Scientology Knows Drama

That phrase keeps coming to mind when I see the TNT ad “we know drama”.   TNT, you have nothing on scientology.  Seems sort of oxymoronic, doesn’t it?  Scientology’s entire mission purports to be to remove dramatization from the psyches of adherents, and ultimately from all of humankind’s psyches.  Yet, by observation there are no more drama obsessed people than scientologists.

I was not going to post this essay for the foreseeable future.  However, I came across this item from FOX 411 recently, Lewis on Cruise.   Most of this essay was drafted prior to me seeing this latest scientology, well, drama. When you get to the end of the post you will understand why this news prompted me to push the ‘post’ button.

One of the favorite sayings of scientologists to express disdain towards someone is ‘he is just dramatizing.’  It is used to label any behavior that is not upbeat, Stepford or Truman Show like, positivity.  It has its source in the mind ‘technology’ presented by  L. Ron Hubbard.  Hubbard teaches that we are all the unknowing effect of previous moments of pain and unconsciousness, called ‘engrams.’  To a scientologist,  the poor, unknowing non-scientologist doesn’t even realize that a great percentage of his behavior, his choices, and his actions are really to greater or lesser degree ‘dramatizations’ of the emotions and post-hypnotic commands buried in engrams.

After a scientologist spends hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years conquering his engrams, he is said to be ‘Clear.’  He no longer has the supposed repository of engrams called the ‘reactive mind.’  Thus, theoretically he no longer dramatizes.  Right?  Wrong.

The Clear is indoctrinated into a dramatic universe view that is so surreal millions of dollars are spent annually to keep the scripts under lock and key and out of the hands of the public at large.  The drama is so intense that Hubbard claims that if the unprepared are exposed to it, they will drop dead on the spot. The secrets teach that there is no original thought on planet earth, but that of Hubbard.  All technology advances are simply dramatizations of the 75 million year-old incident that converted Earth into a prison.  All social sciences are mere dramatizations of ideas that were implanted into beings’ heads 75 million years ago. Now, realize the drama so far revealed in this paragraph is cold, hard reality to the clear scientologist.  In their minds, clear scientologists are sub rosa agents on an enemy controlled prison planet giving it their all to clear humanity from the effects of their universe view indoctrination.  And like any good drama, the scientology one includes its nemeses.

All who would state the patently obvious as I have done here are labeled as suppressive persons.   A suppressive person is an agent, knowing or unknowing, of the intergalactic forces who converted earth into a prison planet 75 million years ago.  They are programmed to destroy, wittingly or not, humankind’s only hope for furlough, scientology.  Some classes of people do not even have to demonstrate that they have even heard the word ‘scientology’ to be considered suppressive people by scientologists.  ‘Psychs’ is such a class.  Psychs is a scientology term describing anyone involved in the mental health, mind science, or psychotherapy fields.  That includes all psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.   And, by extension the manufacturers of psychotropic medications: pharmaceutical companies. Psychs are overtly targeted for ‘annihilation’, ‘obliteration’ and ‘extinction’ by scientology.

This drama becomes so dramatic for the scientologist that he or she can ‘freewheel’.  That is, go into a paranoid-schizophrenic like spin where they act out the drama that the enemy is everywhere.  In such a state they can become wild-eyed and, well, dramatic about matters that would seem to have little significance to anyone but them.

That is rather apparent from the very public dramatization that is the subject of Lewis’ lament:

A couple years later Tom Cruise invited Brooke Shields and her husband to his scientology wedding to Katie Holmes in Italy so that she could see first-hand those who really know about the mind.  Brooke graciously accepted and flew to Europe with her husband to attend.  Tom’s hand-picked high-level scientology officiating minister was Commander Norman F. Starkey.  Starkey was given a furlough from a scientology concentration and torture camp at which he was serving time in order to conduct the wedding.  Starkey promptly got drunk, and overtly hit on Brooke Shields.  She and her husband were so offended, they complained to Cruise’s best man, scientology supreme leader David Miscavige.

Cruise was later exposed for having attempted to use his resources to cover up his bff David Miscavige’s operation of cult prison camps where torture was regularly meted out:

Tom Cruise’s Life Controlled by Sinister Cult

Cruise was then exposed for using his bff David Miscavige’s cult as a pimping and pandering operation:

Maureen Orth Smokes Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

“Then There Is Me” – Tom Cruise

Rather than take any iota of responsibility like a man, Cruise went mute and as we can divine from Juliette Lewis’ rants took solace in the fact his conduct really did not happen because in fact the forces of evil want him silenced.  Perhaps he shut up in order to dutifully comply with those terrifying forces?

Poor Juliette Lewis – with apparent conviction and sincerity lamenting that Tom’s public relations problem is that big pharma wants him silenced.  If Big pharma really cares about hurting scientology, I am pretty sure they want Tom out there front and center continuing these antics.   Does all this seem just too thick to believe?  It would not if you had had much experience with scientologists. Scientologists know and teach drama like nobody else.


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  1. Great summary and correlation of facts Marty. You have a way of tying things together so simply and clearly to make what might not seem obvious at first glance so very obvious once you digest what you have laid out.

    I have never thought about “dramatization” in this way before — it’s another of those uninspected, and seemingly harmless, concepts in scientology that is really Newspeak.

  2. Good point, Marty. And as you and I know Drama Central was the Int base. In fact, I made a life-changing discovery there: Thetans love Hill 10s. The simplest matter could be blown up into a life and death situation, and was regularly.

  3. Dr. Tom Cruise declares: ‘…there is no chemical imbalance.’
    For chrissakes, the impertinence of this nitwit.

  4. It was worth the wait!!!


  5. basketballjane

    That statement from Juliette is really no surprise to me at all. Juliette had her own run in with Drugs a LONG time ago and “Scientology” saved her from that, so in her mind those things are etched in stone.
    But let me say this, Juliette, while actually a lovely lady and talented actress and singer, is bat shit crazy. Like “touched in the head” kinda crazy and she always has been.
    She has never, EVER, stopped to look at Scientology for what it is. She can’t. She doesn’t even understand it herself. Even though she was born into it as I was. The last I knew she had never even done any significant training or processing so she is just a parrot for whatever she is supposed to believe. She doesn’t even know what she doesn’t even know.


    As for Norman Starky getting roaringly drunk, that is zero surprise as well. Do you remember when we used to throw those “After New Years” party’s at Celebrity Centre? My first year in the SO, 1995, I was a bartender for that event. I remember getting some form of verbal commend from the Senior Exec table because I could pour a proper drink! I remember all of the execs getting plenty drunk that night. I was 19 so I couldn’t drink, but I was very good at handing it out. We only did that one more year and then it was a “Flap” that lower orgs were fraternizing with Upper orgs. I think it was Starky and and few others getting wasted and hitting on everything with a vagina that caused the stir!

    I agree that Tom has been awfully quiet. I think that is because of Katie. I am willing to bet BIG money that he had to sign away his right to speak about the church in order to keep seeing Suri. So if my theory is true then at least he has his priorities straight there. But you are also correct that he has had a hand in MULTIPLE crimes against many people and he should own up to that. I would love to see any one of these empty shills face to face and have a nice cup o joe with them and let them know what I personally went through for them while working for their precious Celebrity Centre. That might make them think a tiny bit.

  6. You mean this Juliette Lewis?

    Seems like she is dramatizing a bit. what could it be? Oh, perhaps
    “Destructive creatures who do not want people big or reaching — since they are terrified of punishment due to their crimes — invented pain and sex to shrink people and cut their alertness, knowingness, power and reach.

    Pain and sex were the INVENTED tools of degradation. ”

    Maybe she does have a point. 😉

  7. Marty: The secrets teach that there is no original thought on planet earth but that of Hubbard ..

    you are nearly close to the truth .. why? Oh there are some people who did believe that .. and they do it for what? The stories of LRH are sometimes very hard to confront. Like Helatrobus. But it says only feeling completely alone without any reach for others .. it doesn’t say more .. but for LRH it is cause for all .. only it is the same as a bad dream .. and everybody in the church will tell you that you should take more vitamin B1 ..

  8. Mark C. Rathbun

    I took out the personal information on JL. On more consideration, do you agree with that?

  9. basketballjane

    It is your blog. It isn’t a story from her PC folder or anything. But merely a demonstration of her actual crazy. Which I will chalk up to genetics. It is your blog so I will defer to you. I am not upset either way.
    But do you remember those after New Years Parties in the Pavillion? Or did you just head back up to Int after that?
    It was one of the few times in the Sea Org that I remember being any sort of fun at all.

  10. Mark C. Rathbun

    I edited because I don’t believe in holding people’s childhood antics against them. As to the Pavillion, I was on the ship NYs 03, ’04, and at Flag ’05. Never participated in a bender at CC. However, did know of Commander Starkey’s exploits.

  11. basketballjane

    Oh and PS about the intergalactic planetary overlords that are secretly disguised as Mental Health professionals throughout the world and history, yeah, thinking back on how hard core we all were about that is laughable now and sad at the same time.
    I can remember getting in EPIC fights in school about Scientology especially after the TIME article came out. In High School none but about 3 three people even knew I was a Scientologist even though I was Clear at the time. It was a MASSIVE secret. High School was hard enough without being the freak from a cult. I used to wish sometimes that I could just believe in the Jesus implant so my life would be easier. What kind of person does that? Who wishes that they were literally brain washed with an idea so that knowing the “truth” about the universe wouldn’t make them such a freak? A brainwashed freak, that’s who.

  12. basketballjane

    Agreed. Jesus if people told stories on me about my childhood! Man I would be AWESOME! No there are definitely some things from my growing years that I don’t want seeing the light of day outside of the embarrassing, obligatory story at family gatherings. So yes I get it.

  13. Roger From Switzerland Thought


    Every time I’m surprised about the different things you’re reporting about. It’s frightening when one realizes how deep in the Soul the indoctrination is.
    You help a lot to look at things that are buried very deep.

    When and what will be the END ?

  14. basketballjane

    Hahahaha! But Dan we were SAVING ALL MANKIND and this SECTOR of the UNIVERSE!!! NOTHING is more important! That reminds me of my first Thursday out of the Sea Org. I felt weird all day but I couldn’t figure out why. And then about 3:30 or so I was getting a drink or something but I noticed that it was 3:30 and realized it was Thursday. All of a sudden a wave of relief came over me. And I cried a little. I wasn’t scared, panicked, running around collecting stats, I hadn’t been up all night getting things done. Thursday was just another day of the week and no one was going to hunt me down ever again for statistics. And I didn’t have the weight of the universe on my shoulders. That was my first clue that perhaps, just maybe, we were never saving anyone from anything at all.

  15. Mark N. Roberts

    Intergalactic soap opera. LOL

  16. knatherthomas

    Scientology IS drama central. When Tom Cruise was anointed as Public Scientologist #1 by DM I was embarrassed by Tom’s rambling certainty of his own self importance. It was clear to me that he had no clue about anything Scientological except his “friendship” with DM. The two of them were so taken with each other it was obscene. But the real shocker was how people around me at ASHO and the rest of PAC were enthralled with this bromance which simply made me sick to my stomach. My solution at the time was to dismiss the whole thing as PR BS and focus on helping people with the tech…

  17. Lately I have been feeling like a space ship drifting out of a solar system. The more distance I gain, the crazier it all seems when I look back.

    I’m taking this as a good thing 🙂

  18. Mark C. Rathbun

    Thanks Jane.

  19. Wow! I loved it!

  20. She could have left that Indian feather headband off. Otherwise I loved her stage outfit! Loved her voice! That little girl rocked it down full volume! Who knew? Great voice!

  21. “To a scientologist, the poor, unknowing non-scientologist doesn’t even realize that a great percentage of his behavior, his choices, and his actions are really to greater or lesser degree ‘dramatizations’ of the emotions and post-hypnotic commands buried in engrams.”


    Ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

  22. Perfect post Marty. Yes, drama. Even ‘Think Big’ was drama. There was nothing peaceful about scientology or the sea org. Full of hill 10’s, all-hands, and so compacted one had to check stats hourly. I was part of it for sure. I had a way of escaping to the beach or Angeles Crest. I even figured out taking the exec kids and mine camping overnight several times. As long as I had the exec’s kids I was safe. It wasn’t until I started reading some of your recommended books I knocked it off myself. Drama was causing all sorts of physical problems too that kinda just went away….

  23. “To a scientologist, the poor, unknowing non-scientologist doesn’t even realize that a great percentage of his behavior, his choices, and his actions are really to greater or lesser degree ‘dramatizations’ of the emotions and post-hypnotic commands buried in engrams.”

    “The sperm sequence is, of course, a very early sequence in a case and it is very worthwhile to
    be in that area. That is the area one is trying to get into. There is where the erasure starts.

    There is no reason to sweat backwards all the way down the bank if there is a neat way of
    skipping the whole bank and getting into the sperm sequence. Standard procedure is to get as
    early in the case as possible and start erasing as soon as possible. That is the first and last goal
    of an auditor who is clearing a preclear.”

  24. Tom’s wedding sure bought on some changes. Jennifer Lopez wanted to sit with Leah, Katie wrote a K.R. on Leah for changing J Lo’s seat I heard. Then Leah inquired about Miss Shelly. Tommy David reacted violently. Starky hitting on Brooke and she and her husband upset. I am beginning to think it wasn’t the lovely photo op it was meant to be.

