You’re a very brave man. I’ll have to find a place for your site somewhere on my sites. All the best,
    Marnie Tunay
    Fakirs Canada

  92. I was able to maneuver my donation.Please keep my name in the lock box. I just needed to send this even though I have been quietly watching. Good Goin!
    You have helped blow allot of lies for myself and others. I appreciate your gusto. Hop on the Freedom Train!

  93. Hi Marty,
    I just read your welcome piece, and I want to thank you for all you are doing!

  94. Marty, I am very proud of what you are doing. I lost my son 2 1/2 years ago over conflicts with his mother, a Scientologist. While my son isn’t necessarily a practicing Scientologist, he believes in the technology and wants to protect his mother. I understood that, but also saw a deeply flawed organization being run by a megalomaniac. I can only hope that DM destroys himself so my son can finally see the truth and we can reunite. It took tremendous courage to do what you and other defectors have done. And you aren’t just hiding, you are standing proud and speaking the truth. Thank you for you efforts.

  95. This is to Marty Rathburn and the many ex cult people that have found refuge within organisation that has formed around him over the past couple of years. It is written with respect, and I hope it is received in the same spirit in which it has been written.

    Because I feel very strongly about the many abuses I have witnessed while in (and possibly more so, since I left) the cult of Scientology that were meted out on all three categories of adherents, Public, org/mission staff and Sea Org, in which I include those children suffering in that subsection of the operation disingenuously characterised as ‘The Cadet Org’, I remain disturbed by the idea that one would consider that the only thing wrong with Scientology is the efforts by Miscavaige to recreate it in his own image. I have no pity for the man, he is a psychopath, but I think that he is more of a product of both his damaged upbringing and his Scientology experience.

    That said, I am of the mind that if the various techniques employed to help an individual are extracted from the corruption inherent in the IRS recognised organisation and are used in a genuine spirit of caring and humanity then I have no reason to argue with that.

    These statements are made apropos the many public denouncements you and Mike Rinder have been making to shine a harsh light on the goings on behind the razor wire fences in Hemet and the walls of silence and fear in the other Sea Org bases and ‘Churches’ around the world. Both of you have made and are making a very important contribution to what we all hope for, a full investigation, by the FBI or otherwise, of the crimes being carried out daily, clearly directed by Miscavaige, upon staff and parishioners of the cult. I think it important that you are recognised for the crucial work you have done, both in the media field, but also (I admit I have my concerns, which I will express later in this letter) by creating a safe space for those people who remain devoted to the core concepts of Scientology, yet cannot in all conscience continue to support the corrupted corporation bearing that name. I feel, well, at least I hope, that your ‘Marty’s Place’ provides them a sense of security and a haven.

    I think it fair to say that the vast majority of Scientologists in the cult have cut themselves off from an honest and proactive engagement with the real world going outside of those very real – and also those imagined – walls. Walls erected to corral the Scientologist into dedicated service that borders on abnegation, a ceaseless tormented sacrifice at the alter of COB’s cult.

    Historically, and -maybe a sociologist would enlighten me- sociologically it seems that people need a leader around which they can rally, in whom they can invest all of their own self determination, one to whom they can sacrifice their own sense of self. Maybe it is only people that have issues with low esteem, however, history seems to tell us otherwise.

    Cutting to the chase, my observations of the language I have seen engendered by some individuals on your web site, ‘Marty’s Place’ points to the inherent risks in any kind of social movement, a strong figure head elects himself or is elected to voice the fears, angers and frustrations of a populace, is granted complete power and that power devours whatever altruistic aims the said movement was founded upon. A case in point being Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre around whom the French First Republic rallied, he moved from being an enlightenment philosopher and orator to a monster in a very short few years. The American revolution somehow avoided that mistake, maybe because the nascent state that evolved from the revolution was guided by a number of men of equal power and intellectual capacity.

    Miscavaige seemed to have, from youth, all the hallmarks of a corrupt dictator, he was not stopped, he was placed by all of us, when we were members of his cult, on pedestal, we allowed him to become what he has become, thus the state of the cult is certainly in part our doing. Yes we were dis-empowered, yes our krs were stuffed away in basements and yes, eventually com-evs became kangaroo courts and, to use a term I hate, ‘Group Bank Agreement’ allowed our fellow staff and public to accept our declares and disconnection, but was there a point when we could have stopped the abuse before it became what it is today?

    There is a lovely line in Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Ceasar’, where we find him entering Rome in triumph, behind him he has a praetorian guard, tapping him with a rod, repeating the words “Remember Ceasar, thou art mortal”.

    So, to all my former friends be they public, SO and Staff who have gravitated from the cult of Miscavaige and rallied around Marty, I hope you have all learned an important lesson from the antics of COB. He didn’t get there by accident.

    Marty is a tough guy, he has got balls and I am supportive of the work that he has been doing on the media and in speaking with representatives of the FBI and other authorities, but greater men have been corrupted by the power vested in them by their people, so, for Christ’8s sake, watch it, eh?

    My name is John Duignan, a relatively insignificant SO tool, but I was there for 22 years and I saw a few things.

  96. Oldie but a goodie

    • This video is absolutely the greatest and funniest one yet!
      Could it be sent to dm and somehow?

      Thanks Anon for your creative ability and FINE art.

  97. I was in the SO for 23 years, first at FSO and then as the Mechanics Chief Freewinds. I recieved a bad blood transfusion in 1989 when the ship was in Curacao. This was not spotted until 2002 whwn I was more than half dead and was finally diagnosed with AIDS. I was not informed of this by ship personell. I was sent to LA to see Dr Denk. “for further testing”. When I walked into his office he looked up and said: They didn’t tell you, did they.? He told me I needed to go to the AIDS clinic in LA but the ship sent me to a chiro in Sacramento who was not a licensed medical doctor. He advised me not to take the standard medical treatment as it was “worse than HIV” Meanwhile my wife was being held prisioner on the ship and was told that I would be dead soon so she should just end cycle on me. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. She finally got off the ship when it was almost too late and I recovered quickly when I recieved the proper treatment. I have been fine since.
    For 10 years I told people I worked with that the only way off the ship was “in a box”.
    It will take 50 pages to tell the rest of the story.
    You may publish my full name, rank and serial number.
    It must be quite an embarrasment to the Captain to have to admit that I am still alive so there is nothing else they can do to me.
    Former Mechanics Chief Freewinds
    Bill Straass

  98. Bear,
    Thank you for your service you gave with dignity and a clean heart. Former Mechanics Chief Freewinds on your resume is something you earned with honor. Glad to hear from you and welcome to the world of Indies. I am sure you have embarrassed many but, alas, that was your lot – to produce and to continue to be there and communicate. You are a good man Bill. Hope to see you continue on this journey by our side. Welcome.

  99. Thank you for your acknowledgement. The worst thing about it was not what happened to me. I was willing to die to clear the planet, as is everyone who signs a billion year contract. I lied to protect the church from it’s crimes. My wife called me daily, begging me to do something to get her out of there as she was taking abuse because she would not just let me die as ordered. I went to LA and talked to IJC severel times and wrote reports. I even asked the Port Captain Ludwig Alpers if the plan was to hold her there until I was dead. He did not give me an answer but said that he would get back to me. I never heard back from him .I called him but the receptionist on the Ship had orders not to connect me with anyone aboard except the Chief Officer who never gave me any data, saying it had nothing to do with him. The worst thing about it is that these actions are being committed in the name of L Ron Hubbard who was totally against such actions. This is as cynical as the sign at the gates of the death camp at Aushwitz, which reads “And Work will set you free”.
    I apologise for any rambling. There is so much to tell that I realize while telling it that there was parts that I left out and my mind jumps back to try to correct the error. I received a review at AOLA at my own expense but they don’t really want to hear the truth. The MAA made my wife and myself sign agreements that we would not say anything bad about the SO, AOLA or th Freewinds or we would be slapped with a non-enturbulation order. I was under no ethics action, yet I was told that I could not go to the HGC but would have to wait to be called for session in Dept 3.
    My last auditor on the ship was Joan Heller. In the last session she got a read on PTP and steered me to the statement that I was dying.
    She now audits for AOLA. I was in the elevator at AOLA . She walked into the elevator and did a double take upon seeing me.
    I said” I guess you didn’t expect to see me again” and she said”No, I really didn’t.”

    • Scott Campbell

      Nuclear Bill!

      Wheeeeeres my buddy?!? HERE he is!

      Wow, man. You’ve definitely maintained your Code of Honor and I’m proud to call you my friend.

      Working with you on the Freewinds, I can honestly say were some of the funnest times of my life. Thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin and always being there with love in your heart for a friend.

      I’m sure that you will be a valuable contributor to to the motion of the independent movement and i look forward to reading your comments on the blog. You have always been an accurate observer of the truth and a fantastic resource for me as a comm line and an ally I can always count on.

