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Steve and Ariel Spargo Declare Independence

To:  All Scientologists

From: Steve and Ariel Spargo

Date:   10 Sept 2012

Subject:       Resignation From Church of Scientology


Earlier this year I woke up to the fact that our Church management has over time departed wildly from LRH policy and HCOB’s and that the entire spirit and survival of the movement is under threat

Ariel and I believe that the Church of Scientology has become a totalitarian activity dominated by RTC, where parishioners ignore policies like Safeguarding Technology and Keeping Scientology Working in the interest of avoiding trouble.  There is no freedom within the Church to discuss whether or not a particular program adheres to policy.  Current programs have serious flaws and will not take the Church where we want it to go.

Unquestioning acceptance and money are now the priorities in Scientology and we don’t like it.

It’s obvious that management feel free to alter successful LRH programs and come up with travesties  like GAT.  It feels like fingernails on a blackboard when my friends cheerfully say “Yes, but GAT 2 is going to fix that.”  They are right back where I was for most of the last 35 years.  I had an excuse for everything.

I have never thought it necessary to say this before. But I require my Church to be motivated by the Aims of Scientology and to adhere to LRH policy and tech.  That has always been the condition of my support.

In view of the major departures we are witnessing, and the antipathy towards doing anything about it, I and my wife Ariel have decided to withdraw our support and resign from the Church.

What Now?

Although we no longer support the Church of Scientology, my wife and I are Scientologists and wish to continue practising our religion.  However we know that the Church will now call us “squirrels” and say we are not allowed to practise Scientology without their permission.

In the past, I have been completely taken in by the Church appearing to strongly support Human Rights.  Now I know it was just a public relations sham.  In fact, there is no freedom of religion in Scientology.   It’s completely authoritarian.

I would rather let bygones be bygones and leave the Church to its own devices.  Live and let live.

But we all know that the Church routinely uses legal action, infiltration and public attacks to insist dissenting Scientologists either give up practising their religion or forge an alliance with Scientology critics.  For Ariel and I, it’s a choice we should not be forced to make.

Ron always said that wisdom was for anyone who reached for it and that there should be no monopoly on the subject.  This is just one more point where the current Church management disagrees with Ron.

To Church management we have only one thing left to say.  Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Steve and Ariel Spargo
Independent Scientologists

PS:  I have published my review of the Church at

The Tipping Point For Scientology Inc.

As I noted on 20 May, 2012, David Miscavige was going to face a “long, hot summer.”   At that time, I could not share details so  as not to compromise the safety of a number of important folk quietly riding the Underground Railroad. (for background on the Underground Railroad and a real time account of John “JB” Brousseau’s travel upon it, see JB Goes Mobile.)

As reported today in the Village Voice, there have been two notable departures from Scientology Inc’s international headquarters (Int base).  David Miscavige’s father Ron Miscavige Sr. and L. Ron Hubbard’s granddaughter Roanne Horwich left the Int base some months ago.  I have not reported on the details so as to afford Roanne and Ron time and space to resists Miscavige’s extraordinary efforts to corral them back into his prison camp (Int base, near Hemet California).   As you can imagine, the efforts were extensive and some of the means were ruthless.  But, Roanne and Ron (who left separately, with his wife Becky) have weathered the storm and further human trafficking efforts by Miscavige and Scientology Inc applied to them now will simply serve as fodder for more exposure on this blog and in the news media.

Ron Miscavige Sr. was the last of Miscavige’s immediate family members to remain loyal and obedient to the tyrant.   The last remaining member of L. Ron Hubbard’s family still remaining loyal and obedient to Miscavige (even while silently seething toward Miscavige)   is Roanne’s mother, Diana Hubbard Horwich.

