Austin Film Society and Going Clear

I want to acknowledge and thank Alex Gibney, Larry Wright, Evan Smith (Texas Tribune), and Richard Linklater and the Austin Film Society for hosting, conducting, and participating in an intelligent public conversation on scientology. Such are rare these days.  Austin Film Society Facebook page images.  Keep Austin Weird.


36 responses to “Austin Film Society and Going Clear

  1. Glad it went well; some of the photos are very good and I could see the theatre was full. It will be interesting to know the general public response to the film.

  2. threefeetback

    Mark, You and Mike are doing a great job of turning things around on the scourge of scientology. The in-depth knowledge of the subject and organization of you two is instrumental in maiking it happen.

  3. I wish I could find a schedule of cities/theatres where the film will be. I want to go see it in a theatre.

  4. wish you and family all best.

    Big hello from LRHs Bulgravia.

  5. I have to disagree with your perception about intelligent discussion of scientology being rare these days. I am witness to intelligent discussion between/among exes, critics. Going Clear is generating an enormous interest in understanding scientology.

  6. I love that! Keep Austin Weird.

    My daughter says all the time, “Mommy! you are SO weird.” I have learned to say, “Yes I am and proud of it!”

    thank you Marty for recognizing that weird is good.

  7. Roger weller

    The people who saw it in Austin were members of that theatre, while in line I asked people how did they happen to be seeing the film, plus press , some of Larry’s friends and family and a dozen sps.when Marty first was introduced the whole audience applauded. It was an upscale crowdIt was a wonderful night. Glad I got to see it in the big screen with the question and answer at the end.
    I’m disappointed my friends in fl. Can’t see it in the theatre here.
    It will still be good on HBO.

  8. Roger weller

    i agree Ellen, I experienced the same thing.people are very interested! When I say I was a member, they get excited and ask me questions.

  9. It will be playing at the DOME in Hollywood. If you goggle that you can see all the cities for that theater at least. 5 showings tomorrow in LA.

  10. Eileen, Perhaps he is thinking of all the nuts legal he is very involved in. This is his view not necessarily ours!

  11. Thanks Marty & Mosey. I haven’t had a spare dime to send for a while but please do let us know if you need anything.

  12. Thank you Mark.

  13. It is playing at the ArcLight on Sunset, in the heart of a once considered locked up community: HOLLYWOOD

    It’s playing all week, multiple times a day. Go and support the families whose heart have been broken by this dangerous and heartless lying cult.

    Finally the tables have turned. Last year Marty you said (paraphrase) “2015 will be a big year for David Miscavige.”

    I now know what you were referring to. This is a stunning defeat.

  14. Spirit, this link is for LA area. It’s playing at multiple theaters. Also I believe in NYC

  15. marie guerin

    Great pictures. I wish we could hear that conversation.
    Somebody mentionned to me that a lot of the kids who were raised in the sea org and left , moved to Austin. I hope they made it to the show and found some peace.
    Thank you again for sticking around and putting some sanity in this mess.

  16. It was great! And, you were great in the q and a at the end. Your comments touched my heart, Marty.
    Don’t ever underestimate how much you have done for people, many of whom, you will never meet.
    There are far more people around who are with you and your family. I think that could be hard to see when your being battered with crap. That’s why I say it. I hope that’s ok.

  17. Saw Going Clear in Hollywood at 11:45 today: Arclight on Sunset

    Thank you Marty. Each death you say you experience in remembering your involvement is a blessing in disguise.

    What a huge lesson to learn. To have first hand knowledge of living a lie.

    But because of your inherent goodness of heart, which by the way is obvious, you have helped many to get freed from the prison of belief.

    Thanks very much,

  18. Maybe that’s the result of wanting to help your brother. You came into Scientology with love and caring in your heart.

    Then got played by a dream.

    But now you have helped many more than simply your brother.

    Thanks fore carrying that burden. And doing the “Truth Rundown”.

    You opened the door.


  19. Any way to catch this in Canada ?

  20. Marty, I offer for your consideration, Chapter 9 Section III (The Correction of Error) from A Course in Miracles.

  21. Kim, HBO has a new feature called Now. For $14.95 you can purchase a month subscription and stream it. All you need is an Internet connection.

