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  1. Felicitas Foster

    Would be nice to give some “R” for what the donation should be made.

  2. Money as an energy via was what I thought. So far it still works.

    It’s just a donation page,

  3. Pirate's wife

    Yes, just to keep the energy flowing. We need to support people’s good will and good work.

    I am FPing for the donation.

  4. I’m a lifelong Pinellas county resident, and have watched the whole Scientology saga unfold, have have shamanistic type interpretations & opinions of it, and would love to sit down with you sometime for a beverage and some conversation…let me know…and Ill meet you at the Starbucks downtown……Lou

  5. Chris Thompson

    Fuckin A. Ask for money. At least you’ve remembered this much from your training. hahaha

    • Pirate's wife

      And you’ve remembered nothing from your training, or you have not trained at all?

      You bloody troll can only speed up the donation.

      Thanks for the contribution.

      • Pirate's wife

        Sorry, the above message is for Chris Thompson.

      • what are the donations for exactly?

        • If you cannot divine that from reading the blog, don’t bother.

          • mate your program was pants on tv the other night..did not really say anything new….and to think i thought you were ok…with that attitude…dont bother?…no problem

          • watched program again and somehow i realised what bbc was doing with your help probably and that is it is a gradient thing…it may be that i know all the data on panorama but most folk would not know a thing…ok maybe i get it a bit better now…also maybe i get a bit more about this and you now….trouble is i just dont know how it is good for scientlogy as does it not make people even more scared of it?….i dunno…just a thought…if you have answered it somewhere on here i am sorry that i have not read all the data on here…just asking a question…i may care a bit more…who knows

    • You don’t ask you don’t get. Don’t you have any Jewish friends?

      But how much time and effort and expense do you think has gone into this sort out? While you sit and snort? How many days, hours, time for television interviews, rescues, gasoline, motels, hours on the road, telephone, to get people into the KNOW. What are the donations for?????? Hey, didn’t anyone here do well in math? Can anyone add? For every hour you spend reading this forum Marty spent YEARS of his life to bring you into the know. What are the donations for? Is that a joke? How much do you think you are supposed to get for FREE Chris Thompson? You are pilfering off of someone else’s labor here who has no contract here with anyone to devote this kind of time and energy and money. And in exchange you offer up a snide remark? And your penalty is well, being you.

      • >Don’t you have any Jewish friends?

        What’s that supposed to mean, Oracle?


      • Mirna Minkoff

        I think it would be far more appropriate to ask, “Don’t you have any scientologist friends?” Rather than take an anti-semitic dig.
        Personally I’ve never had a synagogue hit me up for money, on the other hand scientologists doing body routing and book sales are pretty unrelenting in the asking for money dept. Seems to be part and parcel of their practices unlike Judaism.

      • Anti Semetic?

        What a joke!

        You obviously also did not grow up in a New York Jewish Community where such helpful axioms are generously shared with friends and family.

      • Mirna, sounds like some anti Scientology digs going on here to me.

        “Personally I’ve never had a synagogue hit me up for money, on the other hand scientologists doing body routing and book sales are pretty unrelenting in the asking for money dept. Seems to be part and parcel of their practices…”

        This is a generality and certainly anti Scientology.

        I think you are the one with some anti anti anti issues brewing?

        To protest about it and fling it, in the same note is hypocritical and reckless.

        Moreover, you worked to turn a chummy remark into something it was not or never meant to be.

        I’ve looked you up on your various outlets and lines and I still can’t figure out why you are here lurking on this donation page????