Roanne at Amy Scobee’s July 1987 wedding

In the past several months many other Int base staff and execs have departed.  However, most of them – unlike Ron Sr.,his wife, and Roanne – were paid to remain prostrate, silent and owned.   For any of them tuning in, please read this post, Battle of San Antonio: A Review, and ensuing posts on the matter of Debbie Cook – to begin to understand a) those silence agreements you signed are legally unenforceable, b) your sharing of the truth will at worst result in you being paid by Miscavige far more than whatever pittance he purchased your silence with,  c) your personal integrity is far more valuable than any other selfish considerations, and d) the statute of limitations on assault and battery is between 2-4 years depending on the nature of the “a” and “b”.

There are a couple reasons that there have been so many defections of late from the Int base (all of them predicted for years here).  The first reason is that most of the abuses Miscavige visits upon others that we have reported on this blog for the past three years continue unabated.  The situation was exacerbated for Miscavige when Int base staff began to realize that a sure fire means to get ejected from Int base hell was to become pregnant.  Several couples intentionally conceived children, and when discovered they were routed off and paid handsome sums to remain complicit in continuing to cover up Miscavige’s abuses by remaining silent on the outside.   It became such a widespread solution, that Miscavige, in his inimitably oppressive style, banned the institution of MARRIAGE on the Int base.  The institution of marriage is now a BANNED practice at the Int Scientology Headquarters base.

Predictably, Miscavige has become increasingly paranoid as his grip loosens.  His answer has been to systematically dismantle the 500 acre Int base operation.   He has been assigning more and more international management functions to upper middle management (at the the eleven story management building at Hollywood Blvd and Ivar Ave in Los Angeles).  Further, at great expense he has been preparing to transfer Golden Era Productions functions to the former KCET studios in Hollywood that he purchased a while back.  The 500 acre Int base is becoming a less populated, more closely guarded, cult compound.  Its central function is increasingly becoming to serve as the high-tech, tightly guarded, and closely defended bunker for a dying dictator.

Meanwhile, Australian ABC news has reported on the far-reaching effects of Miscavige’s meltdown.  ABC reports that while Wicca, Jedi and Rastafarians increase their ranks down under, the number of Scientologists is shrinking: ABC Australia.

The most important announcements about the future of Scientology will not be made at the delayed July Freewinds Annual Maiden Voyage Anniversary events.  Instead, they will be announced on this blog in July.  Stay tuned.  What Miscavige will be announcing will amount to further nails in Scientology Inc’s coffin.  What we will announce will amount to the Phoenix for Scientology’s future.  In the meantime, my book What Is Wrong With Scientology? can help people prepare for the future.  Finally, as I have repeated many times, for those who care about the future of Scientology the best thing you can do is to prepare to deliver independently, or support those who are doing so.

Wendy Honnor – IAS Freedom Medal Winner is Independent

24 June 2012

Hello Everyone

I, Wendy Honnor, IAS Freedom Medal Winner, Minister and Field Auditor have now resigned both as a member of the Church of Scientology and as a member of the International Association of Scientologists.

I agree with all the points raised in the New Year 2012 email of Debbie Cook, former Captain of the Flag Service Org, and it is for these reasons that I have resigned.

To those of you who are my friends, I shall look forward very much to hearing from you.

  • I am continuing my international practice.
  • I am also continuing the Worldwide Auditors Guild – which I established in 2005 and which now has 600 members in 53 cities 26 countries.
  • I am also continuing my successful work helping cancer patients spiritually by using ethics tech and always in close coordination with their medical doctor. I have a hat write up I am very happy to give any auditor who would like it.

The only way out is out. I am free.


Wendy Honnor



Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige

Haydn James submitted an article published below that draws many parallels between media king Rupert Murdoch and squirrel king David Miscavige.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when reading Haydn’s piece.

Rupert Murdoch cut his teeth on bashing L Ron Hubbard and Scientology during the sixties in Australia.

Murdoch’s US (most notably Fox News) and UK media holdings have uniquely steered clear of the dozens of breaking stories about David Miscavige’s abuse that have run in most other media since the Tampa Times landmark 2009 series The Truth Rundown.

