Wanted: Scientology Evidence

1.   Print editions of any Freedom magazines published since summer 2009 to the present.

2.  Any first hand witness to the following youtube channel and the video of our home – or any similar ones – depicted in the screen grab below:


3.  Evidence of David Miscavige, Religious Technology Center (RTC), Church of Scientology International (CSI), and any of their agents ordering or executing the destruction of evidence since July 2013.

If you have access to such evidence, please contact me at rathbunmark@yahoo.com.

62 responses to “Wanted: Scientology Evidence

  1. Well you can rest assured that the shredders, cell phone smashers and incinerators are in overdrive these days as Dave does his best to track and destroy everything he can think of. No doubt the smoke over Hemet is from the Rebel Base.

    Of course his big problem will be the known footage of all that the squirrelbusters documentary crew assembled over the course of their siege. That alone (day after day after day of digital recording) should create a massively huge statement if for no other reason by it’s sheer volume. And he cannot really deny it’s existence since there are recordings of them doing their recordings.

    I would love to see their version of the Car Wash!

    I expect some very weird behavior even though that is hard to imagine in the face of behavior that is beyond weird at present. Dave is an animal in a trap of his own design ……… prepare for impact!!!!!!

  2. And if you know of destruction of evidence or have destroyed evidence and are hiding this fact; when it comes out and someone tells the truth and you have been found to be obstructing justice…………….. The law will be all over your ass.

    You are protecting a madman DM. The evidence is coming out. Make life easier for yourself and salvage your life.

    Do you want to go to jail? Please help Marty in gathering evidence of criminal activity. Someone is going to fall.

    Do you want it to be you?

  3. No point running ‘Cause it’s coming your way:

    Comin out of nowhere
    Drivin like rain
    Stormbringer dance
    On the thunder again
    Dark cloud gathering
    Breaking the day
    No point running
    cause its coming your way

    Ride the rainbow
    Crack the sky
    Stormbringer coming
    Time to die
    Got to keep running
    Stormbringer coming
    Hes got nothing you need
    Hes gonna make you bleed

    Rainbow shaker
    On a stallion twister
    Bareback rider
    On the eye of the sky
    Stormbringer coming down
    Meaning to stay
    Thunder and lightning
    Heading your way

    Ride the rainbow
    Crack the sky
    Stormbringer coming
    Time to die
    Got to keep running
    Stormbringer coming
    Hes got nothing you need
    Hes gonna make you bleed

    Coming out of nowhere
    Drivin like a-rain
    Stormbringer dance
    On the thunder again
    Dark cloud gathering
    Breaking the day
    No point running
    cause its coming your way

  4. dunno if this helps somehow but good luck anyway…

  5. Regarding the screen grab: Without saying too much, it was very short lived. I just hope someone else saw it so that what I told Marty can be corroborated.

  6. To OSA reading this. I know you have been trained to only look at these blogs as SPs. I know you have been trained to deny any inkling of truth that your mind brings up when reading these blogs.

    This is what happens in your mind:

    You come to the blog to help fight the SPs, ok, that is a good thing, to fight people that seek to harm people. OK thus far, I am with you.

    Then this happens:

    At some point when you read these blogs something happens to you. You see that what a person, an SP is saying may be true.

    Then you mind or training kicks in. You deny a piece of evidence that you are starting to see with: if I agree with this blog, or one or two of the people, I will loose my friends, family and eternity because I will be seen as an SP also.

    What you are doing is denying your integrity to have the power to see and know for yourself. The very thing you got into Scientology to overcome: being effect, being controlled by others is now happening with the job they have given you.

    You have not been allowed to have your own point of view. If you see something wrong in a senior, some behavior, some power tripping, you are not allowed to communicate it because you know you will be punished.

    Is that the road to freedom? Fear of communication because you will be punished? Isn’t that why you became a Scientologist? To be free and happy?

    You have recreated the same situation for yourself. Only this time you can’t blow it off and go to the movies. Can’t call up your friends and talk about it over a beer or whatever. Because they have convinced you that they are the only one’s to save the planet. Just like Fundamentalist Christians saying if you don’t believe in Jesus you will go to hell.

    That little voice in your head that you self suppress because your seniors will have your head is the voice of YOU.

    And don’t let the thought,” what will happen to me if I get declared, Scientology is the only life I know?”

