Breaking Free

Breaking free from sophisticated mind control is not easy.  I don’t think I have seen anyone do so in as bold and spectacular a fashion as Leah Remini has.  Tony Ortega breaks it down at the Scientology Underground Bunker.  I hope folks who have been (or are) similarly situated appreciate what Leah is doing for them at considerable personal risk to herself.

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  1. Last night was the first night I is really cool.the puppet thing reminds me a scene with richard geer in Chicago. She is really pissed.she is a dynamo.

  2. I loved the end how Leah stood heroically on the platform with her arms up in the air expressing her genuine Freedom!! We love you Leah! You are our Hero!!!!, Thank you! XOXOXO

  3. I could not agree more. Leah sent a very powerful message to everyone. I am certain she touched the hearts and minds of everyone watching, and hopefully sparked some to “wake up”. No matter what the outcome of the dance competition, Leah has completely WON!


  5. Now that’s chutzpah!!!

    Great interpretation, well executed. It certainly communicated to those who need to hear Leah’s message.

    Very easy to duplicate.

    Leah has my utmost respect and admiration!!!

    Fly free…

  6. Yes, she definitely has courage and intelligence. She is standing up and communicating her views clearly. Cleverly done and very appreciated. Mine, and other votes, should continue as a sign of our back up for what she is facing. Her smile will continue as time goes on and her victory is certain. She deserves the best.

  7. A very painful and beautiful statement, the performance showed the viciousness you are dealt if you speak out against the puppeteer and how hard you have to fight to win free. But in the end, she was free and I felt it.

  8. Leah reminds me of a signature line that Geir Isene uses on his posts on his blog.

    “Some birds talk about flying
    Free birds fly”

    Leah Remini is an inspiration to anyone who has ever been deceived and attempted to be suppressed by a religious cult like Scientology.

    Way to go, Leah.


  9. Marty,
    One of the confusions that I got hung up with about Scientology and mind control, was the fact that LRH, described it in his “Psychopolitics, The Brainwashing Manual” as mainly done through PDH methods. (Pain, Drug, Hypnosis)

    Click to access The_Brainwashing_Manual.pdf

    The above was more or less in agreement on how he described his research into Black Dianetics in DMSMH and later in his warnings about it. That it is accomplished through these totally forceful methods.

    Since I personally was not subjected, nor did I know until the last few years that Scientologists, especially Sea org members, have been subjected to actual physical violence, incarceration, brutal interrogations and the Truth Rundown type of mind breakdown techniques, I wrongly assumed that mind control was not taking place.

    The above, I think, is a common confusion on how the mind works, as explained in DMSMH: No new engramic content is need to restimulate the reactive mind into action, all it is needed is for the environment to approximate the content of the already existing material in the reactive mind to kick the bank into full action against the individual.

    So, violent techniques are really not needed to effect mind control over individuals, and for most Scientologists, the control is through veiled or direct threats, controlled environmental perceptions, constant secrecy, and by instilling false threats and general fears from mocked up enemies and an ever present dangerous environment (physical & spiritual to boot).

    Yeah, it is very clever to me now, how this Cult effects control over it’s general membership, just by continuous restimulation, and that is what got me personally.

    PSYCHOPOLITICS – the art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over the thoughts and loyalties of individuals, officers, bureaus, and masses, and the effecting of the conquest of enemy nations through “mental healing.”

    Replace “mental healing” with Scientology counseling and you got it. Adjust the idea of PDHing to heavy continuous restimulation and you got it.

    Thanks to Leah Rimini and all those courageous Scientologist that are bringing the truth out on these abuses.

  10. one of those who see

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! Thanks for posting Marty. I had missed it. Absolutely fantastic and she also looks fabulous, healthy. good for her. And soooooo well done for her family who have stood by her. I knew her Mom back in the day. Hope to run into Vicki at some point. That would be fun.

  11. Great analysis of the meaning on the Ortega site. My absolute first impression was the “puppet master” was Miscavige. I agreed with each point of analysis of the stills.

    When Leah refused to say what she was really thinking after the dance, saying it was for another audience and not that one, I could not help but wonder if she was thinking “F-you, Miscavige, you sick control freak, and f-you all you supposed church OSA and OTs who were doubtlessly intently postulating that I would fall and fail.”