For a while I considered that might be due to something I was working on shortly before leaving Scientology Inc in 2004.  That was working with David Miscavige and Tom Cruise to recruit Australian media magnate heir James Packer.  Tom had reported that Jamie grew up with one of Murdoch’s sons – same exclusive schools, clubs, etc – and that Murdoch treated Jamie like a son. Miscavige relieved me of all other post duties to concentrate on working with Tom to recruit Jamie. The plan was to help Jamie with Scientology and to influence Jamie to win over Murdoch for Scientology in exchange (of course never disclosing the terms to Jamie).  I was involved in the help side of it and that was rewarding. But I left before the other side of the hidden bargain was carried out by Miscavige and Cruise.  

Whether that ever came to fruition may be of no import.  Reading Haydn’s post made me consider the Occam’s razor approach. Perhaps a more likely explanation is that Rupert Murdoch and David Miscavige are simply peas from the same L Ron Hubbard hating pod. 

Peas in a Pod

by Haydn James

Rupert Murdoch’s plight gives an interesting comparative and some insight into the world and precarious position of David Miscavige.

Murdoch, born Australian but now an American citizen, controls the second largest but arguably the most influential media empire in the world.  500 companies in 50 countries which includes The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Fox Television and Twentieth Century Fox studios in the USA, four newspapers including The London Times and the hugely influential Sun as well as television in the UK. He is ranked as the 13th most powerful man in the world. For decades he has been a king maker, deciding and influencing through the coordinated policy of his media outlets who should assume political power in a number of countries, particularly Australia and England but he is not without major influence in the USA. He even took on and backed down the BBC, using his political influence to extract revenge for their opposition to his activities, arranging for their annual budget to be cut by sixteen percent.

If there is a major global elitist conspiracy of greed, Murdoch is a card carrying member. And I note that he acquired The News of the World newspaper in 1968, in England, just in time for its three year onslaught against Scientology and LRH — shades of Ron’s Journal 67.

So I have been watching with fascination as, expose by expose, piece by piece, the depth of corruption on the part of Murdoch’s empire was brought to light in the UK and USA. And I have noticed that the similarities and parallels with Miscavige are unmistakable.

Murdoch bought political influence for protection and to strengthen his media stranglehold, going so far as to create a media monopoly. It used to be illegal in England for one person to own and influence more than one major media outlet but Murdoch was able to change all that. And he became an American citizen so he could acquire and own media companies in the USA.  Like David Miscavige, Rupert Murdoch created, ostensibly, an unassailable position in the world in which he ruled. People feared him and most lacked the courage to speak out against his bullying and abuses. But Murdoch’s vast political and media influence to the contrary, he proved that no position is totally safe or secure.

Just like Miscavige, Murdoch ran his personal empire as a dictator, doing only what he saw fit and without regard to common decency or law. The sheer degree of power he wielded went to his head. He thought he was above the law. And when it looked like the truth about his operations might come to light, Murdoch used the same play book of dirty tricks that Miscavige used in attempting to silence those speaking out against him.

PIs were used by Murdoch to openly follow and harass critics, even British members of parliament. Dossiers were compiled on anyone who was or might become an enemy. Any dirt they could find was used to force critics into silence or ruin their reputation via whisper campaigns. High priced lawyers were used to threaten and shudder individuals, other newspapers, companies and lawyers into silence and if that failed they “settled” (with huge pay offs) those who could not be intimidated. All very familiar to independent Scientologists.

Like David Miscavige, Murdoch was mercilessly over the top when it came to running his empire. Journalists working for one of Murdoch’s newspapers were compelled to come up with twelve major scoops (good news stories) per year or they were summarily fired. As anyone who has worked in Scientology knows, that kind of fear and duress does not result in anything good. Murdoch’s empire was no different. In turn, the journalists put pressure on the private investigators they used to dig up dirt and stories. Desperate to keep their lucrative jobs, the PIs hacked and tapped the phones and media devices of thousands of people, including celebrities, and they paid members of the police (Metropolitan Police – Scotland Yard) to retrieve and pass along information they needed. The lines into the police were extensive. Mind you, I will say this, if Murdoch’s PIs felt under pressure to produce the goods they should try working for Miscavige – or maybe they have.
From the moment a tiny fraction of the truth leaked out the result was inevitable. Despite the fact that some members of the government, police and Murdoch did all they could to cover it up, the truth eventually broke wide open. One way or another, the truth came out. In another theme familiar to Independent Scientologists, when few dared to carry the story, a single non-Murdoch newspaper in the USA picked up the ball and ran with it which emboldened other media outlets around the world.

