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Scientologists at War

A Roast Beef Productions presentation aired on channel 4 in the United Kingdom tonight.  Don’t know how long it will be up on You Tube (courtesy apparently of WWP) so you may want to watch it soon if you are interested.

Scientologists at War


A View From Inside Scientology Inc.

The following is from a special guest who is sitting in limbo within the corporate Scientology community.  Scientologist X provides a bird’s eye, real time view of what is like to begin questioning the contradictions within.


I’m a third generation Scientologist.  I am not ready to “come out”.
I don’t want to abandon my religion.  I want to heal it.  Because of
that I’ve asked Marty to leave out my identifying details.

At the age of fifteen I was a Golden Age of Tech trained Class V
Auditor.  I completed my entire Basics B+L series in record time
immediately following their release.  My parents have been in
Scientology from its most formative stages.  My sister is OT _____,
_____ C/S.  My brother has been a staff member since he was fourteen.
He personally helped establish the __________  and has manned it ever
since, working in various capacities as a ____, ____, ____, etc.  As
my personal EO, he is probably at his wit’s end right now, reading
this.  This letter is going to rip his heart in half.  Before I rush
headlong any further down this terrifying path, I want to take a
minute to say to everyone in my family: I love you.  Please don’t stop
loving me.   :’ (

I’m writing because I have noticed some changes in the church’s
methods of operation, and these changes make me very uncertain and
uncomfortable.  I don’t know and can’t say who or what is responsible
for these changes.  I’m not going to say it’s David Miscavage because
I’ve never even met the guy.  I’ve only seen him once: on the
Freewinds in 2001 when he walked around a corner and almost ran into
me.  He was surrounded by a team of juniors so it’s actually more
accurate to say that seven or eight people almost walked into me.  It
wasn’t their fault, it was mine.  I was reading while walking through
the A deck hallways and didn’t hear or see them approaching.  At the
time I remember being impressed with COB, both with his enormous
presence and energy, and his short stature.  I never worked at Int,
and I never had friends who were uplines that high.  So I don’t have
any concrete evidence either for or against the charges of him being a
raving lunatic who beats his subordinates.  Since I don’t have any
evidence about that stuff, let’s just set it aside.  Here’s what I
want to talk about: what I do know.  What I do know is that I
personally have witnessed changes, and I’m talking about things I’ve
seen with my own eyes, and I am not being allowed to inquire about
these changes.

I’m an auditor.  I don’t like being told not to communicate.

So I guess this is an exploratory letter to “the other side” to
attempt to gain some clarity, since the “good side” refuses to answer
any of my burning questions.  I’m just going to try to tackle these
“things that shouldn’t be” one at a time.

It started as a trickle and swelled to a waterfall.  I watched as over
the course of a year, then two, then three, nearly every adult role
model in my life went pale with dread and said they were being called
to Flag to get a “review”–which always, inevitably, ended in them
being told they were not actually Clear the first time (or in MANY
CASES, second, or third times).  They then had to stay for financially
devastating, emotionally harrowing weeks of high, gleeful ups and
excruciating downs.  These reviews and re-auditing actions were very
expensive (plane tickets, accomos, multiple meals a day, not working
and earning money while being away) such that upon returning, rather
than looking glowing and shiny, they looked (to me) rather anxious.
They would be defeatist and defeatED over finances for months
afterward, just trying to recover.  The very worst part of all of this
is that on separate occasions, two of these adult mentors confided to
me that after everything, they had been told after a long period of
re-auditing that **actually** their Clear cancellations had been a
mistake–that they WERE Clear the whole time.  This created enormous
ridges.  Who is creating ridges?

