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The Cult of Victim Narcissism

I read Mike Rinder’s autobiography only because I was informed that once again he could not restrain his obsession for lying about me and my family. It was a slog.  Three hundred pages purporting to reveal shocking news without a single alleged accusation that has not already been reported on ad nauseum; in most cases reported on decades ago. Nevertheless, the read taught me a couple of things about Rinder which helps to put him into accurate perspective. That is useful in the process of letting go. And so I thank Mike for his effort.

Imagine for a moment someone living with the apparent cognitive dissonance of being a victim and hero at the same time.  Dizzying, because the roles are almost 180 degrees diametrically opposed in character. One by definition excludes the other.  While rare, birds of that feather are destructive enough to our society that they have garnered a mental health disorder all to themselves: victim narcissism. A victim narcissist is a dangerous character to have in one’s orbit.  Most of the time he is sucking the lifeblood out of you by acting the abused victim. When he has drained enough of your pity that your defenses are down, the victim narcissist suddenly flips (Norman Bates psycho style) into hero mode in order to lord over you.  If you are lucky enough to snap out of it and attempt to reassert yourself, the victim narcissist is an expert at gaslighting to convince you that you have inflicted irreparable harm upon him.  

Those unfamiliar with the disorder can read a short, accurate primer on the subject at  Those who are in touch with Rinder or affected by him and his act would be well served to read that and several more of the authoritative works on the subject locatable through a search engine query. Mix someone constantly feigning victimization with an outsized ego and you get victim narcissist.

As much as he attempts to paint himself the adorable victim, Rinder continually betrays his barn-sized ego throughout his book. Never, in my thirty plus years in and around Scientology have I encountered a person so admittedly in it to satisfy his own vanity. Fortunately, his editors have apparently persuaded him to let his hair down and let his consciousness flow to reveal the real Rinder. For example:

– “Now I was the emperor of my own kingdom. It was intoxicating. It gave me a sense of invincibility.”

– “This was the pinnacle of achievement in the Sea Org–I had been selected to become one of the elite. I was thrilled. Since the day I arrived…I had been envious of peers who had been in the CMO and so it was as if I were finally being invited to sit at the cool kids’ table.” 

– “I didn’t actually consider the dirty work itself to be degrading…It was the humiliation of being sent to do the lowest grunt duties in front of all the Freewinds crew.”

– “With that, I was back as the big cheese…”

– “I was not thrilled that I was missing out on the excitement of being front and center in the crowd…”

These attitudes were hard to come by in the Sea Organization. Very few people were like that. Regardless of credulity or value of beliefs, practices and policies, no one who has been there can refute that Sea Organization members by and large are caring, selfless and duty-motivated.  A repeated passage in the book brought to memory that in fact Rinder was generally regarded as narcissist (self-loving, selfish, conceited and aloof) in the church.  In those passages Rinder repeatedly emphasizes how tight his life-long bromance of mutual trust with Tom Devocht had always been. Yet, in 2009 when I first told Tom Devocht that I had reached out to Rinder, Tom advised me to stay away from Rinder. He said that Rinder freeloaded off him for months, still owed him money he fronted him to fly from the UK to the US years earlier, and that he was the same old pompous, contemptuous prick he was on the inside.  In fact, if you were to survey current and former members of Scientology management, Rinder would absolutely rank #1 in arrogance, negligence, and indifference to others.  In retrospect, I should have listened to Tom’s advice. 

The second revelation of Rinder’s book concerns his projected general amnesia. I have called out Mike for his lack of memory on several occasions (e.g. Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, Rinder Remini Redux and Bullshit Alert: Ortega, Rinder, Remini), with plenty of citation to detail.  What Billion Years made clear is that Mike is not an amnesiac after all. Instead, he is an inveterate liar.  Memory loss is merely his justification for his continually making it up as he goes along. Victimhood and hero status both  thoroughly rely upon memory loss.

The deliberate use of amnesia as a tactic is evident in Rinder’s opening “Author’s Note.” Here, he establishes the groundwork for both legs of victim narcissist disorder, victimhood and heroism: selective amnesia. Rinder wants everyone to know at the outset that, “it is of course possible that I have some facts wrong,” that “memories of events are distorted…(and especially hazy)…by time and perspective,” but that doesn’t matter because by contrast he has confidence in his “impressions, feelings, and emotions…and how they affected me.” It is a remarkable statement by someone promoting himself as a professional authority on the subject he’s pontificating on. It is also more confirmation of his victim narcissist nature: as usual, blaming his facts creativity on others. He claims lack of sleep in Scientology caused his cognitive impairment. Tell that to Benjamin Franklin, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison – or any of the many other cognitive giants who attributed their genius in part to not ‘wasting time’ with sleep.

Rinder’s feigned memory-loss is integral to erasing any event in his 67-plus years that might account for even one or two of the travails he suffered.  Everything is told from the perspective of what was allegedly done to Rinder. He imparts dozens of detailed accounts of purported excessive punishments he was subjected to. I won’t try to quibble with his consistent overdramatization. Instead, I note that on nearly every occasion Rinder recounts he asserts that he had no worldly idea why he was being punished.  It is completely arbitrary cruelty meted out for kicks and Rinder is little Lord Fauntleroy who never did anything untoward in his life. He can magically remember every detail of what was done to him 40 years ago, but can’t remember what he did to others yesterday. 

Thus, Rinder carefully deep sixes any pesky facts that might contradict what Rinder would like to fancy about his history. And that paves the way for the creation of a brand-new then-Rinder: a super hero (the narcissist leg of victim narcissist).  To demonstrate the depth of outright fact creation I’ll break down one critical section of the book, covering events I am intimately familiar with.

In this section, Rinder attempts to fill a gigantic hole in the official anti-Scientology narrative. It might be the wildest fiction he has ever attempted on the subject. The hole in question was created by my widely-disseminated recitation of the facts leading up to Scientology’s tax exemption recognition.  I have described before the fraud perpetuated by Rinder, and promoted by Larry Wright and Alex Gibney, on that subject. You can find the numerous references on my YouTube channel (e.g., Going Clear, Part 11 IRS, Fraudulent Deceptions – YouTube, Going Clear, Part 12 – IRS, Wright fact inventions and joining sides – YouTube, Going Clear, Part 13 – IRS, Actual Malice on Wright’s behalf. – YouTube).

 In the four years since most of that material has been publicly available, no one from ASC has attempted to refute a single word of it. Not Rinder, not Gibney, not Wright, not Ortega. None of them. Their response instead is clear in Rinder’s book: if you cannot prove history, and you wish it were different, then just recreate it.  Rinder, for the first time in 15 years since leaving Scientology, suddenly claims to have played an integral role in attaining Scientology’s tax exemption.

First, Rinder invents a leading role for himself in the investigation of IRS informant Gerry Armstrong. The “silver lining” of the affair “was the fact that I had done my job again” he avers. In fact, his belated involvement was a notorious failure to those involved. He then claims that the result of the investigation – in fact performed by others – “the hope of getting the IRS to back off was dashed.”  In fact, Freedom of Information (FOIA) documents later obtained from the department of justice detailed how the “Armstrong operation” (again, the results not of Rinder’s failed efforts – but by those of others) resulted in the government assigning Armstrong the lowest possible potential witness credibility; making the ill-conceived criminal investigation without support. The only hope that was dashed was that of the IRS to falsely imprison Scientology’s leadership.