      Love, Scott

  100. Thanks Scooter, (or Mr Scooty as your wife calls you). I am sure that we will make it go right in spite of DM or high water. Maybe we should comply to that order you received from CO CMO on the ship to “Get some thugs together and beat up staff members” . We always thought that that was completely off the wall. But now it seems pretty clear where she go the idea.

    • Scott Campbell


      It was actually to “Get some thugs together and beat up FSSO’s EC to get them to pay their rent.”

      Upon telling you that, you jumped up, snapped your heels together, thew the NAZI salute and said: “Well, when you live in NAZI Germany, you do what the Fuhrer tells you”.

      Needless to say, I talked her out of this course of action. It was however, a harbinger of things to come.

      Hey Bill, let’s get off of Marty’s “Welcome” page and get on the home page. I’m sure you will have some valuable comments to make on the topics under discussion there in PT.

      L, Scott

      • Yea — I agree Scott. Bill, you should repeat your fist post somewhere in the ongoing thread on the blog so the readers know who you are. You would be a welcome addition to the discussion. It’s nice to see you (figuratively) again!

    • giorgio amico di ron

      Hi! Bill, this is giorgio Serra from from Italy, Ex So Fw.
      I was the waiter from the Horizon rest. is nice to hear from you.
      I’m a indipendent scientologist now.
      stay on touch.

  101. Alexander Karev

    Dear Mark (was almost automatically writing “Sir”).
    I just ran into this website and was shocked knowing you have been the “IG RTC.”
    I must say I am a bit shocked – to put it mildly.
    What you are doing only you would know I guess. But how can you spread these things about the COB? And the Church?
    How can you do these things when Scientologists – members of the Church can occasionally run into this site as I did???
    This is extremely enturbulating.
    And having nut cases like Geir Isene (I personally met the guy so I know) talking on your site just shows the true value of it,
    Anyway, just wanted to tell you the above.
    Alexander Karev
    Scientologist and a former SO member for 10 years

  102. Hey there, Good to see you’re out, but still in the game. It was suggested by a mutual friend that I let you and your friends and auditors here know that I have an E-meter repair service. This isn’t shameful advertising, as I am an auditor as well, and I support auditors – even giving them a break if they’re struggling auditors (with their meter repairs). You can get ahold of me through my number at 360-556-1715. Craig

  103. You were recommended by Trey. Pls give me your contact info so I can call and chat with you. I live in the south Austin area. Interested in some clean up services. Thank you, Moneca

  104. Thanks for the Welcome Marty.

    First, I want to commend you and Mike for what you have done and what you are doing. From my viewpoint you and Mike represent the only chance for LRH’s Scientology to reach the beings of this planet. I thank “The 8th dynamic” that I found you and Mike; saw and read your stories on the internet. I had been with the “church” for 16 years but never made any real gains with services (the only real gains I made was through covering LRH materials at home) because I was continually going PTS to the staff at the local org, the local CLO, Flag, ASHO, Bridge and INT. It was incredibly frustrating because I couldn’t make sense of it. It was contrary to what should have been happening and that should have been rapid progress up the Bridge. It never happened.

    I was simply missing data. I have experienced such an incredible amount of relief this past weekend because I have uncovered the reason I was having so much trouble with my local org, Flag, Bridge, ASHO and Int. The truth would seem to be that most of the staff in the orgs and SO are heavily PTS and PTS to the COB and a vast majority of them should be handled as such.
    I have many questions for you and Mike. Please forward your contact info. Much Thanks

    ARC, Anthony

  105. Long live LRH Intention.
    Down with DMology. DaMn the anti-LRH. His eternity is that of a dark cinder

  106. Hello Marty,
    Great job your doing.
    I hope that more scientologist will wake up and really look and see the truth.
    My point of no return was the Truth Rundown.
    I’m from Canada and from what I know stupidity is going on strong in “Dear Leader” orgs here.

    Keep up the good work

  107. Welcome. And well said.
    I have no imagination how retched The Truth Rundown was for you, but know this;
    We are on our way with many Who are fully trained.
    From veterans of 40 years to CL XII who are with us…
    Training others and completely on board.
    LRH’s dream is still a full reality.

    You’ll find that when you look.
    Beautiful you

  108. You know, this may be a cultural difference across the Atlantic, but I have to say firstly that I’ve tried reading some of your blog and don’t understand all the Americanisms and secondly, it all seems to be written against the Church of Scientology. Well, on this European side of things, we know that’s a dodgy American sect and have no real further interest in it. So why doesn’t everyone over there just ignore it, leave it for the wackies, and let it fizzle out? I’m confused.

  109. Glad you left and went public. I think I meet you once while I was supping at ITO for the ktl release right before I exited in 91.

  110. marty, frankly speaking it sounds pretty much like you left the leadership of an organization of swindlers and now continue to perpetuate that organization’s philosophy at a price (i.e. swindling but keeping the money for yourself) but with lower pressure sales tactics and possibly a lower price. it sounds like you’re careful to emphasize the “wide variety of sources” your skills come from and so forth (e.g. that this isn’t a substitution for scientology) to avoid a law suit. i’m unfamiliar with copyright law but perhaps that has some relevance.
    the good news though is that at least it creates competition. maybe there’ll be enough defectors turned teachers from the organization that if people are robbed, they at least won’t be robbed of much. that’s more that can be said of many other religious organizations and maybe the information, assistance, and time will just be, ya know, free someday, which i think would be grand. it’s a step up to a moderately less contemptible position. good job, i guess.

  111. Marty,

    I came back time to time and went to google to find your blog here at work and found this first; mikerinderblog.com/.

    It looks just like your blog.
    A campaign seems to have started and there is anti-marty vid/links available there by the search.

  112. completed grades, power,power plus, solo1……what about either solo2 or audited R6EW..any suggestions?

  113. Marty,
    Just to let you know how much I appreciate your site.
    This particular blog has been very helpful to me as you see, I’m finally talking. It’s like having friends and comm, it loosens one up.
    Been doing a lot of researching and looking, for over a month now, everyday. What an education. Received a wealth of information on over 100 sites, links, stories, videos. It’s inspiring, interesting and still goin’.
    All the questions, mysteries, that I had for many years, found and cleared on the web. As a first time blogger, I find yours and VV blogs so enjoyable with good laughs, that I’m sure to have more fun while I continue to look and learn, thanks guys. Where have I been? It’s all in timing.
    BTW. Going through the Texas trial with you, the Voice and TBT was most exhilarating! Such a fine job y’all did. I was very impressed. Fantastic!
    You ARE helping. Many thanks!

  114. You pretty much use BS terminology like the church in order to hide whatever it is your really doing.

    You will be Stopped.

    • He’s not hiding anything. Us indies know EXACTLY what he’s talking about. What the frock are YOU talking about??

  115. So proud of you for taking a stand and being your true self. I wish you so much luck and wellness on your path. You have SO MANY on your side!

  116. Marty, I am trying to get hold of Mike Rinder.
    I am the son of Thomas Maxwell who financed Scientology in the early years.

  117. Douglas Jackson

    Dear Marty, What you are doing is wonderful. It took me ten years to sort out and redirect my existence after 15 years of being a church member (two and a half years as a staff member.) The suicides – the odd, accidental deaths – the contraction of a life threatening illness myself – all acted as a wake-up call for me. I made a 180 degree turn and embarked on my own mission to unravel everything that had gone wrong and preserve what had been right. I know how painful the process is – I did it on my own. I had to find my own truths. Extricating the “reg’d” in hook of the upper levels was absolutely the most difficult operation to perform. I do not see many people talking about this, so, I’m stepping up to the plate to talk about it. LRH is not the first spiritual navigator to come along and report these very same strange, unbelievable recollections and observations. My enlightenment and release from this hook came when I realized, through recognition of my own, vast inner power and that the universe of force is unsustainable. Moreover, illusions occur at many levels and require force to maintain.

    I remember hearing it said that, that the EP of Scientology was “No Scientology”. Maybe that’s the true wall of fire – the breaking through, the otherside of it, the realization that it was all a necessary drill for “not”.

    Peace and Blessings,

    • “I remember hearing it said that, that the EP of Scientology was “No Scientology”. Maybe that’s the true…. the realization that it was all a necessary drill for “not”

      I have heard similar. Thank you for posting the above because it strongly indicates to me.

      When i left CCDAL (Dir Com – Full Hat) in the mid 90’s, it was with the realization that KSW is not a “Scientology” (3-D) action, it’s a Scientologist (1-D) action. Its kind of ironic really.

      This site gives me hope.

  118. Marty – I was a Sea Org Member at AOLA in 1978 and 1979 before I figured out it was time to leave. I was overworked (Dir. Com.) and got NO auditing in the two years I was there. Other SO members called me “faggot” yet did nothing to get me audited to Power.
    So screw it – I left. Thanks for the work you’re doing!

