Scientology’s Vortex of Hate

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard developed a complicated knack for sucking all who defied him or failed to comply with his dictates into a vortex of hate.  Virtually all of his closest associates who expressed the slightest doubt or disagreement with him were driven by Hubbard to wind up hating him with a vengeance.  A careful study of Hubbard’s history suggests the cycle was intended.  It garnered him all manner of hysterical calumny that he deftly turned into exhibits in demonstrating hate-filled ‘bias’ against  him and his creation, scientology.  And so it goes with his brainchild scientology and his successor David Miscavige.

In the early fifties Hubbard lectured to his followers that he considered that no group could survive for long absent a well-defined, hate-filled enemy.  He candidly admitted that he ‘chose’ psychiatry (generalized as ‘psychs’ to rope in virtually all mental healing arts and sciences) as scientology’s enemy out of convenience.  It worked well for a while.  Several prominent psychiatric and psychological societies worked feverishly to check or stop scientology in its tracks.  While the psychs were hard at it, scientology saw its greatest expansion, drawing close ranks to energetically fight off real (albeit largely self-created) threats to its survival.  Ironically, fifty years later scientologists came to believe as an article of religious faith that psychs are inherently evil, while psychs came to consider scientology little more than a harmless fringe cult.   Scientology sought refuge in the guise of religion and achieved a sort of immunity from the consequences of its crimes.  But it came at a cost, parking itself in time as a mid 20th Century anachronism.

As society itself evolved and hating lost its social acceptability, scientology lost its expansion-driving underdog, under-siege appeal and cohesiveness.  Its numbers have been gradually declining since the mid nineties when the last serious threat to its continued existence was overcome.   I use the term ‘last’ decidedly, notwithstanding the scientology infotainment blogs’ End of Days prophesying with the airing of ‘Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.’  While the documentary will have an effect on the size of future potential new membership it will do little to change or alter scientology’s course.  (For more on that score, see interview.)

Over time Hubbard and scientology fine-tuned their ethics system and organizational pattern to replicate its policies of hatred creation toward anyone who doubted or questioned any aspect of Hubbard or scientology.  The cycle seemed to go:  a) someone exposed scientology abuses or criticized its practices, b) scientology harassed the person to the point of driving him into a rage causing the whistleblower to become a crusader,  c) as scientology’s smears and attacks escalated in their audacity and dishonesty, the crusader naturally clustered with others similarly situated folks for support, (scientology all the while encouraged such clustering pursuant to principals set forth in Hubbard’s recommended text The Art of War) d)  as the cluster was then attacked as an ‘anti-scientology’ group,  its members developed a hate-filled culture, took scientology’s bait and started responding in kind, d) scientology then pointed to the character of hate-filled counter attacks as proof the attackers were haters.  Ultimately, haters hate, they wind up hating each other and the groups having no purpose beyond scientology’s demise accomplish little beyond steeling up scientologists to fight yet more battles.

You can see that same cycle playing out today.  Scientology forums read more and more like scientology’s propaganda sheet ‘Freedom.’  They are replete with name calling, expressing glee at every enemy faux pas, assigning evil motives to any and every enemy utterance or move, pronouncing hyperbolic end of days scenarios for the enemy, even targeting for distrust and enmity anyone who does not exhibit its own culturally devolved standards of ridicule and hate.  Their heaping praise and kudos on those mostly closely adhering to the company line verge on cult-like.  The tone, intelligence and tolerance levels are no different than scientology’s itself.  Their leaders have become as obsessed with scientology as scientology’s leading lights are.  Their sense of right and wrong becomes nearly identical (albeit reversed in vector) to scientology’s.

Scientology’s instilled ‘ethical’ values can be summed up in two clauses:  Whatever or whoever supports and forwards scientology is good; whatever or whoever detracts from scientology is evil.

Similarly, the anti-scientologists’ creed could read:  Whatever or whoever supports and forwards scientology (or, in extreme cases, is even neutral on the subject) is evil; whatever or whoever detracts from or attacks scientology is good.

Sadly, what apparently few of the former friends of Ron and ex-scientologists grasp is that when scientology successfully sucks one into its vortex of hate, one has lost and scientology has achieved its objective.

It is relatively easy to get former scientologists to go this route since they developed such simplistic denialist thinking patterns as scientologists.  They simply reverse the target and carry on as before in the comfort of a new group of like-minded pack members.

It is a regressive cycle.  It involves segregation, devolution, and descent.   It may give one an outlet for a cheap, temporary sense of relief, purpose or importance but at the end of the day it does not achieve its purported aims.   Paradoxically, it often has the reverse effect than that intended.  It winds up fueling scientology’s drive to expand numbers, resources and influence.  That perhaps is not surprising given the fact that that was scientology’s purpose for creating the vortex of hate in the first place.  Ultimately, scientology’s gloating, self-professed conquerors in fact wind up as unwitting agents of scientology itself.

Conversely, the only effective route to individual healing and growth is greater understanding.  Not surprisingly, it is the practitioners of that process that scientology attacks with the most resources and vigor.

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  1. I see this , too. Thanks for such a thoughtful piece.

  2. Roger From Switzerland Thought

    Hi Marty,

    Some wheels in my mind broke down after reading your post….

    I can remember very well how Scientology was expanding, when it was under heavy attack in the seventies and eighties. Many People could be convinced very fast with the Argument that we are under such heavy attacks by the Establishment because they fear us. Also there were People coming in, saying there must something good in Scientology if it is attacked as it is.

    Isn’t it a strategy sometimes of actors to create a scandal so they are in the News ?

    Scientology is in the News as never before…and perhaps DM is laughing his ass off, as it is exactly what he wanted.

    Many poeple will now walk into a COS and ask questions or want to see it for themselve and the Scientologists will circle their waggons and donate as never before…..

  3. I believe Going Clear will contribute to understanding, and hope the BBC documentary will, too. Not everyone will receive the same message or respond the same way, but by the sound of the reviews so far, some more will understand why people joined and stayed for so long.

    Each of us seems to wake up to the thoughts, environment and responses that keep us in line in our own time. If there are multiple lifetimes, then that is what it seems to take. If there aren’t, then we get as far as we get in the one gifted to us, fro whichever purpose, if any.

  4. Robert Almblad

    The search for “individual healing and growth” brought many people into Scientology in the 1st place.

    LRH certainly did discover many ways to achieve those ends. But, in the end, many of his discoveries (sometimes compilations) were lost or destroyed inside the complex organization he constructed. If his organization survives, I would be surprised. It seems that neither WOGs or Scientologists (in and out) like it. Actually, I never met anyone who truly liked it, besides LRH.

    There is a lot to Scientology in terms of help to understand life but its organizational policy is the antithesis to “understanding”.

  5. Midge Zylker

    “Conversely, the only effective route to individual healing and growth is greater understanding.”

    Marty, you are the epitome of this, as you have shown in your own journey.

    As well as in the creation of this place & space to enlighten, encourage and promote me & and many others here to share ideas to have our own epiphanies….to ‘move on up a little higher’, or not!

    I love that you grant that much beingness.

    Personally, I am freer, happier, more loving & forgiving since meeting you.
    You have a special place in my heart.


  6. I see the Irony. \Without Hubbard all this communication did not exist.

  7. marie guerin

    Thank you for this article. This knack of yours of saying the right thing at the right time never ceases to amaze me , and I am pretty sure I am not the only one feeling this way.
    All your postings since the one on judgment , actually the video of March 13 2013 have been a help in understanding and craving more understanding and therefore more education.This is true help.
    Incidentally , if I had read the Tao Te Ching 30 years ago, my carreer as a scientologist might have been much shorter.

  8. It may be true that “indie” sites become segregated and haters of scientology. However, the sites that I am most familiar with (Bunker and Rinder) are well leavened with people of all kinds of backgrounds and attitudes regarding the church. I don’t see much hating, I do see a lot of compassion with a focus on ending abuses.

  9. Michael Fairman

    You make an interesting point, and that may be true for the anti-Scientology websites (which I do not read) However, the comments I have read over the past weeks, on Facebook and on Ortega’s blog, since the airing of Gibney’s film, have not been hate-filed. The thrust of the great majority of these comments deal with the much appreciated fact that the divisive and destructive practices of Scientology are being exposed, and that the cult is losing its power to intimidate. Wright’s book and Gibney’s film are attempting to understand Scientology by viewing it , as I believe is the purpose of your blog as well as Mike’s. Most of the people whose comments I’ve read come from that point of view and not one of hate. I suppose we all want to see Miscavige leave (one way or another) in the same way decent minded and rational people wanted to see Hitler leave. Some fell into the “vortex of hate”, as you describe and emerged no better than the dictator, as some have emerged no better than Miscavige. But as far as I see, the scales tip heavily toward understanding and rationality. and not towards gloating and hate.

  10. Thanks for this Marty. Thought provoking, indeed. Personally, I have never acted to expose the cult out of hate — rather, out of concern for those I have known, starting at age 16, who were clearly hurt by their participation in that group.

    I think that information is the key — give people acces to the whole truth, and let them decide what to do. That is the best way I have found to keep people safe for the predations of the cult. Hate, or any strong and ungrounded emotion, only confuses communication. Knowledge really can provide power…

  11. Sorry, Marty, I think you may have conflated hate with anger. Most of the sentiments I’ve seen expressed by Sci critics are expressions of anger at the abuses of the cult, not hate toward the benighted still-ins. In fact, the only real hate I’ve seen expressed on these sites is toward LRH and DM, and I can’t say those 2 don’t richly deserve it.

  12. when it all comes down to it…its just more duality…but it sure is fun to watch them implode

  13. jakethegreat1

    I just listened to the entire (fascinating) interview on Vice. Which I believe was excellent. And thank you (Marty) for it.

    One question (ok 2) I have. The first is about a comment you made in your post above, and the 2nd is in regard to a question the interviewer asked you at the very end of the interview.

    #1. You penned: “While the documentary will have an effect on the size of future potential new membership it will do little to change or alter scientology’s course”.

    Question: Do you not-imagine the possibility of the USA revoking Scientologys tax-exemption? and if such a thing did happen, would that not, from your point of view, alter the course of Scientology?

    #2. At the end of the interview, the interviewer (whose name I could not find, probably because it was plastered somewhere right in front of me),
    he asked (paraphrased): “Why should I (or should I or anyone) be concerned about Scientology if I do not join?

    Question: Would not the answer: Well, you might be concerned if anyone you love (family, friends, etc) is caught up and trapped into Scientology, for the simple reason you may never be able to talk to them again, owing to the Scientology policy of disconnection.

    Again, thank you for the excellent interview, as well as everything you have done over the last number of years Marty. I respect you immensely.


  14. Wow. I am not sure what you consider “anti-scientology” forums? But, I think you are off base. If anything, more empathy has been shown to you personally on Ortega’s blog, even WWP, and other places than you have ever received. Speaking for myself, I am glad to see this film showcasing all of the participants’ humanity. There are a few on both sides who view the world as good (us) v. evil (them). But the majority do not. To lump everyone in the same bucket is neither fair nor appropriate. We are people, individuals with our own humanity whether we are “never-ins” who cannot abide the abuse or ex-members who may no longer believe.

    We are not your enemy.

  15. Name a few solutions Marty, please, and how else to get them implemented other than the “Church”. I know you know who I am… CSW please!!

  16. Mary, very timely post, as some of the polarization in today’s comments on Mike’s blog show. Your post gets right to the heart of things, as usual!

    i think to understand the history of Scient Inc and the “vortex of hate”, we need to look at the history of the 1950s through 1970s. The ideological vortexes were in full bloom with the McCarthy witchunts and the HUAC, through the anti-draft, anti-war movement of the Vietnam war era which were surprisingly peacefull and civilized. However, it seems to me there was a flowering of the desire for the spirit of freedom in the 1960s which seemed to me to coincide witht the release of the original OT courses. However that may be, there was a burst of “theta” which resulted in the movement towards a “counter culture” away from the status quo of endless war, war, war driven by the “anti-communist” vortex of hatred. And of course similar vortexes were being fostered by the “other side”, behind the “Iron curtain”.
    These kind of currents still exist in our politics today. The rhetoric of demonization is still promoted by some; some of these are red herrings, smoke and mirrors to distract us from looking at other areas.
    In any case, your thoughts are sage and timely.

  17. Agreed. All was not bad or we would not have been sucked in.

  18. Congratulations, Marty. I consider this to be a landmark post comparable only to “The Way Out Is Not The Way Back In” (6/20/2013).

    It illustrates well the old saw that “Those who fight monsters should make damn sure they don’t become one.” But I particularly appreciate your additional reminder how much scn really needs, and feeds on, its enemies!

    The “church” of scn is a slap in the face to all of us who believe that something like this should have no place in any free society. But it goes so much further than that!

    What makes it (and other comparable enterprises, spiritual and secular) so insidious is that it preys–for profit and power–on our deepest selves, on our souls. Our hopes, dreams, our longings and our desire to get in touch with that “something more” that we deeply and instinctively know is the deepest part of us and every other living soul.

    I am reminded of something that Jesus said: “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” (Matt 18:6). Many folks think that Jesus was this kindly Mr. Rogers character who strictly “accentuated the positive.” But these are pretty harsh words.

    When reading the latest reports of what “they are up to now” it’s easy to be filled with impotent rage (or the occasional glee of “they did it this time; I can’t believe how stupid they are.”). Plenty are the testimonies of how this “church” has made basically well-meaning, idealistic, intelligent beings into robots of indoctrination and hatred.