    It’s just not right to dress Scientologists up and herd them to a place they are supposed to “have fun”. It gets so introverting and unmanageable for them. Worrying about possible K.R.’s, enturbulation reports to follow, sec checks, drug rundown retreads for consumption. Out 2ds, missing people. Red flags and indicators. Which staff might use the opportunity to blow. Should you really accept the drink. Who is watching you, who is judging you. That is what I found on the West Coast.

    On the East Coast in the beginning Scientology parties were a blast. But by the time I left I had been sent to ethics after I went to a movie with a Scientologist, and someone in the theater lit a joint. The other person wanted to leave the theater because of it and I chose to stay and watch the film. The ethics officer told me I must leave the theater if someone lights a joint. So, that was the last time I went out with a Scientologist to “have fun”.

    There is some weird unspoken taboo in the Church about “having fun”. You are supposed to feel guilty about it. You are supposed to be doing something “more important”. You are not supposed to wallow in pleasure on this planet. The ARC for the environment and the people on it is supposed to prohibit you from having pleasure moments.

    And then, there is the heavy punishment in sec checks and auditing for the times you did have fun. If you got high, you are supposed to be gloomy about it on your drug rundown. If you had sex, the auditor seriously wants to write down every detail. Later it becomes known as your “out 2d history”. If you passed out, you are labeled a “drug case”. If you end up with a mug shot, you are labeled pts. If you go on a cruise or a vacation, your friends write KR’s on you for not using that money for your bridge.

    I mean, there is always some kind of punishment in the Church for your pleasure moments. The annual “beer and cheese” party at the base for the staff was so depressing. The staff were afraid to open a beer.

  25. I think the only auditor I ever had that did not get noticeably uncomfortable by my constant laughter was Trey Lotz. I mean, it was not a button for him at all. In fact, he laughed with me!

    I mean, the auditors even look for “sorriness” or “glum” during your auditing. And if you are laughing at yourself or about something you did, it seems to disturb them. Too much laughter in an auditing session seems to become annoying to them. In which case, frequent change of auditors is a good thing. I could be saying the funniest thing that ever came out of my mouth and laughing until my ribs hurt, and the auditor would sit there dead pan. Once at Flag, I just went to the D of P and said, “It’s time for a change of auditor”. You felt guilty having fun knowing the auditors probably hadn’t a day off in a year.

    When Hubbard said, “This is a deadly serious activity” a lot of people fell in line. Well, it got pretty deadly serious. If Juliette Lewis laughed at Tom Cruise can you imagine the sec checks?

    You rarely read of anyone out here talking about “the good times” they had in Scientology. I have tried a few times, and it didn’t go over too well.

    There are a lot of laughs to be had if you apply Scientology to comedy. I usually have to laugh to myself because I do not want to offend anyone.

    If you do try to see things funny, you are labeled a joker and degrader.

    A degrader is someone who reads aloud a person’s confessionals at staff meetings. Secretly video tapes auditing sessions and then makes jokes about them. Orders staff to GSCOHB. Attacks people when they can not fight back. Publishes P.C. folder data.

    There are degraders all over Scientology but because it is not connected to a joke, and it is done with “deadly seriousness” in the “line of duty”, they get away with it.

  26. threefeetback

    Good to see Marty cutting loose on the ‘Freewheeler’-in-Chief and his cohorts.

  27. It’s always nice to hear Phil.

  28. Dramatizing? That was nothing by today’s standards.

  29. Marie guerin

    Great post , The arrogant ,condescending ” you are dramatizing , go in session” was probably my biggest problem with scientologists .
    I couldn’t see how the person to whom it was directed wouldn’t go crazy , never knowing if their emotions were real or borrowed from a distant past or someone else altogether..How on earth can you live like that , how can you ever be happy or sad , how can you relate to others or to a variety of situations? nothing is real, nothing counts , love cannot enter the picture with actions to show it.
    Just maddening to witness the degradation in a world so certain of the basic tenets that keep them in the past.

  30. Chee chalker

    She actually does have a decent voice. I agree with feather headband comment.

  31. Chee chalker

    Well, your hs reunions should be interesting!

  32. basketballjane

    Actually I just went to my 20th. Scientology was a topic of conversation. A lotto my friends from HS are friends on FB with me and they have seen my posts over the last few years. Most were shocked to hear that I was even a Scientologist at any time, and all were horrified to hear what it is like on the inside.

  33. Excerpt from this lecture:


    A lecture given on
    14 July 1950

    Value of the Auditor’s Code

    This lecture covers things that an auditor must not do.

  34. I love Juliette Lewis as an actor and a performer.

    I know I’m supposed to hate her because she still promotes Scientology. And that is unfortunate.

    But just watch the depth and honesty of the emotions on her face in this scene with Meryl Streep in “August: Osage County”.

    I’m sorry. I just can’t hate her.

    I love her.


  35. Speaking of Drama.. I am posting this for Lurkers or those on the fence. Or for those that are interested in a fabulous piece on film.

    It is riveting. German with English Subtitles. 10 minute parts ..9 videos. Professional quality.
    Based on True Life story…

  36. Tom Gallagher

    Scientology originates and creates drama.

    Maybe scientology is an earth-bound purgatory. Or perhaps its another reanimation of hell on earth.

  37. Yep..You just can’t make this shit up!

  38. BLACK PRing the Human Race as such??

    L. Ron Hubbard: “Degraded beings are about eighteen to one over Big Beings in the human race (minimum ratio).” (HCOPL OF 22 MARCH 1967 Issue I)

    Look at your fellows, colleagues, family and friends and imagine this …!

    He also wrote that everyone who is leaving the Sea Org is a ‘Degraded Being’. So everybody who left the Sea Org (my guess is, must be around 25,000 by now) has transformed from being (for years) one of the ‘Elite of the Planet’ into a ‘Degraded Being’ with his departure. Duh!

    Tom Cruise supposedly said (“Then There Is Me” – Tom Cruise): “Dave and me, we’re big beings. We are surrounded by DB’s (degraded beings). DBs can’t help but try to destroy big beings. That’s just the way it is in this universe. You have to understand this. This is LRH, man. It’s the plight of the big being getting jumped on by all the degraded beings. You gotta be unreasonable to survive around a big being like me. You can’t be weak. You gotta be strong to protect the big being from all the degraded beings.”

    Is this how Tom Cruise sees his fellow human beings?

    Marty wrote: “One of the favorite sayings of scientologists to express disdain towards someone is ‘he is just dramatizing’.”

    Or what I frequently heard is: “It is his BANK (meaning his reactive mind) that is speaking – not him (her)” to denigrate a person who is getting annoyed or doesn’t agree with something. This is worse than declaring somebody a non-person – like in Orwell’s “1984”.

    There obviously is a dramatization of the “Master Race” in all its facets.

  39. Cat..You owe me big time..I just read the Whole thing..

  40. Gerhard Waterkamp

    Bunch of funny stories today.
    Juliet statements are a riot.
    What she does not get is Tom Cruise silenced himself, no Big Pharma needed. Many of the big pharmaceutical companies specifically in the US are controlled by super greedy materialists with little scruples and are only surpassed in that by some Wall Street finance sharks. They are not interested in Tom Cruise at all; – to them he is just a fly on the neighbors manure stack. They are interested in money and money is plenty to be made in that business when you can control the legislature and the FDA.
    Tom Cruise has maneuvered himself into an awkward position. If he wants to go out to any journalist or talk show host of some class that is worth the time to promote a movie or such, these Journalist sit on a heap of questions they have to ask for the sake of their own reputation and creditability and the answers Tom Cruise has will make things much worse so the outcome would be outright counterproductive.
    Without re-thinking his life Tom Cruise will not be able to answer any of those looming questions and come out on top. So he has to stay invisible. And here is the downside of being a “big being”, to become one you have to give up all humility. And after you do your life becomes as solid and as it can be with no change or re-think possible.
    So there he is in lock down, disabled and paralyzed by his own devices. And no wonder a couple of holes down the line we find DM in the same situation, except this dummy is not shutting up.
    I almost wet myself for laughter when I saw the first line of DM’s fire letter (using the alias of Karin Pouw) addressed to the San Francisco Chronicle.: “NOT FOR PUBLICATION”
    That was hilarious. And then reading the letter it dawned on me, this guy really believes the shit he is making up out of thin air. This perp has swallowed his own lies hook, line and sinker.
    The only difference between Tom and his buddy is that Tom probably has PR advisors with at least some influence to convince him to keep his mouth shut. DM has nobody of reason he listens to so he makes his life just “better” every day.
    It is Drama, from the Soap Opera kind.

  41. “The Oracle | October 8, 2014 at 1:56 pm | Reply

    I think the only auditor I ever had that did not get noticeably uncomfortable by my constant laughter was Trey Lotz. I mean, it was not a button for him at all. In fact, he laughed with me!”

    Heard your laughter in the next room. 🙂 Couldn’t get details of what it was about but it was glorious to hear:)

  42. So true, Oracle, that a staff member should never have “fun” on any dynamic other than the 3rd. In my Class V org the ED asked what reward we wanted if we achieved some Birthday Game target. I said “time off” which was roundly seconded by many other staff. Later I heard the ED on the phone to Vicki Shantz, the org manager at the time, decrying the fact that I’d gotten the staff wanting to “fry other fish.” Geez…….

  43. I think the drama comes because of the attitude reflected by hard core scientologists, attitude that was well displayed by TC during that Interview. Specifically, in less than 3 minutes TC had labelled the interviewer as: “glib, irresponsible, lacking knowledge, not knowing” and so on. The displayed arrogance compounds the drama.

    The JL shows up and ‘blames’ it on somebody else; another hallmark of scientologists: “it has nothing to do with me, is because SPs, is because of the bank, is because of psychs’ and so on.

    This leads to NO communication with others as, if it is not a scientology’s belief, then is wrong, period. And the drama goes on and on.

  44. Drama = compulsive game play.

  45. Mark N. Roberts

    I ran across and noticed an interesting aspect of the Scn. construct today.

    My lady was watching a movie. There was an alcoholic, and another gentleman was talking to him about his troubles. I thought, “Is it worth the time it would take to really help him. How much effort and patience would it require to actually make a difference in his life. How many other people could I help in other ways with the same investment of time and effort.”

    Then it struck me. That is completely the wrong way of looking at it. Completely. I have preached about having discovered a near infinite patience for looking at my case and that I have all the time in the world. I may have mentioned that I found an outpoint in myself some time ago, in that I would constantly weigh the value of any effort against it probable benefit. That this stopped me from doing many things in my life that would have been quite worthwhile.

    Then I recalled some general ideas I had heard in Scn. That certain people with certain histories could not join the Sea Org. Also, that some people would require too much effort to help and would have to be ‘picked up later’. This is a big error in attitude and policy. Pretty much any endeavor that is worthwhile is worth any amount of effort invested. The rewards of helping an individual to that individual and to the helper are near infinite. A value can rarely be put on it. Percentage figures and ‘relative’ values cannot be put on helping one’s fellows.

    “It’s not worth the trouble” is one of the biggest justifications for not doing, that there has ever been. IF SOMETHING GOOD NEEDS DOING, JUST DO IT. Don’t figure on it, Don’t mull it over, don’t weigh the value, just do it.

    Life itself will be much simpler and much more rewarding. You may be surprised how much you can accomplish.
    Love, Mark

  46. Go look at funny Cat videos for at least half an hour.


  47. I cracked that word a long time ago

    Dramatization roughly translates back as Behavioral Reënactment

    Many traumatized people expose themselves, seemingly compulsively, to situations reminiscent of the original trauma. These behavioral reenactments are rarely consciously understood to be related to earlier life experiences. This “repetition compulsion” has received surprisingly little systematic exploration during the 70 years since its discovery, though it is regularly described in the clinical literature.12,17,21,29,61,64,65,69,88,112,137 Freud thought that the aim of repetition was to gain mastery, but clinical experience has shown that this rarely happens; instead, repetition causes further suffering for the victims or for people in their surroundings.

    Children seem more vulnerable than adults to compulsive behavioral repetition and loss of conscious memory of the trauma.70,136. However, responses to projective tests show that adults, too, are liable to experience a large range of stimuli vaguely reminiscent of the trauma as a return of the trauma itself, and to react accordingly.39,42

  48. The E.D. was ser facing on you. That is another thing, when Scientologists think they have no more ser facs and they are still ser facing all over the place. Sending someone to the RPF is a ser fac. G.A.O.T. is a ser fac. Firing staff is a ser fac. Kicking all of the staff out of L.A. Org was just one big ser fac. Cancelling the certs of every auditor on the planet that has not done GAOT is a ser fac. Telling people they are not qualified to audit if they do not have the newest meter is a ser fac. I mean. it’s all over the place.

  49. Jesus Christ, telling people they are out ethics is a ser fac.

  50. Mark, I love what you wrote, and thank you for voicing this particular aspect. I used to think like this too, and in fact still do, and have not figured out how to return to a more relaxed, healthy way of life yet. I think I adopted this approach from a scientologist I worked for, whose emphasis was very much on “efficiency”. To date I have never sought its probable source in scientology myself, even though it is right there in the greatest good for the greatest number. Perhaps its a useful calculation on a battlefield in what is termed “Realpolitik”, but possibly it strips away your humanity in interpersonal relationships – they become something to be utilised or discarded, and not contributed to because of your own soul choice.

  51. From an evolutionary perspective, repetitive behavior would likely have had a role in mastery. At least in most mammals (if not all), this shows up as play in the very young — repeated chasing, wrestling, hiding, finding, etc. All good preparation for tackling the world and surviving.

    But the most helpful behaviors convert to a liability if they become compulsive. And it strikes me that a behavior can become compulsive because it is (a) perhaps hard-wired into us unless we surmount it and (b) keeps taking us to a dead end.