  119. OutOfTheFryingPan

    I was a dedicated Scientologist for 5 years. I left the church 3 weeks ago after learning about LRH’s son DeWolf, the black magick beginnings, and Miscavidge’s abuse. I am heartbroken and part of me wants to continue my studies solo but I’m torn. I am definitely feeling that downward spiral of self invalidation that you talked about. Was it real? Did I really have the wins? I feel like a better person who handles life better, but am I really? Does the tech really work? Was I just taken? I have thousands of dollars of books and lectures sitting here and I don’t know what to do with them. “Should I continue my study” is a question I ask myself daily. All I know is that I am hurting. After I finished Advanced Procedure and Axioms I had the cognition that life would just continue to get better with the application of Scientology in my life. Now I feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. Recently my young son went severely out ethics. I didn’t know what else to do but apply the conditions. I declared him in Treason and we’ve been working the conditions and the situation has improved. Still I am crestfallen at the loss of my dear friends and advisors.

  120. Terry Schuman

    Hi Marty I am interested in finding out more about MArilyn Brewer and her husband Ed. From all the articles I can’t tell if Marilyn left the church after Marty died or not.I don’t understand all the acronyms she uses either. What is flag? Terry S-

  121. I’ve been trying to study Scientology for the past several yrs on my own. I have no church close by and I’m not a millionaire. The fact that they charge so much makes me sad because this stays on my way to knowledge! What can I do? If I don’t go trough auditing I simply waste a precious time. Help please! 🙂

  122. Terry Schuman

    Perhaps this is not the way to your path…..

  123. Is there anyone doing auditing in Los Angeles that is independent from the church ?

  124. Mark, glad to read this site hope all is well with you and your family. Stay in touch. Terry

  125. I have been reading about the abuses by Miscavige since the Holmes situation broke. I cannot, cannot stop reading about it. Just as the LDS fundamentalists left me speechless so does this. I had no idea, none, how bad it was. And I like everyone else who touches the tip of the iceburg said to myself “why don’t they just leave”. And now I know why. They have nothing and it is so sad. Hopefully, this will turn around, but I am sure it takes a long time. You and Rinder and the rest are wonderful. I have read Rinder’s (sp?) to his family and it is incredibly touching. I watched Anderson Cooper interview the wives and Cooper is so good that the wives are literally stuttering at times. What is so fascinating about the interviews with the husband is that they don’t get angry or upset about their wives and simply say they expect this reaction – something that is very telling I found. They have been dealing with this for so long.

    One woman who witnessed the beating of Rinder (forget her name), hard to keep it all straight said re Tom Cruise – either he knows about the abuse and chooses to ignore it or deny or he doesn’t know about it because he has not taken the time to find out. EITHER WAY, it is wrong.

    I was saying that to myself while reading for the past week.

    Thank you for what you do and I for sure let people know if the subject is brought up re Scientology and if it is not without being obnoxious.

    But I can tell you for sure, I really can’t even look at Mr. Cruise after all this – at the very least until he starts doing something about the abuses and the broken families.

    Solace Boyd –

  126. Marty,
    Is anyone looking into how many orgs are actually insolvent?
    What with the big push in the last few years of “Ideal Orgs” It might be enlightening.

    Chuck Teaney

    • martyrathbun09

      The “LEC” Chuck Teaney?

      • yep that’s me. I also went on to be FBO FLO from which I was busted. Then FBO NYD/F when they were renovating to become “an IDEAL Org” which meant that DM made them insolvent and got me busted again for trying to work out a bail out for the Org.

        • Hey there Chuck! Nice to see you here!

          • Wow Mike. Thank you. I really kind of amazed that you guys would even remember me. I really want to validate the work that you’re doing trying to straighten out the mess with DM.

  127. Hi Marty! I have never been a member of the CoS, nor have I ever even taken any courses from the Church. However, I have read a few beginner books, and I am really interested in learning more and possible being audited. However, after hearing your story, as well as Mike Rinder’s and others’, I am positive I never want to step foot inside a CoS building. I have found that the Freezone is not very organized, so I am not sure where to begin. I was hoping you could give me some advice and direction.

    P.S. – You, Mike Rinder, Debbie Cook, and everyone else who had the courage to risk everything and leave the CoS are a HUGE inspiration to me. Thank you for your example.

  128. Thanks Marty. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of the people on that list live near me. Would you happen to know of anyone in Rhode Island/Massachusetts/Connecticut area?

    • martyrathbun09

      I am not aware of anyone I could directly recommend. If you can’t travel I suppose you will need to look at the freezone directory.

  129. Marty, I am former GO HPDC Clear. Circa 75-78. My military service involved in SRI pgm Ingo Swann participated in. Have knowledge of “back story” Love to comm re my recollections on past coup & future outlook.

  130. Marty,
    I have read your entire blog. Let me first state that I am not a current or former scientologist nor do I know anyone in Scientology. Like most people, I have come to see the word Scientology as a pejorative. Since reading your blog, I am now able to separate Scientology (and Scientologist) from the Church of Scientology. That is to say that I respect the Scientologist’s faith (or beliefs), but I loathe the Church of Scientology and its leader David Misgavidge. You have done a great service to your faith with this blog; more so that any PR campaign from the Church or celebrity endorsement.
    My fascination in Scientology has been strictly tabloid based. My interest was piqued when the entire BBC blow-up happened (Sweeney yelling, sleazy Tommy Davis, etc.). I have since casually followed the drama that followed:
    • Tom Cruise crazy video
    • Anonymous
    • Wise Beard Man
    • Law Suits
    • Defections
    • Creepy investigators/stalkers
    • And so on…
    The latest Tom Cruise divorce story piqued my interest again and that is when I discovered your blog. I was happy see that Mike Rinder left the Church. I remember Mike Rinder being interviewed by Anderson Cooper in the aftermath of the BBC story. He came across very sleazy but I had the sense he was actually a good guy. I am glad he found his way out and that my instincts were correct.
    My question is: What can people like me, from the general public; do help other victims of the church? I am not up to wearing a Guy Fawkes masks and standing in front of buildings protesting. I also do not want to be harassed by crazies (or the misguided). As a society, we go oversees to help people that live under tyranny; I would like to see us help these poor people in our own backyard.
    On a side note, while I do not know any Scientologist, I have met a few Scientologists. In fact, I have met David Misgavidge. When I was young, I worked at the Edwards Towngate and Festival Movie Theatres in Moreno Valley California (near Hemet). This was back in 1989 and 1990. To everyone’s surprise back then, Tom Cruise would come to see movies at those theatres (far from Los Angeles). He could come with a small group of people (usually 3 others; in 1990 Nicole Kidman was with them) and see a variety of movies. Strangely, I can still remember two of the movies they watched; Uncle Buck and Quick Change. Tom Cruise always was accompanied by a guy we would refer to as his “little friend”. At the time, I did not know that friend was David Misgavidge (nor the Scientology angle) as I later made that connection when I saw his picture in magazine about Scientology. I remember he drove an old white Nissan or something like that. He would also sometimes come to the theatre without Tom Cruise (wearing a Days of Thunder jacket). Friends of mine also saw them eating a restaurant called the Stinking Rose in Moreno Valley.

    At the same time, the Edwards Theatres company would to sell discount tickets to the Church of Scientology. I remember a representative of the church would show up a day early (Thursdays) to ask questions about the movies. She wanted to know a lot of detail about the plots, etc. She would buy the group discount tickets in advance and then on some Fridays, a school bus would pull up out front and people in white Navy uniforms would exit the bus to see a movie (maybe you were one of those people).
    The point to this story is I had the opportunity to speak to Misgavidge while I was doing my job. He seemed at the time like a reasonably nice guy. He dressed humbly, drove an old car, was polite and seemed friendly. The only odd thing that ever happened (and it was very odd) is when he and Tom Cruise were in the men’s room. A friend of mine who also worked at the theatre as an usher entered the restroom to do a normal cleanliness check. He came down and complained to our manager that Tom Cruise’s little friend took a Karate stance on him and it seemed like he was going to fight him. Since Tom Cruise was at the urinal, he assumed the little friend (Misgavidge) was Tom Cruise’s bodyguard and that my friend was there to do him harm. Like I stated.. ODD!
    So back in 1989 and 1990, Sea Org Members obviously left the base to see movies and Misgavidge was out and about in public. In your opinion, was Misgavige ever a descent guy who was true believer or has he always been evil? Did his ultimate power corrupt him or did he always have an agenda. I now know he is the most evil person I have ever come into contact with. I am just trying to understand how he got that way. Would what I just described (movies and dinner out) ever happen today or are they always on lockdown now?
    Again, I have such respect for what you are doing. You and Mr. Rinder must have an iron stomach to go through what you do with the SquirrelBusters. God bless you both!