    • Chris, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • If you are reading this, thank you Marty Rathbun.
      FYI, I gave a small donation of $30 to Marty Rathbun because I submitted a rather long essay explaining my belief that Scientology fits into God’s plan of RE-Legioning Earth’s masses, and I believe in paying reading fees. My philosophy is quite different but a professor at Rutgers paid me this compliment:
      “Reading your letter (thank you!), I couldn’t help but think of a very important book that I read a few years back, entitled The Secret History of the World, by an Oxford philosopher and theologian by the name of Mark Booth. He basically takes the teachings of different secret societies and synthesizes them. This is a very interesting exercise that has yielded a cosmology striking (in some respects) to the one that you have just described. If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend it.”
      When Marty Rathbun didn’t know what to write back, I got this response form him – ALONG WITH A FULL REFUND:
      I appreciate it. But, I have read your final edit and I can’t think of any way to respond to it. I don’t think I am qualified to help you. Thanks. Marty
      He could have kept my money, and he did not.
      There is one word for this – integrity.
      If you look at the sides of Marty’s blog, you don’t see a bunch of advertisements. He is not making bank off of this blog. Arbitrating a blog is a lot of hard work, and he contacted me in a timely manner.
      If he allows me to continue posting comments on this blog, as I’m about to go do on the ‘effect and cause’ thread, then I will again offer him my $30 (my extra money after my bills are paid) as often as I can, because he really might be the ONLY person on Earth right now that IS qualified to help me. Socrates said (paraphrased) why would he (the truly qualified) want to – it will be work. But once he understands my research, I believe he will help, because he will be helping God.
      Thanks again, Marty.

  6. Ask and you shall receive! It’s the least I can do considering the huge value of theta I’ve gotten back from this blog! (dono under Jerry B. or La.Air…)

  7. * The “R” reality factor is self-explanatory if someone has read a few posts on this facinating blog.

    In this world/civilization, it does cost money to buy groceries to feed a friend in need, put fuel in a vehicle or boat motor, take a plane, pay the electricity & water bill, etc.

    Donations are VOLUNTARY, not enforced.
    If people don’t agree then leave it be. No need to thrash anyone.

    At least with Marty, we witness evidence of the exchange on a daily basis. Those receiving his help have permanent Very Good Indicators (VGI). That’s sufficient for me.

    Just my 2¢ (pun intended) 🙂
    Jean-François Genest

  8. If you post the below quote I will donate. If you respond I will donate $more.

    “There is a quality that all good men and women possess: when they see a problem that needs fixing, they set out to fix it. Not out of a sense of ego; not out of a sense of gaining any recognition or respect from their peers; not out of threats if they do not fix the problem— but from the fact that problems that cause harm should be corrected just because that is the thing to do. It is built into the DNA of good women and men. You cannot harass it out of them; you cannot sue it out of them.”

    Snippet from

    • I dropped some $, but have conflicting emails reporting my payment status. I haven’t used Paypal in quite a while. Hope it gets through. If not, I’ll take care of my promise. You have my word as an honest person that only wants to see ALL abuses stopped.

      • I got my donation receipt on 7/15. You haven’t responded after more than 2 weeks!?!

        Thank you!!!

        This may sound kind of hokey, but just helps me to believe you are not in it for the money.

        • martyrathbun09

          Wallflower, Thank you very much. I wrote you an email at the time. Don’t know what happened with it,

  9. theta networker


    A small even “symbolic” donation is the least I can do considering the huge value of theta I’ve gotten back from this blog! Will do in a few days.

    I have been “burning the midnight oil” between friends [Many of their references I already have read in the past/I was simply not connecting the dots] and your blog to come up to speed on what’s happened and happening … I was HUGELY missing data … I have begun to ARCfully pass on to my fellow Scientologists comm such as: “Were you in the Academy when it was designated St. Hill size?/Were there anywhere near 198 students?…” I saw this at the time, but put it aside, even after having a comm about it with another long-time Scientologist …

    There was and is one Source. Source did not pass to Int Management. I believe I go with the old man.

    Thank you for helping us run out our 3D engram,

    theta networker

  10. Donation seems possible only through PayPal, via the long link , OR the PO Box. The Donate button itself cannot be clicked.

    Thank you Wallflower, I too want to see ALL abuses stopped. That includes any abuses that may have roots in LRH’s mockups to greater or lesser degree. I say that because I believe RPF, for example, was put there by LRH wasn’t it?

