Attached is a 2006 publication of the church of Scientology International.  It details the statistics of the Invest (Investigations) Bureau (the espionage and intelligence branch of Scientology’s dirty tricks and propaganda arm, Office of Special Affairs).   It carefully measures Scientology Inc’s accomplishment of the aims of Scientology as explored recently in several posts. The quality of the lives of the dozens of staff of OSA Invest are determined by whether these statistics are uptrending week to week or whether they are downtrending.  If the statistics are uptrending the staff member is not punished and is sometimes rewarded. If the statistics go downward, the staff members responsible can lose pay, lose eating or sleeping privileges, and be made to perform hard manual labor (in addition to a full work schedule) in order to make good with the group.  All of these statistics are carefully designed to add up to the ‘valuable final products’ of the Investigations Bureau, one of which is: ENEMIES OF SCIENTOLOGY DEPOPULARIZED TO THE POINT OF TOTAL OBLITERATION.

Note well that one of  the first Hubbard references that these statistics are based upon per the publication itself is ADVICE 27 Mar 1972 COUNTER ATTACKS TACTICS.  We have explored the implications of that publication before, e.g. ‘Standing one’s ground’,  and no doubt will do so again in the future.  It explicitly states that when you cannot shut up a whistleblower by costing him or her their job you then effectively attack that which he or she most values (in most cases, that means spouses, children and other family members of the target).  If there was any doubt that it is currently enforced, you see it here prominently highlighted in modern OSA context.

Investigations Statistics Issue


  1. I think they should have an Obliteration Birthday Game. Excellent document, thank you.

  2. Unbelievable. I especially liked “STANDARD TECH COUNTERESPIONAGE REVIEWS”

    Boy, you’d think with all these stats that these people would be effective.

    What is interesting is that when Mosey wins her suit, that counts 100 points against them… for that week only! The week after, all is well, and the stat goes back to zero as if nothing had happened.

  3. Thank you greatly, Marty, for making the details of OSA operations known broadly. Through detailed understanding, we have a chance of preventing a repeat of similar criminal cultures in groups we are associated with in our future activities. Most people don’t know how easily this mindset can sneak up you,

  4. This isn’t meant as J/D, but their stats must look awful. However, with the reward system in mind (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reward_system) it is no wonder the SQB went completely crazy. As each week passes without success, they must step up the pressure – or leave the church, an idea that apparently has only occurred to a few OSA staff members. They are trained like Pavlovian dogs.

  5. I’m wondering if any Ex-DSAs, or present ones, or other OSA personnel, can walk us through a real life application of turning in your stats for the week.

    What real life actions, with names of real “enemies” and situations would be translated into your stats, and how many points did you get?

    Let’s get real here: How has this been actually applied in the real world to real people?


  6. The Landlord wanting his rent is seen as an attacker? I did post on this blog once that the Sea Org was a ghetto.

  7. It’s their religious right you know.

  8. A picket a day keeps the graph in play.

  9. Are all the OSA NW orders available?

  10. Marty, you stated off as a 100 point negative stat for OSA, and the weekly penalties for being unhandled after so many years must be off the charts. Even so, I’m looking forward to them being penalized another 100 points for ‘significant suit lost’.

  11. This ‘product’ has definitely NO ethical and human ‘value’.
    And based on the statistics’ document one can conclude the sats are crashing.
    Working to destroy other(s) will only end in destroying the group itself. This VFPs have zero indicative of sanity, is like an underground world.
    I, and many others Marty, keep backing you up.

  12. It is chilling reading this. Marty, can you publish each OSA NW Order Reference that you mention? Not all at once but from time to time? It is just evil that the leader of a church would have an underground inner workings whose sole existence is to crush opposition by any means possible, and they are all above the law because their purpose is so “pure.” No other church operates like the mob and mafia like ours does, which is one of the many reasons why it is NOT a religion. Whatever happened to “turn the other cheek?” I spoke out and they couldn’t shut me up so they took my kids. The day the church crumbles and DM either kills himself or goes to jail or flees with all the money cannot come soon enough. Keep doing what you do to put pressure on them Marty. And publish your next tell-all book. Get a safe place, hire your own PI’s and write your heart out. The truth needs to come out and disclosure of where all the bodies are buried needs to come out. Godspeed!

  13. Wow. I wonder how many “unhanded attackers” there are now??
    I don’t know of many that “disappear” or are “Obliterated”

  14. Just think everybody, every time we post here, some poor OAS staffer is being hit by ‘ethics’ to the point where the person will have no choice but to bail out just to survive, and at that point, begin to survive, be enlightened, and wake up!

    A picket a day keeps the graph in play.

  15. I’ve seen that second step of “attacking that which he or she most values” used to handle a business dispute between a Scientologist employer and her Scientologist employee at San Francisco Foundation Org. When the out-ethics “upstat” couldn’t shut up my wife’s reports on her labor code violations, the “upstat” attacked me by writing numerous hidden false reports. Once I found out about this, I asked to see my ethics folder, since I had not been cc’d on any of the reports. After months of petitioning, I finally got to see my ethics folder, but by then it had been vetted. Anything SFOF HCO didn’t want me to see had been parked out of reach in my pc folder. This was verified by the poor Tech Sec at San Francisco Mission, who saw the reports in question.

  16. One must assume the life of someone in OSA is permanent punishment.
    Anonymous has been picketing everywhere for 6 years now. Numerous websites permanently attacking CO$ on a daily basis: Tony O, Mike, Marty and Karen just for starters. Media attacks on a weekly basis if not more often.

    Maybe 8 years ago OSA Int was down to 25 staff. My recall is that this was from a reliable source but I can’t recall who or what now.

    Anyone know how many people do they have now?

  17. Hartley Patterson

    I remember that one, it was the reason picketers had to be identified or at least labelled (“girl with long red hair” etc) as each new one added 5 points but old ones did not.
    Then in 2008 along came lots of people in masks. Arggh! Enemies must be identified!! Hire PIs, follow, identify, identify!

  18. Michael Fairman

    I didn’t think I had anything left to regurgitate.

  19. The CO$ atacks itself, you onley need to report about it,

    Nice to see the $ thing stick with regards to the CO$. That was a one of the aims of Chanology

  20. A truly bizarre aspect of all of this is that every single one of the attacks these people are handling were created by the group’s founder, or one of the groups own cherished adherents. Fraud, tax evasion, false promises, blackmail, extortion, forced abortions, lies, criminal harassment to the point of torture with malicious intent, tearing apart families…the list is nearly endless.

    All this noise, turmoil and destruction demonstrably emanating from “the most ethical group on the planet.”

  21. Identify for statistical purposes so as to avoid an crashing stat and punishment? This is where checks and balances are needed just to ensure the op doesn’t go completely off the rails.

    And while that PI was driving one of his flashy cars, SO members were starving. This group does not have its priorities straight by any measure.

  22. Question! Would it be the duty of the RTC to see that this example of “spiritual technology” remain “pure” and unspoiled?

  23. martyrathbun09

    lol 🙂

  24. Imagine being someone like Frits Kevenaar and having to
    immerse yourself in writing programs to handle all this
    crap hitting the church on now a daily basis. I really feel
    for him.

  25. And preferably undisclosed.

  26. And taxpayers are helping fund this. I hope from the phoenix that rises from the ashes of this disgusting organization is BETTER LAWS and BETTER REGULATION OF TAX-EXEMPT ORGANIZATIONS.

  27. Alanzo, this might apply to everyone here. Your notoriety makes you a possible example. You were/are an Underground Bunker poster, and now your here too. Possibly your in other forums as well. Does that make you a local, regional, or national attacker. Are you valued at 5,10, or 50 points. And do they have to count that value week after week until your finally shut up?

  28. Ιnternet Monitoring I/C

    Internet Sit Alerts…. hahaha…what a statistic

    This guy must be downstat all the time… Unless we are NOT Sit(s) anymore with all the things we write here, in blogs on Facebook, Twitter etc. Hahaha. I mean how can you even monitor all of those sits? lol

    Unless he/she does a CSW to keep excluding all of those “stupid” guys who keep writing the same old stuff. See I was never much into such tactics and attacks or monitorings and security stuff etc. etc. All I know is that all of those stats looks so complicated and weird and I would like to know how LRH run the show. I mean it couldn’t be that complicated.