    • Strange as it may seem, I think Mary’s book, “What is wrong with Scientology” is an excellent introductory book to new people about Scientology. It allows one to separate the subject of Scientology from the church. It allows one to make a comparison and “spot the charge”. Follow that with The Way to Happiness, and someone new can gain an appreciation for LRH.

      • I can’t believe I spelled Marty as Mary…..sorry.
        (Shaking my head)
        Can you imagine if I was still in the church and spelled Miscavige as Miss Cabbage 🙂

  131. Okay, just listened to the youtubes where Marty and Mike (Rinder) are fishing and talking to someone by the name of Kirstie I believe and tell the copper story, among others. Miscavige is delusional – Hitler was most definitely delusional at the end – so this is a good thing.

  132. Hi Marty – bought your book on my Kindle.

    I was relistening to the David M interview on ABC NIghttline and they mentioned Vicki Aznaran (first time I had heard of her) Googled and found http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Fishman/Declaration/aznaran.txt where she is quoted with
    “When David Miscavige was one of the targets of an IRS CID investigation (there were several individuals targeted), he expressed great concern over having to go to jail. Due to his diminutive size, he was very concerned that he would be sexually harassed while in a jail with common criminals.” At this time he devised several schemes to flee the country should the IRS decide to make arrests.”

    …sorry I thought it was funny how DM’s mind works and I alway getting a laugh when I think that he is even shorter than Tom C… no wonder Tom loves him 🙂

    Did you know Vicki? Was she really at one stage ‘in battle’ with DM?

    There is just SO much other there on the internet and tv to watch, read and listen to. When’s Mike writing a book! – he is really good to listen to as well.

    Having read you book, I feel sorry for all the negative and ‘crazy’ opinion DM has bought on the practice of scientology, especially to those of you who feel that it bought a positive dimension to your life.

    Have a nice day

  133. Hi, youve met my bro who’s been “in” for a lot longer than I. Its been the “devil you know” for sometime with me as I couldnt match up the writings of LRH with the practices of the CofS, so Ive kept a distance. I was looking for his thingy, and I wanted a little advice on doing one too. :Q

  134. according to the vanity fair article tom devocht is the one who SAW miscavige and shelley and gosh knows who else having those late night scotch secret parties where miscavige would read and/or show the video of cruise’s secretly videotaped audits for their sickening drunk amusement and entertainment.(confirming what marty had stated.) is/was devocht marty’s “secret” source on this matter. a few point though on this matter. in the article and particularly the paragraph it reads devocht stating that cruise probably has alot of embarassing material” why the use of probably? i mean if he is the one being quoted as seeing this in person, then either there is or isn’t “embarassing” stuff”. why use probably? and yet the next line in the article says “adding that miscavige’s comments were usually about cruise’s sex life. “He would roll his eyes and say “jeez, can you believe it?” this would lead the reader to think that devocht DID see this happen in person? how do we even know if there is embarassing stuff much less sexual stuff in cruise’s audits? stuff that is so embarassing, weird, horrible whatever that would “ruin” cruise if it ever got out? while marty has said he willl never reveal what cruise said in their audit sessions it seems that more than a few people know, including others who audited cruise over the many many years besides marty.obviously to a large percentage of the public this “embarassing mostly sexual stuff” supposedly in those audits lead people to believe cruise is being blackmailed into not only staying in scientology, but way more importantly is unblinking obsessive pathological devotion to miscavige? personally to me it defies UTTER AND ABSOLUTE LOGIC AND SANITY AND COMMON SENSE TO SAY THE VERY LEAST THAT the world’s most famous movie star would spill anything and everything that could remotely be so private and potentially “embarassing” “horrible” “weird” personal and career suicide in a audit with anyone no matter what! heck, as a catholic my confessionals consisted of me saying ” i was mad at my brother” I tried to cheat on a test, i cussed someone out who pissed me off,etcetera. you think i would tell anyone things that could destroy me if it got out? heck no!!!!! and i’m just joe schmoe everday person! tom cruise THE tom cruise we are to believe DID just that in his audits over the years? comments please!

  135. Hi,

    i just decided im now an independant scientologist after examining the facts.

    Question: is DM case level, and what training has he done.

    Also: how do i ifind out where get standard services near me outside the org?


  136. Hi!

    Doubt Formula:

    After having read the Doubt Formula on-line of Vincent Magni, which answers in any item to any question I had regard to the true main statistics of orgs in the CoS;

    Seeing that these stats were in mainly in Danger between 1989 and 2001 and then in emergency tendency but on decade too (so far below Emergency Condition too);

    I conclude that the Scientology Technology of spiritual freedom, as LRH* has let us in inheritance, has not been applied in its purity and that main changes have been necessary occurred since 1989.

    Therefore, I announce that I definitively leave the group of the actual COB of the CoS, David Miscavidge, and joint the group of the true friends of LRH and on-purpose “Indies”, to sustain to road to Total Spiritual Freedom For Any Being.

    With my final thanks, Marty, for your web-site which permits me to know the “Indies” and have access to many data, viewpoints and on-purpose terminals, and for your general action of clarification of the scene.

    ML, IdealGoal.

    PS: As soon your last book will be available in electronic and internationally, I will buy it.

    (* the only Source of the Scientology)

  137. Well all the way around, Marty!

  138. Just read both of your books (VWD!). I quietly left the church 10 years ago, after 30 years. I’ve always had the following questions:
    1. What posts has David Miscavige held?
    2. How did he rise to power?
    3. Did he have anything to do with the David Mayo fiasco?
    4. What is DM’s training level?
    5. What is his processing level? Did he get any T/A????
    5a. Are his auditors still alive? Should he be c/s’d for exorcism 🙂
    6. What involvement did he have in the death of LRH, either before or after?
    7. How the hell does Shelly put up with him?

    Miscavige is a great spin meister.
    I remember that Hitler gave great speeches too.

    Thank you for what you are doing.

  139. The correct viewpoint on all of this org sit and misscarrage, ha! is that its all part of the experiment of the greatest master game player. Do you realy think or believe that their is not a plan to fix all this? Hmm. interesting. If so then you are most certainly misduplicating Elron. It won’t be long now!

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  141. Just posting here to get your blog via e-mail. Thank you.

  142. DM will in time go.

  143. Been following this anti-Scientology stuff cautiously for a about a decade after my own, very brief, very terrifying encounter with the San Diego office in 1998. This and more needs to be said. Over and over.

  144. Patricia Sheehan

    What is your direct email address? I’m in need of advice — only from Marty.
    Pat Sheehan

  145. Dear Mr. Rathbun,
    I have never been a Scientologist and do hope I can intrude on your blog. I just finished reading What’s Wrong With Scientology and wanted to complement you on a very well written, fascinating book. I was drawn to it after reading Janet Reitman’s book, Inside Scientology. As an outside observer I had no idea Scientology was intrinsically comprised of so much spiritual truth. I was only aware of the crazy, nasty stuff that the CoS has become involved in.
    The idea of spiritual truth being linked to celebrity, dead agenting, extreme commercialism and glitzy real estate projects beggars belief. Sadly, however, this is hardly the first time a religion or spiritual practice has been hijacked by egos, generally male, for social and political control. It should be obvious to anyone trying to progress spiritually that anything detracting from forgiveness, tolerance and love is going in the wrong direction. But we all make mistakes, and I know from personal experience how easy it is to lose your way.
    Anyway, I wish you and Monique all success in your important work, and congratulations again on a wonderful book.
    With warm regards,
    Jon S from Bangkok, Thailand

  146. Marty:

    I was in and out of Scientology in 1972-1973. I was coerced to join the LA Org Staff. I left when I realized how miserable conditions were. I am grateful that I had the ability to just leave. I started in Denver, and returned to the Denver Metro area.

    Subsequently, I worked for 37 years as a technician for a large corp in the US… I am now retired and digging back into chapters of my past. I’m shocked to read what has happened. I am in the middle of Lawrence Wright’s book “Going Clear”, and I am going to read yours next. I am certain that your book will round out what Lawrence could not know– he was not an insider.

    I think the people who have left the Co$ are the real hero’s of the struggle.

    My view of history and the ‘progress of humankind’ is that it *never* happens when information was kept to a select few. I don’t believe the ‘tech’ works, but what has happened is beyond the pale of decency.

    Thank you for your efforts. If I show up on your doorstep, it will be to bring you a pizza and a donation. (LOL).

    Thank you.

  147. Hello from the UK.
    I’ve always been fascinated by Hubbard not so much by Scientology which is just the ‘billing system’ as far as I’m concerned. I think Hubbard was a flawed genius (who says geniuses shouldn’t be flawed?!! 😉 and that his tech, cobbled together from his influences (as all artworks are), is not too shabby and can hold its own on any level against ANY other system, historically.
    Of course, not having even MET a Scientologist until a few years back, despite my long-standing interest, it’s been amazing to catch up very recently on what’s been happening with Scientology and, from my relatively uninvolved perspective, I think that everything is positive and may even have been planned by LRH. I am not the only one who seems to sense that he had a plan to make Scientology last for as long as its cosmology and in the same way that The Beatles are now infinitely bigger than they were in the 60’s, I think splits and schismatics are essential to this long-term play.