Next, fifteen years after leaving Scientology Rinder suddenly emerges now as the cause of Scientology’s tax exemption. He was mum on the subject for fifteen years – rightly deferring to me on that subject – precisely because he had little to nothing to do with the dozens of court struggles and victories, the prosecution of hundreds of Freedom of Information act lawsuits to uncover what the government was hiding about unlawful operations and discriminatory treatment against Scientology, the lawful investigation of IRS abuses, and least of all the nearly two years of negotiations and historically in-depth IRS audits that culminated in tax exemption. Even with my detailed descriptions over the past several years publicly available, Rinder’s new fiction betrays a remarkable degree of ignorance about Scientology’s history vis a vis the IRS. 

Mike asserts that when he stepped into the arena there was no rational hope for Scientology exemption because it was hit with the two most impossible of obstacles.

The first obstacle was that the Supreme Court had ruled Scientology donations were not tax-deductible. The second was a Federal Court ruling on Church of Spiritual Technology’s (CST) tax exemption application. The latter was so critical that he quotes an entire paragraph from the opinion. Then he launches for several pages telling tales of how he persevered and forced the IRS to the negotiating table and submission notwithstanding these decisions: insinuating it was accomplished by unlawful, secret leverage and blackmail.

Both horns of his impossible dilemma are invented. The CST federal court ruling he cites occurred almost a year after the IRS negotiations and audits had begun. Had Rinder actually participated in either the litigation or the negotiations he would have known that the IRS was certain that the lower court judge’s opinion was so biased and baseless that the pending appeal would certainly be won by Scientology. In the year since the record review had begun the IRS already conceded that their basis for denying CST exemption was discredited.  They were almost embarrassed by the CST federal court ruling when it came out; realizing they could not support the findings with facts. For that reason, the CST decision was more of a problem for the IRS than for the Church. 

As to the 1989 Supreme Court decision, Rinder betrays even more ignorance, feigned or otherwise. Had Rinder even read the decision – let alone participated in litigating any corner of IRS matters – he would have known and stated that the court did not definitively decide the merits of whether Scientology donations could ever be deemed tax exempt. Instead, it ruled that in the single case in front of the court there was an insufficiency of evidence to reverse the IRS’s deduction denial.  It explicitly remanded the case for further proceedings and invited the petitioner to attempt to fill the gaps in that evidence insufficiency. If Rinder had lifted a finger of support to the effort to attain tax exemption he would have known and stated that in fact, upon remand a number of federal courts ruled in Scientologists’ favor and were upheld by United States Appellate Court decisions across the country. Some courts ruled for the IRS too; establishing a classic split in the Circuits leading to an inevitable second appointment with the Supreme Court (just as the original Supreme Court decision contemplated).

Moreover, in order to obviate the need to clutter the Supreme Court docket with the conflicting appellate court decisions, the church and IRS stipulated to conduct a full-blown trial in a mutually agreed upon test case. In fact, if Rinder were even awake at any moment during the years 1991 and 1992 – let alone involved in the IRS, Scientology struggle – it could not have escaped him that the IRS was having its head handed to it on a daily basis in that trial. As each day progressed it became more clear to even Scientology-suspicious observers (e.g., editors of Tax Notes) that a) Scientology parishioner donations would be recognized as exempt and b) the IRS would likely be nailed to the cross for discriminatory practices in a fashion no federal agency had been since the 1970s.

Rinder invents: “I spent a great deal of time in Washington DC, during the ensuing year. Preparing materials and documents for the IRS became my daily life. I’d fly from Los Angeles to DC every few weeks to meet with [the IRS].” Mini-me, after watching me truthfully testify to that life on several occasions – for two years incidentally, he couldn’t even get the time span correct – he suddenly after fifteen years adopts it as his life. Talk about cancel culture sickness. It’s cancel and usurp. 

Rinder travelled with the IRS negotiation team to D.C. on perhaps 2 or 3 occasions over that two-year span as a board member of Church of Scientology International (CSI). CSI was always required to participate in each meeting. Heber Jentzsch was the primary CSI participant, but could not attend on a couple occasions and so Rinder subbed from the bench. He never contributed a constructive thing to any meeting. I was at every meeting – which by conservative estimate numbered several dozen. I was in fact in charge of organizing the substantial data compilation evolutions required after each IRS meeting.  I recall routinely dealing with the heads of Church litigation, corporate affairs, accountancy, finance, data, management and investigations throughout that period in the accomplishment of that task. And those folks sent me the tomes of information required. I never recall Rinder lifting a single pinky to help during that entire two-year period.  He certainly was nowhere to be found during the investigative (with the exception of his colossal Armstrong failure), public relations, and litigation (involving literally thousands of lawsuits) efforts that for nearly a decade lead up to the negotiations and audits between 1991 and 1993. 

And with that factual background Rinder proclaims in his book that what really caused the IRS to change its collective mind about Scientology were the freshly invented (shared for the first time after 15 years of railing incessantly against Scientology) purely manufactured accusations:  “paid PIs to infiltrate IRS meetings” (he cites not a single one because he cannot), use of “front groups” (names not a single one – there was no IRS-related  groups that Scientology was not overtly associated with), and “smear campaigns against individual revenue agents” (citing no particulars because I suppose he is just too lazy to create them). 

In closing his book, Rinder takes what at first blush appear to be gratuitous shots at me. He laments that he has no clue – again feigning ignorance – as to why “almost overnight” a) Marty Rathbun eschewed the Anti-Scientology Cult (ASC, a victim narcissist cult if there ever were one, see e.g. Anti-Scientology Cult (ASC) 2020 and ASC Rationalization) and began exposing Rinder and his cohorts for their hypocrisy, and b) Monique Rathbun fired her lawyers and ended her litigation. As to the lawsuit, that was made crystal clear two years ago in two posts on this blog (Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology and Monique Rathbun vs Church of Scientology II) posts that Rinder and his blood-sucking, back-stabbing shyster lawyer “friend” have yet to respond to because they cannot without forfeiting the latter’s bar card. As those posts make clear, Rinder knows exactly why his shyster rat friend was dumped as Rinder was an integral part of the betrayal of the client that was the cause of the firing. It also is the beginning of –and the cause of – the exposure of the ASC, including its principal cult leaders.

The divorce from the Anti-Scientology Cult was anything but “overnight” – it was a several year process.  Nobody was more acutely aware of the transition than Rinder beginning more than 10 years ago. In fact, Rinder – in an apparent moment of unguarded sloppiness – acknowledges that he knew this in his book. He writes that in 2013 I asked Rinder to create his blog so as to “take over for me.”  Again, Rinder has it backwards: in fact, he phoned me and asked permission to start his own blog.  Rinder’s reason was that I had made it clear for more than a year on my blog that I was done with continual railing against Scientology; that I had taken to counselling people to reconcile their Scientology experiences, learn to let go and move on; and that I found the Anti-Scientology Cult’s and even the media’s insatiable appetite for nonstop scandal (even by that time mainly recycled) annoying and thoroughly counterproductive to truly assisting former members. In his inimitable agreeable manner, Rinder wholeheartedly agreed with me; but said he had created some obligations to his newly adopted cult (ASC) that he needed to exercise. I wished him luck.

Nonetheless, Rinder’s take is revealing. First, it is consistent with what I noted in the last paragraph. Second, “take over” clearly means I’ve made it clear that I’m on the way out and Rinder believes I run some sort of operation that he was taking over.  And since in fact he called me asking to be anointed, he clearly coveted the position of power.  There he was, in his mind becoming “the big cheese,” “one of the elite,” the “emperor of [his] own kingdom.”

Rinder’s book makes it clear that he thinks it is better than good to be the king.  I imagine it must be simply “thrilling” and “intoxicating” being at the “pinnacle of achievement,” “front and center in the crowd” (sandwiched between Toby McGuire and Alec Baldwin no less).  It sounds as if he has even developed a sense of “invincibility.”  The victim is really a hero? Or is the hero a victim?