    What comes to mind is a tiger or other feline pacing endlessly in a zoo, especially in too small a space. The pacing behavior — trying to find a way out, seeking freedom — is logical and would help survival in the wild. But trapped in a zoo, the feline’s behavior becomes utterly futile, and becomes compulsive as the animal continues to seek an exit that is not there.

    Scientologists are in the same boat. Truth seeking has definite survival advantages. So does dedication, perseverance, belonging to a group, and so forth. But they are in a cage and the exit — true Clear and OT — always just eludes them. So if they are convinced the way out is the way through (Scientology) they amp up their dedication and commitment. They give more and more time and money. They are being repetitive and compulsive in their behavior. Like the feline in the zoo, all their repetitive behavior never finds an exit. Since they know the behavior is “right,” they do the behavior more and more fervently — fund raisers, fake statuses, and so on.

    Unlike the big cat trapped in the zoo though, the bars that hold them in are in their own minds, laid in through subtle but extremely effective indoctrination.

  52. Any group that could produce the idiotic Squirrel Busters and their hilariously pathetic antics has taken dramatization to new heights and has made anyone who appreciates truly skilled dramatic arts groan.

    The Squirrel Busters — total drama queens stuck in circular world view — could be used as an example of how _not_ to harass someone because it makes yourself look infinitely more stupid than your supposed “target.”

    I am willing to bet that one of that Mad Hatter crew believed that there was some Whole Track incident where the “psychs” had cameras on their heads during some implant process, and therefore dressing up like monkeys iwth cameras on their heads would “key in” (restimulate, stir up past pain and unconsciousness) Marty and other “targets.”

    If so, they were not only dramatizing, but they were dramatizing an imaginary incident from a non-existent past. Thank goodness they did not believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster — Marty might still be picking off strands of pasta tossed around by the trio dressing in Gilly-suit spaghetti when they tried to restim Marty into terror of the Monster.

    I actually appreciated the Squirrel Busters for exposing the kind of idiocy that true believers in Scientology — or other cults — can come to. Thank you Squirrel Busters for performing visual drama that so rightly made Scientology look worse than a thosand critics could with words alone.

  53. Mark N. Roberts

    Thanks LG.
    People are obviously not numbers, they are individuals, each with their own infinite value. Life is not a game of rummy, where every decision can be based on probabilities.

    When I do make value judgements concerning life and people, I look not at what will be the effects of my actions in the next few minutes, or the next day, but what will be the butterfly effect over the next 20 years.

    This is obviously not part of COS upper mgmt’s strategy. Even lower mgmt. has a hard time looking past Thurs. at 2:PM.

    This also ‘crosses chains’ with the big being, degraded being talk going on yesterday on this site. I personally do not believe in the big being idea. There are people who are acting on more or less energetic purposes at a given moment. But people operate on many different purposes in many areas of their life. Acting energetic doesn’t mean one is not a child molester, or crooked politician, or compassionate loving father.

    Life is complex and exciting, that’s why we do it. Add love and it is also very satisfying.
    ARCL, Mark

  54. No neurochemical imbalance has been established as a cause for mental illness, that is quite true. The “chemical imbalance” theory is exactly that – a theory; a daft biomedical hypothesis that, thankfully, is running out of steam following the recent shift towards a biopsychosocial approach to mental health.

  55. Hi Sara. I agree with that. Very few people I know of (except crazy ones) can’t wait to talk to others about Psychiatry. But Tom Cruise does this on public television. Is it an wonder why he is such a “huge star”? Odd thing to talk about on top of it. But, in spite of that, want to hear something ironic? One time the OSA of New York called the Police on me for coming to the church to use up the balance on my account at the FDN org. The OSA and goons friends told the Police to tell me to go see a Psychatrist with my problems, even though I had not yet and still have not asked for a refund. Is that 1.1 in real life or what? 🙂

  56. I guess then that mental issues don’t stem from engrams any more? Sounds like a real breakthrough was made someplace by “the people of the field of science”. 🙂

  57. Anything discrete can be represented by numbers. Individuals can be counted, so they can be represented by numbers.

  58. Mark N. Roberts

    Vin said: “Anything discrete can be represented by numbers. Individuals can be counted, so they can be represented by numbers.”

    Material centric logic.
    Life is so much more.

    You could say “Well, yes, of course. I was simply replying to your comment.” But this was the message you chose to type.

  59. I actually felt sorry for Tom. He has been trained and audited into being a crazy “big being”.
    His arrogant swagger is his “mock up” of certainty and tone 40 intention.

    Behold! The product of becoming a Ronroid!

    People don’t normally act like this. It takes word clearing and clay demo.

  60. ka said..”Tom Cruise supposedly said (“Then There Is Me” – Tom Cruise): “Dave and me, we’re big beings. We are surrounded by DB’s (degraded beings). DBs can’t help but try to destroy big beings”
    Hey Tommy..How’s that working for ya big guy?

  61. And Tom’s utter disdain for Matt’s thoughts are unquestionably fueled by Tom’s knowledge of the OT materials.

    Anything Psyche is evil. Anything Psyche is on Xenu’s side. Anything Psyche is anti Scientology because Sciwntology is here to clean up this sector of OT3.

    OT3 materials make crazy people because it is a false doctrine fashioned from a madman.

  62. Mark, you are misduplicating. An individual has every bit of life, but you are putting boundary to an individual, which makes him discrete and countable. I am simply pointing out inconsistency in what you are saying.

  63. Self is just a momentary appearance like a wave in the Sea of awareness.

  64. There is nothing at the core of self that is permanent. Only fragments of self may move from one life to another, like molecules of the body.

    There is no immortal thetan.

  65. My policy is to simply do what needs to be done so people are able to help themselves. You help them cross the threshold so they can fly solo.

    Most people are weighed down by their ignorance. They are hypnotized because of their ignorance. They act in evil ways because of their ignorance.

    Do you think David Miscavige doesn’t need help in getting rid of his ignorance as much as that alcoholic you were talking about?

  66. One of the key points of ignorance is thinking that spirit and matter are separate. This is explained very nicely in Chapter 1 of the Tao of Physics.

  67. Saying that spirit and matter are inseparable is not a materialistic viewpoint, or a material-centric logic.

    Material fixation = matter produces spirit
    Spiritual fixation = Spirit produces matter
    Balanced view = Spirit and matter are both aspects of life. Neither is superior to the other.

  68. About mythologies and religion:

    ” Nor is it to be thought…that man is either the oldest or the last of earth’s masters, or that the common bulk of life and substance walks alone. The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them, they walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen.

    Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They had trod earth’s fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread…..

    As a foulness shall ye know Them. Their hand is at your throats, yet ye see Them not; and Their habitation is even one with your guarded threshold. Yog-Sothoth is the key to the gate, whereby the spheres meet. Man rules now where They ruled once; They shall soon rule where man rules now. After summer is winter, after winter summer. They wait patient and potent, for here shall They reign again.”

  69. Laughter!

  70. Sounds like a course in economics.

  71. “People don’t normally act like this. It takes word clearing and clay demo.”


  72. Thanks for this reference. These books look great.

  73. Nice comment Mark, I agree. Random acts of kindness matter. Especially if you do not expect anything for it. And if you do not put a hidden debt upon the recipient, such as, “what they are supposed to be, do or have”, as a result of your consideration.

  74. Right, the blame for Tom was on someone else. Big pharma made him seem hateful, out of ARC, attacky, spiritually and educationally superior. It’s all big Pharma fault. Meanwhile during the interview, Tom comes off like someone that snorted three lines of coke and washed it down with two shots of Jim Beam.

  75. John Travolta is always great in interviews. Very mellow and his high ARC just flows like pancake syrup.

  76. I mean , I don’t know how other people work in an auditing session. But I blow the charge when I can laugh at myself. I only blew all of my charge on my Sea Org experience, when I recounted this time I was marching to marching drills courtesy of James Byrnes, I mean, I just remembered this situation when I was marching on a roof top at a muster, and I got the picture of myself. And when I saw how ridiculous I was and what I was doing with my life that morning, Who the fk marches on rooftops overlooking Sunset Boulevard like they are preparing for war? A 5’5″ 105 pound blonde with three inch nails in a pencil skirt? I mean, I knew then on some level I was out of there. That was some really out of valence shit.
    And James was gone. He was like Commander Hakamunishawi preparing suicide bombers for Saipan in WWll. I mean, I thought, we are acting crazy! But I suppressed it on some level. It was like, “I see it, set aside for a minute. If you start to laugh you are fucked.”

    And when I looked back and saw myself in that several years later and laughed, I had that laugh I put on pause, it all just blew. But I laughed about it for like, 30 minutes. And, it was just one of those things that you had be there, and you had to be me, to know how funny that was.

    And, this thing about DRAMA brings it up, because that was all drama.

    And this C/O of ASHO woke up late one morning and came to muster. He was a Scottish guy, can’t recall his name. James started ripping stuff off his clothes. His stripes and whatnot. Like an angry wife that just found lipstick on her husband’s collar. I was like, WTF?

    And, I am reading this post now by Marty, and I am thinking with the fact that this missionaire guy James was sent into PAC to DRAMATIZE. Those were his MISSION ORDERS!

    And I am starting to realize almost every Sea Org Mission I have seen, was sent on mission to dramatize.

    Dramatize being some elite police force. Dramatize police take overs. Dramatize being the C.I.A. or the F.B.I.. Dramatize being “loyal officers”.

    What the heck is David Miscavige dramatizing when he does an event? He is dramatizing being a politician and working for votes and working for campaign funding. When gets home he dramatizes world leader. Slave master.

    Marty is right, the drama is think. And the players are dramatizing.

  77. Oracle wrote:

    “What the heck is David Miscavige dramatizing when he does an event? He is dramatizing being a politician and working for votes and working for campaign funding. When gets home he dramatizes world leader. Slave master.”

    He is dramatizing Scientology, as it is meant for him to dramatize.

    Hubbard called it “now-I’m-supposed-tos” for your hat. He reserved the word “dramatize” for “bank” and “case”. But “now-I’m-supposed-tos” were “now-I’m-supposed-tos”.

    A few years before I left, I was doing tone scale spotting out on LRH Way, and there were lots of serious, even grim, SO members walking fast all around the pace.

    My first thought was “They’re in Action!”.

    And then I stopped, and looked closer, and realized that they were out of valence, acting as they are supposed to act per L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology scriptures.

    That was one little chink in my Scientology armor. I realized that Scientology itself was being dramatized around me in this Scientology environment which was totally controlled by the philosophy of Scientology.

    I realized that any environment that Scientology controlled would look just like this one.

    It took another few months for me to realize that, in terms of civil rights and freedoms, a Scientology world would be WAY worse off than the one we already have.

    That realization was the last chink that disintegrated my Scientology armor.


  78. Oracle,
    Thanks. That is H.P Lovecraft, he was my favorite freak out story teller when growing up, and his language sounds similar to Hubbard’s space opera myths down to his dire warnings about of OT 3, that it is just priceless to me .

    Here is more from the Cthulhu Mythos:

    I have brought to light a monstrous abnormality, but I did it for the sake of knowledge. Now for the sake of all life and Nature you must help me thrust it back into the dark again.”

    “If the thing did happen, then man must be prepared to accept notions of the cosmos, and of his own place in the seething vortex of time, whose merest mention is paralyzing. He must, too, be placed on guard against a specific, lurking peril which, though it will never engulf the whole race, may impose monstrous and unguessable horrors upon certain venturesome members of it.”

  79. Whatever makes you feel good.


  80. This is similar to Hubbard’s attempt to use the Nocebo Effect on Scientologists, first with his “Excalibur” myth where he wriote a book that drove people insane, and even caused one guy to throw himself out a window, and later with the OT 3 implant where you would contract pneumonia and die if you were “exposed” to the materials before you were ready for it.

    This is another set of behaviors that Hubbard employed on Scientologists over the course of decades which reveals his harmful intent.

    The OT 3 nocebo was much more effective than the Excalibur story. And that is because Hubbard worked it out and refined it on Scientologists as a control mechanism over many decades.

    Some people say that it is impossible to discern someone else’s intent.

    Not true.

    When a person takes a long course of action, and refines and modifies that action over decades to make it more and more effective – this is strong evidence of their intent.

    The OT 3 warnings of pneumonia and death are vicious nocebo implants, intentionally placed in the minds of Scientologists in order to control them for his own purposes, and without regard to the harm he was causing them.

    He basically wanted Scientologists to believe that they have a “kill-switch” in their minds so that if they thought certains thoughts or learned certain things, the “kill-switch” would go off and they would die.

    The terror and the psychological damage this implant caused to many Scientologists was simply not important to L Ron Hubbard. From his point of view, it was a pluspoint – not an outpoint – that Scientologists were implanted and their reach crippled with this destructive delusion.


  81. Alanzo said,

    He is dramatizing Scientology, as it is meant for him to dramatize.”

    “And then I stopped, and looked closer, and realized that they were out of valence, acting as they are supposed to act per L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology scriptures.”

    Exactly. That is the problem with Religion and Mythos.

    Scientology is Hubbard’s living reenactment of his OT3 catastrophe.

    And before anyone gets offended or feel a loss with what is being said here, take a good look at the Maya or the Aztec civilizations.
    Unless you think they were all evil, you will have to conclude that is the inevitable way Mythos go when not restrained by reason. Collective insanity.