CCRD: who has the rights to deliver it?  The Bridge says one thing,
and obviously we aren’t doing what it says.  Look at the Grade Chart.
I have asked supes multiple times, pointing my finger and banging on
the Grade Chart that is posted in every single Academy: why don’t we
do THAT?  “We don’t have the resources to deliver CCRD”??  WHY don’t
we?  When I was five or six our org had a CCRD delivery team.  It was
a glorious time.  I remember we used to have huge parties and
celebrations when the Org made a Clear.  We would all come out and
hear a speech and it was an extremely loving event.  Why wouldn’t it
be?  A member of our congregation has achieved a major milestone in
their path to enlightenment!  Tears, cake, hugs all around: THETA.
Even today, these memories are joyous and bright.  (Remember in AP&A?
Theta can’t be taken away 🙂 Pain can be erased.  Pleasure can’t!)
Why haven’t we had one of those awesome parties in years?  Why can’t
our org make Clears?  Are we not allowed to verify Clear because we’ll
just “mess it up”?  Why is that?  Is there something about the
training of our tech team that is so shoddy that we’ll never be able
to know who or what is actually Clear??

If we are so horrible at recognizing Clears, wouldn’t it be best to
correct us in Qual rather than changing LRH policy about who delivers
CCRDs?  Saying that nobody on Earth can make a Clear except Flag is a
*huge* enemy line.  It suggests that they have a room full of hidden
data lines about the state of Clear that no other org will ever be
able to access.  Ron would never strip a Class V org of their power to
destimulate their fields by producing beautiful, bright, shiny Clears.
So why is Flag doing it?

Our family always donated to the org.  We did this via donations for
services and also donations for “causes” (things like helping ABLE,
WISE, WTH expansion programs).  All of this we did happily, and we
were not under extreme financial stress due to these donations,
because we gave as we were able.  Looking at the timeline of this, you
might say that I didn’t know the exact state of our finances and
everyone’s finances at the org because I was a child at that time.
But children are extremely perceptive.  They place importance on
feelings and emotions in ways that adults don’t, and I know what I
felt–the org was a happy place.  We were happy to go there.  With
family, with friends, with non-Scientologists even!  The scene today
is a billion miles away from that.  Non-Scientologists won’t come near
Scientology with a ten-foot pole, newer Scientolgists are approaching
our religion with caution because everything they want to do in intro
services is outlandishly expensive, and the longest term
Scientologists, the ones who have been there for decades, are PAINED
at the thought of having to go into the org or to an event.  They are
nervous about getting regged!

The IAS event was always a donation-centric event.  But Auditor’s Day?
Never.  We used to glorify our auditors on that day.  May 9th?
Celebration of our most basic book.  Our founder’s BIRTHDAY???  Giving
him his greatest wish.  So when did these beautiful spiritual
occasions get lumped into one engramic series of reg cycles?  Who
altered the purpose of international events?

I am embarrassed to say how many families I have watched go under due
to financial strain from regging.  Basics, library donation campaigns,
all of the other IAS campaigns, then the Ideal Org campaigns, one
thing after the next.  I am far too ashamed to relate experiences I’ve
observed first and second hand where successful, self-employed,
self-made business owners were being forced to take out second
mortgages on their houses just to try to get by, while their names
were on plaques and bricks that will someday go in the Ideal Org.
What gratitude do they have for their sacrifices?  They receive
construction paper commendations from the IAS and watch as their
401Ks, then rainy day funds, then families, become emaciated.  This
weirdo greed thing is totally new.  Absolutely things were not always
this way.  WHO implemented a pattern and a policy of coercion in

Another specific I want to tell is my experience with status-based
treatment at Flag.  While routing in and around the base I was given
the “new” routing forms.  These have large empty circles on the top of
them, underneath your name.  In these circles the originator of the
routing form stamps your donation status–whether you have given the
church $100, $10,000, or $100,000,000.  This stamp determines the
speed at which your cycle is handled.  I was disgusted that people
would admit to this so openly at Flag.  It was really a blase,
nonchalant thing, told to me offhand by several Flag staff members in
an of-course-that’s-how-it-is way.  Totally bizzare!  I have listened
to a lot more LRH than the average Joe and I never heard a single word
about this kind of status thing.  Special rooms in orgs for donors,
special “capers” for them?  And now plebians can’t take services at CC
Int?  Yes, if you haven’t heard recently: you have to be a celebrity
to take services at the Celebrity Center now.  It’s just President’s
Office, and people who are wondering how many butts they have to lick
to elbow their way into the President’s Office.  It used to be you
could bring in any old regular friend and show them around, have them
meet with some Div 6 personnel, invite them to taste the beauty of our
religion…but someone doesn’t want these degenerates contaminating
the arena for wealthy potential donors.  WHO is doing this?