In Rinder’s actual words, the Anti Scientology Cult’s Fair Game policy is alive and well: “And today the state of affairs with respect to Scientology is, you’re pretty much free to do and say anything. … And it just has become, you know, to use the Scientology vernacular, they’re fair game for the media now.”  With words like that on record, you would expect a guy to at least have the dignity or moral fiber to cease promoting himself as some brave, victimized crusader. But you’d expect that because you have a conscience. Those with no conscience don’t think like that. And deeply affected victim narcissists know nothing other than manipulation by simultaneously playing the victim and hero. 

Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness

Stephen Mitchell has a unique talent for translating and interpreting ancient parables of wisdom into stories that are at once lyrical, modern and timeless. His biblical tales weave in and illuminate their earlier Eastern philosophic roots.  Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness: A Biblical Tale Retold (St. Martins 2019) is a book that lives up to all of that. It can leave the reader musing, “with all having been said and done, what more is there to say or do?”

Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology II

Recently Tony Backpage Ortega, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, Ray Jeffrey, and Paul Haggis conducted a coordinated pile on effort to shut me up. It was a resurrection of a propaganda campaign started by them in January 2016. See Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology for background.

 Monique’s former attorney Ray Jeffrey was the lynch pin of the lynch mob campaign. He posed for ‘interviews’ with Ortega, Rinder and Remini providing the big lie that serves as the propaganda narrative’s foundation. Without Jeffrey, there is nothing to campaign and nothing to campaign with. The big lie is that he was suddenly blindsided by Monique’s firing of him in January 2016 with no warning, and no idea why it came, followed by puzzling, ‘hurtful’ words about an innocent, honorable man.

Yet, Jeffrey invents the answer to the ‘mystery’ firing by floating conspiracy theories as to how Monique (at my direction) fired him to settle Monique’s lawsuit with Scientology behind his back. As you shall see, the only behind the back skullduggery was his own. After unethically inventing and broadcasting the big lie, he sanctimoniously claims he can’t give the corroborating evidence for his conspiracy theory because he must protect his client’s privileged communications, clearly communicating that the evidence exists, thus revealing the substance of the alleged communications themselves. Just as Tony Ortega routinely tells his audience that he knows the conspiracy is true, because he has inside Jeffrey information (namely, privileged information unlawfully leaked by Jeffrey). This conduct is far more unethical and treacherous than their implicitly acknowledged prohibition of straight-forward attorney-client privilege breaches.

Jeffrey has eagerly pandered to Ortega to the detriment of his client’s position from the outset of the case. It became so noisome and destructive that a few months into the lawsuit Jeffrey was put on notice to cease his repeated practice of sharing analyses, strategy and even pleadings with Ortega and other ASC members before sharing them with his client. His response? Six and a half more years of it.

Jeffrey has become so confederated with Ortega, the latter effectively serves as his public relations agent. When Jeffrey, Rinder and Remini’s ‘house on the coast’ conspiracy theory was dismantled (See Monique Rathbun vs Church of Scientology), Ortega was quick to defend his comrade in the bunker:  “So the fact that they subsequently bought a modestly priced house in South Texas shouldn’t really be considered proof of one thing or the other. It’s more interesting what Ray pointed out on the podcast this week, that they bought the house and moved down there without even telling their own attorneys! THAT’s much more telling than the fact that they bought a $270,000 house, seems to me.” Ortega’s cult-think ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ argument is based on a falsehood, yet again. Jeffrey would have known had he listened to his partner or his client. But, Jeffrey could not have cared less where we lived. More than a year prior to the move, Jeffrey announced to his client that he was off the case until further notice and went incommunicado. His client was told specifically not to reach out to him. He has yet to have a civil, substantive conversation with his client since, to this day.

This summer Ortega restarted the campaign with a podcast appearance. He repeated on it (and followed up with a post that again paints Ray Jeffrey as an ASC hero and yet another Scientology victim) that Monique suddenly dropped her lawsuit when her attorneys were on the verge of forcing David Miscavige into deposition; proving there was a plot afoot to sabotage the Anti-Scientology Cult (ASC). Even bunker bots with double digit IQs should understand the absurdity of the claim, since the lawyers had their asses handed to them on that issue by an appellate court (despite our repeated efforts to spare them that fate) nearly two years before the suit was terminated. If they read the press of the time they’d have learned that when Jeffrey lost in the appellate court he informed the media that the Miscavige deposition issue was dead. Only six years later does he reverse course on the Remini/Rinder podcast stating the deposition was still a possibility after the appellate court decision. Because, that invented narrative harms his former client.

In fact, Jeffrey sabotaged the deposition issue in the first instance for all time (like so many others in the case)  by reneging on the agreed upon strategy for success, by secreting material witnesses and refusing to use relevant documents that Mike Rinder allegedly stole from Scientology.*  And that continuing obstruction made any future attempt for Miscavige’s deposition with additional evidence impossible. Which is why it has always been Jeffrey’s intractable position – until it served him to smear his client to reverse course – that the issue of Miscavige’s deposition was dead.

To add felony to misdemeanor, Jeffrey claimed as basis for refusal to use the Rinder documents that he was working to protect Mike Rinder’s interests. His argument was that Scientology could come after Rinder criminally if the documents were exposed. At that time, he was re-informed that I had been posting Rinder documents for years on my blog and Scientology hadn’t raised an issue; so, a) why was Rinder’s neck so much more precious than his client, Monique’s?, and b) I thus had already cleared the way for Rinder to stand as if he had some semblance of a back bone. To no avail. When directly confronted with the fact that his position was an exercise of favoring Mike Rinder’s interests over his client Monique Rathbun’s, Jeffrey elected to go with another pea in the ASC pod, Rinder. He implied throughout that he was representing Rinder. Later though, he was forced to acknowledge that Mike Rinder was not even a client of his…until he was again when it later served his purposes…until he wasn’t again when confronted with another conflict of interest issue. It is a dizzying scene trying to keep up with his three-card monte moves. Whether a client or not, Ray Jeffrey flat out attempted to sell his indisputable client down the river to the benefit of third parties, repeatedly.

Ironically, but not surprisingly, when you look under the hood with this krew – it was the very people tampering with witnesses and obstructing documentary evidence (Jeffrey and Rinder) who originated and pushed a faulty strategy for the case in the first place. Jeffrey’s professed wish to become “an Underground Bunker Rock Star” caused him to notice the deposition and litigate the issue for the adoration of the mob over the legitimate purpose of obtaining relevant evidence for his client. They abused Monique’s sincere legal process and rights for the illegitimate purpose of creating an ASC-assclown ruckus in the Scientology camp with a lack of sound factual basis (a classic Abuse of Process).

Interestingly, Mike Rinder had never expressed to me any concern whatsoever about Scientology prosecuting him for stealing documents. Instead, he only ever asserted that he wanted to hold them in reserve when the time came to extort some money from the church. As recounted in the video Mike Rinder Payola, it has always been about the green for him.

In fact, Rinder was cooking up extortion schemes to get rich at the expense of Scientology before the ink was even dry on the original 2009 St Pete Times series. He approached me then with a plan that he dreamed up with his then sugar daddy Robert Amblad. They would hire Scientology’s former real estate advisor to obtain a prime Clearwater property on the same block as the Church of Scientology. He would leak word to Scientology that I was going to set up a reform Church of Scientology there and become their worst possible nightmare. Rinder reckoned he’d create a scenario that would result in Scientology paying over millions for the building to keep me out. I informed Rinder that a) I would not relocate to Clearwater, b) I would not participate in a shake down, and c) I would not accept a single dime from the proceeds if he and his comrades went forward with the plan which he was free to do. Rinder even post-mailed a sealed handwritten note detailing the plan for fear that talking about it on the phone or creating a digital record through e-mail might create evidence of criminally punishable extortion. Click here to see the document “Devious Plan”.