  11. Can I say something?
    For many many years we guys from the Mary Sue/L Ron Eara tried to help.
    Don’t damn that. Just Dont! Please?

    • Many of us chose to help, helped, wanted to continue helping, but have stopped helping….the Church. The Church has been damned by one Damn Man. Whether or not enough external pressure can be applied to end the cycle of one Damn Man, or not, depends on the energy behind the pressure.

      I support this site’s directed energy flow against the one DM. However, even if he takes the church down with him, Scientology will survive.

      The next cycle of Scientology will be an open, honest one. One where you’ll be willing to take a friend.

      Glad to finally notice the ‘add energy’ button.

    • Pumpkin~I know you did…a lot of people did…and it helped! Don’t let anyone convince you that your help was not help…it was/is!
      I love to help and I love to see others help too. All flows in all shapes and forms in all directions on all dynamics. 🙂

  12. I gave a small amount. It is not a lot.

  13. Made a small contribution. Hope you’all succeed in getting the kid out.

  14. I actually didn’t put in the words Free Daniel Fund in the purpose – my mistake.

  15. Marty,

    Is it possible for me to give you my card directly? I am having trouble with PayPal. We’re donating $100 or would you rather have a check?


  16. Marty,

    We decided to send you a check. We’ll put it in the mail today. Is it made out to you?


  17. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. You guys are so on it! I’m going to get some pom poms to go along with my cheering. You guys ROCK!

    I just mailed a cheque to you Marty.

  18. I’ve also just sent you a check in the mail (hate paypal). Please use it anyway that you need.
    You guy’s are doing some great work…. hope this helps.

  19. Today’s Wikinews item regarding Amy Scobee’s book very much interested me, and resulted in my spending 6hrs reading various related news sources and Wiki articles. In doing so, I bumped into your blog. It was extremely helpful in pulling some of the new (to me) information together. Today was my first read of your blog. Thank you, as your work has helped me connect some of the dots. Two donations via PayPal have been sent. One for the young man, the other as you see fit. P.S. Tomorrow’s news from Florida should be interesting! Federal Judge Steven Douglas Merryday will be hearing a motion from Florida State Judge Robert E. Beach regarding Judge Merryday’s recent ruling which “permanently enjoined” Judge Beach from carrying out sanctions against lawyer Ken Dandar. Landon

    • Beach is trying to recuse himself from the state court case ever since I warned on this blog that if the church persisted in this matter I’d expose some things about their cozy relationship with Beach.

  20. Please include me in your “Follow-Up” comments and “Web Site” subscription services. Also you may delete this request from the blog listing.

  21. ExSO-FLO (when it used to be called that)

    This comment is not donation related, but couldnt find any contact email or form… I was just wondering if you know what has become of Jenna Miscavige… last there is on the Internet is the 2008 interviews…. her website is pretty much dead… and there is no trace of her….

    Cool thanks!

  22. All things theta in this universe are connected. I just have to LOOK to recognize that.

  23. Dear Marty:
    I am trying to help my friend who seems terrorized by someone from the C of S. He was never officially a member himself, but did participate in some of the detox programs in Los Angeles. He managed to get this person out of his house but still feels they have a sinister agenda. I have directed him to your website. I am not a member myself and am trying to discern how much of this information is real. Can you help? Thanks, EBaer

  24. The Ronbot Hunter

    Marty, I understand that you are opposed to opening a secured, gated location where Independent Scientologists can meet, socialize and audit each other and the public.

    I learned that up to Five Million dollars were going to be set aside for this project.

    Please explain why you refused this offer.


    • Because I don’t accept donations with conditions. I would rather starve and maintain my integrity than sell out to anyone.