It used to be easy to write to anyone in Int.  They would write back
to you immediately and you felt their presence twinkling out of the
envelope, you knew it was them.  These days, I just don’t know.  I’ve
written to Int with many of my questions.  Most of my letters have
gone unanswered.  Who ISN’T writing back?  Some of my letters are
answered in a weird way, a strange tone of comm way.  Who IS writing
back?  I feel like a robot is writing me back.  I honestly, and this
is not exaggeration, wondered one time if an intake scanner at INT HCO
had scanned my letter for keyword content, used an algorithm to make
an assumption about what my question was, and composed a letter using
auto-formatting it had been taught.  It was *that* weirdly worded.  It
didn’t feel human.

I am begging for a human response.  I don’t want to abandon my
religion.  I LOVE my religion!  Please, is there any human out there
who can answer my questions?  Such as, where is President CSI Heber
Jentzsch?  Where is the smiling, familiar face of Ed Int Guillame
Lesevre?  I love that guy!  And I definitely remember Mark Yager, I
even met him a few times and felt a strong bond with him immediately,
where is he?  What really happened with Debbie Cook, and why were
things so bad that she felt like she had to email 10,000 of us?  WHO
is creating conditions in Int that are so unstable that anyone could
just be declared at the drop of a hat in direct violation of HCO PLs
regarding ethics gradients?

I have never known a life outside of the spheres of Scientology.  I
was raised both in the church and by the church, attending Scientology
schools, undertaking training and processing from a very young age,
and contributing as a staff member.  I AM a member of this church.
Stop treating me like a piece of shit apostate just because I have
questions!  I am NOT “quitting” Scientology!  I am NOT “spreading
enemy lines”!!  I am NOT “dangerously Googling”!

In 1997, when I borrowed my brother’s key to an org door without
asking and lost it, I did conditions under the guidance of an EO.  In
2003, when I lied to a family member in order to get money from her, I
did conditions under the guidance of an EO.  My most recent ethics
cycles?  0% conditions, 100% indulgences.  Paying money to get out of
ethics trouble.  “Contributing” to the Ideal Org fund to “make up the
damage”, even when the damage I did is completely unrelated.  Why is
my EO asking me to buy a set of Basics for a stranger, in order to
make up the damage for something bad I did to a friend of mine?

Why is my auditor regging me for donations?  I don’t even want to
comment on how disgustingly inappropriate that is.  More than anything
I want to try to convey how AWKWARD that is.  For everyone involved.
Who is asking technical staff to produce on administrative lines and
thus giving a giant cross order?

I was really young when the SO 2D policies changed to SO members not
being able to have kids.  I don’t remember how it was before, so I
can’t comment on that.  I do know I’ve met the kids who grew up inside
that the policy change.  They are some of the most fucked up kids I
have ever met.  Illiterate, unloved, and VERY degraded.  Completely
lacking basic social skills and unable to complete even the simplest
math problems.

Seems like the kids who came just before that policy change are fine,
most of them are uplines and highly trained.  And there are no kids
who came after that policy change.  I only have the evidence of the
20-30 children I have met in my lifetime who were at various stages of
their human development when all at once they were labeled as the
diseased pariahs of the Scientology world.  How can you tell a kid
that they are unworthy of parental love?  The lasting impact of this
disregard, this total lack of responsibility over their welfare, is
immeasurable.  I can only measure it by counting the lines on their
anxiety-ridden faces.  You know who I am talking about.  Half of these
kids work in the underground kitchen at ASHO.  Who is responsible for
this waste of human life?

