Going Clear Movie, Part 7

16 responses to “Going Clear Movie, Part 7

  1. I have it on good authority that Miscavige and the CoS have WMDs. Doesn’t that call for an invasion and toppling of the regime? 🙂

  2. It’s apparently like beating one’s head against a brick wall to try to correct the false claims in the propaganda concerning the operations of the Church of Scientology. The same has long been true of trying to point out the falsehoods in the propaganda regarding the core subject of Scientology – its principles and tech.

  3. A classic example of errors and falsehoods regarding the tech is Mike Rinder’s blog post today (written by a guest host). It’s filled with misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

  4. I hear that it is bad luck when a black cat or a Scientologist crosses your path.

  5. Everybody loved Lucy — except the IRS! (from a USA Today ad)

    What gets me is the IRS is not a government agency in the first place. They are a private corporation with the purpose of collecting income taxes to pay the interest on the U.S. debt to the Federal Reserve. The Fed doesn’t print U.S. money — it loans money to the U.S. government from its owners, foreign and domestic banks, with interest.

    Why do banks and their collection agencies have any authority over religious matters at all? (Didn’t Jesus physically attack the moneylenders on the steps of the temple?)

  6. Lion's Third Roar

    The IRS is a bureau of the Department of Treasury. It is absolutely a government agency. So….

  7. Does the Department of the Treasury answer to the elected U.S. President or does it answer directly to the privately-owned Federal Reserve banks?

    As a comparison, I recall working at a Class V Org where the Flag Banking Officer sent money uplines that the Executive Director intended to use elsewhere. The FBO is an org post under the ED — but actually answers to the FBO Network.

  8. That question, dear Sir, can be answered with a 2 second Google search.

  9. That’s Terra Cognitive Dissonance as I call whoever it is. Last week they contradicted their own argument that nobody was holding a gun to anyone’s head to embrace Scientology.

    Now Terra is attacking Scientology processing’s end phenomena with their twisted “logic”.

  10. “Terra Cognita” outdid himself this time. I was considering posting a comment to the effect that I didn’t even know where to begin – which I didn’t. It was that bad – even for him. But then I saw a post by “Bob G,” who I think is Bob Grant, a highly experienced old Class 8 who I recognize from his posts here on Marty’s. Bob started out by saying “I feel compelled to comment,” and then proceeded to quote and list out all the “nonsense,” as he termed it – adding more than once “and I believe you know it.” That was the impression I got, too – that the guy was knowingly distorting things.

    Another interesting thing occurred on that thread. In response to Bob’s comment, several other posters started commenting positively on the tech – and there was very little piling on. That was highly unusual over there and I couldn’t help but think Mike must have deleted them (the piling on comments) – especially since I already had the feeling that Marty has impinged on him and made him more aware of the obvious ASC narrative he has been forwarding, perhaps willy-nilly, to whatever degree.

  11. Most of what Terra writes goes from the absurd to the ridiculous.

    I’ve stopped taking him seriously because he is so far out there.

    I honestly think a tin foil hat is part of his wardrobe.

  12. They ironically call it a “service” as opposed to a “bureau”. Go figure.

  13. On the plus side, the stupidity of the “essay” allowed several people to tear it apart. The glass is half full!

  14. Agreed.

    Funny about the tin foil hat. 🙂

  15. Right. I just looked through the thread again, and I see that there are quite a few comments “tearing it apart,” as you say. And Mike hasn’t put a stop to it yet, like he usually does, by telling posters to stop because “it’s never going to get anywhere,” or words to that effect. This is the kind of thing I had in mind in the comment above about Mike having made a change.

  16. Cornelius Antonius Martens

    Marty Ratbun you rascall, I still love you

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