    This explains the slander and smear campaigns run on Freezoners and Independents by plants. The witch hunts that got initiated. The conflict that got generated.

    One savvy plant worked to create a civil war out here between Indies and Freezoners! How convenient! Create a war between them and take down all of them! On their own dime! Then worked to create a civil war between KSWers (fundamentalists) and the “Squirrels”.

    Wow, does this blow charge for me! This is spiritual war fare, NOT spiritual enlightenment!

    I could make a list right now of people that have got to be on OSA payroll! Those that have methodically started up witch hunts out here to unmock people (Depopularize)

    Funny how they will not come straight out on the memo and state “unmock them”, as that is known to be an evil purpose. So, they can’t say, “Get riding on this evil purp”. They rephrase it to “depopularize”.

    The definition of a sadist is someone who takes PLEASURE in other’s suffering. If getting your stats up by unmocking people isn’t sadistic I don’t know what is. This is sadism. Plants are sadists! OSA is promoting sadism! They may even recruit these people by going through their P.C. folders to find out who can be trusted to wallow in sadism! Or who has a history of abuse! The ones I suspected, were WALLOWING in sadism and socially abusive! Also seemed to devote time to the Indie / Freezone movement with no evidence of working or income. Hence, Church payroll. This is FRAUD. Criminal FRAUD.

    This is very dark, very dark indeed. This is really valuable information. Thanks for posting Marty.

  30. Jean-François Genest

    The duty of RTC is to create and enforce Mental Rape.

  31. Jean-François Genest

    Thank you for the hatting (training).
    I hope this OSA information/documentation makes it into the courts of law for judges and attorneys to read, evaluate, and use.

  32. Jean-François Genest

    When one thinks about it: each time an OSA staff member gets punished, it makes US upstat ↑.
    I am currently conniving what, and how much trouble I can cause to my local OSA Canada + org DSAs. There are plenty of scientologists who operate WISE businesses in Toronto and Montréal. CLO Canada Sea Org members need to walk to and from the building to go to their berthing sleeping quarters.

    We can start by publicizing that the current mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, is a practicing Scientologist.

  33. YAH! Thanks for posting! I needed some good news! Picked me right up off the floor! XXOO

  34. What we’d do in the old ARS days would be to get a game going to see who could get the highest rating as a critic, local, national or international, and get a coloured star on their forehead, a different colour for each category. each time it was successful.

    Anonymous gets a gold star on their forehead all the time, so they can’t play.

  35. These written works that Ron wrote that his willing hounds read, demoed and applied, is evidence of a disturbed and dangerous mind.

    It is astounding how Ron appologists justify this diabolical madness from a madman.

    There is no dialog with true believers.

    They would find good reason for Ron doing anything.

    True believers are actually emotional in nature. No matter how intellectual and reasonable their rhetoric is.

  36. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Wow, page 14! Is it saying what it is saying, that CofS services area business!?

    In Canada, the CofS was determined by court to be a business which sells a religion!

    Read page 14 of the judge’s order.

  37. Heh, at my first Org picket (LRH’s birthday 2009) some of the local clowns followed me back on the train, but I managed to dodge them somewhere in the city. Wonder if I’ve still got a file there.

  38. WOO HOO!

  39. Oh Vicar –

    I’ve been told repeatedly how unimportant I am from OSA personnel. One OSA Int guy stood in my living room in his Sea Org uniform, after having flown 2000 miles to meet with me and give me something, tell me how unimportant I was while he handed me what he had flown out to give me.

    So no. I’m sure OSA has never even thought about me.


  40. William W Franks

    I find it quite ironic that rathbun ,having done what he did and make no mistake, he was a major participant in this criminal activity, now goes to the american legal system to get redress/profit for crimes he committed.Personally, I find this a charade and in a different way this self created, soi disant hero, just doing more of the same shit. I think that those that support this poseur might have cause to reconsider what they are participating in.


    Maybe Ron was right about the 180 degree reverse vector of the physical universe. $cientology has at least depopularized themselves to a point of total ridicule and contempt. I guess obliteration is their real end goal and they are well on their way to accomplishing it.

  42. If and or when a government enforcement agency (of the USA) receives such a document, do they do anything at all about it? Or do they simply dismiss it? Or do they even receive documents like the one above?

    It makes clear the insanity as well as the insidiousness of the international organization called the Scientology.

    And while I doubt insanity and insidiousness are crimes, surely the misuse of ‘church’ funds would be, no? Hello IRS? no? Jimmy Baker, hello? yes?


  43. Marty And Mosey,
    Congratulations on you victory today!

  44. David Miscavige, Your CSW was disapproved. I think it is healthy for you to have an actual staff member experience with a senior. Don’t take it too hard. The people working under you, have been living with this for decades, as a way of life. And they have to write their own CSWs.

  45. indie8million

    Does this sound familiar? I’m certain that the hole and other techniques used on dissenters of Scientology are being done as a result of Miscavige studying materials such as these. It’s evil, and it may be hard to confront, but it might also be true. You see what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwJUfcPR6Fk

  46. Good post, Mark.

    Champagne toast to you.
    High fives to awesome Ray Jeffrey and his team.
    The Judge sees through Church LIES and thuggery and 22 gang bang Lawyers shaningans and rules against the Church awarding Court Costs and attorney fees to Ray Jeffrey, Mosey Rathbun lawyer.
    But the Game changer is in his findings, he finds the Church a BUSINESS and rules as such.
     “As Defendants, CSI, asserts and argues, Mark Rathbun’s activity of offering Scientology services is a business.
    If so, the Churches own activity of offering services IS ALSO A BUSINESS!”

    The Church has shown the world of litigation that its abusive litigation techniques, thuggery, lying to the Court, fudging the facts, presenting contrary facts. filing frivolous motions results in a ruling that is seeing right through their hot air and bogus shenanigans. It was a smack down that was humiliation. This will make the law journals and be a forthcoming reference point. How wild is that. Scientology Inc engages in constant humiliation and dear Karma retaliates.

    Read the Ruling

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/212525834/Mon … ion-Denied

  48. I’m a little pissed off Dave. I got somewhat played. My doubts are behind me. I lied. My patience with you ends.

  49. Not to imply that I am vindictive or ded ded exing like you are. But I no longer feel obligated to with hold or protect you.

  50. congrats to Mosey….

  51. and Marty, tnx for dox.

  52. How strange that it is you now, and not me, that is
    on the edge of the night. Instead of me.

  53. Natural Philosopher

    Congratulations Mosey, an excellent win based on an accurate estimate of the situation!
    Here’s another estimate, for the benefit of Gavino and Fritz, which maybe they should add into their stats to keep them up:
    DM is actively diverting Scientology and Dianetics from their true aims into a building Ponzi scheme, using an IAS donations program designed to eradicate the Command Channels of the organization and shut down delivery and exchange. He is doing this by bankrupting individual organizations while beefing up reserves in terms of gold and property holding. All so that he can keep up his pay of over $100,000 plus expenses. Now if you find the why for that with a spot-on eval, I will award you with 1000 points and a day off. I don’t think I am far off the mark. Splurge on it!

  54. Why would you matter? Like David Miscavie You are only a product of what you have taught and have zero origination. You subscribe to this. People only forward the ones that taught them. That makes you a zero here. As you assess DM’s value. Someone everyone should disregard because it is not YOU. It is the person that taught you.

  55. I have just read the good news on Tony O´s site. WOW! Congratulations to you both! It appears Judge Waldrip is a man of personal integrity who has the courage to say out loud what he himself has observed. I couldn´t be happier for you – and all the rest of us out here, who will be greatly influenced by the verdict in this case. You have my admiration for your persistance and determination!