    As I say, I am catching up after maybe five, six years and watching the wealth of material, hearing about the wealth of new books and I’m pleased to see that people who have acquired upper level skills in Scientology are now free to consider what they have learned and how they might apply these skills in the world ‘out here’. We need you. You may not always call yourself Scientologists (I suspect) but I am confident that, after some time has elapsed you will realise that, as in other religions, the point is that YOU are now the leader. The second coming of LRH, like Christ, is in the individual who has had the essence awoken within her.

    Best of luck to all!

  148. Hi, my name is Arthur. I’m from nyc. I am seeking life repair. Last year I’ve
    been seporated from the org. Being that there’s a scarcity of field auditors here and they are . I am looking to work with someone I’d be compatible with, someone who wouldn’t charge much. Let me know if you’d consider helping me! Thanks!

  149. I dont have email Mosey & Marty. Can you simply reserve me for 10 Aug 2013. My birthday. I feel like I`ve gone to hell and come back. Im driving. Will have a weeks worth of water. All else is self contained. Do you have room I can park my truck and rig. Or tell me where walking distance I can?
    And (a big and) my daughter is having a baby around then/there! She was delivered by my husband in the Hollywood Inn room 714. Told my husband I could not get down the staires – he had to `be doctor`. After the color came back, he did just fine.
    Thank you for the invite and your day to day efforts to make this world a better place.

  150. Hello:
    I’m hoping to get more information about my sister Debbie Koval, who has been in Scientology for the last 38 years. She apparently was the facility in Hemet, but has been moved to another facility in the LA area. I”m hoping someone else here might know her and have information about what she has been through and whether she is/has been trying to get out. Thanks Marty for your message to me, and thanks to anyone who might know of her status.

  151. Just watched your program on channel 4 in the uk! I’m 25 and found it very interesting! Keep up the good work bro!

  152. Just watched the documentary about you on Channel 4 in the UK. You have my support. The church tried to get me in the 80’s and I’ve disliked them ever since.

  153. scott goldwyre

    just wanted to extend a supportive “well done” after all of the negative people harassing you, you are able to have faith gives me hope. I am not a religious man but i do have faith in humankind and from.one soul to another keep the faith brother
    yours most sincerely, scott

  154. More power to your elbow my friend. May whatever power holds sway over this universe lend strength to you and ours.

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  156. Hello from Canada. I just watched ‘scientologists at war’ and I have to say your wife is amazing. For a woman who had no connections with the church to stand by her husband, while being under intense scrutiny, I just have to applaud her and I am sure you two are closer than ever. I was raised in a very strict Catholic household and although I am still quite young, I was shuned for marrying a non-Catholic, my 34 first cousins and 16 aunts/uncles have little contact with me. I truly believe whatever your faith is, scientology, catholisicm, Baptist, or Buddhist, making money, institutions and rules and laws that suppress people and fill them with guilt, would not be what any creator wanted for us. Jesus stated I could connect with him by a river, in the forest, faith has nothing to do with money, David M. is probably a very wealthy man, Jesus was dirty poor, he accepted all lepers, prostitutes and even those who turned away from him. What shocked me about the documentary was the vengeance, the way they tried to press down on Marty and his family, if they were open, honest, compassionate people, who lived and let live, why would they care that someone wants to practice scientology on their own? ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, and by the way, the squirrel busters were only mad because you stole all their nuts!! And boy are they nuts, the one woman screaming its all about Marty, my husband and I were open mouthed, mental health issues galore. I just want to commend you on not backing down and being your authentic self no matter what anyone else thinks, especially Tom Cruise and co. what a bunch of dweebs, little man syndrome, and David looks smaller than him, get some high heels boys and get over it!!

  157. P.S I am going to buy your memoirs book, I find this all fascinating! Just one thing, I think Mickey touched on it above, the main page has so many entries, videos, and links it takes a long time to find something in particular, mine kept freezing. My husband built our website for our little company here in Northern Canada (we run a dog hiking service which is awesome!! I saw on the doc your sweet dog) and I will give you the link, you can see how everything has its own section along the top, dog blog, pack pix, general info, etc, that way someone isn’t scrolling down hundreds of paragraphs. Have a videos section for just videos and if you reference a video in a blog just link it, also have an archives section, I tried scrolling the main page I had no patience. Anyhoo just a suggestion….dog lovers can check out http://www.sudburydogwalks.com…take care 🙂

  158. I have been following Marty for some time and would like to get some communication to him. I tried the “Send an E-Mail” and it didn’t “seem” to go through. Some advice would be helpful. Thanks, Mark R.

        • BOTTOM LINE, You are an immortal being who has been around for a very long time.You have picked up a lot of wrong ideas (postulates, considerations) that are causing you a lot of undesirable problems. OF THIS THERE IS NO DOUBT, These problems can be repaired. The methods may be an area of debate. The only individual to make progress toward this during this very long time are Ron Hubbard and a few people who used his methods. He didn’t finish or perfect the methods, but it’s a good start. “The only true freedom is the ability to handle anything to come along.” That may take a little work, but it is well worth it. Further research will continue one way or the other. Thanks to everyone who has the wherewithal and courage to push forward. Looking forward to working with you. Mark

  159. Marty, I’m reading your blog with sincere and deep interest. Years ago I had some really really bad times with scn upon exiting (see http://www.madvillelaw.net ) It involved young children, parental rights, personal & professional harassment, and vast litigation excess — all very damaging and costly on so many levels.

    I have a child who will be at the U.S. Navy aviation base there in Corpus Cristi, TX as an officer, pilot, and aircraft commander for the military — she herself an ex-scieno. I plan on many trips there during her tenure. Would you be willing to meet with me and discuss past, current, and future scn issues?


  160. Christoph Brunke

    “Who before did live carelessly but lives not careless later on, shines above this world like the moon free of clouds” -Buddha; Dhammapada
    I had to translate this from german by myself so if anyone more wise finds any missspelling in the cite, feel free to correct me :] As a matter of fact the buddha encouraged us to have a look at all the other religions we can get hold of. so i stumbled uppon the church of scientology and your story. The little bit of knowlegde i could grasp upon about what scientologist believe in, in some ways is not that different from what we believe. And as a matter of fact i think it is right to discipline ones “reactive mind” which we would just refer to as “mind” an cleanse it of destructive reactions, even towards unpleaseant situations, and look at its true nature. And it can be helpfull to have someone with, greater capabilities of this, teach you on how it may work for you. but i totally disagree with the notion of having a “priest” of any kind making a sellout out of wisdom. a wise man would never charge someone for his teachings because a wise man would be happy to teach wisdom and that would be enough of a wage for him. You and others bringing that concept to scientology was such a happy discovery for me that i just had to come here and post this dhammapada cite for you because it instantly came to my mind when hearing your story. indeed i would reccomend you to get a copy of the dhammapada (no need to buy you can also listen to it @ YT ;D ) and read it at least once (can be a little painfull to one self here and there looking at once youth :/ *lol* imagine a not even 30 year old boy telling you that 😉 ) there is much wisdom in it in a very clear,understandable and memorizable way for those who seek wisdom. I really hope you are successfull on your quest to liberate your religion from the fangs of greed, hate and fear. Also i want to add this little prayer that thousands of us regularly cite for all of you:
    “May all beeings experience happines and the causes of happines.
    May all beeings be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.
    May all beeings never lose touch with the great bliss that is free of suffering.
    May all beeings live in great serenity, free of adherence and reluctance.”
    Be shure that as long as you fight the good fight in a wise way you will have all wise beeings of the Multiverse on your side 🙂 now at last again; i am german so i hope my english is even understandable and i managed to translate my cites correctly ( in addition it is almost 2 am here and my “nightwatch” is getting long 😉 )
    May happiness be with you and wisdom guide you !

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  162. Repeal2ndAmendment

    To end Scientology slavery, we must END SCIENTOLOGY. Slavery has been a part of the ‘faith’ since Day One.

    *EVERYTHING* you complain about Miscavige’s rule was present during Hubbard’s time. You are acting like a good cult member, pretending that Hubbard was good but Miscavige is bad. Read the truth about Hubbard and the cult during his rule!

    Family disconnection? LRH disconnected from L Ron Hubbard, Jr!!! Disconnection is NOT an invention of Miscavige.

    Abuse of children? 12-year-olds worked 100 hour weeks, serving Hubbard as Messengers on the Apollo.

    Lying, cheating, stealing in the service of the cult? Very prominent during the time of Hubbard. Operation Snow White and the abuse of P. Goddard, for example.

