The Scientology Inc. Gates of Hell – Now Available!

A preview from The Scientology Reformation: What Every Scientologist Should Know (Pancho and Lefty Publishing 2012) available on Amazon books now at this link, the book:

Chapter Eight

The Gates of Hell 

           Hell has three gates: lust, anger and greed. 

                                – The Baghavad Gita

 Some still caught in the throes of denial may be saying to themselves, “But still, to compare Miscavige to Pope Leo X? After all, Miscavige isn’t having naked little boys jump out of his birthday cake!”

If you harbored such a thought, you would be correct on one score. We have no reports of naked little boys jumping out of birthday cakes for David Miscavige. But, fact being sometimes far stranger than fiction, we have reports of far more degraded, cruel and outlandish depredations, regularly practiced by Miscavige on Scientology parishioners’ dimes and dollars.

Around 2002, already a narcissistic personality, David Miscavige went beyond the point of no return. After I had spent more than two years recovering Tom Cruise to the Scientology Bridge, auditing him for dozens of hours, indoctrinating his children to choose him over their mother (his former wife), auditing and guiding him through the entirety of OT V, OT VI, and onto OT VII (three of the highest levels of Scientology spiritual advancement), Miscavige became impatient. He wanted Tom’s affections and would stop at nothing to receive them.

Miscavige forbade me from letting Tom get on with his life as a free Scientologist.   Until such time as Tom “connected back up” with David Miscavige as a personal, cloying friend, I would be assigned to Tom Cruise full time. I was prohibited from telling Tom to call Dave; Tom had to come to the realization on his own that Dave deserved his gratitude and close friendship. Many of my after-session encounters with Tom ended up with this type of colloquy, with me attempting to steer him toward Miscavige:

Tom would say, “God Marty, thanks, you saved my life.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank Dave. He was the one that put me onto this full time. For me, auditing is fun. He is the one that has to handle all the rough parts of my post while I’m here with you.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to call him one day.”

After many such conversations, Cruise finally asked me for Dave’s number. He called Miscavige and was invited to the 500-acre Scientology headquarters near Hemet, California. The entire several-hundred-person headquarters crew was called into action to prepare. Every square inch of the property, inside and out, was cleaned, spic and span, to military white-glove standards. Exotic foods were flown in from around the country to satisfy the five-star, around-the-clock service Tom would receive, all compliments of Dave.

Cruise became a regular visitor, put up in the special multi-million-dollar L. Ron Hubbard guest house.  Miscavige lavished Cruise with praise, gifts and slave-labor services of every imaginable kind, all clearly compliments of Dave. Miscavige began regularly visiting the Cruise home in Beverly Hills. While there, noticing upgrades that could be made, Miscavige dispatched slave-wage Sea Org craftsmen to execute modifications to Tom’s home, all designed to bedazzle him. Tom’s personal bus was upgraded, as was his personal SUV.

Miscavige plied Cruise with bizarre, but apparently believable (at least to Cruise), world-views, allegedly supported by his hidden, insider, unwritten knowledge of L. Ron Hubbard. Miscavige convinced Cruise that he and Tom were two of only a handful of truly “big beings” on the planet.  He instructed Cruise that LRH was relying upon them to unite with the few others of their ilk on earth to make it on to “Target Two” – some unspecified galactic locale where they would meet up with Hubbard in the afterlife. Miscavige cleverly tailored the myths to parallel Tom’s ego, which already had him half believing he really was the superhero he portrayed in the movies and in his public life. Miscavige informed Cruise that Hubbard considered most of the inhabitants of Earth to be “degraded beings.” He created an inside-secrets-of-the-universe world for Tom, which was sort of an Ayn-Rand-on-steroids, social-Darwinism construct of the few lonely, strong beings, held down by the pathetic weaklings who were crippled by such degraded notions as compassion and sympathy.  Degraded beings gravitated toward, clung to, and parasitized the minority big beings. Most big beings, because they were unaware of Hubbard’s technology, ultimately were dragged down to the level of the riff-raff degraded beings. But Tom and Dave, being intelligent and perceptive enough to recognize Scientology as the only road to total freedom, were in a league of their own. High above the rest of the lonely minority of big beings on the planet. Tom took to Miscavige’s mythology like a hungry dog to a bone.  He became increasingly zealous, and more and more loyal to David Miscavige.

Miscavige was transformed. He had achieved the cherry on the cake of the man who had everything. He now had the undying loyalty of the world’s biggest movie star. He relished living the high life, traveling only in Cruise’s private jet, attending world premieres as the guru to America’s biggest star. Miscavige’s mythology was so effective in controlling Cruise, and Tom’s return of validation back to Dave for being his big-being mentor were so gratifying that Miscavige began believing his own creation.

As much as Miscavige’s head swelled in the Tom Cruise inner circle, he became more and more detached and individuated from the Sea Org members of international management who had built the empire he was profiting from. They slaved on in squalid communal quarters, working long hours with no time off and next to no pay. That was not good enough for Miscavige, though. Apparently, he needed to prove his own degraded-being mythology to himself. Miscavige needed to prove to himself that the world view he had painted to lure in Tom Cruise was truth. He set out to prove just how pervasive the degraded-being phenomena was. And he set out to make those surrounding him as degraded and dangerous to a big being as were those he’d described while explaining “the facts of life” to Tom…

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  2. Wow!!! I’m pie faced!!!

    DM is Big alright…… one Big Calculating Psychotic……

  3. Holy Hitler – a total Nazi. Volatile stuff, gonna make some waves. Can’t wait to read the rest.

  4. This is fascinating Mark. The sad fact is that I am convinced it is true. I bet the guy cannot distinguish between his own universe and the physical universe. In the PDC Ron attributes it to the criminal.

  5. Hope Tom wakes up soon.

  6. David Miscavige = Megalomaniac on steroids. :-0

  7. Happily “crippled” with compassion and sympathy,
    Scott Gordon
    Active Class 0 Auditor
    PS – Feels soo good to be free!!!

  8. Oh Em Effin Gee!

    I will be buying that book. Thank you, Marty, for sering what was wrong and taking responsibility for it.

    How could Tom read this and not know he was duped?

  9. I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to need to kick my confront of evil up another notch before reading this next installment of Sociopath Weekly.

  10. Great title…great quote…great story!
    Fan…meet S – – T !

  11. I got the wrong song first try. Maybe this will be the right one.

  12. Let’s hope the Federales don’t let “Lefty” Miscavige go.

  13. Sorry maybe it was “Pancho” Miscavige they shouldn’t let go.

  14. I feel compelled to fall down on my knees and weep.

    This is just the most pathetic story. Big beings…..C’mon!

    The biggest beings I knew at the church were the men and women who handed me the cans and said, “This is the session!”, and all the rest of the staff who supported that effort and LRH in general.

  15. OMG, no wonder they are after you non stop Marty! You’re spilling out too much truth….well it needs to be said and about time! Good luck!

  16. On the other hand, what do I really know? I’m just a degraded being.

  17. home-roasted-nuts

    Marty, I can honestly say I haven’t looked forward to a book this much in at least a decade. You’re honing in on so much of what so many of us so desperately want to know. And not because we’re hung up on celebrity gossip, but because this very unique TC/DM relationship has always appeared (at least to me) to be the spinal column of this organization. The two men seem to exist in a symbiotic relationship where the fate of one is directly dependent on the other. And I believe that deep down TC is the stronger man of the two.

  18. Yeeeoww!! This one has legs. Thank you Marty

  19. Very scary, getting into the mind of such a psycho. Good teaser!

  20. This is so sick already I don’t know if I can STAND to read the rest! However, bring it on!

  21. To Dave:

    Big Being = Colossal Narcissist

    It’s coming unhinged Dave.

    Big Being Dave has one Big Ass Karmic Wave headed his way.

    Who you thought you are Dave is all imaginary. It’s only a story you made up in your own head. Bubbles about to go “POP”.

  22. Its a great Chapter Marty… I cant wait to read the rest…
    You are a great communicator. The whole thing needs to be said as far wide as the oceans will take it. Like a slime film on the ocean, its as slick as the spill it is. Sorry, but that’s how I see it. The greatest part about it, is that its REAL! Like bed hair and bad breath. Only a fool would miss it. Those who never fart. The sick and demented.
    Wonderful wonderful

  23. Well, I think you know that I am more than proud and thankful that you are publishing your books ( goes without needing mention), but I do want to say that as your Comm, I can personally attest to your comment on the following conversation:

    Tom would say, “God Marty, thanks, you saved my life.”

    “Don’t thank me. Thank Dave. He was the one that put me onto this full time. For me, auditing is fun. He is the one that has to handle all the rough parts of my post while I’m here with you.”

  24. Jesus Christ. I appreciate the full explanation of the seduction. I get it now.

  25. Marty, the chapter you posted is remarkable.

    It certainly confirms my long held belief that there is a “Miscavige Illuminati” at the very top of the Church of the Church of Scientology.

    I say this because it is true in virtually all cults: There is always, as you so deftly phrased it, an “inside-secrets-of-the-universe world” in which only the chosen, monied, and privileged few dwell. These “big beings” are exempt from the rules they impose on others and are free to dish out enormous cruelty as they have no need for morality, ethics, or even decent behavior — except insofar as their fake piety and spirituality is put on as a PR show.

    Again and again we see that Miscavige’s Scientology is fundamentally an incredibly bad 1980’s television game show wrapped up inside of his insatiably brutal lust for Power and his attendant “Paranoid Cosmic Politics.”

    All of Miscavige’s nonsense about being the “Ecclesiastical Leader of a Religion” is a pure soap opera PR defense against his critics. Outside of his inner circle of sycophants — which circle includes Tom Cruise — no one in the entire world takes David Miscavige seriously as an Ecclesiastical Leader.

    Miscavige’s terribly violent TV game show reeks of machismo, cigarettes, PI’s, scotch, and Tom Cruise. This horrible game show with its gaudy gold columns made of foam has been so badly overrun that it has become a nightmare.