  25. The Ronbot Hunter

    As I see it there are two ways to defeat the Cult. One is the old way of exposing every little bit and defending your actions. And the new way would be of just networking with Independent Scientologists, and creating a safe, secure, gated and patrolled location where they can meet, socialize and go to picnics, dances, find old and new friends, find mates to date and then also be able to have rooms to audit each other and the public. We as a group need a home to be a united family of Independent Sovereign Scientologists.
    You have opposed the new way. You have even rejected to help find others to create this idea.
    There are too many ways to fight, and the new way is called “Independence and freedom” from the old suppressions and restrictions.
    Please explain your fears of why you oppose this new way.
    You have only the limitations of not exposing your sponsor, and the options of setting your own terms.
    And of course, letting others do what you can not do.

    • Well, in the event that you are not merely a troll, the answer is simple.

      I lived in a “compound” (called Gold) for many years. I have no intention of going back. If you like the idea, go join up at Gold and you can have the “peace of mind” of of a secure, gated and patrolled facility. You will love it.

      And if you are a troll, go back to Gold and enjoy your secure, gated and patrolled facility.

      Or maybe go join Jeffs’ compound, they’re probably looking for a few good men. Or the Branch Davidians. Or I hear North Korea is really secure and they have really good gates and patrols and a “Dear Leader” who will make you feel right at home!

      (c) (r) ™ 🙂

    • Sorry to hear you are homeless.

  26. GOT SKYPE … ( I`m torontog201 ) I would like 2 SPEAK with you and Mike Rinder … Thank You , Jeff Gamble

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  29. Trying to find ‘ Marty Rathbun’s blog ‘ being referred to in the press ? Not so easy with all the fake sites set up to trap the normal guy . I want to support him and his cause but find little newly dated post’s . Looking for the real Marty Rathbun’s blog …. please

  30. OK, I’m a retard. I am at donation page and it asks for “purpose.” Is there a specific code or something I am supposed to enter?

  31. Dear marty
    i tryed to make a small donation,more to come,the donation is for Moving up
    a little higher,to keep it going,and to keep it alive.i dont no if my contribution
    went threw,i will try to learn,how to do it properly in the future.

  32. I only recently learned about Marty and the harassment he has been subjected to. I donated to help him “Fight the good fight”, because no one should have to put up with the crap he has been subjected to. I looked into Scientology back in 1970 and something set my BS detector off. I went on to study Dianology with Jack Horner in 1971 at the Westwood, LA, Personal Creative Freedoms Foundation and was audited to clear under that program. I did a lot more auditing the I ever received, but I enjoyed helping other people and the skills I learned from it. I have since had no involvement with any similar organization as my focus was on earning a M-Architecture degree and pursuing a professional career. Now, 42 years later, I’m retired I have the time to consider those old interests again. I am pleased to learn that Marty is here in Texas, near my old sailing grounds, and of his ongoing efforts, I think I need to help support them. Funny, I learned of Scientology back in 1969 from a rancher in Wyoming where I grew up. As a freedom loving native from the wilds of Wyoming and a Texan for the last 35 years I applaud Marty’s actions and restrain in dealing with what he has been subjected to. If it were me there might have been buckshot or rock salt involved rather then just a water hose.

  33. Sorry, I meant to add this to my previous post:

    “There is a quality that all good men and women possess: when they see a problem that needs fixing, they set out to fix it. Not out of a sense of ego; not out of a sense of gaining any recognition or respect from their peers; not out of threats if they do not fix the problem— but from the fact that problems that cause harm should be corrected just because that is the thing to do. It is built into the DNA of good women and men. You cannot harass it out of them; you cannot sue it out of them.”

    I agree completely.

  34. Mr. Rathbun:

    I have followed your saga and subsequent success over the last few years. Specifically, I am intriqued with broken part of Scientology as a source for historical context. Specifically the failures of David Miscavige and the continuing defections of high ranking insiders. I read your blog weekly and enjoy it. Keep up the good work.

    TJ Jacobberger

  35. Donation made.
    I was reading something on WWP the other day.
    There was some degrading comment about Marty having a donations button on his page.
    The really funny thing is that there is a Donations button on the WWP site.
    For me, money donated here is simply a good investment.