I knew three women at CLO WUS and one at AOLA who were coerced into
having abortions.  I can’t give more details than this because they
weren’t allowed to talk about it.  Seems weird that we base our entire
system of beliefs on free and open communication but there are iron
curtains over entire subject matters.  I know who DOESN’T have the
balls to talk about this.  Who DOES?  Who dares to lay down a set of
laws over the reproductive rights of the most able-bodied men and
women on Earth, the “upper tenth of the upper twentieth”?

For years I had heard people whining about disconnection, but when I
read in ISE about it, Ron told me it’s something we should be very
careful not to overuse.  Therefore I assumed it was something that
didn’t happen much anymore.

But as more and more people I knew and had grown up around got
declared, the evils of rampant disconnection orders REALLY hit home to
me.  The biggest one was Luis Garcia.  I knew him for years, worked
with him, knew his family.  He was a big donor, got all types of
awards and special mentions.  Yesterday this guy was the head of the
OT Committee.  He spoke on stage at our events and gave us advice on
how to clear the planet faster.  Today we’re not allowed to even
whisper his name?  I received his email and of course I read it.  Why
wouldn’t I?  For all I knew he could have been emailing me about when
the next potluck was.

I got about 1/10 through it before I realized what was going on.  Luis
was leaving the church?  Why?  I had never been so confused before.

When I came to my EO I was put in a locked room in Ethics and
interrogated as if I had done something terrible.  “Did you read his
email??  Why did you read it?”  Uh…because it came from someone I’ve
been taught to respect and listen to?  “Why didn’t you delete it after
you started reading it and realized what it was about?  How much of it
did you read?  Can you show me the email in your inbox?  Which
paragraph did you get to when you read it?  Why did you decide to stop
there?”  I mean, it was totally insane.  I came in to get some
questions answered and was treated like a criminal.  In the end, none
of my questions were answered.  All I was told was that Luis had been
“bad all along” and that he had been “planning an evil attack of
Scientology the whole time”.

The worst was when I was told that Luis had “gotten into some bad
stuff” This guy is an OT VIII!  Cause over life!  What the HELL could
he have gotten into that could make him go completely insane and walk
out of the group he had dedicated his life to?  Even if every single
thing I had been told about how Luis is evil had been true–I still
would have liked the chance to talk to him about his decision and
thank him for what he did for me while he was around.  Instead I was
threatened within an inch of my life when I suggested talking to him
to say goodbye.  How is that self-determined?  What happened to
“what’s true for you is true”?

LRH says an SP is a PERSON–not a group.  We are Scientologists.  We
are not an SP group.  SOMEONE is causing these changes.  That’s why
I’m asking…WHO?  I guess that sums up the majority of my questions.
I won’t be able to say I never saw it coming if I never hear from my
family again after this.  My final question is if that’s what’s

Growing up as a Scientologist was exhilarating and free!  I was taught
“to have the courage to know and say what you have observed”.  Reading
these words always thrilled me, made my heart race; I imagined myself
on a snowy steed, slicing through insanity with my long blade of
truth.  I just never thought it would be like this.

– Scientologist X

To Scientologist X and others similarly situated:

Scientology Inc Busted by Village Voice

Editor in Chief of the Village Voice Tony Ortega has published a pretty definitive piece on the source of virtually all black propaganda on the net about Indies.

Scientology Inc Busted by Village Voice

Tony did a great job of investigating and exposing David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology International Office of Special Affairs (dirty tricks and propaganda arm of Scientology Inc) as the the central coordinating point for dozens of sites filled with false and defamatory material on Indies.

Not surprisingly, given the length and complexity of the piece, Tony got one thing wrong that I would like to correct.

Tony wrote that Monique Rathbun (Mosey) took action against the church of Scientology sites when they began to target her.  Wrong.  Monique went after Scientology Inc’s OSA only after they started targeting our peeps (folks who had come to visit us and supported us in other ways).  Those who know Mosey personally can understand that.



Debbie Cook Still Servicing the Flag Service Organization

The latest commercial by church of Scientology has reportedly been played in prime time during the NFL playoffs and American Idol.  The last times such broad air buys were made by church of Scientology was in the Fall of 2009 in order to answer to ABC Nightline’s two night special on the Tampa Time’s original Truth Rundown series, and in April 2010 in response to Anderson Cooper’s follow up on the Truth Rundown series.