    What is not talked about anywhere near enough is what they are doing to its exes and opponents. Regardless of whether “in” or “out” or merely “on the side lines,” this “church” can still steal your soul. It’s time to take that most precious part of ourselves back.

    All I know with as much certainty as one can have of anything is that there is a God and I am not Him. I can take a stand but if I decide to become the one to balance the scales, I am in big trouble–liable to hurt those around me as well as myself.

    LRH got what he was looking for: He “smashed his name into history,” became the focus of a cult of personality, parlayed his own uneducated self into the guy who knew, and was right about, everything and had the phony doctorates to “prove” it–and then died an insane, frail and isolated Howard Hughes look-alike, in hiding no less. Miscavige is obviously on the same path.

    Thanks again for a thoughtful post! I wish you the best on your spiritual journey. And I do believe that you have helped anyone who will listen to enjoy “Going Clear” tonight with a frame of mind that will make it a positive and informative experience instead of a catalyst for a hatred that LRH/DM would be proud of and that will harm nobody but our own precious selves.

  19. What a spot-on article! Phenomenal summary.

    I do recall Marty teaching about the hate factor before, but this is a more in-depth explanation of the phenomenon.

    I well remember the opportunities to indulge in my personal hatreds against “squirrels” (innovators who threatened Hubbard’s monopoly on a philosophical-spiritual approach to self-improvement counseling).

    As Director of Special Affairs (CCDallas/Costa Rica) I had ample opportunity and carte blanche from LRH’s writings to indulge in targeting “squirrels” and “apostates” (like Alan Walter) for harassment or thinly-veiled hate-speech. As an example, I concluded from the data I was given, that Alan Walter was using “Ron’s tech” outside the organization. Stealing from Ron!

    Imagine my surprise when it sunk in after my expulsion form the organization, that Alan had firstly developed some of the key remedies (correction lists) that often salvage “Standard Tech” when it fails. And this corroborated by other tech masters and developers from Old Saint Hill (Gordon Bell, Neville Chamberlain, John McMasters, etc.).

    So who stole from who? And does it matter? Whoever canceled Ron’s essay on “My Philosophy” (…for I know no man who has a monopoly on the wisdom of this universe…)? Who exempted Ron? (We all did in our naivete.)

    I too, swung to the other extreme during the initial shock following my expulsion after years of loyal and effective service. My initial posts were quite venomous, and make me cringe to some degree.

    However, learning more about a “middle path” – mainly on this weblog here – and examining my life experiences through co-auditing while studying the actual history of the key players in the technical development of Scientology processing – all tended towards greater understanding, and a growing disdain for indulgence in hatred at the expense of effective solutions to my personal dilemma and desires to help greater spheres in life than self.

    Today I am reminded of how far we slaves have come. “Understanding” beckons. There are many “bridges” to increased understanding, and much new ground to explore moving a little higher.

    Building better bridges was the first target related to this subject that really engaged my attention, anyway.

    This would include this very effective bridge “out” of Scientology to be found right here. It doesn’t involve continuing to hate, as any more than a temporary stepping stone up through the anger towards betrayal, that we all have been through and can still feel so poignantly from time to time.

  20. This is what I have seen, too. I do not know what “anti-scn websites” might be. This is one, from some people’s view. Alazon’s doubtless another, the scientology money project yet another. Mike’s most probably, Tony’s and ESMB obviously. But all have helped me, both the authers and the people who frequent them.

    Some people, self included, still have loved ones in this trap, loved ones who will likely attack us because of the instilled hatred and arrogance.

    I have also observed the conversation moving increasingly toward compassion, which in itself is amazing, as it consists of so many participants coming and going around the world at all hours of the day.

    I, too, am overjoyed about Going Clear. When I finally get to see it in Europe, I think I will be deeply touched. If some think this is the end for scn, let them hope and let them learn, and let them enjoy the thought. We have a need for closure, even if only in our minds.

  21. I did not see Marty “lump everyone in the same bucket” at all. There is actually quite a wide spectrum of exes and anti-s, with relatively few indulging in hatred. But those few are a quite vocal minority, nonetheless.

    Many of these haters are “crusading” (see above – they turn into crusaders) against any use of the auditing “Tek.” There is an inability to carry on any rational discussion of what was good and what was not, in the subject.

    As a result, independent competition with the church for delivering auditing in whatever various forms, including “standard tech,” is blunted and made far less effective. Whether one finds value in the tech or not, it remains that such an economic threat to the church’s monopoly should be part and parcel of the overall strategy to expose and reform the church for its abuses.

    As pointed out above, Mike Rinder’s and other similar blogs are doing an admirable job of making those “on the fence” or newly out, feel at home with their lingering desires to get what they found valid and valuable while “in.”

    By “haters” I am not talking about those who’ve exposed Ron’s crimes, but those who thump the “cult-recovery” bible and claim that the auditing (and even the TRs!) was all merely some kind of hypnotic dream. To express any dissenting view on this matter is to be shouted down with venom.

    In contrast to the early 80’s exodus from the church, independent practitioners are generally not seen as allies to the cause of bringing the church to justice. This is the culture and climate of the newer groups.

    To be fair, and on a related note, many of the “Independent Scientologist” (“pro-tech”) groups are notorious for shunning and disconnecting per the same playbook (“Introduction to Scientology Ethics” or “How to Establish a Thriving Cult”) as used avidly by the church.

    Nevertheless, abandoning support for alternative, independent auditing practice is one sad result of the tendency to indulge in hatred. And for those who truly want to see the church fall, it could rightly be viewed as a strategic error of magnitude.

  22. I agree completely, getting out of the church is not enough !
    There are some ex scientologists that have created their own groups to trap and use others getting the benefit of free labor. Playing the Guru is more profitable !
    They also use the same tactics -“by LRH policy”- against anyone that is not in agreement with them or refuses to follow them, pretty scary…

    Thank you Marty, for everything.


  23. Scilonschools

    Well stated Marty, I do believe whether intentionally or not Hubbard created the “Church” as a remedy against the evils we see our greater society falling into, a microcosm society where everything was written down (tech etc) and the horrors could be analised, traced , later, and those who made it through and regained or maintained their good values would be fit to fight greater evils of our global society,
    In the infamous ‘1984’ reference by Hubbard, back in 1952, he states that he is giving the Remedy to the Secret use of Scientology, this is clearly defining a separation of the Church of Scientology and the secret use of Scientology methods by others.

    Just the view of a non Scientologist caught up in the backwash.of black dianetics.

  24. Marty – it takes a good and honest man to recognize his own errors and correct them and you are that kind man. I wish for you and your family joy ~ good health —- your best days are still ahead of you.

  25. It seems to me that Rinder has admitted to having personal knowledge of a very serious criminal act, as wiretapping is a federal offense. He unequivocally answered “yes” to the question asked by Megan Kelly “did the Church wiretap Kidman’s phone?” Someone in their posse must know “who” actually planted the “bug”. Rathbun claims he was told by the Church to place the order to wiretap Kidman’s phone – who did he then go to. This is a felony!!

    I would push for either a State agency or the FBI to take a formal statement from them and others, under oath.

    In all the attacks that have been brought against Scientology over the years, by some that have had many hours of confidential auditing, not once has the Church ever divulged the contents of a Preclear’s (person being audited/counseled) auditing session – the whole blackmail claim is bogus and disgusting. Marty, Mike and the Headleys all know that auditors often times record auditing sessions for training purposes and this is done SOLELY with the permission of the person being audited. They are the liars!!

  26. Just watched the HBO presentation. Thank you so very much for having the courage and investing the energy to speak out. We live in the Tampa area of FLand are horrified at how Scientology has taken over downtown Clearwater. We are also very frightened when we see the spread to other cities around the country. Your efforts are to be applauded. We all make bad choices at some points in our life. What matters is what we do once we realize the error of our ways. Thank you. Thank you.

  27. Scilonschools

  28. Just saw “Going Clear”. Brilliant film. Thank you for your truth and honesty.

  29. threefeetback

    To fast forward to 2015, from mid 20th century, substitute community organizers Saul Alinski and Barack for Hubbard and Miscavige. Hate.

  30. Actually by claiming the members of the forums all “adhere to the company line” Marty is lumping everyone in the same bucket. He did not identify the forums and name called “anti-scientologists”. Which forums? Who are the “anti-scientologists”?

    I really don’t care whether you still believe in some or all of Hubbard’s teachings and have supported everyone, inc. Marty, as they peel the onion. Many, many others have as well. In recent weeks I have openly taken on the authors of articles who published false information about Marty, Mike and others. Not the trolls, the author’s themselves and twice got retractions.

    I think “Kittery” explained it best in the above post:
    “I think you may have conflated hate with anger. Most of the sentiments I’ve seen expressed by Sci critics are expressions of anger at the abuses of the cult, not hate toward the benighted still-ins.” I would even include those who were also “once in”.

  31. Mark C. Rathbun

    You are a confused puppy.

  32. I can’t speak for Marty on that, but I can say that I have tested the waters at SPs R Us (Facebook), ESMB and WWP and I can tell you the above in my comment IS one of the party lines and it is adhered to with few exceptions.

    I am thick-skinned. I promoted tech discussion and innovation for over two years, taking more and more hits for it (from both sides – Indies and Anti-s). Then as the attacks got furious, I looked around and there was almost no one left willing to entertain the idea of technical salvage and innovation, with respect to those workable counseling techniques assembled throughout the development of the subject. It’s been over now on those forums, for quite a while. It can no longer be done.

    Privately, many of the “it’s all hypnosis” crowd will admit to workable technology embedded in the Scio paradigm. On any of these forums however, they will not. That is groupthink, party line.

    Wrecking all of the tech and slandering people delivering it = unseating DM = A = A. How nuts is that?

    I do appreciate you are here differentiating in the subject and defending what’s right. I still think you are missing the point if you see all anti-Scn protesters are being lumped together. That is not the spirit of what I take is written in Marty’s post.

  33. You weren’t aware, “musicmaker,” that Hubbard himself had folders culled for buttons and blackmail, for use by his Guardian’s Office long before Miscavige took the helm?

    You didn’t see the last few issues of Freedom Magazine, where deeply personal and embarrassing information was revealed to the public about several former executives that could only have come from confidential, priest-penitent activities, whether ethics or auditing?

  34. Luis Agostini

    A great point being made today.

    Not too long ago I too realized:

    That staying transparent in the presence of attempts to deteriorate, destroy or alter my self respect, my reputation, my peace of mind, my connection with my heart and with the heart of others was one of my greatest duties.

    To resist, reject, fight against, become defensive or aggressive towards any “poison” directed towards me was to allow any or the whole poison to plant itself in my world, to empowered the “snake” with the ability to poison me, to have me form an identity, to suck me into “a vortex of hate”,

    When the poison is not absorbed, when it is not empowered and allowed to enter my world, it returns in full volume and with its full consequences to the “snake”.


  35. Marty,
    Just a note to thank you for your honesty and guts to appear in ‘Going Clear.’ Here’s wishing you and your family peace and happiness.

  36. A. R. Johnson

    An interesting post today. It’s something to think about for sure. “Beware that, when fighting monsters, that you yourself do not become a monster…” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  37. knatherthomas

    Scientology has become the ultimate tar baby…or Blob, depending on which cultural reference you prefer.

  38. One of my favorite posts of yours.

    It’s been a rude wake-up call to find that people, who I aligned myself to JUST BECAUSE they are no longer card-carrying members of Scientology, are absolutely not people I would chose as friends or wish to hang around with.

    My own personal life – pre-Scientology – was such, that a “fun”, youthful, nondescript (ie. weren’t wearing saffron robes and chanting through downtown Hollywood) group was PERFECT for me. AND to boot, no one used drugs. BONUS. Celebrity Center Sea Org 1972.

    I was able to sort myself out from a rather fractured college-drop-out, transfer to Flag several years later and become a top senior management exec. I was at Flag during the time that senior management was transitioning to it’s super secret location in Hemet.

    Boy did I dodge a bullet in not being “qualified” to go “over the rainbow” (Hemet).

    A couple short years later a family tragedy occurred and I blew. Leaving a note for my senior that I would be late as I was out running and needed to clear my head due to my father’s death.

    ANYWAY — I’ve come to realize that my adventure into scientology for the years I was involved (8 in the SO, 12 more as a public) were mostly due to my ARRESTED development as a maturing human being.

    What I’m finding now amongst most of the blogs, the blog creators and the major people who post is something coined 30 years ago by John Welwood –


    (google John Welwood – spiritual bypassing to get an 18 page word document — fascinating) (although he’s talking about buddhist communities in the west – it works PERFECTLY in the Sea Org, staff and scientology context)


    I see people who rant and rave about Miscavige and yet their own personal lives have been train wrecks, who claim(ed) they were devoted to Hubbard. Or are so arrogant as to be simply shocking. Or myself – “preaching” whatever NEW latest and greatest “understanding” and guru I might have uncovered. The list is nearly endless.

    In the end we are human beings. We suffer. We fail. We are happy and we move forward with what we know, right now.

    I found myself most recently “shocked” when someone on another board said he was planning to continue on the bridge EVEN THOUGH his family had been ripped into shreds. I knew then I had really started to put people into boxes of good, bad, neutral. And had nailed the “bad” box shut.

    THANK YOU Mark. As someone earlier on the thread said — “you always post something at the right time” — indeed!!


  39. EnthralledObserver

    Rubbish – you only gloss over the comments if you think everyone is gushing their agreement and loving sentiments over everyone else or conversely spewing bile. There are many diverse and rich opinions, and even defence where it is warranted of Scientology/COS in the critic field… we are a global pool of people who have come together for many different reasons to discuss a topic of interest. You’ll probably be hard pressed to find anyone who agrees wholeheartedly with everything another individual says all the time.