  12. Her dance routine was comparable to taking a two by four and clubbing dm upside the head. It was spectacular! Thanks Leah!!

  13. SO happy for her 🙂

  14. What an amazing statement with your wonderful dance last night Leah. You are my hero. We love you!

  15. Leah = Courage
    Leah = Integrity
    Leah = Love for family
    Leah = Givin Dave a healthy can of New York Style Wup Ass!

  16. Leah is incredibly courageous. Just dancing in front of millions when you’ve never danced takes courage. You might imagine you are light as a gazelle yet the reality is you bound across the dance floor like an elephant. Dance takes years of training.

    Leah has accomplished in 5 short weeks the nearly impossible — she is graceful and poised – and gazelle-like.

    And this routine — which reminded me of Robert Heinlein’s famous book “The Puppet Masters” was brilliant. It was HER idea.

    Tony’s comment about a 2 x 4 is absolutely apt. dm is being publicly shamed as he should be.
    And to those who might not know — Leah’s “like” FB page is now at 98,986 and that other actress currently still in scientology who performed on Dancing with the Stars – her “like” page is 76,462.

    THE interesting fact is Leah when she stepped out of scientology back in July was BEHIND by 2,000 likes. Giving Leah a net gain of 24,524 “likes”.

    Clearly the public LIKES Leah — add to her “likes” – go to your FB page, type in Leah Remini in the search function …

    She is one very talented, gutsy and gorgeous gal. She could be from Texas!!

  17. Marty, you echo my thoughts… I very much appreciate Leah’s keen awareness and her courage to stand up to Miscavige and the RCS forces. Many of the toughest, brightest people I know have been trampled by him and the RCS juggernaut. All my best postulates and admiration are with her. Her dancing brought tears to my eyes. Bravo!! Standing O for Leah!!!

  18. AND…..when the show put up the voting numbers at the end of the show, they put up the WRONG number for Leah and Tony. Anybody who called the number they showed actually voted for a different couple. What the F?

  19. Mary Rathernotsay

    Go, Leah!
    I feel a great deal of pride in Leah’s accomplishments with her dancing and publicly speaking out against suppression. The best part of all is that this kind of very visual demonstration helps not only victims of the Church, but all victims of suppression and oppression everywhere no matter who their tormentors are. Freedom don’t come easy, but Leah is no pushover, and she is setting a wonderful example for all.

  20. The Basics: Moral Compass, Social Barometer, Philosophical Litmus Test.

  21. The Auditing process can go both ways.

  22. Can’t resist putting this up now:

  23. Thanks Leah for standing up to suppression and the
    suppressives and doing it in such a beautiful artistic

  24. I got the whole thing, the aestetic band she and her partner put out was powerful. The emotions, the obvious story portrayed was a testament to her ability as an actress and expressionistic dancer. +1 Bill Dupree

  25. This sentence again made me think of North Korea: “Breaking free from sophisticated mind control is not easy.”

    I saw so many startling parallels to Scientology in the roughly hour-long NK documentary at, that I had to go back to the beginning and list the parallels.

    Given that Hubbard was a student of propaganda and brain-washing, in a way, it is not surprising that there are such parallels between totalitarian North Korea and totalitarian Church of Scientology (CoS). For myself, I am going to think of the following list of parallels as “over 50 ways to leave your lover” or “how I finally tasted the cyanide in the Kool-Aid.”

    1. Government and state news broadcasting style: bombastic, phony intonation, such as used at certain CoS events.

    2. Glitzy showcase items hiding a seamy underbelly of internal poverty.

    3. No one can criticize the “Great Leader” (Kim Il-Sung) or the state.

    4. Great Leader is not dead, just sleeping in his mausoleum. LRH is just doing research on another level. He has offices in every org, ready for his return.

    5. Portraits of Great Leader are everywhere. Same with LRH.

    6. Big statue of Great Leader in his mausoleum. Same with LRH in the lobby of a building in Florida.

    7. North Koreans are careful not to look foreigners in the eye or interact with them (it’s against the law unless they are designated tour guides). Instead, they walk by the foreigners robotically. I have seen so many videos of Sea Org members and staffers doing just that.

