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Scientology in Germany

Please read about and see the New Germany Independent Scientology Center (click link)- translation of text below:

On April 27 our opening party was an overwhelming success. 36 guests filled our new courseroom with a tremendous amount of theta, much more than I have ever witnessed during a comparable event. Scientologists – some had not met in 15 years – were in a real extasy of communication.

We had guests from one half of Germany. A few friends from Ron’s Org attended, too. Although we are completely separate groups we were not at all competition minded. Our center delivers auditing up to Clear and auditor training including the solo course. We use course materials produced before the alleged “golden age of tech”.

Our staff – Rita, Maria, Georg and I (Klaus) – would like to say a big thank you to all friends who had been present, whether physically or spiritually. Your huge amount of positive postulates and theta will be with our new group! We hope we will be able to go on with further renovations quickly. The rooms areavailable and as soon as they are needed we will start !


Klaus Weigel

PS.: The people on the photos have all agreed to be shown here. But there were some more guests on our party.

The Waterkamps Declare Independence

Gerhard Waterkamp and his family are living testament to the power of the Code of Honor.   They stood up to the German government and now they are standing up to its latest alter ego – corporate Scientology.

The Waterkamps

I was born and raised in Germany in a roman catholic family. At age 14 I cognited that the Roman Catholic church was in the majority not a spiritual organization concerned with the advancement of the spiritual aspects of humanity, but an organization with the purpose of controlling populations. There were a lot of good Christian people in the church and I loved some of the monks in the Dominican order I where I served as an Altar boy and ran youth groups for the church. But really, the church was just there as a control operation. So I forfeited my life in heaven and exchanged it for an eternity in hell – at least that is what my priest told me when I told him I was quitting his operation. I hurt my mother as she was a strong believer in catholic doctrines and I am sorry for that.  But it was more important to me to act on my principles and convictions than to take heed of other’s feelings, not to mention threats of eternal fire and other scary stuff. As a young kid in postwar Germany you were still very directly confronted with the horrors of war and the holocaust. And there was one question on my mind: How in the world could good and decent people stand by when their jewish neighbors were put on a transport and killed? The answer eluded me for more than 40 years.

But that was it for me on spiritualism. My mind was set, it was all a fraud. On a vacation trip 1979 in Portland Oregon somebody dragged me and my girlfriend into a building, made me fill out answers to 200 questions and then sat me down to look at a graph. Oh boy, was I screwed up. The lady looked me in the eyes and said: “you are a spirit”. I just went, ‘hey stay away from me with the ghost stuff, but what do you have to fix this screwed up graph?’ She mentioned the Dianetics book and wanted to sell me one. 1980 back in Germany I finally bought it and read it in 3 days. I was fascinated. This guy Hubbard understood everything I had read from Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm and what I knew from my dabbling in some of the eastern philosophies and Baghwan/Osh.  Not only that, this Hubbard guy was able to operationalize the data so you could do something practical with them. I was hooked.

I joined Scientology and the Bremen Mission as part time PRO (Public Relation Officer). There was this huge misconception about Scientology in Germany and I wanted to do something about it. So I went to all the public enemies of Scientology in the area, introduced myself, explained what Scientology is and left my card in case of any questions. That was 1980 and the world was good. I did auditor training in the mission and the grades and Scientology changed my life for the better. I married, brought my wife into Scientology and she became a very successful course supervisor in the mission. There were no PR issues in Bremen and the Bremen Mission was the only one recognized with a special non profit status. No attacks, we just had a good time; quite an untypical picture for Germany at that time.

Gerhard and Sabine back in the day

I really enjoyed the tech just a few things were off. If there would be such a thing as an insanity meter (like a Geiger counter just counting insanity particles) there would be an interesting phenomenon. The higher you went up management lines (not public or tech lines), the more insane it became. This thing would start with a quiet happy humming in the Mission over to a sound of a male cat in heat while in Hamburg Org to an outright concert of a dozen foghorns in Kopenhagen. These sea org recruiters that came to the mission were plain nuts and the IAS regges borderline violent insane. I experienced the slaughter of Wiebke Hansen, whom I knew very well when she was ED of Hamburg Org. David Miscavige made a draconian example of her and most was kept from public, but I knew her and people very close to her well and saw much of the bloodshed.

I loved the tech and saw it work; the nuisance of Scientology management was something one had to put up with. Nothing is perfect. So I issued a personal restraining order for all IAS regges and ignored recruiters. My wife and I went up the bridge to OTVII and I did my L’s, trained up to NED auditor and some OEC. We did Clear to OTVII at FLAG. Again I loved the tech, but the management at FLAG was insane. I was at the level of CFO for large corporations at that time in my career and the PR situation in Germany got really catastrophic (and worsened from there). Federal government officials at minister level told the German industry they should not have Scientologists in management. The stuff that was going on would make a witchhunt look like a stroll in the park. It was enough to read the Dianetic book to get fired from a job of some importance as happened to a trainer of the German Olympic fencing team. The hysteria in Germany grew wild. All fueled by a grossly misbehaving church and interested parties like the German Verfassungschutz which faced dissolution when the wall came down and they were in urgent need of a new enemy image to justify their existence, or Ursula Caberta a politician who saw this as a vehicle for her own self importance and getting taxpayer funding. I had the opportunity to befriend another big name critic in Germany much later. Renate Hartwig had written several anti Scientology books and was one of the most influential critics of her time. When I talked with her we found out the Verfassungschutz works even dirtier than OSA. No kidding – it is possible- but she wrote a book about that after we came to know each other and stopped her attacks on Scientology.