    If my premise of Surreality as related to the Church of Scientology holds, then we will eventually discover Miscavige’s Illuminati connected to something more extraordinarily bizarre than we can presently imagine.

    It looks like the David Miscavige/Tom Cruise story goes deeper down the rabbit hole.


  26. Wow. Just….wow.
    Just when you don’t think Miscavige’s world could get any stranger…
    (Scrapes jaw off floor.)

    See, this is the scariest part for me:

    “He created an inside-secrets-of-the-universe world for Tom, which was sort of an Ayn-Rand-on-steroids, social-Darwinism construct of the few lonely, strong beings, held down by the pathetic weaklings who were crippled by such degraded notions as compassion and sympathy. ”

    To me, any world view that rates compassion and sympathy as “degraded notions” is extremely dangerous. It negates the best – the most Godlike qualities – of human nature and replaces them with the worst – the uncontrolled, insatiable, unfettered ego.

    Was this Hubbard’s world view as well? I am not a Scientologist, so I am sincerely asking the question out of ignorance and curiosity. From what I have read of him, I can’t be sure. I could read it both ways. Do readers of this blog believe Hubbard also considered these attributes to be “degraded”? Or is this open to interpretation?

    I guess what I am hoping here is, that this very intelligent, engaged and clearly open group of “indies” will not bring this Miscavigian/Ayn Randian interpretation of Big Beings/Degraded Beings with them into the reformed religion/applied philosophy.

    Marty, I’e

  27. (Sorry Marty, I hit enter by mistake)
    I was finishing that comment to say, Marty, I am definitely buying your book. This is stranger than a Grimm fairy tale, and much much darker.

  28. Hi Claire – Early interviews with Tom indicate his need for faith. The need to believe he is doing something – sacrificing for humanity.

    It appears what better way to do this than with Scientology. A ‘religion’/path where he doesnt have to sacrifice any of his material things. He probably still believes he is making his mark on history and for this he will be remembered.

    If he really is considered No 2 – why would you give this away? I dont think Tom will leave Scientology. If Spielberg and Paramount and then the 3rd divorce didnt wake him up nothing will.

    Surrounding himself with all these Yes people, he can keep on leading his happy life and ignore everything around him. Remember (as he will) look at all the martyrs in history who everyone persecuted and turned out to be believers of true faith. History portrays them as heros and they are remembered.

    He will tell himself everything he needs to hear to keep true to the faith and his place in the future as the true believer.

    After reading some of the problems (mental) people have had coming out the other side of $cientology , dont most of you believe he ‘can’t’ and there fore won’t accept the past 30 (?) years of his life were for nothing?

    Forget about Tom ‘coming out’. Revolts have to come from within and from all the lower people. It is a pity you dont have your own Snow White operation. Deliberately start sending people in at the lower levels and eventually co-ordinate a coup. Or just wait for DM to die.

  29. Wow that story wants to make me puke. Crashing MU on the Auditor’s Code film where LRH says “The keynote of cruelty is otherness” (seeing others as different than and below you) as an aristocrat is shown kicking and spitting on a peasant.

  30. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    This way of thinking goes down the whole Org Board in the church of disconnection and it’s the best best justifier for any criminal activity.

  31. Eliot! Eliot Abelson! Are you out there? Time to begin your publicity campaign for Marty’s new book. Let’s see some threatening letters, quick, quick. Some blanket denials, chop, chop. C’mon, man, hop to it. The book’s release is days away and your job is to guarantee it a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list. You can do it. YOU WILL DO IT! (Just watch, everybody.)

  32. Luis Agostini

    The detailing of the viewpoints of Miscavige by Marty Rathbun are, to me, right on.

    But these are not the creation of or the exclusive of David Miscavige, in my view.

    There are a lot factors in Scientology that contribute to the assuming of the viewpoints about us souls that Miscavige needs to be attached to.

    To drop the “uglinessesses” of Scientology solely in Miscavige’s lap prevents, in my view, the purifiying that Scientology so strongly deserves. And so the darknesses that engulf Miscavige will keep on persisting and finding new carriers.

    One could start with finding and checking for the viewpoints that could prevent any gathering of souls, that claim to have a unique spiritual philosophy and the purpose to help achieve spiritual growth, from ever not becoming stuck in being solely a third dynamic unable to assume and operate from the fantastically harmonizing and beautifying and liberating viewpoints that operating from the 7th offer?

    With hope,

  33. This was one of the funniest things I ever read on this blog. It sounds like something someone who had a bad acid trip would describe about the experience. I wasn’t far off when I said David was tripping!

    But if they are really viewing like this, how the hell could they even have their ruds in to have a session? I mean, it sounds like a real fixed out rud view. Out ruds with the world and mankind! Kind of paranoid. If someone really thought this way, their ruds must be out 24/7, right?

    Does explain David’s sense of entitlement though!

  34. Holy rainfall! I never saw that film. It is not available out here. If someone could put together the script for share that would be an amazing gift for those that missed it. This just blew me away! I have always known that but never worded it!

  35. Laughter! I hear you!

  36. Fascinating and of course brilliantly narrated. I’m guessing you’re going to be in hot demand (again) by the media for interviews on this material. This will go viral very quickly. (Except in the Daily Mail’s case – in 3 weeks they will have a “world exclusive” on one section of chapter 8).

  37. Wow! The truth is more horrifying than my imagination. Thank you for giving an insight in the mythology of Miscavige. Indeed, a mythology (a la Ayn Rand) of degraded beings and a few supermen a la Nietzsche. How sick can you be. The question is if Cruise is (still) that sick also.
    On the other hand, it is not that strange that such a mythology may develop with certain scientologists with a narcisssistic aberration and anti-social personality traits. This kind of mythology (or delusion of grandeur) develops also in other religious or ideological systems, as history shows.
    Megalomania, fed with scientology data, in this case rises to total madness. It is a critique on scientoloy though. How come the qualification and ethics function was not able to spot this and prevent it from happening? Would they have spotted it if they had been familiar with some psychiatric aberrations? Or did they think that auditing can cure anything? Or were the policies on psychiatric patients not applied or were they not adequate?
    Hopefully your new book gives some information on these points.

  38. Wow, man. This will definitely shake some cages. By the way: I remember this so-called confidential PL that the IAS vermin placed in front of me that went along these lines – that most people on this planet were DBs and all that. What is the history of this PL?

    I told the guys politely that it looked like hidden data line stuff to me.


  39. Hi PI,

    Here is a direct quote from L. Ron Hubbard which I hope may give you some background and perhaps some insight into the nature of subject of Scientology, itself. After hearing about Miscavige’s many strange delusional “applications” which he attributes to Scientology, your curiosity and concern are very understandable:

    “The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to be kind, to be decent. Amongst us we have occasionally the feeling like: life requires that we be stern, life requires that we be ornery enough and mean enough to fire him: life requires that we’ve got to tell this preclear the next time we come that she must go, she must leave, she must never darken our door again. Life requires that. We must be stern, we must be mean, we must be occasionally ornery, and we must steel ourselves to take an unkind action. And we feel sometimes there’s something wanting in us, because we refuse to take this unkind action. We feel we are being cowardly that we are ducking back from our responsibilities. We feel the best way to solve the thing would be to be a little bit mean about it. Get the idea? We should be able to be tough…
    And so our kind impulse is muffled by the fact that we “know” we had certainly better tell this person off…
    “Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve. And it never solves by being tough. And believe me, ladies and gentleman, here talks a guy who in his college days was a top sergeant of the reserve marines, who drilled battalions. And when I tell you that it doesn’t pay to be tough, I’ve had experience. An officer in the war, and I can tell you that at no time, at no time during the entire war, did I ever see toughness win either in the field of discipline, the field of efficiency, or the field of getting a job done. I have never seen it win.
    …There is no substitute for liking people like liking people. There’s no substitute for reality like reality. There’s no substitute for communication like communication with good affinity and good reality. And that’s really close to a static . Do you understand?
    You go down scale from that you get into Dale Carnegie-ism. You ought to read that book sometime; it’s a real killer. It’s how to subvert ARC.
    “All right. What do we have then? What do we have in these organizations? What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality, and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.” – LRH

    (OEC Tape: Attitude and Conduct of Scientology, 3 November 1955)

  40. Considering David’s alter is, in the arena of Scientology, I would think he is the biggest degraded being among us.

  41. After reading this little text, you get a much bigger understanding, why Miscaviges Scientology is in the condition it is in.
    The sentence….***”were two of only a handful of truly “big beings” on the planet”*** makes sense now, and I have to say he is right, the handful of “truly big beings”, Miscavige means are the 2 1/2 %, and one of them is he himself.

    Great that we have the Indipendents

  42. I remember reading something Hubbard wrote once about big beings. I can’t recall the exact wording but it was something like, for every one big being there 18 dependent upon him. I figured he was talking about Irish Catholic mothers. Mothers in general. To me, the world seems to piggy back on mothers more than any one else. Mothers bring it all to the table. They bring the soldiers, they bring the farmers, they bring the politicians and the philosophers. The kings the magi, and the mathematicians. The scientists, the architects, the wizards and the intellects. And yes, even more women.

  43. Thanks for the suite of LRH, Obnosis.

  44. I love these little stories about David Miscavige. They make me think about Scientology concepts and how they apply to life. This one makes me think about the difference between an exec who wants to serve compared to one who wants to be served. One is far more important than the other. One wants to receive all the admiration. One wants to get all the help. One is very intolerant of others and sensitive to slights (missed withhold).

    I remember one time when I was in the Sea Org in 1980 – before David Miscavige became so prominent. I did a Liability Formula for some stupid thing. I got just about every Sea Org member in the FOLO to accept me back into the group. The CO had been too busy to see my formula so the HAS took it to her. She knocked it back without saying why and instructed that I do the entire formula again – including asking people who had already accepted me back into the group.

    It was an insane action and threw me and the HAS into Confusion. Also all the people I had to ask again. So we were acting like robots in the face of this stupidity with gold braid on her shoulders. LRH tech was junior to the importance of her point of view. That should have told me and the HAS something back then. But just like David Miscavige, we let her go her merry way.