    8. The last stop on the Pyongyang (capital of NK) subway system is a place called Paradise. The tourists aren’t allowed to go there. The narrator says it is questionable if anyone has ever gone there. In Scientology, it is questionable whether anyone ever achieved the state of Clear as defined in “Book One” (well, questionable to some), or reached OT VIII as defined as being “at cause over matter, energy, space, time, life, and thought.”

    9. Must lay flowers and bow to show respect for Great Leader at his memorials. LRH is continually thanked in Scientology in ceremonies, such as Friday night graduations or other events that end with everyone clapping and cheering LRH’s picture — and Hip-hip-hooraying three times.

    10. Regimentation of groups in terms of dress, behavior, exercising, etc. In the Sea Org, standard dress, uniforms, etc. Even for the public, certain behaviors get inculcated.

    11. Believers in Great Leader attributing all inventions to him (like adjustable height and slope of desks in school rooms). LRH credited for things he did not create (borrowed or copied) and even praised for things that may not work (Narconon, Purification Rundown, handling of radiation, etc.).

    12. Tour guides attribute super-human achievements to Great Leader. Same in CoS, where LRH did what no one in millions of years had been able to do in this universe — and probably longer.

    13. There is only one library in Pyongyang. The Study Hall of the People. You can guess what its main contents are. And they are laid out very much like a Scientology org book display. Great Leader’s work is published in eight volumes. Likewise, CoS strictly controls (read, prevents) access to non-Scientology information if there is any hint of an opposing view or criticism.

    14. Costly, almost empty palace for the Great Leader reminds me of costly, almost empty Ideal Orgs.

    15. One critical remark by a North Korean against Great Leader would land the person in a prison camp for life (if not executed). Criticism of LRH (or Miscavige) can land you in a Scientology prison camp — the Hole or on RPF or in onerous ethics conditions.

    16. The narrator points out that for over 50 years, even after his death, Great Leader has held NK under his thrall. The narrator wonders, how can people stand to be enslaved for so long? That’s about the same timeline for LRH, and the same question applies.

    17. Passports of tourists are confiscated and held. Sea Org members’ passports are held.

    18. People cannot move freely. They cannot go from their own city or village even to a nearby one without government approval. In CoS, movement of staff is strictly controlled in the same way.

    19. Great Leader started a new calendar to signal what he brought to NK. LRH did the same thing, making 1950 (Dianetics advent) a new year zero.

    20. In Pyongyang, monstrous hotels are forever under construction. At Flag, the center of the Scientology universe, the monstrous Super Power building seems to be forever under construction.

    21. Great buildings in Pyongyang, such as hotels that might hold thousands of guests, stand nearly vacant, with perhaps 30 guests or fewer at a given time. Similar to Scientology’s Ideal Orgs.

    22. Hotel rooms in NK (Pyongyang) are bugged. Some auditing rooms used in Scientology are bugged — all sessions video-recorded and unknown, unseen church staff can listen in. You have no privacy as you share your innermost thoughts.

    23. In Pyongyang, luggage and trash are scrutinized. In Scientology, detectives may hunt through trash. If you are on staff (in Sea Org at least) your letters (sent and received) can be opened and studied. Same with texts, email, etc. You have no privacy.

    24. NK has its own “religion” — juche, which demands complete obedience to its tenants. No other religion is allowed. Same in Scientology, which is its own religion. No mixed practices are allowed (despite Scientology PR lies to the contrary).

    25. Music all over Pyongyang wakes everyone up early. In the Sea Org you are on similar regimented time schedules (you do not choose when you get up or start work — it is decided for you).

    26. Police women direct traffic that doesn’t exist. The last time I walked by an Ideal Org, I had the same thought about the two staffers at the reception desk.

    27. Penalties are harsh and unrealistic. They make little sense to someone outside NK. For example (from another video) one traffic woman was sentenced to death … because she sneezed while on duty. In Scientology, if your “stats” go down, even if for something your “superiors” caused or something clearly beyond anyone’s control, you have failed to “make it go right,” you are “down-stat,” and you can be stripped of privileges and placed in a lower ethics condition.

    28. No elderly people on the streets of Pyongyang. Most have been relocated outside the capital’s borders. In the Sea Org, once you get too old, you may be off-loaded with a few hundred bucks and sent on your way — after perhaps a lifetime of unpaid or scarcely paid service in 100+ hour weeks.