    Sometimes i wonder if DM´s 22 lawyers aren´t secretly plotting to take down the little tyrant, who keeps on insisting on his “religious right” to ruin other people´s lives. The way he keeps on walking into his own traps, while surrounded by so much and so expensive expertise is mindboggling to say the least. I know you say, he´s the one, who tells the lawyers what to do, but it seems they aren´t protesting his suggestions. What a farce! Oh well – maybe he´s just tired of not getting caught and put to justice. Yet!

  56. By then who the fuck cares who hipped you? You assess you ,and everyone else at ZERO value and ZERO potential and the ones that taught you at all value.

    O.K.. Fine. The teachers are cause in your world. And the student total effect. Not sure where you went to school but O.K..

    And then you get on here and effort to TEACH in an obsessive way. Everyone else is the dumb fuck student at total effect. But not you.

    You accuse everyone else of being a dumb assed student total effect and no potential, while YOU on the same note need to run around and correct the math. You have the only “right” answer.

    You get up on the internet and effort to degrade me and “challenge” my views and dismiss me as clueless.

    Do you think that takes away from me? Some, inadvisable theft? Pride or honor? Taking away a person’s treasure that is invisible? Pride, honor, face, certainty, etc etc. You can steal invisible things. People can still have losses yet can not name a solid object gone. You can take another person’s sanity. That is very invisible.

    I have reached out to you over and over and over and over, over YEARS.

    My reach for you has been met with slap, after slap, after slap. We have been in some marketplace where I offered treasure, attention, care, love interest towards you. Not for me. I was not the beneficiary.

    If you can not accept simple kindness from me, I mean, who else will have a win with you? You think you can make me think there is something wrong with Hubbard because he failed? And me? You think I have issues with failing? I am used to being wrong, wrong is a comfort zone for me. I failed too. So why would I blame him? We are on the same page.

    WHO has had a win loving or helping you?

    I gave you my heart, had zero value. Whatever I gave you, you needed so much more. From ALL of us. You constantly run on us that we have a debt we can not ever pay.

    You don’t know what PAY means.

    I know what PAY means.

    I have NEVER been accused of hats not wearing. People like you, give ME reasons to live. Help and mercy. Let’s keep it real and your Lording over others is going to be an unattainable goal if you can not admit their value. You have the same message as HUbbard.

  57. Correction:
    Most people don’t know how easily this mindset can sneak up [ON] you,”

    It’s funny how words can be in your mind but not make it all the way down to your fingers (keyboard).
    Marildi, thanks for the ack.

  58. Congrats MOSEY! What a glorious day! The Judge sees that Scientology is a business. The next step – get them out of the realm of “religion” and make them operate as a business! IRS – remove their tax exempt status. There is NOTHING religious about Scientology! It is a business that abuses and exploits people for money and slave labor! It is criminal and needs to be shut down!

    Thank you everyone who has fought to tell the truth!

    The lies and abuse are catching up with David Miscavige and his cult! The days of harassing and stalking and hurting people are over – thanks to you all who stood up and refused to be suppressed!

    Mosey – I can only imagine how hard it was to deal with the scum bag cult harassing you endured – but your courage to speak up will help so many that can’t or are too afraid. A Big HUG to you! THANK YOU!!!

  59. I am very happy for you, Mosey. I wish you and your family ever increasing happiness 🙂

  60. martyrathbun09

    Dr. Franks, when and where did you meet me in order to obtain the observation and information required to make such an authoritative evaluation?

  61. When I was asked by Prof Hugh Urban what I thought should be future research papers on Scientology, I told him Office of Special Affairs needed in depth study and a chapter or book.

    This statistic proposed issue for OSA’s statistics, is a chapter all by itself.

    There is a lot of history leading up to this stat breakdown that drives Office of Special Affairs today, and agreed, the issues supporting the various stats are in the form of the OSA NW Orders and other LRH writings on intel and so forth.

    This truy is the backbone of their daily lives. They think stats and the public actions, “enemies” I noticed get a certain amount of points, depending on if the attacker is local, national or international.

    It is unfortunately really serious business as usual, this issue shows.

    But, I being out so long out of the Sea Org, wondered, in jest, shouldn’t international celebrities get MORE points if they turn on Scientology compared to measly international critics?

    I also wondered why so few points for government attacks? I thought government attacks and lawsuits would be worth more damaging points.

    Per this proposed statistics issue, I’d have expected the banning of Scientology in a country out to get serious negative points.

    This issue really is not long range, for instance in countries where Scientology is banned, like I think in parts of Russia or former Soviet Union, that this ought to have some kind of points on this stats issue.

    There are frankly, some convenient loopholes on this issue, in OSA’s favor, so as not to make them too downstat in terms of the whole world’s attitude to them.

    I bet there is a whole history to the stats, the numbers, causing all kinds of backlash and apathy and reaction in OSA, to the staffers, due to past stats being anti their morale in the end of the day, due to all the negative stats.

    This stats system is really so open to falsifying also. The keeping up with all of the negative media, and who to count on the stats, plus and minus, each week, is a massive chore, the greater Scientology is known about.

    I pressume massive negative critics and players who go public, at protests, are downgraded in status, so those players and protesters are NOT given the bigger stat values.

    A lot of shuffling of attacker’s status can go on, and approval to downgrade or upgrade attackers in status, is done behind the scenes, and thus that is the zone I think they in OSA have trouble when some superior asks about why the heck is such and such person NOT considered a major attacker? That kind of questioning then makes OSA stats people then rush around and correct their back statistics to match the status corrections they are forced to make on their attackers.

    The behind the scenes story of how they play around and decide who is neutralized, who goes OFF the stats, who is counted as handled, all is subjective, and that’s where falsifying of the stats takes place.

    The subjective nature of deciding attackers, and ordering their value, is where they get in trouble with this type of stats system, and OSA has a long history of trying to correctly give numerical value to their enemies and the enemy actions.

    It truly is something that ought be source for a paper, and there are plenty of ex members and even some ex GO people who ought be interviewed on all this.

    I’d love someday some ex OSA CIC helper defector person if they have the time, to give more history.

    Thanks so much, this is good solid OSA history stuff!

  62. 5 points “Guy with the Xenu Caused the Wall of Fire T shirt”

  63. I thought that international celebrities who defect and write books, ought to be worth more than 100 points.

    I thought if Freedom Medal Winners defect and do negative media, that ought to get them more points also.

    And Tom Cruise, if he defects and speaks out, that should be worth more than 100 points!

  64. Oracle –

    This is an over-emotional screed that begins at an imaginary point where something is not happening, and takes off from there. It’s important to try to use reason, and to be grounded in reality when you write something.


    Take a load off.

    Have a Gatorade.


  65. Perhaps my thinking is a bit simplistic, but a stat kept on an overt product is an overt stat and overt stat system. The quest is to find the individuals who created and promoted these harmful practices. Marty, with assistance, is having success at this. It is a correct action.

  66. William, in my view, in judging the character of a man, it is not the past that defines him – it is the present, where he is going, not where he has been.

    No doubt Marty was involved in this crap. And at present, he is a major reason why it is being deconstructed.

    He deserves all of our support.I am sure there are people out there hurt by Marty when he was a true believer.

    But know he is on the good guy side.

    The best guy to help gang members to get out of gangs are guys that were in gangs and now out.

    Marty is doing good NOW.

  67. Plus, based on the fact that Hubbard built a totally secret, closed up Intel apparatus. How does anyone can find out about this lunacy, if not from the inside?

    It is a hero’s journey.

  68. Its clear that Marty has recovered from his years in the cult, and that he has a very large circle of friends and helps a great many people. His blog advice has helped me. That seems to bother the shit out of you. Instead of being jealous, and your comments reek of it, get busy creating a better life for yourself.

  69. Marty, Dr. Franks, readers.
    The details and particulars of operations of the church over the last few years can become quite complex. But the overall picture with regards to Mr. Rathbun is not that complicated.

    Marty, along with the group he was attached to, committed harmful acts. Marty recognized the harmful intent of the group he was attached to. He disconnected from that group. Since he recognized that his actions harmed some severely, he:

    Confessed his harmful acts broadly.