    We have to remember that David Miscavige didn’t invent suppression and that we have to learn to see it and handle it when it comes up. I think this new book will be an important reminder to us all of what can happen if we don’t.

  45. Peter A. Sagi

    Boy does that ever explain a great deal! I might actually get this book! In the meantime, check out this song parody. I might have posted it here before, but, it is definitely apropos considering the subject matter here.


    Oh Tommy Boy
    (to the Tune of Oh Danny Boy)

    Oh Tommy boy, the espees are a mockin’ you,
    For craziness, you can no longer hide.
    Your fans are gone, prospective roles departing,
    T’is your career that’s going down like a mudslide.

    So loose that Elron muffin of the meadow,
    Live down your antics done on Oprah’s show,
    And get out from the Dave Miscavige shadow,
    Oh Tommy boy, oh Tommy boy, its time to blow.

    Should you awake, to find your church is lying,
    And be declared, declared to be espee,
    You’ll come to find, ‘twas BS you’ve been buying,
    And you will say “Ixnay!” to Scientology.

    And you’ll explain, how Davey hath betrayed thee,
    And how revenge, in court so sweet shall be,
    Your fans again, will saith that they love thee,
    As you lament your time in Scientology.

    As you lament your time in Scientology.

  46. For me, the “Supreme Test” of the honesty of a being, would be a group or an individual is:

    – Does he acheive in his own ways, the Goal he claims to work for?

    In other words, been true:

    – One can’t allege working for Peace but making the war.

    – On can’t allege to work for “Total Freedom For Any Being”, and enslaving them in the present time.

    – One can’t allege to work for “An Infinite A.R.C.” and inforce each point of the triangle to others.

    So, the rule here, from my viewpoints, to avoid oppressive beings to take place in a command chain is:

    – Don’t believe and submit yourself to anybody who claims working for “The Good Of Everybody” but who in is daily life demonstrates continuous examples of impositions of bad experiences to others, as L. Ron Hubbard states: not “those things which others are able to experience easily.” — from Scientology: A New Slant on Life.

  47. Regarding your question,”was this Hubbard’s world view as well?”
    A good reference would be; Alter-Is And Degraded Beings, Org Executive Course, Vol. 1 page 201.
    LRH says,”In an area where suppression has been very heavy for long periods, people become degraded beings. However, they must have been so before already due to track incidents.
    Some thetans are bigger than others. None are truely equal. But the degraded being is not necessarily a natively bad thetan. He is simply so PTS (potential trouble source-a person connected to a suppressive) and has been for so long that it requires our highest level tech to finally undo it after he has scaled up all our grades.
    Degraded beings are about eighteen to one over big beings in the human race (minimum ratio). So those who keep things going are few. And those who will make it without the steam of the few in our orgs behind them are zero. So we have no choice.
    And we can handle them even when they cannot serve at higher levels.”

    My answer is that Miscavage is an Sp (suppresive person). The people around him are PTS (potential trouble source-connected to an SP). Big beings would be the people connected to this blog who are trying to save Scientology as LRH taught it.

    Does LRH consider “compassion and sympathy as degraded notions?”

    Please consider the 21 precepts in LRH’s book “The Way To Happiness”
    1. “Take care of yourself”
    2.”Be temperate”
    3.”Don’t be promiscuous”
    4.”Love and help children”
    5.”Honor and help your parents”
    6.”Set a good example”
    7.”Seek to live with the truth”
    8.”Do not murder”
    9.”Don’t do anything illegal”
    10.”Support a government designed and run for all the people.”
    11.”Do not harm a person of goodwill”
    12.”Safeguard and improve your environment”
    13.”Do not steal”
    14.”Be worthy of trust”
    15.”Fullfill your obligations”
    16.”Be industrious”
    17.”Be competent”
    18″Respect the religous beliefs of others”
    19.”Try not to do things to others that you would not like them to do to you”
    20.”Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you”
    21.”Flourish and prosper”

  48. Hello Marty,

    I was wondering how you felt about your personal role in bringing TC back to the CoS fold, given the views expressed in this post? Did you start to have misgivings when DM started discussing his personal vision, or did you at that point believe the end justified the means?

    If this is covered in your book forgive me, but just curious…

  49. And the pieces start coming together…

    Thank you Marty, I can’t wait for the rest of the chapter and book!

  50. scilonschools

    It is amazing how some people/organisations are protected despite ‘common knowledge’ of their abuse.
    One story making all the headlines in the UK at present so illustrates this and also brings some understanding of the culture that ;dampened down’ the second Panorama documentary that Marty & Mike worked so hard on and had great hopes in at the time.

    If one ‘abusive’ person can be so protected by so many…..

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  52. Marty, your account of what occurred with Tom Cruise over the last 10 years explains a lot to me. I believe that his bizarre fanatical out PR behavior has done as much to destroy the image of Scientology as anyone, outside of DM. Over the last 20 years the consistent attitude I’ve experienced from regges, supervisors. phone callers, fund raisers, etc is “I’m going to shove Scientology down your throat because I know what best for you”. This of course, is the opposite of how Scientology is supposed to function. Seeing Tome Cruise’s behave this way and knowing he was so close to DM was one of the final things that made me conclude that DM is a nut.

    I look forward to reading your book.

  53. Marty, it all makes sense now. TC’s leaked video where he is ranting about SPs, TC solemnly saluting DM when he receives his medal, TC’s “you’re glib” on national TV…

    Everybody in Hollywood is going to read your book. The media are going to go wild. This is going to hurt the RCS big time.

    The church and Tom’s lawyers will of course deny everything. By email.

    And they won’t sue you. Suing you would make things even worse for them.

    No more junkets for Tom. He will no longer be able to promote his movies. Reporters are bound to ask him how it feels to be a “big being”.

    Your timing is perfect with the upcoming IAS event. Will there be a call to arms to burn down all the bookstores selling your book ?

    This really has been a shitty year for both DM and TC.

    It sucks to be a “big being”.

  54. Beyond the odds, above the odds, some people can hold it together in all kinds of weather, can we? Can we back some ideas and make them fly? These are ideas that worked for us, and obviously NOT the “religious leader of the church”. I know this is all very dysfunctional But I don’t have a problem with that. I can back this real Scientology thing, I know Marty can back this real Scientology thing, can you? It is a simple real deal situation. It is not complicated at all. Take your mind out of the thing and put your heart on the line.

  55. constant vigilance

    Fascinating to read of the seduction of Tom Cruise by DM using Marty as the go between. I think DM misduplicated two or more references on this point of Big Beings and Degraded Beings and twisted it to where it became his justification for the overts he did and also was the basis for his megalomania and “God” valence.

    One is the ref cited above ‘Alter-Is and Degraded Beings” and the other is on a tape, one that I can’t remember the name of but it was written about a special unit of loyal officers that Ron commanded on the track. He writes in that ref (help me out with the name of it please…) .. he says that they are a special crew and that if anyone audits someone and finds his pc is one of that unit number so and so to let Ron know as he is looking for all of them. He said one of the things they have in common is a really big interest in the 2D over other dynamics. So DM could have misduplicated this to mean that he is one of that special unit Ron speaks of and that he is one of only a few Big Beings capable of “saving the plant” and working tirelessly despite these “horrible DB;s” who bring him down. This reference was shown to me as part of a recruit cycle to get me to join the SO….’you’re special; you’re part of the special unit and LRH is looking for you…”

    In the PTS SP course, it cites one of the characteristics of an SP is that they have no glory of their own and the SP’s have to suck it off, syphon it off of others and that they are so jealous of others’ glory and light because they can’t create that themselves, hence LRH’s term “Vampire Personality.” This explains why so many Big Beings and artists are targets of the SP.

    I talked to the great Hy Levy before he passed and he said that DM wanted to hobnob with the stars and have the lifestyle of the rich and famous. That again was an SP’s attempt to bask in reflected glory of someone else because he himself could never produce that.
    Marty, thanks for this amazing true story. We will have to ratchet up our confront of evil yet again to read this. Truth will shed light and disinfect.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Shannon.

  57. “I figured he was talking about Irish Catholic Mothers.”

    That is hilarious Oracle… says the eighth child of twelve from an Irish Catholic child factory.

  58. Very Thanks For Your Quote! Espiritu.

  59. J.Swift,
    In terms of the cultification of the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige, I ran across something the other day while carrying on the chrono study of the full subject of Scientology itself.

    This is relative to the point and mechanics of how DM tries to make he and Tom Cruise “high priests” in his cult – by cutting communication and pretending some hidden data and thus making “mysteries”. No cult worth its salt is absent mysteries. They are the bread and butter – whether it’s DM’s exclusive “big beings” or specialized knowledge that cannot be attained by the oridinary lesser beings.

    This applies to any body of knowledge, whether science or religion or religious science or waffling wogglies. Cut communication, hidden communication, exclusive communication all built up the priesthoods and DM follows predictable courses. He’s the Highest Priest in his cult, the Pope on a Box (an applebox).

    Component Parts of Beingness – 4 June 55

    “This is the way you build up a mystery, You make highly specialized categories within a science. And when a science goes in that direction, it no longer frees, but starts to enslave. And as time goes on, the biggest, largest of scientific organizations will become more and more and more mysterious until they have no communication lines at all. And then you get a sort of a priesthood of this sort of thing rising up…This is the way a priesthood starts. Natural phenomena is discovered, and then someone makes a mystery of it.”

    “This sort of thing. Mystery. Mystery, used for control and to enslave. Anytime you start to hide knowledge, or obscure phenomena, or make a highly specialized and limited cult out of some function of life, you can expect that there’s going to be more control than is good for our happiness. This is a certainty.”

  60. Surreal, like a really bad or really good soap

  61. Oh. My. God. I can honestly say I am speechless. I knew the next book would be a zinger, but, well, WOW! If that’s just ONE chapter, I cannot even IMAGINE the rest!

    This isn’t dancing around, esp the Tom cruise issue- which it is about time we all know what I think we have all wanted to know – his deal, his involvement, HIS KNOWLEDGE!!

