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The Rest of the Story

From the outset we have represented that at Casablanca we are about the practice of repair, remediation, reconciliation, sane and integrated Scientology progress, graduation and transcendence of and beyond the Scientology experience.

We don’t solicit ‘success stories’ at Casablanca.  My view is that they have been used in the past as a cult positive reinforcement mechanism.   When you audit and coach toward ability – rather than simply release – folks attain abilities through applying what they gain in auditing toward life.   To pin someone down to a statement of result after only subjective, contemplative practice in some ways can act to constrain and limit the potential gains.  In some cases it can set them up for losses since their immediate seemingly miraculous releases don’t seem translatable into abilities in life (in a stat push environment that is often enforced).

We have, however,  maintained a book in our guest apartment where visiting former church members – and those new to Scientology –  stay when they visit.  The book serves the purpose of giving folks a completely voluntary feedback communication line.  I have never published words from the book because for the past several years the church of Scientology has run a propaganda operation against anyone who has expressed success or equanimity restored at Casablanca.  Since we moved into our new quarters near San Antonio that is not of concern because the church has no means for determining who visits us.

I have decided to publish some entries from our guest book now for a couple of reasons. One, we have been at it for so long and so consistently that we have dozens of notes that can’t possibly be traced as to identity (provided I leave out dates). Two, the church has expended so many millions in attempting to destroy our reputation and credibility (and been echo’d by their agents in the field), I want to share what is that we do in the words of those we do it with for balancing the record purposes.

From the Casablanca guest book:

As I write this note, a deep and profound love flows through my body and condenses into my ink and onto the page.  And here it remains in the physical universe as a gift for you both to revisit time and again.  Thank you both for your warm hospitality and abundant theta and for helping to mend the last remnant of a heart that was broken and is now fully healed…there is magic in the world and in this special place, where special beings come and go, the magic is nurtured and cared for and it grows – as it shall continue to grow and fill the whole world and every being in it.

Words cannot describe how I feel towards Marty and Mosey.  But, I can only say that they are devoting and dedicating every moment of their life to help others, like me, to do better as a thetan.  Thank you, Marty my brother and friend for applying standard LRH and helping me to regain my abilities and my self worth.  Mosey, you are one of the most beautiful kind souls I have met in my lifetimes.  Thank you for everything you do.  We are so lucky to have you as our true friend. 

I had (many) years of auditing at the C of S, but nothing like what I had in the last 5 days with Marty.  Marty’s C/Sing is spot on and his auditing is AMAZING!!!!!  

Sometimes less is more.  Sometimes small is big. Sometimes enough is abundance.  Sometimes simple is profound.  These are those times. With heartfelt gratitude and love.

As the week here in Casablanca with you is coming to an end, a new era begins for me.  An era of ‘I’ve got my life back and now the world has to deal with me directly; and no longer vias around me’   I came with a shy hope to sort matters out and now, as I’m parting, I’m at total peace.  What an amazing week it was!! 


I have spent 2 weeks in Heaven.  I am not a ‘religious’ person in the conventional sense of the word, but I have to say Marty and Mosey are like 2 angels in human form who were sent to guide my way on this journey.  Every wish I had has been granted with such love,tolerance and understanding that nothing could ever top this.  They have taken the ‘granting of beingness’ to a new level.  They epitomize what ‘family’ should be but even more than that.  All I can say is that I hope others can experience what I have.  I love you both (also Chiquita and even Cat !) and wish that  you achieve all your own dreams – you deserve them!


Thank you for taking care of me with such obvious intention to help me find the answers I needed.  Thank you for restoring my Bridge, for restoring my willingness to believe my own thoughts, for teaching me.    Thank you for the most penetrating auditing I have ever received.   Thank you for the expansion I feel, for the huge new understanding I have of myself and of life itself, and thank you for putting together pieces of myself that I thought were lost for this life and maybe forever.


In the past decade I have been to the Freewinds and Flag and I must say my experience here in this simple Casablanca far surpasses all the glitz and glamour of Freewinds and Flag in service, convenience and of course ARC.  I arrived here feeling like this was my last stop before the graveyard. I’m going home feeling a renewed zest for life.

Thank you so much for your hospitality and caring. Session after session the wins kept getting bigger.  I am not afraid to live any more or face the future thanks to your superior auditing. You and Mosey will always have a place in my heart and home.

This has been an experience of a lifetime – I’ve gotten more case gain in four days of auditing – than the entire time in Scientology (decades).  To say I am thankful is such an understatement.  This has been a life saver – an awakening – which opens up a whole new game.

My rediscovery here of the real Scientology has been nothing short of wondrous…Your purpose of bringing LRH’s tech and its workability to the personal level where I believe it was always meant to be has made a huge difference in my life.

The Simplicity of Scientology


Tim Swanson Delivers Straight Talk

Gotta keep your eye on the comments on this blog. Sometimes some pretty wicked wit and wisdom appears.  When I saw what follows lined up in the “comments” queue, I asked the author whether I could publish it as its own post. Though he was hesitant to stand on the dais, for reasons he makes clear within the post, he agreed to my request.  I just think these words are too direct and true not to be highlighted and discussed in their own right.  Tim has been a great supporter of the truth being revealed. I want to thank him for everything he has done for us over the past two years.  This cat walks the walk and though he doesn’t ask for it he has earned our admiration.

Tim Swanson and his better half Karen

Hi Marty, I started writing and this is what I got. It’s kinda long and if you want to edit it down feel free to do so.

I thought I would take DM words and put some practical understanding to them from my perspective. Some of this is a bit bitter, sorry, I am working on that. Some is simply pragmatic and blunt. The two can get confused.

Somewhere along the line his words hit me on a personal level. By personal I mean all of my dynamics, especially the 7th and 8th and I kept writing. His words and his actions are an offense to my dynamics. As I have unceremoniously stated previously I am not one to push declarations and I didn’t intend this to be one and didn’t write it with that in mind. I have been De-PTSed for some time and never felt the need to do it. That’s my personal view and not intended to step on anyone’s toes or act as some indication. If my views and statements here assist anyone else in making up their minds or provide clarifications then it will have been worthwhile.

Typically with one of these things people give loads of acknowledgements and praise to the person for the statements. Understandable, but unnecessary. I never intended to make a public statement but found I enjoyed reading them from others. The viewpoints, the data, all add something to ones understanding of the existing real scene and if I can add something of value to that I will be gratified.