    Since he recognized that the harmful acts were continuing in his absence, he:

    Confessed and brought to light the past and continuing harmful acts of former and current members of this group, both as a substantial amends and as a substantial pro survival 3rd and 4th dynamic action.

    His past actions harmed a few directly (in the broad scheme of things) and his current actions are helping broadly. His actions are now helping Scn and former Scn public and staff, and also in the long run are helping those who ordered and joined in the past and current harmful acts.

    I accept his confessions, amends and current contributions and consider him my friend. His contributions now exceed his overts.

    I hope that at some future point I can say the same about myself.

  70. Scientology is modeled after L Ron Hubbards personality.

  71. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Marty for publishing this. Talk about De-PTS’ing. Wow! I was the target of a hidden attack for many years while a public person at the Austin Organization. The attack was led by none other than still current DSA Cathy Norman. You recently had her featured in one of your posts as surveilling Monique, along with her now husband, that Yvonne Schick identified, Mike Sullivan. I had so much trouble at the Austin Org, constantly being subjected to attacks and ethics handling I did not understand, which caused severe mental trauma with all the wrong indications I received. I also found her relaying very negative data about me to Flag and the Freewinds, only discovered by the MAA reading out loud the information Cathy had sent them to me in an ethics interview. It was extemely enturbulating. Her hidden reports about me constitued a hidden data line, an enemy line, that caused me continuous difficulty.

    I now recognize her as a MAJOR SP in my life, and I am happy to say I am having lots of charge blow on this, and I thank you for the data that led me to understand this conclusively once and for all. A lot of my history fallen into place.

    I am sure she considered me a major enemy and that I was one of her “stats”. I had no idea of the extent of how OSA insiders go to label an “enemy” and consider that person a statistic to be wiped out and obliterated. She and her cohorts almost did, until I stood my ground and fought back. I cannot tell you how much charge I am blowing on all this. This explains so many things that happened to me while a public person at the Austin Organization. I cannot thank you enough for publishing these issues.

    Please continue to publish these G.O. and OSA issues. They are very revealing, and show why the Church is having so much trouble with enemies. THEY CREATE THIER OWN ENEMIES WITH THEIR OWN OVERT ACTS AGAINST THEM.

    i know Cathy Norman intimately, as I used to help her with GO projects, such as her Santa Claus Christmas projects in East Austin where she would distribute gifts to underprivileged children living in low income housing. I have detailed information about her personal life. I have known her and her now husband, Mike Sullivan, since they became, respectively, staff and public at the Austin Org, and knew Cathy’s late husband, Bill Norman, as we were very close friends before he and Cathy got married I used to go sailing with Mike Sullivan on Lake Travis, and he was a member of the Scientology band that I managed called “SEA”. All of this occurred in the early seventies, 1972, 1973, 1974, etc. I became an Austin Org public on September 30, 1971 and drove every day from Killeen, Texas for training and auditing. In 1974, I moved to Austin, and was the first OT Committee Chairman there and remained such for many years.

    Your posting here has given me so much more insight as to the nature and extent of the attack on me, and why I had so much trouble. I am still in the process of decompressing, and now I know the extent of that from which i am “decompressing”!

  72. Before Cathy Norman Sullivan was the DSA, she was the A/G Legal in the Austin Org branch of the Guardians Office. Dan McMurrough was A/G for Intelligence, Debbie Selle Sharp was the A/G for Public Relations, and Danny Chadwell was the A/G. This was in the roughly 1973 – 1981 era. So much for the “disbandment” of the old G.O!

  73. One of my faves Thanks.

  74. Is that Bill Franks, the ex ED Int?

  75. Before I read your post today, I read the Judgment by the Judge on the court proceedings. That also blew charge. It is now in a public record and a judgment that CSI admitted to the incredible harassment of Mosey and you. It is now “on record” the extent that the Church will go to harass its enemies, and it now has “on record” judgment against this. THIS IS A HUGE WIN!!! It now sets a precedent for any other victims of this OSA surveilling and harassment! It would have to be obvious to even the most oblivious that such behaviour will not be tolerated by the law. It has now taken the Church out of the realm of “religion” into the realm of “business”. If this doesn’t threaten the tax exempt status of the Church than I don’t know what does! The Church once again has created an ultimate “foot bullet”, and is now treading on very dangerous ground if they continue to pursue this matter. Like I said before, this is DM’s Committee of Evidence, and so far he has not fared well! He has been ruled against, and it is not likely that things will be getting any better for him and the Church.

    I am certain the settlement offers are coming soon, if not already! LOL!


  76. If someone in OSA was trying to get his/her stats up, they could give points for everyone on this blog — and Rinder’s, Ortega’s, and any others. Any time they could sneak in to post a distracting blurb, some non-sequitur argument, an ad hominem or other logical fallacy — or any time they documented someone sticking up for the Church or Ron — that would be a point.

    If you can’t succeed, just redefine what you are doing as success.

  77. lol — “When one thinks about it: each time an OSA staff member gets punished, it makes US upstat ↑.” Funny and true.

    And I also heard that every time an OSA staffer gets punished, an angel gets its wings.

  78. Yes, that news made my day, too! And calling out the Church directly for selling a product and conducting business … awesome.

  79. Well said. Our human minds, perceptions, and sense of reality are so easily manipulated. Once we believe — truly believe — it is very hard to shake that.

    My stance remains that if there are things in Scientology that can stand the light of scientific research and prove themselves, then that “scien-” part can have some credibility.

    So far, where Scientology’s claims related to memory, IQ improvement, science, biology, use of vitamin megadoses, drug treatment, purification, radiation, etc. have been tested, the evidence does not support Scientology.

    Some auditing processes are essentially abreactive therapy. Largely abandoned, but some use is ongoing in the dreaded “psych” SP field. (Funny that some “psychs” were doing pretty much what auditing does.)

    Anyway, abreactive therapy emerged in the early 1900s, giving plenty of time for LRH to be exposed to it copy it in his alleged “bricoleur” fashion.

    Some recent exploration of abreactive therapy can be seen at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23153382 where there is an interesting discussion of the therapy’s success rate with PTSD.

    That particular study used “Ego State Therapy” (EST) and found a good success rate. One part of the abstract states “EST emphasizes repeated hypnotically activated abreactive “reliving” of the trauma experience combined with therapists’ ego strength.” Hmm. Very similar to auditor plus PC is greater than the bank.

    Of course, opinions differ on whether auditing employes hypnosis, despite LRH’s early use of “reveries” and having the PC count to go into the reveries, use of “canceler” commands, and so on.

    This is a long way of saying that even where many of us agree — that auditing has positive results — there are other psychotherapies that may be equally or even more effective for some purposes.

  80. Hey good job — there’s a few points for the OSA stats!

  81. PS Referring to William W. Franks’ post, of course.

  82. My criteria for any process is:

    Does it increase happiness
    Does it increase love
    Does it help a person to not take other’s drama personally
    Does it increase health
    Does it increase tolerance
    Does it give hope
    Does it bestow knowledge, wisdom
    Does it liberate from darkness, ignorance and lead to direct awareness of our immortal nature.
    Does it teach to appreciate other paths.

    “the validity of a process is determined by the quality of outcome”


  83. Marty and Mosey and Ray and Judge Dibbs and all that helped,
    Awesome to see that sanity and justice has prevailed.
    That is a very happy day for all of us on your side.

  84. Jean-François Genest

    😀 Very good! Let’s increase the statistic of NAGTW Number of Angels Getting Their Wings.
    + Cognition of the day: I realized that paintballs come un such a large variety of colors, adaptable to contrast uniform and business suit colors.
    ♫ Joe plays a mean paintball ♫

  85. Jean-François Genest

    Hurray! Fantastic!
    Θ My needle floated after reading this link.
    I just finished reading Jenna Hill (Miscavidge)’s book. Three times I flung the book down, infuriated & enraged, and had to put on my winter boots & clothes,and go outside to take a walk in -5°F cold to decompress & cool down. 3 times! •This note cheers me up! Thank you!