I would credit the latest prime time run to Debbie Cook.  More evidence that to this day she is acting in the best interest of the Flag Service Organization, Scientology’s Mecca in Clearwater Florida.   At the same time, I do not fault her for the last half of the ad which is so chock full of lies and false propaganda as to further sink Corporate Scientology’s credibility.   That you can chalk up to the insanity of David Miscavige.


The Road We Must Travel

As of this writing the petition to the White House to investigate the Department of Justice’s cover up of the ongoing crimes of David Miscavige contains 3,702 signatures.   I haven’t campaigned actively on the issue even though I have periodically offered more evidence supporting the premises of the petition.

Some have commented, and even used as a motivation for more action, that Miscavige will take a big win if the number does not reach the 5,000 threshold requiring White House response.  I don’t want to dampen any effective arguments people are using to garner more support. At the same time I have something to say about this one in particular. If David Miscavige takes a win on somewhere on the order of 4,000 people taking the bold step of putting their John Hancock’s to a petition to investigate him, the times they are a changing.  Two years ago I would venture that less than a 1,000 people would be willing to make that move.

That 4,000 people of every different stripe – Independent Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, anti-Scientologists, Anonymous activists, Methodists, Mormans, Catholics, Episcopalians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, you name it – can come together on the issue of Corporate Scientology crime, and act in unison (many even leaving evidence of where they might be found),  the times they are a changing.

For every one of you who signed the petition, and especially to those of you who encouraged others to – regardless of how many more join you – you are heroes in my book.   You have stepped up to the plate and you have looked the beast in the eye and have said, “Down boy!”    Whether the Administration hears you or not, I’ll tell you one person who has heard you loud and clear – David Miscavige.  And whether he claims a “win” or a “lose” is meaningless; believe me, he hears your footsteps and in that wise you have helped tremendously in the process of slowly but surely de-fanging the monster.

This is not my petition.  I did publicize it and encourage people to sign it in a Sept 27 post in which I gave reasons why I thought it warranted support,

I noted in that post that,

Whether the 5000 target is met or not does not relieve the Administration from its duty to investigate and remedy the filth and corruption going on between our Department of Justice and America’s most dangerous cult. But, the more people who sign the more chance there is that justice might be done.

Well, so far you all have provided 3,702 more reasons for the White House to act.  Thank you to all 3,702 of you.

If the petition winds up with 4,321 signatures or 5,500 signatures that will be another 619 or 1,798 reasons why the Administration ought to do its job, and those many more reasons why the oppressor ought to watch its step.

To those continuing to work tirelessly toward the 5,000 threshold, every additional name is golden as are you.

From the irreppressible Steve Hall:

We DEFINITELY CAN MAKE THIS TARGET and I am going to tell exactly HOW to do it. Facts: We have 5 days left including today. We got 250 signatures just last night. We need 1,272 more that is 254 per day. We are no where near tapped out. MAKE A LIST OF 10 PEOPLE (or more — go through your cell phone numbers) and SEND EACH PERSON the following email which I wrote yesterday:


I have a favor to ask. For about two years the FBI was conducting an investigation into the Church of Scientology. It was a serious investigation into human trafficking and obstruction of justice. Many ex-members of the CoS spoke with Federal Agents. However the CoS paid some huge money and apparently got someone (the Attorney General?) in the Justice Department to spike the whole thing. The two lead agents were transferred. So we are fighting back and one of the solutions we discovered was that the White House said if we could get 5,000 signatures on a petition, the President would look into the matter and make a statement. So we have already more than 3,725 signatures. We have 5 days left and need about 1,275 more — only about 255 a day, which we can definitely do (we did 250 Tuesday night). Can you and your family members please sign the White House Petition immediately to investigate why the FBI investigation was spiked, who spiked it, and also to restart the investigation into Church of Scientology criminality?

1) It takes only about 20 seconds to register — just put in your name and email address.

2) They will send you an email, with a link. Click on the link in the email.