Response to the post: Drop Kick Me

“If you ever dreamed of playing on a global court for the highest stakes imaginable, then your dreams have now come true, because this is that game, and you’re now on the field. “

The field is shrinking and the game is rigged, DM style. The game is IAS expansion, not the accomplishment of the goals laid out by LRH.

“Accordingly, you must be competent”

Ok, this makes me laugh. Does DM consider John Allender or the other Squirrel Busters as an example of this competence?

“and you must be committed,”

Well, committed is certainly where DM is headed.

“both as individual Scientologist and as members of the IAS collectively,”

There’s the IAS plug for the Non LRH membership organization whose funds serve DM’s personal interests and create large and sometimes beautiful empty buildings. You too can go there and receive NO standard auditing or auditor training. You can do Basic Courses that get you neither of the above and feel really good about yourself for having read a book. (heavy sarcasm, sorry)

“because that’s the only way we’ll eventually kick one through the goal posts and straight into eternity.”

Ok, I’m stumped for a rationalization of this statement. Just how does an IAS membership and Status and reading basic books in empty buildings get one to eternity exactly? Doesn’t there have to be auditing and training in there somewhere? Or is DM telling us we can buy our way into heaven?

The auditing and training is occurring in the Independent field but appears
statistically lacking in Missions, Orgs, ASHO’s, AO’s, Flag and the Ship. All one has to do is go look. Not watch a slick video or read some promo but simply get your butt in gear and go look at your local Mission or Org. According to the promo and the video expansion is straight up and vertical and has been for years. Ok, so where are the people? Where are the auditors being made in droves? Where are the happy P/C’s? If this is all happening then where are the New Public in? What is the PRPS stat? What are the WDAHs? How many classed auditors were made worldwide last week? Where in the world is there a Class 8 course happening at all? How many Class 8’s were made last month, last year, the last 5 years? Straight up and vertical is an Oops! The graph is turned on the wrong axis. Turn it 90 degrees and there’s the graph.

So road to eternity DM style is followed thusly; after your bank account is drained, your retirement accounts drained, your business raped of working funds, your home re-mortgaged beyond your ability to pay and subsequently foreclosed upon, your credit cards blitzed and maxed out, when you are in total financial ruin but have the benefit of having read some basic books and listened to DM’s inspirational words, why then you have reached into eternity.

Probably true, but it’s a nasty eternity with a bad ending.

“Beyond all that, there may be speculation, and playing of other games, but right now we are indeed using the basic truths of Scientology to give Earth a culture of which Earth can be proud.”

Let’s add this up, unpopular in Germany, Sweden, France, Russia, Spain, Italy, certainly Israel, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Switzerland, need I go on. Just where is Earth going to be proud of what you, David, are doing? Maybe on the Int Base Gold where you live in a $70 million dollar mansion constructed to your exact specifications from IAS donations and have meals specially prepared for your delicate constitution from the finest ingredients. This while rank and file S.O. members live on $45 a week when their stats are up. I can see why you would be proud.

December is the anniversary of my SP Declare.
I was accused of posting something unflattering to the Church in December last year, which I did not post and was declared for it, or so I am told. I still am looking for my copy BTW. To be sure, I had posted things unflattering about DM, just not the one they said was mine.

So this is a celebratory Posting. Please make no mistakes this time. This is certainly my post.

My name is Tim Swanson and I am no longer and haven’t been for several years, a Corporate Scientologists. I am an Independent Scientologists.

Sparing the reader all the details surrounding my decision to leave the money grubbing off policy, out tech, out ethics organization, suffice to say it has all been covered here on this blog and others.

The only reason I stayed in that money grubbing squirrel organization was because I believed it was the only game in town.

And they certainly have been hard at work to make parishioners believe that, even if incompetently so.

You, DM, have failed miserably. You have failed LRH. But then I am
convinced that that is you plan. You have made people, good people, believe
that their salvation is dependent on you and your continued leadership, if you can call the train wreak you’ve steered leadership, You have convinced them that the only place they can get straight standard Scientology is in Church Organizations.

I believed it too, for far too long. So you fooled me, well done. I am fooled no more. You are an empty promise and an empty suit. A failed Class 4 that substitutes assault for model session. How sad when the opportunity for eternity was within your grasp.

Since leaving your corrupt regime, I have completed 3 L’s, fabulous rundowns BTW when delivered correctly, did some auditor training to LRH checksheets and am now auditing on NOTs, another fabulous Rundown, when done outside of the suppressive constraints placed on the materials and on those auditing them.

So I actually, in a macabre way, owe you some thanks. Had your aberrant influences on policy, tech and staff not occurred I wouldn’t have left and would have never enjoyed the tremendous benefits available in going up the Bridge. You see, I was effectively stalled but unwilling to leave. The costs of my next services, the real costs, the hidden costs, not the off policy overpriced published costs, were beyond my means and I had resigned myself to no more bridge. I am loathe to give you this win but there it is. And then, almost miraculously, there was an auditor I knew practicing in the Independent Field, delivering the L’s. Well I have to tell you it took all of several seconds for me to get on the phone to him and set an appointment. (My comm lag is much less now.) The money I had set up to use for OT-5 was now going into the Independent Field and I was getting my L’s.

It was a good trade. Sure, I got declared a year later and lost some friends and some family won’t talk to me. They’ll come around sooner or later. They are not stupid. Most already know you are a faker, but like me, they believe that their eternity is dependent on staying in your good graces and that there is no Scientology outside of the official CoS and of course the fear of disconnection. A good control mechanism by the way. Once they understand the absurdity of this they will leave as I did. They will get better service, more ARC, it will cost less, it won’t be altered, they won’t be regged, they won’t have to mortgage their homes or put themselves into financial ruin, they won’t have to go to regging events with bad food. In the Independent field, the people are uptone and genuinely fun and nice. It’s like it used to be, FUN.

I had the opportunity to see many failed Flag cases while doing my L’s. I saw botches grades, botched Sec checks, botched NOTs, botched L’s all out of Flag.

I even ran across a fella that was told to leave because he wouldn’t attest to an L’s completion when he didn’t feel he had the EP. Certainly don’t fix him, just show him the door and your boot.

I notice I didn’t read about those in Scientology News. BTW he was straightened out by an independent and he was all smiles after that. All of the above were straightened out by independents and all that I know were ecstatic with the results. Standard Tech at work.

So my eternity is in my hands, not yours or your corrupt organizations. I need no 6 months checks or teenage MAA’s telling me what to think and do or else. I simply audit, following the procedures established by LRH. No 3 swings here. An F/N is an F/N. By all accounts I am doing fine, better than fine. FTA’s are the norm.