  82. Mark N. Roberts

    I’ll just say that I don’t agree. That awareness is a momentary wave in the sea of awareness is just plain depressing. To me it is a hair shy of atheist. I don’t fault atheists, I just don’t agree with them.

    My observations , as you know, are that life (spiritual life) is senior to the physical world. Also, within certain limits as set by the design of bodies, for the most part, you grow your own body. You take what you are given at birth, and take it from there. Some more than others.

    Many people believe in spirituality, but not in immortal individuality. That’s OK, I understand that. I believe they will eventually discover the things I have been saying. They believe that I will eventually discover the things they have been saying. My core belief is that those who are diligently searching with eyes open are most likely to find out the most truth.

    That is why we are here on this site.
    I typed a lot of words to have said so little. But it’s not a record for me. I could go on.

  83. Mark N. Roberts

    Yes Conan.
    Typical examples of when the few are in charge of the many.

    What is unfortunate is that when the many find themselves in charge, they will operate in the same manner. I seems that the few are actually those who understand and promote real freedom and the many are those who will suppress and dominate others, given the chance.

    When someone sees an outpoint in current society, and say “There oughta be a law”, know that this attitude will run wild if given the chance, and the result is inevitable.

    “The desire and effort to control others is the greatest of evils.” (MNR)
    Send me a note if you would like the entire essay.

  84. Mark N. Roberts

    Excellent point Miss Oracle.
    Exchange, as with measured effort, can become a trap in itself. Exchange can be a joy, or it can be used as an effort to make wrong. Pointing out others lack of effort falls under the same category. The way to promote diligence is not to make others wrong, but to invite others to join you in your joy of doing.

  85. So “Norman Starkey got drunk and hit on…”, good distraction.
    At least he made something go right by preventing a dissemination overt.

  86. Mark N. Roberts

    Hi Vin.
    I get what you are saying. My basic definition of life is that oneness and individuality are both simultaneously true. Most people can grasp the idea of sometimes being at one with all, and at other times being a sole individual, but both at the same time can be a difficult concept to get a hold of.

  87. Was he in the hole before this event? He didn’t reform, did he?


  88. It generates cognitive dissonance to think that an immortal individuality can be one.

    Sent from my iPhone


  89. What?

    Please elaborate. This sounds interesting….


  90. I had not heard of this writer before. But his use with words makes them seem almost musical to me. (On the lower piano keys) I am very excited to read his books and visit upon this mind.

  91. L. Ron Hubbard: “Degraded beings are about eighteen to one over Big Beings in the human race (minimum ratio).” (HCOPL OF 22 MARCH 1967 Issue I)

    Even Hubbard thought size matters.

  92. That cognitive dissonance is yours Vinay. It would be a bit of an assumption to say everyone would have to have it.

    Just because your limited human mind cannot cognize on the paradox of individualality and universality does not make it a fact. It just makes it your opinion.

  93. Mark wrote:

    “I’ll just say that I don’t agree. That awareness is a momentary wave in the sea of awareness is just plain depressing. To me it is a hair shy of atheist. I don’t fault atheists, I just don’t agree with them.”

    Welcome to the Wall of Fire in Seeking to Live with the Truth.

    The feelings you get when you confront the reality of your existence as a human being should not act as barriers to moving forward in pursuit of the truth.

    That was the “entheta wall of dissonance” which incubated the bubble-dweller of Scientology. Don’t set up that wall ever again.

    Expect to experience fear, depression, irritation, as well as joy, consonance and every other emotion while seeking to live with the truth.


  94. The question to ask is, “Does the self change?”.

  95. Self is the wave and the ocean. Again, the paradox of separateness and oneness cannot be solved in the test tube of thinking.

    One cannot empty the ocean with the thimbal of analysis.

    You cannot solve the problem of the true nature of existence with an instrument composed of the problem it is trying to solve.

    When the seemingly constant fluxuations of mind cease their never ending theoretical graspings at spiritual truths then, in that still calm reflective waters, you will know your self to be immortal.

    Ha ha ha, here we are again. I believe you have a misunderstood on nirvana.

  96. The misunderstanding of nirvana

  97. I don’t know about Norman’s 2D history. I didn’t know he had any.

  98. An auditor must never ally himself with any of the dramatic personnel in the preclear’s engram
    bank. If the preclear starts to say, “Well, after all, Mother had her engrams too,” the auditor
    must refrain from saying, “Yes, that’s right, she had her engrams too,” because the person is
    not talking very rationally if he is having a bad time of it. If the auditor suddenly agrees with
    the statement that mother was not guilty, he is actually siding with the person’s engrams, which
    may throw the person into a very deep apathy from which the auditor will have great difficulty
    pulling him. So, if one does anything, be mad at them. This encourages the preclear’s anger.

  99. I Aligned myself with Marty Rathbun right from the start.We had our difficulties and dissagreements. I am a bit od I must admit.

    Marty Rathbun is the most honest person I have ever met (although on the Internet) . And that is why Monique loves him so much.

    She saw his potential

    I did too.

  100. I like the idea that Starkey was a “distraction agent” for the Good of Mankind.

    There he was, at this Tom Cruise global wedding of universal importance, and he perceived that this was about to become a “dissemination overt”, where Scientology could possibly be placed in a bad light.

    So he took a look one at the open bar, and another look at Brooke Shield’s ass, and hatched a plan that would save the day.

    “That’s it!’ Norman slapped his forehead in his Eureka moment, “I’ll get sloppy drunk and learingly loom into Ms. Shield’s bosoms, thus attracting attention to myself and saving the reputation of Scientology from the Miscavige/Cruise nosedive it is currently suffering.

    Ever the sacrificial lamb, Norman Starkey laid down his own reputation to save Scientology’s.

    It’s like a reverse OW write up: Where what would ordinarily make you wake up the next morning hating yourself for what you’d done the night before gets turned into a triumph of martyred heroism.

    Do I have this right, 1984dejavue?


  101. Self-help organizations for people with addictions or with backgrounds that include childhood traumas or parental addictions have elaborated a model of treatment that appears to address many of the core issues of repetitive traumatization. These groups provide people with both human attachments and a meaningful cognitive frame for dealing with the sense of helplessness that is central to these problems.. They focus on the development of “serenity,” which can be understood both as a state of automatic stability and of being at peace with one’s surroundings. These groups teach that the way to gain this serenity is by learning to trust, by surrendering, and by making contact and developing interpersonal commitments. They provide a support network that attempts to avoid the barriers that people create to bolster their individual differences, and they thus endeavor to circumvent the shame of being helpless and vulnerable that perpetuates social isolation. Shame and social isolation are thought to promote regression to earlier states of anxious attachment and to addictive involvements. In these circles it is said that: “No pain is so devastating as the pain a person refuses to face and no suffering is so lasting as suffering left unacknowledged.”23 There is emphasis on living in the here and now, generally with the acknowledgement that in contrast to victimized children, adults can learn to protect themselves and make a conscious choice about not engaging in relationships or behaviors that are known to be harmful. The underlying assumption is that conclusions drawn from a child’s perspective retain their power into adulthood until verbalized and examined. In a group context, victims can learn that as children they were not responsible for the chaos, violence and despair surrounding them, but that as adults there are choices and consequences.23,137

  102. … with everything else.

  103. Thanks for the story Alanzo. I had cracks early on. As early as the tr’s. “being there” is a doingness. “being there comfortably” is a doingness. “confront” is a doingness. These are all ACTION words. “Do nothing, but be there comfortably and confront” is a dichotomy. You can’t do nothing, and do something at the same time. Then there was the promise of going exterior on the last cch. I got through them all as a P.C. in two days, then I was grinding on that for two days. The D of P sat me down with a tech dictionary, to have me “cognite” on why I “hadn’t gone exterior”. I had always been exterior! I just couldn’t perceive it! I got what he was saying, but that was the first betrayal. All of those days and hours on the H.Q.S. course. Rubbing bottles for the temperature and all that. That was a drag for me for some reason. Doing all of those drills and yelling at ashtrays. That was a drag. I knew I wasn’t “getting it” part of the time. All for that big moment I was promised on that last cch. To go exterior. Only to figure out I was exterior every time I got high before I even got involved with Scientology. Rubbing the bottle, my genie had already come and gone.

  104. Laughing makes me feel good.

  105. Oracle, that was in 1990 when James Byrne was on mission in PAC. I was on the rooftop that day too. The guy who got his stripes pulled off his uniform in front of the whole base was the Captain ASHO Day. His name was Drew (I forget the last name). “Mr. Byrne” was making a humiliating spectacle of sending him to the RPF. It was pretty upsetting for me and afterwords I talked to the Chaplain, in tears. I forget now how she reassured me.

    Some time before that happened, I had to go to the HGB for some reason. I picked up a very bad vibe there and said to myself, “Wow, I would never want to work here!” Well, wouldn’t you know, I was eventually transferred there – and the exec meetings were so gruesome they literally made me feel ashamed of my group. But at least I knew that wasn’t the way staff acted in the service orgs that I had years of experience with as a staff member (starting in a Class V org). Anyway, when I was transferred to an HGB org, I soon found out that Drew had been reprieved from the RPF fairly soon after Byrne ordered him there. So at least that was reassuring.

  106. I certainly would not suspect him to be a danger to anyone over a little flirting.

  107. Joe Pendleton

    Vinaire, how do you know for sure that that statement is true?

  108. Mark N. Roberts

    Vin said,”It generates cognitive dissonance to think that an immortal individuality can be one. ”

    It’s like space time warp and the non-locality of quantum particles. It is totally non intuitive until it ‘clicks’. Then it is “Oh yea, of course”.
    Re-read ‘From the Beginning’. (MNR) You just may find that BTs are fully and actually real. And they are totally imaginary, fiction. They are both.

    The way to terminally handle the so called BT problem is to gain an understanding of ARC with self and Theta. The self created ‘problem’ dissolves. Life becomes worth living and very enjoyable. Many things suddenly open up.

    Read it again, I dare you.
    Love, Mark

  109. I just want to leave this here on Marty’s blog for anyone who considers me a friend.

    It’s my favorite video nowadays.

    Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

    I really believe, deep down, that it is aesthetically connected to Marty’s blog, and the whole Post-Scientology Universe:


  110. Speaking of Scientology drama! David Miscavige, your Scientology host on this planet, has it pretty much set up now that I reckon every three minutes the Church of Scientology is making a new enemy! I have been thinking about Scientology stats of what is going on every few minutes across the planet. With everything on the Internet as a result of the host’s effect upon the Scientology guests. And I think every three minutes a new enemy is made for the Church of Scientology. I would like to hear more about these stats at the events. How many staff blow per month. How many customers removed from the mailing list. How many former emeters snatched beck from the people that purchased them. How many books burned. How many lies published. How many members converted to bona fide criminals through perjury. How many Scientologists removed from the lines by the missionaries conducting with hunts. There are all of these regressive statistics we only get to piece together through more P.R. flaps and loose lips. How many students blown off their check sheets and ordered to retrain. How many of those do not come back. David’s legal fees for the month ending. Number of negative comments published on the Internet. Little things like that.

  111. Jai Guru Deva Ohhmmmmm

  112. Absolutely Cat.. I would like to add.. Validation, Positive reinforcement and ongoing support is absolutely crucial.

    Example. Scn. while auditing.. ” I was molested when I was 4 by my uncle ”
    Auditor: Blank stare, looking down at needle looking to see if an engram is present. reaction..etc.
    Repeat over and over ad nauseum.
    Short words like Again.. Thank you. etc.
    Going over dates, going over the incident..Start at the beginning..over and over..

    .recall an emotion..What have you done? What is the problem? What is the solution? and then to say ” Tell me I’m no longer auditing you..”
    Female therapist and female client

    Client: ” I was molested at the age of 4 by my uncle.”
    Female Therapist: I am so sorry that happened to you. ( Validation)
    You are very brave for sharing with me ( Positive reinforcement)

    Would you like to discuss the details during this session? I am here for you ( support) There is also a support group available for women who have been abused.

    or we can do it 1-1 if you would like.. The choice is yours. I just want you to know that I am listening to you and recognize the pain you are in.

    Client: Thank you.. I have never told anyone that before. Therapist will allow the client to discuss anything she wishes.
    Therapist will assess the situation to determine if client would like to include family members in on sessions.

    It would be client centered..client driven.. Treatment plan to determine whether other professionals would be required to meet with client and be conducive to client’s positive mental health.

    EX Psychiatrist..Psychiatrist.. Medication. etc. All depending on client and her identifying the behavior that she would like to change or modify.

    Client may just need one session.. ( Just the fact that someone validated her, added positive reinforcement and support may be enough)

    Of course this is just examples.. but it will give you an idea in comparing the 2 disciplines.

    and of course auditors and therapists will vary.

  113. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has more followers (19,817,589)
    than the Church of Scientology so I don’t think anyone is in danger of a planetary take over.

  114. Alanzo Reformatted:

    The Oracle | October 10, 2014 at 8:48 pm:

    The Oracle wrote paragraph 1:

    “Speaking of Scientology drama! David Miscavige, your Scientology host on this planet, has it pretty much set up now that I reckon every three minutes the Church of Scientology is making a new enemy! “

    The Oracle wrote paragraph 2:

    “I have been thinking about Scientology stats of what is going on every few minutes across the planet:”

    The Oracle’s reasoning in support of her claim:

    With everything on the Internet as a result of the host’s effect upon the Scientology guests: And every three minutes a new enemy is made for the Church of Scientology, I would like to hear more about these stats at the events – For example:

    1. How many staff blow per month?

    2. How many customers removed from the mailing list?

    3. How many former emeters snatched beck from the people that purchased them?

    4. How many books burned?

    5. How many lies published?

    6. How many members converted to bona fide criminals through perjury?

    7. How many Scientologists removed from the lines by the missionaries conducting witch hunts?

    The Oracle’s comments upon these:

    There are all of these regressive statistics we only get to piece together through more P.R. flaps and loose lips.