Ortega is such a pathological liar that he told his podcast interviewers that he never accused Monique  and me of settling her lawsuit behind her attorneys’ backs, and even counselled ‘everybody’ (who thought we had) to reconsider their biases. In fact, upon Jeffrey’s first covert-backstabbing-unethical whining about being fired, Ortega immediately headlined “Monique Rathbun Fires her Entire Legal Team – Seeks Settlement.” For the next several months he viciously shot down any bunker commenter who defended Monique or me in the slightest. He even banned commenters for failing to toe the ASC Underground Bunker politburo party line. On several occasions in order to squelch fledgling ideas that maybe he had rushed to judgment on claiming Monique had settled, Ortega resorted to claiming he had inside Jeffrey legal team info that proved we were guilty as charged (he used that ‘I have inside data I can’t ‘yet’ disclose’ ploy as recently as this month). Ortega promoted how devastating a settlement would be to the ex-Scientologist community as it would result in the erasure of all the alleged important legal precedents Monique had attained along the way and what a criminal betrayal it would be to leave Rock Star Ray unrewarded for his hard-won achievement. Ray Jeffrey recently supported Ortega on that score on the Remini/Rinder podcast, with misleading and inaccurate representations.**

Monique Rathbun and I did not seek settlement and never settled. And Ray Jeffrey knew that for a fact, because we explicitly rejected Ray Jeffrey’s request to approach church of scientology counsel to offer settlement in November 2015. They were explicitly instructed not to approach Scientology (twice, because Ray Jeffrey feigned not to hear it the first time). Incidentally, that was only the latest in a long line of attempts by Ray Jeffrey and his krew to twist our arms to settle with Scientology. It literally began within a half hour of the lawsuit being filed. That is notwithstanding Jeffrey’s guarantee he would litigate the case for the fifteen years I assured him it would require. He said he’d been more than compensated already by all the services I had provided him and his clients (gratis) which had netted him a small fortune. Clients whom – contrary to Mike Rinder’s podcast and blog lies – similarly had their arms twisted by Jeffrey to settle out early. And whose respective cases were impossibly bogged until I single-handedly snatched them from the jaws of defeat. So much so that Jeffrey, a member of his family, and his former law partner thanked me repeatedly for single-handedly saving his law firm from financial demise. 

That Monique would be cyber lynched by Ortega, Rinder and Remini for caving to Scientology against the wishes of the crusading ASC lawyers is all the more incredible when one considers the following facts.

In mid November 2015 – after having been prohibited from reaching out to Scientology on bended knee – Ray Jeffrey and his krew asserted to Monique and me that Scientology had approached them to meet with us in order to discuss Monique’s case. The Krew were told that we were always open to listening, but were amenable only to hearing what they had to say. So, they were authorized only to allow for the requested meeting. For six weeks Jeffrey and krew played out a complex web of deceit as to why it was not as simple as sitting down and hearing Scientology’s acquiescence. They insisted we must make all manner of concessions in advance, including a gag order against me, a requirement I snitch on Rinder and others, and assenting to ‘selling’ all asc-friendly court rulings to Scientology. None of his demands were consented to by Monique or me.

After more than a month of weathering Jeffrey’s attempted coercion, we learned that Scientology never did approach Ray Jeffrey concerning settlement as he and his krew had represented.

In fact, Ray Jeffrey approached Scientology waving the white flag before he ever asked Monique’s permission to do so – which permission, again, was explicitly withheld. Ray Jeffrey and krew literally concocted the lie that Scientology approached them for the purpose of covertly nullifying his client’s instruction to not originate settlement. They then spent more than a month continually deceiving and lying to Monique to maintain the fiction that Scientology was aching to settle. Jeffrey choked the gaslighting play by trying to pressure me into agreeing to a gag order, a comprehensive ‘debrief’ and Monique into selling all rulings and opinions in the case.

We subsequently learned that Ray Jeffrey asserted to Scientology that his krew represented me personally and that I wanted him to approach scientology to settle. Ray Jeffrey and krew did not represent me and I had not expressed to him any intention to approach scientology – quite to the contrary.

We subsequently learned that Ray Jeffrey told scientology that I was willing to tell scientology everything I knew about every former scientologist I had encountered. Specifically, Ray Jeffrey told scientology that I had agreed to ‘snitch’ on Mike Rinder as part of a settlement and that I would forever remain silent on the subject of scientology – if the price was right for Ray Jeffrey. Ray Jeffrey got his tit caught in a wringer when he later attempted to get to me to consent to what he had (unbeknownst to us at the time) already offered, which I did not. When his threats did not work on me, and I insisted on a full accounting for all alleged communications between Jeffrey and Scientology, Jeffrey and krew attempted to drive a wedge between Monique and me. That included phoning harassment and threats to her late at night while she was attending to her then-ill two-year-old child. That campaign culminated in termination of Jeffrey and Krew. And, contrary to Jeffrey’s Underground Bunker statements in 2016 and this summer to Remini/Rinder regarding his great love and care for Monique Rathbun, the firing occurred the very day the Krew threatened to quit the next day – in the midst of an imminent Supreme Court filing deadline – if Monique refused to denounce my efforts to get them to cease treating her like a second-class citizen. This harassment was incessant even after Jeffrey and krew had a) informed Monique that she should cease communication with them until she had retained new, independent counsel to review their charge that she had a conflict of interest by listening to her own husband, and b) themselves been put on notice in writing to cease and desist from their continuing attempts to drive a wedge between Monique and her husband.

So, when Ray Jeffrey and krew told Ortega, Remini, Rinder and certain media that they were dumbstruck by the unpredictable blindsiding they were allegedly subjected to, he was flat out lying through his teeth. When Jeffrey claimed that he always got along admirably with Monique, he was lying through his teeth. When he asserted that he never abandoned Monique, he was lying through his teeth. When Mike Rinder told Ortega (which he reported) that he had no information to shed further light on the break up, he was flat out lying through his teeth. And when Tony Ortega added “and I believe him” to Rinder’s claim he was flat out lying through his teeth. The layers and depth of deceit are staggering.

Ray Jeffrey to this day has not admitted any of this to Monique Rathbun or to me in spite of serial demands for full disclosure of his covert, prohibited attempted Scientology settlement actions. Knowing the man’s cowardice and his disregard for truth and ethics, my guess is that he has not even admitted it to some of the vermin riding shotgun for him during the attacks upon Monique and me. However, we do know that Mike Rinder, Leah Remini, and Karen De La Carriere were complicit in Jeffrey’s deceit and Tony Ortega’s campaign to cover Jeffrey’s ass by smearing Monique and me.  The only entity that has attempted to gag me is Ray Jeffrey and his confederates. And no one, them or otherwise, has succeeded to date.