  86. Jean-François Genest

    Congratulations Mosey & Marty !!! 😀

  87. “Your posting here has given me so much more insight as to the nature and extent of the attack on me”.

    I do know exactly what you are going through. XXOO

  88. indie8million

    Theo – LRH would have a heart attack if he saw how many people are leaving now and how many people are commenting negatively. The internet 10,000 times the possibility and potentiality of people hearing about the crimes DM is up to. It’s another day.

    WWLRHD? LRH would do a major survey and find out what or who is pissing people off so badly. But, even he, at the end, didn’t have a truthful information line into the outside world so couldn’t make a correct evaluation of what was going on.

  89. Congratulations Marty and Mosey!

    Marty, the fact that you are not moderating posts right now I hope is a sign that this victory has given you a feeling of great freedom and invulnerability – which you and Mosey deserve.

  90. Thanks for making me right.

  91. Anonymous must have thrown those stats into total disarray. (insert naughty laughter)!

    LEAK REQUEST: OSA Network Orders

    Pretty please, somebody.

  92. LAUGHTER! 😉

  93. Indeed! “Dr. Franks” WTF! Marty HAS EVOLVED for anyone who cares to acknowledge it! And Marty continues to evolve…… This is what scares the **** out of orthodox and independent KSW types…….

  94. Well if they just do what DM dictates, this case will go
    on and on for some time and they all get plenty of mula.
    If they just told DM what the inevitable outcome will be
    and to just end this whole game now by paying off
    Mosey and totally stop all harassments, these lawyers
    will have to relinquish all their future potential pay.

  95. I agree with that, while adding, from a research or scientific point of view, the question of _why_ something works?

    BTW, I found that in “Piece of Blue Sky” it is alleged that Hubbard originally gave some credit to Dianetics coming from abreactive therapy he observed in a Naval hospital. The time (year) seems about right in terms of when abreactive therapy was being explored. But also according to “Piece of Blue Sky,” Ron, later on, backed away from giving any credit to abreactive therapy.

  96. The “Piece of Blue Sky” citation, per a secondary source, is A Piece of Blue Sky, Chapter Two, Page Five. I have not read it directly myself though.

  97. Cooper J Kessel

    I think many of us (but specifically me) would like to see that list.

    During the time my family was running a program on me to ‘handle my disaffection’ I had the good fortune to meet several of the fine folks from OSA. Sara’s write up on Mike’s blog brought back many of those fond memories!

    I had meetings with Mike Sutter, Marion Pouw, Hansuli Stasi (spelling?) Mark Kimura, Russ McKevitt for starters. My ex wife had to deal with the wonderful Kathy True and other MAASs at Flag. I was going to refer to them as ethics officers but since I have reformed to a full blown SP I cannot tell a lie by referring to them as ethics officers. Out Ethics Officers is much more accurate.

    My nephew Adam Daniells was a CL IX SO auditor and at about that time was running the Oak Cove Quicky Grades Project. He was able to convince my daughter Haley Kessel (currently CMO-IXU working out of the HGB in Hollywood) to divorce her then husband Adam Medieros so that she could get clearance to go uplines to RTC or CST (That was circa 2006). Adam and Haley also worked very hard with my wife Sheri and her sister Lori Daniells to get them to disconnect from their other (non $cn) sister but the first action was to try and get their sister to divorce her husband. Failing that, they were to disconnect from their sister and her family. Ultimately that order came down from Jasmine Arrelano (Flag Out Ethics Officer cleverly discuised as an MAA) and when it did not occur fast enough, Jasmine assigned us PTS Type 1 and Type A. That condition remained until November 2009 and when the IAS vultures decended on my wife at Flag and extorted untold donations………………..I wrote them a letter and basically said I am done. Then the crew named in the paragraph above decended to try and scrape together some sort of salvage campaign.

    There was no salvage campaign. I was done but they moused around for several years before issuing the declare on me in February of 2013. Those folks are real warm and fuzzies for sure!

  98. Yeah. I had to deal with the church’s creditors when I was working at Bridge. The Treasury Secretary was, well, dumb. Creditors would call her asking for payment, and she would reply “what’s the matter? Are you guys so hard up for cash you have to pester me?” The whole e-meter line was at a standstill because Bridge owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the various component makers. Bridge made something like 2,000 “Learning Accelerators” (“LAs”. Really, plastic Mark V’s) for Applied Scholastics, which was someone’s bright idea, and which were stacked in the warehouse. The parts suppliers for this fiasco were not paid, and the same suppliers also supplied parts for the Mark VI.

    As purchaser, I got to sit in on FP. What a crazy process. Div 2 was asking for tens of thousands of dollars to finance some crazy promo or another. Bridge had a shitload of money, but since the LAs were no longer needed, they never allocated $ to pay the bills. “Beans” and all that.

    I was 23 when I was on that job, and yet I was the cussing adult in the room. “If you want meters, pay these people. If you don’t want meters, do what you’re doing.”

    And by the way, the OSA 0stats here are yet again indicative that the church follows selective, destructive policy (or invented destructive policy), rather than positive policy. Ron’s Treasury policy is clear that companies don’t give a shit if you believe in martians or eat a Vegan diet as long as you pay your bills. This is actually very true. If there is $$$ to be made, you could be the KKK. If you pay your bills, you are a-ok. You don’t pay your bills, you are a cult and worse, deadbeats. So, here we have OSA targeting creditors when they should be targeting the assholes who incurred the charges at the church and then did not pay the piper.

    Oh – by the way – I got the bills paid, and we got the Mark VI parts, finally. AND I was comm-eved. Go figure.

  99. Great post. Perfect depiction of how it was. I just didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 🙂

  100. Well, here’s an interesting tidbit regarding abreactive psychotherapy — which is the type of therapy that many aspects of auditing can be classified as.

    Abreactive therapy started with Freud. Jung picked it up too but found it ineffective for certain purposes. It was explored in the early part of the 20th century.

    And, Hubbard was quite plausibly exposed to via the Navy. The Navy used abreactive therapy at the end of WW II (and maybe earlier), and subsequently abandoned it (see http://depression.answers.com/treatments/the-use-of-abreaction-in-psychotherapy).

    Hubbard being exposed to abreactive therapy after WW II would fit what Atack wrote in his book “A Piece of Blue Sky” regarding Hubbard originally crediting aspects of Dianetics to abreactive practice and theory, and then later changing his mind and claiming he was the sole originator of Dianetic techniques.

    This would also fit the hypotheses in Hugh Urban’s book — namely that Hubbard borrowed much of what he claimed to originate.

    Funny to think that at a fundamental level, Hubbard was using “Psych” technology all along and didn’t tell us. But how could he? The sham would be exposed. So to keep his group — Scientologists — from learning the truth about the origin of many aspects of their creed, the Psych’s were condemned and forbidden. That’s my “working hypothesis” at this point, anyway.

  101. FOTF2012, do you, or does Jon Atack, have a quote for Hubbard “claiming he was the sole originator of Dianetic techniques?”

  102. This is an awesome video for the Flag Down 2014 convention May 5-10, 2014 in Clearwater, Florida.

    It is really inspiring! Be brave! Speak out – get the truth out about Scientology! The whole truth!

    Please pass it around. Donate what you can to the cause. Book your flights now and get to FLAG DOWN 2014 for 5 days of meeting some of the bravest people on the planet!

    As Marty, Mike, Tory, Marc and Claire, Jeff H., Tony O., Mark Bunker, MOSEY, Karen, J. Swift, Chris, Laura D., AGP and so many others have proven – SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT!!

    Hope to see you all there!! Thank you for all you do! You helped me and so many others bring sanity back into my world and heal from the trauma of being in this evil cult! Scientology SHATTERED my world – but thanks to you all – I put back the pieces and am flourishing and prospering like never before!

  103. Wow, very interesting. I always had the most fun with the staff from Bridge Pubs!

  104. Wow, very very well done video.

  105. I find it Ironic you still lack empathy and self knowledge.

    But hey be a venomous snake if you want outside the Church too.

    As Anons say:

    U Jelly ?