    Thank you, Marty

  62. ^^My thought exactly. Only I think my reaction involved more expletives and possibly some blasphemy. :0 If I am Tiny Fists, I am not happy about this at all. If I am Tom Cruise, I have some serious thinking to do. Looking forward to reading this.

  63. Double Damn!!!

    It is just a matter of time now before TC desires a communication with Marty and Mike. Mt. St. Helens will move South to Hemet and the rest will be history. It will be up to us to reform LRHs creation.

  64. BTW, I don’t suppose you still have Dave’s number? I’d love to have a chat with him.

  65. Excellent post Jim. Thanks

  66. Roger from Switzerland Thought


    When I read this I can imagine what you went through and I’m thankful you made it to get out of those journeys in real hell.
    Welcome back !

  67. My mother was a lovely woman, though I never appreciated that until I was well into adulthood and she was near the end of her life. She raised twelve of us and all with just one arm.(Birth deffect)

    Scientology brought me out of the dullness of self-importance and the inability to be appreciative. I will probably always lament that I was not a more thoughtful son.

  68. B,
    Rather than ask Marty how he feels about it why don’t you LOOK at what he is doing. Generally a persons actions are a reflection of his beliefs. That should answer your questions.

  69. Timely. Check the current zeitgeist from Australia:

  70. Well DM, I think Marty just forced you to eat autumn eggplant.

  71. I agree Gianna.

    As I was reading Marty’s post I had a perception of DM fleeing to the Freewinds as the light of truth becomes even brighter. That ship will be HIS prison!

    And the Independent movement will be the equivalent of the USS Missouri coming along side to say hi. (USS Missouri – ship where Japanese surrendered WWII in Tokyo Bay. Arguably one of the greatest ‘destroyers’ of all time with huge 16″ gun turrets and massive firepower.)

    I doubt TC will be accompanying him!

  72. I suggest the folowing process for Miscavige and Cruise (nr. one and two in charge of the WOG world and all its degraded beings). It consists of just two questions, asked alternatively:
    a) Why are you special?
    b) Why are you not special,
    until a life changing cognition, F/N and very good indicators.
    If this takes hours and hours, then so be it.

  73. Yes indeed. I remember that film and that concept played out in the opening scene, where the peasant after being abused somewhat snobishly picks up a rock and sorts out his own justice, leaving the aristrocrat unconcious in the mud.
    Great film, it disappeared relatively quickly with all the fooling around with the remaking of films by Goldern Era but it was an original LRH (so I guess it had to go, DM can’t have that sort of communication in HIS church).
    I got from that scene that the more different and aloof you make yourself from others the more ARC falls away and auditing becomes impossible – hence the Auditor’s Code.

  74. WOW, this is dynamite stuff Marty.

  75. Even if the churches lawyer (Eliot Abelson) is asleep at the wheel I’m sure we can count on Tom’s lawyer (Bert Fields) to send off one of his cut and paste threat letters. Posting Bert’s threat letter on the internet sent Amy’s
    book sales (Scientology: Abuse At The Top) to 400 copies a day.

    Legal threats hold little weight against so much truth. Miscavige and Tom can not afford to have the facts examined in a court of law. The Debbie Cook trial was a perfect example and as Debbie said after her opening statements on the witness stand “That is just the tip of the iceberg”.

  76. Gossip and speculation from unnamed sources. No facts there, Bub.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  77. I would venture to say that Tom Cruise is not the only person who was ever manipulated with the “you’re such a big being” line. There is probably a weakness for such built in to many people, a common case phenomena is my guess.

    LRH says somewhere that an SP’s only power is the power to restimulate. All Miscavige has to do is to either convince someone that he/she is a “big being” or a “degraded being” and he can manipulate them through the case restimulation. Until they wake up.

  78. ++ indeed great post / reference!

  79. (Pancho and Lefty Publishing 2012) (Y)

  80. On Steve Hall’s recommendation I’ve begun reading “The Sociopath Next Door” – interesting parallels to the Miscavige-Cruise association, I’m not ready to endorse Steve’s enthusiasm quite yet, but the book does provide some fascinating added applicable specifics to Ron’s PTS Tech.

    More to the point though, fascinating view from Marty’s insight! I can also see, sadly (or scary) enough, how a “kool-aid drinker” might look at this chapter and say, “yea, so… what is the problem?”

  81. No…Its in Stock!!

  82. OSA bots, here’s some words of wisdom “A fog cannot be dispelled by a fan.”

  83. How do you feel about having turned the Cruise kids against their mother? Do you believe she’s an SP and they are better off without her? You rarely display regret about some of the things you did back then, and I wonder if you still agree with the concept of disconnection, as it was an LRH directive.

  84. Just got a copy! Can’t wait…

  85. home-roasted-nuts

    “[Cruise] was invited to the 500-acre Scientology headquarters near Hemet, California. The entire several-hundred-person headquarters crew was called into action to prepare. Every square inch of the property, inside and out, was cleaned, spic and span, to military white-glove standards.”

    Sounds like Jonestown preparing for the visit of congressman Leo Ryan. A concentration camp that can quickly transform into phony 5-star resort for a day…

  86. Totally agreed thetabop. The Cruise in that video, personally produced by DM, was not the same guy when he first arrived, driving a dark grey nondescript Nissan Pathfinder, wearing his ray bans and NY Yankees baseball cap so no one would recognize him more than a decade earlier.

    Marty’s personal account and observations are very spot on and totally makes sense as to the transformation which occurred. Can’t wait until the book comes out!

  87. Hole E. Shiz! Your first book is on its way so I can be up to date and ready for the next book. I just finished BFG and it turned me into a raging addict for Scientology “must reads”….hurry with this release, Mr. Rathbun!

    Someone (RTC COB) is going to poop a kitten over this.

  88. That attitude comes across in the events and is picked up by Scientologists in the Church. I don’t think LRH had that attitude. From what I can tell from his lectures and works he really cared about eveybody and thought everyone could attain higher states.

  89. I disagree with you on the kool aid drinkers. They most likely will not believe it. However, I do not see any of them believing it and then saying: “What is the problem?”

    Once you believe the truism of Marty’s description (which I feel most kook aid drinkers are too low tone to see), there is no coming back.

  90. Available in the US, but says “Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.”

    This was the case with the last book and although I didn’t mind paying exhorbitant shipping fees to get it from the US, I did object slightly to the 3 – 4 week wait for it, especially as by the time it arrived it was available through the UK site. Any idea when it will be available internationally?

  91. ordered

  92. It’s online and available – just ordered 2 to start.

    Mucho gracias for all your efforts Marty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. I placed my order!

    I can personally attest to the Big Being dramatization which especially played out after the birthday celebration aboard the Freewinds in 2005 where a few select crew stayed behind to work for DM and TC for his upcoming Mission Impossible III movie. I didn’t hear TC say anything along these lines but DM had daily sermons regarding how him and TC were one of the few Big Beings doing anything about it, while of course every single other crew member there from Gold and Int (not the Freewinds service crew by the way which he for some reason always contrasted Int/Gold against) were suppressive or degraded or both. This message was repeated morning till night whenever DM had a chance.

    In 2002 – 2003 when TC first came back to the base and for the next many years, various crew, including myself were even drilled by RTC (in my case DM’s wife – Shelly) on what to say if TC came by and we were literally instructed to ensure we took no praise for ourselves, and, communicated that the REAL work was done by DM, no matter what the product or service was or how dis-related to DM it had been.

  94. I have no idea what you just said.

  95. Hapexamendios

    Awesome, just ordered my copy along with ‘The Sociopath Next Door’.

  96. Hey Marty, Thanks for getting out your new book so fast. I will be looking forward to getting it soon from Amazon. It still is hard to believe that so many Scientologists are still following this Supressive Dork to the “gates of hell”. Hopefully soon, Tom will be of the “Right Stuff” and come out to change a lot of these viewpoints that are blindly following this twit. (I heard thru the grapevine that something nuclear-size is about to explode soon on the map! )
    Keep on making it Rain, Man !!!

  97. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Thanks, Marty, a wonderful example how a human being can be tricked into his own downfall.
    “The world is burning in the fire of desire, in greed, arrogance and excessive ego.”
    Sri Guru Granth Sahib
    While it is true: ‘Hell has three gates: lust, anger and greed’. The hell also has as an entrance through a slime covered slide called the excessive Ego.
    Looks like DM played this masterful on Tom Cruise. If Tom only knew that going up the bridge is something different. Like this:
    “The authentic self is the best part of a human being. It’s the part of you that already cares, that is already passionate about evolution. When your authentic self miraculously awakens and becomes stronger than your ego, then you will truly begin to make a difference in this world. You will literally enter into a partnership with the creative principle.”
    Andrew Cohen
    It is the similar thing Steven Covey describes as “the inner victory”. Or the resolving of the Ego as described in far eastern philosophy.
    DM steered Tom Cruise in the direction of an excessive ego and directly onto the slipper slide to hell.

  98. Ya, the Big Being close is pretty frequently used by reges.

  99. Gawd, DM is such a total parasite. Forget Big Being. He is the Big Bloodsucker.

  100. You clearly do not read well, or do not really try to understand this blog, Mr/Ms Troll.

  101. Thanks for the heads up AR!
    I’ve ordered one for myself and my good friend in Michigan!

  102. Charles Carmichael

    I am just finding out about the Independent movement, and am getting up to speed on all the documentation to be found regarding teh current state of the church (I was in the S.O. for 16 years, left 10 years ago). The one question that keeps popping into my head is, how was DM able to get away with all this stuff, with people like Rathburn, Rinder, Scobee, Leserve, Mithoff and Yager around? These guys were supposed to safeguard our religion from all threats, outside AND INSIDE! At first I was sure DM was in the right and everyone else had lost their marbles, but then I read Debbie Cook and Hy Levy’s reports (I knew them personally from my time on staff at FSO), and heard about the redefining of an F/N, and now I am wondering what the heck is going on. So, could someone please tell me why DM has been allowed to get away with this, and what exactly is being done to take our church back?