    How many students blown off their check sheets and ordered to retrain?

    How many of those do not come back?

    The amount of David’s legal fees for the month ending?

    Number of negative comments published on the Internet?

    Little things like that.”

    Comment re-formatted for the Internet, and All Eternity:

    By Alanzo

  115. You know who this reminds me of Marty, is that lady Joanne Wheatey or Wheaton from the Squirrel Busters team? What an A-Hole! It is hard to believe that anyone would accept money from anyone to stand in front of your property and make a moron out of themselves like that. But, this is the kind of kooks the Church of Scientology routinely turns out. Juliette Lewis is mild, I say MILD Marty, compared to, for example, Reverenc William Rex Fowler fo the Church (formerly of the church) of Scientology of Colorado somewhere. 🙂

  116. Beautiful Alanzo.. Yep..You are right. It is perfect for now as you indicated. Thank you. xo Baby

  117. Mark N,
    No is not that. It is the STORY.

  118. Vinaire says..” One of the key points of ignorance is thinking that spirit and matter are separate. This is explained very nicely in Chapter 1 of the Tao of Physics.”

    Vinnie.. It is a Theory. .. a Belief system..( Spirit and matter are separate)

    also the Tao of Physics is written by Capra and he is a Theorist. Capra is comparing the parallels of modern physics and Eastern Mysticism.

    Some believe and absolutely stand by this book..and some do not. And with some the jury is still out.

    I personally am not interested. Eastern Mysticism ( Studied in college) just
    ” Ain’t My Bag”.. and Physics? I’ll leave it to others. My 2 Physics classes in the 60s don’t qualify me as an expert.

  119. The thing that upset me about that, is that the guy getting assaulted did nothing about it. He did not fight back in any way. That just blew my mind.

    Jamse’s wife told me everything about their life. He married her to the chagrin of other “high up” Sea Orgers, as she was from such a lower cast. He met her in an Org while he was mission, she was ” just org staff”. The Sea Org execs made her feel like a second class citizen and she was not allowed at Int with James. The whole time she was treated like trash she bought in millions upon millions as a reg at the A.O.. Over decades and years of being separated from her husband, who she tried to leave many times. He absolutely forbade it and she was there in L.A. raising that little girl alone. She was treated like scum by the Sea Org, except for the staff in the A.O.. She was not American and had nobody here. She had no place to go and nobody to take her away from it all. She was scared to death of James. I doubt if any one will ever know how ashamed humiliated and enturbulated she was in the A.O. over that mission. I doubt the whole time she was in America, if anyone reached out and just took her hand. She died of cancer at a young age. She was much younger than James. She was absolutely traumatized, and pimped to death.

  120. John travolta asked in the above youtube clip:

    “I never gave it too much credibility

    You see?

    Why would I?

    You know – shame on you if you get a few people firing at you and you think you are crap, suddenly – shame on you for believing it!”

    Here’s the problem, John:

    You become the SpokesPerson for a Brainwashing Cult which uses your Likeness and Good Name to recruit people into it.

    Get it?

    Now Wake the fuck up and stop shilling for the Scientology Brainwashing Cult.

    Thank You.


  121. Thanks. Great song, very cool video!

  122. 🙂

  123. Good question, Joseph Pendleton.


  124. The problem here BabyBunker, is that this can never fit on any kind of a conveyor belt or a “Bridge to Total Freedom” scenario.

    Validation, Positive reinforcement and ongoing support is absolutely crucial. – and way too expensive to ever make me enough money to live the kind of life that I want.

    L Ron Hubbard

  125. I think, if I had to leave a song behind to bind us, remind us, of this un natural detour into the super natural, it would be this one.

  126. The arrogance of “knowing.”


  127. From the extensive study of Vedas and other religions including Scientology and establishing consistency to the best of my ability. The record of basic logic exists on my blog.


  128. How about mindfulness! Give it a try.


  129. Haha. Alanzo, I am reading BRAVE NEW WORLD right now. There is eerie similarity of Scientology there.


  130. Brian, aren’t you getting a bit annoyed! That should serve as an indicator that there is something missing. 🙂


  131. You seem to be talking about self-hypnotism Mark.


  132. I love her rendition Alanzo. Always loved this song.

  133. Starting with the full moon on October 8th, a special period of devotion honoring the community of monks has begun. While focused on the contribution of these dedicated individuals, it is traditional to chant for the benefit of the entire cosmos. In the spirit of this tradition, I wish to extend gratitude to Marty Rathbun and all members of this blog.
    May all beings be well, happy and peaceful!
    By the power of truth, may the victory be yours!


  134. Joe, nobody can prove anything to another if the other person has his own logic. The best is to look at one’s own logic and compare it to the logic presented. If you don’t question your own logic you will be fixated on it and no other logic will ever make sense.

  135. What makes you so certain that spirit and matter are separate. You are right that it a belief. If one is fixated on a belief and doesn’t want to look at it closely, it is an indication of hypnotism or conditioning.

    Here is another interesting book, BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley (1932).

  136. Mark N. Roberts

    ? I’m a little slow. What did you mean?

  137. Mark N. Roberts

    Vin said, “You seem to be talking about self-hypnotism Mark.”

  138. I just posted this on Scientologists back in comm blog and thought it would be appropriate to post here. Why?

    Because it gets to and addresses the cause of all the aberrations people are accused of having. It addresses cause, not effect. Before you solve any problem, you have to identify the problem correctly and solve the right problem.

    There wa s a little discussion on Tech 4 reality discussion list, which was about the cause of people commiting overts and what causes people to lie, especially become habitual liars.

    I posted the following and thought this should be seguayed into this thread.

    Because once a person understands these basic principles, it will provide the mechanics or the formula or basis to figure out any aberration in an individual.

    It is a brief summary of the tech in Dianetics, too.
    I could write a lot more to describe the cause of other aberrations, like what causes irrational emotional behavior, inability to emote, inability for ARC, inability to form relationships, etc., but it would be much to write. Anyone with a basic understanding of dianetics and scn should cog on the cause of any aberration from this.

    My post to Tech 4 reality:

    I have been doing some thinking about the cause of overts (harmful acts) and lying too.

    This is what I thought:

    Children learn to lie, when they learn it is not safe to tell their parents the truth.

    Or when they live in an overall unsafe home environment.

    Example: they accidentally break the flower vase, when parents do not see. Then parents find out, and berate or berate and beat them.

    It was an honest accident or a mistake, not an overt. Beings need to have accidents to learn how this world works. It has been wisely said that we learn more from mistakes than we do from failures. If you let them have and experience the right kind of accidents and mistakes when they are young, they will have much less accidents when they are older and throughout life. Everything man has ever learned has been through the making of mistakes and disasters and the spilling of blood. Everybody makes mistakes. But there are normal mistakes and “not normal” mistakes. There are allowable mistakes and accidents and not allowable mistakes or accidents. Or forgivable mistakes and accidents and not forgivable mistakes and accidents, or acceptable and non acceptable mistakes and accidents.

    (Hubbard deals with this in Dianetics. He says if you buy the child a toy, you must let him do what ever he wants to do with the toy. If he breaks it in the normal course of playing with it, so be it. he is learning and figuring out how the world works. If you prevent him from breaking it, he will break everything of yours for the rest of your life. In my case this was so true. The child’s higher self (conscience) knows what the ideal state is, and he has to learn through experience, where the limits of MEST (the physical universe) are. He needs to learn where the breaking point is of physical matter is. When he breaks it, he will have a cognition on the physical limits of matter. If he goes through this learning process properly, he will have a superior understanding of the MEST universe for the rest of his life. He will be much less prone to breaking things and making mistakes in later life. But if you interfere with this normal learning process, he will have great difficulty doing anything right. He will have difficulty completing cycles of actions. He will have GPMs galore. A GPM is goals, problems mass. The being has a goal, he runs into overwhelming problems or interference and fails. This is traumatic to the being. This develops mental mass, or “blocks” in the mind. It is part of the darkness you see in your mind.) He will be extremely accident prone. He will have avolition, the condition of not being able to accomplish goals. He is PTS or “actual trouble source”. He is a jinx. Everything he touches turns to a mess or a disaster. He is trouble looking for a place to happen. If his normal course of development and learning is not interfered with, or not aberrated he will have the Mida’s touch.

    We come with natural, innate knowledge (biological programs) (programs in the soul) of knowing what to do to figure this world out and what to do to be successful in life or handle this MEST universe successfully. Hubbard called this degrees of survival. How well we survive or not survive. How “successful” we are or how “not successful” we are. Dennis Stevens called this the desire “to know” and desire “to be known”.

    This subject is also part of the story (and cleverly done) in the Anastasia series of books (9 of them) by Vladimir Megre. Ringing Cedars North America – Official Website These are a must read for any truth seeker. )

    Ringing Cedars North America – Official Website
    “Basically, these books make all the other books that I’ve read to date look like a complete waste of paper!” – Rafal, Australia WHY such a mind-blowing re…

    View on

    Or in another version of this incident, they accidentally break the vase and go and tell the parents and get berated or berated and beaten for doing so. The child learns that it is not safe to tell the parents the truth. So the child learns to lie and deny.

    Children steal when they are prevented from having the things they rightfully need to have (must have) or should have or can have. That which their higher selves or conscience (and GE too) tells them they need to have.

    Children commit overts when they are punished for making mistakes which are the normal course of learning how this universe works.

    Children commit overts and lie when they have had bad things/wrong things done to them. (Bad parenting.)

    Children commit overts and lie when their higher selves have been violated. Or what their high selves, their conscience knows is wrong, that has been done to them, which prevents proper development.

    Children become angry and mad when they have been prevented from BEING who their higher selves needs them to be, for proper development.

    Children become angry and mad when they have been prevented from DOING what their higher selves needs them to do for proper development. In plain language they become stupid. They can’t think, or figure out anything correctly.

    Children become angry and mad when they have been prevented from HAVING what their higher selves needs them to have for proper development.

    Children become angry and mad, when they have been emotionally abandoned, rejected, abused, suppressed, etc.

    In other words, they collectively or overall experienced “bad control”. Versus good control. There is a right way and a wrong way to do almost everything.

    This bad control gives them various personality disorders, which cause them to not fit in with normal society, or they do not have the character and personality which allows them to be competent in good society.

    They can develop psychosis, neurosis, schitzophrenia or any aberrated state.

    In my evaluation I think this is why otherwise average American, Canadian, European, Austrialian young people (or even others) becomes (or can become) radicalized and become terrorists and join groups like ISIS.

    (Their home environment and upbringing is so adverse to what their higher selves or “conscience” requires for proper development, they flip over to the radical extreme. They become bi polar, insane, or schitzophrenic, manic depressive, or any such aberrated state. They develop the inability to discern right from wrong. They think right is wrong and wrong is right.

    They go mad and are angry at everything. They are angry and mad at the world. They are angry and mad at everyone. Because all their flows of effort have been blocked, or aberrated or interfered with. Everything they tried to do, for their normal course of development (according to their higher selves, their conscience, their Holy Spirit, their internal guidance system) was interfered with, blocked, invalidated, suppressed, or aberrated in some way or fashion.

    They have had their parents aberrated postulates implanted into their minds and aura and beingness.

    These scenarios can cause the adolescent or young adult to go in any aberrated direction.

    They can become mass killers, cop killers, employee/employer killers, random shooting killers, politician killers, spouse killers, murders, thieves, pedophiles and the like.

    To compound the matter, they absorb all the negativity they pick up from the world around them, that includes everything from violent video games, to the negative media. They tune into the media and people in general constantly criticizing the government, and tearing the politicians apart, making politicians and authority wrong, and the so called journalists doing everything possible to try and discredit and even destroy politicians and people in authority. All the negativity in the world flows to them and they act it out in the extreme. All the negativity in the world manifests (or tends to manifest) in these types that are the products of failed parenting.

    We are all only as good as we have been bred and brought up.

    We are all products of a conception and an upbringing.

    If you have a problem with the product you have to check the factory for the cause of the problem.

    There never was “just born a bad child”. There was never a child who “just turned out bad.”

    The child is a product. As in everything else, there is a cause for this, and the cause is in the factory, not in the child.


  139. Mark N. Roberts

    Not much of an auditor.

  140. I just saw a mistake in my post, and one point that needed expansion for clarification:

    Beings need to have accidents to learn how this world works. It has been wisely said that we learn more from mistakes than we do from failures.

    That should read:

    Beings need to have accidents to learn how this world works. It has been wisely said that we learn more from mistakes and failures, than we do from successes.

    Another one, just a clarification:

    If you prevent him from breaking it, he will break everything of yours for the rest of your life. In my case this was so true. The child’s higher self (conscience) knows what the ideal state is, a

    Should read:

    If you prevent him from breaking it, or scold him for breaking it, he will break everything of yours for the rest of your life. In my case this was so true. The child’s higher self (conscience) knows what the ideal state is, a


  141. Mark N. Roberts

    Good afternoon, young Al.
    You said,”The question to ask is, “Does the self change?”.”

    Why, sure. I’m not the same person I was 5 yrs. ago. Nor am I the same as I was 623 yrs. ago. I had a stronger back, and I didn’t like people very much. I felt physically powerful and was a bit prone to fighting. Or the time I was very self righteous and superior. People didn’t like me very much.