    Money hungry exploitation of Scientology members? Pioneered by Hubbard!! The goal of Scientology, according to L.Ron Hubbard: MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHERS PRODUCE AS TO MAKE MONEY. (1972 letter)

    Physical abuse of staff members for petty infractions? Hubbard sent out orders to hit certain people who displeased him!

    Good luck to you in truly pulling away from the cult of Hubbard; best wishes that you become a thinking human being with normal compassion and empathy.

  163. Real V Nordic Light


    I wonder if there is a forum where I can “vent” all the stupid, childish Scientologists behaviours the “top” in their org makes them do. I cant believe it, it is almost as they have the intent to hurt Scientology and give it a bad name. It is that stuuupid ! I no longer believe it is an “accident”, they do this to hurt Scientology.

    But I think only psychicwarfare dot is the way to treat those walkin entities.
    I dont like those parasites at the top all…!!!

  164. Marty. I just saw the documentary & I am happy you have been causing Sci some substantial damage. Sci almost ruined my youth. I am constantly gathering funds. I have multiple mils by now, heading for bils. I will crush Sci under my foot. Might call you 4 support but you will have to have decided to dump it for good. Later /F

  165. Hey Marty,
    I’ve been following your story on you tube, books on scientology, and on this site and really support you and your cause. Keep up the good work and stay strong. I cant imagine having to deal with these creeps directly. Anyways, good luck with everything.


  166. I just have question as far as Hubbard is concerned… I just recently bought a book on Scientology and as I was reading, it seemed to me like Hubbard was a racist man. Just wondering what your thoughts on that are?

  167. I’ve heard some about your legal wrangling with CofS, I wish you success.
    I left the CofS in 2001 after suppressive spiritual difficulties started persuant to a letter I wrote to Senior CS AOLA regarding some case changes that had occurred while on the SHSBC for 3 1/2 years. I felt that some high up SO personel started to attack me personally.

    Since you left in 2004 as stated in your welcome, I thought you might have heard something of that situation at that time and perhaps shed some light on it.

    I was never SO but a 27 year veteran of S, with a Clear number around 800.

    Thanks so much
    Leland Imler

  168. Marty, I’m watching the tv program scientologists at war here in far Sourh Africa. Thank goodness program’s like this get to people / layman like me.

    What you are doing is great. What those fools are doing is an embarrassment to human life and a disrespect.

    Tom cruise? What an embarrassment!

    You’re wife appears to be an amazing supportive woman.

    Use each other’s strengths and leave the idiots in your wake.

    Life is so great, purposeful, full of amazing surprises and always challenges.

    From someone who is completely non religious, yet respectful of everyone’s place in the world.

    Much love

  169. Football coach

    Teo laus

  170. In the process of reversing the decline in myself and in others certain lessons were learned that might be of some assistance to those who have experienced the same.

  171. I never joined the Church of Scientology, but was bullied into paying $30 for a “Communications Course” in their centre. That was the only way they would let me leave the centre. Once out, I asked for my money back, because I had no intention of affiliating myself with those cretins. In order to request my $30 back, I had to fill out eight 8″ by 14″ (legal) forms. And after they had received the forms, they wanted to discuss them in person. I was too smart to ever enter that building (without an army, that is) so let them keep the money and chalked it up to having paid that minimal price to learn to have a backbone. I should have just walked out of the place! I was young and naive. Now, after all this time, the Church has tracked me down and is harrassing me with telephone calls. I have asked them repeatedly to remove my name and number from their list. Of course, they do NOT listen to anyone else. Their mission is to get their message to me. I was told all that time ago, that I was to be put on their “Enemies List.” I was fine with that. Is there anyway I can arrange to be put back on the list? Apparently, they don’t bother their enemies, or so I’ve heard.

  172. Hi Marty, I hope my email reaches you (without interference or tampering of the message itself).

  173. Nice summary. which is really good..thanks to share it..please keep updating .

  174. Hi Marty,

    When will your books be available at public libraries?

  175. You are a kindred spirit to me, Marty. I have never read anything by LRH. I have never stepped foot into a Scientology org. I’m a female from the USA born in the ’80’s. But, after becoming an ‘orthodox’ Evangelical, then seriously devoted Catholic Christian, and finally leaving 12 years later, I’ve found your insights poignant and incisive! Whether on mind-control, psychology and religion, or general humanisism your reflections resonate deeply. Indeed, I’ve become a ‘Scientology Watcher’ because so many ex-scientologists are my fellow journey men and women on this road to regaining independent thought and autonomy.

    I think there will be a greater exodus from the fundamentalist expressions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. in the coming decades and there will be a great place for helping escapees recover themselves, sifting truth from fiction, and establishing new meaning in their lives without the fear that dictated every minute belief for them.

    Keep it up!

    p.s. I have to wonder if your obscure post last week might be related to a future as a professional therapist, counselor, or psychologist? (I realize the irony) Can’t help noticing your increasing use of the concepts. Seems you’d be great at this or as a (I know, laugh here, but seriously) minister in a free non-authoritarian or dogmatic, exploratory, spirituality like Unitarianism.

    Wishing you the best! I’ll continue to be a faithful reader!

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  177. I’ve long known that the church is out ethics, it is evident in it’s lack of gains, if it was truly what it claims to be, ie, the solution to what ails the world, it would have been embraced my 90+% of the population, the only people that would reject the truth are psychotics that have a vested interest in suppressing the masses.
    Having known this is what kept me from putting more effort into joining the organization.
    When I further saw that the org was more interested in million dollar parties for it’s members and refused tech to the poor it was blatanty obvious that clearing the world was not the org’s primary goal.

  178. So marty is the the church of scientology in its present form a cult or religion ? straight up…you owe the WORLD an answer!

  179. Optimistic Sam

    I remember the commercials running in the 1980s (likely shortly before or after LRH’s death) touting his Dianetics book. I also remember I liked what I heard and intended to read the book. Fast forward a few decades…I never got around to reading that book. The book might have been readable, but as COS became more visible (talked about) and it acquired its famous talking heads I noticed something…they seemed to have scrambled brains. I do not mean that as an insult or hateful and after watching Going Clear, I see it again. The odd, bizarre, strange behavior and thought processes of these people.

    One speaks of brainwashing, but after truly listening to them and watching their actions…they seem to struggle with their thoughts and expression of same. This documentary has exposed the source of the odd behavior in their talking heads.

    Based on what I have seen and read so far…I am perfectly happy to be whatever the COS would consider me to be. I agree with your assessment made in your VICE interview…we can believe what we choose, but we cannot harass and harangue those who do not.

    All of the above words are strictly my opinions/observances and are not intended to be insulting to any one particular person, group, or belief system. I am grateful for all forums for individual expressions of thoughts and ideas.

  180. You are a hero! #goingclear!

  181. Have been following your journey from SP Times, to your blog, to *Scientology Warrior.* This is a very personal question in a way…. But, long after perusing (& sort of dismissing) comments on various sites, I came across this LA Mag article from ’13 (starting from http://www.lamag.com/longform/the-tip-of-the-spear/4/ ). The reporter asks some hard questions, & your discomfort is evident & understandable.

    What eludes me though is that for someone who seems to be such a genuinely well-intentioned soul, I’ve yet to hear you respond in a manner I can relate to, say: “a mind control group like this spins your moral compass until you can just stumble along. In performing the shadier duties demanded of a top OSA Scientology exec, the cult reinforces the sense that doing such things is Good! No matter how it may look from a wog perspective, each “noisy investigation,” slander, etc is in truth a service directed toward saving this world. With time I’ve become fully aware that aspects of my work within Scio Inc inflicted deep harm on a number of people–& I was a high-achiever working under the influence of a mind controlling cult…”

    Do you believe anything such as this now? Or acknowledge it to yourself & others? Not in a karmic/acts-of-contrition sense, but in a sort of truth/reconciliation manner? Sorry to pose this multi-plex question, but it’s impossible not to wonder. Best wishes, & with respect… Vale.

  182. Hi Marty,
    this is Chiara from Italy.
    How are you??
    I just saw the Going Clear Documentary and i am shocked.
    I new almost nothing about Scientology unless a book i read long time ago.
    I’m so happy that you and Others get out of it and i wish you all the best!
    I was in California a month ago and now that i knew all the torture and stuff, i would like to do something….there is something i can do to help people who get out?
    If somebody need just to talk i’m here for you guys 🙂

    I saw the message from Nate and Mona Larson and i’m so happy for you!!

    Hope you all the best for your life!!