I am working on my eternity and happy to be doing it in the Independent Field.


Tim Swanson AKA Ann Howe

Wins Before the 2nd Storm of 2011

Oscar demonstrates the mood here

A poem by a recent Release:

 One day….

One day I will know

I will know who I am

And possibly, one day I will understand life, in all its glory

I believe enlightenment is understanding

Understanding we agreed to everything

We chose everything


I chose life, in all its glory

I felt like the cause for the first time in many moons

Today was a glimpse with pure delight

I understand

I know


As I rode along the coast, at sunset, with the wind gently caressing my face

I felt like I was a 6 year old girl again, peddling toes with embrace

Full of life, love, vitality and an abundant tomorrow

Not a worry in the world, not a glimmer of sorrow

I swayed the handle bars making an ‘S’ motion with my bike as it cruised down the little hill

“I am” I thought as I witnessed the sun drown in glory

I understand

I am 


Words can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am to you and Monique!  

I love and adore you guys! 

– F.E.

In addition to that, on the Third Dynamic front, please welcome Kim Loss who shares with us a major stable WIN below. One of the major purposes of this blog from the outset has been to help de-PTS those who are the effect of Scientology Inc.  When one can correctly identify the SP who has been causing havoc in his or her life things magically turn for the better.


LRH, HCO PL 16 May 1965 Indicators of Orgs

PC is ALWAYS a potential trouble source if he roller-coasters and only finding the RIGHT suppressive will clean it up. 

-LRH, HCOB 13 September 65r, Out-Tech And How To Get It In

Ethics gets case resurgences by fidning the right SPs.

– LRH, 2o Nov 65rb iss I, The Promotional Actions of an Organization

As many have noted in comments here Scientology Inc, at the direction of David Miscavige, has come to dramatize several suppressive charactistics. For one, it publishes lies and generalities by the truckloads.   We, on the other hand specialize in presenting facts with time, place, form and event.  Many have stated that their lives have blossomed after evaluating these facts against their own observations.   They’ve regained their own identities and certainties.

Recently Kim Loss wrote me a note that sums up very nicely what I think a lot of us here have experienced. Please see the text below. If it were only Kim talking, it would have been worth all the effort, particularly since she is a revitalized, trained auditor.  But of course it is better than that because there are dozens upon dozens who have had similar awakenings and are now leading happier and more fullfilling lives. Note that she acknowledges each of you who have helped to make the truth known.  

Kim Loss

Hello Mr. Rathbun,

I’ve been wanting to write to you for a few weeks now, but held myself back – partly because I figure you’re inundated with emails, and partly because shortly before I found your blog it was hacked! But I’ve been in comm with the infinitely likable Mr. Koon and Jim Logan (who I suspect is a little crazy, but in all the best ways!) and I’ve had things shifting in my universe at a dizzying pace. In the span of 3 weeks I’ve gone from being hugely pissed off and adamant that I was an ex-Scientologist to adding my name to the Indie list and planning a visit to Jim so that I can get dusted off and ready to go again as a tech terminal.

It’s been an amazing few weeks!

I have a million things I want to ask, a million things I want to say, but I think I’ll stick to the basic reason for this email, which is to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me my WHO. I nearly lost it, trying to spot the SP on the lines. It seemed to be coming from everywhere, and for a while I honestly thought I was going crazy. Having a husband on OT VII only made that worse – poor guy was a wreck and you know, OTs pack a bit of a punch! I definitely felt the fallout from the gross out-tech on his case. But now that I know how things were/are being run, I finally get it. I wasn’t crazy, there WAS an SP uplines, and now I know WHO!

Thanks for that. Thanks for what you’re doing. Thanks for having the guts to speak out for those who have no voice. I’m filled with admiration for those of you who have done and continue to do the right thing and I want you to know that you have my full support. I want so much to thank everyone, but some email addresses are easier to find than others! So I’ll just keep pouring love and acceptance out into the universe and trust that it finds its way.


Kim Loss

My Four Days With Marty


by Luis Garcia

It was a typical fall morning in Southern California. Sunny and comfortably chilly, a few cirrus clouds high above a light layer of smog. I was on my way to visit Marty at “Casablanca.”

Once we were at 34,000 feet, I thought about what I wanted to address with Marty. Let’s see… I was not ill, and haven’t been for years. I felt I was doing fairly well, my business was going well, my family was doing fine. I was fine. I did have a couple of concerns, but they were not major. So why was I going to see him? I concluded I didn’t fully know, but somehow I knew I should.

At the curbside, he approached me from behind and the large black cowboy hat he wore threw me off a bit. “This is Texas” – I thought. As soon as we greeted each other it started; a free flowing torrent of exchanging experiences, ideas, viewpoints, opinions, data and stories, that continued through dinner with his wife Monique, who by the way, is the most gracious host and excellent cook, and culminated by the side of a fire out on the deck.

My accommodations were the entire lower level of the house and included a kitchen, and a living room. There was also a 5‐shelf cabinet filled with books as varied in subject as items in a flea market. As I was taking it all in I thought these were the best accommodations I’ve ever had in connection with an auditing cycle. I was happy to be there.

The next morning I cooked breakfast for a very appreciative Marty, who exalted the qualities of my omelet. Soon after we were starting the first session, and a wave of by‐passed charge rose to the surface as soon as I picked up the cans. That’s when it hit me how bad I needed a session.

During the ensuing four days at Casablanca a transformation developed. Session after session, the effects of the Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology disguised as “Standard Tech” I had so faithfully paid for and devoted myself to receive, were being located, inspected and as‐ised, leaving in its wake a full and deep understanding. Gone were the counter‐survival computations adopted while “going up the Bridge to OT.”

And in its place I regained my full self‐determinism and clarity of mind to effectively be able to postulate the future. Gone were the accumulated evaluations and invalidations received as part and parcel of every interaction with the church. And in its place I found a peace and inner happiness that evidently is native in me. Gone were the multitude of instances in which I had to choose to either “go up the Bridge to OT” or agree to something I knew was a basic violation of my own integrity.