    But it seemed right at the time. Made sense to me at the moment. It was the current situation and environment and it was just the thing to do, the way to be at that time.

    Just as Flag missionary members get into an attitude of force and superiority. It seems the right thing to do and the way to be at the time. They, (and I) have all played the part of tyrant and surf, lover and lackey, many many times before. The situation you are in will draw you in to whatever purposes and intentions you have used in the past. And you have had lots and lots of practice with all of them.

    You choose what self to be. If it doesn’t work out, you choose something else. If things work out really well, you often say, “Well, that was nice, now let me see about doing something else.”

    Sometimes you might say, “Damn, how could I have been such an A-hole.” It can almost seem like you were a different person. BUT YOU WEREN’T. It was you, just acting on different purposes. Perhaps twisted, screwed up purposes and intentions, but still, it was you.

    Haven’t you ever looked back and said, “How could I have been so stupid.” Was that really you? Sure it was. The same, sole individual, acting differently.
    PS: You would be surprised at how you can act and the things you can do when you know that in a few years it will all be wiped clean, ONE OF THE PRIMARY REASONS THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN SET UP THE WAY IT IS.

  142. It’s like space time warp and the non-locality of quantum particles. It is totally non intuitive until it ‘clicks’. Then it is “Oh yea, of course”.

    It is that clicking that confirms cognitive dissonance is ok.

  143. So you have an individuality, which is permanently separate in an eternal sense by definition. Then there are other individualties that are also permanently separate in an eternal sense by definition. Then somehow they all become one by magic when you work at it. This can only be self-hypnotism.

  144. Mark N. Roberts

    Vin said. “My policy is to simply do what needs to be done so people are able to help themselves. You help them cross the threshold so they can fly solo.”

    Excellent comment and, in my opinion, a most workable attitude.

    A guy stuck in a mud hole has to reach his hand out to you before you can grasp it and assist him out. As long as he is comfortable in the warm, smooth mud, he is not going to reach. Try to tell him how bad the mud is and you’ll get nothing. You cannot convince him that the mud is a bad thing.

    But tell him about running around in the forest, swinging from branches, meeting interesting people, and you may get somewhere with him. Oh, you could wait for him to get really hungry, or for a snake to crawl in with him, but that may take forever. Just show him how great it is outside of, free from, the mud.

    Now, once you help him out Then he can walk and run and swing for himself. It is he who has to look around and see and learn all about the forest. It is he who must exercise his legs and gain strength through his own efforts. Oh, and if you just pull his body out, with no effort of his own, he will likely fall right back in. He must know that it was his effort that actually got him out. You merely assisted (aligned with) his intention.

    After that, HE must learn, on his own, how to survive, and enjoy and handle the forest. Otherwise, again, he will just slip back into the mud.

    Set a man on his feet and LET him walk.

  145. True, Mark. Back around 1972 when I got my first auditing, the auditor provided all 3 of those qualities. I definitely felt he was “there for me”.

  146. My new favorite, thank you

  147. Mark N. Roberts

    Hi vin.
    I see your point, and I’ll raise you an idea.

    The idea of balance is way overblown. Yin and Yang. The middle path.
    Things are as they are. The chips fall where they fall. MEST and spirituality is what they are. We are looking to find out just what they are.

    Balance is an intention, a desire, not an actuality. Nothing HAS to be balanced. Through our actions we can work to PUT things in balance, or some things may fall into balance if there is a system which guides them to it. But it doesn’t have to be that way and there is not a ‘natural balance’ which is a right or natural way.

    If something is 75-25 or 90-10, then that is just the way it is. If something is 50-50 or 61-39, recognize it and learn from it. If you want something balanced, put it that way, but understand that that is your intention, not some mystical or natural rightness. Entropy is just as natural as balance, or neither is natural, your call.
    To me, the whole idea of ‘natural’ means the way someone put things into place and others followed. Any ‘system’ can be traced back to a creative intent. You can make a world where spirit and material are on completely equal footing. I can make a world where objects are nothing more than toys, valueless thoughts for entertainment only. Your world will be just as valid as mine and vice versa. It is a worthwhile goal to learn just exactly what kind of world we are currently living in, at this particular moment.

  148. I didn’t know James’ wife Enid, but I knew she was a very good Reg. And from my experience in orgs, good Reg’s were never removed from that post unless it was to become the Captain of the org or the ED – and from that post they could still reg, and did so. I guess Enid’s abilities, from the viewpoint of Int, would have been “wasted” if she had been taken out of a service org and transferred to Int.

    But James Byrne was definitely a piece of work. He ordered every org in PAC, even though they were utterly stressed out for lack of staff, to appoint a single-hatted Staff MAA – who was supposed to rule with an iron fist. The person that got appointed at ASHOD was brand new in the SO and didn’t know yet that she was supposed to bow down to an Int Missionnaire. So when he kept trying to get her to yell at staff, she blithely refused – and what was so funny was that she got away with it! That made me think Byrne was actually a lot of bluff and bluster. Looking back, I kind of feel sorry for him. He was probably just a really lost soul.

    Later, when I was on staff at Flag, he did a mission there too and was acting just as psychotic. It came up on a comm cycle I had with the Qual Consultant one time, and I found out I wasn’t the only one who thought so. After his mission at Flag, I never heard about him being on another service org mission.

  149. MarkNR: “The way to terminally handle the so called BT problem is to gain an understanding of ARC with self and Theta. The self created ‘problem’ dissolves. Life becomes worth living and very enjoyable. Many things suddenly open up.”

    This resonates with me as to why some people seem to have trouble with BT’s and others don’t. And it isn’t just scientology but other therapies too that consider “exorcism” or “freeing spirits” is needed for some people. Based on the reports of many, I believe LRH found one method of doing so, leaving aside the point of whether his tech was workable practiced correctly, or needs adapting or refining. As you southerners like to say, there’s more than one way to skin a catfish. 😉

  150. Nice comment, George.

    Thank you!

  151. Operating Thetan (OT): it is a state of beingness. It is a being “at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life.”

    The fate of The ‘Big Being’: Cannot live up to his own definition and be cause over ‘energy’ to get rid of his BTs but needs an electrical device*? A never ending chase of ‘BTs’ and trying to get rid of them … ? Pathetic
    The ‘road to total freedom’ looks more like a dead-end road when even the master can’t master it.

    (*“Sarge: Basically, he wanted to hook it up to the e-meter. And he wanted enough voltage in there that it would get rid of the bts.” (

  152. Vinaire said…” What makes you so certain that spirit and matter are separate?”
    I stated that it is a theory. I have no interest in exploring it.
    It is like me saying..” Heaven is real.. and our soul/spirit will go there upon our death. And we meet up with those that have gone before us.

    This is my belief. I have no desire to argue with anyone about it. Some believe some don’t.

    I do not take offense to those who say that it doesn’t interest them to explore the idea of Heaven.

    So I repeat..I do not care whether spirit and matter are separate.

    Vinnie says.. ” If one is fixated on a belief and one doesn’t want to look at it closely, it is an indication of hypnotism or conditioning.”
    I do not have an obsessive attachment on a belief.

    Oh Wait.. Yes.. I can be obsessed at times with materials that are relevant to Scientology.. I can only be obsessed with one thing at a time. Last year it was exercising, but thank God that passed.
    Brave New World

    Interesting. I did read the link. Not my kind of book. I prefer non- fiction. I like to examine what makes real people tick.

  153. Vinaire..
    ” One of the key points of ignorance is thinking that spirit and matter are separate.”
    Key points of ignorance is when others do NOT accept your written words as the truth?

    Vinaire.. You really do believe that you are superior to many of us.

    So if I were to say, ” Vinnie you are absolutely correct in thinking that spirit and matter are separate.” I am not ignorant

    If I were to say, ” Vinnie I disagree with your belief that spirit and matter are separate. ” I am ignorant, hypnotized and conditioned.

    Am I correct in my assessment.

  154. Mark N. Roberts

    Vin….”It is that clicking that confirms cognitive dissonance is ok.”

    Ha ha ha. LOL. What an elegant way of saying I’m right and you’re wrong.

  155. Vinay, why would I get annoyed?

  156. How about mindlessness, give it a try haha!!

  157. Yes, I’m convinced my friend you have misunderstood on nirvana.

  158. Mark N. Roberts

    Vin…..”Then there are other individualties that are also permanently separate in an eternal sense by definition. Then somehow they all become one by magic when you work at it. ”

    Interesting. Where did you get that. Not from me. Sounds like fun though.

    Have you ever had a romance partner, or sibling, or a best friend, and you and the other thought the same thoughts, had the same intentions, purposes. Loved doing the same things and were buddies in all your activities. You got the same jokes, made fun of the same people and worked together, aligning in most all your thinking?

    That is about as close to being one as the human construct will allow, but it is a small window into the oneness that is possible. It’s a start. Sex is a physical attempt at this, but never quite fully makes it. But of course, we keep trying. After lots of failures, sex can become a first dyn. activity. That is when one has just given up. Some treat sex as a third dyn. activity. That’s how epidemics get started.

    But we never stop trying. When a relationship spans across the dynamics, whether romantic or not, then you have made it. It has to be experienced to be understood. That is when ARC, oneness, love of life, really clicks. Life can be good, just give it a chance.

  159. Mark N. Roberts

    Thanks, Val.
    Auditing. Many on this and other sites will give stories of ‘when it is bad, it’s really bad’. But only a few will admit that ‘when it’s good, it’s really good’.
    Too bad.

  160. This reality show is getting spicy. 🙂

  161. Two things Miraldi, You wrote about James and that abuse incident:

    “I forget now how she reassured me.”

    Someone was able to “reassure” you that this was O.K.. There is nothing anyone could have said to me, that would have made me believe, that that was O.K.. Here I am at a “Church” volunteer roll call, and I am having to think about what is going to happen if he gets up in my face like that. And how I am going to have to kick this man in the crotch and while he is “duplicating” that communication, I am going to have to bend down, pull off my heel, and beat that man silly. How I may end up in prison in Los Angeles. What “Church” requires that kind of morning wake up call?

    You seem to understand why Int was being smart about Enid and where she should be “utilized”. Used to death. I don’t think bringing someone here from a foreign country, making them feel substandard, making sure they NEVER get up the bridge, making sure they NEVER have parent time and that their little girl NEVER knows what it is like to have a family, is holy in any way shape or form. David Miscavige and a whole lot of other people put themselves in higher importance than a little girl. That tells me those people were gone from humanity by a wide distance.

    That you can still find some “reason” about these things, is exactly why it went on and got supported.

  162. Thank you Sugar Pumpkin.

  163. A lot of truth and understanding in this post about children. They are shape shifters. They live and survive on different terms and with limited means. Hubbard said what you depend upon you become the effect of. I have found that to be very true. I wish for everyone to have wonderful childhoods.

  164. Thank you for the clarification Dio.

  165. Hubbard wrote, “The lives of every man woman and child depend on what you do….”

    Not the lives of Enid and her daughter though, right? Not the lives of all the children aborted from the Int base and from Sea Org staff right? Not those lives. So the word EVERY, in EVERY man woman and child, doesn’t include those.

    And it doesn’t include the psychiatrists and their lives, or the drug addicts, or the “PTS”, or the “SP’s” or the “EX SCIENTOLOGISTS” or let’s face it, a whole lot of other people the “Church” deems undesirable , deficient, unqualified, and whole lot of other reasons why the church EXCLUDES.

    They WEED OUT who does not matter and who can not matter. For the BUSINESS.

    Let’s face it, the lives of every man woman and child on this planet are NOT safe because of what you are doing here and now in Scientology. MOST of those lives DO NOT MATTER to the “Church”. In fact, a lot of those lives need to be wiped out so you can get back on post and keep the BUSINESS up and running.

    Let’s keep it real.

  166. Dio; The child is a product. As in everything else, there is a cause for this, and the cause is in the factory, not in the child.

    Beside of my brothers and sisters, I have only one experience with a child or better to say a baby. The body cells are out of factory .. but the being which gives livingness to it is not .. if it were this way as you say, my child would be already death .. body cells are hold per nature as long as they can stay .. but a weak body does not hold very long .. he gets simply one after the other infection and vanishes .. it means the body introvert into misbehaviour and pains .. but there is something there who tells you about and this are not the body cells .. so you can impede the bad flow with a good flow .. you do not influence the body cells with it, but the unit who did cry about the misbehaviour .. you hear me, the body cells do not cry, there is something else who do cry .. you can feel it if you have a baby around who is really in trouble with the body cells in trouble .. too weak .. and you give your hand on it so that the bad flow smoothes down .. it is not your hand .. it is the communication with which you duplicate the environment of sorrow .. but it is handling the factory with intentions .. you have to share intention before you can have a life .. as smoother your intention is as better the child will grow up in health .. it means, you should only go in communication with the owner of this factory body cells .. the body cells will follow .. they have no real meannig for themselves ..

    So what, my wife had real trouble to get this baby to sleep. This baby did cry througout the night and next day was very exhausted .. so I came and made this baby asleep .. day by day and week by week .. had only to help to get the body cells in order for the being ..

    This girl is now 9 years old and good about life ..

    I have another story. My stepson had always heavy ear aches, which made him crazy. He went into unconsciousness about. Too much, too heavy. But one day I said to myself – put it out .. so I did .. it is gone and came never back .. it is only my ability to communicate .. and it is not factory ..

  167. “Someone was able to ‘reassure’ you that this was O.K.”