  40. Yes, in hindsight I became fb friends with a lot of ex scientologists last year reluctantly because I knew most were just like when they were scientologists and the new cult is the anti scientologist cult. You therefore are the most sensible well known ex scientologist because you try and educate people rather than be a ”hater” which serves Scientologys purpose and makes one no better than Scn’s. I too, realized that helping people was the way so i have tried to make something better than scientology … and

  41. The movie made me think of Harriet Whitehead’s “Renunciation and Reformulation” book on Scientology, an academic heavy read, but she gets right into how religion reformulates a person’s mind.

    Scientology’s guilty of mental reformulation unquestionably.

    People’s bad reaction to Scientology’s detailed one on one strict “standardized” Hubbard procedures that dominate a person’s thinking and worldview, is all valid to reject.

    I think still in Hubbard’s “cycle of action” and scales.

    People who hate, later on, tire of hating. Start change stop, create survive destroy, all happens too, to everything. Not a Hubbard original idea, but same to the haters. They tire of hating.

    Everyone’s going through the start change stop of various scales and emotional reactions to every little detail of everything that touched their lives and which they were pegged at this or that tone level or emotional rejection reaction, or spinning their wheels in prejudicial fixedness, but it either moves, or stays stuck for months or years in a person’s life, until other events lead them mentally elsewhere, or they unravel the turmoil, or not.

    Kima Douglas, deceased, had to me, some of the most exemplary final life thoughts, I didn’t save her email answers to me, but she said some beautiful wise things at the end of her life.

  42. AND I’d like to add that Mark seems to have clearly found a balance between an extremely busy life (I’m assuming due to his media appearances, legal stuff going on etc) AND being a warm husband and father.

    His son CLEARLY adores him as does his wife. The love just pours out from them to each other.

    Makes me teary. Shows — to me — what genuine love looks like.

    I guess you might say that I am one of the Rathbun’s biggest fans.


  43. You add one more cognition to the hypothesis that the ‘tech’ molded one into a reflection of the psychology of LRH.

  44. Just watched Going Clear. Wow. I knew a lot about Hubbard’s evil. But kidnapping his own baby and flying her to Cuba, and then leaving her in the care of some mentally handicapped people? I have no words. They apparently even kept her in a cage. I guess since LRH even sicked the Guardian’s Office on his own son and fair gamed him it is not totally surprising.

  45. Jerry Fallenberg

    Great job, Marty, in contributing to the Going Clear book and documentary. You are one powerful guy.
    Please persist in helping to revoke the CofS tax exemption.

    Jerry Fallenberg
    L.A. Sea Org, 1976-79
    Scientology Recovery Program

  46. Closing terminals.

    Taking on the color of the enemy.

    Martin Gardner’s book is full of good observations about such supposed new subject starting founders who go their own routes, their mentality, their inevitable righteous minded fights against the powers that be, Hubbard was one.

    “Fads and Fallacies….” by Martin Gardner.

  47. In the 11th skandha of the Bhagavat Purana, Sri Krishna taught his friend Uddhava on the absolute truth of all we experience:


    In the universe the Supreme Soul alone is the creator and the created, the protector and protected, the destroyer and destroyed. Therefore no being but the Supreme Soul is observed as established reality. (All is God due to God being the primeval substance and controller of all of reality)

    The creation, maintenance and destruction perceived (as absolute reality) within the Supreme Soul is unfounded – know that as a product of maya (illusory appearance) dependent on the gunas. (All reality is simply a manifestation of the supreme all-pervading soul, perception of any other independent agent or substance is based upon an illusory perception of supreme reality dependent on how you are affected by the gunas (modes of influence, e.g. adversely affected by ignorance, or passions, or good intentions)

    One who has properly understood the process of becoming firmly fixed in theoretical and realized knowledge, as described herein by Me, does not indulge in material criticism or praise. Like the sun, he wanders freely throughout this world

    By direct perception, logical deduction, scriptural testimony and personal realization, one should know that this world has a beginning and an end and so is not the ultimate reality. Thus one should live in this world without attachment

    MONSTER HOTEL: KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS* *or how I learned to stop worrying and love the new world order

  48. I don’t take any of the negative responses personally. I know you, Mike and others are being seen in a negative light by those over at Milestone 2.

    I find that if reasoned criticism is leveled at Ron and his tech it starts a ball rolling.

    The first phase is getting attacked personally for your view.

    But that is really Scientology imprinted knowledge bleeding off. It’s pure reactivity feuled by the idea from Ron that criticism=being attacked.

    I believe it has taken me a year or so with this approach on your blog to first have people hate me to one blogger coming around to allowing themselves to truly be constructively critical.

    It’s interesting, but over at Mike’s blog I countered Dani’s Dror sales PR with criticism about OT3. It started somewhat of a back and forth brain fest.

    I do believe it is OT3 that is the magic lynch pin.

    OT 3 is the correct topic that will cause all manner of reactions in people who still believe in Ron.

    Relentless reasoned criticism of OT 3 will cause people to look, react and in some causes hate.

    But these reactions are good.

    The first step to recovery for declared, still in Scientology believers is to attack critics.

    Let them attack. We have all been there. It’s part of their healing.

    Just keep asking reasoned questions that cause these reactions.

    The vitriol I have experienced on your blog is now almost gone. But is in a better condition over at Mike’s. Each person who makes a personal claim against me is only bleeding off ideas they have agreed to: criticism=attack.

    It’s still Ron talking.

    Aim at the OT levels and BTs.

    Inherent in the accurate perception of these levels and causing people to react is the first step in healing.

    Reasoned questions will cause the fundamentalists to retreat into a group bubble, and many more will simply start on the road to recovery.

    The inroad is reasoned criticism.

  49. “Conversely, the only effective route to individual healing and growth is greater understanding. Not surprisingly, it is the practitioners of that process that scientology attacks with the most resources and vigor.”

    I’m looking at my bookshelf which includes Power vs Force, On Becoming a Person, Blown For Good and many other books including both the old and new Hubbard Books.

    One of the books I have is Two Short Accounts of Psycho-Analysis by Sigmund Freud. In this short volume Freud clearly lays out the concepts of traumatic incidents, chains of similar incidents and the idea that the earliest incident on the chain must be retrieved for resolution of the trauma.

    The entire fundamental concept for Dianetics is contained in this essay.
    It was written 30 years before Hubbard published Dianetics.

    Then we have these words from Hubbard in his infamous Keeping Scientology Working policy of 1965:

    “In all the years I have been engaged in research I have kept my comm lines wide open for research data. I once had the idea that a group could evolve truth. A third of a century has thoroughly disabused me of that idea. Willing as I was to accept suggestions and data, only a handful of suggestions (less than twenty) had long-run value and none were major or basic; and when I did accept major or basic suggestions and used them, we went astray and I repented and eventually had to “eat crow”.

    I think this is a very important understanding for anyone who is seeking to help others improve their lives or gain any kind of enlightenment on anything.

    While claiming that only HE could come up with major or basic discoveries, LRH yet usurped Freud’s discovery, claimed it as his own and called it Dianetics.

    After studying both, my current understanding is that Hubbard made some advancements on the theory which have proven to be workable in some but not all cases. He also made wild and now fully discredited claims as to the overall workability of the procedure and the end result. These wild claims may have sold him a lot of books, but it also added much fuel to the fire of those who chose to hate the man and everything he created.

    I think it’s important to understand that Hubbard was not in any way infallible nor was he particularly truthful. It’s also important to note that he could be very vindictive and destructive of personal initiative and liberty. Without that understanding, what good did come out of his work will never be advanced to a format that is acceptable to the public at large.

    Since Hubbard stole Freud’s idea and called it something else, one can only assume that it is not, in fact a suppressive act to take something of Hubbard’s and call it something else. Helping people is the goal. Not self-aggrandizement.

    Be willing to confront the good, the bad and the ugly. Take what you need or want (if anything) and leave the rest.

    By the way, Mark, I really enjoyed the documentary and admire all you folks who presented your own understandings so well.

  50. Gerhard Waterkamp

    I have seen many instances of hate filled posting and the principles at work Marty describes. Not everybody on Tony Ortega’s blog is this way but many are.
    Really fascinating is the example Germany. Parts of the german government after failing to curtail the organization instituted and promoted policies against parishioners that equate the same effects as the Scientology disconnection policy. Just reading the Dianetic book got your removed from your job and ostracized from society.
    The same people that adamantly decry the disconnection policies of the CO$ applaud with the same breath the discrimination policies of parts of the german government, because that action is against the enemy.
    It is the same kind of thinking as in the Co$ just with a reverse vector.
    Too many forget what they are fighting for, as they are sucked in fighting against.

  51. Hi all,

    This comment is addressed to ex-Scientologists or any independent Scientologists:

    I am a clinical therapist (LMSW, although my “C” clinical supervision hours are completed). I’ve been involved in anti-Co$ work since about 2007. One of the things that has always been of central interest to me is the auditing process, in part because many ex-Scientologists point to basic auditing as something they in many cases found beneficial.

    So here is what I have been curious about for the better part of a decade: In clinical therapy (I’m talking about forms of Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as Exposure Therapy), one of the tools we use to assist in treatment is biofeedback monitoring. This is especially important in treatments for anxiety disorders and PTSD. Although use of GSR devices is fairly limited (you mostly find them used in “relaxation” kits for home use on Amazon), I am wondering about their potential for application as a tool alongside normal evidence-based forms of therapy in the effective treatment of a range of mental health conditions. Past clinical studies have had not-so-great results with normal GSR devices on the market. However, what I have read repeatedly from ex-church members is that the E-meter is essentially a finely tuned, highly sensitive GSR meter. And so, I’m wondering if there are any ex- or independent scientologists, particularly those who have experience working as auditors, who would be able to speak with me about this a little more, and maybe answer some questions I have about the role of the E-meter in the auditing process.

    I understand some people will be sensitive about this request, and I would like to emphasize as much as possible that my goal here is not to ruffle feathers or bring up hurt feelings. I made what was an apparently huge mistake and posted this same request in the comments over at Tony’s site, where I was immediately accused of working for Co$ or not understanding my own profession. Some people recommended that I try checking instead on this site, as well as Mike Rinder’s, for more level-headed feedback.

    Anyway, if you fit the description I’ve mentioned and would be willing to let me pick your brain a bit, I’d be much obliged, and if you can reply to my comment, hopefully we could find a secure way to exchange email addresses or other contact information. I’d be more than willing to answer any additional (sincere) questions people have about the nature of my inquiry.

    Regardless, thank you to all who took the time to read this,

  52. Belkacem Ferradj

    You heard of the song : “Man in the mirror” ???

  53. There once was a man who had a goal. He adopted an identity to pursue that goal. Others agreed with the man, the identity and the goal and adopted it too. Much emotion and effort were exerted in pursuit of the goal.

    There were those that were opposed to that man and those others that had enjoined his pursuit of that identity or that goal. The opposition was great and made problems for the man and his group. Much emotion and effort were exerted in opposing the man and those others that had joined him.

    To counter that opposition the man and his group exerted great efforts against those opposing and did bad things to them.

    This created mass for mass is the result of a compression of energies in a space.

    Those who opposed the man and his group had a purpose. And that purpose was in opposition the man, his group and his goal. To create an impact on the man and his group they exerted great effort and energies in their oppositions and did bad things to them.

    This created mass for mass is the result of a compression of energies in a space.

    Thus a cycle of goal pursuit and opposition to that goal is born and solidified into compressed energies and mass involving the problems each individual or group has with the other and their attempts at solving their individual problems in opposition.

    Eventually one abandons his goal having had too many losses and finds himself in opposition to the very goal(s) he once embraced. Now he is in the unenviable position of postulating against himself. A no win situation no matter how hard he tries or what magnitude of transgressions he commits against his opposition because he once held the very goal(s) he now opposes. The amount of effort needed to continue this cycle is now greater and more entrapped masses and energies are formed.

    This is the dwindling cycle and we see it playing out before our very eyes.

    Depending on where one stands; there is the CoS with their stated goals (that they have long ago abandoned) and their real goals which the blog author continually points out. And those in opposition to those goal(s)

    One identity(s) railing against another identity along the lines of a common goal.

    This is the basic bank, which by the way is not dealt with on the Bridge.

    Just sayin.

  54. Marty,

    First let me thank you for what you said in the latest Documentary, and on some of your interviews. I appreciate that greatly. Also, let me tell each person here that I am not against the use of Scientology tech, as long as it does not harm others (Fair Game, Stopping Free Speech, Breaking up Families, medical abuse, roping young people…or anyone..into a Billion Year Sea Org Contract and not letting them go, etc). My purpose for speaking out IS to educate the public about the darker side of $cientology and their abuses.

    One of my recent realizations,having to do with s/t very different than Scientology, but if fits is this: Once one labels people such as you just did “The Vortex of Hate”….now that the label is on, it becomes an “us” vs “them”, and changes people and views to THINGS. Once they are things…anything can be said or done to them. Please let me explain:

    1st off, many, many people I know who speak out do not speak out from a point of hate. As myself, I have spent 14 years trying to educate people about the abuses of the organization known as the “church” of $cientology. You say: “Scientology forums read more and more like scientology’s propaganda sheet ‘Freedom.’ They are replete with name calling, expressing glee at every enemy faux pas, assigning evil motives to any and every enemy utterance or move, pronouncing hyperbolic end of days scenarios for the enemy, even targeting for distrust and enmity anyone who does not exhibit its own culturally devolved standards of ridicule and hate”.