  103. I just tried to order this book and it says unavailable from this seller. Hopefully this is some amazon glitch and will get fixed very soon.

  104. Could anyone answer this? Will it be available imminently internationally? If not I will order thru again and bite the bullet on costs and waiting time.

  105. Sorry – cancel that – it is just now already available through Woo Hoo! here’s the link for any ordering in the UK

  106. Li'll bit of stuff

    Well Claire, for a long time we hoped he would have a
    wake-up call! Now Marty has gone one better! Just gone
    and dunked TC in a chill-to-the-bone, “instant reality-check”
    RPF grade ice-bath! At least, that’s how shocking this article
    may seem to him, if / when he reads it!!

  107. „Hell has three gates: lust, anger and greed. – The Baghavad Gita“
    If I read this sentence alone I think that the entrance of hell are those gates. Define gate: an opening permitting passage through an enclosure. source:
    Within that definition there is no mention of direction. In or out of is not defined by this word.
    One could also interpret into that one sentence that lust, anger and greed are not the entrance to hell but the exit from hell. Reading that one sentence on its own I interpreted into it „entrance“. But that is my interpretation. Which direction is the proper one I do not know. I only know that I had been indoctrinated (implanted) in the past to interpret it as entrance.
    Similar problems one can have reading Scientology materials. Too much interpretation too less investigation. Especally if you have to speed read to make your quota.
    Same with „big being“. Something that is big has mass, mobility, dimension… Thus a big being is in essence MEST. Who wants to be a big being?

  108. I think I know who DM was in a past life-Caligula! I watched on the history channel last night “Caligula-1400 days of terror” he had people tortured and killed for even the slightest disagreement with him. At the end of his reign, he had gotten rid of all family in his circle(he executed his mother) and decided and demanded he was to be woshipped as a living god.

  109. Marty, an excellent chapter and we are looking forward to getting the book and spending a night just reading it. TC has been so betrayed and by someone he was willing to give his life up for!!! what a betrayal, I know he is spinning on this one! Note to Tom….this technology is for you and for you to find and stand as you. Very, very sad.

    tried ordering the book and says it is out of print!!

  110. constant vigilance

    Funny how DM convinces TC that there are only “a few Big Beings and the rest are DB;s” but yet when I was heavily regged by the IAS, the close they always used on me and on all the other Scn’s I talked to about it, was the “Big Being Close.” It went something like, “you are one of a very few Big Beings who can see and can confront evil and because of that you need to give us all your money to save the planet and fight the outside SP’s of the planet” yada yada yada.

  111. So I decided to check out the Pope, Leo X.

    Wikipedia has the following to say:

    “On 24 May, Luther sent an explanation of his theses to the pope; on 7 August he was summoned to appear at Rome. An arrangement was effected, however, whereby that summons was cancelled, and Luther went instead to Augsburg in October 1518 to meet the papal legate, Cardinal Cajetan; but neither the arguments of the cardinal, nor Leo’s dogmatic papal bull of 9 November requiring all Christians to believe in the pope’s power to grant indulgences, moved Luther to retract. A year of fruitless negotiations followed, during which the controversy took popular root across the German States.”

    Y’all sent your letter to the Pope on a Box. He didn’t bother to grant you an audience. The Reformation thereby proceeded with verve and vigor. And all the Pope’s horses and All the Pope’s OSA bots will never put his popedom together again.

    History does indeed repeat itself in an often times amusing way.

  112. Thank you for that quote, Espiritu. It’s encouraging to know that those of you who are carrying Hubbard’s torch forward are calling attention to the most uplifting and life-affirming of his enormous cache of writings.

  113. I’ve ordered mine x2 ! so glad the UK Amazon is getting braver about stocking such books. You made my day Marty. Thanks.

  114. I am not a troll… I’ve been reading Marty’s blog for years and love his insights into things. The honesty is TOTALLY appreciated by us out here in the wog world, and I admire his strength standing up to the squirrel busters, haters, threats, etc. It’s just he said in his blog post above: “After I had spent more than two years recovering Tom Cruise to the Scientology Bridge, auditing him for dozens of hours, indoctrinating his children to choose him over their mother (his former wife)…” This is one of the first times I’ve seen Marty admit to something perceived to be unsavoury. I’m just curious how he feels about it now. I was raised in a cult, and I do not still believe the basics of what I was taught, so I threw the baby out with the bathwater. I know Marty still abides by LRH’s doctrine, and LRH did define SPs (Real SPs, not what Miscavige defines as SPs) and disconnection. Although it’s been heavily bastardized by DM, the precepts remain, and any true Scientologist would abide by LRH’s original meaning.

  115. Good post HereNow.

    I had noticed the general absence of trolls on the last few posts. It’s almost a relief to see at least one is still out there spewing his/her hate under the guise of “putting ethics in on Marty”. Sounds like standing right there at he entrance to those gates….

  116. constant vigilance

    Marty, I tried to order the book on Amazon as was suggested by an Indie. They show the picture of your book and the review of it, but it says “out of print limited number available” and there is no book to order. Is this a deal where they only print them as they are ordered? How can I get a copy of this book?

  117. martyrathbun09

    It’ll be later in the week before the entry is stably up. I reacted to someone noting it was available – I’ll let you know when I have notification the entry is operational.

  118. Claudio Lugli

    great chapter!
    I tried to buy the book from but is not available yet!! Damn…
    Hope will be there soon, last book was available at the same time..

  119. Thanks for the link. Works fine. Book ordered. Can’t wait to read it.

  120. “Hell has three gates: lust, anger and greed.

    – The Baghavad Gita”

    selfdestructing like envie/jealousy of a narcistic personality towards people who can create things themselves.

  121. I can grant beingness to the highest executive of a group to understand how a VIP as Tom could be precious to promote the group internationally, but can’t accept it would be made on lies, so perverted PR, in complete opposition of the polycies of LRH himself (see Management Series).

  122. Ticks can get very very inflated on the blood of others, many times there own size.

  123. Laughter!

  124. No regards to others, total selfindulgence. The extragavant Introvert

  125. Before the Colloseum in Rome there stood a statue named the “Collosus”, it was gigantic with the head of Nero, a muscular slender figure, as was not Nero himself, a fat cruel being a kindred spirit to our beloved David.

  126. Holy Geeze on the table! Admits the movie is based on Hubbard and Dianetics! Some funny comments! Very interesting! Must see! People get it! Don’t miss this!

  127. Absolutely – and his actions tell me he thinks DM is an asshat, and that he has thought that for a while.

    It was undoubtedly a very cognitively stressful period for Marty, balancing increasing misgivings about DM with a love of Scientology. People who have gone through similar things have told me of unbearable mental turmoil.

    For me, I also like to know how a person came to their beliefs, as opposed to relying solely on subtle inference from their actions; I fully understand Martys position as given by the nearly 1000 posts on this blog. Sometimes though, I’d like to know a bit about ‘the man’. It aids a deeper understanding – the WHY becomes clearer.

    I know Marty comes across as a bit reticent to discuss aspects of his own path; that’s cool, it’s his journey. He has my respect either way. Maybe he worries about distracting from the message. He shouldn’t. I think it would add to it.

  128. I commented on your last paragraph.

  129. The link to purchase the book reads “out of print limited availability”.

  130. Also newcomer, I’ve never thought asking questions to be a bad thing. LRH confirmed that for me, so I almost feel if I DON’T ask questions when they naturally arise, I’m doing him and the subject of Scientology a disservice.

  131. Thank you Marty. I am looking forward to it being available in paper as well as eBook format. I am definitely giving it to a few Kool Aid drinkers.

  132. It is very true that injustice was not invented by Mr. David Miscavige. He sure did run with it, though!

    Ron’s point of view notwithstanding, the SO had no place in Scientology. I think the original idea of having it staffed solely with OTs who were also very experienced Scientologists, firing missions into orgs to help them out (not condemn them) is fine – we didn’t need a military mock-up to do it, but if it worked, who cared? But that model didn’t last long if it ever did exist. It surely was expanded out by 1975 when children were in the CMO and AO and St. Hill staff – virtually all of them – were SO, and the antagonism toward non-SO staff, like Rocky Stump and Linda Darlington and others, was very palpable even then.


  133. Why the hell can’t people keep it in their cussing pants? My God! It is getting to the point where in order to be taken seriously as a pundit or politico you need to be a sexually abusive asshole.

  134. Especially when said fan is covered with feces.

  135. “…what exactly is being done to take our church back?”

    Let me begin by thanking you for your 16 years of service in the Sea Org, Charles. Thank you for holding the Bridge there for the rest of us.

    As to what is being done, well, you’re doing it right now, by standing up in public and posting your viewpoint to this website. You already took the first step, which was to withdraw your support from our wayward and fallen church.

    Every time a Scientologist puts on their Code of Honor hat, and makes the choice to stand with LRH and standard tech, that makes it easier for the next guy to find the courage to do likewise.

    Thank you for being part of the solution, Charles. The tech belongs to us now.

  136. “The blood of others” – well said Cat,


  137. Marty,
    Here you do a great service to the history of religion. I’m happy to see all
    of this information on a blog. Mr. Miscavige, what has conceit done to you?

    May Tom Cruise and David Miscavige purify and now be well and happy!
    George M. White

  138. I think I know who DM was in a past life-Caligula!

    I was just telling my wife that the other night, Ingrid. The parallels and similarities between DM and Caligula are too eerie to think they’re mere coincidence. I’m convinced they’re the same guy.

    Someone posted a longish post here about Caligula a couple of weeks back. You may have seen it. When I read that post, it all clicked for me. If DM wasn’t Caligula, then he was surely someone close to him who was suppressed into his valence.

  139. “Vanity. Definitely my favorite sin.”

  140. I was able to order it about 2-3 hours ago. Maybe since then the volume of hits on the site from folks wanting to order it, have caused a bog?

  141. I posted this 5 days ago, and I’m re-posting it because I see it as pertinent.

    From time to time I take a look at Marty’s hate site(s), just to make sure I’m not like the kool-aid drinkers who are not able to look and analyze and discern.