There was no differentiation (as there is now) between Scientology as a religious philosophy and Scientology as an organization. So as a public who participated in Scientology as a path of spiritual enrichment you were automatically branded with all the hysteria created against the church. I hoped (as it often turned out), that when people knew me and my family, they would recognize that the hysteria is not true and I hoped I could get some credit for good work and by setting a personal example.

Oh gee, was I wrong. 1995 a few weeks before I was to be announced the CEO of a 5000 person division of a large multinational manufacturer, the roman catholic church finally got even with me for deserting them as an altar boy. A roman catholic priest got a hold of a FLAG magazine listing my wife and me as OT VI completions and passed it to my employer. A few days later I was escorted by security out of the building. The owners wrote me a letter stating how disappointed they were, as per their own words, I had been one of their most energetic and productive executives and how in the world could I do it to them to be involved in Scientology.

Shortly thereafter the German Verfassungsschutz contacted one of my sisters with an offer: Work with us against Scientology and all is forgotten and forgiven.

Darn it, principles and convictions can be such a bitch.

Here I was, without means to support my family, publicly ousted as a bad guy and practically blacklisted from management positions in Germany. But here comes fate in the form of the US government to the rescue. We won the green card lottery! Next we were going through medical exams, background checks and other fun activities to be finally able to enter the US legally and permanently in August of 1996.

The Waterkamps come to America

When I had a job and money I got calls every day from the church to give money. When I was destroyed and still stood by my religion – silence. There is one individual though I want to thank. Maria Robb, she gave us our first job to get started in the US. She and her husband are nice and very decent people, too bad they are not looking. Maria, if you read this, if you ever need help, you have an open invitation, I owe you one.

From 1993 to 1996 I audited on OTVII and felt in1996 I was done, but Flag was again in turmoil and the C/S did not know what to do. I guess they were working on the re-release of OTVII at that time. I also noticed increasing outpoints with the church.There were falsehoods wherever you looked. I gave $45,000 starting in 1993 for Super Power because Bruce and Charmaine told me they needed the money to finish the building and release Super Power in two years’ time. I saw the importance and wanted to help. I visited Bruce about 7 years later and when I asked him why isn’t Super Power released yet he enthusiastically told me that COB is now involved and redoing and redesigning the whole interior and there will be wonderful statues. He clearly ignored the blank look on my face and definitely discounted the good state of my memory as I vividly recalled him telling me the urgent vital need for the money to release Super Power 7 years earlier. The statements of the church and the actual facts were just not adding up. 10,000 on OTVII makes no sense with the delivery model that everyone has to show up every 6 months in Florida. But the delivery model makes a lot of sense if you want a steady stream of prospects you can knock over for money. While the OT materials are downloadable with a Google search and are public domain, a pre OT had to go through a ever more complex procedure of locks and allowed locations for the materials for “security”. With the help of Murphy’s law this will lead either to paranoia or sure liability assignments, because the lock of one of the snappers on the briefcase in the locked cabinet in the locked office of the locked house was not locked. Oh boy, people in such a liability are an easy job for regges. As my favorite DofP and Reg the late Hy Levi said in the Truth Rundown. “It is all about the money.” Once you understood this, a lot of the insanity made sense.

I could tell hundreds of observations I made during 1988 and 1996 at Flag. I spent more than a year there, but it all adds up to this: The statements made by church officials do not match what is done.

During this time I was at a great point with OTVII and I had to rebuild my life in the US. I figured I would focus on that and all will sort out for the good, just give them more time. I hate to admit how wrong I was.

On another note I am a strong believer in human rights. So I went to Leisa Goodman the human rights director in the church in Los Angeles and told her: “If the Church is so for human rights, why don’t we do anything against the human rights violations in Germany?” Six weeks later Leisa came back and we started working on several media projects. During this time I met Mike Rinder and Heber Jentzsch on many occasions. We met Tommy Davis, Isaac Hayes, John Travolta and Chick Chorea when we testified in front of a government committee about human rights violations in Germany. And I am grateful to all of them for this. It is my fierce conviction that no government has the right to  the prejudicial treatment of an individual based on his or her membership – or perceived membership – in a certain group or category as the German government is doing.

Heber with the Waterkamp girls

My oldest daughter became involved in Youth for Human rights and was named President for this organization. One day she came home and said she had resigned from it because she felt she was used just as a puppet and her role was just fake. She did not want this as it felt like a lie.

Time went by. My daughters both went to Delphi LA and graduated form 8 and took off to college. Which brings us close to present time.

John Travolta and the Waterkamps Advocating for Human Rights

In January I read in a German online magazine that Debbie Cook had written anemail. Anyway, it was about time to pick up my spiritual path that I had postponed in the hope the insanity would be finished and I would have a smooth ride. So I started to check up where the church is. Of course over the years I got hundreds of calls to buy the basics, do this, do that but I told them I do stuff when I am ready and that is all I have to say. So here I am reading the different websites and oh my god, it has gotten much worse. In 1996 the church was more misleading than really flat out lying. When I watched the Truth Rundown I knew first hand what was true and what wasn’t. And everybody on those videos gave their viewpoint correctly and gave the truth. I then read the statements of the church and they were flat out utter lies. Denying the undeniable. I saw the church had completely lost it. Not because of what the critics said, but in the responses of the church. Freedom mag had become solely hate pages s consisting of character assassinations. I was used to Leisa Goodman and Andrew Milne who cared about facts and while I felt they were under undue pressure at times, would never turn this kind of garbage out that the church put up on their websites.

So I started more thorough research. Anybody can write stuff on a website, it was time for independent verification. Just one example of what I discovered. I found out and got it first hand how the church had taken a friend of mine for over $100,000.00 in sec checks, because he had mentioned critical thoughts about David Miscavige. And the church did not stop there. They were in the process of breaking up his family after 40 years of marriage. Daughter turning on father, wife turning on husband all in the name of the church. It was heartbreaking to see how the church was degrading decent human beings into being scared, robotic and confused individuals. The wife had done OTVIII twice and was in complete obedience to the church and treason to her husband of 40 years, all just because he could not take the treatment he was given any longer. The family had agreed for 4 years not to talk about Scientology matters so nobody could write knowledge reports about each other. Here is the hammer, they are a field auditors group highly trained in PTS SP tech and did nothing else in their day to day life than Scientology.

While the tech that I studied was designed to bring about spiritual freedom, the current church uses it to make slaves. They want control, they need obedience and to own you so they can own your money. I am not as highly technically trained as others, but I can observe the products the church puts out these days. After 4 months I came to the conclusion the church has morphed into a fascistic organization that destroys lives. The final end product of this church is enslaved individuals, destroyed families, destroyed relationships: in short, destroyed lives. I saw this over and over and over during my research. It was not the exception, for anybody having temporary gains there were 10 disasters. The church arbitrarily applies policy where it fits their purpose to cover up their crimes. There is no honest application of green on white or red on white anymore.

So I knew what was coming, when I sent a request to Flag and other Scientology organizations for a return of my unused money. They can live with the fact that I talk to Marty, Mike and Karen. They cannot live with the fact that I want the money back that they owe me per their own policy.

Which brings us to present time. This morning the rumor mill started and the facebook police went into action:

“Sorry to tell you Sabine Waterkamp got declared a few days ago. I have unfriended her and also blocked her on Facebook. I suggest you do the same.

 Any questions? Call Daniel, Chief MAA at Flag, (727) 423-1269. That’s how I learned of the sad event.

ML, Sandee”

The irony is this this email is sent around to our friends by Sandee Ferman. Sandee was fired from Delphi Academy a few years ago because she was involved in massive fraud by falsifying statistics at Delphi Academy for years which brought the school to the brink of disaster. The church has to use known frauds these days to do their dirty work.

As expected nobody from the church has informed us.  They are too cowardly to confront us. Nobody has shown us any declare, no committee of evidence, nothing. Hi Freya, if you are still at OSA and read this our fax is 818-951-7352. You should send us at least a copy so we know what we are accused off.

Now get this, when Sandee was asked for more information this is the response:

Daniel, Chief MAA at Flag, reports they connected up with unfriendlies and started speaking out against the Church. They also requested refunds. It was pretty clear to me. I just got off the phone with him. I gave you his cell phone number.

But I got even better; the church called the step father of Jake Leistra, a young man who was the boyfriend of my youngest daughter. We took him into our house for some time and helped him also financially, while his parents were giving him in his own words no money at all.  He ate our food, slept in our guest bed, drove our cars and got any support we could give. We even took him on occasional vacation trips paid for him no questions asked. When he had to move his furniture we carried it with him and let him use our cars. So his stepfather, who does not support Jake with any money at all (Jake’s own words), tells him we were declared and sends him to AOLA.  Jake went to AOLA and got a SP declare shown and reports back to my daughter that the declare states Sabine and I are talking to undesirables and that I asked for a refund of unused money on account. Oh, by the way, they not only showed him this declare, they showed him the disconnection policies and worked him over. After that,  Jake (like a little spineless marsh mellow), rolled over and made himself a doormat. He called my daughter on the phone telling her he needs to break up with her because her parents are declared. The church even breaks up girlfriend and boyfriend, and robs a young man of the opportunities for a better life.

Chick Corea: Wake Up! Your little helpers in arms in the fight for Human Rights are having their own violated by your ‘church’ at this moment

So here it is, the church confirms on official lines, that when they are asked per their own policy to repay money that they hold for parishioners they pull out a declare to avoid paying it. It is all about the money. Not to mention they confirm they have a disconnection policy.

Not that I care what the church does. The church has less moral authority than the gopher in our front yard to assign me anything. I do not give notorious liars and suppressives any importance. The church has proven through their own hate websites and their many documented crimes against human beings, their corruption of Scientology technology with the effect of destroying and suppressing human beings and their constant blatant violations of policy that they are in treason to LRH, the goals of Scientology and all of mankind.

I am a Scientologist and I stood up for my religion against discrimination in Germany and I will stand up for my religion against a suppressive group like the current Church of Scientology. I am an independent Scientologist.

But I need to thank the church for helping me to answer the question I had on my mind for 40 years. How could Nazi Germany and the Holocaust happen?

Obviously you need to put up a higher purpose, like saving the aryan race or saving the planet. A lot of good, willing people will come and really help with this positive goal. Then you put them into a pressure cooker, military drill, sleep deprivation and work them really hard. Next you make it a crime to receive any other communication than the one approved by dear Fuehrer and work them even harder, then you shoot some of them for the just and good cause (to save the aryan race or the planet or whatever your item is) or just beat them up publicly to instill fear. And you keep that up for some time and everybody who says “wait a minute” is sent to the death camp or RPF and you end up with a group of robots that stop thinking and do the most incredible things like killing other human beings just for a different opinion, race or skin color.

To my friends still in the church: It takes people with spine and knowing the price of freedom to prevent this from happening.

My beautiful and wonderful wife of 26 years, Sabine, who went with me through all of this, claims number 357 on the Indy 500 list and I’d like to be 358.

If you want to contact me directly you can email me at

Gerhard Waterkamp

BONUS addition – Gerhard’s letter to the Flag MAA:

Open letter to Chief MAA Flag Land Base

Dear Daniel, It came to my attention that you started to dramatize your PTSnes on my and my family’s communication lines. First I want to alert you to the fact that I as a Scientologist resign from the Church of Scientology as said church has abandoned the goals and the creed of Scientology as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard. I am in full support of the religious philosophy of Scientology but the current Church of Scientology demonstrates through their actions on a daily basis their disdain for the tech, policy and basic human decency and should not be allowed to have the word Scientology as part of their name. You are sending local operatives to contact friends and acquaintances of me and my family and spread vicious lies about us. I sent your operative Sandee Ferman a cease and desist notice and if this is not immediately complied with I will file in court against her and the church civilly for harassment and start also criminal proceedings. I also demand that you immediately cease and desist in all activities directed against me, my familiy, my business, and my business and social relationships.  In the event that you choose not to cease and desist, or in any other manner, choose to retaliate against me, or any of my business associates, including vendors with which I have done business, I am prepared to protect my legal rights to the maximum extent permitted by law, including a civil action and a request for punitive damages. Secondly any Tortious Interference with prospective economic advantage of mine or with contractual relationships of our business with clients and vendors entitles me to economic losses, and damages for mental distress and since I can prove malice on your part I will also be entitled to punitive damages.  I am fully aware that you and your agents are in contact with one of my business associates spreading lies about me and will monitor the situation and if you do not stop the tortious interference I will put your and the churches ethics in on that. Since FLAG does not have enough ethics and decency to respond to justified and on policy refund request, but elects to start a smear campaign against me and my family, this constitutes willful infliction of emotional pain for which I will have to obtain damages as well in a separate lawsuit. Here is a suggestion, before you end up in the RPF of the RPF because in your PTSnes you are currently screwing this up beyond belief: apply correct ethics for a change. Put in Ethics at Flag, so that FLAG as an organization applies the refund policy correctly and ethically as laid out by LRH in HCOPL 23 October 1963, REFUND POLICY. Do the same to CCInt and the Super Power project. Bruce and Charmaine obtained fraudulently funds from me with the help of outright lies and deception. I am not interested in a fight with the church. The church has made itself completely and utterly irrelevant for me personally and for society as a whole. With their predatory regging practices, outright PR lies to cover up their crimes people are defecting in droves. Your church is more a laughing stock than anything of importance. No wonder it ranks in polls in the US in reputation even under radical Muslims.  Fighting the church is a waste of time and energy and attention units. Fighting the abuses and crimes committed by this church though is necessary to keep an ethics presence and control your dramatizations. You may not know this. I fought side by side with the president of the Church of Scientology Heber Jentzsch against abuses and human rights violations of the German government and gave my career to protect my religion. Do not make the mistake to think I let the church get away with abuses against me, my family or my business.  The church put my friend Heber Jentzsch into the hole and he failed to look through the lies and deceit put up by David Miscavige and his enablers. I am still defending Scientology this time against an abusive and corrupt church against the enemy from within. So get your ethics in and handle your PTS situation and get ethics in on this cycle. Pay me the money back that is owed to me and stop this nonsense. That is your job and what LRH expects from. Not to instigate smear campaigns, that is what crooks are doing. If you want to check out of the Sea Org and its insanity I will help you to get your life together.

ML Gerhard Waterkamp

Also: Check at 3:25 for Gerhard’s statement at US Congressional hearing at this link: Congressional Hearing on Germany v Scientology.

The Least of Miscavige’s Troubles

Tony Ortega reported on a number of Miscavige’s troubles on Sunday, see Village Voice Runnin’ Scared, including a new German documentary on OSA, Sudden Sam Domingo rocking the UK, and another Idle Org lie.

Those events – while indicative of the state of affairs in Scientology Inc – have not even caught the dictator’s attention.  He’s got dike leaks happening that he is rapidly running out of fingers with which to stanch them.

But, that is not the worst of it. Notwithstanding more than a little bit of effort lately to squeeze details of upcoming events out of me, Scientology Inc. remains ignorant about what is in store for the coming months.  Suffice it to say, Miscavige is facing a long, hot summer.

In the interim, I’ll repeat what is becoming somewhat of a mantra: the best way to contribute is to deliver.  LRH’s remedy to Black Dianetics is being realized. Be part of it.

German Independents

In the spirit of the March 13 LRH Birthday Game please see the following update from the intrepid  and insouciant Feli at the German Independent Blog.

Hi Marty,
Just wanted to let you know that after it being pretty slow at the end of the past year we are fully back and have gotten a lot of new contacts. This was the phase where readers were commenting more than ever before.

Since the beginning of the blog we had 62,914 visitors to the blog.
Since starting we have published 112 articles – see attachment.
People write to the blog stating that they are impressed by the
analytical and informative data on the blog – they really like
Friends of LRH and similar posts.
Our highest ever day in visitors was the day after the publication
of the article about Biggi Reichert in the German newspaper “BILD”
when we had 800 visitors in one day – 395 alone from search

Seems that that event plus Debbie’s email gave our blog a big boost.

Still a lot of people find our German blog via the link you provide
on you blog. – Thank you.

As comments get more and people get more in comm there is more and
more reach for services and we are in the middle of organising some
auditing, courses, twinships etc.
There are not yet groups with a stable location in the indie field
nevertheless Rebecca and Worsel have been helping a lot of guys with
references and technical advice.

There is a plan to establish a safe location in the area of
*********** – which is more or less in the middle of Germany. People
are working to prepare material for courses so that we can
establish an online course room – translation, compilation and
converting into files. Hope you like this information.

Please give my love to Mosey.
Love, Feli

Rinder: Open Revolt Against Vulture Culture?

 The following interview of Mike Rinder was published in the most widely circulated and influential newspaper in Germany, Sueddeutsche, over the weekend.  It is informative and gets more integral differentiation going out worldwide.

Thanks to Greta Alexander for translating for us.

Scientology-dropout about leader of sect “He beat me, he made me clean toilets”

 January 14, 2012, 15:57

Interview: Marc Felix Serrao

For 20 years Michael Rinder has led the feared secret service of the Church of Scientology. In 2007 he dropped out – because he could no longer deal with the totalitarian methods of the sect leader.  Since then his own family despises him. In his first interview he explains why an open revolt in Scientology is only a question of time.

Over the past few days all hell has broken lose in Scientology. In an email to thousands of other Scientologists a devoted member named Debbie Cook has voiced sharp criticism about the leader of the sect, David Miscavige and his supposedly wasteful dealings with donations. Such sound bites have so far only been known to come from dropouts and not from the inside of the organisation. A unique happening? Not at all, says Michael Rinder. There are few people  who know the sect as well as this 56-year old Australian. Rinder grew up in a Scientology family. He was spokesman  and for more than 20 years was the boss of the Office of Special Affairs, the infamous secret service of Scientology. He left in 2007 because, as he said, he could no longer deal with the totalitarian methods of the leader of the sect. In his first interview appearing in Germany, he explains that an open revolt in Scientology is only a question of time.



The Scientology building in Hamburg: The sect is almost nowhere else as disputed as in Germany.

SZ: Mr. Rinder, is the Church of Scientology stuck in a crisis?

Michael Rinder: Indeed. And if you want to know why, you have to know who Debbie Cook is. She has written this critical email – and she belonged to the Sea Organization in Scientology (Note by editor: That is the name of the sect’s elite-unit; the members wear military-looking uniforms and address their superiors with ‘Sir’). Unlike people like me, Debbie was still a member of the church. She was loved, she enjoyed  great deal of respect. That means that most members would have read her email.

What Debbie wrote appeals to Scientologists: She quoted the policies of L. Ron Hubbard (Note by editor: The still glowingly worshiped founder of the sect by the members who died in 1986). And she remarks that much of what the current leadership of the church does today is in gross contradiction to that.

SZ: According to Scientology Debbie represents a single opinion, stemming from a “small, ignorant and uncleared look at today’s world”.

Rinder: That’s a lame PR answer. An attempt at damage control, no more.

SZ: And how big is the damage?

Rinder: Considerable. The reactions following that first statement show that too.  Now Debbie is even being called an apostate. This may sound bizarre to you but that is a message specifically directed to the members: Debbie is an apostate, do not believe anything she says!

SZ: What do you think how many members secretly share Cook’s criticisms?

Rinder: The majority.

SZ: Seriously?

Rinder: Yes. If parishioners could openly talk to you, each one could tell you a story about the ‘vulture culture’.

SZ: Vulture culture?

Rinder: The obsession to squeeze as much money out of people as possible. This thinking has permeated the whole organization. And when Debbie pokes the finger into the wound any Scientologist knows what that means.

SZ: Then why aren’t there thousands of such protest-emails?

Rinder: People are in fear, especially from the media. Debbie had not intended that her mail would be known.

SZ: Do you know what is happening with her now?

Rinder: No, I am not in touch with her.

SZ: But if someone knows how Scientology deals with a critic it is you.

Rinder: That is true. I have quite a good idea of what is now going on. First the face book police are  activated. They inform all members that Debbie may not be anybody’s Facebook ‘friend’ anymore. Following that she will be given the label of “suppressive person” – and disconnection. And then you will see more and more attempts to position her as a liar, as someone who has no clue. As an apostate with an axe to grind. That is the standard procedure.

SZ: And does this work?                                                                                                             

Rinder: Not as good as it used to. Many, many staff members of Scientology live in a totally isolated way. They read no press. They shut themselves off from anything that could be critical. But now this is reaching the parishioners – and through them the criticism reaches the staff members. For any parishioner asking questions, they need someone to deal with it. Anyone doing so will be confronted with the criticisms – and when this repeats, sooner or later the staff  member will start to ask questions himself. That is the beauty of Debbie Cook’s criticisms. In the short range it will only produce an echo in the media. In the long term the consequences are enormous. Doubts are sown. It will bear fruit.

SZ: Let’s talk about David Miscavige, the chief of Scientology and best friend of Tom Cruise. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of his rule?

(Michael Rinder led the secret service of Scientology for 20 years. Then he dropped out.)

Rinder: No, that began way back. But what is happening now will speed up his demise. His power depends on people listening to him. That they believe that he will lead Scientology into the land of milk and honey. When this image is shaken, the whole structure of the church starts to shake. The church is in his image. Nobody can do or decide anything without Miscavige’s consent.

SZ: A dictator?

Rinder: Absolutely.

SZ: How well do you know him?

Rinder: Oh, I know David Miscavige. We have worked together very closely for a long time.

SZ: What kind of a man is he, on the good as well as the bad side?

Rinder: Clearly, the bad dominates.  But the good…He is an extremely fast study and there is almost  nothing he cannot deal with intellectually. But he uses his intelligence to manipulate. He is  incredibly  vain and very resentful. When you question something he says he’ll teach you a lesson. He keeps everyone around him off balance and in fear. His punishments are often arbitrary. You never know when you have to clean the toilet or get beat up.

SZ: Did he beat you?

Rinder: About 50 times. He had me clean toilets. I had to sleep on the bare floor. I was put into “The Hole.” Stuff like that.

SZ: Have you ever defended yourself?

Rinder: I only raised my arms in front of my face. I really wasn’t the only one. There are many reports about his attacks.

SZ: You supposedly also did some of that.

Rinder: Yes. David Miscavige told me and others: “Go and beat so and so. And if you dont’ do that I will do it and will give you a beating afterward.”

SZ: Scientology rejects what you say. Your own wife described you a liar on CNN.

Rinder: Out of fear, people like my wife say anything. They start marching like good little robots and spout what David Miscavige dictated. There were several ex-wives of defectors on CNN. Two even used the exact same formulation.

SZ: It is being said that Miscavige has a dog and staff members must salute it?

Rinder: Correct. The uniform is blue with gold stripes.

SZ: You call yourself an “independent Scientologist”. What does that mean?

Rinder: I believe that Scientology philosophy can help people lead a better life. However, the organization uses this knowledge to pull money out of their pockets.

SZ: Do you yourself not wish to annihilate critics and dominate the world?

Rinder: No. And I know that especially in Germany this is a huge topic. This arrogance: We are superior, we alone know the way to happiness. It is David Miscavige who is responsible that Scientology and its members are considered radical. While this image really does not match the truth of what Scientology stands for, it is reinforced when the church proceeds against critics and journalists like you and treating them like dirt.

SZ: You mean the infamous “fair-game”-rule, the merciless dealing with critics. That, by a long shot, is not the only fundamental, why Scientology has such a bad reputation. Such rules have always existed. They are the invention of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Rinder: That could turn into a long discussion. I can also understand that you see it this way. The fair-game rule should never have been written in such a manner and has been badly misinterpreted. The same goes for the “disconnection”-rule…

SZ: The duty to break off contact to people, who in the eyes of Scientology are “suppressives”

Rinder: Right. But if you were to read all that Hubbard wrote about that, you would see that this was considered a last resort. Disconnection is designed to allow someone to lead a happier life. When you are in an abusive relationship it is best to cut off the contact. That is its purpose. It is supposed to be a tool for the individual not as a political tool of control where the church tells people who they are not allowed to talk to.

SZ: When one listens to you, it sounds as if Hubbard had been innocent. Ronald De Wolf, the oldest son of the founder of Scientology, who passed in 1991, described his father in an interview as a sadistic, violent and paranoid occultist, who, contrary to his own teaching of purity, drank like crazy and took drugs.

Rinder: First I know that Nibs (Note by editor: nickname of De Wolf) later retracted this statement. And number two I have spent myself a lot of time with Hubbard. He was the most brilliant person I ever had the pleasure of meeting. Yes, he had a temper and could get angry when something went wrong. But was that always like that? No. Did he treat people like Miscavige does? Not a bit. Did he take care of his own family? Absolutely. Did he take drugs? Absolutely not. Was he polite? Incredibly so. Was he humorous? Very much.

SZ: All that sounds very terrific. But it was Hubbard who made this steel hard differentiation between the supposedly spirit-liberated Scientologists and the rest, the “wogs”, the “raw meat” the “suppressives”. This worldview of black and white, friend and enemy is Hubbard in pure form. And you, Mr. Rinder, experience it yourself since your exit. You are now one of the bad ones. Even your family has declared war on you. How do you get all that under one hat?

Rinder: I do that by pushing that kind of thought about the church out of my life. I see it as you do. This attitude that we fight against the rest of the world and have to deal with any critic as an enemy is wrong. You may possibly find passages from Hubbard that you could use to support this.  So what? There are many favorable passages that say something completely different. I am not a full-time explainer of Hubbard that has to think at each sentence how to defend him. I only want the abuses to cease that are now the order of the day in the church.

SZ: Your wife describes you as a man that hates children. Your daughter calls you a bigamist. Does that hurt?

Rinder: Of course it hurts. But I know why they are doing it. They think they have no choice. My goodness, they even visited my 86-year old mother in an old folks home and got her to write me vicious letters. But I know who I am. I know how I live. I now have a 5 year old step son that I love tremendously. We have a great relationship. If I was such a fiend why would Cathy stay married to me for 30 years? You know, I don’t even read any more all of the dirt that is being dumped on me.

SZ: Do you see any chance that you and your family could make peace at some time in the future?

Rinder: Only if they wake up. Only if they recognize that they had been brainwashed.

SZ: If you summarize all of your experiences, how do you see yourself then: as a perpetrator or as a victim?

Rinder: I am not a victim. I harvest only a part of what I have sown myself. For that reason I will contribute my part to end the abuse of this organization.

SZ: There are few countries where the Church of Scientology is dealt with in such a critical manner as in Germany: as a dangerous cult ruining people financially, knowing of no freedom of opinion that attacks critics and dropouts without regard. In short, as danger.  Can you comprehend this criticism?

Rinder: Clearly so. I’d like to plead though to differentiate.  It is the organization and the command personnel that are the problem, not the simple parishioner. That latter should be allowed to think and believe what he wants without being branded. In many cases these are the same people that are being abused by the church, by extracting money out of their pockets and are being controlled with the threat of disconnection.

SZ: The German Agency for the Protection of the Constitution is also very interested in that last point.

Rinder: And correctly so.

The Strange Case of Biggi Reichert

I am investigating the circumstances and cover up of the 2006  untimely and unfortunate death of a senior  German Scientologist.

Biggi Reichert

Biggie was an OT VIII.  She was also an IAS Patron.

Biggi married an apparently wealthy Scientologist real estate speculator Juergen Reichert.   Biggi learned after the wedding that Juergen  was in fact deep in debt.

In 2000 Biggi was Mission Holder of the Augsburg Mission.

In 2006 Biggi Reichert was the Public Exec Sec at the Hamburg Scientology organization.

In 2006 Biggi wrote a note to the Flag Solo NOTs Director of Processing that she had allegedly attained the pinnacle of the Bridge, yet the two ruins she got into Scientology to handle were still her ruins: the Second Dynamic (sex, marriage and the rearing of children) and money.  At the time she and her husband were in debt to the tune of approximately ten million Euros (or 16 million US dollars). Biggi had begun a liaison of some sort with a Scientologist banker named Axel Rudel.

Biggi went to Flag for a handling. Her return ticket indicated she intended to stay for two weeks.  After four days at Flag, she was escorted to the airport by two Scientologists.   One of those escorts was reportedly OT VIII Rainer Bierman. Biggi flew back to Hamburg.  She took off in her car.

She spent three days at the horse ranch of her Scientologist friend Gloria Schluter.                     .

On the final day of her visit Biggi was found dead in the garage in her car.  Sleeping pills were spread about the front seat.  The car was fitted with a hose directing the exhaust into the seating compartment.  Autopsy determined she died of carbon monoxide poisoning; and that though she had consumed sleeping pills the dosage was not enough to have caused her death.  A will of sorts was left behind in Biggi’s hand distributing what few possessions she still owned.

Biggi’s scalp contained more than a dozen small third degree burns.  While each burn was about the size of a cigarette ember, they were determined forensically to not be cigarette burns.  Her hair did not appear to be burned; leading to the conclusion the burns were carefully administered.  The burns were determined to most likely have occurred while Biggi was in Florida.

Juergen Reichert disappeared and is not cooperating with police.  Gloria Schluter did not provide any substantive information.  The “church” has been mum, as per usual, as if it was a matter that its staff knew nothing about. And of course they provided none of the tomes of documents such matters by policy would require they write and file.  The United States government is reluctant to provide assistance to the German government in getting to the bottom of this, having been effectively bought off by David Miscavige’s agents.

Scientologists in good standing who inquired of the church about the disappearance of Biggi were lied to.  They were told that Biggi suddenly suffered a heart attack and died, period.

If anyone has any information leading to the resolution of the mystery surrounding the death of Biggi Reichert, please share them.  If you require anonymity, contact me at my secure address,

Please, if  you have any possibly relevant facts, pass them along for the benefit of Biggi.

Minimally, Biggi was abandoned by her “church” and her “friends”.

We apparently are the only friends she’s got left.

