Daily Archives: February 2, 2013


Today,  while reading the transcript of an L. Ron Hubbard lectured titled Dealing With Attacks On Scientology, 26 June 1961, a particular authoritatively spoken datum caught my attention.   LRH was distinguishing Scientology from other spiritual and religious philosophies over the years that had become entrapments to one degree or another.   He said:

So these former efforts were entrapments, and this is not an entrapment.  It is not even a total freedom.  I’ve even told you occasionally total freedom would be existence without barriers, and I think you would find everybody very miserable.   All right.  We’re an incomprehensible factor.  This is the first time, actually, a high-powered, rather selfless philosophy has hit Earth which didn’t at once demand of its practitioner or in – the person who embraces it – that he totally subjugate himself utterly and become enslaved by the philosophy, don’t you see; and which didn’t say that the originator of the philosophy must then be carried as an imperishable valence from there on to the end of the track, and everybody should bow down to this, don’t you see.  That alone is incomprehensible amongst the – the works of man.  These are different.  These are different.

I would like to hear your views about this.   Did Scientology go astray from this unique position and join the ranks of entrapments?   If so, when, how, why?