    You are much stronger than that. You have more power than you think.

    Please think it over. Use your own thoughts, your own reality. That is why you became a Scientologist. To be free. Not an unhappy slave to an authority that causes unhappiness. You have given them their power.

    AND YOU CAN TAKE IT AWAY! DO IT!! Your life depends on it, please, think about it. You may have to be deceptive to escape. Do not share anything. Leave before they gang bang sec check you. DO IT!!!

  7. Anonymus may have access to some of what you need. And this link sure will do: http://tonyortega.org/2013/07/31/scientology-admits-connection-to-slimy-anonymous-attack-sites-again/

  8. Best of luck in finding what you need, in establishing TRUTH, and bringing to JUSTICE, those responsible for abusing and violating it. I will ask and look, try to do what I can, wishing I could do more. And I hope others will too.
    This is important.

  9. Markthehungarian

    I can add nothing but goodwill from Budapest, so that will have to suffice.

    I’m so glad you’ve begun to apply just a little bit of pressure. I hope you get TONS of replies and evidence you can use.

    Fingers crossed!

  10. I have nothing to offer but motivating others

  11. I wish I could oblige. I have a PDF scan of a Freedom from 2009, but that’s not hardcopy.

  12. If they do not provide this evidence themselves – at least the Freedom mags – it is complete contempt of the judicial process, if this has not been demonstrated already. Without abandoning your quest, I would be equally concerned with new inventive or desperate attempts to apply the Manual of Justice. Good luck on all of it.

  13. singanddanceall

    Dear OSA,

    Do you really want a world run by Scientology?

  14. I might have kept some and will check when I can.

    In the spirit of MLK day, and thinking of freedom, and thinking of M. Headley’s excellent book “Blown for Good,” this popped into my brain tonight, as an adaptation of McCartney’s “Band on the Run.”

    “Men On The Run – Blown”

    Stuck inside these four walls
    Sent inside for ever
    Never seeing no one, nice again,
    Like you, mama
    You, mama… you…
    If I ever get out of here

    Thought of giving it all away.
    To a reg for charity
    All I need is to blow today
    Can I ever get out of here?
    (Can I ever get out of here?)

    Well the gate exploded with a mighty crash
    As we fell into the road
    And the first one said to the second one there
    I hope we make it home.

    Men on the run; men on the run
    And the trailer man, and sailor Dave,
    Were searching everyone
    For the men on the run…

    Well, the freedom watch drew a heavy sigh
    Seeing no one else had come
    And the siren rang in the Int Base square
    For the men on the run,

    Men on the run…
    Well the night was failing
    As the Gold Base world began to settle down
    In the town they’re searching for us everywhere
    But we never will be found

    Men on the run; men on the run
    And the county judge, who held a grudge
    Said to stop the search right now.
    For the men on the run
    Men on the run

  15. I checked my bookshelves for Freedoms. I did a major clean up of all of my Scientology stuff recently and threw quite a bit of that stuff in the trash. All of my Freedoms and box’s of WTH pamphlets,a box of unsold DMSMH books, etc. Boy I sure was a bot.
    I really hope you guys find everything you need.

  16. Brian: Why be reasonable with a f*****g moron type like an OSA goon?
    I absolutely cannot stand those people. I don’t even care WHAT is reasonable about them. 🙂 The patience the Church of Scientology ever musters in the world is for the still confused and in the dark thetans still misguided and looking for their way. A misguided thetan?- I would help. A misguided OSA?-I would not. I absolutely cannot stand the Church of Scietnology. 🙂

  17. Beautiful sentiment. I hope some OSA staff read this and cognite.

  18. Hey Lawrence, I get it. But I have only two words to say….. Marty and Mike. Nuff said

  19. morelivesthanacat

    You probably have this, but here’s the Squirrel busters video from their cameras. Also, this YouTube channel purports to mirror and save the various propaganda videos put out by the church. They’ve got a bunch, including Scn event videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3OrMsvJ1xY

  20. I don’t know if this will be of any use, but the Wayback Machine appears to have archived a number of the online Freedumb mags:

    Warning! Link goes to a whole lot of snarky propaganda.

  21. Well maybe not nuff said. Let me get on my high horse:

    It is hate of criticsim, hate of people being critical, hate hate hate hate that Lientology engendered in people with words of attack attack attack.