3) Click on “Sign the Petition” and you’re done. Your privacy is protected and no one can actually see your last name.

Here is the link:

Obviously we need as many people as possible to sign it immediately, so if you know anyone else that can sign it, please have at it.


I send the letter to 20 people myself last night — just going through my phone numbers in my phone.


Another reason to sign:

The Ass Clown Offensive – Miscavige Becomes “Anonymous”

I recognized a remarkable development recently that I believe warrants discussion.

When I began to speak out about two year ago, I walked onto what appeared to be a very black and white playing field.   It appeared to be occupied by two opposing forces,  the church of Scientology vs. the anti-Scientologists.  In fact, after observing a while I noted that there was not a vast difference between the two exteme sides of that spectrum.  That in fact the two extreme sides (Miscavige Radicals) and those who vehemently professed anti-Scientology views (the whole subject should be retired, not merely the organization reformed or de-fanged) were reduced in some ways to creating one another, and resisting one another so strenuously as  to perhaps even be flirting with becoming one another.  See,

In late 09 and well into 2010 my wife and I were subjected to a number of intelligence operations and juvenile pranks – from being egged in London, to having our blog taken down, to having a locksmith attempt to re-key our home (on our alleged order that never occurred).   Some were followed or preceeded by ominous sounding phone calls (altered electronically to sound techno-Anonymous) about how terror would continue to rain down upon us.  Clearly, in the light of Anonymous pranks of that period, it was made to appear as if we were the targets of Anonymous.

Initially it was easy to believe that it was Anonymous exerting extraordinary efforts to terrorize us.  Except, there was one little problem with that easy conclusion.  Individual members of Anonymous reached out and provided proof that in fact these were not the acts of Anonymous and proof that some of the activity could be traced back (definitively, albeit sometimes without admissable documentary evidence) to being carried out by  card carrying, Kool Aid drinking Radical Corporate Scientologists.

The Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) ops were relatively slick back then.  For example, even while Why We Protest (Anonymous’ on line forum) was making me the brunt of the bulk of their verbal, written attacks (late 09) Miscavige’s RCS managed to derail – and delay by six months – the Anderson Cooper 360 5-part series (A History of Violence – Scientology) by somehow “linking” me to Anonymous.   I was literally made to – among other things – document how absurd that proposition was in order to satisfy the nervous nellie lawyers at CNN Atlanta and Time/Warner New York.

In studying the phenomena that came to be labelled Anonymous I came across a very well researched and measured piece of jounalism that I believe most accurately described how a group of predominently young Chanology hacktivists found the perfect trolling target in the uber-paranoid “church” of Scientology.  What the article did not cover, but I did in the post The Great Middle Path Redux (link provided above), was that so too had Radical Corporate Scientology – and specifically its head David Miscavige – found its perfect justification for dramatizing being the victim. That of course is a necessary, continuing target of Miscavige’s so as to justify continuing to bankrupt gullible cult members for the sake of his “defense.”  I recommend this piece to anyone wanting to understand how this match made in hell came to be:

After observing this conflict play out, and vicariously and sometimes unwittingly participating in its unfolding, over the past two years, I have to hand it to the late-teen/early-twenty somethings.  They prevailed.  And they did so predictably per the very philsophy they protested.  Again:

“What you resist you become,” is here more accurately stated as, “That against which you have overts [committed harmful acts], you become.” One becomes more and more individual and individuated up to a limit, at which point, the harder one tries to individuate, the more one becomes a sort of fake version of that against which one has overts.  L Ron Hubbard, Future Org Trends 9 Oct 1962

Let us fast forward to the present.  For the past three months solid, David Miscavige’s Radical Corporate Scientology has become fully that which it so forcefully resisted.

All one need do to see the proof of it is to peruse this blog from April 17, 2011 forward to the present.