And in its place… I found myself again. One of the greatest sessions was the one where I located the first time I chose to violate my integrity and agreed with some worthless arbitrary order from the church, again, in order to “go up the Bridge to OT.” This led to all kinds of realizations about how I must never invalidate my own knowingness, must never deny myself, must never sell my soul, must never compromise with my own reality, must never…
Ron knew about this all along. In the lecture “Statics and Motions and Axioms 1‐14, “ of 9 October 1951, he says:

There is almost no limit to what a human being can do as long as he doesn’t have this variety of stuff thrown at him in the guise of Affinity, Communication and Reality. People are postulating new realities for him. And every time he accepts one of these new realities, he’s sort of sunk.
But he’s all right up until the moment–he can have any god’s quantity of engrams or anything else–he’s perfectly all right until he accepts one of these postulates that is handed to him, and adopts it to himself and by his own self-determinism says, “Well, from here on that’s the way it is.” That’s a little boy suddenly saying to Mama, “Uh, I give up. I… I’ll mind, I’ll mind.” He goes out of valence, he ceases to be alive. He’s hit a static. He goes out of valence (and you can watch this either in yourself or in preclears) and his reality goes boom! Perceptics shut off.

For four days, four magic, memorable days, I lived life in a way never before
experienced. The alternating of amazing sessions with life‐changing realizations, with an intense and free communication exchange and plenty of laughter with Marty out of session, has truly given me a renewed purpose, a new viewpoint, a new attitude, a new me.

Four days were enough to repair the ravages of seven years of other‐determined actions while in the church. And there is not even the slightest scar left as a reminder of the atrocities.

Marty Rathbun is the best auditor I’ve ever had, and I have had many. His
comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and basics of auditing, his natural TRs, his impeccable auditing comm cycle, and his ability to observe the Pc are such that one cannot help but get powerful results from the properly and standardly applied Tech he delivers. It is easily observable that he just loves auditing people with a passion! “Your win is my win,” he’d say often.

Marty also has another great ability. He listens. And thus he learns. He learns because he can comfortably be there and examine other viewpoints without prejudice. He has vast knowledge so he naturally imparts wisdom, but doesn’t overpower one’s own wisdom, opinion or viewpoint. He is always learning from others, and so he continues to grow.

I am back. I am better than back. Because as Marty skillfully worked with me, I began to regain OT abilities I had gained during OT VII and VIII, that I actually didn’t know I had.

So Marty, my hat is off to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

And davey, next time you feel a pressure on your right side, or a nagging headache, you may just want to wonder, “Is that Garcia stretching?”
I am closer to you than you may know…

Luis Garcia

First Independent Scientologist Wedding

Our most sincere thanks to the Right Reverend Michael J Rinder and organizing wizard extraordinaire Christie King Collbran for pulling off a spectacular first Independent Scientologist wedding. You two are the best!

LRH-trained Class XII C/S Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch

We’ve told Miscavige time and again, do not mess with a mother’s nature. Try as we have, he just won’t listen.

He now has Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch to deal with.  Karen is an empire  builder; she excels at acquiring territory and turf .  She is a true friend to LRH and a legend from the early years of the Sea Org. Today, she is a very successful and influential businesswoman, internationally recognized as a leading expert in her field.  We consider Karen one of our dearest friends and a highly valuable player in the Independence movement. 

 – Mike and Marty


I have done a huge amount of soul searching and given a lot thought to exiting DM’s “church”. It is not easy to make such a decision to walk away from what has been an integral part of your life for decades.  I had planned to withdraw my support (and stop the considerable flow of funds I had poured into the Church) and remain relatively quiet behind the scenes. But then everything changed, when once again, the Church of MEST decided to try to destroy my family.

Let me provide just a little background to put things in context.

Flagship Apollo

In the early 70’s I traveled to the Flag Ship Apollo as a public. I took just one suitcase, for a planned 10 day stay. I had trained up through Class VIII at Saint Hill in the UK and decided to celebrate my  graduation with a Mediterranean Cruise and some auditing. And I also really did want to meet LRH.

A ship is a tight knit group and everyone gets to know the comings and goings.  I had barely been aboard 3- 4 days when one of the first LRH Watch Messengers (someone who was with LRH for 8 hours a day), Janis Gillham, found me in the bowels of the ship. She had a message from the Commodore.  I looked up at her startled that she knew my name.  Her message was: “The Commodore asked if you have finished your auditing, and if so, would you like to join the Sea Organization?” I was silent for a moment. I felt a rush of excitement. My life was about to change in one second. I told Janis to tell the Commodore I would be honored to join his team. About 20 minutes later I met LRH on the Promenade Deck and received his congratulations. Janis told me later she knew of no other person who was invited to join the Sea Org personally by LRH.

And boy, I sure have some rare LRH stories to tell.  I must tell them on this blog.  The LRH Biography staff  spent 2 days debriefing me for these stories about 3 years ago.  Of course they will be deleted now that I am a Proud SP.  So I will preserve these anecdotes for posterity on Marty’s blog.  And based on the track record of Miscavige, the Biography will never be completed anyway as the person who is supposed to be writing it is instead his personal speechwriter. 

I soon discovered that a “Field Class VIII” did not mean a Flag Class VIII.  And so I re-did all my internships and then trained up to Class XII with LRH as the CS overlooking the folders and giving final TR passes. I won several “Auditor of the Year” awards and was personally commended by LRH 9 times.  I was a high producer as part of LRH’s Flag technical team. I am the last LRH trained Class XII that belonged to Church of Miscavology.  All other XIIs died, left the Church, or were declared.  And now, I will proudly join the ranks of those who have been declared for withdrawing their support for the SP that is destroying the life’s work of LRH.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

I am sure you can imagine my reaction first to the “Golden Age of Tech” and then to “The Basics” events where DM in his infinite arrogance put down and invalidated all prior training and auditing. A relative handful of us kept the delivery high and the Gross Income rolling in, month after month, year in and year out.  Half a dozen Class XIIs were the main source of income for the FSO.  We kept the ship afloat with delivery of the Ls and other auditing, so LRH could continue his research and overlook and guide Scientology’s growth and impact. I sat at those events and literally watched Miscavige assume the (false) position of the new Messiah. HE WAS GOING TO IMPROVE ON LRH!  

Those of us who worked on LRH lines knew very well, that LRH did not sell botched overt products.  Every single facet and characteristic of LRH was to improve and upgrade the quality of life as best he knew. Now, in strutted Mr. Arrogance to inform everyone that they were incompetent, out tech, unknowing fools and that he had slaved feverishly to correct all the mistakes LRH had made (of course, there was a lot of PR and hype, but read through the bs and this is what he was saying). I audited 1000s of hours under LRH.  I called FNs the way LRH wrote the definition. Not the David Miscavige definition.  All those Ls and special Flag Rundowns delivered throughout the 1970s and 1980s did not incorporate the DM definition.  In those years, I do not recall a single request for refund, missed withhold or trouble made for the pc in all the people I audited.