    29. Older people and disabled persons who don’t leave Pyongyang are encouraged to stay indoors. They don’t fit the desired picture. Similarly, in Scientology, anyone with a chronic illness, or someone who dies (like McPherson), or the various suicides that have occurred, etc. are kept hush hush and as out of sight as possible (harder in the days of the Internet).

    30. The juche quasi-religious doctrine has over 3,000 volumes of the Great Leader’s teachings. Scientology has a similar trove from LRH.

    31. Magnificent empty buildings to create a show for outsiders and uphold the morale of the population, but just covering up an emptiness. Very much like Ideal Orgs.

    32. Children forced to practice six hours a day for months on end — for display events. Children in Scientology used as cheap labor.

    33. Mythical beliefs about the Great Leader are encouraged and continually built and indoctrinated. In Scientology, the false history of LRH (his phony war record, his injuries that did not exist, his fake academic credentials, etc.) are continually passed off as real by the church.

    34. NK has a special propaganda department to protect and promote the myths around the Great Leader. Lying is fine. Scientology has OSA (formerly the Guardian’s Office). Lying is fine.

    35. If you try to flee NK, snipers will try to kill you. If you get away, but are then caught and brought back, you will at least go to a prison camp. At worst you will be executed. Scientology has its “blow drills” — procedures to recapture someone who leaves without permission (“blows”). If you are caught, you will go into the quasi-prison-camp of the Hole or go to RPF or have other punishments. If you are not caught, you will be “declared” (declared to be a suppressive person or sociopath, basically). You will be stripped of all certificates and your friends and family in Scientology will be forced to disconnect from you. This can be seen as a symbolic “execution.” You become a non-entity in Scientology.

    36. When science contradicts juche or state “facts,” the contradiction is ignored and swept under the rug (e.g., with the supposed prophetic carving in a tree regarding Great Leader’s son — the carvings were supposedly made over 50 years earlier than some Japanese scientists visited; but the tree was less than 50 years old). The tree was chopped down and no one can go look at that area now. Similarly, with Scientology, when scientific facts show that LRH was wrong, it is ignored. LRH can still be heard to say he had just seen a freight train on heavily inhabited Venus, that there was life on Mars, that radiation can “float around” in the atmosphere, and dozens of other claims that can be scientifically falsified. Yet they are still sold on tapes and in books throughout the Scientology world. This creates internal cohesion in the Scientology group (as it does in NK), since any conflicting facts that could cause cognitive dissonance are suppressed in the group. But to those outside the group (either NK or Scientology), the believers are seen for being ignorant, lied to, and duped.

    37. Contact with the outside world is forbidden in NK. In Scientology, contact with some aspects of the outside world is forbidden (other practices and entheta, for example).

    38. People in NK live in fear. Their rights, life, family, few possessions, etc. can be taken by the state at any time. In Scientology, one has to be in fear of saying anything critical. Otherwise, a KR (knowledge report) will be filed by someone, and you will be in ethics and may suffer penalties.

    39. People in NK are taught from childhood that the Great Leader has supernatural powers. In Scientology, the same was true about LRH.

    40. In NK, you are expected (read, absolutely required) to be a true believer in the Great Leader and juche. In Scientology, you are expected to be a true believer in LRH and all his teachings — Scientology does not want “dilettantes” — it wants people who are in to win or die in the attempt.

    41. Confucianism makes North Koreans extremely deferential to authority and hierarchy. Scientology is an extremely authoritarian and hierarchical organization. Even a celebrity, like Leah Remini, cannot ask certain things (like when she asked about Mrs. Miscavige, she was admonished that the question was way above her authority level to ask).

    42. NK is a vast cult of personality, one of the most insidious to have existed. Scientology can be defined as a cult of personality, too.

    43. The part of the video on the mass grief when Great Leader died is deeply interesting. You compare that with how Scientologists reacted when Hubbard died — little emotion, just end cycle and move on. He just dropped his body (intentionally died, but not in a sense that means suicide) to do research that could only be done exterior (out of body). In NK, there was shock that Great Leader was gone. In Scientology, quite a few people were in shock. How could the Great OT, LRH, have died? Some of us expected him to live to some remarkable age, if not forever. yet he died well in keeping with human actuarial tables and with more mental problems than most of us will probably die with. The Great Leader’s myths had to be kept alive, and were in NK. The LRH myths had to be kept alive, and were, in Scientology. A normal death was thus converted to “moving out of body to do higher level research” — still serving humankind.