    No, you added the words “that this was O.K.” – which wasn’t the case..It was more like how the Flag Qual Consultant had reassured me years later – that it was basically not Ok.

    How did you handle it for yourself at the time and still decide to remain in the SO?

  168. They never become “one”, if I understand the correct sense of that word.

  169. You also wrote: “You seem to understand why Int was being smart about Enid and where she should be ‘utilized’.”.

    What I wrote was what I thought was the viewpoint at Int, even putting “wasted” in quote marks to show that it wasn’t my viewpoint.

    I didn’t know anything about Enid’s story, and had no intention of minimizing it or brushing it off. Calm down and let’s get real about that too.

  170. You’re welcome, Sweet Pea!

    I’ll bet you checked every word to make sure I didn’t change anything, didn’t you? (:>

    Well, no need to worry.

    It’s just one of the vital services we perform here at Alanzo Scientology Critical Enterprises.

    In addition to our standard low-toned criticism and natter, ASCE also reformats Scientology criticism and natter so that it is easier to read, and thus reaches more people.

    We’re all about spreading natter and entheta here at ASCE, and we hope you have a great rest of your weekend.


  171. T.O, my attitude wasn’t and isn’t how it apparently came across to you.


    News Release
    Date: September 11, 2014
    Scientists Discover Neurochemical Imbalance in Schizophrenia

    Using human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), researchers at Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of California, San Diego have discovered that neurons from patients with schizophrenia secrete higher amounts of three neurotransmitters broadly implicated in a range of psychiatric disorders.

    The findings, reported online Sept. 11 in Stem Cell Reports, represent an important step toward understanding the chemical basis for schizophrenia, a chronic, severe and disabling brain disorder that affects an estimated one in 100 persons at some point in their lives. Currently, schizophrenia has no known definitive cause or cure and leaves no tell-tale physical marks in brain tissue.

    “The study provides new insights into neurotransmitter mechanisms in schizophrenia that can lead to new drug targets and therapeutics,” said senior author Vivian Hook, PhD, a professor with Skaggs School of Pharmacy and UC San Diego School of Medicine.
    biosynthesized enzymes

    Enzymes that biosynthesize the neurotransmitters dopamine (left), norepinephrine (center) and epinephrine (right).

    In the study, UC San Diego researchers with colleagues at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, N.Y., created functioning neurons derived from hiPSCs, themselves reprogrammed from skin cells of schizophrenia patients. The approach allowed scientists to observe and stimulate human neurons in ways impossible in animal models or human subjects.

    Researchers activated these neurons so that they would secrete neurotransmitters – chemicals that excite or inhibit the transmission of electrical signals through the brain. The process was replicated on stem cell lines from healthy adults.

    A comparison of neurotransmitters produced by the cultured “brain in a dish” neurons showed that the neurons derived from schizophrenia patients secreted significantly greater amounts of the catecholamine neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.

    Catecholamine neurotransmitters are synthesized from the amino acid tyrosine and the regulation of these neurotransmitters is known to be altered in a variety of psychiatric diseases. Several psychotropic drugs selectively target the activity of these neurotransmitters in the brain.

    In addition to documenting aberrant neurotransmitter secretion from neurons derived from patients with schizophrenia, researchers also observed that more neurons were dedicated to the production of tyrosine hydroxylase, the first enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway for the synthesis of dopamine, from which both norepinephrine and epinephrine are made.

    This discovery is significant because it offers a reason for why schizophrenia patients have altered catecholamine neurotransmitter levels: They are preprogrammed to have more of the neurons that make these neurotransmitters.

    “All behavior has a neurochemical basis in the brain,” Hook said. “This study shows that it is possible to look at precise chemical changes in neurons of people with schizophrenia.”

    The applications for future treatments include being able to evaluate the severity of an individual’s disease, identify different sub-types of the disease and pre-screen patients for drugs that would be most likely to help them. It also offers a way to test the efficacy of new drugs.

    “It is very powerful to be able to see differences in neurons derived from individual patients and a big accomplishment in the field to develop a method that allows this,” Hook said.

    Co-authors include Kristen Brennand, Yongsung Kim and Fred H. Gage, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies; Thomas Toneff, Lydiane Funkelstein, Kelly C. Lee and Michael Ziegler, UC San Diego.

    Funding for this study was provided, in part, by UC San Diego Academic Senate, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, National Institutes of Health (grants R01MH077305, U01GM092655, R01MH101454, UL1TR000100 and P01HL58120), The JPB Foundation, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust and The New York Stem Cell Foundation.

    # # #

    Media contacts; Scott LaFee or Christina Johnson, 619-543-6163,

  173. Not that simple and the rest of the world calls it trauma(s)

  174. Children are forces of nature. They can rise above pretty much anything they set their mind to. They have their own purposes. Children can easily wind up in the wrong family. As in, their purposes seem to not align with the others. This can be a, “I was in the wrong time at the wrong time” situation, that can easily be sorted out as the child grows. And re-situates themselves into conditions that align with their purposes and who they are. They actually do not “belong” to anyone as a product. I do not see them as products at all. I see them as promise and potential. When they are grown if they consider you a best friend, therein is your reward. My early childhood was challenging but the fact that my kids do consider me their best friend,is a greater blessing, and an honor.

  175. “The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence.” ~ Aldous Huxley

  176. Mark C. Rathbun

    CD, sometimes you show some signs of real insight.

  177. Alanzo,
    After OT VIII in 1988, my FSM was terrified of the nocebo implant where Hubbard talks of “spontaneous combustion” if you messed up on OT VIII auditing.
    This FSM has long since passed. He revealed his fear to me many times as we openly discussed the OT VIII material. You are corrrect in your analysis.
    Hubbard did not need to lay that on him. The tech was supposed to handle all of that. Personally, I never bought into it because I knew Hubbard never used the scientific method. To me, it was only his opinion.


  178. So how about finishing the analogy? If “good auditing” is like a drug, then “bad auditing” is like ____?

  179. Or do you mean that both good and bad auditing are like a drug? If so, what is not like a drug?

  180. Are these a cause, or a result(symptom), or a synchronicity?

  181. Dio.. I was going to let your post pass..During my career in Mental Health I was a Parenting Educator for the community.

    It was my job to present cases before the court so that the court would determine if the parents would be able to successfully parent their children.
    I am just explaining to you that I do have expertise in this area.

    What you have written is wrong. There isn’t enough space to explain to you how very wrong you are.

    While lurking I found your posts regarding your views on homosexuality, I was absolutely sickened. That coupled with your post on this blog I can not keep my mouth closed or my opinions to myself.

    Your parenting advice and knowledge concerning child development do not agree with any Professionals in the field of child development.

  182. Absolutely agree Oracle. I also do not see children as products. I like your descriptions as promise and potential. They are NOT property. The fact that they consider you their best friend is a blessing and an honor.

    Good for you.

    While assessing parents with their children the bottom line for me was of course not just providing the basic needs, but that the children feel safe and loved.

    If I saw a baby running around with a dirty face or snotty nose.. but hugged and nurtured by mommy.. shoot I would just gently instruct her to make sure she is giving nightly baths.

    and say.. Let’s clean up her face and blow her nose.. ( keep it light not judging)

    I had a teenage client ( 15) who delivered her baby in handcuffs. That was in the 80s and that young mother is a lawyer now. Of course she kept her daughter.

    This 15 yr old’s brother was killed in a gang fight and she wanted to work in the legal system. We would discuss future goals and the other mother’s would say ” I want to work in retail..or as a nanny..and at every class this 15 yr. would say..” I am going to be a lawyer..” and by God she did.

  183. singanddanceall

    as you said Marty:

    “After a scientologist spends hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years conquering his engrams, he is said to be ‘Clear.’ He no longer has the supposed repository of engrams called the ‘reactive mind.’ Thus, theoretically he no longer dramatizes. Right? Wrong.”


    Are not engrams, clear, OT & reactive mind evaluations?
    (Evaluation meaning what to think with.)

    And is even dramatizing an evaluation?

    bait & switch

  184. I left.

  185. I didn’t mean this post to be directed at you personally. It was an afterthought and just a general observation.

  186. Vinaire “The deepest sin against the human mind is to believe things without evidence.” ~ Aldous Huxley”
    I disagree. We can rationally believe things without evidence Vinaire.

    Atheists, Believers of God ( Higher Power) and Agnostics believe in their views. None of them can prove it. They can discuss, theorize, state, compile information , testify and hypothesize

    BUT there is no evidence.

    and also the above relates to Karma, Past Lives and Fate.

  187. Not just over that. It coincided with some other things that were a red flag. But I was gone a few days later. Didn’t leave the building with out paying my “Freeloader debt”. Since the only “enhancement” I received on staff was product zero, (mandatory training for the Sea Org’s benefit) it was sort of a non issue. And some sec checks. The Sea Org still owes me, six years of 2 1/2 hours study a day! I am thinking of pressing the issue and obtaining the right to enter and train at the Flag Land Base for six years, as that is a debt they owe me. Maybe getting a lot of other people together that are owed services from Flag or Sea Orgs. Certainly they could use the student points.

  188. Here’s a little talk about drama by Eckhart Tolle:

  189. I have no evidence for that in which I basically believe .. the only evidence is that I believe in it and that I demonstrate in life that I do so .. out of this is the evidence myself ..

    Lets say something strange. When I came into scientology I was very interested in others .. church members told me that they want to give help to others, which I liked and whith which I did agree .. but it became strange after a while .. the help did work as a force and was only called as help .. it was a strange sort of control .. did not like that .. it is true that the church did invade my believes and mind ..

    It should be clear, I lost my power .. the only help which I should give and should produce was for scientology .. unfortunately I found never evidence that scientology helps in the direction which was my way of help ..

    Okay scientology teaches assists .. I have learned earlier in asian tradition assists .. it is not really different .. but my assist works always if I give one .. in scientology it works only sometimes .. so it belongs to the quality of the auditor ..

    I remember my son who had high fever .. he was on lines on objectives, an auditor came to him for an assist .. the auditor did close the door, did cut communication to the environment, gave his assist .. an hour later he left the house with good VGIs .. all was okay for him ..

    I have let my son alone with his wins and won stability .. after hours I went to him and checked his situation .. dear my dear, this boy was total down and the fever was grown up .. I ran out the misgiven assist .. cleared it and gave him a new one .. he felt into sleep and waked up hours later without any fever .. that is an assist .. if it not works it is only bullshit ..

  190. I believe that a being is made up of the field contributed to by the macromolecules in the cells of the body. The field is generated by the electrons in the outer shells of macromolecules. The cells may be individual but their field joins together to create the unity of the being. It is the DNA programming which then makes this field function as a being.

    This programming is continually modified by the being’s experiences.


    9th Dynamic: Ha! I bet you didn’t know this one even
    existed! Well, it’s Aesthetics, according to Philadelphia Doctorate Course
    Lecture 2 of 1 December 1952, by L. Ron Hubbard, entitled “E- Meter:
    Demo”, tape recording 5212C01. Aesthetics is “The study of ideal
    form and beauty — it is the philosophy of art, which itself is the
    quality of communication” — Dianetics and Scientology Technical
    Dictionary, by L. Ron Hubbard, Bridge Publications, Inc., Los Angeles,
    1987, page 11, Definition of Aesthetics.

    10th Dynamic: One big surprise deserves another.
    According to Ron, “The Tenth Dynamic would probably be Ethics, if you
    were going to go way on out beyond this universe.” — Philadelphia
    Doctorate Course Lecture 2 of 1 December 1952, by L. Ron Hubbard, entitled
    “E-Meter Demo”, tape recording 5212C01.

  192. Friend wrote:

    “I have no evidence for that in which I basically believe .. the only evidence is that I believe in it and that I demonstrate in life that I do so .. out of this is the evidence myself ..”

    Actually you do have evidence which supports that which you believe.

    For most people the evidence for a belief is a good feeling they get when they believe it. Or a feeling of consonance – “this must be right”.

    Or conversely, “I get depressed or a bad feeling when ever I think my belief might not be true” (or dissonance)

    Remember, evidence is not proof. Evidence is that upon which you support your beliefs and conclusions about things.

    Some evidence is stronger than other evidence.

    And the vital critical thinking skills are to:

    1. Examine what your evidence is for the beliefs and conclusions you hold.

    2. Evaluate the quality of that evidence and remain aware of that quality.

    Most Scientologists have never taken the time to examine the evidence that they operate upon to support their beliefs in Scientology. They may not be aware that the reason they hold a particular belief as true is that their auditor told them they had a floating needle on the belief when they voiced it in session once. Or that believing anything else would be “low-toned” or “entheta”.

    Once a Scientologist does take the time to examine the evidence which supports their beliefs, and evaluate its quality, they begin to change their minds about things, and to evolve their Scientology-controlled thinking into their own.


  193. Baby –

    In Michael Shermer’s book “Why People Believe Weird Things”, at the end he presents the stance of what he calls a “Militant Agnostic”.

    He says he got it from a bumper sticker on a car ahead of him in LA traffic.

    The stance of an agnostic is “I don’t know”.

    And when you look at the lot of mortal human beings – which we all are – it is true that there is a whole range existence that we simply do not know and never will. We are not Gods, nor are we Dogs. We occupy the fine level of existence between the two.

    So where an agnostic stance is “I don’t know”, a militant agnostic stance is “I don’t know – and neither do you.”

    I believe that this is the only reasonable and workable stance that a human being can take on issues of mortality, immortality, spirituality, and “all is brain”. I believe that whether he is the most fervent Churchie, Radical Islamist, or Wild-Eyed Richard Dawkins lovin’ Atheistic Materialist, the only survivable stance is:


    Alanzo (:>

  194. Mark N. Roberts

    “Welcome to the Wall of Fire in Seeking to Live with the Truth.”