  106. Yes including selfrightious hero costume it seems.

  107. (Pay attention to the first sentence)

    Flagdown 2014 – Be There!

    “See http://www.flagdown.org for full details of this event and to share your support for this vital event.

    Flagdown is a non-commercial, non-profit event being held in Clearwater, Florida from May 5-10, 2014 to expose the crimes of the Church of Scientology. Speakers and participants will share their stories and there will be a protest march on May 10.

    The use of Sara Bareilles’s song and video for Brave is fair use under section 107 of the Copyright Act. Flagdown 2014 is a non-commercial, non-profit activity which encourages creativity and activism against oppression. It is also an awesome song that embodies what we believe in taking a stand against Scientology.”

  108. LOL, darnit, now that is a funny reply

  109. I think what is so disturbing about these intelligence memo’s, is that some people choose to think with them when compared to another bad choice.

    Someone on staff who read them and said, “I’m out of here, this isn’t me.” Would probably sent to the RPF or Declared or Sec Checked. Unless they were a reg. The door is never closed on a reg.

    There is this code of honor presented to the world, you think everyone else is thinking with it. This recent story in Tampa Times and mentioned on Mike’s list, makes it seem as if a parent were asked to choose between two children. Actually the parent chose an honor code. It was the CHURCH that decided who could stay and who had to go. And it is ALWAYS the Church on these disconnects working to enforce THEIR choices on OTHERS.

    If someone took you to the edge of a cliff, put a gun to your head and said, “I’m going to give you choice. You can jump or I will shoot you. You have to die, at least I am giving you a choice.” See, that is a lie. YOUR choice would be, not to BE THERE! See, under pressure, people get confused and think they make choices that actually, they did not make.

    If someone took me to the edge of a cliff and said that to me, I would tell them it was on them to make the two choices THEY created. Not ME.

    People that are dragged into the ethics office and given choices are making choices created by someone else. Never in my life have I ever seen someone make a choice to even GO TO ETHICS. Someone else makes the choice to SEND then there.

    Yet, so, what we see, is people forced to live with other people’s choices.

    There is something extremely degrading to another human being with that.

    None of us, I think, chose to be in the situation we are in today, if we are unhappy living with the choices we made. I think people are quite happy to live with their OWN choices. They are not happy to live with choices OTHERS created for them.

    We have chosen to not contribute and even speak out about injustice and criminality and losses and abuse in the Church.

    I have spoken to many people that have a self loathing about it. I get emails from people all the time that are still “in”. But not really. They can not live with themselves “in” the Church, and neither out. That is why they sit on the fence. They just do not want to live with a choice someone else made for them. So they do not choose.

    There is taboo in Scientology about “doing nothing”. Actually, it is the biggest crime in this theater. People that can not decide are labelled crazy. “Maybes” are the root of insanity. But is someone DECIDES to do nothing, that is causative.

    It is far better in the long to decide to do nothing than to think someone else’s decision is your own. When it is not.

    Warfare in Scientology did not originate from us. There are only people who decided to think with the a memos. Probably because they were given a worse option. The ONLY person in the entire Scientology arena that can make the decisions about these and enforce them, is David Miscavige. Then it is up to people personally to pick as pushed but always, always, always, a person can create choices of their own

    Why are we all “SPs” and “enemies” right now? Only because we wanted to decide for ourselves. The thing that is promised when someone first comes in, is that through the application of Scientology, you can learn to think for yourself. You do not want the reactive mind or the drugs or some suppressive person thinking for you. This is the GOAL and promise.

    To achieve that, and then be punished for it, is complete TREASON on the part of the Church.

    We are NOT SP’s. We are NOT ENEMIES. We are NOT putting the planet at risk! We are NOT deserters.

    We are only people that the Church is attacking because we made decisions that were not ones the Church offered us. To be a member of this current culture is a human rights violation upon ONESELF.

    Given the choice to decide upon the Church or self, picking yourself is SANE. It is called SURVIVAL for self. That is a right you were given when you earned your birth certificate. That people , citizens in good standing with the world, are hunted, mauled, unmocked , attacked , slandered, and punished for having a personal code of honor they put before everything else, is complete injustice.

    Decisions enforced upon people that did not come from THEM are YOUR decisions and YOU have to live with THEIR consequences. That is WHY they can not take responsibility for things THEY did not create. They blame because they are not source. There is truth in blame. Otherwise how could one “find their right item” in an auditing session with regards to WHO violated you?

    All people are basically good. When they are not, they are under pressure and making choices OTHERS laid out for them. I can get real unholy when my children are threatened. Why? Not because I CHOOSE to be like that. Unless I am backed up against a wall and forced to choose to be.

    None of us are obligated to feel guilty for Hubbard’s choices. For our choices. For other people’s choices. I do not need to feel embarrassed when Tommy Davies goes on national television lying to millions of viewers.
    Really, what other choices did he have? Do you think he chose to be national liar? “Orders” are not YOUR decision, they are someone else’s.

    Hubbard had an intolerance for doubters. As many parents do. I myself have seen one of my sons standing in the middle of the road with a car heading right towards him, and me yelling me for him to get off the road. With him looking at me like I was interfering with his personal rights. Then, I had to bypass.

    With the current situation, socially, it would take a group of intelligent people a long time to sit down and figure out how this all came to pass, that Scientology has turned out more wrong than right. People would need to sort through tech and admin policy, and remove policies that throw others into GPMs to degrade them.

    Overriding another person’s self determinsim and ability to choose is also, “cleaning a clean”. This would require integration and consideration of views from many different angles.

    The Church right now is so far south they staff have so little value they have NEVER been asked, in all the time I have known them, “What is wanted and needed from you as a staff member?” David is running these people and he has never done non e. Yet, to command is to serve. The fact that this possibility was even left open to occurr was who’s oversight? Nobodies actually. He has a copy of the ethics book. He chose to take over the Church and never do a non e formula? The “yes sir” policy was to say, not a good policy. “Following orders” and the whole militia program, “command channels” and all, did not work.

    MISSIONS made Scientology grow. The Sea Org snuffed it out. Yet, because of “rank” created by Hubbard himself, he gave undeserving people power over the very valuable.

    This “rank” is a blinding and self important issue in this culture. Because it equates to “power”. The truth is, men MUST HAVE power to some degree on this planet in any group to support their family and survive. So it is enforced already by society. “Rank” is PTS to the RULING CLASS.

    The Sea Org has become the RULING CLASS. But only in that culture. They are total effect of the ruling class on this planet and it’s laws. They do not even feel it with the isolation and the constant ORDERS over riding their own capability to decide and survive. Streaming down from David Miscavige.

    Understanding brings mercy. Non understanding restimulates other things I do not want to approach in this lengthy post. But the non understanding breeds abuse. I have seen a lot of personal abuse and fair gaming upon people in this arena. Always by the people on the far right and the far left. It gets so bad there is a NO MERCY situation on both ends. This results in human degradation and a failure to think with humanity.

    I’m not the bad guy here. Marty is not the bad guy here. Mike is not the bad guy here. Karen is not the bad guy here. The auditors are not the bad guys. The P.C.’s are not the bad guys. The Scientologists are not the bad guys. Hubbard was not the bad guy. He just laid out options. David just can’t make good decisions. Does that make him bad or stupid? Or selfish? Does it really matter? The WOGS are not bad guys.

    I think it would be good for starters if people out here just took a break from beating up themselves and others. It is good to mention outpoints and that is freedom and that freedom had been paid for with a lot a blood within humanity. Over centuries. Something like that should not be wasted.

    There comes a time when it is all on you. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill”. But what happens when it comes down to you and some one else? You have a RIGHT to survive. Those rights came BEFORE the Bible. That was ALREADY earned. By humanity. If you do not know your rights, you don’t have them.

    Getting involved in Scientology and surrendering yourself over to someone else was a CHOICE. Taking your rights BACK is also a choice. And, it requires a little effort. It does not make anyone of us wrong or bad. Surrendering your mind over to another person is a choice. Taking it back is also a choice.