    How ever you describe “Them” to be: Many/most of these people are what has helped a HUGE majority of people wake up and get the courage to leave and even speak out. The vast majority of people (if not all) in the latest, great documentary, “Going Clear, Scientology The Prison of Belief”…spoke out publicly after Anonymous arrived and did their 1st picket of “9,00 people around the world in every major city”, including you, Marty.

    This may be a new wave of people, yet they are still people who for the most part are appalled by these very same abuses most of us left because of. My favorite story to explain this is:
    Once Anonymous, myself and some other critics and Ex-Scientologists were picketing at the Complex, in 2008. They were big on having fun and goofing around. We were big on trying to educate the public….but we all got along.

    I came home that night to answer my phone and hear a Mother crying hard.
    I asked: What’s up? She explained to me her daughter had been on Staff at LA Org “For years”. Suddenly she got a call from her that day: “Mom, please come get me”. Her Mom said she would and asked, “What happened?”

    Her daughter said: “I saw ALL those kids out there, laughing and having a good time, and I realized *I* could be out there with them. Please come get me”. Her Mom could not thank me “And all of those people” enough. People do have fun, they goof around, but when push comes to shove, many of these people have helped people wake up and get out and that is what really matters, I think you’ll agree.

    There lies the difference.
    Peace to all,

  55. PS: Anonymous’ 1st picket was in February, 2000, ftr. 🙂

  56. Sorry, I was interrupted: Anonymous’ 1st picket was February, 2008! 2000 is a joy for me as it was in July of 2000 I escaped of the $cientology into what I had known as “The wog world” for 30 years, only to realize how many, wonderful people there were and are out here! 🙂

  57. Marty, seeing the HCOB documentary I wanted to say that you were never supposed to be in that prison (that line caught me). I am sorry you had to get to know Scientology from that devil’s perverted mind. I wish you a happy life, was happy when you got your child and I do believe that you guys who had to be next to that tyrant just got an awful time and awful ideas of how things are. I wish one day all this is gonna be cleared up. Thanks for the HBO doc, you know me, though I do have another idea of scientology (not the villainous idea of Miscavige) I do see how it can deliver a blow to that horrible person. I am happy that we have served together in the SO because I also fight for those ideals that you fight. That you didn’t encounter that in that version of scientology is another story (how could anyone, anyway?). The point is that we all fight for spiritual freedom. Thanks again.

  58. Hey Marty,
    Seems you did a pretty good job of blowing a hole in the Scientology boat. At least the IRS will have assets to liquidate when the time comes.

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  60. Scientology Inc comes across as a HATE GROUP, given its gate pages and HATE videos on critics. These actions are done with TAX exempt dollars. Tax exemption money to build HATE sites.

  61. Theosismanidis: This is correct: “We all fight for spiritual freedom”. However, we who were “in” were fighting for that, while in, too. And the vast majority of people still “in” would say that is exactly why they are still with the C of $ and against we who are out.

    So what IS the difference? How can one tell which side is really fighting for spiritual freedom?
    My opinion is that spiritual freedom deals with the spirit, and helps one be more free. In truth, it should not have a price tag on it. $cientology’s phony “Donation” is not a donation at all: it is a price, every time, same fee for each person buying it, or more.

    I’m ever amazed that old friends of mine remain “in” this organization, pretending to themselves and each other that they are “Getting free” when in truth, the corporation a) Tells them who they can and cannot talk to–this often breaking up families. b) Insists they pay up, over and over—even re-paying for things “dave” said “We trained them wrong” (OT 7) and then GAT 1 and 2 (argh!) c) The Sea Org is now no longer allowed to even have children (Did those “in” honestly agree to that when they 1st joined the SO?)
    Do those around them not see this as a serious outpoint of a religion?

    You know the abuses. I only list a few in case people lurking *may* start thinking about them.

    Tim-S said: “This is the dwindling cycle and we see it playing out before our very eyes.” So true, so very, very true. To those still “in”, all I can say is please keep looking, listening, learning….and read many books on different philosophies. And Good luck on your adventure!

  62. I read this post (Vortex of Hate) several times. It is rich with insight throughout and lands on a solid conclusion that really spoke to me.

    Yet another powerful piece that helps me in my own journey beyond the valley of the shadow of Scientology. Thank you!

  63. It’s my view that Hubbard restated this as “Life is basically a Static”.

  64. I have not beeb “up the Bridge”, but have been an armchair student of it. I see OTlll as relatively insignificant and possibly unnecessary. I seem to recall reading that LRH himself wanted to explore the possibility of dispensing with OTlll, but apparently did not live long enough to do so.
    I also don’t see the “incident” realisically characterized as scientology’s “creation myth”, as it is being characterized more and more commonly. At most, it is possibly one incident on a long track, if you believe in a track at all.
    Scientology’s actuall statements about the genesis of things would seem to me to be in the Factors and the Axioms.
    LRH had his opinions about “What to audit”, but those are his opinions, and may not be a suitable prescription for everyone.
    On the other hand, it is possible that many people could benefit from running those particular items. But a group or even individual study of the Bhagavad Gita could go a long way in that direction. Or as Pam Ho states above, any of the teachings of Krishna, attended to mindfully. LRH restated the Perennial Philosophy in new words. An often used metaphor is that the wine remains the same, but occassionally needs to be put in a new bottle.
    By the way Carlos Casteneda has some fascinating writing about realms of existence that seem to me to be related to the concept of BTs.

  65. I think LRH took the concept of abreaction and all that mentioned by Freud and ran with it. He developed the nuts and bolts of running out traumatic incident and described the anatomy of that part of the mind in greater detail than Freud did.. It was an advance over what existed up to that point. He worked out and codified amny of the details, which had not been done before.
    This is all apart from his attempt to create an “Orhtodox and Catholic Church of Scientology” that would last for trillenia. We can see how that turned out thus far….

  66. Mike Leopold

    I think that the release of Going Clear has put us, and Scientology in uncharted territory.
    For Miscavige, whatever he tries to do, short of a massive reform and public mea culpa, will fail.
    For ourselves, we must not let up, not relax until Scientology is made to account for the devastation it has caused.
    Miscavige may well have abandoned the PR actions and be concentrating his efforts on thwarting and neutralizing the Governmental inquiries and investigations which he presumably fears.

    Has he dispatched Greta and John Coale, and others to do political damage control? Or called in favors from the politicians whose support has been bought?

    The public’s outrage is building. There is an urgent need to identify psycho-political groups like Scientology that avail themselves of constitutional protections for the purpose of evading and escaping civil and criminal accountability.
    Hopefully our society will be up to the task. But it is the outrage of the larger society that I believe will move this forward.
    My 2 cents worth.

    Len Zinberg

  67. It was dealt with it on the original bridge .. now it is lost .. as like as the Ser Fac is lost .. LRH did clearly define this bank in various steps .. once it was the R6 bank .. not the same as the R6 implant ..

  68. LRH did not study Freud really, he got education from a man Commander Thompson (who was no student of Freud) .. LRH would call it squirrel data but he went on with it .. build up a bridge for everyone .. which has nothing to do with Freud .. which means, Freud has never said such stuff that all and everyone needs psychotherapy .. LRH went on and simplyfied the tech of Freud .. he gave some good points to it, but used it in a wrong way when he said it is for everyone .. there is no such thing as a reactive mind .. it is all you .. your ability and willingness to create .. or your unwillingness as the counterpart ..

    The assumption from LRH that there would be a reactive mind is basically very interestingly, because he has here only taken the unwillingness of a person to create something .. and called that case .. but by LRH is case the whole sum of past bypassed charge .. which is the same as unwillingness to recreate something out of the past .. and so you have unwillingness to create it in present time for you or for others .. reactive mind is and was in all times unwillingness to confront .. and this is based on the works from Freud .. only LRH did squirrel that up to an everyones problem ..

    LRH gave his own work to astray when he came up with his confidential OT levels. Why? If it were true, it would be important for everyone .. because if we are manipulated from other beings in our willingness and unwillingness then everybody should know about .. it is surely true that we are all very manipulated from others .. so you can pick up willingness and unwillingness from others .. can go mixed up .. but it is not necessarily confidential ..

  69. Some discussion about the e-meter recently here and also Mike Rinder .. so if you produce hate it should show up on the TA .. LRH has never really explained here why a women has 2.0 and a man 3.0 .. so hate should bring up the TA .. maybe is hate a part of living .. whatever ..

    I myself had most of time a low TA. Per LRH I was simply put into an object, or in the reverse overwhelmed .. so there is this part when you go through 7 (if anbody here has ever experienced it) .. it is interestingly, because you run in an overwhelmed position, and suddenly feel yourself as nothing .. it is like having got an engram .. because this two parts do not fit together and you feel yourself completely alone ..

    This did happen only once in my auditing .. we did try to handle an overt which I could not find .. force was given to find it .. look, look, look, that, that, that, that .. nothing .. I did run completely down in emotion. This means that I was practically death. The auditor was incapable to check that and did not stop his search for the overt ..

    Finally I learned that the e-meter did not respond to problems (also this sort of thing which did hold me out of session) .. but that it showed up problems which I had not in present time .. my trust in the e-meter became very low, because it did not show up what was really there for me .. never ..

  70. I don’t know about that.

    Making enemies is great to encourage internal cohesion, not so much as a long term survival strategy.

    Enemies might not express heightened levels of hatred consistently for long periods of time, but that does not mean they become allies, or even neutral. Humans can keep a grudge going for a long, long time. We don’t forget easily that someone or something has hurt us. That is an evolutionary survival trait. And when you keep on accumulating enemies who have their own networks, at some point no one likes you anymore, and it makes it very difficult for you to get allies when you desperately need them. Case in point, who wants to be seen as CoS allies anymore ? Even the most dedicated celebs are quiet. Who believes any of the smears they direct at critics ? Too many enemies is what will soon make it politically viable to trash their precious tax exempt status.

    But the displays of hatred do make it difficult for those who want to get out to make that step. For them, it is confirmation that the big bad wog world is indeed dangerous, whereas compassion shows them a completely different picture.

    That is why compassion is important IMHO. It takes away a weapon the church uses effectively against its own members. The “vortex of hatred” has been facing inward since the very beginning.

  71. Interesting Marty. To some degree I’ve experienced this first-hand during my Comm Ev and subsequent SP Declare. Going into it I was rather ambivalent about Scn, there were things that I considered to be wrong or unethical, but I certainly would not have categorized myself as “anti-Scientology”. During the course of my Comm Ev my position shifted to the “anti” camp, until finally I was a bona fide enemy of Scn.

    And who could blame me? After being put on trial with trumped up charges, no evidence, slanderous and false accusations, twisted lies, it felt the only appropriate response to such an organization is to despise them.

    I often joke, “if you are not an enemy of Scn, wait until you get Comm Ev’d.”

    I tried the “agree to disagree” position, but the church will have none of that. There is no value in that. Now, full blown enemy, that’s got some mileage.

    What twisted minds.

  72. Another comment, to round up my comments today .. Sigmund Freud did try to bring something in harmony .. which is basic work of him, because he did not agree that the brain is source of desaster .. he found that it is the thinking of the person itself .. so he tried to find the malfunction in it, and he said correctly that it is based on trauma ..

    Freud did not found a sincere way to find out about .. others after him did try to give it names .. so also LRH .. psychology became very modern at this times .. everybody was an expert (as like as in scientology) .. but the basic idea was to handle desaster .. not to say that everybody would be in desaster as LRH did ..

    If Freud would be here now and would read scientology references, he would say: This Tone Scale is good .. not proper explained, because you have to have two tone level in disharmony before you can be in desaster ..

    The reference about PTS is also good, because it explains why you got over to a mind of another .. somebody who tries to destroy you .. picked it up after whatever ..

    Freud did not think of this parts of influence .. but at his time it was rule of the world that the brain is cause about all .. he showed that is not true, and LRH did simply go with that ..

  73. Marty and Mosey, thank you so much for your participation in the film “Going Clear.” Your contributions were critical to its success.

  74. Τim S, really nicely said. That’s a good analysis of the situation, I would say. Not everyone is so analytical. That’s a good thing. I think Ron did leave us with some of his observations and that is what counts. Now, I don’t think a lot of people were able to observe those things themselves. It’s one thing to write down YOUR observations and another thing SOMEONE ELSE to get that same observation.

    I see a lack of administrative skills both in Management and in the field. And that technology is being lost.

    Scientology is a 3D activity and if the 3D goes insane and its technology awry then the whole subject can go to pieces. That’s my opinion. Thank God, I tested the 7 Div Org Board myself and I still do and I see how powerful it is. And I am not even in a position to apply the full thing! But it works.

  75. It’s possible Roger that the psychological profile of those being attracted to Scientology after Going Clear will be like the women who want to date murderers and rapists in prison.

    They probably will never attracted thinking people like they did in the early days.

    If thinking people knew what was really going on, it’s possible that Scientology would have never grown like it did.

    The truth, questions and investigation is Scientology’s kryptonite. And there is enough known information now for society in general to see Scientology for what it is.

    Some people seek to be abused and some people seek to abuse.

    It’s a macabre karmic tango.

  76. To a Scientologist, any criticism or even reasoned questions are considered hate.

    Any doubt against the faith of a true believer is considered evil.

    Any interestest in the true life of Hubbard is considered an attack.

    The freedom to look, see, investigate, come to one’s own conclusuion , have an opinion about Scientology and Scientologist’s that does not fully agree with the facade is considered hate.

    The freedom to give and receive any communication is not a Scientology virtue.

    Claiming masters of communication they demonstrate fear of communication.