In response to the worldwide bad press, politicians in England turned on Murdoch, blocking his expansion moves. The infamous, LRH attacking, News of the World which had been in existence for many decades was shut down and closed and a number of Murdoch’s staff have been arrested. There are three ongoing criminal investigations in the UK, FBI investigations in the USA, countless civil lawsuits for invasion of privacy as well as parliamentary investigations into the actions of Murdoch, his family and his empire. The fallout is still raining down and will for some years.

But even Murdoch has a couple of advantages over David Miscavige. Firstly, he can claim, with at least a little credibility, that his empire is so vast he could not monitor it all. David (I micro manage everything) Miscavige cannot. Secondly, Murdoch has gone to great lengths to make and publish apologies for his offences, something Miscavige will never do.

Three additional observations come out of what is happening to Murdoch.

1. In the modern world, no amount of power, political or media influence can prevent the truth from coming out.

2. Dirty tricks only hasten the process.

3. (OSA staff should note this one).  The first ones arrested are the lieutenants.

Miscavige’s Cult of Abuse and Torture

See the stories from down under:

Scientology Head Under Fire, A Current Affair Australia

Cult of Abuse and Torture, Today and Tonight Australia

From Official Corporate Scientology response: Both Ms. Cook and her husband are expelled from the Church, are prohibited from calling themselves Scientologists …

Good luck with that one Dave.



Where’s the Love?

Tony Ortega’s Open Letter to Tom Cruise

San Antonio Current: Scn Inc v Cook

Village Voice: Shane Kelsey case

David Miscavige and Tom Cruise: Psychopath and his Movie Star Pal

Please click here to see the story – including Australian TV link – of Lana Mitchell calling David Miscavige out for what he is.   Straight-forward, factual, measured and to top it off at the end a correct indication.  Thank you Lana.  Your journey continues to be an inspiration to us.

Transcript of Interview


David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”

Chris Guider was my subordinate in his capacity as Inspector General’s MAA for some time.  Chris is one of the most honest, conscientious, and ethical people I had the pleasure of working with while in the Sea Organization (Corporate Scientology’s elite order).  Thanks for standing up and sounding off Chris.  You can watch Chris do so here, breaking news from Australia:

World News

Trouble Down Under for Miscavige:

In case it was lost on anyone, check out Karnac – I mean Mike – Rinder accurately predicting the future.  Actually, not difficult for a guy who understands Miscavige better than he understands himself.

Also, More on Germany:

indies and stats

2011 group photo 90 folks up from 48 in last years.  Number of people willing and able to travel from 19 states and 4 foreign countries (including France, UK, Australia and Canada) and manage to make it to the photo shoot.

Today also marks the Four Millionth visit to this site.

Current Alexa Blog Stats:

International Reach Ranking: 98,035th 93,179th

US reach ranking: 57,583rd 26,118th

On a few occasions over the past two years we have crossed graphs and surpassed and its 1,400 linking sites and Miscaviges millions spent on  enhancing its ranking (while we spend nothing).  However, we have exceeded their rankings almost continuously since mid April, right when their current, non stop daily insanities started being performed on our doorstep (The blue shirts first appeared on 17 April).

Dave’s latest PR coup on the blue shirt front appears in the early on-line edition of the Corpus Christi Caller Times:

One stat Dave definitely has going straight up and vertical.  Rope production.

Oh, yeah – throughout this meltdown, we’ve been reversing Miscavige’s Black Dianetics on an average of two people per week.