    The Church has no right for domestic terrorism and I think it may be having a cognition of it’s own.

    I would not have understood any of this myself if I had not found out about this blog. I did not leave the Church with any of these understandings. I gained them here.

    I guess this is a summary. I am at a point where I know this is all going to be alright. With or with out me in it. I am very grateful to Marty and the woman beneath his wings. And I love so many people still in the Church, and this is my reason for contributing to some correction. If it was about me, I could have kept on walking and not looked back.

    It is not easy when others suggest you are brainwashed, when the truth is, you just cared enough to know. That is holy. Not handicapped. If I did not care, if Marty and the others did not care, if YOU did not care you would not be being punished by people who can not care.

    I think I am writing this because I want to share, we are sandwiched some of us, by demands of others to decide for us. You have the fanatics on one side asking us to decide Scientology is the most holy choice and some mirror objection on the other side begging us to hate ourselves and others for ever making that choice.

    Again, these are choices created by others. And in the end, it leaves all in a NO WIN for everyone. You do not owe it anyone to suffer.

    Nobody is to blame for want. Want is why we are here at all. To be punished for want of knowledge, is an injustice. To want to be free to decide is natural. To want to add your own influence upon the world is your right. Just as much as Hubbard’s. You do not need to apologize for putting yourself first. If Hubbard had not done it , we would not have the Scientology. If it was a successful action for him, why can’t it be for you?

    The only reason I got involved in any movement to reform, is because there are people I still love and care about, I left back there. And I know what is happening to them. I love them. David does not. My interests then collide.

    Not because I am some fucking “SP’ because I got in HIS way. He doesn’t love them. He uses them like door mats. Him and I actually have the same rights and rules as fellow citizens. Except his are on borrowed time. I may not have rights inside the Church, but my rights outside of the Church far extend his. Rights that money can not buy. There is no way for this man to strip people of their rights once they have left. That makes them armed and dangerous and targets.

    In all of this, I am aware that after becoming aware of seeing, one has the freedom to decide to FIX things. Hubbard laid out some ideas to fix things. People who get involved with this sort of thing, called Scientology, are fixers. What we are doing now is fixing. Is that so bad? As humans we put on the qual hat and it is tragedy? An injustice! We get involved on this purpose line to “Fix” ourselves and even offered a qual division! Correction is continuous!

    But attempts to correct are illegal if it comes down to David Miscavige. Suggestions that HE be fixed, result in declares. So, he does not have a personal qual division and I have come to understand this man has no case gain and the last time he was in qual was decades ago. WHO has written a suggested cram on David? Nobody who is dependent upon him. Why not? Because they know they do not have the “rank” to FIX him.

    Right there what does that tell us?

    “Rank” is senior to the tech.

    Yes, Hubbard sabotaged his own knowledge by making “rank” senior.

    There are people “running continents” that have never audited another person.

    They do not have the “right” to see an outpoint! David’s goal was rank, not evolution. He gets what he demands.

    The problem I have with judging Hubbard, is that he is not here. I can not fix history. We came blame in history.

    Does that make us suppressive? We are all of the same page. There is no need to discount others and make nothing out of them. If Marty and his wife can cross this ocean, they can conquer it, and so can you and me. I support Marty and his wife not because they offer destruction. They offer hope and set an example of FIXING things.

  110. “My way,” is telling you to see things YOUR way.And own it. Then you do not have to blame someone else, because they convinced you to see things “their way”, in some moment of personal doubt.

    When I came into Scientology and someone asked me, what was ruining life. It was LOVE. a bridge later, I found it was not ruining my life. But the only thing that kept me whole through all of it.

  111. The slow art of decompression or how I am learning to look within –

    Michael Laws commented a few blog posts ago about watching 22 cement trucks pour concrete at his company and how he first thought “I can do that” and realized — er — no, I can’t

    That ^^^ is inculcated scientology think.

    I recently realized a deeply embedded piece of LRH/scientology think. One that I’ve NEVER thought was “bad” or “crazy” but is REALLY bad and crazy and makes genuine human relationships impossible.

    It came from a tape that ALL registrars heard back in the day and perhaps now — about “privacy” … although LRH liked to pronounce certain words AS IF he was from England. Not with the long i as in PRIvacy — but a short i as in priVACY …

    ANYWAY I’m digressing but it truly astounded me.

    LRH said — to registrars or FSMS or anyone dealing with the public — “priVACY – piffle”. The rest is paraphrased: PRY, FIND OUT what is ruining his life — only you can save him. He doesn’t deserve any privacy.

    So — I’ve never ever respected the boundaries of others. And I never ever thought I was being disrespectful. I would just bulldozer through objections, pry into personal life and without a second thought tell others of my own foibles which would often be shocking.

    I remember being astonished when a close friend of mine was absolutely beside herself because I mentioned to an acquaintance we bumped into in a store my close friend’s son had died a few years earlier.

    I could NOT understand why my friend was so upset. DUH I had over stepped and denied her her boundaries.

    IF you continue to read this blog long enough and IF you try some of the recommended reading list and if you WANT to be whole rather than fragmented into parts – many of which are walled off in your mind — then work hard continuously to discover those fragments.

    (you’ll know you still have them IF you react viscerally to what people say to you, if you react viscerally to things you read on this blog, if you find yourself having nightmares, if you are sad, angry, fearful, guilty as a default emotion etc)

    Any of us involved deeply in the Sea Org and later as public and then later as indies or critics have hurt another person or many depending on our position on staff or as public. By USING scientology. Guaranteed.

    AND we’ve paid for that greatly or in lesser ways. We DO reap what we sow.
    It just doesn’t happen overnight.

    I admire Marty for his constant willingness to share his journey. He, unlike some others who are viciously critical of him, didn’t have a family inheritance to fall back on when they left, or find a new husband or wife with money or a myriad of other fall back/plan Bs …

    When faced with our personal “dark night of the soul” — when reconstructing your life – please reconstruct it with an eye to being kind to yourself first, to your family next and to others. Working up to being kind to your enemies.
    (which doesn’t mean NOT exposing them so they can stop harming others).

    I have tended to forget about being KIND TO MYSELF — always seemed theety-weety and new age. UNTIL I found myself not long ago slipping dangerously close to YET ANOTHER nervous breakdown.

    Because I was again — putting others before me.

    Damn —

    Good thing I’ve learned a few things in my 20 years since leaving scientology — and was able to brake before falling too far into that familiar rabbit hole.

    We truly do not need to continue to hurt ourselves or others.

    PLEASE remember that a BELIEF is the penitentiary of the mind.

  112. Oracle,

    “The problem I have with judging Hubbard, is that he is not here. I can not fix history. We came blame in history. ”

    Then you are going to have a very hard time with what we are doing here, as it is impossible to AUDIT Scientology, without scrutinizing Hubbard.

    And we all going to make Judgments of the man and his products, that is how it goes.

  113. You make a great important point about being given only false choices, and that you were not even given the correct choice to even choose!

    Very important overall point to the choices Scientologists were given, which so very often didn’t include being given the right choice!

    I saw this so often when trying to leave. The choice to NOT sign the legal docs, is not really allowed as a choice.

    “Handling the Public Individual” policy has within it this problem, I feel today.

    I did the final editing of the routing forms for the Scientology church they use today, and so many times, the lack of the right choice, particularly for those trying to back out of Scientology, isn’t given the leaving people.

    “Routing Forms, How to Write One” is also today, I feel indicative of what is wrong with the system. That 1984 policy is based on some of LRH’s 1982 advice traffic, and that policy gives some principles about the choices given to the public who are routed around the org for their services, and after their services. One in particular, choice, is there is no choice regarding keeping people moving onto their next service. Only the rare exception lets a person out of the cycle of service, service, service, always being routed up the Bridge to their next service.

    Great comments!

  114. Great comments.

    I as the long ago final editer and polish up the work of others who did the original research and work on the “computerized routing forms” saw so many of the problems public faced in trying to get OUT of the org, without being sold again and again, something else they didn’t really want to do.