    VF’s last blog post is full of generalities or distorted specifics, ad hominem against Marty (with a disgustingly distorted picture of Marty’s face). And then he finish his post with “You won’t find clarity, accuracy or truth in what he [Marty] says or presents. …”

    Then, I read the comments to see if somebody is writing any corroboration to cross-check. Surprise, surprise, not even one comment even trying to write a cross-checking corroboration.

    Unfortunately, due to security, sometimes Marty is leaving out some specifics in his blog posts. But, then I read the comments and start finding comments from people who have first-hand experience with the subject blog posted. And, these people are not only writing cross-checking corroborations, but also expanding and giving additional information.

    Today, I’m again reading these first-hand experience cross-checking corroborations and additional info.

    To all these people, with first-hand experience, who take their time to write cross-checking corroborations and giving additional info: A BIG THANK YOU!

  142. constant vigilance,
    You just beat me to it and that’s alright. Same ref (PAB 13 ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR) on the PTS/SP course LRH writes: “Men in the field of the arts are very often victimized by these aberrative personalities”

    It is so sad to see that doing the PTS/SP course, which TC certainly did, -as well as for many others- proves to be NO PROTECTION from getting into the carefully spun web of a manipulative SP.

    Having to admit that one had the ‘wool pulled over one’s eyes’ is never fun but obviously is the only way out. TC, get the hell out of it!!!

  143. Here is a review I’ve made about parallels between Caligula and DM: (MaBű August 26, 2012 at 11:35 pm)

  144. Love the title of the book, Marty. It’s precisely on target, because that is the very moment we’re in right now. It’s like calling an ethics condition correctly. Only by doing so, will the door to an effective handling be opened.

    The third dynamic and the very practice of Scientology are being reformed, with or without the church. Things cannot, and will not, continue the way they were. The die has already been cast on that certainty. The corporate church can join us, or be left behind as a footnote in history. They really have no other choices.

    “The tech was free. Keep it so.” ~ LRH

  145. Anons DID fear The Church of Scientology back in the day, Did you ever realize that ? They protested anyway.

    Thats courageous, I am not one of those of the first hour. I admire them. Courage Hubbard said, was Push through and follow throug. Do find me the correct quote.

  146. martyrathbun09

    I’ll fix the post – I put something up when someone was able to purchase – but Amazon is still in the process of loading the entry.

  147. OK, thanks for your clarification.

  148. Miscavige ideology is this of a nazi. Using scientology through an “übermensch” idea.
    He is so much looking like Joseph Goebbels.

  149. Hi B,

    Doesn’t Marty’s sentence: “Miscavige forbade me from letting Tom get on with his life as a free Scientologist” sufficiently answer your question?

    If not, then I suggest you read another of Marty’s blog postings here:

  150. Marty, great information. It helps all concerned. TC can spot the truth, you can unburden by revealing your role in any of it, , and all of us can see a little clearer how this all played out. By the time you put that pen down after the last book, its going to be an entirely different scene in the world of scientology. A better scene. Bravo, brother.

  151. Les,
    The Pope on a Box’s Popedom is poopeded.

  152. Great clip and very fitting. DM’s manipulation of TC is very similar.

  153. So we’re big beings. So what? There was a strand of that elitist idea that Ron talked about from time to time – the tape “The Free Being” being one of them that is easy-ishly available. Free OT’s being dragged down by hordes of degraded body-beings… I can’t remember the full details, but it was clear that there were few of “us” and many of “them” and those guys were bad.

    We are all in this boat together, some of us fighting amongst ourselves. The jerk pulling the trigger is the jerk that gets shot next time around. So, the “Big Being” close or button didn’t work for me, because I figured we all wanted to be “Big Beings” and even if PV=DIx, where some people had “more dynamic” or life force than others (and therefore have more “potential value”), to my mind the goal was and is to elevate everyone’s life-force/dynamic, not just address the “Big Being” few. Besides, what kind of person would a so-called Big Being be if he or she felt NO compassion for those caught in the mire of life and idiocy? What kind of asshole could live high on the hog, playing space-monkeys with his other Bib Being bromancheros when there are billions of people who, but for a bit of tech, could be playing in the stratosphere too? But are left to live lives of empty suffering and pain?

    This is the paradox of Scientology. I don’t believe in the gap between those that are “OT” and “OT-worthy” vs. those that will NEVER be OT. If we ID anyone as NEVER being able to go clear or OT, then Scientology has failed. Everyone should be able to get better and eventually leave the bank behind and live a great life (or lives).

    On the other hand, everything I have ever done and seen about the true mission of Scientology rejects the idea of classes of beings – even if Ron himself has occasionally dabbled in being-elitism.

    The kinds of guys who really dig this elitist “Big Being” crap are guys like Otto:

    This IS DM and TC (and lots of others I know).

  154. I just tried to order mine through your link and it said~ out of print, limited availability. I think your already sold out Marty!!

  155. WOW, WOW, WOW. What a great, illuminating chapter. I look forward to reading the book.

  156. Very good tessa, had a good laugh at that one.
    A sister process could be:
    Tell me about a celebrity?
    Tell me about a non celebrity?
    To normal EP except leave the door ajar.

  157. martyrathbun09

    More coming. Ought to be permanently up and available by tomorrow.

  158. It’s amazing how far you can get with ego stoking someone with a deep seated, yet hidden, inferiority complex. Tom is desperate for reassurance he truly is special, immortal and superior person.

    I do wonder exactly how much of the superiority, big being, needed by Hubbard on target 2 Crap Miscavige believes. I bet he is just including Cruise in his elaborate loyal officer fantasy to string him along, but truly believe that he is a bizzaro super hero ready to team up with Hubbard.

    With all the Ex-SO on here who knew DM, I’d be curious to know if you think DM really believes in the tech? Or does he not and is happy to run it as a huge con? I kind of wondered if he had a crisis of faith (because I think he was a very hardcore believer as a young man). The fact he has avoided all bridge progress for 20 years is a telling tidbit. I think the disconnect, if he did lose his belief in the tech, could explain some of the batshit, looney tunes behavior.

  159. One of the things I love about the cover is that, with it’s black-and-white photo set in the 1950s, it instantly takes advantage of “The Master” buzz still going on.

    Don’t know if you did that on purpose Marty, but if so … nicely done. 🙂

  160. Sadly, you are correct. What I wrote before that the truth for an SO member is what dm said and by extension what his senior said, was not a sarcastic remark, but a quote from a senior SO member.

    The SO is looking more and more like the SS.

  161. The similarities between Goebbels and Miscavige are indeed striking — right down to their fascination with celebrities and glitz.

    Goebbels, however, was evidently a gifted and intuitive propagandist, even when he wasn’t speaking to an audience of fanatical believers, as here in the “Totaler Krieg” proclamation. He also wasn’t afraid to go out and face the public — indeed he seems to have relished it. (It was Goebbels, not Hitler, who went out to visit bomb-damaged sites to buck up public morale.)

    David Miscavige, by contrast, is utterly incompetent at even the most basic forms of public relations. His declining to appear in the public spotlight for the last 20 years may be the most sensible decision he has made during that era. And he’s obviously a coward. Goebbels was a fiend, but also a force to be reckoned with. And he never felt a need to lock up his wife. (He did shoot her, though, I think.)

  162. I can just see McTinyfists(credit this name to Bury the nuts) ( I love it!) to grabbing his copper grounding rods and then punching himself in the face with those same tiny fists… Lovely thought!!

  163. Marty:

    Is there going to be a kindle edition? I’m too impatient to wait for delivery!!!!

  164. B,
    You might check out what LRH has to say about asking someone about how they are feeling vs. how they are doing. Two quite different questions.

    How someone ‘feels’ about something can lead directly into case issues. ‘Doing’ on the other hand has more to do with creating things and addresses present and futures.

    All due respect, maybe he doesn’t ‘feel’ like putting every answer to the publics questions out to public air. He is obviously willing to go to bat for truth based on what he knows is true for him and Scientology.

    Yes you do have a right to ask whatever you want. But you are not owed an answer from anyone. And verbal data is a poor substitute for real direct observation. I recommend you attempt to answer the question yourself because that will be what is most true for you.

  165. Have you noticed the sponsored link on the Amazon page?

    Customers Viewing This Page May Be Interested in These Sponsored Links
    (What’s this?)
    What is Scientology? opens new browser window
    Get definition, infographic, videos & more. Get the Truth. Learn more.
    See a problem with these advertisements? Let us know


  166. B, you should continue to ask questions.
    Hey guys, Marty can either answer or not. I also wondered while reading marty’s post, how he felt doing what dm asked of him. I don’t think B meant it as a slam.

    I am not surprised that Tom has decided to become dm’s mini-me. Which means that Tom has probably done much damage to others too. He looks how dm treats people and decides he will act the same way. I think Katie was probably emotionally abused by Tom.

  167. Same here, and got an email confirmation to the order from Amazon.

  168. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, soon.

  169. martyrathbun09

    It is actually back to the future. Scientology changed society like every other progressive movement, from the bottom up. It failed utterly in attempting to enforce from the top down. There is LRH hanging, and comfortable, with grassroots folk.

  170. A masterful stroke well timed. DM must be reeling, from one vein popping event to the next.

    I sit here in admiration of well executed strategy.

  171. Charles carmichael

    Thank you Ronnie. However, I am still very curious how this was allowed to get so out of hand in the first place. Can I get some links to articles on that, or does Mr. Rathburn have a moment to comment?

  172. katie smalher

    Amazon link says book is out of print or unavailable. Did you sell out so soon?

  173. Thanks Sinar. Apparently we got through a glitch in the matrix 😉

  174. Hi Charles,

    Well done on looking. I don’t think anyone has codefied the “how” he gets away with it better than Martha Stout in her book “The Sociopath Next Door.” Her description and cited experiments regarding how “authority” can easily get decent people to commit overts, is excellent.