To all those erstwhile ‘friends’ who piled on or sat silent and gawked while Ortega, Rinder, De La Carriere, Ray Jeffrey and Leah Remini attempted to cyber-lynch my wife – you’ve been had. Ray Jeffrey was not prevented from helping critics by keeping all rulings in Monique’s lawsuit intact as they so boldly asserted (while keeping doubters in line with one-liner comments like “I know what really happened”). In fact, Ray Jeffrey attempted to extort Monique and me into consenting to Jeffrey selling exactly that to Scientology. We refused to agree. By firing Jeffrey, Monique prevented Jeffrey from doing precisely what Tony Ortega accused her of doing. Jeffrey and krew expressly intended to sell it to Scientology, and were only prevented from doing so by Monique Rathbun terminating them as counsel. Thus, she whom Jeffrey and Ortega tried to pass off as stabbing the former Scientologist community in the back, wrenched the knife out of the hand of he who did seek to do so, thus preserving the entire record (including all court rulings and opinions) in Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology International, et al.***

Monique Rathbun did precisely the opposite of what Ortega and krew alleged. She was more than magnanimous in her public characterizations of the lawyers given the skullduggery they practiced on her for three years.  Jeffrey should have thanked his lucky stars instead of scurrying like a cornered rat to snipe from the ‘safety’ of the underground bunker. Had they not after the fact gone covertly to Ortega to smear Monique for the next five years, I too would have maintained that magnanimity. Whether it can be restored is their decision alone. It is a simple process. Simply, heed the advice I continually gave them since the year the lawsuit was filed: rise above their juvenile impulses to run with and serve the ass clowns.

As far as Ortega, Rinder, Remini and their ASC bot following is concerned, a simple thank you might have been appropriate instead of the incessant public shaming, blackmail, and harassment Monique received from ASC instead. But, hey what can you expect from a pack of whiny, sniveling, spineless cult members running amok like delinquent gang members desperately clamoring for their next airplane glue high?

* I use the word “alleged” because Rinder’s motives are as murky and clouded as his double-speak. Many of his documents contain manufactured fact. When I questioned him on some of the contradictions, Rinder replied with what became a constant refrain of his, “You know I can’t remember anything, Marty. My memory sucks.”  And by now anyone with a scintilla of intelligence should recognize that. He now makes a living by recounting (often inaccurately even though it is before him in writing) what I allegedly did in Scientology – never about his own conveniently forgotten experiences.

**  Jeffrey’s podcast preening about his alleged epic precedent setting victory on the Anti-SLAPP matter is second-rate Quixotism for two reasons. First, Jeffrey quit the case prior to the Anti-SLAPP proceedings and contributed nothing substantively to the effort. Second, despite ample warning Jeffrey invited the Anti-SLAPP motion in the first place. Although Jeffrey was clearly edited in the Remini/Rinder podcast to omit statements that detract from their invented narrative, one was overlooked. Jeffrey stated that the entire purpose of what Scientology was doing to the Rathbuns was “to shut Marty up.” He apparently conveniently forgot that he fought like a wounded steer for many hours against the demand that he plead the case in exactly that accurate fashion (and throughout the length and breadth of the anti-SLAPP proceedings), so that Scientology could not turn it into a religious or ‘commercial’ dispute. Jeffrey insisted it was critical for ‘optics’ to center stage the Squirrel Busters and their objection to my “competition”, apparently as part of his dream of attaining underground bunker Rock Star status. He did it in the face of being informed over and over that a) the Squirrel Busters were not much more than an entertaining joke from the outset (and were most definitely not what Monique wished to sue about), and b) his pleading would serve as the launching pad for Scientology turning out years of 1st Amendment and intellectual property challenges. When Jeffrey lost the argument for the final time, he came back with the threat that his co-counsel would resign if he didn’t plead it his way. That was how the “Squirrel Busters” protests became the most “important” facet of the case. Of course, that did become the springboard predicted and it lead to two and one half years of litigation on one, single motion. Which to anybody with any common sense, also meant another five or six similar rounds of first amendment litigation on various other motions coming in the future.  Whether on appeal to the Supreme Court, remand to the Appellate Court or trial Court, and repeated ping-ponging between them, the fatally flawed pleading would have been ruthlessly preyed upon for many years to come by the scientology lawyers.  And since Jeffrey as much as admitted the pleading he forced did not reflect the reality of the facts and view of his client on the R/R podcast, perhaps that is why he was so desperate to settle with Scientology as to threaten to abandon his client if she did not abandon her husband. That and his expressed fear that the Supreme Court might well reverse and/or remand. Despite the wall of Underground Bunker dissonance conveying something otherwise, Jeffrey and krew litigated two years to defend something they were pre-warned over and over again would result in exactly that future for them. On the podcast Rinder cloyingly supports Jeffrey’s pitch for herodom. Yet, Rinder himself acknowledged the truth of it on Ortega’s blog before the anti-Slapp was even heard – that Scientology had already achieved their objective, win or lose the motion, by serving up a multi-year delay with the simple dropping of the motion.

***By the by, the idea that there were any precedents worthy of use by any anti-Scientology litigant is another Ortega straw man myth recently contributed to by Jeffrey’s lies on the Remini/Rinder podcast. The appellate court could not have been more case-before-us specific in its finding; and that specific case was as unique at its time as it continues to be unique till this very day. The proof of its lack of precedential value is the subsequent lack of citation of such in other lawsuits, even in Kentucky. These birds are big on sandcastle building, followed by petulant sandcastle smashing.

Paul Haggis Demoted to Projectionist

Paul Haggis can’t seem to make up his mind. He wants to be a victim while continuing his predator behavior. Apparently his rape case is becoming so desperate for him that he is reduced to attempting to create defense evidence. See Tony Backpage Ortega’s latest fiction thriller, ‘Betrayal.’

Once again, Haggis plays the role of victim. This is not the first time Paul has claimed to have been done in by me.  I addressed his pathetic act more than three years ago:

Paul Haggis and Backpage Tony Ortega

And just like Paul blaming his alleged rape victim for his own conduct, he did exactly that in 2017:

Paul Haggis Damns Lawrence Wright

Haggis is like a projection machine – hysterically and illogically blaming others for his own sordid intentions and acts.

Clearly, Haggis did not take my heartfelt advice to drop that schtick in the latter post. 

Instead, he teamed with the troika (Remini, Rinder, and Ortega) and their ethics-challenged lawyer to participate in yet another coordinated, attempted pile on of me. Seems no matter how hard I try, they just will not allow me to cease being their daddy.

Let’s break down the latest underground bunker post.

Haggis now claims that he disclosed to me his plans to produce the expose of all exposes on the Scientology Guardian’s Office, L. Ron Hubbard, Mary Sue Hubbard, and “Operation Snow White”.  And then adds that I ‘must have’ blew the whistle on him to Scientology because I disagreed with his fiction writing (masquerading as non-fiction).  Little problem. I never heard of such an intention of Paul’s until reading the underground bunker post claiming it.

In August 2014 Haggis did attempt to recruit me for a consulting role for a film he was considering about the Lisa McPherson tragedy. Of course that all took place 15 years after the demise of the Guardian’s Office and resignation of Mary Sue Hubbard, nearly ten years after the demise of L. Ron Hubbard, and twenty years after the termination of the Snow White Program.

In any event, I spent a good hour telling Paul the Lisa McPherson story from my perspective – beginning with my first involvement with it, investigating it after the fact. Haggis was thrilled and committed to working up an outline to run by me.

Nearly a year elapsed, when in July 2015 Haggis finally provided his pitch.  It bore little resemblance to my account which he had assured me was what the project was all about. I informed Paul in writing:

“Your narrative summary is about as informed, nuanced, accurate and partisan as Freedom magazine’s takes on me. A thirty minute google search would bear that out, let alone a single meaningful conversation with the subject of the piece.”

Yet, Paul now touts himself in “Betrayal” as only wanting to portray the truth:

Haggis: “I didn’t want it to be sensationalistic, I wanted it to be the truth.

Seymour: Right, so you wanted him (Rathbun) to help, with…

Haggis: Yes, consulting the project.

Seymour: …getting the story right.

Haggis: Absolutely.”

But Haggis said the polar opposite in real time, in July 2015. Compare Haggis’ latest acting gig to his response to my pointing out to him that his proposal was anything but the truth:

“I never thought of it as a documentary. I was never thinking of telling a ‘true story’.”