    44. NK has promoted what appear to be false stories about the Korean War. Scientology promotes heavily exaggerated critiques against everything psychology or psychiatry — including blame for the Holocaust.

    45. NK has a number of prison / concentration camps. Scientology has RPF.

    46. NK has a fundamental us-vs.-them mentality. CoS has that as well.

    47. NK teaches its citizens that they have it the best, and the rest of the world is in horrible shape. Scientologists come to believe that the “wog” (non-Scientology) world is in horrible shape, and Scientology is the best off.

    48. NK has great show displays in Pyongyang, similar to and probably modeled on Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies. Scientology puts on “over the top” grand rallies, with opulent sets and glittering lights. And even photoshops extra attendees into the video record of events to make them look like the rallies / events are bigger than they actually are.

    49. NK may be starting to recruit, at least to some minimal level, celebrities, like Dennis Rodman. Scientology has long had a policy of recruiting and securing the support of celebrities (though the CoS denies what is a plain fact to the rest of the world).

    50. Reunification. How will NK reunify with South Korea, and the rest of the world? Is there a way for Scientology to move off the us-vs.-them / we are the only way stance, and re-integrate with the rest of the world?

    51. NK tries to promote a utopian image, despite hidden economic misery. Scientology promotes an image of unbridled expansion, despite the reality of dwindling membership, high level defections, and worsening fiscal condition. Scientologists must always look “up tone” — happy, enthusiastic, and so on, no matter what they may be actually feeling. This is also similar to the phony happiness North Koreans are required to show foreigners (when they are allowed to interact with foreigners at all).

    52. In NK, where this any electricity to begin with, it goes on and off unpredictably. For Sea Org and Scientology staff members, pay comes and goes unpredictably.

  26. Marty, I was thinking the same thing last night; Leah’s courage continues to amaze me. I remember my state of mind just three months after breaking away. It took me three YEARS to speak out publicly, not three months! Granted, that was many years ago and the climate out here has changed (we’ve been generating our own global warming, haha). Nonetheless, Leah nailed it on breaking free and finding your strength, and that message speaks to people from all walks of life. So, so important.

  27. Hmmm … so the phone number was wrong, eh, hmmmm.

  28. Karry and I watched this last night. At the end of it Karry and I looked at each other – a surprisingly powerful grief charge rose up in both of us. Karry quickly walked away. We both knew…

  29. Go Leah. Girl, you’ve got chutzpah.

  30. This is a very good point, about violence not being necessary for “brainwashing” or mind control. Here is an excerpt from my post about “North Korean Brainwashing”, as it was done in the 1950s:

    “The North Korean brainwashing camps were unique in that the prisoners were relatively well-treated in the physical sense. They had
    adequate food, shelter, and water, and were not physically tortured. In fact, their captors were careful not to make them angry, as this
    could have provided them with motivation to oppose the brainwashing process.

    A study done after the Korean War, of 1,000 returned prisoners of war who had been “brainwashed”, found the majority never got back in
    touch with old friends and family. They were found to be in a condition described as in “mental solitary confinement”. All their bonds
    of affinity and relationship with others had been broken, and apparently they had lost their capacity to have positive relationships.

    The camps they had been in had no barbed wire surrounding them, and very few guards, yet escape attempts were very rare.

    At the same time,it was found that something like 28% of the prisoners had died in these camps, essentially by giving up their will to live.
    These camps had the highest death rates of any camps anywhere, ever

    Many of the prisoners just went to their quarters one day, sat in a corner covering themselves with a blanket, and died, often within two days.
    Usually no-one of the other prisoners tried to help them, because the bonds of relationship between them had already been broken.

    The researchers concluded these men had died of “extreme hopelessness”.
    The point is these camps effected “mind control” of the POWs without the use of any overt violence, physical mistreatment, or even obvious emotional abuse; it was all done in a low-key way, yet these camps had the extremely high death rates.