  36. Mr. Rathbun,
    Unfortunately I am unable to afford a donation at this time (I have lupus and just had knee surgery two days ago, so I am all sorts of broke). I just wanted to let you know that I do intend to at some point, and that I think very highly of you for having both the courage to leave Scientology and to speak out about it. You seem like a very nice guy and I wish that I could listen to more about Scientology and the dark side of the corporate machine over a drink at a bar.

    The core beliefs of Scientology do speak to me; that is, the tenets about overcoming your burdens and discussing problems before they blow up into something worse. Maybe one day I will see if I can find an Independent Scientologist here in South Dakota to be audited and see how it may help me.

    Until then, carry on Mr. Rathbun. I look forward to more insight into the corruption of Mr. Miscavidge and the forthcoming fall of the Church.

    Stacy L.

    • Stacy,
      I don’t need the money. Invest in your recovery. You just paid me in spades with your communication. If there is one core belief that is senior to all others in Scientology, I believe it is one that be may of use to you now and is senior to all others – your considerations (thoughts, causative thinking, postulates – what you post the future to be) are senior to matter, energy, space and time. Godspeed.

  37. Thank you, Mr. Rathbun.
    My study of Scientology came about quite by accident: I was reading about defectors from North Korea and Amazon showed “Blown for Good” by Marc Headley as a potential reading material alongside the documentaries by survivors of North Korean gulags.

    I must say that the parallel of the cult of personality that is in North Korea is so similar in operation to the descriptions of the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige as to be downright creepy (cue the Twilight Zone music).

    I am steadily reading more and more about Scientology and I am impressed with the kindness and the helping of others exhibited by the true believers. The desire to help mankind is something that I hold dear to my own heart, and I think that is why Scientology as a faith appeals to me. Can you recommend any books/writings for me to learn more?

    Again, than you for all that you do to help others awaken and hopefully escape the cruelty and corruption of the church under David Miscavige. His reckoning is coming soon, I truly hope.

  38. Mr. Rathbun,

    It is I, Stacy, again. I posted at the end of January shortly after my knee surgery. While I am still unable to donate, I did in a left-handed way. I read your latest book and reviewed it on Amazon. While I am certainly not someone with a huge following, after my review of Jenna Miscavige’s book exploded in February my ranking amongst other reviewers catapulted.

    I have tried to write reviews for all of the Scientology material that I find to share the word about the corruption. I even got bored and wrote a letter to my state’s Senator to try and remove the tax-exempt rating to hopefully help dismantle the evil machine that David Miscavige has created.

    I am hoping to read “What is Wrong with Scientology?” soon. Right now I am working through “Going Clear”; I have also read “My Billion-Year Contract”, Amy Scobee’s book, and one other that escapes me at the moment. The more that I read the more impressed I am with your bravery in speaking out and working to effect change.

    Godspeed, Mr. Rathbun. I hope that you continue doing good for all.

  39. Susan Bickell, London , UK

    I loved the documentary Scientologists at War… anything that exposes such corruption is excellent. As Marty said it’s Karma and he has been given an opportunity to shine a light! I get a feeling he’s very genuine and the input from he and his wife was reasoned.

  40. Hi! As a “never in” with a background in religious studies and pastoral counseling, who has been reading your blog since mid-January (and following its evolution with great interest and appreciation), I just wanted to express my support in a tangible way for the valuable work that you and your wife are doing: helping folks “graduate” from scientology; counseling for spiritual growth, healing & wholeness; and, most recently, your wife’s courageous -and potentially game changing- lawsuit.

    For some time, I had been thinking about donating a little something to thank you for all the spiritual enrichment and food for philosophical reflection that I’ve derived from your often insightful and always thought-provoking posts. This intensified after watching “Scientologists at War.” Wow! While I had previously read about & seen video clips of the infamous Squirrel Busters in action, it wasn’t until I saw the documentary that the scope and intensity of their despicable harassment really hit home on a visceral level. It saddened me that you guys had to leave behind your beloved home on the water; but, at the same time, I was very impressed by the spiritual maturity and moral courage you both exhibited in your decision to simply walk away …and I have equal respect now for the principled stand for justice you both have taken with Monique’s lawsuit and your affidavit (& re the latter, I’d just like to echo Martin Padfield’s comment on 9-6-2013: “what a courageous and judicious act of selflessness your affidavit was. Thank you – and boundless admiration to Mosey for what you are both doing.”).