Miscavige has easily spent $20,000 a day over that three month period on the following:

a)  Send unidentified people in bizaree costumes to stand on the property line – and sometimes within it, which I never saw even Anonymous try – shouting insults into the faces of Scientologists trying to peaceably practice the philosophy.

b) Plaster the internet with Lulz sites – by anonymous RCS members – devoted to smearing Scientologists with the most over the top, denigrating, scatalogical propaganda.

c) Smearing practicing Scientologists with the most lurid, personal allegations posted on signs as they approached their oases to peaceably practice their religion.   Again, far exceeding any outrage RCS might assign to Anonymous, Miscavige’s attacks included twisting kernals of truth lifted from the confessional folders of those Scientologists.

d)  Spend perhaps hundreds of thousands on creating lulz videos about Scientologists that are so over the top and hateful and juvenile that virtually everyone who sees them develops a chilling aversion to the cult of Radical Corporate Scientology.

e)  Made Ass Clown moves in public that have forever tainted the cult as exactly that, a cult.   The John Allender April 17 antics with the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs miner head-cam has overshadowed even that Anon guy who marched on the church covered in pubic hairs that the church made so much hay over years ago.

In short, Miscavige has become a cheap, lower-harmonic mimic of that which he so strongly cried bloody murder over for years.

Interestingly, while Miscavige and RCS have regressed into juvenile delinquency what has become of Anonymous?

It seems they have for the most part grown up and matured while Miscavige became a lower harmonic perversion of them.

Last year they rallied to the cause of the end of the Radical Iranian fascist regime.

This year they rallied to the defense of Wikileaks founder Julian Asange when the corporatocracy was trying to publicly hang him for letting the truth see the light of day.

Some can still argue that Anonymous’ tactics are over the top, and perhaps even counter productive to some extent. But, no one in their right mind would argue that their intentions and objectives in those causes are as objectionable as those that Miscavige and his cult have adopted and dramatized during that same period.

Miscavige and RCS are dedicating millions to the suppression of internationally recognized Human Rights and constitutionally recognized civil rights.  Specifically, they continue to demonstrate to the world that they will, by any means necessary, if left unchecked destroy the rights of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE.

In short, Anonymous people appear to have grown up while Miscavige’s cult has regressed toward fascist infantilism.

As for most of the folks involved in, or watching, this drama unfold: no worries.  I think most of you get what just about anybody of any stripe gets, be he or she Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Deist, Atheist, or whatever.  We all reap what we sow.

Corporate Scientology Implosion

More evidence that Cult leader David Miscavige has gone stark, staring mad is surfacing by the day.  While he employees round the clock teams of between one and two dozen Private Eyes and OTAs on me and Mike Rinder each, his empire is going down in flames.  Janet Reitman is only beginning the promotion tour for her book Inside Scientology.  And her central conclusion that the church is imploding and reform is only possible from without is being published far and wide in her initial interviews.  Miscavige cannot do anything about Reitman because virtually all of his resources are tied up in Texas and Florida making lulz videos.   Implosion, meltdown, or tipping point?  Or all three in one?   Rome burns while Nero plays with his fiddle.

Time Magazine interview:,8599,2080870-1,00.html

HuffingtonPost interview:

Village Voice on Reitman’s first book signing event:

It is gonna be a long, hot summer.



Scientology Spy Network Exposed

The pdf version of a Church of Scientology International document linked below gives the names, ranks and serial numbers of dozens of OSA (Office of Special Affairs – Corporate Scientology’s dirty tricks network) operatives for the Western United States (west of the Mississippi).   You may need to use the zoom function under the view tab of your computer to make the names and information legible.  Please feel free to share information you may have on these folk so that dots may be connected.  Also share any dot connecting you can do from your own experience and data so that others may understand, and thus be protected from, Corporate Scientology’s dirty ops arm.   Realize many deep cover intelligence operatives are not named here – but your recognizing connections to some of these official OSA resources may lead to the exposure of such moles. Note that this document is a work in progress (see instructions on top for DSA’s to update it) and though relatively recent is not up to date.