  • Paul Haggis, July 2015

Stepping off this feigned honest-intentions foundation, Haggis lays on the drama by claiming my response to his proposal was only that he was ‘being an anti-Scientologist.” In fact, my response was only about truth, integrity and fairness and Paul’s lack thereof:

“What I care about and always have cared about is truth.  And when I am condescended to and attacked for making that my guiding light – refusing to play the game in order to satisfy one side or another – I really don’t care what those playing the game think of me. I simply am no longer going to allow narcissists to pimp me out to promote narratives I know to be dishonest, slanted to satisfy ends, and partisan.”

Of course, there is no room for diverse views or opinions in the ASC (Anti Scientology Cult); if you espouse anything diverging from the propaganda bureau line you are labelled a “scientologist” and are treated as fair game, with no rights or recourse possible. 

Haggis, Seymour and Ortega also used the Rinder “time is just a consideration” propaganda technique (see Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology) by inventing time sequences:

Haggis: “About six months after I sent that (July 2015), Marty started doing some very strange videos online. And so he’d obviously turned over all of my communication. Everything he turned over to the church, so they knew exactly what I was doing.”

My videos started in June 2017.  That makes it nearly 2 years later. But hey, that doesn’t fit the narrative, so they’ll just make it up as they go.

As to the value or even significance to Scientology of knowing Haggis’ plans – even if it attained such knowledge, he clearly warranted in those “secret” communications that any plans he may have harbored in 2014 were no longer extant by mid 2015:

“You obviously don’t see it at that way, and I would not approach this story without you, so I leave it at that.”

-Paul Haggis, July 2015

In other words, the “plan” that I allegedly snitched about, was a plan NOT to proceed with any plan.

That Haggis has resorted to weaving such incredible stories with his ASC chums in defense of his rape rap is not a promising indicator for his case. So far it seems Haggis’ legal effort is making progress in atoning for his alleged sins, even though he clearly keeps trying to do the opposite: 

Paul Haggis Appeal Ruling – New York Times

As always, I hope truth somehow prevails no matter where the chips may fall. And that Paul comes to grips with his conscience.

Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology


In January 2016 Tony Ortega, Ray Jeffrey, and Mike Rinder began a campaign of vilifying Monique Rathbun and me. Aided and abetted by the latter two Ortega falsely accused Monique (and then later me) of settling her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. For those many who considered that a logical result for a lawsuit, he converted a mundane alleged development into the crime of the century by positioning Ray Jeffrey as a knight in shining Underground Bunker armor who was ‘backstabbed’ by Monique by “fir[ing] her entire legal team, seek[ing] settlement” and “shitting” on Jeffrey and Krew. Jeffrey attempted to corroborate the myth with friendly Ortega “interviews”, false statements to legitimate media, and ‘leaks’ of false information. Consequently, the ASC faithful swallowed the idea that we illicitly settled with Scientology as an article of faith. Long ago, I gave Ortega and krew several opportunities to correct the record. When they didn’t, but seemed to move off the subject, I allowed bygones to be bygones. But, there apparently are no bygones for one-trick-ponies. Recently Ortega was on the podcast trail regurgitating the same rot. His assclown confederates Mike Rinder and Leah Remini joined him, piling on in their own podcast and even dragged Jeffrey out from the boondocks and into the fire. As intended, all of this has resulted in yet more Remini/Rinder/Ortega/Jeffrey inspired vandalism directed at Monique.

So, as clearly invited by the troika and their lawyer, we will expose the falsity of the propaganda campaign and the ASC dirty tricks it was designed to conceal. Before I get to the meat and potatoes of the happenings of 2015/16, I’ll spend this first post addressing the freshest lies of Rinder, Remini and Jeffrey in their podcast and Rinder’s recent post on the subject. They lie at such a blinding clip it is difficult to keep up.

Rinder introduced the Jeffrey podcast on his blog with what served as the foundation for Ortega’s 4 year big lie campaign:

“While the matter was pending before the Texas Supreme Court, Monique Rathbun fired her lawyers and dismissed the lawsuit…

It came as a complete surprise to everyone.

Soon thereafter the Rathbun’s purchased a new home.”

The foundation and the narrative was completely fabricated. When Ray Jeffrey told Ortega in January 2016, and Remini and Rinder in 2020, that he was blinded by surprise with his removal, he was lying like a flatfish. When he pled that he had no idea why he was fired, he was intentionally lying. In 2016 when Ortega reported that Rinder was as surprised as anyone else by the firing, Rinder was lying through his teeth. And Ortega was lying when he quipped about Rinder’s ignorance, “and I believe him.”  In 2016 when Jeffrey dramatically pled to Ortega that he spoke out to assure the ASC bots that he did not abandon Monique Rathbun, he was flat out lying.

Their scientology home purchase tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory is absurd on its face to anyone with a single-digit IQ.  In his post promoting the Jeffrey podcast interview, Rinder discloses the deed to our home.  He states – and restates on the podcast – that we purchased it after Monique’s January 2016 firing of Jeffrey and krew; prima facie ‘evidence’ Scientology paid for our house.  He just invents a false sequence, trusting the bots will ignore their own lying eyes. Take a close look at the document. It is dated nearly an entire year before the krew was fired. This is a perfect example of what Rinder does day in and day out with ‘facts’. That he continuously gets away with it with ASC bot adoration is testament to the cult-like nature of the sect.

Remini and Rinder repeat the oft-repeated Ortega line that yours truly was unemployed and that’s the double proof of pay off. In fact, unlike Rinder, I have been continuously employed in a self-employed capacity since I left Scientology in 2004.  In fact, every penny of the down payment for our home was paid by proceeds of my employment – which had no connection whatsoever with anything even remotely related to Scientology.

What is more insulting is that Mike Rinder knew for a fact that Monique had for years been employed as a high-level executive in a major HMO prior to and at the time of the execution of that deed.  She could have easily paid for it; but didn’t have to because I too, unlike Rinder, was gainfully employed.

Rinder’s second pillar for the conspiracy theory was also used to paint himself as a victim.  (Keep your eye on the ball on this one. It demonstrates how the 25-year head of OSA – Scientology’s legal and intel arm – can act as a victim in a series (Aftermath) for hundreds of thousands of dollars.) That was his invented claims that he was set up for a treacherous backstab by Monique and me.

First, he recalls communications that could never have happened, but in Rinder’s tinfoil clad head. He said “at the same time they stopped communicating with their lawyers and fired them, Marty stopped communicating with me.” He then said that Monique and I allegedly told Rinder and Christi that they should keep their guard down because we ‘would never abandon’ them by doing “anything that would prevent us (Rathbuns) from assisting you (Rinders) in any lawsuits you may bring based on what has happened in the appeals court.”  In fact, Monique and I never spoke to Rinder and Christi on the phone. The last time we even saw them together was three years prior to the appellate court decision and Jeffrey’s firing.  Rinder hadn’t spoken to me on the phone for nearly two years before the decision and the firing of Jeffrey.  So he is either claiming I am clairvoyant,  or – as per usual for this bird – his assertion is pure invention. In either event, Monique and I have yet to do anything to this very day that would “prevent us from assisting (the Rinders) in any lawsuit” they may choose to bring whether based on any appellate decision or otherwise.