This is not to say I did not live a life of dread. The registrars David Light, Sonia Jacques etc. would get the Tours to sell huge blocks of auditing to No-Case Gain pcs. They were all dumped in the Class XII HGC for a miracle cure.  I was the Class XII C/S.  Jeff Walker, the Senior CS and I lived a life of daily combat over this.  The stats of Flag Service Org were climbing nicely and Jeff wanted all pcs handled in the Class XII HGC.   I was concerned about the well-being of LRH’s org and not to create a disaster with an illegal pc. I saw the future YEARS and YEARS before Lisa McPherson happened.  It was just a matter of time. I cared very much to protect the Flag Land Base and on my watch, there was no death, no suicide, no one in my HGC under my CSing or auditing hit the skids.

Miscavige orders Heber to divorce me

Karen and Heber's wedding day

From early 1982 to 1987 I worked at OSA International.  I had married Heber in 1978 and when he became President CSI in 1982 and was located in Los Angeles I transferred there to be with him.  I had the grandiose title of “Presidential Aide” (Heber’s Assistant)   One day I was summoned with Heber to INT base and it did not sound good.  Upon arrival, Mike Sutter (then CO OSA Int) who had the previous week presented me with OSA “Staff Member of the Week” award,  questioned me about a sentence I had told someone in FSO about Vicki Aznaran and Jesse Prince’s removal from RTC (Vicki was Inspector General). Even though this fact was Broad Public Issue a few days later, distributed in everyone’s in-basket, I paid for that goof dearly.  I had committed out-security and this was used as a justification to destroy our marriage.

I was confined to the Int base and not allowed to return to Los Angeles to pick up a change of clothes. I did heavy deck work in the same underwear and dress for 10 days. It was humiliating. One sweats on the decks.  It is HOT in Gilman Hot Springs.  I was not “trusted” to return to Los Angeles to pick up clothes and toiletries.

At this point, I spoke up.  I went to Jackson, Security Chief (who posts here — Greetings Jackson!)  and announced that nobody had the right to keep me against my will. I called it kidnap. I said they were breaking the laws of the land.  I tend to speak up and meet things head on — I am not the silent suffering type.   Well, that caused an explosion.  My car keys were promptly taken away and I was put on  increased hours of sec checking.  And no surprise, that sec checking became wilder and wilder.  Was I a psychiatric case?  Had I been institutionalized? (LOL I had been in the Church since I was a teenager) Had I been implanted?  Was I sent in by the FBI? Was I an IRS agent or plant?  ROFL!  Yes, I can laugh now.  But it is not funny when this is run on you for hours, days, weeks and you cannot leave the base.  It was 6 months of hell.  Someone wrote on another site: “Under the totalitarian regime in Russia those that objected to the program were by definition ‘mentally ill’ as only a person who was mentally ill would be against the people’s paradise.”   What a great quote.  I was not “with the program,” therefore I must be psychiatric…….whoa.    This is DM’s “Church.”

The years of performance, the stellar products, the Auditor of the Year awards year in and year out, all wiped out in one nanosecond.  I did not agree to be kidnapped against my will at Int Base, therefore I must be psychiatric — even though I was one of 6 people on planet Earth that trained to Class XII CS. On reflection, those 6 months of kidnap and being imprisoned against my will at Int Base should have been reported to Law Enforcement at that time. But it would not occur to an SO member to do that.   You just could not think that way when you are in, even though kidnap is a felony.  I know now that was an overt because the same brutality has been repeated and even expanded in the 23 years since; witness the horrors of “the Hole” where Heber still resides.

I later learned from other sources that the whole 6 months incident was carrying out the DM order to get Heber to divorce me.  Either get the evidence through sec checks that could be used to show him I was a plant or a psych case, or break me and make me act in a psychotic fashion that would prove it to him that way.  Heber was sent to Germany and I was forbidden to use the phone, talk to Heber or talk to anyone other than my “handlers.” Lockdown.

Eventually the strategy worked. There was no way of fighting it.

Now, this was more than 20 years ago and DM has gotten progressively worse since. The Hole is a reflection of the insane deterioration of DM’s ability to see the value of a Staff Member.  Especially a dedicated SO member.

In 1990 I routed out of the Sea Org.  I endured months of Sec Checking but did all the right things on the route out.  In 20 years it never occurred to me to be hostile towards the Church. I remained a “good” Scientologist, funding libraries, buying all the new releases, showing up at events, giving AOLA $250,000 in the space of 3 years, and even embroiling myself in things of a more confidential nature to support the Church. I’ve had 20 years since my departure from the Sea Org to step out of line. I never did. And when the inevitable doubts crept in, I would think of my time track with LRH and just keep on going.

Karen, after recovering from Int and succeeding in the business world.

Alexander Jentzsch and Office of Special Affairs

Heber and I had a son in 1984 — Alexander Jentzsch.  He was born and raised in the Sea Org.

When Alexander was 11 years old (he had left the SO with me in 1990 when he was 6 and had then been regged to return to the SO when he was 10), Heber and I were both located in Los Angeles and Alexander was at Flag.  He was being used as a child slave laborer at the Fort Harrison, with no schooling or study time – instead cleaning toilets and floors in the Fort Harrison lobby 10-12 hours a day.  I called OSA multiple times to tell them this violated the laws of the land.  Finally I threatened that if it was not handled I would fly to Clearwater and extract him myself. OSA put him on a plane to Los Angeles within 24 hours.

Alexander was born in Scientology and knows nothing else. The culture is deeply embedded in him.

Fast forward to 3 years ago.  Alexander is now married and his wife Andrea is pregnant. Pressure is brought to bear for an abortion. It is done skillfully – no heavy threats, but both are both taken off post and made to look at “the greatest good”.  The message was loud and clear. Alexander called me multiple times a day as this goes down. All of the while his father, Heber, is uncontactable in lockdown in Miscavige’s Hole.  In the end, Andrea had an abortion and they were returned to post. But she never gets over it and feels she has committed an overt of magnitude.

3 years later she is pregnant again.  She really does want to be a mom. But now, times have changed. Claire and Mark Headley and  Laura Decrescenzo’s lawsuits, media and the internet have caused the Church to re-think their enforced abortion policy.

This time Alexander and Andrea are routed out with ” love”.  Kirsten Caetano, in charge of External Security at OSA, befriends Alexander in an unnatural, unheard of way. She arranges for his apartment rent to be paid. Helps arrange and approves him working for a Scientologist owned company at a very high wage, and gives him lots of sympathy and compassion. She strokes his feathers every way she can.  He is given $3500 after he signs a bunch of documents on video. God knows he signed his life away, though of course the documents are worthless and Alexander was not given a copy of what he signed.