  183. Hello, I too just watched the documentry Going Clear. My one comment to all of you who have gotten out of what seems to be a cult, is to focus on how strong you are to have come out and to be speaking up about it! Clearly there is enough within the ideas of Scientology that they can intrigue people, snag them and then envelope them. You were not alone…many ‘religions’ have these qualitys. But the real strength here is the amount it takes to see the cracks and to let your world fall away. That is very hard and most people, even if it is not such a clearly cult looking program, don’t want to look at the cracks in our systems around. Government, school, corporate, etc… So please know that you stand out as people who have displayed great strength! We all humans, can find parts within to be ashamed of, you are not alone or unique there, so rather than live in that part, re focus on what great examples you are to us all! 🙂 Thank you for your courage and for your vulnerability. That is where true strength lies… Cheers.

  184. I’ve never been involved in cos or any other organized region but I find it fascinating to read and watch all of the crazy it has produced!!! I’ve been a lurker for sometime but today I decided to post on some of the blogs. I was just wondering if you post here anymore of are you giving it a break? Just curious. Thanks

  185. Hello, I’m an italian girl who has just finshed to watch the documentary about Scientology “Going Clear” (wich is arrived in Italian cinemas only today).
    I really feel sorry for you – but over all, I am ANGRY! Those kind of cults (that are NOT religions) burns people’s mind and NOBODY stop them?! How is it possible? Is essential that you and other ex members of Scientology have told to the world what you’ve past. I live near a Scientology’s Church (the only one of my region) but obvioulsy I didn’t know nothing about what is happening in there!

    Thanks to all the people who report the truth all over the world. Peace.

  186. Keep the faith you’ve moved away from evil: http://biblehub.com/ezekiel/18-21.htm

  187. I just watched parts of the documentary on Passionate Eye a TV program in Canada. Quite interesting. I don’t know much about Scientology beyond what is in the popular media and good for you for leaving the organization or whatever. The only problem I have with that is why do you continue to use their name? Why are people calling themselves “independent” scientologist? My own thinking (which may be mistaken) is that there is something immoral and has a feel of “free riding” about people calling themselves “independent” scientologists. Much better for those who want to leave the organization to choose a seperate name and identity.

    My two cents.

  188. I realize your comment is directed to someone else and I respect your opinion. I never joined Scientology but was nearly taken in by them decades ago at the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles. My opinion is that anyone who has actually “left” the organization is only following their doctrine, such as it is, and not actually involved in the day-to-day workings. The brief look I had into their doctrine is the Communications course, which is the first one they will attempt to convince you that you need. The name of the course is deceiving, for the only communicating you will be taught is the “get your message across and don’t let anything they may say stop you.” So, my guess is some people are still using that method. Given all the media attention, it is my hope that more people will leave the organization. Perhaps all? I can only hope.

  189. You got my support marty! Hope this tray on me. Peac from Norway.

  190. I have never been a scientology st but I am fascinated by the storise of others who have left. I would like to subscribe yo your blog

  191. I just watched “Going Clear” & am so thankful for your candor + strength as you speak out to help others who are still afraid. I am currently trying to free my daughter from the grips of a source not quite as powerful, but fully in control of her thoughts, actions & isolating her from family/friends. You are an inspiration to many, including me. Hopefully I will have her thousands of miles away (willingly) by the end of the month.

  192. Brave and kind sir,

    My uncle, Richard Nunnlee, and his wife were IAS members/volunteers in Hawaii. I’ve gotten to know my cousin, Natalie (not her real name) after she left the Hollywood compound. Do you know Richard and Romina? Miscavige screwed my uncle up badly and I was wondering what you may know about it and if he was tortured.
    Thank you,

  193. I don’t like how people throw around the word cult a lot. Scientology in and of itself is not a cUlt. the sea organization is the cult And indeed Miscavige iS the one brewing the Kool Aid

  194. From where I sit, Scientology is the worst kind of cult; the long-lasting, hypocritical and dangerous kind.

  195. I’m so intrigued by Scientology!! I’ve watched as much as I can find and just finished Jenna Hill’s book, I’ve read several blogs as well!!! You are a very strong man for standing up to these people! I was raised as Baptist and believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior!!! I read Freedom Magazine on line today and I don’t understand how any “church” can discredit their ex members the way they do. Normally the church would pray for you to come back instead of calling you a liar and posting horrible videos of you! I’m praying for you all and keep up the great work of exposing the real truth!

  196. Hi Marty!
    My encounter with the church was back in the early nineties with the big OEC/FEBC program and I was sent from the Tampa org to be part of the group from around the world and actually did graduate the OEC/FEBC course as well as managed to go Clear before being sent back to Florida to ‘Boom the Org’ with my new set of skills. I left a couple years later. I’m glad to see that you have left as well but still are practicing! I would like to continue up the Bridge too but no way to do that here in Boston unfortunately 😦

  197. Dear Bukk Sweebey… its not a bridge Bill, its a pier. It is possible to reverse engineer it and see how useful data was reversed in order to trap people…. the way out, is not the way through for instance. The way out is to know that the ball of debris is limitless… then transcend the entire thing, knowing full well what it is, how it works and why probing it just sucks you in deeper.

    Hubbards early stuff, the 8008 series of books understood that perfectly, and students in that time frame were reaching their goal in weeks, totally happy, never to return or go on staff… Hubbard complicated the situation later, to stick people into their baggage and keep them around, paying and paying, and then going on staff.

    Phil Scott, I did find L-12 useful however.

  198. Marty’s practice of helping people LEAVE the cult of Scientology draws from many disciplines but never forget, it’s all about leaving L Ron Hubbard’s poisonous cult. I think I speak for many present when I suggest you explore what the cult of Scientology is REALLY about before you come here to sing its praises.

  199. I am not nor have ever been a Scientologist but for some reason this whole situation fascinates me. I want to tell you that you are a VERY brave man and also such a good man to be doing this for former Scientologists. Wow! I completely respect you for offering your help like this. If you ever have a bad day, and those stalkers are getting on your nerves, please re read this and know that you *and* your lovely wife, are awesome people and you definitely have a fan in me!!! Many blessings to you both!

  200. Glad u have a more fulfilling life,cant believe what david shortscavage puts people through…as a compassionate person and nurse and spiritual being,peace is within ourselves.

  201. Shannon Johnson

    Thank you for what you are standing up for and for what you are being open and honest about. Never been a Scientologist but feel for the people and what they are going through. What can we in the great northern midwest states do to help?

  202. Harpoona Frittata

    Like many in the mid-seventies, I was recruited into Scn by a pretty girl with a beckoning smile and a fast line of shit. Funny how your life can veer off along one distinct and otherwise improbable direction simply on the basis of one very chance encounter.
    For me, that encounter took place on the American River bike trail one hot summer day in 1976 when I found my eyes fixed on the backside of a beautiful girl on a bike just ahead of me. I remember the moment that I summoned the courage to catch her up and flash her a smile. Instead of being shutdown, as I expected, my lil Scn dessiminator grinned back and struck up a conversation that I have no memory of, other than to recall that we ended up at the Church of Scn Mission of Davis in Sacramento (COSMOD for short) instead of in bed later that evening.

    To make a long story short, like so many others, I did feel as if my early experiences with auditing benefited me. But even from the very start, that still small voice of intuition niggled at me – from the crooked, semi-leering smile of the huge pic of Elron hung in the academy, to the feverish eyes of all the staff members who kept trying to sell me shit…on and on. But the carrot-on-a-stick lure of super human powers and enlightened immortality drown it out for years as I spent a small inheritance on auditing and training.

    I was moving up the Bridge, folks loved me and beautiful girls just seem to fall into my lap…laughing, clear-eyed, vividly alive and multiply orgasmic 😉 Then I (gulp) decided to join up and help Ron clear the planet and my view changed from one of an outsider looking in to one of an insider peering out. I had to work harder and harder to quash that small, quiet voice of good sense and calm wisdom that was growing increasingly insistent in telling me that what I’d taken to be true was, in fact, not necessarily so and that the people that I met were not any less conflicted or troubled than the WOGs we were trained to disdain and feel sorry for.

    Looking back on it all now, the tipping point for me came when a very serious, and not at all friendly, uniformed Sea Org officer toured our org and started to go through PC folders for, umm, some undisclosed, but obviously important purpose. I’d risen through the ranks, and even been sent off to Flag for some advanced auditor training, to become the Director of Processing at the CoS at Sacramento during the tenure of Doug Fairchild, our CS and senior auditor.

    Doug had a very wry and witty sense of humor, which he employed in a variety of playful and amusing ways. One of which included creating a faux PC folder for a fictitious individual he named Sal Tuba. His case history contained all manner of interesting quirks, odd fetishes and discreditable secrets for which he was CS’ed some equally interesting auditing processes, such as “Five flows of Touch A Fist” or Havingness processes that focused on fantasized sexual encounters with a variety of R. Crumb-like cartoon women 😉

    To put it mildly, our stony-faced visiting Sea Org officer didn’t find any of that at ALL amusing. So unfunny, in fact, that he sent everyone even remotely involved (i.e, those who’d given Sal a “session”) to cramming where we had to memorize the “Jokers and Degraders” bulletin and get grilled on it by him personally. He also went through everyone’s desk drawers an pitched a mega bitch if he found anything except the staff member’s hatting folder there.