Some names you will recognize as folk who have already declared independence.  In fact, Bert Schippers who has declared independence from the church – and has previously publicly acknowledged and taken responsibility for his OSA volunteer work – on this blog confirmed the accuracy of the entries on him and his wife Lynne Hoverson. May many more on this list follow the ethical, principled path blazed by Bert and Lynne.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant” – Louis Brandeis


Brian Mandigo Acquitted

Brian Mandigo, also known as Anon Sparrow, was acquitted of charges of Stalking and Wearing a Mask to Intimidate.  Brian is the fellow who does the frequent, many times solo, protests in front of the Founding Church of Scientology Washington D.C.  I have commented before that I have found his tactics offensive, sometimes tasteless and counter-productive.

However, I have also found the Corporate Church’s tactics in dealing with him far more offensive than Brian’s.  Those tactics included having members of the Nation of Islam come out to overtly and covertly physically threaten Brian.  Worse, they wheeled in lawyer Rick Moxon to work with the District Attorney to trump up the charges that were recently dismissed.

The church of Scientology has unclean hands when it comes to stalking and using costumes to intimidate as they proved very recently at my home.  Their form of stalking and intimidation goes on day after day, using sophisticated equipment and myriad highly paid cut outs so as to lurk undetected and effectively without liability to Corporate Scientology.  And it occurs nationwide and worldwide.

Further, their tactics of lying to law enforcement and spending thousands upon thousands to influence prosecutors in order to abuse the processes of law so as to  “dead agent” a single person execercising his or her constitutional rights is unconscionable.

In this particular case an Independent Scientologist, Tom Felts,  testified on behalf of the defense.  In thanks for performing his civic duty, he was subjected to a particularly hurtful form of  Radical Scientology harassment.

Kudos to Tom for doing the right thing.

And congratulations to Brian for standing up to the beast and prevailing.

When Scientologists Attack – The Village Voice

After two days in the edit bay Miscavige had the OSA baby blue shock squad post a version of his take of the incident at my home on Monday.   I commented on the link to it someone posted on this blog, words to the effect that I would go to court with his version – but I’ll also get all the footage from all four of his cameras before trial.  Within minutes the “church” took their video edit down.  But not before some members of Anonymous mirrored it and spread it far and wide. 

Editor in Chief of the Village Voice Tony Ortega reported on the entire affair today,

UPDATE: Since been picked up by the Dail Mail in London:

While I suggest you read the entire story at the the link provided, and yes, please see the church’s edited version of affairs while you are at it, here is Mr. Ortega’s take on the church’s edit (that they broadcast and tried to squeeze back into the tube too late):

Three observations…

1. The Scientologists preface their video with a scene of Rathbun jawboning with employees at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, a Scientology headquarters. The point here is to suggest that if Rathbun can show up and demand information at the doorstep of a major Scientology installation, then Scientology is in its rights to do the same to him. But that hardly explains why a church would send a goon squad to intimidate a former member at his home as a way to disrupt his private religious practices.

2. The video is consistent with what Rathbun had told me earlier. When Allender gives his name, you can see a look of recognition wash over Rathbun’s face. It dawns on him that Allender has traveled all the way from California to disrupt Rathbun’s auditing of Lori Hodgson, who had told him that Allender, while still in San Jose, had intimidated her about leaving Scientology. Enraged, Rathbun then pulls the microphone from Allender’s hand.

3. To me, the creepiest part of this video comes near the beginning, and is not seen or heard on Rathbun’s version. You hear Allender telling Rathbun that the reason the group is there is to check his equipment. It’s a taunt, meant to rattle Rathbun about the fact that he is not allowed by official Scientology rules to deliver Scientology auditing using Scientology equipment (an e-meter) outside of the purview of the “church.”

To understand how chilling that is, let me give you an analogy. Imagine that Rathbun had been a high-level member of a Baptist organization who has left over a doctrinal dispute. And say that individual Baptists who share his views also shun the organization and instead join him at his house to hold Bible study or prayer.

Can you imagine the spurned Baptist organization sending a goon squad of four camera-wielding men taunting Rathbun that he shouldn’t be holding Bible study without first making sure his “equipment” — his Bible, say — had been checked out and approved by the goons?

The mind boggles, doesn’t it?
Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice.