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DM Creating Racist, UFO Cult – Part One in a Series

DM has encouraged International and Upper Middle Management (including OSA), his inner circle – including his celebrity entourage – to read the “truth” about planet earth in the form of conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs’ Rule By Secrecy – The hidden history that connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids. I just read the book to see where he is headed. Marrs’ book is probably the most destructive conspiracy piece ever written because it builds on an array of conspiracy theorists of questionable sanity to take matters even further than them. The bottom line message – we peon humans with no ET genes, are a powerless speck – so you might as well go into apathy as you can cause no effect.  Kind of like the feeling you get when you are locked in a room, forced to fight with your friends to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. Or to put it another way, like the the deep irresponsibility that  far right freaks like Tom Delay try to instill in us riff raff, by preaching we have ZERO responsibility for taking care of the planet because what happens is out of our hands, God will decide.

Perhaps more disconcerting to society at large, the book is covertly and cleverly anti-semitic and anti non Anglo/European people.  Many of the sources that are relied upon to build the “logic” that culminates in concluding the Bible, the Egyptian Book of The Dead, the Vedic Hymns and anything else spritual comes from ETs in UFOs who interbreeded with humans and whose bloodlines survive to this day in the power elite, are Confederate revisionist historians, John Birch society folk, Fascists, and worse.

When I spoke publicly about Miscavige’s overt practice of Reverse Dianetics I wasn’t joking. Since the only small handful of people that were able to exert some sort of restraint on Miscavige have left, matters are deteriorating far more rapidly than anyone predicted.