Finally, my final communication of any sort with Rinder was in response to Rinder begging me to be his phone pal; and that occurred nearly a year before the firing of Jeffrey. Not only did I reject his offer, I spelled out in detail why it was that I had no desire for him to continue to act as my lapdog. This communication was in writing and sheds light on all of the conspiracy theories alluded to by the entire tin foil hat krew (Remini, Rinder, Ortega, and Jeffrey).  All of them were quite well schooled on my rift with their ilk, years before the canning of the ethics-challenged shyster.  Here it is in full:

On 3/22/2015 at 1:30 AM, wrote:

Thanks for this.  I understand your feelings and they are
mutual when it comes to the only thing we potentially still share
in common: defense from a common source of attack. Even there we
fundamentally disagree on how it is best dealt with. Beyond that
for some time now we have gone in directions diametrically opposed.
For three years I have increasingly advocated growing up and out of
the scientology game and transcending the scientology installed ‘us
vs. them’ mentality of the former community.  That resulted in the
former crowd (indie and anti) marginalizing me and my family in
ways I find far more offensive than scientology’s overt efforts to
destroy.  To me, it was sort of like when Malcolm X said he
preferred to deal with Southern whites more than he did Northern
whites; because in the South you knew exactly where you stood,
while in the north they smiled in your face while stabbing you in
the back. Rather than get into the pointless ‘he said, she said’
drama of the ‘arc break handling’ game (a sort of covert control
mechanism in itself incidentally) to explain it all, suffice it to
say that I was plugged in enough to know exactly who said what to
whom till I tired of the silliness of it all.  Ultimately, the
experience validated and strengthened my direction. You clearly
chose to perpetuate and apparently make a living on perpetuation of
the ‘us vs. them’ mentality in the former community.  If you kept
up with my blog you’d know that I consider that regressive and
antithetical to healing and growth. I think you look at its
popularity as validating or empowering somehow. I look at
popularity as more evidence of its pernicious nature, and
ultimately its cancerous effect on growth and dignity. Out of one
pack and into another – reinstituting the mob behavior patterns
intalled by scientology in the first place.  I find that the more
people subscribe to it the less able or willing they are to reason,
heal and grow. I also consider that it strengthens and fortifies
Miscavige and the scientology organization. It is apparent to me
that even Miscavige understands that given the apparent increase in
resources to destroy our family the more I counsel people out of
the scientology fray entirely. Multiple, truly independent,
measured, factual witnesses to abuse – with no vested interest in
scientology’s demise – are far more powerful than anti clubs
obsessing and railing at every scientology faux pas. From an
exterior view, the anti movement and scientology is one big vortex
of hate. And as it continues to regress (and if you were to
dispassionately review the history of the past six years – it most
certainly is a regression) the tone, mentality, and behaviors of
the one-time ‘sides’ becomes increasingly a single mutually (or
self-) perpetuating dissonance. I haven’t drawn these distinctions
between our paths explicitly publicly out of personal respect for
your feelings and livelihood; even though appeals to continue
the’us vs them’ ridicule and hatred game directly competes for
minds that would otherwise be interested in transcendence. So, I
move on. The spontaneous emotions that NBC put on display can be
better understood perhaps now. I walk alone and I trust you
understand why.

Tony Ortega is fond of saying “Look, who benefits from what Marty Rathbun is saying. That is all you need to know.”  Right, cultic us versus them – and say nothing further – close your mind to it, thought stop!  As much as Remini, Rinder, Jeffrey and Ortega love to speciously argue about my allegedly inexplicable ‘inconsistencies’, that statement to Rinder (which has many times been verbally delivered to Ortega, Jeffrey and Remini) has been as consistent as the Northern Star for as long as they have known me.


Make no mistake, it is not my inconsistency – but instead my consistency – that motivates them to smear, lie about and cheat me and Monique Rathbun. That they continue to do so, many years after the fact of my apparent presence in their filthy world, speaks volumes as to the character of each of them.


When you see the details of what this krew was really up to in late 2015, early 2016 you may also come to appreciate how heeding my March 2015 advice might have saved one or more of these bots from becoming part of something more destructive and mendacious than those they make a living out of smearing.

Bullshit Alert: Ortega, Rinder, Remini

I just read the following on Tony “Backpages” Ortega’s blog in a story about alleged coercion with a secret dossier:


Seymour: Scientology enforcer Marty Rathbun was known in the organization for his brutal and unforgiving manner. Rathbun was their bad lieutenant, charged with carrying out the orders of leader David Miscavige.

Rinder: Marty told me that he did. I didn’t know that at the time, but Marty told me subsequently that he had gone to see Pat. And like, had brought more of the, ‘this is what you are going to do’ approach.

Seymour: He’s a pretty intimidating guy, isn’t he? He can be pretty forceful.

Rinder: Well, he’s intense. He assumes that he is in the position of authority and you are just going to listen, shut up, and do what I tell you. And he’s very good at that.


Mike Rinder was right about one thing – I was the only person who spoke with Pat Kingsley about Tom Cruise talking about Scientology. The rest is utter fiction.

First, there was no ‘dirt’ file on Pat Kingsley. Complete invention.

Second, my only conversation with Ms. Kingsley was civil and friendly.

Third, there was no agenda. There couldn’t have been, because the meeting was by complete happenstance – I happened to be randomly seated by her on an airplane flight.

Fourth, she was the one who originated Scientology to me.

She explained to me that she had somehow picked up the vibe from someone in Tom’s entourage (perhaps “secret source X?’) that she was anti-Scientology. She explained at some length her personal feelings on the subject which were not antagonistic at all.

The only report I ever made on the subject of the conversation to anyone was an accurate description of the above, and the observation that Pat seemed sincere and it was my view that a) she was not an antagonist, and b) her advice concerning the handling of Scientology questions had some merit.

End of story. I never heard of or from her again.

As to Rinder’s set up by slavishly agreeing (his only trick) with the ‘bad lieutenant’ description of me is a 180 degrees reversal of tomes of material he has written about me over the past ten years (since he ‘escaped’ from Scientology), as well as the testimony of other such ASC Bunker luminaries as Karen De La Carriere, Mark Headley, Jefferson Hawkins, et al… before they were authoritatively informed by Remini, Rinder, and Ortega that I was an enemy of their CULT.

Leah Remini – Cyber Lynching Thug



Fair Game is an appropriate title for Leah Remini’s new podcast.  Albeit probably not for the reason most folks think.

Leah Remini lashes out on the air, on twitter or facebook and ASC (Anti Scientology Cult) cultbots immediately take reckless action in efforts to destroy her perceived enemies.

A couple years back a woman heard Remini and promptly attempted to ram her automobile into a building coming up a few feet short of a children’s nursery. The woman’s immediate response to the police was that she was disappointed she failed to take out any Scientologists with her car. Though clearly Remini inspired her terrorism, Leah scoffed at the notion that mere words have consequences (when it comes to herself).

More recently, two of Remini’s official Facebook page moderators responded to Remini’s call to arms by running a campaign to destroy my wife’s small bakery. ASC leadership’s response was to run a tin foil cap campaign on one of the outed perps, accusing  him of being a counter intelligence operative of one of Leah’s enemies.

This week, Remini took to the airwaves and twitter pronouncing me Fair Game once again. Her adoring cultbots immediately responded by attempting to hack my wife’s bakery google, facebook and twitter accounts. Cyber lynching back on.

A pattern is evolving here. Remini and her sick cultbot krew always go for what they consider as the weak underbelly of her enemies. Nearly kill the children of Scientologists. Harass the wife of the one person who dares to periodically factually report on the lying, thieving, and hypocrisy of Remini and her lap boys Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder.

Finally, in keeping with the trademark of a sociopath, when all else fails gaslight them.  Her latest tweet on me fits the ASC policy to the tee, see ASC 2020.