  31. I thought so too Tony, very inspirational and bold.

  32. Yes. The dance was very powerful and emotionally affecting. It communicated very well. They were downgraded by the judges for lack of technical perfection in their execution of some of the moves, but survived the round because of home audience voting, so if you are following the show it is good to vote for them.

    It will be all uphill from here on out, because some of the “star” contestants are already polished dancers, whereas Leah is a beginner. Elizabeth Berkley, for example, started dancing when she was 5 years old and starred
    in the movie “Showgirls”. So Leah is competing against at least one virtual pro, and it is the home audience votes that carry the contestants on.

    In any case, what she has done so far is truly remarkable, and that she has gotten this far against some of that competition speaks volumes about her spirit and grit!

    Go Leah!

  33. Madora Pennington

    Go Leah! You looked beautiful, danced beautifully and communicated an experience many of us understand!

  34. Great point, Conan.

    What you are saying is very important for anyone who has been subjected to Hubbard’s techniques in Scientology to know.


  35. I’ve been trying to vote for Leah at 800-868-3411 but keep getting a busy signal. And by keep trying I mean over several hours. I emailed ABC but got a form email back saying they’re too busy to actually READ emails. Has anyone been able to get through to vote?

  36. Me too, Scott. Only for you and Karry, I’m sure it was even more meaningfully intense.

  37. I so appreciate that Leah would use her opportunity to create a message for ME, one of those who could understand what she had to say. It was breathtaking. Thank you, Leah. May you enjoy more and more of your freedom everyday.

  38. ps. I’ve gotten busy signals all day as well.

  39. Thank you Bela. Yes, the loss of family, life and (false?) hope for “what could have been” all came bubbling to the surface at that moment.

    Everyone has their own unique and personal experience in scientology. Confoundingly, many of the experiences are perceived as wonderfully beneficial while others are perceived as profoundly harmful.

    I’m glad I can differentiate between the two now.

  40. Yvonne and Danielle: Voting by phone line ends 60 minutes AFTER the show ends on Monday night.

    You can vote by setting up an online abc account and that form of voting stays open the next day.

    I’ve found if I call right after Leah has danced I have no trouble on the phone lines.

    “3. When exactly can I vote?
    Phone voting begins during the show on Mondays, and is open until 60 minutes after the conclusion of that show in your local time zone.

    Online voting at both and Facebook opens each Monday when the show begins on the East Coast at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT) and stays open until 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT) the next day. During the season’s final week on Monday, November 25, online voting will open when the show begins on the East Coast at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT) and will stay open until 11 a.m. ET (8 a.m. PT) on Tuesday, November 26.”

    Hope this helps for next week.

  41. After a certain point in time, depending on your time zone, you have to go to the abc DWTS website and register to vote. Also, there were some shenanigans last night and the calls for Leah and Tony were being acknowledged as a vote for one of the other contestants…so there may be extra kerfluffle.

  42. I believe you can vote by phone for up to one hour after the show ends. You can go to the website to vote anytime, as I understand it.

  43. Peace and Love to you both.

  44. Valkov,
    Thanks for the data, it is very impressive. I actually didn’t have a clue they were doing it that way.

  45. Alanzo,
    Thanks. The mimicry issue you raised before, it is also part of the mind control, as I think it creates a perpetual state of confusion, wrong targets, wrong or omitted sources, etc. on our minds, and it opens the door to the implant.

  46. There are Churches of Scientology just about everywhere one goes these days. A real cult. A real group of brainwashed followers of something that isn’t even there to follow yet! 🙂 It never ceases to amaze me the way lifelong church members are indoctrinated to dramatize “If you see something wrong, write it up!:” Yet, if a person committed an overt right in front of the face of the people the written reports are sent to, they wouldn’t know what it was they were being shown!” 🙂 When celebrities that the public knows, loves and trusts speak out about a church, the same public listens and spreads the word. Now the Church of Scientology says there are many celebrities they don’t get along with too well INCLUDING Leah Remini? That makes sense right? 🙂

  47. In order to have a real Church of Scientology (in other words) one has to practice Scientology first. 🙂

  48. Before you go off on too great a tangent, you may want to check out this link:

  49. Leah is teaching her daughter truth. A good and brave woman.

  50. Right on the money. I don’t know if I would call it the “auditing process” but it is definitely part of it. Auditing, life, brainwashing, psychotherapies, etc all have something in common in that they restimulate uncomfortable, upsetting, or painful experiences that a person has had. The difference with auditing is that, when properly applied, the technique is then SUPPOSED to destimulate or erase the painful content of these experiences. Of course if someone only does the first part, and “forgets” or for some other reason fails to do the last part, there is little difference in results between auditing and any of the other practices mentioned. Among Scientologists the above is referred to as out tech, squirreling, or sometimes these days is called “Mi$cavology” when referring to the out tech practiced within the COS.