    Some of Ron’s words gave people “spiritual” reasons to hate.

    Yesterday we celebrated here in America Martin Luther Kings birthday. He will forever be considered a hero because he was a true disciple of Christ.

    Love, love is what was missing in Ron’s heart. Love is what was missing in Scientology.

    Gandhi shook the hand of the man responsible for killing and enslaving Hindus. He will always be remembered as a Mahatma. Maha means great and atma means soul.

    To love is a sign of greatness. To bad Ron did not practice what he preached. If he did, none of us would be here on this blog. We may all still be Scientologists.

    There, now I can get off the high horse.

  22. Sorry, my horse is not done with me.

    It is possible that the whole of the western world has been civilized from this one statement:

    “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    And Lincoln said,” if you want to destroy your enemy, make them your friend.”

    These sentiments at the same time do not mean being a doormat to misguided idiots. Fiercly standing up for principles is true power and integrity. Sometimes love is fierce to protect the innocent. But love is also transformative. To the right receptive soul playing the game of evil it can bring them back into the light. You have all seen it done through granting of beingness. That is love, only love.

  23. If all the broken hearted Scientologists left out in the cold through the brutality of the doctrines of war could all at the same time send healing vibrations of love to all the execs, it would begin to melt the energetic structure of hate.
    Like a blast of radiant heat it would begin to melt the steely hearts of misguided fools.
    But the least of what it would do is heal the hearts of the sender. For nothing dark could ever be where there is love; nothing.

  24. That will be a living nightmare, something like this:

    That cult would never die till the stars came right again, and the secret priests would take great Cthulhu from His tomb to revive His subjects and resume His rule of earth. The time would be easy to know, for then mankind would have become as the Great Old Ones; free and wild and beyond good and evil, with laws and morals thrown aside and all men shouting and killing and reveling in joy.

    H.P. Lovecraft “The Call of Cthulhu”

  25. Cat, perhaps you can post on ESBM and WWP? I don’t know how to do that but if Marty posted it here he will no mind it posted anywhere else.

  26. Marty, I can feel it. There are staff that know reading and figuring out how and where to go to contact you where they won’t find out. Go to the library and you will not be discovered as long as you use a fake name to post with.

    I did it for 2 years from my home computer (which was new and unknown) and was not ‘found out’ until the point when I did not care and used my real name and also shared my old so all was discoverable. I ‘lost’ two of my kids over it and don’t get to see my first grandchild ~ but I’m proud of how I feel and how I think and I’m very fortunate to be able to say what I think without re-percussion I can’t have. I can have what happens in life and can contribute knowing I do care about others and want the best for them and do not need the Sea Org support and the thinking I was helping while at the same time not. I was betrayed but only because I betrayed myself.

    Find a computer and contact Marty. Marty is spending his life finding and publishing truth. I’m sure that is you want too.

  27. It has been posted by others. I am confident this request will be met, be it from Scientologists or Ex-Scientologists.

  28. Hi;

    It may not be a hard copy, but if it has something useful, a hard copy could be demanded from the CofS during disclosures and such.

  29. It would be lulzy if they get with modern times and make Freedom Magazine available online

    Not happening because Scientology is stuck in the 1950ties when L Ron Hubbard stopped thinking

  30. Beautifully put 🙂 x

  31. If DM were ordered to produce documents such as magazine articles and such, and those documents were then shown to have been altered in order to affect this case, that would be quite incriminating.
    Time to pull his overts.

  32. Here is a really large collection of Scientology materials, including Freedom magazines:


    Good Luck!

  33. Cast of Monty Python version of the “Life of Scientology”
    PONTIUS PILATE: played by David Miscavige
    CENTURIONS: The Church of Scientology International executives
    BIGGUS DICKUS: Tom Cruise 🙂

  34. Saint Nick lived in the Times of Constantine

  35. wow Cece , you are beyond brave.
    Sorry I can’t help with evidence

  36. Communicator IC

    Off topic, but I believe this matter will be of interest to the people in this community. I also believe it is of some importance. I’m sure Barbara’s mother would greatly appreciate any information anyone can provide.

    Where is Scientology keeping Barbara Cordova Oliver? Her 80 year-old mother wants to know.

    Back on topic: Marty’s above post will be cross-posted.