State of Texas vs. Mark “Marty” Rathbun part II

Look what South Texas’ version of Carl Bernstein dug up in his first day back on the job after the weekend.

After 155 days of lying to the people of Ingleside on the Bay, the San Patricio County Attorney and Sheriff, the San Antonio Express and Mark Collette of the Corpus Christi Caller Times about there being no affiliation between SQBs and the “church” of Scientology, the “church” of Scientology International’s Director of Legal Affairs winds up with his bloody fingerprints on the pistol.

And, whoever heard of a “victim” on the run from the long arm of the law?  There may be good reasons.

The affidavit of Norman James Moore is sworn on the 7th day after the event (perjured to read the 6th day) which happens to also be the night (early afternoon for POB) I appeared on Germany’s biggest talk show getting agreement from the government of Germany that Scientology and the “church” of Scientology are two different kettles of fish, and that the latter stinks to high heaven.

Why do you think POB had Norman put the date of the incident as the 2nd (rather than the true date of the 1st)?  Maybe because I’ve got plenty of video of Norman and the SQBs on the 1st trying to prevent me from going to Germany.  In any event, Norman – by perjuring himself – has committed yet another Texas crime on behalf of his dear leader.

It’ll be interesting to find out why the warrant was issued on the 8th and sat eight days unserved till 5:40 on Friday the 16th (just after the JoP left work so that no bail could be issued till at least until Saturday and perhaps Monday); and why the SQBs showed up at the end of the street moments before the serving D/Sheriff arrived with not only golf cart, but their blacked out SUV which followed us for the nearly one hour drive to jail; and why the D/Sheriff who got on duty only ten minutes earlier (5:30) received an urgent instruction from the desk Sgt to serve the warrant immediately – particularly when San Pat County can be like the wild, wild west on a Friday night.

Ralph Gomez, Bart Parr, Joanne Wheaton, John Allender, Allan Cartwright, David Miscavige – you can run but you cannot hide for long.

Stay tuned – I have a feeling it’ll get curiouser and curiouser and then it’ll die an ignominous death just like that being dramatized by the architect of this sickness.  Regardless, the unanswered questions will be answered.

David Miscavige Espionage Operative Exposed

I mentioned in the Village Voice that one of the most important results of our visit to Germany was helping to get Independents, and future Independents, out from the shadows and into communication. I am going to share with you one of several significant results we’ve already seen from this.


For those who haven’t seen the videos within that post, please take a close look at the face of the OSA spy that Mosey so alertly spotted at the Berlin wall.

Well, the new invigorated Independence movement has positively identified him. Here is the report.

The Osa 007 that followed you in Berlin and that you caught so nicely with your camrecorder is Manfred Utzinger, Osa Staff from Zurich Org (Switzerland). He loves to play James Bond games and organizes spies that he sends undercover to Freezone events. He loves to spy on Facebook. Here the available data about him on the Internet.
Cellphone: 004176 584 84 27
Schneebelistr. 7
8048 Zürich
Facebook name: Utzi Butzi

Take a look at Utzi Butzi’s own photos on the sites provided and you will see there is no doubt that Utzi Butzi is indeed the STASI like fellow who photographed us in Berlin, coordinating with several other operatives.

Now that you all know how to contact Utzi feel free to give him a warm invitation from out of the shadows of spookdom and into the sunlight of independence.

And Utzi, have a lawyer tell you what you might be facing under this factual scenario:

You ran a den of operatives with terroristic threat intentions only a few yards away from Chancellor Merkle and perhaps the largest array of police and security personnel since 9/11/01 the day after the announcement of the discovery of a terrorist cell operating in the neighborhood.

Then Utzi, consider stepping over to the Indie side for a little shelter from the storm.

World News

Trouble Down Under for Miscavige:

In case it was lost on anyone, check out Karnac – I mean Mike – Rinder accurately predicting the future.  Actually, not difficult for a guy who understands Miscavige better than he understands himself.

Also, More on Germany:

Miscavige Perpetuates Memory of Gestapo & STASI

Mosey and I decided to take a train ride up to Berlin today.  Having learned quite a bit about Germany and its history recently, we wanted to see some historical sites of significance.

We were told by our hosts that they could not provide protection since we were leaving Hamburg, a terrorist had just been caught in Berlin, and the Chancellor of Germany was scheduled to speak at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin this afternoon – so all law enforcement was focused on those matters.  No matter, it is not like we cannot handle harassment and we’d be damned if we’d let Miscavige’s terrorist tactics get in the way of a chance of a lifetime.

Just as we arrived at the epicenter of what became the icons for remembrance of the importance of tolerance and freedom from tyranny and oppression, guess who came to remind us: never lose vigilance against suppression?

David Miscavige’s storm troopers performed the creepiest of Cold War type intelligence ops amidst thousands of people who had travelled from all parts of the world to visit shrines to the evils of such mentality.

I present to you the live record of Miscavige’s response to our words over the past two days attempting to heal the wounds his organization has inflicted on the people of Germany.  I don’t know that it can get any darker than this. By the way, please hold any sympathetic words.  His timing couldn’t have punctuated the point of our visit better nor made it more real and meaningful.  We got Nazi Germany circa 1933-1945 and Berlin circa 1945-1989, in spades.