    Later on, during our occasional trips to L.A., I’d encounter more of these zombie-like, flinty-eyed Sea Org folks going about their work in rushed, ant-like ways while, off in the background, these strange black-clothed individuals scurried about, looking hunted, tired and beaten down…the RPF crew! Being a curious sort, I made the mistake of inquiring too deeply into what the fuck was going on with the slave crew thing, which got me called onto the carpet and sec checked (“I’m NOT auditing you”) with no explanation offered other than that they were working their way up through the ethics conditions and were there voluntarily. I wanted to open a side door and help a few escape to freedom, but stifled the urge before it actually reached the conscious level of my mind.

    Something about that experience just got me and I couldn’t get the inages out of my mind, but, at the same time, I felt like it was REALLY not kosher to ask what seemed obvious questions concerning all that. Shortly thereafter I started to distance myself from Scn, first in small unconscious ways, and then later as I started to feel increasingly free, with more and more boldness. Within maybe a year (probably less) I was gone and since then I’ve never looked back.

    With time and distance I’ve come to a place of sincere compassion and empathy for everyone who’s ever been caught up with the church, including myself, while feeling more and more strongly that some very serious wrongs need to be addressed and justice done in the names of all who were victimized by the Church and who have lost years of their lives in supporting something that, on balance, has done far more evil than it has done good.

    After watching Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear” documentary, I was shocked and disgusted to learn that the Church’s triumph over the IRS had enabled Miscavige and his utterly evil minions seize and consolidate control over the church’s resources and expand, instead of either undergoing fundamental reform or dying off completely, as it so obviously deserves.

    Just as it is with the Roman Catholic Church world-wide pedophile priest scandal and subsequent cover up, I feel that everything needs to be brought to light and whatever damage that does to the CoS’s structure and fortunes is exactly what needs to occur and is, if anything, less than the folks who continue to perpetrate evil actually deserve.

  203. Good work Harpoona! got em right in the ass, I was at the sacramento org (public) at the time.. then off to LA a few years later for next to final hose job, then in 1984 off to flag for the biggest and most destructive hose job of all, except for L-12 that has been invaluable… and exchange by dynamics, they refused for a long time to let me do exchange by dynamics on the eighth, but finally relented… after that I could see straight through the fraud scn had become and the rest was histrionics for a few years…. now peace, finally.

    Phil Scott

  204. Hello Mark,

    I felt compelled to write. I recently created a new internet ‘life’ after having one since 1994 when I had my first PC based computer, an Intel 80-486 DX2. What I mean by recent, is actually since my birthday, of which was September 28th this year. I turned 37.

    Off topic, Didn’t Jack Parsons; ‘cross over’ when he was 37? You’ll notice I did not say ‘Die’, as in German the word ‘Die’ means ‘THE’.

    Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun, in 2001 I was ‘diagnosed’ with an incorrect condition to which on the 4th of September I was given ‘Anti-Biotics’ and my mental health medications ‘replaced’ with something that deals with PTSD rather than the misdiagnosed DSM-V labelling I’ve had for nearly 17 years

    ALL my memories are surfacing and I am going ‘backwards’ in my mind through what I call my personal timeline. A new memory surfaces and I would either cry or get angry to which something happens – the integration of those memories to my ‘new’ self.

    Marty – I used to go by the internet ‘handle’ ‘Marty’ as well, and have also gone by the handle ‘Sirius’. So I have now combined them to a new handle being ‘SiriusMarty’. Other handles I’ve gone by are ‘SiriusAnkh’ and ‘Im a Marty’. My new internet handles are ‘SiriusWolf’, ‘SiriusBlack’, ‘SiriusBlackWolf’ and have now settled on ‘SiriusMarty’ to which I feel is the most appropriate of who I AM and who I AM going to be for the rest of this physical life.

    I also understand the billion year contract and also know it is not ‘linear’ as time is more like a dot inside a ‘sphere’ or a dot in a circle.

    Past/Present/Future all happening NOW as it’s simultaneous and can go backwards/forwards/sideways in time and/or space.

    I do not wish to publically disclose everything I’ve studied for 16 years, but wish to more have a personal communication with you because I KNOW what is going on within this world, and how entrenched ‘tech’ is engrained all throughout society.

    Great to see you have ‘left’ CoS, just means KSW in another way ‘right’?

    I know Y; you did, I just cannot explain Y.

    Kind Regards
    Rodrigo L Soto

  205. I am currently reading Lawrence wright’s book regarding Scientology and the prison of the beliefs. I cannot, cannot wrap my head around all of it. It seems all of it so absurd and you played such a big part of it all.

  206. Just saw you with Louis Theroux, what your doing is not easy but meaningful, you are brave to stand up for what you believe is right and keep a cool head in front of idiots with big mouths trying to get a reaction.

    Fair play love from Ireland


  207. http://m.pe.com/articles/road-816535-springs-gilman.html

    Just feel like there’s more to this story. I live in local Hem/sanjac area and will forward more info if available.

  208. Marty I really liked your episode on ID Discovery. Thanks for doing that show.

  209. Janice Bobrick-Searles

    Hi Mark and Monique,
    Mark I have been a critic because you came off bad on “Going Clear”. I am giving you another chance as we both were born in 1957.
    Also, I believe like me you have “Inappropriate Affect Disorder ” as I do.
    The problem, have you listened to Nicole Kidmans 911 call to the police about her child needing to go to the ER because of an ear infection? The paparazzi was blocking her.
    She loves her children as you love yours.
    So if you are on TV again keep that in mind.
    Good Luck and best wishes to your family,

  210. Marty I wish to know more about you work. Most people think that getting into scientology knowing most of it’s secrets by all these documentaries is just plain stupid. Crazy as it may sound, I look at these documentaries and continue to be interested in scientology for many personal reasons, I still see how all of you stay in the church because you all gained good things from scientology, aside from David Miscavige ruining everything for so many people. You are fixing and helping those who left the church and I read that you and others are trying to continue scientology but without the actual church. How does it work? Do you still believe in the Lord Xenu story? I have worked with many people that had some mental disorders, I worked with people that believe in personal enlightenment as the cure for many conditions, much like what I see in scientology. How can someone join you and your colleagues and reach that goal?

  211. Jason Del Signore; Jay Del Signore on Facebook - sent you a request, thank you sir.

    you are doing a world of good service sir and i applaud you for what you and others do to expose what is happening within the organization.
    I am not a Scientologist, nor do I know anyone who is. However I hold a belief of universal faith, meaning i believe every path of Spirituality has validity to a degree and are all one once the dogma is removed.

    It strikes me as odd when I see clips of journalists trying to pry for information is how quickly people of the church get aggressive. Sometimes to simple questions of curiosity and not out of criticism. Is that a common practice taught as a defense due to all the stigma surrounding the faith? Again I feel you are doing alot of good and i bid you nothing but the best and well wishes for you and your family. You have alot of support out here and i wish i had means to help you and others.

    Thank you for your time in reading my message.

  212. Independent Spirit

    Marty, I applaud you and Mosey moving on 🙂 at some point we all have to find our own path, develop into our own spiritual being, and move away from the negative aspects of our lives. Much love and support for you both and your family!!!

  213. So Marty I’m confused with your website. It never seems to be updated or added to it in any way unless I’m just an idiot. LOL also I don’t know if you’re out of the church in the church against the church because the last thing that I can figure out is that you were in the movie going clear and I admire you very much but I don’t know where you stand now is there anyway you can clear all this up? I do hope you are well and will respond thank you

  214. I am trying to understand your position on Scientology. Are you a practicing Scientologist? Are you trying to “fix” Scientology. I have nothing, whatsoever, to do with this religion. I am trying to understand how L Ron Hubbard could create and institute such a confused set of tenets, and how anyone could incorporate them into his or her life. I have read many of the positive and the negative books on this subject and my formal education is profound, yet I just do not get it!

  215. Hey Marty, I just saw “My Scientology Movie”, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. I also wanted to validate your grievance(s) towards Louis.. I did not appreciate his continual pestering/questioning around your sins of the past, his insensitively around the embitterment label, or his suggestions that you only left IAS because you were sent to the hole. It doesn’t matter what you did back then or why you left, but rather, I applaud you for having the courage to leave Scientology and stand up against their seemingly never-ending oppression. I just wanted to wish you the best, and I hope you’ve met some good quality people/friends in the wake of the nightmare you experienced. God bless bro.!

    P.S. What was up with that “Paz” chick in the beginning? lol.. Did she really just walk up to you all and insert herself into the film like that?.. You all handled that situation so well (and had the funniest looks on your faces). Paz so perfectly personified the L.A. narcissist.. she was utterly revolting..

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