    What a wonderful phrase, Alanzo.
    Oh, how difficult it can be to let go of long held opinions and certainties. Especially since we all have tons of data stored inside to support every single opinion we have. You can support and justify any opinion and certainty ten times over.

    That is why the search for truth is only partially without and primarily within.

    But a search primarily within is fraught with pitfalls. What to do, what to do.

  195. Great story!

  196. Independent Spirit

    Well, here is more about Earth as prison planet:

    Click to access history%20of%20earth.PDF

    Does anyone want to comment on this?

  197. Greatest tribute to a band ever.

  198. I love Eckart Tolle:

    He did it in reverse.

    Big shot in finance but his soul arrested him

  199. What happened to the
    of Scientology
    While reading this, THINK FOR YOURSELF! Do not just accept this without
    researching it yourself.
    The scientology technology works, but what about it inside the church?

    Me: can you see it or not ?

    Niels Martens

  200. Wow, Alanzo, that is an awesome video — I’d not seen it before.

    I could not help picture innies singing “Jai guru Hubba om” while they hand out more TWTHs in the midst of the St. Louis riots.

  201. Scientology Knows Drama — I found myself reflecting further on the title of this blog entry.

    Ron was a drama queen to the core, from his narcissistic in-person rants and terrors to his framing of Scientology.

    How much more dramatic could you possibly be than writing “The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.”

    Rational, intelligent people are reluctant to believe that someone would write something like that if they did not have powerful evidence of the proof of it. So they begin to suspend disbelief and accept intermittent wins in auditing and training as proof of truth.

    The conversion is complete with the achievement of True Believer status, and the adoption of the drama queen persona / valence. Someone should compile a video called “Clears and OTs say the most dramatizing things” if there is not one already, with comments like:
    — What are your crimes? (as in Mary-Go-Round, Mary of CCHR)
    — Yeah, he looks like a child molester to me! (OTs trying to key someone in)
    — Slurs against gays.
    — We stopped an alien invasion fleet near Venus by power of thought.
    — We brought down the Berlin Wall.
    — We caused the collapse of the USSR.
    — We made the stop lights change in our favor.
    — I caused a parking space to appear.
    — I can make street lights turn off with my mind.
    — You’re stuck in an incident on the Whole Track (by an insane OT VIII)
    — You don’t know the history of psychiatry. I do! (Cruise)
    — You’re glib! (Cruise)

    And cap off the drama with the Big Being Hisself’s quote from above: “The whole agonized future of this planet, every Man, Woman and Child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.”


  202. And one other item in the compilation, lest I forget:

    — We solved the strife in St. Louis and brought peace to that little sector of the universe.


  203. CD, clear your M/Us: “imbalance”, “established” and “cause”.

  204. Gotcha.

  205. If you look at the Scinetific Method the evidence of a hypothesis comes from verifying a prediction made from that hypothesis, but that is not enough. It is the absence of contradiction to that hypothesis even after continued effort to find a contradiction, which adds to the validation of that hypothesis as a theory.

    So, besides much consistency that exists, it is the absence of inconsistency to a belief, after much effort to find one, that validates that belief.

    That is the definition of evidence.

  206. Alanzo.. That is Hilarious! OMG you know I’m going to steal that phrase!

    I have a friend who is a Militant Agnostic..She explained to me she COMPARES all her beliefs in a drop of water..
    ( Alpha/Omega)

    The whole damn shabang.. She is brilliant and tried to explain it to me and I just grinned.

    Me? The movie STIGMATA quote explains my belief in God. ” Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift a stone and you will find me.”

    So when she is going through shit I will say to her.. ” Drop of water.” and she will grin.

  207. Thank you Oracle..There was NO stopping that feisty 15 yr old mother who wanted to make a life for not only her, but her baby girl Jasmine..

    I have their picture on my bed stand.

  208. For mental objects evidence comes from a lack of inconsistency with the surrounding context when the context is made as wide as possible.


  209. Independent.. I read the entire link. What do I think? It saddens and sickens me. I am at a loss of words.

    Actually my words would not change a damn thing. Not a damn thing.

    I reviewed the questions. The acknowledgement that some of you are in communication with LRH actually is all that is necessary for me to assess your state of mind.

    I will leave it at that.

  210. Yes.. “Scientology Knows Drama. ”

    Independent Spirit just proved Marty’s Post.

  211. Hey lawrence, first time commenter here- when I saw the name Joanne Wheaton, my eyeballs fell out of my head. I used to hang around with her a lot back in the mid ’80’s when I lived in LA with a relative deep into the cos. She was a real kook even then, but in a hilarious, funny way. She always had drama going on in her life, but she wasn’t solid at all, just funny, with a penchant for foul language that cracked me up and a way of deliberately shocking people with the things she said. I loved it! She had been very tight with my relative and took me under her wing, sort of, when I was just fresh meat. The first course I did at CC was Dianetics. Mind you, my father had been in the cos since 68. He blew my mother and all his children off never to return. When my sibling joined up in 78, I think, I thought it was pretty crazy. But there I ended up myself, in 1985. When I read the book Dianetics, my jaw suffered permanent scarring from all the times it hit the desk at the shite I was reading. I thought it was the most poorly researched, conceptualized, and written pile of pseudo-science I had ever read. I found it difficult to believe then, as I still do, that this was actually the basis of Scientology. Even the anecdotal “evidence” scattered throughout the book felt competely made up out of thin air, I questioned and challenged the course sup, a very nice man named Gontran, at every turn. He got tired eventually of my questions and told methat since LRH wrote it, that was that and that would be the end of my struggle with the material. After that course i became what my sibling called a Dilettante, just farting around with some other courses here and there, but ultimately left LA 2 years later, believing my dad and sib were total dupes for being sucked into this world. When I found out about the wall of fire and OTIII I now was CONVINCED they were brainwashed puppets that had completely lost any original thoughts and ideas they ever had. I did confront my sib about the material, but was told that i would die if this conversation didnt cease immediately. There would be no answer to the question, “But do you actually believe this crap?” It was like tge Emperors New Clothes to me. To end up this long story, my sib (who I rarely see or talk to) told me she’d seen Joanne about a year ago, and said she’d gone totally batshit solidly crazy, and they do not even talk at all now for quite a few years. Wow, what memories. Small world.

  212. singanddanceall

    when I was on staff at the cl 5 org, same thing. LOL

    You know, being on staff, was really boring. This was 26 years ago. Not much happening, although lots of letters out. LOL

    I mean the actual stats tell it all, not the COS/DM event stats.

    I mean it was really boring being on staff, no action, nothing really happened. But when something happened, OMG, hill 10’s as you say.

    And I was like finally something is happening.

    Otherwise, scientology is really boring. LOL

  213. I am speechless…and absolutely gobsmacked.

  214. Mark N. Roberts

    What a brilliant comment. No, I mean it. I wish I had written it.

    Where did you get it. Just kidding. I still have a little evil streak here and there.

    You said: “They may not be aware that the reason they hold a particular belief as true is that their auditor told them they had a floating needle on the belief when they voiced it in session once. ”

    I said something similar once, but it was from a slightly different angle and not as complete.
    From a previous post:
    A PC/PreOT being fed someone else’s knowledge which then pops up as a cognition in auditing.This is a much bigger problem than I thought. It becomes then, a false cognition. All so called ‘knowledge’ that is not truly basic, is invented, made up, secondary, and agreed. It is not your own and is subject to change. This change can completely pass you by, being that the knowledge was not truly yours in the first place.
    Someone reads that witholds will cause people to natter. He understands it completely, he has no MUs, he even sees a couple of examples of it in life. The principle is actually, for the most part true. But the knowledge is not completely, truly his own. In session, the PC sees an incident and says “Of course, he was nattering, he had witholds all along, now it all makes sense.” But no, it isn’t a full resolution, the cognition was not his alone, the understanding is not complete. It was fed to him. He thinks he has it and gets a big FN, but at worst it is a completely false cognition and at best it is somewhat incomplete.

  215. Mark N. Roberts

    Hi there Alanzo.
    You been sayin’ lots a smart stuff lately.
    Maybe I can add a pence worth.

    Remember that knowing is a gradient. The certainty is more or less. Knowledge is also analog, not digital. There is an infinity of gradients between each digit.

    “I don’t know much, but I know a little. I know a bit more than I did yesterday, and I know a few things a little better than I did before.”

    Parable: “Marriage is something when entered upon, you know nothing about. And if you ever get divorced and do it again, you’ll know less about it the second time. The first time only serves to confuse you.”

  216. Look at LRH

    It is a Chronic condition that gets worse with age.

  217. There is a list of cities that are occupied with implant stations. The exact address of just one would be great to confirm. Would prefer to have the exact address of the one in West Virginia.

  218. In response to Independent Spirit.

  219. I know a little.

  220. “Well the bigger the city, well the brighter the lights
    The bigger the dog, well the harder the bite.”

  221. You know a little about it.

  222. Kelly Preston Fair Gamed all over the Internet today.
    It can be a mean world all over the place. In any country or group. In any church.

  223. fair game
    a person or thing that is considered a reasonable target for criticism, exploitation, or attack.

    There is a lot of fair gaming going on all over the world. It actually is not peculiar to the Church of Scientology.

  224. The only implant station that I’ve found around this sector is called Big Blue.
    It has tractor beams, electronic screens that make it look like a church, and it is manned by a crew of synthetic dolls pretending to be human.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

    HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967,
    Issue IV


    (Applies both Orgs and Sea Org)

    ENEMY SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by
    any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the
    Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.


  226. Cause is a flunky body. A Brain is a bodypart. If it secretes too much than there you have your Imbalance. And if it doesn’t go away with theraphy/Auditing or meditation it’s pretty Established.


  227. Being alive is a chronic condition that gets worse with age. I am getting worse with age, and so will you. Eventually, you will die. As will I.
    Perhaps, then, life is a disease?

  228. Independent Spirit

    Babybunker, I am independent. I am just looking at different ideas about prison planets.

  229. Independent Spirit

    The Oracle, I do not have such an address. Maybe this “threat” never existed to begin with or maybe it has been handled.

  230. I love him too, CD.

    Btw, what do you think of his construct called the “pain-body”?

    “The pain-body is my term for the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field. I see it as a semi-autonomous psychic entity.”

  231. Here’s how he says to respond to anther’s pain-body:

  232. I guess that would fall under “attack” category.

  233. Mark N. Roberts

    Hi Conan.
    I don’t know about synthetic dolls pretending to be human, but I have dated a couple of women who were human, pretending to be synthetic dolls.

  234. Mark N. Roberts

    Good to hear from you Ind. Spirit.
    Read the article you suggested. Sorry, can’t help much with independent verification of facts. Although my work has been extensive, most of it concentrated on much earlier times, when more basic ideas were formed, and there was less stress and drama. I’m doing positive work recently.

    Most of the stupid games going on in this most recent ‘universe’ are like a tense dramatic TV show, with everyone pitted against each other and most everyone trying to get ahead at others expense or detriment. Maybe not most, but there does seem to be a percentage of the populace who cut and screw their way to the top and there does seem to be a common personality in this group. To me, this implies, but not proves, that there is a common cause or source for this behavior

    I once mentioned that I have lived in heavily populated, tightly controlled societies, and I attributed it to the group of planets somewhere in the direction of Orion’s belt, but I must admit, that was a guess. With over 200 bil. galaxies in the visible univ. and an average of over 100 bil. stars in each, the number of sentient societies is tremendous in this univ. alone.

    There are a couple of things in that article that don’t really add up to me. That the galaxy right next door, Andromeda, is considered Gal. Zero, out of the hundreds of billions of galaxies, is just too much of a coincidence. Next, for off worlders to have such a large PHYSICAL PRESENCE on our world and yet not one bit of indisputable evidence of their existence to prove it is beyond credibility. The excuse being that ‘They’ have such total control over our minds, just doesn’t fly. The stories give examples of them not having that good control over us.

    Also, there have been multiple incidents of the use of chemical weapons here on Earth since the so called proclamation of this world being a nuke weapon free, chemical weapon free zone.

    As far as Bill Richardson developing, attaining OT-48 and then allowing his body to deteriorate and die prematurely, while there was much work that needed to be done, well, that’s just a little too much.
    You asked for our opinions.

  235. Mark N. Roberts

    Cpt. Bill ROBERTSON. (Not Richardson.)
    My Bad.

  236. Independent Spirit

    Mark, thank you for your reply. I was just trying to get an update on the current role of Earth.

  237. Alanzo is now my friend and Sugar Pumpkin ~ yah that’s how he is (smile). Thanks for both those songs…. “I get by with a laugh from my friends…” Thank you both very much for caring.
    I elect you both for the Freedom award 2014. Yay!!!!

  238. Thank you GMW (smile). Thank you for keep saying it in you and striving to help others out.(smile).

  239. I’m dying to know if there any scientology/dianetics churches that are not affiliated with the Cali. Buisness run by DM. I know auditing and study will help me but I will not go near that cult of personality. Are there any Protestant reformed versions of the true church of scientology on the northern eastern seaboard? I just know applying some of this will help my life I’m just scared of the corperations of $cientology,they look like crazed robots. If not y’all should start one change a letter in every sentence,it’s only natural every religion evolves and goes through reformation. Please let me know!

  240. That’s what I’d do to.get drunk and crack onto brook shields.and sing I’m just a cowboy looking for a partner

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