    Reasonable or even unreasonable communication and criticism is Scientology’s equivalent of Satan.

    This is the mental imprinting of Ron’s psychological profile:


  77. one solution is to be able to give and receive any communication without imagining dialog, with disagreeing ideas, as evil and suppressive.

    In other words becoming an adult.

  78. Absolutely agree with the Us v Them culture

    Here’s an example. A couple of years ago, here in the UK, s scientology couple, Louisa Hodkin and Alex Calcioli couldn’t get married in the c of s. . Unlike the US, where one can get married almost anywhere, in order to get married other than a church, and we’re talking Church of England or Roman Catholic, it has to be registered premises per UK legislation. The court reversed a previous judicial decision and allowed them to get married thus registering, I think, London Org, as licenced premises.

    What wasn’t disclosed in the avalanche of press coverage, was that Louisa’s father, Peter, is effectively the in house solicitor for Saint Hill, however think it was the right decision for several reasons.

    1. I believe that people should have the right to marry whoever they want, and for that union to be legally recognised.

    2. Yes, it was probably cynical on behalf of the C of S use the daughter of the legal rep as effectively a test case, however my view is that even Louisa and Alex have right to choose their religion, and/or philosophy, and in the UK where the European Convention on Human Rights in engaged, there is no distinction between religion and philosophy as far as Article 9.

    Did this forward Hubbard’s aims? Yes, probably in that it made scientology closer to charitable status, but I don’t think that makes it a bad decision or quid pro quo.

  79. Miscavige has created orgs that are the reverse of the islands of succor that Hubbard built during his life and directed be duplicated in his written policies. Prior to Miscavige’s Scientology, orgs were lively, creative, safe spaces where people congregated to share their spiritual experiences. Orgs are now places to avoid for fear of falling victim to crush regging, heavy ethics and modification of behavior.

    no need for orgs when you got blogs
    when all the hoopla dies down…the spiritual work will continue

  80. Creating negativity in the lives of others is out ethics.
    It violates the ’cause nothing that is difficult for another to experience’ mandate set forth by Ron himself.

  81. If one starts a group based on the concept that, for it to survive needs an enemy, one could assume that you are already in a war-frame of mind. And ethics, attacks, and so forth then have an excuse to act with impunity; you see, ‘it is my enemy, I am just defending myself’.

    I agree that hate is not the route, far less the purpose to share ideas in this and Mike’s blogs.

    For me has been a way to look at things, think about them, understand them and make up my mind.

    One can not stay aloof to the abuses that in the past and present the church has taken on its parishioners and staffs. In various degrees I think one is attempting to expose those abuses, the not contribution to them and wishing no one else will have to go through what some of us did experience.

    I however can see the phenomena of falling into the vortex of: ‘scn is an enemy, lets fight it’. And as you noted is the same pattern the church has been living with for many years – silence the enemies, destroy them or whatever is repeated in reverse. That is not particularly a position I intend to fall into.

    Life is greater, far more interesting than just fighting with others in an attempt to impose one’s beliefs. Is like moving from one prison to another if all is played on someone else’s belief. Once is enough, I may add.

    The interview was quite interesting, thank you Marty.

  82. Hey Val,
    Long time no talkie 🙂

    In my opinion, the essence of Scientology’s mindset, the “flag ship” metaphysical delusion is OT3 and it’s spawn Nots.

    Acknowledging OT3 as science and truth summarizes in one belief system the capacity of the human mind to be self deluded through faith and experience based on an unreality.

    The insidious nature of OT3 is people are running Ron’s archetypal space opera myths and blowing off charge. That is really happening. When the charge blows or a person has an out of body experience they then hard wire the connection between blowing charge and BTs.

    This is where the problem lies. This is where a falsehood is acknowledged as a reality and then the whole R6 thing is seen as a singular genius discovery by Hubbard.

    Being a meditator my whole life, every day, sometimes for hrs, I have come to know my own mind and thoughts. And have become more proficient at recognizing the causes of my experiences.

    I have come to being able to detect very subtle forces. Forces of mind, thought and other entities. This is not unfamiliar territory.

    OT3 is dangerous to being able to see the actual cause of thought itself, as the only cause for our suffering, because it superimposes a make believe cosmology that actually puts us at effect: Something is doing something to us. This is the essence of victimhood not cause.

    So instead of being responsible for all of the crap that rolls around in our cabasa as our own creation, the theory of BTs leaves the solo auditor in a position where they are not seeing that THEY ARE MOCKING IT UP.

    Once this form of deluded philosophy and practice is seen as truth, the true cause of thought and feelings is not seen.

    There are people one this level for years. My X Wife went crazy on OT3 expanded. Became homeless and no one has seen here since the 80s.

    L Ron Hubbard wished to commit suicide during a Nots solo session.

    Up the bridge to OT means the continuation of delusion and not seeing the true structure of the mind, thought, body and emotions.

    It is impossible to be “cause” if the procedure is based on a lie.

  83. Marty having no effect and not mattering:

    “HBO Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Converts 1.7 Million Viewers, Best in 9 Years

    HBO Scientology documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief” attracted nearly 1.7 million viewers on Sunday, according to TV By the Numbers. It had a 0.7 rating in the key 18-49 demographic.

    The viewer total (more specifically 1.652 million) makes the film the pay-TV network’s most-watched doc premiere since Spike Lee‘s two-part 2006 Hurricane Katrina offering, “When the Levees Broke” (1.75 million viewers).”

  84. Hi. I’m sorry to intervene here where I may not be wanted, but I had a bit the same reaction as the confused puppy, though I want to pursue the point in a slightly more thoughtful way. I found your post above stimulating and was intrigued by the assertion that Scientology is a mid 20th century anachronism because at the time of its founding, hate was socially acceptable and now it isn’t. Can you elaborate a bit? I think it is true that these days, cults are less colorful and less successful than in the mid-twentieth century. But I think what has changed is that the possibility of the isolated genius changing the ideas of the world is less socially acceptable than it was then. I think that Hubbard, like many others, piggybacked on the prestige of Einstein. Most people don’t know how to check for the validity of science or theory or genius and have a psychological need filled by having a connection with even a fake version. That’s part of what made Hubbard work. I could say not entirely frivolously that it is part of what made Atkins work too, though of course carbs are real while engrams are made up. But I do find a little alarming something about our current culture that the confused puppy, threefeetback, is reacting to. These days it is getting socially less acceptable to be anti-establishment. Of course, the establishment is often right about facts, though probably not always. Which makes it better. It’s always better not to be a fraud. But still there is an awful lot of vitriol if not hate for people who resist it. I watched Going Clear with horror at the mistreatment of individual scientologists by the church, with amusement and basic disbelief in the church’s theology, but with a bit of hard to suppress admiration for the church’s victories. [It’s hard not to cheer when someone beats the IRS.] I’d appreciate your thoughts. Sorry again if I’ve said anything I shouldn’t.

  85. Another insightful article. It makes sense. It’s Hubbard’s gigantic ser fac; and quickly learned.

    I see that the more you break away from the teachings of the cult, the more intellectual your writings, the less comments you’re receiving. Please don’t let this steer you away from continuing thus.

    There are still many, many koolaiders amongst the Outs, so many who have not (cannot/unwillingble/unable/too frightened/unseeing) broken away from the mind control. But we who support this blog, I’m sure I speak for everyone, not only value your thoughts and discoveries but perhaps even need it.

    Hating, though, is just one of the stages of decompressing, so don’t be too hard on us/them. We’re in the throes of maturing from blindness into the light. For me the end phenomena is to not care anymore. I’ve a some way to go still.

  86. iamvalkov,
    Pithy, indeed. Interesting that I ran into the same idea just this morning.
    You get static or statics depending on how it is viewed.
    May the static and all statics be well and happy!

  87. christianscientology

    I was drawn to this closing statement on Marty’s latest thread “the only effective route to individual healing and growth is greater understanding”. When UNDERSTANDING is the product of love it becomes TO STAND UNDER.


  88. I’m glad you wrote this. It needed to be said. I understand why an ex would go through a period of anger and hate. It is normal. But, there comes a time to let things go for the good of the person and others.

  89. Tory, I agree that there is everything from people who love LRH and scn to those who absolutely hate both and everything in between. You are to me, a kind person.

  90. Marty, been following you a long time, and thanks for continuing letting the cat out of the bag. It is clear you have suffered and grown. Perseverance and integrity. Keeping it real. You’re a big bad dog, please keep siccin’ ’em.

  91. Here it comes. This was along time coming. 1.1 k shares so far.

  92. Spesking of Carlos Castaneda, he is generally acceptd today as a hoaxer and a charlatan, and his books as fiction. His biography is comparable to LRHs in some ways. There’s something about California….

  93. Thanks again Marty for taking the middle road
    and not “becoming what you resist”. The airport
    incident was a beautiful example of taking the
    high road.
    There was a time on the Ortega blog that if you
    mentioned anything positive about Scientology
    you were liable to be inundated with negative
    comments which were personal at times. Seems
    like that blog (the only one I read outside yours
    and Mike’s) has matured over time and Tony is
    doing a great job.

    But this hate aspect in Scientology circles could
    very well have developed and grown over the
    years. The only times I run into it was when talking
    to a “Freedom” editor and with Huber and of course
    when Huber railed against the psychs at events. I
    wonder if the average bubble dweller thinks that the
    psychs/big pharmacy/FBI etc are really out to get
    them. But at events that is the indoctrination they get.

    Anyway, Marty, thanks for pointing our minds in the
    right direction.

  94. Yes I read it many moons ago. Back in the Siddhartha, Jonathan Livingston Seagull days.
    We all knew it was a story and analogous of human potential in the spiritual realms. Unlike some “enlightened” teachers we know.

    California, yes indeed Val! I hitch hiked out here from NY, twice, in 69 and 70. Then moved for good in 76.

    Yogananada said that in previous world cycles this area was the Benares of North America. In other words it was a spiritual center.

    The wonderful thing about liberated Yogis in general is that a person can think this sentiment about So Cal by Yogananda is full of delusional BS. And that’s just fine. Sincere inquiry is essential to finding truth.

    But disagree or give someone a negative view on Scientology and we have dumpster diving, phone tapping, black mail and sex toy mailing.

    Hey, I think we should change the name of OSA (I think it sounds too adult and credible) to The Dumpster Divers.

    Call it Dept of Dumpster Diving. The DDD. I like it.

    May all beings be happy.

  95. I Installed Windows Vista today out of need.

    Hate is the worst adviser ever.

  96. Hi Marty/All,

    I’ve only recently noticed again that Scientology exists and have spent a bit of time trying to catch up on recent and historical events. Quite mindblowing and disturbing really. Not beyond the realms of possibility but certainly at the extreme.

    I am still trying to unravel it all, more out of curiosity than any need to do so. I left SCN behind 15 years ago and continued expanding ever since. Your viewpoint and comm style has certainly shifted over time.

    The allegations are so extreme and period so extended I find it hard to reconcile with my experience and values or understand any of the alleged viewpoints could exist and persist for that long. Including a now updated perspective of LRH’s, COB’s, INT EXECS and the people who experienced and participated with and/or tolerated theirs.

    I think I have seen/read enough to know that it’s mostly or wholly true but despite my own experiences of things like constant regging, stat pushing, tech degrades, low level fair game, and other “off-source” or illogical extreme demands and actions; I never considered it to be calculated or organised and endemic like the information I have read recently.

    I never met a person in SCN that I didn’t think was basically well intentioned but my first thoughts now are that the people invloved or who knew there were no OT IX or X levels or other lies or who where invloved in things like the hole or other physical abuse and neglect or participated in any illegal activity, like channelling of funds to RTC should be prosecuted and sent to jail for perpetrating large scale fraud, embezzlement, assault, kidnapping and potentially worse crimes if applicable.

    Forget the basic unjustness or spiritual impact of these things, the allegations made are of criminal activity and should be before a judge.

    What are your thoughts on the likelihood of that? Is there anything you haven’t made public yet?

    I have posted some thoughts and experiences from my time in SCN and re-action to my recent enlightlment on the COS, LRH and COB etc. If anyone is interested link is below. (It may contain satire/humor/truth/excessive ramblings and poor punctuation/grammer/spelling)

    Or I could be a Troll.

  97. Hi Brian,
    “OT3 is dangerous to being able to see the actual cause of thought itself, as the only cause for our suffering, because it superimposes a make believe cosmology that actually puts us at effect: Something is doing something to us. This is the essence of victimhood not cause.”

    Looking back to the late 1970’s when I did both the clearing course and OT3, I found this to be true as well. After the scientology clearing course, I felt some relief. The game changed with OT3. I remember someone saying to me “You need to be angry after OT3.” Hubbard was looking for recruits.

  98. George, you have an important tale to tell. Seeing the OT materials as a person who meditates may help others.

    The inner life is so unfamiliar with most folks, because of lack of interest, or lack of familiarity, some people who think they are evolved and have the gift of rhetrorical skills and beginners understanding of the spiritual world can victimize others.

    People who have gone on to evolve with other paths have a say in this.

    And I can say with complete confidence, according to my experience, that the OT levels are the path to more delusion.

    What Ron said we are composed of:

    BTs, electronic torture, implants etc are solely created from the imaginary unconscious mind of L Ron Hubbard.

    What is reading is a=a=a associations, given a story and form, by the confidential materials symbols, from Ron’s unconscious mind.