Psych Ops.

I keep hearing from Alexander how WONDERFUL Kirsten is. She gives him all her phone numbers: berthing, cell and work, and she is just a click away on email. Ahhhhhhhh.  Feel the love….

Then Marty and Mike posted the blog on Heber ( Alexandar has a huge ongoing upset that Heber has not seen him in 6 YEARS.  Even though he is a dedicated Sea Org member and can put up with a lot “for the cause”, it makes no sense to him (it shouldn’t) that he cannot see or talk to his father. It is a BIG  button.  Heber was born on October 30th 1935. He is 75 years old. And he is incarcerated at Int Base and he has been for years.  Miscavige has not permitted any family time for Heber to see Alexander.

But the magic of Marty’s blog. Within 36 hours of that posting, Heber comes down to Los Angeles and spends 8 hours with Alexander for the first  time in 6 years. Heber has a cell phone number he gives Alexander and promises to attend a family re-union of his brothers and sisters in August with Alexander.

Wow, what a change! Thanks Marty and Mike!

Scroll forward to a few days ago. I ask Alexander if he wished Heber “Happy Father’s Day”. He said he had called but could not get through.  Heber no longer has a cell phone. And when he calls Alexander back he informs him that he will not be going to the family reunion, but will see Alexander next… at Christmas!! 

I am outraged and try to communicate about this but Alexander shuts me down. I feel Kirsten’s presence in the comm cycle. How dare I question authority or hint that there may be something wrong in the world of Miscavige!  The Thought Police scrambled into action.

Last night, Alexander was directed by his OSA handlers to guide me to an entheta site on line (entheta about Marty, Mike and even me).  He actually tried to get me to read entheta about myself!! I will not tolerate my son being manipulated against me and when he began screaming at me to “get my shit squared away with OSA or lose him as a son,” I knew that the body snatchers had him firmly in their grasp. For any that think I am in error airing private mother/son stuff on the web, the scene of the church infiltrating and turning my son against me is something that must be exposed.

Mike Rinder went through this when 7 people assaulted him in that parking lot. His own daughter, Taryn, was screaming at him for being an SP.

The internet backlash as a result was enormous. People found the behavior of the C of M appalling and horrifying.  But, the leopard cannot change his spots. Just another OSA op.  Seems the latest ploy is a new twist on “family leverage” that would make Terl proud.  But, once again, they have delivered a massive footbullet.  I was content to withdraw my support at the start of 2010 and remain relatively quiet. All that changed yesterday. If OSA thought they would control me by using Alexander as a pawn, it backfired.

Every time Alexander is used by OSA I will faithfully post every detail on the web, so that the “Office of COB” can see that the world knows and understands their dirty tricks. 

Sometimes it is fun to be underestimated.

But we live in a world of instant digital communication.  Marty’s site gets 50,000 hits a WEEK !

We can let sunshine disinfect.

My life is good now. I am highly successful, healthy, wealthy and wise. I have no doubt who my true and dear friends are – they are the people who read this blog every day. And I have no doubt that I will dedicate myself to preventing the destruction of LRH’s legacy by the SP David Miscavige.  This is my Doubt Formula announcement.

Anyone who wants to contact me privately can do so at:  Home page:


Hey, some pretty magical stuff is happening here. Cowboy Poet posted a beautiful poem on Saturday – a special one for Father’s Day. DFB, a regular here, took just a couple of hours on Father’s Day, took the Cowboy’s words and put them to music.  Here it is. Damn, you all are good.


The Hero

I hope you do exceed your expectations
With the power to achieve,
your aims and goals.
That you’ll always reach,
whatever you go for.

Cause I believe in you
I DO believe in YOU.
My faith in you will always last.
I’m the father with a hero,
on my lap.

I know you’ll never leave a comrade,
when he’s down.
That your word will last forever,
honor bound.
That the counsel that you keep,
is yours til you grow old.
That you’ll wish upon a star
And be the hero,
that you are.

I believe you’ll stand alone,
and never shaken
When a trust is lost,
or when you’ve been forsaken.
That you’ll hitch your wagon,
back up to that star.
Cause you’re the hero in my lap,
That’s who you really are.

Cause I believe in you
I DO believe in YOU.
My faith in you,
will always last.
I’m the father with a hero,
on his lap.
Yeah, I’m the father with a hero,
on his lap.

JB – Going Mobile

babes chillin' on the bay

Well, we was simply chillin’ on the bay one day with Sam and other friends, when out of the blue I hear from a long, lost friend. You all have heard a bit about what followed and the fortuitous emergence of JB. To give you an unprecedented look into what escape along the underground railroad entails, and some fresh insight into happenings behind the wall, JB has graciously agreed to the  publication of one of the first emails he sent to me. You can see what it was like, in real time.

JB - 50 years ago


Hey Marty,
JB here.  Anyway, I just completed the most successful blow from the Int Base without anyone having a clue that it was going to happen and, aside from my pc and ethics folders, I got out with all my stuff, bank account emptied and phones and blackberry wiped clean and left with the batteries out and SIM cards destroyed and my vehicle full of gas courtesy of motorpool.
Let me fill you in a bit more as I feel that some of the marbles have settled a bit in my head now as more time goes by.  Firstly, please realize that I am extremely paranoid right now.  I am out all alone here and freaked that they might magically find me.  I am pretty familiar with all the lines and tricks they use to locate people, hell, I used to do it myself!  But I am pretty confident that I did a good job of leaving no clues or leads or ways of tracking me down electronically or otherwise.  But my paranoia even extends to hoping I am not writing to an OSA bullshit email set up on a clone website that I got to in an effort to get to yours! Or that they are hacked in to your site or even hushmail or your pc and are monitoring every communication that goes in and out from you. I‘m a bit vulnerable right now and haven‘t contacted anyone yet and fear looking up old friends as they are probably  tracking down and calling every name of old buddies from my life history.  I was never anywhere near as high in  terms of power as you or Mike were, but I have been DM’s “personal engineer” as he used to brag to people ( I hated that leash he put on me) 
Anyway…  back when I was Internal Security Officer in RTC and you came back from the ship and became my senior, I remember one comm cycle we had where you told me very sincerely to “only listen to LRH and don’t buy what other people might give you as their interpretations or their examples“.  You said to study and understand LRH and I wouldn’t go wrong.  I really took that advice to heart at that moment in that comm cycle. 