  51. Leah Rimini’s courage is matched only by her grace.
    She is no “bitter apostate”. She is a Being who has been betrayed and is surviving despite that betrayal. She will do more to sink the Ship of Liars than anyone simply because of the contrast between the actions of the Liars and her beautiful beingness.

  52. Leah you are awesome!!!!

  53. In an earlier article on Tony’s Blog Leah was quoted as saying…
    “I’m going through a…big change for me and my family,” Leah said, and she added that in Scientology, “You’re used to taking a lot of negativity on yourself.”
    She was then seen saying to Dovolani, “The church is waiting for me to fail so they can say ‘You see what happens when you leave?’”

    Jason Beghe then went on to say….” It’s not just that they want you to fail. It’s kind of like they want you to die.”

    Both Actor’s quotes had a profound impact on me for the good.

    I admire anyone who uses their Celebrity to do what they feel is right rather than take the easy road out.

    To me, no matter what happens on Dancing With The Stars, Leah is already a WINNER! Not only to me but in the eyes of the world.

  54. Thank you Valkov; I saw your earlier post, but had new realizations on it. The thing that got to me (this time) was “They were found to be in a condition of “mental solitary confinement”.”

    The practices that were visited upon me, including the attempted disconnection of my son from me, restimulated an earlier similar incident of an actual solitary confinement in a different life. Even though I was a salesperson, (in this life), who was extremely outgoing and gregarious, and having won awards for talking to more people successfully than anyone out of 200 salespeople in my company, I found myself being almost reclusive, finding it difficult to talk to people, feeling very alone and uncared for. This made it very hard to make money in a sales profession. I was in a sort of apathy, rarely following up on people, even if they said they were in interested in my product. It has taken me years to get back to my real personality, which is to talk to everyone I meet and connect with them, and feel like I have made a friend for life. The feeling of being alone and abandoned is now completely gone. Thank you for helping identify what happened to me. The phenomena of the “mental solitary confinement” puzzled me for years, and it helps to know that even when a person is set free, he/she can still be confined in thier own mind. Very revealing!

  55. Go Leah! YEE HAW! SHOW THE WORLD WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BREAK THE CHAINS OF OPPRESSION! i agree with an earlier post, Leah could be an Texan, an Operatin’ Texan!

    Sam Houston, the military leader of the Texas Revolution, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, two time governor of the State of Texas, and later, Senator for the U.s. Congress said: “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.”

    We have many heroes in our midst, and Leah is definitely making a statement and an impact!
    Very, Very Well Done!!!!!

  56. Johnny Cash’s last public performance — Understand Your Man (Hiltons, VA, 2003)

  57. Thanks Lady Min. Your post took me right back to reading in SElf Analysis, about the fish in Lake Tanganyika I think it was, who were trapped by shadow bars cast on the lake floor. We are like those fish. Many of the traps and barriers we think we are caught in, are really just in our minds. Scientology was supposed to help us see through those! Look what happened instead.

  58. That’s an idea! 🙂

  59. I am Angry Real Angry

    Get your kids out !!!

  60. Marty Rathbunis maybe the onley Auditor that understands by now auditing can go both ways and will audit you without the “baggage”of L Ron Hubbards Case

    L Ron Hubbard did had a case and he tried

  61. I checked out the website and its registry. The blog site appears to be set up as a shell within a shell within a shell. To me as a doctoral-level trained researcher, that throws up red flags. The points may all be valid — it’s just that the set up does not give me personally confidence.

