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International Finance Police – a blast from the past

Some of you old timers might recall the early eighties when Wendell Reynolds lead a group of Gestapo-like storm troopers called the International Finance Police. They used to storm into Missions and even private businesses running a literal protection racket. A protection racket for those not familiar with the history of the mafia is simply this: a) the mafia walks into your establishment and ask if you want to pay a fee to protect your business, b) the shop owner says “protection from what”? c) the thugs beat the hell out of the shopkeeper and empty his register and say, “from that.”  To those who received the Reynolds Finance Police treatment this will no doubt sound familiar. Well, when the Finance Police had collected many millions of  dollars, leaving a number of broken Missions and businesses behind and enough people were ruined to the point of having nothing to lose and so raised a huge enough stink, and after society in the form of the media had to step in to put ethics in, suddenly Reynolds was gone for several months (specifically April through June 1982).  WDC Reserves (Mark Ingber)  took Reynolds off post. Miscavige took extreme measures to distance himself from the debacle and Reynolds – at least as far as Scientology public and the public at large are concerned. When the media heat was off, and DM’s thirst for extorted money became uncontrollable – and many of the complaining public were declared and discredited – magically Wendell re-appeared leading the storm trooping Finance Police on an uninterrupted reign of terror.

Fast forward to July 2009. Miscavige ordered International Management Hole members to write 250 pages of affidavits defending Miscavige from recent public information implicating him in serial human rights abuses.  The effort was so frenetic to paint DM as their Dear Leader – compassionate and kind to the point of nursing injured sparrows back to health – that the Int Finance Director (aka Int Finance Dictator, Wendell Reynolds) went overboard and proved Miscavige’s public disavowel and ignorance of Finance Police abuses to be a sham. Here it is in Wendell’s own fresh, sworn testimony:

“Between April and June 1982, I was off post, doing menial tasks through an injustice initiated by a failing executive in my organization. Mr. Miscavige was intrumental in correcting that injustice and restoring me to post. He additionally acted to preserve my security on that post by installing himself as a senior authority over my area so I couldn’t again be knocked off post injustly.”

“I declare under the penalties and pains of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 28th day of July, 2009.

Wendell Reynolds ( signature)