I remember, not too long after that, being in the courseroom in Qual, I don’t remember what course I was on, but I was reading An Essay on Management.  It blew me away.  It made so much sense and while reading it and really seeing LRH’s description  of punishment drive I had my first thoughts of how DM operated.  Man what a withheld thought! 

I had a square peg suddenly and it seems that the nature of theta is to reason out how it actually fits the round hole.  But the seed was planted.  I read a bit of entheta crap on my lines here and there over the next year on that post and I ended up expressing my “THOUGHTS” and ended up at HV on the RPF for 3 years.  I was the MAA out there ultimately and I heeded your advice and studied LRH profusely.  After all my RDDs and whatnot I ended up reading all the LRH books and just about the entirety of the tech vols.  I was incredulous.  This was awesome.  I fell in love with the auditors code and the better virtues of man and had phenomenal wins by really caring about people and helping them.  It became simple. The comparison was what I had seen back at the base over the prior years and the horriby failed attempts to “handle” people by putting them in tents and forcing them to admit they were SPs and then retraining them on the Criminon program and George Washington’s rules on good behaviour.  80 percent of them just ended up not getting handled or blowing.  Some standard tech, 100% results, huh? 

Another realization I had out at HV was that all these people that were so “fucked up” were a phenomenal work force.  Much to the contrary of DMs continuous rantings at the time (and still to this day) that RPFer were constant overt product makers without exception, all the work they did was generally far superior to the construction work and sets and props work that the miserable lot of Gold crew were producing in their oppressive environment.  It might have been the RPF but it had a special factor of a lot of people that were actually validated for their creativity (albeit only internally in the group of RPFers and some of the Sets, Props and Estates guys that we were constantly bailing out). 

I remember starting to formulate back then my conviction that man really WAS basically good and it was actually easy to help him get better.  My wins along this line were staggering.  I had a blast and completely ended up differentiating myself from the bullshit way things were done at the base.  “SRA’s”, “ripped his face off”, scrubbing dumpsters and toilets with toothbrushes and all the myriad other forms of RSing ev purp dramatization were so obvious to me as a means of destroying people rather than any sort of therapeutic help or MEST work to get someone out of his head.  I gained more in my three years out at HV in this de-PTSing enlightenment than I had gleaned in my whole SO career since 1977 (I think I joined around the same time as you).  So I came back to the base, supposedly to go back to RTC but no one dared post me for some reason.  I was put on full time “training”  I said fuck that and went to motorpool and started working. 

I realized within a week that nearly everyone on the base was around the Fear band on the tone scale.  This was wierd to me.  I decided that few people could be trusted as when down at that band they will gladly use you as a shield for any imagined bullets they perceive coming their way.  To put it another way, they will „throw you under the bus“. 

I ended up later going in a training pool for RTC and found that the plan was for me to become Estates Manager RTC.  But again, no one would post me.  They were scared to take any initiative cuz “COB might get upset” or something. 

The square peg started to get splinters and stuff for me, but I still managed to rationalize it and figure out how it fit the round hole.  So I just took over gradually as Estates Manager by getting involved in that great empty mausoleum, Building 50.  I got the place pretty perfect and snagged myself a couple juniors, Maggie and Brenden, and strived to be a good senior and help them improve and be more competent.  I think I set a pretty good example for them and probably tainted them (good!) with my slightly different views and observations that it was easy to make things better and help people and that it made no sense that all the people on the base were „all just a bunch of SPs“ and that what actually made sense was that there was something else wrong that was as yet unidentified (although I was building my own secret arsenal of observations that this unidentified factor was good old Dave himself) 

The square peg started to get barbed wire wrapped around it, but I was careful to not cross any line in my voiced “dissension” and get anyone alerted to me.  I still managed to figure out how I was somehow wrong and that this bristling square peg still fit the round hole very smoothly.
I started making a name for myself.  I started handling some screwed up MEST type cycles that were on Dave’s lines in all manner or fields.  Stuff for TC was big on the list.  I started noticing how effusive DM was with people who would directly help his MEST and money empire.  These were his best “friends”.  Nobody got the prolonged handshake and piercing howitzer gleam right in the eye “THANK YOU, REALLY” like those who forked over hundred of thousands of dollars.  The square peg started getting slathered with napalm.

Then the thing that really nailed it for me.  The Freewinds.  Those previously in charge made a disgusting OP mess of the mega 30 million dollar full renovation of the ship in preparation for the MV 2008.  50 to 80 people from Int, PAC and Flag piled in to somehow get it “done” and presentable in the last 2 weeks.  I was one of them.  It was a total bandaid sets and props job and the place was such a seething overspend and OP that a large part of it had to be fully ripped apart and redone.  I stayed on board for a whole 14 months “fixing” it.  I became somewhat of a hero.  How and what I did and the final product that was way beyond what was originally envisioned is its own long story.  But I basically took over the whole ship and ran it “my way” (LRH’s way of common sense and actually helping people). 

I spotted Sue Price as the “DM clone” she was and decided to depower her by de-PTSing her whole CMO from her.  I started to realize that the source of this ranting disgusting demoralizing SP op basis was DM himself and that she had “learned” this when she was at Int and brought it with her to the ship, and so had many other staff.  I saw that this was a disease spreading throughout the SO.  I had never experienced first hand anything other than the Int base and all the bullshit that it was somehow a peculiar place full of all the SPs you could imagine.  But I was out on the clear blue seas away from all that crap and I took the opportunity to “try” doing what made sense to me and had huge wins pulling it off and changing the lives of hundreds of staff with my example. 

Marty, they think I’m a god or something.  Its really something.  I can’t imagine DM black PRing me to them with any measure of success after they got to work with me for 14 months.  I imagine he will keep my blow “quiet”.  I came back to Int from the ship last September and noticed that all the photos and products I got on the ship were used by him to “stuff up the ass” of some people in the hole and elsewhere by showing them how effective he was with his „personal engineer“ doing it right.  I could tell by how disgustingly propitiative they were to me in their „congratulations“ they were giving me.  Good news was only useful to him if he could use it to show people how fucked up they were.  Pretty sick.  The square peg with splinters, barbed wire and napalm was now lit afire and I started to see that it really did not fit the round hole at all. 