  99. Thank you for this message Marty. Thank you on behalf of children everywhere. And thank you from the child still inside of me, who will come forward again some day.;_ylt=Ak82kIWzqnnZ2xcNjb5RlJebvZx4?p=where+do+the+children+play+youtube&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-901&fp=1

  100. Mark C. Rathbun

  101. MGCOPL Released on May 21, 1971

  102. Freedom and Love seem to be Interchangable

  103. Brian,
    After more than 15 years of recent meditation, I can make a comparison to the OTI-OTVIII levels which I experienced in Scientology. The OT levels were interesting to me and I did feel gains. These gains spanned a 17 year period. The OT levels were an adventure which I tried out of faith. I never considered Dianetics or Scientology as scientific in the least. Having been trained in the scientific method, I just put science aside and decided to listen to Hubbard on faith. Body thetan removal to me was a sort of mental cleansing so I did it with vitality. Since I was really interested in the ultimate truth in Scientology, I saw OTIII as merely a step in the star trek journey. When I did OT VIII on the Freewinds in 1988, I separated the level into three parts: 1. Hubbard as Lucifer and the anti-Christ on his personal journey. 2. Uncontaminated body production which did not interest me. 3. My own personal auditing on History of Man. I passed OT VIII on the Freewinds because I ran History of Man in a very professional fashion and hit some really big wins. I did not internalize anti-Christ, Marcabs or creepy guys in another dimension. But I remember the exact moment on the Freewinds when I read Hubbard talk about original Buddhism. The game was over at that exact point because I saw his contradiction. He was average; just like many others. I continued with the auditing on History of Man because I liked to audit and respected his technology.
    The single biggest difference that I see when looking at meditation is that it started slowly and with difficulty but my practice improved every single year. Scientology, on the other hand, started quickly and with great expectations but started to decline in some sense. Scientology as compared to meditation was expensive, heavy and became harder to believe. Scientology became less realistic with every year. Meditation, on the other hand, started to penetrate my thick skull and it just kept getting better every year. There is a skill to meditation which is far, far more subtle and exact as compared to solo auditing. The e-meter truly can pinpoint areas to audit. However, it cannot point to higher levels of knowledge.

  104. Hi Marty, Hi Oracle, both great songs and I would call you with a section from a Whitney Houston song. “I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they posses inside, give them a sense of pride. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we use to be”

    Pretty simple but powerful formula, like all Truth. There are very few things that even come close to experiencing family and friends, especially children. I know that has been denied to a lot of people who follow this site, their stories are a big part of my new found motivation to put attention on this situation.

    I’ve read a truckload of both of your posts over the last 2 days. Probably spent over 20+ hours on here and other sites trying to catch up and decipher an overview of what went on. Wow, it is almost beyond belief. Very hard to reconcile but it’s coming together in my head at least. I’d love to get your perspective on my perspective if you wish to comment. I just posted my second blog below today. I have a number of ideas and actions I will post tomorrow that I think will help.

    Hopefully it’s already well in hand, the Going Clear doco was great.

    All the best and keep up the good works.

  105. SNL did a highly produced skit on “neurotology” absolutely hysterical. check it out.

  106. The party is over.

  107. Wow!

  108. Pingback: Good vs. Evil | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  109. The concept of “California” as a place that is “different” figures into the Pierce Brosnan movie “Nomads”. It is quite entertaining if you haven’t seen it

  110. Meaning, the one that went on for thirty years at that castle in the desert. Where there was one guest and several thousand hosts.

  111. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) showed a documentary last night called “Scientology at War”.

    It began by saying how DM took over the CO$ after LRH died.

    It covered Marty’s separation from the church and some of the corruption in the CO$.

    It covered Marty and Monique’s harassment in Texas (as has been discussed, and pictures and videos shown on this blog) and did a fairly good job of promoting independent scientology.

    It did a bit on the Dror center in Israel, saying that a whole org has left the COS and is now operating independently and growing.

    Dani said a few words.

    Marty said he does not even call himself a scientologist anymore.

    Overall: Pretty good.

    More has to be done to educate the public about the good parts of scn, so those who need help can go to fz orgs.

    More should be done to educate the public that the original purpose of scn was to help a Christian become a better Christian and a Buddist a better Buddist.

    Which I think that is what scn is for. In particular to make a Christian a better Christian.

    I think Hubbard threw the Buddist idea in his statement, to broaden and throw off people of what the true purpose of scn. Otherwise he would of set himself up to be too much of a target.

    The original purpose of scn is to make a Christian a better Christian.

    It should be correctly called Christian Scientology.

    You cannot become a good scientologist, unless you are a good Christian first.

    You also have to be a philosopher, a psychologist, a psychotherapist, an epistemologist and a truthologist also.

    You also have to be intelligent enough to separate the lies, mistakes, fraud and traps and false and limiting data out of the scn data and think for yourself and build your own bridge, one that works for you.

    (You also have to be intelligent enough to read what is not being said in scn.)

    Once you have done the scn bridge and realize the shortcomings of it, you have to be intelligent enough not to be a parrot and competent enough to make your bridge, one that makes you a true homo novus and helps you enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    And remember that Jesus said: No one enters the kingdom of heaven except through me.

    Only those with the eyes to see and ears to hear and mind to understand will be able to do that.

    This will separate the thetans from the Statics.

    As in: many are called and few are chosen.

    As someone said there was no intention of salvaging thetans on this planet.

    The purpose of scn was to salvage Statics.

    Much of scn was done for drama and confusion.



  112. U can watch this documentary on the cbc website. It’s actually also on youtube

  113. Marty, I have watched your blog for years. It seems that you now tolerate criticism of LRH on here too. Kudos to you. You used to only allow this forum to be used to shine a light on the abuse of the current tyrant, DM. However, you appear to have come to acknowledge that LRH was also an evil man. I have noticed that there is an evolution when people leave CoS. they leave initially because they become disenfranchised with the current management but still hold onto the idea that the teachings, system, and LRH himself are a force for good. But, in time people come to the realization that this is an erroneous fallacy. Have you reached this point?

  114. It took me a while to get my head around this post of Marty’s. Not the fact that this has been the elephant in the room, the hate. The vortex of hate. It is manifest. But how it came to be. Why Scientologists become mean and meaner. How a people supposedly becoming “saner”, become meaner and meaner as they get saner and saner. It is scary. And it does not make sense. The math does not add up. That is what I have trying to get my head around. The increase of understanding resulting in a decrease of kindness. That has been a huge outpoint.

    A person or a group can be pushed to go into arc with out of arc goals and purposes. And you get this product of hate and mean ness. For me, this has been the hang up to understand and what I have been trying to get my head around.

    There is an old saying,”Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” And for me, my hold out on becoming a “devoted Scientology believer”, was that I saw people get mean. Morph into monsters.

    Scientology is a mean society. And when people leave it, they seem to get even meaner. To me.

    There is this underlying datum that people buy into, that if you are unhappy you have overts. Sure there is a thread of truth in that. But it isn’t the whole truth. Not by a long shot.

    A lot of “truths” are laid out, but they are not the whole truth, in Hubbard’s theories.

    I have wrapped my head around it when I came to see that displeasure is the heartbeat of the cult.

    First of all, it attracts people that are displeased. (Needing change). Right away you are made displeased with yourself with the OCA or by reading the Dianetics book to find you have this cancer called the reactive mind.

    If you do manage to rise above that, the then “Scientologist” becomes displeased with himself for not being “OT”. If he manages that. he can be displeased that he is not on staff. If he manages that, he can be displeased about his stats or position, and that can keep him on the hamster wheel for a looooooong time. He becomes displeased with his fellow man. He is told they are not right and they need to be fixed. Even if they are not displeased. If they are not displeased with them self, they are delusional and he is even more displeased with them. If he leaves the fold and attacks, he can be displeased with his former self and all of those who mirror his former self.

    The glue is constant displeasure and complete avoidance of pleasure. As pleasure somehow becomes frowned upon like a dangerous virus that could break the spell. A thing that could melt this glue that holds it all together.

    I don’t remember it being like that when I first got involved. But it morphed into this fear of pleasure cult.

    So similar to some religions in this regard and if there is anything religious about Scientology, it is this. Terror of pleasure. This is under “other fish to fry, dilettantism, aimless purpose, and other curses within the culture.

    The fear of children in that cult I think stems from the fact that children manifest wanting pleasure as a natural phenomena and people take pleasure in children.

    The absolute can’t have on pleasure is severe. The only place it is permitted is on lines at Celebrity Centers.

    The thing is, Hubbard found his pleasure in producing, researching, directing, controlling and monitoring the Scientology arena. He was top chef. We lived in that pleasure his entire Scientology life.

    The only pleasure permitted the rest, was the auditing. Which focused more and more on confessing your own pleasure as if it were a crime. Dangerous. For many Sea Org Members, the only pleasure moment they ever experienced was getting their uniforms and being assigned their new identity. After years of pleasure deprivation, people will find ANYTHING to take pleasure in. Even if it is printing off a declare order and “feeling the power”.

    You see people that were mixed up in it for years leave, and they still dedicate themselves to sheer misery or making others miserable.

    I think the greatest healing Marty has done for that community, is the pleasure he has gifted to people leaving. Pleasure in exchanging ideas. Encouraging people to take pleasure in books. To take pleasure in stepping outside of their serious selves. To take pleasure in reaching out across the table. To take pleasure in fighting back. To take pleasure in viewing behind the stage curtain. To take pleasure in viewing from new angles. To take pleasure in teasing the self important. To take pleasure in laughing at ones self.

    I think the degree of hate a person carries and puts forth into a conversation or into society, is directly proportional to the amount of pleasure they have denied themselves. And seek to punish others for.

    I think displeasure, is a sticky glue and a potent charm. Most of the conversations outside of the Church center around displeasure of others. People group up around this displeasure. And it continues on outside of the Church without missing a beat. If Hubbard didn’t suck them in by pushing these buttons, someone else will.

    I think this is in the center of this vortex of hate. And the only way to distance ones self from it, it to do a contact assist with pleasure. It is not the stairway to hell. No matter what you were led to believe in any religion.

    I don’t know of anyone who died from pleasure. But hate will pin you to a cross in a second. And the dead bodies behind that are countless.

    The Church is very anti drugs, but I honestly do not think drugs are as dangerous as the hate manufactured in that place.

  115. Plenty of people have died in that Church from an overdose of religion.

  116. Just look at how many people have died in the Narconon centers when you try to move them off of heroin and onto Scientology.

  117. Too bad that when the ole’ plagiarizer stole his ideas from Parsons & Crowley he didn’t include The law of Thelema …. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” …don’t forget the cure for an overdose of religion, is a heroic dose of your favorite Psychedelic.

  118. It is so nice that you come here CD. Thank you for the song. No Freedom without love. Yes. It took me 62 years to learn this. And that post from Carmen Llywelyn – wounderful

  119. CD – /without LRH we would no have reactive banks. Hahahaha

  120. no shd be not

  121. This article is so important! Even in 1980 when I left and Free Spirit was a subscription mag for ex’s, there was so much nattering. Natter means the same thing, no matter what side of an issue it’s about. What we resist we get and become. This article should be required reading for those on the #GoingClear bandwagon. One of the wonderful things about listening to Wright is he’s so mellow and doesn’t seem to carry or perpetrate hatred, just information. Yes, work to stop crime and abuse, but being in this vortex only slows the process, anyway, along with adding to our individual cases by the ton. Thank you.

    Elli Fordyce

  122. I don’t know how or if this song fits in the reality that Scientology in’s & ex’s are living in…but its a song of unity through eventual forgiveness through the Christian eyes of Johnny Cash….”Down There by the Train”

  123. Well said George. I agree, my first few years of daily meditation was tough at first. But now I look forward to it everyday when I awake. To me it’s like falling in love everyday. The insights are now almost immediate within a few seconds or minutes.

    A great meditation can take place in a blink of an eye. And what I have discovered for myself is that happiness is not created. Our very nature IS happiness. Happiness and spiritual freedom is most definitely an inside job. No membership card or sign up fees can bestow it.

    In looking at the OT levels people are having wins. The very fact of going within to look at the mind will inevitably bring a realization. It’s natural.

    Our capacity to go within and differenciate, be relieved from suffering is OUR native capacity.

    I believe the OT materials and auditing in general, or any looking, is an intro level practice that can familiarize people to their subjective state: non material realities, and causative connections to our material and mental experiences.

    In my view, the ultimate solo adventure is dissolving the noisey monkey mind back to its source.
    I agree with you George, meditation as a practice is tough in the beginning, but it becomes like eating or any natural event after a time.

    And at some point, all the Sci Fi stories, the Star Trek dream therapies are left behind as all mental crutches and stories are.

    In meditation it’s just us and all we are. And the horizons are limitless as are we. What a blessing to have this opportunity to grow, learn and be free!

    May all beings be happy, may all seekers find.

    Thank you George for your response. Be well 🙂

  124. Dear Oracle, you said:

    ‘The vortex of hate. It is manifest. But how it came to be. Why Scientologists become mean and meaner. How a people supposedly becoming “saner”, become meaner and meaner as they get saner and saner. It is scary. And it does not make sense. The math does not add up. That is what I have trying to get my head around. The increase of understanding resulting in a decrease of kindness. That has been a huge outpoint’.

    I am sorry to keep this up, but Ron was the teacher. Inherent in him and his teaching is arrogance and violence.
    The very act of saying that ALL CRITICS ARE CRIMINALS and getting the flock to agree with this IS THE DEATH OF DIALOG AND RESPECT.

    And to put it in very simple terms:

    On the Scientology emotional tone scale HATE is above SYMPATHY.

    This one sentiment encapsulates the problem.

  125. And Oracle, Ron states on the OT 8 materials that “Love and Understanding” is Marcabian PR.

    That is how Ron personally felt about these decent human traits.