  37. Marty, perhaps some of what you seek can be found elsewhere, in a different language, in a different country. Is Freedom Mag published in other countries, or sent to other countries, is it in other languages? Perhaps persons elsewhere have copies in English, but may never visit this site since it is not in their native tongue.

  38. Non compliance from DM with his senior in Texas? Naaaaaa
    DM vs The state of Texas? He really manages to get himself in some pickles doesn’t he? I think he has a present time problem. And some with holds. Overts and ARCX’s too. That guys ruds must be out.

  39. singanddanceall

    if the scientology ruled the world,

    there would never be an advancement of technology,

    everybody would be trying to go “clear” and “ot”

  40. Let’s put together a world wide protest – a peaceful protest. Everyone that is out meet at your local Org and form a circle around the building holding hands and just intend love to the poor souls inside the building. They would look outside and see their friends and family. Just think about that effect!! Love is the answer even though it is so easy to hate. I hate the Organization but I do love the poor lost souls inside the trap!!

  41. Dear OSA,

    Per LRH tech, by not writing up David Miscavage’s crimes, you are guilty of them yourself (reference: Knowledge Reports in the Ethics book).

    By ignoring real facts and stats, you are guilty of what you are forwarding, whether it’s an order to do it or not.

    Join the free. Take real Scientology tech with you. Leave the crimes and invalidation behind.

  42. Brian, thanks for letting me know. The other day someone said to me “You should forgive that church for what they did, it is in the past now”. Not really. Should Lisa McPherson forgive the church for what they did to her? That was not even L. Ron Hubbard philosophy being applied. Should the church be forgiven for what they did to Paulette Cooper? Paulette Cooper is not even a declared SP because she was never even a member of the church. So I can understand your reasoning, yes, but I can understand mine as well. 🙂

  43. Nice Cat Daddy. I always say this to my wife.

  44. threefeetback

    Wallace, Having a problem formulating an appeals strategy from the peanut gallery?

  45. High profile person in the courtroom today has caused the news of David Miscavige and his misdeeds and the Church of Scientology and it’s misdeeds, to blow up into a media firestorm.

    Unbelievable move for spreading out P.R. faster than the speed of sound!

  46. singanddanceall

    Per the report given today on the Underground Bunker,

    “Waldrip had also wondered out loud about so much money being spent on a simple thing like MIscavige’s deposition.”


    Well, what is this thing called a “deposition”?
    Is it not in fact a wog version of a sec check?

    In scientology, if you refuse a sec check, if I recall correctly, isn’t that grounds for expulsion?

    But, additionally, if DM so clean and pure, why won’t he allow himself to be deposed, to answer questions truthfully under oath, with no e-meter or with a e-meter?

    Shoot, now that I think about it, if DM said he’ll be deposed with the use of an e-meter for all to see,

    why, DM can prove to the world scientology works.

  47. After reading the synopsis of today’s proceedings I finally understood why miscavige needs so many lawyers.

    The truth is now so obvious that it takes that many legal minds to invent new and improved ways to squirm out of having to take any responsibility for his crimes and high crimes.

  48. I completely understand yours. Love can be pissed. Love is not blind to atricities. And love can come down on evil like a hammer. But when the hammer drops and evil is dealt a final blow, hate is not an essential quality of justice.
    Believe me Lawrence, I have been pretty intense of my skewering of Hubbard. But love is also a strategy to defeat hate. A potent weapon.

  49. That is a very theta idea. Unfortunately the Org’s security might shoot us and they would surely call the police on us. I think they fear anything coming in off the street now. The place has gone a bit type 3.

  50. Brian:
    That was an important post for many reasons. Love is a far more basic part of a person’s being than most realize. It is the true source of magic.

  51. I think David Miscavige’s attempts to threaten, intimidate, overwhelm and bully that Judge in Texas, have done nothing to improve his situation.

  52. Good point. Mark, do you have a soft-copy of the August 2009 Freedom? It has that pic of DM on the cover with how he is “at the helm of Scientology’s explosive growth”

  53. I’ve never been a scientologiost, but I am a critic. (To be clear, I have no problems with “independent scis” (even though I have a problem with racist L. Ron) — its the “church” I take issue with.) Anyway, just wanted to say that I really hope you get the info you need and that Monique emerges victorious. Pulling for you both!

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