    One could wonder how a third-partying, unscrupulous, untrained little prick like miscavige could establish himself as any kind of “authority.” But we were all trained to accept Commodore Messenger order’s, weren’t we? And when Ron was around we assumed the orders came from Ron. And we were willing to back LRH. And some of those orders came from miscavige when he was CMO. And were the orders after 1980 actually from Ron? Or were they bullshit from miscavige? And weren’t quite a number of those CMO folks just out-of-ARC little pricks?

    Just a thought on at least a portion of the “why” the F did we let this happen.

  175. Kinda like a verbal over-boarding, LOL! Go, Marty, go!

  176. Marty,

    I like the fact that you are so forthcoming in disclosing your role in Miscavige’s scheme to garner the affections of Tom Cruise.

    I don’t know if you do it in this book, but I think that it’s important to illustrate how things like this can occur, i.e. – when a person compromises his Code of Honor, he can get into trouble by falling under the sway of an ill intentioned person.

    As you once said, “I’m no angel”. Well, none of us are. And we all have contributed to Miscavige’s motion for some period of time at some point in our lives.

    What you’ve been doing over the past several years is redressing the wrong by making it safe for others to confront their own part in it and to come out and say, “yeah, that was wrong, I’m not going to support that anymore”.

    Sort of a Group Repair of Past Ethics Conditions.

    Thank you once again for all you do, Brother.

  177. Espiritu,

    I thank you also for this reply, as I had a similar question as Poison Ivy. The behavior of the indies seems to bear out the compassion and empathy part–at least what I see on this blog and elsewhere. But it’s nice to see it in the scripture as well. All religions have some sketchy scripture or tenets that speak to a place, time or particular situation, which doesn’t mean they have to become the overarching premise of the faith. For example, I don’t really like stoning harlots. Getting stoned with harlots maybe. 😉

    So often you see everyone cherry picking their scripture, so it’s helpful to see how principles are intended to hang together . . . . or how certain principles or policies are rejected if they don’t make sense in the larger context. Marty’s book has gotten into some detail around this that has been very helpful to advancing my understanding. The comments on this board are also very elucidating. I think with a reformation like this there are always perils that have to be navigated and only time will tell whether success is achieved. This is true in life as well, I think.

  178. ‘Belief in the tech’? ‘Crisis of faith’? The word Scientology means, “knowing how to know.” A person needn’t believe in the tech to know that it’s true. One observes its workability for oneself, and therefore comes to know the truth of it. No faith is required.

    In DM’s case, it’s certain to me that he never truly observed the tech closely enough to know that it’s true. Before he ever got to that place, he chose to disbelieve it. I think he rejected it out of hand. Only a mind like that could have wreaked so much destruction and ill repute upon a philosophy that offers so much.

  179. It is so sad to see that doing the PTS/SP course, which TC certainly did, -as well as for many others- proves to be NO PROTECTION from getting into the carefully spun web of a manipulative SP.

    You can’t protect yourself with any tool that you won’t use. It’s not the tool. It’s the user.

  180. Hapexamendios

    I’ve been watching Game of Thrones and every time I see the sadistic boy-king Joffrey I can’t help but to think of the similarities to little Davey!

  181. I am not a troll… I’ve been reading Marty’s blog for years…

    Oh really? Then how can you possibly ask Marty a question like, …I wonder if you still agree with the concept of disconnection…

    You mean to tell me, that out of the hundreds of posts Marty’s posted to his blog regarding this very subject, that you still haven’t figured out which side of the fence he’s on? Geeez Louise….

  182. Pingback: The Scientology Reformation: Preview II | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  183. DM: D_egraded M_aster of lies and deceit.

  184. It is actually back to the future.

    I like it.

  185. Li'll bit of stuff

    Next thing to happen, Nance?

    Knock! knock! knock! ( 3am, Marty’s door, Casablanca!)
    —- A bleary-eyed Marty opens up….just about to let rip!
    ….The unmistakable form of TC , stumbles forward, to
    put his arms around an incredulous Marty, in a tight man-
    hugging embrace! After a minute of silence, an emotion
    choked TC manages to finally get it out, sobbing;
    —–” Marty, you really have saved my life THIS time, man!!”

    You just never know……..

  186. Right on Jim! Btw, I submitted a revised INDEPENDENCE list to Marty to post (just doing the Admin) but took the liberty to add to your name Master of Qual, hope you don’t mind, if so just let me know and it will get changed on the next posting. But seriously, love how you come up with those quotes, pronto, excellent. Not sure when the revision will get posted as Marty is busy as hell.

  187. Right On, Ronnie Bell!

  188. Mind numbing cults always use flattery and praises of specialness to their followers who use it to fill up the empty holes in their lives.

    Flattery, used to manipulate, is one of the most damaging weapons against human beings looking for a way.

    The negative ego loves flattery.

  189. burnedbutnotbitter

    I second that opinion-The surveillance of your home has to do with your books!! You know that famous line-the pen is mightier than the sword…

  190. RD,

    The “ubermensch idea” pervades world history including Europe:

    The Doctrine of Election in Christian theology

    “ELECTION is the fundamental principle in the saving grace of God. It is the sovereignty of God in respect to the salvation of man. It forms a part of God’s decrees. It is an expression of His all-pervading providence.
    It concerns only a portion of the human race. Yet it “is the expression of God’s infinite love towards the human race, redeeming man from sin through Christ, and by the Holy Spirit bringing him into this state of
    redemption, so far as it is consistent with the interests of God’s great and final kingdom”
    (Smith, System of Christian Theology, p. 505). It presupposes the entire sinfulness of the human race,…..

    CALVINISM was at one time something of a competitor to Lutheranism.

    Most settlers in the American Mid-Atlantic and New England were Calvinists, including the English Puritans, the French Huguenot and Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam (New York), and the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians of the Appalachian back country. Dutch Calvinist settlers were also the first successful European colonizers of South Africa, beginning in the 17th century, who became known as Boers or Afrikaners. Calivinism also had some influence in Poland, the Miscavige family’s ancestral home, and France, where they had likely passed through.

    I recall studying Calvinism in the U.S., and I believe here they espoused the doctrine of “the Stewardship of the Elect”. This doctrine was that if a person was rich, it was because he was favored by God and wealth was one sign by which he was known to be superior to those less fortunate, the unsaved “DBs”, the “common” riff-raff. And
    thus to naturally be recognized and acknowledged as the rightful leader(s).

    In fact this kind of idea has been prevalent throughout the world in many countries and cultures; emperors and kings descended from gods and ruling by divine right, etc. “The Holy Roman Empire” for example. This idea is part and parcel of Christianity and Christian theology as it was developed after the passing of Christ and has pervaded European culture to this day. The so-called “One percenters” who have inherited wealth fully believe they have superior genes and “breeding” to the rest of us. Gore Vidal ( wrote a book which partially exposed this aspect of modern culture. Often these include members of European royal families.

  191. AMEN SCOTT! on your Marty comments! I think we are all doing amends.




  193. The current PTS/SP course contains corrupted bulletins.
    Plus the subtitle “how to confront and shatter suppression” is misleading.
    Suppression can’t be shattered. You understand suppression, you recognize it and you confront and handle or disconnetct from it.
    Sometimes trough handling the suppression can shatter, but it is the SP who decides to come into PT and confront his own deeds what causes the cave-in (or a shift in purpose).
    It’s understanding of the nature of suppression which protects you. Increased understanding brings about an increased KRC.
    That’s why understanding is verboten under Miscavige (junior) and parishoners are implanted with false data instead.
    All the data-inflow, “command intention” BS, events are all consrtucted in such a way as to prohibit people from understanding, being cause, being themselves. How could anyone apply some wisdom without even being allowed to have his own viewpoint of what he studied?

    I’m sure Tom Cruise is hung by doubt and then moved on downwards, exactly where Miscavige (junior) wanted him to be. Poore Tom. One day he will realize that he was used by an SP – and from experience, many of us know, it will hurt.
    How does it feel, Mr. Cruise?
    Do you really understand the mechanics of pts-ness and how to resolve this condition?

  194. Charles,
    the truth is that the Sea Organization was off the rails before Miscavige came along and took advantage of it. Senior execs were already abusing their position and acting contrary to Scientology values. People were being Declared Suppressive even before that practise was reinstated by a very suspect HCOB in the early 80’s. Senior execs were positioning themselves so they could not be questioned. The GO were committing criminal acts. It was a mess. DM of course has removed all those other guys from the playing field and clearly he is the problem to handle right now. But if anyone wanted to put the Church back together, by running group engrams or whatever, they have to look prior to Miscavige. I agree with Marty and others when they say it doesn’t look possible. It’s a mess.


  195. Charles carmichael

    Well after reading the excerpt of chapter 4 I think I have my answer, greed. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Well heres hoping we can get the ship righted quickly. Thank you.

  196. Yes, I agree with that. The Sea Org orver-reached itself. They should have stuck with OT’s and not been so eager to own the entire Church.

  197. Yes. Every being started as an OT. Being stuck in a body came later. So I don’t know how anyone dreamed up this idea that there was any thetan who couldn’t go OT. It’s nonsense.

  198. The lovely Terrell Park! Also known as Basic2Basic.

  199. Ronnie I agree with most of your post.

    I think the only debatable idea might be whether he ever observed that the tech was true. Possibly he knew it was true, and that’s why he felt threatened by it. As his withholds piled up and were increasingly missed, he felt all the more driven to try to get the tech suppressed to protect himself. This would be consistent with the theory of the Suppressive Personality’s need to “get others before they get me”.

    I agree that to some extent this implies that he didn’t(couldn’t?) really think or observe it all the way through, that the tech worked well enough to free even him in the end. So perhaps he did choose to disbelieve it. He could see it only in terms of the possibility of it exposing him to danger.

    I guess that’s not so different from what you posted, after all.

  200. I thought safeguarding the religion was everybody’s duty. How was David able to get away with it? Easy to charge the people next to him, what about all the rest that couldn’t even take that responsibility. Finally, it would seem David really hasn’t gotten away with anything. It is all over the Internet and media. His crimes are well known and documented. He is only hanging onto a few followers that are either not allowed to own televisions and computers, or will follow orders not to LOOK.