Other People’s Lives

reference: The Anti Scientology Cult 2020

Some ASC cultbot twittered me that he thought that it was so “coincidental” that I blogged about ASC shortly after Leah Remini started a podcast series that I must be blogging on behalf of Scientology. Seriously, you culties are less intelligent than bots. Did the cultbot listen to the podcast?  If it had, it would have learned that:

  • Mike Rinder, in spite of being called out on his lack of candor in disclosing a single particular about what he did with his own paws during his twenty-years as head of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, had no particulars to give once again. Instead, he waxed authoritatively about acts that I allegedly did during that period. Not surprisingly, he did not even get that right in spite of me having long ago cleared that record.
  • His sugar mommy Remini was so impressed with Rinder’s mini-me routine that she said they would devote more time in their future podcasts to the subject of “Marty Rathbun.”

If cultbot were in the know – his condescending tone toward me indicated he was omniscient – he would have also known that Tony Backpage Ortega had recently blabbed about me on another podcast. As per usual, he lied about and smeared me and my wife in his inimitable smarmy style. Worse, for him and others he resurrected a propaganda campaign against my family.

So, the sequence is unsurprisingly 180 degrees opposite of what bunker mentality apparently agreed upon. As much as the troika would like to make Scientology and others obsess with them – they remain obsessed with me. Remini, Rinder, and their third leg Ortega, are like parasites. They have no lives or stories of their own – so they burrow in and suck the lives out of others for sustenance. They make a living off of disrespecting the lives of others. Other people’s lives for other people’s money. A sadistic, no-responsibility cult.

Having devoted some time to setting the record straight, I had been intent for two years on letting it ride with these mosquitos. But, having no original thoughts or experiences of their own, they remain intent on taking other people’s money by suppressing other people’s lives. They have decided that they cannot apparently make a living without me. Unfortunately that means I will need to do a little more pest spraying.

Anti Scientology Cult (ASC) 2020


As noted in many posts and video links on this blog over the years, the behavior of the Mike Rinder/Tony Ortega/Karen De La Carriere klan is not much different than what it accuses Scientology of. It is beginning to look like much of what had been shared here was understatement. Former ASC members are now speaking out and have revealed the following standard operating ASC practices:

  • Regularly engages in “censorship” of members.
  • Dictates to members “what to post, how to word it and to say.”
  • Coaches members on how to run effective smear campaigns on enemies – providing made up particulars the members never witnessed along with instructions for the members to pretend they did.
  • Punishes members for showing the slightest sign of decency or honesty concerning perceived enemies. De-humanization is unconditional policy.
  • Gaslights non-conformist members, attempting to make them feel insane.
  • When they’ve got members on the verge, they ‘salvage them’ with ‘Scientology auditing’ costing several thousand dollars.
  • Practices mental health without a license and when a member wants help as a result of ASC practices, they are warned to stay away from licensed therapists.
  • Encourages members to victim rank one another so that hierarchical lines of control stay firm.
  • Viciously utilizes disconnection to isolate, muzzle and even attempt to ruin those who fail to toe the ASC line. “Disconnect is alive and well.”
  • Primary covert operations are run by a “narcissist and sociopath.”
  • When the going gets tough, ASC leadership sics the PIs on those in non-compliance with their arbitrary dictates. Like the Scientology Guardian’s office of old, ASC resorts to self-help running its own member PIs.
  • Requires members to conceal source of unlawful or unethical Private Investigator ops.
  • Launches “Fair Game” attacks on critics.


It is not me saying this. These are the words of former ASC members who are trying to put their lives back together while fending off relentless ASC attacks. You can read and hear about it at the following links:


  • Steve Mango videos


Inside the Ex-Scientology Cult… (


Exposing ASC Counter-attack Tactics

  • Corey Andrews’ blog


Noisy Investigator Jeffrey Augustine: (


Karen De La Carriere – Tribalism:


Interactions with Mike Rinder:


Karen Pressley on Rinder and his sugar mommy:


Chris Shelton Encourages Family Disconnection:


  • Alanzo’s blog

ASC’s Black Ops Chief:

Jeffrey Augustine PI:

Karen De La Carriere – Censor:

Leah Remini/Mike Rinder Dead Agent Capers:

You may notice in perusing their material that none of them have retired from ‘activism’. They have simply removed themselves from the pernicious Anti-Scientology Cult. That they have been systematically targeted for ‘dead-agenting’ and other ops is a stinging corroboration that ASC is indeed a destructive cult.

Much of what I have read and listened to on these sites rings true for several reasons.

First, I once assisted someone who asked for my help in recovering from an experience with ASC financier/ops chief Karen De La Carriere. The events outlined in Mr. Mango’s videos are corroborated in spades by the person who earlier contacted me. It would appear that De La Carriere and her boy Jeffrey Augustine have established a clear pattern of practice in abuse. As far as the Fair Game retribution tactics of the ASC klan Mango exposes, it aligns with my own experience, see e.g., and, and

Second, my family has directly experienced the fruits of Augustine’s ‘private investigator coordination’ activities (long before the boy was licensed as detailed in Alanzo’s blog). Those activities – buttressed by Augustine’s, De La Carriere’s, Rinder’s and Ortega’s patented embellishment and cult-hysteria tactics – were integral in causing Ray Jeffrey to launch his ill-conceived and ill-fated lawsuit against my family.

Third, the words of Mike Rinder, as published by Mr. Andrews, speak for themselves. Andrews has spotted the two-faced, self-contradictory, self-serving, backstabbing, and arrogant nature of those words.

By way of example, Rinder states of his sugar mommy Karen De La Carriere:

“She has a big ego and likes to be the center of attention.”

“She doesn’t always get everything right”

“She is more about having titillating information and quotes than being 100% accurate.”

“not all of her information is always 100% accurately worded or presented.”

“I know she is overboard on this and treats any perceived slight as an attempt to kill her.”

These are damning statements about himself and Leah Remini and their Aftermath production when you consider the words of Karen Pressley published on Andrews’ blog: “K has long been a go-to person for leah and Mike to help coordinate people coming in the show and also for doing media” Not to mention the hypocrisy in that Rinder’s words describe himself and his other sugar mommy Leah Remini to a tee.

Yet, in the same thread Rinder says none of that matters because:

“Don’t be concerned. You can trust her intent”

“There is no issue with Karen’s intent.”

“She is as loyal and dedicated to the cause as anyone.”

In other words, when you commit the crime, but you toe the ASC line, you’ll never do any time. A principle indicia of a cult: It’s us vs them and anything goes if you are with us and against them. Unfortunately for most, that is only true for the ASC privileged – it didn’t work out that way for Mango, Andrews, and Alanzo. That is because they committed the most unpardonable sin in a tightly controlled, hierarchical cult – they questioned authority.

Incidentally, note Rinder’s words to Andrews when he seeks a simple answer to a reasonable question: “Think you are entitled to answer just because you ask?”  As Andrews correctly notes, in other words “you don’t have the fucking rank.”

Finally, Rinder reveals why he subjects himself to such cognitive dissonance:

“My policy is to avoid making enemies if possible. You never know when someone might end up in a position where you need their help.”

In other words, a friend who satisfies his need (read $) is a friend indeed. From day one Rinder was in the Scientology-bashing business for one reason, a steady paycheck. He will allow for – and even contribute to – the ruining of characters and lives as long as it serves to reinforce the gravy train for himself. For a concise history of Rinder in that regard, please review this video:

United States of Amnesia?

This morning the US Commander in Chief sent the following tweet:
“Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation!”
I sent him this reply:
“With all due respect, and ONLY America’s interests at heart, please do your homework. Study without prejudice the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s.”
For a short historical background please see IRAN-IRAQ WAR.
I hold no brief for Iran. But, should American citizens dutifully accept such flippant wanna-be-cowboy rhetoric we’ll have proven to be no more advanced than we were in 2003. That is when we as a nation committed trillions to a war that slaughtered hundreds of thousands and that resulted in extreme exacerbation of the situation it purported to resolve.