    It’s built into some of the fundamentals of the routing system policies, used to always keep the public in the org, doing one service or another, and pressured (“Handle the Public Individual”) to move always up up up.

    People after a certain time in Scientology history, there was an accumulation of internal routing of the public policy, which added up, to one final policy, not many have read, called, “Routing Forms, How to Write One” where LRH’s whole life’s efforts in terms of the organization’s power to keep people going sort of auto pilot, both staff and public, following the routing forms and moving everyone “Up the Bridge” service by service.

    If you have a moment, I think more “charge” can be blown, seeing not only are personalities in Scientology’s history the ones who dished out wrong indications, but if a person truly wished and felt another spiritual path was right for them, then the system that LRH built into the orgs (“Routing Forms, How to Write One” being a good summary policy of this system he built into the machine of the orgs), then one sees that leaving Scientology for what one thinks are better greener pastures spiritually, philosophically or environmentally if one doesn’t wish the constraining weird pressures or wrong indications of current or even any org or mission’s past options, the problem is staff can rely on the system to steadfastly follow to make the customer public wrong, in all cases, and use the system to pressure the customer public.

    Great comments!

  115. Pingback: Scientology’s Code of Honor | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  116. Oracle,

    “It is not easy when others suggest you are brainwashed, when the truth is, you just cared enough to know.”

    I think you are taking things too personally. Marty and others are auditing Scientology, which is GROUP AUDITING, not personal auditing, we are not auditing you.

    It helps to assume and auditor viewpoint, not a PC viewpoint, to carry this out.

    Excerpted from L.Ron Hubbard “GROUP DIANETCS” THE DIANETIC AUDITOR’S BULLETIN Volume 1, No. 7 January, 1951
    Official Publication of The Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation, Inc. Elizabeth, New Jersey.

    “The clearing of this engram consists of an examination by the whole group of the arbitraries, which is to say the orders and commands which were issued without explanation and which demanded instantaneous action on the part of other individuals in the group.

    Processing the group should be the special trust and charge of selected members of the group itself. The processing is done by the examination of emergency situations and the complete detail of them by this selection of the group.

    Such examination and publication and discussion of these moments of emergency should not be colored in any slightest degree by any thought of protecting the public idea concerning the ethics
    of this particular group.

    Information cannot be masked, either from individuals of the group or to other groups examining this group, save as that information may apply to the emergency status of the situation which may still be existing, as in the case of disposition of troops by a general during a time of combat.”

  117. I think there is some confusion as to what “Brain Washing” and “Mind Control” actually are.

    The terms are both interchangeable in pop psychology. I think the common mistake that people make about these terms, is to assume that violent and overwhelming means are mandatory to control people’s attention; that is to control how they perceive the environment, and in that way to control the outcome of their judgments and decisions about something or somebody.
    It is not so, it is all about tricks and non-forceful means.

    Mind control (also known as brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) is an indoctrination process which results in “an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. In this context, brainwashing refers to the involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values”[1] The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.
    Theories of brainwashing and of mind control were originally developed to explain how totalitarian regimes appeared to succeed systematically in indoctrinating prisoners of war through propaganda and torture techniques. These theories were later expanded and modified by psychologists including Jean-Marie Abgrall and Margaret Singer to explain a wider range of phenomena, especially conversions to new religious movements (NRMs). A third-generation theory proposed by Ben Zablocki focused on the use of mind control to retain members of NRMs and cults. The suggestion that NRMs use mind control techniques has resulted in scientific and legal controversy.[2]


  118. Bowie never gets old

  119. “I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.
    You won’t always be here.
    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.”

    ― L. Ron Hubbard

  120. Ken Ogger…

  121. (Attention to the first sentence in that song that is)

  122. Very cool Vid. The times they are a changin.

    No more fear of Fair Game.

    Take Fair Game, OSA and DM Rondroids and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  123. Exactly!!!!

  124. Chuck,

    Yes, the Church is where the customer is always wrong. I think half of the benefits from auditing, are simply making the decisions in that auditing room. Deciding for yourself. You have to make a decision about the answer. We live in a murky social atmosphere anyway about who is really making the decisions. Most people in this country think they decide who is going to be the president. Because they are given two choices. Laughter! Which reminds me, I never chose David Miscavige to be my “religious leader”. Didn’t he hire himself?

  125. I do take things personally. And I don’t feel I should apologize for that. That’s how I roll. I don’t see it as an outpoint. And I am not here for any auditing or qual check.

  126. For your understanding, MY purpose for being involved socially from the beginning, on the blogs and forums and with the people in the Independent Movement, was to lend support until the movement out here could take root. To bring the subject matter of Scientology down onto the streets. To support a grass roots movement. To give it up on the streets. Because this is where I live. And this is where I will always be. Ivory Towers give me the creeps.

    The latest ruling in Texas was a personal milestone for me. That was the point of no return. I feel the knowledge and the freedom to use it or not, is not being hoarded and monopoloized by people who never will live in the streets. The “ruling class”.

    A strong Island has been established out here for people to leave the domination of the “ruling class” and do with the knowledge, what they can to help themselves and the people they care about without being tortured by militia.

    I have fulfilled my purposes and reasons for my social intercourse here.

    A grass roots movement has been firmly established. People can sort through the ideas and decide for themselves, what is of value to them. What is of no use, or destructive. This is the way of mankind in an ever changing universe. But the Freedom to do so, is here.

  127. um…. what she said……

  128. Everyone knows Ken Ogger tied weights to himself, tied up his own feet and hands, and slid himself into the pool. No evidence whatsoever that anyone could have possibly helped him with this deed.

    Sorry to be graphic and perhaps disrespectful, but this is one matter that I am a bit emotional about. He had had some medical problems, but was on the mend. Things were looking up for him. This need not have been done to him.

    I have not audited out ALL of my anger yet.

  129. FOTF, some of this has been “common knowledge” for some time:

    I believe there is also a Wikipedia article on Thompson.

  130. Am not inclined to do a literature review of Ron’s writings, so I’ll just reply that, as I’m sure you know, Ron held the role of infallible Source. How much closer can one get to claiming “it is all from me”?

    In some of his early work, as I recall, he made favorable mention of some philosophers (possible Wittgenstein), psychologists (Freud — Hubbard said that some of his early research was done using Freudian psychoanalysis), and maybe some other people he mentioned.

    But he was just as likely to mock and ridicule the works of others (Christianity was an implant, Darwin was “man from mud” theory, Kant “can’t” and Wundt “wouldn’t,” and other such denigration of minds as bright or brighter than his own.

    I have been told that in the Church’s rewrites of Hubbard’s books, some of “credits” given to others, which were scant in the first place, have been removed.

    Certainly, some sources reflect Hubbard’s claim of being the originator of things like Dianetics. For example: “The ideas of Dianetics originated in unpublished research L. Ron Hubbard supposedly performed in the 1920s[11] and 1930s” (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Dianetics).

    Some of the early critiques of Dianetics (MSMH) showed that people were quite concerned about Hubbard’s lack of attribution to others: “The Nation pointed out the lack of documentation in Dianetics: “No case histories are offered to substantiate his claims, nor is there documentation of any kind to indicate that any previous thinker, medical or otherwise, ever made a significant contribution to the subject of human behavior.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Dianetics).

    So I stand by my assertion that Hubbard claimed authorship for things where there is strong evidence he borrowed. Dianetics in particular was arguably a combination of hypnotic techniques (reverie, etc.) used with abreactive therapy — a technique that was being explored in the US Navy around the time Hubbard was seeking help from the Navy for his mental illness.

    By the way, abreactive therapy combined with hypnosis is still being used in some research by the “dreaded psychs” — who are basically experimenting with techniques similar to Dianetics and finding that it does have some success with things like PTSD.

    Bottom line: if Hubbard claimed to be the Source of the wheel, or white bread, or whatever, it would not make it so. He only damaged his own credibility by failing to proceed in a scientific way and failing to credit others sufficiently. He aimed to crash his way into history. Well, he did. Like a bull in a china shop.

  131. To discern your own free choices from others imposed ‘choices’ is a necessary chore and ability.

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