    The fact remains: Hubbard told some whoppers. That makes him vulnerable to being suspected of having told even more whoppers than possibly he actually did. And the Church of Scientology is a criminal organization (Operation Snow White made that a matter of record). And CoS has lied, concealed information, falsified information, and has committed other acts that make it also vulnerable to suspicion on any number of fronts.

    Therefore, to play the devil’s advocate, let’s say that some of the things Ron appeared to have lied about do turn out to have a kernel of truth to them. That still wouldn’t change the fact that he clearly told some whoppers and that the CoS has been dishonest, too.

    Could government agencies also alter the truth? Absolutely. One great non-US example was the Katyn massacre of Polish officer in WW II. The Russians blamed the Germans and vice versa. The International Red Cross investigated and found evidence that the Germans could not have done it (wrong time of year based on forensic evidence like pollen in the mass graves). The Russians still denied it. Only under Gorbachev on the cusp of collapse of the USSR did the USSR government finally admit that Soviet troops had committed the atrocity (you may recall this being under the Gorbachev policies of glasnost (transparency) and perestroika (restructuring)).

    I suspect that CoS has always known the truth on the various details about Hubbard. Perhaps someday they will achieve their own glasnost and enlighten us all.

  62. In ADDITION to the voting on the abc website discussed above, you can also vote in the following ways:

    * Call 800-868-3411 You can call up to 12 times! Use your cell *and* your landline! Also, you can use this same number next week–not sure how long after the show though they keep the number working for that episode.

    *To vote online (via facebook): You can vote up to 9 times!

    Vote all 3 ways every Monday night after the show–let’s show her that we have her back!

  63. I tottaly get you Marty, and I saw that in you from the start

  64. I really “duplicated”that neaning I took the time to understand tour message. And I am proud that I Understand your message and will pay it forward.

    Hey David

  65. Sorry Marty for the Miss spellings

  66. one of those who see

    Thanks for posting CAT. I gotta say, I totally agree with Marty. I’m on the same path. I have the Tao Te Ching at home, but have ordered the translation he suggests. I have a book of wisdom from Buddha I read over and over. And I have gotten auditing in the Indie fields and will continue that too. Integrate is the way. It’s expansive, light and free.

    When going into the orgs to start service that Line from the Pink Floyd Song used to come to mind…”Welcome to the Machine.”
    So nice to be out and free. Excellent talk Marty. Loved it.

  67. Also playing devil’s advocate, you have just justified that it is OK to continue a lie, in order to protect the generality.
    The truth is the truth. The result is whatever it is.
    If you are a researcher, don’t shoot the messenger, look at the data.
    All the data will be very interesting to uncover. Maybe we can even handle the 3D incident of Scientology.

  68. You can vote on the 800 number up to ONE HOUR after the show ends …

    With your devices — up to 5PM the next day … and you can use all your devices to vote 9 times — PLUS if you have another email address you can vote 9 times on all your devices with that email address.

  69. Gayle aka TroubleShooter


    This video proves how much more effective a “live” communication is than the written due to it’s elimination of or effectiveness toward bringing about a greater understanding in what one is saying. I could NOT agree more with you on what you said above. I’ve seen OT VIIs on the “completion” checklist, the “auditing on-board” while this compiled list of arbitraries is raked through so the VII can “prove” that they are done with the level. One for one these people went down not UP in cause level, tone level, responsibility level by my observation while they were being “validated” as having reached this next to highest level of spiritual awareness that Scn has to offer on the processing side. That is the polar opposite of what it is that this path of discovery was to lead to – it’s the evidence of the alteration of the original postulates for the tech to be valuable in the first place. ANY application of it on ANY level no matter WHERE it is on the person’s gradechart journey that doesn’t consult the person’s personal goals, needs and desires is just not Scn.

    If one were to consider that the inevitable product of the Bridge journey was a person who quit their job to pursue that life long dream of sailing the world or moved to Mongolia to raise sheep and live in an yurt and weave blankets – then it would begin to parallel my own understanding of the value of the tech. IF that were what this person felt they needed to do to fulfill something in or about themselves then that’s what I work for.

    I really appreciated the visual for the benefit of getting a full color picture of what you believe.


  70. To clarify, I absolutely would not justify that it is okay to continue a lie to protect a generality. Nothing could be further from my view.

  71. I suspect that your logic is getting hung up in your emotion. Focus, I gather that you recently got out?

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