    The steadfast & enduring love the two of you share despite all that’s been done to try and drive you apart is quite inspiring …and Marty’s “comment” posted on 8-21-2013 is a lovely, tender and heartfelt tribute to a beautiful, warmhearted, and courageous woman!

    Will be keeping both of you in my thoughts today …and during the coming weeks and months (or years), as this case wends it way through the court system.

    Sending you both strength and serenity – and wishing you every happiness.

    PS: Am now on Chapter 4 of “Memoirs” – fantastic read so far!

  41. I felt I needed to contribute something in exchange for all the information that you provide so I did a donation today. I think everyone who reads your blog should donate something, if possible for the info you provide. Keep up the great work. Thank You!

  42. “Following your departure you began working with other former Scientologists in what you’ve described as a sort of “rehabilitation program.” Are there certain teachings or lessons learned during your time with the Church that you still you hold on to today?

    Well, you know, in actual fact not. I have spent the last six years counseling former members and helping them reintegrate, and I’ve done a tremendous amount of research deconstructing Scientology. It’s interesting that you ask this right now because I just did an interview last week with Larry Flick on Morning Jolt on Sirius XM where I kind of spelled this out. I attempted to do what you are saying, I attempted to retain some of my more important learnings, but as I deconstructed the subject I learned that they weren’t really original. I just recently kind of recognized completely that I have come full circle to the point where I don’t attribute [those ideas] to Scientology anymore. Because I found the origins of them, the source of it.”
    source: esquire interview

    Love it. Not a apologist. I hate apologist type of mentality. Thumbs up to you Mr Rathbun. Good luck and wish you all the best.

  43. Marty, I just wanted to say that you’ve gained a fan for life. As someone who is also trapped in a prison of his own making, I applaud anyone with the courage to fix their situation the way you did, despite the hardship you deal with every day. The same goes for Mike, Tom D., and anyone else who was able to awaken from that nightmare.

    Just an admirer of your strength – Tom.

  44. Gosh, exactly what Thomas said. Thank you for what you are doing Marty.

  45. I just watched your videos and cant believe how you can handle all harassment without getting crazy. Thanks for your work, its really important. First time I heard about this crazy cult was when our religious teacher in high school very emotionally told us his story when he had joined scientology and his his difficult break-up. Cheers from Sweden!

  46. Marty, you are a wonderful man.

  47. Would have donated only your review of Ruthless was so shamefully self-serving and pathetic that I decided to spend the money on copies for my friends and family instead. Disappointed by the real Marty R.

  48. Hi Marty I have no idea how you do it. I have nothing but the best wishes for you and family and hope you can live in peace while being there for others who have suffered at the hands of these people and bringing a spot light to this madness. I am not religious in the slightest but do believe in Karma. Keep up the good work. If i ever make it in this world enough to be a help to you i will be there. I am assuming that Scientology is monitoring this site i do have a few choice words for them. but will leave it at that because we need to work at being better than that. Marty you are doing great. Dont forget to enjoy life and spend time with the most important people. I watched the movie you did with Louie. I know you said you dont have many friends. Consider me one.

  49. Michael K. Bogdan

    Marty, what this world needs today more than anytime in its history are great men and women who can life so attractivly that it inspires others to do likewise. Thank you for being that inspiration to me and to those whose lives you touch on a daily basis. Tchiakovsy wrote in a minor key “none but the lonely heart can know my anguish” but God answers back in a major key “none but the trusting heart can know my love and deliverance.” I really would like to be your friend and get to know you better.

    Sincerely yours,
    Michael K. Bogdan

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