When I returned to the base from the Freewinds last September,  I got pulled aside by Carol B in COB’s office and “briefed” that I was not to reassume my post as Estates Manager and to stay aloof from my two juniors and any of the other “crap” going on at the base.  I was put onto full time study on “the basics” and told that I had a couple projects coming up.  I rebelled and moved back into my old office and told my juniors that it was not covered in any policy that I was aware of that I could just willy nilly be taken off post.  I was perm posted and fully hatted and not replaced so I just kept my post, though I did let my juniors get on with it as they had stepped up to more responsibility in my absence and I was not going to knock them back.

Over the months I got sicker and sicker of the obvious downtone lackeys in the hole and the dozen or so of  them that were now the “Int” people that got moved into Building 50.  They were so beaten down and useless that I couldn’t fathom it.  I saw them being completely useless and didn’t know how they could live.  Something was very, very wrong.  I decided that I needed to start preparing for something.  I could tell by various comm cycles and indicators that I was being kept with some idea that I end up with COB and possibly a handful of other “trusted and loyal” people somewhere.  This terrified me.   NO way! 
And then I got a brand new iPhone for Xmas!  Wow! internet access at my fingertips.  I ventured to “look and not listen”.  I watched the series of AC360 shows and then looked further and saw your stuff and from there found your blog.  Holy crap!  I am NOT the only one who has seen this crap.  That settled it.  I had to get out.  I couldn’t do anything from inside that I could think of without getting incarcerated and hammered into submission.  I would have ended up taking off if that happened.  So I decided to take off without being “in trouble” while I had hundreds of people who saw me as a pretty sane cool dude who was in high ARC with all people he worked with and helped them.  I thought that would help get them thinking better than if I became just a “disaffected asshole like the rest of them”.  So poof…I blew.  They can‘t find me too easily.  I want to talk to you.  I am leery of getting tracked down until I can get some more firm ground and wherewithall under my feet.  There are some things I know that may be revealing and beneficial to you from my recent observations of his op against you and what has been happening in those circles.
A real painful part is the friends I left behind.  I got nobody out here!  I want to help them and see if I can pluck more of them out from this crap.  But mostly, I want to depower DM by getting his minions out from under him.
Enough for now. I will send this and await a reply.  I am very sincere about this.  I’m not shitting you.  Maybe DM has planted some false “leak” that I am his next secret infiltration attempt in order to keep you from contacting me or listening to me.  I wouldn’t put it past him. There is a lot of scheming going on.  Its a bit scary and lonely out here.  I want to do something.  I need to.  It is my duty.  Let me know, huh? 

Love you,  JB

JB at the shack. You can't take the kid out of the fisherman.

 Oh, yeah, he was influenced by listening to rebel music, which has now been adopted as the theme song of the underground railroad:

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Something magical just hit the comments section. It comes from thousands and thousands of miles away. It comes from a woman who embodies everything we have been talking about for the past year. It comes from a woman who had every reason to keep her head low and live a life of bitter resentment.  I know that for a fact because I personally abused that woman verbally in a most cruel manner on several occassions back in the day when I wasn’t me.  We love you Lana, and I mean unconditionally. And if you quick shoot me a nice JPG portrait I’d love to put it up with this. Without further ado,

Thank you for the lovely LRH quote on force Marty.

It got me reflecting on why I come back to this blog over and over…

I only post on your blog occasionally, not because I do not agree and not because I do not wish to add my voice to the conversation, but because I only speak out when I feel that my contribution will somehow enhance the thread, or provide some more insight, or somehow give others some relief.

Since 2005 I have slowly started to gather back friends from past times. Persons, in the same postition as myself (declared SP for leaving the Int base or for no reason whatsoever). Persons who I worked with at Int. Persons, who I love the company of and who I have affinity for.

When I first made contact with them, I was full of bypassed-charge. I also had tons of questions. What happened when I left? How did it happen that way? Was there information that I had not been privy to (of course there always is) and I had wanted to somehow get to a point where I could end-cycle on the mess at Int. I wanted to stop the nightmares. I wanted to stop wondering about friends I had lost.

The conversations I have had over the last few years have been the best — and I thank each of you (including Marty) who listened as I wrote dissertations and lengthy emails about what had occurred and how things had been so wrong and off-policy.

This is where COMMUNITY comes in.

I did not always get the answers I was looking for, and sometimes responses were a long time coming — but each one let me rest a little easier and allow me to put my attention on to now and the future, rather than caught up in the past mis-emotion, problems and in-justices.

I feel very much part of this community.

I have felt that way for many, many months.

I have posted under the name of Solace, NOT because I am scared of the force or underhanded techniques of The Church, and NOT because I have connections that would be impinged upon by speaking out (I lost all those connections back in 2005), but because here, where I live, I have been rediscovering my OT abilities and I have been having unprecedented success in life. I simply had the idea that by communicating my collaboration with the community here, it might endanger my happiness on the homefront.

In reviewing this, particularly against the quote from LRH that Marty has posted, I can see that through communicating and affirming my affiliation with the Independent Scn Community, it will simply bolster my own ARC and my own power — and there really is no danger.

It seems the longer I stay disconnected from The Church of Scientology, the better life becomes and the more I rediscover the real me. By the time I had left I had been pounded down the tone scale and invalidated to the point where my own faith in myself, was at an all-time low.

I have been reversing that process over the last number of years and have been rediscovering how I can make my postulates stick, how I can use ARC to improve situations and how the only limiting factor is my own considerations (which I have been identifying and removing).

As a result, I would like to announce my independence.

My name is Lana Mitchell. I am an ex-Int base staff member of 10 years and a former Sea Org member of 15 years. I worked in CMO Int and then in RTC. I also worked for several years as a cook for DM, and his entourage and celebrity guests until 2003. Some of this journey was good. A lot of it was shockingly terrible.

I will not at this time include a long account of how I came to be declared. I am actually over it at this point and feel no need to rewrite it. It would also just enturbulate and upset those who read it — so what it the point?

What is important is the fact that I have confirmed for myself, in the last 5 years, the workability of LRH technology, I have confirmed for myself the power of my own postulates, and I have rediscovered that life is theta, exciting and a game.

I am currently living at home, in Australia, in a beautiful house my husband and I just built, with 2 lovely baby boys (one 4 years old and one 8 months old) who fill my daily life with theta and enthusiasm.

I am very happy here. and I am very happy to state that I am an Independent Scientologist and support this community.

If you wish to email me, you can do so at

OSA — Hi Kirsten (and Vicki)– I am sure you already had me in your little black book, but if not, you can now add me in. It might be a little difficult however to have my phone tapped and have me followed around, as I am live on a large rural block with a driveway of over 1 km and the closest house is almost as far away. Also — we have several large dogs, so you might want to call first befor anyone comes visiting (hee hee!)