    ” I am not interested in wog morality” L Ron Hubbard

    “We are not moralists” L Ron Hubbard

    Can’t get any more clear than that. It’s no mystery Oracle.
    Teachers teach and students learn

  126. Brian,

    The scn vortex “culture” of hate is wholely or in part rooted in the “no sympathy” datum.

    The idea not to sympathize with a PC.

    To that can be added no blaming, no criticizing, and no complaining.

    Plus the datum the PC is responsible for causing his case, his condition, some time back on the track, with a postulate.

    And the PC must take responsibility for it.

    The “the fair game” datum and other related data.

    This is all false data, it is all bullshit. It is a lie.

    It is Hubbard’s most clever and complex trap, to install false data into his sheeple’s mind, via his bridge, so that it will send them on trip into oblivion, all the while he can make them his slaves and at the same time repeatedly masturbate all their financial resources present and future.

    Therefore the billion yr contract to work for peanuts.

    There are many layers and many sides to the false data traps he embedded in the tech. And these traps are placed in many places along the bridge, in his books, lectures and bulletins,

    Hubbard had the ability to think far beyond and far ahead of the average person and do it instantly.

    Like playing pool, he could think and see a large number of shots ahead, of the average player, even the whole table, before the game began. While the average player can think maybe one or two shots ahead at best.

    But in the church, keep in mind that the average sheeple could not think at all.

    Now, also keep in mind there is a right way and a wrong way to do pretty much everything, including thinking.

    There is honest thinking, constructive thinking, and there is criminal thinking.

    Hubbard’s thinking was always covertly cunning and diabolically criminal, even if all evidence was to the contrary.

    Even if his thinking or this philosophy or tech appeared to be honest and free of fraud or deceit, it was not.

    The majority of the good data, the useful data, (the truth) in dianetics and scn was plagiarized, and some probably channeled.

    Hubbard could think several steps ahead and have a trap planned down the road, even if it took several years.

    If you honestly question, inspect and evaluate every datum he said, every datum on the bridge, you will find that there is only a few grains of truth and the rest lies.

    (Like someone said: the truth is the best bait in the universe.)

    The bridge is a criminal business plan.

    So when he laid in the “sympathy is bad” and etc. data, all the sheeple (his flock) being near the bottom of the tone scale and theta scale, therefore very feeble minded and having practically no understanding of right and wrong, (super naive and gullible) would operate on that false and limiting and trapping data, and pervert it further and take it to the extreme, and there you have the “scientology vortex of hate” monster.

    Even before dianetics, Hubbard had planned ulterior motives.

    Here is an interesting datum to back that claim up.

    A little while ago, I met someone that told me the following, when I asked him what he knew about scientology, and he replied:


    Judith Merrill told me the following in early 1970.

    She was married to Fredrik Pohl in the late 1940s. Pohl, Poul Anderson,
    Judith, and Ron Hubbard were good friends and all regarded as successful
    Sci Fi writers at the time.

    They used to meet around Judith and Fredrik’s kitchen table every Friday
    night over a bottler of wine and discuss their latest Sci Fi ideas. One
    said he was looking to doing a story about cults but was having trouble
    as it was a very complicated subject.

    Hubbard pooh pahed the idea of
    complicated and said anyone could start up a cult at the drop of a hat.
    The debate was on and finally a bet was made for a bottle of wine.

    Scientology was the cult Hubbard founded to win the bottle of wine.
    Unexpectedly the cult took on wings of its own and quickly evolved into
    the Reality pretend known today. It was all over a bet for a bottle of

    End of quote.


  127. Tom's imaginary friend, Black's daughter, Lisa

    Thank you for this post and all your other posts that brought up Scientology attack tactics and tid-bits of info about Tom Cruise, but not sharing his auditings.

    There was a four year period (starting when I almost sixteen) when I could not stop thinking about Scientology or Tom Cruise and I started having these persistent hostile imaginary friends. I spent a lot of time questioning my sanity and trying to accept that I was delusional for believing that I was under spiritual attack. But after a while coincidences gave me some relief, but no one talks about spiritual sabotage or what Tom thinks about (there was a time where he thought about becoming the president).

    I’ve been aware of this vortex for about a decade, but it started in June of 2002. The spiritual attacks took their toll and I started lashing out in retaliation, only to discover a smear campaign emerging out of the entertainment industry as I fought harder. It seems like they antagonized me just so they could complain about the retaliation. They annoyingly clever like that. But despite being aware of this tactic and the wisdom that you become what you fight, I didn’t relent. If I had to do it all over again and focused mainly on healing and moving on, I doubt I would get any further than where I am now. There is no escaping them or the vortex unless you disappear or they forget about you and you have a clear conscience about leaving it behind even when there’s other people who may need help.

    When this began for me, I tried to talk to this endless line up of strangers, (they visited a few times every week) who showed no interest in telling me what my offense was or making a truce and showed no sign of guilt or doubt. After a few years I came to the conclusion that crying, running away, and talking made no difference. In fact, telling my story to get a single moment of empathy from each and every stranger (who either was sexually assaulting, raping, starting an argument, nattering, forging identities, stealing or inputting spiritual energies, thoughts, and emotions to keep me fighting or disrupt me) was only making me more distressed. I can’t see how anyone can heal under those conditions, the only move is to harden oneself and make use of all that anger and/or go into various forms of escapism. Therapy could have helped, but paying people to label and drug me into a state of denial isn’t good enough. In the end, to avoid the urge to commit suicide (which someone in management may want, considering all that they have orchestrated up to this year) I had to get angry and find an effective outlet.

    It took about eight years to discovered that I could trap souls. After I took my anger out on them (usually by yelling and ripping off limbs), I placed them in this beach like environment until they realized and decided to stop abusing their new found powers for management’s agenda. It works, they leave my space and never come back, but it’s still a temporary solution because there’s always another naive newcomer around the corner. Sometimes, I wish I could drop whole orgs in there. I’ve done worse than that, but most people don’t enrage me to that point.

    Lately, I’ve been talking about my experiences on the web and it’s helped quite a bit. There’s less visits, but the spiritual devices still show up in my body. Or maybe they’re too busy fair gaming those involved with Going Clear to deal with me. It’s been a nice little break from the harassment but I didn’t put this target on my back by choosing to be an ex-Scientologist’s daughter just to see this war part-way through. Even if I did attempt to move on, I would be waiting for the next shoe to drop while wondering about what they’re doing to someone else?

    Yes, when we speak about and to Scientolgists, civility and common sense should be a priority (though I know I’ve disregarded this many times). I watched your blog and the comments and the one thing I found very disappointing was all the insults, something was off and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Though Scientologists usually don’t listen, when they’re curiosity gets to them and looks for these forums they’re probably turned off by tone and then tune out all together. I think this group can be better than just a peanut gallery of insults. But anger is still important because it keeps people vigilant and they should be because there’s a lot going on. We could stop resisting but there are souls who reincarnated just to join the Church to gain and exercise physical and spiritual power over other beings. They’re probably trying to conquer other spiritual agencies that could resist them and create a hostile environment in the afterlife.

    I know I’m not the good guy or a model that others should follow and I’m not here to ask for forgiveness, sympathy, validation, or approval. I just want it to be known why I’m doing this and why it’s so hard to stop. There are individuals who want me to calm down and move on but don’t address what I’ve been through and focus more on my actions than the actual problem. If they want change, they need to let me know exactly what they understand, address these issues proportionately, and provide me with more than simple points like: “you’re evil/stupid and we wish you were dead/gone” or “you just need to move on because other people/God will handle it”.

  128. Incredible data. Thanks for posting.

  129. I’ve never commented but needed to for this. Your description of the pleasure vs displeasure combined with Marty’s Hate Vortex is the most enlightening set of descriptions I’ve ever found. Wonderful thoughts.

  130. Marilyn morrison

    Synapses in my head shorted out with this blog. I have not participated in auditing since the 1980s. I get the benefit, but NOT interested in that path…but was ensnared in the vortex of hate. Suddenly, last month, I started receiving local org promo material. The vortex of hate cranked to life. Marty is a genius. Thank-you. M

  131. Clearwater
    OT Operating Thetan
    Native State
    L. Ron Hubbard

    The words alone normally rebuff interest in Scientology.

    But no amount of stirred up misdirecting wordplay and covert operations agent provacateuring stopped me from hoping.

    I wasn’t detered, from being lured in despite any of the negative associations and reek from these words.

    But Marty’s point is valid, in that Hubbard’s Scientology has their Office of Special Affairs wordsmiths do continual institutionalized riling up just to deflect constantly, and then even L. Ron Hubbard’s fiction “Mission Earth” lampoons negative PR character in that book series, but Hubbard seemingly does exactly what he lampoons, intentionally, as a devious subterfuge it’s almost like Hubbard secretly intentionally does what Hubbard says is wrong to do. (except in OSA network orders where Hubbard’s private intel operation advices writings are listed in the headings of the today OSA “Handling Programs” as the justified “scriptures” of the current OSA “Handling Programs.”)

    Hubbard’s OSA “scriptures” need a takedown, line by line.

    OSA operates on dead Hubbard’s “scriptures” of their OSA Network Orders playbook and all of Hubbard’s OSA/GO subject advices writings.

  132. Frank Davis

    Very well said in only a few words. It ill behooves any of us to become what we resist. There was a time in LRHs early lectures where he spoke accurately about this. When I left the RTC COS I fell I took the best of what it offered with me and continued to do what I felt was right…not to hate or get in to a condition of duality about it. I found that much of the auditing worked fine on damn near everyone, even if you did not call it Scientology. In fact I found it worked equally well on anyone, from a father sitting grieving a daughter in a coma sitting in a Mcdonalds. He felt he wanted to speak to me, so we did. Left there and went and audited it. It did not heal his child but it helped him to be able to really see and do for the kid what was needed. they both survived. Just one of several times over the 29 years since I left the RTC church. And it also worked on those who had been in the church. No politics involved. I did not care then what other thought and still do not. No misemotion on it, just not a game I wanted to play. I seldom go to any blog or forum, but glad I did today. Thanks Marty, what you wrote here and what some of you have expressed on it echos how I have handled it.

  133. Be aware, it has not been the scientology skills, which expanded it in 1975 to 1985. It was the well feeling and positive hippie era which pushed also other cults or religions up to big groups, like Moon, Osho or TM and this serene feeling covered the lower wave of Hubbards evil, sometimes genius and sometimes weird thoughts.

    It has been the people and what they have seen in it. and they lived for their personal hope. And this is ok. And if we detect, that Hubbard never would pass his own A-J-check, than we see a other guy than we had seen. At this time we had been right (the most of the scientologists), and now we see more and more this insane 1984-experiment. Now it is obvious: it was the wrong direction. Every sentence from Hubbard directed us into a wrong direction, covertly and overtly.

    For some people it is a shame for some it is a new start with more experience. Lets do it better now.

  134. Be aware, it has not been the scientology skills, which expanded it in 1975 to 1985. It was the well feeling and positive hippie era which pushed also other cults or religions up to big groups, like Moon, Osho or TM and this serene feeling covered the lower wave of Hubbards evil, sometimes genius and sometimes weird thoughts.

    It has been the people and what they have seen in it. and they lived for their personal hope. And this is ok. And if we detect, that Hubbard never would pass his own A-J-check, than we see a other guy than we had seen. At this time we had been right (the most of the scientologists), and now we see more and more this insane 1984-experiment. Now it is obvious: it was the wrong direction. Every sentence from Hubbard directed us into a wrong direction, covertly and overtly.

    For some people it is a shame for some it is a new start with more experience. Lets do it better now.

  135. 2 or 3 years ago, when you were still making a difference between L Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige, I liked your web site as there were a lot of former trained scientologists and execs making briefings of their experiences, and you very well know that we (scientologists) had a tradition of “being factual” in our reports. Whoever would give sloppy accounts of events or would stuff his comments with opinions would be discredited in the viewpoint of the readers.
    As I was a scientologist, with or without institution, I liked that, as I had a good point that this must be true, because:

    a/ It’s unbelievable for a “normal” scientologist. Nobody who would want to be respected as a “reasonable” expert could take the risk of inventing such off the wall “facts”.
    b/ A lot of the readers were themselves former actors and witnesses of those facts and could have immediately pointed out the falsehoods.
    BUT, I started to see philosophic comments about scientology in 2013 (?) (often borrowed from other authors), and sent a long message explaining what this blog was, what was happening and what would happen (or not), referring to the dissident groups of the 80’s.

    I explained that there would never be a “Church bis” and why. Just, the Church N° 1 needed a “Berlin wall” process.

    I did not say back then that in fact, I did not believe your “training sessions” would last for long.

    I explained that, per a now removed text from Scientology 0-8, Scientology includes 2 big parts: philosophy and techniques. As said LRH, we could change the world by philosophy alone, but we are not interested in philosophy, philosophy just helps produce more philosophy. We are only interested in techniques. I mentioned the former dissidents from 1985 and all kind of theories flourishing in their review “Abilities” – along with Mayo’s new theory and wrote : “Beware Mark (Marty at the time), this is already happening”.

    I then left the blog and came back a few days ago, and lo and behold, all facts have disappeared, this is all philosophy, “black and white” type. One or 2 points though :
    I guess you have stopped delivering (applying scn technology) before you “returned you jacket” – I can’t be wrong on that one. Don’t take it bad, but I am not sure you received a complete confessional after leaving (a real one, with YOUR overts) – I am almost sure you did not. This would have helped. Where is Marty Rathbun who was offering his help with Class IX tech to former scientologists? Don’t tell me that you never saw any results on your pcs while going through your Class IX training, and if this is the case, who could believe you today?