  201. I watched it too and had the same thought.

  202. I thought maybe David had bought them all out. 🙂

  203. You speak for both of us Scott!

  204. Thanks a lot for the vid, Cat Daddy.

  205. What a remarquable way you express yourself Marty!
    Miscavige!… You are an ugly, bastard being!!!

    Eugene F.

  206. I’m surprised this hasn’t hit the news given the content of this blog alone, let alone the book. Tom Cruise, Scientology, David Miscavige, shady dealings and manipulation. True (I’m sure it is) or not surely there should be some media attention.

  207. I’m sure you will have the chance to make it all up to her.

  208. Thanks for the ‘feeling vs. doing’. Very apt.

    If you re-read my post, you’ll see I never expected an answer from Marty. As I said, it’s his journey.

    However when I watch Mike Rinder in Panorama, or read Jeff Hawkins, their willingness to say what they felt and how it affected them raises ARC by an order of magnitude.

    I still remember watching mike talk about wandering London after blowing… Man… I’ve never met mike, but his willingness to talk about his experience really hit me.

    Marty has the right to convey his message however he chooses of course. And I agree with you; perhaps this is something better discussed offline. But I’ll never, ever feel bad for asking a question.

    All the best,


  209. Mgreene, I’m not sure that David show to Tom his possible evil behaviour otherwise Tom wouldn’t have accepted to continue to follow him. I think Tom has really a true willing to help his fellowmen.

    Proof of the keep hidden is witnesses of hidden directives to SO about Tom.

  210. martyrathbun09

    Good post.

  211. i cant wait fot kindle edition,hope its really really soon!! thanks marty,you do a great service for scientologists and non scientologists alike. great great job.

  212. Thankyou Mgreene.

    One thing I’ve realised is that if I’m thinking it, so is someone else. Hence always better to ask.

    Scientology where we are all expected to keep our head down and keep quiet is not Scientology to me, regardless of where it is practiced.

    Regarding TC, I am unsure what to think. On the one hand he may have only seen what DM wanted him to. On the other, his treatment of Ms Boniadi (correct spelling?) was atrocious.

    Victim or participant? Martys posts seem to imply the latter. Also, ironically, he may be the biggest liability the CoS has…

  213. Newcomer, if you have a direct LRH ref for ‘feeling vs doing’, I’d love to have it.

    A big part of getting a correct understanding of the tech, especially when you start, is knowing where to look!


  214. Hi Margaret,

    You gave me some LRH book recommendations a while back, and kickstarted my change from “long-term Scientology watcher” to “curious LRH reader” to “Indie”. I have a lot of respect for your comments, and I owe you a lot. Thankyou.

    For me, the sentence you highlight does not give me a good understanding of what Marty went through; it tells me what happened, not how it affected him as a person and a Scientologist.

    An example I can give is Martys interview with the Truth Rundown series; his description of his life at 17, his unease at seeing pictures of LRH everywhere when he first entered an Org, and how the Comm Course completely blew him away.

    That’s Marty talking about Marty, and it really helped me connect to where he was coming from. It lit a fire under me to do the Comm Course, and even though I SWORE I’d never enter an Official CoS Church, doing the Comm Course would be one of the reasons I find myself in one. That to me is the power of the personal – it is pure ARC.

    I am not owed an answer by anyone on anything, and newcomer make some very good points regarding an overvaluation of ‘feeling’ as opposed to ‘doing’, but Martys story is a unique one. From the top of the CoS to the top of the Indies. Personally delivering TC to DM. Saving the Church from the IRS. I could go on, but people saying to me “don’t ask Marty about Marty. Just fill in the dots” seems… wrong somehow.

    I can’t know what he went through, or what he thought about it as he did. But as a long-time reader here, and someone who has nothing but respect for him, wanting to know how he felt seems a reasonable question to ask.

    In all honesty, it’s not important. I seem to have written 10x a much defending my decision to ask Marty a well-intentioned question than I did asking it. But his personal story has power, and if I ask him a question, it’s simply to get a higher level of ARC.

    ML Margaret,

    James (B)


    1. that organization which functions at high level of confront and standard. Its purpose is to get ethics in on the planet and eventually the universe. This organization operates with a fleet of ships dedicated to this purpose: to get ethics in. (FO [Flag Order] 508).

    2. the Sea Organization is composed of the “aristocracy” of Scientology. These people alone and their own are all stars in the sky of their areas. It is like one of the old regiments of gentlemen where any private would be, in another but commun regiment, a colonel. So, the Sea Organization is composed of people who alone would excite great admiration but who together, well organized, can actually get the job done. (FO 137)

    3. in 1968 the Sea Org became a goodwill activity and an efficient administrative arm of Scientology. The Sea Org runs the Advanced Organizations and is the custodian of the Clear and OT processing materials. (Ron’s Journal 1968)


    8. our Commodor is L. Ron Hubbard, Source*. Our purpose is maintening the exact degree of ethics, Scn technology and policy on the planet. Our responsibilty – the future of the mankind. Our business – missions. The Sea Org is an organization of expansion. And our prize is a sane planet. (FO 1689) Abbr. SO.

    * “SOURCE, Scientologists recognize and revere the spiritual leadership of L. Ron Hubbard as the Founder, and as the Source of the religious philosophy of Scientology. (BPL 24 Sept 73RA XIII)”

    My question is: Would it have an other “why” here for all this mess:

    – The Sea Org is supposed to “maint[ain] the exact degree of ethics” etc, on the planet. But what if the definition of “optimal solution” is this:

    OPTIMAL SOLUTION, the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. (HCOMOJ [Hubbard Communications Office Manual of Justice.])


    Isn’t let the door open to that kind of justification for unnecessary destructions in the present time while saying: “I can destroy now, I can make other living uneasy experiences, if it is for The Good of Humanity then”.

    But looks to me it is the way of any dictator too!

    If we are basically as beings, fundamentalally omniscient, “having infinite insight and knowledge” and omnipotent, “almighty”, what is our justification to not create only “ideal solutions”, meanning:

    – The Greastest Good for ANY Dynamic and sub-Dynamic? (and not only the majority of them only, as “optimal solution” is often interpreted so, leaving the place of “minority said rubbish Dynamics and Sub-Dynamics”…)

    If we were working all with this purpose in sight:

    – No exec could shoot a junior for a mistake, especially if the senior runs with the viewpoint of FULL RESPONSIBILY on the “others” (which DOES NOT mean to not handle the junior but to practice A MAXIMUM OF ARC in any case);

    – No registrar would propose you to put at risk your own dynamics to sustain the group financially;

    – No tyran could be heard for breaking down anybody with the justification to do something “greater”, than the poeple who leave their body along the way of his madness.

    For my viewpoints, there isn’t too much Sea Org, but too less of good eyes-open-Sea-Org with a full responsibility of control on any level of the organization.

    Could someone remember the referency of LRH’s policy letter on the necessity to control one’s seniors?


  216. If Tom does cognite, and leaves his starring role in the Truman Show, it should make for some good reading in Freedom Magazine: “Bit-part Z-list actor, failed career, did not earn any of the awards he received, 2D out-ethics, not done anything in Scientology for years, removed from all position of responsibility yada, yada, yada ,,,”, together with a smattering of O/Ws. Predictable. But if it happens, likely to put Scientology Inc. back to its stone age. BTW: OSA Ops = Stimulus response degraded beings. Enjoy.

  217. Wow!!! I’m pie faced!!!


  218. That’s the one! Thanks, MaBu.

  219. I think the only debatable idea might be whether he ever observed that the tech was true. Possibly he knew it was true, and that’s why he felt threatened by it. As his withholds piled up and were increasingly missed, he felt all the more driven to try to get the tech suppressed to protect himself. This would be consistent with the theory of the Suppressive Personality’s need to “get others before they get me”.

    Viewpoint shift. I completely agree with your assessment, Valkov. A most excellent deduction.

  220. There is LRH hanging, and comfortable, with grassroots folk.

    Love that. Back to the future, indeed. We’ve come full circle as a third dynamic, and I’m loving it!

  221. Could the more insane by the day push for money& IAS donations have any connection to DM putting corporate funds into the Feshbachs short selling schemes and going bust when it collapsed? Some big margin calls might have really hurt the midgets’ corporate bank balance, or knowing his massive ego and stupidity, there may have even been a problem covering the margin calls period.

    Marty do you know if Miscavige would have put cult funds into Feshbachs Wall St gambling ventures?

  222. Thank you Marty.
    Thank you for the information you spread, the insights you provide and your constant willingness to confront the beast.

    Also big thanks to Jim Logan who reconstucted the alterations of the PTS/SP technology. This is work of great value.

  223. Obviously you are curious about Marty’s personal reality. I am too. He’s a very interesting person with a lot of insights and a very unique track in Scn. There is nothing wrong with asking questions; it’s simply being uptone:
    “Search for different realities in order to broaden own reality.Changes reality”. (Chart of Human Evaluation, 4.0, Reality (agreement)
    Strong, able, swift and full exchange of beliefs, ideas. (4.0, Speech Talks/Speech Listens)

  224. BTW, fascinating teaser, I’m ordering the book today.

  225. I agree!

    Sylvain D.

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  227. Pingback: “Then there is me!” – Tom Cruise « 31 Factors

  228. Hi B,

    One cannot help but wonder how Marty ‘feels’ abut his past participation in these events. If remorse, regret, the depths of self contemplation, realization and so forth exists. Regardless of of one’s spiritual path, we all need to keep in mind that Marty is still being prosucuted by his abuser. Removing ones self from this type of relationship is difficult enough. But to then have that person stalking you at every moment is maddening. And may be a factor to not revealing his feelings.

    Marty, like any of us has his own path to navigate and his own mind to work with. Where some feel comfortable in being open, some do not. There may be many reasons for Marty keeping his own feelings close to the vest. It’s for him to decide to whom and when he is ready to reveal such things.

    Simply my thoughts on the matter, but then again I’m just a DP. 😉

  229. IG, Maybe the policy about controlling the senior is the Knowledge Reports policy? That is most misused policy of all nowadays – if you write a knowledge report, the only thing that gets investigated is you.

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