    Spread the news. Here’s the site with info.

  22. Mike Leopold

    Thank you, Marty, for the impetus you have given this movement.
    Scientology works very hard to prevent those inside and outside the “bubble” from learning the truth about its real beliefs, its real behavior, and its very real abuses.
    Thanks again, Marty,

  23. I have never said this but I do admire Marty. I could never have mustered up those guts.

    I used to frequent ESMB when Marty surfaced and started his blog. Many at ESMB were quick to judge and dismiss him as a wanna be over the Scientology movement, but I always reserved my judgment.

    At that time Marty still supported the technology of Scientology, and didn’t appreciate my criticism of it on his blog. I was blocked from writing on Marty’s blog, and I simply stayed away. I then left ESMB because it was becoming too toxic. I was then writing on Geir’s blog, but there also my ideas were not appreciated. So, I simply focused on my own blog.

    A couple of years ago I discovered to my surprise that I could write again on Marty’s blog. Marty was now much more patient and tolerated my ideas that even an OT VIII like Geir could not tolerate. I have now come to appreciate Martry’s tolerance.

    I can probably test anybody’s patience. Recently, it has been Brian, who, hopefully, now understand’s why Karen was not answering his Xenu question. I am glad Brian is no longer insisting that Karen answer’s his Xenu question. Karen is another good person, whom I respect.

    Marty well deserves my respect.

  24. Well done to you all !!!!! a winner for sure! it takes a lot of integrity to stand up for what you believe and you all did it with such grace!!! thank you!

  25. It seems to be premiering in April on Apple devices per this link.

  26. Patience! no Vinaji, you do not test my patience. It is good fun to dialog. I do not take any of this stuff personally. It’s all the dialectics of reason in play.

    The truth is altered not a wit through words.

    It’s all a blessing, it’s all God’s grace, it’s all learning: with the right attitude.

    And if perchance impatience seems to arise I am glad. Because I get to work on something to bring more light.


  27. Apparently not in Canada, Brian. At the bottom of the page for which you provided a link, one can read the following:

    HBO NOW is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories where a high-speed broadband connection is available.

  28. It could be Hubbard’s grace that thetan is immortal. 🙂


  29. Hubbard insisted that “individuality” is not “identity”. That is the key to his philosophy. But when one looks at this claim mindfully, one find that “individuality” is the core of any identity.


  30. I applaud Marty Rathbun for his honesty

    I miss you all

  31. christianscientology

    Hi Monte

    I was most interested in the link you posted for Marty. The rationale of the Church of Scientology is when attacked don’t defend but attack back. This is so far removed from how ACIM would see the way to “correct error”.

    The Course approach of “Anything that is not a loving action is a cry for help” comes to mind, and then if I add in my understanding of Scientology of HELP=UNDERSTANDING it seems fair to me to say “Anything that is not a loving action is a cry for UNDERSTANDING”.

    When I see the various outnesses in the CofS I ask myself WHY? How come something that has so much workability ends up so ‘screwed up’? I think the answer is in the understanding of the word REALITY.

    Scientology has a unique definition of reality that I have not come across anywhere else. I Googled “What is Reality” and could not find one definition that satisfactorily defined what reality is. I still think the Scientology definition is the best I have heard “THAT WHICH WE AGREE IS” – REALITY=AGREEMENT.

    This is quite different to ACIM’S definition, in fact if I use it in “What does the Course say” we get:-


    Well of course that makes no sense at all, but in a strange way it sort of fits how the CofS behaves.

    What do you think?

    Love with ARC

  32. Mike Leopold

    You have more friends than you can know, Marty.

  33. Marty, OMG! The NBC video just tore me up. There are thousands of folks out here rooting for you. We’ve all watched your transformation and awakening. It’s beautiful to see. I would gladly shake your hand and stand by your side any day my man. You deserve it. Your wife deserves it. And most importantly, your little boy deserves to know he’s got a papa that is a good man who stand up for what is right. Peace to you brother.

  34. Marty: You & Monique are welcome at our place for a beer anytime.

  35. All of it with a 15 minute intro:

  36. I still miss you all.


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