    Now, you are complicating the task of those who still hold that Scientology is a powerful tool for life, as the style of the last texts you wrote tends to invalidate the former content of your blog, which contained a lot of facts.
    LRH is my master. What is a master? Somebody who has realized in himself what he is teaching. The “you are what you think”, which I understand, but is not very operational (rather “philosophic”), and rather contrary to my Zen experience before Scientology (you are not what you think, not at all), I would prefer Gandhi’s motto: “you know what you are”. In other words, you know nothing more than what you are. So, exit 98% of human current “knowledge” on mankind – and a lot of “philosophies”. And I would prefer a Scientology style motto: “You know what you can” – nothing more. LRH applied that to the hilt. So every oriental wisdom calls for masters, as only then, when you see the man, you know what he can teach you or not, per what he is and what he can do. His words have no more value than what he is/does.

    I want to point out a few revolutions, in the field of “Being able to…” (THAT is knowledge):

    Hubbard Study technology. It is applied everywhere in the world except in Scientology orgs. I realized miracles in Africa with that (with 10 hours oral seminars to teachers, packed classes, torn off books – 1 book per student, not 2 – misspellings on the blackboard, 72 students classes, up to 4 students by table). Better results than in Europe or the US after 10 hours training.
    The tone scale: a genial discovery, extremely powerful, including the matching of Political systems and the tone scale in Science of Survival, and the mechanism of entheta (lowered IQ, longer reaction times, illogical decisions, etc.). Mind blowing. I am using it every day.
    Touch assists or else: People getting off the bed or wheel armchair they were confined to, in often less than 1 hour.
    Ethics conditions, including lower conditions, exchange and conditions by dynamics+ admin scale: People off spinning lives, getting back onto a sane, productive and social life.
    DN, ruds : a young mother could hardly move, avoided a back operation and went abroad to complete studies. High depression after a hold up, no work, no sleep, 2 sessions, that man back in life and creates a school.
    Management tech : A lot of “lives changed”, from volunteered statements, after a few seminars on communication, admin scale, ethics and organization.

    Data series tech. A mine of gold for whoever masters this tech. This tech lives with me everyday of my life, a lot of stability.
    Clear : a truly jewel in my case, a lot of energy back, more confidence, more communication (not the day I attested, the day I went clear). I made a clear also in co-audit.

    So, I don’t see why we would throw these abilities into the garbage can and why I would need another master, or go hunting for others comments on life. (I did that before Scientology). My former masters were Koestler /Allan Watts (73), Taizen Deshimaru / Herman Hesse (72), Gandhi (70-71), Jesus Christ (68-71), and I read “Siddharta” in 72. So I can compare. No remorse. A Jewish socialist guy, tall with a beard, said to me in 74 : “I understand your vision of yourself, the world and your actions, your ‘personal equation’… so what?” That was the good question: “so what?”

    Last point: I don’t think you are fair when you seem, at least in one recent text, to identify Scientology, Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige, A=A. Actually, you were very instrumental in helping David Miscavige during the1987 putsch to take over the power and reinforce it year after year. In fact, it’s not even sure that he would have succeeded without you at his sides all these years. You very well know that DM is doing exactly the contrary (100%) of what LRH preconized: *ideal orgs, *planetary begging = money against no services with false pretexts, *cycling endlessly through services – an idea of David Mayo, 85 – *congresses –LRH stopped congresses in the middle of 60’s, saying why-, *forcing people to study historical unusable data – which drags them away from actual standard tech –, *forcing auditors to learn verbatim, something “degrading” for LRH, Study tape #1, *a stupid and dumb Golden Age of Tech evaluation, packed with internal out-points and “solutions” contrary to the very few poor references the little brain managed to exhibit, *a portrait of LRH being blind, dumb and deaf who “thought” people were using 3600 pages of squirrels drills and altered summaries in the academies (technically = verbal data), following one of his (1972 ?) pseudo-order (David Miscavige publicly dixit, 1996), *use of physical violence, expressly forbidden in student hat issues (yes, LRH saw that far!), and of course *smashing of the upper org board DM was (he put himself) in charge of protecting, *no use of ethics, *use of tech to punish, ordering the destroying of former issues to wipe out the tracks of LRH actual scriptures – when LRH forbid that expressly, *revealing of confidential PC information – which could alone ruin all Scientology construction, as the confidentiality rule is a corner stone of auditing, etc.

    So Mark, it’s very convenient for you to say that it was all the same before and after David Miscavige. But we all know this is not true. That declaration shows up this very ideological manichaeist thinking you wanted to avoid at first when you created our blog. Saying you don’t like Manichaeism does mean you don’t use it. And I think Miscavige won on one point: you ended up believing – or pretended to believe – that what he is doing is Scientology, and that, true enough, “Scientology is a scam over a scam” as said one detractor. There is one question you are avoiding (as Miscavige avoids with the utmost terror to give the number of ClassV orgs and missions, the proof of his failure as compared to LRH). Do those various techniques work or not? that’s the basic question. We really don’t care about beliefs. After, it’s all a question of political strategy and integrity, nothing more.

    This group will disappear very fast, if it is not already done, however I hope you will sell a few novels.

  136. Mark C. Rathbun

    I’m still making a difference. You have simply not watched carefully.

  137. Remark to Claude:
    Beware of the Dog!

    Hubbard stopped the “Disconnection-PL” after pression from governments in 1968. Miscavige reinforced it in 1982. Be sure, If Hubbard were drugless for some time in 1984, he would have reinforced it also to secure his money and his slaves. I saw a lot of hubbards “warnings” and mentions on how to make a slave and how to hypnotize you easily in the PDC Lectures. If you look on the SSeaorg FOs etc. you see these methods installed to controll the slaves there. And it is slavery. And they practice it without shame, intnetionally and at the end deadly.

    If you say, lets pick out the grades, as some people had wins on it (wins? read the articles of Jon Atack on this subjects), then you will be soon confronted again with disconnection if you have a problematic PC, etc. The shit starts again. Sooner or later.

    If you like the dark side of the moon – go there,
    but you are better with other and honest people.

  138. Marie,

    Quoting you: Incidentally , if I had read the Tao Te Ching 30 years ago, my career as a scientologist might have been much shorter.

    Yes. That is so very true.

    Let me tell you my story briefly. As it may help you more and help others still more.

    I was 44 when I learned about dianetics from a TV commercial in 97.

    Prior to this I was a voracious reader and truth seeker. I began reading and researching and searching for answers to life, seeking knowledge and understanding, when I was about 15 or 16. I really did not know what I was looking for, but I was looking. Something was wrong and I did not know what? I read everything I could get my hands on. I read hundreds of self help books and read the greatest books of knowledge I could find, (the bible, the Oahspe, the books of Mormon, the Course of Miracles, Walter Russel’s books to name the most significant ones) and did some traveling and talked to or communicated with the greatest minds I could find. I took a lot of courses.

    I was actually doing my own version of “scientology” for 29 yrs before i came across dianetics and scn.

    Then when I read dianetics, I said to myself that this is the first person or author that I have come across in my life, that knows how the mind works, now it gets screwed up and how to unscrew it.

    Long story short, I called the COS and got a demo. It was amazing. I felt like I was pulled out from a rock pile. I had a release. The auditor was very good. I am making this very short. But then they got me to do a couple of basic courses and I seen what being in scn was really like. It was like an asylum with the inmates running the place and the show. Even though I really liked the courses, within a couple of days, I was getting very scared.

    I asked my self, how come I had the first wins of my life, and thought what little of dianetics and scn I saw so far, was the greatest stuff on earth, why was the place so crazy?

    Long story short, they began to get suspicious of me and began to do sec checking on me. I had several interviews with several management over a period of a few weeks. I thought this was strange. They showed me a video of DM saying something from his pulpit. They asked me what I thought of him? I said I think there is something wrong with him. That response drew mostly silence. Then some days later I had a meeting with qual and I think he did a metered sec check on me. According to and in reference to, a certificate of 25 yrs service to scn, on the wall, I asked qual why was there was still something wrong with him, if he has been in the COS for 25 yrs?

    He blew up, he threw a serious shouting raging mad fit, he told me to wait and not go anywhere and stormed out of his office. An hour and a half later he comes back with a number of orange papers and handed to them to me to read.

    It said PTS declare, with details. I read it and it was crazy. It was BS! For one thing they used my overts from my overt write up, in course, against me. I thought this was really crazy. Double crazy, super crazy. I asked who wrote this? He said the name was on the bottom. It said Pat Felske. I said, I want to talk to her. He said no, things don’t work that way here.

    He then took me to the book store and a lady suggested that I should buy these four books and homestudy courses, which will help me. I had no problem with that, …..paid for the stuff and qual escorted me out of the bldg.

    Since then I acquired all the scn text books from various used sources and a lot of fz stuff and read it all, most more than once or twice. Read a fair bit of material written by ex scios.

    Now after telling you a very brief version of my experience, I want to say that because I was very well read and informed better than average, and had a fair bit of life experience, I had something to refer to, to compare what I read, did and saw in the cos, to.

    That is in alignment with Hubbard’s datum, that nothing can be understood, unless you have a datum of comparable magnitude to compare it to and the more datums of comparable you have to compare it to, the better your understanding will be.

    I had a lot of it before I got in. Then I continued to do the same after I got out.

    So my point is, one the best things to do after getting out, is to compartmentalize your mind as best as you can and read as many works of comparable magnitude as possible. The more the better. With each different one, you will gain different data, different knowledge, and different perspectives, which will give you space in different directions.

    Become a truth scientist. Read and research everything you can get your hands on for the truth. Learn and know what a belief is? A belief is a confession of ignorance. Don’t belief anything. A belief is a trap. No one in their right mind would belief anything.

    When you say you believe something, you actually mean you do not know. You do not know the facts. When you say you believe something, you are actually raising an opinion or an arbitrary, or a hearsay, or a fabrication to the level of a fact or truth without proof. That is intellectual dishonesty. Seek to know the truth in all things.

    The books I mentioned above are excellent books to read. Another is the Urantia.

    Read all the scn books and read as much fz stuff you can find. Read the different bridges written by fzers. Geoffrey Filbert, Electra, Dennis Stevens’ TROM, Zivorad Slavinski’s work and anything else you can find. The more the better.

    Take the health and human body chemistry courses here:

    Study german new medicine here:

    Read the:

    Study life for your self. Study good couples and bad couples, study good families and screwed up families and what causes each to be the way they are? Study life as a scientist. Learn what makes the best couples, the best relationships. Study what makes and raises the best children? Learn to think in terms of cause and effect. Study people. Do what Hubbard said he did, but learn from him, don’t repeat his mistakes, evaluate everything he did and said. But do your own thing, do it your way. Question everything. Apply or use the data of science of survival on people. That is my favorite book. I think with the data in that book.

    In other words, read and apply the data in “How to study scn” in New Slant on Life. Apply it in the full spirit of it’s meaning.

    Apply it to scn and everything else. But do it the right way. Word clear everything. Clear concepts, sentences and paragraphs and books and everything else. In all things get understanding.

    In that ch Hubbard is telling his followers to stop parroting him, to question everything he said, and then learn to think for themselves and do their own research, and build their own bridge.

    In plain language, he is mad, he has had enough, and politely telling scientologists to smarten up, go find a useful brain and fuck off, get lost!

    In my words, you have to apply scn to scn, and if you do it right, you will do very well.

    Before you do that, ask that empty space in front of you, to give you (teach you) wisdom, the right knowledge and understanding in all things. That empty space is alive and well and all knowing. Ask non ceasingly.

    There is a right way and wrong way to do almost everything, if you don’t do it right, ………….well………. God help you.

    If you can’t build your own bridge, and build not only a better one, but a perfect bridge, you have flunked scn. You are totally hopelessly incompetent and need to make yourself useful by donating yourself to the local zoo for lion food. Think of all the money the zoo will save on lion food.

    If you did all this research right, you will find that around 99.9% of what Hubbard said is wrong or BS and full of traps.

    Anyone teaching or delivering standard tech or CBR bridge (and using std scn auditing procedures) does not know wtf they are doing, and only parroting Hubbard and committing and perpetuating the same BS and crimes that Hubbard did.

    This world has zero tolerance for ignorance and stupidity.

    You have to very carefully glean scn for the few gems scattered throughout. They are very valuable datums.

    The worst lies are the one’s almost true. The truth is the best bait in the universe. The more truth there is on a cognitive set up, the more the truth holds the embedded lie(s) in place, and which is there after, most often not evaluated but defended to death. The sucker bought it hook line and sinker.

    A Christian Scientologist Plus.

  139. Filbert says this in Excalibur Revisited:

    If you understand subjectively what I will state here in this chapter, get your own confusions and aberrations cleared up on the areas mentioned (in other words, get your own case, fixations or electrical energy run off yourself where you are no longer confused or swayed in these areas), then you can understand this information.

    If you understand this information, you can apply it and help other people in a very lasting fashion. Although I have seen an almost unlimited quantity of lip service towards doing so, it seems that no one else can quite arrive with a complete understanding of this technology, whether it be Hubbard himself, or the tens of thousands of people which have studied this subject intensely.

    I would suspect you could trace their inability to comprehend and apply this technology to their own unrun cases: their own aberrations and ignorance on the subject matter addressed.

    It is ironic that it is their ignorance of areas outside of Scientology and Dianetics technology which throws them off of their studies into delusions.

  140. Thanks for aa great read

  141. A complicated knack? Hahaha! As life on this planet is not complicated, hahaha! A complicated knack!! OMG! What’s next?

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